Underground Blossom Game Reviews


Underground Blossom Game Description & Overview

What is underground blossom app? Descend into the Rusty Lake Underground and travel through the life and memories of Laura Vanderboom!

Travel from station to station, each metro stop symbolising a piece of Laura's past and future. Solve various puzzles, find the correct metro to board and uncover one of Laura’s timelines, while simultaneously helping her make sense of her life and escape the corruption of her mind!

Underground Blossom is a new point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of the Cube Escape & Rusty Lake series.


▪ A new experience in a familiar setting
Enjoy a classic Rusty Lake point-and-click puzzle adventure with a gripping story full of mysteries and, of course, puzzles.

▪ Expect to make several stops
Travel to 7 unique metro stations, each station a representation of Laura Vanderboom’s life, memories and potential future. The estimated travel time is 2 hours.

▪ You know what to do
Unravel the potential secrets hidden in each metro station, earn achievements and who knows what else you might stumble upon!

▪ Don’t forget your headphones
At each metro stop you will be greeted by an atmospheric soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar, including a cello performance by Sebastiaan van Halsema!

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App Name Underground Blossom
Category Games
Updated 02 October 2023, Monday
File Size 163.86 MB

Underground Blossom Comments & Reviews 2023

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A simple but immersive puzzle game. Another great release from Rusty Lakes! This game is so immersive, there’s even more ways to interact with objects than before, and the sound affects and voice lines have gotten better with each game. This one is a bit simpler and less challenging than some previous games, but it’s just as enjoyable and the visuals are just as interesting. This game is great fun and I highly recommend, especially now that the few small bugs have been fixed!

Amazing.. So, I’m not new to rusty lake. I’ve played every game of theirs and know a lot of the lore. I enjoy playing their games. And this by far is one of the best ones I’ve played. Hotel, Paradise, and The Past Within are close if not even with this game. I absolutely love how the story focuses on Laura’s life, and how it shows detective Dale investigating Case 23 in the 5th (?) level. Like the lore is on point, the graphic do not disappoint, and the story is great as always. However, I do wish there was a hint system. Since this game just came out, there is no walkthroughs or anything, and I can’t solve the moth puzzle in the last level. Overall, great game! Please get it!! :)

Don’t think, just get it. Another astounding piece of art from Rusty lake. I love how deep the lore is. Still so creepy and macabre with a wonderful soundtrack. I was surprised at how easy this one was, I would’ve liked a bit more of a challenge. Usually these games take me days to figure out and multiple walkthrough peeks, but this one I finished in just under two hours. Nonetheless, great game.

Rusty Lake continues their Lynchian weirdness!. Great game as usual, an worth the wait. Now I need to find the alternate options and achievments. Story was great as usual and we find out more about Laura's past, and the narrative is expertly crafted here in the usual puzzle cube fashion Rusty Lake is known for. Recommended if you're a fan of puzzle adventures and Twin Peaks!

Love Rusty Lake games but. So I’ve played every every game Rusty Lake has to offer. I’ve been an avid fan since they first launched years ago. The story plot and puzzles in the game are extremely enjoyable I often find myself comparing other puzzle games to them as a baseline of enjoyment. With that said this release was not a challenging as previous games and it was rather short which is why I gave 4 stars.

Amazing but short. Once again Rusty Lake creates a beautifully eerie game! I have been a long time fan and have been waiting for the release!! I completed this game in under an hour. I think knowing the lore of the Lake and the character’s really adds to the depth of the game, however I felt that this game was relatively short compared to other games like Paradise or Roots. Overall, the puzzles were straightforward and the story was compelling for Rose and Laura. I cannot wait for more from this series!!

Never a Disappointment. As always, Rusty Lake has yet to disappoint me. This was a riveting story and the puzzles were fun and interactive. Though, I do wish the game was a bit longer. Maybe I just solved the puzzles a little too quickly 😂 But regardless, I enjoyed the game. I like how they added an extra task at the end. Great work, Rusty Lake team!!

Rusty Lake does it again! A Hit!. As always with any Rusty Lake game, I’m so impressed with the level of thought, care, and creativity that went in to the game. From the story to the art to the music-everything! Looking forward to playing through it again to discover possible new stuff.

Beautiful, Stunning, Wonderful As Always. I have been a huge fan of Rusty Lake for 7 years now. I have every single game and have played them over and over. This is a stunning and beautiful addition to the series. It is challenging but fun and keeps the player moving. This one also seems yo wrap up some loose ends. I always enjoy the game play, and this one was very fun. The puzzles were a bit easier than I am used to from this series however there are some rather difficult ones that make up for it. The visual are also just stunning. As time goes on the design begins to grow and become more and more beautiful. It stays simplistic to harken back to the roots (get it lol) but modernized it to make it seem more fresh. This is so much fun. I recommend everything by Rusty Lake the whole series is fun and spooky. This is the perfect time of year for it too! 10/10 I will continue to recommend to everyone I meet!

Possibly the best one they’ve made yet!. No words can express how much love and excitement I have for this game. The adventurous story that we took to find more insights regarding to Laura’s life is gracious. The Rusty Lake development team put everything in their efforts to make this project blossom; without a doubt, it did. Thank you Rusty Lake for making this game one worth waiting for; much kudos to you! 🌸🌹❤️

Rusty Lake Never Dissapoints. So good!! Download all the other games if you haven’t already. They’re so unique and challenging, and the backstory behind each detail sends me into a research frenzy. So good, please make more!! Cube escape is my favorite series of mobile games, definitely a 10/10.

Nice Game. This Rusty Lake offering is a tale of two games. The game before the credits is classic Rusty Lake. Immersive story, great ambience, good puzzles and graphics. I found the ending at the credits very satisfying to bring the whole story home. Then there was another game after the credits. Typical seek and find items, travel back and forth finishing up incomplete puzzles from earlier. It was scattered and detracted from the main game. By the time I finished the second part, I’d lost all of the feeling from the first. I wish Rusty Lake had merged the two games into one cohesive whole like previous offerings.

Disappointed, from a long-time fan. I originally was drawn to the Rusty Lake series because of their cleverness in puzzles, art, and storyline, and although I do not want to leave below a five star review for any of their games, unfortunately, Underground Blossom is another step in the downward trajectory of the past few years. First of all, it was too short. On the night of the release, I planned to play the game five minutes at a time as a break from studying for a large calculus test the next day, but to my surprise, I was able to complete it over the course of these short breaks. It was probably no more than an hour and a half total. The puzzles were disappointingly simple, with most of them amounting to matching a simple tool with an object in the room. Also, there was none of the visual creativity that the Cube Escape games had — no well-planned color schemes, eccentric wallpaper, or artistic influences. Because of the tiled walls and sparse decoration, the stations were all pretty uninspiring, aside from Soul Station. Finally, the story added little to the lore of the game, other than that Laura was a lonely teen. I still am a fan of the series and I will continue to play the new games, but I would love to see something that resembles Rusty Lake as it started out.

Very nice.. I love all rusty lake games and have played every one almost, this was very cool different puzzles and a very cool story line. I would say if I didn’t take breaks it would take about 1 1/2 hours to complete if u watch the story parts fully. I would love to play it again for the first time.

Another great game. It seems to be a little on the easier side for the puzzles than the norm, or I’ve just played so many of these games I can figure them out quicker! Game is on the shorter side but it was ONLY $3 SO NOT SURE WHY PEOPLE COMPLAIN… I’ve played everyone of RL games & I get so excited when they come out with a new game & give more pieces to the story. I haven’t found all the achievements yet but plan to. Game ran smooth, as all their games always do, can’t wait for more!

Another Fantastic Rusty Lake Game. Love every single thing Rusty Lake puts out. I only wish there were more and I’m so sorry when I get to the end of a game. They’re so beautiful, unique and clever. I love the whole moody, creepy vibe. It’s all so well thought out! Can’t wait for the next one. Worth every penny!!

Simple fun but didn't measure up to other RL games. It really pains me to say that I was a little disappointed in the full version release of this game. I think it may have been overhyped and underdelivered. For one thing, it was too short. Most RL fans had already played the lite version (at least once) as we waited impatiently for the full version to come out. Then, when it finally released, nothing at all had been added to the lite version to make it different or more robust - you just had to play those same puzzles again until you got to the new release. I felt like that was a missed opportunity. In addition, except for only a couple of semi-challenging puzzles and one just downright annoying puzzle, most of the puzzles were so simple they didn't even feel like they belonged in the Rusty Lake universe. On the positive side, the graphics and artwork were really good. The storyline was signature Rusty Lake - haunting, creepy, weird, with a dash of hope (or is it dashed hopes?) And the music score was excellent. But this game probably won't be one I return to again and again like some of the others.

Beautiful!. Love the game! Especially the ending. Huge fan of all Rusty Lake games. I have played them repeatedly over the years and I’ve recommended them to my nephews who also love them. One of my favorite things about the Rusty Lake collection has always been the excellent and atmospheric sound design . With Underground Blossom, while I really enjoyed the evocative music in between stations and the voice acting, the sound effects of say, obtaining a key, are slightly tinny compared to the more solid and satisfying sounds in their other games. I did not really like the background train station noises, it felt like something was missing. The music that played when Laura‘s mother was taken by the deer skull was like nails on a chalkboard! I found it anxiety inducing. Ditto for the screeching and slamming noises throughout the Soul station segment. It was unnerving. I will be sure to shut the music off in the settings next time I play it. Of course, I was still thrilled for a new installation in this wonderful series and highly recommend this game along with entire superb collection.

I Love Rusty Lake!. I do. I love every game they make. As soon as I saw this new one was available, I downloaded and began to play. I enjoyed learning Laura’s story. The only two comments I would make is that the story lacks the degree of graphic morbidity as depicted in previous games and the puzzles seemed to be much easier than the norm. That being said, I would just as quickly purchase this game at twice the price because it’s Rusty Lake and doesn’t disappoint!

Another hit. As a game designer I very much appreciate all the effort that goes into making something like this. It amazes me how they can keep these games interesting in every edition, always coming up with interesting puzzles without deviating from the theme. And all that while never letting a bug through. Very impressed with Rusty Lake in general, and very much enjoying the latest title. Schoolhouse next?

Amazing. I’ve been playing rusty lake games for so long now and they give me chills every time. I love puzzles and I love the unique vibe every game has. It’s always such a thrill to play every game and the puzzles are the perfect amount of challenging. I got so excited when this game came out, I’m always so excited to play Rusty lake games. I’ve never been so interested in games the way that I’m interested in these. I could not recommend these games more!! <3

Rusty Lake Fanatic.. I have played all of Rusty Lake games and always look forward to more. This one was not as dark as some of the others. The puzzles were a bit easier than some other released games from the developer. Looking forward to more. I’ll rate it 5 stars because I know how much work has gone into the game. It however was not my favorite of all the rusty lake games.

Always an Amazing Experience. I have never been disappointed in any of the Rusty Lake games. I have played these since I was very young and have enjoyed every minute spent playing them. Underground Blossom was no different, and I can’t wait to see what else Rusty Lake creates!

Rusty lake never disappoints. Just finished the 3rd station, the team of Rusty Lake still keeps the series high level and I really appreciate them. It’s funny but there’s also some difficult puzzles. The team manages the level of difficulty fabulously so you will never feel frustrated to solve them but motivated and interested instead. After completed one station I am eager to know what happens next. It’s great to play rusty lake again in 2023 and I am looking forward to meeting again in 2024!

Yet another amazing game from Rusty Lake. I can’t explain how much I enjoy the games from this studio. They’re atmospheric with beautiful music, and the puzzles successfully ride the line between “too easy to feel a sense of accomplishment” and “so hard they’re frustrating.” In 40 years of gaming, I’ve never played anything quite like their stuff. This game is awesome, and I highly recommend it.

Rust Lake never fails. I’ve played EVERY SINGLE Rusty Lake game I could find.. MULTIPLE time, and they have become my favorite game creators.I love playing their games. The story is always amazing.. they just truly never fail to pull through with their games. I recommend their games to as many people as I can because I just love them so much. I can’t wait to play more of their games in the future!! This game didn’t fail to pull through at all. Would play again! :)

So excited when my pre-order came through.. I waited until I knew I had enough time to immerse myself into another saga of the family history. I started mid afternoon and on chapter five a few hours later as I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m stuck as I have tried everything so checked the walkthrough. Even though I had tried swiping my paintbrush over the picture, (yes I had the blood on it) I had to click the item to become named and then swipe the face. Al other inventory items were just dragging to the hot spot. I understand playing a game immediately after release can be glitchy, but I’m def not complaining! Love, love love!

Another great RL title. I stumbled upon Rusty Lake’s games accidentally, with Samsara Room, and only loved them more after discovering the greater story behind all of them. I didn’t expect to become so invested in this world and it’s characters but here we are. I love the surrealist horror, the absurd comedy, and the artistry that goes into every aspect of the design from the artwork to the music and the storytelling. Wonderful as always!

Another wonderful game. Has been well thought out from the beginning. I think that it will be a timeless classic. This is a series that come back to you over and over and over again and enjoy every time I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Loved every second of this game. The rusty lake games never disappoint I’ve played all of them countless times. There is just something about the mystery and puzzles that no other game really has. Try them you will not be disappointed.

Everything Rusty Lake is Gold. Love this developer and every single game. They’re unlike any other puzzle game and will completely transport you. The puzzles are so satisfying and compared to other games I’ve played they always make sense. Even if you get stuck it’s never due to a glitch or convolution just cleverness. The eerie vibe throughout the series is so unique and intriguing that you get hooked. Thank you Rusty Lake!

I love RL, but this was too short. I was excited to see that RL had released a new game, and I couldn't wait to see what we learn about Laura. I've been fascinated by the past games with the eerie storylines, the difficult puzzles, and the art that goes into them...but this one was a let down. I beat the main game in one night, and the achievements not long after. It was a dull story about Laura, and the gameplay was somewhat boring. I still enjoyed this, as the RL collection is impressive and fun, but it was a let down for me.

So happy to reengage with the Rusty Lake universe. I was so pleased to stumble upon the latest chapter in the Rusty Lake anthology as I looked for ways to scratch my ‘I want to play a game on my phone’ itch. All of the games in the RL universe are absolute gems and this one does not disappoint! It has that delicious mix of creepy, imaginative, and quirky and the puzzles still feel fresh even after all of the other games. I like that this game references other chapters and that it delivers the bite size pieces of horror I’ve grown to love about the series. Thank you to the RL team for another great experience!

Flawless. I love and play all the Rusty Lake games. But this one feels special. It’s likely the greatest puzzle game that I’ve ever played, no exaggeration. There are so many ingenious puzzles and surprising moments. And when you’re finished, you can go back to solve additional puzzles to get all the achievements. Please, don’t use a walkthrough, it spoils the fun. I rate: 5/5, incredible game, would definitely replay.

Amazing as always!. These guys know how to make a game and they do it right every time! I have followed this series for a good few years now, and I am always blown away by how good the games are the stories in your connect how sometimes the things can be so simple, but so hard at the same time they really are just good amazing spectacular!

You’ve done it again, Rusty Lake 🚣. This game was so much fun. After TPW, I was a little nervous as to how this game was going to be. I felt like as cool as the prior game was, this one far surpassed it in its gameplay. I had a great time solving puzzles, I was excited when I got stuck on things. I was able to complete the whole game, including the achievements, in a few hours. The puzzles were challenging but not too much for me to rage quit! I think that after playing so many Rusty lake games, I’ve been able to identify what to do next quicker. I loved this. And just like matches in a drawer, I’ll always be around for more Rusty lake content!

Fantastic, as usual.. Rusty Lake games have always been and continue to be fantastic in their narrative, gameplay, and execution of their games. I have played every single game and will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you again for your wonderful games, Rusty Lake crew!!!!

It is such a great journey!. The game is like the before episode very much —wonderful idea, excellent design, fantastic music and unbelievable take. I do enjoy the journey which belongs to every lovely daughter and caring mother, though the ending is full of sorrow and pain. What’s more, the most important one is the background: the train is beyond of words, I do like it. There is always the sentence “every game-developer should learn from Rusty lake especially the ones that create the same topic. I am nearly a big fan for the lake🫡🫡🫡

Slightly disappointed… but still overall okay. I love Rusty Lake games. I pre-ordered this one. It was very much in the same style and storyline as the others, an aesthetic that I enjoy. I read that it had a 2-hour play time, so I was prepared for it to be relatively quick. But I felt like this game was too simple. The puzzles were barely puzzles at times, but a pretty obvious step-by-step “click this next”. A couple were challenging and felt satisfying to work through. But I have enjoyed their other games (roots, all of the cubes) more. If I had tried this one first I may not have been impressed enough to try their others.

Another fantastic rusty lake game. If you’ve never played a rusty lake game before, think outside the box. You won’t need hints to solve the puzzles you just might have to use items in unexpected ways. Their puzzles are really satisfying to solve. Every game they make is perfect. Great puzzles and they continue to improve their interface. This one did feel a little short compared to the other games*. *Theres way more. This game was so worth the wait. They’ve done ARGs and second play through extras before so I went back to check if I missed something. This game is amazing!

Always great. This is a shorter one.. Rusty Lake games are always a pleasure. Intuitive, fluid, challenging and just a little creepy… in a good way. This one was a little too simple for me. There weren’t any parts that took much thought. You’re also always in one room, which adds to being easier than others. I was hoping we would eventually have to visit stations we had been at before to add a little more dimension/complexity. Still a great game, but finished much too quickly. Also didn’t add much to the story.

Awesome game - Money well spent!. Take it with some salt as I have been following Rusty Lake for some time and a very big fan of their work This has been a fairly straight forward game, can play through it all in maybe 2 hours tops. There is a walkthrough provided as you need but completely optional. This game is part of a larger series, the Cube Escape is probably where you would want to start as it does reference some other scenes in there, the birthday party for example. The music is super tasteful, my one and only critique though is that it is so short it is often left feeling empty. It is not complete silence, plenty of ambience, but I do wish there were some more moments of music throughout.

Beautiful as always. Ive been a fan of the rusty lake games for a couple years now and this one is just as incredible as all of the others. I love the reoccurring characters, the fun puzzles, the extra achievements and the fascinating story that has been constructed. All the games made by rusty lake are by far my favorite games Ive ever played.

Worth the Wait!. I love all Rusty Lake content. I never want to wait for what’s next. For those reading this review, STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS! There’s almost always more. In this case half the game is after the credits, so if you thought it was over, check the achievements. If I had one piece of advice or request for improvement for developers it’s this: I love the integration in theory, but I have a terrible memory, I don’t mind subtle references, and cues or clues from other content… (Donut!). What I didn’t like up about this one was the tedium of the BKM portion and the many links taking me outside the game. That said, another winner. This game, like most of the others by Rusty Lake, is just fantastic. I didn’t need a ton of help, which is awesome. (I’m always mad when I seek help and should have figured it out myself.) Please keep them coming!!

Another fantastic game from Rusty Lake!. I LOVE playing these games!! My husband and I have both played all their games, and we always get excited when a new one comes out. This game did not disappoint. Looking forward to another - hopefully soon!

Great. I liked it a lot. It just came out and i already finished in about 24h. I wish it were a little longer, but i really enjoyed the games and I’m glad i got the opportunity to play it. It’s a very great game and I’ve become a fan of the creators.

Great story/ not a real review. This game your going through the life of Lura. With puzzles and the lore, thinking outside of the box. I have no complaints with this game. Can’t wait for the next game but, till then going back and getting the achievements. I want to say thank you for the rusty lake company and those that helped make this game. :)

Developer and game thoughts. First, I like Rusty Lake games. There is some mature subject matter. But they are all good and they do a great job of setting a mood. Spooky, icky, sad, etc. Second, a few times in RL games I’ve gotten too far along without collecting everything I need. There is no way to go back, and I would have to replay the entire game. That happened with Underground Blossom. Spoiler alert, before you get in the second to the last train, look around a few more times. I play on IPad and that may be part of my issue.

Incredible!!. This game, just as the other Rusty Lake Games, is absolutely incredible, amazing - simply breathtaking. You can feel and see all the love and effort the developers and every helping hand has put into this game. It is meticulously planned and designed and makes playing the game so much more enjoyable. The riddles and clues are a variety of difficulties and are just one of many reasons this game is highly addictive (in a very positive way) Rusty Lake has, once again, made a game that doesn’t just tickle your brain, but also your heart - and it might just corrupt your soul? Bravo Rusty Lake - Bravo!

For fans of Twin Peaks, Film Noir, True Crime. I’ve enjoyed the Rusty Lake series for years now and this small game is a welcome addition to the growing lore of the game. Speaking philosophically, there is a glimmer of hope here, depending on how the player feels about the basic premise of the fridged female. That, or there is an added layer of closure to the finality that set in at the beginning of the game, like detectives are just late-stage B characters to the A-team of a seemingly cursed lineage, explanations of karma colliding with the dharma of the detective whose sole purpose in life is shaped by the crimes they simultaneously try to prevent.

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Too quick. Great design and awesome concept…but it’s too quick of a game! Finished within an hour and felt like it wasn’t challenging enough. Love Rusty Lake so I would love a more puzzling version of this.

Simply Brilliant!. Rusty Lake just keeps getting better. This is one of the most well considered puzzlers, but super approachable. There is ALWAYS a way to achieve the goal, you just need to think about it and observe. More please!!!

Just amazing!. I absolutely love these games and Underground Blossom is no exception. Masterfully done. I can never put them down and just love the threaded story throughout the games. If I had one thing to be critical of, it’s that there’s not more of these as I can’t wait another year for the next one!

Always love their games. Another beautifully crafted creepy game!! Thank you!!

Thank you Rusty Lake. Another great game from the Rusty Lakers. Thank you thank you thank you 😊

Vivid fan. Once again after owning every game made by you guys I’m absolutely blown away

Love. Love love love this game series. I’m so excited to finish playing it :) Just finished playing and OMG it’s was amazing! I love the puzzles. Only rusty lake game where I didn’t get very stuck

Never disappoints. One of my favourite escape game series or just games in general! So much work goes into the HIGHLY disturbing story which I love and puzzles, can’t get enough and going to have play them all over again while I wait for the next! Thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️

Love it!. I’m so excited about the knew Rusty Lake instalment. The last one was co-operative, so I didn’t really check it out because I have no friends (ha joke) I’m old …. Just played basically the first 2 train stops which I already did on the trailer. And it’s got me hooked big time. Can’t wait to wreck my brain and drift off into another bizarre world. Thanks Rusty xx After completing the game my only negative is that it is very short. For me probably just over 1 hour game play.

Amazing Game!. I wrote this review as soon as I started playing! I can actually solve the puzzles! Loving this game! I love the music, the quirkiness of the difference puzzles, and I enjoy that it isn’t too overly hard, because when games are too hard, It annoys me. Rusty Lakes brings yet another great game!

Another great in the series. Very fun. Love playing along with this series. I can’t wait to play the next one I have played them all since they were on armour games on pc

Rusty Lake has delivered once again. I am honestly amazed by how much RL can make new additions and not make it repetitive, the story that’s been unravelling is amazing. I would recommend everyone to play this. Also, the ARG is PACKED, y’all. Good luck.

As always…. Wish it was longer and longer and longer. Loved it sm!

Finest work yet!. Agh why did it have to end! Absolutely loved this game and just wished it could of gone longer! Well done developers on another amazing game!

great game. gg

Amazing game!. Loved this game. Please make more!

Instant classis. Another instant classic from Rusty Lake, once you’re in you both kind of know and not know what to expect. Thank you!

Another Magnificent Emotional Journey to Rusty Lake. I have a folder on my iPad dedicated to the Rusty Lake series. I find them an unusually exquisite and devastating play compared to much of what can be found on the App Store and the quality of puzzles is balanced very well with storytelling. Seeing the latest game drop tonight I bought it immediately and sat down to play it through :’D White Door was my favourite of the series but this is up there, as the themes present through all the games feel strong and the ending was something the player has worked for through the entire series. The game mechanics and graphics felt especially polished in this (look at all this sliding and moving stuff around!) but the simplicity and style that makes Rusty Lake work so well was maintained, so I was pleased. Fancy mechanics isn’t something I need from this game, but if it’s something the devs are able to deliver it’s a sweet surprise! This is also the first time (to my recollection) I’ve been able to get through an entire Rusty Lake game without eventually consulting the web for help. The puzzles were intuitive and logical. Yippee! Thanks for another night spent at the hotel.


This game is amazing.. The puzzles are hard but not to hard, the voice acting is superb and the metaphors(?) are so touching. To be honest, I started tearing up a little at the end. If there was a 10 star option you bet most players would pick it! Keep up the good work!

❤️. love it

Nice game. A nice sequel or prequel to the other games, the puzzles are fun only wish them to be a bit more challenging. Looking forward to play your next work.

Another masterpiece. Possibly the best Rusty Lake game yet. Very atmospheric with engaging puzzles.

Amazing. Too short

Awesome games. Love love LOVE these Rusty Lake/Cube Escape games. So many puzzles and the story line is CRAZY! Love how all the previous games match up in a very weird…Rusty Lake way… you don’t have to play the other games to know the story line exactly but it definitely does help! Keep them coming please. Super excited for our next adventure!

Great as ever. Hate when it ends ! What more can I say

Only problem is too short. The story is too short and not as deep as the previous games

so much fun!. genuinely one of my favourites!

Another amazing piece. Played ASAP, the puzzles are a bit easier than old ones but still interesting! can’t wait for the next one!

100% amazing. Just like everything from Rusty Lake, super fun and creepy. X

Another five star game experience from Rusty Lake. This twisted puzzle game is one of the best I’ve played. The puzzles are incredibly challenging and really have you working. The storyline of Laura continues and if you haven’t played the other games from Rusty Lake I’d highly recommend them as well. The artistry in the scenes is unique in its simple lines and the score that accompanies the game is so engaging. Thanks again Rusty Lake

amazing as always!. yet another brilliant game in this wonderful series! really enjoyed the puzzles in this one, the music and voice acting was superb! thoroughly enjoyed.

Another stellar production. Love all Rusty Lake and play over and over.

Beautiful but a little disappointing. The quality is as high as ever, but this was very short compared to previous RL games.

Loved it! Less creepy but equally fun.. Cant believe i got stuck on the butterfly route… so ashamed of myself… wish it was longer. Willing to pay more for more fun ahhhahaha

Another amazing game from rusty lake!. Great game amazing puzzles

Such a good game. If you’ve played Rusty Lakes games before you’ll know how good they are. Quality of the game is way above the price.

my love! Several years still. I really really like this product

Favourite game of the series. Such a beautiful and well thought out game filled with fun easter eggs and challenging yet rewarding puzzles, a perfect 10/10 from me

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Amazing game 1 thing holds it back for me being 5 stars. Love the rusty lake games and this one proves another gem to the collection. I only wish I could play with my save file on iPhone and iPad. Add this and it is an instant 5 for me.

Amazing game. Rusty lake will forever and always be my favourite game series, it’s so good, I highly recommend it

Love Rusty Lake. Please make more!

amazing. Well made, love this series so much!!!

Truly incredible!. Another one knocked out of the park with this one! Amazing and loving all of the games that have been released from Rusty Lake. Will definitely continue to support them and look forward to the next!

Another amazing game. Just great, all around!

依然意识流,不愧是锈湖!. 这一作给人一种无奈的宿命感和悲伤…

Another masterpiece from Rusty Lake. Such a good game, fantastic quality. Art as unsettling as always. Best games I’ve ever played, pc or on phone. Can’t wait for the next!

Some puzzles don’t make perfect sense. Still a good game. Wish more to come.

一如既往的好. 配乐很不错!希望还能出新作

love. As good as always. The Rusty lake series remains my all-time favourite and has been with me my entire youth for the past 8years. As an escape room enthusiast, I would say that the game is well worth the purchase and would take a good amount of time to go though.( I used 3.5hours, but if you’re new to puzzle games, it would take longer). The plot is about Laura’s life is as intriguing as the other rusty lake episodes, and the puzzles are carefully designed and challenging. Hoping for more games from you guys!❤️

Impressed, as always.. Rusty Lake delivers again!

Rusty lake never disappoints. This one hits heart. Soon we will arrive our destination

THE BEST. rusty lake is my favorite of all time!!! always super cool history and the adventure/enigma is fabulous. the only negative point is that the game is not that long

Underground blossom. J’avais hâte à ce nouvel opus. Excellent jeu pour faire travailler notre cerveau. Merci

Fantastic. Another masterpiece by Rusty Lake. I have to say that this one is a bit short, thou. But I understand all the work involved in this kind of endeavor. Bravo.

Good but not great. I was a little disappointed, I had no issue paying for the app, but I was expecting more. The other rusty lake games had more involved with them than the paid version, maybe the other paid games from rusty lake are better but after this one I will not bother purchase if any other of the games.

I love these games. Thank you for another beautiful puzzle

Amazing Game. The story was very interesting and the art style was amazing

Love it. A sorrow yet beautiful journey.

Good game. Loved to play but the puzzles were not hard enough.

Underground Blossom. Underground blossom excellent

Mesmerizing as always. Cool

Amazing game. Love it! Personally I think it's quite easy though but really worth playing. Now waiting for another game!!!

Game is perfect but very short not worth of purchasing. I am extremely fond of all Rusty Lake games, and have played all but this game was extremely short and very easy in comparison to the other Rusty Lake games, well only concern is that if they have decided to make like this short games, it’s not worth off purchasing instead, it shall be made free

Good but short. As in title

Fun and a bit simpler. Enjoyed playing this game. Puzzles were a bit simpler than in other rusty lake games, which was nice.

Best app game. Best game in apple store

Very cool. Love the music and atmosphere

Another hit. These guys always make weird, creepy great games.

Nothing beats Rusty Lake. I will always love these games so much, there’s nothing else on the app store quite like them. I love the way the stories continue and tie in together, it’s subtle so you wouldn’t be confused if this was your first game but obvious enough for fans to recognize the connections :) This game felt easier than previous games, but I feel like that may be because I’ve played the games so many times and even the new ones feel so familiar.

Another amazing title by Rusty Lake. As titled. Love the universe.

强. 美中不足比之前的简单一些,没有烧脑的感觉,但氛围感还是拉满了

Creepy and Fun. I love all the rusty lake games. this one did not disappoint

Too short. I’m fan of Rusty Lake and have played all the games. This one is great, life time story. But it’s too short.

I love rusty lake games. All rusty lake games are so amazing, I’ve played all their games and I highly recommend to play ( ALL THEIR GAMES and in order )

Great game. Loved seeing Laura's backstory!

Always amazing. True Rusty Lake design; beautifully designed and an amazing story line to follow. Have played every single game you offer, and can’t wait for more!

Love Rusty Lake. This is my favourite game series, there is always something new to uncover and it never gets boring. It’s exactly the right amount of challenge, I can usually figure out the puzzles if I keep at them long enough and rarely need hints.

Awesome Game!. I havent fully beat it yet, but its awesome so far! The music and gameplay is stunning. I definitely recommend playing this!

A masterpiece. Simpler than other Rusty Lake games but such a wonderful game with the music, the storyline and the overall atmosphere! Also it is really interresting to know more about Laura’s life.

Amazing as always!. Always top notch music, story, game play! Just in awe of this team!

Best game!. My favorite

Wonderful. Huge fan of this series. This one is just as good as the ones before.

Always too short but always worth it. Fantastic as always! Every Rusty Lake game is 5 stars. Wish they never ended.

Unique. I have always loved the Rusty Lake series. They are very well orchestrated ,bordering on the macabre. You find yourself believing there are no more clues in a scene but with a little patience you will find it. I hope to see more in the near future. Roddyboy

Vraiment super. J’ai adoré le jeu. Trop court j’en aurais pris encore des heures !

A bit short but still an amazing game. I finished it in 2 hours. The puzzles are pretty fun but the game is a bit short.

5 Stars!!!. I will never not leave a 5 Star review on Rusty Lake games. Wow!! No to go back to the start and play all the games again 🤣

Favourite Rusty Lake. Keep it up! Looking forward to new games

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Rusty Lake Never Dissapoints. Another winner from Rusty Lake - keep ‘em coming! You all never disappoint, whether is a free game, shorter game, longer game - they are all exceptional! And the Rusty Lake universe is fascinating ❤️ thanks Rusty Lake, for making my day a little better with your games!

Amazing - Another Hit by Rusty Lake!. I just loved the whole story and the puzzles were perfect, Rusty Lake style. Silly at times too. And scary - I jumped out of my chair a couple times. Now I’m going to go back and see if I can find all the achievements. Yay!

Fantastic Game 10/10 stars. I recently discovered the whole franchise and I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Every games is amazing and the game style and music is phenomenal. Thank you for yet another amazing game.

love love love. another incredible rusty lake game!!! I've played every game you guys have ever put out and every single one has been an absolute BANGER. so obsessed with u guys can't wait to see what u do next

forever a great. Rusty Lake does not ever disappoint me. i have played every single one of these games and am always willing to pay the couple bucks. the soundtrack for this game was incredible and such a vibe with the story.

Always the best. I really love there games and this one had a really good story I finished the game in two days but it’s because I really enjoyed playing there games love everything about the game 🫶🏻

Shorter than some but classic rusty lake!!. I’ve been missing them so much! Keeping it tied to the themes and characters from the other games make it a great addition.

Great edition to the series!. These are hands down the best puzzle/ escape room games out there. Always sad when I get through the latest one and have to wait for the next one.

Rusty Lake Never Disappoints. I couldn’t wait for this game to come out and loved the new story. Puzzles were great, fun but nothing too hard. Look forward to replaying again to find all the achievements.

Amazing!. It’s a shorter one compared to the others. But it’s still imbued with the sorrow story of Laura. I’ve been playing the rusty lake games since the very beginning and if you love the story lines, this one won’t disappoint! Such a lovely job, you guys!

RL always on top!. Great game! Rusty lake does it again!! Puzzles are uniquely RL and very engaging. In comparison to their other games like paradise, roots and paradox, the puzzles are simpler and easier to solve. To make this even better would be to have more chapters or longer gameplay with more challenging puzzles.

Fun but short!. I love all the Rusty Lake games. Was so excited for this one to come out. Underground Blossom is fun and surreal just like all the other Rusty Lake games. My only complaint is this one did not take long to complete at all, it was much shorter than I expected it would be

Good game as usual but too short. I would’ve gave this game of five star but it’s too short. For how I waited for it, considering the only game that came out for a while I would expect a bigger game. It seems almost on the short side like Cube games.

Best game studio. I play all their games as soon as the come out. Each one is strange and wonderful with the added bonus of great well crafted gameplay. Keep it up!

Another fabulous Rusty Lake game. How can they keep the bar so high and still leap over it with flying colors? Somehow the makers of these games consistently create new great spaces for all of us Rusty Lake fans to play, play again for all achievements, then play incessantly looking for secret clues.

Loved it. … absolutely wonderful - the music is such a treat. Sad it was over so quickly though…could have played forever. Now looking forward to the next one.

Amazing. Just like all the other rusty lake games, this game is mysterious, creepy and overall amazing. Very enjoyable and a fun way to introduce someone to horror games. I love this game and the developers a lot! Keep making games!

Madly in love with Rusty Lake. Played every game, some more than a few times. Glad to see such a great style and approach last so long and stay so good. I wish the production team all the best and success.

Love Rusty Lake!. I never leave reviews, but I wanted to support this fantastic indie company! You can tell that these games were created with a lot of passion and that’s what makes them so wonderful. I am a Rusty Lake fan for life!

Always Amazing!. My husband and I have been fans for years. Played every single game. Love this one just as much as the games in the past. Definitely recommend!

Another great addition to the series. Another great release! Faithful to the series in terms of lore, art, puzzles, and of course that box of matches. I only wish it were longer.

Another banger as always. Its rusty lake, what can i say🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously though its so clean, so interesting, so fun, thoughtful but not super convoluted. I've been following rusty lake for many years now and will follow them for many more to come.

Best game of the year. I’m so happy to see the Rusty Lake published their new game about Laura in September. I’ve been waiting for a new game in this series for a long time. The quality of the game is as good as the previous ones. Can’t wait to solve more puzzles!

They’ve done it again. Rusty Lake has once again put out a masterpiece of a game. Relatively short but still packed full of puzzles and story. I can’t wait to replay it to find all of the achievements

👍. Little glitchy, no doubt those will be worked out further past the first day of release.

Best Game Ever Played!. I like this game so much the puzzles were great. The voice actors are the best the graphics are also beautiful to thank you so much Rusty lake for making this game and I hope you make great games like this. I really loved underground blossom.

I loved it!. I thought this game was great! It was cool to see little pieces from all the other games! I am obsessed! My only complaint is - it was too short! I will have to cycle through all the games again!

I can’t ever get enough. How can we get these released more frequently? I get so giddy when I get to pre-order because that means a new one is right around the corner 😄🥳🤓🙌

Amazing!. I have played all of the Rusty Lake games and am continuously blown away by how much effort and creativity goes into them. Still working through this one but loving it. Highly recommend!!

A classic rusty lake game. So much new lore with terrific puzzles. This is definitely on the easier side of rusty lake games but there were some challenging ones later on in the game. We miss you and sad it’s over.

Loved it but too short. Loved it as usually, hope they come out with another game soon I finished this too fast or I hope they make the co-op game for single player lol I don’t have many friends that like to play games

Rusty Lake Does it Again. Best game company, best games. They’re creepy, original, and they make you think outside the box. Such a satisfying catalogue of games so far; here’s to many, many more!

Very appealing game. Looking forward to more of these in the future very well done longer would be better, but this was fine👍👍👍👍👍

Great game but runs shorter than the rest. I’ve played all of the Rusty lake games and LOVE them when bored & wanna work my brain. I was super excited & waited for this one to release and I’m not going to lie, it was kind of a let down with it being so fast. Hoping for more longer ones in the future hopefully!!! Still all fantastic games

rusty lake games are my favorite. I’ve played all of their games and was happy to see this new one come out. Looking forward to the next.

They’ve done it again!. Awesome puzzler with creepy music and undertones. I’ve played every one of the Rusty Lake games, and can never wait for new releases! I liked getting more background on Laura and insight into her life. Thanks so much devs for your time and effort!!

Such a good game!!. These games are one of my favorites to play!! It was kind of difficult to figure out some of the things, but it was amazing over all!! I can’t wait till the next game comes out!!

Simpler but more fun.. This game is complete than others meaning I can generally figure out how to solve the puzzles which is a fun change for the more abstract clues in others. I really like it and all of their games honestly.

definitely five stars. Am a big fan of Rusty Lake series. And have been waiting for the new game for so long. After trying the Demo, I was obsessed by the plots and puzzles. Thank you Rusty Lake team for the wondering game and music.

Good addition to the series. An excellent game. I got the lite version and waited for the full one and I was not disappointed. It is true to the quality of their other games.

Find yourself. This remarkable story through Laura’s life, accompanied by the stunning visuals and astounding soundtrack, is the crown jewel of rusty lake. All that you touch you truly do change! Can’t wait for the future of this series. Yet another hit- great job! P.S. The past is never dead

Short and simple. Overall enjoyable, except that I feel as though I got through it very quickly and there wasn’t much depth in the puzzles. The art and rhythm of the game is smooth. The story is okay in comparison to the other RL games, it just felt sort of rushed at the end.

Rusty Lake does it again!. From the engaging story to the challenging puzzles to the music to the quirkiness, Underground Blossom delivers. I get such satisfaction from figuring out the twists and turns at each station. The characters are familiar but the story is new and fresh. A true masterpiece!

Never disappoints. I look forward to everything RL releases. I am a high school teacher and after a long day, it is so much fun to sit down to Rusty Lake. Thank you. Please keep doing what you are doing.

a very special Rusty lake. spoiler alert If I understand correctly,this game we play the “Harvey escaping from the cage in Seasons” and also dedicate some efforts to save Laura from the pessimistic end. The music style and the overall tone is not so “rusty lake desperate” but within more hope

Another fantastic story line. I’ll never not love Rusty Lake. It’s makes me sad, hopeful & disgusted all at the same time. It’s the right kind of twisted. The only thing I ever wish is that the games were hours longer. I never want to leave.

Great. i'm stumped already and no one else has played but i have played every single rusty lake game and i follow them on all social media and from what i've played this game is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorites and definitely worth playing!

Amazing addition!. I LOVE rusty lake, and this is the perfect way to finally learn about Laura Vanderboom and her life. Surprising puzzles, great soundtrack, and fun cameos from other Cube Escape games (like the bartender from Rusty Lake theater). Thank you Rusty Lake for this amazing episode - can’t wait for the next one.

Loved it!. I love Rusty Lake and this was a nice continuation of the lore. It wasn’t too hard but hard enough to be fun. I just wish it was longer! I pre ordered this because I just can’t wait for each new RL game! I love being immersed in this world, it’s my kind of vibe. 🖤 🖤🖤

Absolute perfection once again. I can’t say enough about the thought and detail that goes into these games. They fully immerse you in their intoxicating world and make you yearn for more. Thank you, Rusty Lake team!

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Underground Blossom 1.1.9 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Underground Blossom app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Rusty Lake and other users?

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.1.9
Play Store com.RustyLake.UndergroundBlossom
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Underground Blossom (Versiyon 1.1.9) Install & Download

The application Underground Blossom was published in the category Games on 27 September 2023, Wednesday and was developed by Rusty Lake [Developer ID: 979777164]. This program file size is 163.86 MB. This app has been rated by 1,222 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Underground Blossom - Games app posted on 02 October 2023, Monday current version is 1.1.9 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.RustyLake.UndergroundBlossom. Languages supported by the app:

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Underground Blossom Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for playing Underground Blossom, we fixed some bugs in this new version!

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