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What is pikmin bloom app? Grow your Pikmin, make flowers bloom, and keep track of your precious memories, all through the simple act of walking. Whether you’re going for a short walk around the corner or commuting to work, today’s the very first day of the rest of your Pikmin adventures! Gather your squad and embark on a journey of rediscovery where every step counts.


Walk to grow more Pikmin. Pikmin grow from seedlings with every step you take. Once they are big enough, pluck them out to have them trail along. The more you walk, the more Pikmin will join your squad!

Walk to make flowers bloom. Collect flower petals from your Pikmin’s heads and plant them as you walk to leave trails of beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere you go.

Walk to log your memories. At the end of the day, check out your step count along with the path you walked, and revisit the pictures you took throughout the day. Don’t forget to send your Pikmin out on expeditions to pick up the fruit and seedlings you passed on your way back home!

Lots of Pikmin to meet. There are seven types of Pikmin in total, and all of them have their own unique characteristics. For example, some can fly, and others are incredibly strong. When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring back a gift with an item that will help them become a Decor Pikmin.

Tackle challenges with Pikmin. Nearby mushrooms are a great way to get lots of fruit. When you come across mushrooms blocking your path, you can send your trusty Pikmin squad to charge forth and make way.


With the player’s permission, Pikmin Bloom uses the Apple HealthKit to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
- Compatible with iPhone® 6s or higher devices with iOS Version 12 or later installed. (iPad not supported)
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE) in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Enabling Apple HealthKit permissions is necessary in order for Pikmin Bloom to accurately track your steps.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Information current as of December 8, 2021.
- Not compatible with jailbroken devices.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

- Some functions require support for the following services:
ARKit - For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use a device with at least 2 GB of RAM. If you are experiencing frequent problems such as device crashes or delays while using the Pikmin Bloom app, please try the following troubleshooting steps.
Close all apps except the Pikmin Bloom app while you are playing.
Use the most recent operating system available for your device.
If the problem persists, please check the iOS troubleshooting guide. If you continue to need assistance, please contact us with details.
Note: Many devices that do not have a built-in data-network connection do not include a GPS sensor. In the event of mobile-data network congestion, such devices may not be able to maintain a sufficient GPS signal to play.

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Find this site the customer service details of Pikmin Bloom. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1556357398/pikmin-bloom/contact

Pikmin Bloom Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Pikmin Bloom Version 44.026 April 2022

- New feature: Weekly challenges! Play with friends to complete challenges and win rewards starting 4/28 - New activity list. Tap the activity widget on the upper side of the home screen to see your weekly challenge progress, step stats, and other info - Mushroom challenges are now called simply “Mushrooms,” and can be found in the expedition tab in your lifelog - Visual improvements in the AR mode screen - Users can now send only one postcard to the same friend in one day.

Pikmin Bloom Version 40.004 March 2022

Thanks for playing Pikmin Bloom! We've been working on the following improvements and bug fixes: - You can now invite friends and get rewards! - Get a picture with your daily step count when you walk more than 10K steps - Many other bug fixes.

Pikmin Bloom Version 36.121 December 2021

Thanks for playing Pikmin Bloom! We’ve been working on the following improvements and bug fixes: - Fixed an issue that daily lookback is repeated - Fixed an crash issue while flower planting - Other many bug fixes.

Pikmin Bloom Comments & Reviews 2022

- Level 15 and Unlocked all Basic Features

I really enjoy this charming game. It’s pros are things I don’t enjoy about Niantic’s flagship Pokémon Go. Being that Pickmin have no inherent CP rating, pulling and naming Pickmin feels more rewarding, as you will never have to put any of your Pickmin in a candy blender. Additionally, there isn’t a push to play so that you don’t miss out on new content. You can tackle the quests at your own pace and interact with seedlings and Pickmin at your behest. Additionally, sending your Pickmin on fetch quests and watching them walk toward map locations in real time is quite cute. However, there is still more from the Pickmin side of things that I would like to see. One cool idea that uses previous Niantic features would be battling the series’ famous monsters. In this iteration, however, you would throw Pickmin like a Pokeball at the monster to attack. Hitting the sweet spot could mean your Pickmin takes less damage or doesn’t die. Type resistance could also be used from the main games. In reality, that is one core concept I would like to see. Eventually, I’m sure I will have the max of 300 Pickmin. I think it would really add to the game to feel a sense of responsibility for one’s Pickmin and helping them not die from monsters like the console counterparts. Just please, Niantic, whatever you do don’t give Pickmin CP.

- Good game, but I found a bug

So, i played this game expecting it to be another idle stepcounter, but it’s different. You pick up things from your Pikmin and use them to get more or change the flowers on your current ones. The game is great and i had a lot of fun with it so far, but…what prevents me from giving it five stars is the bug i encountered. See, i wanted more Pikmin so i walked until two new ones i got were ready to pluck, but i wasn’t leveling up as a friend who recommended the game to me warned about. Curious, i went to the level screen where i was given an overview of the level system and told i needed 500 total steps to do so. I had about 1000 at that point. I figured “okay, if i do 500 steps then i’ll be back to normal, right?” No matter how many steps i took, that number never went any higher. It stayed stuck at 0. I hope the devs see this; i’d really hate to need to restart and do things in a very specific order to proceed. I think i broke the sequence they wanted players to go through and that’s why i’m getting this bug. Not even restarting the app or my phone worked. Though, if you want a relaxing game to have on in the background while you walk around, then by all means get this game. It’s relaxing and fun, especially with AR mode. I just hope another bug patch is implemented to fix whatever sequence break i happened to glitch the game out with.

- I’m in love with this game! A bug that’s been bugging me though…

I cannot stress how grateful I am for past me downloading Pikmin Bloom. I was at a point in my life where I was just looking for any motivation to get my legs moving, and boy did this deliver. I’ve been playing since early November and I’m so overjoyed with the improvement in my quality of life. That being said, one of my favorite features of the app is that it has a daily logbook. It motivates me to take nice pictures and fill it like a tiny scrapbook. BUT… there seems to be an issue with keeping the images. I’ll upload an image and attach a caption, but after a week (or sometimes just a few days) the image gets deleted and only the caption remains. I’ll reupload the images every now and then, but it doesn’t last super long before they get deleted again (strangely enough, the caption sticks around; it’s just the image which goes missing.) I LOVE Pikmin Bloom. I am so eager to keep growing my pikmin family and keep getting out there and exploring. I just want this little issue to be resolved so that I can look back on my daily logs and not scratch my head at wherever the images went lol. I don’t delete them from my phone, so why do they go missing after a while?

- Fun stepcounter

I’m level 8 and intent to get farther, so far it’s really just walk and I pull up Pikmin and collect some berries and stuff, it’s cute, I don’t feel useful in game yet but I think I’m around the corner, I play Pokémon go as well so it’s kinda a nice one to have in the background to count and still progress good. You definitely need a phone that counts steps to play, as I’m seeing reviews saying they can’t progress so it makes sense. I would rate it 5 stars but as others said, it’s pay to play basically, you can’t get expansion slots to anything without real money, and the coins you can earn are frankly ridiculous, and no real use for those coins. Currently I don’t mind Pokémon Go’s system to earn coins and get expansions with them, yes I still spend plenty of real cash but I like the option and I like to cut my cost by earning some, so in this one not having that just feels like a turn away from the right direction, cause it’s a flat fee, I tend to throw a 20 at it cause it’s a better deal on coins so I get more expansions. Enough ranting about that, the game itself is why your reading thing? The game is fun if you like their other games, if you didn’t like it, then you won’t like this, it’s that simple. Tho unlike their other games, this one is a lot slower on screen, it’s very focused on walking so even healthier I guess.

- Obnoxiously addictive for a simple concept.

Though the content within is mite lacking, it does incentivize walking around with minimal effort. You walk to get fruits, you use those fruits to get nectar, you use the nectar to plant flowers, and you plant flowers around big blooms to get more fruit. It’s an endless cycle but a fun one at that. There’s also a unique decoration system that changes depending on where the pikmin was born, incentivizing you to get out of the small bubble and explore around to gather more decos for your pikmin. Honestly the best part about this game is that the microtransations aren’t predatory in the slightest, unless you play too often. Even then it can be managed with the base upgrades in the long run. The only negatives is that Roadside decorations are hilariously common and feel like a waste of time once you’ve seen the same letter with the same color for the 55th time. And the fact that it absolutely eats the everloving crap out of your battery, but hopefully this can be patched later on in its life. Overall while not really needing to carry the pikmin mantle, I’m glad this is the franchise niantic settled on to represent. Would recommend for some offhand fun.

- Helping me a lot through a tough time.

This came out right as I’m going through the hardest part in my life so far, especially mentally, and to my surprise being able to use this app has been a bit helpful for that. Let alone the nice feelings of having excuses to go for walks, my favorite thing is actually the “journal” feature the game has, and it’s been very nice to have so far since I’ve been using it a bit to keep track of my progress in improving myself mentally every day, alongside the other positive parts of seeing where I’m going on this journey with my Pikmin. I would love to see this expanded upon a bit, but at the very least would appreciate some minor changes, such as being able to add more than one text post, and a fix to navigating the text being somewhat clumsy. (Doesn’t seem to support any features of the system keyboard such as autocorrect and the 3D-touch scroll). I would like to see sharing options for friends being added to that feature as well, but it for sure needs options for privacy too, especially for the kind of situation I’m in, where a lot of that info should stay private primarily but would like to share with one or two friends specifically I’m comfortable showing that too.

- Very fun but…

I was very excited to see something new, Pikmin related. I just started playing and I’m having fun with it. It’s concepts are very creative! I don’t know what it is, but for me collecting Pikmin is way more satisfying than catching a Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It’s cool to see your collection grow as you walk more. Very rewarding. Now here’s what I want added to this game. The game is pretty good at the moment, but I want a bit more variety. Sending your Pikmin on expeditions is cool, but I want more uses for them. First off, similar to the Pokéstops, maybe there could be treasures scattered around the map. Treasure collecting was one of my favorite concepts in Pikmin 2, and I would love to see that here. And maybe some of the more rare treasures require more Pikmin to carry it. That would be another great reason to boost your army. Also, I would love to see enemies on this game. On the map, there can be occasional creatures like bulborbs. And you can challenge it. You use your Pikmin to fight the bulborb, and swipe the screen to throw them like in Pokémon go. These enemies could drop some cool rewards like treasures, fruits, and Pikmin planters. This game has quite a lot of potential, and if you add some of these features to the game it would really make it a better experience!

- Needs work to make it a rewarding game and less of just a stepcounter

Things that would make me enjoy the game more and play it daily again: • Provide some sort of reward for receiving Postcards. There is no point to them right now • Provide something in return for recycling seedlings. •Make it easier to earn coins. It’s a little ridiculous and unrealistic all kinds of people. I haven’t earned a single one before. - I also like to switch the flowers I plant often if I do even walk. • Replace the stickers with something more tolerable. Make the game fun for people who don’t live in cities or people who live in places where you can only walk in rural/country areas. I can only get stickers because of were I live and walk so there is little reason for me to play because I can’t easily earn anything other than these stickers for my pikmin unlike people who live in other areas. I live in the kind of place you have to drive everywhere. When I do go on walks it’s rarely ever in a place where I can earn anything towards a hat. I have maybe 20-30 pikmin with stickers now and only one with a hat and it was the from the seedling the game gives you. The concept is cool and I want to play more but it’s just a little bit of “What am I even earning in this game currently?”

- Great "game!"

Going into this, I honestly expected it to be either a glorified pedometer or another Pokemon GO ripoff, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was somewhere in the middle! It is, for all intents and purposes, "Pedometer app: Now with badges!!!1!" Meets Pokemon GO... But in a good way. It helps take focus away from the "game" itself and more on actually going for a walk. As I've heard many people say, Pokemon GO, while still getting one into the world, requires a lot of attention in order to see where the wild Pokemon or pokestops or gyms are, but Pikmin Bloob doesn't try to do anything over exciting... And it works! It's a "game" designed to get you to look away from your phone. However, you probably noticed the fact that I have continuously put game in quotes, and that's because... Well, it just doesn't really feel like a game to me. And we'll I am aware that at the time of me writing this Pikmin Bloom has only been out for around a week, I feel like there's a lot more they could have done to make it feel more like an interactive walking experience and less like a pedometer with badges.

- Fun but HUGE bug

This game is super cute, but the only thing is I hardly have any incentive to play anymore because no matter what I do, my pikmin’s friendship levels WILL NOT go up. I have a purple Pikmin that I’ve taken on SEVERAL expeditions as well as some starred pikmin because I like to farm decor pikmin. It’s been a good week and NONE OF THEM have increased friendship level even a little bit. It shows the little heart above them when they come back from the expedition and I collect the item from them, but other than that, they show no signs of leveling up. It’s incredibly frustrating and makes me not really want to play the game if I can’t even get decor pikmin anymore. I’m not even having trouble with counting steps or anything, everything else in the game is working fine (other than the occasional glitch where two or more pikmin are in the EXACT same spot and clip through each other, but that’s just visually funny and doesn’t affect gameplay) but I CANNOT raise friendship levels. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but it’s incredibly frustrating since I’ve starred all the pikmin that are from places where they’ll get a non-sticker decor item. Its a fun game and doesn’t drain my battery as much as pokemon go, but this is very annoying and I don’t see the point if I cant even get decor pikmin

- Play it passively for the best experience!

I’m loving this game, I just found a toothbrush Pikmin as a pet of the pharmacy collection and I was absolutely in love with the design. The step counter and day logging is fantastic and I’d love to see you expand upon that experience. It be great to see the miles walked too so I could use it as a gauge for how far I’ve gone since I’ve started a walk. I do think the friends feature needs some love. It be great if you put access to friends n the front page so it be easy to find. Maybe make a Pikmin post office and it could be coupled with your postcard collection and your “Pikmin-dex”. Also, I loved stickers in Pokémon go so it be great if you could have a sticker collection system too. It be special to have a postcard and a stamp collection and then choose which special Pikmin takes it to your friends. Maybe with stickers it can be the cost to attach a berry or two as a gift. I just really want the social features to go beyond what was in Pokémon go. I think there great. Also, it crashes whenever I open the stock camera and there’s no way to mute the music.

- Wish I could do more challenges

I love Pikmin I’ve played every installment of the franchise I downloaded this game just because of my love for the little guys. So far I’m having a great time with this app even more then Pokémon go the only thing I wish I could do was do more challenges. I recently just got to the point where I can take down big mushrooms and it’s been cool getting the little fruit or stuff when there done it’s super fun. When I couldn’t do another challenge like that due to my Pikmin being tired I tried to switch out my squad hoping that would let me continue but sadly that wasn’t the case. So it kinda sad to see a challenge there and I can’t play it yet my Pikmin can go on as many expeditions as there are available. I hope in an update soon I can do as may challenges as I can expeditions other then that the game has been a simple joy to play I also wish how it counts ur steps near the end of the day u get like a prize every mile stone u pass like one nectar or after ten thousand steps get a random pikmen or something

- Excellent game, could use some minor tweaks

Overall this is an excellent and fun game to encourage exploration and being more physically active. I love collecting all the different types of pikmin and blooming a variety of flowers. This game is very well polished. My only complaint are some minor tweaks that could improve gameplay. 1) a way to organize pikmin by color on the main pikmin page itself. Currently you can only do this during an expedition and it can make things clunky if you are wanting swap in certain colors into your squad outside of expeditions. 2) more decor pikmin! The decor pikmin are excellent and honestly what I love most about the game and what keeps me exploring. I’m always excited to get a new cafe or beach pikmin. I love their designs and they always bring a smile to my face in their little costumes. However, I worry that in a few months of actively playing the game I will run out of unique pikmin to find. I think there is a lot of room to expand the types of decor pikmin, such as gym pikmin holding weights or wearing sweat bands, or taco stand or other food groups outside of burgers, hospital pikmin wearing masks or stethoscopes. There are so many great ideas!

- Let’s revive Pikmin!! Major suggestions!!!

Pikmin was one of my most faveriot childhood games, and we have not seen a Pikmin game in such a long time. I believe this game could show Nintendo that Pikmin 4 needs to come out!! If you want your app to grow rapidly, let me give you some ideas. Growing Pikmin is fun, but more gimmicks are needed. How about like Pokémon gyms and stops, you have a way to battle with your Pikmin. Enemies could drop loot, and like the original Pikmin games, the bigger and badder the enemy the more expensive loot. Maybe have a trophy case with the loot, or have the loot to be sold for coins, which could upgrade your backpack or outfit. I would love to see bosses, and how in Pikmin you can build bridges with tiles, how about a habitat where you have Pikmin build bridges, and playgrounds for them to play with instead of just a screen with grass on it. How about buried treasure that requires a certain amount of one type of Pokémon to dig up the treasure. Like the blue Pikmin are required to dig up greaser stuck in a lake, or red Pikmin are required to dig up treasure in a fire. Adding more game mechanics will get people hooked to the game just like they got hooked to Pokémon go.

- Better than Pokémon go

What I love about this is that you get to unlock things the more levels you gain and the farther you get into the game you can get different kinds of pikmin even special rare ones no lag or glitch nothing is wrong with the app great step counting app we’re you can also have your pikmin beat big muchroom you can plant and bloom flowers get friends send them postcards see them in the game if you plant flowers than go back in flowers and press with others you can see them plus there are quest flower pots if you get enough steps you can pluck out a pikmin you can get extra pots and the more you progress in the game your pikmin will bring you gifts and every day you play the gifts get just a little bit better you can feed them nectar and press there flowers for that stuff I forgot what it’s called tho by the way love your game keep on adding updates and working on the game don’t give up don’t listen to people who don’t like it keep on pushing until they do! Than you for making this game its a total day changer :D download guys!

- Pikmin Bloom Review

This is the best mobile app I’ve played in years! Although that’s not saying much lol. Pikmin is one of my favorite video game franchises ever, so I’m always excited to see new games being made. And seeing this announced on the 20 year anniversary of Pikmin just brightened my entire day. And on top of that, this game is just genuinely amazing. Walking around planting flowers and growing Pikmin is so incredibly fun. And all the different types of decor Pikmin are awesome. Their costumes are so cute! Plus, even when I’m not out walking, I can send Pikmin on expeditions and challenges which is really useful. My only real issue with the game is the coins. It’s really difficult to get coins by planting flowers, and the only other way is to buy them, and well… I’m really not a fan of micro-transactions. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this game is absolutely amazing and I enjoy playing it so much! Amazing job Nintendo and Niantic! (Btw Nintendo if you’re reading this, please make Pikmin 4! I would be so insanely happy if that happened!)

- Excellent pedometer based game!

This game, while retaining somewhat similar mechanics in certain areas, has a completely different base mechanic in that it revolves entirely around step count, and walking, unlike PGo using distance travelled as it’s base metric. Through the week it serves as mainly a pedometer and something to do during downtime, breaks or lunch. However, in my free time it has completely transformed how I spend big chunks of my free time. I’m constantly looking for new area to explore and walk through to keep things fresh, as well as find unique Decor variants. I’m almost always looking for a good place to start a Pikmin day when I’m out and about, and pushing my step counts ever higher and for longer periods. This also works really well being that my wife still plays PGo, and is always willing to go hunting for ‘mon while I’m planting up some ‘min. If you’re a fan of walking, Niantic mobile games, pedometry, exploring your local area, or are maybe just looking to boost your physical output daily in a fun, cute, very enjoyable way I very much recommend giving Pikmin Bloom a shot. The monetized portions are EXTREMELY not necessary but are there if you don’t mind tossing a couple dollars to Nindy to save a bit of grinding. Well done Niantic and Nintendo, and the Devs. I expect much more content to be added down the line, it seems a bit threadbare right this minute, but still has lots to do and many levels to grind through. Enjoy!

- Good concept but big issue

So, I’m chilling, looking around and see that there’s this new game by niantic called Pikmin bloom. Cool. I go and get it. Cooler. The game is great, but a big issue is that it is purchase able on an iPad. This may not seem bad, in fact, good. BUT. A thing about bloom is that it uses apple health to calculate your steps. A tiny kink in your plan, apple health was removed from iPads in 2018. Now, I get it is a game meant to be played on your phone, but niantic has already released Pokémon go that calculates your steps perfectly well and works perfectly fine on an iPad. Maybe they were in a rush, or it needed exact steps due to the exact step amounts needed to re-awaken the pikmin. None the less, good game, but they should remove it to be bought on iPads. My hope is that this ages like spoiled milk, and more people know about this. Niantic thought they could sneak the fact that the game just doesn’t on iPads work into the notes. But I see you. And I think you need to patch this, or find a way around it. Many who want to get this game are deterred by the fact it is just broken. Maybe you are working on the patch right now, but I just wanted to say that this needs to be told to more people.

- Avid Niantic player

So I’ve played Ingress. Not really my jam. I play Go prolifically. I’ve played Wizards Unite but it’s boring as heck and I’m not surprised they’re killing the game early next year I decided to try this one. First it doesn’t track steps as well as Go. I look on one app versus the other and it barely registers my steps. Two the Ingress portals are not all available on Pikmin. In fact very few. The portals or poke stops and gyms should be universal. Especially to loyal players that know where all of these spots are located. I seriously bought my home knowing I was within walking distance to 6. So it’s disappointing to see in Pikmin that I can’t reach any of the 6. They just aren’t there. Instead the closest to me are in high traffic areas that are not the most safe due to the transient population. No, I’m not saying all homeless are the scourge of society. I’ve been accosted by enough in my area to know that mental illness is a real problem among the homeless. I’ve also questioned why I don’t see the aliens they clearly can see. But I digress. Open all the portals in Pikmin please! I spent months looking for the perfect home.

- Good game but could use more

It’s a fun game and I like playing it since I feel too late to join the Pokémon Go train. However, I would like to see more mechanics added to it, as it feels less addicting than finding Pokémon to collect. Maybe adding a mechanic like you have to gauge the timeframe to send Pikmin out on expeditions so that they arrive before sunset, otherwise they risk being eaten by monsters, like in the Pikmin games. Or like have some stops include puzzles for you to figure out with your Pikmin or surrounding players. Maybe places that have more flowers planted within them get special bonuses. I’d like to see more different types of Pikmin and for earning coins to be easier to actually buy items like the slots in the shop because I have so many seeds to plant. Just feels like it needs more. Thinking more incentive to collect or compete like Pokémon Go or more little things to do, more details added, similar to a life sim like Animal Crossing. I hope the devs read this and it doesn’t get lost in the sea of reviews.

- Great but….

First thing wrong, this WILL drain your battery FAST! So, if you have plans on playing this game for long extended periods of time… have a few external batteries handy. 2- tracking is off. Not like Pokémon Go, but I like how there’s a massive map with the streets if you zoom out. I have noticed that once I hit level 7, the game started giving me the dreaded “failed to connect to server” issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game to find it is in fact, NOT MY PHONE! Luckily I saved all my data and linked to an account, but I had two groups of Pikmin out on an expedition. As expected with a new game… there are a lot of bugs, but there are also a lot of possibilities I can see with this game! Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite… and shut down. Niantic, please, update the server issues and continue to add to this game as well. It’s good to have two games similar to each other. What I like about this game that I wish Pokémon Go had. The expedition feature. It’s nice to be able to send Pikmin out to a spot and wait for them to return with the goodies. Without having to hit a stop everyday to keep a streak up. But, I understand that the games are the way they are to make them separate and unique. Perhaps there’s a way to incorporate expeditions into Pokémon Go? Regardless, this game is fun and cute. Nice to pass the time, visually appealing and nostalgic!

- Enjoying the app a lot, unfortunate audio issues

This app isn’t perfect and it fits into the same niche as Pokémon go (natural considering it’s from the same devs), but I personally find it more enjoyable. It’s a much more casual experience, and I find it to be a cute at charming way to count steps. The gyms are replaced with these large flowers that everyone helps to grow, so there’s not much of a competitive aspect, but that doesn’t really seem like the point to me. Much like in Pokémon go there are certain upgrades like more space in your party or more growing slots locked behind micro transactions, but for a free phone app that I used to blow of steam in my spare time, I don’t mind (but I relatively enjoyed Pokémon go, and am a looooong time Pikmin fan, so it speaks to my personal interests). I haven’t been able to get the audio to work however, which is a big deal for me, but if/when that gets resolved, that would be my only major complaint solved. I say if you liked Pokémon go or games like that but are looking for a lighter, more relaxing alternative, it’s worth a shot at least!

- This is definitely good enough

This game is awesome, I’m really addicted. It doesn’t help that I love going outside and walking in nature. Gives me more reason to do so. The only complaints I have is that it has a plethora of bugs and visual glitches. These will be fixed with time though. My other complaint though, is that the coins are too difficult to get. You have to consecutively plant 500 flowers without stopping to receive 1 coin. The cheapest thing in the shop is 50 coins (50 white flower petals). That means, that in order to afford this relatively easy item to obtain, you would need to plant 25,000 flowers, or about 60,000 steps. The coin system needs some serious balancing. Otherwise, this game is wonderful, and unlocking each color makes walking the most addicting thing ever. I’m 5 weeks in and I have about 309,000 steps in total. I’m already level 30 and I am in love with this game I do recommend, for all ages

- This App Is Amazing!

I think this app is AMAZING!!! At first I downloaded this app because I thought the little plants were adorable. However after opening the app and engaging in it, I realized it was so much more. You can not only use it to encourage you self to walk around in which you can grow adorable little plants. But, you can also journal on this app. At the end of the day, it tells you how many steps you have taken and where you all walked to and planted flowers ( which everyone in your community can see your flowers that you have planted as you walk which is so cool ). It also asks you how your day was and gives you the ability to write a short paragraph about your day. In this you can add photos so you can look back and remember what you did that day. So I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in journaling or even just cute little plants that follow you around :)

- Definitely better than Hey! Pikmin

Even though it’s just an enhanced step counter, this game definitely feels more like a Pikmin game than Hey! Pikmin. I understand so much of the upgrades costing real money as it’s only been out for a week and a half, and they are trying to get revenue off of it. However, I hope they add collectible “treasures” like in Pikmin 2. Its be a great thing to have besides from collecting costumes for Pikmin. I still give it a five star because I can see a lot of potential for this. But only time will tell! However, I’ve seen all these bugs on the game from other reviewers, but my only bug is a very minor one that doesn’t affect anything: sometimes when I log in, the game will give me a notification saying that I am going too fast, when I’m sitting down at a table. That’s my only problem and I hope any readers will have a good day, thank you for taking the time to read this!

- Love this game as-is! Don’t change it!!

I love this game because it encourages me to walk. (Currently Level 32 when I wrote this, so yeah, I’m walking!) I also love this game because there are no events that force you to play more than you can; you can play at your own pace. I also love that this is not a fighting game. Yes, you can send the little guys out to take out a mushroom, but that is it. PLEASE NIANTIC, keep this game this way forever!! DO NOT add events that force people to play. DO NOT add fighting and anything resembling aggression. This game does not need these things. It accomplishes what it needs to just fine— it gets me out walking, exercising, and out of the house. As with your other games (Wizards Unite, I’m looking at you), when you’re in constant event mode it burns people out. They stop playing because they are tired of events and you lose money. Consider that, please.

- Great concept, but a really long way to go

I just tried to add a note for the past day. It was limited to 300 characters and that was basically nothing to use it as a dairy. The note would be folded in the journal, too, so I think it’s definitely possible to allow multiple entries or a longer entry. I personally really like the concept, but sadly the map is pinned to your location so you can only see the flowers around you. Can there be a button that you can see the whole map, though might limited to 5 miles around you, or limited to the flowers that only you planted? I don’t like that you have to start a session in order to have your flowers planted. I think the app encourages people to take sessions of walking (fast walking, running, etc.) instead of the general walking steps. The flower planting is time-centered instead of distance/step-centered. I feel like there are not many things that you can do in the game. The flowers planted during a session were not even even if you are walking with a steady speed. Update: today I found that part of the flowers I planted disappeared from the map… wow

- Good but major problem

So as a father most of my walks are with my kids or I enjoy a bike ride. Both seem to be a problem so let’s start with the first. When I go for a walk with my kids I use a stroller, this isn’t properly counting my steps or just not counting them at all (I assume this is because it’s assuming I’m in a car or something?). The next problem is bike ride, when I go on a bike ride I throw my phone in my backpack where it assumes I’m driving and also doesn’t calculate even my distance at this point. I really like this app but there are randomly spots on my map which can only be from when I took a break from riding my bike and the app decided that only that counts. Let me iterated that this app is quite enjoyable but these minor flaws missed me out on my badge today which minor, is quite upsetting. Hopefully next community day the app will consider stroller walking or bike rides as a common way to transport! Thank you!

- Made for explorers

When starting the game there is a stark lack of things to do but walk and wait to level up. Through the first new levels I honestly thought the game was still in beta or something since all I could do was watch my step counter go up. You have to be patient and wait for the fun to unlock as you gain more and more features as you progress. So far I’m level 12 and overall extremely happy with the speed of progressing being purely biased on how many steps you are willing to take. I will say if you want to collect all varieties of pikmin you will need to go to different types of stores and venture into the wilderness in hopes of getting a seed from a location with an outfit tied to it. Since I live in a city it’s extremely hard for me to find anything but roadside sticker pikmin. Overall a great game to get you outdoors exploring new places.

- Can’t wait to see where it goes!

I agree with others who say in some ways this is more satisfying than Pokémon Go. I live in a rural area in a farm so unless I’m “out” there isn’t much for me to do in Go except use the AR camera or hatch eggs. But with Pikmin Bloom it’s very fulfilling to see how far I’ve walked around my farm and filling it with pretty flowers. I really enjoy when I get to use the AR camera with amy games and I enjoy it with Bloom as well. I’ve taken some very cute pictures of my Pikmin out and about! It would be cool if they were more interactive or if you could find/buy items that they could interact with in the AR environment. One additional detail that I think would really make this app even more addicting is if the Pikmin had different personalities or anything to differentiate them and make them a little more unique. I know it’s in the early stages though so I’m just enjoying it now and looking forward to what’s next!

- First app to make walking fun

This app has finally gotten me excited to walk and be active. I was pulled in as I was previously a huge Pikmin fan, and while this wasn’t what I was expecting, I’m glad that the app is the way it is. I have tried Pokémon go in the past, and while it’s fun, I never felt like I had to walk anywhere or play. I could simply open up the game at the house, catch a few Pokémon, and be done. When I did try to play while walking I had to constantly look at my phone. Pikmin Bloom is different in that most of the time you’ll start planting flowers and then put the phone away and just enjoy your walk. Then, once you’ve finished, you can check in and see what new items you’ve found, which new Pikmin you’ve grown, and if you’ve leveled up. A perfect companion app for walking, can’t wait to see what’s added next!

- Call me greedy, but...

The game simply doesn't reward the player enough. As someone that walks an average of 14k-18k steps a day, it baffles me that I can plant flowers for nearly 8 hours straight and get rewarded with one coin. Sometimes not even that. :( If a planter slot costs 150 coins, and the player earns 1-2 coins a day -- don't bother with the math, because it shouldn't take more than a week to earn enough coins to get an additional planting slot; particularly since the coin planters are single-use only, unlike the Pokemon Go model of 3 uses per incubator. The concept alone of planting flowers all over the map that other people can see is heartwarming in its own right. Pikmin are adorable, I love the little accesories (though I do wish they were a little more varied between types of Pikmin), and the music is surprisingly catchy. I want to keep playing this game! Please consider fixing the extremely sparse coin acquisition so we dedicated players can walk miles for their freemium items.

- Lovely

I’ve always loved Pikmin my favorite Nintendo franchise and now that it’s got a mobile game I’m very happy, I think you shouldn’t compare it to Pokémon Go even though they’re similar and made by same company this game has more charm to it and the game is simple not as much content as Pokémon GO but that’s fine it does much too stand out and be it’s own I love the game the music art style everything haven’t had glitches and the tracking is much better than Pokémon GO I hope we can get future content to allow us to battle with the Pikmin like maybe you can see bulborbs walk around while walking Pikmin and you take it down and earn fruit or have an event where you fight by yourself or with other people I don’t know but this game is simple not too sit down once and play for hours it’s a great on the go game highly recommend

- All the fun no Epicness

I love the Pikmin games hoping for a Pikmin 4 so far it’s like a walking exercise game mostly don’t mind that Pokémon the Witcher in The Walking Dead but what I’m hoping for is that it’s not all pay to play I can’t move around like I want to at the moment but when I do I’m going to enjoy my self. The only thingI really want in the game is the battling system I see you added the fighting mushroom but do you eat come by levels are you have to have a lot of Pikmin and even so what about the first enemy in the game like you don’t have to have all the enemies just like a enemy for each color Pikmin what about some puzzle solving or treasure hunting or sending a pic went out to go bring something back like doing missions if it’s Pikmin I want them to do all that they’re able to hate you only gave us two spots and not the onion that repopulate them but still this is a new game let’s see how it goes.!?😌

- Awesome game, but I have a request…

I’ve been playing this game for a few days now and found it to be really enjoyable! There’s a lot of fun gimmicks and mechanics that you are introduced to as you progress and level up. As a pretty big pikmin fan coming from previous games, this was a big hit for me, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see people new to the series enjoying the game as well! However, as I progressed I became introduced to decor pikmin, basically pikmin of each type with themed cosmetics (based off of where they’re found I assume). My first decor pikmin got a sticker because it was apart of the “roadside” set, but it also happened to be the very first pikmin I plucked when I started the game, I wanted to keep it on the default look and didn’t know it would change at first. Is there at all any way to remove the cosmetic change from the pikmin? And if not, will it be added in the future?

- Cute Walking Game

IN SHORT: non-competitive, slow-paced PoGo that doesn’t punish you for how much you engage. I’ve never played Pikmin before but the little guys are pretty cute. Hoping for more updates! THE GOOD: I feel like this game was designed to “fix” a lot of the major criticisms of PoGo as well as hop on the mindfulness trend. Rewards take much less time and less walking. Steps count instead of distance, so run on that treadmill all you want! You can journal pictures, writing, and in-game stickers. And so far I don't feel like I NEED to buy more than the $2 start pack that I wanted to buy on my own. CRITICISM: Please have a sound or vibration when Pikmin find items, finish growing, or come back from expeditions. Having to figure it out myself encourages me to stare at my screen constantly instead of enjoy my walk.

- helped motivate me

I’ve gotten out of the house more and now my family goes on walks together. My mom loves the app and gushes over how cute the pikmin are. Whenever we go somewhere we always plant flowers together and destroy mushrooms together. It’s a lot of fun to bond as a family over this while also being active. I get excited to go on walks because I can get my steps in and grow a new buddy! Only thing I wish they add is more decor pikmin in the future, a way to get more blue nectar, or a way to cash out nectar and petals if they’re full. I’ve come across that if you go on challenges but don’t walk and plant flowers constantly you’ll quickly stockpile 200 of each red, yellow, and white petals and nectar, but hardly any blue. I get at most 4 blue nectar and I’m not sure why. I look forward to any updates!

- Very good game

This game is not anything that I expected at all, and I like it! The game play is very balanced with the steps and rewarding level system. There was a weird but not serious bug. There would be pikmin that were fed nectar but would show with the wrong color bud,flower, or stage. This would only be temporarily fixed if you can go to the whistle area and the flowers change back. This was not bad for game play, and it’s funny how they change back and forth. It is only fully back to normal if you exit out, close the app, and go back in. Along with this, I searched the level requirements for pikmin, and the rock pikmin were at 20 something. Besides that, the costumed pikmin were cute, and the giant flowers were very well spread in my neighborhood. In conclusion, I would rate it 4 and a half, but I made it a 5 ;)

- Fun and Actually Gets You to Walk!

Although I love Pokémon Go after the first few months and community days I stopped waking around, I’d either drive or sit in a coffee shop and let a lure do the work but this game actually keeps you active. It’s made to where your attention is not completely glued to the screen at all times and works in the background instead, only alerting you if you’ve grown a Pikmin or and exposition has been complete. This way you can pop in some headphones and go for a jog and comeback and see progress without being distracted 24/7. The idea works for almost everyone, even people who aren’t huge Pikmin or Nintendo fans, it’s just a cute way to track your steps throughout the day. This game is wonderful and definitely gets my steps up!

- Amazing App, but I have a suggestion!

I had never played a pikmin game previous to the 3rd game that came out for the switch and after playing that one I fell in love with pikmin, so this app coming out has been amazing. The interface is lovely and very true to the pikmin spirt. The AR feature is so so cute and the idea of planting flowers everywhere is just so perfect. I could honestly ramble about this app for a while, but I had a small suggestion. I feel like a widget would be perfect for this app considering its a step counter, maybe seeing a favorited pikmin with the current step count? Or maybe even being able to start planting flowers from the widget? I just feel like some type of widget being added in a future update would be really lovely. Thank you!

- Good, but a bit empty.

The idea of contributing to a global tapestry of flowers has its inherent appeal. Unfortunately, when you’re in a small playing area and flowers disappear, it accentuates the emptiness. Perhaps areas with less players could have longer lasting flowers? Also, earning currency is pitiful. Having to plant at minimum 500 flowers per coin makes me less want to plant flowers during the shorter, more frequent walks that make up my day. The least they should do is have the daily flower total used to calculate coins, as opposed to flowers per individual walk. On the brighter side, the daily recap is one of my favorite features. Simplifying a journal log to a mood scale encourages me to go the extra mile and actually write about my day. I’ve always like the keeping a journal, but only now have I actually been incentivized to keep one going.

- Good Game but not Perfect

I Enjoy this game and it motivates me to wake up earlier in the day and explore, which I intend to do but as all free games go there is a pay wall it would’ve been nice to make the Pikmin Storage just a tad bit larger then the 300 we get but I have to expect that from Niantic & Nintendo so I’m not surprised, no worries I will buy more and support this game as it motivates me to be rewarded for walking unlike Pokémon GO which it’s hard to get a reward off Pokémon GO unless you live in Manhattan. Which is why this game in my opinion is way better than Pokémon GO for now atleast. As a avid Nintendo and Pokémon Fan this game has more sense of accomplishment and rewards for walking then Pokémon GO and I adore that the main focus is walking not pokestops or gyms to gain rewards no walking very good. 4/5 (it would be 5/5 if the pay wall wasn’t such a bummer for younger players wanting to fill up places with flowers.

- Really good, bugs are very frequent though...

I love this game, it's lifelogging feature is really nice, and it has gotten me out of the house a lot more often. My issue lies with its bugs. A less egregious example is that when I open the game, there will sometimes be a Pikmin zooming everywhere. It glitched and the Pikmin is stuck freaking out. The bad one was that I had a friendship level 4 Pikmin ready to give me a gift. I sent it to get the gift, and it brought it back, however, when I tapped on it the gift didn't open... the Pikmin just kept holding the gift... I kept clicking and it kept doing nothing so I closed the app and re-opened it, and the gift was completely gone. I love this game to death, but I work so hard to individually increase friendship in my Pikmin and to get nothing in return via a bug kinda sucked...

- Game is really fun, but has a lot of bugs and needs improvement

The game is really fun to play when your on the go. However I am making this review solely for bugs and some stuff that really irritates me. First of all, there should be a confirmation tab that pops up when you are about to send pikmin out on a challenge. Just a few minutes ago I was going to start up a challenge on a large mushroom, and as I am going through my pikmin, I had only selected one and accidentally somehow pressed “GO!”… and only one pikmin was sent out immediately. I dont have an option to cancel it and it would be very nice to have an confirmation tab pop up before sending out pikmin, incase problems like that happen. That really bummed me out, and now I wasted a challenge attempt that will take forever to complete.

- Amazing game, only ONE thing I would change.

This game is awesome. I’ve been playing it every day for a week. My one and only problem with it is that the only way to upgrade your storages is with money. I wish that it was like Pokémon go where you could just use the in game currency, that way, if you were willing to grind it out and plant hundreds of thousands of flowers, you could get the upgrades for free. I feel like this would be a very good change. Even if it were a ridiculous amount of coins (for example, you could either pay 2 dollars, or grind for 500 or so coins, which means planting AT LEAST 250,000 flowers) I feel that this change would make for a much better experience and make the coins more worth grinding for.

- Fun all around

This is definitely one of my favorite walking games I’ve tried. It doesn’t punish you for not getting “enough steps” but it it definitely encourages you to get more steps with all the fun awards it offers. It’s also fun to interact with my family who have the app as well, by sending postcards and working on mushrooms! (I wish you could send messages along with the postcards though) It also feels like little community, because you can see where others have planted flowers ☺️ I look forward to future updates because I think there are a lot of cool features that could be added! (Messaging, more customization, improved journal/mood tracker, etc.) Overall very happy I downloaded 😊👍

- The flowers disappear

I LOVED this game. I suggested it to every friend I knew once I figured out how to work it myself. Anywhere I went I had my phone pulled out to play, until I figured out that your flowers disappear… I was getting so excited to watch my neighborhood fill with flowers, showing my progress and how much I’ve walked, until I started noticing that they were disappearing and my “ flower bed “ wasn’t as full as it used to be. I looked it up, and it is true, your flowers disappear after 5 days. That makes no sense to me at all. I thought the whole point of the game was for you and your friends to cover the world in flowers… I seriously loved every single aspect of this game. I wrote and have pictures on every single day of the “ diary”, but ever since I figured this out, I just see no point in playing. Very disappointing, I truly loved this game.

- Part fitness app, part idle game

After 4 days playing this game, I found myself spending 90%+ of my time either walking around to plant flowers or throwing nectar at Pikmin so they would eat it and make petals so I could plant more flowers. Which is the most *tedius* process. Throw a nectar at your Pikmin. Hope they eat it (I lost about 25% of my nectar because no Pikmin would eat it before it disappeared). Tap their glowing flower to gain 1 petal. Repeat until you have hundreds of petals. You’re supposed to be able to earn coins in game by planting flowers. I never did earn a coin. I had to search online for how it works. Apparently, you have to plant 500 flowers to earn 1 coin. The most I ever planted at once was about 125 flowers, and that took about an hour. There’s no actual game here. The Pikmin don’t do anything except follow you around and grow flowers. It encourages you to walk, so if you’re into that, it might be for you.

- A real working idle step counter

Loving the game so far, a step counter that honestly works & helps to keep me motivated throughout the day to get my steps in. I have only one issue, when sending my pikmin on a challenge it auto picks…now thats wouldn’t be a problem, but the go button is right on top of the pikmin in the bottom right corner. This means I have to be very careful when I want to unselect them or I’ll send my pikmin on their mission prematurely sometimes even just one poor little guy by themselves & it’s even worse if it’s a normal or large mushroom, which seriously drops the amount of reward. A fix to this happening would be moving the location of the go button to the top right corner above the pikmin selection screen. Other than that it’s a great & fun game.

- I guess it’s all in who you ask.

There’s no challenge. There’s no critters to attack each other. There’s nothing to do at the big plants. If I wanted an app to keep track of my pictures I would’ve downloaded a photo album. There’s so much more that this game could have that the other game does have. These are the words from a six-year-old who I let play and they find this game so stinking boring. He’s like let’s go back and sit on the couch and play the real one. Do you know how sad that is when this app could have so much more potential and learning aspects. He was like watching paint dry is more exciting. Also more fun. I am adding to this have to see that this app is more for old people who are not liking a faster paced game. This was not geared toward kids that are fast paced I like to move a lot this is geared toward the people that just wanna sit relax and do nothing. Like I said this game has way more potential and yet it’s not even reaching it.

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- Great game with a few issues

Very enjoyable game totally worth the download. That being said, there are a few issues. Firstly, there are a few small bugs that come with most new mobile games and will hopefully be fixed soon. Secondly, the walking system can easily be cheated by manually inputting your steps per day on the health app! This needs to be fixed ASAP! Finally, the game itself is good but it does need some more content. Possibly more mini games, a reason to actually explore. The large flowers you can find and make bloom don’t seem to have any apparent value. They don’t seem to do much and personally, aren’t much of an incentive to explore. Regardless this game is very enjoyable and definitely worth the download, i hope it receives continuous support and more players. Great game 👍

- It’s just Pokémon go but boring

I tried to play the game but after the tutorial it just got super boring All you can do is just walk, check how much you’ve walked, plat flowers and play with your Pikmin but even that’s a stretch since all you can do is throw them, feed them nectar, and call them not to mention you need to walk 1,000 just to get ONE Pikmin I walked around my whole block and BARELY Broke 100 how an I supposed to make 1,000 AND have fun? At least walking huge amounts in Pokemon go is an ALTERNATIVE and not a requirement like in this game and the Pikmin do absolutely NOTHING besides give you more Pikmin. Like they could have at least added enemy’s that you could fight for stuff like using your Pikmin the defeat a bulborb and gain some more Pikmin or a new nectar like the red one or the purple one or have a flower that you could set certain Pikmin to to collect stuff over time so that you have INSENSITIVE go and walk around but it doesn’t have any of that it’s just a step count that has Pikmin in it that do NOTHING. All this time with no new game and this is what we get? Really? Metroid game looks great kirbys game is 3D and looks great Pokémon’s new games look great Pikmin get a bland step counter with Pikmin you can toss around and that’s it. (At least I HOPE this isn’t it and they might add more to it down the line but we can only wait and see)

- Cute with a few bugs

This app definitely makes walking more fun, but more often than not it says I’m going too fast when I might be literally sitting on the couch. I really like the feature of sending out pikmin to get fruit and seedlings, and the postcards they bring back are cute too. It’s a more passive game than Pokemon Go, but I think I like it more for that reason since I don’t want to be constantly checking my phone while I’m out. I can just open the app, turn on flower planting and then just tuck it into my pocket and know I’m making the world more beautiful.

- Ongoing issues & Nintendo/Niantic don’t seem to care

Two community days in a row now (Dec & Jan) there have been issues with the CD badge. The first one didn’t get issues for ages and the most recent one, you were meant to get the total camellias planted on your badge. Despite planting camellias for more than 20,000 steps, mine showed as zero for days and now shows no total at all. Since the last update, it only works on wifi and not with cellular data. Multiple comments on their social accounts are going ignored. This is a game that relies on logging in when you’re out and about so to leave an error like that for so long and without any recognition is disgraceful. Aside from the bugs, it’s low level of in game rewards and functionality is poor. The sorting function isn’t user friendly or logical (especially when compared to PoGo), and there are way too many road ones with boring stickers and not enough other types. Road as a theme has so much potential with cars, road cones, traffic lights etc so why just the boring stickers? The limits on mushrooms are stingy, you can’t invite friends to mushrooms and postcards serve absolutely no purpose. You also can’t delete expeditions. All in all, it’s a visually cute game that’s really not making the most of its potential and since the last CD, I’ve stopped bothering.

- Disappointed about map but beautiful game

This game is relaxing, pretty, and cute. The colours are nice to look at, and I love all the cute little pikmin running around. I also really enjoy the lack of a competitive element; the game feels much easier to play day to day. That being said, the map leaves me slightly disappointed. I live in a fairly remote little town, and many of the things that we have (post office, cafe, splashpad, ect) don’t exist on the map, leaving me no opportunity to get any pikmin except roadside pikmin. Also listed is a shop that used to exist here, but hasn’t in over a year. All in all, it’s a lovely game. The colours are nice to look at, the gameplay is relaxing, and I really enjoy not having to battle others for rewards.

- A wonderful and peaceful but there’s one bug…

I grew up with playing Pikmin and this game is great. Music is soft, graphics are more than decent, and it’s just Pokémon Go but more gentle. Now with just one bug I’m experiencing, I can’t progress in the game. My steps aren’t being counted! I’ve checked more than triple times if fitness was being tracked, but was no good. I’ve looked in support too about the issue but hasn’t been resolved. I hope this bug gets fixed and I can get back to making the world more fluorescent!

- Steps aren’t being counted

I love the game but there’s definitely an issue with the way my steps are being counted. I will go somewhere with my friends who play they’ll all easily get 5k+ steps in the time mines registered maybe 1k. I also have a smart watch that counts my steps and generally do 8-10k steps a day, I always have my phone either in my hand or my pocket but only get 1-2k steps a day in Pikmin. It’s becoming very frustrating and makes playing at this point feel pointless.

- Pleasant but requires too much interaction

I adore the postcards pikmins bring back. I hope this app can enable more auto functions. Planting flowers, colour selection, squad selection feeding and petal collection are quite time consuming and distracting. I’d rather it can provide a mode where pikmin can be multi selected into squad, auto planting while leaving home, auto feeding and petal collection to reduce screen time.

- A bug

Please deal with the bug on access that keeps locking me out, with the error message that I don’t have Internet access- when every other app including Safari, on my iPhone does have Internet access and I have 5 bars signal strength. Last time I had to delete the app, re-load from iCloud and log in again. I suppose I will have to do the same now. Otherwise a nice step counting adventure app - if you can access it.

- I can’t play

I can’t play Pikmin bloom because it hasn’t requested to track steps so basically can’t grow Pikmin I’m not sure if deleting the app and reinstalling it will help Also I’m thinking you could add bulborbs that you can attack and if a Pikmin gets wounded it would take a certain amount of time to get it back to attack with it again

- Great games but Not a good way to earn coins

Flower planting for a long time only means 500 flowers = one coin. I wish there would be an easier way to earn coins such as 100 flowers = 1 coin. Also, in Pokémon Go coins are kind of easy to get so nonetheless, this game is really fun and I hope Niantic fixes this problem.

- Excellent

Everything is good but I would like to know if you could add a indicator saying you’ve already named a Pikmin the name you’re trying to give it. Since I have so many I give them random names leading to some who share one so please consider helping this. Great game so good job.


I absolutely love this app! The pikmin are adorable and it’s amazing how you grow attached to them (get it?), the music is so cheery and fun, and the gameplay itself, keeps me coming back every few hours. Here’s a tip: NAME YOUR PIKMIN! You’ll like them more that way. I can’t wait to see what comes of this game in the future!

- Great! Keep updates constant.

I’ve been having a blast with this game, it’s like pokemon go but with way less maintenance. As long as updates are constant with new costumes, features and events i will be playing for ages!

- Great game very fun

I’m a fan of Pokémon go and this is just like it if your a fan of the pikmin games it’s very similar,I know the game is very new but maybe in the future it would be cool to add new stuff in already level 6 can’t wait to level up more

- Better than it is on the Nintendo Switch

Such a fun game to play if you do have the free time. Since I’m of and about at work and stuff but it’s very convenient. This is way better the the Nintendo switch version.

- Coins

Too hard to earn coins and there’s no way I’m paying that insane price. I feel like walking while planting is not rewarding at all… unless your next to a plant so you can watch it grow… but I’m not walking around in ridiculous circles to achieve this… reward people for planting and walking better. And make it so you don’t have to walk in circles to grow a flower…

- Heaps of potential

I love this game and that there is no “battling” other players. I enjoy walking around with Little flowers and planting flowers. I think that the adventure sync feature on Pokémon go could be adapted to this app, there is a MAJOR discrepancy to the steps counted on my watch and on my Pokémon go to this app. Otherwise, I love the chilled out vibe of this game.

- Adorable + Peaceful Game

I never played Pikmin on Nintendo, but I looked forward to this game coming out when I saw the announcements of it being in the works. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a mobile AR, such as how it will play out and what the game itself is like. And all I can say is, I really love it. It’s great for fans of Pikmin (as I’ve heard), and for people like me who are new to these cute plant-like creatures. It’s a calm kind of walking game, way different to Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite. There’s no pressure. It’s just about gardening. 😁

- Such a joy!

I work as a cleaner at a huge hospital so I always come check this game at the end of the day to see my step count. The game is such a joy and I love to see the path of flowers that I’ve planted with the cute pikmins!!

- Very cute

I have always liked pikmin, but getting to see them up close in AR mode is probably the best thing to come out of the series. Overall this is is one of my favourites on the AppStore,

- Cute Game!

I think this is a great casual game for someone like me who walks a lot. Would be really cool to see a few more things appear on the map then just flowers like enemies and so on. Can’t wait to see what is added next!

- Great Game just a few problems

I personally really enjoy this game i just went on my first walk and had a great time planting flowers. However the abundence of microtransactions for growing pikmin and flowers is a bit anoying.

- Pikmin Bloom

This is an amazing motivation to get me walking again! I’m proud to have been a beta tester for this app, I’m looking forward to see how it is going to continue to evolve!

- Game breaking bug?

Been working fine for a few days. But one I Got to level 8 it’s stuck not counting my steps. So I can’t level up. Tested on a new account and it’s counting steps on the new account but not my main account please fix.

- Incessant Crashing

This game is great, I’d give it 4 stars. But on my iPhone 7 whenever I try to actually interact with the app it crashes after a minute or two (or even just on launch). Niantic, if you fix the crashing this will be one of my favourite games to play. So please, just fix them.

- Could be really good

Game has a great ip and has the potential to be really great. But as it is right now there isnt really anything to do. Theres no depth and isnt much of a game rather fancy step counter so far. More game features and things to collect/ do and it will be amazing in no time.

- Fun

It’s great I love it. It’s more passive than Pokémon go but it’s still fun with lots of stuff to do I can see myself getting way too in to this exiting though

- Great game. A few Bugs.

The steps seem to accumulate if you have poor gps signal and you aren’t even moving. And you can cheat the steps by just going into the health app.

- Awesome but doesn’t track my steps..

This is a very cool game but it’s not tracking my steps. I work in a job where I walk a lot but every day it says I do zero steps lol

- This game is broken?

It hasn’t counted my steps for 3 days now. So it isn’t much fun w/o them being counted and I don’t see a point if my seedlings aren’t able to hatch. It kinda defeats the purpose of the entire app. *yes my location is on too* so I would of hoped it counted them but no it didn’t.

- My little Pikmin

As long as I can have one little pikmin with me on my walking journey, I’ll be happy. Hope this becomes more popular cause pikmin was my entire childhood!

- stuff and future hopes

very cute to look at and collect pikmin nice easy play only downside is some locations they should be decor pikmin register as roadside such as the train station and some clothing stores in my area. would love to see a battle feature in the future where you risk pikmin in fights for big rewards

- Can't get in

When i try to sign in with my Nintendo account it says i need to give the app access to my location despite the fact that i did so in settings and when i try to sign in with niantic kids it says there was an error and doesn't tell me what was wrong

- Passive Pokémon Go

I love this game, I don’t even need to take it out of my pocket, no lengthily battles or raid. Skip along, plant flowers, plenty of Pikmin followers. It’s a thing.

- The game crashes after log in

The game crashes on iPhone 5’s and 6’s even though I’ve gone through all the iOS troubleshooting on the pikmin bloom website I have no idea why it says it can support it if as soon as I log on it loads and the game crashes please fix it

- Thank you

First I want to thank Niantic for adding a new title to the pikmin series it may be small but it’s greatly appreciated

- Latest version keep crashing!!!

Cannot connect to server it's horrible update. Only works under wifi, not on mobile data. Please help fixing...

- Still Unplayable

I’ve had this app on my phone since it first came out and between the instant crashing when launching it and the countless network errors, I have yet to play the game at all. I’m on iPhone 11Pro Max and it’s baffling how broken this app still is.

- It crashes

I’m on iPod I haven’t even played yet because every time I open the app it crashes. The loading screen will go on finish loading then the game crash. That’s it

- Needs more character customisation!!!

Everything else is great!

- No longer works

I liked this game but I’ve now been unable to open this game for weeks. I have tried redownloading the game several times and the latest update still didn’t fix it.

- Awesome!

Awesome game and can’t wait for more community days with Pokémon GO and this on the same day!

- Pikmin bloom is fun and in joyful

I hope lots of other people like it to

- This game saved my life

I pretend the pikmin are really following me

- Game doesn’t even work.

So I open the app I get to the loading screen the bar gets full and then it kicks me back to my phone. Great game Nintendo. I am using iPhone 6s and it said it was compatible! Nintendo you are so bad...

- It’s Step a counter

Game is pretty much broken, 10/10 would recommend deleting again.

- urgent upgrade

Many people has a problem about unable connect check internet connection error after ver 37.

- Can’t login in

When I use my Nintendo account, it said I can’t log with a non-kids account .then I log with my kids account, it said Need permission to use my location that I already did.

- Cute Game, Slightly boring.

It’s a cute game but very boring most of the time. Hopefully it picks up or I’ll lose interest in planting fake flowers.

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- Really good but

It’s a great game and all it has the style like my DS 3DS and it’s really great but the bad thing is it says what you can see other people planting flowers I was in a mall and there was so many flowers but I didn’t see anyone on the screen could you tell me why

- love it


- Hey Nintendo, when will Pikmin 4 come out?

Hey, I’ll get this game because it’s the closest thing to Pikmin 4, but please. It’s been so many years. I just want Pikmin 4, man.

- Crashing problem, can’t play

I selected to make an account with google than taken to the loading screen but when the bar on the bottom filled up about eight tenths the app crashes and I’m sent back to my apps screen. I can’t really give much more than 1 star since I can’t even play it.

- Fun, but could definitely use more content.

Something that I find is an issue, which will probably be fixed in the future, is that there isn’t a lot of content. I don’t know if there are still stuff not unlocked for me level-wise, but only being able to go on expeditions, which isn’t really gameplay and more of a waiting game, and sprouting those gigantic flowers, there isn’t really much else that is generally entertaining, as everything else is just not really as entertaining and is more of a slow grinding kind of task, and it’s a TINSY let down. Using Pokémon GO as example, you were able to battle people by using your Pokémon, and using abilities by doing things like swiping the patterns on screen, which was really fun, but fighting in this game (challenges) is just a stopwatch with a reward when the health is depleted. This is a mini-issue, something that can’t really be helped, but playing SOLO is a bit tedious and unfair. Challenges and planting flowers becomes a ton more challenging, and tedious, as now you have to do everything yourself, and with things like challenges, that isn’t really an option, but that’s just because I live in a smallish town. I get that this game is aimed towards multiplayer, so I cant really complain about it. (This game could become popular tomorrow for all I know anyway, surely there will be people to play with.) Despite some issues I have, I still find it a surprisingly fun game for how shallow it was content-wise. I still enjoyed getting my whole squad 4 hearts, trying to get them all cute accessories, and this game even made me become a bit more active! which is what matters in the end; I am satisfied, it just definitely could get better by adding more stuff to aim for, or to do. 3-5: Fun, but could use more content.

- Please fix.

Fix crashes on iPhone 6 (it has iOS12.5), thanks.

- Stop emailing me…

You are literally emailing me twice a day to tell me to download this app. Well you succeeded. I downloaded it just so I can rate you one star and now have deleted it. Spam does not equal profit.


I love the game but the avatar/mii should at-least have more clothes. Letting us customize face and hair separate, and having more options. I think it should be like making a normal mii, but with more clothing possibly. Hopefully this gets updated in the future, other than that I have no complaints.

- Game is Fun but Battery Drainer

The gameplay is very fun. But man, this app drains your battery like no other! Having it open and active on my phone for 10 minutes drained 25% of my battery and made my phone warm. Also, it causes intermittence in my Bluetooth signal, and has major lag within the game, causing slow down. Niantic needs to fix these issues (especially the battery draining) in order for players to be able to fully enjoy the game.

- Love it! Mii outfits ugly tho

Super fun, but the outfit choices for the mii avatars are lacking.

- Crashes - can’t even open

Tried to open the app, managed to login with Nintendo account after 5th crash then the loading screen will go no further. Loads 75> of the way then crashes

- Can’t play it :(

I open the app, it loads and then immediately crashes.

- I love this game!!

This game is so much fun! Its also amazing quality and stability considering it just came out!! Kudos Niantic and Nintendo! This needs to become the next Pokemon Go!!

- Not tracking me :(

The app is not even tracking my steps. It is consistently staying at zero steps recorded no matter how many steps I have taken.

- swag

first review?

- One star

I can’t play it you need to have the login and my parents won’t allow me fix it

- very good

i enjoy this app. It motivates me to walk. hoping it’ll one day become compatible with Apple Watch so if I don’t have my phone it still tracks steps

- Love it! Therapeutic

They feature I enjoy the most is the daily look back. I am trying to incorporate it into my nightly routine kind of like a journal. The Pikmin are so cute the whole game makes me happy even when I had a sad day. It truly has been a therapeutic game for me. Content Idea: Making a small Widget to access daily look back from widget. Thanks Dev team!

- It has potential

While it’s not a 5 star game yet, it has the potential, with continued development. It’s a good motivator to walk. However, there’s a point (and I’ve hit it) where I can’t seem to collect any new decor even at places with a lot of variety. I haven’t seen anything that isn’t a roadside in weeks. More map refinement and decor types are needed. It sort of takes away from the motivation. And from a 20 year Pikmin console game fan, bring us more of the lore that made Pikmin so amazing. Onions and skitterleafs and bulborbs … maybe even (be still, my heart) bulbmin?

- Pikmin is pog

This is a pog game

- I can’t make character

Pls fix this glitch because it forces me to leave and re-join the game at least 10 times it it still doesn’t work

- Steps aren’t accurate

I wish it would connect to my fit bit so I could get a current steps per day. Is not even in the 100’s its in the 1000’s+ steps a day 😕

- Love this game

This has motivated me to walk more than any other apps I own, even it means just to walk in circles around my apartment. I wish it has more functionalities to accommodate for people who has limited movement, especially during the pandemic.

- When you have anxiety but need to go on walks.

Great alternative to the someone socially unacceptable pokemon go. The music helps me relax.

- Penalize

I should not be penalized peddle flowers just because you say my internet was out for 3 hours. That assumption is wrong because I have unlimited internet and my bill is always paid for. Someone owes me peddle flowers. Other than that I really like this game for many reasons. Also maybe you should set this game up so it can be played off line because some people like myself does not have data outside my home. Thank you for looking into this. Have a great day/night

- Drains battery before your eyes!

I’ve never had an app that would drain my battery in real time in front of my eyes within minutes. Horrible experience from an otherwise cute game. iPhone 7 max, maybe you could fix it and then I could truly enjoy the game and leave better feedback…

- Please fix!! Can’t play!!

Stuck on loading screen iPhone 11 Max pro latest iOS. Tried to get for support since day 1, no response, no patch, keep updating the app but can’t play. Seems devs don’t really care as apparently it’s a common problem. 1 ⭐️ until fixed.

- Great Start

Loving this so far! Just hoping there will be more stuff to do in the future like fighting bugs or something.

- Love the game

Love the game but needs to fix the Apple health connection and link issue. It adds the strips that are in Apple health. But any that I personally add to health app to make up the difference between my Fitbit and the Apple health gets ignored and will not update on Pikmin. Really has ruined the for me. Also should be able to connect to Fitbit instead of other health apps

- Not that great

Pokémon go is way better than Pikmin. I installed this app and removed it 3 days after because it was boring

- Great

It’s a sweet, simple game. Soundtrack is bopping too.

- Why..

So I deleted the app and it keeps sending me notifications, it’s so annoying

- Casual gaming

Game’s pretty good, casual game. Only issue is once you reach a certain level there isn’t anything new to unlock or do except collect Pikmin with badges… not too exciting. Would be nice if you could battle enemies or solve puzzles like the console version.

- Part of my life now

This game has been the perfect addition to my daily routine. As I take care of my Pikmin, they take care of me! I have been going on daily walks more than ever and logging my daily mood has helped me to keep track of how I’m doing mentally. Thank you Pikmin Bloom!

- What an awesome game

I love to go on walks whenever I’m feeling down, having this app really puts you in a feel good mood. Love the music it’s really relaxing! 5/5 Rating

- Such a great game!

Super cute— I much prefer the base mechanics to Poké Go, since you can get all the benefits no matter where you live, and everything is unlocked just by walking. It’s great to be able to put my phone away and walk without having to check it constantly. The one issue I have with the game is that some items in the shop (like capacity upgrades for flower petals or pikmin) can only be bought with real money, not in-game coins. Since coins take so long to save up, I don’t really see myself using them at all, since the majority of the shop items are easily obtainable through normal play.

- Great Game

Love it! So much fun and motivates me to walk even more than Pokémon Go

- Fun but basic

The game is new and still has lots of potential, but it has lots of bugs. If the bugs get fixed and new features are added this game will be perfect :)

- Solid meh.

It’s ok. It’s just kinda boring.

- Pikmin bloom

Absolutely love this game. It’s fun and helps me stay healthy. Highly recommended this to anyone of any age.

- Track Much?

Wanted to play it, pikmin was such a great series. Too bad the game wants to track too much. I refuse to be force tracked just to play a game. Uninstalled before I even got to try it.

- I love this game

I love this game so much and I am personally a pikmin player playing pikmin 1 all the way to pikmin 3 so loved every moment of it. So I recommend more pikmin games like this

- Oh boy this “game”

My first thoughts with it is it’s a fun thing to run in the background well at work. But today I unlocked the purple pikmin from pikmin 2 and I realized just how sad this game is. It focuses very heavily on body health and metal heath it’s the whole point of the game. But it has nothing to do with pikmin. I really don’t like how they were used as a way to sell the game even though it’s not faithful to the games at all. Would give 2.5 if I could but I can’t

- Won’t open

I have tried to create an account with Facebook, Nintendo as well as google yet it will not go past the allowing features screen and crashes over and over. I love Pikmin and am very disappointed that this game will not work.

- Was loving it until...

Ive been playing for about 2 weeks and it was very fun. I love pikmin and the app inspired me to walk more. It was a lovely app up until it started crashing every time i went into the app, now it's unplayable. Id strongly suggest fixing this bug!!

- Log in issues

Gave my son full permissions on his iPad and within our Nintendo account and still asks for parent’s permission.

- Crash

Game seems really fun and enjoyable but it keeps crashing please fix this (im on ios12.5)

- Can’t log steps

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone and it still won’t log any of my steps. this prevents me from even getting past the tutorial and I have looked on a few websites and it says I should be expecting a several hour delay before anything can happen. I downloaded the game at around 7:30am and it’s now 6:30pm and now i’m doubting it. I’m totally hyped for what I will be able to see after this is fixed, but so far i’m stuck at the part where you need to grow your first two seedlings.

- Amazing Game, Massive Problem

The game bring you outside to walk, but you don’t have to be outside to play, you still send your Pikmin in expeditions to get more seedlings and fruit and still knock out the mushrooms. The Pikmin even have some adorable animations. The decor is also really cute and it makes going to places like a train station or fast food restaurant much more enjoyable. BUT… when you are planting flowers make sure to keep them outside your house. They reset only about once a week. This could probably be fixed easily by a delete flowers function (only your own, obviously) because little kids might forget or not know any better. Tl;dr Really good game, but plant flowers only in public areas.

- I can’t play it

I try to play but I can because it gets 50% through and then kicks me out so please work on this because I can’t even play.

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Pikmin Bloom 44.0 Screenshots & Images

Pikmin Bloom iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pikmin Bloom iphone images
Pikmin Bloom iphone images
Pikmin Bloom iphone images
Pikmin Bloom iphone images
Pikmin Bloom iphone images

Pikmin Bloom (Version 44.0) Install & Download

The applications Pikmin Bloom was published in the category Games on 2021-10-28 and was developed by Niantic, Inc. [Developer ID: 1037205060]. This application file size is 308.47 MB. Pikmin Bloom - Games app posted on 2022-04-26 current version is 44.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nianticlabs.pikmin