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What is cannon demolition app? Can you demolish it with cannon shots?
Open fire! Your task is to completely destroy buildings with cannon shots. Your cannon has limited ammo - so be accurate !
Demolish it all!

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Cannon Demolition Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Cannon Demolition Version 1.5.216 March 2022

Minor fixes and optimizations.

Cannon Demolition Version 1.5.115 October 2021

Minor fixes and optimizations.

Cannon Demolition Version 1.5.008 June 2021

- Gameplay improvements and bug fixes..

Cannon Demolition Comments & Reviews 2022

- This is a good game

So how I found this app is by getting like 3 different ads about it and I decided to try it out. I’ve seen people been complaining about level 30 but I think it’s just a sadifying game for people to enjoy and have fun.

- Has potential but ruined by ads

It was fun initially for an hour just blowing up stuff, but after a few levels it becomes repetitive. My biggest grievance is with the over abundance of ads... earn a new cannon? Ad. Want extra money? Ad. Beat a level? Ad. Buy an extra upgrade? Ad. Bottom of your screen? Constant Ads. Not to mention I did 11 minutes of gameplay (which was actually 5 minutes of gameplay and 6 minutes of 30 second ads) and it drained my phone from 79% to 35%. Granted I have an older iPhone but many of my other games still do not drain my phone to this extent over such a short period. Wanna know why my phone got drained? Ads. Constant. Ads. My overall review, go ahead and download the game for a few fun minutes of gameplay, half of which will be ads, then delete this app. It’s a shame I couldn’t just buy the game for a few bucks with no ads because I would’ve done that, but such is the way of greed I suppose prioritizing short term money making over long term profits, consumer satisfaction, and a quality product.

- Terrible

Don’t waste your time downloading the game. It is an utter disappointment. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. After you complete a level, you are forced to watch an ad (at times, I actually had to watch two ads in a row in order to proceed to the next level). The duration of the ads exceeds the time it takes you to complete a level. Oh, let me guess the Developers response to this review: “the ads is how we keep this game free of charge.” I would rather pay a couple dollars for a game then subject myself to the redundant ads. To make matters worse, the game was spotty and often slow to respond to my requests. Save your time folks and look elsewhere for some fun.

- Disappointing

It’s really fun but Way to easy. Not only that I paid for NO ADDS and I’m still getting adds. It needs a better challenge. Maybe a boss level or blowing up ships or having something firing back at you. Or saving innocent people. You have to admit those are great ideas. I’m going to keep this game. But I’m only going to give it 3 stars because of I’m still getting adds. I will give it 5 stars when there is more improvement.

- Great way to kill some time

Pretty decent for a game with ads. They don’t force you to watch the ads. I haven’t watched a single ad yet. Only problem I currently have is level 170 seems to be broken. I shoot the bottom left corner of the building, no hole forms. But the top of the building left side blows up saying I hit an explosive. Said explosive is on the bottom left corner of the building. Once this fixed I’ll give more stars.

- Rip off.

I only played 17 levels because even though I spent money and bought the no ads there were still so many ads! You spend more time looking at ads than you do actually playing the game. If your going to sell a button labeled no ads at least actually mean it or at the very least put a small disclosure at the bottom saying there will still be some ads. Then people won’t be buying it expecting the same thing I did thinking I just bought an ad free experience playing this game.

- How much I love and enjoy playing this game.

I really love and like how I get to feel kind of like I work for A demolition company trying to expand the city.

- Too repetitive and false advertising

This game just rotates the same levels over and over. It also shows you shooting down a plane in the ad but there is no plane in the game. The developers need to update and add some levels or something. Once you’ve won all the canons and upgraded your abilities, you can knock anything out with one shot and there’s no reason to keep playing. In a few days time this game just gets repetitive and boring!

- Don’t waste your time

So I saw this advertised on Facebook and it looked like a cool game to just pass the time by. Well I began to notice that the ad wasn’t exactly correct. I find myself playing the same missions over and over again and you have to watch ads every 2 minutes. I hate mobile games because of this reason. I don’t know what I was thinking was going to happen but it got worse and worse as I played.

- Just updated again and still doesn’t work

Updated the game about a week ago and couldn’t go past the level canon would hit but not do anything now I just updated again today the canon make holes in the building but will not demolish the building I like this game but it doesn’t work anymore

- Good until Level 30+

Game becomes repetitive. Targets cycle over and over again. Cannons change, but I’d rather have more targets as the levels increase. Ads after each and every step of the game. Liked it at first, but removing from my phone after about an hour of game play

- Ads and physics

It’s a lot like the other drag/release/repeat games. Cooler graphics than most. Other than the obvious abundance of ads there’s no gravitational drop of the cannon ball whilst flying through the air. That would make it more fun, realistic and challenging. I’ll add more stars when there are more targets to destroy and with the need of more hits by the cannon to destroy them.

- Fun until...

Made it to level 279, then the cannon did nothing to the building. I upgraded income first and was able to make billions at a time. Once you reach a certain amount of cash, the upgrade go inactive and the cannons started to be ineffective to the buildings. I figured they rigged it like this to punish cheaters. Spent all that time watching ad after ad to get where I got just to be stuck.

- This is just an interactive billboard.

By the time you get to level 45 or so, every building drops in one shot. Why? To get you to the next ad as fast as possible. I've played a lot of mobile games but this is the most blatant example of this strategy I've ever seen, by a large margin.

- Fix button

The game is good in all but every time I shot the fix button for the cannon just gets bigger and makes some of the building hard to see

- here is a update idea

so the game is awesome so far everything is god. i’ve been playing for a few days now, but i think this would be a cool idea for the updates in the game. 1 a skin editor so you can make a cool looking skin for your cannons. another thing is it would be cool to be able to switch to different cannons we have unlocked in the past. instead of having to stay with what we just unlocked. and finally the last thing i think would be cool is being able to have a way to make coins or money while your offline. maybe something we have to upgrade and the more its upgraded the more money we will get every minute or something. but other than these ideas i love this game and i will be continuing to play it.

- Great game but....

The constant constant constant ads and stopping to have to watch videos makes this game so frustrating. I’d rather buy it for a couple bucks and just be done with it

- Too many ads

Yes, games sell adspace to make money. However, 5 thirty second ads after 3 levels that take 10 seconds to play is way to many. This doesn’t account for optional ads to upgrade rewards (which is a good idea), in app purchases, and the banner ads running at the bottom of the screen. Delete

- This is a great game but in the next update you n

In the next update you need to make a way to get read on the ads like to purchase some thing like no ads

- Not the same game as in the promotion.

The promotional ad showed well designed graphics and different stages with much more fun. When in actuality the stages repeat the same scenarios over and over again. Very disappointed with this app. Wish I had a way to get refunded for the no ads option I purchased. Two thumbs down for this game.

- Too many ads

I’ve played level 1. Within the 8 seconds of game play I’ve had to watch a 30 second ad. It will be like this at every level. Greed is taking over this planet. It will eventually bring an end to all of us. Just like this game. I’m uninstalling now.

- It’s ok...

A little underwhelming from the ad so that I saw it’s ok only a bunch of ads in a little bit of bugs but you can play this game when you’re bored or something

- Game needs update!

The buildings rotate on each level. There are only 2 major boss object the Train and the big ship. It seems like there are only 5 buildings in the game. It has potential but I will delete in a few days.

- Can’t play

This game is great but since the last update I have not been able to play. The game is froze on a lvl and won’t let me move forward or restart the lvl.

- Good 7-10 kids

I like I can I have with things I can’t do I real life but you can do in the game


I love love this game, but why is it so repetitive? That’s what’s turning me off about this game. I mean I love demolition games but this repetitive game is ridiculous. I’m not going to uninstall it, but I will wait to see if there’s going to be any changes in the next update.

- Download ADS!!!

I’m the kinda guy who likes coffee with my creamer. So when I downloaded this game it was a dream come true. My record so far is 3 ads just to pass one level! We need MORE ads!!!! My goal is to spend at least 30 minutes watching ads per level that I pass. Can you guys make this happen??

- Game is ok

The game is good I’ll say that, but the ads and the bugs are insane. When I try to destroy a building it won’t explode. I see ads almost every level. So I turn off WiFi and cellular for no ads.

- Repeats itself

Don’t really see the point of the game anymore, building destroyed in 1 shot and then it just repeats itself going thru the same buildings over and over??? Very very very boring, no challenges anymore. I’m on level 142 and it’s just absolutely boring!!!!!

- Cannon issue

Overall a good game put there are lots of ads and when the cannon is around level 60 the game starts crashing a lot btw I play on iPhone XR

- Not great.

Would give half star if I could. Paid 2.99 to get rid of ads and still gets ads. Waste of money. Shows airplanes etc but only blow up the same buildings over and over. Got Bored after playing g only a short time. . No new content. Wouldn’t recommend.

- Time Waster

It shows that you can shoot down planes etc.. but I’m over 40 levels in, and it just keeps giving me the same old buildings to shoot at.

- Is the 27th level rigged or a glitch

I have made it to level 27 I get some damage out of it but when I shoot it a couple more times it doesn’t take damage so idk if it is a glitch or it is rigged

- Started ok but….

Initially it seemed interesting but after over a hundred levels with ads between each level and after shooting the same 4-5 buildings over and over … app deleted … boring

- What level for planes

What level do you get to before you can stop the planes from landing, that’s why I get this. Not to destroy the same buildings over and over.

- Higher levels get squirrelly

Although fun it starts getting squirrelly after level 195 or so. After 195 the upgrade buttons are inactive and at level 205 the program exits upon cannon shot.

- Nice game but the levels are boring

But the developers listen to the people who played this game not that many ads and boss fights

- Great game before update

I love this game but since the update nothing crumbles. I use all my shots and can’t destroy anything.

- Don’t get if you like to go in cycles

Ok first time I got this game it was fun but then you guys need to update the game add some new stuff and the cannons don’t even nock the building down it just leaves little holes and now I will never play this game agen until you guys update the games My opinion don’t get this game !!!

- It’s probably just me, but...

I can’t support a game that borderline encourages terrorism. When I saw the original ads that had to do with empty abandoned buildings, I didn’t mind. That changed when I started seeing ads that showed destruction of civilian used transportation and other important non-military structures.

- Wasted Time - Wasted Money

The ads on this game are crazy so I spent the 3 bucks to get rid of them. That was a waste because the game never delivers. The preview shows airplanes and helicopters but they never show up. I just passed level 100 and all it is is the same six or seven buildings and a bridge.

- Deleted app in mins

I downloaded it because it looked cool however with a ads constantly popping up and having to wait I deleted it within 6 mins of downloading it.

- Pretty bad

The game is fun to play up until level 22, level 22 is broken and the cannon is aiming at a building that isnt destructible and it cant be fixed, please fix this glitch, its ruining my time with this game

- It’s fun I guess.

This game is very fun. However, I had to stumble across a few inappropriate ads in the game. I don’t agree with anything when it come to this. If I keep getting more of these indecent ads, I might have to delete the game.

- Too many Ads

Unless you like Ads, this game is not for you. Need to watch a long add at every shot and again every level. Not a little overboard, major overboard to where it’s not even worth playing. Had to delete it immediately as it’s not playable.

- Death by ads. Repetitive targets

I’m not sure where the targets of the dam, train, helicopter are. My son is on level 250+ and has literally done the same 6-8 buildings, waiting for the bridges with trains… Can’t be that hard to incorporate them into the cycle…..

- More ads than game

I like the game and would be happy to pay to get rid of all the ads. As it is it’s almost unplayable because for every minute of play time you probably have to suffer through 3 minutes of ads. I ended up deleting it.

- Looked fun at first

Fun concept but like all of these games similar to this. It’s the same buildings, maps, and it gets boring too quickly also way too many ads, it’s not necessary to have an ad after every single shot.

- Broken level

I got to level 112 and now I can’t play the game because it doesn’t work, I used every cannon the game had and it won’t destroy the building, i upgraded the damage and nothing

- Too many ads

Having to watch an ad after each step is too much. How about a pay to remove ads option?

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- I regret spending 30 mins to lv 100

The ad is a lie, it's just buildings. You never get to shoot anything that even moves. There's like 10 different kinds of buildings, but that's it it gets so repetitive and boring after say, 5 minutes It's just another one of those mobile games probably made by 2 guys in India in a day and spamming their ads so what did you expect

- Just buildings

Way too many ads. I got to level 133 and all it is is the same few buildings over and over again, nothing else.

- Money maker

Developed to earn maker ad money. Same buildings get rotated through over and over again.

- A perfect terrorist training app - get ‘em while they are young!!

Get ’em and brain wash them while they’re young and innocent!! Who the heck approved this ‘game’ for kids??!! Made by Al-qaeda or Taliban

- MrM

At what level do you actually shot down planes?

- Money maker

Sooooo many ads!! Drives me insane

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- It’s fun.

My 2 issues are - absolutely no physics are involved. - when a building collapses have it make noise, dust and debris fill the air. I enjoy it for blowing off steam but it could be better

- This game

Yeah it’s cool

- Stock in level 252

This game is ok but in level 252 i got stock no change at all!!!

- Click bait

This is just Castle Wreck in modern times. 23 levels in and it is still only blowing up buildings. The ad showed blowing up planes and other vehicles. After 23 levels you would think there would be something other than buildings. This is just another game doing the bait and switch.

- Wont even launch


- Crap

Keeps freezing

- Why no plane

On the add there is a plane I’m on level 73 and there’s no plane so that is false advertising but it is sadisfing so other wise good game

- Blahhh

Similar to other games. I’m at level 16 and no planes yet! False advert!!

- So far, so boring. No change in scenery at all, just the same old thing

I’m on level 209 but still the same old buildings to blow up every time. There’s no change, and no military aircraft to shoot at like in the ad. What level does this start at?

- I hate this glitch

I like the game and all but there is a glitch where when I hit a building the bullet doesn’t do any damage or the damage is somewhere else I hate this glitch so much please fix it it’s so annoying

- Where is the airplane level?

I get building up, but now at level 120 I am doing circles. The ad I saw had me shooting down a plane. Where is that level or other like it??

- Ludicrous amount of adds

There are so many adverts on this game it’s unplayable, I would say 70% adverts to 30% play. Don’t waste your time.

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Cannon Demolition iphone images
Cannon Demolition iphone images
Cannon Demolition iphone images
Cannon Demolition iphone images
Cannon Demolition iphone images
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The applications Cannon Demolition was published in the category Games on 2020-11-14 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 323.28 MB. Cannon Demolition - Games app posted on 2022-03-16 current version is 1.5.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lipsar.cannondemolition