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What is weld it 3d app? Weld, smooth and paint objects to your heart's content! Each level is designed as a relaxing puzzle. First you have to weld the objects from their seperation areas, than rand the excess weld and lastly (and most entertainingly) paint your object in any way you want!

You can get different welding machines, most of them are very, very different. Also, you can get different colors and skins to liven up your creations!

In Weld It 3D's new 5.0 version you can see the final product of your craftsmanship in your workshop. And, did we tell you that you can upgrade your workshop? You can. You definitely can.

So, come on in to your workshop and begin welding!

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How to contact Weld It 3D (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Weld It 3D. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1494298220/weld-it-3d/contact

Weld It 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Weld It 3D Version 5.810 June 2020

-Bug Fixes.

Weld It 3D Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great game! but missing some features

really need an on and off switch so you don’t get access from what you actually wanted. Thus being able to line up the tool and preform a good weld. Also a back arrow from the scrapper!

- Decent at first

The game was playable at first and a little bit satisfying once you’ve leveled up your equipment a couple of times, but my biggest complaints are that the camera will go ahead and move occasionally when you’re about 90% finished with welding one line and it can rotate to a different angle where you can’t finish the line you were just working on. Another thing is that you can’t slide your finger around to adjust the tools if your finger is getting too close to the edge of your screen. If you try to move your finger up and slide it back down, the tools move back up with your finger. There have been several levels where I can’t reach the weld because the tool simply won’t go far enough with my finger sliding off the edge of my phone. Wasn’t thought through very well.

- Decent, but...

When I started the game it was satisfying, but you really need to make more options for the welders, skins, and colors. Also there is a big after level 21: when you try to do 22, your welder does not show up and you can’t weld. Maybe add a custom color maker, but the player has to use some in game currency to make a new color. And lastly, maybe add more levels and if you want, special levels that unlock as you play that are more hard, but have greater rewards! Thanks for your time!

- The game could use alittle work..

Ok the game is pretty good but it is kinda boring because all you get to do is put this thing over the orange and clean off the rust and that’s pretty much it. So in my opinion this game could use some work like a said but overall it’s an ok game and I still play it. It is one of the very few apps I use the games I do recommend are: gacha life, art ball, and roblox. Thank you for reading this and bless your heart have a wonderful day and I hope this was a little helpful. -keleigh

- What?

What is this? There aren’t even any instructions on what you’re supposed to do, and when you are able to do something, you have to watch an ad every single time. That is very exhausting. I’ve never seen an app with so many commercials. It’s ridiculous. There’s not even a place to ask if you’d like to upgrade, to avoid so many ads. Maybe think about including some instructions, or some customer support so people trying to play the game can understand the point.

- Would be fun if

There were so many freaking ads. Before I finished the first item I had two ads. Then the ad between levels and the ads between section of an item. Then u want any other cooler besides red and yellow. Guess what you need to watch and ad. I have no issues with ads but having potentially 4 ads before u finish the item is insane. Just way too much.

- Do you really need an ad after each and every step

I don’t purchase the option on most games to have the ads taken away it’s usually around 2.99. I don’t mind paying for these casual oddly satisfying games, once I feel I’ll play it more than once. This game on the other hand I enjoy but I can get a feel for how smooth it runs, if it’s boring after a while, because after each and every step there’s an Ad. It’s completely ridiculous. Good luck you, got too greedy, I would’ve paid for this game.

- Not a good game

Honestly a waste of time don’t download this game. Way to many ads, you have to watch one literally after every step, it’s fine to for like if you want to unlock something but to have to watch them just to progress in the game and you can’t skip that’s just dumb. Also there is no challenge to it, if you go off the line there’s no penalty or anything, and the painting part has no set scheme you just do it randomly. It’s honestly just a boring game deleted after only five minutes of playing.

- Absolute joke! It’s full ad’s the whole time!

I understand an ad or 2 every once in a while to pay for a game, but literally every move is followed by a 30 second ad. Weld for 10 seconds, then watch a 30 second ad. Grind for 10 seconds then watch a 30 second ad. Paint for 10 seconds, oh you want a different color to paint with?! Watch this 30 second ad to get that color, then finish painting and watch another 30 second ad.... How this game has such a good review is pretty suspicious. I’m deleting it.

- It can be fun

Hey, the game can be fun but it’s broken. I play on an iPhone 7 Plus and I’ve had to delete the game and restart two separate times so far. Both times, same issue. Click play from start up and game doesn’t budge anywhere. I’ve tried restarting multiple times and nadda. Not giving it a third chance sorry.

- Can’t go past level 49

Once you have completed level 49 it randomly jumps around different levels previously completed. Level 50 is not available. Also there is a glitch on level 30 if you are on an iPhone XS MAX that you can’t bring the welder down enough to complete the job

- Hmmm

Ok the game is decent but the I’m game currency you earn you can’t use. If you click on it it won’t work no matter how many times you click it and then if you click the watch an ad to get a free item or something works immediately every time. Plus there’s an ad like after everything you do. OnLy 12% Of PeOpLe BeAT aNvIL lEvEl

- Okay but just another cash grab

Same “weld” for every joint design. You can go real slow or just swipe across the orange and the result after “grinding” will look no different. You can’t weave the weld, there’s only one type of welding, one type of grinding, just different skins for each. Very little effort put into this game just so you can watch ads every 30 seconds and drain your battery.

- Do not bother

This game is so scummy with the amount of adds they force down your mouth. For the below average gameplay that gets repetitive after like the second one, it is not worth 3 ads per level and the fact that this company does that is just rude and wrong. Support games that care about the consumer, this one just wants to maximize ad revenue, and I’m pretty sure I spent more time looking at ads than playing.

- Great concept, failed delivery!

Game would be fun if you could adjust where you hold the welder. I have big thumbs and I literally block everything I need to see. The other is the ads! I get you need ads but long ads after 7 seconds of playing are counter productive I will be uninstalling. Fix those things and I just might play it.

- Too many ads!!!

How do i get rid of all the ads?!? I love the welding aspect but after every part i watch an add. I spend more time on the ads than the actual part.

- Too many ads

This game could have been a fun waste of time for me. I would have pleated this for months. But there are too many ads. I went through 2 ads in the first level and deleted it. All the ads kills the momentum which should why this App has a high turnover rate.

- Not bad!

Honestly, I don’t think this is a bad game. I wish that you didn’t have to watch videos to get a new color but it’s not all that bad. But I don’t understand the point of this game. There is no goal, and nothing happens if you go off the line. I just don’t understand. But otherwise it’s great!

- It’s good

I like the game a lot but for level 18 nothing is showing up. Idk if anyone else has this problem but literally nothing to weld shows up it’s just the tools and nothing else.

- Fun but bad

Too many ads and the game doesn’t let you finish welds. You get 3/4ths of the way through then presents the next piece to weld. But I wasn’t finished with the first one and it doesn’t look right now!! EDIT: The games touch controls are off. So I can’t even finish welds because I’m at the end of my screen and the tool can’t reach the weld.

- Still can’t weld

After playing a few times I thought I could throw some beads down. So went to great American harbor freight picked supplies up and see if it’s my time to shine. Unfortunately I wasted some money and thank god for fire insurance.

- Ok

It is a good game, but when I watched the video to get the colors (I got green), It didn’t Hebert me the color and when I tried again, it would respond, but not show the video, so I was left with red and yellow. But besides that, it’s a great game.

- Welder’s perspective

Coming from a real world welder, this game is so horribly wrong, I am not sure what the developers were thinking when they created it to dare call it “welding”. Your are holding this Star Wars gun looking thing with a probe out of it, no electrode holder by any stretch of the imagination, and you can’t even choose when your running an arc, you press and you are boogering stuff all over the work piece. Not very good. Thanks.

- Literally the worst game ever

Like others have said, this is a terrible game... you don’t even have to cover the entire line .. then you can just hold the grinder and paint off of the object and still get credit for it. This game is a joke and a poor attempt to get people to watch ads for revenue If I could give this game negative stars I would.

- Pointless

I’m deleting this game. It’s boring. Way too many adds and it won’t let you complete a weld when there are multiple weld projects. Also won’t let you paint over the weld. You get zero stars. I fact if there were a way to put a negative on the star rating, I would. I have to give a one star in order for this to post. The game certainly doesn’t deserve it

- Ok

So over all I love this game but when your painting you have to watch a add to get most of the colors. Plus it glitches SO MUCH!!😡 and it is very hard to paint 🎨 but this game is very satisfying and FUN 😀so do get this game!!

- Cool game but

So me being a welder I’m going to have to drop my thoughts. The “scraper” needs to be a grinder. You can’t scrape welds off like that. The electrode holder needs to be on screen to stop arc marks from staging all over the part. And where’s the sparks?

- Network permissions

This game is too simple and not much fun an the developers ask for permissions to access all of the devices connected to your personal network. This seems like a great way to let your young people connect to a game then start sharing everyone’s lives through this set up. No thanks.

- Idk what is wrong

idk if it is the same for all y’all but mine won’t let me play anymore. and i find that very dumb. and difficult. also when it was working it would’ve been great if we had more color options. thx

- No ads decent on welding

It’s hard to say it’s bad when trying to put welding into a game is already a challenge itself but no matter what I do I can’t get it to come out the right way but then again needs drasticly less ads

- Too many ads

I just started playing but is there really no “no-ads” option to pay for? The game is enjoyable. Ads just are too over bearing.

- This game has potential

I will start off saying I love what this game tries to do but it needs some work. First off I would like to see welding stick be placed above the fingers as if we were holding the handle not the stick. That way we could see where the actual welding rod is to start the weld. People with bigger fingers could get way more accurate.

- To many ads

I understand free games use ads to make it free but once again to many ads it makes it where no one wants to play the game. Also for the scraper welder and painting don’t make it auto snap I want to be able to start from the side of the item, not auto snapping to a bad placement.

- Good but to many ads

I really like the game but as a real welder there’s a decent amount wrong with what’s going on but past that it’s a pretty addicting game but it has way to many ads and would like to see a no ads purchase option

- Would have been 4-5 stars too many ads

I like this game and think it would be great if I could pay to play the ad free version. Way too many ads. There is an ad after each and every step. Hopefully there will be an update to allow for ad free gaming.

- Worst Ads Ever

I play the game so when I start the game I get a ad once I finished first welding I got another ad when the ad was over it asked me to paint the item once I finished painting the item I got another ad and once it was done I berly finished level 1 wow more ads then even playing if I wanted to watch ads I’d rather be paid to watch them then try to play this game.

- I would give half a star if i could

Everything about this game is just wrong. Its like the developers have no idea about welding. Its like somebody that dosnt have a single clue about cars, making a game about building cars. Honestly i played this game for about 5 minutes until i just couldnt take it anymore and immediately deleted it. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

- To many ads

Woah there tone down the ads. Want more people playing your game. 1 ad per level not 2 or 3.

- Horribly bad!

Ads at every loading phase, and maybe something is off on my IPad but when I use my pen or finger the weld pointer is 1/4 in. away from whatever I weld on. If it was just above my finger or pen I could guesstimate where it’d be but when I do verticals it’s anyone guess what side the weld pointer will be on. Nice try but poor execution.

- Nice game but....

The welder is off it does not match where you touch the screen. When you weld it will automatically move to the next weld before you even finish the first weld. Needs to have the touch controls recalibrated.

- Needs fixed

Can’t adjust where you touch the welder to weld so you finger I’ll some times slide of the screen an you can’t weld the whole part. Can’t move the part around and the pieces of the part gets added to fast so you can’t even finish a weld.

- Poor gameplay too many ads

Really poorly done game. Stupidly high number of ads, plus the gameplay is really disappointing. Frequently interrupts the welding process making your welds look like crap. Even more disappointed I had to re-download this game just to leave a review. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 three thumbs down rating from me

- To much advertising

Stop the adds

- Too many ads!

This is a great game, don’t get me wrong but an ad after everything you do in the game is TOO MUCH! Lower the ad amount to after EVERY LEVEL or lower, I’ll give 5 stars

- Ads

Would be a cool game it they didn’t have an ad after everything you do. Once every other level would be alright but literally ad after you weld, ad after you scrape, ad after you paint. You spend more time on ads then playing the game

- Disappointed

This game started out fun. It has become a disappointment. You get to a certain point than it randomly repeats certain items from previous levels. Needs more to keep it exciting or at the least fun.

- Fun then useless

It is fun, don’t care what the real welders say if it’s inaccurate, it’s still fun... until I got to level 18. Level 18 keeps glitching out and not loading anything to weld. I tried deleting and downloading again 3 times, nothing worked. So now it is unplayable and now I’m deleting for good.

- ADS...

There are so many ads it will blow your mind. After every step there is an ad, can’t skip them and most are 25-30 seconds long. I am deleting this game. Tools are not precise enough either, they jump on occasion and aren’t always in the same place relative to your finger when you touch to use them.

- Can’t get past level 42 because of Glitches.

It’s a relaxing game, but can’t play past level 42, no welder object appears. Also there needs to be more options to keep to interested.

- Not getting colors

I watched an ad twice for a single color and didn’t get it. How are you going to make a game that doesn’t let you use the controls all the way and don’t let you get the rewards for watching the stupid ads

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- Yes


- Good but needs more work.

I love the game apart from two things and I’ll try and explain them. The first one isn’t so major. When you are welding on a job that requires it to be moved, or there are 2 parts, the game automatically moves the job and it always moves it too soon. The answer might be for the player to push a button to move to the second job/piece, maybe mount the job on a turntable that you can rotate, maybe just wait until the gun goes past the last section before moving!!! Sexondly, and the real killer for me is that the guns position is always the same in relation to your finger, meaning you cannot weld, then lift your finger to a more comfortable position and contiinue welding, it means that if the gun needs to make a full 360 in the middle of a job, you cannot weld the whole piece because your finger goes off the edge of your screen. I’ve tried repositioning my finger, but it’s always the same result.

- Game has Potential

Reminds me of a fidget game, a relaxing distraction in simplicity & yet contains annoyance with the inability of control. - welding is quiet difficult when your finger is the weld spot. (Developers note: maybe make the finger placement the handle) - Edge of screen game. Makes it difficult to play game having to work right on edge of screen for those who may has cases or screen protectors. - Automatic progress. You may be half way through a weld when the game decides to progress to the next weld either missing up your weld or preventing you from ever finishing it to begin with. This can prevent you from completing the task to 100% because you can not back track at all.

- Bug, please fix.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but level 18 is glitched sadly. I would like you guys to fix it please it’s no fun when you can go on because the thing you are meant to weld isn’t there like it’s invisible. Thank you for your time and be sure to look over all the levels for this not to happen again. I’d also like to point out that there are too many ads in your game, please fix this I know that you get money from the sponsors but when I click continue it shows an ad if I wanted to watch an ad I will click the claim 3times thing. It’s not fun for the people playing your game so please fix this. Thank you for reading.

- Very repetitive and so many ads

It was fun the first 10 levels and every time you do something there is an ad I get that’s how you make money but perhaps making the ads a little bit shorter or having a few less seems everytime I click somewhere it’s just an ad

- Won’t let me get past level 4

Please fix this issue. This is a fun game. But, won’t let me get past this level as it won’t load. I’ve uninstalled the game and have tried again, and still have the same issue.

- Unplayable

Spend 10 seconds playing, get an ad, spend another 10 seconds playing, get an ad, I spent literally 1 minute playing, and I reckon a good 45 seconds was just ads, no way in the world would I ever consider playing anymore

- Deleted

Absolute rubbish. Unable to get past even the first level without an unbelievable amount of adds. Difficult to navigate and disappointing lead up to a possibly fun and relaxing game.

- Ads

From the last version it has twice as many ads so I thinking of deleting the game!!

- Do not download

Only download if you like seeing more ads then gameplay literally lol played for 30 mins and 17 mins of that was ads... horrible...

- 10 adds in 20 seconds,don’t download

10 ads in 20 seconds very frustrating and off putting ,this game is a waste of time and an embarrassment to all welders including myself as a welder,big improvements need to happen,so take this game down from the store and fix it and do it properly.

- Don’t waste your time.

The most unrealistic game when you get to play it. Spend more time watching ads then playing the game? 🥱😵

- Horrible game.

Way to many ads I tired to push through but it’s a joke. Wish I never wasted 5 minutes of my life

- Too many ads, killed what is a good game.

Too many ads. It’s a good game but I didn’t go past the first level as I had to watch 4 sets of ads.

- Needs fixing

There are so many glitches and that makes the game really bad please fix this

- Not very good

I can’t see what I’m welding and I’ll tack it together but once I grind it down it gives me the best weld

- Weld it

Good game and when there are less inain ads it will be really good

- Boring

The game is boring but please it has potential to be a good game🤗

- Invisible

Not continue The item is invisible

- Too many ads in the game

Too many ads in the game

- Too many ads

Game is unplayable due to the sheer amount of ads.

- Do not recommend

This game is so laggy it’s unplayable if it wasn’t laggy it would be pretty fun

- ...

Keeps crashing

- Trash

Complete trash of a game, don’t bother

- Level 18

There is nothing to weld on level 18. Please fix

- Ads

Horrendous advertising, even for a free game

- Ads

Piss the adds off

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- Great game

It is a great game but it would need some improvements.

- Horrible

Takes 5 seconds to weld an item and you get a 30 second ad. Boring levels all the same thing

- Almost a decent game

Half decent for time killing, but like other people said you can’t really get a nice full weld no matter what you do, and 9 times out of 10 the app closes on its own before I finish what I’m doing hahah

- Too many ads

After every level is an ad, so annoying

- Needs improvement

I like the idea of the game but no matter how slow or fast I go I still don’t get any penetration. If you make it so you can have clean welds it would be better. Also could use -Different welding processes (Tig,stick, oxy, etc) -Different metals -Different types of projects (pipeline, repair work, industrial,etc) -Other tools Ability to adjust settings and electrodes

- Adds galore

Way too many adds

- Terrible do not download

The worst game I have ever downloaded too many ads, it doesn’t matter what I do the people buying the plates are still happy I welded half a joint ground one corner and sprayed paint in the other corner and got 200$ for a plate they can’t do anything with but they danced after they bought it anyway, after the slag comes off it doesn’t even look like a weld

- Don’t waste the time

Far to many ads and not accurate with positioning.

- Ads

5 adds per level. Ridiculously stupid and excessive.

- Crash City

Couldn’t even complete first welds without it crashing. BYE.

- Weld it 3D

Do not download, makes you watch 4 minutes of commercials every level. Levels only take 45 seconds... no option to pay to get rid of adds

- needs more

game has no sound?

- W31d

I like welding

- Terrible

Absolutely trash. In order to advance to the next step you have to watch an ad.

- Bad

Game would crash every thirty seconds and too many adds

- Ads ads ads ads

You literally cant advance past a step without watching an ad

- Disappointing

Horrible to many damn advertisements

- Terrible

Terrible game

- Pub

Beaucoup trop d'annonce,

- I just lost 5min of my life and i’ll never get it back!

Seriously! What’s that, hey developper,!you will have to rethink your marketing strategy, this app is so rediculous it is ok for a weekend developping challenge but this not a game not even an app. Are you seriously thinking that we will try more than the first level after that i have been compltely disgusted by all these ads you put at each 5seconds of play and happy those that only had 30 seconds of ads because i got at least one min each 5 or 10 secs of play...so lets go and make honor to serious developper remove this from the appstore it is really not worth it.

- Le jeux est bon mais ...

Le jeux est bon mais il a trop de publicité se serrais mieux si il aurait moin de pub parce que il perd des jouer

- Weld it 3D

have an announcement at each stage it is abused, and have seen nothing with his finger

- Garbage

This hame did NOT make me a better welder, I decided to become a plumber.

- Ads on ads on ads

Game is absolutely littered with ads, different add every time you try too do something in the game... game also has bugs that need too be fixed

- Don’t waste your time...

Too many ads, not challenging and the tools don’t even align with your touch etc - total waste of the 5 mins to download play a few levels and realize you should have listened to the 1 star reviews...

- Ads ads ads ads... Play 10 seconds, get 20 seconds of ads

Don’t try this game...

- Decent game

As one other reviewer said, 5 seconds to weld then you have to watch a 30 second ad. Way too many ads. It seemed fun but can’t be bothered with all the ads.

- Ads

ads game dont download this game !

- Not worth the free download

Never get to finish welds it jumps to the next one before the first is finished and the ads are 30 seconds longer than the time it takes to play and the levels repeat there’s no moving forward


Not worth cant even enjoy the game without ads popping up

- Way too many ads DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Weld for 10 Seconds then 30 second ad,play for another 10 seconds, another 30 second ad. Do not download this app. Who ever thought that that many ads was acceptable, is a complete Moron and should not be designing games

- Mediocre game with tons of ads

Way too many ads

- Awful

Played for 5second then add then phone froze and crashed

- 100/10

Play it it’s fun

- No good

Just a game trying to make you watch ads

- As every 2 seconds


- Do not recommend

It’s very boring and Terrible you play for literally 2 seconds and get a minute worth of ads .

- Horribly game

Don’t download this game it’s a complete bore

- Sucks

Deleting this game. Can’t get passed level 18. Not only that, it’s boring, and there’s an ad every 2 seconds. Don’t play this game.

- Level 18 is broken

Level 18 is mother fricken broken can you fix it

- Level 18 has nothing

Level 18 has no image. I’m welding nothing


You guys are a bunch of little greedy weasels who don’t know how to make a game.

- Bad game

The game glitches out after level 18 I’ve deleted and downloaded it again but it still glitches out

- What’s with all the ads?!?

First off, it’s a fun little game although it does get repetitive. But what’s with all the ads? You weld for 5 seconds, 30 second ad, chip off the slag for 5 seconds, another 30 second ad, you colour it for 5 seconds, and ANOTHER 30 second ad. When it comes to the completion screen, you get - you guessed it - ANOTHER 30 SECOND AD by clicking continue.

- Addddddds

Wayyyy to many adds

- Trash

U can’t even press a button without an add popping up maybe if I could actually play the game then I could rate it better but I couldn’t even pass level 4 without getting super annoyed by ad spams

- Annonce

Trop de pub

- Abus de pub

Trop de pub

- Worst game I’ve played

Completely unrealistic and absolutely ridiculous

- Terrible

Ads every 2 min.....this game is trash

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平岡 雄策 / Yussa @ステンレスジョイント&todoro

A certain craftsman in my factory uses a 3D laser processing machine and a double column type machining center by himself. Though he is already busy, he practices to weld metals. He is over 50 years old. But it looks not important to him. Fantastic. I follow his example.

Chuck - Eagles Enthusiast

6 stops away. It's an upgrade for my 3d printer, which is why I've been anxious to get it. Auto-leveling system...plus I bought some j.b. weld plastic epoxy...fun stuff... I promise I will not put it in my hair.

Weld It 3D 5.8 Screenshots & Images

Weld It 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
Weld It 3D iphone images
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Weld It 3D (Version 5.8) Install & Download

The applications Weld It 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-01-11 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 191.66 MB. Weld It 3D - Games app posted on 2020-06-10 current version is 5.8 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.GimbalLock.weldit3d