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- Good

Ok so first of all, no levels are impossible. I’ve gotten to points where I have a REALLY HARD time getting passed the level, but it’s never IMPOSSIBLE. I personally use it when I’m daydreaming so I don’t fall asleep. It has the option to turn off sound, which is great (i also listen to music while daydreaming), and ads aren’t too many or too bad (and don’t use a lot of sound). I would give it 5 stars, but I use it while doing 2 others things (daydreaming and listening to music) and still get bored at times, so it’s probably pretty boring to play by itself.

- Game is okay

The game is pretty fun but gems become useless after about level 68. From what I’ve found, gems can only be used to buy different costumes and there’s not that many to buy. Some levels seem impossible to do, like 33 and 63 which gets very annoying. Other levels they don’t give you enough poles to even reach the final bonus amount. There are ads after every level but you can usually skip them early on. The game itself is pretty fun to play if you’re not in the mood to think a lot. After about 2 hours of screen time (playing and watching ads) I’ve gotten to level 81 and bought all the costumes. It’s easy to get through a lot of levels fast, I just wish there was more to use the gems for.

- Level is physically impossible

I’ve liked the game so far but once I got to level 43 it’s physically impossible to beat, it cuts off part of the rail on both sides on the edge of the roof and then has lava right after and I’ve tried probably more then 10-15 times and I’m very frustrated with it. I can’t keep playing the game at all because I’ve been given an impossible level. I want to keep playing the game because it’s a game that isn’t to hard to do and is easy and quick to do when bored, however this is extremely bothersome and annoying. It’s impossible to beat this level, and I assume it’s randomized and other people aren’t having the same issue. There isn’t any more adding, there isn’t any way to go around it, there isn’t a way to avoid it. It’s seriously frustrating.

- This is a very fun game..

This game is very fun. It passes the time and it’s very cool to buy new skins with the gems. There are two things that bother me. One: the ads. Every time you complete a level, and ad pops up. It’s very annoying and it ruins the experience. And half the time the ads freeze or you can’t even exit out of them. You have to close the app and open it again to keep playing. Two: it’s very glitchy. In the middle of the game it freezes for a couple seconds. Sometimes it freezes and stays frozen. It’s very annoying. Is it maybe my phone that’s causing the freezing or is it the game? I really don’t know. But overall this game is very fun.

- Ridiculously Easy and Waste of Time

It’s not even funny how easy this game is. I just finished my 100th level and it still feels like I am still on the tutorial level. After you unlock all of the only 6 character outfits, the coins in the game that you rack up mean absolutely nothing. Also, I’ve noticed that there are repeating levels that I have already done so it seems like the creators of the game couldn’t even come up with new level ideas and just reused the same ones over and over: lame. Obviously don’t pay $3 to buy this boring game because, honestly, the ads it forces you to watch is more entertaining than the game itself. I feel like I’ve wasted my time and, unfortunately, money.

- Good time waster

Great game I just don’t like how on the bonus levels you can’t see the last rail due to the clouds. The game also doesn’t give you enough rods to make your rod longer to get x20 on the bonus level. Also level 43 isn’t hard people are just dumb and can’t find a way to stop the saw. If you just slide the character to the left or right (depending where the saw is) you can stop the saw by just letting it chop off a small amount. After that the saw will stop moving and you won’t have to worry about it chopping off more.

- Too many ads

Overall, it’s a good game. My only problem is there is WAY to many ads. After every run, there is an ad. If the run lasts 1 sec, there will be an ad after that. Even not after runs there are ads in the chest room, and also as soon as you launch the game, there is another ad. This company is really thirsty for money, because of how much advertisement there is.

- It’s a pretty good time waster

It’s pretty good if you’re bored and want something to do. I do have two problems with it though. 1.) The ads. I know that mobile games usually have a ton of ads but for example, every five levels or so, you get a level that’s filled with gems so you can get skins and stuff. Sometimes, the little pop up ads at the bottom will make it so you can’t leave the prize screen 2.) The graphics. I know mobile games don’t have the best graphics but these just look bad. Snapchat 3D games bad but even then, those look better. They could be worse I guess...

- Amazing game

This game is a really fun game and the way you play is with your finger controlling the little man which is collecting little bars which make sure bar crawl it also there is things that will cut off the pores so you try and earn more than there is diamonds that you try and collect around the map then there should be a bonus of a onesie past couple of games I think that this game is really really really fun to play and I’ve probably already spent an hour on it just getting it.

- Pod

I love this game it is so much fun I can play for hours can u add mor hard leaves Can you add more hard levels I love this game it is a very fun game I can play this all day long if I could I was just wondering if you guys could update it to where you can like spend your jams and like the rarest thing and stuff like that and like be able to change your character that would be cool too and like change with your arm what is it called you’re bored that’s all bye

- It ok

So I downloaded this game cause it’s ad kept popping up and it looked fun so when I started to play it was pretty cool and fun but then not to far into the game it started glitching right when I was starting to get addicted to it and that really needs to get fixed and I know this is a review on this game and I don’t want to be mean cuz I know its really hard to make a game that takes a lot of effort and thar really nice to do this for us but in a lot of voodoo games thar is lots of glitches and tons of ads and that’s just my opinion thank you for listening to my thoughts on this

- it’s a really good game but...

the game is really fun but some of the levels are impossible. i’m on level 33 and it’s really impossible because I am getting every little stick thing and it’s still not working because it cuts it off on one part of the level. so overall it’s a really good game but I rated a three out of five because some of the levels are really impossible and it’s making me really mad because I’ve tried at least this one like 10 times and it still is not working. so I’m kind of thinking on deleting the game...

- Needs several fixes

In bonus round you can’t hit anything past 11x even if your rod is big enough and you go all the way. Also once you spend your purple gems on all of the characters (5000 gems each) you don’t have anything else to spend your gems on. I have 100k+ gems and since I already bought all the characters there’s nothing left to spend them on, leaving you with useless gems, and earning gems for absolutely nothing. Fun game but makes no sense. Seems like this game was specifically designed to make money off the $2.99 people pay to get rid of the ads. Sad.

- Too Mady Ads

the game is good,it’s entertaining but there are way too many ads on this thing. Every time you go to another lvl it gives u an ad and u literally sit there and wait for it to give you the option to skip. And then is trying to make you try the game they showed on the ad and it’s like " no I don’t want to play this game,I want to play the game I’m currently playing" and u have to wait again for it to give you the little "X” on the side of the screen to skip it. it’s really annoying and something like this really makes the game a lot less fun.

- Hi

I like this game because it’s a very fun to play it’s like you can get through all these obstacles and you can switch his shirt color and I think it’s called with tails I just download the game it’s easy and light fire by the fire it’s still like a good thing to play with when you’re like bored is better than among us I would give among us a 03 out of five because like emergency meetings

- Great game but sound issues

I've really enjoyed the game so far. Mildly challenging with slight increase in difficulty while still fun and relaxing to play. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the sound issues. It stopped playing any in-game sounds but the ads still have sound so it's not my phone being on silent or anything. I haven't tried reinstalling the app yet but I have tried turning the sound on and off inside the game. Fix the sound issues and it's 5 stars!

- Not bad but too easy

This is the type of game to play while your doing something else. It’s easy, doesn’t require much thought.. only problem is it is too quick and it need tougher levels. Maybe an easy mode and a hard mode and something to do with the gems after the first 30 minutes when you buy all the dudes.

- Love it

This game is so fun. It REALLY is a time passer and really fun to play. No levels are impossible and there isn’t a ton of adds. And it doesn’t spam you to buy no adds and stuff like that. Like I said, the levels can get hard but they are NEVER impossible. But I really would love new skins to unlock, I already unlocked all of them in a day. Perfect Review👍👍

- Lava

I was only able to get lvl 3 because of some dumb lava glitch! And then I have to watch a 30 second ad just to pass one level!!!!!! I still get why this can be addictive and fun but they have no help whatsoever. This game needs a tutorial whether it teaches you as you go on or a mode I don’t care. Voodoo please hear me out!

- Ads and boring

It blows my mind how you can play a level that takes maybe 15 seconds? Then watch and add after EVER SINGLE LEVEL that’s more often then not, 2 times longer than the level was. And every level is so dang repetitive. I honestly don’t understand how anyone like any of the games from this developer. They’re okay for maybe 2 levels, then you just want to go scroll Facebook or something. It’s just so boring and the ads are INSANE.

- Very glitchy, and too addicting for nothing

This game is very glitchy. First of all you will be trying to complete a level and you will freeze mid air. The next thing you know you are dead. But after after a couple levels you get addicted and you buy all of 6 skins. So at this point you are playing for nothing and the gems are just useless. Also the game is just so bad. You do the same thing over and over again. What the point? So overall this game is just terrible.

- Designed to fail you no matter what.

The ends of every level have “bonuses” based on how much you have been able to maintain stick length. In every level I played there is physically no way to get a long enough stick to reach the end of the bonus platforms. Most levels end with something that destroys the majority of your stick them gives you a little back. Thereby controlling and forcing you to have the same size no matter how well you did in the level.

- I love it but way to much ads🙂

I love this game so much I play it every day. I have gotten so good because how much I play it but just one problem after every level there’s an ad it’s worth it though it a great game in my opinion just hope you have the same experience as me.😁

- Monotony

This game, first of all is monotonous. Now do not get me wrong it is a good game with no internet or airplane mode, also a good concept, but they probably have a cheap air level randomizer and the ends of stages are annoying but fun! So if they creators read the, voodoo, put a real effort into a game, maybe use a game creator and add some actual (emphases on actual) multiplayer games, and maybe invest on the games, and most importantly, stay frosty and have fun!

- Fun but there is a glitch

This game is very fun but there is a limited amount of things in the shop, and when I reached level 93, It’s basically impossible. I got through about halfway or so and there is this lava part that kills you right as you get to the end. Other than that it is very addicting and fun to play!

- It’s alright

So I am on level 103 and I have already got all of the skins and there is not that many there is at least like nine skins and whoever owns this needs to put more. And I got all the skins in like level 30-50. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and all but the same thing I am getting a lot of diamonds and I have nothing to spend them on. Please put more skins. And more fun ideas. Thank you.

- So many glitches

This game is a bit plain but I don’t have any suggestions except one: there are so many glitches that I would like if there weren’t any. If you could fix most or better all glitches and glitch possibilities, this game would be a pretty well made game. Good progress, Powerful dog queen

- May not be the game for you

Personally I like this game. The only problem is that it has many ads and it freezes a lot so I have to refresh a lot. I do not recommend it if you can’t handle constant ads. If you don’t mind it you, then maybe you will like this game.

- cool

So far i think it’s okay, it’s easy.. I think the game would be better with music because it’s kinda boring and i think it’s too simple because it’s really no way to lose.. if you collect everything u win simple except on the cloud levels they be cheating making u get 15x instead of 20 and you know you completed the whole thing

- So easy all levels are the same

Don’t listen the the bots that write level 43 is impossible. I was goin to delete the game at level 20 cause they were sooooooo easy and I looked at the reviews and they were saying level 43 this and that 😂😂so I was like okay I will give it a shot and today that the dentist I was waiting and got to level 43 and beat it 1st try and delated it. I repeat the game is easy and every level is the same

- Problem

This game is fun however, every time you get to a cloud level, it is not possible to get a long enough stick to get to x20. Even if you pick up all items along the way. Makes me angry that I can get x20 on every level except the cloud ones, because they made it impossible just so you would fail.

- Love it but could be better

On level four I kept dying but other than I love it cause it’s cool when you slide with the rails and it’s cool how you cannot fall off the edge like I said I love it but it can do better I want an update on this where like you get skins and stuff so yeah I hope you enjoy

- Bonus levels

For the bonus levels if you lose you have to wait 24 hours before you can play again that’s what happened to me

- Great game! But....

This is a great game to kill time and it’s kinda fun! But... I don’t like some of the obstacles... like the hook you know the hook that in the later leaves takes away your stick? I think that kinda frustrating. Otherwise this is an awsome game

- For voodoo overall

Ok I love the concepts of these games and the gameplay on most of them are not bad. The ads are spammed and I am sometimes fine with that but all the ads are the same and you just want money from the ads or annoying people so much that they pay to not have ads. The ideas on thes games are wildly fun and creative but you need to work more on your games

- This game has been so fun but it needs more features

The first time I played this app I was very disappointed in this game but it is very fun and it does not have the option for my iPhone

- Waste your time on a game with less ads

Ngl this would be a decent game to play when your bored if the ratio of ads to gameplay wasn’t 1:3. Honestly didn’t know what I expected from voodoo since they increase the amount of ads each game they put out but this is just annoying at this point. If you’re bored play another simple game that doesn’t have so many ads, it’ll be a lot more fun.

- fun game overall, but glitches.

so this game is pretty simple and fun. however, there are a few flaws. first of all, the point of the game is to collect “gems,” the form of currency in the game. like many reviews have mentioned, there’s only 9 outfits to spend the gems on, making them useless after you buy all of them. also, i have noticed a glitch where no matter how long i wait, an x never shows up on any ad and i have to close out the app to continue playing. overall, i would recommend to pass time, but have pretty low expectations.

- Mostly pointless and very glitchy but it’s a decent time waster

It glitches quite a bit and makes me miss gems or stick I’m headed straight towards or puts me right in front of a saw. And there’s no purpose. You get gems but there are only 8 outfits to buy and that’s it. But it’s still a decent time killer 🤷🏻‍♀️

- No sense to the gems

This game is very fun , a great way to pass time but I have read some other reviews and they all say the same thing I’m gonna say , you run around collecting these “gem” but there’s nothing to spend the gems on .... add something so people can change there characters, there color , the color of there stick .... add some different obstacles.

- Great

This is the most best thing I have ever played. I think this game should be in the top 10 of the best games In the world. This is my most favorite game I have ever played and I love it. It has good graphics and I love that the game is awesome.

- So fun

This game is so fun I was playing this hours on the weekend it is so fun it is also non internet game 10 out of 10 would recommend his may look like a cheese game but no it is so fun

- Roof rails reveiew

Its a good a game but the lava platforms take away too much of the rail wen passing through it. We should at least be able to jump and avoid it just a little bit but my opinion probably wouldn't matter any way i just feel like sharing my opinion !

- Amazing 10/10 would recommend

I live for this app it’s amazingggg I’m Soo addicted to it that’s really it but it’s an amazing all 10/10 recommend download this or I’ll cut your toes off😎

- It is very fun but....

This game is fun it is fun because u can play this game when u are on break or something but u need to add more skins there is only 9 and level 43 is impossible and WAY TOO MUCH ADS after every level there’s AN AD


This game is really fun to play but it sometimes has too many glitches and makes me miss the sticks. I’ve tried to pass level 3 so many times but the glitches were making it too hard whoever made this games should do a little better.

- A d s

With all due respect the ads on these games are ruining the player's experience. Theres almost an ad every time you complete a level which constantly gets annoying and it doesnt make the game fun anymore. Dont get me wrong, The game itself is a nice concept and is a kinda good game. But there needs to be an ad cooldown or something

- Bad

I have a game reviewingYouTube channel. I played the game Roof Rails thinking that it would be a fun experience for me and my viewers. It turned out to be EXTREMELY graphic with blood coming out of you if you die. And the game itself is just absolutely HORRIFIC. It is so bad compared to all of the fake and sponsored reviews and ads that promote this game. Thank you for your time. Your friend, Ben the Big Blue Dino

- The game my love

The game I love is so much fun and I am like trying to reach to my ending point is kind of hard but I love it whoever posted this game please tell me how did you figure out this game.

- One bug

Game pretty good about standard for these types of mobile games but whenever I receive the 3 prize box event I have to close and renewer the app as I can only choose to pick 3 new boxes certainly not as good as among us though only a moron would say among us is worse

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- Best game in the world!

I love the graphics and everything else!

- Can’t get past level 123

This game is fun if you’re just looking to kill a bit of time but level 123 is impossible to get past, no matter what you do you always die just before the end

- Terrible!

This game is laggy, has too many adds and when you open a present it doesn’t give you the option to not watch an add so you need to close and reopen the add to get to the next level! I wouldn’t even recommend this to my worst enemy’s



- Ads

Too many ads after each one it forces you to watch ads and can’t even skip ads you have to watch all 30-40 second add each time you finnish a rail

- Too many adds.

I’m so over games being clouded with adds. Especially when it’s after every level.

- Just so bad

How does this have a 4 star it has so many ads and the levels and short and glitchy not worth the download these companys keep making such bad short games

- Boring

Cool concept would be better with an unlimited mode, levels are too short and there’s always an ad after each one. Not worth the download

- Do not recommend

There are to many adds as well as the levels are to easy and short

- Easy

Game is very easy, levels are too short and has too many ads.

- Sorry meant 3 star

To easy don’t get to many adds

- Game

To many ads

- Bad Game full of ads owner very stupid

Stupid full of ads

- Lag

This game is so small yet destroys my iPhone.

- Ok

Its a good game but it’s full of ads

- Ads

Im sick of these ads

- Good

This game is amazing it’s good for kids 5 to 13 year olds and is safe And won’t hurt you thank you for down loading this free game

- Don’t care just fix it

Sometimes a ad gets in front of the next level button, games good but this is just sad

- Bad

Way too many ads, rated one star. Also pretty laggy.

- Rating

My rating is 2


it's always glitching I paid for this game and it didn't except but Took my money and thar so much adds and why did i only did one star BECAUSE THIS GAME IS BAD AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP DO NOT THINK TO DO THIS

- I love it

I love this game there are so,e adds but that doesn't matter I could play this for days without stopping

- It was good

10 /10

- Puppy45

This game is my favourite

- Amazing

I love it

- Ads gallor

More ads than game time

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- Four star rate

It is glitchy and the character moves to fast


all this game has is adds

- Best game

Those is fun

- It an ok game but....

It would be a much better game if there were a way to avoid the obstacles instead of pretty much hanging to run right through them and lose all your rails. It really seems like you pretty much have no control over how much rail you have by the end Edit, maybe add a way to jump or something idk...

- way too many ads!

after every single level there’s an ad. i played for about 5 min and seen at least 20-30 ads. it’s as if this is a 5 year old game and they are trying to milk every last dollar out of it. 1 star. do not download unless you love being bombarded with ads game: would you like to watch an ad to skip the level? me: no. game: here’s an ad anyway

- Worst game ever

To change our character it’s 5000 gems I think but it’s the. Worst game why do many ads and the. Character moves to fast. And the saw thing is totally dumb. Who ever made this game is totally dum.

- Too many ads, not enough strategy

I find that the game has way too many ads, it’s getting on my nerves. Also, I’m stuck on level 63, no matter what I do, I run out of rail and die, there’s too much lava and too little bars, I pick all of them up, yet I always die in the fricking lava. Pisses me off.

- Ads ruin the game

The ads take up wayy too much time. The game is supposed to be addicting but the ads make it hard to really get into. The levels are already short so having to wait 10/15 seconds between each round makes it so it’s bit really worth playing. Otherwise the game would have been great

- Best game ever



Perfect but the bar is ALWAYS getting cut and the rounds are too short. Thx!

- To many adds

There’s so many adds it’s painful. I get it’s free so they need some way of making money but it’s just to much. Also lvl 33 it’s impossible to beat. I’ve played it 15 times trying different methods but it’s impossible you need to skip

- Ads

You spend more time looking at ads than you do playing the game. The puzzles are cute and kind of therapeutic, and I could easily see myself spending more time playing it if there was an ad say after every 3 levels instead of every single one.

- So so

Not that fun but ok 🤨🤨🤔😬🤨

- The game

I like the game but it is just hard to get to 20 and the cutting thing is dumb

- It is so slow that my grandma play that she would think it’s fine

It is slow slow that my grandma could play and think it’s fine

- Pouvez vous enlever les publicités

Je donne 3 étoile sur 5 car il y a trop de publicité et je ne peux pas profiter du jeux.Merci de votre collaboration (et désoler pour les fautes j’ai 12 ans )

- A little fun... but

The adds are too painful. Way more adds than play time, not worth it.

- Don’t get it 🤮🤬😡

The screen is SOOO SENSITIVE when I move my finger just a bit it FLINGS ME OFF THE PLATFORM also to many adds and VERY VERY LAGGY this don’t waste your time on this game 👎🏻🤮

- Too many ads!!!

Literally an ad after each game!

- Glitches

The game is fun but there are a few glitches first glitch sometimes when I land on a yellow piece I don’t get the piece second glitch after a ad sometimes my game freezes

- Level 33

I can’t get past level 33 i always run out of the bar no matter what i do. there’s not enough. fix this

- damage

maybe you should take away those saw this and turn down the lava damage idfk what it’s called:,)

- I love this game

add some updates please to make the game fun



- No challenge

Not fun

- Why🤷‍♀️

It’s a great game but when I get to do the mystery chest things that you open with keys sometime when I want to say no thanks there is an ad right in front of that button so I can not press the buttons😡

- Pretty good game

Its a great game and people are saying there are too many adds whne thats how the dvelopers make monet anyways to any reading (and the developers) i hope you have a fantastic day and dont forget to drink water

- Volume

I can’t here the volume to the game can you guys fix that please it is a fun game but fix the music it is so quiet

- Maybe a fun game, too many ads so I can’t tell

It’s fun to play but these games with ads between every level are ridiculous. More time with ads than game play so you can’t properly judge whether it’s worth paying for or not.

- Way to many ads

After every level ad when you die ad there is TO MANY ADS

- Impossible level

There is no possible way to pass level 63, I’ve picked up all the bars and still die

- My opinion

It’s kinda good but why is there so much ads it’s annoying. After every round there’s an ad same with most of ur games Voodoo

- Grest game but fuuckk, so much add

The game is hard to play because it have so muchhh publicity , always the same, can’t end ...

- Could be better

It is a lot of fun but constant adds ruin it. Would like to buy an add free version

- Too many ads

Too many ads!

- Trash

It’s way too easy and then all of a sudden some levels you literally can’t beat

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- Add more skins

I barely played constantly and gotten all the skins within 3 days I love the app though just add more skins, and also make the levels different and more difficult

- No

This game and all the other games like it have levels that make sure you can’t get the x20 and have no story or purpose the levels don’t get harder in fact I’ve done 2 of the same levels making the creators lazy because they couldn’t make a mew level....many repeats and it’s doing the same thing over and over again

- Real rioters

This game is the worst because it always has no more money for you to get also the whole game or just pop up ads which I hate🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🐥🦁🐥🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🐯🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

- Perfect👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Love this game I think you should totally get it it’s so much fun it’s like hard but you see it’s like perfect I could never have anything else more perfect 👌 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

- This game is fun

This game is a lot of fun, but the only problem is, once you play like 30 of them the level get almost impossible. Other wise it’s a great time waster and it’s a lot of fun.

- Worst Game I Have Possibly Ever Played

First off the ads are absolutely ridiculous. Every single time you play there are more ads and it feels like instead of playing the game you are just watching the ads. It’s super frustrating to deal with. Second of all it’s insanely glitchy. Every time I try to move it glitches me. It’s the worst game never play it.

- This game is garbage just like all there other ones

This game is obviously just copy and paste from the other games voodoo makes. And somehow it makes it to number one in action, I literally don’t know how this is action but who knows. I played ten levels of this and every time there were ads, it’s just another cash grab from voodoo.

- Great game

I’m on level 81 and I think it is very fun when you are bored key tip though turn off your WiFi because it will not show any adds.

- Read this if you want the game is okay I suggest downloading

I rated the game a three star and I know there is a a lot of ads but it’s because they probably stole this game added there own twist and only gain money from the ads so the game isn’t bad itself it’s okay

- I’m not even close to liking this

First of all there are too many adds Second of all these people are trying to make a lava it looks nothing like lava and why are the clothes so expensive like ONG and on the cloud thing it’s impossible to get to number 20 put the rest of it I like

- Why is voodoo the best app company ever beacause...

The make the best possible games ever and they never stop 99% of my games are voodoo they are just so cool and this is another one to add to my collection

- Level 63 is impossible

1: level 43 is possible I can do it 2: level 63 is impossible I have tried it 30 -40 times

- Impossible Level, Game Too Short

Level 43 is impossible to complete without skipping it. Additionally, I played for about 30 minutes total and had all 9 of the character skins, so it felt like there was nothing left to look forward to or collect the purple gems for.

- No reds shredder things

I hate them they are the worst things ever they are always making my stick shorter or gone

- It is fun but it has to meny ads

It has too many ads by any else it is perfect I love this app it is fine and it tells you what it says

- Alright

Ok so this is game super fun and REALLY addicting. But you should add music to it. I play this when there’s no one around me and I feel lonely. Add some music to it!!

- Good game

It’s good but too many ads that’s the bad thing and it’s the same ad every round I play and it’s for a game I have already

- Why sooooooo many adds

After 15 seconds of playing you get 30 seconds of an add number 1, then you get a second add that takes another 5 seconds.

- Impossible

I’m disgusted you are doing this for money, this is legit a watch to win game. You have to watch adds to skip levels and you have IMPOSSIBLE levels forcing people to watch adds paying you. You made it impossible to beat a lvl I tried many times legit one lvl for thirty minutes it’s impossible and I’m disgusted.

- Ads

It is a fun game but sadly the INSANE amount of ads in this game will drive you NUTS! Every single Tim you complete a level there’s an ad. If this drives you nuts don’t get this app. Only way I can combat it and play in peace is by putting my phone on airplane mode.

- Good game but unbeatable

Once I got to level 63 I could not beat the level. It is literally impossible. I’ve tried like 100 times. Otherwise, really fun game

- Awesome

This game is so COOL. I personally think that this game is great for this WHOLE ENTIRE world. All of the world should get this game. I think all of you would love it too.

- Roof rails

I love roof rails it is literally the best game you can get in these times . Your stick gets bigger and bigger and by the burn traps it gets smaller and smaller. So get curious,get roof rails now!!!

- 😀

I really like this game and it has barely any glitches or ads just it gets boring after a little

- Great idea bad game

This game could have so much potential I got it hoping for the best but I couldn’t even finish one level before the game would freeze or crash my entire phone. If this game could get fixed I would play it again. So overall just don’t waste space on your phone/device DO NOT GET THIS GAME!

- A purchase.

So, right after the game loaded, a thing popped up where you scan your fingerprint, right? So I didn’t read it all the way and I thought it was for some extra download confirmation but no- it was to get rid of ads. I didn’t press anything to get that, no, it just popped up.


It literally has so many glitches it’s hard to just open the app. My person would move more than I would move my finger. It was honestly not giving much thought when being made except making it available as soon as possible.

- Ads are intrusive and annoying

Game is fun and addicting—can’t stand having to watch an ad after every level. And I try to “exit” out of ad and it just pulls up App Store over and over. Annoying, because I really like the game.

- Fun but shady

Fun game but the in-game purchase screen randomly pops up when you’re playing, which I’m assuming is done so you accidentally Purchase it. Also, it’s a little too easy. I’m at level 70 and it think there’s only been 1 time I didn’t get the 20x bonus. Plus there’s too many ads.

- Very nice

I rally love how the levels go up. I also like how I get a chance to change my characters shirt

- Needs to be harder but great

The levels are like so easy can you at least make harder levels?

- Turn your Wi-Fi off when you play this game

If you having too many ads showing up turn your Wi-Fi off when you play problem solved 👍

- It’s a very good

One reasons why I like this it’s because it didn’t ask me to rate it so fast

- Good game but..

Sometimes while you are running in the game, it freezes so can you fix that bug?

- We love it

Me and my sister love to play this and it’s my first day playing it I love this game i saw a video and wanted it but it was 12+ make it less that’s all

- Basically broke my phone.

I played this game like twice. The second time it froze on the loading screen and I couldn’t go to my home screen or anything. I could even restart my phone normally. It was also super slow and glitchy.

- Bad glitch

Wut glitch is bad a glitch dut cozis the game to freeze and when it un freezes I move to far

- Nice game

This game is very fun but it glitches way to much and there is way too many ads. Very fun though

- Too short

The game lasts literally 20 seconds. Then you watch a 30 second commercial. If you like watching commercials more than playing this game Is for you. It also crashes while playing so in those cases you don’t even get to finish a level. Avoid it.

- To many ads

I like the game but there is too many ads right after I get done with a level it makes me watch an ad

- lag and crashes

this games is really really laggy it constantly crashes and freezes, I thought this game was gonna be really fun but it’s almost impossible to play when its constantly freezing, lagging and crashing.. please fix and update this game. 😪

- Love this game

It is very easy but a little annoying with all the ads.

- My thoughts

I love the game but I feel like there should not be as many ads as there is.

- too many ads

there’s wayyyy too many ads in this game, and after you open the 3 mystery boxes the only option you get is to watch an ad to open more boxes. it won’t even let you play the game, you HAVE to choose the ads or just close the game. it’s also hella laggy

- This game is fun

fun but very glitchy. freezes way too often and i have to close out of the app and reopen. i feel like in 2020 this shouldn’t be a problem

- Too many ads

Wayyy way way too many ads. Every time you make a mistake or restart for any other reason, there’s a 15 second ad that plays. And when you beat the level there’s a 30 second ad. Strongly recommend avoiding this one.

- 4/5

This game is amazing even though it has a lot of ads I still enjoy it and it makes me feel good

- ????

Interesting game. Fun-ish to play. Lacks depth. What are the gems for?! I’ve got 30,000+ with nothing to spend them on... add more to the game. Let me spend the useless gems to change my runner and the color of my stick. As of now it’s a pretty redundant game. Kills time tho.

- Horrible

So I downloaded this game because I saw it on a bunch of adds so I decided to try it out and when I tried it it would lag and wouldn’t collect the sticks and it wasn’t as good as I expected and there were way to many adds and it just got on my nerves:

- Girl I’m 10

Girl I’m 10 and I beat level 43 in 2 tries. I’m on level 61 and I have only had it for 3 days

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@Goater102 @autoglym I told @thealso I’d be Wash car this long weekend It has less of the park opposite living in the roof rails and window seals now The paint on the roof seems to have deep down dirt in it - I’m guessing clay might pull that out


#Solar First Roof Mounting Rails with Customized Length# Application: Tin roof and tile roof Choice: U type rail, mini rails, long rail

Ryan Borgeson

@brycebutzer Very resourceful! My car has what they call a “naked” roof (no rails). So i need a system which can clamp to the door frame. I figured out what i need from a few different brands. Just looking around for decent priced used.

US Porsche Sales

For Sale: 2017 Porsche Macan GTS AWD '17 Porsche Macan GTS, 360HP,PDK,Leather Pkg,Blk Roof Rails,PCM with Navi,Prem+ <--More #porsche #porscheclub #porschelife

Jany ♛

@nillianjedd Bet play me in stop and trivia crack 😭 other than those two I deadass downloaded a parking game, something called scribble rider and roof rails. I love the parking game and no one can tell me shittttttt

Stephen Cooper

Just to follow up in case anyway stumbles upon this. This was the source. Both sides of the car under the rear of the roof rails. It’s been dry since doing this so think it’s fixed :)

Kelston VW Grahamstown

Buy a new T-Cross and start paying after 90 days. The T-Cross includes radio, alloy wheels, roof rails, PDC, and cruise control as standard features. The versatile interior includes a sliding and folding rear seat bench which creates even more l…

Kelston VW Uitenhage

Buy a new T-Cross and start paying after 90 days. The T-Cross includes radio, alloy wheels, roof rails, PDC, and cruise control as standard features. The versatile interior includes a sliding and folding rear seat bench which creates even more l…

Kelston VW Queenstown

Buy a new T-Cross and start paying after 90 days. The T-Cross includes radio, alloy wheels, roof rails, PDC, and cruise control as standard features. The versatile interior includes a sliding and folding rear seat bench which creates even more l…

John Anderson 🏳️‍🌈

@callumsmith129 Along the roof rails on each side or wrapped round the aerial like your back in the 00’s


@theXential Someone has to customize a rack for it.

Mizu / Aero

@Vanos_BunShep I didn't know those roof rails even existed

𝕍anos 🐰

Oh yeah. First gen non M X6 with the roof rails 👌🏻


How the fuck did my rails need to be fixed to my whole GOD DAMN SUN ROOF GOING FROM $1,000 TO $4,200 PLUS FUCK YALL FUCK YOU @Ford

Elite Automotive SW Ltd

T5 polished up, had pop top with scenic canvas, roof bed, reimo awning rails,side windows, insulated, lined,flooring,swivel captains seat and Rib seat/bed #vw #conversion #surfvan #camper #cornwall

Roof Rails 1.4.2 Screenshots & Images

Roof Rails iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Roof Rails iphone images
Roof Rails iphone images
Roof Rails iphone images
Roof Rails iphone images
Roof Rails iphone images

Roof Rails (Version 1.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Roof Rails was published in the category Games on 2020-08-04 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 380.06 MB. Roof Rails - Games app posted on 2020-12-10 current version is 1.4.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.pixelbox.roofrails

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