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The most addictive game!

Knock players off the stage with your bumper.
Eat ice cream to become bigger and stronger!
You must be the last on the map to win!

Bumper.io App Description & Overview

The applications Bumper.io was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 130.27 MB. The current version is 1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Knock players off the stage to get bigger!
- New levels

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Bumper.io Reviews


Good  jfrhhdbxbbxbx  2 star

It’s a good game put fortnite still good put I like this game I got more to it


Great game  Hello111807  4 star

Bumper.io is a really good game and was probably my favorite game for 6 months which is really long, but 1 thing that happens is when the game starts a glitch happens where people disappear. I had a game where their were 4 people. I killed them and then the zone got smaller and smaller until I couldn’t fit on the map. It said I got 8th place. Luckily I was able to get 2 screenshots of what I saw.

ranger boat

Hi  ranger boat  3 star

You should get a second chance and you should get skins.


Five stars  HDYSBJSYSHD  5 star

I love this game because it is so fun to play and get people I really recommend this game to everyone who want to not be bored


Nice  timmyisbossofboss  5 star



Laggy and I got good WiFi  mikeygoob  1 star

This game is full of ads, always lags, asks for permissions and interrupts me

Nicole Skorupsky

Addicting but drains battery  Nicole Skorupsky  3 star

This game is ok in my opinion I was playing for a few minutes and my battery went down to 32% from 90%. The game is also very addicting it’s a good game but there should be more to the game than just that. Its boring but addictive plz fix some of the bugs and glitches. Also if you die it names it by the last person or player that hit you If I’m going forward and someone hits me back to the middle and then I purposefully fall off it registers that kill by the last person that hit me. It also does not register all your kills it registers a few and if you are eager to win then you have no chance.


Hi  Nepotila  5 star



Horrible  vtiolnvxsdh  1 star

I hate this game it makes you really stressed and you watch ads after ads you watch a ad every time after a game I wish I could this game zero stars do not get this game. Plus there’s so many bugs.

no life 69

Absolute crap  no life 69  1 star

It wants you to think you’re playing other people but it’s all lies. Who am I kidding nobody gonna read this. If a cat craps in the forest and it decays before anyone knows about did the cat really crap.


I always win it’s a sick game  Twitch_Girik1  5 star

Love it


Rosie  smileywade  5 star

Hi I just love this game 😍


Bumper.io  Zava76543210  5 star

It’s a really fun game and I gave it five stars but the only thing you could work on is doing more levels and when you get to master ranking 1 i think there should be more so it gets harder

The dark sylveon

Overly unfair.  The dark sylveon  1 star

I don’t care about ads anymore turn wifi off. The point is... THIS GAME IS UNFAIR BEYOND RAGE QUIT POINT!!!!! why am I the only one in a game session who can be knocked Off the board by someone who is smaller than me!??!?!?!?!?!? And why don’t people fly back as far as me!??! Just stupid Me 🚗💨 💨 🚗 Others 🚗 🚗

Legitness mate

Ranks  Legitness mate  4 star

Any chance of seeing a rank higher than master 1?


Good game but...  megadeth502  2 star

The game itself is fun to play but the relentless ads are annoying. Cut back on the ads and I’ll play again...


Hello  ssssseeeeeeeeeeeee  5 star

Delete the map that has three circles connected by lines or I will delete this app.


Battery Drainer  Leo2798427  2 star

This app is fun and all, but it lags on wifi and has ads so I usually just turn my wifi off when I play it. But the worst part about this game is that it absolutely drains my battery.

Peter J Fayad

Fix it!  Peter J Fayad  1 star

Fix the damn game it keeps glitching!

. ࿓Ᏼr͞ɪn͟ᴇ࿐⑉

Oh god.  . ࿓Ᏼr͞ɪn͟ᴇ࿐⑉  1 star

A good idea horribly executed. Lags, crashes and stutters. Should've known. Anything voodoo lags like nothing else. Disappointing.


Not Workinh  Osky_PR0097535  1 star

App isnt working since last update

cam of dynamite

Doesn’t have a point after highest rank  cam of dynamite  4 star

I played Bumper.io a lot and it is addictive in the beginning but no enough rankings for people to get to for their goals.

Awesome Game!👍🏼

Super Laggy  Awesome Game!👍🏼  2 star

I really want to play this game without all the lag! It’s so overwhelming when you try to play and lag off. I can’t stand it, needs to be fixed!! The game is also not what it looks like in pictures and ads

hello its ya gurl

Very Sexist  hello its ya gurl  1 star

When you win, this game uses male pronouns. They just assume that a guy would be playing.

generic input

Please read  generic input  3 star

So when I got the game a few months ago whenever I let go I would get a boost but none of my friends had it then I re downloaded it today and I don’t have it anyone know what’s going on


Can  bobo93774682  5 star

Can you make me win


Too many ads  TheLegendToomanynumbers  2 star

There to many ads, fix that


The game is okay 🤷🏻‍♀️  😤💗  3 star

The game is okay but it makes you very stressed so if you don’t like being stressed don’t play it and overall it’s a really good game and you can have lots of fun

Rio Linda Mex

OUTTA MY WAY!  Rio Linda Mex  5 star

Bumper cars, love it!

jackson latimer

Game review  jackson latimer  4 star

Amazing game WAY to many ads


Good game  lisbeniraf  2 star

Good game but too many ad’s!!! I MEAN TOOOOOO many!!!


Heating issue  Hardmangunner  4 star

iPhone 8 Plus goes crazy hot within seconds of playing the game. Fix it pls

please do this😀

Pros and cons  please do this😀  5 star

Please add more level and in the future add multiplayer the ads are really annoying by the way and sometimes to laggy but anyways really good game


So good  dfhfhjj  5 star

Oh my god


Needs a fix on the iphone6s plus  SplashDaddyS1  3 star

The phone heats up soo much when i play this game you guys need to fix this asap


nope.  Muirbot101  1 star

too many ads, too laggy. not the original io creators. offline. the island are to small. too basic. the ads cause extreme lag. they are pointless advertisements, too. the game isn’t good, it’s fake and i’m uninstalling it. same creators as hole.io and paper.io, again, not original creators. they are trying to earn fame pretending they are creators of agar.io and slither.io. it’s just annoying. cut down on the ads, lag and fakeness. un-installed right away.


Pros and Cons  Pookie_pookie_poo!  5 star

This game is really fun and addicting ads I don’t mind due to it being free to play but they really need to add more levels or I could be going a bit far here but a multiplayer in the future

feck off with that

W  feck off with that  3 star

So many ads not okay :(


Way to many ads  Ciano2k7  3 star

The game is good but it can get laggy from all the ads.I was playing a game and next minute in the middle of the game an ad pops up and when it finished I was dead.Plz fix now


Bud  ggggggggggvddveve  4 star

Needs a lot more ranks and it would be Nice if it had challenges

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