Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll [Games] App Description & Overview

Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles !

Have Fun :)

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Spiral Roll Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improved graphics

Spiral Roll Comments & Reviews

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- Not the best

It’s just not very fun and there’s to many ads

- To much ads

There is to much ads

- New update


- Review

This game is sooooooooooo fun.

- Spiral

It great but ...

- Great but lots of adds

This game has lots of adds after levels but I just keep getting the same ones No coin master adds! No Pokémon go adds! No coin master adds!

- This game is awesome 😄sometimes you get power ups

You get a power up

- Coins

You can buy stuff with coins a new scooper

- This app is stupid

When I saw the add I thought it would be very satisfying but it was the complete opposite. The app would consistently crash and there were adds every round. Do not download!!!

- Hi

Good game💗💗

- app crashes

i beat my high score and had 2million and the app crashed and my "new high score" was GONE it didn't even save

- Good game

It’s cool

- Crazy

This jis(thing)is just crazy awesome and fun

- Knifes

I unlocked all the knives, and the next day they were all gone 😡😡😡 Why!!!!

- The coins

The game is very addicting, satisfying, and fun! But the problem is, what do I use my coins for? I have 50k, and already used some to buy the tools. Can u update to get more tools or be able to customize them? Tyty. And every few days, it glitches and gets rid of my tools.

- Love it

I love the game!!! It’s so satisfying and I love it, maybe you could add more stuff to buy tho

- Overheated

This game overheats my phone and drains all the battery but is fun

- Satisfying but needs work

It’s very satisfying to play for the first little while. You collect the coins to get different chisels although not sure if they make any difference. But once you collect all the chisels, there’s nothing more to use the coins on.

- Why I hate spiral roll

Spiral roll is not fun and there needs to be some colour and updates pls can you make a shop so we can update are things also it’s fun but I hate all the ads please find a way to make the game more fun I bet other people have the same feelings about the game so I also think you should play the game so you feel what I feel and what I mean by colour is you should make colour for the wood and more obstacles to do in fact I might even delete the game because of that so yeah oh also we should also have layers of colours so we would have a surprise colour every time we get deeper

- Crashing

Half of the time when I play this, it always crashes and I can never play it without this happening. I like the game a lot, but I can’t even play it anymore.

- Ads Ads Ads

This game has some many ads and its very anoying

- Games

This game is awesome

- Update

Was actually decent until it was updated, now it’s just crap

- Disappointed

I like the game...however i had 18k coins and it was useless...with the new update they took it away and gave me 5k only...I don’t understand why they let u collect the coins for no use and then when u actually can use it they took it away...

- Good game

It is a great game to play when you just want to do something. It is not hard but it is not boring. The sound is satisfying. You do not need wifi to play! 9/10⭐️

- very fun game!!

i just got this game today and i am literally obsessed. the one thing is that there is a LOT of ads so i’ve been having to turn off my wifi. other than that, amazing!

- A lot of ads

This game is awesome. I play it every day and I never get bored or anything and when I lose I don’t feel sad or anything just glad that I tried. I just don’t like that there is so much ads if you could please not put so much ads in then I will enjoy it more. Because whenever it asks me if I want to try again and I click no thanks it just brings me to and add that is mostly 30 seconds long and sometimes I can’t skip them. So please don’t put a lot of ads.☺️

- Review


- Love it

So fun

- Blah

Eh good TO MANY ADDS that’s it

- 😐fun...?

The style kind of repeats itself and the coins are useless so why collect them?

- Coins

The game is super fun, but I’m wondering what the coins are for. There should be somthing to buy with all the coins I have lol

- No pealing sound

No sound

- Review

Good game to much DAM ADDS

- Meh

When I saw the game it looked fun but when I got it it was just meh

- Pointless

Game has no progression, levels are all similar. There is a money system but no shop or any to use the coins you earn. Might have been okay if you weren’t watching ads more than actually playing the game Overall it’s mildly satisfying for maybe 5 minutes

- What do the coins do?

why do you need coins. you can’t use them. This game is boring and glitches happen and I lose. please make the game fun.

- Huh??

So I went on to the game and it was just black! I don’t understand please fix this.

- Ads

Ads are a key point to get money and i hate games that make it to revive your self for an ad but then if you decline it it gives you an ad

- Garbage game

Trash. Coins don't do anything. This game was made by some very small brain people.


This app hacks into your phone and tries to take your info do not download!!!!

- .

Super fun game hate the ads

- No wifi = no ads

So many ads smh like 4 pop ups when you die takes you to the App Store Turn of wifi and data to play with no ads Ps crap game

- Decent

It's actually a really fun game and very addictive and satisfying. But so many ads. Just turn off wifi. My only complaint is that there's nothing to spend the coins on, please make an in-game shop maybe to get a better chisel or idk

- Fun

It is fun but sometimes hard but I love it if you guys are going to make another game I will definitely get it especially if it’s free

- Just ads

Every 2 seconds you gotta watch a 2-min ad!!!

- What’s the point of coins?????

why gather coins when there’s nothing to buy. Defeats the purpose of half of the game

- Terrible

Do not buy, coins have no meaning and it’s filled with adds.

- Coins and other stuff

I have heard from other people that there’s nothing useful about the coins and I’m gonna agree, adds: I recommend you turn on air plain mode adds will pop up every 5 seconds or so and imagine your about to hit a saw and a add pops up then you die because of the add yeah that happend to me, avertissons:it is nothing like the add you don’t get new scraper things. This is the end of my review I hope you find this useful random stranger reading this


This game is so good and easy I love easy games and there’s no adds atall

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- Lots of ads

there are a lot of ads and i can’t even access the store to get a new knife

- The best game ever

I love this game so much because the would just like slides when you want it to slide like right now I have 1.07k coins whenever I feel like I want to play A game this is the perfect game I think you should try it out too like whenever I am watching my show I just play this Game you should really Watch your show and Play this game this game is so awesome so yeah I hope you down load this

- Hey I’m thinking about you updating your game

My teeth

- Good game but

This is a great app thank you for making it bye

- Really fun but..

I have had this game for a while and I love it but there are just a few changed I’d make. First I liked it better when the final scrape to get extra coins was flat, it made the game more challenging. Now that it’s standing up it’s so easy to get mega (or whatever the top prize is). All you do is scrape between the second section of text that says “scrape me” before it wasn’t that simple. I tried to find the sweet spot and never could, so I liked that. Second I’d like more chisle options. If you play a few rounds hit the top prise (Wich is now super easy) you can get them all in a few levels at a time. The landscaping doesn't bother me but I'd like to see the final scrape flat again. Finally, maybe I haven't figured it out yet but every so often there is a caged block and I have not been able to figure out how to break it or open it, so I'd like to see a way to break that cage or unlock it some how. Thank you for your time

- Game is awesome

It’s so sadifinig

- Love it ❤️

My little brother loves this game he always loves to play it💜💜🧡❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Why I love this game

I love this game it is fun cool and I love the settings it has there so beautiful and I love how there are so many different types of knifes you can use and some are so pretty and I really want to unlock all of them😊.

- It’s bad...

One star to make u happy

- Downloaded just to give 1 star

The Facebook ad is the most stupid and annoying ad ever. Probably another dam Chinese indie company spamming Facebook with ads. Whoever made the “child review” ad needs to get covid.

- I love this game

It is so much fun

- Awful game, very disappointed ☹️

I think this is the worst game I’ve ever played. This is a 100 percent real review. Voodoo games I have downloaded many times usually no WiFi ones and I enjoy them. So we were going to a place where no good WiFi was available and I got this game to play. I tried it and was very very very very very very disappointed. I did not think it was satisfying, I did not think it was relaxing, I did not think it was fun, I did think it was a very very very very very terrible awful disappointing game. I deleted it immediately. Terrible game. Do not download. Developer, please respond. Thank you for reading this review. Goodbye. DO NOT GET!!!!!

- Fun and relaxing


- Meh 😕😒

This game is meh because there are multiple ads and all the levels are the same thing. So 1.DO NOT GET THIS GAME a LOT of flaws but I’m bot going to list them because there are most likely other reviews that you can read and see the flaws so you just DONT get the game...there are also games like this that are a lot better sooo ya get those ones instead!😑😑

- I think I got the highest score and I love the game

This game is so fun and addictive the ads are annoying but other than that that’s all

- Yes

I like how there aren’t ads after every level

- Points

I really enjoy this game but what do the points do?!?

- About the game

This game is very fun. I think that they should add more upgrades and shavers. Other then that this games is very fun

- Could use improvement

This game is fun, entertaining, and relaxing all in one, however there a few things that could use improvement. For example, the chisel store. It’s a bit annoying not being able to choose the chisel you want to buy and having to buy one at random. It’s also Irritating that sometimes, you do not have the option to buy chisels, but of course you can get a free one by watching an ad. It would make more sense if you had both options while browsing the shop. Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that the landscapes keep repeating themselves. I understand that it takes some work to update the game and add more landscapes, but it seems to me that there are only three main ones that are being repeated. The final thing I’d would like to point out is the exsessive amount of ads. I realize that you need to make money, which is fine, but having an ad after every level?!?! Not to mention the fact that there is a clickable ad at the bottom of the screen during the actual gameplay!!! It’s ridiculous, and frankly makes the game much less enjoyable. Overall, the game is fun, and entertaining, despite these issues.

- It’s a great app!

Look it’s great like I said in the title :P

- The ads bro

I would have gave them a five stare but there is just to mention ads don’t get me wrong it is fun.

- Amazing


- SOOOO satisfying!!!!!!

I think that this is a great app it’s SOOOOOOO satisfying 🙃😮😮😮😮😦😦😦 so it’s a great app to use app if that sounds like something you would like check it out! : Ella Miller

- Spiral role

There are a lot of adds

- Helps with anxiety

I really like this game! I play it all the time when I have anxiety and it helps so much!

- Way to many ads

Okay it’s a good game and I like it but if u want people to play it cut down on the ads there are way to many

- Love it

Love the game

- I love this game and when I play it I win and also of the Title

It will be good make sure to get itj

- Pretty good

This game is very fun and is satisfying but... there is a LOT of adds. Also all the chisels are pretty cool especially the light saber

- Great App, Just One Problem

I play this game when I am bored or need to play something mindless, and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. The only problem is, when you get off the app to do something else, or if you close the app (which is a habit of mine), it will bring your score back down to zero. Not really a big problem, but it does kind of annoy me.

- Good

This is a good game I love this game it’s so easy and it’s fun i so like this game

- Me encanta el juego

Es bástate divertido y bueno

- :|


- 5 star rate

You should get the game it is really fun and cool.

- 😎👑


- The worst game on the App Store

You have the most annoying adds ever There like ohh I can’t win a high score and the adds on YouTube I saw on you guys have the most annoying voice. when I played your game you have no idea what to roll

- Making fun of it

The ad ur saying thanks to coronavirus I can play this game 1 it’s not even fun or addicting 2 you laugh at people who have coronavirus delete ur game

- To short

The levels are too short and I want longer levels.

- Nice game

It’s a nice game there’s nothing really to complain about except on the ad you can get really high scores but the high scores don’t mean anything in the actual game.

- Opinion

Muy buen juego pero mucha propaganda.

- It’s good

It’s good

- Fox girl

I love this game !

- Good

This game is good I love it sometimes It sits in my game folder but I play it once and a while love the update having trouble on how to get higher on the finish line but overall it’s the best

- Adds

I hate adds stop with 30 second ads every time

- .

Way to many commercials.

- Ehh...

I’d watch YouTube over this!! From.CJ Alpha

- Ads for this game are unbearable!!

I can’t imagine another app with worse ads for it. Everyone knows I am not a fan of the non child friendly adds for that Lily’s Garden (or whatever the stupid rated 4+ game is called) But this is worse Who the heck wants to get a game that thinks people would download because of some obnoxious spoiled brat voice over it “oH mY gOsH, YoU gUyS yOu NeEd To tRy ThiS GaMe”. Um no, just because of that spoiled obnoxious childish preteen voice.

- 😬

So this game is really good. The only things are that there are to many Ads!!!😡 Every single time I finish a level it always takes me to an ad. If you want to have a successful game.... remove the ads. Also when I want to press the x for the ads it always gets frozen and doesn’t let me exit. Can you at least fix that please thank you. Overall this Is a really satisfying game. That’s all

- So satisfying!

I love this game but please remove all ads! Thank you!

- Fun

I’m a kid and this game looks fun

- Add store

Too many ads, what’s the point of getting coins if you can’t use them

- Your awesome

I loved it

- Good game but

The game is fun but there’s to many aaaaaddddddddsssssss Adds

- To many ads

When I was playing this with my friend I thought it had no ads well guess what I was wrong it so many ads after every level.it’s not fun if you have to watch an ad every 10 seconds and the levels are so easy. make it hard. I’m being honest if you don’t like ads then don’t get it can you please fix it.

- Meh

Super satisfying... ah.. oh.. but I mean like what is the point of coins if you can’t spend them. Zero stars

- Don’t know

Don’t know I just love it

- Coins

What are they even for???

- Best game

This is the best game

- Gillian

Lol I love it 🥰 🖕🏼😅 c mon play it plz 😘😝🖕🏼😜

- Awesome

This game is awesome

- What’s the point of the coins?

Game is relaxing to play but there’s no reason to be collecting those coins. I don’t get the point of collecting them

- 10000

10000 stars

- Too many ads

Finish a level ad, fail a level ad. So many ads.


I turned my volume up and there is just no sound. I even tried restarting my phone but it still doesn’t work. I have an iPhone 8 btw the it should be working

- It’s useless .

It’s useiess

- Not the best game

1. There are too many adds 2. No point of the coins 3. It’s not very challenging 4. The levels don’t really change 5. It’s VERY VERY laggy 6. The game crashes when you get a really high score 7. The games are to short (not entertaining) 8. There aren’t any satisfying noises 9. The game isn’t that satisfying (like it should be), at first the swirl can be cool but after a while it gets boring 10. Overall the game is just adds, lag/crashing, and some satisfactory. 😕

- I think it’s a good game but since you get money In the game there should be a store to buy things.

I think it’s a good game but since you get money In the game there should be a store to buy thing

- Great game, but....

Fun game, good concept i personally thought they put less ads this time. Anyway the thing is there is no way to spend money and there is just one skin. There’s also no music or sound unlike in the ad.

- Coins??

Give us something to spend coins on :/

- Bleh

Your advertisements have music but your game doesn’t? That is quite lazy and pitiful

- Spiral

Great game I enjoy playing this game it a lovely game for kids or your family

- Get rid of the trees

I really like it but I cannot play with those trees and I also would like if your going to keep playing the adds I want them to interesting because it’s always the same one

- Game is okay

I enjoy playing the game but i don’t understand what the coins are for. I think we should be able to unlock new things , but overall its an okay game

- It's okay

There are way to many adds like I would live to play this game at night to calm myself down and get ready for bed I can't because there are adds after every round but also why do we get coins if we don't get to spend them like it would be more fun if we could us the money we won to by the cutter or something and different maps like around the world maybe

- Argent

Impossible d’utiliser notre argent gagner... sans sa il y a pas de but ! Sinon le jeux est correct.

- Great game, but a ton of ads.

The game is really good and that but when your wifi is connected and your playing this game you will get tons of ads.

- Games

Veering good games

- Game crashes

As much as I enjoy playing this, it’s annoying when it crashes all the time.

- Nothing works, crashes and ADS

So many ads, no objective and you collect coins for... NOTHING. The shop and options buttons don’t work. Play is fine but after each level... ADS. Oh And I should mention it may be fun to work on a high score but play longer enough and the game crashes and you lose your new high score

- Point of coins?

Is that just the score, or do they serve a purpose?

- Bad

I got to level 3 before the game completely crashed on me 😡😡😡

- Good

It’s a good game and it’s satisfying but too many ads, also no point in collection no coins if we can spend them on anything and the trees are just annoying

- Good

I don’t get why you collect coins when there’s nothing to spend them on. You could add you can spend coins on new knives or wood

- A good game

This is a good game I love it so much thanks you guys ❤️❤️

- Crashes

It currently sucks

- Sound

There’s no satisfying sound! It’s only vibrating and muted!!

- Ads


- Bad🦍💨💩

Ridicilous privacy terms and sketchy game. Its like they just made a random game to distract people while they collect their data and sell it to shady third parties.

- Wow!

Wow! This game is so cool and can be difficult at times. I love it all and I have a request. Please make it a tiny bit more challenging.

- It’s cool

It’s so awesome


Sucks it kicks you off and their is no point in collecting the coins. The game is boring and their are two many adds.

- I love it <3

I love you <3

- Coins

Why do we need to collect coins, there is nothing to spend then on which means there is also no customization in this game. However it’s still extremely satisfying.

- Coins ??

I enjoy the game but I don’t understand what the coins are for, there is no shop area to upgrade your background or your tool, they’re useless.

- Good

I like this game but it just has so many ads and they are long but over all it’s good

- Omgggg

So satisfying and addicting!! Pleaseeeee get!!

- Wow

it’s so good

- Awesome! :)


- What’s with the coins

Love the game. But I don’t understand why we have to collect the coins when there’s nothing to spend them on. Plus to many ads. I turn off the internet on my phone when I play.

- It’s kinda dumb?

So when I saw the ad I was like OHHHHHHH SATISFIED!!!!! But when I got the game I was like 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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@ahMnoc9WxOSZZsT: クソゲーファイルNo.3 『spiral roll』 ただただ削る。そして進む。 アプデで色々と仕様が変わり意外と面白い。 そして、削る時の音が小気味良い。 めっちゃでっかいの削れると嬉しい。 結構やってるのに最初のシュートを外しました…

@SeprianMugisa @slimprince09 @KabalegaTv @Bunyoro_Kitara Spiral roll😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mumpe ejyo airtime ba guy😺😺😺

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Step two...roll your wrap...tightly if possible, in order to create a bigger spiral. #melthammaths

@Gwydhar: Just described my #WIP as a "spiral of sex, drugs, rock and roll, colorful language, explicit content and poor taste" in case…

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Spiral Roll 1.8 Screenshots & Images

Spiral Roll iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll iphone images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll ipad images
Spiral Roll Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Spiral Roll Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Spiral Roll (Version 1.8) Install & Download

The applications Spiral Roll was published in the category Games on 2020-01-11 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 227.06 MB. Spiral Roll - Games posted on 2020-05-26 current version is 1.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Spiral Roll Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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