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What is hole.io app? The most addictive black hole game!

Can you move the black hole to swallow the buildings into the hole like an attacking hole master? The clock is ticking, tik tok, tik tok, will you succeed to swallow?

Enter the arena and face the other black holes in a fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Choose your favorite black hole skin and go like a hoard master. Show them who is the biggest black hole in town! Play Hole.io now!

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App Name Hole.io
Category Games
Updated 27 March 2024, Wednesday
File Size 544.03 MB

Hole.io Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great game with some elements holding it back. I would say that this is an excellent game on its own, but there are a couple issues with it that makes it harder to fully enjoy. For starters, there is a ginormous amount of lag, which makes the game almost unplayable. I have found a way to work around this, however: go into settings, and turn off Wi-Fi. Throughout the game, ads are displayed and are being prepared offscreen, causing lag. With the Wi-Fi turned off, the ads don’t load, and the game runs smoothly. Now, you’d think turning off Wi-Fi would be an issue since you’re playing against other people. Well, this is where the next issue comes in: you aren’t playing against other players. They’re all computer players with identical movements and names. This makes the “.io” in the game’s title a bit misleading. The computer players, of course, have a bit of an advantage because they will automatically lock onto objects, and they will sometimes move faster than you. If it were set up as I was expecting, where there are human players playing against you, it would make for a more fair playing field. Other than these setbacks, it’s a decent game with high replay value.

Loved it but the map redesign is...not good. I love this app. I play it quite often when i’m bored, which as a college kid is frequently. Idk why or when they rolled out the design of the pirate/water map but it’s just AWFUL playing on that map now. The new design looks bad and out of place with the other maps now. (And not cause it’s cities vs water). The general texture of the items and buildings is so weird now. The items/buildings are much harder to “swallow” as well. Plus it feels like the mouths move much slower compared to before/other maps. It was easier to tell when there was another section of stuff that could be eaten before, rather than the edge of the map. Now? If I go the wrong way at the beginning of the round and I accidentally go to the edge of the map, it’s almost a guarantee that i’ll end up in last place with no chance at climbing ranks. I hate when I get a game on the water area now. Idk why y’all decided to change it. The area was fine before. Other than that, it’s a fun game. I’m still gonna keep playing but I hate the water map now. Which is sad because it used to be my favorite.

Fun, but could be improved. I got this game earlier this week and have already unlocked all the levels and most of the upgrades. I do enjoy the game, and felt the price for no ads was fair, but there are a few things that could be improved: 1) Endless Hole does not seem to work. I can eat the donuts and collect stars, but they are not spendable and I never level up. 2) Other game modes: I used to play this game on Snapchat and there was numerous game modes. There were also lots of quests. I have seen in this game the option to play other game modes such as last hole standing, but you have to watch an ad first and it is only available for a limited time (e.g. 30 minutes) 3) As others have mentioned, once you get all the worlds, gems become useless. Maybe we could trade them for coins? Or use them to unlock other game modes? There’s also a few small things: 1) As others mentioned, not being able to eat the volcano. May be possible but I have yet to accomplish it 2) Sometimes power ups spawn to close to the world’s edge to collect 3) I’ve already collected all the stickers in less than a week. Add more? 4) Whenever you collect a letter in solo mode, the overlay stays up, blocking your view of your score and the remaining time. Overall, I will continue to play but there is lots of room for improvement to make this game even better!

I love this game it is the best. I love this game so much it is fun but it’s is impossible to eat everything in the city because there is time 😭.my favorite one is all of them but battle mode is the one that I do not like because it’s the one that you have to battle with the person that you are battling. in order to win it you have to make the person die but not in real life because it is stupid because the person is going to die in real life and people do not want to die in real life 👎🏻. I’m the one who is the one that is in first place and my carter is aggresuko it's my favorite carter in the show aggresuko but her real name is resko you can watch this amazing show on Netflix it’s called aggresuko I like her death metal songs and her dance. you will want to watch the show it’s a amazing show you have to watch it please . I will appreciate it if you would watch the show I love the show! They’re language is Japanese the state they live in is Tokyo so you would want to have the language on the language we speak so you understand what they are saying so you are not confused what they are saying. Resko is so cute they all are animals resko is a red panda she is so cute same as fenako she is a white fox.

Changes are frustrating. I have played this game on and off for a long time… Change come and go, developers have removed the most infuriating changes (remember the slot machine fiasco,) and now they have included kind of like a Risk game element where you try to conquer the world. So the first country to conquer the United States, I play one game, and I have conquered the entire United States. I’m on south America now. It does not matter how well I do in a game, I could eat almost every single thing on the board, be in the thousands of points while everyone else is 20 points or below… And I’m still not gonna get more than three or 4% of the country I’m trying to conquer. it is so incredibly frustrating… It doesn’t matter if I get 900 points on the Mars screen or if I get 3000 points on the intergalactic screen… I’m still only gonna get an incredibly small percentage. Can you please fix this… when there’s no real hope of significant progress, it makes a game really dull. it seems to me you only want us to watch the ad to get 15% of the country… But I paid for no ads for a reason-because I don’t wanna watch the freaking ads. If I can’t make any substantial progress without paying for ads what’s the point?

Honestly LOVE this game. This is one of the BEST games I’ve ever played in my life! It’s so fun to play. It’s legit the only game I play now. It’s so fun. Yes, there’s a lot of ads but I don’t mind. The ads aren’t really a problem because the game in general is great. You guys are doing great. I have a few recommendation though. Instead of playing against bots, it should be real people. Also, instead of having one map to play on, there should be many to choose from. Like other planets or farms. Heck, maybe even a forest. Also, with the points we get you should make a store available so people can buy cool skins. And the time limit for me 3 minutes. And there should be also other options like what type of modes. Like a mode where there’s no time limit. And he maps should be bigger and people can go in the water and there’s boats and sea animals and reefs. So the game would be even more better. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this game. I was automatically addicted the first time I played the game. I haven’t gone tired of it yet, and I hope I will never will. You guys are brilliant. Love it! Keep up the work! Cheers! 👍👍👍

needs more effort. The lack of playing is much. I don't care if I have to watch an ad to grow bigger. I've also had this game for about a year so I've kept it but it's not very addicting. I also do not like how some of your ads make it look fun on the ad but then when we download it, it's very not like the ad. That makes me angry but you guys do not do that so that's the thing im happy about. but I feel like im playing with bots on the game. Because if I chose 20 or 30 more seconds, im not sure if they chose that same thing. So I think on the first round there's real people but to make it fair, you guys add bots. If you do that's gonna really upset me. What I suggest to add is a chat. Because then we would know if they were bots or not. Also add friending people. Not copying to Roblox, just to make it more fun because I play Roblox. and the chat and friending made it EXTREMELY fun! So I think your games would be more attractive if there was a chat/friending. Also I understand you want to make money from your games from buying coins, and etc. But it's very stupid how you CHARGE for maps. I'm not sure if you charge real money for new maps but I think it is true. It's very crazy how you do that. It's just not necessary. Like your charging for coins and maps? That's just not. That's all I need to speak about! plz update with these suggestions and complaints. Ty for listening!

Pretty good, actually. Overall, this is definitely one of voodoos better games, but it’s Houston’s that there’s an ad after practically every round(only 1 or 2 times not) and most of the ads(pretty much every single one )is a ball blast ad. I have already watched too many of those on your other app not plural cause your other apps have been deleted because of ads. If you won’t quit ads, a least give some variety, please and thank you. But I love the other parts of your, game, eating everything, getting cool skins, being in first place, etc. But just please lighten up on the ads, and get more variety. I also notice you have ads for your other games on all your apps, so try a new company, less ads, and put as much work into your games as this one, and then people will download more, getting you more money and all that stuff. So yeah. And from some other reviews, I hear that you cheat people of money, which will actually get you less money, so if someone purchases no ads, please do no ads. And that condition shouldn’t change through updates. Please and thank you. DON’T FORGET THIS IS A GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

*so* close to being an amazing game!. This is my new favorite time killer, but there are a few things getting in the way of it being fun on a Katamari-level: 1. No pause button! The two minutes play out nonstop unless I close my phone. 2. Limited maps with frequent bugs. The first three levels are amazing! The details and graphics are exactly what I would want them to be! The newer maps don’t feel complete, though. There aren’t 25 astronauts to eat on the Mars map, and there are useless coins to collect? The office map maxes out close to 70%, and has no cars to eat despite it being the only goal. 3. No camera controls! It’s hard to navigate a level without either a camera to rotate or at least a mini map. 4. No story, no varied gameplay, few in-game goals. This game feels like it’s on the verge of being amazing, but the entire game can be played within 15 minutes. Once you have all the skins there’s nothing left to keep you here. 5. No time controls. I would love longer games, or a zen mode without a limit. Despite all that, thank you for a great game!

Suggestions. I’ve had this game for a year or so now… I’ll play for a while then get tired of it then come back to it… I’ve topped out on the points scale, so there isn’t any excitement there. I’ll start first on the scenes that have been around for awhile. On the island theme it’s IMPOSSIBLE to eat the volcano. Which is annoying. I used to be able to now I can’t. Please make new skins to be able to achieve. Also, make more of the mini challenges within the rounds. It’s gets old trying for the same challenges over and over. The new stuff… Finally after a year they’ve added 2 new scenes. The farm scene is very boring and kind of glitchy. The office building scene has a challenge of eating 10 vehicles but there aren’t any vehicles in that theme which is also annoying. This scene also has walls that are edible after you’re large enough but before that your hole just knocks them over onto the smaller items making them very difficult to consume. Maybe this is the intended challenge of this theme, but it’s kind of pointless. It essentially blocks anything that you can eat when a wall gets knocked over The amount of ads doesn’t bother me because I paid the $2.99 for ad free. The only time there are ads is when I choose to have one to gain more time for a round. This game is a good time killer and I find it satisfying to watch the items filter into the hole. Please fix the glitches and for the love of everything holy- FIX THAT VOLCANO ISSUE!!!!

ads teach sexting. I really enjoy this game, and so do my kids. That’s why it is so frustrating that the ads are completely inappropriate, even for the 12+ that it says on the download. I was already annoyed by the ads that show a teen girl in high school saying she wants to go to the men’s room and tell the boys to “zip it up,” but when I really got enough was when the ad has two girls texting about an interaction with a boy. They suggest the boy sent a pic of his private part. Then the other girl encourages her to send him a “booty pic,” then a blurred picture comes up on the screen. This is all unsolicited, without the user clicking or encouraging the ad to show you more (I don’t want to imagine how bad it would get if you did that.) Sexting, along with possession of and distributing pictures of underage children is known as child pornography. It’s illegal, wrong, and disturbing that even if everyone downloading your game went by your suggestions and allowed their 12 year old to play you ads are teaching them to sext and asking them to download the ap to facilitate it.

Should give a 5 star but 2 star (very sorry) and PLEASE READ. Ok so let me get this straight, so umm yeah so first of all great game but I would like more worlds like candy world, a field a barn anything like that and more. Ok second of all there are crashes for me. Like when I'm 1st place or not it randomly crashes. Last reason… *drumroll🥁🥁🥁🥁* how much time we get. Ok so I’m so sorry I’m saying this because there are a lot of suggestions that there’s so such small time to be In first place but the last LAST reason is…… *drumroll🥁🥁🥁🥁* how stressful it is so I think there’s no suggestions about this but when you die AKA get eaten by a bigger hole there’s actually nothing to chill you down. So I think some or a lot of people has anger issues with losing in a game. People with anger issues may agree with me but at least make something like music to calm the person down like some beats I think that will work for people with anger issues and that is why I think this deserves 5 stars but kinda also deserves 2 stars. It doest matter if people have different opinions but this is mines. And some ideas for this game is like more things to eat like ice cream shops and maybe the you know that tower in Paris I forgot the name ;-; I will write another review if I have more ideas for this game. And have a amazing almost Fourth of July - Layne Moore

I have some suggestions.... Ok, I know that you’ve already added a pirate island and a future map but I feel like it can get more creative. You could have a map were it’s under the sea or one that is the village part of the kingdom or something else (those were just some suggestions). I just get bored with the same 3 maps which most may say is enough but maybe more please? Not only maps but challenges you can play that are a little hard and get harder (it’s called a challenge for a reason). I feel there could be a game mode were there’s power ups and they drop all around, that would be fun. And more skins, I have almost all of the skins already and I’ve been playing for only 2 months. I love this game This app is super addictive and I could play the whole day if I had the time on my hands. I feel like if you added these things then I (and maybe others) would enjoy this game way more than they do now. I’m sorry for making this look like a big block and not having any paragraphs to make this seem less line a block. I love this game, keep improving and this will be the app I always asked for! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Love…2 hate. I love this game!!!! It’s recent updates make the magic of hole filling even better. I don’t even mind watching the ads as the gameplay is so much fun. And joy!! One thing.. one thing that really gets me prickly is the relentless replay of robot city. A trash world I recon, would rather choose my destiny. By destiny of course I mean I want to choose what town/city/world I play!! Not fair to make me play random. I’ve seen a farm ONE TIME. ONLY ONCE. please appease me as I make u cash for my ad clicking and watching. Cheers mate. The above paragraph was nearly 3 years ago now I recon. Clearly I am invested. You took my advice so I recon you knew I was right. I still love this frivolous, snivolous hole filling game. I’d love to, in the words of Taylor Swift, as you a question. Why on earth would you think that wanting more options means taking options away? Yes, I wanted pick your desired world. Yes, I am ecstatic that it is available. No, I don’t want to play in one “mode”. No, I don’t want to play with several robots that don’t challenge me. I want to beat the clock. I recon you’ll understand as you understood before. I’ll be waiting.

Already maxed out!. I’ve already maxed out at the highest level and I’ve only downloaded this game yesterday.... it’s super fun, and I really enjoy it. Especially because I don’t like a whole lot of games.... BUT this app needs a major upgrade... 1) it would be better if there was an option to just have like a free for all by your self, where you can kind of practice and have fun without the 2 minute limit. Also an option to pick a map would be great. 2) this game really needs to be live. We need to be playing against real people and not the bots. I’ve found this game way to easy playing against the same old bots... 3) this game also needs some new maps... turning the map in a different direction doesn’t make it any harder for me. again, I’ve only been playing this since yesterday and I’ve already figured out all the tricks to winning. It’s way to easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4) lastly this game has some major glitches. For instance, in the battle royale, if you and the last person are as big as you can get, there is no beating the other person. I literally have to exit out of the whole game and start all over again. On top of that the game has many glitches which I WOULD HOPE the developer knows about.... INVEST some time and money into this app and it can very well be one of the top ones. It takes a lot for me to like a game, and I really enjoy this one and another one by this developer.... fix the game and I’ll fix my rating to a 5 star.

The game is better but too easy. First of all, I LOVE this game. It’s so addictive. I used to play the old version with just one map and I hadn’t updated it in a REALLY long time (about a year and a half maybe?). However I decided to update it today and I was very pleased to find that gameplay is sooo much smoother, the graphics are better, and the addition of new game modes and other worlds made it so much more exciting. However, I don’t know if the other players are actual people who are not playing in real time or if it’s bots (I assume it’s one of these two because I can play with no internet), but they have gotten A LOT easier to beat. I end up with 2000 points and the rest don’t go over 300. With the new updates it’s virtually impossible for me to lose. It’s like the other players are just moving randomly around the world. Furthermore, I tried to let the other person win in battle mode, only to find that neither of us could get past level 19, so we couldn’t kill each other. I had to close the app and start again. These things have really taken from my game experience and I would love to see them addressed.

Bad experience but it’s good to get. So I just started playing. Since I’m new at this game, my name was NewplayerKATE or something. When I chose the colors, I didn’t find any not unlocked ones. I don’t know if there were, but if not they should. Like maybe sparkles or pink with sparkles for girls or anyone. And also before I got this I read some of the reviews. And my biggest concern from them is CHANGE THE MAPS PLEASE! But this app is great for me so far and I’m under the age that is suggested. And my time playing solo. I don’t like the time two minutes!! Who can gobble up the whole map in two minutes or less! No one right? I’m sitting here on my iPod playing this game and like I need more time to complete this! Back to the color thing. Like I saw your kills should equal credits that can buy you cash! Each Kill should equal 10 credits. Each credit should equal 2 cash. 2 cash could buy colors for more than 2 cash and power ups and extra speed or lots of others! Power ups should make it slightly easier for slower holes and make them bigger a bit. And this is just my suggestion! But it would be great to do this stuff. This would probably be great for 7 or 8 and up. Just saying because I’m almost 9 and yeahhhh. Get this app. OH WAIT! The ads noooooooo they’re so awful. Ignore them. Bye but don’t delete this app PLZZ. :33

Awesome. I honestly don’t know why I’ve spent so much time playing this arcade type game when I usually wouldn’t, I think one thing that really motivates me is the fact that they added a skins, it really gave me a reason and a goal when I played the game, I almost have every skin and I have a couple pretty rare to see skins. I really do feel accomplished, and I mostly win every round but when I don’t I just wanna hop back on and eat up that world some more, I’m glad that they randomly generated layout so that people don’t always know where to go first, so while everybody follows each other thinking there is good stuff to engulf I go the opposite way and find myself a park and some cars, but it can also backfire and I go the opposite direction and end up next the ocean wishing I followed them for once. I love the ranking system and I’m like a diamond teir 3, 200 points is the perfect amount to have to work up to, and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time leveling up because I really want that next skin that’s waiting for me to roll out with, I really love the game and I would recommend it to everyone and I’m weirdly proud of my rare skins and I hope you download this game and get eaten by me 😉! 👍

Improvements. Enjoyable I can ignore the glitches but little things like what’s the difference between the coins with stars and the coins without? What is the point of the coon that go up on a spin and the coins that tally in the box until you touch them? What is the point why should we want to devour all of the chests if no matter the size they are still all the same value. Each chest should either have its own coins increasing in value depending on the size of the chest or worth more spins depending on the size of the chest. Also growing to 19 and that’s all ? What is the incentive to continue the games? 2mins not long enough especially since everything is gone to rejuvenate it self? When you are playing in kill mode and you down to that last two players and you are both at size 19 there has to be something that determines a winner just playing indefinite or having to shut down the game to end it is pointless , dose the game still record your progress? Is that game deleted from your tally what happens ? The whales are upside down the fortress is in the sand and building are flying across the board which is cool but then you can no longer swallow them ? Just very confused about all of the above. Other that these things I LOVE the GAME!!

Don’t be to successful. I love this game which is why I am giving it so many stars. I would give 5 stars if I hadn’t had to uninstall it 3 separate times over the last 3 years. Originally I played it so much that I ended up with all the hole designs as well as all the levels. I ended up barely playing until they added the building of stages. Which then I built all the stages and once I finished the last one it froze and wouldn’t let me play at all. So I uninstalled and restarted from scratch. I got all the powerups and was working towards the hole designs and I ended up finishing the building of stages and it did it again. Finally this last time I had to uninstall was because I got almost all the powerups and was trying to finish the stages and got to the last one. It would let me play but once the time ran out I was just sitting there and all the other holes would still be moving but it would never end. I let it sit to see if it would ever end the level but I sat there for over 5 minutes eating everyone that ran into my hole but it never ended. All of this has been on iOS platforms. But I am reinstalling and starting over for the 3rd time.

Obsession. So I love this game I have been playing this since there was only one map! Still am not tired of it. I don’t mind the simplicity of the game! The ONLY thing I DONT like is I feel like the bigger I get the slower I move. I would like for either I get to move faster as I get bigger or go the same speed throughout the whole round. I’m not a fan of the speed right now. I would like to be moving a lot faster. I have a problem with winning so when I feel I could have one if I was able to move fast I get a little frustrated. Other than that I don’t think the game needs any changes. I like the three maps I like that you don’t always know which one you’re gonna get up until it says loading. It’s a great game for pass time or even if you’re the gaming type. It satisfies all my needs in a phone game. One more thing I would like is if the game could be played if I hold my screen side ways. I would like to be able to play this game on my iPad while I have it propped up with the case I got for it. Unfortunately I am not able to play with maximum comfort on my iPad because the game can only be played In rotation.

Awesome game but a few recommendations.. I have been playing this game for a few days and I’m getting really good. I would love there to be more ranks because I have already reached max, and I have seen people in game who have also reached max. Maybe you can include an emerald tier, a ruby tier, or just up to 5 stars(instead of three) for each new kind of rank the player reaches. If you can make this happen I will be so happy. Also I have been scrolling through the reviews and I have seen the ideas of different maps. That would be a really cool addition and I think you would get a lot of new players if you include some new maps. One last thing, I see a pig skin(for the hole) in the ad I saw that persuaded me to download the game. If you could include other skins other than the colored holes(not just the pig, but maybe other animals too) that would be so cool. If you even include one of these ideas I will be so thrilled. Thank you for making this awesome game and to everybody reading this have a nice day. (P.S if you see a player named #1 No Doubt that’s me so try your hardest because if you don’t I will eat you) (P.S.S yes that’s a challenge)

TO MANY ADDS. The created is Money hungry and plays an ad every 1 minute and I deadass mean ever minute. If u say no thanks to an add for extra coins etc… they still make u watch an add I was on probably 10 mins and I had 10 ads plus the ones that just pop up on a small screen. Then they expect you to pay 5$ to remove ads. I’m not wasting my money on a creater that has obsessive amount of ads and no letting u by pass them. I really enjoy playing the game but not when there is to many ads. I will be deleting this app and recommend that anyone who reads this should NOT download until the money hungry creater stops putting obsessive amount of ads. Everything is perfect except THE ADS!!!! This game has been out for years and it has always been the same. I only downloaded it because I thought maybe they stopped putting to many ads and I was wrong. I do not support money hungry people. They play loads up ads to try and force u to pay 5$ to remove ads and honestly I don’t care that it’s 5$ but I will not pay just because they want to take up most of your gaming time watching ads. This game out of 100s I’ve played has the most ads ever. They should get a guinness world record 2023 because I know for a fact they have most ads in game compared to every other creater.

Eh.. (Read all the way through). So.. I won’t be completely merciless and give it one star, but this wasn’t really the best game. I was looking for a quick, easy and addictive game to ease my boredom, this wasn’t really the right thing for that. First of all, while the graphics are perfectly fine, the quality of the game is not the best. The game is suuuuuper laggy, and it’s near impossible to be first in any round because you’re too busy trying to get over the lag to swallow all these things to get points. Second of all, 2 minutes really isn’t enough time to develop enough points to be first, especially with the lag. I suggest bringing the time up to 3 minutes, which, while it’s still short enough to be a a challenge, it allows more breathing room to get yourself together. All in all, if you’re ok with lags and advertisement-galore, the game can actually be enjoyable, but if you have a super tiny screen I would not recommend, because of the way the controls are set up. The smaller the screen is, the more difficult it will be for you to easily maneuver in the game and fully enjoy your experience. For a free game, this app is not bad, but as a Voodoo (.io) game user, I will admit this game was disappointing. I hope to see better updates in the future!

New to me update. I want to start this by saying I wholeheartedly enjoy this game the way it is, these are just my thoughts about improvement. There’s absolutely no way to eat the volcano on the island map. I have definitely maxed out my size wayyy more than 3 times and haven’t gotten the skin, let alone a single count towards the three needed. After playing for a few weeks, 2 new maps were added to the previous 3, and while I appreciate the different scenes, I feel like they were rushed. I say this because the new farm map is too large and too easy to max out size before 2 minutes. I’ve been wasting the last 30 seconds or so trying to find the last bits and there have been other players as large as me. The only objective so far is to eat 10 vehicles. While that seems easy, and it is due to the aforementioned, it’s also confusing because only the moving trucks count even though parked vehicles are present and they don’t count. The office scene is ok but the walls start falling down too fast and then you can’t eat the smaller stuff on the floor. Also, that map only has an objective to eat vehicles, which there are none. I’m not sure why I’ve been recently updated as to how I’m performing against “other players” as a percentage and how the extra points are helpful considering I’ve maxed out, but I guess I’ll take it since I paid to get rid of the ads that made it unplayable.

Needs work. The lack of modes makes it boring, the games only last 2 minutes. The pause in the middle of each game is boring and sometimes I accidentally click on the ad. I already bought all the worlds so I have 1800+ gems and NOTHING I can buy with them. I spent a lot of time collecting coins and then you just deleted them. And what are stars for? I can’t even see where it shows me how many I have, and I can’t see anything I can buy with them. After you get the worlds, everything in the game to “buy” can only be bought with ad watching or actual money, so what is the point of me collecting gems or stars? Or continuing to play? The only bit of incentive to keep playing is stickers and hole skins. You can’t do anything with the stickers, so I find them pointless and weird. And the hole skins are cool I guess, but the only people that see them are me and bots, so for me there is not really a point. Like, maybe if other players saw me and could see what cool skin I have, but it’s just me looking. Please keep working on this game. The concept and gameplay is fun, but extremely limited. Oh also. The key game is so obviously rigged it’s actually annoying. It says at the top of the screen that it’s possible to get 200 stars. And there is 9 boxes, and you can select 3. Or 6 with an ad watch. And I’ve played it probably 50 times now and have never gotten the 200 star tile. So either take away the thing that says it’s possible or make it possible.

Hole io. I want to begin by saying I really do enjoy this game. I usually win, and when I don’t, it just makes me try harder the next time. I like it so much, I paid for no ads. I didn’t play for awhile, and I just came back. I love the new areas as I had gotten tired of the two I knew how to win so easily. I highly recommend the game for passing time. Now I will mention the 4 star instead of 5 star rating. Even though I paid for no ads, there is now an annoying halftime break that tries to lure you into an ad. It completely interrupts the flow of the game causing me to loose concentration. If you ignore it long enough, it goes away, but the damage has been done. Also, when I try to quickly tap “continue,” I sometimes accidentally hit the trigger for the ad. For me, this ruins my whole game. I PAID for no ads, and I expected no ads. I understand your need to make money and advertise, but I do not understand your interrupting in the middle of a game which I have paid for. Please reserve your ad offers for times in between games. I wish I could get my money back on principle.

Battle and classic mode bug. When two players reach lvl 19, neither one can consume each other in battle mode. Games gets stuck and never times out. You have to force quit, subsequently wasting the time you played by losing the points you could have scored if a tie breaker would be implemented. All in all tho, a decent game. Limited in its play mode options and skins. Secondly. The classic mode doesn't register max size. I've done it numerous times and the achievement for the skin doesn't make itself available. Seems like voodoo doesn't read or respond to comments and it makes me wonder why we should continue to play and earn them ad revenue if they dont listen to their player base. I know that these apps aren't for players but for keeping eyes on ads and serve the people paying for that, but if you pay for this or have made purchases you should have your voice heard. I don't, so I don't care, but it seems like that has become the modus operandi for most developers now. Which is sad. This game can be very fun and addictive if they actually got super creative with it. They should hire me as a creative director. I obviously could do a better job than the one they have now and keep them under budget to boot. I've nearly reached the final level and I've only been playing for a couple days. Deleting the game from my phone. Have fun for the few days this is exciting for you!!!👍 👍 😊

Boring in long term. It’s addictive for awhile. You really want to get all the skins and get the most amount of points as possible. But, after awhile it gets pretty boring. The pig skin is not possible to unlock without money because I have reached the maximum size numerous times in the game (I literally could grow anymore) and it still says that if I want it I have to pay for it. This makes it impossible to unlock the frog skin without paying because (SPOILER ALERT) it unlocks once you get every other skin. This might be deliberate, but I’m not sure. In Battle mode, the maximum level you can reach is 19. So, if the final two players manage to hit nineteen, then the game will go on forever until you close the app. Lastly, I don’t think you even play with real people. The names sound just like a name generator and it becomes pretty clear once you realise you’re the only person getting more than 200 points every game. Like I said, it’s addicting and a fun waste of time if you’re waiting for an appointment or something, which is why it gets three stars. But, all of the reasons I’ve listed take away the competitive aspect, which is why people play .io games in the first place. It just feels like a waste of time if there’s no competition.

Love it but…. I wanted to contact app support but I looked all over your website voodoo and I didn’t see it. I’m pretty ticked because I paid $2.99 for one of your “crazy packs” but when I recently uninstalled the game and reinstalled- my “restore purchases” isn’t working so here I am watching annoying ads that I’ve already paid once to remove…. You can’t tell me that this isn’t a glitch! People have to uninstall and reinstall games all the time, that’s WHY a restore purchase option exists. Hey, it isn’t working and for these two reasons I really knocked the rating down. As to the game, the update really brought a lot of great features! I love the endless hole 🕳️ so great, however, that’s pretty glitchy too with the upgrades within and I noticed there are 49 (not 50) items and then they start all over again and that’s totally cool but it messes with my OCD c’mon really, 49?!? Lol also, what are “hot dog men”? Because they don’t seem to exist.. oh and the volcano in the island theme is NEVER able to be eaten!!! 😡 what’s up with that? Please fix these glitches, I love the game and I want to give it 5 stars but I can’t get past these problems. Thanks! ~ A loyal player

Getting better need help with locking up!. I’ve tried to find help in app support. I have played this game for years! 4+. I’ve seen it at its beginning..thru bad choices programmed and the currant improvements. But I am still having trouble with the game stopping at the end of a game and not list results and freezing there. There’s times the only way for me to temporarily fix this is to delete the game and start over from scratch. I have to do this after every update. Today no update. I can’t complete a game to finishing score…locks up just before that. I hate loosing progress and achievements. But I enjoy the game so much I still play. Thru times of bad and good! Idk how to let you know what’s going on with your game. I hate to put this in the comments as it’s something to help fix any glitches..not to cause someone not to play a good game if y’all would stop messing with it!I still am not crazy about the new..but still love the basic gameplay! Bugs in the new world map sections . It’s a new thing that has very good and interesting potential! Give us a clue what’s going on. And catch them bugs! Please fix it! I’m tired of deleting it and starting over. This makes the 4th time in 2 months!

Some suggestions. I’ve been obsessively playing this game for months now and even though I know I’m not playing against real people, I truly enjoy it. I say the latter because it so happens that every time I play the game I’m playing against the same usernames- no matter what time I play this at. I can exit the app during a game, come back hours later, pick up where I left off and still win. Anyway, to my point, my suggestion is you add a feature to add other players as friends, that way you can be a little more competitive and play with real people. There is a multiplayer option, but the person has to be in close proximity so you can link through Bluetooth. That’s great but not ideal. And it’s not as fun to play with the one other person you convince to download the game and link with you. It’d be great if you could just add people and enter a game with other random players or computers. You should at least let you know you’re playing against computers, or let the game start without having seven players ready to go. I think the feature of letting all players vote for which arena they’d like to play in would be awesome as well. Other than that, beware- this game is HIGHLY addictive.

A few notes. Ok so I love this game and I don’t ever leave reviews but I really wanted to with this game! It’s great I love the concept there’s almost something relaxing about it. Now I don’t play be the last hole because ur just playing against the computer so it isn’t fun. But I love solo and then regular game mode. However MY BIGEST COMPLAINT is the time limit on the solo mode! I have played it hundreds of times and I still can’t eat the whole map the closest I’ve come is 96 percent. And that is super frustrating I would love it if you could open it up with no time limit and just see how long it takes you to eat the whole make. And then people can try and beat their own time. Ok so next complaint is definitely the ranking system it’s annoying you can’t see the ranks like it’s just a bar that fills up and then changes the medal when the bar is full and some of the different holes you can unlock don’t have a description so you don’t know how to unlock them until you actually do. Also I would like to chose the map I play because I’m tired of the original map but the future map is to big so I wanna play the island but I just have to wait till it come back around. But I do love this game I’m just ready for solo mood with no time limit!

Only play A.I.. Game is overall amazing, but unfortunately it is only played by A.I.. If there is actual players I just don’t see it. The movements of these so called “real” players do not appear like free-thinking people. In today’s society, I also know there would be names that literally stand out and not once have I seen it (you know...vulgar/outlandish). I have gotten to max rank and I wish there were stats but I know I’m at a 90%+ 1st place finish (with the exception of a few I finished in top 3 or quit cause I had slow start). If I was versing against real players I know I would fair okay but never that good. A.I. becomes predictable and easily defeated so long as you keep playing very aggressive. This is what keeps my review from becoming 5 star. I have unlocked everything in 2-3 days and that’s literally like 3-5 hours of play due to work and home life. 2 maps with random creator is good and all but needs more. Definitely more to unlock needs to be available (especially if you only play A.I. cause way to easy). For those of you who hate ads...here’s my advice. Finish the game, when it shows scores/leaderboard, hit “Continue” and then close app immediately and then reopen. You can literally jump right back into a game in 5 seconds, skip the ad, and keep your score. I’m all about farming and this grind was laughable at best... Great concept, poor follow-thru.

It is good.. This game is fun and all but gets boring once you get it for a day and I know they have those skins you have to get but I still have not gotten the cop one or play 7 consecutive days for I play it and it won’t count for anything. I also think it is amiss a good idea to add in the play with friends idea for it is fun to see how good they are too. I also you should add a online feature for it gets boring playing bots. MAKE MORE MAPS. I can not tell you how annoying it is to know exactly where you are every game for I know exactly where the trash is on space map and it is just boring for you always win. I also want the game to have sound so it isn’t boring and make it so Samsung can play with apple for I tried to play with my friend on his Samsung phone and it did not work. Also make the time limit longer for solo run for it IS IMPOSSIBLE to try and get 100 percent unless you play the same map for like three hours a day. You should also add a feature where you can either decide which map you play solo run or you get to make your own map for battle royal. I know everyone says too many ads but I think JUST TIRN ON AIRPLANE MODE. Otherwise decent game.

Potential was & is very much high, just NOT living up to it!. This used to be a very fun, addictive, & challenging game! Unfortunately, a while back last year or so they redesigned ALL 3 of their course maps that changed the values, animation, look of every piece of each course map! I still somewhat enjoy playing it as you can lose yourself in trying to beat your own score, but the “redesign” features have totally served as a downgrade! It does at times have bugs or glitches with the use of animated holes that you can choose as your avatar, but works much better with very little interruptions if you choose just a solid color! This too makes it a bit less appealing! The last critical but constructive criticism I can offer in the slim chance ANYONE in development cares enough to reads this is the lack of course maps! There’s only 3 & each are “random” in which you might play! If given the opportunity to set the course maps to random or the course map of your desired choice, that would 100+% offer a nice touch for the player, but the expansion of offering MORE course map choices would definitely make the game infinitely more invaluable! I rate it a 2 overall because of the flawed redesigns & lack of creative expansion, but the game itself deserves a solid ranking between a 4.5 - 5 depending on your attention span & ability to accept a constant 2 min. gameplay experience. P.S PLEASE ADD NEW COURSE MAPS & CHOICE OF WHICH TO PLAY/RANDOM! 👍

Best game ever!. This game is the best it keeps my kids social and Having fun all the time and not inappropriate at all I recommend this game! My kids play all day but they don’t play all all all day and still are active but in the car or before bed or before dinner it’s a quick play and you can get huge and I mean huge! But don’t let them get to addicted that was crazy yes they got addicted but it ended up fine now the game is in there iPhone Xs and iPads and computers it’s also on me and my husbands computers iPhone xs iPads and only not on any of the apple watches tho!Out of all 100 rooms in the house they need 5 rooms each there’s two kids and one in collage she’s in Harvard and has the game on her iPhone X and computer and iPad and more but over all we love this game it’s so much fun to compete to I compete with my hole family we all have the game !!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂sorry forgot to tell you out of the five rooms they need they need two for this game and ROBLOX and fort nite???? But they say Mistler this game I believe that I walk in every hour in both of those rooms and there playing this game!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Please fix the maps! Add more game modes!. This game is so fun, but some things need to be fixed. A few people have mentioned the same things. The new maps are very glitchy. The objective in the office map is to eat 10 vehicles but there aren’t any vehicles. Once you eat everything on the map the progress is only 53%, but you can’t go past the brown flooring and onto the grass. Where is the rest of that map?? The farm map is huge and can’t be done in two minutes. The objective again says eat 10 vehicles, but doesn’t mention that only the moving ones count; that’s dumb. There’s so many stopped vehicles that it should be all or none. There needs to be a Free Play mode with no time limit, but you try to eat the map as fast as possible to beat your best time. I love the new options to shrink, get bigger, or magnet. I’ve also had difficulty eating the volcano. I haven’t been able to do it and at some point I stop getting bigger and still can’t eat it. The futuristic map is also massive and seems impossible to eat in 2 minutes. Please please please please come out with a Game Mode that is single player and not limited on time.

Has great potential!. This game is more than your average game but lacks key components that could improve the game immensely. First off ranking up isn’t enough of a reward for playing and could eventually be the reason I stop playing. I recommend having a shop to spend accumulated points on customizable content (even if this means in app purchases as a result) Second, it seems as if the first person (or hole) to consume the most objects in the very beginning pretty much has the game in the bag from the start since all you have to do is eat the other smaller holes to gain a massive advantage. If your not lucky enough to spawn closest to a group of cones or posts near you consider yourself done for. I would suggest having additional various sized objects that can be more advantageous to smaller holes (since it’s a bit hard to come across posts/cones in clusters right off the bat. And cars can be a little too big to consume although sometimes the points can make it worth the struggle of tackling.) Lastly, the timer is a bit short but that’s just my opinion. Hope the feedback contributes to more updates soon!

This game is awesome!. I also love this game and play it wayyyyy too much. Now that I have almost all of the holes, and I have the highest rank possible, I feel like I should be able to do something with my “wins”. They should count for something. Also, like the worms game, the map should randomly generate so it’s different every time. Too many people have the map so memorized that they always know where everything is before the match starts and they just bolt to the parks and get huge. Playing in different places is also a good idea, but the location of everything is still in the same place and you just changed the compass direction. It should be more randomized to make it more fair. A free mode would be amazing, because it is satisfying to eat everything on the map, and maybe time you to see how long it takes. It should keep more stats, like how many people you eat, so you know how close to 100 you are. So many ways to make this amazing idea of a game more fun. OH, AND LANDSCAPE MODE FOR PHONES. Good luck. I look forward to any updates to the game that you make. Thanks for not making the ads so intrusive.

Disgusting (Hole i.o please read). Hello! There are way to many ads in this game and if you buy no ads there are still ads. Please fix this. And please make the games so that you don’t have to watch ads every 30 seconds to 1 minute I am very disappointed after the update and why is the time so short? Unlike the other games you don’t respond back to the reviews like are you trying to get better feedback and how do we even know that you even read it. If you don’t respond back this would just be a chat. There was a so many other problems like that after the update I lost half of my skins that I worked hard for and now you only play on the same boring map and you can’t just get it randomly. If anyone likes the timing than make it like before that you can choose to be the last or to have it timed. This game is utterly disgusting after the update if you want more people to keep playing than fix all the fix the annoying things about it. I am sorry but I am not playing the game until it is fixed. Let me talk about how laggy this game is I am trying to get away from somebody and then it either freezes or lags and then I get eaten so I lose. Please listen to my complaints. Sincerely , The Critic

Was fun. I played this game a lot when it first came out and I loved it. I won some I lost some but either way it was still a competition. I love how you added all new stuff since I stopped play. But there are some problems. I can’t see behind most buildings like before and sometimes even get eaten. Battle mode is the worst, only one o tried to far, hopefully other are better. It just seems so one sided. Yea I haven’t played in about a month or more but I didn’t forget how to play. Like 80% of the games I get eaten up by someone who’s already max before I even level up once. It’s kind of annoying. T wasn’t this way before. I accidentally won the first game I played, the rest of the games, I was lucky if I lasted a min. And I’m not against ads but if I’m only playing 30 seconds games I don’t want to be bombarded with ads. I wish this game could be a little more like the original .IO game (I think Argio) where the smaller ones had a slight advantage cuz the went faster, though not by much. Are there new power ups in the game I’m not aware of yet? Like some that make them bigger or faster? I wouldn’t mind this but can you try to match people who are at the same level give or take a few. AGAIN 5 star game when it first started and still has spite too. To have 5stars, but needs some bugs fix, and make the game fair for people to actually play.

Issue city. So this game is really fun in the beginning and it still is a little but after like a week it gets REALLY boring. One of the big bugs is that it seems like every time you hit the button to go to the next round an ad pops up. Like EVERY SINGLE TIME THIS HAPPENS. One of the other bugs is that when you first start the game and try to swallow some things, there is like nothing that will fit in your mouth, making it very hard to size up and be able to swallow more things. One of the last major issues is that when you try to swallow something that is to big for your mouth and you don’t know it, it will get stuck there and you are on a timer and it takes like a long time to fit through. Those are just the issues I find most annoying. There are other miny issues too. But otherwise this game is really a fun and amazing game and I highly recommend this to anybody. It is very addicting (for awhile) and a great game. There are all sorts of skins, all sorts of game backgrounds, and a three different versions of game mode. This game is like pure AWESOME. (Awesome with a couple of bugs) Awesome issue game 😊

ADDICTIVE game and GREAT updates!. Everyone please read this entire thing it’s worth it! I started playing this game awhile ago and immediately got hooked. I have no idea why it’s so satisfying to be a black hole and eat everything in sight, but trust me it IS. I liked the game before the update, but was a little laggy and visual quality not fantastic. However, the new update IS SO GOOD. You get new “skins” so you aren’t just a colored hole, you can unlock like a mouse with huge mouth or shark with huge mouth or a pit of toxic waste and so much more. So many options and the best part is that this app didn’t get sucked into the pay-for-every-little-additional-thing-you-want business that apps do now. You can simply unlock things by playing the game! Please don’t ever change that! You can now play two other games besides classic also which is a nice variety. I also love the new crisp visuals and seems less laggy than before. The next update I think needs to happen is maybe some new areas to eat around. But really fantastic game!! Only negative to the game is that it really wipes my iPhone battery lol and I do sometimes get lag but not as much as before.

Satisfying, needs a fix. I love this game, I’ve been playing it for about a year i’d say. The new scenes are awesome, but I definitely agree with others about the objective to eat 10 vehicles in the office scene, there are no vehicles, lol. My BIGGEST (and only) complaint is when in “Battle Royale” mode, if I don’t get eaten, I always max out and if someone else is also maxed out, then we end up just moving around the scene, eating more and more stuff and trying to eat each other, but it never happens. So I have to hard close the app and re open it to play because you can’t just quit the round if its a draw. That is super annoying. I never watch the ads because I paid for no ads and I do not want to watch an ad for 30 more seconds in a scene or to start bigger. PLEASE fix the issue with Battle mode, you could have a special item that shows up and wins the round once its down to 2 players and they’ve maxed out their sizes. Or just end the round once 2 players can’t eat each other after a minute or two. Thanks! I really do enjoy this game, very satisfying, especially on my iPhone with the haptics on.

READ READ VOODOOS BIGGEST FAN RIGHT HERE. Okay so listen I have many ideas also I’ve written a review on almost every voodoo game I also have most of your games. 1) can players choose if they want a time mode or no time limit please? I know that a lot of people have been suggesting that like two modes one with a time limit of maybe two minutes and one where the game end when you’ve been eaten by another hole. Like it? 2) can there be new modes like areas ya know for example u guys have the town one. Can there be one like a airport or a store? Places with things you can eat. 3) challenges! Like levels where you can be like “MAN THIS LEVEL IS SO HARD I WANNA WIN IT SO BADLY! IMMA PLAY THIS GAME ALL DAY LONG!” yup i know I’m brilliant :D 4) can their be new skins for the holes.? ThANkYoU for your time! Again I have almost every game of voodoo (Im a girl btw) Edit: Y’all didn’t respond -_- after all we’ve been thru. And y’all still don’t put not EVEN ONE of my BRILLIANT suggestions which MANY MANY MANY ppl just like me have wanted ever since the game first came out. WELLLLL I STILL AM ADDICTED TO UR GAMES SO ILL KEEP CRYING IN THAT DARK CORNER OF MEH ROOM ^_^

You buy no ads but still have to watch ads. I am not going to lie, I really enjoy this game. Even after all the skins I earned were taken from me during an update and put into a prize/battle pass. I figured I would just play it again to earn them all back. I also liked the idea of eating countries as I progressed through the game. It felt like a modern take on Risk and depending how well you did you earned a certain percentage of the country you were on. I am now on my second continent (South America) and no matter how well I do I only earn 3% of the country. That means to conquer that country to move on you have to play around 33 matches. This is unless you watch an add to get an additional 15% increase towards your overall total. This is lame by all accounts and basically you have to watch ads in order to move forward with the game. Doesn’t matter if you pay $5.00 to have ads taken of. If you want to earn your holes back and move forward you get to sit and watch ad after ad which is shameful. Especially to those of us who had earned all the holes before and now are trying to get them again. I say fix the percentage you earn with each game and my score would be much higher. It should not be stuck at 3% only after starting the quest of eating your way through the world.

Stuck In The Middle. I’m torn with this App because first of all, it is a great game. Definitely peeks my interests, but after getting HIGHLY ANNOYED with ads that were popping up every few seconds into the game, I clicked “No Ads” and for $2.99 I was willing to invest the $ to get rid of the annoyance and headache. Not too mention, there were so many ads, I figured I’d be saving so much valuable time playing the game and living, rather than waisting that time. To my surprise the ads continued to occur. I even tried closing the App out, turn my phone off, etc. with the same outcome. I have requested a refund from Apple because I’m obviously not getting what I paid for. I don’t like this. This is false advertising. Don’t offer “No Ads” if you’re going to continue to run ads, lol. Unfortunately I’ll probably continue to play this game, but as soon as my patience for the ads run thin, I’ll have to stop. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of playing a game. Last comment I might add to the creator of this game/App, try adding some more “game modes”. The three that are offered (classic, solo, battle) get old after a while. You should also offer different “scenes” to play in, like you offer different “skins”.

Nice Gameplay, but Needs Fixing.. I do like the gameplay, the ads are okay but sometimes it can get annoying if you die in the first 30 seconds or so and each time an ad comes on. Also, over 240 megabytes for this small game? It’s expanding and all, but for only 3 game modes, 1 map, okay graphics, and that goes over even 100 megabytes? Also, THE BATTERY. I played this game for about, eh, 30 minutes or so, testing the new update. Was at around 90, after the testing, around 30-40. TOO MUCH. How can such a small game that’s just kinda less than mediocre be over 200 megabytes and eats battery like FaceTime does? I’m sorry, but this is just too much. The AI as well, they get too good very early, and mostly it’s based on luck. Also, all of your games want 3 bucks for no ads. Seriously??? Yeah, we know that you need to make a profit, but that’s more than really good games that cost 1 or 2 dollars for, and you already get a ton of money from the loads of ads on your other games. Voodoo, you’re getting very sketchy, even though your games are getting top ranks, you need to work on a LOT of this stuff. Honestly, it’s not that much of a pain with the storage, but the battery. If you change that for the better that would be AMAZING. And maybe have difficulties for AI so newcomers are more welcome to starting the game easy and slow. I hope you consider this review, and change this game for the better.

Decent game. It’s a simple enough mechanism and framework to grasp, but it has several shortcomings that stop it from having longevity. The making of points happens too quickly, without requiring interval achievements of some other sort, so that you can go amass points to reach the point-based achievements directly. Secondly, there are glitches across the app for many people, judging from comment boards, that stop people from getting some skins. I personally can’t ever reach the Max Size skin, despite having reached max size in regular play many times over. It stays untouched. After purchasing the No Ads feature, there is still a video ad that partially obscured the Play button on the home screen. It returns anytime I have service on my device. Rather annoying actually, and the main advert I wished to block by paying money I might add. That said, there is the unfortunate lack of expanse. The trick really is getting to know the worlds in order to navigate when small and short-sighted in this game, but those worlds are small and have little variety. Unlocking new worlds or variations would be an easy thing to stay relevant as a game, especially if skins are the only thing you really use to progress in the game.

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Great fun game. I do enjoy this game. It works quite well as a basic game. I scored only 35% my first go on the solo run, but like a few of Voodoo's games, it doesn't track scores or stats properly and so my best drive stays at 35% even though I get regularly above 80% and even got above 95% today - it still says my best score is 35% though. Hard to compete with my family and friends when it doesn't remember your highest score!!! Edit: they've fixed this problem and now includes skins for our holes, but I've already reached the last rank and yet I can't get any of the skins that you earn for reaching the different ranks. I should just get the skins for the ones I've reached already, not be no way to get them. Typical Voodoo game.

2Mins is enough. 2 Minutes is enough to eat most of map. Get 1 level up and get straight to eat a park, then skip cars and straight to eat small buildings.. i win every time. Also: You do not play other real people online. It is a lie/trick. They are bots. Proof: In the middle of a game hit the home button and wait a minute, then double tap and resume.. and you will see the game and clock continue from the same moment you paused it.. impossible if other real players were in the game. However i do play multiplayer with family over bluetooth.. which is fun.

It’s great but could do with a few improvements. I like it for the most bit, but there are a few glitches. Firstly, during battle royal, if 2 or more players reach the final level, you end up in a limbo and you have to open it again. Secondly, during battle royal, when the stuff regenerates, sometimes they land in the ocean(for the city), beyond the sand barrier(for the islands) or directly into space(for the robot city) Finally, sometimes during battle royal or classic, a hole ends up in the ocean, directly into space or beyond the sand barrier depending on the map where l can’t reach it. Apart from that, awesome game. Love it!

Great Game! - can use some more features. First few times I played this game I hated it because of how challenging it was. But the more you persevere and try, you learn the ropes. And now I’m kind of obsessed. I love that you can play against other people and it’s just a straight forward game. I’ve got some suggestions for the developers however - give us the option to take a look at the map on Solo Run after the 2 min mark so we can see how we did and how much of the map we consumed since it doesn’t respawn. Maybe also give us the option to change time limits from 2min, 3min or 5min.

Potential for Greatness. I really enjoy playing this game but am a little bit disappointed with the last update. I was very excited to see the inclusion of the two new maps, however do not like how they have been introduced. It would have been much better if the player could select the map they wished to play, especially on solo, and have separate high scores for each map. Once max star rating has been achieved the game can get quite boring. I think this game would be much better if daily achievements or goals were introduced.

Ads, the rounds are too short and lying. (Go to the end for summary) There’s a lot of ads in this game which is normal for a mobile game, but there’s a specific Part in the game where after like 15 seconds it says the round is finished and you can do one of two things, on top it says you can watch an ad to get more time and start bigger or on the bottom it says you can continue and start a new round, I hate ads so I clicked the bottom option but I still got an ad and when I played a different round and got the same option I clicked the top option because I want more time and to be bigger even though there’s an ad, well I chose that option and i only got like 5 seconds of more time and i didn’t start bigger. Summary : this game has way too many ads, has way too short rounds and lies to get you to waste your time watching ads. So if you want a game that has the same Idea as this but less ads, longer rounds and keeps promises play the game Big Big Baller.

I broken from the city into the water. Hi Developers, just want you to Know that I broke out of the city and entered the blue water. I then moved to the outer blue edge of the square, into the brown great unknown and travelled without restriction at a constant speed. I was wondering if continuing I would discover a new world in this timebound brown universe but alas nothing out there. If I can travel unrestricted then I assume you have built this into the game and perhaps it is a challenge? Alternatively I have reached a new spacetime continuum via a black hole then suggest I am dead and this game is just a figment of god’s mind, or else I am in hell. Please help me to understand.....

Was good but now all ads (unless you pay). I played this years ago and I enjoyed it. You had 2 minutes to eat everything you could, watch an ad (unless you payed to skip ads) and started another game. It was fun. Just got back into it today and will be the last time I play it. It’s now just ads with a little game play. The skins I had before now have to buy or re-earn. Want to start bigger, Ad (unless you payed for no ads?). Play for a minute and then halftime ad, play some more and end (unless you want to watch an ad for 30 more seconds for that skin). Want to double that score? AD. Before you go back to the screen watch this ad. Think you can skip the time left? Hahahahaha no.

This is so good!. This app is amazing, because I really like the whole concept of swallowing the world and when I am the largest, it feels like I control the whole entire world. This game is also good because it has different modes and worlds that you can play in and skins which you can win in games or achieving achievements. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone I know and you should definitely because a lot of people love it as well as me.

Rip-off but good.. When you play this game, there are three modes but there should be ONE! And it is a rip-off when there is a two minute timer because what if you wanted to play this game for three hours without stopping you will have to stop like NINETY TIMES! Also when a skin is smaller and another skin is bigger, the bigger skin always eats the smaller skin and you should not eat other people because it makes no sense. There is also a leaderboard that shows you how many points you have and the leaderboard is STUPID because when you stop the game it always disturbs you. And please remove the ads because they are annoying when the timer stops and you want to go back to the game there is an ad that will disturb you. So PLEASE fix this up NOW!😡☹️😒😫.

really great game, but here’s what I’ve experienced and would LOVE to change.. First of all, we all know it’s a great game and is very fun, but there’s just WAY too many ads. Like when ur tapping “ tap to continue “ there’s an add. Do we really need it voodoo? Second of all, the halftime. I’m here JUST trying to play and win and halftime just pops in. I wanna play a game where no ads or halftime is appeared on ur screen. Who the hell would wanna pay $8.00 just to remove halftime, and $5 to remove ads!?! There’s way more things ive actually experience just too lazy to write them. Voodoo, if u could please remove ads ( especially ) and also this goes to all ur games. Thank u!

5 stars if there weren’t 2 many ads😒. I love the game and I literally started playing 5 minutes ago. I thought it would be a bit scary at first because of all the holes roaming around, but it is the exact opposite of what I thought. There are ads every single time you finish a game, and they give you a time limit. I think the time limit is fun and challenging. The ads about this game are true, it is really hard to get to swallow the big skyscraper buildings. I must be a master if I got to that stage in less then five minutes. There are lots of vortex colours to choose from. I do think the game should have improvements such as less ads and grey, white and black vortex colours. It is a really fun game, watch out for the bigger vortexes and eat the smaller ones. Most importantly WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Cool Rules,. Dear peeps, well I’m talken about dis game, well it is an “amazing”game. As I continue as a President’s son, I say that all of these rules are STUPId sorry to say that, obviously 🙄 becuz these are Not Cool Rules, well I’ll tell why bekuz these aren’t cool instead of talken about that ALOt let me tell why because when da timer ⏱ finishes it isn’t cool also, when people are smol and REALLY REALLY TINY and da others R really REALLY Big they eat ALL of the tiny peopel and take other building’s so that they can’t eat it so that I command that 2mins aren’t good so as President’s son I command that 2mins aren’t good you will get fired from my daddy and I say 4mins are GREAT!! Please fix it all From President Son

Please go back to the original version!!!!!. I’ve been playing this app for literally 4 years or so. It was honestly the best game I could play it for hours and hours and get lost. But the last six months since the update where you guys made it so you there’s a half time. It ruined the game. No one wants to play for 30 seconds stop then play for another 30 seconds to finish. It’s really annoying and not even worth playing it. Then to top it off in the last week since having to redownload this new update crashes after the 2nd time you open the game. It has a loading screen for about 15 minutes before the game crashes. At first I thought it was a glitch had to restart my phone. And then it still wasn’t working . Came to the reviews and everyone has been telling you guys and your not fixing it!!! PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEMS SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME AGAIN. If not I will be deleting the game and I will be informing all my friends and family rok as well. Thankyou! DELETE THE HALF WAY AD AND WE WOULD ALL BE HAPPY!!!!! PLEASE IM BEGGING U!

I hate it but I love it. Literally an amazing game, super addicting, fun and relaxing. It’s all you can ask for in a game. Cool, cute designs and skins, easy but challenging gameplay as you are under a time limit. But you may be wondering why I gave it one star if I love the game so much? I know it’s what you were expecting Ads. ADS ADS ADS oh my god ads EVERYWHERE it is an AD VIRUS. Instead of a game you could call this entire mess an ad. Holy hell this game is the king of ads. 99% of the game is watching ads. I could go on and on. Please for the love of god take of an ad. EVEN 1 SERIOUSLY. In my entire life I have never seen a game with so many ads but this. This is just something else. The ads are either raid shadow legends or merge dragons and i tell you that you will NEVER ever see any other ad other than that and if you do you are one lucky person because here I am typing an essay about how many ads are in this cursed game. Goodbye.

My Review: Hole .io. This app is amazing!!! I believe whoever read this is reading the truth. I only have YOUR games on my device. Thank you sooo much for this game and all the other games!! I think you could adjust the ads a little bit but, other than that, nothing else could get any better. This game and all the other ones such as Slither .io are amazing. I think you could make a whole lot of people happy with them all. You can keep making more apps such as these!! - Angelina P.S. Your amazing!! ( I honestly feel like had to say that 😉😊)

Don’t waste your time on the game. I installed this game long ago. I purchased the ad free version a few yeas ago. At first only 1 map with different play modes. Later they added more maps, which was amazing. Later they added the GEM collection system. All the maps became locked and you have to earn GEMs to unlocked the maps again. It was still barely acceptable. Now they added the lucky draw system which literally made the game unplayable. You can’t even control when you can play the game. You have to be lucky enough to get 3 “battle icons” in the draw to actually start a game. The chance is about 1 in 10 draws. I just had enough. I have already uninstalled it.

My thoughts. I love this game it is so addictive I love the different modes, I’m only going to mention one thing cause I know these updates take a while to do but it would be great if there was a solo mode with no timer so you could eat the whole world and try to beat your high score. Doing that I would give a five star rating. I know it says that there’s adds but there really short and they don’t bother me at all. I’ve got one question are the other holes real people? I case you were wondering it said twelve plus but there is nothing inappropriate about this game. Overall I think this is a great game that is really fun and free.

Addicted. Love this game. Took me a few days a even realise there were other game options like Solo and Battle. Solo run is a must favourite, would love to see an option like Solo Run but it times you until you finish the map and have to find your best time, rather than a set time and have to eat as much as you can. My best is nearly 90% in two minutes, would love to be able to finish all the maps and know how long it’ll take me to do it and try to beat my best time. Also, if you could see your personal best for each map as well would be great, like city, sci-fi and the island one because I know I do the best in the former than the others, but I’m curious. Other than that, great game 😁❤️

Disappointing upgrade. It takes a while to get used to the new graphics. I prefer the old graphics. Sad bluetooth has been removed and I hope to see it back very soon. In battle mode when 2 of us reached level 19 neither of us could eat the other and no one progressed to level 20 and then game didn’t end. I had to back out of the game altogether. The game is slower and In solo mode I can no longer get a higher score than around 60%. Disappointing and I hope you can rectify these issues as I love this game and play it almost daily.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😒. It literally is the simplest concept ever you eat stuff you grow bigger and as most games these days the adds are absolutely atrocious. It was actually to be fare, pretty fun when I played but then I noticed that all the people I was vs ing where ai which for some reason really annoyed me like it would improve the game thoroughly if they just made there be an option whether or not you wanted to play online of against ai. Overall I really just wanted to rant about this game. So if you don’t mind adds or are willing to pay money (which honestly is completely stupid) to get rid of them and you constantly want to be annoyingly beat by a computer and you want to be able to have any contact with your friends through the game then this is the game for you!😘

I REALLY love this game!. This game is fun and amazing as it is! My favourite part has to be the mods tho. I think the solo is the best cause you can just go and around eating as much as you can without worrying about the other players that will come and eat you. But just one thing... I think you should add a new mode where you are playing solo, but there is no timer and you can just keep on going until you have eaten every single bit of the server and then the game ends. I think this would be a good idea because when I’m playing solo I find the timer for two minutes really frustrating when you run out of time and want to finish the whole city. Please add a new mode and then this game will probably be an extra good game!

FUN BUT NEEDS ADJUSTMENTS. I found this app really fun when I first got it. I loved how there was a point to the game, it wasn’t like it was for nothing, there were the different holes to collect through playing the game. My only problem is the glitches and the worlds. My iPad glitched quite a lot while playing this app like it does with many other Voodoo games. It took me out of the game when loading and took at least two minutes to get back in. As you can imagine I was annoyed at this as the game was supposed to be a quick two minute game for maybe a waiting boredom. My other problem was with the worlds. This isn’t as much of a problem just a factor of a potential problem. There needs to be more worlds to venture into. After a short while I became bored of the game itself, as the game is designed to be a boredom buster, this is not ideal. If more worlds could be created similar to the little villages made to represent the past, the city meant to represent the present and the robotic future land- obviously made to represent the future, that would be great. I’ve practically stopped playing the game as it is just too boring. Also, I find it irritating when I am set on playing in a certain world and because of the luck of the draw way of life inside the app, I have never actually gotten the game world I've wanted. If there could be a choice or a preference that would be wonderful. Apart from those small issues, GREAT GAME VOODOO! :) Cheers from Australia, Georgia Plattfuss

Where is the app support? It won’t restore my purchase!. Love the game, one problem - it won’t restore my purchase! I’ve paid for no ads and it shows my purchase in the App Store, but I’m dealing with ads everywhere and the “restore purchases” button does nothing. When I click on app support it just takes me to the website which is full of info about how wonderful Voodoo games are, lists all their games, lists all the wonderful things they do as a company, but there’s no “contact us” or “report a problem” on either their website or the App Store and there’s no in-game support either! Voodoo, please fix this problem and help me to restore my purchase, I will not pay for the same thing twice and I simply will not play the game while there’s ads.

Good game💗😁. This game is very fun and entertaining. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is bored and wants something to do. However not all games are perfect. For starters the game is very limited. You go up a few ranks, get a couple new skins, then nothing. The game becomes pointless because there’s nothing to earn. I think there should be something like daily tasks for example, eat 20 cars and eat 10 fences or something then you would earn money to buy skins or perks. I think it would make the game more exciting to do daily tasks to go up more levels in ascending order. Overall this game is really good and I would 100% recommend to anyone who is bored or is just interested in these types of games. With the ups and downs this game gets a 4 star from me. See ya later alligator.

Battery 🔋. This game was really fun at first, trying to eat everything but after a while you get the hand of it and know sub-consciously where everything is. Seeing as there’s only 3 different maps it gets pretty boring after a while. It also uses up my phone battery really quickly and heats my phone up to a point where it biking to touch. After a while I discovered different game modes!! YAY 😁 I thought but when I went to play one of them all the graphics had changed and were now high definition graphics that were too colorful and too blocky. Unfortunately this game is just not worth your battery 🔋 🙁🙁🙁

Game has limited attraction marred by ads. Pay to get rid of VERY annoying ads. Yes you can play it without paying to get rid of the ads, but no doing so means the game stutters and stops and us pretty much unplayable while ads play at the bottom of the screen during levels. Don't like to be forced into a sale. There is only one level to play on, that gets rotated to make it seem like there are more and once you realise this and you've mastered that there is no more gameplay and the game is just a matter of who is closer to the parks. No variety, no randomness to levels to try and make anything a bit fairer. Also playing with people of any level seems completely unfair to newbies who just wander around without getting bigger and get eaten. Solo mode is fine, but again only the one level.

Great game but.... I honestly think the game would be ten times better if you could change the amount of thine you had on solo mode for those people who can’t do it in two minutes and still want to eat the entire map, I think because able to change the time limit would be a good asset to the game and you could make it so the less time you have, the more stars you get and the more time you have, the less stars you get so that the pros can have a stronger challenge to face, this would also be a nice thing to add to Bluetooth multiplayer mode so that if your teaching someone to play they can have more time to learn in one game instead of two minutes and several rounds.

Good game. This game is pretty fun but it's usually way too easy and doesn't provide a challenge at all. With the addition of the battle Royale mode, which awards 30 points upon first place, ranking up has also become extremely easy. And that isn't the problem I have with this game. The problem is that everyone I verse is a bot unless I do local multiplayer. The fact that they are bots is extremely apparent from their robotic movement (in the battle Royale mode, I have seen large groups of them all traveling in the exact same direction and when they are pursuing me, their aim is perfect and instantaneous) and their genetic names (mindless bobcat and nice gnome are among the most obvious I have seen). If you could make it so that I am actually versing players that'd be great. It also seems to chew battery life.

Ok, but limited.. Ok, firstly, the concept is pretty cool and original but it’s not a game that draws me in like some. It’s the same map, with the same features, all of the time. If you play in a group, everyone knows to go to the parks because that makes you grow much faster. I don’t even bother playing against other players now. What I’d REALLY like to see, and what WOULD keep me playing more often is only a few simple changes! 1. Being able to change the time limit. It would be really good if you could choose different times. Example in battle, between 1-3 minutes. In solo mode, offer a game with the objective being to clear 100% of the board. You can then compare your times to others, as well as aim to better your time. That is something I’d enjoy playing. I’d love to see more maps, bigger maps, map features that give you a bonus (maybe you swallow a truck containing water, or you swallow a swimming pool and you grow bigger by 1 size) features that will make you smaller (a cement truck decreases your size by 1) random elements like Santa, Easter bunny, leprechauns, Cupid, etc for different holidays, maybe a bus that has a load of people in it, basically what I’d like is for there to be a lot of features to allow you to use more than just the one strategy everyone knows. More maps and bigger maps are definitely my wish though.

My review.. I used to play this game all the time, and it was amazing! I never got bored of it it was really satisfying. But I re downloaded it just this past week to see some changes, there’s now a half time which is pretty annoying because I just want to play without interruptions. There is a choice to get bigger you watch an ad to get bigger or to just continue playing when I click to continue it gives me an ad anyway and I just find that really annoying, if y’all just took that away again the game would be perfect. I also now get a little bored of just the 3 worlds, it would be nice to see a new one like a dinosaur world or something like that. But anyways, I seriously do love this game but I wish they didn’t change it so much.

Different maps and no time limit please. There should be a setting where there was no time limit. Like if you were in the unlimited time mode setting the game would end when you get eaten by another hole or when you’ve eaten all the buildings in the town or something like that. There should also be different maps and different shapes of holes you can buy. In the different maps, there are different things to swallow; e.g at the beach: swimmers and sharks and fish in the water and life guard towers and beach umbrellas on the beach. In the car park there could be a toilet block and cars and people and picnic areas. Thankyou

Bare bones classic concept. Fun distractor. Unsure if there are PC players on the same servers as suggested by another reviewer but I’ve had no trouble winning on an iPhone 7. First couple of rounds you’re bound to lose as you get to know the props. Once you know what you can get at each size and with a bit of luck (random spawn areas) it’s not hard to be in the top 3. Level system is nice as it lets you know how experienced the players nearby are but there is nothing encouraging about it. You don’t get access to new things or customisation beyond the hole border’s colour (unlocked by default). The game also is in terrible need of optimisation. I know they’re working on it as from the patch notes being released but aside from minor gameplay issues, my phone heats up like crazy after a round. I only play max 5-10 matches in a row as the device chews up my battery with the excessive heat being generated. I’ve checked it by having no other apps open and even hard resetting the device before launching it first so pretty sure it’s the game that causes the processor to go into overdrive. Another reason for the average star is because the game is freezing at about 15-60s of launch. 15s if in game, 60ish if I hang around Main Menu for a bit. Unsure why though as it was working fine yesterday and fresh install doesn’t seem to fix it.

Fun, Easy to Play. Easy to play. Fun. I would like to see different timed versions and maybe larger maps, or types of play. For example; players go until everything on the map is gone (highest score wins)... death matches... solo timer matches with score requirements to go to next level... you could even get the game connected with Facebook to create player vs player styled matches. That is all I would love to see with the next update! New playing platforms, keeping it exciting and challenging.

Really fun! Definitely download it!. Hi! I’ve had this app for a really long time now, less than a year though, and through all the times I’ve played this game, it’s still great fun and easily accessible. This is a good game for long road trips when you don’t have internet and is generally just really fun! You eventually get better and better the more you play — as you get better, the difficulty of growing becomes easy. It’s really fun! I recommend you all to download it if you want games that worth taking up your storage :D 🙌🏽

A few tweaks. I absolutely love this game but I’ve made it to the last rank and Gotten all the skins except for the hole for one and one for all, or something like that (I don’t know how to get that skin) and I am now just a bit bored with this game now so it would be much appreciated if in the next update you could make more skins obtainable and add higher levels. It would also be nice if you could have different time modes and a solo mode when you have to try and get as big as possible. It would also be nice if you could add you friend into a public game instead of just bots. I remember when this game was new and you could play with friends PLEASE BRING BACK THAT FEATURE

Great game. This is a great game for people who get bored easily!But I wish you can earn coins so you can get skins with your points but overall this is a great and interesting game!When I was playing a game I got bored to I went to the AppStore and had a look at this game! It has amazing stuff and I love how you can get soo much skins they are all pretty cool!Ive had this game for about a year because I never get bored playing it! I think it is great and I hope other people think so too! I don’t really mind the ads because they are quick so keep up the good work!!! From a positive girl 👧

Bigger maps. I really liked this game at first. Of course you’re going to lose at first, trying to figure out where you can eat the best stuff. But then, I won pretty much every single round and I knew where everything was. Go to a park and you’ll pretty much be on top and no one can stop you. If you could make it so 1) we could change the time limits and 2) there are new maps that are larger, then I would TOTALLY give this game five stars. The maps are really small as well. Also, are the players you verse computers? Because most of them are only, like, 250points when the game ends, soooo... yeah. (Just saying, if it’s not, and you’re one of those people, I’m not saying you’re bad at the game.) ~Keep making improvements! ^>^

Great game voodoo, but 2 small bugs. Hi guys. I am here to tell you how AMAZING this game is. Do I recommend it? - YES! It is really fun to eat everything and then to smash it when your done. The 1 of 2 things I do not like is that you are playing with bots. It is not too bad tho but still. I also have a hack for you guys - if you turn your wifi off there will be NO adds.. Absolutely none. The 2nd thing I would like to change is that there is a glitch - when I eat A LOT of things in a match, when it is getting ready to be smashed at the end, it glitches me out and I don’t get my reward! I hope you guys can fix this little problem, thx. But overall - this game is SO FUN AND CREATIVE. This is NOT a waste of your time it is really great. *LUV THIS GAME*

Old one was better. I deleted this game a last year to save space and downloaded it a few days ago again. I downloaded it so I could play it on the plane. So everything was working fine. Then just yesterday, I realised that I couldn’t play it without wifi anymore like the older version. And now it’s all like those other games with ads every single game and in the middle. Now you need to collect coins rather than. Do quests to get the skins, plus you have to buy the maps with the coins rather than just randomly spawning into the map. Please bring back the old game🙏🙏

So addictive, but becomes boring quickly. I loved this game, and the satisfying feeling of sinking buildings. Completely disagree with the other reviewer that it needs to be made easier, that’s ridiculous. It doesn’t take long to build a bit of a strategy. On the flip side though, now I have a strategy and it’s become boring. It’s not hard to beat the bots every time, the layout of the map never changes, and playing now just to get a higher level seems so pointless because it’s just pictures; a higher level doesn’t provide any tangible benefit at all. Please provide some different challenges! For example, unlimited time and you can only be eaten once (so last man standing), different cities/layouts, actual live multiplayer, unlimited time ‘zen mode’, etc.

Pretty good. I personally think this is a great game! I’m not obsessed with it but it’s pretty good. The only thing I would change is the timer. Yes, I get it is necessary because what happens when you eat the whole map? People will just keep dying and coming back but there will be nothing to eat. I get how the timer makes the game better and more enjoyable, but all the creators have to do is expand the size of the map, then make the timer longer. Overall I think this game is great except for that one little fault I mentioned 👍🏻😀

Fun but eventually boring. When i first got this game i thought it would be exciting and interesting. It was really fun but eventually you knew what to do and were everything was on the maps and after awhile you’d unlock all the skins then its just the same thing over and over. Next time i would make more maps and more skins. I would also make the maps bigger, and expand the timer. Sometimes you spend 1 minute until your hole is big enough to eat more things. I really expected more things in this game but overall a really fun game. Voodoo company please take this into consideration. I think lots of people would like an update with more maps and skins and tings to do. And please reduce the adds, it gets very annoying and i don’t want to spend money to have no adds. And btw people will want to play if there aren’t any adds.

Great game. Except... (nitpick). This is an amazing game. It’s really fun and I enjoy playing it when I’m bored. The only problem I have (and this is a MINOR problem) is that when I’m was using the rainbow skin (the one you get after getting 2,000+ points) I noticed that it blocks out my name on the leaderboard. As in, the text and background colour are both white, so I can’t see my score and neither can other players. This is just a nitpick that I find annoying, other than that this game is great! 10/10 🤩🤩

Love this game!!!. I’m absolutely addicted !! I never play games on my phone anymore because I have a little girl, so the two minute time limit is a good thing 😂 However! I think the ranking is a bit confusing. If there was some way of being able to track your ranking to know what’s ahead and how far you have to go, that would be amazing ! And an international leaderboard (hours played, most points in a single game, most consecutive wins etc) Also! Some different maps :) I’ve noticed the city is layed out a few different ways but the landscape, it gets a bit dull if you play as much as I do 😂 I really do love the game though !! Even add some in app purchases like something so that other holes can’t eat you for however long ? Or an extra size up at the start? Something like that :) It’s so competitive! Brilliant and simple ! Well done ! Can’t wait to see what you add !

Game of all Games. So far I’m having a great time. Taking on challenges, trying to unlock new holes and much more fun stuff. This game cannot get boring. But I am really hoping they will let me write a review again. The reason why this game isn’t full stars is simply because I’ve just downloaded this game who am I to judge? But, again you asked me to write a review so this is what I’m doing. This game has reasonable prices and very cool bundles. This game cannot stop getting better i betcha if they let me write a review on Thursday I will have very enjoyable news to share!

Suggestions!!!. So I absolutely love this game and I have been playing it for a while. So I love the new update and challenges, but it’s just a touch laggy compared to the old update. And the new maps, yes it’s cool that you have created new ones and I love new challenges, but I would like to have a control that changes what map you want as some times I feel like having the classic map, then I feel like a challenge and want to have a go at the new ones. Anyway love this game, and would like for you to take my suggestions into consideration! Thanks.

Ads. It’s a good game and the idea itself is smart and fun but the excessive use of ads makes the game less enjoyable. I seem to be finding myself having to stop playing the game to be interrupted by an ad and being stopped once again before it starts and if I want to get better stuff or added time. I feel like the game is now only focusing on the profiting aspect the game can make then making it enjoyable for all the users playing. They purposely make it so that if you want to remove the insane amount of ads you have to pay money. Not all kids and users have the money to pay for this ridiculous ask. The game isn’t really a game anymore I am really just playing an app that showcases ads.

Fun. But limited. Such a great concept and at the beginning it really dragged me. But in a short time, I knew all the maps and where everything was. How to beat it every single round on every mode and it became pointless. There were no more skins to win and no more achievements to reach. I have re downloaded this game 3 or so times now just so I can start again and unlock the skins again just so it felt like there was an objective to the game. Honestly. I love this game. But it needs more. More maps maybe bigger maps. What I think would make it great would be challenges, for example ‘eat 100 cars’ ‘eat 500 people’ makes you go up levels not just a few ranks. Maybe playing against people that are around the same level as you so the difficulty is harder. something that keeps you wanting to play. I think this game could be truly one of the best out there. Just needs more features. Thanks for creating a great game :)

This is quite disappointing. To be honest I played this for an hour because I was all like “maybe it wasn’t the game... maybe it was me” so I waste my whole hour for this!!! This game is boring!! The whole timer thing is so not appropriate I don’t think its necessary. And the level up thingy with the stars?! Why do you have to make it harder? It’s already hard enough to try to not get kill and destroy buildings? And you need to make it easier by “size up” FASTER because I spent literally 30 seconds eating junks and other contestants are already bigger than me. Oh which reminds me, get rid some of your computer pests please!! Isn’t the game meant to be us eating building and destroy your city? Well, I can’t if there’s at least 20 computers already hacking their way.... it is fun and all when you’re all big and strong but please just make it easier for us to play because stresses will never be a good thing. Keep trying.

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So buggy. I can’t believe this is working at all. Ad heavy, freezes, deceptive messaging (finding players, really?). This might work on a 5 year old, but I see how basic this is.

This is the very best game on the planet. This game is the best in the world

You updated the game now I can’t do anything?. I can play the maps, but it freezes after the game is finished. Can’t destroy anyone’s land, same build my stuff. It’s just freezing everywhere.

Bad servers. The game was fun for about 5 seconds I could actually move after that the whole lobby would lag and I would only be able to move an inch every couple second I have restarted multiple times and have tried using my data to make loading faster but same thing you need to work on ur servers just cause one guy has crappy internet shouldn’t make him play normal while everyone else lags

Fraudulent. This is not a multiplayer game. Stop lying.

Not fair at all. This game 1) can’t even play a single game without getting bombarded with ads, have to hit X 3 times and they NOW make you play them just to exit the last ad. 2) you are literally giving advantage to the other players by letting me get eaten because you start me out too small while other holes level up so quick. 10 rounds I tried and 9/10 I didn’t play for more than 2 seconds and I had to restart (along with all the ads like mentioned above) fix the ads issue and maybe I’ll download again. Peace out!

Gxng. Really cool game

🔥 PHONE ON FIRE 🔥. Well. Hole.io. I’ll try to keep this short. Yknow, so you guys save your phones. First of all, it’s laggy, ads everywhere, short time, every player is a bot, but that is nothing. I was playing this, and my phone was really hot. I mean REALLY HOT. I put my phone down and plugged it in because it was also draining battery. And then it started beeping. It happened every time I played hole.io for more than 5 minutes. So, long story short, save your phones, time, and sanity guys. Oh, and edit- this review will, has been, and will continue to be deleted. So share it while you can.

Unplayable. Played this when it first came out, was enjoyable. So many ads now it’s useless. Every 60 seconds another ad? You can’t even play one round.

With this new update I can’t choose to play the game…. Instead, I have to keep spinning a wheel hoping to match 3 buildings so I can play. I only get so many spins before I have to use gems to buy more spins. This was such a good game, I would have given it 5 stars before they totally changed, and ruined it in my opinion.

Slots bad. I have been playing the game for years and now you put a slots addition to it. Remove the slots crap and let us just play the game.

This Update Ruined the Game. I can’t even play anymore. I don’t care about building stuff or stealing bricks from other players. This slot machine thing needs to go.

Trash. This game was entertaining and I liked it tell they put the dumb adds in and make you watch adds. This game should be free it’s not worth paying money for. You guys wrecked your own game because you are money hungry fools. if I can give a lower rating then one star I would give this native 5 stars.I am deleting this game. Because it’s trash now. Remove the adds and I would play again. Highly disappointed in your team

Needs fixing. New update is horrible hate the spin wheel I just want to play the game and it keeps crashing now very frustrating

You ruined nice game. It was a great game few years back, now ads completely ruined it - you watch more useless ads than playing. Last update was really glitchy, game frozen and basically became unplayable. I deleted it from my phone, don’t waste your time.

You ruined it. The timer stopping mid game with an ad ruined it. And you cannot play without internet anymore.

Bug. Since the last update the game doesn’t work at all… please fix this! The page is just frozen no matter what I do. Refresh, close, reopen. I pay to avoid adds and now I can’t even play 😣

Great game, but.... Super fun although it would be so much more fun if we had more than 2 minutes and the map was larger or procedurally generated so you can keep eating the city!

Fake multiplayer. Before it was an actual multiplayer game, but now it is always bots, there is no fun anymore since the bots are not challenging.

Good. Hi idk wat to write soo you are amazing person reading this okay🐰💕🤓

What the heck?. What the f is the new spin thing? No hole game anymore??? Because it sure freezes and can not play the game it’s supposed to be DO NOT DOWNLOAD

The 2mn Thing kinda sucks. The two minute timer to play one game is not fun make a mode where it’s just one person eating the whole city. But in all it is pretty fun.👍👍👍

Ads in the midst of a round?! Really?. It’s a fun game but the ads are beyond ridiculous. I’ve seen games that do it between rounds at a nauseating rate but the game does it IN THE MIDST OF A ROUND!! It’s a multiplayer game and you get handicapped multiple times a round with pop up ads which halt you mid game, allowing others who haven’t gotten an ad to continue playing. On top of that, the in app purchase to block all ads costs $4?! Get lost, this game isn’t worth that

Uses your data or you don’t play. Game says it needs your data to « target adds » and you can’t opt out.

Where did the game modes go??. Terrible update. Can’t even play now with the jackpot spin thing. I just want to play the game!!

Bring back the modes. Super fun game but I miss when we could play a solo mode…

Terrible. Are you kidding me? this game shows an ad every 10 seconds. Can’t even play the game because of it. Here’s the worst part, this game shows an ad DURING THE FREAKING ROUND!!! How crazy is that. Terrible and stupid

Scam. They claim it’s a multiplayer game so that you play online, but it’s against bots and there are WAY too many ads

Evil. They have an ad with no x

Ads. Not enough ads can you put more please

Ruined it. TERRIBLE. This app used to be fun before they added the halftime advertisement. That was the worst decision and has made this game nearly unplayable. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!

Collects WAY too much personal data. It’s a game. You don’t need all that personal data. Guys, I suggest you read the privacy policy before you install it.

Why. Why does this game make my phone almost explode cuz it heats the battery up to the point where my phone turns off. Why does my game lag so much? This shouldn’t be a huge issue besides all the glitches in your app where I cannot get the skins that I unlocked?

So many ads. So so so many ads!

A fun time waster.. I enjoyed wasting my time with this game, but a recent update forced me to let you “collect information” from me in order to play. I’ve paid for no ads, so there’s no need for you to collect information. If I haven’t spent money on the app, I would delete it! Not happy!😡

Spyware?. I have been playing hole.io casually for a little while. Then recently it asked me for permission to collect non-specific data, reminding me I play the game for free. Didn’t say what data just that it would collect data from my phone while I played. Couldn’t continue playing without agreeing. I noped outta there and deleted the app.

Poor changes ruined the game. When I originally downloaded this app you could play 3 different modes however you wanted - battle, classic or solo. And you unlocked new maps. Then they changed it so you could only play classic without watching ads. Now this stupid slot machine that lets you play the actual game maybe twice a day. Do not recommend

Latest update sucks. Up until the recent update, this game was good. Now, the slot machine is dumb, and when it does hit on “battle” or “steal”, nothing happens! It sits either on a blank screen or “looking for player” forever. Completely unplayable.

to much ads. i used to play this game a lot before but now with all the ads its just unplayable. And even if you deactivate the wifi, the game just doesn't work. I'm very sad about how the developpers ruinned this good game for profit. this game is now absolute trash dont install it

Used to be fun. Every time the developers update this game it just gets worse. I’ve been playing for years; I’ve climbed the ranks each time it was reset and changed, watched so many game types disappear, saw increasing ads and IAPs to make the game playable, and now with the two newest updates, the inclusion of pointless and honestly down right ridiculous mini games and hoops that need to be jumped through to even play the scrap left of the original game. I don’t understand why it’s changed so much, but between all the annoying useless quests just to play the only remaining game mode, and how hot my phone gets while trying to play for more than a couple of minutes of lag; it’s a waste of both my space and my time. I miss the old app, this one sucks 😔

Fun until you realize you are the only player. Not multiplayer. Just you and mindless bots that let you win. Game has a lot of potential.

Update sucks... I played this game for years. Was always a great pastime. But this new update seriously sucks. Having to spin and maybe getting a proper round 1/10 spins is not worth the time anymore.

Game got worse. I used to love playing this game. Since whatever update a few months ago, I wasn’t able to get past the finish screen. It would freeze. So I figured, delete and reinstall it. Lost all my progress, managed to play 3 parts of claiming the map and now I can’t click on anything to go to a new game. Seems like nothing has been fixed, it just got worse. Not happy

Awful update. It was fun until the newest update, I just want to play the game… not spin some slot machine hoping it’ll land on the play the game option. Sucks

Really…. This game was decent before but talk about trying to bleed every buck out of ads, this one is terrible ads in the middle of rounds banners, and ads at the end of games get lost boot worth the time to download would give zero info could

Remove the timer. Remove the stupid timer or put it for10 min

Change it. It’s ok, but 2 min per game is not enough. You should definitely upgrade it

Who put ads in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME!??. Laggy and I hate when the ads start in the middle of the game, it ruins the fun

This sucks. Boo! I hate it

Refund !!!!. The original games 2-3 years ago was very GOOD, with choices of game modes and maps. Then all the meaningless additions and changes have been so BAD the essentially trashed the game down the hole. The implementation was so UGLY that it kept crashing, timer removed but can’t continue to play. The fantastic game we paid for literally is nonexistent; paid users are really entitled for a REFUND. Never seen a game or app that degenerated that much. WARNING: do not download any games from VooDoo. They grossly mismanages their games.

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Fun to play, makes time fly, but.... This game is easy to play, mechanics are ok but leaves room for a bunch of more things that can make it cooler. Let’s start with adding power-ups like when you get “ on fire” in certain games and wreck havoc. Or how about 3 back to back kills and you become a tornado?? Or when you reach a specific score, let’s say 2000 pts and you manage to reach the center of the town/island, everything just caves in?? Well, add more maps is one thing that can be fun and make this game entertaining. Asides that, I think the game still has a few bugs. My high score is 2772, with over 30 kills in one game and I still haven’t unlocked 2 of the skins (bro/hole and reach maximum size) yet! I play on i.os and have done all updates. Also, I noticed in some videos online that when you make back to back kills, it labels it as a “double kill”... I have yet to see that happen even though I ate 3 holes in less than 2 secs many times. Overall, I like it. Make more maps and fix those bugs. Need more games like this one in the future!!

Fun game, full of issues. I wish this game didn’t claim to be a multiplayer game when it is so obvious every other “player” is a bot. The game doesn’t even try to hide this. When you kill another player, they reappear a few seconds later, whereas when you are eaten by another player, you’re out of the match permanently. Some bots will just sit in the same place for the entire match and you can keep eating them over and over again. It isn’t fun to win every single match you play, which happens 100% of the time. Furthermore, some of the goals are literally impossible to attain. I just played a match where the objective was to eat 15 desks…I ate every single thing on the map and the objective still wasn’t complete. The volcano on the pirate map is also impossible to eat unless you happen to get the power up which shrinks items around you. And on top of all that, the CONSTANT bombardment of ads seriously detracts from the enjoyment factor. I could play this game for hours if I didn’t have to watch an ad literally every 30 seconds.

Did to much... I downloaded this game after watching an ad about it. I didn’t think I would like it when I started playing it but it was actually a lot of fun. It was so fun that I bought no ads so I could enjoy it without the constant ads popping up. Playing solo mode and destroy as much as you can in 2 minutes where my favorite. Having the option to either play with people or not was what I liked the most. Eventually it started getting a little boring so I stopped playing for a couple of months. When I opened the app again everything about it made no sense. I hated the whole sticker thing and the fact that now they ask for even more money for another no ads option. There is no more solo mode or destroy as much as you can in 2 minutes. You are trapped playing with others all the time and occasionally get the option to do those things again for 30 minutes. Then it’s gone again. The game is still good but it will never be the same and that disappoints me a little.

Good, but a couple things... I have this game for a while now, it’s really fun to play when your bored or have no WiFi, the only thing about this app is the ads! Every 2 games an ad pops up, so if really don’t like dealing with ads maybe pick a different game, also I wish you could make an account, because I have this game on my iPad and my phone, and when I got my phone I basically lost all my work on my ipad, so I wish you could make an account so you can login on different devices. And it might seem boring that you can’t chat with people in this game, but I actually enjoy it, it makes the game more kid friendly, and I tip (you can turn airplane mode on and it won’t give you ads!) :D I’m only complaining about the ads in this even though there is a hack, because I don’t think everyone will see this, but besides all that this apps is great, it’s a great app to play with no WiFi (sorry if I already said that.) and it really satisfying! Thank you for reading!

Fun! Needs more levels, true multiplayer, bug fixes. The concept of this game is very appealing and I honestly played it for 3 hours straight and in essence mastered it (never lose now) and unlocked all but 2 skins. As for improvements, it can get laggy (not sure why as I suspect there isn’t true multiplayer), the hole can unexpectedly start moving very slow, needs more levels, more things to strive for, and an occasional time addition of 30 seconds (either random or something triggers it, always feels like the matches end too soon). I like that you can progress to be top skilled without having to spend money. I also think the ads were reasonable. You get them at the end of the round and can choose between a short 10-15 second one or a 30-45 second one to double your points (I usually choose the second option if I won that match, maybe not worth it if you only scored a few points). If you don’t want to double your score, use Airplane mode and you can skip ads altogether.

I’m concerned. Hi there I am an eleven year old girl who plays this game.i think it is awesome but I have a few concerns. 1.)why is it that every time your done with a round there is always an advertiser I think the adds are driving me insane only because it pops up every time when you’re done with a round I know there is a no add purchase but if it costs money then I might not think it is worth it. I say this because usually games with adds can steal tons of thing from you. You never know who you give your money(if you do) 2.)lags and inappropriate names Now I know on the play screen it says you can change your name but some people have the mind to think of a name that has no good profanity. I think you should change the name tag to saying that you can’t use an offensive word or not appropriate word. And about the lagging my tablet, phone, and computer lags so much that I’ve lost so many times and I think it’s because of the adds on the game so please change that. 3.) time to move in game This one makes me fumed because when you join your small right and then there are these people who take one second to become ENORMOUS and then decide to eat me and other people that are small. 🤯 this is my reaction “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” *throws or breaks electronic. I hope that it takes a bit slower for people to get bigger and start to eat others. Other than those 3 concerns I salute this game for it being a nice calm and relaxing game. P.s please hear my requests thx

More timee and Map options. I love this game alot its very fun and satisfying to just est everything in sight😂 but as i was playing i noticed how there is not that much time or maybe for some people it could be too much time and would like to challenge themselves or make it more difficult like go from easy, normal, medium, hard or the impossible. Also how there are only 3 maps i believe there is a city some place with robots and a village or a farm like map and as the game randomizes the maps i was thinking there could a spot to vote for a map or choose a specific map to be in and add different ones too like maybe an island map, inside a house map, a zoo, an amusement park, gas station, a studio, or one where u have 2 different floor to clear up that'll be cool. All i wanted to kinda put out there was the map voting because i have been trying to unlock the 15 and 20 cops skin and i couldnt because of the map change. I would greatly appreciate it if u would put one of the things for an update please and thank you!🙏😌😌🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

FAVORITE. I absolutely love this game!! I’ve played it so many times, I’ve lost count! My only suggestion is to add more modes ( such as larger areas with a bumped up time limit, maybe a fight mode with a shortened time limit but faster holes, a practice mode w/ no time limit etc. ) and different areas for the players to play in. Like I’ve said I’ve played this games TONS already. But that means I know the map and I know where to go to eat the most and get larger. I’d like a little variety between gameplay, which is really the only reason I gave four stars instead of five. Also p.s I understand that you need the ads to help create revenue so that you can continue adding on to your games and make improvements and then you gotta pay the people who work for you but maybe try so that the ads don’t occur every single time after a game..? Maybe every other but with a longer ad? <—- I’m completely uneducated in how ad revenue works for you guys so by no means am I holding this against the game because there’s a way to buy out of the ads I’m just saying maybe not every single time after gameplay yknow?

WARNING, READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING. Okay let me just warn you guys. You will start out playing this game thinking “Okay, this is kind of fun” and then in 0.7 seconds you will be sky rocketed into a hot steaming pile of being addicted to this game. Your family will be concerned. Your therapist will try to get you to come in more often. Your coworkers will think you died. I’ve started to have dreams where I’m a hole just devouring cities. When I’m driving on the road and pass traffic cones, I start to drift towards the cones without thinking, hoping I can size up quickly to be able to get cars next. I was supposed to get married last week. Did I show up? No. Why? I was determined to get to 2,000 in classic mode. Did I get it? Heck yes I did. I can’t stop playing this game and I’m scared I never will. It’s so simple and satisfying and i’ve never played anything like it. Before you get this, be warned you may be throwing your life away. But take it from me, it’s worth it.

True multiplayer, more maps, achievements. This game is pretty fun, but as others have noted... True multiplayer, not bots. Maybe segregate games based on ranking or other player stats so you don’t have beginners trying to battle pros. More maps. It is starting to get old playing the same map. It doesn’t take long to master the layout and find a route that guarantees a win. If you are level 2 near a park and clear it out, everyone one else is basically done. Achievements. After you gain all the skins and make master rank, what’s left other than the satisfaction of eating the whole map and killing holes? Need to have achievements for points/high scores, max out size in a certain time, killing X number of other holes, eating certain objects or certain number of objects, etc. and integrate with Game Center. Other fun things would be unlimited mode with no time limit. Yeah, I get it - how will you generate ad revenue every two minutes then? Well it’s not a big map, even a novice will clear it in 3 minutes so it’s not going to effect the developers ad revenue that much. Power-ups (speed, increased size, gravity that pulls objects in, invincible, insta-kill for holes larger than you) gained either by “eating” power-up objects or gaining size at a fast rate or eating a bunch of players or gaining them through achievements or eating a certain number of object types in an allotted time period. So many things you could do. Fun game, has potential for so much more.

Has potential. This game is a good time killer. The ads that people complain about really aren’t all that bad, they occur after each 2 minute game, but most I have seen can be skipped within 10 seconds or so. Visually, graphics are enjoyable, and gameplay is smooth. Rare frame rate issues happen when too many players are too close and consuming high volumes of objects, but even that has been rare for me. Biggest downside is there is only one game mode, with one time limit. After about 5 or so games you can get bored unless you are setting personal score goals for yourself, since you are only playing against AI. Also, the ranking system is absolutely worthless currently because you get no noticeable achievement for ranking up that I have seen. Possibly a feature added in the future. Overall, good time killer for about 20 mins, or a trip to a bathroom; ads are annoying, but can be circumvented by turning airplane mode on, and for being version 1.1, is a pretty solid foundation to build on. Looking foreword to future updates, which could change my 3 star ranting.

Very Fun but a Few Issues. I’ve been addicted to this game lately but since the update has allowed for you to earn skins, I’ve been playing even more in order to get all the skins. However, I found that I’ve already achieved a lot of the criteria needed to earn skins. In order for me to earn the skins, I have to re-earn the achievements. This is particularly frustrating because I was at max star status before the update came out, therefore I am unable to achieve any of the status skins. I understand having to re-earn some of the other skins, like serial killer, but I don’t like the fact that I have to delete the app, lose all my progress and become a max member all over again in order to earn those skins. Also, I’ve played classic mode and earned a score of above 2000 multiple times since the update but I have yet to earn the skin for that achievement. There has been some issues with lagging as well but that’s to be expected with this kinda game. Overall I really enjoy this game, but there are just a few issues that are keeping me from giving a better review.

Addicting, amazing, but. I LOVE this game, but I do have a few suggestions about how you could add more to it to make it even better. First, like many others have said, it would be awesome if you could add more maps, the ones you have already are great, but have become predictable, to the point where I win almost every game I play. Even though it feels great to win, it would also be fun if it was more challenging. Secondly, it would be cool if like in another one of your games, dune, if you could add a sort of type of money that you could use to buy holes that you have not yet earned. Lastly, it would be nice if there was a way to choose which map you are going to play on, because, even though I love all of the maps, sometimes I hope for a certain one and it goes on one that I have just played on and I don’t usually want to just play on one map over and over again. Thank you for reading his and I hope to see these changes made into a reality.

Great Game But Some Problems. I find this game very fun and addictive don’t get me wrong I love this game but there is sone problems but before I get into this “Problem Part” I know that making games are hard and you want to make them fun and addictive so people play it so I understand that the creators or just the creator has probably worked very hard but this is just my suggestion.#1 The Time its just that I and maybe other people would want to have more time to get bigger and bigger and get a bigger hole and eat building and other big objects example Billboards,Buildings and more. #2 Ads Alot if people hate ads and find them annoying and usually the creator(s) make you pay for them mostly a pretty low price but after a while you delete it so you just wasted money but sometimes its Sponsored ads so the Creator(s) get money and put it into the game. So that is it also Love the game but some problems like I have said above but again The Creator(s) Has worked so hard to make this game amazing and thank you for reading this and you find this helpful. (Yes its pretty long sorry 😂)

Love the game but there’s an issue. I’ve played this game for years. Only the second game I paid to turn off ads. Loved the new skins. I was a huge blue snowflake. Love the new stickers and collecting them. Unfortunately this is the new issue. At one point my screen has gone to shadow. I can see the play button, the screen and my skin. It is in shadow though. In the top right corner there is a tiny brightly lit sticker pack. I tap on it and nothing happens, I tap the screen nothing happens, I double and triple tap nothing happens. I close the app and reopen, nothing happens. I did updates, nothing happens. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. I even purchased no ads again. (Higher cost $ than yrs ago). Starting all over and it has happened again. I love this game but I’m not going to keep going through this process & paying for no ads. Have fun until you are stuck and then best of luck to you.

Addicted and ready for more. I'm totally addicted and obsessed with this game! And now, after playing it for so long, I'd love to have some variety. The new Skins options are great and it was fun having mini-challenges to work towards. Reading everyone's reviews, it sounds like we all want the same things. Different scenes to eat! A free play mode with no time limit. An option to quit your session without having to hard-close the app, say, if you want to start over or choose a different mode. More fun mini-challenges. Maybe even a mode to play with real players in real in real time. And as far as bugs go, it lags so incredibly bad sometimes, regardless of size! Having said all that, I really love this game! It reminds me of Katamari, and since I don't have a Playstation, and I'm worn out on the (impossible to beat) Amazing Katamari Demacy, I'm so happy this game exists! I really hope the developers are working on some additions to this addictive game :D Can't wait to see what they come up with!

Great game, poor rating. I hate to have to give this game a 2 star rating considering how much fun I think it is. There are however lots of issues that I’ve encountered that make it not worth playing. To start, the game is super laggy. This makes it really difficult to play against opponents and win. It has even completely frozen on me in the middle of a solo run. Another thing is that my screen gets really hot after just 5 minutes of playing. On top of this, it drains my battery! This problem definitely needs to be resolved. Some other issues I’ve noticed is that it won’t update my best score on the solo mode. It is stuck on the very first score I got. When I finish a solo game, the percentage from the bar does not match what pops up once the game is over. Also, the ads are way too long, suggestive and vulgar for a child to see when they play. One of the ads was for app about “sexy text stories”. This is not something I want my child seeing when they play what should be an innocent game such as this. While I feel this game has a lot of potential, there is much that needs to be fixed to make it worth playing.

Great game, but could use improvement. I’d like to start off by saying that this game has a very fun and addictive objective to it. A big problem I have with this game is the lag. It could be how my phone is older and may not be the best, but it would be nice if you could look into this. After reading other reviews, I’ve seen some things that would make the game a lot more interesting and fun for everyone. Perhaps you can add more maps, not just the same boring city. Also, maybe you can have a currency in the game, where you get money through the game by completing different tasks. Another great add-on could be rare items in the map: this item can appear at a specific time and place on the map and if you get it, it can maybe double your current points, or another cool ability. Voodoo, I would very much appreciate it and look forward to a response, and it would be great if you will look into this or even add my (and other’s) Ideas. Thanks for reading this!

Repetitive Nature. I can say the game is personally very fun, however it becomes too repetitive after a while of playing. I think that a few minor changes could make it much more enjoyable. The first one would be having the option to choose what map you play on. I prefer some maps over others due to the design, and though I don’t have anything against the other maps, I’d like to have the choice between the location I want to play in or a random one. Another concern I have is the difficulty of the AI. After a while of playing, the game becomes a little too easy, but instead if making the AI harder as a whole, add different difficulties for any players looking for a challenge. Finally, I think the game modes can be a little more randomized with the addition of power ups that give you and enemies a growth level for example. As just one final personal preference, I wish the maps were bigger, and though matches can take longer if two holes are on opposite sides of the map, I think just increasing the travel speed would remedy this and make the game a cooler experience.

Parks are too strong- game is won in the first 30 seconds. Ignore all the people going on about the time limit. It’s balanced for the game. Game is super fun but the winner is basically decided by who gets to one of the parks first. If you absorb a whole park, not to mention getting to the 2nd one too, you have won. There needs to either be more parks and an increase to the total available points (allowing for multiple giant holes to exist/fight) or the parks need to be seriously nerfed. Because of the sheer size upgrade given from eating a whole park you are already put in the lead and then you can swallow whole groups of cars and very quickly groups of small buildings. Unless another hole is doing the same thing as you on the other side of the map nobody can catch up. You are pretty much instantly guaranteed at least half of the total points collected. 80% if you find both parks untouched. I love the game guys and I think if you change this one thing it will really help the arena feel you are trying to cultivate.

Some things to add. I absolutely love the game i just think a change of scenery and levels would be a great addition to the game. Like for ex. Airports, Towns, farms, etc. adding the little characters or giving the buildings more designs like dog shelters, malls, name brand stores, just more day to day things to make the settings more unique because by now everyone knows where everything is and only goes for the parks. Maybe put in an option in the settings to change things around a bit like day or night/weather. There should also be an option of a harder level where maybe there’d be a winter setting and it’ll snow for 10 seconds making you slow, rainy weather that makes you go super fast, just some ideas to make the game more challenging & unique, summer makes it so hot you can’t see other characters from the heat waves, spring flowers start covering the buildings. Thank you to whoever took the time to read this.

Amazing game. This game is amazing and sooo addicting! The concept of the game is very unique and I think it’s much better than the other io games. It can’t get too overpowering and people don’t team up. Even though this game is super amazing there are some hints that you could do to make it a much better game. I think there should be different maps you could play on. I also think you could make it so there are different game modes for example, an all rank game where anyone can play or a game with only your rank such as only bronze stars can play together, only silver stars can play together, etc. There could also be a pro game where there are a lot less smaller objects to eat so it’s harder to get larger. Maybe there could be a free play mode where there is no time limit and there is either an infinite map or a much larger boarder where the objects will regenerate after a little while. Overall this game is amazing and there are some parts to improve. I would appreciate if you would take this into consideration.

love.. BUT... i love this game. i’ve reached the last rank long ago and now i just play for fun. this one of the very few apps i’ve spent money on. (which is a big deal. because i’m very picky on spending money on games). i purchased the “no ads” edition because that’s how obsessed i am with this game. however, i wish a couple things were different. ..1) i wish there was a mode that had NO time limit to see just how long it takes you to eat the entirety of each world. while 2 minutes is fun and all, i just want see how long it would averagely take me without a time limit. .. 2) i feel like as the timer stops at 0:01, it’s only fair that everything that is still falling into your hole, should be counted in the final percentage or points and it’s not. can’t you guys change that? .. those are my only two complaints. other than that. this game is definitely worth your time. and definitely worth the “no ads” purchase. i hope to see more new maps coming soon!

Ok. What kills it for me is the time limit and it lags a lot which makes the time limit even worse. I play one round mostly lag free but most the time it can’t keep up with my movements. Since it seems to be all bots I don’t get why it is lagging for a simple game especially in the beginning of a match. Though I would only play for a little bit as it isn’t enough fun to pay to remove ads and only fun enough to deal with the ads a few times. What would make it worth buying is more stages, different modes, and events possibly or just keeping it updated. Finally a game worth buying or putting some money into would have real people as bots are easy to beat if you played with them for awhile especially after a few games. All these games like this have a lot of players drop it relatively quick because bots are boring in a game that seems to be made for multiplayer yet doesn’t because this is cheaper probably and having them play a little means they watched a few ads which makes money so as long as it attracts a good number a simple game can be profitable even if it isn’t that fun for long.

Fun game.... but. I admit I’ve grown slightly addicted and literally lost an hour to this game the other day after downloading but have found a couple issues. First in the battle royal mode if you get to full size and haven’t eaten all the other players and one of them reaches full size it’s basically a stale mate as you can’t eat someone the same size as you and since neither one of you can eat the other an all the items on the map just keep respawning it just goes on forever I had to actually close the app to get out of this endless loop. Second I think there should be some kind of power ups to help you out I really like the timed game where you have 2 mins to eat everything but can only reach about 80% at max and I would like to be able to complete it but I think there should be something to help that like maybe different skins have different power ups or something. Just a suggestion but really the stale mate is my biggest complaint has happened to me a few times now and I no longer play that mode.

Enjoying but .... I am really enjoying the game. I especially love playing alone. I have paid for it to get rid of the ads. It would be even better if I could play without being timed. It does get a little frustrating that u can never eat the entire city because time has run out. Since the most recent version my hole moves slower than it used to. Why is this? This means I am not even getting close to eating as much as I used to. It is a bit frustrating. It would be awesome to be able to eat the entire map. It would be fun to try to beat your own time. Another thing that would be awesome is if u can pick which map you want to play. I like the ideas others had about more maps. It’s nice that 2 more were added giving three different maps but sometimes I end up playing the same one over and over again and it’s usually not my favorite one. If there was a way to play untimed and pick my own map, that would be 5 stars.

These Ads 😫😤. This game is really fun. However, it has so many ads that you get more ads than playtime. This makes the game frustrating. You have to pay $10 to get rid of ads. So this game may as well cost $10. I really wish there was more playtime between ads. That would make the game way more enjoyable and allow you to decide if you wanted to pay for ads to be gone. Because as it stands right now, you get to try to game for free but then it’s so frustrating because of the ads you’re not sure if you want to pay to play the game without them. Cuz why would you pay people who bamboozle you like that? Which is a shame because the game really is quite fun. I’m still deciding if I want to pay that much. You play a game then get tired of it and play another. But if I pay a while $10(which imho is a lot to pay for a game app) only to want a new game after awhile. It’s fun. But I’d it $10 fun? Still deciding.

Re: soooooooo many issues. I agree with everything this person said .. so many development problems and glitches and the ads after every play... the layout is terrible it’s really not user friendly .. the 2 min time cap is ridiculous .. give me a big world and give me a choice to choose 2,5,10 min .. sooooo many things could be better... and the reason I gave this game 4 stars is because I’m literally obsessed.. it’s great for anxiety and to me it’s calming.. this game is such a great idea on paper they just really need to do a wayyy better job at everything else .. like the play button is behind a black line of achievements but nothing is example.. what’s the black things we get when we spin the wheel... I mean I can’t get enough I just really wish the graphics were up to date and it looked modern and was easier to navigate.. I’ll be waiting and looking forward to seeing the stages of developments with the updates.. the sooner the better .. get to working guys !! Thanks

“Used” to be my favorite game.. When I first got my phone a few years ago, this was the first game I got. It was so fun and I used to play so much! No I have it and it’s just gotten really annoying with the whole halftime thing after like such a small time of playing. I just want to play and it’s gotten sooooo annoying. It used to be so fun but now it’s all about the ads. If you just limit the ads I would like that. I actually see ads sometimes on other games(that don’t put in many ads), and if I see an ad I like, I would actually get it. Unlike other games(that post a lot of ads), the ads would get so annoying I wouldn’t even pay attention to the ads, and would just delete the app. I just want you guys to please LIMIT the ads!! I understand that your dev team needs ad revenue to continue working, but I would enjoy and also pay attention to the ads more, if you limited the ads. This is why I gave it three stars. I would give 5 stars if you didn’t put in so many ads. Other than that it’s a great game and concept! Thank you for whoever reads this!! :D

Ads, slowness, more time, getting eaten. You should add in like 30:00 in this game. Because I don’t have anytime at all to collect things cause of the lag. Also why so many ads, ads are stupid and they make the game stupid so you better add more time in the game. Cause when the game ends EVERY TIME there is a stupid ad. I absolutely HATE ads. Other then the lag and the stupid ads and the game time and being eaten I have another complaint. When I press a button it ALWAYS takes forever to respond. Like when I press the play button, I have to press it like 15 times before it starts. And even when it “starts” there is a ad. So I’m asking you to please please PLEASE add in more game time. Again about 30:00 or something. AND you need to add more time because every time you get eaten it takes a few seconds to start over again. So if you read this VOODOO then you have to do all the things I requested. If not then you would be worse then a tarantula crawling on your face at night time. So I request more time at least. Thank you if you add more time in. Because that means that you read my whole paragraph. So ONE LAST TIME. VOODOO if you add more game time in the game then you would be the best. About 30:00 or something. Then this will be one of the best games ever. ⏱⏱⏱⏱

The Most Awesome Game Ever Created. I think this app is awesome and really fun to play. I think it is one of my Favorite games for not only because of the great quality and detail in this app, it does not as many adds as all the other games I played. I think if you don’t like it you should just give it a try, because I to got Hooked in the first few rounds. It’s a game I can play when ever I have extra time. All me and my friends play it, and we talk about it all the time. Minor a fact,I think it the best game I have played sense I was 7. I would totally recommend to get this astonishing game. It is free, and it will keep you busy. Another mane thing that keeps me attached is how fun it is to eat everything and get new skins, also it won’t play adds in between the levels so you can get to the next one. I believe that this game deserves 5 stars, and I would give the creators a pat on the back if I could. Try it out, and you will like it as much as I do!

I love it!!!. This game is SUPER FUN. I love how there are so many adorable hole skins to choose from and how you can even make your own player game. Its so satisfying to eat the whole town and get bigger and bigger. I have been playing this game for a while and I’m really good at it. I’ve gotten to two thousand points already! This one of the funnest games I own and I already downloaded paper io and other io games which are also really fun. If you want to enjoy yourself on your phone then I completely suggest this app! Now the reason I only gave it four stars is because recently I’ve been getting some wierd things sent to me from the app. It was trying to collect my data and I think sell it?! I don’t know, but I’m not gonna go ahead and give my data plan to some game. Sorry! It was saying something about getting my password too. Of course, I did not agree to that. I don’t think you should either! But other then that the game is super fun and I am never experiencing glitches or bugs. Thanks for reading!

It Has It’s Likes And Dislikes 😁/😤. So to start out I am going to say that I don’t think it so fair That some people get bigger or fatter or rounder so much faster than the other circles. Another thing is that if your small the only things that are there to eat is to eat are manholes, people, light poles, signs and other circles if they are smaller than you. One thing that I do like about this game is if you do you get eaten, there is a Nother chance for you to come alive again within five seconds. After those five seconds you are off again to eat other circles manholes and etc. another thing that I do like about this app is that if you do get big enough you can also eat buildings, railings, trees, cars, and other circles if they are smaller. What I’m really trying to say is that some people just don’t get it big in the short amount of time. And there’s not all so many stuff to eat. I think there should be maybe 30 seconds more of the time and more things to eat when your small or big.I believe that this needs to change.👍🏻😁👾

Great concept, poor execution. I do love the concept of the app, it’s satisfying to use the hole to swallow objects but there are many many things that must be improved. I uninstalled this app today because to put it plainly, it does not work for me. I have used it on multiple devices. I’m not sure if it’s the ads but the frame rate is horrid. I’m unable to move the hole properly because it is stopping, crashing, and glitching. From a gameplay standpoint, there are not enough tiny objects like humans and the little plants for the beginning not to mention by the time I start the time is already up because of how glitchy it is. Point blank there needs to be some sort of customization where you can either have no opponents, few opponents, a different location, and more time! The multiplayer aspect ruined it for me entirely, if there was a separate mode where I could play on my own in a sandbox or no time limit mode that would be ideal. Nothing aside from the concept is appealing and I can’t get over how choppy the gameplay is all together so for that reason I’ve had to uninstall (reluctantly) because I do love the concept! Please fix

Fun but a few flaws. I really enjoy the game and it’s super addictive, however there are a couple issues I keep running into. In the battle royal mode if 2 people are close in levels you have to be at least 3 levels higher (or so I’ve seen so far) to swallow them. Once you hit highest level of 19 it is impossible to finish each other and it is basically a wasted game where you have to exit out and reload the app. Another issue is to unlock one of the characters you have to hit highest level 3 times in classic mode. Yet it doesn’t tell you in classic mode what level you are at, and even after winning repeatedly at what looks like the highest level I’ve still not opened that one, or even got 1 of the 3...seems a little shady. And a much minor issue for me is no matter how large you get (I was level 19 in battle royal) you cannot swallow the volcano in the pirate ship level! I am not sure why this bothers me like it does but if it’s on the screen it should be able to be swallowed 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Potential, but. This is one game I think could be worth it to keep on my phone. I deleted so many others because they have just ad many ads, but those games were boring. This has potential to be good but the developers are set on making you watch an ad every 60 seconds!!!!!!!? ? Nauseous over how much ads I’ve watched because if this game. And i am petty and wont download a single one because they all are the same ad heavy boring games! This game isnt boring though. Do better please!! Make the game play longer with less ad breaks. Some bigger popular games know how to do by using ads to power up or revive or buy a map. Someone said they maxed out levels in this game in a day, maybe make the game difficulty a little harder, make the game longer. Dont put a half time. Maybe instead do a tournament like mario kart and have each round on different maps and then put ads in between each round. and the last game crowning the top 3. Look i give you ideas for free! Otherwise people will get bored of this game fast and delete it

Addicting and fun but misleading. This is a very fun and, true to the app’s description, addicting game. It would easily be a 5 star game if it were not for the fact that there is no way to play against friends as the screenshots would suggest. The play with friends button has never appeared once for me. Additionally, the remove ads purchase did little to actually remove ads, as there is constantly a video ad that plays on the main screen. A $3 purchase that did absolutely nothing. More to the point, there is no multiplayer as the game would have you believe. The other Holes are just bots that are often the same name whether you’re offline or “online.” In reality the only benefit of being connected to the internet in this game is to load ads. Though there is no claim to being multiplayer, the option to play with friends in the screenshots does imply that there is at least some aspect of this functionality in the game. Overall, the game would be a lot better if it were actually as it appeared in the App Store screenshots. However, this is not the case, and were it not for these issues this game would easily be the best on the mobile market.

AWESOME but.... So I do love this game so much it’s really addictive to me. However I don’t like the lag or how my game pauses for 1 second because of the lag that keeps on happening and I get behind and end up with a bad score usually. I do sometimes get in first second third forth But it gets annoying.. I think you guys should add like three mins instead of two and the area can be bigger. Please please PEASE add game modes mabye some minigames and different maps for the game.I think it would be cool if each round we get coins like seventh would be the lowest amount of coins and it gets higher each place you get in so we can get stuff in a shop we could buy trails and other cool stuff. Also MC 300 said they saw a inappropriate name I look at the name and I think he is absolutely right about how inappropriate that is I think you should fix that and not let people have bad names and if they hack to have a name like that BAN THEM IMMEDIATELY. For the sake of the kids that play this actually everyone it dos doesn’t matter what age that name was really inappropriate. MC is a kid just like me yep I’m honest I’m a kid to and with these kinds of games I usually see inappropriate names I don’t wan’t to witnes.

Game is only good when your insanely bored and even then it’s bad. I rarely play this game and only play it when I have absolutely nothing better to do. First of let’s start with the fact there are no pvp lobbies. It’s just a lobby with nothing but ai, yet for some reason the game forces you to play online just so they can shove a ad in your face every minute of the game. I understand that’s the way they make money but at least put me up again actual real life competition instead of having to watch a ad just to get back playing with ai. Second the map selection is so bad and not starter friendly (as in when the actual match starts) takes so much time to get past 2 circles because the small objects we can eat are halfway across the map. The skill level this game takes is so close nothing and is really only luck on how fast you can level up your hole. Overall I give a 2 just because it’s actually playable but there is just no fun in it after the loading screen when you realize that the only thing your going against is a robot that is predetermined where to go.

Great But.... (This is for the Developers)This is one of my favorite games but you only give us 2:00 min to eat the whole map that’s very unfair. I also think you should make it a tiny bit easier to level up. Also you should put more tinier things that you can eat when your on the first level. And last thing is that you NEED to put more things on the pirate map I’ve played on that map 80% of the time and after 1 min there is nothing left on the map but super big things that most people can’t eat. But now here is some positive stuff🤗. You guys did very well but you do need to make some changes. But over all you did great! Oh and I have some suggestions. 1.I think you should add some more animal skins 2.Please add more maps! 3.I think it will be cool to pick your own map 4.Please fix this:When I play and I’m smaller then another player they can eat me but some times when they try to eat me and they haven’t even eaten half of me it says I’ve been eaten it’s very annoying please fix this! (If you are reading this developers thx 😝)

Great but.... The game is AWESOME and I love it the only thing that I would like to request is to have a free play mode where there is no timer you just get to eat the whole map and you can stope and go back to home menu any time you would like. that’s all that I’m asking for and would definitely love this even more and maybe rate it a 5 star instead of a 4 star thx🙂🤩 this was also a HUGE request that I saw on many different reviews and I know that your problem going to ignore me so I’m going to say this multiple times FREE PLAY FREE PLAY FREE PLAY I would LOVE a FREE PLAY please I’m begging you sooo much I would literally love it and I know that your going to come up with a way to make me pay but NO I’m not going to pay I want FREE PLAY for FREE I don’t understand why you didn’t think of this before I agree that this game is awesome but I would like a free play that’s all please I really love this game and want a free play I would be soooooo happy and maybe buy some stuff from you guys just to show you please make a FREE PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Update with new features please!. I actually love this game. I wouldn’t have paid the $2.99 for no ads, if I didn’t think this game deserved it. But it’s been over a year with hardly any changes. The concept is fun, the skins they designed are very clever and the few maps you do get are nicely detailed. But overall, the game modes and maps are very limiting. - For example, it’s nearly impossible to eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes and it gets old trying. Maybe if there were time bonuses for you to find on the map, you could earn more time to complete the map. And maybe obstacles to avoid that would shorten your time? The game also needs more maps. I’ve played so many times that I know the maps by heart! Maybe model some maps after real cities. Imagine trying to get big enough to eat Big Ben or the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall!! Also, is there even a point to leveling up? Other than getting new skins? Maybe leveling up could decrease how much you have to eat before sizing up? Or maybe higher ranks could unlock bigger maps? Or maps with more obstacles? Lastly it would be interesting if you could also play against real players instead of just the AI. It appears the AI is programmed to occasionally play poorly and it’s never fun to play a game when the opponent is trying to lose. The only thing I like about playing against the AI is that I play without internet connection. But the AI could be more balanced. It’s still a fun game as it is but there’s so much potential here!

Good game but kind of boring. As you can see at the title it says good game but kind of boring The thing that makes it a good game is you can eat things and you can eat players and you can get bigger and bigger but the boring thing about this game is all you do is eat things and get bigger in the first place but I feel like the game and that’s why I gave it a four-star I’ll play it for 5 to 10 minutes it’s a very good game why not spend your money on this game it’s a good Game but if you don’t like games and they might make you cringe don’t buy this game I like how they have sharks and other skins The thing I don’t like is that we’re not allowed to put emojis. If you don’t like boring don’t buy this game even if you don’t like a little boring don’t buy this game if you only like a little bit is boring it’s still fun I don’t hate this game but it’s still boring and very fun at the same time I hope you enjoy playing this game thank you

Addicting, too many ads, also I have a. Way I can make it better. Well first of all, I’m super addicted to this game and it is super fun 🤗(good job creators). But I have to say there are ads because like every 5 seconds there is a pop up. Also it glitches in the middle of rounds. I also think you need more levels like farms and stuff like that. BUT THERE IS ONE MAJOR THING I REALLY NEED A RESPONSE FROM! CAN YOU MAKE AN ADVENTURE MODE! The adventure mode would be like where you get to explore an infinite world and find prizes and stuff, it would be more fun and I think lots of people would like it, because then if you don’t want to battle you can explore things and find new rare and cool prizes to unlike skins.(I also think you need to add more skins btw). I really hope you see this because this app is so important to me and I give all the creators a round of applause 👏🏻 because this app is AMAZING! EVERYONE PARTY FOR THIS APP 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥇🥇🥇🥇🎖🏆 here is your first place medals and trophies! Good luck on more games and apps, PEACE OUT ✌🏻

Oddly addictive but could use some fixes.. One of the most evident is a bug that prevents the game from registering when you reach max size in a classic mode game, which prevents you from attaining skins. To unlock one of the skins you have to reach max size in a classic mode 3 times—you will reach max size around 1500 points. I typically finish a classic mode game with between 1000 and 2600 points and still I have 0/3 toward the achievement. Without unlocking that skin you can’t unlock the final skin which requires that you unlock all other skins. Also if you play in Battle Royale mode and 2 players reach level 19 it becomes impossible for either player to win and the game does not end. Additionally, it seems that at least most if not all of your opponents are AI, which makes for very little challenge. There’s very little satisfaction in winning a game with 2600 points when the second place “player” has barely over 300 points.

Almost there. I love this game. So you might be wondering, why three stars? Well for one, I am 99% sure all of the other players are bots. They have extremely generic usernames, most of which are based on animals and colors. “Pink Cobra,” “Blue Mustang.” Not very slick. Not to mention most of them wander around aimlessly and don’t seem to try to avoid me when I try to swallow them up. So that seems a bit deceiving. This game would make for amazing real online PVP gameplay. My other problem with this game is that there is no incentive for winning. Sure it’s extremely satisfying, but how about throwing in some upgrades or customization? How about your player rank allows you to play with more experienced players or to go to new levels? Also, there is no sound effects or music which feels like a missed opportunity. This game could be #1 in the App Store with just a few of these simple elements, all of which have precedent in other games. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the improvements and in the meantime playing the same old half baked game against bots with silly names.

Awesome game, but there are a few things.... So this game is awesome, and I love playing it and I love the idea of it. There are a few things though that upsets me while I play it. First off the different maps are really cool, but I wish you could choose what map you wanted to play on. My favorite map is the island, but it’s always putting me in the future map and I really don’t like that one. Especially when I’m playing the solo mode, it seems like the future map is bigger and has more things which makes it very difficult to get a high score. Another thing is one I have been seeing a lot and that is the free play. That one seems really cool, because it’s kind of upsetting when you get to 96 percent and then run out of time, so having unlimited amount of time would be really fun. I have also noticed that it has been very glitchy lately. Could that possibly be another fix. The last thing is the ads. I understand you need ads to make money, but must there be one after every single round, and the ads are ALWAYS Fortnite. Is it possible to change it up a little bit? Thank you! I really do love the game!

Changes needed to be added. Firstly, I like to play this sometimes and enjoy it. But I would like to change the part where you have to watch an ad on halftime. I also want to battle real players or people to make it a challenge instead of these bots. Another change I would like is that you get to play by yourself without a timer. The timer only lasts 2 minutes and I would like it if 30-60 more seconds would be added. I would not recommend playing this game, but it is still fun to be playing on. I would also be cool if you could create a game and people could join or invite online people. I would also love it if new maps were added like 3 more maps. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play it, I’m just saying this game needs a few more changes. Another problem I have is that when you start playing it’s really fun. But overtime, it gets more boring than before. I rated 4 because it would be better if these ideas were added. Thank you for your cooperation

Cleverly addicting. Love this game! I recommended it to my friends to play as well. 😁 The modes are awesome! Classic is my favorite so far. The skins are kind of cool too. I’d like to offer some suggestions for a sequel though. More maps. At least 4-6 new maps. Space, donut, underwater, sky, prehistoric, and Heaven and Hell duality maps. 4 new modes. Puzzle(maze), Adventure, Gluttony, and Skin Designer. Puzzle would be having to find missing pieces of new skin designs to unlock in the skin design mode in addition to the traditional skins. Which still would need to be unlocked through gameplay. Adventure would be similar in design to Puzzle, but looking for the keys to unlock new levels. Which would also have a minimum score to pass. Then those could then be played in other modes. Gluttony would be a single player mode that is timed to get the highest score possible with respawning objects to consume. High scores are posted for competitions daily, weekly, and monthly for each map. Possibly in classifications as well. Skin Designer is pretty self explanatory. It would encompass 3 levels of design. Throat, mouth, and effects. You could have a rainbow throat with a mouse mouth with lightning bolts effects. Or any other possible combination. Limitless designs. I’d also like to suggest power-ups that appear randomly in certain modes. Vacuum, repulse, tether, size up, size down, etc.. Thank you for making this game! And I hope you consider my suggestions! 😁

Needs improvement please. Love this game and would play a lot more if some things were improved. I agree with the most recent reviews outline some of the same issues and more. New maps are great, as well as objectives, make it a bit more fun. However, office map only has “collect vehicle” objective and no vehicles. Walls fall down too quick. Farm map also only counts moving vehicles and there are not enough. I’ve had this game for a while and come back after not playing for a while. Seems like I can eat less in the time allotted than before. Do not like the midway minute stop? What is that for? I would gladly pay to avoid the hangups and delays. Do not want to watch videos to extend time. Want realistic chance to eat all maps in regular allotted time…and then potentially make it more difficult/level up and offer new skins/maps/objectives or something as you advance. Would like to choose which maps I do. No help/support feature, this is the only place I could report the issues…so that would be a nice addition as well.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.9.0
Play Store com.nguyenvh.holeio
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Hole.io (Versiyon 2.9.0) Install & Download

The application Hole.io was published in the category Games on 24 June 2018, Sunday and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This program file size is 544.03 MB. This app has been rated by 1,960,128 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Hole.io - Games app posted on 27 March 2024, Wednesday current version is 2.9.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.nguyenvh.holeio. Languages supported by the app:

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Hole.io Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this update, we've focused on fixing bugs to improve your gaming experience. Here's what's new: - We fixed major bugs and made the game more stable. - The game runs better and uses fewer resources. We're committed to making Hole.io the best it can be. Enjoy Version 2.9!

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