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The most addictive game!

Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

Want to compete directly with your friends? Follow these four simple tasks:
- Step 1: Open the "Local Multiplayer" menu on the right and create a room
- Step 2: Make your friends join*
- Step 3: ???
- Step 4: Enjoy the battle!

*Bluetooth required. They need to be close enough to play.

Hole.io App Description & Overview

The applications Hole.io was published in the category Games on 2018-06-20 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 363.42 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- We're still tweaking values to provide a better experience
- Bug fixes

Thank you for playing!

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Hole.io Reviews


Great game buttt  Kbaby98  4 star

I wish there was more time then 2 mins, also wish there was different maps!


Please  Ahad1101thegodus  5 star

Please make bigger levels and more time I love this game


It glitches constantly  laykayandathena  3 star

You can’t really have fun when the app glitches but every once in a while you will get into a good round and it’s a lot of fun kind of addictive too. Fix the glitches and it will be awesome.

Mar Byers

Nice  Mar Byers  3 star

This is a very fun game but it’s very laggy and glitchy for me. I don’t know if that’s just my phone or not. I also wish the area was a bit bigger and there were more smaller items. 5 minutes or so would be a better time too.


Such a fun game  Zdburrell  5 star

I don’t rate/review often, but I felt that this game is a ton of fun and has a lot of potential to be even better. I can’t stop playing it. My only wish is that there were more game modes. Like a mode where you are by yourself and eat all of the buildings in the city as fast as you can.


Timer  Sour_Melon  4 star

Hole. io is great but the timer isn’t that good, I think players should play for about 4 minutes so it could be longer.

Rate review music is cool

Great  Rate review music is cool  3 star

Over all this game is an amazing way to pass the few extra minutes you have.The game does need more substance though...there is only one map which get really old and just twisting a different way doesn’t help, the people you play with aren’t even people...they are bots so they are much more predictable and provide no actual challenge...I know you guys work really hard on this game and it’s not really that old but keep up the good work and try to add some new stuff into it


More time  122Ja  3 star

Doesn’t have much time to play


More maps  Hunt1104  4 star

I think the time limit is perfect, however I’m hoping new maps will be available soon!!

catndere chan

More time  catndere chan  4 star

Like it but needs a menu or mode for more timeor infinite


Time limit  jacobwoods99  3 star

Make it so theres no Time limit ruins the game


Free play  Nakubhai  1 star

Would like if the game had more time and the timer didn’t finish that fast! You guys should have a free play mode or something.


Great, but could have more game modes  Daimon761  4 star

Great game. Everyone saying it’s too short and you can’t swallow enough don’t understand the point of the game. But I do agree that there could be more game modes like arcade, that could make the app more interesting so that people don’t stop playing after a week.


More time please!  livvvyyyyyyyy  4 star

It’s a fun game, out I think it would be better if there was more time


ENDLESS MODE!!!!!  Hihihihihihohi  2 star

I would play it for hours i there was an endless mode


Great game  Mitsigirl78  5 star

This is a good game it’s awesome because you can size up from tiny to big

Glad sad mad

Needs to be longer  Glad sad mad  2 star

This is a good game but it needs to be longer than 2 min in that time you barely get big enough to eat a small building. Wait until they update this game before you get it.

if dont wont play

No  if dont wont play  1 star

Need no time


Laggy  Nuji93  1 star

Game gets laggy even on an iPhone 8plus...


Ndndjc  loliyu1101  5 star



Meh  HendershotBleak  2 star

Okay four issues. 1. The controls when your hole is small are horrific. 2. The game lags like crazy. 3. Ads after every single 2 minute game. 4. No sounds The game is fun when it doesn’t lag but the ads after every single 2 minute game is ridiculous. The lousy controls when you start and the constant lag can not justify paying to remove the ads. I’m sure they will add more options like longer map times and possibly actual sound for the game at some point but right now it feels like it’s still in beta.

enter lick

?  enter lick  4 star

U need more time


Obsession  Chaneski8  5 star

It just makes you keep wanting more. Like “I know I can swallow just one more thing”

Amazing pool

Agree  Amazing pool  4 star

I would have to say that I pretty much agree with everyone else. The game is amazing and really fun to play however there needs to be something else added into the game. More time for sure and possibly a larger world like Slither.io???


Annoying  littlehuntsmen  2 star

After 2 games I lost half my phone battery and my screen is really dark


Lol  mxnjfncjfdk  5 star

ya know I know what to try and I know I uuuurio was u us

ultra game reiver

❤️Fun but not enough content💔  ultra game reiver  4 star

Really good game but I would like a story mode and more modes plus some new maps. But first fix the first map I’d like some more stuff that is edible to first form but other than that I like it would play again (


Fun!  CarGirl05  5 star

This is such a fun game! I love how it tells you what place you come in and what place other people come in! Although I do wish they gave you a little more than two minutes. Other than that this is such an awesome game!😜


Fun for a couple days  RykerMorgan  4 star

Are there going to be more modes? More leveling? More arenas? You max out within a couple games, then there’s no objective.


Should be multiplayer  djspeechless  3 star

Longer games and different maps


Addictive  Shayyyhans  5 star

Love this game, so addictive, gets glitchy every now and again. Would prefer a longer game than 2 minutes.


Oh  whatyoulookingatmynamefor  2 star

Only has one mode and games only last 2 mins. Should add more modes


A unique game with a few tweaks needed  BUG$¥  4 star

Positives: • A good looking game with a unique style. • Bright and clear graphics. • Great for when you’re bored. • Highly addictive Negatives: • No goals/aims to achieve • Only lasts two minutes at a time • Only one game to play in it • Only one arena (city)

Cruddy poo

No comments  Cruddy poo  4 star

So I don't know how to rate this because it won't let me play. When I try to play it just closes the app


Brilliant  Diddodiddo  5 star

Absolutely love this game but I really think you should expand game time from 2 minutes a game to 4 or 5 minutes a game it would make it much more fun!!! As it is , just as your getting big the game is over :(

rehaan dhansay

Need to be better  rehaan dhansay  2 star

Need to make it longer than 2 min and a bigger map to work on

Hildi sweet

So  Hildi sweet  5 star

So cool!


More time  SovietAfrican  5 star

I enjoy the game, it is really fun, swallowing things up, but I feel like 2 min is too short, maybe add more options for time. Such as 2 min, 4 min, and 6 min and so on, give us more time to swallow more buildings and so on, and bigger and more maps, possible even introduce a single player, where you start out small, and build your hole up more and more, adding certain traits and so on, such as a greater pull and what not. Really enjoy the game, just need more time and modes


Problems  FlamingOpinion  1 star

Constant glitching, consumed 64% battery over 5 minutes, constantly shutting down my phone mid game


Good concept  thevegzombie  4 star

Nice concept but needs fine tuning and extras like different maps.

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