Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game

Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game [Games] App Description & Overview

Play with just one finger.
Connect all the plugs to a matching socket. But, as in real life, it isn't as easy as it sounds!
Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.

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added new levels.

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- How

How do you change levels or go back to a level



- Littered with ads

Might be fun if you didn’t spend every round in an advertisement that’s as long as the level you just played. Annoyed, deleted after like 8 quick levels

- Very critical battery charging game

This game requires players to charge device battery just like the real devices all need battery and power! I love this game!

- Do not buy this.

THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS! All of these are so easy and way to many adds! I would like to see a game that doesn’t have such easy challenges and this is just wasting your money. All the ads look like it’s a great app but the creators of this should get a “Worst game of the year” award. I don’t think they put any time into this and it has SO many problems. Do not buy this.

- Ad after EVERY level

Tooooooo many ads. Also most levels are easy

- To many adds

It's a good game but there are way , and I mean WAY to many adds, and another problem is that the app doesn't even have a NO ADDS Purchase! There are literally adds in every single level and it gets really annoying , if they can make a feature that can get rid of adds for like 1 or 2 dollars I would definitely buy it!!

- Too many adds

Each level you pass you have to sit through an add and the levels go by too quick so yoir basically sitting there watching adds 50% of the time.

- Don’t download this

I couldn’t even open the dam game that’s my problem

- Easy

It’s super duper easy I bet a 4 year old can do this.😒 but it’s really addictive

- Help!

How do I remove the ads here?

- Adds!

There are so many adds!!!


There is an ad to watch after every single level , more AD time then game time !!! Don’t download !!!!

- Way to easy and adds

The game is super easy you can put a plug through paper and on most of them you can just plug one thing in to complete a level. And the adds why so many adds

- Way too many ads

You will spend all your time watching 30 second ads!

- The best game ever.

This game amazing!!!!!!!!😀

- Fun but too many ads

There is about already 20 ads in 5 minutes :(

- Advertising platform thinly disguised as a game

Completely trivial “puzzles” with little motivation to love on to the next. Rewards are purely cosmetic (oh I need to pay 1000 coins and then I’ll have a new outlet style? Exciting!), most of which require watching ads (alternative phone styles, or floor styles) in order to collect. Want to open your skinner b... I mean “gift”? Better watch an ad! Want that new switch-looking device to charge instead? Better watch an ad! I managed to get through 30 or so levels in about 10 minutes. If I didn’t have ads blocked at the network level and decided that watching a false advertisement for another garbage game was worth a kitty cat phone case in game I probably would have gotten to about level 7 in that time. Don’t waste your time. No challenge. No substance. And no value.

- Fun game but ads are infuriating

The game is a lot of fun but there is an ad after almost every level. It’s way too much. I’d pay for an option to shut ads down but they don’t have that today.

- One star stop

Every time I finish a level there’s a add if u take the adds off maybe I’ll give 5stars guys don’t play

- Adssss

This app is awesome in all but pleaseee slow down with the ads. After every level you are forced to watch a 30 ad. Other than the game is great!

- Well...

I want to say it was a good game put every time I got in it it kicked me back out. Fix that cause if you do I will re get it.

- Meh🤷🏼‍♀️

I think it’s a cool game but it’s to easy. There are way to many ads. Just saying. The only thing I truly didn’t like was all the ads. Over all I love it! Thank you ;)

- So many ads

I really love this game but it’s addictive and helps you focus but the ads just make the game really bad please fix this

- It repeats

I recommend not getting this game it gives an add after like every level and if you get far into it it just repeats so that’s my advise

- Too many ads

Ok I like the game but I don’t really get the point of a level sometimes. Also WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! After every level there is an add and it is super annoying! Please fix this

- Good game

It’s good game but I can’t open it for some reason. I played it and then stopped for about an hour and now I can’t play the game at all anymore :/

- Too many ads

It’s a great game overall, but there’s too many ads. Like every 2 - 5 rounds, there’ll be like a 20 second ad. Please reduce the amount of ads.

- ..

Thank you for making this game I aprisheate. Sorry o don’t know how to spell

- Awwwqssewwws.swedswa🧱🧱🥇🥇

A/1.-.-:/2sadqdesxwxqxqdaexwxaxqdeqexax SAAS::🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱

- Fix your dang game!!!

Fix your dang game because it would not let me plug in my charger.

- Good Game But Way to Many Ads

This game is great but the ads are the most annoying thing I’ve expireneced. When I was playing, I at least got an ad ever single time I completed a level and some of these levels are so easy that a todler could easily figure out. So basically it’s finishing a level in 10 seconds, then an ad that last another 10 seconds and repeat that every single time........

- Ok

Ok game and also thank you for not so many adds

- Lol

Lol haven’t played

- What?!?!?!

My phone dose not change that fast and you don’t need the fAnS

- Too many ads

This is a fun little game but way too many ads. After every level you beat you have to view an ad, and there is no payment option to disable ads.

- The game

The game is so easy for me. But what I think about it is PLUGGING IT INTO THE OUTLETS

- Ad after each level passed 25

Nope too much ads. After level 25 when you completed each level, there will be ad after each level

- LOVE the ads

Love how many ads I gotta see to just play.

- To many ads

Make a ad every 5 games can’t take one every game 🤦🏽‍♂️.

- ads

don't really see a need to put an ad after every single level you complete. completely fabricated bs.

- Too many ads

Ads in between every level

- Very easy

Sooo easy and boring game I finished the game in three weeks and nothing to do so much for this game 🙄😒

- To many ads

After every single level there’s an ad u can do better

- Trash

This game is terrible, I finish the first 50 levels in 10 minutes. There is no puzzle to it maybe for your 3 year old. Also they have way to many adds.

- Doest work

When I click into the game it says loading for like 20 minutes

- I glitch stuff


- Ok to easy

Ok so is it just me or is it to easy honestly it’s kinda fun but to easy I want a challenge (not trying to be rude)

- Too many ads

This app is great, but the ads are insane. It will give me a choice to either get a few coins, or watch an ad for more. But even if I click on the coins without the ad, it gives me an add anyway. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And this is just an example.

- You could make it better

It’s way to easy when it comes to puzzle games. And I personally like puzzle games to Be a little challenging

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- Amazing Game!

This app is amazing! 5 stars!


There are way too many ads each level.It would be a better game if the ads wouldn’t show up every level!

- Ads

I don’t know why there are so many ads. Every time I complete a level there’s an ad. It’s annoying.

- Waste of your time and money!!!!!!!!

It wastes your time even your money, bc they don’t care about the app only the money All of these mobile games are a waste of time!!!!!!!!

- What

When i was playing one of the levels is impossible the string is not even long to reach the other side 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and this is what I give the game 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

- Yall fans fake

Aint no real person is gonna play a game with this many ads. A perfect example of killing a good idea.

- :/


- Too easy

This game is too easy and it gets boring

- For all of you dumbasses out there,

All you have to do is turn off your wifi for games that have too many ads.. Now for my actual review. This game has decent graphics, but it’s just way to easy..

- Jeu

J’ai télécharger se jeu pour voir des pubs et pas se faire interrompre par un jeu qui est bien


There are so many ads in this game! I’m deleting it ONLY because of the ads, there is like an ad every 40 seconds


I forgot to read the reviews first... This bunch of disrespectful monkey brained escrows dont deserve your download clicks. please for the love of god do not download this garbage. To the devs: i hope you go bankrupt :) ❤️

- Mouse and cords

Even when I plug the cord in and pull it out before the mouse gets there, I fail! The game is great though! Don’t think I am being rude to the other comments here... “O’ m’ God! The adds come after every level! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...” I, on the other hand, have had next to no adds and I am at like level “It OVA’ 9 THOUSAND!!!” (9001) not lying With greatest wishes- Dom

- Not many ads

I don’t understand why people say they get a bunch of ads, I got the game, and all there is are some ads they ask you if you wanna watch them, but you don’t have to watch them.

- Ads and ads and ads and ads and ads....

Too many ads! I do not get the point of interrupting each and every level that takes 15 sec to solve with a 15-30 sec ad...

- Ur game is garbage


- Ads ads ads ads

I swear one day these “games” are just gonna be all ads and 0 gameplay

- Ads

There’s so many ads and when I was playing the cord didn’t reach the outlet this game is bad

- Too many ads, too easy

After the first few levels it started giving me an ad between every level. I might have been willing to give it a bit longer to see if the difficulty increased if I wasn’t basically getting an ad every minute.

- Too easy

All the levels are too easy with some even being just plunging one thing in but then LVL 51 is impossible I'm not saying that because it is hard the wire doesn't reach any on the outlets.

- ads

this is an app for advertising different games download if you want to get another app :)

- too many ads

when I finish a round or two there is an ad and if I turn my wi fi off there is still an ad pls don’t make too many ads

- Recharge Please!

Je trouve que c’est un très bon jeu malheureusement il y a beaucoup trop de pub à chaque niveau il y a une pub et cela gâche le plaisir de jouer a se jeu sinon ce jeu fait travailler le cerveau

- Too many ads

The game has fun interactive puzzles just way too many ads.

- Ads

Every time you complete a level it’s another ad

- You should get this game

It’s really fun and relaxing



- Nice game but

It gets boring so easily! And the ads aren’t a problem since u can skip them but other then that it’s sooo boring! The game is easy and not a puzzle in any way. For the people who don’t like ads u can lower the amount too.the game gets way to boring way to sorry but I’m deleting it!

- Mediocre AF

This game has way too many ads, and the game is way too easy. Pro tip though if you want to not be interrupted so much by the ads just turn off wifi and you can blaze through the easy levels.

- :(

I couldn't get into it☹️

- Good

I do not get the concept of the game but I love it

- Way too many ads

Gameplay is ok, but it’s very easy. There are too many ads for it to be enjoyable

- Too many ads

So many ads. I can handle some, but seriously spend more time on ads than the relatively simple puzzles.

- Make a update

I like it but can you please make a update it’s so easy so can you just make the levels harder but not to hard or else I will delete it ok

- Good game

I like it.

- Ads

Why are people so stupid. If you are having troubles with ads just simply turn your phone to airplane mode. It’s not that hard people, stop complaining bout ads.

- Ads

Be advised there is a game in between the ads

- No lag

You can turn off your internet for clean gameplay and no ads

- Yetet

A decent game

- Why it’s so many ads

Why there are so many ads🤷‍♂️

- Ads

I’m not complaining about the ads but what I am complaining about is how the game is like watch a ad for a prize I will tap on it and nothing happens not even a ad then it will just give the option to click away

- I don’t know why these guys are complaining about the ads

Nice game but a little too easy🙃🙃🙃🙃 Yours truly🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

- Too many ads

Although this game is very fun fun to play but every time I finish a level, theres an ad. slow down with the ads

- Meh

Cool but waay to easy

- Ads

You guys honeslty need to F off with these ads everytime level, game is fun but deleting because of you greedy pricks

- Ads

Why is there so much ads even my son got annoyed

- Question

Why would you interrupt me watching ads with the game

- Looks fun

I this game looks really fun but it doesn't load all the way it says loading... then it goes to my home screen 😔

- Too many ads

Don’t play. It’s like watching a mediocre tv show and having to watch commercials every 30 seconds.

- Kick

This app keeps kicking me out

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- So many ads

The amount of ads for the simplicity of the game is ridiculous. You spend more time waiting for the ad to be done, than you do playing a level in the game.

- Recharge please!

This is so interesting

- too many ads

i just got the game and i already watched bout 100 ads

- It’s not the best

It has a lot of ads and it’s good for toddlers but I’m not a toddler so it’s kinda easy. I had to delete it because it was taking my phone storage and I was on like level 125. So if tour getting games for toddlers, this is the game.

- Why?

There are to many adds it’s so annoying I have been raging from this game 4 stars :(

- To Many Adds🙄

I actually enjoy playing the game but it has an add almost every 10 seconds. Its starting to get real annoying and I just got it😤. Please fix it.

- Way too many ads

Played this game for 5 minutes and spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I understand that free games come with ads, but I should not see one after every single level. Overall, I do not recommend this game unless you just live watching commercials


THIS FRICKING GAM HAS SOOOOOOOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS THE SAME ONE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡

- i downloaded when this had 1 review.

About a month ago i was going deep into the app store games and found this game. all you did was drag a cable to an outlet. at the time the game only had 1 review. the game was so bad that after 15 level they started repeating. not to mention the levels were so easy that it was impossible to fail. there was also so many advertisements! I deleted the game and hoped to never see it again. Now all of a sudden i look on the top free games and it’s #1. how did this mindless game get so popular?!?!

- A little easy

It is descent

- why? WHY? why?

It's an okay game. A lot of ads. And that's okay, you can just turn your wifi connection off. But really? Killing animals? You took it too far, man. I'm done. Delete.


1. PLZ why is there so much ads??? What money is ur life? Explain ur selfs 2. WHI DO U THINK U ARE MAKING THE EASIEST GAME ON EARTH AND TELL US OH ARE U TIRED OF ADS THEN BUY PREMUM. 3. Tell me y is it just me or everyone that know how to charge a phone? 4. WHY ARE U REPEATING THE LEVELS EVERY SINGLE TIME?? GET UR LAZY BUTT UP AND DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE 5. (Game ads) HARDER THAN U THINK. Us that is the easiest thing on planet earth to do. 6. This game is boring “harder than u think”

- Gifts

I think it is stupid that we can’t get the gifts/awards without watching and ad I think if we earned the award we shouldn’t need to watch something for it we should just get it. It’s annoying that I can’t get what I want (the gift and awards) because the ads won’t play. I hope they will make a change to this game and if they don’t I will not recommend this game to anyone

- Complaint

It’s a good game overall but one complaint is that there are too many ads.

- All the ads!

All the ads that pop after ever level is ridiculous, have a way to get rid of ads or don’t put out ad trash like this at all.

- my review of “ Recharage Please!”

It is is 3 stars because it’s too easy make it harder like a challenge! But i do like that it gives you prizes .🤩 - Jayla St.Sauveur 17 y/o

- Level 107 in one day

Ok so I like the game a lot but it’s just a little bit to easy I mean I probably shouldn’t just go expert gamer on it but still yeah good game bit to easy. Still good game I’m sure there was lots of effort put into the game and I don’t know anything about game development and I sure it’s hard to make a game so I say good job I probably won’t be able to make a game or be a game dev but I want to sry this review was dragged out I just wanted to say it’s a good fun game to play. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Horrible

It’s was a ad ever time a completed a level

- Ads!!!

Does there have to be an ad after every single level. Deleting.

- Omg muy good

Es muy beno y facil Es lo mejor

- Ads ruin the game

Seems like this game could be fun. However the ads ruin it. The levels are pretty quick for awhile and 5 - 10 seconds of puzzle solving get you a 30+ second ad every time. There are ads at the bottom of the game, on the victory screen, and optional ads for more currency.

- Ads Galore

I honestly had an interest in playing this game. I liked the concept of it but literally after every single level it is just ad after ad after ad. Look I get it, the developers need to make money off of their free app and to do that they need to have some ads but when you are spending 5 seconds beating a level and 15 seconds watching an ad it’s a bit much. I uninstalled the game ASAP because it’s not worth the time. You will hardly get any game time out of this app. If I could give it no stars I would but 1 star will have to do.

- An ad after each turn

Way too many ads. I deleted after playing for 3 minutes. You will too.

- Constant ads

I love this game and it is super fun and addicting but there is only one issue. There is constantly ads popping up that I can’t skip and it is interrupting the fact that I can’t even play. Legit every time I beat a level which takes like 2-4 seconds right after I claim the coins you wanna know what happens? I get an ad that lasts about 20 seconds and it really makes me mad because I can’t play the dang game. Like why make a game when legit all you do is watch ads. The ads are more consistent than the game itself.

- Good game

This game is good when you’re bored but it comes with a few bugs. And they put in too many ads at a time.

- Too easy, too many ads

This game is cute, but not all that challenging. The ads appear way too often, and you will end up watching a 30 second ad every time you complete a 5 second level.


This game is so easy, but, each time I beat a level, it would show an ad that I can’t skip for like 5 seconds, then 10 seconds of a demo, like come on, that is so bad


So easy, and WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!

- Don’t download

Im really stuck at level 51 the phone charger is not long and this game has SO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!plz fix this!


Dear water1095, this game is not hard because its for 9 year olds and I think it’s great.

- please add an option to remove ads!!

this game is fun and a good time killer, but the ads show up every level and there should be an option to remove ads. like for $0.99 or $1.99 please add an option to remove ads

- it is a brutal game

on a level you just kill a rat just to charge your phone

- No adds

Too many adds

- Wayyyy too many ads

After the simplest level that takes two seconds to solve you have to wait 30 seconds for an advertisement... AFTER EVERY LEVEL

- Easy

The levels are really easy

- Not at all challenging and TOO MANY ADS.

This game could have been fun if it was in any way challenging. I have yet to come across a level that takes more than 5-10 seconds to complete and there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE level, even one that I literally completed in 1 move, less than 3 seconds. It might have been a mindless game to enjoy without having to think too hard, but the constant ads are sooooo annoying it ruins any enjoyment you might have gotten from the game.

- Too easy

It’s way to easy like your other games and is not fun. Make some other games that aren’t easy

- Good idea but so annoying ads

It was start to have fun but there are announcements ads in every level and can’t skip the first 5s. It is commercial app.

- It’s not good

Stupidest game I’ve played since the one that told me to turn my WiFi on even though it didn’t require any.

- Ads after every level

I don't mind ad-supported games, but the pacing here is poor. Because many of the early levels only take a few seconds, but there is a 15 second ad after each one, I am literally spending more time watching the ads than playing the game. Interesting concept, and engaging gameplay. Really wish I could play it.

- Ads

If you squint hard and look carefully you can see the faint details of a game hidden behind the Noah’s Ark Floos of ADS.

- It won’t work.

The app won’t work I have been siting for Hours for it to load and would not work. Why is this?


It kicked me out just Bc I didn’t use it for a day 🙄😒🥺😑😫😭😭😭

- THE ADS!!!!!😡😡😡

Great game but there are ads every single time I complete a mini game it’s annoying needs some updates


So some of you guys are like :there are to much adds but you won’t have to pay just go on settings and turn off your WiFi. But I think I am playing the same levels over and over again so make some more levels please. the levels are infinite it goes on and on and on I got it a month ago and there’s more levels SO PLEASE CHANGE THAT PLEASE!!!!!

- Game is fun but there are too many ads

The idea of the game is fun despite the fact that the levels are too simple. Advertisements occur every few seconds interrupting gameplay.

- Very good so far

This game helps you to not get in a fight with charger I have no idea how to say this because I’m just a kid I am a seven-year-old kid :)

- Waste of time

I downloaded this game to try it. It was okay until there was an ad after every level. I don’t mind the ads but after every level is ridiculous. Don’t waste your time with this one.

- Make it better

Ok I thought that the game would get, ( I beat the first one hundred level in one day ) but it is way to easy I NEED A CHALLENGE. Here are some of my complaints, ads, more ads, and why do you need to charge a chest, and why are you repeating levels that proves laziness, and more ads, and why do we have to kill rats not all rats will eat cords, and we can move papers so why can’t we move the papers with are hands people aren’t that lazy, and worst of all even more ads, like how many ads does one game need. So if anyone who is reading this and wants a challenge this is not a good puzzle game. AND MORE ADS. And why does the phone stop charging if the rat just sees it that makes no sense and remove at least half of the ads because this is like a ad simulator, so makers please at least read this (witch probably will not happen so this is just gonna be one of those things they just ignore so why do I even bother writing this. So I will delete this annoying, ad filled, rat killing game.

- Instant Delete

Way too many adds. Fastest way to get your game removed

- kinda fun kinda not...

The game is fun but it just repeats levels that’s the thing that makes it boring but the game is fun for a while.

- Don’t get this game!

This game has great potential to be a fun and challenging puzzle game but after about level 50 the levels begin to repeat themselves and then it’s no longer fun.

- Too many ads

It’s unplayable. It’s all ads.

- Yikes.

Geisha, geisha again, a real big money grabber, I’ll leave this open and play for 10 minutes to judge it after. Nope

- Do not download!

The app didn’t even work, the page just says loading but never actually loads. WASTE OF TIME!

- Ads

I don’t think you know this but there’s a game in your ad.

- I like but...

Idk why so many people are saying there’s so much ads I barely get ads but the bad thing is that it’s just too easy.


Why guys so mean



- Ad farm

Don’t install it’s an ad farm

- Review

To many ads

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Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game by Geisha

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Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game iphone images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game ipad images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game ipad images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game ipad images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game ipad images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game ipad images
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game (Version 1.6) Install & Download

The applications Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game was published in the category Games on 2020-04-06 and was developed by Geisha Tokyo Inc. [Developer ID: 304321146]. This application file size is 182.34 MB. Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game - Games posted on 2020-06-05 current version is 1.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Recharge Please! - Puzzle Game Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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