Slap That - Winner Slaps All

Slap That - Winner Slaps All [Games] App Description & Overview

It’s all smacking good fun. Until you get slapped back, so make sure it’s two hits: You hit them, and they hit the ground. Rise through the ranks and slap everyone from your boss to the mailman to become the new slap boss.

Play and have fun with no repercussions. See if you can K.O. the competition in this no-holds barred slap smacking tournament. Stick out your face to take a hit. Time everything right to lay out the competition. Do you know your own strength? You are about to find out!

Time to knock out the competition!

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Time it right to make the perfect it! Sounds easy but don’t let the nerves get to you. If you miss too much your opponent will get the hit on you.

2. Beautiful Graphics
So lifelike it’s as if you were the ones making the slap! Ouch that hurts!

3. New Game Modes constantly getting added
Have someone in mind that you wish you could just slap across the face? Stay tuned...

4. Chill and have fun
Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. See a face and swing! It’s that easy!

Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap That will ko the competition!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Slap That - Winner Slaps All Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+bug fixes

Slap That - Winner Slaps All Comments & Reviews

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- Good app

This app is great

- Gross...

It’s so laggy you can’t play it.... pretty bad game

- This is a bad game

I been playing this game for only 2 minutes because it’s a boring game and I will never play this game again

- Preporucujem

Odlicna za ubijanje vremena u karantinu.

- This is amazing!

I can finally become Chris Brown!

- The apps play any time without ur notice

The apps play anytime without ur notice

- So many ads!

I got this game because it looked funny. But there’s so many ads! If I’m not slapping someone, I’m watching an ad and it’s so annoying!

- This is annoying

It has potential to be a fun game but this game has too many ads and too many bugs

- To many ads

Would be a great game the authors put way to many ads in

- Terrible

If this was the best way you could figure out how to make the “aiming” then you need to go back to the drawing board. It’s terrible.

- Makes me miss when I hit herder every time

I play the game make the shots perfectly and makes me miss and I never miss dont remend it makes you miss on purpose idk if I’m to good but idc o deleted the app don’t download waste of time it will make you miss wheh you shoot perfect every time.

- Ads ads ads

Literally bombarded with ads. How does anyone play through it is beyond me

- What too many ads...

Literally an ad after every round.

- Ads

This game you have to watch an AD every 20 second. You can’t even enjoy the game. It’s so many ads

- A bit boring...

All you just do is just slap..nothing else but slap😐

- Ads

Lots of ads in the free version.

- Takes to long

To many adds

- Sometimes you just gotta look at it

I looked at it and I said would you look at that. Then I looked at it.

- Ads

Like games like this but jeez the ads are unbearable.

- Ads

At least let people do more than 1 or 2 hits between ads! That’s just a ridiculous amount ....


Just amazing

- 🤦🏾‍♂️

Entertaining game when you’re bored but you spend waaaay more time watching ads than you actually play the game. I understand that they may need to promote their other games, etc. but geez...overkill at its finest.

- Ads

Fun game but way too many advertisements.

- Mucha publicidad, todo el toempo

Mucha publicidad

- This game deserves an Oscar

This game is a master piece I love the graphics it is one of my top ten games🙄🙄🤡🤡🤭😈🤔😑👺😮💀😮😮☠️🤡😮☠️💀💀💀🤬🤬🤬🤯🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤓🤯🤓🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐😏😏😏😏😏🍺🍼🍺🍻🍻🍻🥂🍾🍹🍹🍸🥃🥃🍺🍹🍑🍑🥭🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆🍎🍆🍆🍅🍓🍐🍅🍆

- Ads every time, I will uninstall

I will remove this app, You don’t even have the time to enjoy and play. Just ads everywhere and every time.

- to many ads

extremely way to many ads

- Fun game. Too many ads

The game itself is really fun, however, I stopped playing it because the ads were just too much.

- Not such a great game

You might think it’s funny ur there is SO many adds every round u will have a add almost like every minuet I’m not lying it’s really boring it’s only fun for 2 min and it boring all u do is slap people I’m going to delete this app bec it’s very boring and bec it has to many adds

- Ok

You don’t get to pick if you are a boy or girl and it’s not that fun

- 2

To many ads

- Greeat

Great great

- Help

I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or the app. I’ve deleted it multiple times but it won’t get off my iPhone. If I go in App Store to look it says “open” but I have deleted it!?

- Hg

Love it

- Why

I love this game but. Wake up so early in the morning I can’t get back to sleep so will you please Make it what’s addicting

- Too many ads!

Why do I have to watch an ad for every single round and for every button that I press!? Deleting this app as we speak.

- Good game too many ads

There’s an ad after every round 🤦🏽‍♂️

- DaBaby Simulator!

Greatest game ever! My girlfriend just cheated on me so I downloaded this game and made me feel like I just woke up Chris Breezy!

- Game is very trash

Very bad don’t play to many long ads

- This game is pretty fun but warning there are some bugs

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now and I say I’m pretty good at it. I’m already at level 89 in the championship. And I’m starting to notice whenever I get a direct hit or close to that, my opponents aren’t getting damaged that much anymore. I keep checking my power, and my health, and they are always higher than my opponents. So I’m thinking it’s just a bug or a glitch that won’t bother me if I just turn the game off and back on, but it’s still doing the same thing over again. So that’s my problem with the game and it should eventually be fixed. But other than that I like the game and I say it’s kinda fun to play when you have nothing to do sometimes.

- Fun game

Great pass time love to sleep fire out of the big Luchador

- Soooo many ads!!!

Do not buy if you actually like to play a game instead of watching constant ads. The gameplay to ad ratio is 0.5/1... it’s ridiculous.

- Love the game! Only a few minor issues

This game is actually really good fun for when you are bored or have time to waste. Some things I (and other players) Might like to see in the next update maybe? Are such as (less pop up ads while your trying to slap people, the reason is because they make you miss your shots.) And maybe a place to change your skin or to unlock new skins for coins, or maybe gloves! Hope you guys who make this game see this thank you.

- Ads after every sequence


- Characters

Pretty fun game to kill time, but how do you switch characters after you unlock a new one?

- Don’t bother!

Would give negative stars is possible. The ads make this game unplayable, period!!

- Ugly

I hate this game boy

- Fun but too many ads

It was very fun but too many ad pauses that can’t be skipped initially

- Lame

Worst ad delays of any game I have played. The playing has glitches, and both are frustrating.

- Coo

It’s fun and funny but would be better if we could change our characters and invite friends to compete with

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- Sooooo many ads

There are sooo many ads! I know that’s how they make money but seriously after every round? There are too many ads so I deleted immediately kinda ok if you don’t mind the ads

- Good Game And...

Why are people hating cause of ads. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK THEY MAKE MONEY

- Advertisement GIMMICK

They make you watch after every round The game is not worth it

- Too many ads

Good game but too many ads

- Uggg

Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!

- Woat game

Ads are unbearable. They even make you win bonuses for watching a 30 second ad. Don’t download.

- Ok guys stop hating bc of the ads

If u go too settings and turn of wifi it won’t have adds so stop hating

- Common

Far too many ADS, deleted within mins

- Trash

It is the worst game in the to many ads

- Ads

After every one, there is an ad

- Trash! Full of Ads and spams

An ad every 10sec! Wake up . Avoid this game

- Hilarious!!! Love it

Only 2 many ads

- No good

Shit game and to many adds👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Slapping does not work

Sometimes when you slap the opponent completely avoids it

- Is abuse good

Yes it was good in this game i am going to try it in real life now

- Glitches and too many adds

It is such a bad game. Don’t waste your time like I did to download that game. Foolish

- This game has to many ads

To many ADS!!!!

- An Ad after each round?!

After every round another ad appears like what?! Slow down Kimosabe you’re gonna push people away from this app

- Too many fn advertising

Way too much advertising in the game smarten up nobody likes it

- Fun at first.

Game was real fun at first, but pretty quickly it was obvious that you didn’t earn enough coins to upgrade, so if you wanted to actually win you needed to watch adds on repeat to get better.

- Ads

I got ads

- Ad City

This game should be called Ad City as 85% of the game is watching 30 second un-skippable ads. What a shame!

- bad game

All you do is the same thing over and over again it’s a fun/funny game for 10 minutes. And why to much adds. It could be better.

- Ads

There are an excessive amount of ads but when you get to playing it’s actually quite fun.

- Could be one of the funnest

There are way too many ads for this to be counted a good game, but when you do eventually get to play, it’s great

- Not worth your time

To many adds

- Ads

the only way to play and upgrade is by watching terrible ads, probably 2 every minute.

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Have to restart a lot!

It’s a fun game, but I keep slapping people clear off the stage, they just keep falling forever so I have to restart the game.

- Let’s play the Ad game!

All you do in this game is slap once then get an ad. Why even bother making a free game when you can’t play it because of how many ads you put in it?

- Funniest Game Ever

Whoever thought of this idea bravo. Although wayyy to many ads this is way too funny to pass up on.

- To many ads.

To many ads. So terrible:

- Too many ads

Too many ads. Very annoying

- Alright

Ads after ads. Fun/funny game though.

- 1 star

Wayyy to many commercials

- Graphic change???!

Just not long ago i was playing this on my iPhone 6s and the graphics were clear and crisp, now it’s blurry, the sweater and shoes and most cloths. Why?

- Too Many Ads

There are way too many ads in the game

- Way too Many Commercials/Videos

Stupid game. You get to a point where you can only progress by watching videos. Waste of time.

- Fri Ello wth

Wth inappropriate

- Too much ads

Add option to buy no ads

- Soo many Ads

Free but you get bombarded with ads every round. After 5 mins I deleted the game.

- It kinda sucks

The ads are annoying and I can’t even change to a different person..

- Way to many advertisements

Good game but way to many advertisements it’s BS let me just play a game ffs

- K so this game actually sucks it’s actually the worst game ever made ( ps I’m a real person)🤛



This game is trash an unfun

- Woah ads

The gameplay is solid, but holy too many ads. I'm out

- The game was good but is not now

The game just changed so much and this version sucks

- Garbage

This game is so trash. You click twice to line up a slap then you get to watch a 15 second ad. Then repeat. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Ridiculous amount of ads

Would be fun if there wasn’t a 30 second long unskipable advertisement every ten seconds. You literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Ridiculous! The App Store is doomed. It’s full of these crap games from crap developers that only care about money and not making games that players will enjoy. I’ll be sticking to Apple Arcade games from now on.

- Twitter

Who is here from twitter ?

- My low score

I enjoy the slapping game but not liking all the ads. You need to stop interrupting the game with so many ads

- Slap That

this is a great game 10/10 😂😂😂 I do recommend it!

- Ads

Good game but too many ads

- Worst app

So many advertisements

- To many adds

To many adds A few adds are understandable but more time is spent watching adds then game play Very disappointed

- Annoying

Sick of the ads every minute it makes you not want to play it

- He was really nice

Yeah that’s fine I’ll just stop by and pick it up and then I’ll come over to your room and then go back home to pick you guys up and then I’ll be going there and then I’m leaving my kids house to get in the shower and I’ll get back with him and then go to bed I’ll be home at about five or six minutes late I’m just going home now and then

- T

Too many adds

- Slaping women is a 5 star for me

5 stars

- GitGud

Trash Game

- Too many ads

So many ads

- Silly game

Silly game

- Not good

Too many ads, gets boring after about a minute

- Wow

Very good

- Ads ads ads

Too many ads

- Stupid amount of ads

The amount of ads makes this game unplayable, deleting now

- They got yeeted

They got yeeted

- Adds over and over and over and again and again!!!😡

Add a over and over and over and again and again.😡

- Brootle man

It’s so brootle man

- Worst game ever!

This game is actually horrible. It’s full of ads and not much playable activity happening on it. Not even worth downloading.

- Just ads

You play for 2 seconds and watch and ad for 15seconds

- To many ads

Another ad spam game. Spend more time watching ads than playing

- Way to many adds

I found myself watching adds more than actually playing the game. It was fun for 5 mins but after that it gets repetitive and boring. The game is basically a cash grab as after a certain point, you can’t even use the in game currency to upgrade your player. You are forced to watch adds to gain strength and that’s soo stupid. If you ever download this game play it in airplane mode to save yourself from the abundance of adds. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

- Way too many ads

Showing an ad after each round is way too much. For every 15 seconds of gameplay you have to watch an ad. No thanks.

- Just too many ads...

Ads keep popping up for every two games... its like 5 secs for each 20 to 30 secs game play. And also a menu spaced ad running always. Its just too much... wouldnt recommend it.

- Slap

To many adds on this game

- Way too many ads

Game is fun ads are ridiculous!! What’s happening to games these days!

- The game

It is pretty good

- It good

It good

- Ok

It’s fun for a couple of minutes but gets really boring after that and there are way to many adds.

- Too easy, waaay yo many ads

No challenge what so ever. Stupid ads after pretty much every single slap. Terrible!! More ads than game

- To many adds

Way to many long adds

- Fun

Slapping faces is fun. A bit boring after 5 minutes but five stars for the laugh.

- Slap

Don’t need to have an ad every 10 seconds you bellends

- Too many ads

Good game. Just ridiculously full of ads

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- Fun

Fun Fun

- Great game but come on guys!

We all ignore and click away from the terrible ads in games and most of the time end up deleting them. This game is very good and has a lot of potential but the awfully cringy ads cause lag issues you get the two stars. Great game, but the ads cause lag in game.

- Too many ads

Good game but an ad after every round. The repeated ad is for the game you’re playing. Crazy!

- Too Much Effort

It simply takes too much effort to play this game. Sorry. Nice concept though:)

- This game is trash

It forces you to buy the premium version because after you win, or lose, every single time, I promise, you’ll get an ad. I regret that I’m not able to give it less than one star review.

- Alot of ads

Alot of ads

- Bad with ads

So horrible do not get it the adds will waste your time and if your playing it stop playing these good addicting games until they get rid of the ads

- No sirve

Senda porquería

- Advertisements Policy

Very bad experience, any single step you need to see their advertisement. It’s totally embarrassing

- Slap

Too many ads.

- mad

to many ads

- The Ads are ridiculous

I like the game and concept but the ads are ridiculous. I understand sometimes ads help developers, but there is no reason for there to be an ad literally after every round. Further more, the amount of coins you earn is no where near enough considering the opponents health and power increase by a whole lot after the first dozen rounds or so.

- Too many bugs

I’ve been playing it for a couple weeks now. I’m on championship 141 now. My power and health have always been way above my opponents. I just recently noticed my power has been reduced to half of what it was and my opponents health has increased 4x the amount it was. So every hit inflict hardly leaves them a scratch. And I have to watch a video to get an extra slap after I get knocked out . Some how when I get the extra slap I knock my opponent out every time even though their health meter is still largely high enough that my reduced power shouldn’t even be able to budge. And everytime I win I never receive the coins from the victory. And I can no longer watch videos to increase my health power or offline coin. There is too many bugs in this game. It would be great if you would fix these issues and reduce the amount of ads.

- Great game

Way to many adsz

- To many ads

Every 5 seconds there’s a ad like I’m about to delete this app

- Bad


- Review

Too many advertisements

- Lounge this One Gaem . It is great


- Add just a couple more features and this game is a banger

This game has so much potential but little things like not being able to change characters is a turn off

- Too much adds

Too much adds

- Sad

Too many adds

- Best game in the world.

My name jeff

- Too much ads.

Too much ads.

- Boring

Theres more fyckin commercials an adds then the actual game smh

- Too many ads.

The game is really good, but way too many ads. It was really annoying to play then add, on and on!! You can have a few ads but not one every single second.

- This is not a game, this is just ads

I like the game, I like how I can play it, the problem what this is like is not like a game, this totally full of ads, whem im trying to play, I can just touch the screen and a ad can appeae beacause yes, I just going to say what if a game is totally FULL of ads is not going to work..

- Adds adds adds

Way too many adds it’s more adds then playing the game

- Too much ads, every single round there’s repeated ads.

Too much of ads. Can’t stand it

- The best

Im the slap king!

- Sooo many ads

Soooo many ads on a game that is about the same each round. You will like it for about 3 minutes and during that time you will have watched about 20 ads. I know free apps have to make money but those companies that find the right balance are successful. This company is going for the money grab.

- To many ads

Good game to many ads makes u not want to play

- Slap that

There are way too many ads

- Cool but.......

Way too many ads

- Good game

My only complaints are one of the ads is permanently stuck over the hit point button and can’t change my avatar . Can you please fix this?

- Cool concept to many ads

Deleted game too much over flow of ads takes fun outa the game.

- Adds

To many adds

- Game review

Game has potential to be fun however there’s way to many ads and at points I don’t like how it forces the ad I don’t even click the button and it makes me watch one or how after almost every game or every other game there’s a ad

- Boring

I can’t even slap the face

- Ad to playtime ratio

You will play for 10 seconds and then watch a 30second ad. Annoying.

- Ads

To many

- Good


- Adds

Way to many adds

- Would be awesome!!!

Would be awesome if you could download a face of someone you know as your opponent!!!

- Poor Gameplay Experience

With every new round of play, the user must watch at least 2 ads before continuing. This game was designed for the sole purpose of selling ads.

- Less ads

Too many adds. Feel like there’s more add time then playing time. Worst game app ever.

- Diarrhea

Stupid game remove it. >:(

- Way too many ads

Over all it’s a fun game to play, will definitely delete soon no one likes constant advertising

- Trash


- Es bueno

Es bueno

- Ads

To many ads commercials

- Way Too many adds

Horrible game

- Great game

Great game but the graphics are not the best

- Slap game review

You put too many ads how you expect to get good reviews with too many ads but your game is okay needs work

- Riducule le temps dannonce wow

Trop d’annonce sais cela qui fait que les gens quitte le jeu car ya plus de temps d’annonce que de temps de jeu jai acceter cejeu pour jouer et non pour attendre a regarder des annonce

- Needs sound!

Pretty sure the title explained it

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- Shit game

Shit game cant play more than ten seconds without an ad coming on

- Mr Jim

To many adverts, never get to play the game

- Just bad bad bad

Bad just bad I mean really bad bad bad BAD BBBBBBAAAAAAAADDDDDD!! Bad

- Ad

Absolutely pathetic the amount of ads on this game don’t get it

- Too many ads!

It’s a semi okay game but there are too many ads, yes you can pay to get rid of them but for a game that is semi okay, I wouldn’t pay

- Complain

There shouldn’t be that much reclaims

- My review

Really good app the graphics are good and the controls are really easy

- Adds

Too many adds

- Ridicolous!

Impossible to play! Every slap, one advert of Ola cab! You should probably get a slap 👍

- Review

Not bad but to many advertisements

- Hi

When I play the game all the time I’m seeing different adverts is ignoring

- Ads

Way to many ads in this game after every level in this game and they last 15 to 30 seconds even when clicked to say no thanks to 2x rewards still get an ad game is not enjoyable at all

- Ads

Ridiculous amount of ads.

- Why so many?

Too many ads you get one after each battle

- Too many ads

Too many ads the game becomes more and I deleted it. Don’t get this app.

- It’s all Ads

I wouldn’t bother with this game, it’s just a sespit for ads. You play a level for about 10 seconds, then the rest of the time until the next level is just 60-90 second ads.

- Adverts

There’s a advert every 5 seconds and counted no joke

- Abusing amount of adverts

It is impossible to play. Advert every minute...

- Less adds

Quite great to play less adds it’s horrendous let’s get to slapping and difrent types of slap hook slap straight slap etc mix it up

- Good but ruined

Too many adverts makes it impossible to play

- Slap

To many adverts when playing games far too many actually stops me playing

- This app Is just not ok

Saw this app advertised through another app I have installed. Little concerned that everybody’s main gripe about it is about the amount of adverts! Depending on the opponent, it’s a MAN slapping a WOMAN! Utterly clueless too why such a senseless and vile app even exists. Wont even be giving it the time of day to find out how over aggressive the ads are.

- Ads paradise

Waste timer app

- Ads to upgrade

Why just why?

- Too much ads making the game boring

Too much ads making the game boring

- Too many ads

Too many ads. fen

- Ads

Turn off internet and play if you want to enjoy the game without ads

- Ads

I agree there is to many ads cut down a bit pls

- Too many ads

Downloaded and deleted in less than 5 minutes. Too many adverts which makes a potentially good game tedious having to constantly wait!

- Too many adds.

Good idea but not with this amount of adds.

- Adverts

Ridiculous amount of adverts , deleted the game after 2 minutes.

- Too many ads

This a good game it is ruined by the amount of adverts. An advert after every single round is just too much.

- Slap Game

Too many adverts

- Ehh

Good game to many adverts let it down

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Way to many ads

No further words needed

- too many ads

please fix this

- Needs ad free version

Absolutely insane number of ads, so much that it ruins the experience. Would be five stars if you release an ad free in-app purchase

- Mike

Just too many adds! Played for about 10 seconds and two adds. Download if you like watching adverts.

- Just way too many ads. Uninstalling after 5 minutes.

Had enough already

- Fuck this game

I hate lag

- Rubbish ads

Good game but ads after every shot make it unplayable, had to delete, more time watching ads than playing

- Basic

Basic game, literally no point in it. I’ve tried it but will now delete.

- The game

I download almost every game shown on ads but rarely ever write reviews which give five stars absolutely exceptional best game ever I love it so much and I recently downloaded it

- To many ads

To many ads, had to uninstall it, got annoying to be honest. Please sort this issue.

- No ads

If you don’t want ads turn off your WiFi and data before playing

- Decent

The amount of ads is ridiculous. Ads will be in free games but this was excessive

- Good but toomany ads!!!

I like this, but way too many ads, spoils the game, so I’ll be deleting after this, sorry guys!

- Ridiculous. There is an add every 10-15 seconds.

I can’t believe this garbage is allowed to exist. There is literally an add after every level which last about 10 seconds. It’s a serious shame because the game concept is cool but it’s horrifically ruined by ads. I seriously enjoy writing this review more than using this game.

- Too Many Adds

Too Many Ads, No Skill Needed. Boring.... Could Be So Much Better

Game Review: Slap That – Winner Slaps All (Mobile – Free to Play)



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Slap That - Winner Slaps All iphone images
Slap That - Winner Slaps All iphone images
Slap That - Winner Slaps All iphone images
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Slap That - Winner Slaps All ipad images
Slap That - Winner Slaps All ipad images
Slap That - Winner Slaps All ipad images
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The applications Slap That - Winner Slaps All was published in the category Games on 2020-02-05 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 270.56 MB. Slap That - Winner Slaps All - Games posted on 2020-03-09 current version is 1.0.9 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Slap That - Winner Slaps All Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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