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Paint Pop 3D is a one-tap addictive shooting game !

Hold shoot to paint all slices on the ring.
Be careful to the obstacles!

You're gonna have fun between endless colors and the golds.
You can play with a lot of characters
Catch the feeling of paint and breaking with the infinite bullets
How high can you paint?

Paint Pop 3D App Description & Overview

The applications Paint Pop 3D was published in the category Games on 2018-12-15 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 204.71 MB. The current version is 1.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Daily Challenge
- New Levels
- New Characters

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Paint Pop 3D Reviews

Du pug : )

Fun game but...  Du pug : )  3 star

Ok when I started reading what other people thought of this game I started having second thoughts but I was like “ I guess I’ll give it a trie” well... the game itself is super fun BUT it has WAY too many ads I have to watch an add every time I die even though I didn’t press the revive button and if you’re not one of those “patient” people I would NOT download this game.


Ok  djcufhj  4 star


Im Lil Q

Game  Im Lil Q  2 star

It’s very laggy and it shoots for you when your not pressing anything


I HATE It  Jason😋  1 star

The game is soooo bad it reminds me of a penis. And why do y’all have so many ads I can barely play the game


5 out of 5  payshw  5 star

I love this game I think you should buy it


Paint ball  ghgfgbdghvdtg  5 star

Paint ball very challenging and hard,but fun to play it helps you get better at playing games at times.If you play this game on an iPad or computer that glitches it is hard to play paint ball but it is still fun so try playing this game and you will see how challenging it might like it so you should try paint ball.


Just  Hamilton915  5 star

Ok so I just got this game and it is soooooooooo fun awesome 😎 I fell in love 😍

النصر عالمي

..  النصر عالمي  5 star

لعبه جميلة جدا ومسليه وقت الفراغ 💕

bad but good name

Ok  bad but good name  4 star

I think this can have an update and I think it could be easier to get a new skin I hate that there is adds it’s so annoying to me but I still like the game it’s fun right now I’m new so I’m on level 8 so I think they can make this 1 target thing for a round


Pretty good minus one thing  Emily.enes  4 star

Pretty good so far, other than the super long ads. I mean, come on, do you have to have an ad after every level and to continue playing if messed up?


Too many ads  pure_citrine  1 star

Too many ads put me off so I deleted the app

its me, ME🤓

Best game ever!  its me, ME🤓  5 star

This game is the best and I like that when you get a near miss you get this kind of a BOOST and it just does the thing for you and it also looks pretty🍩❤️🌈🦄🐶🌭🐥🐣

taylor haylor

hate  taylor haylor  1 star

why does it say near miss


Paint fire  lucas.parrino  5 star

game is cool thank you for making it up love you bye


Love  Paddo09  2 star

I just love this app so much 🦄🦔😍❤️🐺😊😊😊😊😊🐥🦔🐿🥀🦐🦐🐇🐎🐎

Olli star 87

Fantastic  Olli star 87  5 star

Great game highly recommend


Horrible don’t even get!!!!!  usjdjskosjdjd  1 star

Good job games did horrible making this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the best game one of  Biancabianca10  5 star

It’s colourful and fun and silly.


Tori’s was happy  torivann  4 star

It is very easy and it does not seem to work well but it’s really fun


Love it  goolingh  5 star

Great game but lots of ads


Awesome  Zaezae19  5 star

I love this game, it’s an awesome game


Thx  anotherone😂🤣  3 star

This game is awesome i love it helps you focus on the little things mess up on makes you better at other things in life


Game review  MOOSERHOADS67  5 star

I love this game it is challenging and fun and I like that

chapters gane

👍🏽  chapters gane  5 star



The best game ever  uodjkdkk  5 star

Oh my god I am in addicted to this game I cannot stop playing it #best gam ever

pokemon buddy

Great but..  pokemon buddy  3 star

Game is fun,relaxing, and helps you deal with stress! The only bad thing is that it gets pretty boring after you play it for a while please change something about it to make it more fun and different.


My emotions about this game  arianna🏆  5 star



Bad  DARKSIDE1000001  1 star

This game is the worst game in the world it has way too many adds and after playing it you just want to delete the game and it gets way too boring it is just sooooooo BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Painting/Drawing (The Best)

Ads Also  Painting/Drawing (The Best)  4 star

This a very good game and I like it a lot.When I first saw it I new that I was going to like it.The only stressful is that I can,t stop hitting the black things, but I guess that that is my fault and all all of the ads that are there when you want to continue playing and not restart the level again.I can’t tell you much right now because I barley started playing it, but I kinda/“really like” it right now.


Fun but redundant  Kerryoops  3 star

This game is fun, visually appealing, and I like the colors, characters and different options you can choose... with that being said however, it gets a bit boring after a while. It seems to be somewhat repetitive and that can get old really quick. I’m not sure what the “ultimate goal” is, other then to just keep going and going. I feel like I’ve beaten the game already. I’ve got all of the characters, roads and colors. At this point it’s just the same thing over and over. Also, there are way too many ads... I don’t mind an ad once in a while - but after every level? Come on, that’s a bit ridiculous.


Yay  abbieyellowbadger😜🤪  5 star

Soo addictive


Addicting  piggywiggytaillad  5 star

This game is great but super addicting way to go guys 😊😊😊

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