Tank Stars

Tank Stars [Games] App Description & Overview

Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon – a simple missile to an atomic bomb – and find the right shooting angle and destroy your opponents.
Make the right shot quickly or you’ll die.

— Loads of deadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation
— Online multiplayer game. Play with friends
— Cool weapon upgrades to make you really powerful and break-back
— Epic graphic effects

We Love You. Enjoy.


Subscription options

In our game we have the following subscription options:

1. Weekly Diamond Membership offers a weekly subscription for $7.99 after a 3-day free trial. It provides you with 2000 coins, 50 Gems and 1 free chest on a daily basis.

2. Monthly Diamond Membership offers a monthly subscription for $19.99. It provides you with 2000 coins, 50 Gems and 1 free chest on a daily basis.

3. Yearly Diamond Membership offers a yearly subscription for $99.99. It provides you with 2000 coins, 50 Gems and 1 free chest on a daily basis.

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The current active subscription period can not be canceled.
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Tank Stars Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy. Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

Tank Stars Comments & Reviews

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- You need to read this

Tbh I love tank stars don’t get me wrong but I do have a few problems with it tho, the first problem is that there are SO many ads. Right before a match, an ad comes, after the match, an ad comes on. Even when I see an ad to get a free chest, right after that ad there’s another ad and not only that. Most of the time when I press x on an ad, the games takes away my ability to hear the tank move and shoot. And sometimes when I play pvp, if I win a match and then go into another match, the game automatically destroys my tank. And if anyone else didn’t notice already, when you take damage in pvp you take way more damage then you do when you play against a bot. I mean they could’ve upgraded their tank but even kids with the starter tank like to troll other ppl and that just makes this game frustrating and unfair. I like to play this game when I am most of the time mad, so I like to take my anger on other ppls tanks but most of the time, ppl with frost or Abrams take away 3/4 of my health with one missle. The only thing keeping me from giving this game a 5 star rating is that there is such a big amount of ads. Oh yea, another thing. Id like how the bots sometimes hide behind a hill and move up so close to me that they hurt themselves by shooting at me like that’s how close they get. Id stands for I don’t btw

- Close but no cigar

I’ve enjoyed this game but there’s a few problems that really keep me from giving this game four stars My first complaint is the frost tank and it’s stupid frostbite move, I’m tired of going into multiplayer matches and losing to someone who thinks they’re good because they use the tank I like the move needs to be nerfed heavily My seconds complaint would be something to do with multiplayer as well, whenever you quit a match before it ends and you go into a new match there’s an issue where I’ll die instantly, if this was intentional to reduce rage quitting then I respect the motive but not the outcome My third complaint has to do with the ads, I understand that since this game is free then ads are just guaranteed but good god is there a bunch, of you win a match, there’s an ad, if you lose a match you get an ad, if I want to unlock the chest I win after just watching an ad then I have to watch an ad and sometimes my screen will freeze to black from the ad and then I have to close the app and lose my reward from the game I just played, I feel like instead of after a match ends you should let us watch the ad to get the chest but still have the option to skip the reward if we don’t feel like watching the ad or if we can’t gain the reward due to being online I really wish I could give this game a five star but these three factors keep me from giving it five stars but other than these the game’s been extremely enjoyable.

- iPhone XS Max gets very hot

Update: GLITCHES GLITCHES AND MORE GLITCHES. I never win a reward after a match because it goes to a black screen which forces me to close to app. So no reward is ever given when I do that after I win a match. Most problems just need updates but will be deleting this and never looking back if they don’t fix it soon. It’s been going on for too long. When this app is open my new iPhone XS Max gets very hot and eats up my battery more than any other game or app I have ever used. There may just need an update but it’s pretty bad and has been like this since I downloaded the game a few days ago. Other than that it would be a 5 star game if they did not force you to watch a video after every game. We already, willingly, press to play videos for (because we have to) to open the “free chests” to get upgrades. I just think we watch enough videos even without being forced to watch them after each and every game. AND for some reason these advertisement videos are longer when relating to how other game apps are. This games advertisements are usually around 30seconds each. That’s a long time! We get the point in 15seconds so these could be cut in half so we could at least watch 2 different 15 second videos that way this app can make more money playing more advertisement videos. After 15seconds it just gets annoying and even if I think the game looks cool that they are advertising I won’t download it because of how obnoxiously long their trailer is.

- Great game, still needs some work

Overall I love this game. It’s fun to learn the strategies and weapons for each tank, you’re rewarded well throughout, and it’s easy to level up as you play. But there are a few ongoing issues for me. First, 9/10 rewards you wait through a 30 add for are gold. I have a mountain of gold, and the upgrades are so cheap that I just keep getting more and more have nothing to spend it on. Second, I paid for no adds and if I want rewards or want to continue playing during tournament mode, I have to sit through a ton. Third, I keep getting matched with beginners in online PVP, half of which just quit at the beginning. I’d love to only be matched up with people with a similar ranking to my own. Fourth, in tournament mode when I die and have to watch an add to continue, every once in a while my second tank is loaded with partial health and my first tank is still on the map. When I’m in the legendary level of the tournament, this makes it very difficult to win and I likely means I’ll need to start over. Silly bug that should be fixed. Last, I wish I could play against my friends online but that options doesn’t exist yet. Nevertheless, this is a great game that I will continue to play, but it needs some work. Hoping to these these changes/fixes in subsequent updates.

- Has potential

The app started off being a lot of fun. The upgrade system isn’t bad and is understandable. One thing that would be great would be to allow the player to access the tournament battles at all times instead of having us wait for however many hours it does. After you have a few tanks unlocked and upgraded just killing a single computer tank over and over gets a little boring. The PVP is a little more interesting but still. I’d like to see more modes where you can choose multiple tanks and have multiple enemies like tournament. One big issue I have with the game is the amount of ads. I understand ads are necessary for a free game but TOO soon. Lose a match, watch an ad. Win a match, watch an ad. And the worst, after the win ad, watch ANOTHER ad just go collect the treasure chest that you just won. It’s ridiculous. Even with that I gave the app 3 stars because I’ve enjoyed playing it. Another major issue that I hit today, anytime I win a match, and hit continue to collect the chest, it goes to pull the ad up and now the ALWAYS freezes right there on a black screen. I can no longer collect my victory chest. If I don’t click SKIP I have to force close the app and lose my reward. I’ve already tried restarting my phone etc. I want to enjoy the game more but I feel like I’m being hampered by stupid ads and a lock up bug that won’t go away.

- Favorite game

I absolutely adore this game and appreciate the time and work that the devs invested into it, but there are a few problems. The hit boxes on the tanks are a bit wonky because you could shoot at the gun on the tank and it doesn’t count as it’s hit box? Some tanks are just absolutely broken (the abilities) like the frost tank, there is the frostbite ability and if you aim it right, then it can instantly kill any tier of a tank, but who am I to complain? I love the frost tank. And the ads. I don’t mind the ads after every match, but the only thing I don’t like about them is the small music clip after you win a game. I could care less about having to watch a full ad to open a chest, and I appreciate a skip button on the ad right after the game. Last problem: the tournaments. I love the tournaments, because you can get sooooo much good stuff from the chests but it’s just that we have to wait like 12 or 24 hours to play another tournament. I get it that you don’t want people constantly winning legendary chests because, what will the gems be used for in the shop then (not the cards shop)? And one last thing, I hope that the devs know that there is a person that made a garbage-tier game called Droid Stars, and it’s basically tank stars but it’s so much worse. Thank you for listening and goodbye!

- Devs Please Read

First off I never write reviews for games but I have nothing better to do right now. This game is pretty fun and cool. It’s like Shell Shock Live for your phone. There’s just a few issues that I would like to see fixed. One, when you are shooting and there’s a piece of ground in front of you, you should be alerted by the white lines not appearing to tell you your shot is blocked. I lost countless times due to blowing my own tank up. Second, when the fire round is changing and a supply drop lands on your tank it shows that you picked up a high leveled weapon but it’s still the enemy’s turn to shoot. Once they shoot it goes back to you and it says you didn’t pick up that weapon from the supply crate which is a waste of a high level weapon you could have had which is very important because those weapons are game changing weapons. Finally, when you get the option to continue for 10 Gems after you die it should tell you that you’re going to spawn with less than 50% health. I was in a legendary tournament battle with one tank left to destroy and I thought I would give me full health if I spent the ten gems but it gave me 25% and I died instantly to the fire my tank was sitting in which was a waste of gems. Those are a few things I think would help to make this game better. Oh and add more tanks :)

- Almost perfect

This game’s simple combat is super intuitive, the reward system is fair, and actually a bit easier and quicker than most other games. There are just two things I wish I could change that would bump this up to a 5 star game. Before that, though, I highly recommend you don’t purchase anything on this app. The purchase tanks are neat, I guess, but don’t offer any advantage and the ad-free subscription is way too expensive to justify. Anyway ~~ First, the Frost tank is crazy overpowered. It’s the only enemy I’ve encountered that can destroy every other tank in literally one shot. It makes the pvp rather frustrating, and all it takes to fix are some minor nerfs. Second, the tournament option is probably one of the better parts of the gameplay, allowing you to tackle multiple foes at once. But you can only play it once per day. Granted, it gives out super rewards each time you complete a level, which is fantastic, but I just wish there was a way to keep playing it, even if that means giving up the rewards chests for completing them. Hit me with some ads and give me the same basic chest the standard matches give you the option for. Or even no chest at all. The tournaments are just that much fun, I want to keep playing them.

- this game is pretty good?

I really enjoy this game and all the tanks and the strategy involved. it’s fun and i like the tournaments and the different abilities! i do have a few problems with it tho. the big one is the ridiculous amount of ads i have to watch all the time. it’s really annoying and makes me enjoy the game less than i feel i truly could. number 2 is that once you do the one tournament for the day, it’s way too easy. there isn’t really any challenge in computer (because they just roll up right next to you and suicide attack us both). I would suggest a few more modes and maybe a level system where you can do multiple tanks and face a harder CPU that has multiple tanks (instead of once a day). the tournament is probably the most fun and intense part so build on that! finally a few of the tanks are SEVERLY overpowered. and i’m talking my about just one, FROST. it’s attacks take 3/4 of a life bar and it’s a very common card to get in chests/rewards, so it’s just too strong. also the mountain card seems pretty weak for being the final tank in the list, i mean the hitbox is off for a few attacks and it does no damage. other than those minor things i love this game and can play for hours. i’d say the biggest takeaway is just add more levels and maybe offer different difficulties, cause i don’t wanna get bored!

- Good but needs some work

This game is super fun and I found myself falling in love with its quick easy gameplay from the very start, but it needs some work. Firstly it needs more tanks you only get 6 tanks (without paying for the kinda crappy reskin) and as fun and diverse as the selection is it needs more variety. Secondly the multiplayer is kinda clunky a lot of the time the movement system is all wack teleporting you and your enemies to random spots on the map sometimes helpful, like getting you out of fire or ice, and sometimes super annoying like, putting you in range of your enemy, into fire/ice, or back to where you started your turn. Thirdly holy crap Frost needs to be nerfed or fixed because in PvP you play him shoot your enemy with one of your ice abilities and then you win cause they can’t move for the rest of the game. Not sure if that is a bug or supposed to happen but it is super annoying and makes PvP kinda disgusting. Finally the loot crates need to be toned down or made to drop less often because it come down to who gets the first crate a lot of the time in both PvP and PvAI (another reason Frost is so good in PvP). Outside of that the leveling system for the tanks is fair if your willing to put in the time and overall the AI is decent for the game. If some of these changes are made I think the game will be 5 stars in no time.

- This game is amazing!!! 😉 but you better not steal my money

I would suggest playing this game it’s really not too hard but not too easy at the same time. items don’t cost too much to buy. Needs a little improvement on online games I think because it will sometimes just glitch out when the opponent leaves and says that you lost. Idk why. But besides from that it’s a really good game an seems like a remastered version of pocket tanks if anyone knows what that is which makes me love this game even more because I used to play pocket tanks all the time. Also I think this game should be available on !!!PC and LAPTOP!!! I think that putting this game on PC and Laptop would let more people without phones be able to play. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 One last thing I think the dubstep tank is over priced. maybe make it $2.99 just saying not trying to me annoying or anything like that!😁😁😁 I would play this game everyday if I had the chance 😄😄😄 oh also if I get a weekly charge after I only did the diamond version free 3 day trial I will walk up to your company or whatever it is... and I will have a real nice chat with you >:(

- Ads Ads Ads

I saw a comment on here explaining how even though the game was enjoyable the frequency of ads impacted the player experience. I shrugged this off as most mobile games are ad heavy and I assumed it would be just as bad as any other. Unfortunately, I have done the previous reviewer a major disservice by not believing them as this game might have the absolute worst ad system I have ever seen. Not only do ads appear before a match, and after opening your rewards crate post match, but during the match as well. I watched an ad, got into a game vs a bot, fired once, then had to watch another ad, the bot returned fire, I fired again, had to watch ANOTHER ad, bot goes again, I go again and win, then ANOTHER AD. I understand ad saturation as a way to monetize the game by letting players pay to remove them, but this goes too far. It is encouraging me to uninstall rather than pay. To add insult to injury here, many of the ads are quite long and require you to participate in their mini game and some even force audio elements even when you have sound turned off. The only thing saving this game from being a true 1 star is that it is actually entertaining, but the intrusiveness of the ads alone prevent me from giving it anything higher than 2. If the ads are still this heavy when I am able to play vs other players, I will be uninstalling.

- Not Bad but Bad Problems

The game itself is okay and has many good things about it. It really has a good concept and can be even more successful by adding more stuff. That’s my first of three complaints. There is barely anything to do. After I play the tournament I can only play basic games and get bored. I also think the rewards for winning an online game should be higher because it is a little harder to beat than regular games. Maybe like 300 coins and a crystal/gem or two. Second complaint: It has already happened multiple times, but when I finish a game, after just beating it, my screen will just go black. I will wait forever; nothing happens. I have to exit out and the game doesn’t save. My final complaint is somewhat related. It is about how the game will randomly exit and cancel out, and at the most inconvenient times. For example, I saw that my Daily Gift was ready, so I clicked on it. The gift for the day was a free chest. Right before I can click on it, the game exits out. I come back on, and you know what I see; no chest! I don’t mean to sound rude or like an annoying complainer, but this bug hasn’t only happened once, and it gets somewhat annoying. I just hope someone sees this review and can find a way to fix these problems.

- Not even worth $0

Idek where to begin with this tbh. It’s not that good. Let’s start with my main problem. The ads. Jesus, you have one before and after you win/lose a match. But guess what, you have an ad to even collect your reward your winning a match. You get a chest every time you win, but nope. Not really. They want you to watch another ad. Don’t even categorize this as a game, categorize it as an ad. Cause all it does is give you ads constantly. Don’t even get me started on all the bugs either. I’ve watched so many ads to “continue” during a tournament, and then guess what, it doesn’t give it to me. Not to mention the invisible walls that happen to me as well. And btw the ads got so bad that I payed to remove them, thinking that maybe the game will improve after that. Not a chance though. You still have to watch ads to continue during tournaments and you still have to watch ads to get the chest when you win a normal match. I’ve never seen so many ads on one game in my life. OH and the upgrade system. How do you expect me to upgrade my tanks and their abilities when all you do is give me like 200 gold for a win? Oh you don’t? Yeah I forgot that I have to use that gold to buy the amount of things I need to upgrade, because i’m not about to watch an ad to open a chest that I WON from the battle I just played. Seriously don’t even download it. It’s pointless.

- Great game, too little content

This game plays and feels amazing! I love the art style and everything about it. The only gripes I have are that there is such a lack of content, and that there are so (and I mean SO) many ads. The only things I think need to be added are a competitive ranked mode (so you have a goal for your grind), and a team mode where you and a friend match up against others. Wait actually.. just take everything that’s great about Clash Royale and put it into this game. The game already shares some attributes and it works really nicely, so maybe just implement more social features and stuff like that. My second gripe, although I understand why this is the case with free games, is all the ads. It’s super annoying to finish a match and have to watch a 15 second ad to get my coins and then another 30 second ad to get my chest. I feel like the time spent watching ads is the same as actual gameplay. Once there’s new content I’ll consider buying the “no ads” in game but it’s just not worth it yet. All in all this game is great and I encourage the devs to keep at it and make this game even better than it already is. Cheers for reading~

- Good game but needs work

It’s a pretty good game and I find it pretty fun to fight other players online with our tanks and stuff, however there’s some problems. For one there’s a lack of variety in the game. With only 7 tanks and 1 of which being locked behind a paywall, there’s little variety between tanks. If they were to add a few more and buff some tank abilities to make them more on par with how well others can preform (For example the “big one” which is something the default tank shoots, does decent damage until you realize the silo tank can do the same thing with the silo rocket and that takes little skill to use. Also this game at least for me crashes a lot and starts seriously lacking especially if there’s a lot of fire on screen and you’re doing a tourney with all three fire tanks shooting at once. Also it’s is a bit of personal opinion but I feel fall damage should be a thing as well as same time shooting (for pvp because whoever goes first has the undeniable advantage) and also remove the ability to scale 90 degree angles up and down. Besides that good game and look forward to how this game’ll change

- The game

This game is so fun and I don’t know how to stop playing it and I got it on my mom and I phone just I case one day I leave my phone at home I can play on her phone because I don’t want to be bored for the rest of my life you I just love this game so much and I don’t know how to put this phone down because this game is fun and I don’t want to put it down no time soon because I don’t want to go to school because I just want to play this game all day long and I’m going by to till my mom about this game mite turn into to me because this game is so fun I told her and she can’t put her phone down and my whole family can’t put there is phone I think everyone should get this game and you need to get this and don’t just swipe over because you are going to be mad you even did that because you are going to be bored for the rest of her life and i don’t know why you always swipe stop swiping over it mite be important and you just swipe over no don’t do that some one can be dieing you are just swiping over so what plz don’t swipe over plz listen to me you okerrrrrrrrrrrrrt

- Excellent Game, One Question

As far as games go, this one is good. The graphics are satisfying, the gameplay is immersive, there are lots of adds, but that’s understandable this day and age. It takes some time to get your tanks to high levels, but I’m not one to commit immense amounts of time to games, so what’s that from me. My main question is: Is it an intended mechanic that when you are a certain amount of level ups higher than an online opponent and you go first, that their first attack that hits you deals an INSANE amount of damage, regardless of how clean the shot is. I’ve been clipped by the end of an explosion and still taken well over half my health in damage. Is this to balance weaker players odds of completing the “Win X amount of online battles” mission, because if so it’d be better without. It makes Online Mode unfair, and seemingly rewards players for being lucky enough to go up against a more experienced and higher level tank. I apologize for making another lengthy review, but I’d truly appreciate at least an indicator that this is the case. Thank you for your time!

- Beginning to H A T E it.

Adds. The cursed ADDS. I could just be sitting in the car using my headphones and then I finish a game and instantly get earraped. By the ADDs! I can mute my phone and listen to my podcasts. But these adds still play and then get rid of my podcast tab. And these adds are lies. They aren’t actually representations of the advertised game. It infuriates me. I play music during the add and the add ends my music and plays the cursed add when I have my phone on mute. Why must you do this? And recently I’ve had to loosen my wallet a bit. So when I bought the “NO ADDS” IAP TWICE. I still got bad adds. It charged me 3.99 AND IT DIDN’T EVEN GO THROUGH. MY GOD ITS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE. So, y’all charged me in a “scam”? Or do I just have to wait a year for it to go through? I had to refresh three times and I still didn’t get it. So, TLDR fix your game, you wasted my 3.99 on a fake add removal. Also, not every kid is going to know what’s happening. So how about you prevent it before you rob a innocent child of either a present or their hard earned money. Not to forget the “try game!” Add, you press it or do something along those lines and get thrown into the AppStore. It’s incredibly annoying. That’s all, fix it. I hope not to need keep this bad review. It’s an ok game I admit. But you just got too close to a dormant volcano.

- Fun but....

This game is great fun and definitely a time waster, which is a good thing. There are good amount of tanks and each come with their own ammo unique to the tank. The Specter tank for example uses a rail gun and a orbital strike among others where as the Mk 1 (a land ship) has a shot that calls in a blimp to drop bombs on the opponent. The upgrade system is fair but in order to upgrade your tanks you need to get crates....which you have to pay for, wait for, or watch an add to get, ya this is to be expected of a free to play game. The only problem with this is there is an add during the game, after the game and to collect a chest you get for winning the game. Another gripe I have is that the Frost tank, the second tank you unlock is OP, like it can kill a tank in one shot with no upgrades OP, on top of that if you hit someone it freezes them in place all game and they/you can’t move, this is understandable as many tanks have a feature like this but when the frost tank does so much damage, it’s ridiculous. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a simple, fun game but has the patience for A LOT of ads.

- Seriously?!

To dear Tank Stars developers by Shane: I have played this game for almost two years during some of my free time, I admit it brought me lots of fun. I have full collections included the out-of-print and festival-special hidden tank Pumpkin, and up to 1100 gems. But I deleted and re-downloaded it just now because this game has an even more serious bug about crash-and-flash-out recently. I was expected that my data has been saved on Cloud or game’s databases. Then I found out that my diamond account has been cleaned and lost, all the data I collected and paid has gone away! Even after I restored my purchases, just a tiny part of my process returned. Oh gosh, it can’t be! That was truly terrifying me. Isn’t it kind of unfair? I hope it won't be forever and I also hope you guys can fix it up, return the lost data to me and other poor players that can’t face the same worst fact just as me. And don’t give up the process for improving the game, or I can only choose is to give up this amazing game. Feel sad. I used to give you a 5 stars review, but I am forced to change my mind now, sorry about that. I am sure that you guys actually have the ability to do better works. From then on, I will always be waiting for this awesome game coming back to my life sight.

- Great game... Terrible flaws.

Tank Stars is a great game to play and to have fun. Although, the balancing of players and tanks is REALLY bad. For example, beginners will easily get destroyed by high levels. Losing and winning will give you the same exact thing as winning and losing a CPU game, making the online game mode pointless to play. The tanks of this game are really unbalanced, especially the frost tank. Every time I see a high-level frost tank, I would think “Disgusting” or “Just pathetic.” Frost tanks are not just overpowered, but extremely broken. All of the other tanks are just weak: like the atomic tank. The tanks really need to be buffed and nerfed so the gameplay can be balanced. You should also add some strength and weaknesses between tanks. I also see ads in the worst timing, like there’s always an ad when you win/lose a game, and you have to watch another one right away just to get the box. You need to remove the ads after winning/losing and just let the ads stay on the box and skip button. Until the tanks are balanced, Reward system fixed, and the Ad placement changed; It is best to play the game that this was based on which is ”Worms”, instead of playing this.


I love the app and it is very addictive but my only complaint is it doesn’t work well it will always kick me out, and certain attacks would just glitch, like when me or the opponents use lightning drone it would kick me out. May you fix this please I have to turn off my WiFi so I can play without glitches. That works but only for a while can you respond when you fix it. Also I have a problem with ads when my WiFi is on like you win there’s an ad you lose there’s an add want a chest there’s an add. Plus ads take for ever then after the screen would turn black and kick me out. I also should have earned like 37 gems from completing the guess the food quiz with a hundred. If I get them I think you should do something like use gems to buy coins. Everything in this is what is keeping me from giving you a 5 star rating. Thank you and please answer back plz plz plz PLZ.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂❗️❗️❗️❗️💯 Ps: quickly

- Great Game! Couple downsides

I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, maybe 2 or 3 months so I’ve gotten pretty far into it. I really enjoy this game it’s really fun to participate in and I love the designs and the skills of each tank. On the downside the ads get really annoying to a point. I understand fully that’s how you guys are making money but if you could dial down the ads that would make everyone who plays this game enjoy it even more. I’m fine with watching an ad for a chest but having a ad pop up as I complete a match gets pretty irritating. Maybe if you could make it so we can watch an ad for double the money we get from each match or something? (Because getting 200 each match isn’t that good when you’re later in the game)That’d be more like it. Overall this game definitely has potential, if you guys could also add more tanks that would be really awesome! I kinda get bored every now and then with a short amount of tanks. I can’t wait what you guys have plan ahead for this great game, keep up the good work!

- Parents/guardians BEWARE!

My 11-year old sometimes uses my phone to play games, etc. He has one of my old phones to use, but obviously mine is better/bigger! I will occasionally download apps for him as a reward for helping me. I downloaded this app for him. He played it briefly, then we deleted it (not enough blood/gore, I’m guessing! LOL!). He does not have my password to get onto my phone and he certainly doesn’t have a way to get into my “restrictions” settings, but imagine my surprise when I received a receipt from Apple for $5.98 (for 2 weeks x$2.99/WEEK!) for a “Diamond Subscription” to “Tank Stars” that I didn’t authorize! Yes, that’s $2.99 per WEEK! :O My son is pretty forthright when he messes up and he said, “Mom, I KNOW you didn’t subscribe to that!” I wonder how many other unsuspecting people there are being charged for this?! On a positive note, Apple Support Chat was very helpful and quickly refunded me for the unauthorized purchase! As a side note, the receipt doesn’t even tell you the name of the app, so I had to contact them again so I could confirm that the app had actually been deleted! Good reminder for me to double check my all of my charges! With all these security breaches, hackers, etc. you can never be too careful!

- Great game at first but less longevity

I enjoyed this game thoroughly until I started to make real progress in the game. As other players have noted, some moves are extremely one sided, inflicting vastly more damage than other moves (the frost tank especially has the move frostbite which seems to kill anything in one hit, making online play very boring whenever you face an opponent with that tank) During online play the game glitches out and won’t track your movements accurately, moving you back but still using fuel so you essentially can sometimes only advance with a quarter tank of fuel. It also randomly causes moves to not register damage. Another error is when you play the game and it won’t register the timing properly In tournament mode, so when one player dies it’s not the turn for the new tank, it’s somehow the enemies turn again. Otherwise great game, physics, creative weapons, it’s very fun but gets boring due to lack of progress. Why would I want to Keep upgrading when I can already fly thru every tournament with no effort? There should be more tournaments with increased difficulty to match your upgrades

- Earns money by lying

I’m not gonna lie. I enjoyed this game. The only problem I had is when I purchased the get rid of ads purchase for four dollars I still had to watch ads to open the chests I earned for winning a battle. Mind you the button for this purchase simply states get rid of ads. Also for something to get rid of ads four dollars was a little high but I enjoyed it and I knew I would enjoy it more if I didn’t have to watch ads. Now the only way to progress after buying all the tanks is to open these chests. Also the tanks themselves can easily all be bought within a few hours. With all the content in this game to purchase I would never pay more then 5 dollars if it was a straight up purchase. Which is almost what you pay to get rid of ads. But not all ads because that would be to straight forward and truthful. Not to mention what the game would probably sell for on any other platform other than mobile. All I’m trying to say is don’t purchase anything from this game. The company that made this is just a lying scum ball who doesn’t care for their customers. Especially don’t purchase the get rid of ads purchase. You will still have to watch ads to progress in the game so it’s not worth it.

- Really?

There is some great potential here I mean great potential. But, come on guys. You are really good at making games but you come up with these garbage micro transactions and ads to make the extra penny. We can tell you are extremely greedy and don’t care about new items or gameplay. You purposely make it so you have to buy the good stuff to even be viable in online. You have some great programmers over there but the people who add all of the ads should be fired. Im done with this game and if your reading this most likely don’t play this game too much. I mean, there is an ad before, after, and when you open your *free* crate. And if you play too much the game refuses to even let you do anything simple as you have to watch an ad to do basically anything. It says “We ran out of ads”. You CANT run out of ads. And even if you could your entire garbage game filled with them has to rely on them constantly. I know your probably millionaires feeding off of 6 yr old and micro transactions but for real, make a decent game for once. Oh yeah also the “free” rubies is a scam. It says that you just won 100 rubies but it doesn’t give you anything. Don’t bother with it.

- Great game, but it has an issue

I am a tank lover, and I love this game. It’s good for me to play with friends and when I’m away from the internet, as well as just time killing. The only 3 major problems I have with this game are these. For me, the game crashes a lot. I can get one game in with a friend, and then midway through a match, the game will crash, and resets the match. I don’t know what causes this, but I hope you can fix this issue. Another bug I find is playing with no internet. Sometimes the weapon icons are completely black while playing, so it’s harder to tell which weapons are which, but at least I find the icons, which is my third problem. When the icons are black, there are times when I look at tanks and find that the entire tank is made up of the images for the weapons. One time it happened to the pinkie tank and made me confusion. Another time it happened to the tiger tank. I don’t know what cause these bugs/glitches, but at least they don’t ruin playability, and I hope you may be able to fix these bugs.


I love this game, I’ve spent money on upgrades numerous times, it’s very fun.. HOWEVER, for about a week the game has bugged out and created multiple issues for me.. I have emailed the developers twice seeking assistance and haven’t heard anything back.. the cards haven’t refreshed since the last time the clock ran down to 0:00 and still just shows my previously purchased cards.. also, the tank that comes with purchasing the diamond membership shoots itself almost every time you try to use either of the two short range weapons.. for a tank you have to pay $7.99/week for, that’s crazy.. but my number one concern is the cards being frozen.. I NEED MY UPGRADES! So pleaseee for the love of God, put out another update OR just tell me what to do to reset the system without losing all of my upgrades/money/gems.. I would just uninstall and reinstall the game and I’m sure that would fix the cards mechanism, but I don’t want to lose everything I played so hard and long for! Please help!!!

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- Good game but......

K, so the game is really good, but I think there are a few things that could be fixed. Idk if you guys have this same problem, but whenever I try to enter an online battle, the game just sends me back to the home screen as soon as I start!!😩It’s SO annoying!! Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t. And whenever I do get in a battle, and I want to change my thing I shoot with, I look at all my options, but I have a hard time finding out which one is which. I just think you should make I better example of which is which. Those are all my problems that I think could make the game more enjoyable, but otherwise the game is awesome 😎. I love how you can do multiplayer, like when my brother and I are bored in the car, we can just play against each other. I also like that you can get chest a lot, and there’s not a ton of adds. I just think you have to fix those problems and the game would be a absolute blast!😃👍🏻

- Cash grab

Gameplay is fine. It’s your basic turn based artillery game designed entirely around generating profits. Deceptive in game purchases. I’m assuming the $4 no ads purchase removes the ad banners that appear during matches and not the ads after a match. The diamond membership is $8/week (notice week, not month) and it removes the after match ads, but you have to win 3 matches to get a chest, so you actually progress faster if you just play the ads. The skip ad button is delayed after a match to get people to click on the ad. I only have a few maxed skills, but most of the skill cards I get are for those max skills. It even lets you purchase those cards which means you just wasted that money. Assuming they want me to purchase chests instead. Some of the tanks have 1 hit kill attacks and the ice tank can freeze you out of range for the entire match if you spawned downhill. I tried reinstalling the game because it kept crashing and lost all my progress so beware of that too. Once you accept all that, it can be a decent game to play on the crapper.

- Look at this.

This game is a really fun game with some skill involved. I really enjoy this app and I have some suggestions that would make it even better! I’m really hoping that you guys add extra tanks. Or a bigger map. Also you should add some sort of equipment that changes the tanks abilities. Like the fire tank can upgrade to armor that is immune to fire. Last of all I had experienced crashes during the use of certain attacks. The game usually crashes after the thunder drone attack which can be frustrating. I’m not complaining I’m just leaving a comment on how awesome this game is, how some things could be added, and a minor bug report. Again this game must have been difficult to make with the creative tanks and exceptional graphics and is worth while to get. The adds can get Annoying but anyone who is willing to complain about the adds should just spend a mere three dollars to get rid of the adds or support the developers.

- Meh

It’s an ok game but flawed. First off: ADPPCALYPSE. You get ads: when you win, when you lose, when you open a chest, and even occasionally before a game. Secondly, the fact that there’s tanks with gimmicks like the ice tank who only gets used because it can freeze others just enough to beat on them till they die. It’s so weak it requires enhanced attributes to even kill an enemy. Then there’s things like the crystal shot that unless it’s way way out in front doesn’t affect an enemy yet still blows the ground under them when it’s on them. Finally, the paltry rewards system. Winning a match gets 200 coins after the ad spam; it costs 3500 for a routine tank lv up. It would take 18 games to even try for that plus the other upgrades you’re bound to have waiting including for ammo which becomes essential to chip away at high tanks health with its extra hits. For example to start, the tank with the area explosion rounds fires 1 shot that scatters; at 3-4 stars it fires 3 shots that tears the field to shreds but almost always misses the tank it’s surrounding.

- Such a shame

Honestly, I’m not sure how to rate this game. It’s one of the best of its type that I’ve played, but the in-app purchases are simply out of control. Would anyone really pay eight dollars a week for the diamond package? I purchased the no-ads for 3.99, and I still get a full 30 second ad after every game. It only removed the banner ads. The reason I labeled this review, ‘A Shame,’ is that I probably would have spent 20 dollars on this game quite quickly. As it stands, the diamond package is almost the same cost as Office 365, which I have to imagine costs a lot more to make. I played it for 10 minutes and decided to buy no-ads. I was a little surprised it was 4 dollars, but I want to support game makers and programmers. That being said, 100 dollars a year is what I spend on Office and Dropbox. I can’t see how a little tank game could be as much. If you offered to sell me a pro version of this game, I’d have spent 20 or even 30 dollars. The way it’s structured now, it’s just not worth it for something I’ll tire of in a few months.

- Hard To Call a Clone

Likely greatly inspired by shell shock it does some things differently. Each tank is its own class that is relatively balanced while not being just a reskin and manages to glue you in for the duration you play it, You always get the same rounds at the start so luck isn’t as deciding. All of this comes with being more convenient than going on a computer. Now some negatives, announcer just won’t shut up, multiplayer is stuck in 1v1 unlike shell shock that can do 3v3, the gameplay wants you to get up close but because a breeze can kill these tanks as soon as that happens it’s game, there is much less variation in the rounds you can use compared to shell shock making the game very predictable, maps arn’t symmetrical leading to some undesirable matchups. My biggest gripe is the loot box system put in as a requirement to upgrade things, just no. Kinda stands out as its own game, but little variation hurts it, still impressed on how well you are glued in.

- False advertisement?

I love this game. I had this game originally when it only had like 5 or 6 different tanks, the most expensive being the spectre. I recently saw an ad that showed new tanks and new game modes which looked really cool and interesting. However, when I downloaded the game again there were no new game modes but still had new tanks. I mean I love the new tanks but I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be any new game modes like what were in the ad. I looked up the app again to check for updates even though I downloaded the game through the add but there were none. Secondly the matchmaking needs some serious balancing work. In some matches it only takes 2 shots from the opponent to defeat me. I don’t know whether their tank is a much higher level than mine or my tank gets nerfed in pvp battles. I grinded out 12,500 coins to get the atomic tank, which does great against bots, only for it to do half the damage in pvp battles. Also unless the first person to shoot misses their shots, they are guaranteed a win in the battle.

- Good game but after update bugs still present

I have played this game for sometime and I really enjoy it. I don’t enjoy the 50 million ads played and I’m definitely not going to pay the company to remove the ads. Company recently pushed a new update claiming that the bugs have been fixed. Only bugs I have noticed is that with all of the unnecessary ads, I have had all too often after playing a match (particularly a multiplayer match) that if you play for a while like I do, it will freeze up often times causing you to lose rewards that you have won and there is no getting them back unless you go back in to play the same thing again. I’ve checked my phone and that is not the issue before you swing the spotlight, but it would be nice to play the game for whatever range of time you like without the program taking a crap and leaving you high and dry on things that you have earned. Like I said, aside from this issue and the insane amounts of ads, the game isn’t a bad way to pass time.

- Improvement on the old one but

There are some nice enhancements from when I was in college playing the original but I see room for more improvement. The old game allowed for digging under the enemy by exploding land underneath making them fall and hurting them that way, this game does not. In this game you can drive straight up a wall, not realistic. I’d like to see various components that get damaged besides just movement so if my turrets get damaged, it takes one turn to fix them. Am I supposed to kill the cows? Better not market this in India! It would be better if both tanks could move when it’s not their turn so you can evade enemy fire or have no turns and both could move and fire at will provided they have weapons. I seem to be battling the same tanks over and over and eventually, I just get bored. I want more hit points or even hit points. What do I win besides coins to upgrade? It’s fun for us old timers and likely the idea came from other old timers but it needs more for today’s audience. Great nostalgia.

- Quit Fixing Stuff that is less important to fix

This game has a lot more players that would love to play this game but don’t because of 2 reasons truly. One, once they PAY to get rid of ADS you still need to watch an AD to get the reward you deserve after a win. You can fix this easily by making it so that you only need to watch an AD to get a reward after you lose or if you have not PAID any cash to get rid of ADS! Second, if you want to play online pvp and do well you can only pick a few tanks since some tanks are just absolutely ridiculously unbelievably unnecessarily unbalanced such as the frost and eliminate tanks that are ten times as expensive in one hit. Every tank should be able to compete with every tank. The Tiger and T34 are probably some of the worst tanks in game but they are expensive and end up not being what you wanted. As a new player this really is making me not want to play this game and quit. So please focus on these to issues and get yourself a bigger playerbase in return. Until then this game is honestly fun only until you get bored of driving the same op tank for 20 matches in a row.

- Some suggestions

Hi, thank for this amazing game, I just wanted to point out some issues, I've waited so long for them to be fixed in one these no-change-at-all update, but since I lost all my hope, I decided to write a review myself, first as many others have mentioned, ads are really annoying, I can't remember the last time I clicked on the chest after a pvp, i just click skip everytime cuz i already watch way more ads than i do any other game, second and more importantly, it's about pvp opponents, its really annoying when they don't match your level, in both ways, and sometimes SUPER annoying is that, when i choose one of my fully upgraded tanks, my opponent is a bronze, and vice versa, it has happened so many times that i have this feeling which the game is making fun of me by intentionally choosing such opponents, pleeeeese fix this, every time i close the game it's because of one of these two problems...

- Ad glitches - lost out on prizes

Games cool and all. I’ve spent a lot of time on it. I just downloaded the most recent update with “bug fixes” when there weren’t any i was encountering, but it made me get it to continue playing online. After updating, i just played a few games and the ads won’t exit out after playing. I claimed my free chest, then tried the one you have to watch an ad for and clicked the X ten times and nothing. So i had to exit the app and open again, and when i did, it told me to watch an ad to get the chest, still. I did, and the same thing happened. It happens after a match as well. With there being as many ads as there are, this is a big problem. I don’t want to have to keep exiting out after every match, an ad is bad enough. And not being able to claim gifts you earned, or free ones. i’ll just take a break from the game for awhile, see if it gets resolved..

- Fun game, lots of bugs

I have a lot of fun playing this game. However, many times, at the beginning of the battle, my tank, or the opponent’s tank explodes for no reason and the battle is over. Other issues: - the screen goes black at the beginning of a video, after which a treasure chest is supposed to be awarded. The only way to get out is restart the app. - in multiplayer battles each player has 30 seconds to fire a shot. Sometimes the opponent times out, then nothing happens. I waited several minutes, just for curiosity, and nothing happened. I had to exit the battle and return to the main menu. - Can’t figure out how to get an ID. When I do multiplayer game, I appear as “Unknown”. Eventually I will figure it out, but this should be intuitive, not head scratching. - At the beginning of a battle, the tanks are randomly position, I assume. However, many times, one of the players has a clear positioning advantage. For instance, is placed at the top of a hill, and the other tank all the way down, giving the higher tank a way better trajectory, and the opportunity of a one shot kill, and depriving the lower tank of the chance to even counter attack. Very frustrating. - In order to get extra gems, you can do certain trials, like install games, enroll into some online services, etc. I did that several times, completed the task, but never got the gems. Overall, the game is great, but if feels like the developers were sloppy in certain areas.

- Fun and addictive, however...

The game is fun and addicting but there are some problems. For one the game is simple... too simple the number of tanks to choose from is too little. Second, the game is littered with advertisements and it really takes away from the game all together, but this is expected from and iOS game. Third, some tanks are kinda over powered compared to other tanks (frost tank for example,) then again all tanks with area damaging attacks are a bit annoying(Helios, frost, atomic, etc...) also it feel like the game is pushing too hard to get players to buy a vip membership which is a low blow. If the game had more tanks with better balanced attacks the game would be much more fun. This is more of a personal thing and probably will not get fixed anytime soon or at all, but In-game purchases are really dumb and all the ads are annoying. Other than that, this is a very good game!


So I never write reviews, NEVER. Except for today in this game. Yes it’s a pretty fun game, but there’s also some problems. First off, they Hound you and Hound You about paying $3.99 to get rid of advertisements. So I paid for $3.99 And still getting advertisements. also when you play the tournament there are easy medium and hard and most of the time you can get through each day. Sometimes you can get through medium but sometimes on medium you’re doing good and the app completely shuts off and then when you go back your game isn’t saved so you have to start all over again but like I said sometimes it actually works. Now when you get too hard and you’re doing a really really good it always does need to be shut off. I’ve made it to hard numerous times and when I think I am about to Finally beat the level it shuts off every single time. Again every single Fn Time it shuts off. Now if you want to deal with this BS Than go ahead And get the game. That’s all I have to say. Buyer beware.

- Way too many ads

I know the purpose of developing a game is to make money, but this game has a ridiculous amount of ads. Wasn't always that way. Ive had this game quite a while. Stopped playing for a bit, came back and now the ads are just out of control. Just about every time I take a shot an ad comes up. Before and after each match, while Im opening chests, while Im upgrading tanks, they just randomly pop in there. The game itself is fun, lots of variations of tanks and weapons to upgrade. But the ads make it annoying to even play anymore. If you're willing to pay $4 you can rid yourself of them, but I don't care that much about the game. I’ll likely end up deleting. And if the devs are reading this, I have a suggestion for the game; once a tank or weapon is maxed out, maybe remove the possibility to get cards for it? I get loads of cards for weapons Ive maxed out ages ago. The more tanks you get the more weapons there are to upgrade reducing the chance at getting what is needed. Takes FOREVER to max them all out.

- Money grabbing game

Updated 09jul19: the diamond purchase is a literal scam. It only removed the ads. The 20 gems and 2,000 coins a day is a complete and total fabricated lie. The game was fun at first and the concept is cool. But whoever is running this is looking to just make money. I’ve had the app crash a few times. Ads are anywhere from 1-2 minutes long and that’s not an exaggeration. Good advice, delete the game if you have it. The best advice, don’t even waste your time downloading the game, unless you’re able to deal with a torturous amount of ads and very little game play. Original post: Full of bugs, purchased the no ads, ads still showed up at every turn. Not only would I still have to deal with 30 second ads, I’d have to deal with double ads. Then when I would play and try and unlock the chests, I couldn’t ever do it because the ads would not load. I deleted it and redownloaded it because there’s no way to contact the developers and everything was lost with no way of getting it back. The game itself is fun, but the development is terrible. Don’t get this game.

- Fun game burdened by ads

The gameplay is good in this game. There are few bugs and matches are relatively quick - I look at that as a good thing. Upgrading the tank is fun, but there is a lack of customization options. There is also a slight Pay to Win advantage, but it isn't the most glaring flaw. The problem with this game is that there are SO many ads. Even after paying the $4-5 to “remove ads”, i have to watch a 30sec ad after every match and 50% of the time that I open a reward chest... which is ultimately the only way to upgrade your tank. An ad here or there is fine, but the game leaves me feeling like all they care about is catering to their advertisers. After a match that lasts 2-5 minutes, a 30 second ad feels like a lot. Another issue is the lack of customization options - no skins for your tank, no ability to change a weapon loadout, no alternate game modes, maps feel repetitive, etc. Easy to learn with fairly balanced gameplay, though.

- Annoying ads

One of the most egregious apps I’ve ever used that has invasive ads. One of the ads I just went through forced me to play a version of another game before it let me back out into the games menu. They just keep barraging you with increasingly in your face ads that ruin the experience. I’d happily pay a few bucks to remove them, but the only option that’s come up for me to do so has been “remove banner ads for 3.99” which feels a bit high for this as well as having wording that makes me unsure if it removes the worst of the ads. Does it remove ALL ads or just the small banner ads that are on the screen during games? Does it remove the post game ads that lock you in to watch BOTH after each game? Top it off with the standard gamut of micro transactions and you’ve got one hell of a cesspool. It’s a huge shame too, cause the game /is/ fun and would be a game I keep on my phone at all times thanks to the hand off turn taking multiplayer, but I just can’t condone this kind of app. It’s apps like this that have made mobile as a gaming platform into a joke.

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- Fun game, great to kill some time while commuting etc! Some bugs though!

This is a very fun little game, which I'm now hooked on! Yeah agree with other reviews, a hell of a lot of ad's! But it's pretty much the same story as all "free to play games", it's the main way the revenue is made by the developers! You do get coins and weapons (ammo), quite a bit, via "random allocator", for watching some of the ad's! I can see I'll need to get a very decent tank and all the upgrades, plus a lot of practice to stand a chance in PVP etc, so far I'm just getting creamed, but it's only early days for me and l'm having fun so certainly no complaints! The game does seem to have some bugs! A few times during tournaments etc the game has crashed on me, totally kicking me out! That's why I give it 4/5 stars! I still highly recommend this game as a fun little killer of spare time while commuting etc, well worth a look if nothing else!

- Really fun game, but very 2 dimensional (not literally)

This game would be better if there was more than just player vs player. Maybe more tournaments, a line of battles maybe? It just becomes really repetitive over time. Also, allowing users to switch between tanks during tournament battles may be a more user friendly approach. Also. There needs to be more description behind what users are buying. I have bought tanks that I regret buying because I find out tanks like the frost tank are a million times superior to the Atom tank. You could start by listing the attacks and a description of what they do. As well as maybe introducing a system of damage points which allow users to gauge how much damage each rank deals and its most effective way of dealing it. Rather than just buying a tank and hoping for the best. Lastly, there need to be more incentive to buy more than 6 tanks. I want to buy more tanks but I don’t see a reason to waste my money. I wish I could sell and purchase different tanks when I get sick of one because it didn’t turn out how I thought it would.

- Value for money. But free version has great stuff.

Great game but behaved differently after minor purchase. After a yearly purchase behaviour became even more erratic to the point of my tank firing while I was merely moving it into position. And no I was not touching the screen with multiple fingers. It happened a few time before I decided to post this. It became worse after making purchases and behaved differently. Maybe restart device after purchases. It came good. Also after purchasing yearly option I only earn a chest every 3 rounds I win instead of every one round that came with an ad. And I now have to pay 10 gems for a second chance if I get defeated where all I used to do is what an ad to get second chance. Free version way better for chest every round and second chances. After purchases though game is now totally ad free. I also plat other games including RR3. This in comparison is awesome value for money.


Haven’t found a game in a while that fit my style of competitiveness, still yet to explore features. I’m hoping I can vs my friend. The UI is clean, easy to understand, the crate system is great, and the ads aren’t too bad. I’d say stick with the ads for opening crates etc, other than that - the sound effects and visual are both stunning and fit the gameplay well. I noticed one thing... when you blow up the enemy, there’s a little animation that happened on the enemy before it blows up, and before the gravestone falls. It seems like physics prevents the enemy from falling to the ground before the animation is over. Would be cool to see the tank fall to the ground if it’s shot in to the air, before or whilst blowing up, maybe even add a rag doll to the tank so that when it blows up, pieces of it scatter everywhere, even if it’s in midair, that’d be cool, to see the tank or bits of it go all over the place.

- enjoyable

It’s a fun little entertaining game, and I would recommend it. In saying that, some critiques: - Very basic. The customisation of the tanks, the campaign, the absence of levels. All of these are very simple and deserve some type of update. It would be nice if you could customise the tanks more in depth. The Campaign should be built upon, and with more challenges. The game also needs some type of levels system, because the current ‘vs computer’ gets quite repetitive. -Bug. The cards have stopped changing, so the timer is stuck on 00:00 and the same purchased cards from 3 days are still there. In saying that, it’s obvious the game has much potential, and I look forward to how it is updated.

- Buggy, but otherwise enjoyable

Game seems to crash >90% of the time whenever the electric tank’s lightning drone begins its animation or the pumpkin tank fires its homing skull attack. This also resets the current fight that you were in. Not overly game breaking but when you take into account that the medium tournament throws three spectres at you, it gets irritating very quickly. It’s gotten worse in the past few days where it’s pretty much impossible to complete the second and third tournament. Also, the quests seem to reset as well sometimes. Not sure if it’s linked to the resets that the crashes cause. Don’t expect much else from the game because it loses its charm eventually, even the pvp. Pretty 1 dimensional in terms of gameplay, but hey it’s a mobile game what do you expect? Some minor balancing issues with tanks but if you can get over all these issues, you’ve got yourself a competent time killer. Not too bad; but some things could be improved.

- A lot of bugs...

I love the game, great graphics, I love the tanks, though it could use more. However there are a LOT of bugs. The game often crashes and I often die instantly when getting into a game (not sure if that’s just my own connection, probably is). Whenever I complete quests they often reset themselves but stay the same and complete automatically, and then the time until new quests is much longer than before (no I don’t change the time on my phone to cheat). As well as all the bugs the ads... the ads are a nightmare. Constantly every time you play a game, every time you open the game, every time you win or lose a game, every time you want your reward for winning a game, and the cost to remove the ads is much higher than most other games, not sure if that’s because there’s more of them or anything... Other than that, like I said earlier, I like the game, graphics, gameplay stuff like that.

- Great Simple Tactics Game

It’s a great game that doesn’t require endless grinding or mega dollars thrown at it. Every 30 minutes there’s stuff to get for 1 minute of your time and so you’ll find yourself checking in while waiting for the microwave or lift. I saw a review on this game that claimed little tactical value in the battles, but I’ve found many tactics to overwhelm or outsmart an opponent and players who don’t have a clue get smacked hard as their focus is entirely on the shoot aspect of the game. Mad 5 star game, yes the ads are there, and you’ll learn how to navigate them for optimal play. They may annoy you if you’ve never downloaded a free game before but for the most part it’s on par with every other game and we all need to make our peace with that.

- Fun, but overly simple and lacking content.

Tank Stars is a fun game, the graphics are charming and the combat is fun and entertaining to watch, but that is all the positive I can really say about this game. Combat is FAR too simple, it’s simply aim and press the shoot button, there’s no depth or any real strategy. You can switch between weapons, but they all feel the same just with different ranges. Content is just not here, there’s a few tanks to unlock but that’s it. There’s no variation in battle maps, it’s just grassy hills. Some interaction with the maps is really needed in a game like this. There’s multiplayer, but you get absolutely crushed if you haven’t been grinding like crazy, which brings me to my final point. The game is absolutely pay to win, the strength of your tanks, no matter which one you have, is based on getting gradual upgrades from crates. Of course you can get these for free, but players who do pay will absolutely destroy everyone in multiplayer. And the worst part about this p2w formula is the micro transactions are LUDICROUSLY expensive. $6 AUD to remove ads? $12 a WEEK for a VIP membership? That’s over $600 a year for a MOBILE game. There’s nothing else here than blind greed. This game has a lot of potential, I really mean that, and I hope the devs take the criticism seriously.

- Good game, but 1 issue

The game is great love I would have continued to grind and play but is there a way to make it easier to get gold like maybe more things you can do or campaign that maybe to much to ask but maybe you could get 3 gold for being able to watch 1 video every 5 days just any way that we can make it easier for scrubs or newbie’s to achieve better goals and feel like they are growing because it is really hard with the ranking system to verse enemy’s that 1 or 3 tap you pls add and thank you for taking your time to read this Sincerely chicken nugget ‘ not my name

- Great Game And Addictive but...

I love this game it is addictive and fun especially with the way you can upgrade your weapons! But there are way too many adds how about leave the adds to the chest crates and btw they can be inappropriate to some young kids who play. Also make the AI smarter because whenever I vs them they shoot in random directions and they are really easy to beat so maybe make an Beginners, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard game mode. Also please add more tanks to the game even though I have one tank (Abrams) (but that is because I don’t do the adds for the wins or lose I only use a chest if I can buy it or if the 30 min chest pops up and only then will I do an add for a chest, I can also do the quest chests and buy other ones with 💎 ). Also please make it so if you lose you won’t get a chest (if you do an add). Here’s an idea for a game mode in future update if you add. 😁 a game mode where it is 4v4 and it is like 1v1 online with the 30 second limit and both teams either start on one side or go gorilla made (your choice)? Overall I can only give this game a 3 star ⭐️ because of all I said but other that that an addictive game with fun features within it.

- Barrage of ads killed my interest in this game

I initially really enjoyed this game, it brought back a sense of nostalgia as it reminded me of playing Scorched Earth back in the 90s. However the barrage of ads this game subjects you to watch every few seconds completely destroyed my interest in trying to continue playing. Your only options for avoiding the ads is to pay a fee to reduce them (not remove them completely!!!) or to pay a hefty subscription fee which is more expensive than a dedicated MMO. I’m sorry but your game is not worth that much money!!!! The way they allow you to trial the subscription for free for just 3 days before you are automatically charged the subscription fee is borderline predatory behaviour, and the prices are extortionate. Avoid this game completely.

- Has great potential but needs lots of improvement

This game has much potential. Prior to writing my own, I have found from other peoples reviews that the major concern is the simple gameplay, but thats not my problem at all. I think the simple, fast-paced gameplay and three game modes are all you need in a game like this... My problem is, that the game is crawling with ads, one happens after every game, and its extremely hard for your progress to advance in the game without watching videos for money and stuff like that. The game also often crashes during and immediately after a game, deleting the entire battles progress. Multiplayer is also annoying. A common glitch is for you or your enemy to lose your entire health without either of you having fired a shot. When you play this game with the wifi off, it runs very well, although all the online features are removed. I would honestly rather just pay a few dollars to by the game than to be forced to pay a high price for no ads This game has amazing potential, but these demands must be made before I give a better rating

- We need more tanks my dudes

When I first started playing I was expecting for it to be a grind to get all the tanks but after a couple of days I’ve got all except the membership one. Honestly it kinda leaves me disappointed. I’d like to see more tanks like frost and the fire one (forgot the name) where they have those long lasting area abilities (like blizzard or napalm strike). Maybe a nuclear tank? Other than that it’s a great game and I don’t have problems in gameplay other than at times in multiplayer my tank and the opponents occasionally teleport back to their original location when moving yet it doesn’t return the fuel therefor wasting that turn in a way.

- Very enjoyable but for the ads

Two ads every bout is quite a lot, a banner ad within the bout and a banner for your half hourly chest means more time is spent on ads than playing. I think a price for no ads is a bit on the high side. A couple of bugs meant I would play a bout, the screen would go black as an ad would play, but nothing played. I’d have to force quit the game and lose progress. Once I was on a black screen and tapping would make a tank fire, like I was on the home screen, but I couldn’t get it to do anything else.

- Great game but no ads scam

Very fun game and I love to play it. Eventually I got tired of the excessive ads. After a game you must watch a 15 second skippable ad then another 30 second non skippable ad to get your chest. I was so annoyed with this that I payed the crazy price of $5.99 to get rid of ads. It removed the 15second skip ad and the banner at the bottom of the screen that drained your performance but I still have to watch an ad to get my chest!!! This means I still have to watch an ad to play! No ads isn't no ads, it's just less ads. You still need to watch ads to progress in the game even with no ads purchase!! Remove the ads for the chest when you have no ads purchase

- A lot of things which need fixing

First of all, I get that games need to generate money by running ads but 1 minute of ads per 2 minutes of gameplay is ridiculous. Secondly, the online PvP mode is so broken. The game makes no attempt at all to match similarly ranked players. Half the time I’m playing against guys with maxed out hp and weapons while I’ve got 1 or 2 upgrades. Also it’s bugs out pretty often (5-10% of the time) someone drops out abruptly from the game servers, I love a free win as much as the next guy but if you’re charging some people $11/wk, surely you can afford better servers. And tournament mode could have the rules changed. Currently, you have to select 2 tanks per tournament and then those 2 are banned from the following tournaments, regardless of whether you even used both tanks or not. We should be allowed to use tanks which were selected in previous rounds but not actually used. Other than that, graphics are nice and game runs fairly smoothly.

- Super fun game

The Game is pretty fun, but HELIOS is weak very weak for me I don't know why, but HELIOS is too weak for me but you absolutely killed it creating this game I do have a lot of fun playing it but there is a bug for me but I don't know if it's happening with other people but this is the bugs 1.After every game I play I get a ad and I don't get any coins or gems. 2.The bots on the game are kinda hard sometimes I think it's because the tank types. But that's the only bugs I think there are but SUPER GOOD GAMEEEEEE ok I’ll stop with that.

- I can’t even start the game... but

I can see that most ratings are positive and are giving great feedback. I don’t know if it’s just me but very time I start the game, when it finishes loading the game just closes down by itself. I’m not giving a really bad rating because others ratings are positive and I doubt this is happening to anyone else. I’m pretty sure I can Fix this bug easily and everything will start working. This game looks great and the graphics look amazing. I can’t wait to play this game.

- Where is it?

I’ve had Tank Stars for a while now and yes, it is a pretty fun game to play. However, in the Tank Stars add/ trailer, it shows all these different game modes and new tanks being released but where are they. I recently saw a Tank Stars add while playing angry birds and it showed a few new tanks and game modes but I can’t remember when Tank Stars had an update bringing new features to the game. Other than that Playgendary have made a very fun game to play and I would advise you to install it.

- Good Game... But

It is really well done graphics wise, however there are quite a few MAJOR flaws, first of all, the reward system is great if you didn’t watch a ad right after a game, then have to watch another ad that you worked for, global matchmaking is broken, a basic tank vs. a tank that’s had more then a day of grinding cranked into it, making it almost impossible for new players to even win a single global match. This game is a great idea in the hands of a excessively greedy company, would be much better if ads weren’t over done and global wasn’t unfair.

- Illuminati confirmed

Don’t deny it. This game is Illuminati why else would you make such realistic depictions of what tanks can do? Than to teach everyone how to make their own tanks?! It’s obvious you want to creat ww3 with this game because you are the Illuminati and want there to be at least 3 of everything! Otherwise you would show what tanks could do in other wars like ww-1. The tanks main weapon in ww-1 was the nuke just like on this game! Don’t hide I can see who you really are. THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great game, but one problem.....

Ok, so I really love this game, but most of the time when I’m in the middle of a battle/fight, the game just crashes on me and closes its self so I’m back on the home screen! When I go back into the game, it’s like I have been kicked out of the battle and I have to start all over again! So, for the people who want this game, I don’t know if it’s just me that this happens to..... but u have been warned, and for the tank stars team, Great work! But pleasssssssssssssssssse fix this bug! I love this game but this bug thing is really turning me of the game.

- Awesome but a bit crashy.

Incredible game and awesome graphics but crashes just a bit. The crashes only really happen to me when sceptre uses lightning drone or coalition uses v strike. Ads wise, just don’t use data or wifi when playing and you get no ads without having to pay. As for the ads to get this game, could you please add the new modes that it promises and use real game footage to prove it? That would be awesome. Catch ya'll later m8's.

- Error?

I’m not sure if it’s part of the game or if it’s the most annoying bug ever, but this is the second time the in game shop has stopped working and the timer just sits at zero, I had nearly finished this game before but re-downloaded it as that was the only way to reset the shop error, please help me or fix this problem, as I love this game but won’t be playing if I can’t use the shop

- Multiplayer

I think that we should have a multiplayer where you can verse who you want, but not like the multiplayer where you fight on the same device because if someone else wants to verse you but they use a tank you dont have then they have to use a different tank. So you should have a multiplayer where you join with each other if you are close to each other

- Combine tanks

Hi I’m just gonna get to the point I have seen ads that allow you to combine tanks I would like that to be real in the game but it doesn’t happen so it would be pretty cool like to combine tanks you have to lose the tanks you want to combine and the attacks are put in a place or they can combine so like hell rider and say mini nuke a nuke rider so it put down radiation before exploding like a mini nuke and the like

- Great for passing the time, really satisfying.

I love this game, however the bugs do make the experience much worse. I’ll add a list (Mainly in pvp) - when you shoot certain weapons they will occasionally not even leave the tank and just do their damage to you (no, it wasn’t shot at a wall). - when watching ads for whatever reason, often they will not let you leave (eg. After 30 seconds the ad has finished, the exit X won’t work. This is especially annoying when you watched an add for a loot chest and lose it because you have to restart the app). - not exactly a glitch, but the game is subject to frequent crashing. It’s reasonable to have ads, but if you have Tank stars open and switch from it to another app then back again, it will play an ad. Isn’t that a little excessive?

- Great game!

Although there are a lot of ads... But this game is one of my favourite games!Great graphics great gameplay and not too glitchy. I just want you guys to add friends and be able to actually verse each other from different devices or make servers. That’s all. I would highly recommend this game to people who are patient, not people who are not patient👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

- So many Ads

This game is a good little fill in for those quiet moments in your day, the gameplay is good fun. BUT the ratio of ads to gameplay is ridiculous! You spend almost as much time watching ads as playing. Additionally you need to pay $5.99 to remove ads, but this is only banner ads (the developer is not crystal clear what banner ads are either - im sure that plenty have paid $5.99 expecting all ads to be removed), developer expects you to sign up for ongoing subscription to remove ALL ads. Unless you have lots of time to spend watching ads, give this game a miss. 1 Star.

- Great gameplay, but now WAY too many ads

I have been playing Tank Stars for a couple of years and always enjoyed it, there was always lots and of ads but they were mostly tolerable. The latest update which put ads almost every time you press a button is just insane. There have been no new tanks or gameplay since I’ve been playing so the developmental costs can’t be that high to warrant so many ads. Almost can’t class this as ‘free to play’ anymore, you’ll pay in wasted time watching ads.

- Kinda fun, terrible netcode and balance.

Not a bad game really by any means, just expect a lot of front end glitchiness. Perfect example of a minimum viable product (aka 99% of app store). Game balance is all over the place. Ironically, the premium tanks are pretty much all rubbish, and the second cheapest tank in the game is insanely overpowered. The frost tank can freeze you PERMANENTLY on turn one if it hits you with a very wide airstrike ability. This means no moving for the rest of the game. It also has a great follow up ability that kills any tank in one hit, which I believe might be a bug.

- Read this for those annoyed at this game

Basically yes it does spam ads, which seem to crash the game. Online PvP is broken, I die or opponent does randomly or it just crashes. Also i have gotten a few chests and boxes which I couldn’t access after. If you turn of wifi and data and play it (not online obviously) the gameplay is actually alright, except for the occasional glitch. 2 star for good gameplay idea, would give more if it worked better. 5 star if remove all ads for free!

- Why an ad to continue?

I love the game! It’s perfect!, amazing!, but... why do we have to watch an ad to continue to get a chest when we destroy a enemy tank, after the battle? I mean, it just slows down people a bit when you need to watch a add to get a chest after the battle? And can you make it where we get a little bit more than just 200 coins? Like 300? If not that’s sort of ok.. Cause I love this game!

- Could be a fun game but it is buggy and filled with ads

If you start playing this game you will get on the dynamic pretty easily and enjoy it for 5 minutes, when you notice that for every 4 minutes of game play you spend 1.5 minutes watching ads (I timed it). Shortly after one fight, you are shown an ad, then again to unlock your reward and yet again after that. I took it as “ok, the devs need some money and this is the price of freemium” but you get to a point where it is ridiculous the amount of ads. Definitely, I won’t recommend this game at all.


For starters this game has put the perfect meaning of fun and have captured the AI programming to the best as the don’t repeat the same the same thing again. The game displays the way you can level up your explosions and couldn’t get more clearer than that. Some apps don’t let you get a 3 day Free trial but this one does. If I could rate this higher I would. This game is so simple but so fun

- Ads inappropriate for children under 16

I agree with all the other reviews.. way too many ads. Is there a way to control the ads that are played? This game is for ages 12+ but some of the ads played are horror and for mature audiences. So what happens to the children that are 12-16 years old but watching ads like this in the afternoon? Can you have those ads play after a certain time when young teens are not online and playing this game?

- One simple suggestion

This is a great game even though there are a lot of ads but like most free games with ads you can pay to remove forced ads but still have to watch the non-forced ads which makes sense and now my suggestion is that you make the Halloween tank buyable with coins I would say make it 18’000 coins to buy

- Great game but needs less ads

This game is fun and addicting, however the ads make me want to stop playing. I understand that ads are there main source of income and I’m not saying they should stop all ads, they just need to cut down on the amount of ads. An ad after every match is rather excessive. Other than the issue with too many ads the game is AMAZING!

- Why are ai’s so strong

I love this game but maybe on the legendary tournament make the ai less strong like make it that the ai don’t hit you every time and when you hit them. Don’t make it they take a tiny bit of Heath even when you have a strong tank and maybe add more tanks and what is that move you shoot a tracker and like some thing goes behind it I want to know what it called and what tank it’s on because it’s OP

- Awesome game but it would be better if it could have a tank creator

5 out of five! This is a amazing game although it can have like a multi tank function that allows the player to have more tanks of a same type Also, the game can have a combiner station for creating a tank with some new features and a mix of two different kinds of tank features. E.g Frost and abrams make a two way shooter with a “big one “ become a half NUKE with a large “blizzard” effect creating a trap for opponents as they will become slow and be damaged as the toxic waste also comes in the “TOXIC SHATTER” toxic shatter will bee a long range weapon. “toxic shatter is a name I came up with for the bullet”

- Good but I get kicked out

I love the game but there’s a bug that kicks me out every 10-20 minutes so I’m unable to do tournaments. I also think that you should add an update every month with new tanks PLEASE READ THIS I also think that there needs more tournaments and I think that when you get a weapon. For example frost bite. It should develop a new ability or look different

- Fun but has a glitch

Love this game.👍👍👍 it's a game that allows you to shoot at an enemy take and practice computer aiming skills. The only problem with the app (on my iPhone 5) is that when the spectre (blue) tank uses lighting drones weapon it glitches my phone and shuts the app putting back on my home screen. Although this prevents me doing a tounoment this is still a fun game for kids too early adults.

- Love it but to many ads

I absolutely love this game it’s so fun and very attracting but the thing is that every time you go in to battle there’s always an ad and overtime the game gets a bit boring and annoying because it’s just the same thing you do over and over and over again but still play it heaps of times a day Should play it ! Thanks for this game 👍🏼😊

- You guys lied

I stopped playing for a while because I had every tank in the game and then I saw an ad we can build your own tank and there was a tank that shot portals. I checked for an update and there was no update so I hopped on and saw that there was only the original tanks and no new ones I kinda got really mad since it wouldn’t take long to make those new tanks I’m hoping that you guys will be able to update the game a lot more


Awesome game no doubt just something that’s really annoying me is that I have been waiting a week or 2 for new cards it’s still the same one I purchased weeks ago and it’s not refreshing which is a little disappointing it’s just taking so long now to upgrade takes I hope you could fix this bug Thank you

- Awesome 👏

Awesome round of a ploss 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 but one thing it needs more tank and I mean A lot of them I got them all in one day and why I did it is just a play around and then I watch the ad and practically as I said I bet it in one day and maybe as less of ads like that you watch the rounds and it recharges like that takes one hour

- Keeps crashing

Initially, I really enjoyed Tank Stars, so I was happy to pay for a month of diamond membership. However, the bugs are making this game virtually unplayable especially in PVP or tournament mode. I'm so sick of getting to the end of the third wave of a tournament battle only to lose all progress when the game crashes. Even worse, now the cards are no longer resetting so I can’t purchase tank upgrades & there is no way to contact customer support. Unfortunately, I can no longer support this game unless these issues are resolved.

- Games crashes

Every time I attempt the middle difficulty tournament the game crashes and freezes on the loading screen with out saving progress . I then makes you start the level all over again


I really love this game so good! But one thing it’s says in adds in other games say that the game has portal mode and whatever? So pls tell me if that’s true but anyhoo.......I love this game because you can buy lots of Tank like the spectre. And because there is lots of tanks from history like the Mark 1 Tiger Thank you fr making this Game! 😎😎😎😎🤟👌👌👌😄😄😄😄

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- Game is ok

If the controls were better I would give it a 5

- Ways to improve

1. Sensitivity adjustment for the power and angle 2. Less ads. Even with removed ads which is 5.49, you still have to watch ads for chests. What a waste. 3. Need more tanks 4. Need more game-modes such as a random weapon each turn 5. Open up a way to play against friends online.

- Glitches

It’s a good game but I would’ve given it 5 stars if it didn’t kick me off sometimes

- AD overload

Too bad about this crazy amount of ads. It’s almost unplayable. The sad part is I would have paid for in game purchases

- Brutal amount of ads-can’t get free gems.

I did the survey to get 120 gems. I finished the survey, then went back to the app. It said “claim 100 gems”, I pressed claim and nothing happened... this happened twice. Bummer, game has a lot of potential but you can count this customer out 👎🏼

- Ad removal is a scam.

Paid $5.49 to remove ads, still get annoying ads that you have to watch for 30 seconds before you get your reward from a battle. Total scam

- Not good

It kicks me out every time I try to play

- Good but

I love the game but I don’t like how there’s tanks you have to pay for also I don’t like how you watch ads after a battle to get the crate you earned

- Was good...

WAS enjoyable. It’s now crashing every time. Too bad.. it was a nifty tank game with great armaments and graphics.

- Crashes when starting battles

Crashes almost always when I start battles

- Doesn’t even launch anymore

Doesn’t launch anymore, just immediately crashes

- Won’t open

Just d/l the game a day ago. Won’t open, loads then crashes. Disappointed since the add made it look good.

- The Fucking Glitch

When I join the online PvP, I go to the arena and instantly died.

- Not the best

It kicks me out every time I get into the game, if that didn’t happen it would be ok, also ad crazy

- Ads

Too many annoying Ads!!! i just delete the app because if this!

- Click

Stop with your dumb ads

- Ads withs a sprinkle of gameplay

Every match I have 2 adds at the end. And. Every item you unlock can lead into more ads.

- Why

I can’t even play it and I don’t know why.

- Way to much adds

Loaded with adds ,it kill the fun .... its sad

- Good game but has issues

Game keeps crashing on me in the middle of a battle

- Always crashes

I could never get through one tournament without the game crashing

- Games ok

its a fun game but subscription model is ridiculously expensive and unneeded they should introduce more tanks im happy to pay for them and also frost tank is way to strong like its the only tank that can kill in one shot

- Don’t pay to remove ads!!!

What a waste of money! The game is fun but I got sucked in! Don’t do the same. When they offer to remove the ads for $5.49, and that’s plus taxes also, they’re only meaning the ONE ad that’s covering the play area. You still get ads and pop up videos and ads after EVERY battle and EVERY upgrade! Not worth it at all.

- Ya

The lag but good game👌👌👌

- Too many adds To take

I keep getting a add every time I finish a battle mostly. I get the war robots add (which I already have)please get rid of the adds.

- I like it but adds!!!!!!

There’s too many ads but I still like the game

- Really?

It was really fun but the app kept on crashing, it wasn’t my phones fault, it was the games fault that’s why I had to delete all my progress. I even asked some people at a phone place and said it was the app.😐😦

- GAME is cool

Omg Hi there is no place for me and I will be cool with that one time

- War game

A cool game

- The tanks have aimbot

You need to make the aiming of the A.I worse because rn they literally have aimbot.

- Boo

As if there wasn’t enough ads already.

- To many ads

I liked this game now you get ads in the middle of the game really, can’t even switch tank shells without ads really annoying.

- Used to be good

This game used to be fun to play. Recently, however, the devs have begun pumping ads into it to the point where I can’t play 1 game without 4 or 5 pop-up ads interrupting me (it used to be 0)

- New tanks

Pls add new tanks (that could be bought with game coins)

- Way too many ads can’t play it.


- Worst app

There should be limit for ads, you cannot play ads every 20 sec. It seems like you are forcing your user to buy premium. Such a cheap trick. I uninstalled thanks for the ads.

- Added ads 1/5

I had enjoyed this game for some time but the recent addition of many ads during game play is so annoying I deleted it. Bad choice by the developer to add so many ads.

- This game is so fun

I love it so much

- The amount of ads . .

I enjoyed the game, basic fun building the strength of weapons, upgrading tanks and the battles. Not sure if the ads increase as you advance or if an app upgrade changed thinks. Now I often have to sit through 2 ads to claim battle prizes or some upgrades, and ads occur mid battles. Very frustrating - deleted app.

- Mediocre at best

This has to be one of the worst games I’ve ever played. After every turn there’s an ad, almost every 10 seconds you’re watching a 20-30 second ad. Tank stars is the most painful game I’ve ever played. Also it is extremely difficult to make any money at all. Do not recommend to anyone.

- Was good

Was a good game until they started putting ads in the middle of the round. I don’t care about watching an ad when it’s over but right in the middle? Ads after each shot from the tank? Nope. Uninstalling won’t download again. Shove it, tank stars.

- Ads are tooooo much!!!

The game itself is fun! But every 45sec an ad pops up!!!! Too much ads!!! In a single tournament game i had 8 ads!!!! 8 ads!!!!!! These ads will ruin your joy!!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- I 😍this game

It’s the first tank game I’ve ever played and yet it’s my favourite!

- Ads 🤬

In one Match I had 20 ads no joke reduce the ads damn

- Game crashes when started up,

The game is fun, but only if it actually works and doesn’t crash every time it’s started

- Non stop ads

I have played this game for years. I have spent well over $100 on new tanks, and Now every time I play now every single time I select a different weapon it brings up the new ad. I used to like this game a lot. Now it’s absolute garbage almost unplayable. I can deal with some ads but this is outrageous. Waste of money and time

- Great game ❤️❤️❤️

Great game could have a update where new tanks new gameodes if people like change the tanks skills! *not all of them*

- Ad after ad after ad

The game itself is great, but you get ads everywhere! in the middle of battles right after a battle, and just randomly.

- Glitchy

It’s a good game but unfortunately crashes a lot!

- Cool

It was cool because there’s cool controls. And loads more

Libertex 📈

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- Fun Game

It’s a fun game of strategy, trying to figure out your trajectory to enemy, especially challenging if they’re just on the other side of a mountain. The choice of tanks is nice, each tank seems to specialize in one type of ordinance, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Every day you’re given a list of three tasks to complete to gain coins, gems, and prize boxes. Also on a daily basis, you can participate in tournaments at three different skill levels. Each tourney has you use two tanks to face off against one, two, three tanks. The payoff is prize boxes. A couple of negatives about the game: There needs to be achievements. Wins in a row, games played, wins with a specific tank, that sort of thing. All my tanks (except the three that need to be purchased) are at max armor and the weapons are all maxed out. Where do I go from here? Achievements would make maxes out tanks more worthwhile. Need More tanks. The last update in Oct gave me my last tank, I’d like a few more to build up. There is an option to play against other players, but the opponent is chosen at random, I’d like to be able to battle some of my friends who also play the game. Make the tanks that have to purchased buyable through the game. 1000 gems and 100,000 coins or something like that. I don’t spend real world money on video games. Overall I really like the game, it’s a fun time waster.

- Crashes, too many ads, etc

First it crashes, like a lot. 4 out of 11 times I open it, it crashes. Second, far too many ads. I get they are trying to get revenue but having to watch an ad after every round and then having to watch another ad just to get your prize for winning. Sure you can pay to get rid of the ads but it is 4 bucks. Not to mention the ridiculous 8 dollar a month crap for a skin change and some other stuff. Third, the app doesn’t recognize I have internet. So I can’t to pvp. Sometimes I am able to get into the match but i can never finish one cause it says I have no internet connection. Fourth it doesn’t allow for more that one opponent at a time. It should have 2v2 mode and a option to have the teammate be your friend. It should have a ffa mode with 3-5 players in a battle field. Conclusion: this game has great potential, but it has a long way to go. Until that happens I suggest that people get a real turn based tank game, shell shock live. It is a fraction of the cost of the monthly subscription this game offers and it has a lot more content.

- To many ADS

Since I first downloaded this game about two minutes ago so far I’ve had to add and I’m just learning how to play the game if the creator of this game is reading this I want to tell you to make to update this Games that way there’s not so many ads and I don’t care if there’s a no add subscription I’ll probably have to pay about five dollars and I ain’t doing that got that I know you must think I’m a be a little bit sassy but I don’t want to asked to go away not completely but just a little there’s too many and by the time I have this game for a week I’ll probably have watched about 100 ads but just to tell you I haven’t completely tried the game so I just want the creator of this game to know to get rid of so many ads and I will delete the game if they don’t have any of the switching things I saw on the ad to get this game

- Love game but the ADS!!! (I think everyone’s complaining about the ads too)

Hey ppl, as everybody else I love the game, the tanks are really cool and so is the concept. But there is ONE thing reeeeeeeally keeping me from giving this game a 5 star: THE ADS!!! Every single time I want to play a game < POP > an ad comes on. And I wouldn’t be mad if like a few ads there and somewhere there ya know, but NOOO there has to be an ad every single freakin time! Don’t get me wrong though, I love the game it’s super cool, but I think it would be better for all players if you just reduce the amount of adds a tiny little bit more. Wait- scratch that, not a tiny bit more- a ton more. Again, I don’t hate the game so please don’t get me wrong. I really hope the developers see this followed by other ads complains because this add thing is over escalating ( at least it’s gonna over escalate ). Thanks developers and other ppl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- No ads means “still a lot of ads”

The game is simple, but fun. My only problem with it is, I shelled out the ad-removal ransom (I don’t mind, developers should get paid for their products) - which is labeled “no ads” and “remove ads”. This is 100% false. It reduces ads from “I want to smash my phone with a hammer” level to, “I’m still wasting precious moments of my life trying to get past some ad for an app that lets you dance around like an idiot...with a cartoon cat head.” Ads are 30 seconds PLUS (some are rage-inducingly long), to open the “free” box at the end of each round. “But, you can skip that!” Right. Because the 200 coins for finishing a round is a good reward... Either give it, or take it out. There are several other places that involve the same long ads. “No” means no, Playgendary. You should change your language so that it doesn’t immediately feel like you lied to people who just shelled out currency for you - or really remove the ads.

- Too many ads! Just don’t try it.

I played this game a couple of years ago and was frustrated with how many ads you were forced to watch. I recently downloaded it again and it has since been deleted. After ever match, you’re forced to watch an ad. Then, to claim your free loot box, you’re forced to watch another ad. Without those loot boxes, it takes ages to level up weapons and tanks, but I personally don’t have the patience to watch ads after every match just for a casual game that I don’t plan on paying real money for. I realize that’s how the company gets most of its money, but they shouldn’t make you sit through a whole minute of ads after a match (that took approximately a minute as well) for a chance to get a great reward for winning or losing. It’s all ads, and very little gameplay. If you’re lacking in patience, just skip on this game and every other game this developer creates. Bowmasters is the exact same concept. I hope this review sheds some light and gets to the developers.

- Good game, bad bugs

Everything about this game is wonderful, the graphics, the sounds, but there are cases where the game will crash when to many actions happen. For example, you shoot someone with hounds and with all of the damage and projectiles the game overloads and crashes. And one specific weapon one tournament , always crashes the game, and that’s the lightning drone. The moment the drone spawns in, the game goes black. Please fix this problem because I think the issue is that the drone that spawns is too much for the game to handle, so make it to where wherever the flare lands, the flare jumps up and shoots, not the drone. This is a really annoying thing because it’s impossible to win against the specter on tournament. I would love for you to also add more tanks, and make it where when after winning a tournament, you also get 200 coins. Thanks for listening and I hope you fix these problems.

- Problems

This is a really good game, but once you get to buying stuff and investing into this game it gets really expensive. There asking for 7.99 a WEEK for something that’s kinda basic. Although you do get good stuff for the price but in my opinion 50 diamonds, 2000 coins & a basic chest with a What I’ll say somewhat Good tank. And to get rid of adds (but I paid 2.99 to get rid of those after I got tired of seeing them). I’m not a cheap person, but 7.99 a week?? I want to buy it but I also have stuff to buy with my paycheck other then spending 8 dollars on a game every week when the average person only gets paid every to weeks. I’m a Teen so I’m not making 1K every 2 weeks, I’m making 500 every 2 weeks, I got to help my mom pay bills and etc.... but that’s my rant about that subject, but I’ll recommend the game 100%, just be prepared to grind for stuff you want,

- Misleading, borderline a scam

I was enjoying this game, but then I came across a few issues. First of all, the coins are fairly easy to get, but the cards to get the upgrades are not. This leaves you sitting on a pile of coins you can’t even use. I did like the game though, so I decided I would support it and pay $3.99 to “get rid of ads” so that I would be able to open chests without watching videos so the problem of not being able to upgrade would be minimized. However, after paying x4 the $0.99 most games require to get rid of ads, only the ads in between battles disappeared (which you can get rid of anyway by just turning off your internet connection). So I was stuck still watching ads to upgrade the tanks after I had payed for a product which was COMPLETELY misleading. On a side note, the $7.99 a week for the subscription is also unnecessarily expensive and can quickly become a $100 bill. Basically the developers are trying to grab as much money as they can from the people who enjoy the game and want to support it.

- Amazing game but I would enjoy some new type of tanks!!!

Now this game is really good and is great to play and get used to to bet I would enjoy ant least 3 new tanks it would really be cool and interesting here’s an idea a DJ tank a tank that would shoot music notes or rainbow waves of sound or something like that or hears a nother idea a 8bit tank it would be either camouflaged 8bit either your choice of color or with an actual 8bit tank like a squared tank like a blocky tank something like that here’s another suggestion a tank that shot trash or some kind of toxic item that would be made out of some trash or very worn out item but would be fast and would do decent damage but anyway I really hope you read this and put in at least one of them of your choice and don’t forget I love your games and I want you to keep it up and always do what you do best.

- 100% Idea, 80% Execution

A physics–based, easy-to-learn tank game for mobile is a great idea. Playgendary has taken the excellent things from Bowmasters and transferred it to an overall cleaner experience. In addition, the weapon and attack systems are clever, and progression is rewarding and fun (although at times slow). Tournaments and PVP are fun additions. However, my only issue is not with the game itself so much as a certain “micro” transaction within it. The Diamond Membership that you can buy is ridiculously overpriced and completely breaks the gameplay loop and progression speed of the game. Eight dollars a WEEK? Pretty much every streaming service has cheaper rates than this, with more content to offer as well. I get that the membership isn’t necessary to enjoy the game, but it shows how willing Playgendary is to exploit impulsive children and get rich quickly off of them.

- Ads, broken balancing, and so much more

I’ve messed around with the games by Playgendary for a while (even when they weren’t originally owned by the company). In the case of this game, it’s not one of the better ones. It’s style is alright; it’s like that of bow masters but that just means that there is something that prevents it from standing out besides the fact that it’s basically a shell shock wannabe. This would be fine on its own but the game has other problems that hinder its playability. 1. The progression is incredibly slow I know that since it’s a freemium game, it’s bound to have in app purchases that make upgrades easier. I know it’s possible to obtain some stuff by playing through tourneys and waiting 30 minutes for a free box but without ads, that’s about it. The problem with this is that coins and gems are scattered in between and make it harder to actually upgrade anything. Even when you do get an upgrade, it’s either for a tank you didn’t care for or you’re still missing enough pieces. 2. The tanks are unbalance If I can recall, there are 7 tanks. Abrams, Coalition, Frost, pyro, specter, and two others that I forgot the name of. Each one has their own array of weapons that are special to those tanks alone. Frost’s arsenal freezes players in their tracks, pyro incinerates, specter is incredibly cheap and almost broken on occasion, Abrams is just average, one is completely inaccessible unless you pay for the vip rip off

- Physics keep changing

This game is designed to get individuals to purchase as are all of these programs, however, the software will promote outcomes designed to benefit anyone who has actually purchased from the store in such a way where the physics will be violated and changed. Furthermore, as a individual progresses, they will notice changes in game play that are inconsistent. I suspect the reason for this is to track a players actions. It is similar to craps except that the outcomes have already been pre-determined and only look like random distributions. I have run experiments to see if I will get consistent results in game and I have not. Not only are they not consistent results, but the actual game mechanic will change significantly as a individual progresses depending on whether they purchased or click on in add videos. While the game has good graphics, there is no incentive to keep playing once the programming becomes obvious. In essence, this game’s sole purpose is to get a individual to watch as many videos or worse yet, actually purchase something in-store.

- Subscription is not as promised

The like the game a lot and it’s great for passing time. I started paying for subscription to get rid of the ads and get the daily chest with gems and gold. The subscription got rid of the ads however I’m not getting the daily chest as promised. Three days straight when I opened the app to get some tank game going, I did not receive my daily reward as I was promised I would after paying for subscription. Please resolve this. I was forced to cancel my subscription. Moreover, I wish there was a ranking system to the online multiplayer. The game is popular enough that I don’t have to wait for online match ups. However, would love it if there was an incentive to playing online. Vs Ai and PVP feels the same. Adding a ranking system with season rewards could make this game soooo much better.

- Devs read this please

I have had this app on my phone for a couple of weeks now and play everyday. It’s fun when the app is actually working properly, the problem is there are to many glitches in the game. I have numerous screen recordings of these issues feel free to contact me by email to receive them. Furthermore the vip benefits is a scam and a half. I had the three day period and cancelled right away when I realized that the none vip for no ads is way better. Here is why. With vip it literally means 0 ads however that means you can’t watch videos to get extra chests or anything. For none vip you can collect a free basic chest every thirty minutes and then watch a video to get a second one with vip you can’t do that! After each match non-vip you can watch a video to get a chest however vip nope!!! Have to complete three wins to get a free chest this gives the non-vip people the chance to advance much quicker than those that pay for it. Not fair for those that pay!!

- Glitches and fairness

Well I found a glitch that if you finish a game on computer mode the sound turns off then you have to close and reopen the game and the fairness of the frost tank isn’t fair they have an attack that makes it so you can’t move they could just destroy you then with a crate or another weapon it’s near impossible if they get a right angle and some weapons from other tanks or crate weapons are extremely unfair if you are a starter and if a frost tank hits you perfectly it’s impossible to win unless you are very skilled and tanks that can deal damage overtime can be unfair if you are at low health say like toxic or atomic they have a overtime attack that kills you overtime instead of a strong normal attack so nerf those tanks so if your at very small amount of health it won’t hurt you anymore because you may have low health and the poison effect doesn’t help otherwise other tanks are fair with strong normal attacks

- Fun, but needs to be fixed

this game is LOTS of fun, but there are tons of ads. I get it, it’s a free game, but come on! Before you play a game, there’s an ad. After you play a game, there’s an ad. Opening a chest? Ad! There are way too many ads. I’m tired of playing angry birds 2’s ad over and over. Also, the frost. I mean, it was a great idea. I believe that the idea was cool, but like, a move that keeps you from moving? I don’t want it to be nerfed completely, just make it so you get stuck for 1 turn, and so you can’t just get hammered with freezing missiles. I think it’d be cool if there were three missiles that did that, and not have 5/6 freeze you. (I think it was 5/6 missiles that froze you, I’m not sure) Overall, this game is honestly pretty fun, though! I don’t expect the ads to get fixed though... Just nerf the frost, please!

- Amazing, simple, and fun gameplay! But lack of things to keep you playing

This game is amazing, I play it all the time. But One thing that is missing from the game is a live multiplayer mode. For example, being able to friend people and play with SELECT people, instead of a random online selection of players. This would be great! My friends also play this game and often ask if there is a multiplayer mode where we can verse each other, not random people. But I have to say ‘No there isn’t.’ I get that there is already a multiplayer mode where there can be two players on one phone, but I’m talking about two phones where we can have battles and maybe tournaments and team play. This would make Tank stars even more fun! But so far, this game is so much fun to play and never gets old!

- The masters of greed

I personally love the playgendary games. However there is one HUGE problem. They all have a ridiculous amount of adds and they all have a ridiculous amount of money to get rid of the adds. There is also a membership that is 8 dollars a MONTH. That is the worst deal I have ever heard. I also hate that if you play agents the computer the other tank will go inside of you and kill itself when trying to kill you. These reasons and many more are the reasons this game and all other playgendary games get one star by me. If they cut the diamond membership down to $8 period I might think of getting it. Also cut down on the adds. Oh I almost forgot, I got probably about 40 adds and they were all the same 2 different adds and they were boring ones. At least give us adds that are entertaining. If these problems got fixed I would change my rating to a 4 minimum, but all of these problems give it a one. Bye playgendary won’t be seeing you anytime soon. It hasn’t been a pleasure.

- Bugs and more bugs..

So recently I’ve been playing this game, gotten all the tanks, was enjoying the game and all. I tried out the tournament mode and it was pretty fun, 2v6 tank battle. Easy and normal mode are quite simple and possible for most people, and then legendary is just total chaos. I’ve been trying out legendary mode at least 6 times each week once it resets, and every single time, there would be a bug or glitch in the game. My first tank gets destroyed, but I watch a video to revive it. After the video, my 2nd tank shows up with the revive and I lose my 1st tank. Then, I automatically lose since it was somehow the opponents turn once again. Another bug is that my first tank gets destroyed, and then my second tank is floating in mid-air. I can’t move, and the opponents can shoot right through me. I can still attack, but I get really annoyed with these bugs. If you can, please fix these please, thanks.

- Please nerf the frost tank and too many darn adds

Okay playgendary your games are good like bow masters, kick the buddy, tank stars and etc. but there is too many darn adds that are 30 seconds long that just annoy players and me so if you could remove the adds or make them 10 seconds long and not put adds after every single match like if you loose there’s an add, if you win add, even if you get on the game sometimes there’s an add as soon as you get on the game please address this to developers and to be nice all ways stay cheeki breeki. Next problem is the fact that the frost tank is too powerful so please remove frost bite and blizzard or remove the tank as it makes players rage quit and is frequently used by trollers to annoy players. *side note ps: don’t let this get lost in the ether and also address the frost tank to the devs and also look at the other reviews about the frost tank and adds. Sincerely Waffen SS Tiger 1 tanker.

- Fantastic game. NEEDS MORE!

This game needs more content cause I’ve already played through everything multiple times each day. I think the biggest thing holding this game back is the upgrade system, it’s totally horrible. Random loot boxes that give out crappy cards and I have no control over what gets upgraded. Why wouldn’t you give the player control over the upgrades?? I also think the most frustrating part about the gameplay is that a lot of victories are up to chance because all the shots make the tanks bounce, BOUNCE! It’s so infuriating hitting a perfect shot and then the tank bounces away before maximum damage can be inflicted. Please please please fix it! And also allow me to use my stockpile of coins to upgrade my tanks how I please. Even cosmetic upgrades would be awesome.

- Really Enjoyable game but

This is game honestly really great and is my number one game to go to, to either kill time or just for the fun of it. This team in my opinion needs to get reconized for the great work you have put in but problems that I encounter makes it unenjoyable. 1. When I am close to either winning or losing tournament, my screen goes black and i have to start the difficult tournament again. 2. When I decide to watch the ad for the reward, my screen goes black again and its just not rewarding afterwards. 3. When buying the membership, it says you get everything it says daily but I get it everything all at once, I am not complaining about this but Im just bringing this to your notice. 4. I've read another review talking about too many ads, and yes there are. His follows up to screens going black after ads. I don't normally buy memberships but not only for the reward but to contribute to paying you guys for the amazing work you put in so far. 5. I've ran into a new problem, with the tank that goes with the membership, i dont if it happens with other tanks but when i shoot small or long range. It does not shoot but myself pinpoint.....it's kinda bad. 6. Another problem sadly, sometimes when i shoot onto a tank right on, instead of inflicting damage. The damage and animation does not happen.

- Great, but could use an update

So, I love this game. It’s amazing. The ads get annoying, but I can deal with that. My one problem, however, is that the frost tank is the best tank in the game. No other tank can beat it. Now, nerfing frost would be even worse, so please do t do that. What I personally would like, is to have another tank, added or upgraded, i don’t care, to be strong enough to take it on. Preferably, it would be one of the more expensive tanks, but that’s up to you. Again, this is one of my favorite games on the App Store, but when I can beat the full level most expensive tank in the game with a low level frost no sweat, then you need to make a more powerful most expensive tank. Don’t nerf the frost, just upgrade another tank. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

- A fun way to pass time but too glitchy

Virtually everyone knows the idea behind the game: players try to hit their opponents with various rounds of artillery (or get as close as possible) by adjusting for power and angle. This games some more elements to the equation in that different tanks feature different artillery - some more effective than others. Moreover, players can boost the efficacy of their rounds, thereby causing more damage to their opponents, and they can increase their own tank’s ability to withstand damage as they promote to higher levels. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. This game is so glitchy. Far too often, a person whose tank and rounds are ranked at the lowest levels will cause more damage to higher ranked tanks after they miss their target than vice versa, even when the lower-ranked tank is hit directly with higher-ranked rounds. And then there’s the issue of the tanks teleporting back to an original starting position when trying to drive across the terrain. This game is a decent way to pass time while you’re going number 2, but it’s far too glitchy. If the lowest-ranked artillery round can consistently cause more damage to the highest ranked tank when it misses than the highest-ranked round can cause to the lowest-ranked tank when it hits directly, you have a bug on your hands.

- It has potential

The core of the game is great, but there are some basic problems that really drag it down. 1. There is a bug where if you exit a multiplayer match and reenter one, you die instantly. 2. There is no incentive to play multiplayer matches, since AI matches are much easier and quicker, and both match types give the same reward. In fact, even losing only gives you 100 less gold than winning, which isn’t much because you get all your gold from chests anyways. 3. Ads. Sometimes you get TWO ads after a match, and then ANOTHER ad if you want the chest. There’s also a banner ad on screen during matches. Come on. 4. Tanks. There is very little variety in tank abilities. There are basically “direct hit” “area hit” or “directional hit” abilities, with few exceptions. Many abilities are identical. Also, the Frost tank has the added effect of stopping you from moving, which is a huge advantage in multiplayer, meaning it is by far the most used tank, and it’s just tiring. 5. CRASHES. The game sometimes randomly crashes, and when you’re on the last stage of a tournament or something, this is extremely frustrating. 6. In general, some more content is needed for this to feel like a good game. Maps are just plain hills. Some sort of rank or tournament or something would make multiplayer more interesting. ETC. I’ll definitely stick around to see if anything changes, and change my review accordingly

- Too bad, kinda sad

I had to reduce this to 2 stars due to three main issues with the game. Play it, it is a great game! It should get five stars, except for these 3 downsides: 1. Pay to remove ads does not remove ALL ads, you are constantly hit with ads if you “continue” unless you don’t want your reward - then you can skip and suffer. The app also inundates you with buy our membership/gem packs, I am always them they are simply need because I’m not giving anymore $$’s due to the ads (and misrepresentation). 2. Related to #1, the ads either crash the game many times, or they hang relentlessly making you close the app! 3. FROST (one of the tanks) has a weapon (2nd in order) that will kill you with a direct hit regardless of your level (HPs), which is really frustrating in multiplayer matches. So love the game concept, hate that it is overloaded with ads that may make me delete it to reduce stress and find a gave that provides better entertainment.


⬆️Self explanatory... I'm gonna be blunt. If it weren't for the glitches, it would be a great game. I will definitely change my review, or even take it back, if the producers can make a few changes: #1: like I said, the glitches. Idk if it's just my device (which is highly probable, bc it is old) or the game. However, my device has space, and no other game glitches, let alone this bad! #2: the simplicity level. It's so simple!!!!!!! I definitely need some more development, plz. #3:THE ADS!!!!! Open the game;ad, get a crate box thingy; ad, click play game;ad, after game;ad, get the crate after the game;ad. I understand that that is how they get money, but seriously. Really, that is all. Like I said before, I'd really love to take this review back, I just need these few things fixed. (The low rating was half accurate and half to catch the attention of the producers)I can see the the time put into this game. I also acknowledge that I have no clue as to how to create an animation/game, so I really can't be the one criticizing you guys. Thank you for the time and effort put into this, and I hope that this wasn't offensive in any way, shape, or form. (Edit) Also: For those of you that like tanks/ robots that is strategic I do recommend "war robots" I have it and like it. Also, if it helps the developers, I'd recommend going to that game and looking at how they do the game. It might be helpful, i don't know...

- Good game, but...

I’m going to be honest it’s a fun game and I like it, however there are few bug fixes that need to be done, sometimes when you launch the game the icons for the tanks don’t appear until you restart the game. Also when playing “online” sometimes you or the enemy just die immediately. You can watch a 30 second ad to get a free chest but most of the time you even can’t, right after a regular battle you can watch an ad to get a free chest but there’s always “network issues” which I know is just plain bs. Also sometimes the sound won’t work, you’ll click a few buttons and won’t hear them until a few seconds later when their all mashed into one sound. Despite all this there are no extreme problems that occur in the game so it’s still pretty fun to play.

- Greedy micro transactions

I very much enjoyed playing this game for about a day. After that, I payed $4 to remove ads. What I didn’t realize is that this only removes some of the ads on the game. There are still ads when opening chests that you earn for completing battles. I would have rated this game 1 star for that alone. On top of that, they try to sell you a membership which is something like $8 a month which gets rid of all the ads and gives you some other in game items. This is absolutely absurd! Paying $8 a month for an iPhone game is unheard of. I enjoy playing this game, but not nearly enough to be worth an $8 monthly subscription fee. This game is really not very special, and it’s embarrassing that they think it’s worth $8 to remove ads. It honestly wouldn’t bother me if they charged $8 as a one time fee, but it seems like their disgusting micro transactions and subscription fees aren’t going anywhere. Absolutely despicable! Please don’t even download this game. Absolutely awful!

- There is a little game in your ad

Don’t get me wrong, this game is very fun and I like the grinding aspect to get better and stronger tanks, but I think that people can agree with me when I say that I don’t want an ad about a foot care clinic shoved in my face. I get it, you got to get some revenue, but still, your diamond membership that gives you a little bit of gems and coins in a day (basically nothing compared to if you just grind bot battles) and a crappy tank that is just 2 other tanks (The Specter and the Bruatino) mashed into one. If I could improve this game, I would make it so you wouldn’t have to watch an ad to open a chest you just completed a battle to earn, make online pvp note fair by putting people up against each other by tank level, and lower the cost of the tanks and the diamond membership. I am hoping next time I redownload this game, it will be improved.

- More diversity

This game is a fun off set to the realistic themes of other tank PVP’s, and I’m all for the cartoony style but I would like to see perhaps different camos/ variants for the tanks offered. Once you earn all of the tanks the game seems quite obsolete. A bit more of personalization to each persons tank would be a nice touch . For example the Abrams, T-34, and Tiger etc. Tanks that’s we’re all made in real life should have a more battle camo esc. Look . The flat colors are nice but some color options,(camos, skins, wraps, cosmetic changes ) would be a way to increase longevity of this, (in my opinion) of this quite simple game. Be it that the these are purchasable by in - game funds, or boxes. That’s. The only aspect of the game that seems to need help. The mechanics, game response and other aspects seem to be in great shape . Thanks for taking the time to read this .

- Rating five stars 🥇 ⭐️

I think this game is so good because you get to kill people and you can re-battle people it’s awesome please give us a five rated star I would be very happy if you would read it a five star please read them a five star it’s the game is awesome no matter if you don’t like it just give them a five star to make them happy it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if you don’t like them other people like it and if you give them not a lot of stores people won’t like them anymore and the calm their company will go down write them a five star players it it will make him very happy it will make him very happy because the raider and the producer and the Maker will love it give them a five star so they’re not mad and quit making games🙏🏻😇

- It would seem that the app is rated incorrectly. Here’s my reasoning:

First of all, I didn’t even get into the game. Here’s why - Upon downloading the game, it would repeatedly crash over and over again. I gave it a while and tried again. This time it started. Upon trying again after a while, it gave me a thing to accept the terms of use. I skimmed over it and agreed. Here’s the explanation for the title of this review. Upon agreeing to the terms of use, it asked me to agree for ads to be tailored to my relevancy. This is not the wording that was used, but the meaning implied. It said that the ads would be relevant to me and my interests upon agreeing to it. I honestly didn’t care what ads I would be getting. At the end of this “agreement thing” there was a mention that to agree to that you had to be 16 years or older. I myself am 17 so that bit shouldn’t have mattered to me. Since I didn’t care what ads I would be getting, I denied this “ad relevancy agreement.” Upon this action, the application crashed. I doubt that the crashing was tied to any kind of bug in any way, after it had started so beautifully after waiting patiently. I rebooted the app but the previous booting problem persisted. It would seem to me that the app does not allow a consumer to play the game if they do not agree to have their personal interests information sent to the ad partners of this company. Food for thought, dear readers.

- Unfinished

This game is incredibly unfinished and I’ll get right to the point. When tanks move they’ll sometimes get pushed halfway into the ground, put in multiple spots before finally resting in one spot and damage is random every game. Also on the frost tank one of the FIRST tanks you get in the game is a one shot on anyone who had either bought one of the 999 in app purchases that pop up every time you win or lose game or someone who spent hundreds of hours grinding for a high level tank. It’s called frostbite and if you hit the ground directly underneath a player the enemy will die in half a second. Lastly, I bought a crate with 40 gems and it didn’t even give me the chest! This game isn’t even unique, it is a CLEAR copy of shell shock live on pc and that’s all this producers games will ever be, unfinished craptastic games that want you to buy all of their stuff. Would not recommend unless you like unfinished, broken, in app purchases filled crap.

- True and absolute garbage

I hardly right reviews, but this game irked me. This game is garbage. That’s putting it gently, when you use gems for a revive guess what happens? You spawn with 100 health, which means you basically get one shot by ANYTHING, even flames kill you after the revive. Also, it glitches and after the revive, not only do you spend(Read WASTE) gems it doesn’t allow you to play your turn, and it’s stuck there. No, the game doesn’t freeze, it literally sticks you in between the transition period and you can’t move or attack. Neither can the other tank, and you can’t do anything but go to the menu or close the app. Which means either A) You lose the the gems you were lucky enough to get form chests (Which never happen by the way) or B) You lose the gems you bought. Also this game tries squeezing as much money as it can from you. Just to get one of the tanks the game makes pay $7.99... a WEEK. Let that sink in. Overall this game deserves no stars and to be removed, it’s garbage.

- Great but needs a tweak

This game would be a 5 star game if it wasn’t for 2 things. 1- the Frost Tank is making me not want to play this game anymore. Please adjust its capabilities. It’s way to powerful. It shouldn’t have a freeze hold that lasts for more then one turn. Also the frost bite weapon needs tweaking as well. To many times I get hit once by it and I’m done. It’s way to powerful of a tank and it’s super easy to use and get. It makes multiplay unplayable. I just did a multiplayer game where 8 times in a row I had to battle against a frost tank. That’s all everyone’s using now. It’s boring. 2- Please explain how its determined who fires first in multiplay. I have gone first 2 times out of dozens and dozens of matches which makes me wonder something is wrong. Are there instructions anywhere? Other then that. I love this game.

- Good gameplay, ruined by greed

So first off, this game is good if you don’t care about winning and progressing very slow👌Tank Stars has great visuals, except maps are simple. Unfortunately, sound cuts in and out, gameplay will freeze, and if people’s timers run out, the game will again freeze. You will have to leave game and the NEXT game you join, you will automatically die. This app got 1 ⭐️ because I’m am absolutely tired of this complete bs gambling system in games, that has BARLEY any content, and very buggy. And right off the bat, the developers are trying to sign you up FOR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, for $7.99 or $99 FOR A YEAR. This is a joke right? Tank Stars was finally the arcade tank game the mobile market needed, and fails again to just create a legit game and put it on the market without trying cash grab your wallet all the time. You can take that subscription and shove it. Offer people $99 for a game nobody knows, and is not even complete? Screw you and this bs mobile trend ruining the gaming industry.

- Ads

This game is great, it’s super fun and I have enjoyed playing it so far, when I first started I got the free trial and I had a great time, it was super fun and seemed reasonable. But it’s really expensive. Like 7 dollars a week is absolutely absurd. Just make a straight payment of like 5 dollars and I’m sure so many people would get it. Not to mention the ads. Once my free trial had ended I thought my game was glitched. Because I got ad after ad after ad, an ad before the game an ad after the game, an ad to get the chest, and sometimes even an ad DURING THE GAME! I honestly don’t understand how you producers can be so money thirsty that you completely ruin the fun aspect of the game with a bombardment of advertisements. And there is no way in hell im going to pay 7 dollars a week for pro and I don’t want to even think about giving you two dollars to get rid of the ads. Because that’s just what you want. As good as this game is I am forced to give this a one star because this is horrible.

- I just got a big complain

I love this game so much.... I love the new tanks that were updated to the game and all.... the only thing that I hate is why am I always put on the right side when I play online??? How can I do in order to be the first one to shoot. Specially when my lower level tank has to deal with a golden level one. I am always out second to shoot.... that affects the balance of the game. I play this game on IOS so does that make me the second one to shoot? You should allow the lower levels to have the first shot and I don’t mind being to be second one to shoot but it happens way too much. As matter as fact, I only had the chance to be the first one to shoot after playing this game for 2 months.... I need a reply on this one ASAP please... you gotta fix that problem u know

- This game is complicated.

Do not get me wrong, I like the concept of the game, but the way it is run is what I like to describe “jittery”. Here are some current problems in the game that needs to be fixed. The multiplayer matchmaking is unfair. You are a bronze with a one dot, and you are against a elite gold-red emblem player. Now you may be asking, what’s the problem with that? Well in case you did not know, a gold emblem player has MORE upgrades and a STACKLOAD of health compared to you. Take a Atomic Tank with a bronze, against a Frost tank with gold. Since the frost has 1600 health and all his powers are upgraded, which adds 10x the damage, when you only have HALF of that health and none of your powers are upgraded, the Frost wins, every time, without fail. And you rank up by beating opponents in online games. How would you rank up if you are against people that are in a higher rank? Another problem is the amount of glitching that goes on in an online game. You're moving your tank to get away from flames. You blow through half of your fuel, and you just got away from the flames, and next thing you know, You are magically back in the flames. And now? The damage in multiplayer. You can get a 1600 health tank, hit it with a zero-star Frostblast for example, and it only takes 100 damage, but it magically does like 3/4 of your health!!! That makes no sense!

- What’s the point

Ok, so I’ve been playing playgendary games for a couple months now and let me tell you, yes you, the reader looking through reviews. This game and all of this other company’s games are a joke. Most of them are unplayable because of excessive amount of ads. Even if you buy no ads in their games, what’s the first thing your met with? In perfect playgendary style you are met with a 30sec ad after you just bought no ads for 5 bucks. Yes and I’m not joking five dollars for no ads. The diamond membership is a joke too 8.99 per week! That’s way over priced. And that freaking game Kick the buddy? Yeah that game is pretty good if it weren’t to have 20-30sec ads about bow masters. This company clearly only cares about them selves and not about the consumer. I know this review was about tank stars but still, having ads in your own games about your own games? Look devs you gotta stop ripping people off....this freaking company....

- Halloween Edition

So while I love the new tank Pumpkin I was upset that we didn’t earn coins while filling the pumpkin meter to get it. Now that I have earned Pumpkin still I’m only earning pumpkins that are useless. Your players should still be earning coins along with gaining pumpkins to fill the meter to get the Pumpkin tank. This seems a severe lack of thought on this update. A great idea for the game would be a option to lock in a full screen mode so the players that want could see the entire playing field. It’s really frustrating playing and not being able to see the opposing tank or tanks because of the weird field view. Yes I know there is a red button to show the enemy but it would beneficial to just see the entire landscape 100% of the time. Maybe some ideas to think about that could improve the games enjoyment and also make the battles smoother.

- Decent ad simulator

Wow I went looking for a game to pass the time and I found the holy grail of time passers. Play a round as the tank to kill thirty seconds, then get your real reward after each round; up to a minute long add between every aspect of gameplay. Earn a loot box through gameplay, play an add to open it, or forfeit your earned loot box by choosing to skip the add. Oh but the skip button doesn’t load immediately you get to wait to see the skip button load in. If waiting and allowing someone to profit off your screen being illuminated is your thing then BOOM this is your app. I’m all for making money but when the product becomes unplayable without network connection you’ve got a problem. Try it. Turn off your network connection and see how the game stops you from being able to do things or progress. “Want to further gameplay? Ooohhhh but you aren’t watching the adds....” Imagine EA making a mobile tank game, this is that.

- Some ideas please read

I have been playing this game for a while now and I love it. I would love it if you put in some new tanks and new supply drop weapons. I really like this game and I love your tanks! It would also be nice if you put more fuel in the tank so that you could go a little farther. If you could add a tank that summoned a mini tank that was not that strong and did not have that much HP that would also be cool. I really hope you add these features and I’m excited if you do! P.S. Your game has very few bugs and I haven’t played for a while so you might have fixed them but there is one where the sound will stop for EVERYTHING. It will come back and I don’t know if you fixed it but I hope you add that stuff. Bye!

- Scorched Earth on Steroids....

So far one of my all-time favorite free games for a smart phone! Like other people said its simple but a lot of fun. I found I was able to get through the game and unlock things pretty quickly without spending any money. I think it’s pretty cool that each tank specializes in different abilities and I like the new tanks they recently added. So overall this game it’s pretty great BUT I want to be able to play against my friends over the Internet not just random people! Make this happen and everyone will be addicted to this game! Another idea that would add a little more dimension to the game would be different types of terrain like cliffs surrounded by lava or up in the clouds and if you fall your tank is destroyed or injured.

- Skill not needed

This game is fun but the mechanics that support the game play are based around luck rather than skill. To start off this game does have a good progression system granted you’ll be watching a lot of ads to progress in it but what else can you expect. However the game relies heavily on this system during battle, no matter how good you are anyone with better upgrades will crush you. The mechanics in this game also make combat based around luck not skill. The degree and power system seem to have random effects on your shot. If you want to hit slightly in front of your last shot you would think subtracting a degree would do that but it doesn’t, sometimes you hit the same place and sometimes it moves your shot to far off. The point being the aiming is not consistent. Secondly the damage you deal can go from scratching your enemy health to dealing half damage and it seems to be random.

- Great game but crashes/glitches a lot

Most of the time it will happen when playing the tournament section. The game gives me the option to watch a video to get some health back after one of my tanks is destroyed, but 1 out of 5 times I press play, the game just crashes and I would have to start the level all over again. Other times when I press the watch video button, it will play all the way through but instead of the tank gaining some health, it will brings out the second tank with the amount of health the first tank would have received. Since their isn’t a lot of gameplay options and ranking factors in this game it doesn’t bother me that much but in the hopes that the developers add more to this game it is something to look at and fix. Overall great game.

- Like Gunbound

I love this game because it’s like my first multi-online game, Gunbound! Tank Stars would be more fun if it the tanks and its artillery were more creative like Gunbound. I love how there are multiple types of ammo but it definitely needs more variety and creativity. I think there are some major flaws to this game. I love these types of games and Tank Stars has done a great job. However, 1st player has major advantage over 2nd player. Since there is no wind factor, it’s easy to say that 1st player will always win once they know full power angle formula. Way to help solve this is the way Gunbound solved it by making it more challenging: 1.) Adding a “Delay System”. Those who go first will have delay and those who take more time will count more delay. 2.) Adding in wind factor would be a wind factor (direction/strength). I think this would make the game more fair for 2nd player. Because in Tank Star, some tanks can almost 1 hit KO their opponents. If not 1 hit, then easily 2 hits. This game has great potentials. 3.) It would be even more complete once there are team games and play online with friends. Keep the game simple like it is but yet complete without loopholes.

- Pretty glamorous at first look

Okay so I love these style of turned based guess where you shoot games. This one is especially cool and modern with the colors and the smooth yet simple graphics. My first complaint is the super insistent pay $7 a week for this game ads. (Uhhh no are you crazy) I already had to pay 4 dollars just to turn off the main ads.. (still has ads) my second completion would be that you can’t add friends to challenge online. You can only play with a friend on the same phone. ? That’s cool but the option to play on your own screens is much more fun. Third I don’t understand that when you play online pvp you can never go first ? It starts to make me wonder if they’re just bots and not actual people. I have more complaints but I should stop right there. Hopefully the developers read these and make some good updates.

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Really hope the Pistons tank for the 2021 season and get a Top pick. We need a major rebuild and develop our picks into stars

Aj Black

@DanielCherny Ive watched her play against our girls many times..shes a star..her skill set is amazing..all the girls from the knights are stars..why they are no 1 side And theres more coming..watch the standard go through the roof next few yrs

The Lake Show

execs dnt know the game, or how to develop and try to tank and cut corners etc some Franchises like spurs, heat etc know how to develop, okc solid as well to name a few. But thats the laker formula stealing other talent lol and stars its been their way as small farm franchises de

Tank Stars 1.5.2 Screenshots & Images

Tank Stars iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images
Tank Stars iphone images

Tank Stars (Version 1.5.2) Install & Download

The applications Tank Stars was published in the category Games on 2018-06-08 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 569.62 MB. Tank Stars - Games app posted on 2020-09-15 current version is 1.5.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.tankstars

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