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Fight colorful and crazy pinatas! Travel all over the world. Purchase and upgrade various weapons to become stronger.
Smash those cute pinatas, and get all the coins they have!

We Love You! Enjoy!


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1. Weekly Premium offers weekly subscription for $7.99 after 3-day free trial. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will double your earnings and offline reward for your better game experience.

2. Monthly Premium offers monthly subscription for $19.99. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will double your earnings and offline reward for your better game experience.

3. Yearly Premium offers yearly subscription for $99.99. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will double your earnings and offline reward for your better game experience.
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- "Piñatamasters Review”

The first time I saw a commercial for this game app I thought, “How stupid!” The more I saw the commercial for this game app the more this game app grew on me to the point where I finally downloaded it. What a great game app! I ABSOLUTELY love the way the player is able to ABSOLUTE annihilate the different piñatas in so many different ways and increase whatever weapon of mass destruction being used so even more additional destruction can be done!!! This game app DEFINITELY deserves the five-star rating that I gave it!!! To give this game app such a rating is an ABSOLUTE no-brainer!!! Thank you EVER SO MUCH for making this wonderful game!!! I GREATLY appreciate it!!! Please keep up the outstanding work!

- It’s awesome but there is a tick needs to be fixed

Like I said it’s awesome and is never boring but I think there is a bug or something that plays with the sound and music in the game. When I open the game the sound and the music is there and working but exactly after 5 minutes of playing the sound and music goes mute and there is only the vibration. And when I go to the settings to fix it or see what’s wrong I see that the music and sound is ON but the game, like I said, is actually mute whether with or without headphones on. And when i actually turn off the game and turn it on again the sound and music is actually there but again after five minutes the game goes mute. It’s not really a big problem to me as the main purpose of a game is the playing itself but it’s actually a little frustrating to me. I don’t really know if it’s actually happening only to me or if the problem is from my side but ,if you can, look into it and would really appreciate it if u get fix.

- Really fun game but....

First off, this game is really fun! The graphics and mindless gameplay is great to kill time. You get major upgrades by collecting coins, which is a great way to make gameplay progress. The problem with this app isn’t gameplay at all. The entire game is predicated on getting special gifts, 2x coins, and 10x coins by watching ads. That, in itself, isn’t bad. They’re not subtle about it, and you can really excel by doing it. A 30 second ad is a fair trade to get a billion coins that will upgrade me to a better weapon. In fact, you really need to watch the ads to further development in the game at a better pace. Contrary to other games, the ads help you immensely! The problem is that, recently, the ads simply aren’t working. Getting a “no ads” pop up when you’re getting the gifts or trying to get the bonus, grinds your progress to a halt. I’ve gotten to the point that I simply won’t play the game anymore, because without the ads the game is too slow to progress. I’m actually trying to give you revenue from the ads and it’s not allowing me to! Haha Sounds wild, but not having ads is actually hurting this game. Bizarro world! I’ll give it a few days to see if this is a hiccup, but if you’re getting the “no ads” alert regularly, it is time to delete.

- The sheer amount of ads is a bit gross

I saw this game in an advert and thought that it’d be a pretty, I downloaded it and played. The gameplay is fun and enjoyable, leveling up the guns, coins, and character speed is fun and makes for a good experience. But the experience is really hurt by the sheer amount of ads you have to endure just to play a couple levels in a row. There’s a shortened ad after every single level, even if you fail, then your prompted to get 2x the coins to watch a longer ad the button is in bright green, and the collect button in a dull purple. The game is set up in a way that it basically forces you to watch the 2x ads to upgrade guns and coins. Another positive I’ll give it is that the only real micro transaction I saw is the VIP upgrade, which is nice in a gaming environment where micro transactions have become pure greedy evil in recent days.

- Not a 5 star game, but is fun and addictive!

The game can be annoying due to the tedious nature of the game where... it's a basically a clicker game that you can go idle to if you so choose. Only thing that seperates this game from others is that you can unlock new perks and weapons as well as characters and you can even level them up. Now yes a lot of clicker games do this, but somehow this seems to be at least more enjoyable than those. Maybe it's the art style or the fact you must be careful with your ammunition or else you will have to restart the level again with the price being you won't earn as much coins as the prior playthrough. If you wish for some dumb fun entertainment, then i'd recommend this to anyone who doesn't have all day to play phone games.

- 5-star to 1-star within 30 seconds😭

This was/is my absolute favorite game until the app started crashing the second you open it up. The first crash was right in the middle of a game then I opened it back up and immediatley crashed again. Tried dozens of times to reopen the app to no avail. I just spent $40 on coins and this happens right after😩 I don't know why or how but this is highly unfortunate. FYI- I did notice a few small glitches earlier with the piñata dia disappearing for a few seconds during game play then reappeared and the music volume drastically reduced a few times during heavy gunfire then quickly resumed back to normal. After the app is fixed I will return my review to a 5-star. P.S. I sent another email to the developers informing them of the new glitches and crashs so hopefully someone is available to fix this quickly. They seem really professional so I'm guessing this gets corrected ASAP.

- Good game

I think this game is smart. It is cool! It isn’t glitchy and is pretty good. Some errors are for when accidentally are buying more ammo (sorry, it’s spelled wrong) and you keep hitting the button. You don’t realize that you don’t have enough coins and the thing that offers to buy more coins comes up. For me it takes 4 to 5 taps to get out. But overall this game is EPIC and you should get it. Maybe it’s not good on some devices, but it’s good on mine. The “This app is laggy and stupid” reviews are totally least I think so. Bye :3

- So far so good

I like this game because it gets my anger away from me. But one problem is that the first boss is VARY inappropriate. I mean like your shooting a woman that dances vary inappropriately. So I think that’s a small but big issue. I hope the developer reads this and sees that, that level is an issue to the game for children who are younger than the age your supposed to be to play this game. But anyways I like that it’s easy to get money and that things are pretty cheap. I don’t like that you have to use guns. But I think I can get past that part of the game. But to end this off I hope that more updates come soon, and that the developer of this game fixes this issue in the game so it’s not so inappropriate.

- Fun, but way too buggy

It’s a simple game and a good way to bring down your blood pressure when the anxiety creeps up. Too many bugs to enjoy the game! 1. Something is wrong with the sound. After a few moments, or especially if you click on an ad for bonus coins, the sound just quits. I usually just play on mute anyway to avoid that annoyance. 2. The game seems to crash pretty often. After I win a level and accept the coins it will often go to a black screen. Not totally dark, it’s almost like there’s an ad trying to start but just doesn’t. I’ve tried waiting it out, tried tapping the screen, always end up having to quit and restart. 3. The bonus ads are no longer working. When I tap the ad a bubble pops up that says NO ADS. Previously it would take a couple taps and then the ad would appear. No they don’t at all, not even the 2X bonus inside the levels. Please fix this!!!! 4. There are sooo many ads! I do like the option to tap on ads for bonus coins, but I wish there were fewer forced ads between levels. Again, it’s a simple game that doesn’t require any thought. I find the repetition and the vibration soothing and it’s a good tool to help me refocus my mind.

- For the game

The game is not that bad I am a little girl and I play it it is sometimes go if you are mad and you can do what ever you want on the other hand it is inappropriate and is bad for kids under 0 to 4 if you have a kid that is four and they have it in my opinion you are a bad parent umm and it is good to get your madness out once I did that and it helped me a lot and like I said it is not a bad game. One reason I thought it was a bad game because like on level it has weird stuff on it for under four and it is not a bad game for like eight like me umm I like it, it is just that it is weird and it had a jpg in on them so do not let your kid have it if they are under four years old do you old town road the song it is like that weird and umm ya Lila is the righter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This game is the best! I mostly like games that are like loud funny and that’s all of what I like all together In this awesome and entertaining game. One reason why I love it is because you can not get bored by buying things that is my favorite part of this game all ya gotta do is kill and buy kill and buy. A second reason why I love it is because if you die it does not give you a lot of ads like almost every other game does this game is just calm and it’s also fun to play when your down so I personally think you should download this game!!

- Great game but needs a feature where you can save progress after re installing the game.

I absolutely love this game and it’s addictive play style. The thing that bugs me a lot tho is that when you delete the game and re install it that all your progress does not save. I was max everything on here but my mom deleted it for space. When I just re installed it all my progress was reset. Keep up the good work with the game but please add a feature where you can keep your progress after re installing the game.

- Should be a 5✋🏻star game

It is not a 5✋🏻 star game,but to me it’s definitely a 5 star game, and you might say it’s not the best gun shooting game in the world,but it’s for all ages so it’s the best there’s no violence and when violence I mean no blood in the game good for kids and I definitely recommend playing it,and when you do it’s hard to stop playing I can’t even stop playing it,and it has fortnite things in the game what makes it better,and funner. And if you don’t Believe me then just play it yourself and see how good it is.

- If you like mini games then you’ll love all the ads in this game

This game has more ads than any other game I’ve ever played. And they go into your time bonuses even so you really get 1 mon of the 5 min bonus because the ads fill up the rest of it. I have an even had a chance to actually try the game because all I do is play mini games (ads). Thanks for trying so hard I’m putting so much into this game you really put the ace in the hole here. If you want to remove ads they cost more to remove them on this game than any other game as well. There are really good games in the App Store that cost far less to buy a game then what it cost to remove ads here what a money hungry company they obviously don’t have creativity or passion for what they do

- Great But....

Hello Pinatamasters creators. I believe your game is very fun and addictive. With all of the unlockable characters and weapons it adds spark to the tap game world. The only thing is I would like the game to have a more veritable selection of levels. The rest is great and I request you make it an ability to play online against others. This is a great game and will overrun Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox, in the long run. I love how it’s free to use. To all you idiots, you don’t have to pay for it. There is a pop up with a freaking X in the corner an X.

- Perfect game just one thing

I think you should add something like a prestige and you need to get a certain gun or something and add mini games I think that would be very fun and add skins for the guns and also make it so all the people you have have the gun that you have so they all have the same gun and also make skins for the people so you can change it and also when you prestige you get like a new gun and a coin multiplier but other than that very good game recommend it to anyone

- Unreasonably Expensive

The game is your average time waster and is nothing special but youre constantly being baraged by ads. Now I wouldnt usually care as most games have you pay 1-2$ to get rid of ads but for this game its 8$ Weekly! Now of you were to pay weekly which is most popular youre paying 32 dollars monthly and bringing that to a yearly rate its as high as 416$ of course they also have the 1 month of 20$ and the 1 year for 99$ which is cheaper than the weekly fee but for an app which not only is unoriginal but is overall subpar its just unacceptable at how much money is being weasled out of you. If you want a time waster game there are dozens of other apps that only ask for a one time payment of under 5$

- I LOVE IT!!!

This is the best game ever I would like another masters game because I love bounce masters, piñata masters I am there’s other ones that look really cool so could you please make more bounce masters games or master games I am really addicted to the Bouncemasters in the Pinatamasters it is funny it is cute it is so like weird I just love it I hope you could make more bounce master games like I said I love it so maybe you could beg like a Art Masters any kind of love it so I hope you get this review so I I would love to have more bounce masters games

- Hi

This game is so interesting and fun and I love that you can unlock new characters upgrade your guns or did you so addicting and fun and I love the day copied someone cares if you just different games such as kick the buddy and party masters and how much are the games and his game is so fun and I just love it so much and I’ve been playing it for a most a year now and I recommend you get it you’ll love it if you forget it you never know you could Nana love it you don’t know I just want to say that this game is super fun

- Greatest game ever😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I just ordered this game and I already like it it’s just like so cool that you could get more and more and more powerful and you could get a new weapon I will give this $15,000 if I could but I can’t this is the greatest game ever like I would give this 90 million I wish they could make another one of this but even greater if it was even greater I would give it 1000 million or infinity if was A number😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Inappropriate game

I agree that the first boss is inappropriate but I don’t know if the people that made this game noticed this problem. I don’t like that type of Piñata when this lady shows up and starts acting inappropriately on a disco ball. I really like this game because it’s the only game left that’s fun for me. But shooting a woman dancing inappropriately on a disco ball??? I don’t think this is an appropriate game for kids 12 and up. Plus using guns wouldn’t be very appropriate either. I really hope that the developers read this review because this NEEDS to stop. Please remove that inappropriate piñata from this game.

- Fun but needs better options

Enjoying the gameplay, but needs to have option to turn off ALL sound. I like to play games in bed when hubby is asleep but ads are quite loud even though I turn off all sounds in the game settings. This very annoying to others around me in waiting rooms at doctor offices and such as well. I get you need ads to offer a free version, and I like they are between levels not mid-play, but I don’t want to HEAR them if I turn off sounds. Fix this and the game would get 5 star review. It is very entertaining.

- People are the problem

This game uses guns in its mechanics but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some shoot-em-up fun. It’s not teaching the player to make bad decisions or to go shoot up a school. People need to relax and understand that guns aren’t the problem. It’s people who are raised with no self-control with no respect for themselves and others and lack of understanding of consequences who are the problem.

- This is disturbing

I like the game just the disturbing thing is the very first boss and other bosses. It just it’s inappropriate. Kids play this that are like in 1st grade and they learn and see inappropriate things in the game the parents should be concerned guns, inappropriate body parts it even says amo in the game the kids that play this might want to use guns and shoot things 😬 and they can shoot u. U should rate this game to be 10+ I like this game but I care for other people thank you 🙏🏻 for letting me share my opinion I still really in joy the game.

- Would be five..

I absolutely love this game, the funny characters and the upgrades that go along with them are tremendous without being game breaking, but I do find myself skipping weapons like the uzi, Ak-47, and similar weapons because they just plain don’t work, not enough damage plus the projectiles never seem to connect, especially with the shotgun. So maybe buff the damage or improve hit detection/accuracy and they’d be worth using. But overall still a great game

- Too many ads!

The game is enjoyable, when I am able to play. The number of advertisement pop ups is enormous - you may as well download an app where developers can showcase their work and viewers are able to browse through the selection and demo the game. Typically, I would pay to remove the ads, if not to restore playability to an app then to support the developers; but in this case doing so is unreasonably expensive. As others have mentioned, the authors of the app are acting rather greedy, catering more to themselves than the players, which is a business model that will leave players frustrated.

- Stress relieving

Very very fun game I’m having no problems at all it’s cool how you can shoot pin yada’s that are Miley Cyrus is wrecking ball very funny ha ha Ha ha ha and also you can hit kick the buddy what is another stress relieving game so go check that out and it’s just relieving because whenever you’re angry you can just keep on shooting the pin yada and it like it’s very satisfying to just hear the sounds and see the confetti so happy that I downloaded this app

- Ads(again)

The ads are not just annoying. They are becoming a growing problem in the “Free Idle Games”. I understand that you need to pay people and it might just be me, but it would be nice if you could not force ads and give an option to watch them(like Idle Supermarket Tycoon Simulator) would be nice and it wouldn’t be nearly as irritating. I would appreciate it if you take these suggestions into account. Thank you, A fellow idle gamer.

- Just wow

The game is really good it’s fun but I was just playing it on as soon as I got back on the fifth level or something everything is just mute the music stopped the sound of the gun stopped I know you guys really need to fix this mean what’s the point of having a game if it’s not even gonna work properly I come on if you’re going to create a game make sure it works with the sound on my tried it I tried closing it out shutting my phone all the way down turning my volume up and turning my phone on putting my phone on ringer I mean am I thinking of deleting it and I just got 15 minutes ago😡😡😡😡

- Fun

The game was a hit all of there games are I like it because it is a game you can’t stop playing and I love there games all of them there so cool and I love them I think everyone has this game now it is awesome and I like the creativity and the effort they put in also I like the Miley Cyrus it was fun and also how you can keep making your guns powerful and I like the lama from fortnight.❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜❣️❣️💕💕💞💞💓💓💗💗💖💖💘💘💝💝💟💟 I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game was really fun when you just want something more idle to play. It would take some times before you get your new weapon and/or upgrade. After the update in June 2019, the game because and even bigger GRIND. Before you’d hit the piñata for 10M gold but the next weapon was 25B which is doable at 250 rounds of hitting the piñata. Now, the piñata you’re hitting gives you 10M gold but your next weapon upgrade is 95B. That’s 950 rounds of hitting the piñata! Honestly, the developers probably sold out and the only viable way to get to your next weapon, in a reasonable time, is to watch 95B ads. So disappointing.

- I’ve only had it for a few minutes now but it’s an awesome game

On level 5 to 6 you have a lot of travel but you’ll get it long if you have the stink bomb we do you’re good you’ll beat it you just need to have 20 or more then you’ll do great here but it’s an awesome game like I’ve only had it for like a new manager so but it’s really good that’s why I gave it a thumbs up👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Amazing game but I have just one suggestion...

I downloaded this game not that long ago and so far it’s been fun. I’ve been using it on a road trip but there’s one thing: there needs to be more customization. I feel it would make the game a lot better. Specifically the settings. It could be used for changing the language, color formats, stuff like that. If you could do that it would just be amazing!

- A good game

It’s really really fun game I like that you added fortnight llamas and it’s just a really cool game I like how you there’s levels that you can pass her is kind of just a tricky game in like the boss gives you so many coins but I give her I would give it a 10 out of 10 but I give it a five out of five because there’s no 10 out of 10 I don’t think

- Adds everywhere

Problem.. there are way to many ads there is and ad almost after you break every lama and when you get asked to watch an ad to double the cons you get and you press the button not to it still gives you an ad so what is the point on that button. And the. You take 13% of the screen for another ad at the top. Mandy reduce the amount of ads in the game.

- Bug in beginning of game

I honestly think this game is super fun, but there is a bug. Every time I play games I listen to music and I have the game music and sounds on silent. Every time I open the game, it stops my music and plays the sound and music that is in the game. I checked the settings in the game and it says the music and sound that’s in the game is off. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but please fix it.

- I don’t care about times 2 gold!!

Firstly I would say this is a great game but the one thing I don’t like is there are too many ads... like I know you want to make money and all that but, I don’t think there should be so many ads. Last thing I will tell you is I don’t care about times 2 gold!!! I think we all just want to play it how it is. It’s like every time I’m playing I press the x on it but then it pops up in like 1 second again!! I hope you will be able to fix this in the future!

- Why

The title is “Why”, short for “Why is Playgendary obsessed with Fortnite? If you don’t realize that the piñata is from Fortnite, you are really stupid. They even copied Fortnite in their other games, too! This game even ruined the Fortnite piñata by making other piñatas that make it look bad. Please keep Fortnite as it is for now, okay?! Well, the game is also very boring in many ways. The game is also a very stupid idea and no one should ever play this at all. If you are reading this, please do NOT download this game. You will regret doing it. (As you can tell, I don’t like Fortnite :3 )

- Guns are not the problem

In fact, teaching children the proper use and purpose of guns will allow them to be more confident and informed citizens. Tragic, gun free zones are only safe when laws are obeyed. When children don’t understand the difference between a game and real life, this is evidence of a bigger problem...perhaps mom AND dad need to be a little more involved in their life.

- What this game needs

This is a fun road trip game and I really enjoy it, but I would like to see certain things added to the game. I would like to see a featured where you can be the piñata and fight back. I would also like to see where you can have teams (with your unlocked characters) and your allies have certain abilities

- About the game

Hi! This game is great! I remember that when I was playing an another game an ad came. It was about this game. I played a bit in the ad and liked it. So I thought of downloading it. When I downloaded it I played my first levels and also liked it. Great game! I found zero bugs so far. Thanks for making this fantastic game.

- Mediocre

The game itself was decently playable, it’s a time wasting game, I didn’t expect much. But if you leave the game screen for any amount of time, say to check Facebook/IG or even if you just lock your phone screen for half a second, you will receive a pop up asking if you want to buy a VIP package as well as a no ads pop up for $30 which is 10x more than I’ve ever seen to pay for Ad-less game play. It’s gotten to the point that I’m deleting the app and I’ve only had it for 12 hours

- 😀😒yes but no

What I like is you can use your other guns and people but you should be able to chose who is using the weapons another is u need more characters and weapons and I would like more things to do like challenges or events and online pvp so players can go against in like 1 minute time and whoever pops the most wins money/coins that would be fun thanks and thanks for this awesome game😛😝😝😏

- Not For Kids

This game is very fun and there is a variety of cool weapons. But there is a problem with the first boss because it’s a women stripping on a disco ball and she is twerking and that is something a kid should not see. I mean it’s not even a piñata it’s a women in a bikini on a disco ball, I’m pretty sure the game is all about piñatas right? So there was no point putting that in the game. If that wasn’t in the game then I would give this game 5 stars.

- annoying ads

This is a very fun game but it has so many ads. It’s extremely annoying. You don’t get a break from them ever. Every time you complete a new level an ad will automatically begin. I have never played a game with so many ads, hopefully the creators get rid of some.

- Good.. Too Many Ads!

This is a great game and I will admit it’s pretty addicting. My only problem with the game is the darn ads. Almost every single time you explode a lama you get a 30 second ad (skippable after 5 seconds). The ads get very frustrating and the game starts to be less fun. Otherwise, I think it’s worth getting to have some fun. Dear Pinatamaster Creators, please reduce the ads.

- I think it’s unfair for female players

Ok not to sound like I’m a feminist at ALL. But I downloaded the app because it seemed kinda fun. After a while of playing it I wanted to check the skins. But I only saw male skins which got me thinking. Is this a game only for boys or for everyone in general. I like the game but I just thought it was unfair. Or maybe there are female skins and I’m just blind. Just saying I hope you keep this in mind for future updates. Thank you for reading!

- The Most Addicting Game EVER!

I was playing a cooking game and then I saw a mini commercial thingy that was “PiñataMasters” so I told my brother about it and then my brother started to play it and he is on leve- anyway, so I started to play “PiñataMasters” and it is “The Most Addicting Game EVER!” oh and by the way..... my brother is on level “11” so have a great day and......What do you think about this game too?

- Pinatamasters

I don’t know if you guys have this problem but I play the game and then after 5 minutes the sound and music goes muted. I know that that’s not a big deal but it’s really frustrating to me.i’d like to know if you are having this problem too. Yes it’s not a BIG problem and you’re just supposed to play the game but it’s getting on my nerves

- Good game

But because of all the ads it makes it hard to play the game and I’m sure you’d have to spend money on no ads and what about kids who don’t have money? Anyway it would be a better game if it didn’t have so many but I know that if it didn’t the devs wouldn’t make as much but I’m sure they have a lot of games to have ads on

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- Very amazing good game

I had this game like today the pick axe I can’t believe it had so much power and I really love this game its just that it’s way better than any other game I played this game since 2019 I love it so much I will never ever delete this game hope you like my review about your game me and my brother play this game can you give us something for free please please please please please pretty pretty please I love the game so much I said to my mum can I have this game she said yes and I was like thank you so much and it loaded on his and we did a challenge.......

- Very good

I’m so shocked about how detailed the game is. All I know is that this company is absolutely amazing I will definitely download more games like this. Also are you guys the people who made Bowmasters because that is my second most favourite game on my device

- Major Fraud

Says you can opt out of premium and not pay the ridiculous amount they want monthly( says monthly on game ad but is weekly charge)but there is no option anywhere to opt out, scam much? Have had more than 10 weekly charges of over $12 each, can’t get a response from head office and about to start legal action to recover the money if anyone is in the same boat please inbox me on fb at Simon Heinrich. With more people complaining we might get more action. DO NOT install unless you have $12 a week u don’t want anymore for food etc.

- Read!

It doesn’t need wifi and it is very fun!🥳 But it would be better if we could customise the character!

- Ok

But the game tries to get you to buy money when you run out of money just make it when you run out it says you need more money or something like that and to get coins it is on the side of the screen

- Good so far

It’s ok cus like the way you should’ve made it so when u kill a boss u get a card to choose an weapon or a amount of money and u shouldn’t be a louse to look at the cards

- Best game ever

I have only been playing this for 2 days and I’m obsessed I love how when you shoot the thing it gives you so much money and I love it!

- More guns

It’s an amazing game and I have played it for 2 straight weeks and finally up to the laser but now I’m asking for more weapons please


When I went to shoot the Minecraft guy for my sister it was so hard and I had a go and it was hard at first but now it’s so easy I love this game I’m so obsessed with the game so I hope you like it too. Ava

- Pinata crazy

It’s good I like all of it most the piñatas I have two things you can add a piñata boss and it has red eyes and it’s on Lv 100 aso can you two player bw love your game

- Good but addictive

This game is realy fun you get explode things and upgrade, but its very addictive if you tap so much it mqkes your fingers sore and you can get addicted so you play it for 12 or more hours.

- Best game ever!

So fun and you even get other weapons then just having 1 all the time Bec that would make it boring!

- It’s a cool game

This game is nice to play when you’re bored or something like that family friendly game so yeah

- Horrible game probably the worst game in my life I’ve played

Terrible the adds and a bird flies around with a present and you tap it and it stops you from firing that’s why after I wrote this review I deleted the game. Also so many adds for V.I.P and premium. Also the coins do nothing except upgrade guns and buy better weapons.

- I love it

This game is amazing it’s funny addictive in a good way everyone will like this game and is somehow they don’t I don’t think there human

- This is awesome

Is super easy and is free! I can tell now why people play this nothing about is bad

- Good But I Have A Question

So If there are say like 100 levels can you add a portal gun and put the llama on the ground and then be creative to kill the piñata/llama

- Pinatamasters

It’s fun but a bit to repetitive and could use some update.

- Legendary

This game is a bit too addictive, sorry. It’s truly amazing, I love it so much, thank you so much.

- Best game so satisfied

Good game overall it’s relaxing and you can’t loose anything except money

- The Game

The game is really good and fun but I thought it was about shooting 🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙. I didn’t think that you would shoot so many different things

- New update isn’t that good

I was going so good until the latest update came out it made my weapon do less damage every thing costs way more and the gem reset went down by 500 gems

- Love this game

This game was so much fun I had the most fun it’s like all new trends and cool games but in one I’m so glad I found this game on an add

- Really fun but hold

Really fun but but it glitches when you hold

- Good game

Only bad thing is it always asks for premium

- Too many ads for me

Disappointed with amount of ads. Subscription made me suspicious. Not much too do. Could be better with less ads

- A Very Good Game

I like this game because you can get different weapons and level up easily. It is awesome.

- Needs more content

I installed this games yesterday and we’ll yeah it’s fun but after a bit gets boring so all I’m asking is just it will be nice to add a more content that’s all I’m saying

- Perfect game for everyone!

This game is so so so so so much funny it’s AMAZING U have to download it!!!!I love it so much it’s so much fun

- This game is so good it gives me so much money I love this game

It’s very good but it’s very hard😇😇😇🥰🤩

- Bad

It is not like the add and the premium is so expensive. The adds pop out everywhere and it is so annoying.

- Can there be new stuff In it like iron man,vips,and new guns and explosives an melee weapons.

That’s why I gave it a 4 star rate what I wrote is in the title of this.

- Tis game is awesome!

When I first saw the ad, I was like I have to play it!

- Awesome app

I love playing this game in my life extra time!!🤩🤩

- Don’t download

Usually don’t write reviews but this one instantly tries to get you to buy subscriptions. Can’t turn off vibrations as well. Gameplay is hold to progress.

- Report

It’s a very fun game and no bugs very fun addictive and so satisfying

- I love this game

I love the game so much I play it all the time

- Money

Great but how do I know what money I have

- Fortnite llama and Unicorns

I love unicorns and llamas also this is great game to get all your stress away

- The best game ever

I love this game so much because it reminds me of fortnight

- I like the game

I like these games it is very fun We

- Best one I’ve ever played

I love this app it’s very easy!

- This game ROCKS!!!

This game teaches you to never give up This game you have to destroy the Pinata and I LOVE it YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT ITS SO MUCH FUN!!!

- Cool game

What else am supposed to write.


I can’t stop ✋ playing this fun game it’s so fun and addictive

- Best game ever

Litory like a fortnite Lamar any way best game I have ever played


I love it it’s a very fun game I like how they used a cross between Bowmasters and fortnite

- I love the game but...

I love game it is so good but it is hard to get guns

- Omg

I love this game l am going to spend my day on it

- Good

Hi it is good but you have to get a lot of amo and power

Payoneer 💰

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- Really good

I like the game

- Subscription scam

All games by this publisher are a subscription scam. They have very expensive subscriptions that nobody would rationally purchase. They are hoping you accidentally subscribe. This publisher should be banned by Apple.

- The best

This game is the best in the world.But still there is one thing I need a sound option.

- Bad

Can’t even enter the game until you pay this is bs

- Total rip-off

The devs want $10.50 a WEEK to get rid of ads, or a one time payment of $40. Total rip-off for an idle clicker. Don’t waste your time.

- Bad

It would probably be good if I could play it but you have to buy the subscription🙄😡

- Scam

So so many videos It is barely playable and the ridiculously expensive subscription pop ups everyone should boycott this developer

- Bad

Bad game

- Bad

Too much ads I need a break 🙄 Like when ever I get a llama it keep on turning on ads I need no ads

- Terrible

horrible game, such expensive devs. How does this game get so many players?

- Bad

This game is so bad... you have to spend so much money for a game that you will probably play for day and then stop... it’s so boring all you do is tap the screen and that’s it worst thing ever!!!!😡

- Rip off!!

After downloading it says it’s $10.50 a WEEK!!! That is completely outrageous!! My son is completely heartbroken that he can’t play but no way in **** would I even pay that amount one time for this game I certainly would not pay that weekly!

- Scam

I bought 4$ worth of coins and it didn’t give me the coins but it took away my money in the real world

- I hope I didn’t sub by opening

This is one of those auto renew sub games that will charge you until you stop the account. I opened it and didn’t accept anything and am now worried they’re going to start billing me. Apple - this should be stopped. My son is autistic and would quickly see Free in the title and accept. We monitor his account vigilantly but these games are getting sneaky. To the developer. I’m removing the app from my phone. I have not played the game. Please deactivate my subscription, if I accidentally accepted by downloading. I’ll follow all steps in your help section but please, these are games targeted at younger people. Don’t be so sneaky about the auto renew. You’ll get many many more people interested by just making it a paid game. :/

- Ok

It’s ok but you pay somutch money and get nosy one bulet

- Can’t fire

U only have a certain amount ind I shot one and it said I was out when I had 45 more

- Good game

It is not a bad app it’s free and it’s fun it can get really hard but it’s a good app ok you should get it

- Tap tap tapping

I love ❤️ taping

- The best

This game is so much fun

- Rating

It’s a good game to just play by your self but every time you win it’s like more ads than actual gameplay.

- Cool game

I love game it’s perfect game

- This game is hard to make through but it’s the worst game ever made and it sucks

Whatever its the worst game EVER

- 🖕🏿

The game kicked me out

- Ads

Every time you finish or die you’ll be watching a ad

- Very boring

The game is pretty much just shooting at piniatas

- Good game

I really like beating the boss’s and getting all the coins to buy really really cool 😎 weapons!☑️🇨🇦🏐

- Fine

I like it so far I was able to kill the boss and it is a good game but it really is not cheap🤯💵💸💳💰!!!

- No point

It’s really stupid and gay and a ripoff

- Pinatamasters

Pinatamasters is stupendous and tremendous.

- So cool

This game is so cool so fun I can’t believe it’s free

- Good game

I like the game🙂

- 🙃😘😘😘😘🧐

Never get tired of game

- Amazing

It’s fun

- Nead ammo

There is a big problem with ammo. so I just got to the boss donut piñata but because you only have so much ammo for me it is literally impossible for me to beat up that piñata. So buy Saturday I would fully recommend you remove ammo so that might also help others beat up piñata’s.

- Birthday party

It reminds of a piñata in a birthday party

- I like it

I actually like the game

- It’s not the best

Why would I want to waist my time paying $10.50 a week for a game that rips you of for the first week i got it it wouldn’t work and then it kept on freezing every two seconds

- Ads? More Ads? Subscription? More ads?

Playgendary games are usually pretty well made with nice graphics and haptics but some stuff gets ridiculous. From hiding t he ‘x’s on microtransaction prompts, to the multitude of ads, I’ve learned simply to turn off my wifi every time I find a playgendary game worth checking out, to avoid ads. Like, yes, offer an optional coin multiplier after watching an ad, but don’t show me an ad before that! They’re probably rolling in dough now though, from either accidental or purposeful subscriptions and shoving ads down your throat. But man, if this stuff isn’t the worst of the mobile gaming industry I don’t know what is.

- Cool

You dont need to pay guys there a X

- Hope you like the game🙂

The game is a little bit boring but I still like it

- Cool game bot it is not at fun

It is ok

- Best Game ever

Fun and addicting to play you did a great job making this game! But plz add less adds

- Love the game!

5 stars I love your game keep up the great work!

- Meh

Good game but waaay too much ads

- This game is OK

Not good👎🏻

- Likely

But need more coins cause when there’s not enough need more coins

- Good game

The game is good it’s good to relax you.

- Awesome

This game is awesome!!!!! That’s all I have to say

- Pinatamasters

J’adore ce jeu! Cela fait que quelques secondes que je joue à ce jeu et je trouve déjà ça EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!😁

- It’s nice but...

Make it more of a challenge it’s too easy so please make it a little bit harder

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- How I never get bored and it’s awesome

It’s like so incredible I never get bored it’s so good and I like how you can spend all the money just like all the power and the bullets it’s like incredible I keep saying it this game is the best I wish I can share it to other people or if I can I don’t know if I can 😍😍🤩

- Great game but ehh

Don’t get me wrong I love this game it’s so I guess when you first level up and mostly all of the characters and guns it starts to get boring because all you do is click. On your iPhone iPod or what ever you have I would want a little more then just hitting piñata just a thing that I said in my mind while upgrading my guns ya so ya I would really like the people that made this game would see this bye!!!!!!

- Good in the beginning but.....

I thought this game was fun when I first got it but then the guns got wag to expensive for the amount of money that could be earned. Also the upgrades were to expensive and I didn’t know to upgrade my weapon and waste my in game coins on those upgrades or to save for a new gun. Definitely needs changes if you want players to stick around. I know I didn’t

- Beat game

I love this game it’s fun and when you get to shoot the little things and when you do it explodes if you get it to the right number and you can power up your amo and all that stuff it’s so fun when you double up the 1000:and collect all new skins so yes you should get app know.

- Pinatamasters

I love your game so good it’s the best game ever did you make bowmasters??? And the other game I have a every bow master game to and the game where you collect stars by taping and swiping I love those games so yeah just wanted to tell you this so yeah your my favorite games maker sir 5 stars sir and I downloaded the before you made made it so by

- I hate this

I had recently liked this game, it was kinda good. However, when it said “restart your progress for 13 gems” in the cloths shop, it had a restart symbol and the number 29 (the level I was on) in the middle of it. I thought it meant restart my progress in the level. But when I clicked it, it restarted all my stuff, my guns, level, everything!! It didn’t even give me a warning saying what I was doing. So with that said, with all the power in my mind, with every fiber in my being, I HATE this game!!!

- Bug or not idk

So when getting the coins you don’t get enough time to collect all the coins they just despawn when they vanish they don’t auto collect there gone like gone like the we’re never there I used to spam the pináta when a can no I shoot at the right time so I get most of the coins other than that it’s a great game if the coins would let you get all of it it be an even greater game.

- Amazing game

I can play this game all day when I got this game I know how fun it was Going to be when I was playing the game I thought I should show my brother the game win I showed my brother this game he was on it every single day so keep making games like this please but grate game make more!!!!!!!!!!!

- It’s kinda hard

So I got this game after playing like 20 ads. I thought I would try it. After playing for about 2 weeks I’ve barley even scratched the surface of weapons. It’s so hard to get enough money for upgrades and new weapons, I’m not saying the game is bad, just hard. Otherwise the game is amazing a so stress relieving

- Okay game

It’s a bit inappropriate, it has many ads (like a lot!) and I don’t know if this was supposed to happen but at one point there was no piñata on the screen, I could hit it, but I couldn’t see it. Again not sure if that was part of the game or if it was a bug, other than those things it’s good!

- Ads every 30 seconds

The game is decent but to annoying to play with the pop up ads every 30 seconds and the ads at the top of the screen play sound which is super annoying shouldn’t have to pay for ads not to pop up every 30 seconds you’re playing. Especially since there is an option to double your money by watching ads you’re better off watching it cause you’re gonna get a ad anyways that is loud and obnoxious..

- I love this game!!!... but

I love this game and I think it’s awesome. But it could use a little less adds. Also I think that u shouldn’t only get one more bullet( or whatever it is) after paying like 1.62k that’s a lot of money for one bullet. Other than that I love this game. And game developers if u get this pls respond I’d like to see what u have to say. Thanks.

- It’s good but...

This game is fun and I sank about 36 hours into it however, I’ve noticed that this game is loaded with ads whatcha makes the game less enjoyable this can be fixed with turning off data for the game well you don’t get the times 2 coin rewards it makes the game more entertaining in my option.

- It’s a fun game! Just a little weird...

Pinatamasters is a very well made cartoony game, but I think it could be better if it weren’t just for for 12 year olds, because some of the characters are kind of inappropriately... well, sexy. Maybe if you removed some of the characters it would be more fun. Thanks, for reading my review, Playgendary!

- No subscription CRAP!

Really fun game, but immediately deleted it because they want to charge you big bucks just to play it monthly, annually, etc! Screw that subscription crap! I will NEVER get any game or app that wants to use that model to shake all the money outta my pocket! On top of that, they charge real money for coins, etc! These devs are NUTS! I’d much rather pay as I go buying IAPs but this business model is just STUPID! Just say NO to that BS and they’ll have to abandon that model if they wanna make any money at ALL! People, AVOID apps that do this!!!!!! 😡

- Lol best app I’ve played

It’s horrible and you won’t want to take the car you want me money lol lol I want you in the trash and you want me money I don’t care I want money and money lol no matter who for you you are the trash you want to be with you you want me to be a Pokémon hello and I want you you

- Won’t work!!

I go through the tutorial on my phone. I do swipe and tap, basically wat I’m told to do, but when comes to multiplying my taps and the cat tells me to buy I and it cost 15 stars I press on it and it don’t let me. The whole screen freezes. I know it is not my phone because it don’t do that with other apps and I have installed this game before and it has happened I just gave it time hopping it will get better but it has not it still freezes on the cat. Please help!!

- Not that good..

Basically the ads.. there bad. There weird.. and HALF of the advertising is THERE games😬!! I deleted it because it was way to annoying. When I look at the video on the app. I was like. Wow! Sure every time you destroy a piñata you get a new gun! I liked the sound of that. But I was clickbait!!!! I inform you that if you buy this don’t expect the actual video to be true!

- Awesome game!

I’m unfortunately not going to be playing for much longer, nothing to do with this game, just I’m playing Other games as well and I cannot play with my device on the charger All The Time Otherwise it’s a Great game and I would recommend it to anyone else who has the time and patience for it!

- Decent game, too pricey ~ moneygrab~

At the beginning, this game is really fun. After a while (maybe an hour or so) the ads kept coming more and more. Now it’s almost every round, and Is wayyy excessive. There’s no settings options and not too many characters. Seems like a moneygrab. This goes along with the theme of the other games from this company ~ bombarding you with ads and constantly asking for excessive amounts of money.

- This game is the best

It’s OK it’s a really good game but I also like how you gonna bring a PR because you know how on your birthday in a you wanna break a piñata in storage and I’m not just downloaded it and howWhen I saw the game I thought it was super stupid I mean OK yeah is the game weapon thanks for reading my review if you have

- Awesome just play it

First of all I don’t get why most people think there is no point at first I thought that but then I downloaded it and it’s fun. You have a limited amount of bullets which makes it challenging and you can pick your own weapon!!!!! Just try it and you will LOVE it. Thank you the creators of this game

- Awesomely fun

I love this game, it’s so relaxing and I can’t stop playing it.I think the only problem is the lady on the dance ball or whatever.I think it’s inappropriate.I mean for us kids who are having to shoot the lady,mmmmm,yeah a little overboard,other than that I absolutely love this game.

- 50/50

Sometimes it can get boring but most of the time it’s fun. I love how you get so much money 💰 💴 💵 so easily.👍👎to me it’s a 50/50because it can get boring the guns are really fun though I think they should add more characters to it or like famous people or something like that

- So far awesome

so i think this game is very fun and all but i have seen a lot of complaints so i do not want to get the things other people did so can the creators make an update so nothing bad happens any more and it does not happen to me so that is all

- The Game

Hi I’m Liliana but call me lili I think ur game is fun and awesome it’s very cool how there a different piñatas the game is awesome I love to play it I love this one pinata it’s like the girl standing on the disco and her but is showing I think that was the most funnies thing on that app and that’s why I gave u a five star rating have a good day(night or noon)

- Want game with that ad?

Honestly, the game itself is decent, but when we’re spending more time watching ads than playing the game it’s a waste of time. Especially if we are using our limited data cap to watch them. The poor decision to spam advertising is forcing me to delete this game before I can even progress far in it.

- Helping

It would be easier to teach people how to get more bullets and it would also be easier to teach him how to play the game first and out the easier way so I would buy would learn the game get more guns send WsedrvfzasrdqSesq

- Pinatamasters

Well it’s OK but the boss on level one makes you waste your coins because you need 31 ammo to defeat her! And where the flip do you see how much diamonds you have so I can’t buy characters or upgrade mine!!And the beginning of stage two is making you BUY MORE AMMO !!!!! You got to get all these things good NOW dude!

- Amazing game

This game looks really bad at first but once you start playing it is 10 times better I thought all you would do is shoot you’re gun up in the air at The enemies but there’s a whole lot more to it then I thought

- really playgendary

I started hating you because you started with fortnite stuff come up with your own original ideas like Bowmasters I was one of the first 100 players and it was great I never saw anything like it before then playgendary in total just started doing fortnite and I hated them, you have scammy adds for Bowmasters the only game that doesn’t have anything fortnite is (probably) Partymasters so screw off playgendary stop with fortnite it’s a terrible app and a bad influence on you so please stop

- Great game but...

Great game! Really can spend hours playing this game. The only issue came yesterday when I was playing. It won’t let me hold down to shoot any more. Now I have to individually tap. If this gets fixed it would be amazing.

- It’s ok

This game is OK but if you don’t level up your weapons you can’t correctly kill the piñata’s. But overall it’s a good game and fun and a good stress reliever, if I can say so myself. There is multiple levels and you don’t have to change your weapons to kill the piñata. I love this game

- 5 stars

I’m a bit young but this is a really good game. You don’t need much skill to play it, but you will need your characters skill. Although I wouldn’t choose it over Minecraft PC or Nintendo Switch, I would say it is a good game for mobile.

- Game is good but way too many ads

Ok so I get that it’s a free game so that means there are gonna be ads but this is ridiculous. Like every single time my weapon can’t kill the piñata it takes me to an ad so I have to close the game and come back then it won’t let me upgrade my weapon. And whenever I want to x10 or x2 my money it says there are no ads available. And for Jesus sake it’s not WiFi I can promise you that

- FunnyGamerGirl#🥇

It is a fun and cool game when you kill the piñatas you get a lot off coins and get a lot of amo to brust the piñatas .It is just fun and it come with music so you can here and you can also turn it off if you don’t want music. I think it is the coolest game ever #1😎❤️🥇🤪🤣😃

- Little boring

Well... there’s not really a point And also it’s really easy there should be some upgrades on the thing where you just have to click anything to have to click the little pin yada instead of just having to click anything and then it does it.

- Aggressive with ads pop ups

The game was fun for the 3 minutes I played, but the bombardment of forced ads and pop ups to get you to subscribe is very aggressive. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I don’t mind spending money to support a developer for making a great game, but I won’t support a developer with this kind of aggressive behavior to get you to spend your hard earned money. I recommend you find a different game to play.

- Wayyyy to many Ads

Every single time i play there are constant ads ridiculous, this is why i dont play this game anymore! Biggest pet peeve i should be able to play a game without having to be offered to buy a subscription everytime i open the game and have to watch ads 24/7! They should make some changes before i play again maybe i would buy a subscription to support them if they fixed this crap

- Bring the old piñatas back!

It’s a AWESOME game not doubt about it, but If I could l would give this game an 18,000 star rating if you added the old piñatas, such as having the loot llama as the main piñata again, the red piñata with the duck tube around it’s neck, and the unicorn piñata that make a rainbow if you run out of ammo.

- Not so appropriate for kids 5 and under

Some of the levels were not appropriate for kids and I do not recommend this app to any kids. It is fun and all but after doing it so many times then it just gets very boring. Also, if and kid 5 and under this game is not for you because since it is using guns and other weapons it shows a bad example. In all, it was ok.

- 😎😎😎😎😎😎

I can’t stop playing it’s like fortnight plus buddy KickTheBuddy and Minecraft to i’ve only been playing for a couple minutes and boom they should get it a good rate and it should all already have 1 million players

- Pretty cool game

I think the game is pretty cool but it does get kinda boring at some point and btw I am about to sound like a mom but I think some of the weapons should be a little more kid friendly bc it might give some kids the wrong message but other than that I like the game!


I’ve had the game for five minutes and can’t put it down. The guns and weapons you can use are amazing! If someone says they don’t like it or it doesn’t work it does and I would highly recommend it!!😃

- Great game!!

This is a fun game I think it is awesome and I want to play all day long this is an honest review but they could take out some ads for sure but other than that great game get this game if you like the bounce masters game. If you don’t mind a little bit of ads get this now great game love it 👍👍

- Full auto shooting

I had just prestiged and then when I used my gems. I noticed that I would hold down my finger on the screen and I was only firing one ammo. No matter what I can only shoot 1 bullet . Love the game plz fix

- Kiddie

This team is so much fun love you so much just as I do you should do it five stars and tokens and a lot of other stuff like slowing down and it pops open and then you get so much stuff I just love this game so much

- The Ad Made Me Download. It’s great!

Honestly it’s such a fun game. It seems kind basic and boring at first like it’s only something for your parents to play but it’s really fun! I enjoy it and hope to keep playing and enjoying!

- So! Good! 💣🔪⚔️🧨 to 💰💰💰💰

There are a few ads but other than that it’s awesome there are so many ways in this game to get rid of rage and it’s easy enough i got 3m in a week try this game and see if you like the same way I do.

- Most best game I’ve ever played

Well there’s ads not that much though and the levels are challenging but I pass I’m on lvl 255 and it’s hard but I figure it out if your new I think you will have a fun time :3

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Bill Northcott

A year ago, @playgendary stole my @TROPFEST film and used it in an ad for their game Pinatamasters. my film - their ad - @playgendary how about PAY gendary-ing ME. some MONEY!!!??

Pinatamasters 1.0.6 Screenshots & Images

Pinatamasters iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pinatamasters iphone images
Pinatamasters iphone images
Pinatamasters iphone images
Pinatamasters iphone images
Pinatamasters iphone images

Pinatamasters (Version 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications Pinatamasters was published in the category Games on 2019-03-20 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 360.53 MB. Pinatamasters - Games app posted on 2019-09-16 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.pinatamasters

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