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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a spy? Start with simple puzzles and then advance to some challenging levels! Tons of weapons await you in the game arsenal. Try them all!

Make decisions wisely. One mistake and your enemies catch you! Don't leave them a chance. Or... just start over again.

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Weekly Premium for $7.99 offers a weekly subscription after a 3-day free trial. The subscription includes 3000 free daily coins and aditional character skin.

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Hitmasters Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy. Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

Hitmasters Comments & Reviews

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- Fantastic

I absolutely love the game. I seriously crack up at the animations of each character. Super clever all around. It’s as if two of my favorite games collided, but so very much BETTER. The way they’ve reinvented a classic. Added NEW and BETTER weapons compared to the single shot games. Fanfreakingtastc. If you like the other games that are a “bounce shooting” type of thing, you’ll not only enjoy this game, you will LOVE this game. Yes, the FREE game has ads. I happily stimulated these devs for a work of art in an ad free environment. If only I could figure out the potion level...

- - Edit: My response to the developers | Meh

(Response below) Worth downloading and playing for a few levels but that's it. I honestly feel bad for giving them the download count even:/. This game is riddle with ads and you even get a pop up add if you go afk for any amount of time. And to remove the ads you have to pay a RIDICULOUS $7.99 A MONTH for a stupid subscription and a poorly developed phone game. I'm sorry but if I were able to make something like this 1. it wouldn't be my main job (I'm not saying I dislike those whose job it is, coding just isn't for me), and 2. I would make it free or at least throw in optional ads say to get more gold after a level or to get an xp booster with a time limit on it. It's just miserable and sad to see what the app store has become these days. I stay away from any app that even hints at a subscription service!! Please refrain from coming up with excuses and start addressing the actual problem. So many of your app's reviews are only five stars in hopes that they reach the top of the reviews list in order to deter people from your app. It's a poorly built game with many bugs and issues that you clearly built solely as a money grab. Just admit it and stop making sorry excuses for what you've made. You gain more respect and credit by addressing what the majority your consumers dislike about your app and it's clearly the oppressive ads and the ridiculous subscription service. Nice attempt to please me but it didn't work.

- My brain is dead

Keep in mind I downloaded this game due to false advertising; I saw an ad for this game that was completely different from the actual gameplay... This may be the absolute most extraordinarily mind numbing, brain mashing, yet hyper game I have ever played in my life. I gave it a chance and went 13 levels in (each level has 3 stages) including a “boss” fight, yet no level took more than two instant clicks on the screen. As soon as I started the game, I felt like I should be a two year old ripped up off of 500mg of caffeine, drooling and screaming at my phone. The menu music is hopped up, anxiety inducing dubstep while I watch my crazy dressed character continuously do Fortnite esque emotes in the middle of the screen. There are ads every single level and also in every single chance to get more money, skins, guns, etc. in the game, causing me to disconnect from internet almost immediately, just to find out I can’t actually upgrade anything really in this game without watching an ad. Yikes. It only took 1-2 clicks to clear a stage and I felt my eyes defocus as I started to robotically click on the darker shapes on the screen without having to budge a single brainwave. The cherry on top is that the sole purpose of this game is to slaughter some fearful, screaming, rag doll cartoon character in the same few repeating ways. You can get new outfits and guns, but the premise of the game remains simple. Kill, ad, ad, kill, ad, kill, ad, ad... You get the point😒

- Pros and Cons

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE Playgendary. I have been playing Bow Masters for like 2 years now, along with Tank Stars, Pinatamasters and Bouncemasters. Most of the time when I see Playgendary on a game, I download it. You guys have made yourselves into a brand that lets people know that they’re going to get one of the best experiences in App Store gaming that there is, hands down. With that being said, it’s kind of disappointing how many ads there are in this game. I mean there are A LOT of ads. Literally after every level almost. Like I understand, someone has to make money, that’s understandable. But with the amount of ads this game has it makes playing the game an unenjoyable experience and it comprises the brand integrity that you guys have founded yourselves on. It leaves this feeling that, if you were to download a game from this developer, you should be prepared for ads. That’s not Playgendary. You guys make great games, and as an avid user of your material I merely ask that you guys keep the gamer in mind with things like this. I think you guys are doing a great job, and I waited for this game to come out every time I saw the ads for it, so to get it and then barely be able to play it is a bit deflating.

- Ad free but not really

Would have given this more stars because the game is a lot of fun however i have 3 things to say. 1. What’s the point of paying for ad free if you’re going to force us to play a bonus level without being able to skip it? I’ve waited for the “no thanks” option but it never appeared. 2. Levels are super repeated. I get it, it’s hard to make endless levels but I’m seeing a pattern and it’s making the game lose some of its appeal. 3. Back to no ads, it’s annoying having so many notifications for free things, but by watching an ad. I don’t want to watch an ad for outfits or guns literally every time i open the game. I’m paying for ad free. I understand it’s how you get things so that’s cool, but by shoving the notifications in game down our face i feel like i wasted my money paying for no ads.

- Please fix some bosses

I like the game it’s fun but two bosses ain’t fair mainly the first or second boss in ricochet it’s too luck base I can get the first it usually And second hit but the third one is near impossible mainly for the obstacle safe if it gets hit it moves changing the next shot which is annoying because I never hit it by the time of writing so please fix this the other boss one of the the last ones in gravity the first it is kinda hard and the second hit even if you hit the metal chuck it could still force a restart but other then that and the acid mode I think it’s great for the fun of it and gravity is my favorite but that’s all really and thanks for reading it if you are the creators, a kid , gamer , or a emo

- Fun game but needs more

When I saw this game, I wanted to get it right away. I really like this game. There’s all different weapons, skins, and modes that make the game very fun. But then I noticed some things. Most of the levels I’ve been playing now are the same ones I played before. It’s so boring!! :( Playing the same levels makes the game a little boring now. I also noticed that in Toxic mode, there’s this one level that you can’t do without skipping it. In the level there is a moving block going up and down, and 2 guys standing next to it. I have no idea how to solve this level so I end up skipping it. Please add more games and fix this level. That way, this game would be much more fun for me and other people who feel the same. Thank you 😊

- Needs more :(

This game is fun don’t get me wrong but it seems to have so little in it like add more guns levels I beat this game so fast I’m serious I beat it in two days it did not even take long at all now the guns the gun are cool yeah but gun skins don’t count as other guns it’s still the same gun add more guns trust me it would make the game a lot more interesting P.S stop with the add spamming its literally insane you play two levels boom here’s an ad just stop with that pls also the dancing music gets really annoying too so pls stop that maybe have a verity of music not just the same rock and roll music it’s so annoying. And thanks for reading my review all I said would make the game more enjoyable for me and lots and lots of other people.

- Currency

Why is there an in app currency that is both earned through levels and paid for with real money but it has literally no use? I’ve gotten far enough I would expect a shop or something for small upgrades using this secondary currency but it is literally just useless. It’s worth less than used toilet paper. Game itself is okay but the fact that you have a “reward” that you earn during the (extremely and obviously rigged) events between levels that only give you the useless cash unless you spend gems or watch ads to replay. And we can’t even use that reward for ANYTHING, annoyed me. 2/5 would rate higher if you didn’t rig your “lottery” mini game and cash had a reason to exist other than be a fake prize.

- Hitmasters Review

If there was a report button on the App store I would report this game. Seeing as there isn’t one, I’ve chosen to express my concerns in this review instead. It bothers me that players must kill uniformed police officers to progress in this game. The very first level of this game, the ads for this game, and even the App Store pictures of this game showcase this. I find it distasteful that killing law enforcement officials has become a selling point for this game. It’s one thing to have a game where the object is to kill people, but it is entirely another to have a game that showcases the death of uniformed police officers as something positive. Most police officers work diligently to improve the world around them and to help others. I feel like this game takes that for granted and, as I said before, is distasteful because of this.

- To many ads to even enjoy the game.

I use to love playing this game but ever since the new update it’s nothing but an explosion of ads. I was on the main screen about to push a button to play an an ad popped up. On the main screen! Are you really in that much need of money that I have to watch an ad literally after opening the game? This would be a 5 star game for sure if it didn’t have so many ads. I enjoyed playing the game even when ads would pop up every now and again because I understand you need to make money in order to make a living. However the game has now become almost unplayable with the amount of ads you have to watch. It’s really a shame because it truly is a fun game.

- Devs please read this

Firstly,there’s a person who hates the dancing. Why do u hate the dancing. What is the matter. Secondly, too many ads, I mean like the ads are good but there’s too many. Thirdly, why do u have a shop. It just doesn’t make sense, just have the shop on the main screen. Fourthly, this game is good I just downloaded it but when will portal mode come out? Lastly, I think u devs should make a mode where players can make their own levels.

- The Game is Good

Before this game, it was all false advertising and it was bad. When i saw this game i quickly downloaded and it is actually insanely fun. The worst part is that I beat every mode and there’s only 4 modes to unlock. I do believe that at some point in the future there should be some more modes. The game overall is good especially the acid type mode. i beat the whole game in basically a day and the different guns are pretty cool. the only thing that keeps it from a five star is the four levels which makes the game a short sorta game. more modes and this game is a five star.

- Good game just wish there wasn’t so many ads

Hello! I love the concept of this game and how it works. I love the style and everything but the reason it’s not a 5 Star Rating is the amount of ads I get. I’ve seen others talk about and I hate to agree. I could only play the first few levels then would get an ad I couldn’t skip and all I wanted to do is play. Now I am aware that you need ads to get money so you can update the game but I wish there wasn’t so many. But again love the style of the game and Keep up the good work! :)

- Repetitive and too many ads

The first 50-60 levels are fun and challenging as you get farther, but once I got higher than that it seems like the levels are repeating from the beginning again. They got super easy and after a few I realized they were the beginning levels, but at 74. The ads in this game are ridiculous. You either have to watch one after finishing a level, if you want double money, or if you want another item from the mystery pick shop. It seems like they lure you in by making the levels interesting and challenging, then once you get far and have it downloaded long enough, they decide to trick you. Definitely uninstalling this “game”.

- great, but...

first, there are WAY to many adds, i get it, adds = money, but to get cool looking stuff you need to watch adds or else you get crap looking stuff second, the lottery is rigged, same with adds, the last thing you pick is always the skin or gun third, some times THE ADDS DONT EVEN APPEAR, ok, this one may just be an internet issue on my end but i have pretty good internet fourth, the game crashes SO MANY TIMES i haven't played the game for an hour AND IVE HAD THE GAME CRASH 8 TIMES it is a good game but needs a bit of fixes with adds and crashes and i my come back and give it a better score


This game is absolute trash every level plays out the exact same way the only input you have is dragging your finger to the only solution. Oh and to make things worse 5 second long levels followed by 10 second long ads after each one. I thought Id play this game for what it was a mindless time waster but its not even capable of that much. As someone who only plays mobile games when I have literally nothing better to do I urge anyone who feels the same to NOT play this game. Instead take a long look at yourself and try to figure out what it is you’re actually running away from and deal with that in a healthy manner because this TRASH isn’t it.

- Deleted my progress

This is a really fun time wasting game that I played at work a lot when we weren’t getting calls. I had gotten pretty far and had unlocked all the weapons and quite a few outfits. I just opened the game for the first time in a little while (have been playing a different time waster lol) and it deleted all of my progress and put me back at lvl 1. Disappointed, deleting because it’s going to be extremely boring going through all the levels I had played. Good fun game as long as your progress doesn’t get deleted.

- Really fun

This is very fun, I just opened it a few minutes ago. There’s a bunch of different modes and skins and other things. One thing I like is that there’s no ads, I mean yes there’s ads but if you don’t want adds just turn off the WiFi. I always see people complaining like TOO MANY ADS, like just turn off your WiFi and you if you don’t need WiFi to play the game your playing, you won’t have anymore ads.

- Fun but to many ads.

I don’t normally complain about anything, especially because the game is free. I know ads are how you make money. On this game however the advertisements pop up in the middle of your shot, before the game starts, after the game and if you want double money or new costumes. Getting really greedy with the ads in the middle of stages, literally while I’m lining up my shot. Let me enjoy a few shots before I watch another forced ad. Keep up the good work but remember that if we delete your ap we don’t watch any adverts.

- Stop the dancing

I personally love the game but I a sick and tired of all the dancing at first I didn’t have any problems with the dancing but now it’s just getting annoying repeat I love the game but please just stop the dancing if there’s anything else than failing is getting danced on and that gets annoying maybe add a mode where the enemy/ enemies can shoot at you then I won’t have a problem

- Freezing

Sometimes it freezes but not really. When I want to watch a ad for a gun or something, it counts down to at least 3 or 2 then it goes back to “watch ad” which is getting on my nerves. And sometimes it freezes after I play two levels then I can’t tap on anything. Everything in the game is still moving but I can’t tap anything. Please fix this makers of this game! And I have only been playing for a day.

- Why did you take this off?

Ok. I wished I could give you 5 in a half stars. And here is why. I have been playing this game for a long time but then I deleted it because of this...Why did you take the blood off bro😫. I was having a lot of fun with all the blood and gore. (I’m not insane I promise). Anyways I would really like you guys to add blood again. Or just add a mode where it’s for kids. (Family friendly mode? I don’t know.). But please add the blood back.😞

- So many ads...

I understand it cost money to make a game and let alone make a successful game for free. That said the amount of ads in this are ridiculous and annoying. It’s a fun game and the only reason I will be deleting it is because it will literally cut to an ad in the middle of your game play. Not before or after or to earn prizes(which is does as well) but literally in the middle of lining up and shooting. The ads are just too constant to actually even enjoy the game any longer.

- Perfect app! Perfect item’s

This game is amazing I played this game for 10 years now and it’s awesome gameplay but... there price for there items are too Expensive now I now why it is don’t gudge me on these items but still fantastic game perfect gameplay it’s awesome this game is better THEN RADE SHADOW LEGENDS it’s a scale of 10/10 it’s the best if you wanna be perfect get the game you download it you get perfect aim an a cool skin piece ✌️

- Solid but misleading

I saw this game on FB, showing a black hole power, and it really caught my eye. So I downloaded it and made a goal to complete all the weapons levels so that I could get the black hole power. Well, the black hole power doesn’t exist and I feel like I’ve wasted my time with this game, not to mention the amount of ads I had to sit through! They are after every game, even sometimes when you reset a level. Long story short, don’t download if you want to use the black hole power. It’s not real. And there are a lot of ads.

- Bad “enemy” choice

I like the game, but I have two main issues. One is I understand they have to put ads in there but when I literally say no to watch an ad after a store visit is seriously aggravating. The second being is with all the stuff going on in the world and this supposedly being a kids game, why do they have cops smiling eating donuts as “enemies”, I know you guys can’t fix the ad problem but seriously please re-evaluate that issue.

- Love the game which is the one thing that would be cool dad

It would be cool if you can customize your weapons you know put paint jobs on it and put scopes on it you know but showing people your stuff and there's online champions there because when you are shooting other players but hell other way really good game love i

- Overall good game, but.....

This is a good game, but my main issue is after you pass a certain number of levels they start repeating themselves. Why let the levels go that high if you’re just gonna put it in a continuous loop? Like I understand you don’t want people to beat it too fast, but actually develop levels even if it’s a little bit at a time. Make more levels with each update maybe? That way it keeps it interesting, and fun.

- Tried to download but instead it got rid of my other apps

I just wanted to download it because I thought it was a cool game, but when I downloaded it it just said “you don’t have enough space to download hitmasters” then I was just like “ok?” And decided to not play it, but when it said I don’t have enough space, half of the games I already had and have played before ALSO said “you don’t have enough storage” and even though I deleted it, it’s STILL coming back and doing the same thing. I font know how to fix this, but It makes me REALLY hate this game.

- Fun

This game is fun and is a great time killer but after every level there is an ad! If you want a gun there is an ad! If you want to unlock a character you have to watch an ad! Also there should be more modes and different levels. After you beat like 20 levels from each mode the levels start to repeat. There should be like a sword mode where you throw swords or a grenade mode. Something new has to be added. But other then that this is a great game.

- Good but a few things annoy me

This game is super fun and addicting, but the only thing that annoys me is that it spams me with adds and then when I get a new character I have to watch an ad and then it says "no video available". Basically it makes me watch a bunch of ads and when I actually get a character and WANT to watch an ad it says "no Video available"other than that, this game is amazing!!!👍🏿👍🏿👏🏿


I LOVE THIS GAME!! It’s a good time killer and an overall good game but there are 2 things I think the devs should do 1: add a more blood feature that you don’t have to buy. 2: make a sandbox game mode that allows players to create whatever they want and able to mess with the physics. But this is a very good game and I HIGHLY recommend to people searching for a good game!

- Ok. Lemme explain

I was in love with playgendaries original Popular game, Bowmaster. It was a great game. Then they started to move into knockoff material. Sooner or later they made a knockoff of happy wheels. It was an ok game, but the company was clearly just pushing for money. Then multiple other games I see that are knockoffs of other popular games. Then we come to this garbage which has very little effort put into it, I get spammed by ads for it, and the game gives you and add every like 2 rounds. Not to mention this is also a knockoff of a game I can’t remember the name of, think it’s called mr. bullet. Just stop...

- Fun

This is really fun and I love playing it. The only complaint I have is that the transition screen with the skull is driving me absolutely mad. It would be really awesome to have an option to turn it off seeing that it can be quite discombobulating having to watch it every few seconds. Thanks!

- Cluster_Missiles/TOXXIONs review

First of all I love this game really takes out all of my anger out second of all the guns are really cool but there’s some glitches with the shotguns but Who cares! And I really want you and Plagendary (sorry if misspelled) to keep on making game to the masters series like Bowmasters or Hitmasters or all the other game you made (or I can’t remember) so that’s all

- Stop complaining

This game is amazing and its for free but i dont think people are very grateful first, the people complaining about alot of ads just turn of wifi and second, this game is not paid to win becauese its super easy if you want to play a harder game then go spend your money on a stupid app

- Do not waste your time!

You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game. I don’t think the game would be worth playing even if they removed all the ads. Also, the dev replies to these comments basically is them saying they have to run ads to make money... So you have to run all those ads just so you can keep running all those ads? Make a solid game with good content and people will spend money on it. Make a trash game and yea you will have to force ads down people’s throats.

- AMAZING GAME but fix some bugs and a game modes I think you should add

PlayLengendary y’all make the best games and this one was no different but here is a bug I found on level 37 you can’t send the spike on the man because it is stuck on the sides. You should add a ninja game mode where you can slice people and blocks.

- Too Many Ads

I really wish I could give this game the rating that it deserves, however the onslaught of ads makes it almost impossible to enjoy. I understand you have to make money, but when you have ads popping up in the middle of gameplay it is absolutely enraging. Another thing is, the levels just repeat themselves, some times one after another. I know this game is capable if so much, and it would be nice to see it reach its potential.

- Fun but for only little

I enjoyed most of this game especially the gravity and portal gun mode however I love there are not a infinite amount of stages once you get past all of the in a mode the generation for theses stages becomes really buggy making stages go on forever randomly getting a bonus stage I just wish it had more stages and didn’t become buggy

- Good buttttttt............

Great game buttttttttt......... two things 1.too much adds and there’s like a glitch that always happens to me and it like makes me not be able to tap on anything and it like freezes but everything on the screen that moves still moves but then I have to go all the way out of the game and back in but pretty good game other than that just please fix this bug

- Very fun but...

I really love this game but the game ran out of content too fast I’ve already almost unlocked everything so add more levels or stuff. Maybe even add a sandbox were you can create levels and play others levels, idk just add some more stuff pls.

- Mid Level Ads

I love the games you put out but this one has been different. It’s a fun game but he fact that I’m getting Ads in the middle of levels when I’m still playing, and I’m in mid shot is incredibly irritating. I don’t mind if I have to watch an ad after a level but right as I’m about to take a shot in the middle of a level??? Fix that. It makes me want to delete the app.

- PeytonBJones

I love this game and y’all are making the game better and I like what y’all are thinking the only thing I am not really happy about are the ads there are a little to much ads in the game please fix that I would have put five stars but the ads are a little bit to much the rating for this to me is 4 in a half

- Good but WAY TO MUCH adds

This game is really fun and whenever I have free time, this is what I will be playing. But there is WAY TO MUCH ADDS. Sometimes I’m in the middle of a game. So other then that this game is fun and I enjoy it, it’s just that one minor issue. It especially is bad for people like me who HATE sitting and watching the same adds several times.

- The ads are killing me

I love this game but I’m ok without the blood but the amount of ads you come across while playing is annoying when you are in the middle of something and then all of a sudden you come back and your watching a ad every few minutes. All I’m saying is that please remove some of the amount of ads you see while playing

- Basic and TOO MANY ADS

You can tell this game was created purely for ad revenue. The levels have no complexity or structure whatsoever and the boss levels are just laughable. The weapons and characters are extensive, yet obtainable only through ads. Honestly, I’ve seen so many ads I’d rather pay for the extras at this point so I feel like I’m actually getting some sort of committed experience

- Ads

Don’t read this if you hate ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads das ads ads ads ads ads ADS there so many ok I love ❤️ this game but it has ads every 4 missions I’d recommended playing this game if you ads but I’d recommend not to download this game if you don’t like ads...........❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍

- Plz read this is important.

Ok so I mean this game is horrible. First of all wayhyyyyuyy to many ads it so annoying!? Also the main reason I deleted this app is because it’s affecting me with all the black people dying for no reason at all!? Then this game you kill people and one of them are black people. I know it’s just a game but it can affect people. The parents losing there black kids for no reason but racism. So I’m not ok with that. So fix this app or I’m posting on my Instagram for nobody to get this app. Thanks people.

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- Don’t be rude

Hi everyone so to the people who are hating its because of the Coronavirus now kids need more games so they aren’t bored and be worried so plz don’t hate P.S.They are not sending the adds it’s the government so you have games to play and have fun Love 💕 Tevlin

- Terrible!

I've seen lots of ads for this game and it looked really good, but when I got it it was terrible! It was lagging and when I tried to exit the game the whole thing would freeze. To be honest, I do have a IPhone 5 so it is pritty old but every time I got any other type of game it wold never lag. Another problem was the screen was quite had to see and it was hard to shoot. It might not seem that bad but I had a hard time playing it.

- Potential but not yet

The game does have potential but I’ve been put off by the early games being a very easy single shot and too many adds. Seem to be less than 5 seconds a game and then 30 seconds per add. On top of that at times the adds seem to have problems loading, worse than any other game I’ve tried. And then it crashed!

- Really good

I like how it’s fun and spy kind of ish but a bit less adss and more levels would be better. I don’t like how some people just write reviews saying apps are trashy because this isn’t Anonymous


It seems that the developers like valve games, like Portal and Half-life, so it would be fun to see Team Fortress 2 characters, like sniper and demoman, as well as all the other characters I’m probably forgetting. Please add them!

- Best game ever

I saw the ads and they look really good in the game definitely sent up to its reputation it’s so fun and I don’t know why people are saying they hate it

- Garbage

We are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get this, get that. Do this buy this buy that.' And then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.

- Good as

The only thing that would make this game more enjoyable is new levels because I have had to do the same level like 6 times and it’s getting very old

- Bug

There is a bug on level 14 portal mode please fix it I don’t know if it is a bug or not but if it is thanks

- Don’t bother! Bad rip off of Mr Bullet!

Total waste of time! It’s just a very very cheap rip of of games like Mr Bullet which is a million times better! This is actually an “Ad platform” pretending to be a game, you will spend more time watching ads than playing the cheap copy of better games! Just get Mr Bullet etc save yourself time, life to short to waste on trash like this! Minus 5 stars if I could!

- Really good

It’s a really good game but it needs more levels cause I’ve played the same level 8 times in a row.

- To many double up levels

It is a good game but to many double up levels I have played one level 10 time I would like more levels

- Too much bonus levels!!!

The bonus levels come up WAY too often which can make the game very slow and boring. Please extend the wait for bonus levels!

- Realy good so far

I’ve been playing for 10 minutes now and only 2 adds so besides from that it’s really good

- Amazing

It is so fun but please remove the adds and that would be perfect

- It is not good =/

I want there to be a tutorial option because gravity mode is not working for me even though I hold on the object and tap it.

- Forced ads

Even if you choose the free option and opt out of the suggested watch ad when progressing, it still makes you watch the ads. If that were not the case it would be a good game

- Was great!

This game was great until they decided to update it. Now it won’t work on my ipad pro. Can you please fix this issue ASAP!!!?

- Levels

I have been waiting for this game a while, but now that I have gone past level 50 or so the levels start to repeat themselves.

- Really good game

The reason I like this game is that it’s just like bowmasters and it’s really cool

- Ridiculous amount of ads

It looks like ad revenue is more important than actual game play. The player definitely does not come first. Repetitive levels.

- Boring!

Super easy for at least the first 30 levels and even after that most of the scenarios are still very basic and simple to complete. There are also so many ads. This game is boring


The game is really fun. I get that these games need adds and all but there are way to many adds it’s just really frustrating

- Too many adverts

Way too many advertisements for the game. Game itself was ok, but wasn’t worth sitting thought the long (and frequent) advertisements so ended up deleting it

- Delete the App purely because of advertising

I loved this game until I started receiving BIGO live ads. These ads are as inappropriate as the design behind the app. I am deleting this game and any other that supports such an inappropriate platform like BIGO.


It’s really good but I agree it needs more levels otherwise PERFECT

- Very good game

I just started playing and I love it

- Great game but it’s just advertising

This is a really fun game but it has ads literally every minute to 30 seconds. Sometimes in the middle of gameplay not just between levels. Absolutely ridiculous.

- OK game, full of awful ads.

There are too many ads, you spend over half your time watching the stupid things. This ‘game’ is just a way for them to make ad revenue. Don’t waste your time

- Really glitchy

So every time I open the game it doesn’t let me in In. like the game but it doesn’t let me in :(

- Inappropriate

Not only do you spend more time watching ads than playing the game but you get adult content in the ads. This app should be removed from the store

- Can’t play

It won’t let me It

- I hate this game

Make there no adds

- Gravity gun level

Add that in cause i saw it on the ad

- Good

It is amazing I love the game modes just add in a bit more and less ads plz oh and maybe a team fortress 2 mode

- Stop copying every good game

Please stop copying every single game that is popular like Jonny trigger and other games that are very popular in the App Store Just stop I have an idea think of something original you unoriginal ad spamming cheapskates.

- Full of Ads

Not even 15 seconds in to the game the ads came hard and fast. To basic to keep my interest especially with all the retarded ads.

- Newest update

Haven’t been able to open the app since it updated

- It’s ok

It’s not bad game it just need less more ads or your basically watching ads all the time. and there’s not a lot of modes to do.

- Unplayable.

Every time i open the game up it just stays frozen at the title screen.

- Men can be hostages too

Having hostages as women just brings up that damsel in distress scenario. And what’s the worst thing that will happen by having male hostages too seriously

- Quickest deletion ever

It’s an ad generator with a bit of game interspersed between the ads. Even has 30 sec ads part way though each play section.

- How did they get the rights from valve

The game has way too many ads and how did they get the rights to half life and the game is garbage ads every level it is honest garbage

- When it got close to 100

About when I got to level 86 it kept it in the same level plz fix this bugg

- Lying ads

On the ads it says that there are more modes but when I play it you can’t play the other modes

- ugh

really enjoy this game but won’t launch at all now after updating 🙄

- Cool but....

I like the game it’s just so laggy like every time a add comes on it just stays frozen


Please add a sandbox mode so you can ragdoll billions of guys please do this now

- Seriously, how

I’ve never seen a game, reuse the same level... for five levels in a row. Absolute waste of time and regret downloading.

- To many adds

Way to many adds over the top

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- Thank you

This thank you is to you who made the game

- (ˆ▽ˆ) love it


- Ok

How do you get portal mode

- I hate this game

There is nothing new it is just the same thing every time the levels are exactly the same like I have done them give me new ones not the same one

- Adds

Great ad simulator

- Good but..

You should make it so you can make your own levels

- Mcl

Jeu pour calmer la violence mais violent.


I clicked on settings and it gave me an ad and after every level thare is an ad

- I knew it was nothing new

It is a overall good game but to get the other modes you have to play and play with play and an ad said new draw mode or toxic mode but where are they 1 star😡

- Weapon players👍🏿👨🏿‍🎓

I love the weapons and players👦🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Broken level

Portal mode level 5 won’t work

- game constantly crashes

im giving it a one star rating. i paid for a game that has been updated every time its requested, yet the stupid game crashes constantly on my iphone, which is also updated fully. so no, outdated software is not the issue. not impressed to be playing and then having to go back in after a crash to have to start a level over again that ive already played. i hate to feel ive wasted my money.

- Crash

The game kicks me off after 3 rounds so plz fix that

- Sucks


- Don’t even bother to download

Ad’s play about every 10 sec

- Ok

Meh It’s ok but to many ads

- Great game

Very fun game the levels are almost always the same But there’s so many fricken ads and then they want you to pay 6$ to have no ads I just turn on airplane mode so the ads don’t come through But to be honest it’s a literal ad simulation game

- Love it

I love the game but whenever I go on my base I am missing a room.

- Playgendary Plague.

Just another disgusting, greedy pig populated community of adults preying on children. And other weak minds.

- Not enough guns. False advertisement

Theirs no black hole gun. Add more weapons

- Good game buuuuut..

The game wont work it wont load in please help

- Really enjoyed the game

Had to delete, too many ads 😢

- Annonces

Serait-il possible de pouvoir jouer sans annonce merci !!!

- Love it

Awsome game tottaly get this

- ADDS >:[


- The game is frozen

The game freezes in the loading screen every time I open it

- Not letting me load in

It will never let me play it no matter how many times I close the app the get back on to it it will load for like a minute and then kick me off the app not closing it

- Ads

Like the game too many ads. Just deleted it

- Suggestion

I suggest you add more gamemodes like stage builder or at least add more guns this is a good game there are a bit too much adds and i appreciate if there were less adds also stop false advertising in bowmasters

- Ads ads ads

Worst game I have ever played in my life do not install too many ads after you complete 1 level you get put in too an ad I tried to give it Zero stars but it wouldn’t let me

- Not entertaining

Boring and offered through add

- Wo


- Just a tip

I just want to let you know it’s a great game but it keeps on freezing so that just a suggestion for the future

- Ads

Are these people ever going to realize no one wants to play a game with ads every 30 seconds?

- Fun but annoying

Kind of a fun game, but having an ad after every 1-2 plays is FTL! Someone is getting monetized!!

- To many ads

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but it would be better if it had less ads

- Boring, Easy, Cash-grab.

Riddled with ads and ad baiting for little 4 year old Johnny who likes cool fortnite skins. Also this game is brain dead easy for little 7 year olds who get a little dopamine boost each time they beat the easiest levels in existence. Mobile games are scum. 🤮

- The ads please

I can and will watch ads if they’re optional for doubling coins and stuff. But you grubbing for money by tricking me into clicking adbait, I had to delete. Also double ads is an auto delete for me.

- Decent

It is ok it could use some improvements to make it more enjoyable for longer periods of time and it could use less ads. Still overall a good game

- Unplayable

It’s a fun game, but I’ve never seen this amount of adds, I recommend to play with the wifi off.

- I haven't played the game yet i'm on the toilet

look up haha

- Wtf

Is with the ads. Can’t y’all make a game with no ads for free

- The pain

The game can be entertaining, but the biggest struggle about the game is the advertisements. I’m done with these game the just swamping there content with ads and not letting the consumer pick. Not worth you time.

- Nul a bon terme

Nul sa mères

- Not as advertised

Gameplay on mobile ad is not the same,

- To easy and boring

This game is so easy in the ads they make it look hard and i don’t like it. This game is boring to don’t get it

- Greedy developers

Ads every 20 seconds....avoid downloading

- Too many ads

Literally a 30 second ad every level....BORING

- Crashing

It was a good game until it started crashing constantly after I unlocked gravity mode

- Game sucks

Boring nothing to do

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- Idea and gun idea

If you have all the gun unlock level editor do whatever you want have access to everything want to kill a row of hostages because they make you mad you can do that also new gun idea RPG I don’t think I have to explain

- Not fun, built to take your money

Game does not have any challenging levels, at all, unless you’re 5 years old or have an IQ of 10. Only design that was looked into was “cool ways” to kill the enemies, the difficulty aspect was completely ignored. The whole game is built around taking your money or making you watch ads. Every completing every level or unlock there is a huge gold button in the middle of the screen to make you watch an AD. Of course the next button is made to be small and not very visible The enemy selection is strange. Nearly all the enemies are either cops or “southern looking” people. What the devs did are genius to getting people to play and pay and watch ads. It’s not morally correct but it’s getting them money so why wouldn’t they do it.

- Oppressive ads

The game is fairly straightforward, and even amusing at times. Unfortunately there’s so many ads it kills it. I really don’t mind ads for the most part; it’s how I found this game in fact! However, once you get 10 - 15 levels in they’re constant. In middle of some battles even! The clincher for me was getting an ad when I simply tried to get to the options menu. Absurd. Will never install again, and will be sure to avoid games from this developer/publisher.

- I like it but it’s too much like bowmasters

I like the game has so but there’s some glitches that you have to fix and I have almost the same exact game just different modes I thought it was the same game honestly I don’t know which one of you came first but I think you should fix that

- The game is great but

There is some bugs like 1 is this bug where when you do a monster hit for an ad it always says wait 10 seconds but then it just has no number and the wheel spins infinite and also the levels are the same for each

- Somthing

Ok so this game is really good don’t get me wrong but when i try playing it, it turns off the takes me back to the home screen and i did this 3 times and it is not working so if you could fix that plz that would be amazing thank you. LIKE THE GAME BY THE WAY

- Amazing game

Best game ever played but do you want me thing wrong is it is that during the lottery and when I get the wrong bus trying to hit the other cases but I just want to show the ad for some reason and it every time I hit the screen the screen I’m trying to click something but I want to do it

- Not that many ads

I know I’m not the only one that likes that playgendary doesn’t put that many ads in their games. I also love the other games and this game is no different. Most of my friends also love playgendary so I think they’ll like this game.

- Ripoff

I downloaded this game because of the ads but the real game was just a terrible ripoff of another game called me bullet a way better game with less ads and some of the levels are directly copied form the other game this game is just another lousy cash grab that they filled with the games that plague dart used to make were unique but there there lazy ripoffs of better games so they can make a quick buck of other developers who make games and they just copy them that’s stupid

- A fan of Playgendary but...

I’m really enjoyed the concept of this game yet there are way too many bugs, and tons of ads. Apparently, I failed at a boss level after successfully hitting a target which decreased the life of the boss—this is happened on Level 95 in the shotgun mode. Developers please look into this. In the meantime I will be deleting the app, but hopefully the game will undergo updates that will ensure better game play for your fans.

- Were is all the blood?🩸🩸🩸

The day the gave came out it was 17+ the a few updates it was 12+ then another update came but when started their was no blood so I would recommend you to bring back the blood 🔫🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🔫🩸🔫🩸🔫

- It’s Way Too Many Ads To Have Fun

Honest review, this game can actually be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, every second game or attempt, or every 20 seconds, it seems that an ad has to play. You cannot enjoy playing the various game modes in it, if you always have to sit through an ad. Do not waste your time. Again, it can be fun, but the headache you will have with the number of ads is not worth your time nor energy.

- Too many adds and the you kill police officers most levels

The game play is fun. After you watch a ton of adds for hook up and false advertising game adds. Every time before and after a level you are greeted plenty of adds. After a level in which you shoot completely non aggressive police officers for no apparent reason. I’m fine with killing the gangsters but why have cops as enemies. With the current attitude towards police it’s really insensitive.

- Fun but too many ads

I understand that everyone has to make money but the amount of ads that comes up makes me stop playing because it’s after every step of the game. Finish a level, Ad. Get a reward, Ad. One ad popped up while the game was just open on a reward screen while my phone was sitting there.

- Bug

It’s not really a bug that can necessarily ruin the game for me. But when I shot a plank at an angle it also killed the guy above me, more specifically it exploded him and the metal box flew off screen making it impossible for me to kill the other two guys. I can email a video to show what I’m talking about.

- This is my review

I like this game a lot but the thing about it is why do you have to get forced to play the bonus level I can exit out of the play screen and there is so much bonus levels the should called be forced to play bonus levels I want to play the game

- Cons

Hey people browsing the comments for feedback Let’s get into it I’ve been playin playgendary games for years like Bowmasters party masters and others tankstars and many more but in this one which I’ve been waiting for for a long time and too see so many ads it’s really uninspiring to play so if you guys and women can spread the ads out a little bit more I will be delighted to write a better review so thank you so much bye😀.

- Good game but...

This game is really cool and all, but the ads. It’s not about how many there are, it’s the fact they refuse to load when I want to get a character, like, I got that Gordon Freeman skin, and I’m a real big fan of half life, I try to watch a video to get him, but it pops up saying “No Ads Available” and then thirty seconds later I get an ad. I missed my only chance at getting him because of your lazy ad lineup. Unbelievable. 🤦‍♂️

- Can’t be bothered with all these ads!

DELETED! When I get a game, pay for no ads, and STILL get them, I DUMP the app every time just like that! That’s a bunch of crap to have to deal with that! This dev makes great games and I enjoy most of them, but you wanna screw me after paying to just have a nice game to play without being bombarded with ads like that and THAT can’t even get rid of them?! Forget it! I won’t bite again when I see its you putting it out! Who needs that?!

- Just stop!

The game, 5 stars no hesitation. The game WOULD be fun if we weren’t going 10 ads per second. I get it, you want to push people to get the ad block, but instead of it being like a light push, or maybe even a heavy push, it’s more of a “Buy the ad block or I you will drown to death!” type situation. Just tone it down a little. Good game tho

- So-so

I highly enjoyed this game, which is definitely a compliment, but the con of this game is there are too many ads. Whenever I purchased a skin or got a new weapon, there was an add immediately afterward. Therefore, this makes the game mediocre because it is a great game, there are just too many adds which really bugs me. Thank you for your time to read this.

- Bug found

It’s keeping me on the loading screen and cannot play please fix the bug if it is one but otherwise this game is my favorite it’s so addictive so giving you a five star

- Great game, won’t start

It’s a great game with lots of content and interesting gameplay. The only problem I really see is that it won’t start a lot of the time. I haven’t been able to play it in a while due to this. I really want the devs to fix this so I can go back to enjoying the game.

- Good game but needs a tune up

Hey I just have one problem. The game for me doesn’t turn on it will start loading but it will kick me off and I don’t know why. Its a great game but if you guys could figure this out that would be great

- Too many ads

Wherever they can put an AD they will. There are ads after every stage in the level then an unskipable ad after the level itself. If you want to do anything you have to watch an AD. It makes the game almost impossible to play. I never leave reviews or ratings on games or apps. But the amount of ADs in this game is just absolutely atrocious. I thought Bowmasters had a lot of ads. This game doesn’t even compare.

- Fun but too many ads

This game is pretty fun but it has a little too many ants I thinkThe only way to have fun in the game is to disable the ads I don’t know how much it costs but I’ll tell you it cost real life money yes mullah mullah no it has too many say do not play it well you should play it but I’m just saying it has too many ads for me

- Ads for days!

This game is excellent. If you like bow masters and party masters you’ll love this game. BUT, there are soooo many ads. Every single level I play it will randomly right in the middle of the level play “World War Rising” a demo game. I now know more about “World War Rising” than the actual game I want to play. I understand the only way this game gets a profit is having ads but, could you at least entertain me by putting different ads in. I think I’m going insane! I need help!

- Needs more modes

3 things 1.I love the games but I’ve beaten the entire game well levels so some new modes would be nice.2. I have an idea for a base room aqua room it would have shark and female alien and a female shark from bow masters.3.add names for the skins cus I just want to know the names

- An semi-impossible level

I ended up getting to level 34 of Toxic mode and the level has three spikes on ropes held up by rope and I threw the bottle but only two spikes would fall and no matter how many times I restarted the level the one of the spikes refused to fall I ended up relaunching the game and only then did the level work as intended

- Meh

Pretty good game I guess. But the OBSCENE amount of adds makes it impossible to get into and enjoy the game. I mean seriously, there’s an add after EVERY SINGLE level. The thing that makes me the most mad about it is that there are soo many adds, but then when you actually want to watch an add to get a new character or gun, it says that there are no videos available. So....kinda ridiculous.

- Portal mode

Okay, so I came cause of an ad. Toxic mode? Check. Ricochet mode? Check. Portal mode? Portal mode? And we have a runner. I wanted the game merely because I saw Portal. And there was no portal. And now I’m upset. Also, I STRONGLY dislike clowns. Especially Pennywise. But yet I wasn’t allowed to skip getting him for a different free character. Why. Now I have a stupid creepy clown in my characters. Nice.

- Fun game but too much ads

I like the creative ways I get to kill my enemies in this game and the different modes but it has way too many ads. The ads pop up in the middle of a level which I really hate. I’ve never seen a game that does that.

- Too many ads to be enjoyable

While the game has a fun art style and serviceable gameplay (it’s not really treading new ground) there are just way too many ads for it to be an enjoyable experience. Even on the home screen you can get an ad. It is unbelievable. Playing on airplane mode can mitigate this, but you miss out on all of the extra cosmetics the game has to offer. You’d be better off not downloading the game at all.

- Could be great. But isn’t.

Great time killer and stress reliever app. But the ads are super irritating. I don’t mind ads when they appear after each level or certain parts during the game. But having ADS APPEAR DURING GAMEPLAY has ruined this app. I just had to delete it because it was too annoying. You could’ve had a great app here but you missed the mark.

- May 2020 update broke the app

This recent update has caused my game to not work. As soon as I click it, the Hitmasters screen comes on and then it shuts down back to my phone’s home screen. Pleas fix because I really do enjoy this game!!!

- To much adds

I hate how if you restart the level an add after a level an add playgendary has lot of games but all of them are to stubborn to take a notch down with ADDS. If there were not as much as adds this could have been a four or even a five star review but no plagendary are money thirsty. And also the game is kinda fun so that’s why it a two star not one.

- I just turn off my internet for a while

It is the best way not to see ads. Make sure to put it back on after you play.

- Love it

I love the game but after ads it freezes on me and I have to restart the whole app unless I’m not connected to wifi then the games just how it should be

- Good game

It’s fun but easy. Plz put reddish (aka) Deadpool in the game Plz make more levels But this is a good game fun but short if you play a lot Plz fix some levels because sometimes things get stuck Plz and more modes if you can You could and a light sword (aka) lightsaber mode where it would come back to you and you could have a double lightsaber or different colors for them. Just a thought though if you update it with some of these things I will change my rating ps. The characters are way too sensitive

- Fix your game

So first off, this is a great game.. Except for 1 bug. If you press the “watch video for free skin (weapon or character)” it says no video available, but if you go into a game mode, it shows ads. Please fix this bug and then I will rate it 5 stars.

- I love this game

I’m been playing it so much lately and I don’t care about the 100 ads u see cause I can just turn the internet off on my phone

- It super fun. Not to many ads!

In my experience with the game it is very fun and it requires strategy unlike a lot of other apps and it does not have that much Adddddds! You can even unlock different skins!

- The game is very very good

When I started playing the game it was amazing and I love Bowmaster thank you for making all these games. When I was a couple years old I started playing bowmasters

- Portal mode

Advertise only when it comes out, that coming soon is annoying me, and jeez, if you don’t like ads, turn wifi off

- Could be better

I got this because because it looked fun with all the different modes and I saw it in an ad but I basically did every mode and it doesn’t look like the ad whatsoever it said there was a crowd mode.....THAT DOESNT EXIST IN THE GAME...and the other modes also don’t fit with the preview vid of toxic mode. Overall you guys can do much better with this game.

- False advertising

This game comes up on a lot of different apps as an ad previewing an entirely different game. When you download the game and play it it has no connection to the advertisement that was being presented to me through a separate app. I’d advise the developer to fix this instead of being a scum and trying to get absolutely everyone to download something that it’s not.

- Ads

Thus is the nature of mobile games these days. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun! I installed it for my little brothers and they had a blast with it, but it seems like there’s an ad any time an opportunity for one arose. Beat a stage? Ad! Replay a stage? Ad! Lose? Ad! Sit idle for too long? Ad! Fun game, but the annoyances are too glaring to overlook.


But you can solve that by turning on airplane mode but otherwise it loads of fun and very time consuming so if you have a few minutes to spare download and play the game.

- Okay

It’s an okay game I played for a couple days the levels don’t really get harder and it feels like it’s just a poorly made spin off of other games the developer has produced one of my biggest issues with the game is the representation of police and where the game makes it so all you do is kill cops and look like a thug

- Add more modes

The game is wonderful but I do think that it should have more game modes. One I thing that would work is missile mode. Also, they should add multiplayer and minigames like the game bullet man. But, overall wonderful game 5 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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Super Hitmasters Online

Richards Online Deal

Super Hitmasters Online


THIS JUST IN IF YOU IDLE IN-GAME FOR 10 SECONDS YOU GET AN AD YOU GET AN AD FOR IDLING Hitmasters is objectively the worst mobile game, by principle, that I've played so far. The value-to-greed ratio is unimaginable. I am genuinely aghast at this fucking pile of goat shit.

Hitmasters 1.11.0 Screenshots & Images

Hitmasters iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hitmasters iphone images
Hitmasters iphone images
Hitmasters iphone images
Hitmasters iphone images
Hitmasters iphone images

Hitmasters (Version 1.11.0) Install & Download

The applications Hitmasters was published in the category Games on 2019-12-30 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 619.25 MB. Hitmasters - Games app posted on 2020-06-12 current version is 1.11.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.puzzlemasters

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