Color Hole 3D

Color Hole 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Once again, your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Clear the board & do not pull other colors in, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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- New Levels, More Fun! - New Icon - Check Out the Store :) Thank you for playing Color Hole 3D

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- Enjoying it so far

Recently got this game. I am liking that there some challenge without being impossible which makes it a relaxing game. The game is either really simple or difficult: depending you. Someone with very little patience will likely find it far more challenging. I am going through levels with little problem. But, sometimes I move the hole under the parts to collect really fast so the pieces go everywhere 😂 then that is quite a challenge to try to get the ones that go close to the other color pieces (or the other pieces fall on top of them). I do enjoy games with levels which I can play the way I want to play them. I enjoy deciding for myself if I want to play the game casually and taking my time, seeing how fast I can whip through the levels (timing myself), or seeing how big of a ‘mess’ I can make it then go through the level. I did one and one of the pieces ended up on top of the other color blocks - no way to get it 🤪 I get bored quickly with games that tell you everything to do: required to to compete with others, required complete it in so much time, or the only challenge to it is being programmed with odds which require you to play the same level umpteen times or spend money so you can keep buying more moves / lives. I like the freedom of playing the game the way I choose to play it.

- Developer please read!!! I have suggestions 😁😁😁

This game has GREAT POTENTIAL. It just needs some work first off in the ad for this game it says you can draw your circle size and I think that if you guys did that this game would be super popular because all the ads for games like this say that you can draw the size in ads but you can’t ☹️😭☹️! And I think everyone would love if you did have that as an option maybe like a game mode on the side that you can choose to do? ( I have bad grammar and spelling I’m only 11) Also I think you should make this game less of a challenge game and more of a ASMR or like a satisfying app so more colors and get rid of the obstacle things that if you eat you die. So what I'm saying is add more colors and more fun shapes and maybe some relaxing music or some sound effects that are nice!this is a long review but please take these into consideration when your updating the game or reading the reviews and suggestions! Oh and last thing if you are a potential downloader reading this then I totally recommend downloading this game it’s great even without the updates I suggested! 😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶

- This game is amazing 🥳🤩🥳

This game is calming, fun, and addicting! I downloaded the app about 30 minutes ago and I’m already on level 60! It’s super relaxing, and I just love the vibration! It’s so soothing, but I think it’s a great feature that you can also turn that off if you aren’t a vibration person or just aren’t in the mood. A few of my friends have anxiety and I told them to download this and they loved it!! They said it was very satisfying and nerve calming and definitely recommend. I especially love the extra timed levels with the coins, that’s so fun and exciting! Problems; There are a decent amount of ads, not as much as some other games though. And plus most of the ads are games related to this game, if you want more enjoyment. There isn’t much of a challenge, this game is meant more for calming anxiety and relaxation purposes, so if you want a challenge this is not for you.

- Enjoyable for a while, not worth keeping

The ad that I saw which inspired me to download the game is misleading and downright false. There is never a level in this game that included that many blocks. Even the “level” on here is misleading. Level 373 is the exact same as level 1 and goes through the same levels again. The difficulty of each level reaches a stagnant phase after while. I unlocked all features in one day and did not feel the need to keep the game anymore. Excessive amount of ads - after every 2 or 4 levels, an ad would pop up, some up to 30 seconds or some for no time at all. I am not against ads, but there is not enough mental stimulation or motivation to make it worth waiting through them. The bonus levels for you to earn as much coins as possible did not make it much more exciting since there was no limit to how many coins you can get/how many ads you can watch to get them (I think I earned up to 5,000 coins at one point). I enjoyed going though the game for the time being, but I decided it was not worth keeping due to the ads, repetitive “levels”, and misleading advertisement.

- Great game but too repetitive

I love this game and I play 24/7 but it is way too repetitive with its levels like I’ve done the same level with the blocks about 1,000 times please add new levels and also I don’t have anything else to buy but I’m still getting a lot of coins all the time so please give me more to buy and also the idea of a personalized hole is good but sometimes it’s confusing and I lose a lot and I’m really good but with some of those skins ( the things you put around the hole ) really make it hard to play the game. Please fix these it’s getting really boring Ok so now I have rated this with three stars just because it is fun but I have noticed it makes my phone really hot and again repetitive levels and it’s just not very fun anymore so if you could add more levels and make them way more challenging like way more challenging that would be great. I still love the game but it’s just getting boring might delete it but might not if it gets updated and gets more levels with challenges in them and again more stuff to buy please

- Nothing like advertised

The add I saw that made me download the game showed huge levels, with Far more blocks that need to go into the hole than what is actually in the game, the add showed a challenge. The game over all is very simple I think I got through over 500 levels in my 1st week with the game. Not because I played often but because it’s so simple you run through em. Levels seem to repeat a lot too. There is absolutely no challenge to this game for me, it does not show the challenge that the add promised. Also while we are on adds, a add after each level does not seem to be a bit much for you seeing as how fast people can get through levels? It totally seemed to be a bit much for me. It was literally like 3 seconds play time to every 30 seconds add time. This app honestly would be good for people that want to pull out the phone and play a game not think just do, and still make heaps of progress. Someone that has to make progress in order to feel some accomplishment out of the game. For me however nope not what was advertised far to simple

- Don’t Pay - Game Never Gets More Difficult

There is absolutely no challenge whatsoever to this game. I’ve passed nearly 300 levels in a couple of hours. I got sick of the ads, and paid $1.99 for the ad-free version, thinking it would become more difficult as I advanced through the levels. I was wrong. As has been mentioned numerous times by other reviewers, the levels repeat a lot. I’ve seen the exact same patterns repeating at least 3 times, and am nearly at level 300. I’m not talking about variations on a pattern. I’m talking about identical. I kept thinking that either I am really, really good at this game the reason it’s so easy, or that I was missing the point of the game entirely, and was too dim-witted to realize it. After reading these other reviews, I realize that it’s neither. The game is just stupid. But I guess it achieves its goal of making you pay for ad-free, and giving you no challenges. Basically, if you buy the ad-free version, you’re paying the developers to allow you to do absolutely nothing. Brilliant. Devious, but brilliant. I can even see the developers rubbing their hands together with evil glee.

- Trash. Not even half as fun as advertised

So I kept seeing ads for this game and finally decided to try it since it looked quite satisfying. This game was a complete waste of my time and not one bit satisfying. It isn't just plainly eating the cubes, you have to avoid cubes too which wasn't shown in any advertisements. In any case, it made it less satisfying and not enjoyable at all for me since I was just looking for a simple and quick de-stressing game. There's also the problem with the ads. There an ad after every one or two games and it gets SO annoying after a while. Literally the ads lasted longer than the level since most of them were short. It literally felt like I downloaded an app just to watch ads. I didn't like that at all. Very disappointed as it looked so good in ads and in reality it's awful. Honestly I shouldn't have even believed this was good in the first place but I wanted to give this app a chance. If you're interested in being annoyed and wasting your time watching ads then this is for you. If not then don't download for your own sake

- Not quite what it claims to be

While I like the idea of the interface well enough it’s gets boring after awhile. There is practically no challenge. My 5-year old granddaughter likes it but she gets bored quickly too. It took me awhile to figure out that as I earned points (not sure how they got earned but...) I could cash them in for the next level. That moves me from all white interface to one with a little bit more color. They advertise with photos of gorgeous multi-color blocks (which I confess attracted me in the first place) but I have no idea why I don’t have access to those colors. I think I have to keep fighting tedium through the no-color stages until I earn enough points for a more interesting interface. However I just can’t fight through the boredom. I even paid for the ad-free version. Money down the drain. Now, however, it seems to be a moot point. The app only quivers spasmodically when I open in. Yes I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. Yes I’ve done a hard reset on my phone. It just doesn’t work anymore. But all things considered, it’s not a great loss. Won’t work on the iPad either

- Very addictive! (Edited to all the haters out there)

This game is so fun and relaxing! I just started last night and I’m on level 324 lol! I have nothing bad to say about it. I put my rain app on in the background and just have fun! 😊🤣😂😍 To the haters: Get a grip! This game is meant to be relaxing and fun. Points which you all have obviously missed lol 😂! Not a challenge? As one player put it, you can make it as big a challenge as you want! You don’t have to swipe up the pieces in 10 seconds...make a mess with it, then clean it up without putting any opposing color in the hole...duh....! No sound? Play music in the background. I use my rain app in the background. Too many ads...OMG pay 1.99 for no ads...please! Then you don’t even have an ad when you have to restart a level...🙃😉🙃 Too many Just click on 3 and move on. I don’t even look to see what I got because you don’t need the gold anyway! lol 😂 Boring? Relaxing and very satisfying to see all those pieces falling in the hole. I try different moves to get cool effects when they go in lol. 🤪 I’m almost to level 700. I have blue pieces now. Someone said there are like one million levels...I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, we are still in the baby stages.

- Too Much Repitition

Let me start off by saying that this is a great game and that there is some very serious potential. There are, however, a couple key problems here and there. Before we get to said problems though let me address a common review issue I saw. In my experience of playing the game, there have been maybe two or three ads over the course of roughly 3 days, making that about an ad a day. I don’t know if I’m simply getting really lucky, or if the reviewer was lying, but I don’t have a problem with the ads. Anyway, back to the issues. First off, the game is incredibly easy. I would love to see the levels getting harder and harder as the player moves along. Second, the levels are constantly repeating themselves. I was on “Level 53” and I saw the first level get repeated. Like I said, this game has great potential, but it definitely needs some work. I won’t quit on it just now, but I would love to see an update soon. Thanks for listening.

- Fun but easy

I like this game. I just find it a bit boring, repetitive and easy. I am on level 127 and they all feel like the same level but different colors. I still think it’s fun though. It’s very satisfying to eat the white. I also like the bonus rounds, as they give you coins. I just need a reason to get the coins. I’m not gonna push my myself to get the coins if there’s no way to use the coins. You see what I mean? Also I don’t understand why you need 2 stages in a level. It feels more like 2 levels then. Also there is no difficulty in these levels. I can do a level in less then 1 minute. I got to level 100 in 2 weeks. You need to make the puzzles harder and make the difficulty make sense. For some reason level 50 is harder then level 90. I haven’t touched this game in about 3 months and now you know why. Please take these complaints into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and have a great day!

- Way Too Many Ads

I don’t understand why just so many people are complaining about how this game is not challenging, too easy, etc. Uh, no duh, it’s not supposed to be. The main goal of the game is to help you relax and decompress, which is why it’s so simple and easy to play. It’s clearly advertised as being “the most relaxing game you’ll ever play”, so I’m not sure why anyone was expecting otherwise. Also, the description in the App Store shows it’s for ppl age 4+, so how hard would anyone think this game could be? Anyway, the game is actually very relaxing to play. That being said, it has wayyy too many ads. After every 2-3 levels, an ad comes up that you have to sit thru until you’re finally able to close it. So, while the game itself is relaxing to play, the amount of ads that come up is frustrating to the point of needing to take blood pressure medication before you play. Had to take three stars off for this, as it negated any relaxing effects the actual game had. I ended up uninstalling it.

- Kind of entertaining but not much challenge

Not really sure how to review this. It’s fairly entertaining and I seem to have a unhealthy fascination with making entire structures drop down into a black hole... 😁. But, this game is far from challenging and some levels appear to be repeated more than a couple of times (I’ve completed about 250 levels). There have really only been less than a half dozen levels that require any amount of caution to complete (i.e., color block is adjacent and touching a block you need to get). Still, I seem to be obsessed with watching structures fall into the hole so I continue playing. The bigger issue is that this game almost seems to be a vehicle to show ads; about every couple of levels as well as before and after bonus rounds. Since the levels barely take more than 10 seconds, the ratio of play to ads is really unbalanced. And, as I said, the levels aren’t challenging, so I’m really not inclined to pay $3 for the game. I should also note that as soon as the ads start, my phone heats up noticeably and this is also a battery killer (probably from constantly accessing the ads). Overall, I am definitely a bit addicted and can blow through about 20-25 levels in a sitting. But at this point I’m not paying for this and I now pretty much ignore the ads which are also very very repetitive! 3 stars for the gratification of eating up buildings!


I’ve played this game a long time and loved the fluidity of the advancing levels. With the update, now every third game you have to go into a stupid “Chest Room” and use the three keys you got for completing three levels then it slaps an ad behind that. I was on Level 6,703. A few minutes of playing could advance you quick. I wish I’d never updated it. There’s no way to undo the update and restore the original version. DON’T DO IT FOLKS!! They took a fun game and made it stupid. Complete waste of time!!!! Restore the original game please and put the updated out as version II. I’m 64, let the young kids have that one since two and four year olds have their own cell phones or iPods now. That’s who it’s aimed at.

- Fun at first, then....

This game is super chill, and the nice tactile feel of the pieces being swept up is just delightful. But, a couple of issues.... 1) As others have mentioned, the levels quickly get repetitive - I went to level 4200, and never saw the examples in the ad, and only saw a couple of VERY minor variations 2) Once I got to around level 3500-ish, the little bonus games (black background with chartreuse coins) completely disappeared. I kept playing for some time (I use this to kill time whilst waiting in line, that sort of thing), but once I passed 4500, I thought maybe the bonus levels maybe weren’t coded in past a certain point, so I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now at level 300 (again) no hint of the bonus levels. This is a very neat idea for a game (very zen, no points to inherently try to beat each time, very nice tactile feel), but the repetitiveness and loss of one of the components of the game left a lot to be desired.

- Great concept

I really enjoy the concept I think the developers were going for, I think it could be really fun and great... however I find the game to be too easy, it’s a great way to pass time but if you are looking for a game that gives you a little bit of a challenge, you are in the wrong place. I also find the game to be very repetitive, I am seeing the same levels over and over again with very little differences. Those things are what I find to be minor things that make me go like ehhh but what can you do. The big thing that annoys me is the ads, almost every time I win a level I see an ad. It’s annoying, it makes me want to delete the game to be honest. I believe that if the game was more challenging, more creative in the levels and had less ads the game would be far more enjoyable, the concept is there I just think the idea needs to be pushed further.

- Way Too Easy

The ad that I saw for this game said something along the lines of “This game is a lot harder than it looks.” Don’t believe it for a second! I have cleared 300 levels, and none of them have taken more than fifteen seconds to clear. The game is ridiculously easy, and the only times I have had to do a level over is when my hand accidentally slipped! There are even some levels where there are no colored blocks (the ones you’re not supposed to get in the hole). What challenge is there in that? And I have noticed some levels are starting to repeat themselves. How hard can it be to design new levels, especially when the degree of difficulty never increases? And then there are the “bonus” levels, where you have 25 seconds to swallow as many coins as possible. For what? You never get a chance to spend the coins on anything, so what is the point of even including these levels? What a waste of $2.00!

- Love this app but let’s take it a step further!

I would love for there to some challenges associated with this app to make it more of a game. For example, there could be a timer so I can try to beat the clock (like on coIn screens). Another idea would be to have top scores (or times) or even, so many pts for completing but bonus points for any of the “bad blocks” after you have cleared it but before the screen fades. You could even do “highest level bonus points” if you’re able to grab one of the “bad blocks” in part 1 of round before game takes over to push through to part 2. I do enjoy it and am on like level 2200 or so but am slowly losing interest at this point but feel if I had some sort of challenge, I would jump back on the bandwagon. Thanks for the fun either way though!

- Repetitive, Unchallenging, Glitchy

1) this game repeats, a lot. I stopped playing on level 170 when I realized I wasn’t seeing any new levels and hadn’t for quite some time 2) with the exception of a couple of levels, this game is way too easy. And of course it is! The purpose of this game was to sell ads, and you see an ad every 2-6 levels. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to beat a level, so you’re seeing at least an ad a minute while playing. You move through levels at a lightning fast speed, and your reward for doing so is more ads. 3) if I play this game for 15 minutes straight, I’ll definitely experience at least one or two glitches. The ads occasionally glitch, and you have to close the app after watching one in order to progress. Other times, as soon as you start a level, your hole flies halfway across the screen, inevitably eating colored blocks, and thus causing you to lose before even starting a level.

- Ads, Ads, and more ads.

You’ll get about 30 seconds of gameplay followed by multiple 30 second ads for other games. Why would you advertise other games to begin with? One would think that you’d want us to play your game, not someone else ‘s. This game isn’t going to survive with the amount of ads that pop up. And the game itself just isn’t all that good, so I’m not about to purchase the ad free version. Instead I’m going to delete it. There’s many far better games online that have far fewer ads stuck throughout. And those games are free too. But unlike this one, they don’t try to annoy me into buying an ad free version. Instead they have in game purchases that help you progress in the game. I don’t mind spending money on something like that. But I’m NOT going to hand over money just to get rid of numerous annoying ads. I personally think that’s borderline extortion. Thus, I simply hit the DELETE button. As I’m about to do here as well.

- The perfect game!

I love puzzle games but get frustrated when you constantly get stuck. This game doesn’t have that at all. There’s no points to rack up or coins to earn that may or may not unlock extra bonuses to get you past levels. There’s no “buy this to make your game better/easier/more fun” except for getting rid of ads (which honestly, is worth it). And I’m pleasantly surprised at the touch sensitivity and reaction! While I love the vibration, the only thing I could think of to make this game better would be (subtle, gentle) sound effects of the blocks falling. Other than that, well done, you! PS, I only downloaded this today and am already addicted!

- Utter waste of time

I just got it a few minutes ago and found that this poorly designed game is a waste of time. To begin, this game is not close to as challenging or fun as depicted in the ads. In the ads the levels are shown as complex (and colorful!) when in reality they are mind-numbingly boring (and depressingly monochromatic) and never increase in difficulty. In addition, the actual levels are so short and mindlessly easy that I felt bored after about twenty levels or roughly 4 minutes. The basic premise could be improved upon but the game is not even close to an attempt to be fun. Essentially you drag a hole under white blocks to swallow them up and colored blocks kill you. If you don’t eat any color blocks you win [hooray]. However every level is only made up of two pathetically short and easy segments that never increase in difficulty as you progress. Around level 50 they started to repeat. Extremely dissatisfied...

- So Many Things “Bug” Me in This Game!!!!

So, this is a fun game and all and it is super relaxing but there are so many bugs that I wish would be fixed. First off, when you go through a gate, if you pass under a block that you aren’t supposed to get, then you just pass under it which is weird. Another thing is that whenever you go to choose another skin for the rim of the hole, it makes the hole in the game (which you can’t see) is moving in the game and that is so unfair!!! The last thing that bugs me is to that the bonus level only gives you thirty seconds to gather coins and it seems to me like the gate opens unusually slowly in the bonus levels to run your time down. Sorry I made this so lengthy but I had to express the things that “bug” me in this game. Don’t get me wrong I love this game but there are just a few issues. Please fix them game company!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺

- Fun app, BUT...

I downloaded the app and found capturing the colors in the hole to be strangely and deeply satisfying. That said, I nearly deleted immediately because after Every. Single. Level. I had to sit through obnoxious ads for TWO other games I wasn’t interested in. Then I had to click away during an ad, and when I came back there was no way to leave the ad! It would not let me go back to the game. Out of desperation, I actually downloaded the stupid war game just to get it off the screen so I could get back to the color hole game. But even that didn’t work! In the end, I deleted BOTH games. SO annoying! I was willing to pay to end the ads, but I don’t know if I want to deal with it at all now. You might consider cutting back on the frequency of your ads - like one every ten levels - and limit it to ONE ad per cycle instead of two. Because I’m here to tell you that slamming people with so many ads so often just pisses them off. And frankly, NO game, no matter how fun or satisfying it is, is worth dealing with that. Also, I saw someone had suggested adding time limits so they could “beat the clock.” If you choose to do that, PLEASE make it an option to shut it off. Some of us prefer the zen games with no time limits. Personally, I HATE beat the clock games!! Thanks.

- Same complaint as other reviews

I’m nearing level 2000 and there is STILL absolutely no challenge whatsoever. The amount of repeat configurations, not only emphasizes a HUGE lack of imagination from the developers, but highlights their indifference regarding the level of entertainment they provide for those who paid to play the game without all the interruptions. It’s insulting. I didn’t delete the game until I had given it a chance to show me something that made it worth keeping. I gave it 1,856 chances to keep me interested but it failed to do so at least 1,800 times. Now that I have given my review, I will delete it ASAP. I really hate that the developers couldn’t come up with better challenges. The concept is/was very good. The carry-through will be the death of this game. Sorry guys/gals who worked on this project. At 1800+ chances, you blew every single one of them.

- Repetition, bonus level, adds.

I like this game, but there is so much repetition in the levels and it gets annoying. The add i saw that introduced me to this game was very detailed and and looked very challenging, but I am on level 200 hoping that it will get harder and the levels will get longer but has not happened. Sometimes you get a chance to do a bonus level to earn coins, and all you can get with those coins is a new background. It might be better if you could buy a different level layout or a different, more difficult level. In this game that’s are so many adds. It seems like you are watching more adds than actually playing the game. And I’m not going to buy the add free pack just so I can keep playing the same level over and over again. Anyway, I like the game and see potential, but the repetition, the bonus levels, and the adds need some working on.

- Nothing like the Ad.

So, I downloaded this game from the advert that popped up, and thought it looked really really fun. It would show large amounts of tiny blocks going into a hole, and it looked really satisfying to me. I then downloaded the app, looking for what I saw in the ad. I started on level one, and was super disappointed. There were about 50 levels before they started repeating, and I never got a new level again. The game was super easy as well, got to level 300 within the first few days of playing it. I then deleted the game, saw another ad for it, got mad and left this review. Long story short, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Super misleading, don’t get your hopes up like I did. The game isn’t even that fun, Its easy, boring, and NOTHING LIKE THE AD. If the developers are reading this, fix the ad. Your being super rude to people who think the ad looks fun, like myself. So either change the game, add ALL the levels we deserve, or FIX THE AD.

- Pretty cool but...

This game is relaxing and satisfying, it makes me feel calm. Until the entire game crashes and I have to wait hours for it to restart and stop lagging. And the worst part is that when the game freezes up for no reason, it happens when you least expect it. It could happen when an add is about to play, or while you are dragging the hole around. Like, you are playing the game and the hole stops following you. It is SO ANNOYING!!! So yeah, I like the game, it’s just the fact that it lags and freezes up. So if you are a very patient person, I would totally want you to play this game, but if you aren’t that kind of person, I would recommend you to not get this app. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

- ADS!

Overall this game is pretty fun and sometimes pretty satisfying as well, and it’s also a fun game on the go. But one thing I absolutely hate is the amount of ads. Like, slow down! You don’t have to give me an advert every second, even though you get money for it. All those ads, and more and more people will be deleting the game instead of installing it. For me, there’s also a lot of lag and I end up losing pretty often because of it. Most of my time on the app is spent watching stupid adverts of things I’m not even interested in getting. I know that’s how you guys make money, but still. Could we, like, NOT have a thirty-second long, unskippable ad every time you win or lose? And paying two dollars just to get rid of the ads is kinda overkill;😐 thanks a lot! -missmacyj

- Amazing! But...

So this game is really fun and relaxing but, I’ve only had it for a little over a day and I’m already at level 40. One of the things I did not like was that every two pairs of levels there is a ad awaiting you. They use the same ads over and over again! Otherwise, this game is really awesome. It helps calm me down and what I love is the big shapes made of small blocks because they just collapse in a big wave and go everywhere. One more thing: I wish they had more themes levels. Once I got past a level that had trees and one with a parking lot. I think you should do movie references on some of your levels. Even if somebody doesn’t know the movie or show, they would still think it’d be cool. Great Game! 🙂

- Easy, but...

Other than what it says in the description in the App Store, there are no instructions on what you are supposed to do or how to play this game. You only learn by trial and error. It is somewhat satisfying to drop the blocks into the hole and clear the screen. But I do not understand what the “bonus round” is for, as it is timed, when the other levels do not appear to be, and you earn coins, but they do not seem to be for anything. Also, as everyone else has mentioned, there are way too many ads, usually after every two rounds of play. I also don’t understand why you play each level twice? For instance, you play 170 & 171, then the next level is 171 again and & 172? I don’t necessarily think it is a calming game, but as stated earlier, it is satisfying!

- Your the best!!

I love this game!! I do not really now why, but I just love it!! It is awesome , cool, and EXTRA. Thank you guys for making and creating such a cool fun and outstanding game. You guys really are the best!! This is my second favorite game, if I get bored playing my first favorite game, then I come to this one. But now this is my favorite. It is so much fun collecting all of the blocks. This game also gives you a little challenge, which I like. So if you guys can , please make some more different challenging games!! I love this one , but I want to download even more hard games!! Again thank you for this amazing outstanding game!! I love you guys❤️❤️

- Seriously?

Seriously? I’ve had this game on and off for months. It’s great to waste time but every. Single. Time. I see this game as an ad it’s shown as “make your own hole”; is that an actual feature? I haven’t seen any type of function to “make your own hole”. It’s a deceiving ploy to download your game. As far as I know there’s nothing that will allow you to do that. It’s a literal deceiving ad to get anyone to get the game. It’s not something (that I’ve seen, multiple deletes and then downloads later) in this game. It’s a fantastic waste of time, something simple regardless of the create your own hole that you make it seem like. You’re lucky to have stupid people like me to redownload something like this multiple times thinking y’all have changed. Great game otherwise. I’ve spent many hours waiting in waiting rooms and eventually hospital rooms playing this game because I was BORED OUT OF MY GORD.

- Mindless time killer

If you want to kill time and not waste any brain cells, this game is great. It has ads about every other level, way too many for how easy the game is. Spend more time waiting to close the ad then playing the game. Levels repeat frequently so once you get to a certain point there isn’t much to keep you interested. Not even just a change in the patterns. The collect coin rounds are pointless once you have enough to buy the 5 backgrounds. No other use that I could tell. If you make a mistake, the continue button rarely works so you have to wait for the countdown to end to play over the level. I’m at about level 1500 and pretty much have lost interest in this. But again, if all you want is something you don’t have to think to hard about and kill time, it’s fine.

- This is clearly a scam

Not sure how this even made it into the App Store... there are only like 30 levels that just repeat over and over. No challenge. The only thing this provides is watching things fall into a hole. Which, like another reviewer said, I also am surprised to find how satisfying that is. But no one actually took the time to make enough levels or make any sort of progression to more challenging. They just threw this game up here, paid for a lot of adds to pop up in other apps and people eventually will get the game once bored with whatever other game they were playing. So congrats to the con artists who made this game. You have achieved hundreds of thousands of downloads and made money on some fake news. Bravo. I wish I could do the same. Lastly I direct this to the App Store - what kind of filter system do you have for the apps you allow on here? Terrible!

- Alright Game Overall, but the ads...

Alright, so this really isn’t a bad game. It’s pretty satisfying and addicting at the beginning. Working up to level 100 takes essentially no time at all, and after that, it kinda just becomes that one game in the back of some folder on your phone that you only play to kill time when you are in the waiting room at a doctor’s office or something. Very repetitive. Now, I do have to address the elephant in the room: ADS. The amount of ads in this game is overwhelming and obnoxious. Almost every 2 levels I get an ad. I wouldn’t recommend paying for no ads; it just wouldn’t be worth your money. Overall, I’d say that this isn’t a TOTALLY TRASH game, and it’s fun for maybe a couple of days, but don’t expect a long-term relationship.

- good but not great

i downloaded this app to pass free time at work. i really like the game, but it just gets repetitive with the levels. i have passed level 300 and i’m stills seeing the same boards over and over again. Also, the game does have a lot of ads. about every other time i pass a level an ad pops up. this is very annoying but if i turn off my cellular data for the game, and then turn off my wifi i can play without ads. also the game does lag a lot. when i play with ads, my game messes up completely and it’ll be a little screen in the middle of my phone and it’s impossible to play. if the game was harder and the lag was fixed it would be a really fun game. fun game and can get addicting but you can get bored of it really quick

- Developer, please read: doesn't work on iPhone 11, iOS 13.2.2?

Before the last update I played this on my iPhone X running IOS 13.2.2 and it worked fine. I upgraded my phone to the 11 (not Pro) and also running iOS 13.2.2. But before I had a chance to play it I installed the update to this game. So I don't know exactly where the problem is, but it doesn't work on my new phone. I went to the developer's web page to try to provide this info but found no way to do that. So I hope the developer reads this. I enjoy this game, it's like a fidget spinner in that I can use the game to help me focus on a speaker or something else that's going on. I'd sure like to be able to play it again, especially since I paid to remove the ads.

- Needs more

This game is fun but really rather boring. I just reached level 131 and only lost at most 5 times due to me just rushing through the level. They’re to easy...the only challenge is the bonus level collecting coins. You have a time limit to try and get as many coins as possible, but the coins are pretty much useless. Only able to upgrade the theme. The levels need to be more challenging. Most are the equivalent of 2 rows of blocks, one is the color you need to collect the other is is not. Would be nice if there were some type of upgrades you could earn with the coins other than just the theme. The amount of ads is just ridiculous. It’s about 50/50 between gameplay and ads, and they’re not quick ads. Most are just drawn out 30sec ads that hide the dang X button to leave.

- Great, but needs more

So, first things first, ads. I know that in every one of your games someone writes a review about ads. Every time I start a level, I get an ad. Most of the time its that annoying forty five second ad for color bump. Second, the levels are WAY to easy. I finish each one in less than twenty seconds. I think it would be great if you added challenge levels that go on and on until you die. I mean, being a thirteen year old you start getting tired of the same old stuff from when you were seven. I just really think these improvements would help a lot of players enjoy the game more, without having to spend money on a small part of one game. Thanks!!!

- Easy and repetitive

I got to level 120 and for 98% of the levels I completed them in 10 seconds without needing a second try. The only levels that I didn’t finish quickly and in the first try were the ones where the white cubes were stacked to make a tower and the color was on top. It got boring after level 20 and after level 50 I noticed that the levels repeat themselves. So you have the exact same level for level 51 as you do for level 1. The ads are longer than it takes to complete a level and it’s just really boring. It’s a good game to play if you’re waiting for something on your computer or tv to load because it’s quick brainless and easy but it’s honestly a waste of space on your phone.

- It had promise, but alas, it wasn’t to be

Seriously, now, Developers? Ads after each board? In my first (and last) half-hour playing this game, I cleared the first 45 “boards.” It took me about three to five seconds to clear each one, i.e., to push the big hole underneath the stacks of little white boxes so they fall in without touching the colored pieces. Kinda fun. But then, you’re forced to watch 30 seconds of the same three or four ads you’ve been seeing since you started. Sure, a little “x” to close the ad appears in a corner after about ten seconds. (Which begs the question: Why don’t they just make it a ten-second ad in the first place?) But by then you’re just frustrated and mad and the ad sponsor will certainly NOT have gained another customer. Then it’s back to the game for another ten seconds of play before another ad. Except this time you have a game of your own planned. It’s called “Delete the Friggin’ Game and Find a Better One”. Worked for me! My suggestion to all developers: Download “CodyCross” and play it, if you want to see what a bearable amount and positioning of ads looks like. I don’t work for them, I don’t know them, but that’s my go-to game when my patience wears thin from frustrating games like this one.

- Interesting but...

Interesting concept, relaxing and a great idea...but several things need improvement. First, I’ve no idea what the timed bonus rounds and all the collected coins are for. I have iver 28,000 coins and I’ve never had to use them for anything. Second, the game might be challenging for a four year old, but is not challenging at all for adults. It is kind of cool to watch all the pieces fall and gather them up, so if you’re looking for a relaxing diversion, with little or no challenge, this would be it. Also, it really needs the addition of some sound. I find myself constantly wondering what the fun tiles and balls sound like as they fall to the board and then into the hole. Some pleasant fun sounds would be a real addition here.

- So good but need some improvements

I hope this isn’t too long please read my messageYou guys need more games and this game I would give it A four-star because of the balls I am you just need like a more popular game because I’ve checked almost all of your games and they were pretty much all boring so and please just don’t make it for an up I let my brother my brother is a four-year-old I let my little brother try to play it every time he messed up make it make it nine and up and also please make animal games and the structures you need more beautiful and colorful structures that’s just plain white that you have to collect!!

- Hudufit

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- No Challenge 😔

I have to agree with the other reviews when they say there is no challenge. It sometimes seems like each level is easier than the next, which is disappointing because the game really did look fun. I’m pretty sure the ad for this game was more of a challenge than the actual game. Not only that, but in the ad, it said, and I quote, “Harder than it looks”. Yeah, right. I’d even say it’s easier than it looks. And sometimes, levels are repeated, which is odd and makes the game less fun, in my opinion. My suggestion is to simply make this game more challenging, and make each level a little harder than the next. I think this would be an awesome game to play if it was just a little harder...

- Ehh

Imagine your a kid and your mother asked you to vacuum the house. But also imagine there is something on the floor and your way to lazy to move it so you just vacuum around it and get as close as you can without sucking it up. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you realize you made it look like you might have moved it but you didn’t. That’s what this game is like. The biggest problem is at first it’s fun but then after a few rounds you start to see the same patterns over and over. Seeing the same patterns means you can get good at those patterns and it makes the game less challenging. To me when the challenge was gone it was no longer fun. Over all though no bugs and pretty nice movements so it gets two stars but the redundancy gets old quickly.

- Mind numbing fun but....

The Ads!!! After completing a certain number of levels Ad, after completing a level Ad, after completing a timed extra coins level Ad and if you want a chance to increase your coins during timed level you have to endure an Ad each time. You do have an option to pay for no Ads but some don’t want to do that option. Me being one of them. It’s not a challenging game but can pass the time. I will though delete app due to the Ads. It is so far the most Ads App that I have had so far. Terrible!!!!! It can be a relaxing game if not for the Ads!!!!!! Beware unless you pay for no Ads. Update: Enjoyed playing but found another hoping w not so many irritating ads. Sorry but not sorry to delete app. Bye

- Not good enough

I have many problems with this game the main one being, how easy it is. I wish that they would change the size of the hole depending on the level. It doesn’t matter what that new update did it didn’t change a thing. My second problem is that within the first thirty seconds of downloading the game it asked me to rate, I, like most people prefer to wait at least a week before reviewing an app. My third problem is that even when you buy no adds it continues to show adds at the bottom, and that’s not cool. Back to how easy it is, I definitely cannot ignore how it’s meant for kids 4,5,6, but my 3 year old beat level 50 in three days. I hope my advice is taken into consideration.

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- Decent Game

Despite the constant hate reviews revolving around this game, I thought it was great. Of course there aren’t as many levels since the game itself is still under development. The changes that I do want have is specifically focused to the current gravity setting. I think the gravity is way to high, it catches you off guard. Also another thing to consider is that the levels aren’t as challenging as I thought it would be - maybe add a hard mode or just slightly elevate the complexity of each level as the players progress throughout the game. If you are struggling to make as many levels as you can then try your best to add a function that automatically generates blocks of various colours every time the player proceeds, basically a level generator. Another addition I believe would be great would be to add more colours into the game for quite obvious reasons. One last thing, add certain options that allow you to change the sensitivity or adjust the graphics especially for low end phones, maybe even a colourblind option! Therefore more people may enjoy your game. In conclusion, I love where the game is going, I just felt like I needed to write down a few things that I would like added. Thumbs up!

- This game is great!🐣

I love this game because it is satisfying, interesting, and fun to play! I’m gonna tell you guys a few things you could fix to help make it a better game... so maybe I could give you 5 stars!😉😉(if you fix them that is) First of all: you could lower the prices of the items in the shop. Second: you could also have a different range of holes like: BIG holes SMALL holes MEDIUM holes or you could have: TEXTURED holes, COLOURED holes and whatever you think! Don’t forget: maybe you could have the menu (with the shop the ‘NO ADS’ and the settings) up though out the hole round (just for people who need a break for playing so they have something to do) And that dose it! I’m just letting you guys know you don’t have to do all of this - you don’t even have to do any of it, but I hope you like my idea’s and use them in the future! Bye! *falls to sleep from writing for to long)😂

- So not Worth it

So not worth it because the levels go to quick only takes like 5 to 20 seconds The easiest levels ever you might as well play I don’t know something so better than this because it’s so easy there is no point on doing this because you have all day to Play outside or you have all day to watch movies or do something like that but you play this game and you finish in two minutes there’s only 20 levels because of how boring this game is I’ve put three other games that you could play which I think is much better then colour hole : run race 3D : draw in : happy Glass Now these three games are a lot better than what you have to deal with with this easy and boring game I like .RunRace 3D because you Get to do all the obstacle course happy Glass you have to draw lines to solve ,problems it’s really fun. draw in is a game where you hold your finger down on the screen and then there will be this black line and you gotta try and guess the measurement and ,after that you’ll be shown one Star two stars or three stars and if you got it perfect you would get a crowd.

- Relaxing

So far I haven’t been stopped by many levels but I’m finding it quite relaxing. The adds are an ever-present nuisance coming every 2nd level. I’m up to level 40 something and some levels are still very easy. Generally I dislike games that get too hard too fast but the challenge could increase a little more quickly. Overall I’m finding it relaxing and sometimes that’s what I need.

- Yes I love it but

I love this game and its definitely one of my top 10 but I'm just a bit unsure about it. There all kind of easy and I dont get why the hole isn't supposed to touch a different Colour it's just Colour what is so bad about a Colour? Alright I know that this game is a good Game but just make it a little harder and maybe add in some challenges, other than that I do like the game. Written by:#puppylover

- Good but needs more

Awesome game, very relaxing but needs to be a bit harder on higher levels, it’s very repetitive, so having a block generator would be good ☺️ also, everyone complaining about the adds, just go to settings and turn off data for this game, don’t connect to wifi while playing it, then you won’t get any adds

- Wish it increased in difficulty

It’s okay, calming in the same way as popping bubble wrap. The levels don’t get any harder and some repeat. There are WAY too many ads.. the levels don’t take very long at all so I spend more time getting rid of the ads than I do playing the game. Also there are bonus levels where coins are collected. I’ve done 260+ levels and still haven’t figured out the point of having coins or how many I have in total

- Great game excellent concept

This game is great and has awesome potential. Only issue is levels are way to easy. Perhaps try making them harder or adding a timer in it make it more challenging. I think couple minor improvements and you will hit spot on. Also the hole doesn’t keep up all the time with the finger every now and then mine glitches. When game has an update of improvements will more than happy to pay for the game. Thanks :)

- Good game but...

Hi, This is a good game and I recommend it 5-stars if I could I would rate it 10-stars but the only thing you guys need to improve is making it a bit harder and I also got ripped off mi bought the no adds and then the game crashed and I opened the game again but I still got SO many adds and I’m angry about that so developers, if you are reading this I really need you to respond to this so I know you read this. Thanks for reading this!

- Too many ads.

Great concept for the game, however ads appear every 2 levels, which are pretty short in themselves. Would like to see either longer levels or ads used as a reward system rather than compulsory to play. Would also like to see some more challenge to some of the levels. Played for 10 minutes then deleted because I couldn’t deal with the constant bombardment of ads and the game started to feel repetitive.

- The game where u get stuff in the hole

Good job but maybe change it up because all it is is just dots in wholes and when it says level complete and then I go to the next level it’s basically the same coz where doing the same thing so plz change something 😀good try I really like the game 🙂🙂

- It is so-so

It is a nice thing to do when you want to relax, like when you just woke up, or if it is the end of the day, but you have to know the thing you will be doing for most of the time is waiting, waiting for the adds to finish. And it can be really easy sometimes and the highest levels are easier then the lowest levels. So Bear in mind some of those topics

- Okay game

This is an okay game however the levels do not really get harder. I am on level 57 and it is not much harder then level 1. Adding more colours or making some games timed would be great because it would make the game harder.

- Very Addictive

I love this game! Don’t change a thing. I love the vibration on the phone, just wish I could replicate it on the iPad, other than that it’s awesome! And for $2.99 to get rid of the ads well worth it! Since downloading this game I’ve passed it kn to 3 people who are equally addicted! Well done!

- Great and satisfying

Yall who complain ‘there’s to many ads’ just turn your wifi off while playing. ‘Levels are to easy’ i don’t think this game is meant to be challenging, i think it’s for satisfaction (kinda like asmr or whatever those oddly satisfying vids are)

- Fantastic game but the AD’s every level 🤬

I love,love,love the game but there is an AD every level and if that’s not bad and irritating enough it is the same 3 Ads. I refuse to pay for the “ no ads” and even though I think this game is fantastic I can’t handle the constant Ad removes the fun. You can’t get on a roll as the Ads interrupts the excitement of getting through a hard level.

- Great game but way too many ads!

This game could be pretty addictive but there are just sooo many ads. To play a level takes less than a minute then you have to watch ads. Play two levels watch more ads. You actually spend more time watching ads than playing. Disappointing.

- Has potential

Hi its a good game and has the ability to become addictive but needs to be more challenging. The rounds need to get harder as one progresses. I think a time limit per round would add to the complexity with points or bonuses if you complete the round efficiently. Maybe after completing several rounds the addition of another hole perhaps? Cheers

- Amazing

This game was awesome and the levels were so fun They even had bonus levels when you collected all the coins I highly recommend this game because it’s free and very very very very well done

- Fiduciary

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- Too many ads but good game

I saw this game in an ad on social media and they definitely over sold it. There are way too many ads whilst playing that it gets very frustrating to play and the game is much easier than I anticipated. Still a good way to kill time though!

- Keeps crashing please fix

❤️ this when it works Gets stuck between levels.

- PLEASE READ!!!!!!!

So it is a good game but all the adds!😡 So I know the way to stop them😁 u just need to turn off wifi or turn on airplane mode. The game is good to play just if u hate adds just do what I said it will make your life a LOT BETTER!!!

- Great game but one thing

It’s a really great game but the levels DO NOT get harder because I can complete many levels in one day. I enjoy playing it but it’s not good enough sometimes. That’s why I didn’t give it a “five” star rating I think that’s enough from me though BYE!

- Color Hope

I was enjoying playing this game but since the recent update it has stopped working. It doesn’t load so I can no longer play it. I have an iPhone 6S which is supposed to be compatible with the game. I am disappointed as it was working well before the update.

- Sort of alright

It was an okay game but has way to many advertisements after each level, and the levels aren’t that hard as you go on. It feels like your doing the same difficulty level, while proceeding into the game further. Toooooooo maaaaaany ads!!!!!!!! Very satisfying but not that much of a thrill.

- Highly recommended 🤪

I love this app because it is really fun and amazing and if you are bored and you want to do something you like then try this game

- To many adds

I was in the middle of a level and it suddenly went into a add, this made me swallow the wrong colour and I had to restart. The first couple of levels are to easy and there is no massive swallow levels like advertised. Please fix this

- Easy

This game is soooooo easy but the add says it’s harder than u think also the levels go so quickly because it’s too easy. Put something interesting in the levels like a timer or a monster. This game is great but not as fun as it should be

- Repetitive

It’s a great game and I love it but it just gets a bit boring when it’s the same thing over and over again.

- Great concept. Poor execution.

Love this game, but I’m up to level 503 in just two days. I’ve failed maybe four times in total and that was due lack of concentration rather than level difficulty. The levels are constantly repeating. And the difficulty has not changed even slightly.

- Can be a great game

Its a very good concept, good game you can get lost in, however, levels can get repetitive, i can see why people would get bored. I like it though, repetitiveness and all Well done

- It doesn’t work

It’s because when ever I start the game it says bonus level and tap to start when I move around and when I finish the level I have to get out of the game then back into it. So I keep uninstalling and reinstalling but it doesn’t get fixed!

- Love it

This game is amazing 😉 it’s even better when you’re bored then come play this and it will keep you happy!

- Good time waster

Bit addictive, not sure why though 😊 Would like to see levels get more challenging though. Up to level 354, nothing challenging yet.

- Lots of bugs

I liked this game but there were so many annoying adds it made it hard to play. I made the mistake of paying to remove adds now the game freezes when I finish a level. The only way I can get to the next level is if I uninstall the game and reinstall it.... Waste of money!

- Wish the levels were a trickier

The levels are very easy .. wish they could get a bit harder and be more engaging

- Harder plz

Please could you make it harder with the levels because I have only had it for 1 day and am already up to level 204.

- Colour hole

I love this game .I give it a 4 because I do not want ads but i have to pay for them and my Family is broke and we have no money.


Super satisfying game, GRAPHICS when falling through the hole are almost relaxing to watch. Smashing through the blocks to watch them scatter is also equally awesome to watch. If you don’t like ADS then this isn’t for you, although compared to most paid games there isn’t actually that many. Not a super complicated game, although some levels are very fun.

- Too much ADS! (PLEASE READ ME!!!)

There is two much ads but this is the best game I’ve played in my entire lifetime. I love it but there’s to much ads

- Not fun but satisfying

I give this a one because it is not fun at all but some stages are really satisfying such as stage 8 and 13 and 14 and 20. But apart from that it is a really bad game and I would not recommend spending your time on this none fun game instead u could go watch a movie or go play outside like at the playground and not be on technology all day

- Amazing isn’t it???

I’ve been playing since 2014 and it’s remarkable,up to Level 125 was always not doubtful 👍👍👍👍👍

- Wow

Very good game but a little to much adds but other than that you should get it

- Have an option to remove the ads

I like it’s simplicity and would pay to get rid of the ridiculous amount of ads.

- No longer working since update

I really enjoyed playing this game until the latest update which has the loading screen freeze and shake. Nothing happens at all. I am on the latest iPhone iOS. Looking forward to the fix though👍

- Good

It is pretty good, I didn’t rate it 5 or 4 is because it isn’t really fun all you do is swipe maybe u should be able to go through obstacles and stuff. It’s alright though 🙂

- Repetitive and easy

I’m up to level 300 and I’ve found the levels repeat often and never get very hard. I haven’t found any level challenging to pass. It’s a good time waster but I probably wouldn’t recommend.

- Boring

This game was super boring, I gave it a go to level 60 and there was basically no change in the difficulty. There is also an ad every second level, which, since the levels take 10-20 seconds, is way too often!

- Disruptive ads made me uninstall

Ads continually disrupted play on the second level (causing the level to restart over and over again). Too painful to continue. Looked like it could have been fun to play... if only the ads were at the end of levels. 😡

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- Relaxing and Addicting

Fun game that keeps you wanting to keep on playing. Bright colours are nice as well.

- Fun but repetitive

Really fun and satisfying for the first 30 levels or so....then it’s just the same levels over and over in different colours. Wish it would have gotten more challenging and had different levels. I played until level 100 hoping they would change...

- Not coloured

The squares in the pic of the app is all different colours but in the game I’m playing it’s only white no colours at all ??? Do I have to “update” / “upgrade” the app pls help


Like adds like every level has an add and it doesn’t even get harder I think it’s best for kids or no one it’s horrible! I don’t know why I can’t give -5 cuz this one needs it and it’s a waste of time! So don’t get if you’re okay with adds and you have nothing to do other than that it badddddd!!

- Waste of time

Pop ups for ratings in game get automatic 1 star

- Game is so fun

Having way too much fun Super satisfying.

- Egg


- Amazing

This is like nothing I have seen before; this is definitely thinking out of the box! Very addictive and very tricky as well! Enjoy I am!

- Meh

It’s fun…I guess but if in the add it you draws a hole then…😒

- Too lagy

It was lagging so much it crashed

- Ok

The game is great but a bit too many adds

- Get it

Great app but it has a lot of adds

- Good😃

I love this game but there are a lot of ads other wise it’s a great relaxing game.

- It’s good

Except it has a lot of ads...

- I love this game!!! ❤️

Personally, I love this game because it's satisfying it's delightful. But I wish it was more competitive because like you don't have any time limit or anything like that.

- It’s fine

Don’t buy this game if you hate ads there is one every round and it drives me crazy. But overall the game is fun and satisfying so I give it a 2

- Awesome game

I absolutely love adore this game best game ever yay good job it deserves five stars

- Colour hole

I’m really enjoying my time playing

- What

In the ad it is all Colourful and in the real game it is pretty boring and I played till level 30! I’m really annoyed right now

- Boring and repetitive

I have done the same levels over and over. A 3 year old would get tired of this easily.

- Do you love this game??

We like this game so much we can’t stop playing it it’s amazing and like we just love it so much and the made it you’re you guys are just so amazing

- Fix me please

This app is not the best but it’s okay. Because I don’t reply like the bounces levels that mush but besides that it’s okay

- Ads are painful

Game seems ok, but the ads were too frequent and too long and just painful all round.

- My opinion on this app

This game is fun but not my favourite don’t take this as a mean comment it’s just I like other apps more then this one but I did rate it four stars

- amazing

this game never glitches and i never get board of it

- Juste des pub

Ses plate car à chaque fois que tu finit un niveau y’a direct une pub de 30seconde pis ses trop long corriger sa svp🤞🏻🤞🏻😅

- Adds adds adds

You wont even play the game, one add after another! It is a shame some developers keep making this type of garbage and it is even worse that apple store allows it happen so they can sell arcade subscription. Well done apple, you trashed the apple store so you can sell more subscription!

- It is a great game

I love it it’s so great best game it’s so satisfying

- Sucks

Too many ads 👎🏽

- Bugs and more bugs 😡😡😡

Very very disappointed 😡😡😡

- Hdhjxjxjxjjxj

Je déteste les annonces

- bruh

this app is nothing like the pictures or adds you don’t do big levels and it’s boring also in the adds you get to draw your hole but not in the game. this game sucks

- All ads; what is the ‘game’?

There is no underlying game; bunch of blocks fall in a hole, then forced ads play ... every 30 seconds. Game deleted. Bye.

- Isa was my first weekend and I cannot

Sand balls

- Apppooo

Hi it’s good

- Weeeeeeitsmeeeeee

This is a great game it's fun and satisfying to play so go and get the game now

- Cool game


- Just a rip off

This app is a rip off of all the other “satisfying” apps out there. It’s stupid. Don’t download it.

- Not a good game

When my kid plays he reaches real hard

- Holes

Too many ads

- Join The New Squad!

This game is amazing but I would just like to kill the ads because they always ruin my fun. If you other players would like to kill the ads, join the new Airplane Mode Squad!!! I will be the leader of it!! (I feel so responsible🤭🤭🤭🤭)

- Too easy even at level 659

There’s no real challenge. Every level is easy.

- Good

Awesome game good focus love it

- Relaxing

Very relaxing! So much fun!

- So fun

This game is so much fun it does not have many ads and it is addictive!!!

- Color hole

I love this game there are not any problems with it and it doesn’t glitch on you either unless if you have an old electronic then your good!

- Ads Ignoring silent switch

Simple game but ads ignoring silence switch is unacceptable.

- It’s fine

This game is satisfying and cool but it just isn’t challenging. I would play this game more if it had really challenging levels. I wish if there were more prizes that you could win. It’s awesome!! Don’t forget to make the levels more challenging!!! /bi P.S. LOWER THE ADDS BY 99.9%😤!!

- Color hole

Falsely advertised. There are no colors but white. Played 1300 times and it’s always the same set ups. Nothing harder or different. Stupid game!

- Love it

I love this game so much 😍🥰❤️❤️💙💙💙

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- New Levels?

As others have said, there’s a lot of level repetition. But I hit level 500 last night, and suddenly there were new levels! I don’t know if the app updated, or if that’s how often you get new levels, but there it is. I just wish the ads were fewer. Or provide an option to buy an ad free version. Seriously, I’d pay to stop being interrupted. But, all that aside, the game still gets 5 stars because it’s the perfect game. Easy enough to relax with but challenging enough to keep you entertained. It’s one of those satisfying games.


I love this awesome app. I saw it and got just for a joke, but it is way more than a joke. Ok before you decide if you want to download it, I need to tell you why to download it. Number 1, it helps younger kids with their colors. Number 2, it has a hole in it and sometimes you can draw the hole 🕳. And number 3, it is the best game ever!!! Now, like I do with every app, time to show you how I feel about the app:🙂🙂🙂🙂😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😀😃😃😃😄😁😄😁😄😁😄😍😍😍😚😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩😏🤩😏🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳😏🥳😏🤩😏🤩🥳😔😔😔🤩🤩😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🤪🤩🥳🤩🤩🥳🤩🥳🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 so now I have showed you how I feel, you can download it or not. YAYAYA

- It’s a nice game and all

But I feel I was a bit mislead when I downloaded it. The ads I’d seen on it portrayed these elaborate or large scale structures I could be playing with and I have yet to see them. When I started, I figured it would work its way up to them as the levels go, but I’m on level 134 and it’s the same small stuff. Also, the maps keep repeating. I’ve seen a couple of maps 2-3 times already. Not sure if I’m just unlucky, but the ads are a bit ridiculous as well. It’s like every other map I have to sit through an ad before I can continue. It’s a little annoying and off putting. With that, the game is pretty good and it’s clear a descent amount of work went into it. Again, I just feel a bit mislead.

- Relaxing

They just updated but I don’t see any difference except that you earn keys which open chests that give you coins which you can use to pay for a different theme. The themes are the same as before. I liked the old way of earning coins better. Besides coins, there is something else that looks like a circle with rabbit ears and it is said to be the highest amount. I have no idea what it is or why it is there. Going to the chest room every 3 levels is annoying and especially since the button to get 3 free keys dies not work. I assume it shows videos. I did pay for no ads so possibly this is why it doesn’t work. I feel that the chests are distracting and boring. I think this game would be more fun if there were levels and goals rather than never ending aimlessness But it can be relaxing I am on level 3131 and it just keeps repeating. I don’t see this as a game but a way to while away time.

- I’m giving this a five star so everyone can see this but

I’m giving this five stars so everyone can see this so they know before downloading: I saw it this game on a ad, but when I got on the second level, and I ate all the bricks except for the red cross and it still didn’t go to the next level. Still. So, I ate the red blocks and I still didn’t get anything! It just showed words on the bottom “tap to start” and a sinkhole. I still didn’t go on the next level. So I deleted it and I’m just warning you guys if you want to download this.

- Four stars😬

This is a really fun game! I saw it in a ad and i really wanted to try it out😃 i enjoy playing it😊 but the only thing that makes me not want to rate this game 5 stars is that it has too many ads😰 I know every game has its ads but i mean this is a little bit too much💀 the levels are short so you finish them fast, and after every single level an ad pops up. It takes away the fun and wanting to continue on to the next level😔 I would find that the O N L Y wrong thing about this game😅 other than that this is a really cool game and fun to play. The vibration i get from my phone is satisfying💓🥰

- Good Game But...

This is the easiest game I have ever played in my life. You can easily pass the levels in 30 seconds or less. I don’t get why the levels repeat because I personally don’t like that. I also don’t get why there are so many ads because I would pay to get the ads removed so that I don’t get interrupted after every level and why are the levels SO easy. This is a good game and all but it has to many ads, the levels repeat, and the levels are so easy. The next time that the game has a update I hope if fixes these problems because this is a good game accept for those problems.

- Continue button no longer works

After the most recent update to the app, the green ‘CONTINUE’ button that pops up when I accidentally get one of the ‘killer’ blocks into the hole does not work. I have NO CHOICE but to click ‘No Thanks’ and start the level all over again. I have the app installed on an iPhone 8 Plus. I am hoping you folks can resolve this issue soon. Also, maybe y’all can create some new levels? I’ve noticed that if I play long enough, it’s the same levels over and over and over again. Maybe create some that are a little more challenging. Thanks very much!

- A good time waster… not much else

If you’re looking for a fun, challenging puzzle game, this isn’t it. It’s good if you have 10 minutes to kill, but after you’ve done the 4th level, you’ve done them all. Not to mention there’s an ad every 2 minutes, and every time you (somehow) fail a level there’s an ad, followed by a button to watch another ad to beat the level you just failed. The game also has one trick where between the pairs of levels, it feeds your hole thing about a hundred small white orbs. They do this, I believe, to try and be satisfying. Rather, it seems to make the bits you collect feel worthless, taking away the satisfaction of the game entirely. In short, the title of this review sums it up best.

- Could Have Been Much Better

This game exists to present the user with ads. Ads are shown every 2 levels and run for about 30 seconds. Since it takes about 10 seconds to complete 2 levels, you are always seeing ads. Also every 10 levels there is a bonus level to collect coins. The coins are used to buy different backgrounds. Once you’ve bought all the backgrounds, the coins are pointless. The levels themselves are really quite basic. There is so much that could have been done that wasn’t to make the game more challenging and interesting. Level 1000 is just as easy as level 1. Don’t waste you time with this game until major improvements are made.

- I liked it until...

Clearly, I liked this game because I’m at level 541 in just 2 days. But now I’m at the point where I’m thinking, what’s the purpose of this game? This game apparently goes on forever and it never changes. There is no end goal. It’s just the same thing over and over for hundreds of levels. And the “bonus levels” where I collect gold coins...why? This game is great programming work, really cool, I paid for it because the programmers deserve it, but I need an end goal or challenge to make it worth my time.

- Way too easy

Ya know how ads for games say, “Harder than you think”? Well this game is NOT harder than you think. It’s not challenging at all. It has the potential to be, but I’m on level 220 or something, and haven’t been challenged yet. It takes about 10 seconds to get through a level. Then after 1 or 2 levels, you have to watch an ad. I spend more time hitting that x to close ads than I do actually playing the game. Maybe try imbedding the colored pieces inside the structures more. Or maybe giving us the option of changing the size of the hole. It would also be more fun to have to navigate that bridge ourselves instead of having the game do it automatically. On some levels the hole seems to have a mind of its own and moves too far away from underneath your finger or stylus. Possibly a bug that needs fixing. Developers, please take note of players’ comments and work to improve this game. You really have something good here if you can make it more challenging. It’s really quite addictive.

- I like this game

So I got this game not to long ago and I really like it because it is a fun gene but it’s not too hard but not too easy. When I first downloaded this game I saw there were a lot of bad reviews and I think they are all wrong because this game is fun, so why don’t you play the game for a while and see if you like it or not but don’t leave a bad or hateful review, or mean, but just put a kind message like “ oh I like the game but the circle ones are too hard for me so could you make them a bit easier “etc.

- Very entertaining and fun!

So, I read all the other reviews and was like, “Wow, how come there’s no really nice reviews pointing out GOOD THINGS?” So I decided to write this review. This game is very fun, and tip to the people complaining about adds; turn on airplane mode. It takes away your internet while it’s on so NO ADDS! Mind blown. 😂! But it’s very entertaining. You’ll get so far and realize how long you’ve been playing! And it’s fun in a way I can’t put into words. BUT NO GAME COULD EVER BE BETTER THAN ROBLOX! ROBLOX is my favorite video games. 😂! Anyway that’s all for this 5-star review! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!

- LOTS of ads, not that challenging

I actually quite like the game, there’s a hypnotic quality to it that’s quite soothing, so it is a little addictive (I’m at level 2220), but it is very easy. There’s no real challenge to it, it doesn’t get harder as you move up levels and I normally stop playing after about 5 minutes because of frustration with the number of ads vs anything else. Games take an average of 10-15 seconds to play, usually followed by a 30 second ad, sometimes you get 2 games before an ad but never more. It gets annoying quickly. Shame because the concept is good. Stars are for hypnotism!

- This is my review

Well I don’t like that I can’t draw the whole is that I can drive but when the little app then I just started the game but I just want to draw the hole and I just wanna do that so maybe you can change it so when you first start you got to draw the whole because I really want to drop egg or a small because the size of it I just want to drop my other way like I want to drop box shaped or any other shape I can just keep on drawing a circle but I just want to draw the whole please

- Color hole is now frozen

I love completely waisting time on this game, both on my iPad Air and my iphone 7. I was up to 1000 games played on my phone! BUT since the update a week ago, my games are frozen and won’t open on both devices. I kept trying and trying, finally giving up on my iPhone version, deleted the game and all my progress to try to rescue the game. I restarted my iPhone, reinstalled the game and when attempting to begin the game from there, it froze in the very spot. Help!!

- Sensory game

I got this game knowing it wasn’t meant to be challenging but I wanted to use it for sensory. No matter what I try I can’t get the vibration to turn on. It’s supposed to vibrate with every block, but for some reason when I downloaded this time, it doesn’t work. I know it’s not my phone, I checked many times to make sure the settings were right and it works with other apps. Also, when do you get to the big blocks in the advertising above. I read comments that said they got to level 6,000 and still didn’t get to blocks that big. P. S. What are the gold coins about? Can I only buy dorky looking rings with them cause if that’s the case you can keep them!💰🔥

- Liked it very much until......

I’ve been playing this game for several weeks. I was up around level 1400. After the most recent update, the game was frozen and glitching. I tried restarting my phone, which did not help. I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled the game. This put me back to level 1 AND appears to have given me ads again, even though I paid to go “ad free”. There is an option to restore purchases, but it doesn’t seem to work. I got though one level and it froze up and started glitching again. Please fix this!! I gave 3 stars because, while I love this game, I currently can’t play it!

- Excellent time-waster

UPDATE: Since the latest update (10/19), the continue function doesn’t work and the app won’t restore my purchase. I paid for the game and now it’s acting like I didn’t. Please fix! Not sure why people are complaining about this app. The ads are crazy annoying, but for $2 you can get rid of them. There are far pricier game apps that offer far less enjoyment. It’s an easy time-waster game when you don’t have the mental energy for anything else or just want to chill. And it’s super satisfying getting all the white blocks in the hole. Great game. I don’t normally buy paid game apps, but this was $2 well spent.

- Not the Ads But the Time 😤

Ok I thought this would be a good game so I downloaded it. Today was a hard day and this game just made me so frustrated because of how little time you get like what the hell. If it's going to be timed at least make it 10 seconds not 2! I also had the most frustrated time when the game glitched my whole phone and it was only level one 😡. Also, when your moving the hole around it just glitches and I can't do anything so I have to just exit the app. That was when I got the idea of writing a review. So also with the add you edited it and took out the part that said 'more time? ADD!' it was so photoshopped!

- Meh

This is a great game and I think you should try it. But here are a few things that I hate about this game. I’ve seen this game in adds and wanted to try it, and in the ads they show like a completely different level where there are no obstacles and it is just a huge cube shape. I thought it would get like that on like level 100 or something. I just think that they should make levels like that because they show it in their ads. Another reason is that they repeat levels and it’s really annoying. The last reason is that there are too many ads, but otherwise it’s a good game

- Trash, repeated, irritating,

HORRIBLE. I’m deleting this annoying game, I play this game when I’m mad so it satisfies me but guess what? It makes me angrier. Why? Number one of all, the ads! The ads! Ads here ads there ads everywhere! What is up with the ads are you kidding me?! You make it easy, and then make an ad after every block you devour so you can earn money by irritating us? We are the reason you’re probably rich. So cut it out with the ADS!!!!!!!!! Number 2, the lag. The lag is the only reason I would loose. I was playing one of the levels and it was super laggy and somehow it devoured another color I almost lost my mind!! This game has no challenge. The only challenge is patience but it just crossed the line! Some patience is this..

- Ads ads ads

Of course when you download a free game you have to expect tons of ads. I’m usually ok with that except do there really have to be THAT many ads? Not to mention this game has great potential but needs harder levels and different levels. I see a highlight video that shows you can attempt to swallow what looks to be a huge stack of blocks but in the game there are none like that. I’m over level 100 something and they all seem to repeat themselves over and over so no real skill needed. Maybe a new update can make the levels a little more difficult and fun by adding bigger stacks. I think the huge stacks would just be so satisfying. Thank you

- Ads away

At first it was hard to enjoy due to a bunch of constant idiotic ads. So I paid to get rid of the ads, they kept coming, so I selected the little “i” in the top right and went through the process of blocking the ads. Now, of have blissful non-interruptions. I do enjoy this game. It’s calming and no timed pressures or playing against someone else or a computer. I can stop anytime and pick it back up. I enjoy it very much and will keep enjoying as long as I can keep the ads away.

- Too Many Adds and Glitches

The game itself is great. The problem is you must watch two adds for every short level. I get it, it’s a free game so you get adds, but still! Even when you X out of the ads they often still take you to purchase them almost 50% of the time. Another 25% of the time the adds are designed so that even if you have sound off and your phones sound off it still starts playing loud annoying music. While this would be a good game for kids, the adds include first shooter and traumatizing hostage situations I wouldn’t want my younger ones to see. All of this means what would otherwise be a game I would consider paying to into something I won’t reward the designers by purchasing.

- This game is decent. Just don’t install it.

This game is,well,okay. I really don’t recommend it though because: 1. The concept is fine, but the way it was produced was boring. 2. It never gets challenging. You wait for hard levels but the levels only take less than a minute. 3. ADS. This is the only major complaint I have about this game. After you complete a level, you have to watch an ad. If you fail a level, you can continue if you watch an ad. On the bonus level, you can watch an ad if you run out of time and want to continue. This game does not deserve its fame and is just like all the other games on the “Most Popular Free Games” section.

- Ok you will get it

Ok you can get it done and get a little bit get a little better but it won’t let you do a little more you can just do it it can do it and it will be ok if it was you coming soon then you coming home soon and get a hold you can you do a little get a little money twitch you get to it soon get the money and money yeah yeah with it you t a home and I think it itie was the way to do a lot of it was the best day I had to do a few days of this coming home soon

- I really do hate this flaw

So you know how it says continue right? Right so I clicked it because I accidentally got some of the ones with color but I was close to finishing so I clicked the continue button and I watched the add a normal thing and after that the level I was in just restarted COMPLETELY and I thought it would put me back to we’re I lost but no and then I think to myself” they made me watch and add and had me restart, but if I press no thx I restart and there is no add” not to mention that the add stayed on the same picture for I 5 minutes even after I finished the think the wanted me too. I hated this so much I had to tell you about this fail FIX IT NOW

- Color Hole

Love this game!!! 5 stars! No problems with it & its really fun & addicting 😎 My only complaint is tooooo many ads!! Many repeat themselves many times! By then, the game player has either downloaded it already or already has it! No need to keep repeating it so often within just a few hours! None of the other app games I play have that many ads! After EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!!! TOO MUCH ALREADY! I spend as much time watching ads as I do playing the level if not more! FRUSTRATING!

- Entertaining, relaxing, and NOT one of those frustrating games that is too hard to pass levels

I love this game. I’ve been looking for a game that is entertaining and simple and one that doesn’t keep getting harder and harder to the point that it gets too frustrating to play. So far this is the one! I really like that the levels have just a little bit of challenge from time to time but nothing that makes it so I can’t pass a level.

- Not really a game

To call this a game is a misnomer. It’s more like popping bubble wrap, easy and mindless. I thought it would be more challenging as it progressed, but no, it just starts repeating. There is no scoring or leader board which would make it more interesting. The frequent ads don’t bother me too much since most of them are only 5 seconds long. I wish other games would follow their lead on this. Thirty second ads are boring and annoying. After 5 or 10 seconds you pretty much know if you are interested in the product. Time to move on to a more challenging game. Too bad. It looked promising.

- Great But

I love it and im on high level 3000 something i guess But the ads are annoying i get it you have to have ads but at least when the player hits a high score or specific score let those ads disappear please . Whenever i get an ad after an ad i lose interest in the process of waiting for every single ad countdown so i can close it and keep playing by the amout of ads id eventually close the game that kills my enthusiasm .

- If you can’t fall asleep, USE THIS

Ok, so l got this app and it helps me fall asleep FAST which is super nice. Not to mention, how satisfying it is! And also, it is nice how it has NO WIFI!!!but one tiny problem... whenever you get to a high level (witch will happen super fast because it is very addicting) but, it does get sorta glitchy, idk if this is just my iPhone, or if this also happens to you but other than that, this is a super great app! If you are scrolling through the reviews just to find out if you should get this, l recommend you get this app! 😃

- I like the concept but it just repeats

Currently on level 866... I like the concept of the game but the levels aren’t getting any harder and the levels just repeat themselves. I was hoping to eventually get to the giant cube from the ad... I don’t think it’ll ever come...😅 At first I thought, maybe level 100? Nope.. maybe 500? Nope... maybe 1,000? Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept. It’s relaxing, but so repetitive and I’m looking for a level that doesn’t exist... Honestly the game is pretty satisfying and feels like I’m cleaning or something; however, I do wish the levels would change or get more difficult.

- Best game ever

This game deserves 5 stars it is so nice and whenever I am bored I can just get on my phone and play there is not a lot of adds and I think this game is so fun you should download it you can play whenever and wherever you don’t need WiFi or connection to play the game you can be in the middle of no where and just playing your heart out I hope this helped you with a decision to download the game or not (you should download it just so you know)

- Amaziiiiinnnngggg

This is the best game ever even though I just got the app it is amazing and I love and this will make you want the app so if you are on the toilet it is amazing and is board it is amazing and if you are in the car and are board it is amazing so you better download this app and if you don’t yor iPad iPhone whatever you are on will be gone so download this app and I love how the adds are super duper short so I can just get back to my level in like two seconds!

- Meh - okay

Not a bad game turned off my WiFi so skip the ad bs that was really annoying after literally every level. Downloaded the game last night because of the advertised levels. Have yet to encounter one and I’m almost on lvl 600 and yes it is very repetitive. It’d be better if there was a leaderboard and you say have 200 lvls that are all different. Give people a reason to try and speedrun through it see who can do it the fastest. But overall not to bad I’m still playing till lvl 1,000 in hopes of a surprise but after I reach that I’ll be done which won’t take much longer lol

- No concept at all

There is no concept to this game. It’s, go around the pink and you win! For those of us that want to be challenged, this isn’t fulfilling what we hoped for in this game. It needs to be harder to win that way people won’t put down the game because they are trying to beat a level. When i first downloaded the game, i was excited from what the add showed, a tricky game that is hard to beat. But I’m the real app you can win in a matter of seconds. I’ve only had this game for a very short time but if your looking for a challenge, this might not be the game for you. Adds: Adds are in every single game right? So we are all used to them. But this game, there is an add every 30 seconds, after every single level! But also it’s not fair that you have to pay to remove adds. I mean, if you want people to talk about your game and give it really good ratings, you need to give people what they are looking for, an add free, challenging game. So please fix these things. If they are fixed your rating will go up by over 50%.

- I’m getting addicted

I’m really enjoying this game, although it’s not very challenging. I keep hoping it will get harder as the levels increase. So far, no; there are a lot of repeat layouts. (BTW, my 4 yr. old granddaughter played for a while and determined it was “too easy.”) Nonetheless, I keep playing and hoping for more challenges. I’m really getting tired of playing the same arrangements over and over again. I’m on level 1645 and I’m still not seeing anything new and nothing like the examples above. What am I doing wrong?

- Let me just start off by saying,

This game definitely has potential of being an amazing game and 5-Star-Reviews on every and all review. But, there are some minor flaws that have honestly ruined the game for me. 1. There are WAYYYY too many adds. Like, Sure, I understand that the game is free, and they have to make money somehow. But, they should not make that their customers problem by bombarding them with adds! 2. Very repetitive. Once I got to level 53 I was noticing some repetition. For example, level 46 was the same one as level 3! So, I’d like if there can be some more new levels. 3. Too easy. I wish honestly that this game got harder as the player moves on. I am now at level 88 and I can’t seem to have fun in this game anymore because it’s just too simple. ANYWAYS, thank you to whoever read this entire thing, and I gave this game 3 stars because personally, I found 3 things wrong, anyways. Thank you for listening and reading.

- I love this game

I saw a ad of this game so I downloaded it when I downloaded it I liked it so I played it for a few hours and then I started to get used to this game when I was getting started it was very great so I kept it for a few days 1 day later I called my cousin about this game he said he loves it to so I said yay we both love this game I kept playing it for months and i got to a level that was very big! I dreamed about this game and i never stopped playing this game!

- Fun but repetitive and pointless.

The physics are fun and the game is easy enough to play, but there's no real point to it. It doesn't get any more difficult as the levels increase, there's no timer for a sense of urgency, and after every few levels you get a timed opportunity to collect gold, but there's nothing to buy and it doesn't keep score of your gold over time. So what's the point? If you mess up you continue from the same level. Oh, and there's no sound either. Could be more fun but feels unfinished, barely an alpha version. Keep working on it guys.

- Relaxing time waster, if not for the ads

This is a fun game, for someone looking to relax. It’s not challenging, by any means, but the graphics are nice and the colors are calming. The only bad part of the game is the constant stream of ads. Each level takes less than 30sec to complete, and there’s an ad after nearly every level. Of course they want you to spend a few dollars and make the ads stop, but I’m going to get bored with the game before long (it’s just the way I am), so I refuse to spend the money on it.

- Great game but needs improvements

I just got this game thinking it would be similar to colorbump 3-D. This is a very relaxing game but the levels are always easy and they don't turn any more challenging at any time. For example level 100 had no color per blocks so you really couldn't lose. I suggest more challenging levels. Another problem that I have with this game is that between the levels you move forward. The blocks outside the course move strangely and this makes me feel sick. Every time I have to look away or else I get a terrible headache. It is real choppy.

- Finally paid for no ads, app now crashes! No support.

I’ve been playing this for a bit and decided to pay for no ads. After paying, the app crashed. It froze with the screen just sort of visually vibrating. I closed it and reopened it. Same thing. I decided to delete it and reinstall it (losing my 80,000 points). I can play the first level, then it freezes as before. I tried the app support link on the apple store. It took ,e to their website, which only has links to the stores for all their apps. If I click on the apple store, it takes me right back to where I clicked on app support. No other help links anywhere. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP! You will be sorry.

- It needs one thing

If the developers add a ‘time clock’ to each level, so you can see exactly how fast you finish a level, it will give a huge reason to keep grinding. Trying to beat your time over and over again is essential for this game to not lose users. Like a 0.00 timer. And leaderboards to see who has the fast time is even better. That game’s fun but gets boring real fast. Update: played 1000 levels of this and I’m done playing. There’s no challenge in this game. A leaderboard with the fastest times is essential. Until than, I’m deleting it.

- Performance issues and Ads, Uninstalled

The gameplay is fine. No annoying in app purchases. Very satisfying physics, though might be too tough for my phone (I experienced several lag spikes). I understand this is a free game and thus they need to make money from ads, but every level is followed by an ad, not just a timed screen or video but a full interactive, tricks-you-into-going-to-the-App-Store type ad. Would much rather have had paid two or three dollars than had to deal with them. Spent more time watching ads than playing game.

- Ads briefly separated by gameplay

I understand the need for ads to generate revenue in a free game but this takes it too far. For example, if you die during a level, you can watch a video ad in exchange for continuing without losing your progress or don’t watch a video to start the level over. But when you press the “No Thanks” button to not watch a video, guess what? It plays a video! So why give me an option either way if both options just force me to watch a video?! Please at least pretend you are somewhat interested in the enjoyment and gameplay rather than publishing vehicles for ad placement.

- This app is just ok

To begin, This app on the advertisment said that it is harder than you think? I got this game for a challange and when I was on about level 17 I got no challange at all and I thought that maybe later in the game it would have a challange. I’m on level 784 and no challange yet; just levels reapeating themselves over and over. I like to do this game when I’m bored but even this doesn’t make me not bored. I don’t like that every time you finish a level an ad comes up. Like one time (I’m being serious when I say this) I was so stressed about the ads I almost deleted the app. So since I’m on level 784 I have watched 784 ads or maybe a tiny bit less. So I mean this app is ok.

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Color Hole 3D 4.0.3 Screenshots & Images

Color Hole 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Hole 3D iphone images
Color Hole 3D iphone images
Color Hole 3D iphone images
Color Hole 3D iphone images
Color Hole 3D iphone images

Color Hole 3D (Version 4.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Color Hole 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-05-10 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 195.53 MB. Color Hole 3D - Games app posted on 2020-09-26 current version is 4.0.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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