Disney+ [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Only Disney+ gives you unlimited entertainment. Get the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all in one place.

From new releases to classics, plus tons of TV shows, and exclusive Originals, like The Mandalorian, there’s always something new to discover.

With Disney+, you get:
• A premium ad-free experience for one low price
• Access to new releases, timeless classics and past seasons of your favorite TV shows
• Exclusive new Originals from the creators of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic
• Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices
• Over 100 titles in 4K UHD and HDR
• The ability to watch on four screens at once at no extra cost

For help with Disney+, please visit: http://help.disneyplus.com.
For our Subscriber Agreement and other policies please visit: https://disneyplus.com/legal.

Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/
Do Not Sell My Information: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi/

The content available on Disney+ may vary by region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country.

Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple ID account. Your monthly or annual subscription automatically renews unless you cancel before the end of the current billing period. No refunds or credits for partial months or years. You can manage and cancel your subscription anytime by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Access to Disney+ will continue through the month or year of your current subscription.

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- I will never pay for this app

I have the free trial right now so when that expires I will not be renewing. The app will not cooperate on my iPhone, MacBook Pro, or our smartTV. It doesn’t matter if I refresh the page, log in/out, or have good WiFi- it will not load and I’m about sick of seeing the error code 83 every time I try to watch a movie. It’s so weird because when the app first came out it worked perfectly fine. If they the problem before my trial is over I might reconsider.

- It needs games

I love it but it need games and they don’t have the movie zombies two I am Little bit mad because

- Best app ever

This app has so many movies and me and my family love marvel and avengers end game is awesome and it is on there

- Loading Slow

Once you access the app it’s slow to load and the shows too.. Need to weed out some Disney shows that people doesn’t watch and add older shows..

- Great content, bad function

I love Disney and this app but I’ll get straight to the point that it is horrendous to work. When I first got this whenever I paused it and unpaused it, the show/movie would play but the loading screen would pop up and I would be unable to skip forward or backwards or pause it. Now, when I unpause something, it would just kick me out of the show/movie. You also cannot show movies or shows on tv as it would take hours to load.

- Great app but...

It is sometimes hard to navigate but totally worth it! Also there is so so so much content that it’s hard to find everything. LOVE IT


I love ❤️ this app if you are ever bored 😑 you can just watch this app🤪


Can u please add hotel Transylvania the series to Disney+

- Love it, but only a few complaints...

So when i first got disney+ i was SOO excited. I was looking forward to seeing new movies, old movies, nostalgic movies and shows, and that’s exactly what i got... well part of what i got. Some movies such as brave are made by Walt Disney and Pixar which you would think would be on disney+, but when i went to search for it, no results :(. Then i thought maybe it was because it was partnered with pixar, but then remembered that Toy Story is always bring seen on disney+ which is also partnered with pixar. But what i really came to review on was the autoplay. I love love LOVE tv and watch around 3-4 episodes in one sitting, or sometimes i like to play a tv show as backup noise while i’m using another tab, but i can’t do that if i have to click to go to the next episode every time one goes off. It really annoys me and is most of the time the main culprit on why i usually do the switch to netflix after around 2 episodes i watch on disney+. Many other apps like hulu, netflix, and youtube all have the autoplay feature, so when i got disney+ i assumed they would have that feature too but i was wrong. disney+ is a really great app and i would recommend it still, but i would LOVE if you guys would put in an autoplay button. thx❤️ xx

- Amazing

Disney+ is amazing! I’ve been a Disney fan for.... oh idk... my whole life. It’s nice to finally be able to find everything in one place. I’m not sure what else to say 😅 Also: Really excited for the Percy Jackson show that’s coming! (For those who don’t know about that, Rick Riordan announced it a few weeks ago)

- Icons

They should’ve put all the avengers on the icons☹️

- Keeps loading

We just signed up a week ago. The app keeps on loading and failing to play. We’ve reset it multiple times and still have the same issue.

- No Images of Films (iPhone XS Max)

But it’s been over a month that it doesn’t show any images on my app. And I made sure I downloaded the latest version. Disappointed

- Areas de oportunidad

La aplicación tiene un contenido surtido para todas las edades, eso esta muy bien. Pero el cliente que busca material nuevo simplemente malgasta su dinero adquirido Disney+ La aplicación debería tener mucho mas material nuevo en menos tiempo y un area de películas de estreno con paga adicional como si se comprara un boleto en el teatro para poder disfrutar de nuevas películas como black widow. Simplemente disney + no es competencia para otras plataformas de streaming en mi top 5 esta plataforma esta posición 5 👎

- Please

Hello I was just asking if you can please take frozen 2 out of Disney+ PLEASE my sister keeps watching it🥺!!!!!

- Lg tv Disney+ update

The last update that was pushed on my lg tv for Disney+ only, doesn’t work. Every time I try to open the app it just says it’s closing. There is an issue with the new update on the lg TVs. This app is important to me as I have an 8 year old and an 8 month old. Please fix this.

- Pretty good overall but the watchlist is busted

The app and content work pretty well generally but the watchlist is frustratingly incomplete and buggy. I’ve tried to add so many things to it and it’s pretty unpredictable if it’ll actually show up there or not. It’s pretty frustrating and makes it hard to figure out what I had wanted to save to watch later.

- #BlackLivesMatter

I can not allow for Disney to keep talking my coins. For years Disney has been profiting off the black community...Actually many communities for that matter. You have one of the biggest platforms, but choose to always keep quiet about everyday events; from people who keep your business running.

- Log-on procedure antiquated

Everytime I try to log on the RoKu app I have to reset my account. Log in should be easier like on hulu. This issue hasn’t been fixed as of 5/30/20!!! Fix it

- Good but needs more movies

The movies I like on Disney+ Malifacent and princess Protection Program,tinker bell :]

- Love

I really like Disney + I love that it has all my childhood TV shows and movies it’s really amazing I have no problems with it except that it buffers from time to time but I believe it’s because my Wi-Fi isn’t that strong other than that I love it I have no problems with it it’s an amazing app

- Best streaming app!!

Finally I have found the app that I wanted .. Disney plus is a very amazing app.. it provides a lot of those great movies and tv shows that we all love ,, also it provides content that is suitable for children, teens and adults the whole family can watch together ,, what I like about it is that you can pay through iTunes .. which is something that I hope for it to stay.. ,, and Disney is constantly adding new movies shows that we recommend.. so if you are looking for an app to stream nearly all your favorite movies and tv shows that’s the one 👍🏻👍🏻

- Me encanta pero no sale soy luna temporadas 2 y 3

Si ya estaria soy luna 2y3 por favor ❤️Oyuki Anahí

- So many awesome movies

II am a big movies fan, so when Disney+ was here, I was so excited. I love all the movies, like pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, Iron man, Thor, and Onward. Not to mention the new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. Fans of yoda will love this prequel series. But I am waiting for a second season. Like, I will watch the first episode to the eighth, and repeat. Fans of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic.

- Disney +

Brings back memories

- Can’t open app

I used to love this app but now I can’t even open the app every time I try the app keeps crashing before it even shows the disney logo

- Five stars 🌟

Can y’all please put on liv and Maddie I love that show so please put it on Disney+ thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this 😊 have a good day/night

- Love the app

I love this app and everything is awesome. Got it for my granddaughters. However please include a feature to “watch from beginning” when a movie has been partially played. Sometimes the girls go to sleep and want to watch later from the start. Trying to get it to let me restart is literally a huge pain! Please add this feature??

- Disneyplus

Hi Disney plus I really like this app but don’t add life with derek Liv & Maddie on this app

- Hi

I want Dog with a Blog.

- Love but pic in pic error

When you reopen a show in disney+ from the mini tab it glitches out and restarts the app *I would also like autoplay to work better and in pic in pic like in Netflix *Also a problem with continue watching where they spread around profiles *Add mighty med; In lab rats there is only part 1 in the crossover which is quite annoying and I just love this show *Autoplay next part in the Disney Channel crossover

- can you please please please add A.N.T Farm on disney+

please add this. i really want too also another thing is when disney+ was first out it was on Xfinity and now it’s not so. but please add it please ADD ANT FARM PLEASE

- Umm okay

So over all Disney + is a good app but y’all have some explaining to do. Why do you guys have Vamperina and Moana, but y’all don’t have the one black princess, Tiana. I’ve looked multiple times for her and I can’t find her yet, y’all made sure all of the white Disney princess were there. And also y’all don’t even have some of the best shows on there. Y’all don’t have Mighty Med or Ant Farm. WTh are y’all doing. Why should I continue to pay for an app that doesn’t even include the one black animated character in the whole dang thing?

- Disney

This app needs to be fix it takes forever to load I can never used it. It just a waste to be paying and not able to use it.

- Inconsistent Sound

Appreciate the content, but every time I play something, the audio goes back and forth between muffled and loud without me touching the volume. This quite frustrating.

- Disney+ is pure magical!

Every devoted and hardcore Disney fan should have this platform. It has everything you could ever want from your childhood through teenage years. And now with the expansion with Marvel, Star Wars and Fox, it’s a blast! Not to mention National Geographic which is amazing. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

- Very frustrating experience.

Would it kill you to let us watch the credits? Would it kill you to to just remember which user was chosen the last time the Disney+ Apple TV app was opened?!? Would it kill you to at least give us more control over the media we’re paying to watch? Let us turn off credits hijacking. How about a setting that lets the same user open the app that closed it? It’s little things like this that are so very unlike old school TV watching that kind of ruin my experience. And do you have to prime us for binge watching? You have our money already. Just let us watch TV.

- Love it!

I have it on my tv but now it’s on my iPad! And my phone, It’s a good app but doesn’t have all the Disney movies that I Like, it’s a very good app, my kids love it to you should try it

- HEAVY Noise Reduction on Old Classics

Whoever remastered these old Silly Symphony classics should be ashamed. So heavy-handed on the noise reduction, it completely obscures the painstaking detail of a lost art. The original artists must be rolling in their graves. Nd you even used the same awful technique to The Simpsons. The originals should stand on their own, despite people wanting to view them in 4K. Please reconsider and bring back these original works presented as intended. Also: Needs a graphic on every movie/episode to show you've watched it or where you left off. Needs a “Play from the beginning” option.

- Icon

Please Disney I absolutely love this app but please my all time favorite character you’ve ever created is Bruce the shark and I think it would be really awesome if you made him a profile icon. I know that might be a lot but I just want the character to get the love he deserves.


Every this is just fine, just the fact that you guys miss “SO RANDOM” ! We NEED that because all of the other good shows are there except so random!!!

- OK streaming service

Hi, I am very mad at the creators and everyone who was involved in the making of this app.I Created my own profile and made it for kids, then I made two adult profiles for my parents.I accidentally clicked on my mom’s profile and I see high school musical the series and the live action movie of lady and the tramp but those weren’t on kids.This doesn’t make any sense, when I was a little girl lady and the tramp was my favorite Disney movie.I don’t understand why it isn’t in the kids profile.High school musical the series is just like all of the descendants movies, which are on the kids profile.I don’t understand why high school musical the series isn’t on kids.That brings me to the descendants saga.I don’t understand why u you have the first two movies but not the last one.Please fix these problems ASAP.Also I would appreciate a my list button to find what is on my list.I also am very mad that my favorite Disney original series ,A Dog With A Blog, is not on this streaming service and neither is I Didn’t Do It. And don’t even get me started on Halloween related movies. You only have one of the Halloweentown movies and it isn’t even the good one. Please make this an actually good streaming service. Watching cheap bad quality movies on the computer is better than this. Also I’ve been watching girl meets world lately and I started to think about starting to watch boy meets world but when I searched it up it wasn’t there it doesn’t make sense that only the spin off series is there but the original isn’t. Also I started watching lab rats elite force which is a spin off of lab rats and mighty med mixed together but mighty med isn’t on Disney plus, I have to watch it on YouTube now. But if you could give the people who make the Disney shows about a great show idea I have. You know the newest season of bunk’d, well what if there’s a spin off show of that where Gwen goes to her new school and destiny and Ava happen to go there too and it’s like a mix of Jessie and girl meets world. Also for ravens home, I love that show and that’s so raven but it only has season one and two but not season three and I really wanted to see the new episodes. Also I love andi Mack but season one episodes one to ten are missing as well as some other episodes of that season. I also find it very annoying that my favorite show as a kid, liv and Maddie is not on Disney plus. Liv and Maddie is one of the best shows in Disney history.

- What’s live

They need to add like a what’s live on the real Disney channel button

- It’s OK but it needs work

On Disney+ it says you get to see movies before they come out for free but some of the movies so you have to wait another month and a half to see them that’s a bust and I don’t like that.😡😡😡😡😞😞

- better

it would be better if it had liv and maddie

- Spider-Man?

I love this app, but you’re missing one major character! Where are any of the Spider-Man movies? I know you have the animated ones, but I want to be able to see the more recent ones too. They’re my favorite movies out of any of the Marvel. Is it because you guys had a stupid disagreement? So, could you please work out adding the Spider-Man movies? All of them? It would make it a lot better!

- Disney Plus On Us!

I was SO excited about Disney plus because I was always upset that other entertainment providers didn’t have any Disney shows or movies or you would have to pay for them extra. There’s so many great movies, shows, and classics that me and my family love! Also I thought it was SO awesome that you could get “Disney plus on us” meaning you could get Disney plus FREE for a whole YEAR! (If your plan was unlimited data)

- Add mighty med

Overall Disney plus is really good and has good content.but One show I want on is mighty med. Really you have lab rats which is a good show. But you don’t have mighty med. but other then that Disney plus is really amazing

- Love it!

I love the Disney+ app!!! My nieces love it too but when will they put the movies “Ferngully” and “Anastasia” on here??

- Meh

While it is good, some cartoons have episodes out of order like Phineas and Ferb, Duck Tales, and more. It’s really annoying to try and watch something in order when all the episodes are out of place. Other than that, it’s cool.

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- Refund

My ex has made an account using my details but I cancelled the subscription and want my money back as he’s been doing it fraudulently

- This app is the best thing that has ever happened

This app is the best it worth every penny ! X

- Fantastic

I love this app during quarantine it’s kept me and my family stress free and Disney plus has the most exquisite app I would highly recommend you to purchase this amazing app

- Problems

Disney plus is good, however the reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the films skip sometimes. It may happen at least 4 times every movie for me. It skips forward. Also, when you want to go back a few seconds or forward it takes a very long time to load and process, sometimes that doesn’t even work.

- Something missing :)

Love this Disney plus has made me so happy! ❤️ really love all the content and excited for more. Would be awesome if they could the old lloyd in space series on there 😁

- Kids are upset with the results. 😡

So, my children personally love Marvel and it is probably their dream for Disney + to have the Marvel movies. Disney + is great, but my son Peter was very upset to find that there is no Spider-Man. So was the rest. My son was also upset seeing the little animations, he didn’t enjoy the whole aspect because of Spider-Man, I know that you tried to get Spider-Man but you need to try harder. Yours, Unknown User

- I’m annoyed

It won’t load I’m just trying to watch parent trap fgs

- Disney +

Just to start off , Disney + is a really great streaming app to watch old disney shows and movies and they also have disney + originals like HSMTMTS and Be Our Chef and they have something for everyone but they are some faults for example when you’ve finished an episode and you come off the app , it doesn’t say that you’ve watched for example on Netflix it has a red line underneath the episode indicating how much you’ve watched but on Disney + it doesn’t have that. Also some series aren’t in order for example Phineas and Ferb, the episodes aren’t in order. They haven’t put the pilot episode as the first episode, they have put it further down so i have to search what the correct order is for the episodes so that i can watch it properly. Overall i think it’s a great app for the family and obviously it’s a new app so there are gonna be some faults. All Disney has to do is fix those bugs and then the app will be 10x better.

- video downloads problem

don’t get me wrong disney plus is grey, but before this new update, my downloads were always there showing but now after i’ve downloaded them and i go to watch them at night (my parents to off my wifi at 11pm) to go to sleep to, there still taking up storage but won’t show up on my downloads, and it’s actually pretty annoying because i can’t sleep without watching something, could you try and fix the problem with your next update please ?

- Best filled contents / Worse app function

I love the contents even newly added on here.....BUT when I first had it used magic keyboard on iPad Pro no problems (playback shortcuts functions) works great, but after updates cant use keyboards for easy pause and skip back/forward....and using touch left/right screen huge lag and barely response.....OVERALL features/functions need improving

- So far so good

iOS app works well, favourites are a little buried. SamsungTV app is missing symbols, where is the “£”. I can’t login. Why ask for a password when you can respond to a pin like all other do? - update 30/05/2020, Xbox One X app now asks to login with the IOS app, great feature, but it doesn’t login still on the Xbox One X Generally do you support Dolby Atmos? Please add an option for a pin on users which can be defaulted to use the pin or not, in addition start the skip countdown as soon as the credits start and lower the countdown. Oh it would be good to know what video bitrate/stream and audio bitrate/stream is being streamed. UHD, 4K, HDR & Atmos etc - update 30/05/2020, I can see the labels now on the Xbox One C app (I just need to work out why my signal disappears when playing say Black Panther in HDR10 and Dolbly Atmos) Please improve the video controls and make it difficult for kids to switch profiles on the TV app. Continue watching is a little broken also, shows old content. - update 30/05/2020, or no why to mark some videos as watched Still a great start and things for all age groups, just a shame that content goes missing. Where is The Incredibles and Inside Out? - update 30/05/2020, the children’s profile appears to suppress too much, maybe add a user defined age limit and user defined list of content

- Brilliant


- Not the best

In most of the seasons the missed out really good episodes

- Make it compatible for iPad 4

It's a great app and always goes smoothly but it's easier to watch on a bigger screen but when I try to get it on my iPad 4 it say it is not compatible or I need iOS 10 or 11

- Great

I am thrilled

- One star

My account won’t let me cancel it Keeps coming out of my bank and won’t let me cancel it

- iPadOS keyboard shortcuts gone!

I love the Disney + app on my iPad because unlike other apps it supports the keyboard shortcuts on my iPad which is great! However since the last update they seemed to have gone!

- Amazing!

The only sad part about it is that I can’t have it forever! This is one of my favourite apps on my iPad! It has almost everything that has to do with Disney! I wish I could have it forever!

- Please add more!!!

I love this app it takes the stress off after a long day of work the only thing that would make it better is if more was added particularly to the Marvel selection like classic captain America movies from the 70s though of course they would probably need to acquire the rights if these were added, all in all great app

- Deletes Downloads

I downloaded a few things and when my iPad gets near full the app shows the downloaded stuff removed even though my iPad storage space says it’s using so many gb

- Lacking a few features

The Disney content is exactly as expected and mostly deserves 5 stars, but it is such a shame that so much of the National Geographic content is “dumbed down”. It’s a shadow of what the magazine was, going back a few years. My main reason for the 3 star rating is the lack of UHD and Dolby Atmos support in the U.K., despite this being advertised on the movie summaries. Actually, this is a matter for trading and Advertising standards. I’ve spent a lot of money on a home cinema, both Amazon Prime and Netflix support UHD and Dolby Atmos, but Disney Plus is left trailing in the past with only HD and 5.1 support. Disney is a company to be admired and is known for production innovation and superior technical quality, why is Disney Plus short changing this rich heritage?

- Disney+

I want to cancel my subscription


Disney+ is a “must get” it has endless amounts of entertainment (and perfect for lockedown) it offers a similar experience as Netflix however i must say, it is better... 🤫 if you haven’t already, GET DISNEY+

- I was looking forward to this

It is less than what I expected. Disney normally go above and beyond. Not this time. The image quality is great. The navigation isn’t so good. The selection is not amazing either. Hopefully it will get better in time but I’ve already paid so I have no choice. Now is not the time to purchase this

- Annoyed

Tell me why I paid Disney+ for a year but it’s saying that my subscription has ended or been cancelled when no one cancelled it. What’s going on???

- 1

Lots of glitches and loading There are too many people on it or it is too small for the amount of people’s that are using it got full battery full WiFi and I’ve got loads of storage left and hardly any apps and still loads for over 10 minutes Does not have all of the Disney channel shows Not all Disney movies When It says the Simpsons are on there they are actually shorts not the actual tv show

- Ok content but app definitely the worst

I use Disney + on my PS4 and a lot of times I have good internet connection but yet the app can’t connect to the services. Sometimes mid an episode the episode sort of fast forward itself, I assume the would be some sort of buffering issue. Now, I downloaded the app on my iPhone XR to try to stream it through a chrome cast and nothing goes through. Literally stays trying to connect but nothing happens and can’t watch it on the TV. Honestly I am about to just cancel my subscription if this is this bad. Might as well go back to Netflix, but pricey but better quality

- Aaaaaa

Why do You need to pay

- Not working well

The app is not allowing me to sign up and even resubscribe

- Nope.

Stay on Netflix.

- AMAZING APP but just one suggestion!

the quality is amazing, it has every movie, even a star wars, simpsons, and national geographic collection. It has almost every disney channel show ever made. ALMOST. there are just a few shows missing. i suggest adding Disney XD shows! there have been many complaints about that and i think it needs to be dealt with.

- hit and miss

i find this app so hit and miss, it’s usually good on my i phone and on my tv, but is shocking on my laptop. it never works and takes at least 15 minutes to load and is constantly coming up with error code 83. i also dislike that after you watt has one show for a while, the rest that you have previously been watching disappear off your continue watching so if you forget what you were in the middle of watching, you’re not likely to find it again. i also had so many troubles when creating an account as my emails had been used for disney previously then when i made an account on one email, it said the email for the account was a different email which made no sense so i had to create a new account. too many faults with this app and is nothing compared to netflix that works all the time without fail for me. furthermore, it doesn’t even have all the shows i want to watch!! i want to watch sonny with a chance, onward, frozen 2 and dog with a blog yet none of them are on it.

- Rubbish

Not much content, they also make it as difficult as possible to unsubscribe. Avoid this and get Netflix

- Amazing for the tv

Nothing wrong with it except frozen 2 only on there at 17th July and I have the film but overall any toy story’s on there and I have access to the under the sea (descendants) based on mal and uma very fun but overall amazing app please get on tv it’s good

- Make it available for older iPads!

Nice content - app a bit tricky for kids to navigate. And we can’t download it on iPad 4th gen - old iPad but works well still. Really annoying! Also doesn’t work on older Apple TV’s!!!! Sort it out please!!

- I loved this animated short film!

I was searching for a good film when I saw a short animated film. It was Party saurus Rex. I clicked on it because I did not know what is was about. I also clicked play. I loved it! The toys were having a big party and they did not mind that the bath was going to over flow. It was the best short animated film. I also watched another one about a 13-year-old girl who was autistic. At first, I did not understand. My mum had to explain what was wrong with her and then I understood it. After that, I watched another one called Out. I did not understand it at first. Mum had to explain to me. It was about a man who was to embarrassed to admit to his family that he was gay. I really enjoyed these short animated films. Partysaurus Rex was the best of all of them.

- Amazing

I love this app. I also have it on the tv but the app is just as good. I love watching my favourite films and movies and shows I have never seen before like the Mandalorian

- Not working

Basically I errm I logged in to Disney to watch movies and it says I need to update my pament so I did and it’s not working and I’m crying I’m a ten year old girl who wants to wach movies

- Disney+

Its a brilliant app but I just have one thing to say WHY ARE THERE NO LIVE ACTON SPIDER-MAN MOVIES!!!😡

- Great app

All Disney films from the classics to the new marvel films, downloading is fast. Great for long drives and planes.

- Buggy Slow App

Despite the decent content the app is really slow and buggy. It takes forever for the app to fully load and when trying to cast to my tv I might as well go take a walk and wait for it to load up. It needs fixing!

- Irritating ATV bug to what else is a great app

Would be 5* but there’s a bug with the way the streaming works on Apple TV if you have AirPods paired with it. Until you start streaming you can adjust the volume of the AirPods normally but as soon as you start the AirPods are forced to full volume and the volume control is disabled. Any chance of a fix please dev team?

- Why wasn’t this invented sooner!!!!

This is the most amazing app , the choice of movies is amazing and the price per month is amazing i love it so much

- zack and cody watch it please

watch zack and cody

- Very good

This is very good. I think it’s great

- Good but bugs

Love the content and format but needs improving of bugs

- Late release of films or series

There are certain films or series that are supposed to be released on a certain date but are not being released I been waiting for a few days now

- Terrible

This will not work on my firestick and hasn’t for a few days now.

- Great variety but.....

I really like Disney plus but I think you could make it even better if you add Disney XD and Disney Junior to it via update. I’m only saying this because there are some shows I really like and want to watch but I can’t find them anywhere. So I thought it make the app an even bigger hit if you add the other two Channels.

- Downloaded episodes and will not open

App stalls then crashes. Not good.

- Love it

Can you add movies like all the yogi bear movies example yogi bear and the spruce goose and no place like Nome ect and dread Barron ect from the early 90’s

- Amazing!!......but there’s bugs

This app is the best......it’s true there’s bugs. It REALLY needs work but after all it’s amazing!!

- Good

It was good but we wanted to watch the Lorax but it’s not on there but still good cuz we can watch mandolorian

- Love

I didn’t know how much I missed Disney movies Disney plus is probably one of my most used app today especially because of quarantine. 😁

- Great expect for continue watching

I love this app, it’s great...the only issue I’ve been having is when I tap to continue watching something it starts from the start all over again and I have to skip through to try and find where I was up to.

- It is

Amazing however sometimes in the middle of a show it has a loading sign.

- Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work. Tried deleting and re-downloading and it still doesn’t work. Disappointed.

- Love it 😻

Love it 😊 good quality on my iPad and my LG tv

- Language keeps changing - Content is amazing though

The content on Disney+ is absolutely incredible but every couple of show the language will change from English (my native language) to another language and won't change back unless I do it manually. I have mentioned this feedback on multiple occasions and the issue isn't fixed.

- I just love it!!!!!

Disney+ is the best movie app for kids and adults you can watch any movie.instead of going to the cinemas you can go watch Disney plus with snacks blankets and it’s your children!. Also since covid 19 and all the cinemas are closed you can watch your movies that you want to see in Disney Plus. and also why you should get it is because it’s $9.50 per month or $90 per year, Disney+ has Disney,Pixar,maven and National Geographic. These are my 3 reasons why you should get Disney+! :)

- Shocking connection issue.

This app has the worst connection issue to the chromecast. It is absolutely shocking. Constantly stopping and ‘loading’, can’t even enjoy the movie because half of the time it’s stopped. The wifi works fine for our Netflix through our chromecast so it’s definitely not the wifi/internet/chromecast issue. What a let down Disney!

- The only reason I like Disney is because it has Star Wars

Disney plus is one of the worst streaming devices I’ve used. When ever I watch something it always skips parts of it by 30 seconds every 3-4 minutes meaning I can’t relax. It also randomly says there is no internet connection meaning I can’t relax and watch anything properly. I’ve been trying to watch a 20 minute episode on Disney plus for the past 30 minutes because of these problems.

- Awesome

That’s all I can say... thankyou for bringing out Zombies 2

- Lot of glitches

good but there’s a lot of glitches like it won’t load or a download will stop working half way I have iPad 7th gen so it should be better but no

- Canceling

Hi I’m trying to cancel my subscription but can’t need help

- Good titles but app needs improving

Love the titles and that the extras such as behind the scenes and director commentaries, but the app hasn’t been upgraded since I got it in December. Stan and Netflix allow me to multitask on my iPad, turning into a smaller screen when I go into other apps. Whilst Disney does do this, it only works for about 5 seconds before failing and shutting off. Also love watching director commentaries but going out of the app, or even just pausing the movie for a couple seconds, stops the commentary and does not save the time position I was at leaving me constantly skipping through hours of footage

- Can’t get

I can’t get it on my jvc smart tv all I can get is the guides

- Worst App Ever

If I could give this app a zero I would gladly do so. Deleted straight after installing. Extremely disappointing

- Issues with Samsung TVs

I am just wondering why there are so many issues with Disney + and Samsung smart TVs? I can use Stan, Netflix, YouTube etc on my Samsung with no issues but since starting my free trial with Disney+ I have had inconsistencies- one minute it works and the next it’s just a black or blue screen. I have deleted and reinstalled app, disconnected internet, soft resets etc. sometimes a soft reset work but I really shouldn’t have to be doing this every time I want to watch Disney plus. Any feedback would be appreciated as this will determine whether we continue with our subscription or not. Thanks

- Great

Perfect but the rise of skywalker still isn’t on it after it being released a year ago

- Awesome

I have had Disney + ever since it came out, and never once has disappointed. It has all my favourite shows like the simpsons, Star Wars and any other Disney branded movies

- Put Disney plus on Telstra tv

Love the app but find it hard watching on my small iPhone as I don’t have an Apple TV or “smart tv” I think they should have this available on all streaming and Telstra TV like Netflix and Stan do. Love all the movies in one place but 2 stars for the streaming options I mean mobile and computer only... 😒

- iOS version for 9.3

Write a iOS 9 version please!!?? Netflix still work on my iPad 2!!!

- General error

Connection error code does not appear on help site and chat took 20 minutes just to tell me to try another device. Not enough streaming bandwidth on their end. Amazon Prime Video works fine.

- Simpson’s

The lack of episodes are really awesome but if you could possibly add seasons 30 to Australia 🇦🇺 then I would much more happy with this app but u guys have a good streaming service for us so I can’t go wrong

- Plz

Indian Hotstar stream plz now best but after this app vary best app

- Playing from iPad to Apple TV

We have numerous Apple devices, all will stream to the Apple TV - You Tube, News, video from Twitter, anything, anything at all apart from Disney+. Have tried downloading first, no good, restarted modem and TV, checked bandwidth - Oops, something went wrong, try again later. Paid money, never ever again...!

- Limited places

Not available in some countries

- Internet speed

Need to reduce the buffering speed . It should be working with low speed internet like Netflix .

- Best movies

I can’t believe you have the movies that just came out!

- Amazing Content, some issues

I love the app, i’ve had it since it came out in Australia, and its the best streaming service i have ever used. One issue i have found is that in series, it says skip intro, but the button shows up after the intro has started, which can be really annoying. And also, when streaming on my ios devices, if u go off the app for like a second, it resets and everything goes away. Besides all this, everything else is amazing and i will rate it a 5!

- Disney +

The app is great, its just that recently ive been trying to play movies and shows and it wont work.

- Buggy

Buggy app. Movies cut out all the time and it won’t save language settings so always have to change it to English.

- 🙄

I’m sick of dealing with code 83, why does it exist, my laptop has windows 7 which means I am unable to watch Disney on my laptop, because I have a “dodgy version of windows” according to Disney plus help centre, so thanks for wasting at least an hour of my time on waiting for my movies/shows to load

- it's a great app! 🥺

i really love this app, it really takes you to your childhood & be able to watch it on how many times you want. the show that i really like on this app was the simpsons 🥺 i heard that, there are latest seasons & i hope you add the latest seasons soon cause i really enjoy watching it! 🥺🧡

- Needs to be available to older devices

I recently purchased a Disney+ subscription because I love Disney movies and I could watch all day. However, I have an older iPad which works completely fine, which I'm able to download and watch Netflix and Stan on but I can't download Disney+ because I can't update my iPad anymore. I'm purely keeping my subscription for my family to watch but I really do think it's super silly that it's only available on newer devices. Not everyone can afford new devices all the time and I'm kind of considering cancelling my subscription because I'm paying for it and I'm not even able to watch.

- Buffering on chrome cast

I love Disney plus and all of the movies but when I play through chrome cast it keeps buffering 😭

- Why???

I bet this app will be great, but I dont think it’s really necessary to pay. I feel like it should be like any normal entertainment app like Netflix or Stan where you don’t need to pay any money. All I want is to watch my childhood and actually enjoy it rather than to be stressed and slightly mad about the fact I have to pay. So all I ask is to take away that feature and update it so that some specific movies are a part of the subscription thing. Kay thanks bye 😞👎😭

- This app has so many bugs it needs an exterminator

This app constantly crashes, PIP feature does not work correctly. Interface is awkward.

- No Regrets

There are those apps you download and you think to yourself “what is this cr*p*, but not this one. I love this app, especially all those cartoons I used to watch as a child like “Gargoyles” I loved this show and had to be physically dragged away from the telly every time it was on. Thank you Disney +!!!

- Disney plus

I think this app is great I love watching my all time favourite shows and movie but I would like them to put on more season on some Shows what I know have more seasons like Violetta it one of my all time fav show but there’s only season one on the app but the other seasons are not there and it on no other app what it used to be on but over all the app is great😁😄😃😀

- Late releases

This platform releases things much later than other services Eg. The new Star Wars and the new Lion King were available on iTunes months before Disney + other than that no issues. So if you can deal with late releases go for it

- Good needs some work tho

I think the app is good but the are A lot of things that are not on there that are Disney such as maleficent two. It is a Disney movie and is not on Disney plus but frozen two is one there but was released ages after maleficent two I don’t get that, I was really looking forward to watching maleficent two on Disney plus. Other than that the app is good

- Fbehwoebrt eyes The app is


- Great App

I love the app all my old memories come flowing back to me and I personally have had no problems with the app other than internet stuff which is a cause of my trash internet so in my opinion its a great app and I highly recommend it to all Disney fan or not!

- Great movies however can’t stream on tv

I used my iTunes account to pay and now I can’t stream on my tv, only on iPad and iPhone. So annoyed!

- Perfect!

All my memories came back on Disney+ and I have made some memories too! Disney is my life and it will definitely always be my favourite! I was just wondering do you think you could maybe add two shows to the Disney Channel list: “Mighty Med” and “Gamers Guide: to Pretty much everything” I just really want to watch these so much and I have no where else to watch it on! I love Disney+ so much though, I’m currently watching it right now! It basically has everything though, and so many different categories to choose from! I highly recommend you get Disney+ to start watching amazing movies and shows! ❤️

- Very glitchy

Disney + is amazing with all my favourite shows but it’s very glitchy it always fast forward every time, it sometimes stops the entire audio, it would stop playing but the audio continues and one time I was watching and it skipped 18 minutes and spoiled the entire episode.

- Make it free


- Childhood memories!?

When I was a child, I was basically a huge disney fan! Then once my parents told me about disney plus, I felt so happy, and amazed at all tbe disney movie content I haven’t seen in years. The Lion King, Frozen, Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, all the cartoons that apparently so many children watched while growing up. This has been so amazing. Baby Yoda can even be seen on Disney +, even Frozen 2! I reccomend this app a lot!

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@disneygames_jp: ディズニー・ゲーム公式Twitterプレゼントキャンペーン🎁 『ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド』スマホ関連アイテムを合計8名様にプレゼント✨ 本アカウントをフォロー&このツイートをで今すぐ応募🎶 6/7 23:59まで!…

@TsarOxMan: @Disney Did you stand by them when you removed @JohnBoyega from promotions in China?

@2gatuno_Disney め、、めっちゃ美味しそう🤤🤤

*A princess starts singing* every animal in disney movies:

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Disney+ 1.6.0 Screenshots & Images

Disney+ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Disney+ (Version 1.6.0) Install & Download

The applications Disney+ was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-11-11 and was developed by Disney [Developer ID: 284888248]. This application file size is 106.08 MB. Disney+ - Entertainment posted on 2020-05-26 current version is 1.6.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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