Disney+ [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Only Disney+ gives you unlimited entertainment. Get the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all in one place.

From new releases to classics, plus tons of TV shows, and exclusive Originals, like The Mandalorian, there’s always something new to discover.

With Disney+, you get:
• A premium ad-free experience for one low price
• Access to new releases, timeless classics and past seasons of your favorite TV shows
• Exclusive new Originals from the creators of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic
• Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices
• Over 100 titles in 4K UHD and HDR
• The ability to watch on four screens at once at no extra cost

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The content available on Disney+ may vary by region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country.

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This new version of Disney+ includes updates and fixes to help deliver an improved streaming experience across devices. We’ve taken a look at general app issues to uncover and fix the top problems that may have prevented you from having a seamless streaming experience.

Disney+ Comments & Reviews

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- Renew license bug fix

Needs a bug fix for renew licensing my ipadkeeps telling me the movies have expired after being downloaded a long time try to renew the license for the download but it won’t work bugs need fixing here

- 🔥

You know what would be iconic ? If Disney plus added Harry Potter movies to their collections that would so so iconic

- No Chromecast

I like this app but i give it 1 star for the simple fact that i can’t Chromecast it to my TV. Nobody wants to watch the app on a phone or iPad. It would be worth it only if i could watch it on my TV

- Crashing

This won’t even open anymore! I’m so mad! Nothing I do works! Why am I paying for something I can’t even use!?!

- Great content, but terrible app!

The content is great, but they removed some stuff which is disappointing. The app however is a totally different story. I’m having issues with my kids watching something on their profiles then it showing up on my profile as a continue watching which is very frustrating and inconvenient. It effects the suggestions. The app could be made much easier to navigate. When trying to watch it on my TV if we don’t have exceptions internet connection it won’t even work, but Netflix and every other streaming platform has no issue. I’m currently under a free year from Verizon, but if thing don’t change drastically I WILL NOT pay for it once that free year is up. I love the concept of all of Disney’s content being streamable, but it really feels like they’re much more focused on the dollar than the consumer. It’s quite disappointing from one of our most beloved companies!

- Kinda good 😔

It was kinda good because we can watch good movies that we can’t not watch on Netflix but I couldn’t because it only allowed one person to log in and when I was gonna log in it said submission and then another word but when my sister logged in it just logged her in so it does not make any sense we were also doing the free trial so help me

- OMG so great,but every time...

I love this app!But one thing really bothers me.This is why I gave it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️,every time I get on it kicks me off. It kicks me off where I am back at my home screen.So I have to get back on sometimes it does that again.Also it totally just stops me in the middle of my show.But all of this is on my tablet and I have no problems on the tv.

- Well..........

I hate that the noise is so low of course It was on my tv but i can’t review on it second it dose not have one of my favorite Disney show A.N.T farm Disney I want better from you 😑 Emmy

- Good app

I love this app and watch movies all the time but I can’t seem to find a movie that was said to be released or put on Disney plus in February (Zombies 2) can you guys please add that movie I can’t find it anywhere else and I really want to watch it

- Make more episodes of Violetta

Please make more episodes of it you can not leave it like that when Tomás is going to Spain and Violetta ends up staying does she meet a new guy or does she get back together with Leon. Please please please make more episodes it was the best tv show series that I had ever seen until it ended.

- Very good content

Me and my family got Disney+ yesterday and overall it has been giving me a good impression. The quality is very good. It also has some very good content.

- Ew

Disney+ doesn’t work where I’m at which is totally unfair. Also it’s super hard to log in, which makes it worse. Half the movies I want to watch don’t stream on Netflix, which is my only reliable source, so I am offended that I can’t use Disney+.

- That’s so Raven issue

Why aren’t all of the thats so Raven season 4 episodes available

- One little bug

Great app! Loving everything about it. The only issue I keep seeing is the visual will freeze every time a notification comes up and the audio keeps going. So, I have to exit out and go back in and hope it works. Usually it does. However, some movies like the black cauldron and the Sword in the stone stopped loading and wouldn’t play anymore. It was very frustrating. Just a little issue to help out with the overall enjoyment of the app. Just really don’t like his finicky it is. Thanks so much!

- My thoughts

Honestly it’s great, but the only thing that I dislike is that it doesn’t have this old show “Dog with A Blog” I really missed that show and was hoping it would be on here, otherwise everything is great and awesome!

- Sorry something went wrong

I keep getting the "something went wrong" error message. It's not my internet connection because it works fine with Hulu and Starz. Disappointed in Disney.

- HELP!!

Help, I am spending too much time on Disney plus! This app is amazing, and the subscription fee is well worth it! Five stars for sure.

- If it weren’t for the exclusive content...

...I wouldn’t even bother with this streaming service. It buffers for EVERY episode, movie, etc, practically every other minute. There is no rhyme nor reason to this given I have used YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime on the same platforms and they do NOT buffer as often. I’m really glad this is a free service for now (year long), because I would be way more upset if I had to pay for the time this takes to buffer.

- Shows

They don’t have a lot of the Disney classics like Sister Sister and others. Also they’re not even rebooting Lizzie McGuire which is the whole reason I got the app 🙄🤦🏿‍♀️

- Constantly freezes

I would love it if it would stop freezing and skipping over parts on its own.


I have recently found out that some of the episodes in the show like duck tales or phineas and ferb that the episodes are not organized please fix this issue

- It is so slow!

If I was paying for this app instead of getting it for free with Verizon it would be one star. The content is great but trying to stream anything is painfully slow. We usually mirror our phone or iPad through our Apple TV and on Friday or Saturday evenings it times out and fails before going through. And yes, we close out all the other apps so nothing else is running. Also the default setting of descriptive audio is a major annoyance. We haven’t found a way to get it to only default to the preferred language.

- We want episodes to be released more frequently

I don’t like how new episodes come out once per week. I know many others feel this way. For example, fans of “The Clone Wars” are dying to see what happens to Ashoka and Anakin. All we ask for is to at least release new episode every other day. Example: every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and new episode could be released. I know releasing episode once a week builds up suspense so we would want to watch shows more, however all we want to see our favorite characters. Please do this.

- Great app

Great app and highly recommend but is missing a really great show that my kids love to watch is the Pair Kings. So please try and add that on there

- Device management

Please add device management in future updates. My brother shared my account with someone online and is using the service for free.

- Whyyyyyy????

Why u idiots no add fish hooks??????? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Still paying

I deleted it but I’m still paying for it

- Disappointed Subscriber!

I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for a while now but it won’t let me. I requested multiple times to cancel but they’re still charging me with no reply whatsoever. I’ve also tried multiple times to stream on my smart tv and it’s saying it’s unavailable in my region. So now I’m being charged every month for something I can’t even watch on..

- Love Disney + but it’s missing something

We the people need the classic 2011 Disney show Ant Farm.😔❤️❤️❤️❤️

- No romona and Beezus

Yes it’s great and all but it’s missing one Disney movie I would like to be placed on here which is romona and Beezus which is one of my Disney favorites

- Good till now

I never had a problem with Disney+ but I recently just updated it and it keeps crashing me out. PLS FIX IT

- Everything Buffers, Constant Crashing

This is the only app we have that we have constant crashing with. Every 2 minutes, constant buffering. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all magically work fine. We have Spectrum and they said Internet is perfect.

- Add an old show

Hi am just asking if you can add slugterra to Disney plus

- Good but has some small issues

First off I hate it when I type up a movie tap on it and it says “due to agreements this won’t be available until “ and Disney owns the movies it’s Disney’s app they shouldn’t have problems putting their own movies and series on their app

- $29 billion company made this?

It’s almost unusable! I can’t believe how poorly it works. It’s pretty embarrassing really. I guess there’s some content on it but you could run through it in a week and then all you have is a poorly function app full of dross. Idk guys.. I just don’t know.

- Resume play doesn’t work

This function has never worked, on any app version that has come out. Selecting “resume” only starts the movie/show over from the beginning and it has been incredibly frustrating.

- Amazing but frustrating

If you leave and come back to it it says at least three things .One of them is “opps.”

- A great entertainment app

I love this app because I don’t have to buy the movies on disk. The one issue I have is the loading but other that it is a great app for Disney movie lovers.

- Just awesome

I would like to see more old Disney movies like the Prince of Egypt

- Watchlist

I really like Disney plus. The only problem is that you can only have 50 items on your watchlist. Also some content like the Toy Story movies won’t let me add them to my watchlist.

- Annoying

Can’t even load my downloads or watch them.

- Lots of issues

It’s a fight every time I use my apple hdmi out tether. It displays everything but the video. The sound, loading graphic,sub titles all show up but not the actual movie. Hoping one of the multiple updates will fix but none have yet.

- Question

Um Disney did Dumbo (1941) leave Disney plus because it is not on the out of the vault section or the Disney through the decades. And also where is Human again from Beauty and the Beast? I feel like the special edition of Beauty and the Beast would be a great extra for Disney plus. And the extended scene from the lion king which is morning report. If you could that would be great. From the Disney fan, Colin

- Not working

I subscribed again but I can’t open my account. And it keeps telling me that’s something wrong with it.

- Love it

It's so entertaining you can watch series it's like so much fun I can watch Jessie Hannah Montana and other sorts of

- What happened?

The last update guess was designed to sign everyone out of their account. 5 devices and all signed out after the update. Nice work!

- This app is really bad

I couldn't see even a movie, because every minute it tells me "something what wrong". I’m disappointed with this app

- Love victor

I am very disappointed that one of the best move apps is being so closed minded and removed a tv show the was going to featured a gay main character I was looking forward to watching it until I heard it got removed and there are adults and trans on the app to not just kids

- Great content but used for 3 days and nothing

I’ve used my Disney plus now on fire stick for 3 days and now it will not play or anything keeps saying it is having a hard time connecting to service. My family and I love Disney but this is irritating. I

- Great content, bad customer service

All the content on Disney+ is great. However the customer service has been terrible. The app has not worked on any of my Amazon devices for 2 weeks now and the issue has not been addressed. All I got was uninstall/reinstall, check your WiFi/router and turn off/on. None of that worked obviously. All I got was we know of the issue and we’re working on it. The app is still not working on my Amazon devices and I’ve had no response from customer service now for a week. No reason for this issue to last 2 weeks.

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- Can’t even sign up on iOS

Would be nice if you could sign up on iOS devices from within the app. It gives you to option to sign up but once you put in your email and check if or not you want to subscribe to their news letter.... nothing. Good job Disney, people literally just want to give you money and you make it impossible.

- Good but...

Hi I love the app but please just add illumination

- Doesn’t work

As soon that I want to put it on airplay with Apple TV , I have a error message they should refund

- Please Fix It. It Keeps saying no internet connection.

Thank you

- No Internet Connection

This is a great concept but constantly being told “No Internet Connection” in the middle of a movie while every single other device is connected is incredibly annoying. The buffering glitch needs some much needed attention

- Glitch

I wish that the glitch where I pause and then go back in to watch, that it would play where I left off. It always re-starts from the beginning!

- Terrible!

So you take my money every month but I can’t watch anything. Always get an error message. I have the best internet connection and everything is updated. Cancel!!

- Langue

Pourquoi que mes seris animée ne sont pas tous en français canadien ? Je suis canadien et moi entendre les simpsons en français ( de France ) m'énerve vraiment ! Pouvez-vous ajouter , au simpson le français canadien ?!

- Samsung tv!!!!!

Love it, but just. My Samsung tv is not compatible! If I want to watch Disney + on there I have to have a fire stick or something!

- Great

This is the best thing i have ever had

- Good 5 stars

Can you do a favor ?Can you guys add more episodes of bunk’d?

- Disney plus

It’s so not fair that any farm is not on here

- Amazing app

I have had a great experience with Disney plus. It has all my factories movies

- Please add zombies 2

My daughter is crying because you don’t have the movie zombies 2 on Disney plus. And she knows thousands of people that want to watch it too. So please add zombies 2.

- Feedback

The movies are stopping and you have to restart to watch before finishing one movie you have to restart for 3x.. but not all movies only on cartoons.

- Add more shows

Disney Plus is AMAZING, however it could use more shows, specifically if you could add Mighty Med (Especially since Lab Rats: Elite Forces is available and the two over lap) and A.N.T Farm. And of course other shows so that there is more verity. Thanks for a great streaming service.

- Can’t figure out

I can’t seem to sign up. I can’t get past the pit your email in stage. Am I soposed to be able to scroll down?

- Hate

Please don’t make me hate wasting my money! I am watching movies but its all pitch black i can only hear the sound! Please fix it!!

- Doesn’t work with chromcast

I swapped out TWO chromecastes, deleted and redownloaded the app, everything else can stream to my chomecast no problem, disyney plus RARLEY ever connects. Fix your stuff

- Love this app!

I’m so happy to be able to watch all my favourite movies and tv shows on one app! Just patiently waiting for the windows version to come out so I can watch it on my laptop with out it lagging:)

- Never have I had more issues with a streaming service

Audio for movies only works on some titles. Will play music with no words. Have tried everything as far as troubleshooting and re downloading. Released with so many bugs because y'all were so eager. Pls fix.

- Needs some work

Don’t get me wrong, I love this app but when I use my iPad to watch a movie while digital drawing (when you exit the app and it’s playing in the corner of your screen) it randomly shuts off from time to time, everything else is great but it’s just that one issue.

- Lags so much but great library

Huge library of great movies, but regardless of your internet speed, expect the average movie to stall and lag at least once or twice.

- iPad issues

The app works great on my phone, but it has glitches on the iPad. I have force shut down my ipad, removed the app, re-downloaded the app band it still will not work. I am disappointed that it will not work on my ipad.

- French text for movies in Canada

Love the app but do wish they had English text in movies for Canadian viewers.... very frustrating seeing as not all of us speak French, in fact very few of us (21%) speak fluent French. There should be an option to fix this. Stereotype.

- Fix your app

I can’t watch anything without it crashing 25 times or slowing down or reducing the quality it’s getting really annoying

- Disney plus kinda boring now

Disney plus is awesome and all with all my child hood favourites being on here but there’s not a lot of good stuff to choose from there’s nothing an adult would like except for the Star Wars and marvel films Netflix has everything from things a child would like to things an adult would like it’s just Disney plus is kinda boring now hope falcon and winter soldier and the mandalorian and all the others will change my mind anyway cool app

- What’s with the sudden announced price change?

Supposed to be $5.99 now my card is being charged $8.99 Cancelling.

- Pausing function

The website on the computer should allow the space bar pause the show like Netflix does.

- Chromecast

It doesnt work on my tv with a built in chromecast!

- Ajouter des films et les faire revenir

J’aimerai que vous mettiez les films en français québecois et voir ma liste de films favoris en entier parce j’avais cru que vous les aviez effacer de ma liste. Stp n’effacer aucun film ni série comme Netflix c’est que j’adore de Disney plus mais faite revenir le film Stitch

- Love it, however...

I’ve wanted to watch dog with a blog (even though I’m a bit old for it) for a long time, but it’s not on here, so if you’d put dog with a blog on your app, I’d happily give it a five-star! Keep up the good work!

- Help

My app won’t open it just shows a loading circle

- Add more control

The account holder of the Disney + account needs to have more controls like when I change the password I need the option to log everyone off and sign back in or kicking someone off your account

- Billing is confusing

So everything in the app is good but the reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the billing process is so confusing I really wish the billing was like Netflix’s.

- Scam

I unsubscribed but it still charged me for $11. I need a refund!!!😡😡🤬

- Amazing!

Disney+ is sooo much fun! But, some of my favourite movies aren’t there, which I had mostly gotten it for...

- Kids update

Can you add shows like Bunk'd and gamers guide to pretty much everything

- Get this streaming service now!

When I still had Netflix there wasn’t much stuff that was interesting. Now with Disney+, we usually have movie nights just about every single time my parents finished watching their show. Just overloaded with movies and I’ve always wanted to watch the Mandalorian! Just a few glitches fixed and Netflix is gone!

- Penny on M.A.R.S

Could you put Penny on M.A.R.S in Disney plus ? Thank you

- Doesn’t offer Apple sign in

And the catalog is grossly inflated with low quality content. Overall grade: D+

- Sign Out of All Devices

It’s great, still some work to be done. But a major thing that needs to be implemented is an option to sign out of your account on a devices.

- Good but

This is awesome but for some odd reason I can’t watch Venom

- Extremely glitchy

Honestly such a process just to download and make an account super glitchy and not worth your time


Not to be one of those people but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Request: add shows from the parent account and bring some to the kids

- Needs to have shows in right order

It’s a great place to find and watch but on the first day I found out they aren’t in order they are a scramble in the seasons please every time I finish a series I don’t want to watch it in the incorrect order such as duck tales you can compare in on google and Disney +. By checking the first three eps and or more. Please fix this. Then would have been a 5 stars if this change happens I will make it a 5 star. Thanks your helper

- Keeps crashing

Im trying to watch The Phantom Menace and it keeps crashing every minute

- The second best streaming app ( Netflix is the first)

I have been having no issues with Disney plus and it has all the shows that I watched growing up and it brings back a ton of memories good work Disney

- App/Casting on Sony or Samsung

Would be nice to have the app available on smart BlueRay and smart TVs. So if I keep Disney+, my kids are on a tablet and can’t enjoy comfortably with the family. Huge disappointment.

- Oh boy

As far as the film and tv selection, I’m happy. But the app is constantly crashing and removing episodes/films I’ve downloaded for offline viewing. The player is glitchy and awful and I was definitely hoping for higher quality. I would suggest putting your money towards a Netflix subscription if you have to choose between these.

- Colombiano

Sería chevere que estuviera para Colombia

- Just one problem

This app is perfection - except for the fact that when I press “Resume” it always goes back to the beginning of the movie instead of where I left off. Would appreciate this being fixed.

- Love this app but needs more content

Where are all the classic shows such as sonny with a chance. I love the shows on there but I think they need to extend to more companies and include a larger variety of movies and shows for different age groups

- The Gnome mobile!!!!!

I love this app but PLEASE add the Gnome mobile

- AMAZING!!!!!

When I heard about this coming out, I begged my mum and dad to get it for me but they said no. A couple of months later, the coronavirus started to spread around in NSW (where I live) so then me and my sister got Disney plus for our iPads in case we go into lockdown. And there’s so many movies! It’s amazing! I’m proud and impressed.

- Toooo expensive

I wanted a nice cheap streaming website instead I had to pay for this overpriced app.

- Great (I already wrote a review it disappeared) pls fix watchlist

Please fix watch list. I like collecting films in my lists, but this one seems to have a cap and removes them. Pls fix. HELLO PLEASE FIX WATCH LIST! I added all my favs in there and now they’re not showing up. And I don’t want to add anymore as it will apparently remove some. No fun. I like collecting and going through it all adding things I like. And the ones I like have disappeared!!! Please also have an internet browser! I just ordered a new laptop from Apple and it comes in 2 weeks and it won’t let me update my ipad to support the Disney app! (I haven’t updated in awhile as it takes forever)! It is making me consider getting apple tv to watch on my projector.

- It doesn’t work HDMI streaming

I was excited to watch Frozen 2 but when i connected the apple HDMI cable to TV it doesn’t work. It says something went wrong. Unlike Netflix and any other movies in my IPhone it really works.

- Amazing!!!

I love it. It has so many good movies and tv shows although there could be more tv shows from different regions for example Soy Luna and Violeta

- Greater

This is the best app

- Perfect

This has all the new movies you wouldn’t find on Netflix so I can watch new movies at the same time as my friends

- Nice but...

I don’t like when I tried to search a movie it would come up with a totally different thing. Also I don’t like how they made so many difficulties in the app maybe they will make it a bit better.I want a upgrade for Disney plus I think this app needs it. But a fair point it is a good family movie app my family love this app. I think it is a lot better then Netflix and Stan so fumps up for that I guess.And lastly I don’t like how it unporses it’s self like when I was trying to change my brother it unporsed unbilevible right PLEASE FIX THEESE ISSUES!

- Elite force lab rats

Please oh please make a season 2 of elite force lab rats or at least make enough episode to find out what appens

- Disney +

I love it you get to watch all of your favourite shows and we love it who made this app?💗 ❤️ 💖

- Could use work

Great selection but 2 days into the trial either the movies won’t load or they freeze midway through.

- Good App - needs a little work

I love the app and all the content, it works great. However it doesn’t have a feature to log out other users and even when the password is changed it still won’t log anyone out. Hope you can fix this issue, otherwise I love and am enjoying the app. Thanks so much.

- It Doesent have a lotofnthe originals

It’s a good app for Disney fans but when it comes to looking for originals like drake and josh, mighty med and all diffrent kids shows they don’t show up and that disappoints me and just a waste of money if you don’t get the full expirance

- deleting account

I have made an account and now I have tried every way to delete my account but I haven't been able to delete! Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

- Smart TV 3 years or older 👎🏻

So it happens we have a smart TV 3 years old and Disney Plus doesn’t work on it. Would be nice to know this before I have signed for 1 year. We are in a lockdown with kids at home and I can even get it on tv. Fix that problem!!! We never had a problem with Netflix.

- Best app I have ever used

There is a glitch when u go onto downloads and watch it and it doesn’t work but besides that it is the best ever, since Disney owns pretty much everything it has all the movies I have loved over the years. So here is a lesson to the idiots who dislike it: Be happy it came out EARLY!!!!!!

- Disney+

I feel that this is a great app for Disney fans and worth the subscription fee and a great design layout for the app and one of the best streaming services there is.

- No internet watch

Why is it when people pay money for Disney we can not watch without using internet or wifi sometimes in places people can’t get good internet and makes movies slow of don’t have wifi but pay the money for subscription and down load movies but when we have no internet or wifi can not use it. With Netflix and other streaming services you can watch without internet and or wifi if your going to make people pay to use your service shouldn’t you consider making this a option so people can still use your service

- Star Wars?

Please put the new stars wars movie on here ASAP.

- Better than TikTok

It’s better than TikTok rate this app 5 stars to beat TikTok

- Rise of skywalker

Still no rise of skywalker hopefully it comes out before it does on Blu-ray DVD

- Always love Disney

It’s so cool and awesome at the same time I can watch anything I see!

- Good but glitchy

App can be glitchy from time to time


This app is great because it is free and it’s got all ur favs on it. With a wide variety of things to watch, this is my favourite movie/video app it is sooooo good I can’t stop watching it u should definitely download it!!!


Airplay works one-in-a-million times. And even when it does work, the app will crash every 10-20 minutes. Trash app and the website is just the same.

- it’s alright

look, i love it. however it has its ups and downs. there’s a few glitches, like it shows that i’m up to one episode when i’m really up to a different episode and one time it froze and buffered and i thought it was just my internet. but when i refreshed the page it skipped to near the end of the episode. other glitches as well but i could go on for pages...

- Disney plus app

Your app is very Nice and I hope you make more like this

- Star Wars the clone wars more episodes

I’ve been enjoying the new episodes of Star Wars the clone wars but it would be better if we could at least get 2 episodes a week but every thing is good and I have been enjoying Disney plus.

- Disney

Totally enjoy all shows movies and my family Thank you

- Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it love it love it love it love it and love it

- App is clunky

I like the UI but the app if clunky at best. Many drop outs and issues even with downloaded content.

- Best thing ever

Best Disney movies shows even marvel I love my brothers love it my mum likes it my dad well doesn’t even know it but ITS THE BEST PP IV EVER HAD IM NEVER OF IT I WOULD PSY 29999878988 dollars for it btw I’m 11 thank u 5 stars

- Download this!

Disney + is the best! It’s cheap and it has everything old & new! I wanted to watch I show that came out when I was really young but it couldn’t find it anywhere but when I got Disney + it was there and I watch the whole series. I love Disney + and I enjoy watching all the stuff on it 💙

- Please work with google

It’s a great subscription, we love so many things on here, it’s not the nicest app to navigate but it’s new and for a new app it’s good. But please can you get on to google home 🙏🏻 Stan, Netflix, YouTube and Foxtel are all able to be used in google home/assistant but not Disney+ it means it’s always the last thing I use, it makes the subscription seem less valuable.

- A few things to improve

The app is not that dynamic, it doesn’t allow us to skip the intro and it doesn’t recognise which episodes I watched, for instance, I started watch Clone Wars from the fifth season and it doesn’t show that I watched the episodes 1 to 9 of this season. Sometimes if I fast forward comeback to the previous minute Besides that the content is amazing! I hope you keep going with the Netflix marvel shows, it’s an amazing project :) Love you 3000

- Its fine i guess

I haven’t used it yet ‘cause i don’t know how to but i bet its amazing even though I don’t know what to do when I get to the home page of the app AKA i dunno how to set it up😶😐😑 oh well i better sleep it’s 2:27 in the morning bye!👋🏾👋🏾

- How good Disney is

There are a lot of very good titles on Disney+. I now that new titles are coming out all the time. But there are still some missing titles. I now there may make it to the app eventually. It is great that you can see lots of old and new stuff, wherever you are. That is the best part, the best.

- Disney Plus +

The best thing what’s ever happened to me. Basically all my childhood memories are coming back to be. If I was you, take the year plan because if do it only for a month it’s costs more. Back to the subject tho, it’s SOOOO GOOOD! Now I can’t complain that’s there’s nothing to watch in this world because of Disney Plus +.

- Will not connect to Apple TV

After several attempts - will not connect to Apple TV

- Can’t see movie library before purchasing

I subscribed to Disney plus to watch a particular movie that I saw was on the app on the internet. This was false and because you can’t access any of the content prior to subscription I felt lied to.


Hi, I’m was wondering if you could add the rest of Violetta (season 2 & 3) because I’m currently watching and nearly finished season 1 and wanting more Thanks


Disney+ Provides me with all the entertainment ever! The shows and movies run VERY smoothly and there are so many thing to choose from! I recommend u download Disney+ and pay the subscription for all the entertainment EVER!

- Wouldn’t you like to know.

The fabric of my childhood. All in one place ❤️

- Great 5 stars

Lots of movies to watch

- still needs more work

disney plus is definitely worth getting for the content, however the actual app itself needs work

- Disney+ is AWESOME!

Disney+ is a treasure and at such a great price. It’s like access to the Disney Vault. On Free Night I like to Put on a Classic Disney Movie I have or haven’t seen before. It’s so great. I never would have how great the under rated Cinderella 3 was and goof troop is also pretty good. We also get the entire Lilo and Stitch legacy and it’s all great. I plan watch The rescuers down under on the next opportunity. One Request I have is to Include Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (Both the Movie and the Series) as it was SOOO good. But either way I highly recommend Disney+ Keep creating Dreams Disney!

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- Great content but used for 3 days and nothing

I’ve used my Disney plus now on fire stick for 3 days and now it will not play or anything keeps saying it is having a hard time connecting to service. My family and I love Disney but this is irritating. I

- Great content, bad customer service

All the content on Disney+ is great. However the customer service has been terrible. The app has not worked on any of my Amazon devices for 2 weeks now and the issue has not been addressed. All I got was uninstall/reinstall, check your WiFi/router and turn off/on. None of that worked obviously. All I got was we know of the issue and we’re working on it. The app is still not working on my Amazon devices and I’ve had no response from customer service now for a week. No reason for this issue to last 2 weeks.

- It’s great and all but...

I love Disney+. But it sometimes has bugs or something and it won’t work on my tv sometimes. And it doesn’t have all of the tv shows and movies on there. I understand if they’re new shows but there are some old shows that aren’t on Disney+ like A.N.T Farm and etc. I just want EVERYTHING on Disney+ instead of certain tv shows and movies

- Good movies

Good movies but they took of home alone 1 and 2

- Good but freezes up

Disney+ is good but like with my iPhone it is lagging and I can’t watch my show and it keeps saying that I have an error so I can’t even get in Disney+. Plus my old shows I was watching got deleted and I was going to watch it later

- Good but episodes are missing or swapped

suite life of Zach and Cody season 3 episode 20 is missing.

- When it works it’s alright

This app is decent when it works. I thought they’d update the controls to make easier (pause and play). Right now I just continue to get error codes about streaming. No other devices in the house are having issues. Disney+ is the issue. Fix the app

- Need to put all episodes

Y’all need to put all the shows and in lab rats and other shows u don’t show all episodes

- Update episodes

I like this app a lot but sometimes shows are incomplete and missing a couple seasons, I want to know if those are the only episodes you will release or are u going to continue to add more episodes. Also you haven’t added some movies like enchanted

- I’ll try another year

When you try to watch on the PS4 we would try to turn off the controller & the movie/show would stop. Also when you download a movie or show it doesn’t look clear at all, it’s so blurry.

- Why do you want a subscribshon

I love the app but you need to stop asking for a subscribshon

- Uhhh

This is a great app h it sometimes it lags sometimes and the casting does not work sometimes but overall this is good I recommend it if you are a major Disney fan

- Crashes

Downloaded the app and haven’t even seen what it’s like yet. Every time I click on it, it crashes.

- Buffering

i know everything buffers at some point but this is actually annoying. ever since i’ve gotten it, it will freeze and buffer and close out of the app/movie. i figured it’d be done by now but i guess not.

- Hasn’t been working

When I had Disney+ in the beginning it worked perfectly fine, but a few weeks ago it started to not work at all. I would check my connection, checking for updates and everything and it still didn’t work. I would try and watch movies and it wouldn’t let me, I don’t know what’s going on but please fix it soon.

- Good, but won’t work with Chromcast

We can get every other program to work on our Chromcast but not Disney+. Hope there’s a fix that can happen to change this soon.

- Add mighty med

I think Disney plus would be so much better with mighty med from Disney XD. Could be five stars with mighty med!!!

- Newest update broke app!

Updated.. now app wont launch!! PLEASE FIX ASAP!! This is why i dont update something that isnt broken!! It tends to break things..

- Anyone else?

Ever since the app launched I’ve had trouble adding to my list. I’ll add a movie and look up the movie later or days later and it’s not on my watchlist.

- Very good But...

Disney+ is very good but it could use some games. After awhile I got board I looked, but they didn’t have any! I was bummed.It could use a few games. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. Ally-fund-Ally

- No American dragon and soMuch bugs>

Com on Disney your videos is has missing episode of tron becks begging weres that it’s so confusing and now it keeps crashing really bad!!!!!!! Also been waiting for American dragon you have Kim possible which is so wrong please I beeen waiting for mouth s!!!!!!!!! >

- Great, I love it 😍, But one question...

Ok, to start I am ten years old and I love Disney plus. My mom got Disney plus almost about 4 weeks ago for us to watch things like the nature shows on it. But I found that it has a couple of other cool shows on it too. Though, I go to my friend’s house sometimes (who also has Disney plus) and she shows me cool movies/shows on it and when I go home to try and find them on my Disney plus, they don’t show up at all! ☹️ For example, a couple of days ago she told me that A WRINKLE IN TIME was on Disney plus and I know it is because I saw it on her’s. But I tried everything to find it and couldn’t. When I searched it on Disney plus it said “no results found.” I would really like if you could fix this. But overall I Love, Love, Love 💗 Disney plus. Thanks so much for reading.

- Miraculous

I really want you to add the show “Miraculous” 🙃 I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT!!! But I’ve watched 5 seasons and don’t know if there is more because netflix always adds things late and for all I know Netflix might not add of the rest of the episodes. So pleaseee add this show to Disney Plus! Thank you! ❤️

- Great Streaming Service!

Great streaming service for the kids

- What is the point of paying monthly if I can’t even see the movies I want

I searched for five different movies that I wanted to watch and all of them came out years ago and none of them I can watch Beauty and the beast does not come out till October and Cinderella till September these are just a couple examples. Why do I pay if I don’t get to watch the movies I want maybe I’ll just switch back to Netflix instead it would be a better use of money.

- Love App but .....

I absolutely LOVEEEE Disney+, I can finally watch classic shows and movies I haven’t seen in years. But can we please get Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides & Dead Men Tell No Tales back on here. Also can we move up the release dates of the Avengers Infinity War & Ant-Man & the Wasp (I mean everyone everywhere is quarantined right) could we also get The Incredible Hulk & the two Spider Man movies. Please & thanks :) besides that stuff this app is amazing & anyone who loves Disney (as much as I do) loves the app as well! Thank you Disney :)

- Very bad 😤

My daughter was watching the show Bluey and it was just a black Screen she asked can you help me so I helped her but I tryded refreshing it and it never worked so So I had to lied to her and say you never Watch that show


I’ve had the app since it came out and Disney plus has blocked my account for months, it’s been charging me while My account was blocked.

- Great streaming service but...

Why do so many shows have episodes out of order?

- Shows

It doesn’t have all the shows on it like mighty med our Bizzarkbard I thought it was supposed to have it all

- Very bad

There is no content available. If you want to watch anything you need seventeen different subscriptions. Basically, you have to take on a car payment to access any content. Disney is the moral equivalent of the third reich.

- Use

Loads super quick and has almost all the shows I like. Watching Disney+ while writing this review. Please buy dreamworks

- Update

That new update was terrible when I click on it, it takes me right back to my home screen

- Dog with a blog

Please can you add this title it is Disney’s dog with a blog I love watching Disney plus but it will be much better if you add dog with a blog

- Won't stop loading

Overall Disney+ is great it has a lot of new movies and shows expect that it won't stop loading especially on counsel devices.

- Why

I have been watching clone wars on Disney plus so much lately, and now it’s not there any more, please put clone wars back on Disney plus

- Need audio description

All of the shows should have audio description

- I love Disney +

5 stars. so good. everything you ever wanted.

- Can’t AirPlay Downloaded Content

I can Stream movies and AirPlay them. However, if the movie is downloaded, I can’t.

- More shows

Why is dog with a blog not on it hmmm? Maybe add Pokémon I saw it on Disney XD and imazuma

- Amazing

This service has everything nice And Fair Deals You Have 2 Options for Sign Up You can Pay $7 a Month Or You can Pay $60 Per Year It’s Everything Disney Or will Be by 2021 and You don’t have to purchase stuff like with Prime Video Witch I also use just sign up and watch anything from Disney free Ad free

- Tv

I have 2 tvs from 2015 in my home, they are both 65 inch so Im not ready to replace them just yet and this app is only compatible with tvs made 2016 and later. That is a horrible feature, this needs to be fixed.

- It’s great but there is just 1 bug

When you skip 10 seconds a lot of times on a tv show or movie it fast forwards through the whole movie

- Why it say my subscription over

I paid for a month a few days ago and it say it’s over and I’m super mad 🤦🏽‍♀️

- latest update wont log in

updated now app wont work... what a rip-off disney!!! fix it

- Missing a Star Wars movie

Love it but missing the 501st region it’s a Star Wars movie please add it

- Great app

Endless movies and shows for the family and if anyone from Disney is reading this please a zeke and Luther

- Cc’d

I know you are trying your best but I cannot find diary of a future president🙂😃😀?

- 💕💕💕💕

I absolutely love Disney plus. I use it all the time. I watch it in my room by my self. I watch it with my family. I watch it with my friends. I watch it everywhere I go. One thing that disappointed me was that on Friday when the shows come out, they don’t come out right when it’s 12:00. Me and my best friend stayed up on Thursday night so we could watch our favorite, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but when the clock turned 12 we went straight to Disney plus. We were disappointed when we saw that no new episode was out. But other than that Disney plus is amazing and worth the money.

- Confused 🤔

I been a customer from day 1.. My account was just charged march 20, 2020... but all my Disney Plus services on my devices are signed out and it wont let me sign in as if im a new purchaser. Like i dont exist 🤔

- It’s great!

Disney plus is probably one of the best things I purchased. It’s has all the classics and me and my family ( mostly me ) live watching all the movies although I think there should be a continue watching platform so we can keep track of what we were watching , and although it’s not disney since Percy Jackson’s on there now please please please put Harry Potter on there please those movies are so good . Those are my only suggestions but other than that I love it and it’s great

- Love this app

Disney+ is amazing. so many good movie and shows on this app. And so many classes from my childhood. Disney really knocked it out of the park with this streaming service.

- nice app but need a few touches

i really like the app but my mom is from Colombia🇨🇴and i really want some subtitles for her to read if you add that i will be very pleased with your app, and maybe you should add some good movies for adults and family movies🍿 Thank you for reading.

- Great!

The whole app and design is fantastic but i was just wondering if “Spies in disguise” and “Onward” are coming to Disney + and when?

- Um Hello????

Everyone is saying that there is no continue watching selection, but there is. Try updating it.

- Great app

App works great, feature to have multiple profiles and set viewer as a kid is very helpful. To the developers - it would be awesome to have a song streaming section to promote a dance party with Disney songs or a sing along section style for karaoke. It would be a welcome addition.

- barely any good movies

a slim chance you’ll find something good that you haven’t watched before.

- Unhappy costumer

Hi I recently realize that you guys have gotten rid of some movies I can’t name all of them but The Road to El Dorado is one and Mulan2 . I don’t know why you guys got rid of them but can you please bring them back I know they aren’t the most popular movies but I still like to watch them very much and I thought Disney plus was different then Netflix and didn’t get rid of movies I guess I was wrong 😒. This in Canada by the way i don’t know if that’s why but bring them back please or thank you.

- Missing episode

This is hilarious! First you mess up upgrading the quality of older Simpson’s videos by cutting 30-40% of the screen away. Now I noticed an episode of Star Wars clone wars season 3 ep 8,9,10 or it was 7,8,9. The total hostage taking of padme n her senators is missing! Just jumped over to the next episode! I just watched it last month when binge watching clone wars! ... lmao! I challenge all to go through Disney series n see what else is missing! Sad you had to place warning to older content... please get past the PC culture! How did life change so much after 2016 to see the triggered culture of today?


This app is simply wonderful. i’m very happy you added a continue watching section. i love Disney and this is a wonderful app. However, is Pocahontas (the second movie of it, i can’t remember the name of it) going to be added to Disney+?

- Casting shouldn’t restart movies

Any time I have casting to chrome cast already enabled and start any movie I’m in the middle of watching it always starts from the beginning. Not only that but it forgets my progress so that even if I cancel I’ve now lost my spot and have to scrub through again. I have to start the movie and then cast it in order to avoid this and I often forget and will have to waste a few minutes finding my spot. It’s embarrassing that this hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s happening on my iPad as well and my girlfriends iPhone so it’s not some small glitch. I’ll change this to five stars if you can fix this. No other similar app has such glaring errors.


Omg I love it! It’s the best thing ever! It has every Disney movie/show literally ever and I LOVE IT

- Tv

When will we be able to connect to the tv from the app?

- Trouble with TV connection

Every time I connect the app on my Tv, it disconnect after 10-15 sec

- Review

Good app just I didn’t proceed with my payment and so I got emails saying stuff about not having my subscription. I just got an iTunes card for something else and next thing I know it’s all gone because Disney plus took it when I thought I didn’t have a subscription running at the time. Not happy about this, but otherwise the app is good.

- Brutal

Lots of selection and the idea is great but the app on Apple TV is absolutely terrible . Phone app is good though lol

- App is ok but could be better

I find that app will on several occasions stop responding, or freeze. In a separate issue the controls (play, rewind, forward) will not be present and only the refresh circle icon appears instead. On these occasions I have to exit the video and play again in order for the controls to appear again. You should also have a method to view videos based on categories

- Amazing but need a slight update :)

While the movie selection is really great and has a lot of iconic movies, I think a slight patch would be great. For exemple as soon as I click on the upper part of my screen it brings me to the selection of episode or movie. I know this is intentional but can ruin the flow of the movie sometimes. Also it happen that the movie plays and there is a sign that the movie is loading. Also I think it would be nice to have the two newSpider-Man movies because you guys have a full collection of Spider-Man and don’t have them. I know this might be a owner problem but I would still like to see it. These are all minor things I really enjoy the app and the great series and work that are on it and you guys are working on. Keep the hard work👍 :)

- Great but not perfect

I love the app but I wish that Disney would make the app available in every country don’t get me wrong the app is amazing but if it get an upgrade it would be perfect😃👌

- Disney Plus App

I downloaded this app on both my IPhone and tablet, and this app sucks. Glitches out on both devices, no matter what movie your watching. Same thing happened to my daughter on her IPhone. I expected better. Very sad customer.



- Plz add family guy

This app is amazing but could I guys add family guy maybe?

- Awesome app

I am enjoying this so much and it’s great because you can watch classics and new movies !

- It’s Disney

Get to enjoy movies or shows I have never seen or head of and relive childhood memories a million thumbs up

- Doesn’t work properly with Apple TV version 2

Won’t airplay without errors on older Apple TV. To keep it I will need to buy new hardware which I’m not happy about. All other streaming services airplay just fine. This is a fatal flaw for Disney.

- Amazing

I love this app!!

- Love it 😍

I really really like but it seems where better the Netflix

- Marvel

It needs more marvel.

- I love disney +

J'aime sa ses tres bon les filme

- Disney+

Can you make it free please mymomhas to pay rent

- Awesome

The layout is similar to Netflix which is easy to understand and use. They have all the old Disney channels shows I watched when I was younger and can watch now. They have every Disney move to exist and more! The only thing is that I wish they had more shows like Stephen universe, adventure time or Clarence. Overall, I love Disney plus!

- App does not work on iPad

If you have iOS 10.3.3 and you can’t upgrade then the app won’t work..

- Problème avec les titre en français

Sa na aucun sens comment la difficulté d’avoir 2 fois en ligne les titre en francais

- Amazing

I love this app because there’s a download and go so when my family is on road trips we pass time by quick. Also this app is great for everyone there so many shows and movies especially that right now we’re all jammed in with nothing to do we can watch Disney+ for a couple hours without any fighting

- My favourite Movie Is On Disney+, Finally!

I Like Frozen 2 While My Baby Sister Loves Moana, My Mommy Loves Disney Classic Movies, And My Dad Loves Marvel And Starwars. thanks For adding Frozen 2 It’s My Favourite Movie!

- 😃😃

I think it is great for a family and for people who want to have a good time.😺

- The best

This is the best app ever!!!

- Very good

Good for all ages

- Disney+

It is a great app to watch with your family you get to watch all your favourite Star Wars movies Pixar movies Disney movies Marvel movies and National Geographic movies and awsome tv shows like Boy Meets World Phineas and Ferb and the Disney + movies are even better then the Netflix movies and Disney + is better then Netflix.

- Disney plus is awesomely cool

Good TV stream thingy with good stuff to watch!!!

- Awesome 👍

It’s the best I have no problems with it

- I LOVE Disney Plus

It is cool here is awesome movies but I think there should be some more . Ya besides that is is awesome ..... GET IT NOW !!!!! from : Allie Norman



- Love Disney

I love Disney + it is a really great app you can watch so many Disney shows that you can’t find in other apps and it is just so awesome I definitely recommend it for you or your family.

- 🍿

Needs more response with pause and un pause

- AWESOME!!!!!!

This app has so many selections and I LOVE the movies. Even after the mandalorian stopped coming out I still watched it ALL the time 😍😆

- The best app in the world soo much better than Netflix

Best app ever


Like to watch while playing Minecraft

- YAY🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🦄🦄🦄🦄

It’s so addicting and so safe you should get it no problems

- Thank you Disney for all the new movies!


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- Disney plus is great

This app is great there’s loads of films and series I nether fought they would have the Simpsons on there as well diary of a wimpy kid

- Only three episodes of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has been fully released in the USA since December. The UK app only has three episodes and they are releasing one a week to make you keep your subscription for many weeks more after the free trial.


So much trouble getting the verification code spent nearly 2 hours now at the start I was logged in on 2 devices now both been logged out manually until I get the code that isn’t coming through 2 support officers later as I keep getting disconnected and still no further

- Simpson’s Aspect Ratio

Ruins the 4:3 episodes. To make up for running with this mistake after fixing they should also include audio commentary as a track like on the ole dvds. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s the cromulent thing to do. Worst. Cropping. Ever.

- “Oops something went wrong”

Fed up of trying to fix this but cant watch anything for more than 60 seconds downloaded or streamed.


I actually loovveeee love loveeee Disney+ it has basically everything on there for £5.99 a month, me and my whole family have spent way more time together because we have good movies to watch all together. The only thing I would say is add the proud family seriesss, after I watched the movie I was searching everywhere for the series and I was shocked when I couldn’t find it, it would actually make my time in quarantine soo much more manageable. But overall the app is greattt 😁😁!!!!

- It Disney work well on Apple TV

A good selection of films, animations and series. Now Disney just need to push out the Disney Player app to older generations of Apple TV boxes. I’ve found that if you download a film onto iPad or iPhone, it encounters an error and won’t stream to an Apple TV gen 2 unit. Instead, you have to play the film or episode in real-time from your phone to stream it to Apple TV. Come on Disney, one last technical hurdle to overcome to get 5 stars.

- Amazing app!!!

Amazing app!!!

- Only use trial!

Content is all over, shot and crappy Graphics are legacy Content is great if you are 12 but has a parent I would skip this They are trying to revive the glory but .. in doing so, they are dragging the brand down. I love many thing, but overall the content is so... 6 year oldish Super weird Was a fan before Disney plus Now I am a fan of Netflix


I only got this app last night and love it . As I am in isolation due to corona virus (covid 19) I love this because it goes all the way back to the first Disney film there is also Pixar, and many others . As I have a family of my own we all love it .

- Not 100% perfect yet

The app has a issues when trying to watch on Chromecast and also when you try to connect it to your TV. Surprised how these functions are not 100% yet, considering Disney has the right team to resolve these issues. Overall the library collection is really good, with all the newest and classic movies. However I regret paying for subscription this early whilst the app has problem. So I would hold tight before subscribing if I was you until you hear that they have fixed it.

- Poor

Have to use a vpn when traveling with the children. The company has my card details and billing address so it doesn’t need to block useage of app when outside certain countries. Some idiot didn’t think of disappointed children on a 10 hour flight or stuck in quarantine

- Disney +

I have it in my X box and is cool but paying blew me off

- 1 Suggestion

I really like this app, I just would like to make a small suggestion: could you add A.N.T farm onto it?

- No access in the Channel Islands

It’s ridiculous that the app (whether on iOS or my smart TV) wouldn’t allow access in the Channel Islands, despite the subscriber agreement clearly including them in the defined “Territory” of service coverage. Please fix this Disney!

- Great app.

Great app.

- Missing Content!

Right so I’m paying £2 more and I’ve just gone from streaming directly through my Samsung smart tv (which my 5yo could launch and navigate on her own) To it not being available (compatible with) my tv as it’s one year too old. Also there are several series (Elena and lion guard to name some) that have had a cut in content. Where did the second seasons go?!? VERY disappointed in Disney as it seems like they are catering to the adult audience, where as DisneyLife was catering to youth and it’s now not ‘available’. Shame on you for hoodwinking everyone into paying up front for the first year then pulling the rug from underneath your youngest fans.

- Great content, very poor parental controls

The look and feel of the app is great. The content is fantastic. The real let down is with the parental controls. I can set up different profiles and selects which ones are kids, but that is as far as I can go. There is ‘kids content’ or ‘all content’. I have an older kid (who could watch content for under 16’s) and a younger kid (who could watch content for under 12’s). With Disney+ they both have to have the same account permissions - there is no flexibility which one kid losing content or one kid having access to inappropriate content. Similarly, we share devices in our house so my kids might watch Disney+ on my phone, iPad or the Apple TV. This means they can bypass the kids app by selecting my profile instead of theirs - proving access to all content regardless of age rating. A simple ‘parental pin’ would resolve this issue, where the main account holder can set a pin that must be entered to view content over a specific age (of my choice). The ‘pin’ feature would also resolve the younger/older child content issue, as my older child could have an ‘all’ content account, they would a pin to access content over a certain age (for example 12+).

- Amateur mistakes

Having lived with the unstable car crash that was “Disney Life”, was hoping for something far better than this. It’s as if they’ve looked at Netflix and how that works, and said “nah, why we want to do it like that?”: - autoplay is at times pointless. Truly bad. It is utterly pointless if it only works after the very end of all credits, in all languages. So let’s say the kids want to watch a few in a series of 4m length shorts. Can’t just leave them to it, because 1m30s of that is actually just credits. Norwegian is my favourite. Then, after all that, and the kids bugging me like crazy to come back and make the pain stop, it will “autoplay” the next 3 minutes of content. This is laughable. Who the hell signed off that decision?! - just as annoying in the long run - the app (at least on Apple TV) gives zero indication of where you’ve reached when watching a series. Again, who signed off on “hey, should we make it intuitive and easy for people to jump back into where they’d reached, you know, like every other reputable streaming service? .....nah.” Fix these, you’ve got an app that is as good as other established competitors. Without it, infuriating nonsense.

- So disappointed

I got this just to watch descendants 3, spider-man homecoming, spider-man far from home and so much more but they are not there I bout this believing that I would have the movie above but not one is there really spider-man homecoming has been out for 2 years and I still can’t see it 2 YEARS and it’s still not in this app not happy at all


so I love this app! we made an account yesterday and me and my sister stayed up all night watching Hannah Montana, Jessie, Good luck charlie, camp rock ,ect. but i have some problems. We want more.. Zombies 2, desendants 3. the new stuff! thats not the biggest problem, i was excited to watch high school musical the series but when I saw the amount of episodes i knew something was sketchy. There was ONLY 2 EPISODES!!! I thought maybe it was just a short series. so I searched it up. I WAS HORRIFIED TO SEE THAT THERE WERE 10 EPISODES AND I WAS ONLY GIVEN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the app but you better add more episodes otherwise i will write a formal complaint!!!!!!! -review written at 5AM.



- Amazing

I really recently heared of this and loved the sound of it so I do indeed like it

- ah wagwarn for di app darg

the whole tings aff blud theres no mickeymouse clubhouse fam kmt allow the whole app kmt

- This app is amazing

Have no problems with it I love it x

- Mandalorian

I only bought this to watch the mandalorian. That’s legit the only reason and I’m glad I did

- Add more things

Can you add Spider-Man to the app and section were you can see upcoming movies

- No arabic subtitles

Good range of movies but i really wanted it to have arabic subtitles but i was disappointed to find out there are none. Hope this is something that disney plus will add , because i will definitely keep my subscription if there was arabic subtitles.

- Awesome


- Connection issues for PS4 use

Great content, however the constant issues with connection using PS4 means it’s just frustrating to use, even when the rest of the household is running perfectly so it’s not the internet it’s the app not coping with demand, please can something be done or it’s pretty useless.

- Can’t take up 7 day trial

The app offers 7 day free trial but when you put in your email address there is no way of continuing to step 2. You can’t even scroll down to read the whole page. I would have given 0 stars but that was not an option. Very disappointed as was looking forward to using this app but was a waste of time even downloading it.

- Crap....

Doesn’t log in on the iPad app. Error Code 73... Don’t bother with ‘tech’ support because they’re not technical. They’ll have you running round blaming routers and IP addresses and turning stuff on and off. It’s basically just shonky code they need to fix.. I suppose they’ve dongled it to buggery to save their intellectual property; the result is just a poor PAID user experience. Now the TV app edition doesn’t connect. Everything else on my Apple TV works; but the Disney App doesn’t. Must be my network... Really Disney? I’ve paid for this... Get it working. Update: 25th Mar The iPad app on initial inspection now appears to be working, the iPhone app was working haven’t updated that yet to see if it continues. The TV App still doesn’t work and now you don’t even get the login in error when using your iPad or iPhone to authenticate through.. This really is a shambles, come on Disney you're getting as bad as Apple.. Update: 27th Mar 20 Not fixed on iPad or TV. Everything else connect and works, Netflix, NowTV (which is a really crap app), Prime and of course Apple TV+, Disney+ doesn’t connect, so of course it must be my equipment, or that’s what they’d like you to believe... Update: 28th March 20 Turns out they’re trying to restrict you to specific IP addresses. So if you use 4G broadband this service is likely to work for you. It doesn’t work for me because I run two static IP’s and one 4G. That’s really stumped them because they don’t know what a static IP is. The idiot in the chat kept asking me to go to ‘what’s my ip’ saying what’s the IP address we’re chatting on? He really couldn’t grip the idea that the one we were chatting probably isn’t the same IP the telly is trying to connect on... Dummies.

- App keeps chucking me off

Worked very well at first and has a lot of content. More content needed though.... now the app keeps chucking me off. Won’t even load. Uninstalled app and still won’t work. Fix it.....

- Disappointed

At first, i loved this app but i downloaded some films to watch for the night only to find that the next time I opened the app, my downloads were gone...

- Great

It is a good app and cool movies

- Easy to use but lacks parental controls

The app is really easy to use and the film range is fantastic for the subscription price. My only criticism is that there are virtually no parental controls. You can setup kids profiles to restrict content but children can change the setting themselves or just switch to a “non kid” profile. Other apps have passwords for that sort of functionality. A trust based approach is lovely in principle but isn’t robust. Hopefully that can be considered for future updates and I’d rate the app higher.

- Very upset

Downloaded this app to my tv and for some reason it will play the movie but no sound out of the character only background music do not undersfand? I've re downloaded app several times too

- Slow, laggy and poor

The app is very slow, it lags constantly, can’t load anything and when I exit a film/program it carry’s on playing the sound. Lastly, there is no next episode button when watching programmes.

- AMAZING⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Worth the wait love Disney and Pixar also the national geographic channel will help me with my learning coming up for mock GCSEs when we go back to school as I’m taking geography definitely recommend 🙃😊

- Good, but has issues

Ran into lots of crashes while using the app, would like to see these be fixed, the mini media player crashes 1/2 the time I use it which can be very frustrating, please fix these but other than that great app (and great content)

- Very good

Really like this app, haven’t had any problems. Please add more movies though.

- Just for Children

I waited in anticipation for the app to drop, I even signed up before the launch date only to find that I have just paid a full years subscription for a children’s app. It Turns our that the Marvel programmes advertised won’t be available till late 2020 early 2021. Hopefully Disney will see this and consider moving over some of their ABC shows over to the app. As a British customer doing so would give me access too so many shows not currently shown in the UK. I love Disney films but, in this current climate the 7 day trial would have allowed me more than enough time to watch all the films I wanted to. I would have given it 5 stars if I had children.

- Keeps crashing

App works on iPad Air 2 but not iPad mini 4, keeps crashing as I open the app!


Hi App not opening on iPad but is on iPhone

- 👍🏻

Love it! Love it! Love it!

- My review

I really like it, it was worth the wait my favourite show on there is definitely the mandalorion its about a bounty hunter in star wars the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because they are releasing episodes daily but the timing is inconsistent like yesterday I was watching a new one at half 9 today its half 10 but im still waiting Even though that small problem I definitely recommend getting this because its quite cheap for what you get in return 4 stars

- won’t let me sign up

Looks great just can’t sign up because it won’t rep me scroll down.

- Quite good

It has good content but everytime I air drop to apply TV language settings change and need to keep manually changing back. Such a simple thing to get right takes the edge off something that should have been amazing

- Very Buggy App

Managed to download the app, watched one classic disney film. Then downloaded two films onto my iPad. Went back to watch them, films not there, then app booted me out. Tried to get back in & each time I got as far as the main page then got booted out again. Have just reinstalled it so hoping that does the trick. Good when it was working.

- Doesn’t works on uk islands

Absolute rubbish, the only way I can play any video it’s trough my iPhone any other platform says it’s not available in the area I’m on witch it’s still uk (IOM)... truly disappointing

- Disney+ is AWESOME!

Disney+ is a treasure and at such a great price. It’s like access to the Disney Vault. On Free Night I like to Put on a Classic Disney Movie I have or haven’t seen before. It’s so great. I never would have how great the under rated Cinderella 3 was and goof troop is also pretty good. We also get the entire Lilo and Stitch legacy and it’s all great. I plan watch The rescuers down under on the next opportunity. One Request I have is to Include Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (Both the Movie and the Series) as it was SOOO good. But either way I highly recommend Disney+ Keep creating Dreams Disney!

- Best Decision Ever

Disney Plus is honestly all my dreams wrapped into one. The fact that I can marathon Big City Greens is so amazing. All my princesses and super heroes all in this one place where I can go to refresh, to feel peace and happiness. Thank Disney for bringing me laughter, tears of joy, for making me sing to the top of my lungs and dance like no ones watching. And always for the morals I’m constantly learning. 💜💜💜💜💜

- Amazing

Okay so my kid is sick which is sad so I gave her my iPad and said “I have Disney + so you can watch all the movies you like” and she started watching Alice in wonderland! I highly recommended getting this!

- Important

Would love if it would cast to my TV

- Ss

I love it so much


O.M.G., this is the best app ever no adds and loads of content for the price of $8!!!! Shut up and take my money 😆👍👍

- The best Eva!

This ie the best app for streaming movies 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Simpsons quality

Bit disappointed the older Simpsons episodes have been scaled for 16:9 v screen. Picture often no good and you can see it crops. Pretty much only signed up for the Simpsons. Disappointing.

- It’s cool!

I really like Disney movies and shows (especially Disney Channel) and I enjoy diary of a future president, but I have just one problem. I really like ZOMBIES and I want to watch the 2 movie that came out in February but I keep looking to when you guys add new shows and episodes but never see it so could you add it please!!

- \(^o^)/

Love it

- Buggy

Buggy app. Movies cut out all the time and it won’t save language settings so always have to change it to English.

- Volume control

Could use a volume bar on the screen while watching on my iPad. Everything else is pretty good.

- It’s great


- Great App

Definitely worth the cost, it’s super fast and you can watch marvel, Star Wars and lots. I definitely recommend Disney +

- Disney

Great shows can’t stop watching

- Terrible app

I have constant issues with the app playing If my kid didn’t want to sing frozen every 15mins this app would be in my recycle bin

- Awesome😎🤑🥳🥳🤩🤩🥳🥳🤩🤩🥳🥳🤩

This app is the best app ever

- What’s the point

I have watched most of what they have... and they don’t even release new movies on it even when the Blu-ray is out. So what’s the point of Disney plus? I am bored already.

- When will the new lion king be out?

Pppppllleeaaasssee!!! Put the new lion king on diesney plus I loved ppppppllleeeaaassseeee!!! I'm begging you put the new lion king on it!! I've been very good!😇😇😇😇😫😫😫😫😫!

- Disney plus +

Hi 👋🏼 love watching movies 🎥 I mostly LOVE frozen/frozen olafs frozen adventure/frozen fever and frozen 2.....And i love zootopia I like Moana KINDA!!!

- It is so good

Disney plus is a 5 star app

- Great

Hi it’s awesome

- Something needs to change

Constantly keeps changing languages while my daughter watches, constantly freezes and lags.

- Movies

Disney+ has some of the best Disney movies of all time if not the best the even have exclusive documentaries ant series. E.G. the mandalorian, clone wars and lots more.

- App needs to be fixed!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all the content on Disney+ but the app is horrible. I can’t find any of the shows or movies I added to my watch list, only a few come up. I can’t download anything at all now after the new update now as well.. definitely needs fixing up

- Performance of Disney +

Disney + keeps stopping the movie or tv show and having to load for like 5mins and I know that it doesn’t seem like much but when it happens 20times in one movie

- Not happy with Disney Plus

No latest shows, no news live channels. Will not subscribe even if the Disney Channels in Australia go until I see live news content or something on then. Also I find removing the Disney channels is a bad idea. There are still people who may prefer watching via cable tv as people are still subscribe because of news channels and all that on cable. Which is why will not subscribe. My friends are not subscribing until I see a change in by starters not removing the Disney channels on fetch tv.

- Please get ready

I’ll get dinner and then I will have to dinner with dinner or I just come get back to dinner and dinner I’ll be back in the day I can go home and get some dinner I have some stuff for dinner then I’ll be back in the day I can come home to dinner I’ll come get you some dinner I will have to get dinner and then I’ll be back home to dinner I’ll be there in a bit I’ll get rdinner I’ll come get dinner I’ll come get back to you and then I will have you come get your dinner and then go home I’ll come back and

- It is so much better than Stan

I love the movies on this app

- Hi

The reason it’s a 4 not 5 is because there are no barbie movies

- Super cool.


- Disney is the best

I love disney

- Not working

Had to cancel cause it stopped working on my tv great shows but

- Kprea

unable to use in korea

- Won’t let previous downloads be renewed

Says failed to renew content license. Connect to the internet to automatically renew downloaded content even though I am connected to the internet.

- Sound is so quiet

Great content but streaming via Apple TV the audio is so quiet it’s almost unusable. Not sure if a Disney + or Apple TV issue.

- Hi

I love this app BUT I don’t like how it’s not like Disney now on Disney now because on it has all the season on show so I Think that we should have all season on shows we like so in the next update this can we please have all season on shows.

- New profile pictures

I think Star Wars profile pictures such as obi wan darthmall anakin mace windo and general grievous please add these characters I would very much appreciate this

- It wont work

I will keep using this but right now it down for me and wonts start i hope this come back online it a really fun app and i give a better star rate when it dose

- Not working, no communication

It would be nice if this app worked. Have contacted support, with no response, and also no response on social media networks. None of the tv shows or movies play, when I click on them, using my smart tv (Sony 2019 model). Disappointing

- house of mouse

it’s all good maybe i was hoping that “house of mouse” could be put up there? i remember watching it when i was younger and was quite sad when i saw it wasn’t on disney+

- Worth your money

Disney plus, because is Disney received Disney movies or tv shows more faster as it is connected. There so many things to watch and I have spent so long watching all the old Disney content.

- Was good until the update

The update claims to have fixed streaming issues but I didn’t have any until the update, now can’t stream to Chromecast from XR or iPad mini 4. Hope this is fixed soon, until then the star rating will stay at 3 **update** It seems it’s just Star Wars programs I can no longer stream. I hope this is fixed before S2 of The Mandalorian

- Amazing content but problems with the app

Watching videos and I leave then it doesn’t go back to where I was and doesn’t get removed from my watch history

- The best!!!

THIS APP IS AWESOME!!!! All of my childhood came back and has amazing content. Works perfectly on my iPad air 2 and 6s phone. THIS IS THE BEST APP OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!

- Won’t cast smart TVs and freezes

I have just downloaded this app today and at first I Was very excited about all my kids fav movies in the one place... that was short lived Within seconds I realised it wouldn’t cast to my smart TVs and only my tv that has a google cast devices added too it. Then I tried to watch a movie with my kids and it seemed every minute it would freeze for ten seconds and then play next bit. This was beyond frustrating. I will be cancelling my subscription after the seven day free trial as it’s just not worth the heart ache which is a shame as I thought the concept was great

- Great titles, terrible streaming issues.

We’re really liking what Disney has on offer, but every time we watch something, it constantly stops to buffer. Gets quite frustrating. We have very fast internet and have no issues with our other streaming services like Netflix or Stan. Hopefully they fix this issue fast!

- 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😍

I love this up 🥰🥰😘😍🥰😘😍😍🥰😘😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘😍😋😘😛 😍😍😘😘😍🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘😍😍🥰😘😍🥰😘🥰😘

- Best app ever!

I watched every single marvel movie!

- Buffering

I’ve got very good connection. My Disney + keeps buffering. Don’t forget - this app is boring when all you are watching is Disney made films all the time. I miss Netflix so I always switch over to Netflix to watch a variety of movies and shows.

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Disney+ (Version 1.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Disney+ was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-11-11 and was developed by Disney [Developer ID: 284888248]. This application file size is 216.16 MB. Disney+ - Entertainment posted on 2020-03-25 current version is 1.4.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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