Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command [Games] App Description & Overview

Welcome to the Final Frontier!

You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command.

Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever.

As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officers like James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero -- and build powerful ships including the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and Klingon Bird of Prey.

Join Millions of players -- forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or dominate, the galaxy.

Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no one has gone before!

Be prepared to:
-Experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy
-Collect, build, and upgrade iconic ships
-Take the conn and control ships in star system and galaxy views
-Encounter famous Star Trek characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline
-Help locals, fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions
-Recruit famous officers with unique, tactical abilities
-Ally yourself with Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces
-Work with and against thousands of other players in real-time
-Build, upgrade, and defend your starbase
-Discover new technologies, ship upgrades, and resources
-Create or join powerful player Alliances to dominate star systems and become the most powerful players in the galaxy

Key Features:
-An open world, strategy MMO
- Free to play
- Stunning graphics
-Iconic Star Trek characters, ships and tech
- Fierce battles with players all over the world
- A new, immersive Star Trek story in the Kelvin Timeline
- Become the leader or member of a mighty Alliance
- Multiple language options

Download Star Trek - Fleet Command today and join Millions all over the world.

Privacy Policy:

Additional Information, Rights, and Choices Available to California Players:

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TM & © 2019 CBS Studios Inc. © 2019 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Star Trek Fleet Command Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- All able commanders are called to man their ships… Borg Armadas are entering our quadrant along with more Borg Officers, new missions, and more Borg Events! - Armada leaders can also choose the commanders that can join their armada! - Armada leaders get a guaranteed chest once the battle has ended. - Twelve hour peace shields have been added to Daily Goal rewards.

Star Trek Fleet Command Comments & Reviews

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- Great game but slightly PTW

Overall a really good game, i spent about an hour playing it when i started and got to level 6 without spending a penny. Its PTW because when someone attacks your home station and has spent loads of money on ships which absolutely obliterate anything in their path there isn’t an awful lot you can do. However its nowhere near as bad as some other games i have tried to play. Easy to learn and easy to play game, would definitely recommend.

- Really disappointing

It’s a shame that such a strong brand allows developers to use the franchise to promote troll behaviour and disrespect between players. I feel the nature of this game goes against the core values of the Star Trek brand, as players become increasingly hostile against others, in an aim to get ahead. I see little reward for this brand to promote bully behaviour. So, why do they go along with it?? (Shakes head) Sure, alliances do promote team spirit and cooperation BUT the game is largely designed to promote friction with other real life players with no moderation of inappropriate 1-to-1 chats. The result is needless social aggression, rudeness and promotion of hate. Whilst it may generate income for the franchise and developers it does so at the expense of undermining what I feel the brand stands for. Fairness. Equality. Decency. Respect. Lore. Imagination. Sorry. This isn’t my thing and I’m rather disappointed the Star Trek franchise allows this misrepresentation. If it were up to me, I’d pull the license.

- Star Trek

Used to crash all the time but gotten much better a credit to the scoply team Whatsup

- Don’t Bother

This game makes Scopely A LOT of money and all the while it does they do not care about problems/issues within the game, for example the game crashes every 30 mins ish which depending on what you are doing in the game can result in your ship being destroyed and then having to wait 4 1/2 hrs for it to be repaired through no fault of your own or when opening multiple Officer crates the game crashes after opening the first and you then lose the remaining 4 crates which you clicked to open. When reporting the crashing issue to Scopley, they responded by blaming my ipad telling me to reset my ipad, why? This is the only game or app which i have any problem with. Another issue is that when refining resources (required for ship upgrades) the results are based on chance which is in favour of Scopley depending on what is currently on sale in their Store. I expect this review will receive some kind of standardised response from them

- Worst game ever

Avoid this game at all costs, constantly crashes on you, bugs out leaving you unable to move ships so you just have to sit there and watch them get destroyed costing you time and resources to fix it. Support don’t care and just reply with copy and paste answers and say they’re working on the issue.... 8 months they’ve been working on it, if I spent 8 months trying to fix a fault at work I’d be fired for incompetence, it’s about time this was pulled from the App Store

- Scopley criminal

The game constantly crashes and when you purchase in app credits the game crashes and you don’t get your purchase you contact support and they refuse to give u your purchase

- Cool game so far

Started playing this game 2days ago and so far no major issues, the game play is smooth and the graphics are slightly clumpy. I have not had to use money yet but I can see it happening if I want to get bigger better ships.... let’s wait and see and Live long and prosper.🖖🏾

- Good game

It is a really good game with loads of good people on there. The only problem is there are a few bugs in the game that needs fixing

- 5 Stars for AMAZING

Absolutely love playing this game.

- Good game

Like this game it is fun yes you do get attacked I’ve never spent any money on this game so far but that’s up to you it takes time to progress join a clan and have fun

- Amazing gameplay and graphics!

This game is fantastic one of the best of its kind by far plenty to keep you busy. Immersive and incredibly detailed storyline. Years of fun to be had. The support team are incredible also. Love this game.

- *Avoid*Avoid*Avoid*Avoid*Avoid

Awful game, full of bugs (including the shop where you think you’re purchasing one pack and are credited with another). Crashes frequently. Scopely customer service useless and just copy and paste stock phrases and refuse to acknowledge the bugs, but then send a separate asking you to report their bugs to them. The game could be really good, but alas it’s not worth getting involved as your blood pressure will double and balance bank half.

- Star Trek fleet command

Game good but unless you have bottomless money pit it so hard to get up to a decent level we’re you can obtain good ships or station , and until you at that point you are getting constantly attacked by players who have bought £££££ there way up the levels these players are who rob you silly of all your kit and equipment you have took so long collecting without buying ££££ it like these who think they are playing the game you are never on a level playing field with players like this

- Game not loading

I know this is a P2W game and I actually don’t have a problem with this as I had no intention of paying or winning and was more than happy to plod along slowly completing tasks My real gripe is the fact that the game no longer loads. Have deleted and reinstalled but still the issue remains.

- Complete waste of time!

Well...if you want to spend a few days on missions and then lose all your assistance from any support platform and with a little bit busy f luck to have spent a few $...welcome 😂😂😂 This is by far the best way to waste your snake or will be happier!

- Keeps crashing on start up

Finally a game that seems to be playable for a long period of time (I get bored quickly unfortunately) but after just a couple of hours the game crashes back to the home screen as soon as it’s finished loading on start up

- Mega


- It’s a trap!

I was drawn in by the awesome starship battles in the adverts, so I thought I’d give it a go. At first it’s pretty interesting, lots to do and it gives you hints and tips...but then it just gets boring and repetitive. Progress is bloody slow and you haven’t got a hope in hell of getting the shops you really want without dedicating your life to it or paying money. It also crashes frequently on my iPhone 11

- Great game

Perhaps it starts off a bit slow but it sure picks up. A good game to play and shut down to come back to.

- Five stars

For me this is the best game out there

- Starfleet Command

What an amazing game, building ships, officers, bases stations and Alliances.!!!!!👍👍👍👍

- Great fun

I enjoy the game plenty of missions to keep you going Yes there is an advantage if you spend but I’m managing without doing so just slow going

- Love This Game

This is good, yes you can spend money like any other in-app purchases game.....or you do like me and take your time and take the slow train and you will get there through time and progress. Very addictive game though !!!

- Great game but has some flaws..

I love this game! But, it is very frustrating. It crashes a lot on the iPad, if you can deal with this you will like it too.

- Great


- Nice but crashes too often

This is a nice game, I play on server 160 and we have a great mix of friendly people here, the game is kelvin timeline which is ok but I’d like to see other crew from past and present shows movies etc, there is plenty to do, if you can stay online long enough, the app crashes about 10 times an hour, especially at crucial times like being in hostile space and being chased by and killed due to the app crashing. If you fix this issue I will increase my rating by at least 2, and if you reduce the cost of packs then I’d give the final star, but seriously £99 for most packs is outrageous and a rip off. Not value for money. This game can be played f2p but will take longer and with more strategy and planning

- Unstable app that’s a flagrant cash grab

£99.99 for a premium pack that barely lets me clear daily missions!? Add to that an app that can’t even go 5 minutes without crashing even after all the years that could have been used to fix it? Shame on the company that made this, Scopely must be run by the ferengi

- No point

Game is geared to push you to spend with very little value for your purchase. Same players and teams win all the events with little chance of progression for the rest. Servers are notably silent with most players bullied from the game by the larger players and spenders.

- Hope your rich

Game got a lot off problems very buggy and over all not bad game but the biggest problem with it is how much everything cost, so if your not repaired to spend loads off money every week I’d stay clear

- Avoid this game

This game is fine to begin with. Then you progress to a higher level and get raided constantly by people with more powerful ships, forcing you to buy upgrades at 19.99 and 49.99 a pop. Do not waste your money.

- Awful game, no support from Apple

Game doesnt work on Apple devices. Crashes all the time. Game lags. Developers happy to take your money yet wont refund when you demand money back as game does not run or work as described or intended. They tell you to speak to Apple support for refunds as they process all payments and refunds. Apple will point blank refuse to refund anything and refuse to take any action against the app developers or remove the game from the app store, leaving anyone Apple customer that downloads this game at risk. Shocking customer service from both Scopley and Apple. Only download if you want bad customer service and empty pockets. Great game if you like bugs, glitches and constant reboots. Credit Card is a must for this game. After trying to get money back from both Scopley and Apple, it seems all they do is pass the buck from one to the other until Apple Support just closes the case and refuses to return emails on the issue. Check out social media on Scopley and read reviews before downloading any of their games. No protection at all from Apple over purchasing in game add ons as they will just say its not their issue as per their terms and conditions. Both Scopley and Apple need to rethink how they treat customers and how they monitor app purchases and protection, if a product does not work as described or intended give the people their money back

- Cash grab

What a shape that a game with such potential turned out to be a shameless cash grab and a buggy mess to boot. The amount of money that can be spent on this game is shocking. I wish I’d thought of it then I could retire to a private island. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste your money! If you have money to burn why not give it to a charity instead? And just play a better game

- Tests your patience and your wallet, if so inclined

I haven’t spent any money on this game but from what I’ve read in the reviews, it requires considerable spending to by-pass the LONG waiting time to upgrade, and even then you’re evidently not guaranteed to get what you need to make the next step up. Visually, the game looks good and it has the sound effects and musical score to please any true Trekkie. But if you’re short on patience and funds, this game will not keep you enthralled for long once you reach Level 14 or so... Levelling up your Operations Centre from 14 to 15 takes 23?...24?... hours (without any speed-ups applied). The highest level in the game is 50, I believe, so upgrading from 15 to 50 will probably take a year, in total. In other words, if you want to sprint in this game, you’d better have pretty deep pockets. I love the look and sounds of this but seriously, it’s either a money pit or a slow walk to utter monotony.

- A mining game in a Star Trek drag outfit.

The game itself starts quite engaging. Missions to get you used to the controls and layout. Upgrades that give you that sense of achievement. But all that quickly deteriorates. In order to progress to the higher levels you must use resources that you gather. You do this through one of three ways. -events and missions. The most time consuming and laborious way. -mining. The true aim of the game. -spend cash. What Scopely prefer. There is a fourth way, but the developers made raiding other players prohibitively expensive and you can’t steal the full range of resources available. Make no mistake, this is a mining game. You compete with other players for the limited number of mines available. And other players always have a bigger ship. The latest event, something about the borg in Kirks time (Star Trek fans will understand the blasphemy) is another attempt by the developers to grasp at straws and your cash. Don’t waste your time thinking this is Star Trek, it isn’t! The game is glitchy beyond reason. You will spend months mining for the next upgrade. You will ask yourself over and over “why?” You will be pressured into spending cash. And above all, Scopely (the developers) are so worried about the number of people leaving the game after more than a year running that they’re having to merge servers. This should tell you all you need to know. Pure and simple, Pay to Win... except you will never win.

- Game doesn’t work

Using latest iPad with good broadband...however....ships keep getting destroyed by invisible glitches and crashes every 2-3 minutes. Such a shame would be 5 stars if it actually worked

- H

Jus downloaded gane few mins into it and it Keep crashing kicking me out of game...

- Crashes

Still not sure about this. I have it on my iPad but the biggest bug and gripe I have is the fact the gameplay stops after about 10 minutes. I then have to reload the game! Annoying. Get it fixed!

- Good game but expensive

Been playing since the game first started, it was great at first until players started getting to big, it’s a little hard to understand how players get so big so fast as upgrading and ship building take so long and you need an astonishing amount of resources to do so. The in store packs started off ok reasonable priced with loads in them, then something went really crazy and the packs are stupidly priced for next to nothing in them, you can pay £99 and not even have enough to upgrade a basic low level ship so the packs are way way over priced. You can mine for resources but again this takes a stupid amount of time and the stronger players just attack you and take it all. Theres different level mining nodes but once you get past a certain level you really on need level 3 or above but you’ve got more chance of finding lord Lukan than you have of getting a level 3 or above as there very limited and the stronger players hog them constantly. The game play though is good the graphics are good but full of bugs sadly. Getting blue prints for a decent ship is harder than than landing a man on mars too they seem to give you blue prints for half a ship then you get no more unless it’s for the same low level ships over and over again and upgrading ships takes a stupid amount of resources that you just can’t get unless you take out a loan or re mortgage your house. I do actually like the game though but it’s way to expensive and can be seriously frustrating. If the in game play was fare and store purchases cheaper this game would be epic sadly it seems the Devs have overpriced it to the extreme

- Great game, if it would work right

The idea and design of this game is great I’ve been almost addicted for a while but the support try to fob you off with its your fault answers and dodge the question or problem you ask for help with, its full and I do mean full of glitches and bugs nothing works right first time and is always needing patches . I give the concept and ideas 10/10 the I just wish they would get it to work as it should, I’m forever having my app close or ships stuck it will cost you to get up the ranks in the game too there's always more to spend on . I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t add any new features for months if they ironed out those bugs. Work on fixing what you have please scopley

- Brilliant

This game is brilliant. Ive been playing for a while now and im currently sitting at lvl 14. I enjoy this game alot. I have a few suggestions to make it even better as well, earlier on it would be cool to pick a faction to start off in or be independant and it should have different abilities and that for which faction you choose. I also think it would be cool to have a bridge view added to the game where you can operate your ship/ships from the perspective of the bridge aswell as initiate certain attack patterns. This game is amazing and i would recommend to anyone.

- Brilliant

Love this game.

- To boldly go

Amazing game. Only game I’ve actually stuck to for ages. Love how authentic it is and really captures the feel of Star Trek

- Ben Carder

Enjoyed the game and invested over a year in it, but the bugs are ridiculous. I haven’t been able to load the game in over a week, so all my stocked up resources etc will have been taken by other players. Scopely support staff are utterly useless and offer no assistance to fix problems aside fobbing you off with generic appeasements. If you want a good, playable that you can get into; look elsewhere.

- Cash cow

Leave ships unattended for a few minutes and they’re mysteriously destroyed. There’s no gain for other players so it’s likely the system itself trying to push you to spend more money. I was £50 into this before I accepted that it’s a con. Unless you want to fork out hundreds on it leave well alone. Shame really as the game itself is quite good. It’s this in game purchases system popular today that screws it up. Give me a strategy game I can buy upfront or a combination of both with less reliance of fleecing you in game. It’s not possible to get any traction with this without spending a fortune.

- Good game but...

I really enjoy the game and I find it quite fun. The main issue I have with the game is the people who play it. Some people complain when you try and progress through the game by mining resources and others bully you by taking advantage of your lower level. Another issue is that I have (but it’s not a big one) is that it can be quite resource heavy to progress and can sometimes feel like progress is taking forever but that’s probably just because I’m impatient. A good recommendation I can make to the developers is that I feel like there sound be some way to disable messages form other users. I sometimes feel like the messages can be harsh from other users having it off at you for trying to progress. In conclusion, in concept this game is really rather enjoyable but in practice it’s not exactly perfect.

- It is amazing

How do you make the game

- This is not a strategy game avoid at all costs

This game shoud have 0 stars Theres so much wrong with this game who knows were to start Its basic .theres no difference in game play . You can not shear rss with team . You can not reinforce team when there under atack . There is no help in game to guide you . There math dont add up ever in ai battles . To get ahead you must pay or waste your time playing it good luck

- Addictive game

It is very addictive, am enjoying it so far.

- Do not bother.

I love star trek but this game is the biggest waste of time get a great head set and get the Star Trek game for it much more interactive. The mods and scopley need looking into

- Extortionate

Very very expensive but fun. Come to an end quickly as not willing to pay hundreds of pounds to fully utilise an app.

- Pay-to-play misery

Not even pay-to-win, you need to pay just to keep playing, timers are obnoxious and constant barrage of ads to spend more money. Feels like another game they slapped a Star Trek skin on. Disappointing.

- Absolute waste of time

Don’t waste your time on this pathetic excuse for a game. Was good to start but once you reach a certain level it’s impossible to proceed as top players monopolise items needed to proceed wish Star Trek would revoke their licence and end this cash grab

- Good game

It’s s good game

- Great Game, However...

The time delays on building stuff without paying into the game is frustratingly high. More building slots should help out wit that. And more docks in early stage of game. I have played this game for 2 months and was gathering resources only for a higher level player to attack and I lost it all in one foul swoop. I don’t recommend wasting your time in here unless tou willing to pay huge dollars in game. Oh I deleted it .

- Princess cruise

This is good but need to free play

- How much money do you have?

The basic game is good and improving but if you want to compete of even enjoy the full scope of the game you will need to spend thousands of $. Game packs that actually do little to advance you can cost 100s of dollars. Don’t waist your money you get far better value from steam or origin or Ubisoft games.

- Too many load screens

I love the game but the load screens are getting tedious.

- Latest V7.6

Having a lot of trouble with game not loading since the latest updates V7.6 gets to 25% and freezes so only thing that fixes is to uninstall and reinstall!!!! Any thoughts

- Disappointing

Has there ever been a trek game that wasn’t a disappointment. This game is keeping the tradition alive.

- Keep up the good work!

I got this game two days ago. Highly recommended and addictive. The animations are solid, graphics are great. Fun missions.

- We are cyber bullies, enjoyment is futile . .

I really enjoyed playing the game, but some of the players just made this game unbearable. I got sick of the insults, accusations and bullying that went on day after day. It’s a real shame, it’s a fun game otherwise.

- Glitchy

I find it glitchy very very glitchy

- Expensive and Buggy

Very buggy, even after supposed fixes and lag is terrible, and it is NOT from my end. You want to have very deep pockets cause Scopely very greedy in that respect. Expansion packs are way too expensive and requirements to level up when you hit around Level 25 mark starts getting very unrealistic because they want you to spend, spend, spend. Not enough nodes for Dilithium, Gas or Ore mining to go around considering how many playing. I get we supposed to fight for them etc. but deliberate shortage to again encourage more spending. Game total rip off.

- A very one sided game

I can’t believe how unfair this game is. Your base is constantly attacked by super tough players who you have no chance against. They destroy your ships and steal your resources. While you try to repair, which costs resources, you get hit again and again, so it’s very hard to recover. I’m so disappointed with it. Very unfair.

- Gambling for children

Nothing more then gambling for children. Slowly get you into the game by quickly speeding thing up...until you become impatient by the slowness of it, everything needs to have time paid for, until your then eaten up by bigger players. If you have huge amount of cash and patient then this is a game for you that will take forever to’s the new form of gambling as there’s no control set...

- Think twice

Great game - when it works, when it doesn’t to expect any help. I’ve sunk a fair amount of cash into this game and when the bugs start popping up (and there are a few!) and you query with support they let you know they are aware of the bugs but sorry for any resources you may have lost, they is no compensation but please free to purchase more at $150.00 a shot.

- Allows other players to steal your money

This is a well designed game, in that it encourages you to spend big bucks on In game purchases - but then enables other players to attack your stations and steal your purchased resources - In effect letting them steal your money. Makes money for the developer and license holder but rapidly becomes tedious when the more powerful players become even more powerful by stealing your hard earned resources. I’ve been playing for months and dropped a couple of hundred bucks and spent hundreds of hours trying to mine resources only to see them stolen - DONT BOTHER

- Moving in the right direction

After a messy world wide release and a move over from the beta stage the dev’s are starting to get things right. There are still some issues but the improvements and fixes brought to the game over the last few months have made me thankful I hung on to playing the game. Now they have started reaching out to the player base means that looking ahead can see the game getting better and better.

- Ok for a while but not a long term game

As the title says the game is quite good at first as the requirements for progression are relatively small and can be achieved quickly. There are many glitches in the game though and at the higher levels it takes so much grinding resources that you inevitably lose the resources to a glitch before getting what you're saving for. I was hoping this would be a keeper but disappointingly it isn't.

- Wait 6-9 months

Could be a good game, economy is way out. Hopefully glitches will be fixed in time. Paying $200 does not even break you into the middle of the pack, then you lose resources from bugs anyway. Once you get to higher level you hit a massive pay wall, nothing you can do get the required missions of rss.

- Infected with hackers

Players running bots have wrecked the game. Expensive in game purchases

- Good game but.

The game is unfaire when you get to level 20. As they slow you down and let the high level attack you at will.

- Unbalanced, single rogue player can bring an alliance of 60-70 to their knees in alliance events

The game is unbalance and has exploit bots. A single high level rogue player can disrupt an alliance’s mining efforts to the point of frustration. A second alliance can obtain the assistance of a rogue player to adversely effect an opposing alliance. Mainly the game is too unbalanced that one or two rogue players can hold a pay to win alliance of 60+ players to ransom.

- Expensive

It’s an ok game but it gets expensive.

- Great Game

Best mobile game I have ever played

- Dumpster Fire

An absolute dumpster fire. Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Avoid the shiny lights

- Bugged galore not worth the installation

Each update brings more bugs than the last update. Constant game crashes. Poor design game. Would not recommend.

- Waste of Time and Money.

I WANT A REFUND!!! Don’t spend any money in game! You’ll get attacked REPEATEDLY and end up with absolutely NOTHING... Even if you build “defences” they do nothing and go from Millions to zeros. WHY why would you let players pillage to the point of where you have nothing. Fix your game so it’s fun and ppl get there money’s worth. Otherwise don’t charge ridiculous prices for NOTHING. NO STARS, this game is a cash grab and a pointless grind.

- Can’t play with friends

I want to play but as I can’t join with gf I don’t see reason to play. Is there going to be a way to join each other and if so how long do we have to wait?

- Waste of money

Great game, quite a few bugs but they get ironed out slowly on a weekly(ish) basis so it’s bearable. What isn’t, is the in-game mechanics specifically around protection of resources. If your base gets attacked it’ll activate a 5 min shield and then the shield will sit on cooldown for 8 hours leaving you at the mercy of anyone ‘flying’ past that has pumped enough money into the game to attack. This game is fun until the point where you have to spend $$ on it to compete and even when you do that, the in-game mechanics don’t protect you from higher levels for any more than 5 minutes which is ridiculous. The worst part is that the game doesn’t log the attacks half the time and you end up logging back in later with a destroyed base and no idea who or why it got that way. Contacted customer service to see if the mechanics were bugged - they told me it was only the reporting of the battles that was bugged, not the mechanics and everything was ‘working as intended’. Said they’d take my feedback on board around the longer shields etc and closed my ticket. I feel they could’ve done more with the balance of the game so broken, but no.. ‘Take it up with the App Store for a refund’ - so I did. Waiting to hear back from someone at the time of writing.

- Unstable and inefficient programming

I’ve played this for a few days and it’s constantly crashing. And when it’s not crashing it’s loading a screen merely from selecting different buildings. Come on, you could just get a random Chinese engine and re-skin it. This is by far the worst type of this game I’ve played and I’ve played about 20 of these. Luckily I’m only doing it for in-game credits for other games. I’d hate to play this more than a week

- Buggy

A lot of fun at early levels. Interesting development at levels beyond 15. Made it to level 22 before station was raided with active peace shield and lost a weeks effort of resource gathering. Should not have happened. One instance of many that lets down this game after investing significant time and the occasional dollar. Suggest avoiding for at least a year until bugs resolved.

- Disaster

Very glitchy, constantly crashes or you need to restart the app cause go constant bugs with the app. Very money hungry as well. Developers have made the game not for fun or enjoyment but pure cash grab. Played it for two weeks lost all enjoyment of the game. Am a Star Trek fan this game is an embarrassment to the Star Trek name. Won’t be reloading this game on any device in the near future.


this game is a scam and there is no point in playing it there is no story line and the game is just plain boring and a waste of time do not download.

- Star Trek Fleet Command: pay to play or die trying

At the start this is a great game... But it soon becomes impossible to progress without paying LARGE sums of money. And if you do decide to pay money your base WILL be attacked and you WILL lose half of what you paid for. If you enjoy being cyber bullied and ganged up on then this is the game for you! If you accidentally bump into someone’s mining ship they will more than likely send you a private message threatening you and then have their alliance find your base and take everything you have... And then they WILL message you to gloat about it. In conclusion, enjoy for one week, then delete.

- Absolute RUBBISH!

Do not believe the 4.2 star rating, they are obviously fake ratings... The game starts out well, but as time goes by more and more bugs pop up. To the point that you actually have nothing you can do, and any money you have spent is totally wasted because you physically can not do anything due to it being so glitchy. DO NOT SPEND EVEN $1 ON THIS GAME!! There are much better games out there!

- What a joke

Spent small amount of money, all it did was save me 3 days. Overcrowded servers, full of sooooo many bugs the devs never fix. Super disappointed.

- Sad.

Massive Trekkie here and really like the concept of this game. Unfortunately it’s poorly structured. Log on, wait 25 minutes for ships to repair...who would bother with it? Shame.

- Is that it!?

This game looks flash but grows stale quickly. Under the facade there is no adventure and there is no strategy. You will find repetition, you will find grind and you will find frustration when the bigger fish gobble you up time and time and time again but I can't blame them, there is nothing else for then to do!

- Corrupt game

I was at level 18, and bought a $80 pack with lots of resources. Within minutes, I was attacked by far superior forces that stole all the resources I bought. Too dodgy. I was in a system with with only 5 other stations in the system, none on the planet I was on. Even when I moved to another isolated system and to another planet, I was attacked, by a gamer far superior. How could they find me so quickly? I have left the game. Don’t play. Definitely don’t pay.

- Good Game but very annoying errors

Very good game but I cannot mine from dilithium, crystal, gas, and ore. Very annoying that I can’t get the resources I need so desperately. Plz fix.

- Not a Good Game

I have been playing this game since the pre-release beta. The pre-release was full of bugs, many of which carried over to the world-wide release. Many of these have still not been fixed. This, coupled with the developers changing things in updates, many of which were never requested, make it a very frustrating experience. Every time they update missions, you lose any progress you may have had, which is unacceptable when you need to mine vast amounts of a resource, which can take weeks. You get halfway to your target, then they reset your progress. In one of the more recent updates, they slashed the warp ranges on players ships, and increased the distances to get to previously attainable locations, many of which held missions. However, they did nothing to remove or reset any missions that were now beyond a player’s reach, which is a problem, as you have a cap on the number of missions you can accept. So many players were left with missions which are impossible to complete. In the most recent update, they decided to play with the stats on all the player ships, enhancing some, and reducing others. So players who were concentrating on advancing one ship type over others logged in to find their best ships had been turned into lemons. To sum up, this game is full of bugs. It has great potential, but is hamstrung by an apparent lack of ability to fix the issues. I’d honestly suggest the devs take the game down and remove it for download, until they iron out all the bugs, and can present a decent experience. Personally, I am deleting this game, but will check periodically to see if it has been fixed. Spend you time on something else.

- Appalling money grab

Disappointed with this game, so much so, requested refunds for all purchases. The game is unfinished. The developers do not seem to care, as all they have done is devalue the purchases after the fact, by changing the game dynamics and levelling features, where it is nigh on improbable of upgrading levels without massive purchasing. This promised so much, yet, delivered so little. Be wary.

- Game crashes

New up date causes game to crash before the update it was fine but now !!! 😡 not happy

- Money pit

This game takes ages to achieve levelling unless you are wiling to sink lots and I mean lots of your hard earned cash. Would rot recommend this game as every aspect is designed to take your money.

- Star Trek review

Sometimes it seems hard to know what to do, other games you build up your stuff more easily

- Huge cash grab

Scopely have completely wrecked the game and made it almost impossible to proceed in any way without spending many hundreds of $$. It’s a pure cash grab and investment tool for them. Zero customer support and they are making no effort to improve the games problems at all. Zero communication by Scopely either.

- Great

Not long been playing but seems like a great game with lots of upgrades and advancements. Hopefully it doesn’t hit a wall like lots of other games and have to wait weeks on end for upgrades to finish

- Game resets when trying to sync to game centre

The game resets itself and you lose all your history. I like to play across iPad and iPhone depending on where I am but this reset the game.

- Need a better way to manage quests

I have lots of quests that I am not high enough to complete. Can they be sorted in order of level so I can keep working on the ones at the top that I might be able to achieve. Otherwise great game.

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Star Trek Fleet Command 9.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Star Trek Fleet Command iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command iphone images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command ipad images
Star Trek Fleet Command Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Star Trek Fleet Command Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Star Trek Fleet Command (Version 9.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Star Trek Fleet Command was published in the category Games on 2018-11-29 and was developed by Scopely [Developer ID: 305003647]. This application file size is 571.93 MB. Star Trek Fleet Command - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 9.6.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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