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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive?

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The applications Ball Blast was published in the category Games on 2018-05-28 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 154.21 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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MAKE THIS GAME ADD FREE  sonsbssn  1 star

I love this game so much but the level of adds that come with it is unbelievable. they keep giving me adds every fricking two minutes. i have probably played two rounds and boom add. this is ridiculous.


Good app buuut....  ORANGES ARE WEIRD  2 star

Don't get me wrong here, it’s a good app and all, but it has WAAAAAAY too many ads. And half the time, when you watch an ad for an extra life or coins, they play but don’t give the reward.

Wilson NovaRuiz

Good game, ADD SOUND  Wilson NovaRuiz  4 star

On all the ads there’s sound, why isn’t there any sound on the actual game. Great game btw


Adds adds  jlofsted  1 star

More adds the you can ever stomach


Too many ads  trevtrev1313  1 star

There are so many ads the game is almost unplayable


This game is trash  ripxyaboi  1 star

Ad infested worst game I’ve ever played


Ball blaster  jmac09879  5 star

Such a fun game to play when you are bored! Love playing it every day!!! Definitely a five star game


NEEDS UPDATE  Sheanaughty  3 star

This app wants you to watch ads so badly when you don’t want to .... yet when you opt to watch an ad for extra coins or an extra life, it doesn’t work!! What’s up with this!? Fix it!!


Not really easy  Natalietrichtinger  3 star

Its not that good It’s kind of hard


False X in app ads  IAmCandy  1 star

Making me go to the app page with your false X isn’t going to make me play your game


Change something’s  PicCollage13  3 star

The movement of the blaster needs to be more sensitive to the movement of our fingers. Some of the backgrounds blends with the ball. Other than that AMAZING


Fake offline earnings!  brionymc  3 star

Why is it every time I come back on it says I have over 5k and it only credits me 1k? The game is great- have purchased the no adds edition and this is the only fricken problem. I give 3 stars for the disappointment and for the frustration of building up the levels of offline earnings to have it fail.


Needs improvement  anon13452  1 star

I am 400 levels into this game and now have to wait nearly a week or two to be able to upgrade a single thing , which means it is nearly impossible to pass a level too. Its reached a point that it is so boring to play because i rarely ever pass levels anymore and the ads are just so constant that i spend more time watching them than actually playing the game, seriously guys get it together.


Best game ever!  ??!.,?!  5 star

30% less adds=BEST GAME EVER!


Pitiful  toomanyads007  1 star

Too many ads 3 x more than game time!


Sorry but  Zac1382729  1 star

Why is it so easy to die you get hit game over


Enough ADs  Mistyc00p  3 star

Too much ADs. Agree. When u want to double up money u earned, AD again although you paid to remove ADs. So paying few bucks to remove some ADs, not all of them so make sure you know where you are spending money for. What I feel the most improvement requires is earning balance. If you finish one round successfully, you get money but only what you picked up. You still have something regardless you finished the round or not so its ok. I am at 1170% of coin upgrade, still earning isnt high enough keep me going. Dev can say watch AD to double up money. Yeah maybe but I guess its not fair to make someone pays to remove AD and still watch AD. I would rather buy games with full price than free game with AD infested one like this. Sad thing is you still be in the trap of paying money. Its how all Voodoo games making money. (I got that. Dev gotta buy bread and milk, too)

spik up hair

Get rid of the ads  spik up hair  3 star

The ads are so annoying since after every 1 or 2 rounds an ad comes up so. GET RID OF THE ADS!!!!!😡😡😡


ball blast  hjmfekfu.rwhou.  5 star

it is very fun and cool


Sexy game  Kingzak__  5 star



I love this game  is**elel*****thwi****ms  4 star

I love this game so much and I can’t rate it a 5star because it has some bugs


Addicting but...  Amk522  2 star

There are too many ads like everyone else said and the power ups don’t come up anymore...


Garbage  kekrhhrodo  1 star

The ads for this game are clickbait. U click the x but then it takes u to the App Store so u can get the game.


Game  Costa212345  1 star

Fun game but they keep forcing adds down your throat. After every turn you have to watch an add. So basically you watching adds longer then playing an actual game.


Need a friend tournament mode  TRUPPI  5 star

Need a mode so you can challenge your friends.

brian 2018

Not worth the time  brian 2018  1 star

Completely a bait and switch game. From the constant adds / to the adding and. Buying that they make you do for the game to be as fun as they advertised it to be.


Could be more  Icewheel12  3 star

There could music or something. Maybe sound effects


AMAZING many ads  lizkitty16  4 star

Great game but there is just so many ads like after every other round there was a ad


Ads Are Outrageous!!  12xxggxx122  1 star

This is such a great game but the developers have completely messed it up the second i die an ad comes up. The only way to get rid of those ads is the play with airplane mode on or pay two dollars which I think is unreasonable.


Way too many ads  TJN3  2 star

You spend more time looking at ads than playing.

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