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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive?

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The applications Ball Blast was published in the category Games on 2018-05-28 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 163.37 MB. The current version is 1.11 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

+ Sound!
+ A new boss

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App user 311

This is from Raily and you see the stars up there that’s on me I gave you  App user 311  2 star

I really hope that you can just make the game better like when your father you don’t make it so the tenants lives you have to pay for it just make it so you get the dish lives and just make it so you also just make it more interesting and make it more easy and yeah that’s all


Whatever  theofficiallexig  3 star

It was good until they added the dumb boss fights. Plus the new boss made it even worse.


This game may seem fun but  Dr.syko  1 star

This game is so boring and it is it is impossible


Ad killer  vonyaekid  1 star

Ads kill the game


Ads  hdhqhwhdbsjsbwiwb  1 star

The game is a 5 star no doubt, only problem is that there’s a guaranteed ad after each level. It’s extremely annoying.

Shawn McDevitt

So Many Adds  Shawn McDevitt  1 star

I can’t even enjoy the game because of all the adds it’s so annoying.

jennnnni m.

bad boss fight  jennnnni m.  1 star

the game used to be sooo much fun and i really enjoyed it until they changed the boss level and made it impossible to pass a level. now i just might have to delete.


How many levels?  afran1998  5 star

Is there a cap in the levels im on level 228 and I’ve beaten all the achievements I’m kinda ready to just beat the at the levels already so I can be satisfied I’m hoping they cap out at 300


New update gemstones  Stormlvr  4 star

I hate the endlessly ads but love the game. I have no-clue though what the new stones im collecting are for. What do they do. When i beat the boss i get a winged treasure chest full and i can get another chest by watching an ad. But why would i do that if they dont have any purpose. Cant spend them on anything. So whats the point?


Too many ads  Hwhggjknxhk  1 star

This game literally has ads every 5 seconds of playing it. It’s actually annoying as hell.


To everyone who is saying too much ads.  Grossies1  5 star

Not to be rude or anything just turn the wifi of just for u and when your done turn it back on so turn off wifi on your iPad or iPhone and you will get no ads simple so don’t rate this bad.

Macca HD🤡

Amazing  Macca HD🤡  5 star

The game it really fun😜


Rip off developers  Auover  1 star

Paid my money and got ripped off. Paid to have the ads removed because my kids and I loved the game but you spend more time looking at ads than playing and guess what .... still got ads !! Pretty lame voodoo !! Maybe think about the end user for a change instead of lining your own pockets


Mah  cdrhjjhhhhhhhhgsh  3 star


lick lick yum yum

L  lick lick yum yum  1 star

Way to many ads and to muck cocks sucking


This game is the worst game I have played.  Aukoala-Larry  1 star

There is too many ads I finish one round equals an ad. This game deserves 1 star! Such a stupid game


This games fun but very repetitive  Yoozzzzzzzah  3 star

This game was fun when I first downloaded but now it’s just boring and repetitive. I’m thinking of deleting the app. Once you reach above level 100, each round just feels exactly like the last one you played. I will admit there is a lot of ads but I just turned my data off however, if you want to earn more money by watching ads then turn your data on.


To many adds  mnbvcxzlkhfd  3 star

There are way to many adds in this game can you developers please make it that so it’s not every game that you have to see an add😒☹️


Good  jmadd127  4 star



ADS!!!!  anon252847371  1 star

As said above, deserves zero stars as people get so tired of having to watch ads EVERY SINGLE ROUND.

gentry and crue's farm

Problems  gentry and crue's farm  4 star

Way to much ads you never get to play the game


Do not buy  KillPing  1 star

This is BS I payed 2.99 for no add and every time I die I’m forced to watch an add. Prefer to give zeros but I have to put one. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Presley boss

FUSTRATING  Presley boss  1 star


Dante Danis

Ads trap  Dante Danis  1 star

Be aware ton of ton of ads. You have to watch 3 videos before you can start each level or restart a game.

gamesrock lalala

Too many ads  gamesrock lalala  1 star

You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game


Too many ads!  Addio_A  3 star

The game is super fun, but has way too many ads. After literally every time I die or complete a level, I hit retry to play again and an ad pops up. That happens every single time. Am I doing something wrong? If not and this keeps happening i’m deleting the app.


Really...  Stickersrule  1 star

Like the game a lot but there is an ad every time you lose. That gets really annoying to the point I don’t even want to play anymore. All this game clearly wants is money. Don’t get me started on those weird episode ads. It’s so weird having some characters half naked kissing on my phone while trying to play a game. Please stop showing those ads. It’s so weird

Iran to Iraq

Awesome  Iran to Iraq  5 star

Great update! Please add leaderboards and challenges


Relaxing  lincgod  5 star

I think the best way to play this game is offline,because there are no ads


Timewaster, yes. Ads emphatic YES  Buffer99  3 star

The name for this game is slightly misleading. It should be how to watch lots of ads. In addition, most advertisements require waiting through a second screen to get past them. This means you get to spend an extra long period of time watching an ad. The advantage comes in becoming acquainted with many, many more games and other apps. The game itself has some appeal. There are some relatively simple mechanics and it’s easy to figure out. The one thing to emphasize is upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. This means you will die faster and get to watch more ads. Another feature is battery drain. This game can drain your phone battery faster than almost any other app I have used. That includes Netflix and YouTube. So if you like to fully cycle your battery to near zero before charging this is the the app which can do the job. All kidding aside, it can be a fun game. It gets tedious pretty quick. I’m going to be deleting it relatively soon since repetitive ads are losing their appeal.

aurther griffith

Good but not  aurther griffith  2 star

Good game but there are ads every two seconds

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