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How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It's all up to you...

BitLife - Life Simulator App Description & Overview

The applications BitLife - Life Simulator was published in the category Games on 2018-09-30 and was developed by Candywriter, LLC. The file size is 80.18 MB. The current version is 1.14.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We're back, Bitizens, with a quick fix to clean up a few issues you reported in the huge GENERATIONS update this week! We also managed to sneak in a few little things like rewarding your pets with treats and adding back the setting to turn off the screenshot shortcuts.

Here's the full list of new things from v1.14:

• Continue as your child after you die
• Try the same life over again if you wish
• Sort your cemetery by things like net worth, age, etc.
• Bulldoze the graves you no longer want tracked
• Overhauled ribbon tracking
• College majors refresh each year
• Emigration options refresh each year
• Model career
• Tons of interface updates
• Tons of bugs and glitches fixed

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Love this game so much, but..  Kimmlynn  5 star

I LOVE this game so much, it’s a great game and the creators are amazing! They listen to all the comments and they update so frequently, I’m always blown away. BUT I do think there are still quite a few things to add and change. For example, when you’re dating someone, you should be able to move in with them and different options then the other people in your life. More romantic. But moving in and doing all the basic relationship milestones. Go to dinner. Yada Yada. BIG thing - when you get married, why do you not have the option to put incomes together? Also, the career section has quite a ways to go. Hobbies would also be amazing, having to practice art or musical things, etc. maybe have banks for savings or managing money/bills. I’m not sure, just a bit more responsibility. I mean, it barely seems to matter if you buy a house/car and in real life, you wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot without a house or car. Maybe have it play into your life if you don’t have shelter or anything. I’m excited to see what comes with the next update!


Charging money, no bitizenship?  Hippiesmippie  1 star

I tried to reach out various times. I attempted to purchase a bitizenship before it was $4.99 and you guys charged my card $2.99 four times, and yet I’m still without a bitizenship. Then you guys update the game and now a bitizenship costs $4.99. Very aggravating, because I’ve already been charged $12.00, then you want another $4.99 for me to buy AGAIN because you changed the price and never gave me the bitizenship you charged me four times for?


Review  dfhtdgujg  5 star

It’s an amazing game I think it could use a lot more realistic things in life such as surrogates and other things concerning having a child in other relationships and it also gave you more pets and life experiences I think and definitely a lot more aspirations jobs and is it different career paths people to choose like if you don’t want to be a lawyer or you could be different types of lawyers not just one specific type also like choosing what you want to eat for the day making the year slightly longer months seasons things like that and like choosing like what type of hairstyles and other things you could get how you look like instead of just randomly being chosen a specific way I am choosing certain nicknames that say if you were having a baby and you got divorced with your husband and all you’re pregnant well then you could change the last name back to yours and set of having the baby give their last name I think that definitely be a lot cooler also just to add on the lawyers thing like you if you wanted to be a litigator instead of just a normal lawyer that would be definitely cool or if you wanted to be a general surgeon instead of a neurosurgeon or is he like vibrant surgeon or a pediatric or OB surgeon or different types of surgeons instead of just being a brain surgeon because you can also be general cardiothoracic pediatrics and any other types I think definitely I would like that to be added it all together it’s a very realistic game and I really like it


bugs  Ariella001  4 star

i love this game but wanted to point out that someone will die but then a year later something will come up with the dead person as if they’re alive. another thing is that when i click to open something on the app it freezes for a couple seconds.


GREAT but could be better!  Ajax536125363738  5 star

I love BitLife and I play it 24/7 but it sometimes gets boring and repetitive and the new updates have really been helping. However, as a true Texan there is nothing I love more than football. I played ball and I watch it every chance I get and I believe that adding maybe an athletic bar underneath the looks bar and adding the ability to play sports of all sorts! Examples such as football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, etc. Also I think it would be a great idea to give you the options to like a huge famous singer. Maybe even adding a stock market would make its way more interesting. I hope that what y’all got cooking up includes some of the stuff I asked for! Keep up the great work!


Add More ! ❤️  GeeChexk  5 star

Add being able to go into the NBA, Add being able to ask your parents for a brother or sister, add little options that’s similar to the sims but not too much, Also Character Customization Like Skin Tones, More Countries, and Etc. Alot of people covered things i feel should be implemented!

harry schlosser

This game is 🔥🔥🔥  harry schlosser  5 star

I love this game and play it so much but the one thing I wish is that in generations mabye let the kid inherit the home like have a family estate that is just passed on for generation and generation can’t wait for the famous update keep up the good work

💞Queen A💞

Awesomeness addictive  💞Queen A💞  5 star

I’m addicted to bitlife. It’s def awesome!!


Like the game  mFrhfbNfsfnfz  5 star

I like this game but I have a suggestion I think that when your only mother/father dies u should go to the adoption center then u can get adopted by families and live with them and there should be options to run away and live on your own.I also think there should be opinions like to see your crushes like when your younger u have options to have crushes on people and there should be choices to be friends with people and then when u get older u could options to say not be friends with them and fight, argue, and to try to be friends again if u stop being friends

funny girl92056

Limited  funny girl92056  4 star

There should be more options such as if a kid asks you to buy something you could create a list or you could add some city’s like Rockford or Dixon or if you are in need of money you can ask for specific amounts of money.


Great game but should add more  NOGOODNAMELEFT(SorryAboutCaps)  5 star

I personally think you should add insest along with different periods of time you can play the game for instance modern,medieval,future,Stone Age and have more doctors with a choice to try to force your kids to have kids and have the world changing events affect your life like if Denmark and Russia went to war you would have to move and when your wife/husband divorces you you should have a chance to have them pay you instead of them of having you always pay them


Addictive and Fun!!  TTaylor14  3 star

Would totally rate this game 5 stars but there isn’t enough to do. I’d love to go shopping whether for clothes or groceries, take my partner and kids shopping. I’d love to take family members with me to the gym, spa, and salon. I guess you can say I’d like a more interactive setting with family and friends. It’d be cool if we could set our avatar up the way we’d like for them to look as far as hair, skin tone, clothes, and country we live in. Nevertheless, I’m obsessed and can’t wait for more real life updates! Also why are we the only ones spending money when we’re in a relationship? Why does my partner request certain things, but doesn’t go half? This is a super game but it’s so much more realistic if attention to small details were taken care of. Oh, and I think it’d be great if we were in charge of when we want to become pregnant instead of it being sprung on us. So I feel we should be given the option to have sex with our mates when we want and not only for child birth reasons but what if that’s we’d like to do with instead of a movie? I’d also like to see when we emigrate, to have the option to visit the country we left to visit loved ones still there. Also why isn’t dinner and shopping an activity? I think it’d be cool to invite friends or family on outings besides vacations. Keep up the good work!


BitLife  Ranknus  5 star

Wife divorced me because I gave each of our 5 kids 50,000$ so I killed her and escaped prison. 12/10 This game is awesome!


Amazing game!  yee-yee-cowboy-hat  5 star

This game is amazing! There are no glitches or bugs that I have experienced so far, and the updates always bring new things to do in the game! In the next update, I’d like to be able to give my child a middle name, and have the option to give them a pet. I would also like to be able to add features to my custom people. Make them good/bad looking, smart/dumb, and like what skin shade and hair color they have. I would also like to be able to have a part time job. So like in college/high school I can earn money instead of being in debt. It would also be cool if you can meet friends, like maybe starting in elementary school you talk to someone and they are now your best friend for life. Then there could be a whole new section in “relationships” for your friends. Those are just some things that I think would be really cool to see in the next update, but their certainly not demands or anything. Thanks for making such a great game!


Great game!  KauYEE  5 star

This game rocks

Genius Beatz

Must haveee  Genius Beatz  5 star

I need sports like the nfl and please make high school and college sports a thing.


It won’t download.  MikeyScene420  1 star

For no reason. Can install everything else just fine. What’s up??


Pretty cool .  SkyHasCookies  5 star

So, I played the game a bit more, and I love it. It’s amazing.


Love it  Piplup9237  2 star

I really love this game. It’s so much fun and it’s so addicting. I have some suggestions for this game, though. 1. What if the parents put the player up for adoption? 2. I’m not sure if this is in the game yet but siblings for when the player is still a child. 3. Less ads, I understand the ads are for sponsors but the ads pop up for often for me. And that’s really about it. Updated review: 4/14/19 Ads pop up every five seconds and it’s getting absolutely ridiculous, out of hand really. It’s the same two ads too! I have ad block on and it blocked all the ads that popped up and now it won’t block which annoys me and not every single person is able to pay to stop it. Oh, and is it possible to make acting jobs a lot easier to get? And modeling jobs too?


Great game  chey242  4 star

The only thing I would love to see added, working and going to college at the same time, I would also love to more choice for jobs in college. Other than that I love the randomness and what not.

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