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How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It's all up to you...

BitLife - Life Simulator App Description & Overview

The applications BitLife - Life Simulator was published in the category Games on 2018-09-30 and was developed by Candywriter, LLC. The file size is 51.16 MB. The current version is 1.7.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Hey Bitizens! This is just a quick update to fix a couple of little glitches in this past weekend's update. We're working hard on your next big update now.

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BitLife  Riahdoe  2 star

Would be cool if you could play the other ppl in your family but game is alright other then that .

succ ya mom

Won’t download  succ ya mom  1 star

I’ve tried getting this game on my phone for the past week and it just won’t download. It’s not my phone. It’s the app for some reason.


GREAT GAME but modifications that need to be done  WarriorGod332  5 star

This is one of my favorite games. I just cannot stop playing this game, however, there are things that I am craving for. The first being you, not your sons or daughters, but you having the the ability to have siblings that lived with you. Also, more crime options, introduction to gangs and things like that. Another thing that I suggest is the addition of probation, pre-trial, parole, house arrest, etc. You should also add trials as well. That would be amazing, love you guys!

-The One Who Knocks

Please help!  -The One Who Knocks  2 star

I died and was on my time stone and wanted a screen shot of it but there was a ad and there was an x above it so I hit it while I had my thumb on the home button and it immediately authorized the purchase of the ad free mode I just got this game and I’m sorry but I don’t plan on playing it maybe one more time how do I refund the ad free version please

Arianna 2.0

Nice  Arianna 2.0  4 star

Fun game. Great concept. I’d definitely prefer that there would be more ways to increase your health.

bitlife forlife

Love BitLife  bitlife forlife  3 star

Can you add siblings to this game it would be a lot more fun

Tanu ved

Great app but I need help  Tanu ved  1 star

I love this app and j was trying to remove an app purchase and apparently I bought something that I didn’t but what. I would really like to get rid of that. Thank you.


A person🥳  Shanaionfleek  5 star

I think that we should be able to move around for example if my person lived in Las Vegas then they should be able to move to Boston or another town and there should be more college options but other than that I love this game


Repetitive  Luminosity2  1 star

This game is exactly the same after the first game

Terrible game reviewer

Worst jail system ever  Terrible game reviewer  1 star

Literally impossible to escape from jail.


Why?!?  Shironecro  4 star

I’m not gonna lie, I’m rather upset. I’ve been enjoying bitlife a lot(playing nearly everyday) but I just got a message saying something akin to: “ZOMG what happened to Donald Taylor?” I opened the app and he was gone, and the only option I had was to start a new life. This life was very good and I had put a lot of work into it. Now, I just got out of the hospital this morning (and my phone was left at home so I couldn’t play). To sum up, I seem to have lost my character simply because the app felt the need to punish me for not playing... bit silly for those actually unable to play. If this hadn’t happened, this review would be 5 stars but...oh well.


❤️  EssieAre  5 star

I looove this app. I would love it even more if there could be different eye colours and more countries.


Great but needs improvements  Aussie03  3 star

I’ve spent hours playing this game. I love exploring the stories and just having fun with it. However, there are some things that could be implemented into the game that I think myself and other players would love to have and utilise (some of which I think the developers are already making?). These include - siblings, maybe an enhanced holiday/vacation system (Christmas, Easter, New Years popups?), pets!! One thing that’s made me feel somewhat negative towards the game is that I paid $2.99 to make my game ad-free, and I am still getting adverts. So basically, I’ve wasted my money

Yaahhh yeeeeet

I love it  Yaahhh yeeeeet  5 star

It’s so fun to play but I recon you should add more of those ribbon things when you die and..... be able to see what sort of ones you can try and get.......... (if anything is spelled rong or something it’s because I got a new iPad)


Cheating ex husband does not deserve my $  FlappybirdCHAMPION😜😝😜  5 star

When my husband cheats on me and I divorce him why should I have to pay him half of my own money. Please add another option so when the judge demands I pay a large amount to my cheating ex husband I can have another option to say no. Please and thanks

Shaylia Reyntjes

Addictive  Shaylia Reyntjes  5 star

I’ll sit on it for hours & not even realise


Remove the screenshot bar  qwertyasdffghjkl  3 star

Hi, love this game but you should add the option of turning off the screenshot pop up after every SINGLE thing that happens. It’s really annoying. I also purchased the no ads option so would reeeaaally like u guys to fix this! Thank u!!

Lauren the Awesome Master

Fun game, updates keep making it better  Lauren the Awesome Master  4 star

As an avid player of Real Lives 10-15 years ago, this is definitely an appealing game. Each update adds more of what I felt was missing from the first version I played, making it feel more varied and fresh. It still lacks many features and after a few lives it can feel a little repetitive (which is improving with each update) and doesn’t feel as rich as Real Lives did. That game was also lacking a lot, so I think by including more life events and more control/lack of control over what happens to your person, particularly adding more random events as well as more ‘third world’ countries (I really liked this aspect in Real Lives, having characters in random and difficult countries where you could die at age 5 or get a serious illness which stunts your growth etc and affects the rest of your life, or not getting certain opportunities such as being unable to attend grade school). Overall though, this game is very fun and a great time killer, and the constant updates improve the game and show the developers really care about making this into an even greater game.

patrick of sea of oysters

GREAT  patrick of sea of oysters  4 star

i love this game so much. so addicting. although, it would be so much better if there were more options. MORE OPTIONS PLEASE!!!


Feed back..  (5273136632  3 star

This game is really great and all but it would be 10x better you could think about including the following: inheriting your children’s life, picking the amount of money you get when you create a custom life, having more relations ships such as friends.. work colleagues.. relatives.. etc, choosing what activity you do when spending time with relations, being able to make friends would also be goo.You could always improve the game by having more activity’s to do and one last thing would be too have more criminal activities as well, like stealing cars or home invasion just too make the game a little more interesting. It’s a really fun game to play!!!

annie rebecca

Surprisingly really fun.  annie rebecca  5 star

Watched my boyfriend play this for a bit and thought it would be stupid, but got really invested in it and downloaded it. Super fun game, easy way to kill time too.


Ads  _x_rodd_  4 star

Not to many adds addictive and amazing!


Oof  okletmeseedatmemers  5 star

Big oof


Love  TurkBear12  5 star

I am addicted!!! I love this game and cannot stop playing it!!!


Like it but missing politics  GamingEvolved9105  4 star

I think it would be cool if you could lead a country and declare war a job


Great Game, also  youcallmesweetlikeimsomekindof  5 star

I really do love this game and it’s already great but an idea popped in my head when someone had offered me sleeping pills. It would be cool to make the game have an effect that shows you how this drug affects your immune system. Example can be like for “LSD”, there can be lots of trippy colors and patterns.


FANTASTIC (But needs more crime)  Artguy14  5 star

This is one of my favorite games, but it really needs more crimes like bank robberies, voluntary drug smuggling, extortion, bus bombings, and maybe hostage situations?


BitLife is Life😝  Delilah❤️🥰  5 star

Even though this game is fictional I love playing it for hours and hours especially after school I’m so glad this game was made but sometimes it can glitch out but still love the game so much!!!!!!!


Great Game + Suggestion  ThorGodOfTits  4 star

I have never written a real review before, but I absolutely adore this game. It’s solidly built and designed with few errors. While I think it is superb, I have some recommendations so that I can give it 5 stars: - A family tree for each character would be awesome so we could view our descendants and even play as those descendants instead of moving onto a new one. -Being able to marry those characters together. - Make crimes like murder more intricate to increase or decrease the chances of getting caught. - Able to start our own businesses or practices. -Lease Cars instead of constantly buying and selling. -Customize Cars and Houses (additions to build equity). - A fix to the education admittance system and smart growth. - Ability to choose from all degrees. - Mistresses, wedlock children and such. Just a few... Add those and I’ll give it a 5.

Super Brittany

So addicting  Super Brittany  5 star

I really love this game. I wish there were more options when you’re a child. For instance when you choose between telling your parents you broke something or lying about it, I wish there was a reward or consequence for those choices. You get to pick between the nerdy kid and the scrawny kid... and? What’s the outcome? Basically make it so there’s an outcome for every action.


Amazing  Dan21215  5 star

Speaks for itself


Sport  Podgy2003  4 star

Good game but wish you could have an grade for you’re sport so like smart,looks etc and if its high enough u can do sports in university and go pro at it


EXCELLENT  Hahararafafalala  5 star

This game is very addicting and a lot of fun!! Great game so funny at times!! ❤️


Criminal careers  Jangev  4 star

I believe there should be criminal careers added into the game because when you go to prison and leave it is very difficult to get a job with your criminal record.e.g drug dealing, heists etc.


:(  PINKNEWE  4 star

Too hard to escape from prison


Bit life  Sam_Ryan18  5 star

Brilliant game


Needs improvements  SimisimiIsABully  4 star

Needs improvement like rent a house continue on as one of your children or grandchildren also need to add great grandchildren fun game tho


So addicting  bellendlol  5 star

Such a weird game but so addicting,maybe add more features example, become a movie star for a job or boxer ext or you can date famous ppl please add that soon other than that great and funny game also fix the currency example like put euros japanese money ext also add more jobs like being a rapper,pimp,boxer extt just funny stuff and why not add a proffessional sportsman as a job for ex tennis player soccer player basketball player ext please hope you read this

Princess Hair Salon

Terrible  Princess Hair Salon  1 star

App won't open


So addicting  Gecbjvc  5 star

I love this game but please add more to the ‘haunt game’ option. Also if you can rent houses you own or have business that'd be good

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