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Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal – the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.

As a new employee in the Aperture Science test lab, it's your job to build bridges, ramps, slides, and other constructions in 60 test chambers and get the Bendies safely across the finish line in their vehicles.
Make use of the many Portal gadgets, like portals, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, aerial faith plates, cubes, and more to bypass the sentry turrets, acid pools and laser barriers, solve switch puzzles, and make it through the test chambers unscathed.

Let Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS, guide you through the tutorial, and learn all the tips and tricks that make a true Aperture Science employee.

The bridge is a lie!

- The merging of two worlds: the first Bridge Constructor™ with an official Portal™ license
- Create complex constructions in the Aperture Science labs
- Let GLaDOS accompany you through tricky physics adventures
- Use portals, aerial faith plates, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and much more to master the complicated tasks
- Evade dangers such as sentry turrets, emancipation grills, laser fields, and acid
- Help your Bendies cross the finish line – on their own or in a convoy

Bridge Constructor Portal App Description & Overview

The applications Bridge Constructor Portal was published in the category Games on 2017-12-20 and was developed by Headup Games GmbH & Co KG. The file size is 147.92 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Level fixes and polishing
- Chinese font improved

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Bridge Constructor Portal Reviews


Car issues  WolfHead123  4 star

I’m on lvl 9 and the only way to get through it is to drive more than one test vehicle. I cannot do this and it isn’t possible now. Please help


Great  Nightofgrim  5 star

Totally worth the price and works well on mobile.


Cloud storage issue  Simbp  2 star

I install on iPad. I play 3 levels. I install on iPhone and I sadly have to start from scratch so I just pass the first quizz and dont play level 1. I go back to iPad the next day. I have to start again from level 1?! I play 5 levels. The next day I open the iPad and it loads from the cloud and I have lost all iPad achievements again! It feels like each time I open the iPad it restores from my iPhone saves that is level 1 and never actually overwrites and saves my iPad achievements. I REALLY dont want to play again those 5 levels to lose them one more time. Very annoying that I can not just chose where to load from. The game seems good though.


Fantastic and addiction puzzle game!  Maffew!!!  5 star

This game does exactly at it says and combines bridge constructor with portal. The result is fantastic: edgy comments from GlaDOS, awesome artwork, superb physics, and fun puzzles to complete. The game concept reminds me of Lemmings which I played in my childhood.


Fun!  Josephl8  5 star

No seriously. Really is!


Must Buy for Any Puzzle/ Portal Fan  Brachachacha  5 star

This game is what I wish every mobile game was like, zero microtransactions, interesting, funny, and fun. It is also elevated by the classic portal style humor.

It's Gehrke

Perfection  It's Gehrke  5 star

This game is seriously so fun. I can usually manage to find a mistake in every game, but this game has none. Absolutely flawless.


Is good  Adriane-G  5 star



Fun at first  Pchan424  2 star

The game is a lot of fun at first but very soon, like around level 20 it just gets monotonous. Like someone else said all they do is take away anchor points. Scratching your head on how to throw together something that will stay kinda takes the fun out of the game quickly. I’m a little disappointed.


Broken Cloud Saves  mexifelio  5 star

*Update: it looks like you now get prompted to load the cloud save or use local device save. Good job! Game is very fun. I played on the iPad and made it to level 10. My iPhone downloaded the game and when it was opened it uploaded a new save file overwriting all of my previous progress on the iPad. When going back to the iPad, all progress was completely gone.


Great!  CharlieRMii  5 star

You can't find something like BC portal everyday. It's got a sense of dark humor, while being extremely educational.

Robotguy39 (and Joel)

Harder than Bridge Constructor and Portal combined.  Robotguy39 (and Joel)  5 star



Portal is back!!!!  Mighty-Midas  5 star

Did you play 3D portal ? Then don’t think, just play it. If you haven’t played it, still play it. Amazing game....


Great game  Lanikai585  5 star

Ads removed, great Bridge Constructor game, well worth it


Great fun physics/constructor game  wspray87  5 star

Was worried at first I thought there was only 10 levels for 8$, turns out there is 60 levels. Good value for your money, fun game with a sense of humour.

Mick 1234

Get this game if you like portal or bridges  Mick 1234  5 star

Great game, love portal and this new take on it. Great support staff too.


Clinton  clihird  5 star

Enjoyed the challenge


Great game “combo: bridge building/puzzle solving”  Jsbook  5 star

Great game was some glitches which now seem to be fixed. Interesting and varied puzzles. Hopefully in a future update there will be a “previous best” to try and build a cheaper solution. And more levels though it has taken longer already than most other puzzle games I have purchased.

the grey finger

Game is amazing  the grey finger  5 star

This game is really good it really replicated the original portal games with: same music , animation and sounds/ GLAdos but the level 5 is really CHALLENGING I didn’t do bridges I did jumps it was easy and worked out for the creators make a portal game like this in 3D and have a portal gun that shoots blue portal bridge orange portal string seaport beams it would be incredible thanks

Mr Blee

Fun  Mr Blee  4 star

Playing in an iPhone 6 Plus. Can be frustrating building complex bridges because my screen is so small - might be better on an iPad. Great fun though.


Very good  Ickybalooky  5 star

I very much like this game if you do not have it then I do recommend this and especially if you have played poly bridge as it is the same concept and remember the cake is a lie


Portal  Kyjamcon10  5 star

Of a Fan of portal 1 and 2 love it it keeps the same genre which the genre is puzzle the is isn’t like the others it’s a good way to make sure the series doesn’t stay dead and I do love the look and GLaDOS with her comments it such a good game and it’s only 5 dollars a amazing game for a good price.


👍  Djmhunter  4 star

Please fix the sync issue with iPad. As others have said, I lost my iPhone progress when I tried to play on the iPad. Very annoying as I was at level 40+. Otherwise, excellent and challenging game.

- Commander Wolfe -

Awesomeness  - Commander Wolfe -  5 star

I love this game. The intro is hilarious, the gameplay is ridiculously good, and I love how well they put the two games together. I would totally recommend this game to anyone, from seasoned Portal players, to people who had no idea BC, or Portal even existed. Take note other developers, we will buy quality games. Keep making more awesome games like this


Solid fun  Bigmouse52  5 star

A well designed app that taps in to much of the fun of bridge builder and portal. I have not found any bugs, so kudos to the dev team.


Good gaem!! A little pricey but good  griffinjones119  5 star

I have never wrote a review before but this game deserves one. I am a huge portal fan and when I saw this game I had to have it. It’s a very good game that makes you want to keep playing. I haven’t experienced any bugs yet and it’s great in mostly every way but 4.99 is a little much. But with that said I would definitely recommend It to any portal fan.


Omg cake!  ColbyBuster  5 star

Gimme dat cake boi


Loving it  BuzmanCMD  5 star

It’s like crack for an engineer, having a blast


I love it!  Likeflint  5 star

Great game and homage to the beloved Portal series. Highly recommended!


Very addictive!  Duder182  5 star

I love Portal and games like this.

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