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Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the culmination of a decade of perfecting the Fancy Pants adventures. For the first time on iOS, here comes Fancy Pants man!

Super Fancy Features:
*So many levels! - 56 brand new levels of parkour platforming
*Collections! - Over 20 pants and hats to collect in brand new challenge stages
*Incredible Hand-drawn Style - Frame-by-frame animated worlds, enemies, and friends
*Hack-and-slash - Wield your mighty ink pen to take down new threats!
*New Moves! - Take control of Fancy Pants man with brand new combos and moves
*Secret Challenge Stages - Scattered throughout the world are secret doors to incredibly challenging bonus stages, awarding awesome prizes
*60fps gameplay - Perfectly smooth running for a perfectly smooth platformer
*Controller Support

A Decade In the Making
The Fancy Pants Adventures series started over ten years ago by Brad Borne, an indie developer who wanted to redefine video game platforming by making speed and tight controls feel compatible. Over the years he has honed his craft, turning his Fancy Pants games into a worldwide phenomenon with over 100 million plays and becoming one of the top games of all time on Kongregate. This newest version, Super Fancy Pants Adventure, is a culmination and a reimagining of the series into a full-fledged title. Whether it's your first time playing Fancy Pants or your hundredth, Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild run!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure App Description & Overview

The applications Super Fancy Pants Adventure was published in the category Games on 2018-01-24 and was developed by Kongregate. The file size is 145.83 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

This update contains stability improvements and general bug fixes.

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Super Fancy Pants Adventure Reviews


support iphone x  kevinlinny  4 star

I love this game so much! Feel like teen again. Hope will support iPhone X screen soon


BEST GAME EVER!!  Sprig82  5 star

This game had made my day ten times better. It is an action packed game full of different collectibles and would 10/10 recommend. Besides the ink dash controls I love this game to its entirety.


“lit”  @;($362  5 star

This is literally the best game ever. The turning right and accidentally inkboarding is frustrating, but that is the only bad part of it. I can’t wait for new levels and new pants and hats to come out soon. #stayfancy


Almost 5 stars  fugazi69  4 star

Slightly annoying the game doesn't take up more, if not all of the iphone x screen. Instead of just a small rectangle in the middle. Would be 5 stars if it did.

Jace H.

The best platformer on the iPhone  Jace H.  5 star

This is a fantastic game! Every element is well designed, it’s smooth and entertaining, and challenging enough without being TOO tough. Controls take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun! Thanks to the developer for fixing the Remix crashes, this is now a solid five star review. Yay! This is one of my favorite games, period.


Amazing  xX5urvivorXx  5 star

One of the best games in my opinion. The First Fancy Pants game was released back in 2006 as a free flash game and was one of the first games I have ever played. Would 100% recommend and can’t wait for the next update/sequel.


Please  MySweetSunshine  5 star

This is one of the most fun games I have ever had on my iPad please make a super fancy pants edvencher 2 I’m only 8 so I’m sorry if I spell stuff wrong


Crashing  Deku12  5 star

Whenever I’m going to the third level of world 1 remix the level before you fight the boss the app always crashes and I can’t even reach the final boss it’s really annoying and I’m wondering if you can fix it thanks.


so many crashes in the first level, impossible to play  Sicochoco  1 star

I love this game but it is very frustrating the repetitive crashes that happen in the first level, impossible to go forward, it’s. great game and the controller support is fantastic, but please fix the crashes, can’t play it for more than 5 minutes... it’s ridiculous


Awesome game  Johnnynevs  5 star

Best game on my phone. Very creative and entertaining. Well worth the money.


Cliffhanger  mrpearygreen  5 star

Make a second one pls


Awesome game, best parkour experience to this day  tomscamer  5 star

I've even done parkour in real life! I adore the new functions with the pen, the final boss, the sawmill, the machine gun, and, as said before, the parkour. With parkour I mean the dashing through levels. I love how it starts off looking like the last one, but then there was the oil volcano, as well. My problems with the game are: 1. a disability to stomp or slide any enemy, making sliding pointless. Maybe in the next game add occasional slideable enemies. The only other issue I can think of is that it was too short! Can't wait for the sequel! Also, I'd love it if there was a room where you could do speed runs of levels, and where you could compare to others online. Awesome game, will recommend

Zac .D. Martin

Crashes  Zac .D. Martin  4 star

WHY! The game crashes in specific areas mainly the world 1 remix like the secret penguin hole that I can’t enter because every time I get to it the app crashes on me! I would rate the game five stars but the crashes are stopping me from doing that! FIX IT please?


Super fancy pants adventures  MaZinZaidan  5 star

When will we have new worlds in development? For iOS


Just needs these couple of things  Hado33  5 star

Awesome game, I’m loving playing it, just a couple of things I’d like implemented; for one, can you please add some way to exit or go back into current gameplay after selecting the map icon instead of having to select a part of it? And secondly, allow it to be played both horizontal ways on my phone as it seems to be locked only one way atm.

Ultimo Zach of destiny!!!

Good fun but jump button is a nightmare  Ultimo Zach of destiny!!!  3 star

A lot of fun, runs smoothly and looks great on the iPad. Super cool when you can string together 4-5 high speed moves. But the jump button is the biggest downfall. I found myself having to press my entire thumb on the up arrow just to jump maybe 80% of the time, I found myself frantically pressing jump more then I should have to and when you complete a big set of jumps to die only because the jump won’t work is infuriating


My favourite game  BL4CKY_CH4N  5 star

Please make a mode where you can make levels and share them with friends


Good  mix2loud  5 star

This game is really good to play keep up the good work


I love this game but I’m stuck on something  kratssiltis  5 star

At this part in the beginning it just crashes and I can’t progress


Great but glitchy  Blormi  3 star

Ive been a fan of this game series from the first game, I’ve played all of the multiple times. This newest installment is great but visually downgraded from the previous installment. In the previous game the backgrounds were detailed and interesting combined with the level design. And there’s very little enemy diversity, only two real new enemies which honestly are some of the worst in the series. Another negative is it’s story. The previous game had a very humorous and fun little story far superior to SFPA’s minimal and anti climatic one. There’s no notes to read and people to talk to just levels to traverse. (which would be fine if the previous games didn’t have any story either). The worst problem that this game has though is glitches. I had absolutely zero problems glitch wise until I beat the game and jumped into the white hole which would freeze my game. Closing the game and getting back into it would only restart the boss fight. After 1.2 I could beat it but then I had crash glitches all the time, to the point where the game is unplayable. Especially in world 1 remix, as soon as I enter any room the game crashes. The two things saving this game is it’s gameplay and its nostalgia. The game is a blast to play and plays leagues better then the previous installments. Simple additions like the pen and level elements, the controls are more reactive. These make the game more fluent and fun to play. And like I said before I’ve played all the games when I was a child so this game has a load of nostalgia with it. It’s just a shame that there’s so many negatives bringing it down. P.S. Developer, if your reading this the crash glitches need to be fixed ASAP. It’s really unplayable until they’re fixed.


Option to restart  Juroids14  3 star

I wrote a review earlier about the controls not being responsive but that was fixed. Now my only complaint is that you don’t have the option to restart and you can’t die. I got to a level that I couldn’t pass so I wanted to restart and basically get better until reached that level but I can’t do that.


Wonderful update, still more soft lock  bdotill97  4 star

In the world one remix, I go through doors and it soft locks me out. Still fun to replay to be honest!

Mr. Ham the Samson Pam

Final Boss Glitch  Mr. Ham the Samson Pam  5 star

First of all, I have to say, I love this game. The physics are great, the art style is beautiful, and the mechanics are really fun. People have mentioned control issues, and while I have encountered a few that are pretty annoying, it’s nothing game breaking. What is game breaking however is a glitch I have consistently had occur. After the final boss, you are supposed to jump in a portal. After watching Fancy Pants Man fall for a while, it’s supposed to say “To Be Continued”(which is stupid, why is there a cliffhanger?). Instead however, I just get a white screen. I think the game soft-locks, or freezes, or something. But now when I quit to try and play more of the game, it just loads me at the final boss. I already uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to play the rest of the game(having to start over in the process), and the same thing happened with the final boss. This is a massive problem! And tons of people have already reported it! Please fix the bug so I can actually finish the game! Edit: The developers behind this game are awesome, they quickly patched the bug. However, I did notice some other problems. In the world 1 remix, the app keeps crashing when I go through doors. On the other arcade machine, the menu controls are really poorly implemented. I try to go to a different section only for the game to think I clicked on an extra level or something. Also, I don’t know if it’s supposed to happen, but the arcade machine on the left does nothing. Is there something you need to do to unlock it? Then again now that I think about it, it kinda looks like a coin dispenser, but that might just be me. On top of that, the bar in the bathtub does seemingly nothing either(unless I’m an idiot and just don’t know). If there is something that I didn’t know about the 3rd machine and the bar, can you guys make it a bit more obvious?


Phenomenal  curberocks  5 star

Me and my brothers love the game but after completing the game they all said that it would so much cooler if you could make your own level and have more fun with the combo attacks parkour and enemies


It crashed  Bellezaloo  3 star

I was playing the game when all of a sudden I enter a door and the game crashed


Love it!  JPE_30  5 star

The game is gorgeous and a lot of fun to play. Platforming is super smooth and feels great. If you like platforming, this is one of the best on iOS.

Awkward Wizard

Great game!  Awkward Wizard  5 star

I played this game a lot when the first one came out, and I loved it. I immediately got this game and I loved it! Everyone should get it!


Controls  linopa  4 star

I loved the old fancy pants so I was really excited for this game, but the controls are awful. Things that should be really easy become frustrating because of the controls. I didn't realize this game was on steam when I bought it, but now that I know I'll probably buy it on steam so I can use a keyboard. Edit: Control response issues have been fixed. I still don't think they are ideal but they are way less frustrating then they were.










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