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Use your voice to move and jump between platforms. Soft voice to walk, scream to jump! Watch out!

Don't disturb your neighbor!

Scream Go Hero App Description & Overview

The applications Scream Go Hero was published in the category Games on 2017-03-07 and was developed by Ketchapp. The file size is 146.70 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- New Skins in the shop
- New levels
- New camera mode

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Scream Go Hero Reviews


Tooo many ads  sami34567  2 star

Love the game just hate all the ads


Bad game  mzdee3547  1 star

Bad game hate it🤬🤬🤬🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄🥵😬


Funny Game  Allisonzz  3 star

Its really funny since we have to use loud voice and even soft. I really liked this game,but i downloaded it yesterday😯 but its funny and this game is greatt!😂

Winnie that pooh and tiggy

Not fun  Winnie that pooh and tiggy  1 star

This is not a good game it is not Remotely cool it is not even it is so not fun it is no easy but it says that it is so I am not recommending this for anyone who doesn’t like games he gets really mad when the game isn’t good and they’re recommending this for anyone who does not enjoy speaking really high.


Not good  Minovich  1 star

Too much long ads


EHHH  💜👯‍♀️AUBOB👯‍♀️💜  3 star

So the game Scream Go Hero is hard and stupid but also really cool and challenging that’s what I look for in games I found out about this game from Annie and Haylee Leblanc and I enjoys it. -Scream Go Hero User P.S. I THINK ALL THE PARENTS OF SCREAM GO HERO USERS HAVE HEADACHES I KNOW MY MOM DOES LOL!


Good.  GoldenFriendNow  3 star

Fun and funny.


READ AND REPLY  lulwaOMG  5 star

I just downloaded this game and I am already in love with it probably the best game ever very creative and it makes me laugh so much good work on this game😊

dv ufhuhmtjk

  dv ufhuhmtjk  3 star

Why are you trying to make life harder than it already is


Scream go hero  Cutefordays12602  2 star

It has a lot of ads

was this free?  3 star

really easy game got bored everyone’s complaining about the ads, when they can just turn off their data usage and wifi, then there’s no adds and i can’t see if this game was free

bust fown thoatiana

Meh  bust fown thoatiana  2 star

So I’m playing you now it’s pretty good but I’m yelling then I’m dying so it’s good but not the best game in the world

Metro Jr

Good game but  Metro Jr  3 star

THE AAAAASSDDS!. Like wth there’s literally (AND I MEAN LITERALLY) Like 2-4 adds at a time. There’s even ads when you start playing. ONE add AT A TIME is ok but this makes enjoying the game an impossible task


Fun  Hdertcvjy  2 star

Fun game but WAY too many ads


Hilarious and Fun!  Heeeeyyyyye  5 star

Game is hilarious and funny! I’ve been screaming my head off for last few minutes and my parents are planning to take me to therapy! (Jk they should though) Extremely recommend downloading! 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻

kitty katty meow

oooo  kitty katty meow  5 star

so good. used this in bed for a fun game 🥰🥰 loved it


love ittt  emilypoutros  5 star

funniest reactions i’ve seen on instagram 😭 best game


Scream go jump  julietteasaihughes  3 star

Game is funny in the beginning but now I just have a sore throat thanks.


eh  Superman6566!!  1 star

i’d rather it you tap it and it screams and jumps not to use your voice


Bad bad bad makes me So sad sad sad  Pip_12345  1 star

Bad game it’s trash Worse than pub g Jk I love pub g I hate this game Bad game Bad Bad Bad


Um lame  ortegayadii  1 star

I just downloaded it and it doesn’t even move I uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing

mad naigger

This is a scam  mad naigger  1 star

The app once it is on your screen it won’t come off and when are you ever going to use it


I can’t find out how to record  KaylaDecil  5 star

I can’t find out to record pls help me but this is a really fun and funny game I really suggest buying it

Jessi :

Microphone Sensitivity  Jessi :  3 star

This game is awesome and everything but one thing I would liked to be fixed is the microphone because the sensitivity is a bit messed up.


eh  hxksksjdns  2 star

it’s fun, but when i yell it won’t go back up and it annoys me....


Why one star  hbwqhfsh(fru  1 star

Because every time I play I yell I tried to yell but the ninja wouldn’t move at all help me out here

mægäñ jęäñ🤠🥳

It won’t let me play  mægäñ jęäñ🤠🥳  3 star

I have deleted and re downloaded the app and it STILL won’t let me play

Ava💩the cutest

Amazing  Ava💩the cutest  5 star

If you want to annoy someone this is the best way to do it!!! LOL


Fun  Potterhaed👩🏻‍🦳20742  5 star

The thing is really fun it’s really fun but when you scream this thing moves and you love developers thank you very much it is so fun all the people lives, look how no no no no no this is boring but I think that there are rock this is the best game I’m like other I thought this could be a corny going with us push give money or something like that but now it’s a lot of fun thank you very much if you make another game like this will be very very much and please write something on the review

helllllllllo :3

;)  helllllllllo :3  5 star

I’ve already downloaded this game yetursday and I’ve beat so many levels it’s so fun!!


Unreal  Winnielara  5 star

10/10 absolutely class

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