Alphaputt [Games] App Description & Overview

Alphaputt is that beautiful place where typography meets crazy golf. Putt your way through the alphabet, complete your own wordy courses and challenge your friends. Just watch out for the UFOs. And the vacuum cleaners.

● Multiplayer (1-4 players)
● 30 levels, infinite courses
● Different game modes

Alphaputt is our typographic take on the classic mini-golf course. Up to 4 players can play on the same device.

There are 30 beautifully designed levels, one for each letter of the alphabet – from A for Airport to Z for Zen Garden. Each has its own soundscape and unique theme which brings its own gameplay challenges.

The intuitive shot system and minimal controls make sure the letters are the true protagonists of the scene. Players can move around them to get the best angle, set direction and adjust power.

Players can create personalised courses by typing in the words they want to play or tackle randomly generated ones. Individuals can also take the par-fection challenge by attempting to complete the entire alphabet under par.

There are virtually endless combinations and challenges that can be set, making Alphaputt a game you will want to play again and again.

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Alphaputt Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed bug on older devices 1.2.0 - New bonus hole (M for Movember) and achievement ball - Localisation of in-game copy - UI updates - Bug fixes

Alphaputt Comments & Reviews

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- Bad design, frustrating, and poorly executed

The game looks neat. The gameplay is pure frustration, and the overall build is sloppy. Save your time and money, there are good games out there, and this certainly isn’t one of them.

- This game is terrible and stupid

It doesn’t make any sense. Every hole is designed to be incredibly frustrating to play. It’s not fun at all.

- Great but there’s a bug

I’ve been waiting for this game but now I installed it and it doesn’t even let me in the game

- HELP! Game crashing

So I bought the game about a month ago and I have a iphone 6+. At first the game just crashed before it even loaded anything on the screen. Now I saw that the newest update from a week ago fixed an issue on older devices and now when I load up the app it will show sennep games on the loading screen and then it just crashes again. I’ve been eager to play it seeing as I am an avid golfer, but I haven’t gotten to do anything with it. What’s wrong?

- Terrible, frustrating golf

The screenshots look nice but the golf gameplay is horrible. Low camera angle makes it hard to have any idea where putts are going. Thought courses would be interesting and quirky but instead is just full of cheap, frustrating obstacles that throw your ball in random directions. Complete waste of money.

- The letter E is impossible!

This is a wonderful, beautiful game, but a few of the letters seem to be IMPOSSIBLE. If you can sink E, you are a putting god. If you can figure out L, I’d also be impressed. I’m not saying I want to sink in fewer putts; I’m saying I just want to finish either hole, at all. Please tone it down a bit so I can spell LEAF and get on with my life! Thanks. Super awesome idea here!

- Excellent game

Beautiful graphics and relaxing, entertaining gameplay. Developers please try to continue updating and supporting the game, Thank you !!

- Very frustrating

Graphically, this is a very beautiful game. Unfortunately, the game play is horrendous. Many of the courses do not have side rails and more often than not, your ball ends up out of bounds. Also, many of the courses seem to rely on luck and not skill. I am a very patient person - this is the only game I've ever played where I have to restrain myself from throwing my phone. I only play it every few months or so and it only takes me 10 minutes before I give up for a few months.

- Customer service

I had had a bug issue with this game when I first bought it that made it not work on older devices and the developers updated it in under a week

- Beautiful but unfinished

The other reviews are on the money — this is a great idea and absolutely gorgeous, but it feels unfinished. Some UI updates are needed, as is the ability to turn off music/sfx. Better played on a large device.

- Fun and great looking

Fun game that doesn’t require any golf skills. Levels get repetitive but they sure are creative and beautifully rendered. Can we have an option to turn off level names? They cause a delay in gameplay and after the 20th time you see them....

- Just one problem

There is a nasty bug in the process of getting into the game.Every single time I try to play it,it just exits me out!I hope you fix this problem.And if you don’t,do you even have a heart.

- Pretty but not Fun

I'm sorry to say this but the game's not that fun. Mostly luck, and certainly too hard at first. It's pretty though and the letters are a good concept EXCEPT that you fall off them all the time. Maybe make some letters indented? idk

- Not loading?

So I recently bought this game because it seemed really nice and I liked the design but when I tried opening the app it just sent me back to my home screen and I kept trying over and over and I restarted my phone to see if it would work but still not working. Any idea of what’s happening?

- Cool graphics!

App will no longer open after 1.2.0 game update on iPhone 6.



- Clever idea but too frustrating to enjoy

I like the concept but I find the controls, especially on my iPhone 8, to be difficult to use. The worst is the control to change the view. It is also difficult to control the consistency of the putt and often the obstacles on a hole just force you into a loop of failure.

- Best Mini Golf Game Available

I got this game a while back and I have been playing it for quite some time. I love it so much. It’s so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. The graphics are really nice, and the gameplay is just as good. It’s very smooth and runs perfectly (at least on my phone). I would highly recommend getting this app if you haven’t already, it’s a blast to play!

- So hard

Can you lower the difficulty of the levels L, Y, E, and Graveyard G pls

- Beautiful but...

This game is very creative and beautiful, however, I think there should be an update that -optimizes battery consumption -has more content like maybe another variation of each letter or like levels of words that you have to complete. Overall a beautiful game

- Awesome gameplay

It shows developers put a lot of heart into the making of this game. Bought it just because it doesn’t have in app purchases at first, and wanted to support developer... And I’m glad I too the chance and found this gem of a game !!

- Why can you not change your skin for multiplayer

Alright I love this game but in multiplayer only player one gets to have a skin. Everyone else is just the default ball

- Graphics blow out!!!

The app is a must have!!! Keep up the good work.

- Waiting for update to give detailed review

Certainly need some sort of indicator of how far my ball will travel based on amount of power placed. I’d even enjoy a cheat mode where I can see that plus how the obstacles will affect the ball.

- Just fun, people

Clever, beautiful, unique, intelligent. And FUN! Those who are picking this apart in minute detail are missing the point. The kind of pennies-per-pleasure pedantry that really seems to plague iOS game reviews is wasted effort and disappointing. The cost is low, the entertainment value is high. Is this the best iOS game? The last game you’ll ever need? Of course not. But take it for what it is. A meticulous gem of skilled creative effort. I’ll follow this game studio to see what comes next.

- A quirky and intelligent app!

I am NOT a golfer. Not. But the graphics and appealing price led me to investigate. Wow. I am addicted. A mini-golf game with the courses designed as letters. But that’s too simple a description. The golf ball physics are spot on. And there are so many little touches that didn’t have to be included but were anyway, like the screams if you flub the knievel jump, or the tiny shark fins circling the jail moat. The sound design is also superb, with every letter getting its own theme, sound effects, and in some cases I think there are actually visual jokes or eyeball commentary hidden in the designs, like the iron filings on X and the levitating stones on Z. Not to mention the constantly changing comments at the end of every letter to encourage you. Apart from the whimsical undertones, the game mechanics are so silly and fun, yet so well executed, that it ends up feeling sophisticated. A truly entertaining app. Who would have thought? Well done Designers! Perhaps add numbers?, or just add anything else. But more wonderful mini-golf please! Thanks!

- Great Game

Oh my gosh. I love this game because it really presents a challenge to its users and keeps you coming back. I would love for the creators to add another part to the game, or one that unlocks after completing Par-Fection, which I just beat and am so excited about. The basic mode is a great playground and helped me train for parfection, which was really helpful. This game deserves so many players from around the globe because it is so well designed. Each individual letter presents very technique editing and tells a story on its own. It is unfortunate that I have basically finished the game, so yes, it would be great if the designer would make another mode, but overall the game is a 10/10 (5/5) and needs to be recognized 🙃

- A flawed gem

A wanted to like this a lot more than I do. It’s absolutely lovely and a clever concept. It’s marred by some weird UI bits, though. Foremost is the fact that the pull-back power mechanism and numeric power indicator sometimes mean that you can’t actually see what power you’re set, and other times you’re limited in the “available” power by the size of the screen. Further complicating that, it’s unclear what the power numbers actually mean and there very little feedback how much travel a given amount of power creates. Obviously, some amount of that is what makes the game challenging, but there’s just too little feedback for my taste.

- Please read

This game was fun for like 3 weeks. But I got bored because there are only one level for each level. Can you please add more levels for each level. 3 or 4 would be great!

- Great game that lacks content

Graphics and artwork is amazing, but seeing as there are only 26 courses, I finished the game in about a half an hour. Add more designs for letters!

- Fun but needs a little improvement

The physics could be updated a little. The number responding to the amount of energy used to putt is a little sensitive. A 90 might be a little too fast, but go down to 85 and you barely make it to your destination

- Thank you!

Thank you for taking my ideas and implementing some changes. The zoom is awesome and now finally I can pass some levels.

- Pretty good

Like the title. Pretty good. I love the different levels and the golf meets alphabet theme. One thing that could be added is what one person said which was to implement different courses for each letter. Or maybe small and capital letters both with different words and themes. Some people were saying that “the levels were too hard” or “common levels like e were too hard”. The levels are hard— But not that hard. You can eventually master them.

- Crashes at launch on my iPad.

Too bad, looked like fun.

- Great Design, but Winning is Random

Beautifully designed game, but the game play is frustrating. It’s not frustrating because it’s hard. It’s frustrating because winning is just a random event. There are too many things happening to avoid all possible obstacles (with a few exceptions). It’s not about skill and timing when you have so many things going on and at some point it just becomes luck. I hope these authors design another game like this, but based more on skill than luck. This one is halfway there.

- Not a fun game

Others said it too: it’s beautiful, but the gameplay is bad. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t; it all seems down to luck on how all the gimmicks interact with the ball. Played for 5 minutes... on to other games now.

- Bugs

When I go to play the mode where you do the entire alphabet, I try to shoot the ball but then a screen opens with a scorecard and there’s only the options to quit or restart, not to resume.


Game is cool, but it would be cooler if you could change your skin.

- Beautifully crafted Mini Golf game!

There was tremendous detail and work placed into this game that makes it really enjoyable. This is a great game to relax to and have a little fun alone or with friends with curious courses of fun gameplay. Fairly simple concept for a game with no apparent bugs or problems on my phone.

- Disrespectful to users

Beautiful design. Should be fun. Draws you in. Good sounds. But it is attractive enough to get you to play and want to finish it then it punches you in the face. Just exasperating. There is hard. Challenging. And then there is just plain not fun. Perfect putt is not fun. The level L in particular is soo hard it is just not fun. Deleted. I wanted to like this game.

- Fixed!

Thank, lag has been fixed

- Update made great game even better 👌🏻

Recent update fixed performance on newer iOS devices and added zoom. As promised, review changed to 5 stars once these two issues were addressed. Excellent update, dev listened to feedback. Nice to see that.

- THIS!!

A straight up heady masterpiece! Wow!

- New Update !!!!

I’m glad the creators released the update to fix the bugs! I’m glad to rate this game a 5! Can’t wait for future content !!!

- Looks Great! Plays Boring

Looks great!! No questions. But plays boring. A bunch of letter shaped minigolf courses. Always look and play the same. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

- Slow and badly designed.

The game seems like a quick put together from 3D demo. No thought into gameplay or fun. The graphics are nice and the ideas for some of the letters cute. I bought this all excited to play with my kids, that love Stick Man Golf, and was excited about the idea of exploring the alphabet in a fun way with them. But the game quickly became both boring and frustrating. Explains why they don’t have in app purchases to unblock the other letters, nobody would buy after playing a single letter. It was a good idea that requires a lot more work and going back to the drawing board when it comes to gameplay as well as performance tuning.

- Beautifully designed.

This is a fun game. You can tell it was created by an experienced design team who knows what they are doing. The idea is fresh and the execution is excellent. Dioramas games like this are beautiful to look at and work great on mobile. The sounds perfectly match the visuals. This is probably the best App Store purchase I’ve purchased this year. We need more diorama games like this and Hitman GO.

- Parfection


- Zoom?

Where is the zoom?

- Raging players downscore games they are bad at

It is interesting to see how some people are scoring 1 or 2 star just because they just lack the ability to appreciate the creative fun part of this little lovely game and just tried to get a high score and got raged when they could not. This game is not GPA, play it for fun instead of better pars.

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- Very addicting!

I love this game the satisfaction of seeing each letter a different course for relieves my stress, awesome game would play 11/10

- Stupidiest game ever

Stupidest game ever. No concept of direction or strength in any play.

- Great

Thank you for paying attention to user reviews and fixing the bugs. Beautiful art style and gameplay too. Only problem is that it sometimes calls birdies pars.

- Crashes every time I try to launch it on my iPhone 6 Plus

Update: still crashes before I get to play. But now it crashes after the Senep Games logo animation. Whereas before it crashed before the logo appeared. Keep going. More work to do! Previous: Crashes on launch for me. Please look into this. Shows a pale blue screen for 10 secs or more. Then quits back to home screen before anything else is displayed.

- Crashes but happy that I contributed to Movember

Game is basically unplayable until you guys do an update to fix that issue, I shall play until then... Hopefully.

- Crashes

Never loads, just crashes. Wasted money.

- Crashes when I try to play it

It crashes when I try to play it

- Abhorrent garbage

Words can’t describe how utterly terrible this is. For someone who is instinctively good when it comes to picking up games or anything tech-related, this was a nightmare and waste of time. Trendy, fancy graphics but that means nothing when it’s virtually unplayable. I want my money back. On principle, I wouldn’t even pay 2 cents.

- Good game

The game needs more levels but it is still fun. It is more fun than it looks

- Boring after a few plays


- Not enough levels

There should be more levels like a new level for every letter?

- Great multiplayer game!

The physics in this game are unreal! Impressive realistic gameplay that never gets old. Highly recommend from some who rarely plays games.

- Beautiful, but an exercise in frustration

Excellent graphics, however, balls are way too easily lost by falling off the course. You can zoom, but you can't move the view to centre your ball on the screen. A bit of a regretful purchase.

- Very polished

The game offers a unique experience with great sound effects and an original soundtrack that keeps you entertained for hours on end. The same device multiplayer mode also allows you to play with a party of friends and its great casual fun for example when you're waiting for food at a restaurant.

- Ew

Lacking in variety once you beat a letter or word it just becomes mundane and bland like every other mini golf app it’s nothing special

- Looks beautiful but way too annoying to play.

Each level looks gorgeous but it's too easy to throw your ball off the course. Add to that the fact that you can't just play the courses through from A to Z but rather have to play them as words and this game is just to frustrating. Oh yeah, you can unlock an A to Z play but only get to do it if you get par on each course, otherwise you get to start the whole thing over again. Pass.

- Awesome

Fun art style

- Excellent

Well designed and brilliantly executed. A neat idea using the alphabet letters as courses. Gameplay is smooth, graphics are crisp and the soundtracks are on point. Well worth the price, I highly recommend if this type of game is your cup of tea.

- A beautiful and underrated game

This game is literally perfect. The gameplay, the courses and the fun you get from playing it.

- Looks nice, gameplay awful

Gameplay is terrible. Rubbish game despite its polished appearance.

- A new take on classic mini golf

Alphaputt is a new take on classic mini golf. It combines such an everyday thing as the alphabet with mini golf. This results in some crazy courses like A for airport, appropriately placed on an A shaped course, B for bounce (on a B), C for chase, and so on.* There are also some hidden features, which you only find out about upon playing the course. So far, I've noticed these on D, E, G, K, M, N, Q, U, V, W, and X, but, I'm not going to tell you what they are, otherwise it would ruin the surprise! There are two game modes, parfection (1P) and word play (1-4P). In Parfection, you need to try and get all of the holes in par (surprisingly difficult). In Word Play, you can either type a word or choose a random word and then play those holes. *All holes are in the shape of the letter which they represent, they are also titled by what they are based on.

- Perfection

Glorious design, great gameplay, delightful simplicity - with a dose of humor. LOVE it. Can’t wait to see wait the upturn holds for this excellent game.

- Won’t run on iPhone 6

All I see when I open the app is a blank screen, please fix

- Creative!

Very creative spin on mini golf. Graphics and course concepts are very impressive. Well deserved 5 stars. Nice work

- Beautiful course details and fun mechanics ⛳️

Alphaputt is a beautifully crafted game with some fun mechanics and detailed course designs. I am concerned that the game will become boring very quickly. I would love to see some online multiplayer and new game modes added in the future.

- Pretty + Challenging

Beautiful holes with lots of little details. Easy to get into but tricky to master. 👌

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- Horrible performance

I’m on an iPhone XS Max and this game is almost unplayable. It seems like I’m getting 5-10 FPS on average. No other game I own, including those that are more graphically “demanding”, have these problems.

- Good to look at, not to play

It’s a beautiful game that just isn’t any fun. The novelty of letter-shaped courses wears off quickly. It’s cute that you pick a word to play through, but you end up playing levels like E a lot, which also happens to be the most frustrating level I played. I hoped that there would be multiple courses for each letter (or at least the common ones), but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

- Incredibly frustrating

WAY too many things that totally screw you up. Hazards that hit your ball before you can do anything... Forget trying to get a good score.

- Great game and visually amazing!

I love this game, it is challenging and the graphics are so creative! Look forward to more from these folks!

- Beautiful Design

I really enjoy the game. The letter holes are so creative and challenging. Adding numbers next would be super cool! You won’t be disappointed, if you love great design and creative game play.

- A game worth playing if you value good design

I’ve been following Sennep’s production of this game for close to a year now (yes, I’m that passionate about mini golf games) and I’m proud to report that Alphaputt has all the charm, wonder & thoughtful design it promised and more! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing and typing out my own courses. Not everyone will notice the depth of thoughtfulness that went into even the smallest details of this game, but I certainly do & I hope you keep an eye out for them as well. This is a game by a design studio, not a dime-a-dozen “MiniPutt Lite”.

- Superb mini golf ⛳️ game!

Am so glad I took a chance on this game when I preordered it! Just played it for the first time and it’s so fun! Terrific graphics, love the sound effects, and very, very challenging, easily a 5 ⭐️ game!!! 👍

- Alphaputt BEST game ever 😎!!!!!

Alphaputt is the mist original, fun, creative and coolest game I’ve ever played 🙂!!!! Alphaputt has a beautiful UI and amazing graphics 🤩!!!! Alphaputt is my all time favorite game 🥳

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- Frustrating

Some levels are just annoying and frustrating which takes out the fun too early.

- Not as good as it looks

Looks really good but it awful to play. The amount of power put on the ball seems to have no relation to how the ball actually moves from shot to shot. Power too high, ball goes in right direction but overshoots, reduce power by 2 or 3, ball crawls along. Get the physics sorted and it will be a great wee game.

- Shame

Great graphics, AWFUL gameplay. What a waste of time and money and developers resources, shame this gorgeous looking game was coupled with some of the most truly awful, half baked, shoddy, incomplete gameplay I have ever played on an iOS game.

- Meh...

Hey devs, why not make the game so you don’t run out of shots and go for your best round. some holes seem to be based on luck and spoil a good run, you’ll know what these are. holes are fun and different but get rid of the shot limit. two stars till this is fixed.

- Won’t start up

I love the game but ever since the Movember update, every time I try to start up the game, it immediately crashes, would like to play this level soon

- Waste of money

Just wasted £3.99 on this - its impossible!! Not fun as you spend hours trying to get past obstacles - I know that’s the game but for the money it should at least give you a chance!!! Would give a negative review if possible.

- Now I’m miffed....

Unlike any normal game where you mess up a level and chose to restart it to try again this game decides that what restart means is scrap everything you’ve done to that point and go back to A!!!! FFS! Make that clearer would you? Apart from that on the grounds that there are some levels where you need to be quick and most of the time it either ignores or dismisses your finger I’ve had a complete titful and will be deleting it as my patience have worn way too thin. If you do buy it prepare to be VERY frustrated.

- Great but stuff missing

I was really holding back on buying this game because of the mixed reviews however the price was reduced so I cashed in.the graphics are brilliant as well as the sound effects,music and dialogue.the only thing holding this game back is it can be repetitive after completed as there are only 26 levels!

- Beautiful design, but empty

The physics aren’t quite right and it just never seems satisfying

- It’s ok

Sold on the graphics Game play is a bit fiddly Could do with some updates as suggested by other reviewer Thanks

- Awful controls

Navigating round each hole is almost impossible and tilting and panning is confusing at best. In most cases it’s impossible to get an angle to take a shot. This game is a long way off finished. If it was free it would be too expensive. Yet another 2 quid towards a poor game creators pension

- Beautiful. Very Fun.

Beautifully designed game, and I’m glad to see this is still being updated by the developers. I’d love to see more content (even if paid) and online play added too.

- Great visuals but not a great game

Looks amazing and some interesting visual designs for holes, however the game itself is not great. Fiddly, some awkward design for the holes and the power slider is the worst I’ve used in a golf game. Played all the holes in 5 mins and don’t have interest in trying to hole in one them whatsoever.

- Really cute

I played through to ‘K’ before getting my ball stuck in an awkward position and decided to restart the level. “Are you sure?” asked the game. “Yep” I said, confident that it absolutely was not going to restart my entire run from scratch. Why would it? It did.

- Too fussy

Nicely presented and polished but it tries to be something putting is not - it should be quick and accessible instead it’s fiddly - not a relaxing way to fill in 10mins

- Ok game

When I got this game it was very fun and me and my friends completed all the holes. After a while it got very boring and frustrating. I would ask if there could me more holes and fix some glitches in the game

- Beautiful but lacking

Honestly a lovely design project here but this feels like there just isn’t any substance or progression that you expect from a game rather that an art project. I’m sure the app devs will go on to make something with beauty and substance. ✌🏻

- Nice idea, too hard to play

The game looks nice and I love the idea of it, but the levels just seem impossible. The random things on each course crashing your ball everywhere just get infuriating. I keep trying to play and always end up giving up after 20 or so shots and not even completing a single letter. Unless you REALLY like golf games, save your money or buy something like ok golf

- Very good

I really enjoy this game and I definitely recommend it and I think the money was worth it . The only problem is that the letters can get repetitive at some times but a very good game :)

- Needs more game modes

This game is very nice but it isn’t worth the cost. It is fun but after completing all the letters there is not much else to do. Because I enjoy the game, I would love to see some new game modes or even numbers and symbols as well as letters? Good game but needs a few more features!

- Brilliant

Genuinely lovely game to play, the levels are a joy to look at and it is very relaxing, and has plenty of replay value for those seeking perfection!

- Good

It’s a amazing game but it could do with more levels like numbers lowercase or symbols and it would be great if there could be more than one level per a letter.

- Getting there

This game looks great and the courses has some interesting quirks, however the gameplay isn’t great yet. Some levels are terribly frustrating, and I think it needs a bit of balancing.

- A bargain

Brilliant it should be worth £10 if you ask me, amazingly brilliant.

- Gorgeous graphics

Best game I have played on the iPad for years, love it.

- Don’t buy

I can’t imagine where the 5 star ratings are coming from. I thought as this cost quite a lot for an app like this that it must be good. It isn’t.

- Boring...

...graphically it’s breathtaking but totally lacks gameplay. Not worth the money and wish I hadn’t bought it.

- Beautiful but not enough substance

This is an amazingly beautiful game, especially as someone who is a type nerd, but unfortunately the game is lacking any substance to keep me engaged. The holes are very short and only having 26 of them to play gets tired quickly. I feel for the price I paid it wasn’t good value for money.

- Beautifully designed

It’s always great to see games with so much thought put into them - definitely worth the money.

- Pretty lacking

Looks beautiful and plays quite nicely but once you've done ask the holes there's no reason to keep going. Par challenge is impossible and free play mode gets boring fast. Don't give access to all the levels at the start and make players play to earn them and it would be more compelling.

- Crap

Horrible unplayable. Too small, impossible to see the ball as well on the xs max screen

- Good start

App looks great and it’s a good start but feels like it released before there was enough playtesting. The basic mechanic of putting is ok, nothing particularly novel, but it works. But there are just too many frustrations to make the game truly rewarding. For example, hitting a shot a fraction too hard sends the ball bouncing off the too-low rims around the hole. It would seem to make more sense if, by the time you make it through all the obstacles on the level, the final drop into the hole is actually fairly straightforward. After all, the satisfaction here comes from dodging the things ON the course, not battling with a short, awkward putt right at the end. I get they they’re apparently making one of those ‘super hard, go for perfection’ games but if it quickly becomes a drag, I’m not sure there’s enough incentive to continue trying. General updates like being able to see which words you’ve completed, turn off the music but leave on the sfx, zoom in to see the course detail, etc etc would all improve the experience. Like I said, the fact they’re not there yet suggests there was not enough testing before release.

- Regret buying

This is a beautifully made game that it's dull and annoying to play.

- Lovely

Amazing design and a game well-suited to short bursts of play. It would be nice to have two or three alternative courses for each vowel as they become very familiar very quickly.

- Just Great!

Great game, lovely design and super addictive. Loving the challenge, keeping me hooked. Look forward to what’s to come!


Alphaputt has a fantastic balance between slick visual style and crazy golf difficulty. B being a tricky challenge when attaining parfection! Love the sound design, adds quirkiness to each level. While multiplayer adds a whole new way to play competitively with friends. I’d like to see more challenges within single player, hopefully this will be developed in the future.

- Lovely design

Beautiful miniature letterform holes that make you want to zoom in for a closer look. Interesting themes and a few novel mechanics thrown in too to keep you on your toes. Good sense of humour in the writing, and a clean minimalist vibe to it all. The main downside for me is that whilst the word play structure is fun for discovering each letter, it feels a bit flat and unchallenging after a few goes of each hole. The Parfection mode is a touch frustrating as certain holes require a heady mix of precise placement *and* a big dollop of luck simultaneously (“E”, I’m looking at you!) so it’s hard to stay engaged in. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet, but for single player perhaps some other modes or challenges would keep it interesting longer term. Overall, still a great thing, glad to have played it.

- Dull dull dull!

What a waste of money this is!! The game has no point to it at all for starters! Constantly coming off the letters and having to start again! Really bad avoid at all costs! The 5 star ratings must be done by the developers parents surely??

- Stylish and addictive

Looks great and is super fun to play alone or with friends. Warning: highly addictive!

- Best game ever!!!

It’s the perfect amount of challenging game play and looking fantastic. #alphaperfect

@Wario64: Alphaputt is free on iOS

Great golf game free today on AppStore.

Alphaputt is free rn.

@SennepLDN: F for free family fun. We’ve made Alphaputt free to download for the next week. Enjoy 😊 …

@Lbabinz: Alphaputt (iOS) is free on the App Store

Alphaputt (iOS) is free on the App Store

@Wario64: Alphaputt is free on iOS

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Alphaputt 1.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Alphaputt iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt iphone images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt ipad images
Alphaputt Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Alphaputt Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Alphaputt (Version 1.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Alphaputt was published in the category Games on 2018-11-08 and was developed by Sennep [Developer ID: 476538073]. This application file size is 545.8 MB. Alphaputt - Games posted on 2019-11-09 current version is 1.2.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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