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Fire Emblem Heroes Game Description & Overview

What is fire emblem heroes app? Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 30 years, continues its journey on smart devices.

Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before!

This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

■ An epic quest

The game features an ongoing, original story where new characters and dozens upon dozens of battle-tested Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe meet.

There are over 2,100 story stages available as of August 2023! (This total includes all difficulty modes.) Clear these story stages and you'll earn Orbs, which are used for summoning Heroes.
New story chapters are added frequently, so don't miss out!

■ Intense battles

Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon...and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch-and-drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

New to strategic turn-based battles? Don't worry! Use the Auto-Battle option to have your characters fight on their own.

■ Strengthen your favorite Heroes

There are many ways to strengthen your allies: leveling, skills, weapons, equipable items, and more. Take your characters to greater and greater heights as you battle for victory.

■ Replayable modes

In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more.

■ Original characters meet legendary Heroes

The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki, Shigeki Maeshima, and Yoshiku. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army.

* Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply.
* You must be at least 13+ to use this game with a Nintendo Account.
* We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.
* Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application.
* May include advertising.

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App Name Fire Emblem Heroes
Category Games
Updated 06 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 104.67 MB

Fire Emblem Heroes Comments & Reviews 2024

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Some bug issues. Im not sure if this is just me, but since the new update the game is boarder line frustrating to play. The first issue isn’t that major, but during battles if I try to tap on a units skill to see the description, it flashes up for a second then disappears. Again, more so just kind as annoying as opposed to anything else. The second problem is the more important one. Every single time I go off the app for any reason, for any amount of time (even in times when I accidentally click the home button) and then try to renter the game, not only do I have to redownload the game again, but it deletes everything I was doing when I exited. Before it would offer to put you back into your bookmark to pick up where you left off, now the only option is to delete it. This is especially bad for arena, since it kills your streaks and then you have to waste resources to get it back. Last one, it has to deal with Arya. When I’m in arena, she’ll trigger desperation at full health, which shouldn’t happen, and even when I check her other skills there’s nothing that would allow for that. Very annoying especially when that kills your streak too. Other than that, I love all the new things the update has done! Keep up the good work, but fix the bugs.

A great game to play even if you barely know the series. This game introduces characters from every game pretty much, and allows oh to decide who to use. Updates are constantly pumped out, and new units appear every 2 weeks. This game is very free to play friendly and never really pressures you to buy anything in game, as the only thing you can really buy is orbs and the 3.99 pack for beginners that honestly isn’t worth it but I digress its an option. The only problem I can really have with this game is the saturation of the summoning pool. If you summon for a hero and try to aim for a certain 5Star exclusive unit but instead get a 5 star you either already have or won’t get use out of you start to feel annoyed to an extent, but honestly it isn’t much of a problem for me. I started playing with basic knowledge of the series having played only the Fates games and some parts of the Sacred Stones. I have been introduced to many amazing characters from different games and I am glad I got this game. I recommend it to people who even haven’t ever heard of Fire Emblem.

High Quality for a Free to Play Game. Most free to play games on the App Store are good at first, but later on make players progressively depend on IAPs to get anywhere. And no one likes those kinds of games. Thankfully, Fire Emblem Heroes is NOT one of those games. I’ve been playing free since release and have already amassed quite a few level 40 heroes (the top level) without paying a cent. Most of these heroes are also the highest/2nd highest rarity, which means they come with better weapons as soon as they are summoned. If you want all 5 star heroes, you can easily increase a heros’ Star ranking when they are level 20. This game gives you lots of chances to get better heroes and plenty of in game currency to improve yourself with. I knew nothing of the Fire Emblem series when I started but I still enjoy this game. There is a bit of luck involved with summons because the rarer heroes are harder to summon, but many times seasonal heroes come back in different summons so you have the chance to get them again. For example, I missed out on Summer Lissa when she first came out, but was recently able to get her in a Legendary Heroes summon. I know this was a long review but this game is well worth your time.

Needs to keep things interesting. I actually like this game a lot for what it is and play it all the time, but the luck aspect on banners lately is driving me crazy. I can spend quite a bit of money to try and get a character I want, combined with a month’s worth of earned orbs, and still get absolutely nothing. I guess that could be called bad luck, but honestly? That shouldn’t happen at all. Apparently it is considered to be generous for a gacha game but it’s still a gacha game, so it’s more of a pain than any other game out there that will reward you for hard work or money paid instead of only giving you a sliver of a chance. Which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if all of the fun skills that could keep the gameplay fresh weren’t locked behind 5* exclusive and seasonal limited heroes. They do at least update regularly and find ways to improve things but available skills is definitely something they need to make more accessible in order to keep the game fun. That, or add a new class like beast units. We can get 5 Lyns but not a single beast unit? It’s been more than a year now. Things are starting to get stale.

Great art but hard to pull characters. I enjoy the game. I love the effort they put into the art or each character and the gameplay is something that’s easy to do if you are just bored and sitting on the couch. That being said there is a limit to what you can accomplish in a day. You can only level up so much and after you do all the stuff available and your guys are maxed level then that’s it until they add an event. The feh pass offered is 10 bucks and is monthly. It’s not worth it. If you really like a specific character enough for a skin go ahead but it give you a character and a few orbs. All of the orb prices are way over priced so I never even considered putting money into that since it take 180 orbs basically for a guaranteed pull and that’s over $100. Ya that’s too expensive for something like this. So I put it in the middle for a review. Something you can tinker with the artists do a fantastic job. I like the new dueling system. Wish you could obtain orbs better. I think they should make their pass more worth it if they want people to partake. All in all it’s a small fire emblem tile set game.

3-Year Player's Opinion. Overall, having played this game continually since May 2017, I can tell you two certainties about this game that makes me love it. Compared to most other gatcha games on the market, this one in my opinion gives out the most units to its players. Not only do they give away plenty of free units in itself, but the cost to pull as well as the higher pull rate make getting those new 5 star units even better. However, powercreep heavily exists in this game and the new units are so much better in skills and weaponry that the old units from when I first started playing rarely compete unless you invest into them heavily. The map's and missions from this game are mostly taken from the main series games and are shrunken down to fit whatever new unit they are trying to push at that moment. The original content that Intelligence Systems produces also fits the par and the story provided alongside can actually be pretty entertaining if you read the text. Play-style is very simple and you catch onto the weapon triangle easily. For new players, the amount of content can be overwhelming at best, but if you just stick to your guns and stay consistent in playing, you will have a good time!

Replay value and Quality. I have to say after a year of playing this game is good. Not Good like, after a year it will be just as fun as the first time I picked it up fun, or compete with real games. It does however have a lot of quality and love put into it. Updates come often and ftp players like myself rejoice because you can get a ton of top tier units with what IS gives us, which is a lot. Always new quests, always new summons, and a ton of content. P2P players will still flourish but any unit can be made “good” with investment. So with that nothing is out of reach for ftp players. Free summons are nice, and events that give tons of currency are awesome. Now replay value. After about a year of playing I have to say I rarely do more than long in most days of the week. Which is honestly fine by me. IS constantly gives out login bonuses and TT is something I normally look forward to. Even tho I don’t play the game as often it’s not based on the quality of said game. As I said lots of love has been put into Hero’s. This is IS’s baby. Even with the new update I’m excited and will probably play even more. It’s not the best game out there, but it’s a darn good gacha game that tries to take care of its players.

Fantastic game, but there’s one thing. I love this game, one of the best I’ve ever played. However, I only wish that there was an easier way to obtain orbs. I understand that you can get orbs from story mode and such, but I personally have completed all of said things, on every mode excluding lunatic. But let’s face it, it’s lunatic. Now, I understand that you can’t just go giving away orbs for free (excluding daily log-ins and things like that), but it would also be great if they were easier to get, like without having to fight to the death to get a single orb. Perhaps add little mini games that give orbs as a reward? Simply a suggestion. Otherwise, an excellent game! Edit: I’ve been having a problem lately. Anytime I try to view any past movies, the app will not let me press the “view” button, and I can’t view the past movies by going to the beginning of each book. I don’t know if that’s the app being weird, or if it’s just my phone being glitchy (I have a newer model, however). Thank you!

Honest Fire Emblem Heroes Review. It’s a great game in general and it’s a great game if you’re just getting into the series and want to learn the basics. What is great about this is that when units “die”, they don’t stay dead. It is great in other games to have that challenge and to find a way to make it through without units dying but in this game for the amount of story there is and the many modes, it’s great to have units that do not permanently disappear. What I personally don’t like is the little amount of Hero Feathers given over time and that they don’t give out too many five star units. I feel like we spend so many orbs and get a majority of the same units over and over again. One other thing I don’t like is that I feel like any computer that is a five star + is over powered and that the computer isn’t balanced sometimes, I do like the special challenges and the different map and character battles. There should be a once a month change up to where you could pick either one four or one five start unit from a small amount of heroes so you can either select one new character or one character to merge to increase stats especially if rare units. I hope they keep adding more chapters to the story soon because I feel like I’m always waiting forever!!! That’s my honest feedback. The game and all of it is designed well but to me, it feels like it needs those slight tweaks. I hope this helps anyone else and or the developers in any way. -Mark

much to my chagrin, this game is a scam. don’t get me wrong. I love this game with all my soul. I’ve poured countless hours into this game and still find myself enjoying it after a boring and stressful day at work. the developers even jump leaps and bounds for their players, listening to complaints and following up with GOOD quality of life updates... within the broken system of the game. Fire Emblem Heroes in its current state is a woeful predator to the wallets of children that can’t afford it. I am definitely not the only victim. I have lost so much money to this game I lost count, and all for a few dopamine hits of nostalgia. the fire emblem games I originally spent a pitiable $40 on have turned into this ugly online gambling mogul app with a 3% chance for WAIFUS AND HUSBANDOS. 97% of the time you are paying for orbs (the paid currency of the game) to get characters considered as trash in the meta. this game is a paid gambling simulator. if you play it, do not spend a dime, it will only lead to disappointment, regret, and maybe even bankruptcy unless you are spoiled and rich which doesn’t happen often in society as it stands. again, DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME UNTIL GACHA CONTROL LAWS EXIST, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

Been playing near daily for years. <3. Now I’ve loved Fire Emblem Heroes since it’s initial release. Of course it’s a gacha game so it’ll be a bit hard to get the newest and most rare characters BUT it isn’t impossible to do for free. There are log in rewards for the currency, daily or monthly quests, events and now there is a monthly pass that gives you about 35$ (more if you count two five star characters) of items for just the 10$ a week payment. But what I found most fun is that this game has a storyline of its own that exists outside the typical games of fire emblem. I recently got the game fire emblem three houses and it has been really fun to see how accurately the characters from that game or portrayed in the art and even the small sprites used to represent the characters. It’s cute, accurate and fun. Also the only times merging really matters is if you are trying to become the best of the best in the arena pvp or best the most challenging of all maps in the game. That’s something free to play can work towards easily however since there are many opportunities to work on or receive multiples of 3-4 star characters whine you are able to upgrade into 5 star using a different in game only currency.

Mostly F2P, a great intro to the FE games. I was introduced to this game by my friends a while ago. I’d never played Fire Emblem games before, but FEH seemed interesting to me so I decided to give it a go. This is honestly one of my favourite mobile games; the battle system is fun, the characters are engaging, and it’s extremely fun to build up heroes and watch them become formidable forces. I do have to take one star off, though, because of how frustrating the pull system for heroes can be. Don’t get me wrong, the general probabilities aren’t BAD. In fact, they’re pretty good for a gatcha system. However, there are usually multiple heroes in the top-tier group that are pullable for each summoning banner. This means that, in a banner with 10 five-star heroes as its focus, the probability of pulling one specific hero isn’t, say,’s 0.8%. This can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to pull a specific hero, especially since it’s much harder to get enough orbs to even start summoning the longer that you’ve been playing. Overall, amazing game! It’s one of the best games for the phone, and it got me into the Fire Emblem franchise (I bought and played both Awakening and Echoes, haha). I just wish that when you managed to GET a five-star you could choose WHICH five-star to get.

Would’ve been 5 star... until Surtr showed up.. Nerf Surtr. He’s ruining everything! It feels like everyone got one, so people are cheaply “winning” aether raids, getting golden accessories with far less effort, and just generally not needing to try anymore. I’d be annoyed if he only got a nerf, though he probably won’t even get that, but if he does, it’d be great if aether raid tiers are lowered and GHB/Legendary battle rewards removed for people who used Surtr, or even everyone if that isn’t possible (people who beat them legitimately can just do it again) Heck, I wouldn’t mind Surtr being removed entirely. Just fix your game. It’s not as fun anymore. Book 2 should’ve been the end of his tyrannical reign, but he lives on in the teams of “strategists” with no resemblance of morals, who would stoop to any low just to feel like they’re “better” than other players. He’s both a player and enemy phase unit- the only way to beat him is to hope the other player was foolish enough to put him next to an armor march unit, thus escaping Sinmara’s game breaking ability. Please. I loved this game. I thought Hector was bad... I never thought you all would make a monster to destroy your game. Surely you care, even in the slightest, about your fans? Surely you’ll fix your mistakes?

For a gatcha game it's great. First off, I never played Fire Emblem games before playing this. I had played FF Tactics on the original PS1 and I wasn't very good at it. Then recently, I gave this game a try. It is fun. It's also more forgiving than other freemium type games out there. While the sprite characters aren't very glamorous, the portraits are nice and the story has been fun. So much so that I went and bought a 2DS XL just so I could play Fire Emblem Awakening. I still find myself playing this game. That should say something... As to people who complain about the drop rates: these companies aren't here to entertain you; they're here to make money. Period. You enjoying it is mostly secondary. Or tertiary. You get my point. Enjoy the game however you want but don't delude yourself into thinking an amazing game should just be free. In accounting there's a saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch." It costs "somebody" somewhere money. All that to say, don't walk into a game like this thinking it should all be handed to you. Make the most of it and have fun. If it ceases to entertain you, move on. There's another bus in 5 minutes...

Amazing game! Not so amazing options.... First things first, I love fire emblem heroes. It is my favorite game on my phone. I love that Nintendo not only gives you a storyline, but includes amazing characters, unusual characters, or even characters that weren’t shown much in their game. Right now, I have about 75 five stars, 36 four stars, and 15 three stars, and I just reached tier 16. I love this game. But I do have some concerns. I have two accounts. The other account has about 15 five stars, 6 four stars, and 3 three stars. This account has more of my favorite characters, while the other really doesn’t. But I switch back-and-forth between them, deleting the app, restarting the app, doing stuff on this account, deleting it again, and restarting over and over again. I think you guys should add an option to switch between accounts. That would be great. You should also add an option to give heroes to other accounts. Because then, my account with most heroes could have some more heroes that I didn’t have on my account. But anyways, keep on improving, Nintendo!

Nintendo rabids will defend FEH. “J-just don’t pay for the $10/month subscription if you don’t want it! T-the stat boosts aren’t that big! The game’s story and gameplay have really improved since release!” I played the game regularly until a short while after the Aether raids release. I got bored with the slow to update, poor quality gameplay and storylines, came back a few days ago, and I see nothing much has changed save for a few new low effort game modes and unbelievable power creep complete with yet more clunky walls of descriptive text on new skills and weapons. It has taken FEH three years to release a few story chapters, and it only takes a few hours at most (not including stamina regen and playing the same maps twice more for gacha currency) to clear them provided you are not brain dead. Fire Emblem is a series that is notable for heavily involved plotlines and character interactions combined with its signature turn based grid srpg gameplay. Fire Emblem Heroes disappoints on all fronts while spitting in your face in all of the ways mobile games tend to do. There other mobile games available right now, free and paid, that do a much better job at telling stories and providing fun gameplay experiences. As it currently stands, they are certainly more worth your time than this.

New ideas. All in all probably the best smart phone game out there, I was thinking what if they ad a messaging system with translator for other languages so we can get to know people or maybe a trade system which I’m not at odds and ends for because that kills the point of summoning but they should let you have the avatar tho and allow customizing of them for certain needs or standards also I think that there should be a material data guide for the game for ways of obtaining resources so it can be less of a hassle and more fluid gameplay my last and final ideas are multiplayer and a invasion mechanic (should not be pvp if you’re thinking )that can help end game players and new game players obtain 1 orb that can be tied to difficulty but allow other drops like 1k feathers from like 1 enemy that invades randomly that’s difficult like let’s say a evil time character or evil version of the avatar idk just throwing that out there because that should keep endgame players in because that’s a chance for orbs or feathers etc . Either way my personal want is for Sheena to have a weapon of her own and not some cheep buff but yea that’s all I have

Came back to edit my review. I’ve been waiting for an IOS version of this game for YEARS now. Makes me so nostalgic to see the characters from my favorite childhood games. *edit* This game honestly is amazing for F2P in my opinion. There are plenty of ways to get orbs if you are willing to try, and you an take Amy bronze character and make it a 5 Star within a reasonable time as well, so I don’t see why people are so angry about the summon rates. It has to give you something to want to play for you know? I put this game down for quite a while, I haven’t played in nearly 10 months or so, so the newer features really delighted me. I’ve been playing every day for around two weeks now, and went from owning 2 5* characters to having two around 10. I’ve leveled quite a few bronze characters up, because I know they’ll be great characters as 5*. Just take your time with the game and have fun! The only fire emblem game I ever had was Sacred Stones, and I have to say I love this one just as much.

Even free to play players get good stuff.. So I have played this game when it first came out, and took a break from it for about 6 months. I decided to come back to Feh because I was getting bored with other games. Within a three or four month period I now have 28ish 5 star troops. All for free. This game doesn't have low five star summoning rates, it's all about saving those orbs and using them wisely. They give a ton of orbs to begin with, it's just periodically, like any game would. They even added the free summon when you first summon at a banner. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes I get a tad annoyed when I get none of the tomes that I want from that summon. But, it gets outweighed by all of the good experiences I had, like getting Love Abounds Hector on my first free summon. Or getting Brave Lyn 1 hour before the banner ended. (ik, i didn't choose her when you can get the free brave hero) So give this game a chance, and if you stick with it, it continues to give events that make the game fun, and plenty of chances to summon heroes that you want. Also, to those who say the hero challenges and such are hard, well I agree. However, if you play your troops right, and have the right combination, soon enough you will get it. The computer is slightly predictable, and if you get that, then the game opens up to you.

It’s so good but difficult to beat. I love this game. It’s good for beginners like myself to get to know the basic story of the other games. I love a lot of things about this game. Except for the tactic drills. I understand the functionality of them but it’s so difficult. I have failed so many times I don’t see the point of continuing. The description that it gives you to figure out how to beat each level is difficult to understand. I don’t know what’s it’s asking me to do. I could just not play them but this leads to the second problem. The fact that the explanation point doesn’t go away. You have to play every little part of the story or the tactic drills for it to go away. It’s annoyingly frustrating. In my opinion once you see whatever part the explanation point should disappear. That or make the drills easier to understand or easier to beat. I hope that this doesn’t make the developers feel bad. That’s not my intention. I just want to enjoy this game as much as you did making it. But it’s hard when it’s such an inconvenience to play. It feels like I have to do everything that it has to offer. Which is okay, I understand that the player should take advantage of the opportunity. But I don’t think that opportunity is worth it when you die so many times. Thank you.

IF YOU AIN’T GOT MONEY YOU AIN’T WINNING DUMMY.. Let me start off by saying I love Nintendo & the Fire Emblem series. I have been a Fire Emblem fan since the GBA days and had some great times playing FE. When I seen that there was a mobile game I jumped on it. I wanted to see if I could feel that same nostalgia again that I felt from FE. It was fun until I played online against other players and got literally destroyed by their super characters. That’s when I realized okay I need to step my game up and get some better characters. Opened up my wallet and dropped money on the FEH pass which is a monthly membership with special benefits thinking it would help me get better heroes it doesn’t. You have to buy these characters as well and they are old characters that have new skins with no real chance of fighting the new game characters that are coming out. That being said I bought a 60 orb pack to spin the wheel and get some new better units. I spent over 150+ orbs on the new banner they have with a 10% chance of getting a 5 star hero I like and I didn’t get not one. It really makes me sad that they slutted out one of my favorite games as a kid and turned it into a pay to play slot machine. If you’re going to make people spend money at least increase the chances of receiving 5 star units for people with the pass. I think I’m going to remove this game from my phone because I can already tell it’s going to be way too expensive for me to try and play this competitively.

Great game with some annoying features. I’ve been playing this game since it was released in the winter of 2017. It’s a seriously addictive game. The art, music and combat make it feel like a “full” Fire Emblem title. The gameplay and storyline are engrossing, with a new chapter typically being released monthly. There is little about this game that I do not love, but the aspects that I do not love are incredibly annoying. The summoning system can be borderline infuriating; between most summoning events having an incredibly low chance to get a desirable character (3%), to the system not guaranteeing that the type of character will be available—thus lowering the chances from time to time. Another annoying feature are the several dozen levels that are absolutely impossible to beat, unless you have a VERY SPECIFIC set of skills at the disposal of your characters. I have almost 100 fully-leveled, five-star characters, and I still can’t beat most of these levels. Difficulty should be reduced. These features are nearly irritating enough to make me want to stop playing the game.

Not really f2p. It’s not very reward friendly or really US friendly. You get 1 orb, 2 flowers, etc. for all that you have to do to get that one orb or flowers, etc. It takes 20 orbs to pull a full circle so don’t expect to be able to pull on multiple banners. You are forced to use mythics that are outdated because they don’t do anything to update them and it takes away from the fun and using who you want to. They have too many modes running at once with very little time to complete them. It is also not very US friendly, you can use 200 orbs and not pull the unit you were trying for, there is a huge change from when I first started playing until now. I had 60 orbs and was able to pull Ishtar when she first came out, now with 60 orbs I don’t expect anything and if I have 200 orbs, I don’t expect anything. You always have to spark which means you have to pay because they don’t provide enough f2p orbs. It also means you only get one of the units you may have been aiming for so you have to choose. I also noticed a difference with the units and how they perform compared to being in the US and being matched with a non US player. I enjoy playing epic 7 more, everything is fair no matter what region you are in.

My opinions on this game. Well, I figured it’s about time to review this game I’ve both loved and raged at over the year it’s existed, and I gotta say, overall, it’s great. Now of course, it has a few kinks, but I’d say it’s still amazing overall. Now, I kinda wish orbs and feathers were a bit more prominent, as orbs are kinda tough for a free to play person such as me, but I understand they don’t want to oversaturate the game, I do think they can give us a little more, but then again, I’m biased as a player, so. The only thing that I see as an issue is the latest Legendary Heroes Banner, it seems as if the rate of pulling 5* was way down, I usually get more 5* off a non Legendary banner than on one, I understand limiting it, due to the raised rates, but I think IS went a bit far, but it’s alright, as I think people need to realize, the developers of this game are human, and do make errors, I won’t be too hard on them for making an error, they are human. Overall, I love this game, and won’t be letting it go anytime soon, and if by pure chance, an IS dev reads this review, keep up the excellent work guys, I can’t wait to see how this game develops in the future - Austin

Just 2 Things. Hi, I’m one of the first people who started playing FEH as soon as it came out and it’s a fun game a real gem in the mobile community but that being said I have to mention this. With some of the newer updates and new hero additions to the game it’s made it impossible to use older hero’s without seriously upgrading them with new abilities and boosting their stats which is hard enough considering how difficult dragon flowers are to get, before you could upgrade low rank hero’s and they would stand their own in arena and Aether Keep, now if you just have a few really good hero’s as the defense you’ve practically increased your chance to win by 70%, it’s not impossible to beat them but it’s certainly not easy even with some of the newer hero’s. Power Creep has started appearing in the game and I really hope it’s can be fixed. Another big problem I’ve noticed is with summoning new hero’s, whenever a banner is put up there’s already a good chance you won’t get what you want from it but that’s not even the problem the problem is that you will almost never get what the banner is advertising and instead get a hero you never even wanted and don’t get what your spending orbs on. At the very least make the chance of getting the advertised hero’s much higher than getting random ones because it’s honestly ridiculous how many hero’s I have that I never wanted without getting a single one the banners actually advertise.

Voting Gauntlet is Unfair. Fire Emblem Heroes has a very particular issue with one of my favorite events in the game, the Voting Gauntlet. The comeback system is stupid and unfair. It allows for people supporting a unit far behind in points and overall popularity to suddenly emerge with a comeback and win the round. This is entirely unfair, as it ruins the point of it being a “voting” gauntlet. If this comeback system is in place, why not call it the Battle Gauntlet instead? I really wish IntelligentSystems would remove the point bonus in the Voting Gauntlet, because it has flubbed many results. Just take a look at a few results it’s created that I know for a fact are not true in the fanbase. 1, Wrys is more popular than Flayn. 2, Caspar is more popular than Freyja (I AM STILL MAD ABOUT THAT ONE). 3, Jagen is more popular than Ingrid. 4, the Black Knight is more popular than Dorothea, Cordelia, and Severa. These are just a few of the results the Voting Gauntlet has shown. None of these are true. Please remove the points bonus in the Voting Gauntlet. It is unfair and flubs results that would otherwise be accurate. -AceDelta12

I’m addicted!!. I love this game and play it almost every day! I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan so a game that allows you to have your favorite characters from across the games with new ones always being added is awesome. I love the characters and story in game too so I’m always eagerly awaiting continuous updates~ I have just a few little complainants about an otherwise great game. The summoning rates seem like they are REALLY skewed toward the 3/4 star heroes. I understand 5 star heroes are powerful and are supposed to be rare but when you are going for a character that is only in 5 star form, you have to summon and summon and summon some more. Maybe an adjustment would be good? The second smaller thing is I’m wondering why the app hasn’t changed to fit the new iPhone screens? I have an XS and before an X that the app never filled the screen of. It does on my iPad mini 4 sooo..what’s the deal? This is one of the reasons I didn’t go for an XS Max because the bigger screen size isn’t utilized. Anyway! That’s all I got so happy playing and good luck Summoners!

ADD OWAIN!!!!!!. This game is impossible to stop playing if you don’t take a break right away. The art is beautiful, decent graphics, and awesome voice acting. This game reaches out to many different types, there is luck based results in summoning for those who like games that rely on luck, there is strategy in how you build and use your units for those who like strategy(like me), there is action in the battles if you like action games, there is art in the characters if you are into art. If you like good games, then you have to download this one, or you have never played a good game. If you did not like the game, then you are one of those people who like games that are easy. You can hack the game to make it easier, but it makes it boring, so, if you like easy games, then go back to Pokémon, because you don’t deserve to play Fire Emblem. If you didn’t like the game because you didn’t get the five star you wanted, then save up next time. You don’t have to go pay to play. P.S.: Fire Emblem Heroes, ADD OWAIN!!!!

Best Gacha Game Available. Gacha games have a tendency to scam, and while Fire Emblem Heroes is not perfect, it’s by far the most un-egregious when it comes to how much it demands from your wallet. Again, maybe. 5 stars is too high, but I’ve played too many games in the Gacha space to know how unfortunate and aggressive that sort of business model can be. Fire emblem heroes uses its legacy to make every hero announced for the game quite exciting. But even if you’re in it just for the character designs, the game still feels like it lets you build any favorite character you’d like. Letting you inherit skills into other units helps make it so that every summon is worth it. The Main modes are mostly fun, and there is some interesting PvP content, some annoying, some an honest challenge, but overall, I find myself personally satisfied with the experience. Hopefully for any new players it gets them interested and excited to play a Fire Enblem entry on a console!

Went Downhill Overtime. At first, I really loved the game. I wasn't that big of a fan of Fire Emblem before, I just knew the bare details. I thought it was a good game because it was fun to play when I was bored, and it had great graphics. I soon started playing the game all the time. It had a lot of maps, and it was cool. The summoning was terrible for me- I have no luck whatsoever. However, I had a few five stars. But then I found out about IVs. A character can be +attack, or -attack. That started getting frustrating as my characters couldn't kill people. And then the game started adding more and more new characters, and not enough maps to replenish the orbs. The percentage to summon a 5 star was 3%. It's literally a scam to get money. I ignored that part at first and still played. But the tier lists made it impossible to ignore because every new character was better than the original characters. The thing that was my breaking point was the Legendary Heroes banner. They increased the banner to 8%. This did not help me. I only summoned one person, and I used up a lot of orbs. I even spent some money on the banner even though I previously had remained strong. It's ridiculous- I still didn't get the character I wanted. My advise is to NOT GET THIS GAME. It's a blatant attempt to get money, which is succeeding.

Addictive!!!. Ok so this is my first fire emblem game and I have to admit it’s pretty good, I love how everything is organized into little sections so you can press them and see. I also love how there’s so much story telling it definitely adds to the game. It’s a very addictive game I thought it was gonna get boring but I was very wrong haha. I’m still on the first book of the main story there are a lot of chapters but I’m enjoying it and I’m gonna finish the books. Also Feh the owl is adorable even if she doesn’t have much of a role it’s so cute. Also for anyone wondering if this is appropriate for kids I would say it is, there is no blood, when they get killed they just kinda disappear, also when they are fighting they are these cute kinda gacha life people. But the only reason I wouldn’t recommend the game for kids is because some of the women’s outfits are very revealing like some of them are just literally bikinis but it’s easy to ignore for me but I’m not sure if it is for younger kids. Anyways that’s all, keep the updates coming I’m loving this game and I am definitely becoming a fan of the fire emblem franchise ;)

Best game for me on iPhone. I played the game since a bit after it came out. I have about 65 5 stars or so even after taking a 3 month break and once using 200 orbs without getting any 5 star until the end. But anyway the game is really creative on what you can do with units and customize them however you want. They give quite a lot away compared to other gacha games. There’s times you get good luck and no luck but if you keep playing you are bound to get something else you will like character wise. The art and quality is pretty great overall. Only thing I would like is possibly making the game more multiplayer like in some ways like if you and a friend are on at the same time you could battle each other on a map of your choosing or at the least message each other on the friend thing. Either way fantastic game! PS spent money on the 4.99 thing just because i wanted to give something to the ones who made the game instead a playing it 100% free.

Quite a fair game :). With literally any gacha game, you’re bound to eventually buy their in-game currency. It’s just how they work, they are made to entice the consumer to spend money. Whether it’s for competitive edge or just simply wanting a unit because it looks cool (my reason). For the most part, I don’t spend money on mobile games cause I simply don’t have the money. Therefore I’m often left behind and am constantly missing out on the really cool looking time-limited units. But to the point, FEH literally gives out the summoning currency so much to the point where even f2p people like me can get the unit they want with a tad bit of perseverance. And as far as I’m aware, this is one of the ONLY gacha games to have a system that helps players with awful luck. The more times you don’t pull a five star, the higher your chances are. And I think that’s just brilliant. I genuinely love this game as much as I do the actual game series. This game deserves the five stars for being both fair and enjoyable.

Good job Nintendo!. I am a very big fan of Nintendo games. I started on the Wii and stuck through the Wii U and now the era of the switch. I know a lot about most series in the franchise but one I had never really looked much into was Fire Emblem. I figured this game would be great to see what the series was kind of about. ( I know it’s a free mobile app but still. I mean look at Pokémon Go) I have really enjoyed this game to the point of researching the main series more and I’m now planning to buy one of the games on the DS. Now on the review of the app itself. It’s an RPG style where you have your characters fight through levels. The movement is that of a sort of chess-like structure and you move one of your characters to another one to initiate an attack. There is a surprisingly high amount of levels and there is a minor story too. Even if you have no interest in playing the main series on a console, I would say this is an excellent game itself to waste time on your phone. I have gotten a great experience out of this without paying a nickel so there you have it.

Lacking in any fun gameplay. Every new mode that has come out recently has just been rehashed content. Not only do the new modes not add anything interesting to the game, the one mode that kept a decent amount of players is arena and now that is becoming terrible. With the release of the muspell banner we got a new type of skill made specifically for whales of this game, instead of actually fixing the problems with arena, Intelligent Systems decided to make a skill that will allow non armor units to have high BST scoring in arena, this should not be the solution for an already busted up mode. Make it so we can use any unit we want instead of getting lucky with pulling on new banners and hoping you get enough merges to stay in tier 21. Not only are the duel skills a terrible solution for arena, you also need to kill as many enemies as possible with a bonus unit and sometimes that may not be possible for players because that requires a lot of luck with pulling for new characters every two to three weeks. The only reason why I didn’t rate lower is because at least Intelligent Systems knows how to improve the quality of life effects on the game, the gameplay itself is just awful right now and I wish that weren’t the case.

Don’t support the feh pass. The game is fun at least for me. I know people have bad luck (including me) with summoning units and the power creeps but, this 1 Star review is about the recent FEH pass and not anything gameplay related. Now I know you don’t have to buy the FEH pass but, they did add some cool features into it and that’s the big problem. Why are these features behind a $9.50 subscription pay wall? Those features can easily be a free update like they have been in the past. They have made a lot of quality of life changes that has made the game a lot more accessible and enjoyable. I know that they want to make more money but, why not just make the updates free and make the skins/cosmetics something we can pay for separately. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would pay for the lyn and Cordelia skins that are included in the FEH pass if they were added separately. Sure most people spend money (me included) on orbs when a character they like or an alternative skin of the character they like comes out but, not everyone has the luxury to spend money like that. I’m afraid that if the feh pass does well they will continue to add more quality of life changes to it and what will become of the free updates? I’m going to continue to play the game and I hope everyone does too but, all I ask is please consider the free to play players when you make a subscription payment like this.

Most F2P friendly Gacha. I wanted to leave this review to say to anyone considering downloading the game, it really is something you can enjoy without feeling like you will lose out if you are not always spending your in game currency. The orbs you use to gain new allies are so abundantly available in almost every game mode, that I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve genuinely missed out on some body, and even then it wasn’t because I went orb broke, I just decided to not spend anymore. PLAY THE STORY MODE! The amount of orbs there to gain is genuinely insane. Then play the paralogues under the story mode tab. If you only play the full story on normal and hard, you will take home an exorbitant amount of orbs you can use on so many heroes. The same goes for the paralogues which are just short stories for each seasonal event. This is all before you even throw in the other game modes which all offer orbs as well, and same with the log in bonuses. There are also lots of ways to reduce orb spending such as picking every summoning stone in a summoning circle to make the price 5,4,4,4,3 per stone in the circle. They are also always adding new quality of life features to get more 5 Star heroes more often, so you really won’t have a problem building a sizable army quickly. I hope this helps anyone who is interested but thinks they don’t want to get sucked into something when they don’t really have money to dedicate to a game at the moment

It’s good. Not the best, but it’s very good, it’s one of the better AppStore games. They handled events well, you can still get pretty far without paying, albeit a slow ride (but not that slow)and it goes down to the luck of the man when you want to get your waifu. I wish they would finish story mode (it was quite intriguing), it only took me a month to finish. I still like the older games with hit percentages, but it’s nice not to get screwed over by getting 96% hit but you still miss. You don’t need to pay, but it gets faster if you pay a lot, but it’s still up to the luck of the man, you might get another 3 star Pegasus knight and still no “your waifu”. I feel like at one point orbs will be so meager once you get too far, I wish they would add more to getting enough orbs, which they do, but it’s only good for 3 full summons and then it’s out even though it’s still there. Moral of the story, save orbs, make good decisions, grind for a couple of weeks, and you might get your waifu. All I have to say is, very decent game, I would rate it a 5 star, but it’s up to luck to get your waifu or husbando. But it’s still very good, gameplay is decent, story is decent, concept is decent, for being a pay to win esthetic, you don’t have to pay to win. It’s somewhat balanced. I still have personal complaints but they all sound like jokes.

wOaH. So, I’ve never played a FE game before. My sis has (Awakening). My sis showed me this around summer of 2017 and I thought “huh ok, I’ll try it for a couple of weeks.” Fast forward to now, and you can see I am still addicted and in love with this game. In my personal opinion, I think this game is the perfect beginners FE game. I found myself in love with the character art, voice acting, and the ability to use characters that came from all of the games so I can get a little familiar with them. People complain about not getting the hero they want, doing summons and not getting a 5 star, I don’t think it matters. This game gives out so many orbs for free it puts triple A games to shame with their payment system of “lootboxes” or whatever. As for the gameplay it’s self, it’s easy enough to understand and play casually, but to truly master strategy you actually have to think with your hero loadout and if doing arena battles, you gotta adapt to the situation. Ok this is dragging on for too long, I just wanna say Nintendo/Intelligent Systems, continue doing what you’re doing and that is being great!

Used to be good. FEH used to be incredibly fun, and I used to love this game. Now they are adding so many pointless features, such as Aether Resort. In addition to these features, they are adding way too many characters for free-to-play players to actually get, much less a specific character they would want. You can easily spend $50 on orbs and still yield no five-star character, leaving your increased five-star summon rate and your money to go to waste. Hence only the people who can shell out hundreds of dollars and/or are very lucky will do well in this game. If you are happy with repeated features and events and have low expectations, then this is the game for you. If you’re thinking about downloading this game because you like the FE series, I suggest buying the games in the series. ***I truly believe many of the reviews on this game aware fake or inaccurate. For example, people saying there is so much to do daily, or being able to be a top player for free. Player skill and daily play do not reward you more over spending money, as in order to have the +10 characters with 5-star exclusive skills, you need to be able to summon a whole lot more, which again requires money (unless you’re EXTREMELY lucky, i.e. summoning multiple 5-stars at 3%). More than likely these people have never played an actual FE game.

Love it, but.... This is definitely a fun game. It allows you to play casually, or attempt to play more seriously and climb up in the rankings. There are many characters in this game that all have different playstyles. There are many different events, monthly updates, and tons of freedom when creating builds. There is a ton of free stuff for new players, and old players can still play the game without worrying about running out of resources. So why isn’t this a 5 star rating? It is because there isn’t much to do after you get to a certain point in the game, whether you spend money on it, or stay completely free-to-play. Without many actual “competitive” modes, the game doesn’t seem to keep people interested in the game after they get everything they wanted. Once your favorite character is completely built, there isn’t much you can actually do with them. There is also a lot of powercreep, which can make many of the characters you own completely useless. Overall, the game is incredibly fun, and I would give it a try. However, a lack of competitive modes and powercreep may force people to quit playing this game once they have reached a certain point.

The Gacha System Is Actually Decent. Fire Emblem is absolutely my favorite game franchise of all time, so I'm definitely biased in FEH's favor. However, I also have hundreds of hours of experience with other gacha games, and I must say, FEH's gacha is quite forgiving. I've seen some reviews saying they've spent 300 orbs without getting the character they wanted. While that's entirely plausible, there's a mercy mechanic at 40 pulls to literally CHOOSE which featured character you want (this isn't available on every banner, but it tends to be present on the banners with heroes worth something). On top of the mercy system, FEH lets you grind orbs so easily it's actually insane. I've grinded over 100 in less than an hour. Go play story and prologue missions on any difficulty, squad assault on lunatic, or special map on hard or higher to get orbs. All of this was accomplished without spending money. I will admit, you get very few orbs with how much money they cost, but grinding them is so easy that it's not that big of a deal.

Simple yet challenging!. For competitive players yearning for battle against others in a nonstop fan service strategy playing-field deathmatch, this is for you. I have been playing this game since launch and have nearly 500 heroes with a seriously large portion of them being 5 star merged heroes, crazy skill combos, and now many appearance customizations. I rate this 4 stars because the game is heavily based on the creation of fresh heroes rather than heroes you already have (though I prefer using the same tag team forever), chance gambling with the urge to spend money every time you have that emotional connection to a really well designed character from a fe story, and because you only fight other players teams bots and not the players themselves in real time. If they made a way to challenge a friend in real time I would give this 5 stars. As a game developer in training I have a lot of respect for the people who made this. Not only did they find a way to bring the entire franchise together, but they have also made a community that supports experienced and new artists that depict the characters we fire emblem fans know and love! (Let’s not forget experienced and newcomer voice actors as well!)

I really like games of chance and FE. One of the most satisfying things in Fire Emblem games is seeing your character do a crit animation and knowing the enemy is either about to die or get severely weakened. While this app doesn’t have that, there is an element of chance in getting heroes you want. While I generally keep low expectations, I constantly am pleasantly surprised when I see those five stars fall into place across my screen. Regarding the gameplay, I certainly enjoy fire emblem more, but the customizability of the characters’ skills and the ability to make any character a solid threat through enough investment make the game fun. While events and new story are the main fun of the game, I still occasionally enjoy training up my units and seeing them completely destroy the enemy arena/hero battle team, but if IS stopped doing events I’d probably lose interest a lot faster than in the main games. I genuinely think this game is more fun the more Fire Emblem games you play, so if you are reading this and you’ve only played one or two fire emblem games, give this a shot and then try some of the other games if you find characters are too unfamiliar Also, I’ve been playing since launch and have several dozen 5* heroes f2p so, while I hardly spent any money on this game, I recommend reserving spending to a last resort and after a lot of careful consideration...after all, gambling only stops being fun when you lose all your money

It WAS a great game. I love fire emblem and was thrilled when this app came out. I’ve played this game for years too. All the changes I’ve seen though have either made my day or disappointed me. By now the game has made an absolute meta where if you want to win in arena you have to use beast characters (who are broken) and legendary and mythic heroes who are basically gods or buffed lead characters. My favorite character in fire emblem is Berkut and I’ve had him lead my arena team since he first came to the game. Although an event released a new version of Berkut who is absolutely better than the normal one in every way. I saved up 200 orbs to get him and I didn’t get a single one. After that I spent $10 for more orbs because the game teases you with the characters and still didn’t get him. The next summoning event allowed me a free summon and I got a 5 Star linde. Summoning is pretty much broken as well. Don’t get me wrong the game is very well cared for and the developers are always fixing and adding great ideas into the game, it’s just that the game turned a different direction like getting free 5 stars for starting the game. To me it used to be a 5 star rated game. This isn’t what I remembered and loved about the old FEH. Thank you for reading my thoughts. It’s still got hope.

Too many alts. This is an amazing game. I have been a fire emblem fan for a long time and have been playing this game since it came out. I can’t get enough of this game! New modes come out quite frequently and they are good at giving plenty of orbs if you work for then. Also they are amazing at listening to their players. This is why I’m posting this because I know they look through and actually consider what players say. Which I love! So My only complaint is during this year they have changed new hero banners where only 1 or 2 are new characters and the rest are alternatives of characters already in game. This means hardly any new characters are being added. Last year there were about 4 new characters every month in a banner. I don’t know why it was changed since there are hundreds of characters who can still be added. Also a lot of banners only give about 3 characters instead of 4. So imagine you usually get 1 or 2(if lucky) new characters in a banner per month and 1 or 2 characters already in game. Plus 4 seasonal characters per month who are also alts. Plus legendary hero who is also probably an alt. Can we please keep getting more new characters? By this pace we will never get to some of the more obscure favorites of fans. But if this was changed I would easy give 5 stars.

Please make a create a Character Option. The game itself is amazing. The graphics, the gameplay, everything is just so amazing. But if I have one suggestion, that’s to make a Create a character option. Let’s be honest, it’s fun to play as the given characters (since there are hundreds of them with uniques features) but it would be awesome for you guys to let us make our own characters. Honestly, the thought of making my character have whatever moves, weapon type, and other things excites me. Maybe four characters at max, so that you could have a whole team of your own creations. PLEASE HEAR ME OUT ON THIS!!! I know that other people would want this, and that it’s not only me. If you don’t want to do that, then at least give us the ability to design or commander character, cause it would make the game a lot more fun. Another suggestion is let us make our summoner ’s decisions, like when the other characters ask him or her a question on how to proceed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for the game to be turned into a choose your adventure game, but I feel that here and there it would be fun to make our own decisions, and have the game change as we do. Like I said earlier, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT ON THIS! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this, and I hope that you really do consider this

Excellent Gacha and Fire Emblem. Something I don’t think is mentioned enough is how predatory gacha games usually are. Far too many require money to play, either outright or through more underhanded means, for only minimal gameplay. FEH is the only one I’ve ever encountered to be entirely playable without money. Between the rewards and the events, there is a steady income, and it’s incredibly easy/forgiving to summon or enhance to 5-Star Heroes. It also compresses the common elements of most Fire Emblem entries into an easily digestible format, making it a good entry point for anyone unfamiliar to Intelligent Systems-style gameplay, a sort of Fire Emblem Lite. I ended up buying Fire Emblem Three Houses because FEH sold me on the FE franchise. If you’re ever tired of regular gameplay, there are also other game modes too, including a rhythm minigame. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a more casual/less costly gacha or anyone trying to find an entry point to the Fire Emblem series who isn’t ready to commit to a console game.

OK for a free game. The game itself is fine, and it’s a decent way to pass some time if there’s nothing else to do. The battles can take some thinking and strategy to get through, although it eventually feels like the same thing on repeat after a while. The writing for the story mode can get pretty lame, like they write themselves into a plot hole and the only way out is a last second convenience that feels pretty anti-climactic. The summon system is a complete joke. With each round, you get up to 5 summons from a random selection of colored orbs. If you don’t see the color you want, there’s no backing out, so it becomes a waste. Also, the chances of getting what you want are downright awful at times. For instance, I just wasted over 300 orbs trying to get a certain character, and came out with garbage. It took months to earn those through actual playing, and had I bought them, that would be an over $150 value down the drain. I can buy three AAA games for that! The chances are so bad that it’s completely not worth paying even a penny on this. If I could just buy the special heroes for a few dollars like a DLC add-on, then maybe I’d do it. But this? Absolutely not. The purchase system is 100% predatory and should be avoided. The fact is, you could actually spend $1,000 and still not get what you want. So overall, this is a decent free game for passing time. Just don’t spend any actual money unless they change the system, because 9 out of 10 times, it’ll be a waste.

Fire Emblem: Heroes. Do or do not?. It’s been an entire since this game released, and I can honestly say that I still faithfully play it everyday. If you had told me I’d be playing a phone game this long before, I’d have called you crazy. If your a Fire Emblem fan, then this is could be the app for you too. Being able to mix and match your favorite characters into team match ups that would otherwise never be possible is amazing. Going up against other teams around the world and coming out on top is what really keeps me going. Trying different characters, builds, and set ups can keep you pretty busy. But getting tat 7th win against a really tough team in the arena is the greatest feeling. Now, while it has its good points, it also has some bad points (as everything does). The biggest of which is the summoning system. Yes yes, I get it... It’s meant to make money. That is not lost on me. However, when I put the 200+ orbs I’ve painstakingly saved up into a banner and get absolutely nothing good from it? Well, to put it bluntly, it’s really freakin upsetting... If you can deal with rage inducing RNG of summoning, then jump in. Even through that, though, I would still highly recommend this game to any Fire Emblem fan.

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Redownload for Waifu. Took me about 5 times till I got Daughter Lucina from random draw. Coming back after a year and I missed out so many more waifus. Gotta Catch Them All... I guess.

Awesome Game!. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and even though the storyline is a bit boring I love getting characters from other Fire Emblem games I’ve played! A great game if you are into strategy!

Good Game. A great strategy game with overall good characters and gameplay that makes you think before your move. Most characters have balanced move sets so that it is not too easy to win unless you know which heroes are the best. The game gives you a free 5 star hero when you play for the first time so everyone can at least have a 5 star hero. The story is great as not too serious like many other games and the missions are usually not too hard. The games summoning system makes it so it is still hard to get 5 star heroes but makes it easier as you keep summoning. The game is great and will obviously get better in the future and that is why I love it

Great game brought low by greed.. Day 1 player here. The honeymoon period of the game was great, new units were added that didn’t have that big of an effect on the overall meta. Then they did. Arya. L!Azura. B!Alm. Nowadays it seems every so often there’s either a unit that is required to well in a specific game mode - new Mythic heroes for Aether Raids, or just the latest units for Arena if you want to maintain your high rank. I was already losing interest in the new P2W landscape, until they added the new Feh Pass Subscription, which was the straw that broke the camels back. I’m done with this money-grubbing game. Locking skins behind a paywall wouldn’t be that bad, if the skins didn’t also give +2 to all stats as well. Locking Quality of Life changes behind a paywall, QoL changes that other mobile games implemented for free, is just scummy. And the fact that, every time you start a TT run, or FB, you get promoted to buy the pass, as well as having notifications on the main menu that won’t leave unless you buy the pass is just silly.

Do not spend any money on this game as is. I love Fire Emblem, and I loved (note past tense) this game. I loved it enough to buy two of the max orb packs. Through spending $280 and summoning 14 sets, I only received 2 5 star heroes. A game should either be FTP and everyone is on an equal (fun) foot, or if they do demand pay to play, you should actually have some guarantee that your real life dollars will actually have some sort of effect. Please if you read this, learn from my bad experience and don’t spend any money on this game. I regret it.

My opinion on fire emblem heroes. So, I was very exited to play this game when it came out, It was very fun, But now it’s time for my review for now. Let’s start with the bad things, I feel the pull rate is a bit low, And very hard to get orbs from chapters in lunatic, Other then that, I think it’s amazing. The things that are really well done with the game is : Getting a free summon, Getting free orbs, Getting free five star units and the story line is amazing.

IntSys is taking the game in a bad direction. After playing actively for over a year, with a splash of money spent, I can say for sure that Intelligent Systems doesn’t really get how to make their game good anymore Changes have been geared towards forcing players to spend more money (pulling for premium skills wanted for scoring), they’ve made the skill-based modes obnoxious to play around, and the highest “Abyssal” difficulty simply pumps units full of stats as a way to make the game hard For a gacha game, the rates are great (because they expect you to pull upwards of 11 5*s for one tricked out unit), and it emulates the fire emblem series pretty well. Overall, the gameplay exists and is fine, but IS have not made well designed changes in a few months, and seem only interested in putting out Camilla alts, regardless of how many characters haven’t been given a spotlight. I can’t see the game being worthwhile to pick up for new players now, especially long-term. What started as a 3/5 game and grew to 4/5 with good changes has absolutely dropped to what i’m giving it now, 2/5, thanks to laughable changes that gives a pretty clear indication of where this game will end up.

Would give four and a half stars. While a brilliant game with amazing visuals and simple to start hard to master levels. I feel like it loses out that extra half a star for being “one of those games” if you have been playing on mobile for a while you know exactly what sorta game I’m talking about. Which is kinda sad cause yes it’s easy for new players to get into but those players will never get near the top of the world or region (not sure what uses) if they don’t splash possibly thousands of dollars or stay on the game for years. They also made it so that you can buy useful hero’s for $8 which isn’t horrible but you need to purchase there monthly subscription (again certain type of game) I have played this game on three accounts since it was launched and sadly it’s gone more and more pay to win (which is the kinda game). It’s an amazing game as it currently is/was but it’s not gonna stay this good for very long so if you want to play download and go try not to hold off on it as that will come back and bite you.

Bad Customer Support. My account was hacked, along with thousands of dollars that I paid. What Nintendo did was collecting my information for "further investigation", and ignored me on customer support from the 31/12 to 8/1 (over a week). I had to message them everyday, desperate for help but they probably have muted me. Gameplay is nice but beware that Nintendo not cares about their money , and not the customer

Haven’t been excited about a game for so long. This is the perfect game to play when you have a few minutes or hours. Never had to pay a dollar, but thinking about it just to support the development team. Made me buy the full game on 3ds

Scummy Subscription. Cheap cash grabbing monthly subscription for $12 for a reason of an old unit with some boosted stats, mundane extra quests and locking QoL features behind it. What a downright wretched attempt at a subscription. Even Gumi has the decency to keep their QoL improvements away from the cash. Half of these features could be locked behind orbs giving an incentive for whales to buy it immediately and F2P to save for it. Locking Resplendent Heroes behind money only widens the player disparity that already exists due to the merge system. Summoner Support likewise, making these features P2W only is only going to estrange the player base until you have nothing but whales who will grow bored and leave you with nothing. Think about your next moves IS.

Good game but kinda bad arrangement. The game is great, love the heroes and story but I do have some problems with it. Firstly, the customer support doesn’t even load in game so I can’t do any feedback. Some modes in the game really doesn’t favour both F2P at all. Like recently in rival domains infernal how does the AI get multiples of the same units which we only get one, and some stages are almost impossible even for P2P.

Fun game. This game got me into the fire emblem series and is so addictive I play every single day. Mostly more than once a day. Really fun and the stories are great. There are so many pretty visuals and the chibi style is very cute and very likeable

Waste of time now. It was a relax game. However, the new mode live pvp is a waste of time. My baby was crying and I called my husband, but he didn’t come and said wait wait just because he was in the battle of the pvp and the opponent is very very very slow. We argued about this game many times since the game has this mode. Before this mode, my husband didn’t play the game for long time and I can understand he plays the game for relaxing. However, this mode ruins everything and is a waste of time now. The IS company put lots award on this new mode which pushes my husband to play even he didn’t want to play as well.

Great game, just one thing. I’ve had this game since day 1 when it launched, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since, it’s come a long way to satisfy the players. I have one concern though, I have the game on my phone and my iPad, with the linked account. But when I switch between them, I find that I have a different amount of orbs in each one. My heroes are all the same though, it’s like I have two different stashes which is annoying when I want to summon with 20 orbs but I have (for example) 7 on my phone and 13 on my iPad. This does not stop me from enjoying the game, however but it would be great if you could fix this, thank you and please keep making this game better and better 💫

Splatoon. Can you make splatoon please? Cuz I always wanted to play it but I’m allowed a Nintendo switch and I see people play splatoon and it looks so cool. Please release it onto the App Store for phones and iPads.

Lost account. I lost my original account and there is no way of getting it back. I had to totally restart the game when I got a new phone. And lost all the characters I had gotten over a period of time (example - I lost Death Knight from Fire Emblem 3 houses). I tried to get my account back, but was unable to. And the account I lost is actually connected to my NINTENDO account, so again I have lost all that progress. And now they have introduced the platinum/ gold gathering through NINTENDO accounts. I feel so disappointed. All I want is for the next update to have a means of being able to connect something like say Google or Apple account plus Facebook/Meta so that when using other devices one can still access one's account. I realise I likely will never be able to get my old account back but I can make a difference by suggesting things like being able to link via other ways. I would also like to thank the producers of this online mobile app. I love Fire Emblem.

Good game but.... I love this game, but I have a problem with the send home mechanic. So far, it only allows you to send home colourless or bronze, but I have a bunch of silver of the same hero (often Marth) and I want to send them home because it is making my barracks crowded. Please change this in the next patch

Great game, character design not my taste. Lots of things to like about this game's gameplay and modes but book 7 characters like Gullveig, Seithr, Nerthuz look like fertility goddesses or something. I personally prefer how characters looked up until this book.

Why I am giving these game a five star rating. I would give this game a five stars because it is a really good game but I can’t play it any,ore because of my device.

Friend PvP. This is a great game all together, but I think the point of having friends is quite pointless so I think what can help with this is if we can battle our friends for fun. But other then this great game

Amazing Game. Idea is first paragraph, review is second. Sorry for any inconvenience. Just an idea, but could you possibly try to add more non-human characters. I haven’t played any games earlier than FE Awakening but have heard of the Laguz, Branded and like the Taguel in FE Awakening as well as the Kitsune Wolfskin in Fates. I’ve only played Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates and SoV but have been in love with the game since my first play through in Fire Emblem Awakening. And now the Fire Emblem Franchise continues on mobile. I absolutely adore the game franchise and I am looking forward to the future of FE Heroes. Great game. Good job and good luck.

Ultimate Strategist. This game is difficult at first, but once you learn which strategies, skills and equipment for your units, you don’t realise how fun it can be.

Outstanding game! Needs more PvP!. I loved this game when it came out, when skill inherits became a thing I was genuinely so excited and invested in the game. My only criticism is a lack of multiplayer / true PVP mode. I had no problem investing my time and money into the game but I must admit without a real multiplayer / community feel to the game I feel like I am not investing toward anything of merit. I think this game has so much potential and I hope to one day see it reach that.

I Played This When It First Came Out. As someone who played this game the day it came out and tried to stick to it religiously, I am extremely sad to see how cash grabby and unevolved it has become. The story is weak and boring, only staying with you because of the Nintendo games. The music never changes, the animation hasn’t been updated. The summon rates to me are worse than fgo, and as a dolphin I have spent money on this game. But if you don’t constantly spend $100’s you cannot keep up in the arena, where you earn feathers to upgrade favourite characters. To take part in events you have to have the new characters from banner where you are more likely to get a dupe than a rate up. I spent 120 orbs on the latest banner, focusing on red, the red rate up is Caeda, I got three Siegbert. WHY? I haven’t gotten a rate up character in over three months, I still spend money. From now on I am giving up and cancelling my subscription. If you play FTP good luck. You cant properly take part in events, you cant take part in the harder maps and the drop rate on 5* is so small you are better off going for the lotto. Just go to Dragalia. Sincerely, Someone who wants to trash her account its that bad.

FEH is a great tribute to the Fire Emblem series. What seems a devilishly easy game at first is actually a deep strategy game that will see you play for hours on end to master. Earn Orbs, summon your favourite characters and then earn more orbs to get other characters to inherit the perfect skills for your team. ...and you can get away with not spending a cent on this game either.

Great. 10/10 Dislike +10 dupe system Dislike no auto reequip original accessories after bond battle.

Fun game, but.... I really enjoy this game. It’s a lot of fun collecting the heroes I want, but there is one MAJOR problem with this app. For the love of all that is good, FIX THE DARN CONNECTION ERROR PROBLEMS!!!! Every time I log on to play, I’ll encounter 5-10 times where the game just loads for a good 30-45 seconds, then gives me a connection error, even though my internet is fine (it’s only this app that has problems). It’s stupid, and makes playing the game somewhat tedious. If you could just fix that, my rating would go up 3 stars.

Addicted games!!!! Love it!!! 😍😍😍😍. I found this about 2 years ago and cant stop playing now. Like the different tournaments everyday/week/month so its not boring. Love getting the Gold star characters. Eventhough i cant pass many of the level (L40+) but there are other levels you can still play everyday.

Nice. I’ve only played some of the fire emblem games and seen the new ones and I have some ideas for this game like making a customise kiran I know you probably have heard this before but I think people are now looking for something like the newer games you don’t really need a voice actor for them just take all the hair styles from the heroes both gender and just use different colours for them plus maybe kiran could be a colourless tome user just thinking I’m not saying you have to but I think it’ll make the game more fun to play for people and maybe put more ways to get orbs because it’s hard trying to get a hero you want with not that many orbs please take in my opinions and if you could write back from GrAce and I love the game all in all it’s fun the storyline is nice and if you do take this in for some thought thank you for listening to my review

Fantastic game. I absolutely adore the game and I love the constant release of new levels, characters and maps, but I sincerely wish there was an option to play the game in English with the Japanese voices.

True Fire Emblem. This game is a proper Fire Emblem game rather than a mobile ripoff hoping for name recognition. The combat is instantly recognisable to any fan of the series and is full of mode to screw around with to the point where I haven’t progressed the story. The micro transactions are forgiving even that it doesn’t impact the game negatively.

Fire Emblem Heroes. Decent art and voice acting for many units. Generally fun gameplay but... Suffers from a lack of content. Only takes a day or two to complete all the story and side missions. After that, you’ll notice there’s not much else to do. Misleadingly ‘generous’ gacha rates. Believe or not, a 3.5% chance to summon a five star is more than most...except for the fact that every five star you summon has a 50% chance of being a random, off banner unit...and which will also reset your ‘pity counter,’ essentially, a ‘guaranteed’ summon counter... except without the guarantee, just an increased chance of getting ‘something.’ In short, unlike other gachas, you have no guarantee of eventually getting the unit you want. Pointless ‘boon’ and ‘bane’ system. Finally got the unit you wanted? Too bad if it’s -attack bane (max attack stat lowered). Of course if you summon another copy of the same unit, you could fix that... You need to summon ten copies of the same unit to merge them together and fully unlock their power. Good luck with that. Lots of power creep. A side effect of a lack of content with not much to do expect wait to try to summon new units. Mediocre overall 2/5

Used To Be Great. The game was great about 2 years ago and I would of happily given it 5 Stars. But now there are so many things that ruin the game for me, for example. • The FEH Pass, (It costs way to much and includes features that should already be available in game for free). • Annoying mini games, (Some mini games are fun but most are boring and/or annoying as hell and if you want the rewards on offer you have to play them multiple times). • New OP Hero’s, (After +10 merging many 5 star hero’s it’s disappointing that new mythic/legendary hero’s basically OHKO you, even when your hero has the weapon or spell advantage). Some constructive criticism for the developers; • The FEH Pass costs way to much, why would I pay for it when I could just save my money or buy a new console game? That said I understand that you have to get payed, I would of paid $1 a month and I bet a lot of others also would. • To keep people interested I get the need for constantly adding new hero’s to the game but when you make them so over powered you make all the older hero’s completely redundant. • If the mini game is fun then people will want to replay them and I’m all for being rewarded hero feathers at the end of a session for high scores but being forced to replay them for rewards is time consuming and tacky (Pawns of Loki was the final straw for me).

Amazing summoning system!. Thank you for being kind to us and giving us a fair summoning system!

Best Phone Game. When you have Fire emblem as a favourite game for consoles, this game is next level as it is on the phone. Never have I used my phone so much. This game make me feel royal like the characters in it. I feel like a Prince.🗡

Love this app!!!. Nintendo has done a great job with this app. Lots of interesting twists with tempest trials, area battles. No need for in app purchases if you aren’t into that. Summoning is great. Very addictive😁

Crash Emblem. I used to love this game. But then they updated to version 3.0.0 and now it just keeps crashing. And with apparently no way to actually contact the developers to request support (their website lists no means to contact them) I'm left with no recourse but to leave this negative review. Hopefully if enough people leave such reviews The developers will take notice and fix the app...

Better as a gallery than a game. Fire Emblem Heroes has me divided. The game targets the fan base by continuously adding popular characters from other entries in the series to the roster, but yet the combat seems to be lacking in comparison. Most battles for me consisted of brute force and tests of my team’s endurance rather than my own strategical planning. I often think this is intentionally due to how claustrophobic the levels/maps are designed to be: narrow corridors and units cramped extremely close together. While the less congested maps are so barren that there are very few opportunities to formulate strategies. On the other hand, the enjoyment I found in the game was the collection of characters. The art makes this so much more satisfying with beautifully drawn portraits of familiar and new characters from various artist. It’s pleases me that they also pay tribute to not only the artist in the character’s profile but the voice actor/actress of the viewed character. Although, their battle unit’s Moe style is another story. Speaking of generosity, the in-game currency isn’t excessively dry like most mobile games. It isn’t great but majority of activities hand out enough Orbs to get by without pulling out a real world wallet.

Great game!. Most enduring and engrossing phone game I've found. Does not cause frustration, doesn't care if connection drops out. Very generous with in game currency. Highly recommend.

Needs to be offline. Hi Nintendo I just got in to fire emblem and I mite be getting fe warriors but I love this game. The only problem is that it's online there is more story than online if it was offline maybe you could not open the character things orbs but so what hope you listen to my report but great game😀btw first orb I opened I got a five star 😱

A mobile game worth playing. Fire Emblem Heroes still remains one of the best games mobile has ever had to offer, with detailed hand drawn art and updates that help balance the game and help newer players jump in at any time is a treat! Condensing the massive fire emblem maps into one simple screen with a team of four heroes that you can trade inherit skills from others and make into awesome units with so many different game modes from tap battles, tempest trials, aether raids and many more including seasonal events that do not go away and you can revisit at any time to play again as well as a truly well written story that ties all of the fire emblem method together to even having characters whose games only released in japan to finally having them voice acted in English this game is far to much of a treat as the experiences just get better with time and really shows Nintendo’s care to polish without a doubt is one of the very few reasons I keep a phone to play games.

Great. One of my favourite games on iOS. The graphics aren't amazing, and neither is the story, but the strategic gameplay, constant addition of new levels and characters keeps it interesting. If you play through the game normally, you can easily afford may characters without having to resort to IAP. There is a energy system, which I initially found disappointing. But then I realised, you can easily get dozens of these items that refill your entire energy bar (stamina bottles) through quests. I have not once ran out of stamina, and have been able to play whenever I felt like it. One of the games worst aspects is the vote battles. It's essentially rolling a dice, since there's no way to know which character will win, and it will reward you less if you happen to lose.

One of my favourites. Among all the hero collectors there are, I find FE heroes to be one of the better ones with a nice aesthetic, cute/kawaii art style and intuitive UI. Gameplay is fun and brings a familiar feel to previous FE titles.

Good. As a fan of fire emblem I enjoy this game, I like how the characters are unlockable easily by playing through the game and you don’t feel tied down by in app purchases. The loss of the star is just for the story but the rest of the game is really really good and I’d definitely recommend for fans of the games and new comers

Literally Unplayable. After the recent update, I have been unable to play the game as I am sent to the update screen but am given no prompt to update. This is a shame because I really enjoyed playing this game but now I have no ability to do so. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did not work to no avail. Please fix this.

Fire Emblem Heroes is the Best Mobile Game I have ever Played. I got this game since it’s first released and seeing how much fire emblem heroes has changed in the past six years it’s definitely a high recommendation now, there’s so much Game Mode Options now and Special Events, of course you can get a lot’s of heroes you can get from using orbs, that mechanic you can figure out in game, The story can also be very interesting to read, they keep on updating stuff and putting new things in, so over all this Mobile Game is definitely highly recommended definitely worth playing, also it is great to start off the fire emblem franchise easiest one to get BTW is Fire Emblem Three Houses another Awesome game anyway and to get to know lots of New and old characters. Hope I said good things about this game and made you understand it a bit more review from Bidzgamer

Waste of money. I’ve stupidly spent over $100 on trying to get ONE of the featured heroes in a summon (3.56% Chance of getting him) this is around 30-50 tried and I kept getting the same 3* heroes. I feel like it’s just a rip off. Like, why have this hype about featured heroes and never actually get the one you really want despite spending > $100. Just a bit disappointed and FRUSTRATED. Could’ve spent that money on something more valuable :(

So you want to play Fire Emblem?. Fan of Awakening? Fates, perhaps? Or maybe you’re old schooled and think Sacred Stones had some amazing map designs? Intelligent Systems have made a series adored by so many, and have made so many incredible tactical and heartfelt games. This is anything but that. Tactics boil down to: • Autobattle when you can • If you can’t then that means there’s probably reinforcements and you’ll have to sit there while the game throws 30 dudes at you Heart? There’s no heart here. Felt like it when it came out, but it’s clear they’re in it for the money. I won’t make this an essay, but prepare yourself for a bite sized FE with a major focus on buying your way to victory. So TL;DR it’s Fates but you have to buy characters/skills.

Please Change the Summoning Pool. Because most 5 Star units are not good and have nothing to fodder because I made a list of 5 Star Exclusives heroes that should not be 5 Star Exclusives like Luke and Mist and a lot for example thank you and do Remixes to old units and give them new skills please

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A simplified Fire Emblem. It’s a great intro to the idea behind FE, but always remember that it’s a gacha type game; the game may seem very predatory, but you can get through most, if not all, ‘content’ without spending money.

Mistakes. This game is by far my favourite mobile game. Though sometimes when u make a mistake you wanna undo it, but in this game you can’t so I am asking for an “undo” button. Though you can only use it one time. Also I mostly want this because for some people when their charger is In their iPad or phone they the device thinks that they let go even if they don’t.

Good game. I just got in two the game and I’m hooked

Worst gacha system ever. When you spend gacha currency you should have a chance at what you want, instead Fire Emblems Heroes can give you 0% chance after you spend. FEH makes you choose 1 of 5 options after you “pull”, but those 5 choices can be from any combination of faction locked choices, easily preventing you from getting your desired characters after you’ve spent your currency. The rest of the game is okay, but the horrendous gacha “choices” system makes this an easy “don’t waste your money” kind of game as 0% chance is actually a thing here.

Feh pass. Locking qol features behind a paywall for ~$120 a year. What a horrible start to the anniversary.

Didn’t even play.. Was reading comments and found out quickly that the developers don’t give a s%#t about anything but money. So hey,u guys lost a player without me even playing because of bad rep. If that doesn’t speak loudly about how poorly you are taking care of you player base then I don’t know what would get you to realize it.👎

Enjoyment. I played this game since 2020, I still have it today and it's very fun. 👍

I’m sorry I had to do this. I love the game. I’ve been playing for well over a year now and I’ve had no issues up until now. I hate having to give this app a low score, but this has to be addressed. The first anniversary celebration was a hit, because of all the orbs we got. This was a time where IS was kind to their users. A login bonus of 50 orbs was amazing. The daily quests that went for 25 days was also amazing. In total, users were given 100 orbs the first year. In the second anniversary, we got less orbs, just for a “theme”, according to Feh the owl. Three free units was cool, but they were ENTIRELY RANDOM. I got Spring Xander in year one, hoping for Spring Lucina, and was I disappointed! Year two, I got Halloween Myrrh when I was trying to get summer Tiki. That’s not even the worst. These two weren’t even neutral IV’s! I got Duma on the Find and Vote, and that I won’t complain about, but then, when I thought things couldn’t get worse, things got worse. Legendary Roy’s banner came by and I got a Gunnthrá and three Roys. I was hoping to pull Hríd once Roy came home, so I game you money. I regret it. I pulled 2 Roys afterward. I completely regret giving you money. I wasn’t rewarded for giving you money, I was taunted. Finally, we’re seeing less and less F2P orbs. We got quite a few at the start of March, but then you removed orbs from Tap Battle. Players are quitting the game. I’ll try to stay as loyal as I possibly can, but bring back F2P orbs.

gold pass is a mockery of fe fans. subscription-locking quality of life changes and pvp-applicable stat boosts in a mobage that’s already unkind enough to it’s f2p fans is just offensive, especially at the atrociously high asking price. $12/month or $144/year for canadian players for features that have no right not being free. it’s a disappointment.

Honest Review. This game has become so bad now. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON GAMES DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. The rates are ok; generous even. But the the developers decided to give us one last kick in the face before the New Year. Now, when you summon 40 times on the limited seasonal and legendary/mythic banners, you can get a free unit of your choice: BUT ITS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE FEH PASS. And the legendary/mythic hero banners are a scam. They amount of units on the banner will make it almost impossible to actually get the unit you want. Plz help me get the developers to actually listen to the players. Plz

Remove Feh Pass. Loved this game for 3 years. Now they decided to put basic QoL updates behind a paid subscription service, and are giving premium benefits to those who pay, making the game worse for those who can’t pay.

Disgusted. I played this game since launch. It was a great game and I honestly enjoyed it over the years. It was a great game! But now unfortunately at the latest anniversary they have become money hungry and not even trying to hide it. It shows so much disrespect to free to play players and shoves it in your face that you aren’t spending money. Nintendo what are you doing?? I’m insanely disappointed and Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Got way too greedy. I’ve been playing this game since it was released and as an avid fore emblem fan, I adore it. However with this new anniversary I’ve lost a lot of respect for it, the new pass is one of the worst things you I’ve ever seen, not even remotely a reasonable price and completely unnecessary for a game like this

Good mobile game format. The fire emblem system makes for a good app game

Great game for fire emblem fans. Play some of your favourite heroes. Lots of content for people just starting out, nostalgic for old fans. Fairly generous with free orbs and events. Powercreep is coming up hard this year.

The FEH Pass is ridiculous. I was content to just ignore the FEH pass, as while I felt like it was absolutely not worth the price for myself, I acknowledge that other players could be interested in it. However, since the version 4.20 update, this feature has increasingly become unbearable. It is blatantly manipulative and malicious the way the FEH pass is being pushed. Allowing non-members to complete the FEH pass exclusive quests but not to claim the rewards, placing a button to purchase the pass above the start button when a player attempts to use the training tower, sending notifications to purchase the pass when players attempt to collect rewards - to name a few examples. It is disgraceful that Nintendo - perhaps the largest and most profitable company in the video game industry - would resort to the same manipulative and greedy practices of much smaller third party companies to specifically target the most vulnerable of players. Keep in mind that this game is for ages 13+, and while some of the adult player base may be wiser, actual children can be targeted by these same manipulative tactics. Even with the shiny label and crisp production of a Nintendo title, players should recognize that a scam is still a scam. All potentially new players should think twice before trying this game.

Still Good. Feh pass? Honestly... it’s not the end of the world. Yeah, yeah. QoL feature locked behind a paywall and all. But due to the style of feh, unless you are playing an overly easy stage, you would probably never use auto battle anyways. And for all the people screaming PtW and not FtP now, I don’t even know what they are getting at. It’s not as if the feh pass alters your arena rating or points gain. And it’s a gacha game for god sake. You probably will get more powerful if you spend a buck or two. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s not FtP friendly anymore. The lack of the pass takes nothing away from the overall gameplay and features of the game (unless you argue that the lack of a few costumes will ruin your day). Heck, the current units getting resplendent forms right now (and the +2 buffs) probably need it due to the powercreep. Ok. What I’m getting at here is that something as insignificant to the overall game as feh pass shouldn’t warrant the reaction of “the game is ruined now” or “I’m gonna quit now”. I’ve finished ranting. Wanna say that I still enjoy the game.

Offline support. I love this game I play it all the time and I have no problem with anything but one thing that would make this app even better is to make the game work offline I’m sure it would get people playing more and more when they don’t need wifi or data to be able to play this amazing game.

Very enjoyable. I haven’t had to spend any money and have been able to progress at my own pace this by far is my favourite gacha type game not to mention I love fire emblem as is

Corporate greed. They ruined this game in the last update. Added a subscription service that paywalls game features and gives paying players a competitive advantage. They also loses the game with ads and constant reminders to pay for the subscription in order to get those benefits. Sad to see a good game fall so far.

You Guys. Are working hard and I appreciate it. Please listen to your fans that want you to improve. You can always do better.

the. burgers

ITS LIT FAM. Dabdabdabdabdabdab #squadgoals

Feh Pass Implementation is horrid. Hope you like quests you can complete but not collect the rewards for, constant reminders of the Quality of Life features locked behind a paywall whenever you go to play a level, and literal pay to win with paid skins that boost stats because that’s what your in for with the new paid subscription. The game was decent when it started out and was slowly approaching a decent state despite the odd setback and a lot of poorly thought out ideas. Feh pass is a marked departure from that and the company has really let their greed show.

What Changed?. Seriously, what were you thinking introducing that pass? Is this Maeda’s way of trying to justify this game via profit? The damn play to win pass is more expensive annually than three houses and it’s DLC

It's RNG, People.... I have always managed to get the units I want from this game. I suspect people who are griping simply don't know how RNG works... There is a pity breaker. I continue to enjoy this game and hope for more updates.

It’s alright, need improvement though. Feh pass is definitely a bummer, quality of life features such as auto battle should be free. The recent game modes such as resonant battles is lacking. They need better game modes similar to aether raids or hall of forms. They are also pretty stingy with orbs as new game mode doesn’t give any. Power creep is pretty bad as well.

Feh pass garbage. Qol update locked behind paywall

This game is scummy AF, don’t try even if you are a FE Fan. Gacha is always scummy, but the new subscription even worse. QoL improvements locked behind paywall, Prot to buy the subscription right in front of the home that you can’t dismiss, un-claimable rewards notifications on home screen that can’t be dismissed unless you buy the subscription. No, oh hell NO.

Fun and Interesting.. The game is fun a strategy RPG.

Used to be good. Game had such potential until I would say late 2019 when they decided to screw any balancing and just made stupid broken units one after the other. Don’t recommend unless you like to feel pain everyday playing the game. Sad how bad the game has gotten

Remove the pass. Remove the pass

Feh Pass. I really do enjoy the game but once you added the New pass into the system. The game lost its fans and now its p2w

FEH pass has soured my view of this game.. I’ve been an avid player since week 1, hardly missed a day of play since launch. FEH pass by itself is a shameful addition due to locking quality of life changes behind a paywall. The fact that the quests can be completed but cannot be claimed is capitalizing on the fear of missing out, and the addition of glorified advertisements on the summoner support and training tower menus is awful. As a long time player, respect your audience more.

Pay to Win. Summoner Duels R is terrible. FEH pass is trash. Pay to win but those units will be powercrept in a matter of weeks. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Perfect. This is just the best game i ever play

P2W. Powercreep is insanely high, there’s simply no more point in building the characters you like because they fall off so quickly. Game is just a f2p waifu collector.

Great game. Power-creep is a huge problem.. I love the hell outta Fire Emblem. I love having grid-based strategy in my pocket. Been playing since 2018. Honestly though, the flaws are huge. They should thoroughly test units before they unleash them. Single units can upset the balance of the game for several months at a time. All players know about Fallen Edelgard by now, like Surtr before. I don’t care about how popular Edelgard is and whether it is fitting for her to be the most powerful unit. There is no reason why units or units like her should exist. You shouldn’t have to adjust your whole strategy and hope you have an Edelgard killer on your team when she shows up randomly. Yes singers/dancers cause problems too but at least they can be killed relatively easy….In chess, neither the king or queen is this OP. You don’t have to kill the king or queen on the first turn to survive. I get they want to create new units to entice people to buy orbs and roll with the RNG for them, but this is just sleazy and pathetic. I know they are trying to give you opportunities to buff old heroes like legendaries, but it’s still not enough. Old, maxed-out units don’t even match up to unbuilt Fallen Edelgards and other new heroes. It makes you regret investing in your fav heroes when they can become obsolete in a snap.

Trading Heroes. This game needs a hero trading system in order to survive the bad reviews. I will only give a 5 star (haha funny me) rating if this is implemented or the quality of life charges are freed from a paywall.

Love it. Fun game unique characters with unique skills not pay to win or very cash grabby wishing for more multiplayer

Very fun. Solid little strategy gacha game. The unit building can get surprisingly fun, and it’s relatively easy to pull the characters you want. (when compared to other gachas anyway) As a F2P player, I’ll probably never reach the highest ranks in PVP, but you can still find moderate amounts of success over time .I’d recommend it to any existing fans of the series, and people looking for a strategy RPG that isn’t too big a time commitment. Solid entry point into the rest of the Fire Emblem series as well.

Evasive Lyn. Good game, I had 500 orbs saved up since first starting- waiting for a good appearance rate. Then it happened, legendary Lyn event. I spent every orb to get her and was wildly unsuccessful. I'm baffled. Care to explain?

Fun game!. I honestly think that this game is really fun if you don’t mind gacha mechanics then this game can be really fun the only thing I would change is just the fan service but otherwise this is a fun game that allows you to enjoy fire emblem for free so you don’t really have to worry about in game purchases because in my opinion it is really generous in the amount of free stuff it gives you so if you keep a cool head it’s actually quite fun!

Strong Willed Players Dream. Anyone who understands gotcha games will have a blast with this. Great strategy gameplay and cute anime girls

I’ve been playing this for years. This is the only mobile game that I kept playing for years. It’s awesome and the experience is incredibly deep. You can literally put as much time as you want on this game and you’ll still have things to do. At the same time, it’s easy to begin playing and it’s not overwhelming either. I would recommend to anyone.

RNG. All I wanted was one character from the legendary summoning event. Just Celica. I had saved up 110 orbs 2 months ago for this purpose. I didn’t even get a single 5 star.

Jeux complètement déstabilisé. Ta beau a faire des partie PvP contre des novices tu te fais démonter (je dirais pas le mot en V même si c'est CARRÉMENT ça) même littéralement démonter par ton adversaire j'ai l'impression que se jeux est fait pour les gosse de riches que pour les pauvres j'ai beau à jouer stratégiquement sa marche pas

WHERE IS SUBAKI. one more 3h banner and i will show you the meaning of pain

Character. Great character designs it adds a lot to the game

This is a great start to the FE franchise. The game is familiar to older fans while being very welcoming for newcomers, The tutorial’s are easy to understand, The UI and menu’s are great, Storyline go well along with the character design. I highly recommend this Mobile game!

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Love it❤️. This game is absolutely fun. I love how I get to collect my favorite heroes from previous games I played. Each character is draw uniquely and they have their voice actors voicing them. I wish they could have done more with your avatar at lest add a customization for it. It wouldn’t really affect the story but it would have been a unique opportunity to have if we had it I believe it would have added for to the story: giving your character a background and looks you don’t have to add a voice but it would definitely give the gamer a more attachment to it in my opinion. I feel this game could have done more in that department. Since it was able in the last games I don’t see why they couldn’t. I feel it’s such a wonderful lost opportunity that they could have maybe even profited more on.

I still love it after years of playing!. This is the game that turned me into a Fire Emblem fan! FE is an incredible series and I am so grateful to this game for introducing me to it. Even after three YEARS of playing Heroes, I’m still not sick of it! My one complaint is that, especially when compared to Dragalia Lost, the game feels a little greedy. Between FEH pass and the ridiculous orb prices, it starts to feel like they want to clean out our wallets. But this is just a very minor complaint! I haven’t spent a penny on this game and it works! Besides, since the game is free and there are no ads, they need to get money somehow. This is infinitely better than being bombarded with ads! The story and gameplay are fun, the events and other things to do keep things interesting while waiting for new story chapters, the orbs are reasonably easy to get, the artwork is beautiful, the music and cutscenes are flawless, and even the original characters of this game are amazing! Even without having played any other FE games beforehand, I was more interested in the characters from other games than the Heroes OCs at first, but the more recent story chapters have really made me love the characters. My obsession over Alfonse has lasted for three months straight and there’s no sign of it stopping. Please send help. So yeah, overall this game is incredible and you should definitely get it if you haven’t already!!

150+ Orbs For Nothing. So, I spent the entire course of 2 days collecting orbs from everywhere I could in order to try and get Nephenee, a favorite of mine. I even broke my golden rule and dropped a few bucks on it. Also, if I may add, TWO DOLLARS FOR THREE ORBS!? You can’t even do a summon unless you spend a minimum of 4$! But back to my point. Collected a total of 157 orbs, I was ready to rock. I had Ike, I had Tharja, and I’d really taken a liking to a character called Eir (get her for free in the story), only thing I needed now was Nephenee... The first FOUR times I tried her orb color didn’t even come up. So yea, 20 orbs and I didn’t even get to TRY to get her. Next few went just as good. A bazillion of the same hero, pity roll gives the same freaking hero every time, and the occasional wasted 5 orbs because her color didn’t show. HOURS of grinding, money spent, 150+ orbs gone, not a thing to show from it. Long review short, 5 star heroes have a 3% spawn rate, and there’s no guarantee it’ll even be the one you want if a 5 DOES drop. If you wanna have a good time playing your favorite FE heroes, save money and just go buy the actual games

Gender imbalance. I hope I can reach out to IS with this. I’ve Been playing since launch and loved the game back then. However, everything’s changed as some parts were made better and some are far worse than before, such as the powercreep and the flawed summoning system. But what I’ll talk about is the gender inequality as obviously intelligent systems are after money and they think this method of introducing a lot more female units than male units, as well as providing them with ultimate skills and stats in addition to inappropriate outfits and lines, would grant them more money. This may be true as some prefer it this way, but others including myself have been seeking for some balance for a long time and I know we won’t get any unless more people can voice this issue. Nobody at IS is considering the feedbacks I wrote and I was really disappointed. I wish there’s still hope to restore balance because it’s not going to hurt their sales, but might improve them. Here’s a start, when are we going to see alts for poor Saizo…when someone like Altina got like 3 and she’s only history with no role in the actual story??

A lot of fun even for F2P. A lot of people say this game isn’t what it used to be with the “rigged” gatcha rate. While that may be true, as a new player I have gotten 10+ 5 star characters within a week without spending a dime, and I look forward to slowly building them in the future. At first the different modes can seem a bit overwhelming, but overtime I definitely come to love how they make me use tactics and understand my characters more. As I was still trying to get used to the game, the memes and guides on reddit also kept me engaged, so that helped a lot. Not to mention the actual plot of the game is very intriguing as well, my favorite being the third. Overall, this game has the potential to really consume your time 24/7, but it’s also perfectly fine if you just want a little challenge during your free time.

Used to be exciting. I remember when I first started and I was so happy playing it. What got me the most was that the summoner (us) would always be involved along with our 3 main pals. Now it isn’t like that anymore. Paralogues are not Alfonso, Sharena, Anna, and us anymore 😞 It’s extremely boring and just keep skipping the conversation. Don’t get me started on forging bonds. I wish the same thing: each new character spoke to each of us (1 new hero with Sharena, 1 new hero with Anna, etc). Now with the current book, book 6, I am wondering when the summoner will show up. I thought the summoner was suppose to bring peace and they were really important? I keep thinking when the summoner will show up or will be mentioned, but nothing. I am very close to uninstalling this game, but the only thing keeping me going are the characters I collected. If it keeps going like this I think I will, just not now. Also, many of us (me included) do not have hundreds of dollars to spend for such powerful characters. The gacha rate is really bad. So many issues and yet they think something else needs fixing.

Not bad, but getting better.. Take it from someone who’s been playing FE their whole life, the game is by no means as bad as some reviews may testify. In fact, I find that it has its own sort of charm you won’t find with other gatchas; and especially now with those cutesy tap battles. If you’re a newer fan, this games for you! It’s simple and fun. However, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem for long enough that I KNOW we’re missing out on a lot character-wise. Nowadays, I really only play to try and summon my favorites, but half the cast is either from Fates or Awakening so that’s kinda a bummer. Granted, they’ve been getting better with this! I was pretty excited when Leif and his family made it in. So. You guys have fun with it. If you like it, you like it, but it’s a lot more wild to complain about the amount of Chroms in this game (I think it’s four, IntSys loves Chrom). I don’t take really take FE Heroes seriously, which makes it a bit more fun than if I were just constantly losing my mind over the immense lack of Xane. 3 stars because I’m feeling generous.

Amateur at best, boring. This game is nothing like the fire emblem i used to play on my game boy advance, its a continuous run on ONE MAP forever, you just start on different sides of the screen each time which is probably the most lazy thing iv ever seen in a game, the storyline is also terrible and boring, the only thing resembling the old fire emblem is the pixel form of the characters in battle, the old fire emblems had an amazing storyline, extremely elaborate maps that if you made the wrong move you could very well lose a teammmate and thats for the rest of the game btw they actually died unless u saved beforehand of ur turn being over it was much more challenging, the tutorial is also unskippable for some odd reason and there is a potential unlock section?? What is this dragonaball z dokkan???? Also dragging your character instead of simply tapping them where to go is extremely annoying, 2 stars at best for this tragedy, if they can atleast increase the map size and elaborateness like using the dark side of the map or a door u havent opened as advantage, then i will raise my review

Really fun. It’s Fire Emblem, and, while it does seem too simplified for hardcore fans, the elements of challenge careful strategy are still present. Some missions are very easy, but, as usual, there are more brutal difficulty choices. Being able to use characters from different Fire Emblem games is fun, and if you get one that you already have, they can still be used to benefit other units. The 4v4 battles and smaller grid make battles quick, easier to see, and help new players to not get overwhelmed. I imagine that some hardcore fans don’t agree with this game, but I personally still enjoy it. A good warning for parents though, is that some of the units (characters you get) are VERY sexualized. Some are also part of the story, so, it’s up to you, I guess. Good game, would definitely recommend it to anyone getting into the series.

Day one player. FeH has been dying off for me and for awhile I have been debating whether I want to delete the game or not. I was hoping the 3rd year anniversary was gonna add something like an actually good sense of progression. BUT NO. As a day one player I see the inclination of the Feh pass as a massively horrible idea. There are so many alternatives that could of helped IS if they wanted money so badly. For example, take a page from battle cats and add a weekly/monthly extremely difficult level and make the hero skins a reward. Make it difficult by like making the enemies broken or make it so you have to beat it with 3 completely different teams. For the money aspect make it so you can pay a SMALL sum or the hero skins you missed or you just can't beat. It would add something for players with nothing to do to spend hours doing creating an incentive to actually the game. I'm at the point where i don't even really wanna summon because making more than like 5 overpowered units is not really worth it. At least the system I proposed would add a reason to make at least 12. In conclusion #cancalfehpass.

Fire Emblem Not forever. This game is a fun game. But over time, no matter how many of your favorites you get, you will never have them all.. If you want something... even if you spend money you may not get it. The game invests way more time into new characters to try to provoke you to spend money than on any fun gameplay. I quit for months and nothing is different except there are more characters I really want. The game is still a painful grind to collect enough orbs to build the team composition I want. By the time I get that red mage flier the game isn't fun anymore. It's been months of trying. I played enough to do a couple summons and didn't get anything. Reminds me how I wasted hundreds of orbs before which lead to me quitting. Yes sometimes you get the one you want. Enough to keep you hooked. I've redone this review twice over the last year. I was a huge fan for a while. But the game is not as fun as getting the heroes. And that rarely happens

Decent F2P. Updated Dec 2017: the constant updates ensure there always something to do, I’ve enjoyed many hours on this game. I think the amount of available free orbs is pretty decent, though I suppose it’s by design that I’m always short when a cool, new, powerful banner comes out. If you’re tempted to purchase orbs, you should know I’ve immediately regretted purchasing orbs both times I did it: the cost per orb is obscenely high for how little each orb will get you. Both times I’ve spent money I figured it was time to show support for the game during a banner I really wanted and all my purchases netted me was a bunch of fodder characters. $20 can get you nothing, so unless you plan on shelling out hundreds or thousands, expect to make do with the orbs you earn by completing quests and being picky with your banners. Original: I only played a few of the fire emblem games before, but this is kinda fun. Plus they gave me Camilla on my first summon (.Y.) OP

Fun but needs to be more free-to-play friendly. I’ve been playing this game since day 1 and I can say that this is a very fun game especially if you like Fire Emblem and a vast variety of characters and skills in a strategic game. The fact that this game only allows purchases to summon heroes helps ease my worry that this game is a “pay-to-win” game. However, one big issue I have with it is that the game is sometimes unrewarding. The main thing players want is orbs to summon characters with, but there would be long stretches of time (days) where being able to receive orbs is non-existent. The quests, chapters, and other game modes would only give you around 4-5 orbs each, but when you play them all at once right when they activate, you’d be left with no more ways to get more orbs, and the only way to get them is to pay for them. I have a few suggestions to fix these aspects of the game: -Always have a 2 Orb daily log-in bonus -More quests that award you orbs -An item trading system that you can trade stamina potions/dueling swords/etc for orbs and hero feathers -Lowering the amount of orbs needed for a single summon (dropping from 5 to 4) -Most game modes awarding orbs for playing them -Rebalancing Aether Raids -Move away from making alts of popular characters and include lesser known characters These are a few suggestions! I only wish for this game to be rewarding for people who don’t want to pay money to get orbs! Make this game more Free-to-play friendly!

Goodbye, FEH.. Fire Emblem Heroes was once a great game: creative, engaging, fun, and challenging. It was well-designed, especially since it gave F2P players a fighting chance, but also rewarded paying customers with extra — something for everyone. This alone convinced me to support them regularly, as one who has spent thousands of dollars on this game, in the hopes that they would continue this fair business model. Alas, this has come to an end. FEH has now officially joined the norm of mobile gaming, with the new subscription model, yet another micro-transaction on top on other micro-transactions, and the predatory in-your-face advertising. After all, gacha games like this are dime-a-dozen. What has made FEH unique, no longer exists. And thus I find my interest waning. I uninstalled the app, and am pleasantly surprised that I do not miss it. If you wish to play the game, try it out. It’s a nice game, at least in the beginning (as is the case for all Gacha games). If you like the characters, play their respective video games. If you like the art, you can see them for free online. If you like the characters, prepare to spend money.

Fun game. Needs more.. Battling needs updating, it’s very bland. I get summoning heroes is your money sink but really.. when there is a specific hero you are looking for and your random summon doesn’t come up with a single color of that type it’s frustrating that you now have to waste your orbs on another hero you weren’t trying to get. That needs a serious update maybe even a NON-cost Reroll or if you don’t choose your first hero based on what it pulls you can back out of the summon. For real who wants 4 clear and one colored. I got that 3/8 free summons. That is only a beneficial draw if your were looking for a clear. I know your team doesn’t read these as Nintendo brand does things their way based on what makes money. Just trying to give constructive criticism. Be proud of what you make! Also I have to update this stupid app so often more times then not I just close out of it as it’s not worth it.

Still Playing!. I've been playing this game basically since it came out and I finally decided to leave a review. There's a few things that make this stand out in front of all the other gatcha games I've played. 1) It's fairly easy to get good units. You get a free Fjorm, Eir and Peony just from doing story maps, and all three are superb for beginners. Also Brave hero banners usually give out free 5 stars. 2) Anyone can be good! This was the most important factor for me. There are a lot or characters I like that were 3/4 star units at first, but with enough time they became powerhouses. Through skill inheritance, dragonflowers, and merging anyone can be strong. I have a +10 Soren that eats Legendary Chrom for breakfast. 3) There's a steady schedule. For people like me who play all the time, it's nice to know when events are happening and when banners will show up. Plus, new heroes are added all the time so things don't get too stale. I'm a collecting kind of person so having new people to get every month is great. 4) Free to play! I very rarely buy orb packs and it's never a necessity when I do. Orbs are very easy to come by through story maps and events such as login bonuses. Feathers for upgrading are also super easy to get if you play your cards right. Putting time into this game is a much more valuable investment than money in my experience.

One of the best RPGs I’ve seen. As a newcomer into the FE series, I was amazed by the level of detail but into the game’s story, and the ambiguity of the origins of the heroes summoned. Gameplay is smooth, fresh content, and the overall quality is incredible However, I have a smaaaalll suggestion. I would like for Kiran / Summoner have some sort of personality as well, similar to Robin. Right now, Kiran is the faceless MC that cannot fight. Although there isn’t much to say about Kieran’s backstory, giving the player a little more customization options (appearance, gender, etc.) might be interesting. If Kiran were like Robin in the way that Kiran is a tactician that can also initiate combat would be interesting, like Kiran being able to summon one character from the Friends List on the first time initiate combat, or being a support role character that can summon one hero, etc.

A review from an exhausted gamer. This is my first, and only Gacha game. I’ve played this game for so very long. I wish I could pinpoint the first time I downloaded, or find out just how long I’ve been playing. I’ve gotten new devices… anyways, I started off playing this game satisfied with the free to play orbs and the summons I got with them. Everything changed with cyl 5. I spent a large? amount of money pulling to get my +10 Gatekeeper. If you can get as much enjoyment out of this game spending money in it- good for you, join the club. It’s never all rainbows and sparkles though. No matter how much you spend, you’re never guaranteed what you want. It does increase the likelihood, but it’s really a hit or miss. I love this game, but boy is it great at getting me to spend my hard earned money.

This is the best game. But just one thing. FE heroes is by far one of my favorite games and I’m constantly on it playing with my heroes, training up new heroes, playing special missions, etc. but my favorite thing about it is summoning. Whenever I manage to get to twenty orbs I immediately go to summon and pick my favorite option. But the thing is that I have completed all main story missions on all difficulties, blessed gardens, squad strike , chain challenge, and I’m constantly waiting for new special missions to get orbs. So I was hoping for players who have beat quests and most of the content that awards you with orbs could have like some other sort of summoning mission tab or battle option that just awards you with orbs. Otherwise, I really love this game so much and I totally recommend it to anyone, even if they have not played FE games. Thanks!

Best Gacha Game Available. Gacha games have a tendency to scam, and while Fire Emblem Heroes is not perfect, it’s by far the most un-egregious when it comes to how much it demands from your wallet. Again, maybe. 5 stars is too high, but I’ve played too many games in the Gacha space to know how unfortunate and aggressive that sort of business model can be. Fire emblem heroes uses its legacy to make every hero announced for the game quite exciting. But even if you’re in it just for the character designs, the game still feels like it lets you build any favorite character you’d like. Letting you inherit skills into other units helps make it so that every summon is worth it. The Main modes are mostly fun, and there is some interesting PvP content, some annoying, some an honest challenge, but overall, I find myself personally satisfied with the experience. Hopefully for any new players it gets them interested and excited to play a Fire Enblem entry on a console!

A Ruined Update. With the 4.2 update locking QoL changes and significant permanent stat boosts behind a subscription paywall, this game has officially been ruined. One user discussed with me and has pointed out something that I thought interesting: why is Nintendo adopting a failed business model for a successful game rather than trying to fix their unsuccessful games by adopting their successful business models? The only foreseeable way that they can fix this is by allowing Feh Pass to be purchasable through accessible in-game currency (like orbs) or take it out all together and provide at least these QoL services for free. I want to once again be able to confidently recommend this game to my friends when they ask for mobile game recommendations. However at this rate, I myself may just leave behind 3 years of competitive gameplay and fond memories that resides in this app purely for my own mental health. I really hope our voices will reach the developers as we only want what’s best for our favorite game. Thanks and I hope to hear good news soon!

Pretty Neat Game. If you really like fire emblem, chances are you’re gonna have mixed opinions on this game. It’s way too simple compared to the main series fire emblem game, but on the other hand it’s a good time waster and can get pretty addicting. The game is very free to play friendly, although it’s insanely easy; you could give this game to a 5 year old and they’d be fine. The summoning system is a bit odd, and obtaining pearls is pretty difficult, but once you’ve spent real money for a picture on your screen with no real monetary value, you’ve been defeated. For a free to play game, it’s great, just don’t spend money on it. If you’re new to fire emblem than this is a great starting game. I suggest playing a main series fire emblem game after this, as it adds a lot more depth to the game, and you can learn more about your favorite units. Overall, great game, just don’t buy pearls.

Please hear me out. Ok, so here’s the deal: I like this game, don’t get me wrong, but what I HATE is not the game itself (well kinda), but the company behind it. Intelligent Systems NEEDS to learn to listen more to their fans. Literally the game hasn’t changed that much at all, and they keep on giving us these summoning banners with characters that already have alternate costumes (Camilla, Azura, Lyn, etc.). I mean come on, Camilla has six alts... SIX. LIKE COME ON YOU COULD’VE HAD BETTER OPTIONS THAN A CHARACTER THAT ALREADY NOW HAS SIX COSTUMES. They rely too much on fanservice rather than LISTENING to what the fans REALLY want. I wanna see real change. I, and probably many others, wanna see lesser known Fire Emblem Characters, or popular Fire Emblem Characters that DON’T ALREADY HAVE ALTS(and NOT THE SAME ONE EVERY TIME) get the love and recognition they deserve. I wanna see characters that aren’t already in the game get put IN THE GAME. For now I am utterly disappointed with all this fanservice...

Amazing but one little thing to add. The game is a must have 10/10 it’s amazing the characters the banners, story all of it however tho I was wondering as well many other people is it possible to add trading in FEH. Look hear me out it’s a perfect thing to happen there comes a time where you summon on a banner and you didn’t get the character you wanted but someone else did like your friend and you really wanted that Character and you wish for some way to trade that person for a character for that character. Now of course there’s the question “ well people can pull a scam and trade a 3 Star person for that 5 Star” yes this is true however tho they can implement a way to only make it 5 Star characters only that way everyone wins that person gets a 5 Star and so does that person it’ll be a great way to introduce the trading system in FEH.

Feh pass has ruined this game. Speaking as a day 1 player I’ve enjoyed myself with this game up quite a lot until this subscription service reared it’s ugly head recently, and charging $9.50 for quality of life improvements and features that should have been shoved into an update and alternate skins for heroes that increase all stats by 2, in which the skins I could understand but the QoL improvements feels like something that EA would do, and they also try to tempt you to buy the pass by cramming it into the many menus of the game such as the quest list, summoner support menu, upon selecting a map and within the map itself and the quest progress list upon clearing a map, and there are rewards that you cannot collect upon completing the required tasks if you don’t purchase the pass, this shows that the company managing this game does not care about those who are F2P if you are going to play this game, be a F2P player, do not spend a single dime on this game, otherwise play other gacha games that actually acknowledges both F2P and whales/big spenders as their player base and actually doesn’t treat them like trash, in its current state I would not recommend.

Versatility at its finest. I enjoy games where the more you play the game the more you benefit. You play 10 minutes leveling a character, it will be ok. You play 30 minutes leveling up a character it will be better. You play 2 hours leveling a character it will be great. This game you are rewarded for playing more. Your characters are stronger, and the rewards are bigger when you play often and build up your team. If you pay to play you don’t tower over the free to play people. Paying makes it easier to get your favorite heroes but you don’t need them to win. People can spend thousands trying to get certain heroes and free to play can still keep up with different heroes. There is a great strategy mindset you have to employ as well. Certain skills help you vs one enemy type, and other skills help you against a different enemy type. Hero positioning is very important as well. It’s like a good game of chess when you are evenly matched. They are always releasing new content, new heroes, new game modes, fixing bugs, even releasing videos explaining changes to the game. You can really tell that Nintendo is listening to its player base. Definitely one of my favorite games when I have some time to kill. Very enjoyable, I highly recommend it 5 stars.

Locking standard Quality of Life features every modern gacha game has behind a paywall. This game launched in 2017 and still feels like it’s from that year. The gameplay and character building is really fun but actually building the characters up is tedious and boring unless you spend over $100 a year for a monthly subscription named “feh pass” just so that you can get basic features that other games present for free like auto restart. Not only is it not worth the money due to how overpriced it is, it’s straight up disrespectful to its consumer base who had asked for the features for years only for it to be paywalled cause executives want to line their pockets. Pathetic. The only reason this is a 2 star instead of a 1 star is because Anna Fire Emblem is adorable and my wife. Even then she’s voiced by Karen Strassman who supports NFTs as well as being extremely anti-BLM and anti-vax. I wish my favorite character got a different voice actor to play her but I know the company who does the dubs for the game are too pansy to do it or don’t care at all and I’m not sure which is worse.

Overpriced and predatory subscription service ruins otherwise great mobile game. I’ve played FEH since launch. Love Fire Emblem, and love the mobile game. I’ve stuck with it for three years; no other mobile game has kept me sucked in for that long. Over those years, I’ve defended a lot of the decisions that the developers have made which others have described as “greedy”, because none of them seemed blatantly predatory or unfair to the players. The introduction of the Feh Pass, however, is indefensible. At almost $10 per month, it is ludicrously expensive and simply not within the means of many players, myself included - I do not have an extra $120/year to spend on a mobile game. What really makes the pass scummy, however, is the fact that features which should be basic QOL features that are patched into the game for free (such as auto-replay) are locked behind the pass. It is only three features now, but it sets a very bad precedent for the future. I love this game and I would hate to see it die on this hill. But the Feh Pass is an unacceptable scam, and I can not recommend that anyone install this game unless the price and/or offerings of the pass are changed.

A difficult to write review. Sometimes we have to do difficult things out of love, and giving this game a negative review is one of those things for me. I played this game every single day for three years. However with the latest patch, 4.2 and the introduction of the subscription Feh Pass I have to finally put this game down. The developers and publisher have decided that quality of life features that would make the game more enjoyable for everyone should be monetized for approximately 10 dollars a month, or nearly 120 dollars a year. I can no longer support this game because of this. I hope the developers reconsider this approach because it does not encourage new players, nor benefit loyal free to play users. A good f2p experience is equally enjoyable for both whales and minnows alike.

Review. So I have been playing this game for years and it is very good. I would recommend it to anyone that needs something to pass time or just get away. The overall game play is awesome and it has higher difficulties for seasoned players. The shortfalls for this game to me is the summoning, there are some characters you will never be able to get and you won’t know that until you spend over 100+orbs trying to get a specific one. The other is that some of the AI heroes are extremely OP, I think that you shouldn’t be put up against heroes that have stats you can’t get to yourself. Overall like I said before get the game you won’t regret it just stay away from the summoning unless you really want a hero and if you do start summoning if you spend up or more than 100 orbs just stop trying.

A good FE game for the iPhone. This is my first Fire Emblem game, and I loved it! If you want a Fire Emblem game for free this is perfect. I have seen gameplay of three houses and this is a pretty decent interpretation of a Fire Emblem game. I’t doesn’t have critical hits or really huge complex maps, but this makes it good for an app. You can play a map really quickly just for fun. So this game is great for a quick and simple FE game. Though the summoning is a bit annoying, it should have a recruit feature during battle to get hero’s without using orbs. This game is a lot of fun, and I hope you will enjoy it too. The cutscenes are also really good and the gameplay is fun. The hate is mostly about the FEH pass, which costs money, but Nintendo made a great game for free and if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to.

Used to be a lot of fun.. I absolutely love the Fire Emblem series. With that said I’ve gotten and played all FE games after Awakening. But I’m starting to feel like this app has sunken to a pay to win aspect. When it first came out it was really just you spend money to get units you want. But now it turned into a meta of sorts and if you don’t have that meta the online arena is kinda shot unless you pick someone whose the same rank. And I know the way I play isn’t flawed because the battles can be very one sided. I shouldn’t have to go to the arena and have to worry about a single unit wiping my whole team because they happen to be OP. It’s always a unit that can one shot anyone, or a unit that simply can’t die to any magic or regular attack. I realize there is a weapons triangle but If my sword unit gets demolished by an axe weirder both of the same level then that should be unfair because it’s not strategy. And I’ve lost rank because of it. The ranking is also unfair, why have an option of two level 16s and then the very bottom a tier 1 when I’m only in a tier 8? That gets me mad

This is my favorite game!. It may just be my luck, but I summoned four five-star heroes within 5 minutes yesterday! Ylgr, Surtr, Hríd, and Gunnthrá. I have been playing this game for about a year now. Ylgr is my favorite because she’s so small but so powerful. I enjoy collecting heroes and their chibi forms are cute. The main story and prologues are interesting and there is such a varied range of enemies to battle. The regular and holiday forms of the heroes are cool, colorful and detailed. I’m excited for Christmas and New Years summons! I’m hoping to get the New Years version of Takumi and Christmas version of Robin. The update is great. No complaints here, this game is by far the best one I’ve come across. Plus, no in app purchases are necessary, although they are an option. (Sorry for the prolonged review, I like detail when I’m reading reviews so I put detail in the ones I write.) If your reading this review thinking about if this game is worth the download, stop. Just get this game, it is every bit worth it.

Running out of things to do. The game is pretty repetitive, especially if you have a particularly strong team. Once you run out of story mode stages to complete, and got to participate in the limited-time events that actually bring something new to the table, you don’t have much else to do. I particularly liked the Grand Conquests event, because it actually did something new: you could play in a team with other players, and the game of capturing territory is actually challenging and fun, unlike the normal way to play FEH. To summon new heroes, you could theoretically just log in every day to accumulate orbs. You don’t even have to play the actual game to get those orbs. It also doesn’t make sense when the most common star rating to summon is 4 stars. Summoning a 3 star character is somehow rarer than summoning a 4 star character. I will say, though, that the art in this game is very nice, and the mechanics stay true to the original Fire Emblem games, with the exception of the removal of permanent death.

On Fire, Emblem Heroes. Almost no one, I included, takes time to actually review a mobile app. Touch don’t ask me again and continue playing but I love this game so much I reviewed it without being asked to. The gameplay is great with a addictive gatcha experience. You will not mind working towards in game currency, which is plentiful. I know, download a game, play for a week, claim your daily rewards, drop the game, allow the game to rest in the back of your game folder. A few months in and I’m still waking up at 5:00 to analyze the additions to the game, these are constantly updated. This game is special, a 110%. You do not need any prior franchise understanding but you will want it after you download this game. My thoughts about this game are overflowing, I must stop now before I write a novel. Join the niche community of Fire Emblem Heroes, you won’t regret it.

So much wasted potential. I’m a huge fan of the Fire Emblem franchise and have been playing this game since it’s launch, but I must say it has struggled to keep my interest. Slowly but surely, the game has taken away aspects that make this game free to play friendly. The amount of orbs we get are very inconsistent, and the banners that come out feature extremely powerful units that are very hard to obtain unless you are lucky or pay for orbs. For players who like to save a little at a time and use orbs here and there, there isn’t much hope for the future. You can exhaust your entire stockpile of orbs for a fantastic unit just to have it swept under the rug by the next new units. I try to stay optimist about the game, but it seems like all they care about in this game is pushing you closer and closer to making in-app purchases. If IS actually tried to make flushed out stories, entertaining modes, and balanced units instead of pumping out overly sexualized female characters every week for quick cash then maybe this game would be worth playing. Unless you are an a long time fan of Fire Emblem, getting into the game now is painful and downright not worth your time.

Fire Emblem Heroes. I have been playing Heroes since it came out. Before then I had never played a Fire Emblem game. I just took a chance and got hooked on a really addictive game and game series. Every Hero in the game is really fun and interesting to level up and use and to learn about too. Everything I learned about the Fire Emblem franchise I learned from FE Heroes. The gameplay is a great fun and easy to learn strategy system of rock,paper,scissors style, turn based combat. There is always new stuff being added every day basically. New maps, new quests, new events, new banners with new heroes, new skills to shake up the meta, all to make sure the game doesn’t get boring or stale after awhile, because there’s always stuff to do and new stuff being added. Overall FE Heroes is one of the most enjoyable games I have played and the best phone game I have played. 10/10 baby.

Boring, Dull, Repetitive, Pay to Win, the next Diablo Immortal. As the title states, this game literally the description of all the above. The story is quite boring and dull, not interesting whatsoever and there are plot holes throughout. The modes of this game make it utterly repetitive, with new features being more of a chore than exciting. Looking for a coop or multiplayer game? Fire Emblem Heroes is NOT for you, as they’ve had 3 years and still no multiplayer modes. The worst part is summoning for Heroes, as the rates aren’t great and you’ll RARELY pull a featured unit. In addition, if you’re not paying through your wallet you’re almost never going to make it up the leaderboards. There’s no rewards system for purchasing orbs, there’s no guaranteed way to obtain 5 star units (IMPLEMENT A free 5* Hero ticket into the game already!), There’s no way to Supermerge your allies unless you summon multiple copies. This game is the living Diablo Immortal of app games, where micro-transactions will be key to your success. Did I also forget to mention that they’ve removed free monthly orbs and cut down on modes to reduce the amount you orbs you receive? They make millions a year and this is the best they can do? No thanks! I’m officially done with this game.

Make the chances higher in summons. This is a good fire emblem game. Even though it’s mobilized by adding types, stamina, and gems for Rae items, it’s still a fire emblem game that not like the other Nintendo games that are greedy with their work and gacha mechanics. However this game does have one flaw: summoning. Now I could go on and on about about the summoning chances but I’ll mainly talk about the red orb summons. You would mostly get red swords 50%, mages(book) for 40%, and anything else for 10%. Now I tried to avoid trying to summon, but this game just milks the red sword characters way to much. It even got to the point that I could accept even a 1 Star red mage(wand) character instead of a 5 star red sword character. Even though this may not be the only broken summoning chances, may you let the event character not be red sword or red mage(book) please? I would highly recommend fixing this. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Really Fair Even for F2P. I've been playing FEH since it came out, although the account I'm using now was made during the first summer banner as an attempt to get Summer Robin. I took a break for a few months and came back to it; even with all of this I have over 80 five star characters, quite a few of whom are merged. I don't typically promote 4 star characters unless I absolutely love them, so I hope this gives you an idea for pull system rates. It can be frustrating at times, as I don't always get a character I want(looking at you Leanne), but I'd say it's pretty good odds for f2p players. I've only spent money twice, and even then I only spent about $10 before getting the characters I wanted. You can get around 20-40 orbs each month, so it can be easy to save up, too. Also, every time a banner is introduced you get a free pull which is pretty neat, and with the forged bonds events you can even get tickets for more free pulls, so really, don't take the complaints for gospel; try it out.

I love it! So much!. “Greetings, professor! Today... there is quite a bit to report!” I been playing this game for probably 2 years now. I love all the fire emblem games, so getting this for free is such a treat. I love the stories, and how many hero’s you get from all the other games. When I play. I been making it my goal to level up all my favorite characters! And for fun I would put all my favorite voice actors together too! I really enjoy the challenge with infernal, even though sometimes it’s sad when you can’t beat them and get an game over. But that’s when you switch the groups lol. Another thing is I really love how they started adding 3 houses into it! So know I can finally give an support to the gate keeper ☺️ I always have a blast with this game and the critical hits to the fun catch phases they say. And currently playing more story with Alphonse is sooo much fun! Would be awesome to play offline too! ❤️🙇🏻‍♀️

Took my money without giving what I paid for?. I do not know what happened to this app, I loved it and played it every day until some of my orb payments wouldn’t go through and yesterday morning, when I went to log in, i had -77 orbs? I don’t know how i had negative orbs, and especially 77? And speaking of the payments, the money would go through, but i never received the orbs or orb packs and my money would still be taken. I was especially upset this past time because i splurged and bought one of the more expensive packs, about 40 because there was a new hero I wanted to level up, and when it said the payment couldn’t go through had me sad but fine until I looked and saw the 40$ taken from my bank account. I don’t really know what happened, and I have the Feh pass and love the fire emblem series as a whole but this is really not making me happy right now.

Love and Hate relationship. I’ve been playing this since day 1, I love fire emblem and I’m attached to the characters but I could never overcome the difficulty, I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve racked up quite the credit card debt, even with investing in premium heroes there are some maps that are imposible to clear. I felt worthless, I felt scammed, I wanted to kill myself, I took a break from the game but when I picked it up again they started to do the Feh Pass which is expensive, I’m never going to cave again and spend money, and because of this I will never be able to enjoy this game to its fullest extent. I’m writing this review because while summoning I was prompted to rate the game, this has to be like the fourth time the game prompted me to rate it after getting a 5-star hero in the FIRST summon. It’s very suspicious but I decided to leave this review as a warning to others, please don’t make the same mistake I did. IF THEY CAN PROGRAM A GARANTEED 5-STAR IN THE FIRST SUMMON, THEY CAN IMPROVE HOW THE SUMMONING RATE WORKS WHICH WOULD BALANCE THE GAME AND ENCOURAGE LESS SPENDING. I hope this game changes for the better in the future.

What got me into the FE franchise…. This is a good, fun, and chill game. I started playing this game out of pure curiosity just to see what FE was about. Since it was free, it was the perfect opportunity to experience, though probably not to its fullest, the FE franchise. Needless to say, I loved the game and it was the reason I bought Three Houses to experience completely an FE game. I can confidently say that FE: Three Houses is one of my favorite games. I love that there’s constantly new missions, modes, etc. It feels like they’re putting new content constantly so that’s good. The only thing I didn’t like that much is the gacha aspect of the game. It just takes a while to actually get good characters and that makes it a little tedious, in my opinion. In conclusion, it’s a good game overall and a good introductory game if you wanna know what FE is about and encourage to buy the full experience by buying one of the FE games for the current Nintendo console.

Best turn based game, especially for f2p. I rarely write a review, but I want to express my feeling. This is the most generous gacha game I ever played. Normally gacha game like this doesn’t give player a good pull, but feh is not like that. Feh give all summoner a chance to get a good heroes. No matter they’re f2p or p2p. Even f2p can get a strong, decent hero if they’re patient enough. I love the fact that the developer gave a lot of free orbs, though this game comes from a huge fandom. I have been playing since the game launched, and I don’t regret anything. Everything is great. The artwork is beautiful, the story and music are good, there’re tons of maps that summoner can clear, cute design and accessories, tons of free orbs too, and more importantly... the gacha is REALLY KIND. Summoners can get *5 from a free pull, that is really nice. Good job!! I wish feh can always be like this in the future!!!!

Pretty good. This game is everything you would expect from a mobile Fire Emblem game: smaller grid based combat, simplified fight mechanics, and the mobile game classic: in-app purchases. However, although buying orbs to get a better chance at summoning better units will definitely give you the edge, it’s not necessary to buy anything. The game gives out a decent amount of orbs for free, offers one free summon for each banner, introduced a free summon ticket mechanic recently, and gives everyone the same percentage chance of summoning units, paid or not. Even as a F2P you’re likely to summon good characters, and every few weeks they have a summon banner with 12 recent focus units and 4 legendary units, all at an 8% chance to summon (5% higher than normal). The only problem is the sudden jump in powercreep units that have been popping up lately. If you’re against a Surtr or Veronica it’s going to be a tough fight.

Amazing changes coming, just needs 1 more thing. The free to play number of orbs has gone down a bit, but it’s not too big of a deal. The bigger issue is the overcrowded 5 star only pool of characters, IS doesn’t seem interested in demoting anyone anymore, and as a result the 4* and 3* pools are way too limited considering how many characters are in this game. They seriously need to demote a ton of the current roster limited to only 4* and 5*, especially since most of them are older and outclassed now. It makes getting the characters you want, especially for the red color stones, much much harder. If they continue to refuse to demote new characters, or even old characters, I don’t see a bright future for the game. The 5* pool overcrowding will just get worse, making it even harder to get a new focus unit due to the default 5* rate being there. I think we’ve had 3 demoted characters since August, it’s pretty bad considering how many additions we’ve had.

Awesome gameplay. Gameplay overall is great, and I’ve played previous FE titles. Understandingly that this is a watered down version optimized for mobile devices. Yea it’s a gotcha game with pity percentage rates and it may sometimes point towards in-app purchases but that’s the majority of most popular mobile games. The only thing I would want improved in future updates is maybe the overall storyline and perhaps weapon refinery support for more weapons? I couldn’t hope (Though I wish lol, so I can test my units on my friend’s) for local real time pvp with friends as that would take away from a rewarding community where everyone is not entirely focused on trying to beat each other but to grow together as summoners. I personally think unit IVs are great, players might be down about getting a good five-star with bad IVs but in reality, that makes it so everyone with the same unit isn’t entirely the same in stats. Because if that was the case, every unit would be predictable.

Brings back good memories!. This is an amazing replica of the original Fire Emblems series. It brings back a lot of the heroes from past games. I absolutely love this game. Let’s get into the part you really want to hear though. Is the game P2W? In this day in age a lot of our mobile games are very P2W. This one is not one of those games. The Max level right now is 40. I’ve only played a week and I’m already there with all four of my heroes. The overall strength of the hero is dependent on the amount of stars they have. 3 out of 4 of my heroes are 5 Star Focus heroes, so summoning strong heroes is not hard. Of course you can pay a little to get a starter hero that is extremely strong, but even if you don’t you will be just fine. No complaints from me this far. This game continually impresses me and hopefully the developers keep adding more!

This is a good game but.... I think this game is good and all, but there should be at least quest-like events to obtain said mythic heroes instead of merely summoning them as such within a months time, and the current one we could maybe use the hero exchange to obtain them or something. Even though they increased the drop rate of heroes, people end up buying orbs for what, to not get the “mentioned hero” if their in their last chance or even during, and the way to earn orbs should be also earned in the game itself as a chance drop from mostly everything, that way people could still get orbs by either paying or within the game as certian events don’t do that, and some do, but not a lot. I had not at all gotten any five stars for the last three mythic heroes and I think the company needs to either update it to where they have the past mythic heroes as a month-limited quest (only those they don’t have, and if they have it, it is changed to a random one), and I was thinking mostly type kills within a week as such. Like kill 75 infantry units with this type of hero or heroes, and a few others as well. Now I’m not normally a complainer, but this makes me want to quit the game as this current mythic hero they have going on, is once again out of my reach.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 8.2.0
Play Store com.nintendo.zaba
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Fire Emblem Heroes was published in the category Games on 02 February 2017, Thursday and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 1062496488]. This program file size is 104.67 MB. This app has been rated by 126,132 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Fire Emblem Heroes - Games app posted on 06 February 2024, Tuesday current version is 8.2.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.nintendo.zaba. Languages supported by the app:

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Fire Emblem Heroes Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

・ Events for the seventh-anniversary celebration are live! ・ The skill inheritance feature has been expanded. Heroes can now inherit up to five skills from a source Hero! ・ A new character-specific weapon skill for Fiora has been added. ・ New skills for Mythic Heroes Reginn and Triandra have been added.

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