Fire Emblem Heroes

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Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 25 years, continues its journey on smart devices.

Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before!

This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

■ An epic quest

The game features an ongoing, original story where new characters and dozens upon dozens of battle-tested Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe meet.

There are over 800 story stages available as of July 2019! (This total includes all difficulty modes.) Clear these story stages and you'll earn Orbs, which are used for summoning Heroes.
New story chapters are added frequently, so don't miss out!

■ Intense battles

Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon...and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch-and-drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

New to strategic turn-based battles? Don't worry! Use the Auto-Battle option to have your characters fight on their own.

■ Strengthen your favorite Heroes

There are many ways to strengthen your allies: leveling, skills, weapons, equipable items, and more. Take your characters to greater and greater heights as you battle for victory.

■ Replayable modes

In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more.

■ Original characters meet legendary Heroes

The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki and Shigeki Maeshima. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army.

* Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply.
* You must be at least 13+ to use this game with a Nintendo Account.
* We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.
* Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application.
* May include advertising.

Fire Emblem Heroes App Description & Overview

The applications Fire Emblem Heroes was published in the category Games on 2017-02-02 and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd.. This application file size is 170.61 MB. Fire Emblem Heroes current version is 3.11.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

・ Aether Raids has been updated. The number of defensive structures that can be placed in your Aether Resort has been increased from 5 to 6.
・ New character-specific weapon skills have been added for four Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Fire Emblem Heroes Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Kkldshjkcvnln   4 star

More Content. My only issue with this game is the lack of focuses and stories, paralogues and such. If there would be contant updates weekly, I would have no issues

Combostrike   5 star

Fun and Cute Game. Been playing this game since release. Easy to get attached to certain characters, even if you are not familiar with the Fire Emblem series. The game is quite generous with its currency. Definitely possible to clear all contents and rank high as free-to-play with some patience. If you enjoy collecting / building up characters and like to play casually, this game is for you. P.S. The story content definitely can be a little “cringy.” Focus on each individual character and you will have a good time.

Que9228   5 star

Great Game!. I would like to give suggestions as I would like to see more cooperative work between players and so maybe a guild chat and guild would be pretty nice?For discussing tactics and also guild war which I was thinking of consisting two guilds fighting each other and basically the guild caste would have many parts(maps) which each individual members would be assigned to and when the war starts, each member can attack different parts for X amount of times ,of course the outmost parts like caste gates would be first to be attacked and if it gets destroyed(X amount of successful attacks), the guild would be able to move on to the next parts until maybe the guild throne? I would also be really happy to see Real Time battles in this game as that’s would spice things up and make it more interesting as to lean out of kiting AI and actually outsmarting real people. But overall, great game guys!!! Keep up the good work.

Oi ye   5 star

Ssw. Waaaaaaqaaa

Nowaydardo   5 star

A true FE lite experience. Always improving, always fun, the best app Nintendo has made

Panther5581   5 star

Good starting point. If you heard about the Fire Emblem series are still not sure about it you can start here and you’ll get a good idea of how to play it, after all it worked for me

meme mastee   5 star

Early on. So far a fun game with different options to upgrade.

UpdateSucks727394   1 star

Worst use of RNG. Worst use of RNG in Simmons. You get 5 orbs when you enter a summon, you can not leave summon until you’ve summoned at least on character. The problem that kills it for me is the double layer of RNG to get a specific character. You have to first hope that the orb color of the character you want appears in the summon,l. If it doesn’t then you have to waste orbs on a summon you don’t want and then try again. I’ve done as many as 5 summons in a row without getting a specific color to show up. That’s 25 orbs, or about $15 if I was paying for this garbage 2 layer RNG. Gameplay can be fun but it’s the “reward” that makes the effort feel worth it. It’s my opinion that the reward does not match the effort. I don’t want the characters handed to me, but sometimes I feel like I lost before I even pull the lever on the slot machine.

Deaichael   5 star

YES!!!. Fire emblem on mobile? YES! Play with your fantasy team lineup??? YES!! WOULD I RECOMMEND YOU DOWNLOAD IT??? YES!!!!!!!!

lordbaine   5 star

Great game. Thanks

Discontented Consumer   2 star

Disappointing. As someone who loved Awakening, I find this game disappointing. The story is flat and repetitive with no real motive to keep pushing through the difficulty of higher levels. I loved seeing the old characters come to life, but there was too much added to character “growth” that just made it all confusing. Characters all level up much too often, but with little overall benefit. Overall, not really worth the download unless you’re just really desperate to get to play Fire Emblem on your crappy Apple device.

GameBoyGx   5 star

FLAMES. Feels like a AAA game

CapMarveloud   5 star

Great. Love the game. Please have more heroes freom FE 3 house

Brea ✨   5 star

Great!. I love this game a whole ton, it’s fun and easy. I especially love knowing all of the units from the main games and being able to make all of my units strong. My one main thing about this game is that there are so many alts as compared to new characters coming in! We have ten of one character’s alts and then are still missing a handful of others from all of the games mixed together. I like all of the holiday alts, don’t get me wrong, but there could be 100 new characters added before there needs to be a new alt.

iiGamer   1 star

Pay to win. You need money to get the good heroes. You’ll never win in multiplayer. Only those who pay enough will win. They just need to port the old fire emblem games to the iOS. Like the n64 game would be amazing

lovezkac   5 star

love. love...........👍🏼

The Experienced one   5 star

Always changing. The game has a story mode that can really capture you and even after spending hours finishing it, there is still a ton of events that continuously update and change - not to mention all the heroes to collect

dannyboi8   5 star

I’m a college student. Love the game just wrote this review because I have a problem with the old units, soon the first year units will be gone and the weekly revival will move on to year 2. Is it possible that all the first year units be moved into a free to summon banner. Can use these “special orbs” to summon on them only. These “special orbs” can be given away in quests and/or a new mode. If not possible, can they be demoted to 4 star then

Bucket life   4 star

Love it but I got a suggestion. I love the gameplay, lottery, and character upgrades, but let’s discuss SP. Say you give a character skill that they can learn in addition to the skills they already have and want them to learn all of the skills. Naturally, you’re going to need a lot of SP to unlock all those skills and once characters reach lv 40 it’s a slow grind to get more SP. I suggest the game allows characters to transfer their SP to another character so that way you still have to earn it, but you don’t need to earn it with the character that requires the SP. Make the cost some shards or something other than the actual character as well

mushmoe   1 star

Waifu garbage. It is a shame that this what fire emblem has been reduced to. Should have died with kaga.

😘🖐😬👡😍   3 star

Idk how to feel.... So you see, i started my team out with an incredibly lucky summon (i got the Tiki with the hoodie) and i was even fortunate enough to have a friend who walked me through the game and helped me get 5 stat heroes through the storyline. For the first few weeks i was very happy with the game and loved it. But after a while i noticed i would get into these... slumps you could say. For about two months i would get 3-4 star heroes... nothing more. Then i would go for about 2-3 weeks getting op 5 stars! But as the good summoning periods of time got shorter, and the bad summoning times getting longer... i just couldnt. The gameplay is fun, but repetitive. it would be neat to see someone different

MadNewt   2 star

Pay to Win. For anyone who says you don’t have to spend money to play the game they are correct. However, you won’t be competitive and IS has proven they are only courting the whales. Really hope that law is passed that nerfs loot boxes and gatcha games.

FEH Rules   1 star

Why is it that.... Why is it that when summoning on colorless we don’t see Mercedes and Brady as if they are 5*s I’m getting tired of seeing trash healers like Lachesis.

Kirbydodo   5 star

It’s Gucci. That’s just it it’s just Gucci

TacoSaladMan   3 star

Gameplay good, spawn rates bad. Honestly this game is super fun and mildly addictive. I’d be more than happy to drop money on this game for orbs, but the amount of orbs you need to even be remotely useful is so expensive, you may as well buy an actual fire emblem game. Like $20 might still not get you a 5-star character. Seriously, I want to spend money on this game. Make it worth it.

Anar9219   5 star

Fire Emblem. I’ve always loved the games so I really enjoy the mobile app

H-G-eisner   1 star

Give me tormos. Kdjjsjshshjdhdhhdhdjjd

thateliott   5 star

Funny. Sooo fun

jacob_brown   5 star

Fantastic game!. The tutorial isn’t long and isn’t long. Really brings back thicc nostalgia. A+!

Dekoxon YT   5 star

Familiar. This game is so like the others!

Advertorial    5 star

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Tormenta769   5 star

Very good game. The game style is fun and the characters are interesting

TheGothMan   5 star

Yes. I would sell my soul for Alfonse to just be happy. Somebody save him please

Jjjjaasaayyyy   5 star

Nice game. Thumbs up

Kanda Yu   5 star

Love this app. I love the game and the storyline, I was actually hoping that soon there could be a summon for Lif. I mean yeah sure it’s a bit hard to get a five star character but that’s normal.

School is prison   5 star

Awesome Nintendo game. This game is awesome but can you add trading to the game so players can trade what character they don’t like

mtun¥   5 star

A 5 star Virion is a 5 star experience. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dreasiess   5 star

Homie. Now if we’re being 100, this is a 10/10 amazing game excellent app exhilarating experience and you already know that I be on this all the time and if I had to say something bout the game, I’d have TO SAY IS FIRE YOUNG BOI🔥🔥

MrLongVN   5 star

Game very good. Best game

BluishGreenPro   4 star

Hall of Forms is great!. I really love the new Hall of Forms mode and hope it becomes a frequent event. 4/5 Stars because of the summoning system.

🌸✨✨✨   5 star

Lovely. I really like this game, it’s so fun and I love the events

Chilly1492   1 star

Powercreep the game. I highly suggest avoiding this game, the game relies on mostly pvp game modes and literally every new unit they release is better than every current unit. The powercreep is insane and constant.

ganksyy   2 star


fix it3   5 star

Star rating. I wish there was a way to make a higher star lvl unit ya know and not have 5 stars the max star unit

Ot95   5 star

🤝. Honestly the only good mobile game

Kick app!   4 star

Generous game with powercreep. Although the game is very generous in giving orbs. But the powercreep is very bad.

Screamo Beast   5 star

Finally a Decent Gacha Game. Pretty fun game for Fire Emblem fans. Plenty of ways to earn orbs and pull 5 star heroes without spending money which is makes the game much more enjoyable than other gacha based games.

Please Eh   5 star

Please. It would be great if you could be using two accounts without deleting the game and downloading it again

Snookiedook minecrafter   1 star

Not working on iPhone 6. It loads up the loading screen but everytime I do that, it crashes... can’t play it...😭😭

Raccoonking5   5 star

Amazing. Just awesome, a great mobile Nintendo game

FeelsDisappointing   1 star

Literally can’t play the game.... Not much to say really, after downloading the game i tried launching it... game crashes on startup, can’t even try to play the game I can’t even get pass the loading screen...

Sue Korea   5 star

~~(^_^). Betty我爱你

creator*   5 star

한국어 지원 부탁드립니다. Plz support korea language

Tonedoggy   5 star

Fun game. I love fire emblem. Was SO happy when it came to iPhone. Now I have been playing since day 1 (over 2.5 years) I have noticed that for me summoning goes in bunches. I will get lucky for a month then nothing for a month. It seems like each banner you either get lucky and get lots of 5 stars or get nothing. But after this long I have almost 400 5star characters anyways so i shouldn’t complain, although I have spent quite a bit of $ over the years. I want to see a play mode more similar to real fire emblem. 8-10 characters on a huge map with bosses and treasure chests. Maybe a tower of Valni or lagdou ruins type of play mode, keep going and see how far you get with ORBS for rewards.

heoshbw162827   1 star

Garbage. A pay to win game

Chip Chipperson the third   3 star

Fire emblem is a video game. Fire emblem is a video game

ink theiry   5 star

Please add. This is the best game ever I’m always on edge third book kept me on edge but please continue the third book I neeeeeed to know how it ends like I died when there was no more so more please

Midna_87   5 star

Favourite mobile game. Just amazing, sure the story could have a few tweaks but all the art is amazing, the characters we know and love are there. Fire emblem is my favourite game series and I’m happy this exists

LillieDaUnicorn   4 star

Good game but.... Whenever I’m in a middle of a fight like i was doing chapter 11 part 5 of book l and when I haven’t even lost and it says game over randomly fix your goddamn mistakes like seriously 😡😡😡

NotPukicho   3 star

3/5, good game. Only reason this isn't 5 stars is because of characters having barely any variations [Roy is a good example] whereas others you can build multiple teams of just one character's variations [C A M I L L A is an example], we need more variations for characters like Roy and less for Camilla

rosestryker   5 star

Big fan. I have always been a fan of fire emblem... always

Advertorial    5 star

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YesYeYesYesYesYes   5 star

Fire emblem. Good

F3rsHt   1 star

Skip it. I’ve played it for years. Buy a mainline fire emblem game, skip this money hungry trash.

LuckyNumberGreen   3 star

A bug I found. I’m not use if this happens to many people but when linking to a Nintendo account half of the keyboard goes off the screen

zffvj   4 star

Amazing but unfair. This game is so fun but if you’re free to play it’s a lot harder u require good rng to get good characters but if you’re not free to play then you can buy your way out.

Fire Emblem Exalt   5 star

Best Phone Game. When you have Fire emblem as a favourite game for consoles, this game is next level as it is on the phone. Never have I used my phone so much. This game make me feel royal like the characters in it. I feel like a Prince.🗡

Josh384   5 star

Great Game. I’mma be real... whoever drew Summer Tana has my utmost gratitude.

David Phuc   5 star

awesome. awesome

Fix rng   1 star

NEVER spend money. Personally I strongly recommend all players to never spend money in this game or you will regret. This game has an unhealthy powercreep and it will try everything to tempt you to spend your money! You will not get value for money spent as the developers are very greedy!

Ltnng   1 star

Fun game, but.... I really enjoy this game. It’s a lot of fun collecting the heroes I want, but there is one MAJOR problem with this app. For the love of all that is good, FIX THE DARN CONNECTION ERROR PROBLEMS!!!! Every time I log on to play, I’ll encounter 5-10 times where the game just loads for a good 30-45 seconds, then gives me a connection error, even though my internet is fine (it’s only this app that has problems). It’s stupid, and makes playing the game somewhat tedious. If you could just fix that, my rating would go up 3 stars.

Bradisreallyawesome   1 star

The constant downloading is horrible. I have not managed to play a second of this game. Install from the App Store then wait to download 1gb. Watch tutorial. Then stop to download 1.4gb. Every time the iPad goes to sleep, download stops. Get too bored, go play Xbox instead

CoyoteTC8   5 star

Good Game. A great strategy game with overall good characters and gameplay that makes you think before your move. Most characters have balanced move sets so that it is not too easy to win unless you know which heroes are the best. The game gives you a free 5 star hero when you play for the first time so everyone can at least have a 5 star hero. The story is great as not too serious like many other games and the missions are usually not too hard. The games summoning system makes it so it is still hard to get 5 star heroes but makes it easier as you keep summoning. The game is great and will obviously get better in the future and that is why I love it

牛魔王她爸   5 star

Amazing game!. This game is probably the only game I never delete in 3 years. It is a fun game, and I am a fan of fire emblem myself. This game is really easy to understand and easy to control, with beautiful drawn characters that you could get. Just 3 thing tho, if the summoning rate could be higher than 3%, then I would think this is the perfect game at all time. Second, the company should put up more orb earning events cuz old players like me can’t really get 5 star character at every banner. The maps are amazingly designed and I can see that the company really put a lot of efforts in. The company should probably design more characters that have less appearance in the game such as Minerva etc, otherwise it’s going to be beast emblem heroes if there is are too much beast-characters. Lastly, pls give more free orbs and feathers to help old players like me, it’ll motivate us and play more often. Overall this is probably the best game ever although it still have improve spaces. I love all the new things that’s added in the new update and it’s really sweet. Keep up the great work!

grhrhrgr   5 star

Amazing. ...

Wirting   5 star

Great. 10/10 Dislike +10 dupe system Dislike no auto reequip original accessories after bond battle.

ForeverFlat   1 star

Greed. The developers are becoming increasingly greedy.

Nintendo Hero 88   1 star

So you want to play Fire Emblem?. Fan of Awakening? Fates, perhaps? Or maybe you’re old schooled and think Sacred Stones had some amazing map designs? Intelligent Systems have made a series adored by so many, and have made so many incredible tactical and heartfelt games. This is anything but that. Tactics boil down to: • Autobattle when you can • If you can’t then that means there’s probably reinforcements and you’ll have to sit there while the game throws 30 dudes at you Heart? There’s no heart here. Felt like it when it came out, but it’s clear they’re in it for the money. I won’t make this an essay, but prepare yourself for a bite sized FE with a major focus on buying your way to victory. So TL;DR it’s Fates but you have to buy characters/skills.

Oliver jack magnum   5 star

Splatoon. Can you make splatoon please? Cuz I always wanted to play it but I’m allowed a Nintendo switch and I see people play splatoon and it looks so cool. Please release it onto the App Store for phones and iPads.

ShewT   1 star

Dissapointed on how they treat their fanbase. Your 2nd anniversary is a joke.

Poaza   4 star

FEH is a great tribute to the Fire Emblem series. What seems a devilishly easy game at first is actually a deep strategy game that will see you play for hours on end to master. Earn Orbs, summon your favourite characters and then earn more orbs to get other characters to inherit the perfect skills for your team. ...and you can get away with not spending a cent on this game either.

AlphaDK   2 star

IntSys is taking the game in a bad direction. After playing actively for over a year, with a splash of money spent, I can say for sure that Intelligent Systems doesn’t really get how to make their game good anymore Changes have been geared towards forcing players to spend more money (pulling for premium skills wanted for scoring), they’ve made the skill-based modes obnoxious to play around, and the highest “Abyssal” difficulty simply pumps units full of stats as a way to make the game hard For a gacha game, the rates are great (because they expect you to pull upwards of 11 5*s for one tricked out unit), and it emulates the fire emblem series pretty well. Overall, the gameplay exists and is fine, but IS have not made well designed changes in a few months, and seem only interested in putting out Camilla alts, regardless of how many characters haven’t been given a spotlight. I can’t see the game being worthwhile to pick up for new players now, especially long-term. What started as a 3/5 game and grew to 4/5 with good changes has absolutely dropped to what i’m giving it now, 2/5, thanks to laughable changes that gives a pretty clear indication of where this game will end up.

BLU ray mad   5 star

A mobile game worth playing. Fire Emblem Heroes still remains one of the best games mobile has ever had to offer, with detailed hand drawn art and updates that help balance the game and help newer players jump in at any time is a treat! Condensing the massive fire emblem maps into one simple screen with a team of four heroes that you can trade inherit skills from others and make into awesome units with so many different game modes from tap battles, tempest trials, aether raids and many more including seasonal events that do not go away and you can revisit at any time to play again as well as a truly well written story that ties all of the fire emblem method together to even having characters whose games only released in japan to finally having them voice acted in English this game is far to much of a treat as the experiences just get better with time and really shows Nintendo’s care to polish without a doubt is one of the very few reasons I keep a phone to play games.

IIIlllIIII   5 star

Terrific. Goof

nicky mc nicka   5 star

Fun. It is fun, the story is great and if you don’t have it downloaded, then download it lol

CaseSimulatorer   3 star

This game is getting worse over time. My nam jeff and thats not all. Beasts are pretty dope but do you know whats cooler? Breasts. So add another camilla alt

Kittykat.gaming   5 star

Awesome Game!. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and even though the storyline is a bit boring I love getting characters from other Fire Emblem games I’ve played! A great game if you are into strategy!

LunarMeeerin   4 star

Good. As a fan of fire emblem I enjoy this game, I like how the characters are unlockable easily by playing through the game and you don’t feel tied down by in app purchases. The loss of the star is just for the story but the rest of the game is really really good and I’d definitely recommend for fans of the games and new comers

Katon-fire   5 star

👍👍. It's a great rpg

Deffyy   5 star

Very good. Wow i like it nice game

123 Meh   3 star

Good. Good but please make so u can trade units please.

Scruffy656   3 star

Better as a gallery than a game. Fire Emblem Heroes has me divided. The game targets the fan base by continuously adding popular characters from other entries in the series to the roster, but yet the combat seems to be lacking in comparison. Most battles for me consisted of brute force and tests of my team’s endurance rather than my own strategical planning. I often think this is intentionally due to how claustrophobic the levels/maps are designed to be: narrow corridors and units cramped extremely close together. While the less congested maps are so barren that there are very few opportunities to formulate strategies. On the other hand, the enjoyment I found in the game was the collection of characters. The art makes this so much more satisfying with beautifully drawn portraits of familiar and new characters from various artist. It’s pleases me that they also pay tribute to not only the artist in the character’s profile but the voice actor/actress of the viewed character. Although, their battle unit’s Moe style is another story. Speaking of generosity, the in-game currency isn’t excessively dry like most mobile games. It isn’t great but majority of activities hand out enough Orbs to get by without pulling out a real world wallet.

Ant-Man00   5 star

5 Stars in Hopes of a 5-Star. I’m giving it 5 and hoping it gives a good unit or something. Great game though, I love it, been playing it almost every day since it came out. What if it was for the grind some levels, advance the surprisingly engaging storyline, or just to get my daily logins. Big lover of Fire Emblem too, and it’s nice to play with units i couldn't otherwise in a game I missed or a unit otherwise not playable. Give me a 5-Star unit now please :)

thecoolyesgoodyes   5 star

yes. good yes

bigdlink1   5 star

Great job Nintendo. Love this game. Great single player where you don’t have to pay to win. Lots of opportunities to earn free orbs to continue to grow your team. They give away free characters quite often too.

Techas   5 star

Fun and nostalgic. The title says it all and it’s really fun it’s not exactly as I remember but it’s still pretty fun

playgendaryrocks   5 star

One of the best games I’ve ever played in my existence. This game so awesome 😎. I love it but I think it’s shutting down.😖😖😖😖😖. I really don’t want it to shutdown because I love this game. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

TheGoldenKitsune   3 star

Amazing, but.... This game is amazing, and I would have given it five stars, but then this happened: So I go to a school that gives you an iPad, and a couple of weeks ago it was time to switch to a better one. I connected it to my Nintendo account, and when I finally downloaded the game on the new iPad, I got a reward for signing in on a different iPad... and all of my progress was gone. All of my fighters, beaten levels, and badges had disappeared into thin air. If this is a glitch, please fix that!

ZombieP1ague   5 star

Great game. It’s a fun game and has a good story. If you like the old school fire emblem you will love this

FalloutO5   2 star

Same as animal crossing. I love this game but whatever update made all the sounds painful slow, to a point that it’s unbearable

Sam999999990   1 star

Why do I need to verify payment info?. That seems extremely sketchy that I can’t download without verifying payment info like there would be secret random charges are they purposely trying to prevent people from checking out the game? That seems very odd to me

Never updated to take advantage of 10/11 iPhones. Lazy devs never updated this app for the larger screen phones. Gave us grey bars at the top and bottom. Lazy.

Maciawa   5 star

Absolutely amazing game. I have played this game for over 2 years and I am still very much in love with it.

Analsneeze   5 star

Good but needs some sever support. I really do like this game it's super fun and fair to f2p players like me! The storyline is good and the characters are good! I would say the only downside beside the alt favoritism is the servers. Perhaps there should be multiple, since sometime too many people are on a server rendering an error code with the only solution is to wait. Besides this it is a super fun tactic game

Joshual612   5 star

Fire Emblem Heroes is just what you want out of the series on mobile.. I have been playing the game since it’s launch over 2 years ago now and I’m still enjoying it every day I log in. It offers so much content for new player with an extensive story mode and many new PVP and PVE modes introduced all the time there is always something new to do in the game. It is a gacha game but it is very generous with its currency and even gives a free summon on every new banner of which there are many. Over all it’s an amazing game and I would highly recommend it for veterans of the franchise and newbies alike.

Aperacona   5 star


Kap'n Krunchh   5 star

Great game. More Alm.. More Alm alts, please. More green hair lads.

wrotetostoppopup   5 star

Good. Stuff

Qwertyinurface   5 star

super fun game 💖. but they need to add dedue or else

Jojol86720   5 star

Best RPG. Love this game

Jayjay19483728292837   5 star

f2p review. The game is totally worth it, even if you are free 2 play. It encapsulates the Fire Emblem experience into short sessions.

Nathan Haehnle   5 star

Love it!. I love your game! But can you add a feature where you battle your friends because it gets boring fighting a.i after a while

Kevoh44   4 star

Great game but. My only issue is that their doesn’t seem to be an option for an attack to miss. Speed really only helps you attack first and/or multi hits. But the issue is that the faster weaker guys cannot dodge the big clunky armored guys. That’s something I’d like changed

mateoson   5 star

Amazing. Loved it since i was a kid and the app makes it easy to play anywhere. Like complicated small chess

KLSV_47   5 star

El mejor juego para celular 📱. Se los recomiendo es súper adictivo.

Greensta1   5 star

Fair and fun gacha game!. It’s great!

CalebLee23   5 star

E. Ereeeeee

LuciusTo   4 star

Japanese voices. This game is good, but it would be better if it’d allow you to use japanese voices without having to change the entire app to japanese

Dude in Fargo   5 star

Diehard Fire Emblem Fan. I’ve been playing Fire Emblem as a series since before it launched in the US. I’ve been playing FE: Heroes since launch day and it’s a dynamic evolving game. Lots of fun, surprisingly deep strategy and customization for a mobile game, and still pretty generous as far as gachas!

Ps4 for the win   5 star

Alts. Give the genealogy of the holy war characters their own alts.

Lu¡$ G0m3z   5 star

I like Ike. I have gotten him like 8 times. Thanks IS. And add Bernadetta 5 star.

Yo Kai fan   1 star

Pathetic. You expect us players to use our money when you guys can’t even give a five star hero I won’t waste money on this game you could at least give a free five star when a new banner comes out like other games do. Only two free heroes we get are the brave alts when a new banner comes out we should at least get one five star focus for free

Niuniubihbjhbbuhbuhbuhb   3 star

Three stars. Because those r the only units I ever get

Al. Ex smosh fan   5 star

They need to add trading with friends. Great game but add trading with your friends

code4delta   1 star

Got worse with time. What happened to balance? I left the game for a week and all of a sudden there are units in the game who can shut down my entire team, and they’re not even max level! On top of that, whenever i contact support about bugs and/or glitches, only a bot responds. I used to love this game, but ever since legendary tiki, this game has gone to hell. I’ve tried to love it, but I’ve given up on fire emblem as a whole because of this game.

HRK96   1 star

Save Yourself. Worst gacha game currently on the market. Summoning rate is way too low to be F2P. You CANNOT play this game without getting your wallet out. Also it gets boring AF, real fast!

Pothier33   5 star

Fun so far. Just started, but so far it’s fun

Maxi445   1 star

Be careful about the rates. After multiple trials of saving 300+ orbs (Legendary Lucina And two Laguz banners) the game decides to not give you one five star until you spend at least 300 orbs, honestly Fate GO has better rates than this game despite what “percentages say”. The game is a scam and the rates are lying to you. The devs have fixated the percents to not actually be “6% chance for five star” they are lying to you.

GraceW2   5 star

Great game: Some suggestions?. I really love this game, but maybe you could increase the summoning chances a bit to make it more fair? Or perhaps a game function where you can choose a specific unit to receive after a certain amount of summons. Trading units between your friends would also be a really cool idea. Just some suggestions, I really love the game!

bobbert1986   5 star

Fun. Been a long time since playing a fire emblem game

#playsgameswithadorablealiens   5 star

I’m sorry I had to do this. I love the game. I’ve been playing for well over a year now and I’ve had no issues up until now. I hate having to give this app a low score, but this has to be addressed. The first anniversary celebration was a hit, because of all the orbs we got. This was a time where IS was kind to their users. A login bonus of 50 orbs was amazing. The daily quests that went for 25 days was also amazing. In total, users were given 100 orbs the first year. In the second anniversary, we got less orbs, just for a “theme”, according to Feh the owl. Three free units was cool, but they were ENTIRELY RANDOM. I got Spring Xander in year one, hoping for Spring Lucina, and was I disappointed! Year two, I got Halloween Myrrh when I was trying to get summer Tiki. That’s not even the worst. These two weren’t even neutral IV’s! I got Duma on the Find and Vote, and that I won’t complain about, but then, when I thought things couldn’t get worse, things got worse. Legendary Roy’s banner came by and I got a Gunnthrá and three Roys. I was hoping to pull Hríd once Roy came home, so I game you money. I regret it. I pulled 2 Roys afterward. I completely regret giving you money. I wasn’t rewarded for giving you money, I was taunted. Finally, we’re seeing less and less F2P orbs. We got quite a few at the start of March, but then you removed orbs from Tap Battle. Players are quitting the game. I’ll try to stay as loyal as I possibly can, but bring back F2P orbs.

oh man oh boy   1 star

dont get caught in gacha hell. gamemodes are boring and theyre so greedy that theyve taken away most of our orbs. not even worth the download anymore

LeksaWoods   5 star

Improvement. If you have an ally that’s say lvl 40+2 that’s a five star. And get a better Iv one in the summon you should be able to merge and keep the existing merges so that you don’t lose those +2 merges. Would be helpful for those of us who learnt of iv’s after merging.

RipFreetoplayGaccha   1 star

Pay-to-Win. This game started off great. I have put 1000+ hours into it since it came out. Sadly in the last 2-3 months it has become a blatant pay-to-win cash grab. They have stopped giving away any free to play orbs, forcing their players to buy orbs (which are impossibly priced, by the way, the “special new year’s bundle cost $104) and in return have added new, blatantly powercrept units that will easily obliterate any free to play units. Furthermore, the company does NOT care at all about the consumers. I have played classic Fire Emblem since 2009. Over 40% the characters come from two games in the franchise, and even after being bombarded with hate, what did IS do? They added more of the same. Altogether i cannot stress enough that this game has hit a sharp decline in the last 2-3 months, which is why I and many others have stopped playing it. If you want a good strategy mobile game, try dragalia lost it’s way better. Or even better, play one of the first 8 Fire Emblems. Do NOT play this game unless you want to waste hundreds of dollars every month just to keep your team viable.

Insj   1 star

Terrible updates. No demotion, cut back on orbs, too much greed, bad direction..

Skimbop dimple   1 star

Rapidly going downhill. IS has proven time and time again that it does not care about it’s free to play players. The second anniversary was a joke. Today they decided to remove all orbs from one of the monthly game modes, last month they reduced some orbs from the same game mode. Monthly orbs have been cut by almost 50%, and some Forging Bonds orbs were removed a few months back as well. Their revenue is steadily decreasing each month. They can’t afford to be making terrible, anti consumer decisions like this. This week they didn’t demote one of the newer units, further bloating the 5* pool after endless suggestions from the community to narrow down the 5* pool. I do not recommend this game whatsoever. The developers continue to ignore the feedback the community gives them and doubles down on their poor decisions. Avoid this gacha game. There are plenty of others with competent staff.

King_Kalos420   1 star

This Game is Doomed. And IS Killed it.. The Orbs we used to able to get from tap battles is gone. The monthly Reward orbs have be reduced. And now people are leaving the game. Soon this game will die and yes IS it’s your fault. Copying A Company Like EA is not a good Move. Always thought you where better then this IS. But what do we expect from a company that thinks Taking free orbs away will drive in new players. Guess what it won’t you will even push your old players away. Like me I’m done with this game. If your where to do anyone with the orbs then you should have doubled the amount we could get not Cutting it in half. Wish I hadn’t spent a penny on this game. I’ll remember not to spend anything on an Games By IS.

Aaronrocks   5 star

Getting exceptionally greedy. The developers used to be good, but they are getting incredibly greedy and obvious with their recent decisions. 1 star from me until they start caring about their player base again. I would not recommend new players pick this game up anymore. They are targeting whales more than ever.

McFini   4 star

Fire Emblem lite. Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is a toned down Fire Emblem game. Don’t look for large maps or meaningful strategies here. That isn’t to say it’s a bad game but keeping your expectations low will enable you to derive more enjoyment out of it. The summoning system is the primary way to acquire new heroes however, with such a glut of heroes in the pool- not to mention variants of existing heroes- getting a particular hero is definitely a game of luck. The story isn’t bad though the whole “traveling to other worlds” feels stale now though it’s really the only way to make it work sensibly in this particular setting where you, the summoner, is robbing heroes from other realms, surrendering those worlds to a worse fate to bolster your own forces. The combat plays out like a typical tactical RPG: move character and either attack, heal or buff allies or just end turn and tank the enemy turn to lure them out for your glass cannons to butcher. There isn’t much depth to the game in that regard though the various skills each hero possesses can offer interesting combinations, especially when trying to tackle the insane level maps. Eventually, you will end up with a lot of heroes that will simply take up space in your barracks as there’s no system to utilize heroes just sitting around. Inheriting skills is a nice touch. In all, FEH is a good mobile game and can be enjoyed without spending any money so long as you keep expectations low and realize the odds are against you.

ALOMNDBOSS11   2 star

Broken. When I open it, it loads for a second then crashes

Cdyson19   1 star

Orb reduction. Game is fine. They are reducing the amount of free orbs to push more and more micro transactions.

Wolfy Undertale   5 star

😉. Well I think the game is amazing and like it.Keep up the good work make amazing updates!Love Candy

msima050   1 star

RIGGED. They try to get you addicted and spend your money. But the game is so rigged! It is pretty much like going to the casino.

hiroshima112   5 star

Best RPG for mobile!. I’ve been playing FEH since September 2018 and have never had any problems. I’ve been building up all my characters and summon a bunch. Compared this to other rpg’s but they just aren’t the same. Highly recommended download

Duraid   5 star

Lilia. Merci j’adore je suis canné de Nintendo et j’ai d’avoir fire emblem gratuitement

Jaytarh   1 star

Short-lived improvements. IS for a short period gave out way more free orbs. That has pretty much stopped. This second-anniversary celebration has been a debacle. Way less orbs and certain game modes provide less orbs and other important currency like coins and refining stones. RNG problems with the free five stars is annoying. Supposed to be a fun event leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

severeshadow   4 star

RNG?. I see people complaining about how RNG rates are "rigged" or "lying", but it tells you what your odds are, which is typically 3%. It will consistently be 3%. Sure, it is a better argument to discuss that it is a waste of an investment to throw away orbs, since the odds are so low. Luckily, there are a lot of 5 star banners (events) in the game, that guarantees a 5-star character.

xBeHappyx   5 star

RNG. For the one who complainte about the chance of getting 5 star you have to be patient,because it take time to have a good amont of 5 stars.I’m playing fire emblem since it’s begin and i’m to 65 5 stars.And yes sometime you don’t get what you whant is sad but that what rng is.

imjustsomeguy21   5 star

5 star pikacjy?. I wante d a pikachuu but it didn’t Come? K I jiggly this was a smash Bria

Phigra Newmo   2 star

Too big. Download is too big.

shatter420king   4 star

Great game. Just wish there was a lot more to do

Keirbz   5 star

Awesome !!. Gotta love that FE game !

Themed fun awesome   5 star

Redownload for Waifu. Took me about 5 times till I got Daughter Lucina from random draw. Coming back after a year and I missed out so many more waifus. Gotta Catch Them All... I guess.

Selph_titled   3 star

IPhone X. Disappointing that this game hasn’t been optimised for iPhone X


Waste of money. I’ve stupidly spent over $100 on trying to get ONE of the featured heroes in a summon (3.56% Chance of getting him) this is around 30-50 tried and I kept getting the same 3* heroes. I feel like it’s just a rip off. Like, why have this hype about featured heroes and never actually get the one you really want despite spending > $100. Just a bit disappointed and FRUSTRATED. Could’ve spent that money on something more valuable :(

MummaGigi   5 star

My opinion on fire emblem heroes. So, I was very exited to play this game when it came out, It was very fun, But now it’s time for my review for now. Let’s start with the bad things, I feel the pull rate is a bit low, And very hard to get orbs from chapters in lunatic, Other then that, I think it’s amazing. The things that are really well done with the game is : Getting a free summon, Getting free orbs, Getting free five star units and the story line is amazing.

Jessekliendienst   5 star

Fe. I like this game

Fire Emblem Heroes FTW   4 star

Friend PvP. This is a great game all together, but I think the point of having friends is quite pointless so I think what can help with this is if we can battle our friends for fun. But other then this great game

Daaaaannn   3 star

Good, but bad. Played this game since launch and have mostly enjoyed my time playing. The good: Very fair F2P elements; charming design; solid foundational gameplay; building up your favorite Fire Emblem characters is very satisfying. Lots to like here. The VERY bad: I’m docking a full star solely for the number of characters in the game that seem to be directly pandering to “lolicon” (read: pedophile) members of the player base. I understand the game is developed in Japan where cultural values may diverge a bit from the West, but the latest release of a 10-year-old child in full wedding dress (as part if the second annual ‘Bridal Banner’ summoning event) is getting too gross to ignore. The regular bad: Docking another star for frequently unimaginative and stale content updates (many of the new ‘modes’ since release have just been existing story maps with buffed enemies/tweaked rules; very long wait times between any original content) and the slow rate at which community responses and criticisms have been addressed. I also find the number of new characters from the franchise being added to the game lacking when compared to the frequency of alternate versions for ‘community favorites’. I too really like Lyn, but we don’t need 5 versions of her in the first year. TL;DR: I mostly like this game, but I do not recommend it in its present state

sontungmpt   5 star

Good. Good game

Em-dhe   3 star

Summoning Rate. The summoning rate is pretty low so I request that you upper it more. Demoting done 4-5 Star heroes was good, but the summoning rate is just incredibly low.

SampireX   1 star

uh. hey um i unjailbroke my device and i still can’t play what’s up with that

Shawn 127 Andrés   5 star

Great game, just one thing. I’ve had this game since day 1 when it launched, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since, it’s come a long way to satisfy the players. I have one concern though, I have the game on my phone and my iPad, with the linked account. But when I switch between them, I find that I have a different amount of orbs in each one. My heroes are all the same though, it’s like I have two different stashes which is annoying when I want to summon with 20 orbs but I have (for example) 7 on my phone and 13 on my iPad. This does not stop me from enjoying the game, however but it would be great if you could fix this, thank you and please keep making this game better and better 💫

Yuutatas   5 star

Fantastic game. I absolutely adore the game and I love the constant release of new levels, characters and maps, but I sincerely wish there was an option to play the game in English with the Japanese voices.

William Lee Wei Lian   3 star

Good game but kinda bad arrangement. The game is great, love the heroes and story but I do have some problems with it. Firstly, the customer support doesn’t even load in game so I can’t do any feedback. Some modes in the game really doesn’t favour both F2P at all. Like recently in rival domains infernal how does the AI get multiples of the same units which we only get one, and some stages are almost impossible even for P2P.

VectraLemon   5 star

Winner winner chicken dinner. Faithful to the title, made for fun and in no way a money pit. Been with me for a year now, no surprise it won best mobile game of 2018.

Kuro Neko    5 star

Amazing summoning system!. Thank you for being kind to us and giving us a fair summoning system!

ThatTypeOfGamer   2 star

It doesn't work.. When I start it, it always crashes. I'll edit this review when bug fixes come. Thanks.

uwu FE Heroes   5 star

Ily feh. It’s a mastapeice

Dune2014   5 star

Haven’t been excited about a game for so long. This is the perfect game to play when you have a few minutes or hours. Never had to pay a dollar, but thinking about it just to support the development team. Made me buy the full game on 3ds

Pataplin   5 star

Great. One of my favourite games on iOS. The graphics aren't amazing, and neither is the story, but the strategic gameplay, constant addition of new levels and characters keeps it interesting. If you play through the game normally, you can easily afford may characters without having to resort to IAP. There is a energy system, which I initially found disappointing. But then I realised, you can easily get dozens of these items that refill your entire energy bar (stamina bottles) through quests. I have not once ran out of stamina, and have been able to play whenever I felt like it. One of the games worst aspects is the vote battles. It's essentially rolling a dice, since there's no way to know which character will win, and it will reward you less if you happen to lose.

Fangster5505   5 star

Love this app!!!. Nintendo has done a great job with this app. Lots of interesting twists with tempest trials, area battles. No need for in app purchases if you aren’t into that. Summoning is great. Very addictive😁

Resignas   1 star

Bad Customer Support. My account was hacked, along with thousands of dollars that I paid. What Nintendo did was collecting my information for "further investigation", and ignored me on customer support from the 31/12 to 8/1 (over a week). I had to message them everyday, desperate for help but they probably have muted me. Gameplay is nice but beware that Nintendo not cares about their money , and not the customer

Scottyboy164   4 star

True Fire Emblem. This game is a proper Fire Emblem game rather than a mobile ripoff hoping for name recognition. The combat is instantly recognisable to any fan of the series and is full of mode to screw around with to the point where I haven’t progressed the story. The micro transactions are forgiving even that it doesn’t impact the game negatively.

KᗩTᒍO!   4 star

Great Game. This Is A Great Game But I Think This Game Could Be More Realistic.Thanks!

Heardy78   4 star

Beware of bug. This is a great game. There isn’t a great deal of “story” to it, but collecting heroes is fun and enjoyable, and there are plenty of periodic events to undertake. It is also very accessible for FTP players. Since the last update, the game was making me have to download 700-800mb of data EVERY DAY to play (I assume this is the original update). While on holiday with no access to wifi, I was unable to play due to this). UPDATE: Since creating a Nintendo account and linking the game to it, this issue no longer occurs - I believe this fixed the issue. I did also make “extra” space on my phone (but I had plenty of free space while the bug was occurring).

yobro4573   5 star

Needs to be offline. Hi Nintendo I just got in to fire emblem and I mite be getting fe warriors but I love this game. The only problem is that it's online there is more story than online if it was offline maybe you could not open the character things orbs but so what hope you listen to my report but great game😀btw first orb I opened I got a five star 😱

william byrne   1 star

Do not spend any money on this game as is. I love Fire Emblem, and I loved (note past tense) this game. I loved it enough to buy two of the max orb packs. Through spending $280 and summoning 14 sets, I only received 2 5 star heroes. A game should either be FTP and everyone is on an equal (fun) foot, or if they do demand pay to play, you should actually have some guarantee that your real life dollars will actually have some sort of effect. Please if you read this, learn from my bad experience and don’t spend any money on this game. I regret it.

Blackfalcon501   5 star

Simple yet fun. I have been a Fire Emblem fan since the Sacred Stones, and I initially I was skeptical about the game being a watered down pay to win game. But upon playing it I found that it still had the same feeling of FE but just on a smaller scale. While it can be grindy at parts overall I enjoyed the amount of features present in the game as well as not feeling I need to pay to enjoy the game.

Bell_J   3 star

Ok game. It’s an ok game but I’m really getting sick of the constant updates

Modermouse   1 star

Still crashes. I would like to rate it higher. I would like to give it more than ⭐️, But it still crashes on me. My iPad is system 9.3.0. If this app was really compatible wth system 8.0 and higher I shouldn't have this problem, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WRITE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Rapidx20   5 star

Best mobile game I've ever played. Boycott Ayragate!

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