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◆ We’ve reached our one-year anniversary! Thanks for your support. ◆

Fire Emblem Heroes doesn’t stand still—the game powers up in big ways, thanks to new in-game events and new options for strengthening your allies, letting you create your ultimate team of Heroes.

We hope you'll try all of the modes this game has to offer. Choose your Heroes and join the fight!


Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 25 years, continues its journey on smart devices.

Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before!

This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

■ An epic quest

The game features an ongoing, original story where new characters and dozens upon dozens of battle-tested Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe meet.

There are over 500 story stages available as of April 2018! (This total includes all difficulty modes.) Clear these story stages and you'll earn Orbs, which are used for summoning Heroes.
New story chapters are added frequently, so don't miss out!

■ Intense battles

Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon...and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch-and-drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

New to strategic turn-based battles? Don't worry! Use the Auto-Battle option to have your characters fight on their own.

■ Strengthen your favorite Heroes

There are many ways to strengthen your allies: leveling, skills, weapons, equipable items, and more. Take your characters to greater and greater heights as you battle for victory.

■ Replayable modes

In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more.

■ Original characters meet legendary Heroes

The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki and Shigeki Maeshima. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army.

* Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply.
* You must be at least 13+ to use this game with a Nintendo Account.
* We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.
* Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application.

Fire Emblem Heroes App Description & Overview

The applications Fire Emblem Heroes was published in the category Games on 2017-02-02 and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd.. The file size is 114.05 MB. The current version is 2.9.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Implemented bug fixes.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Reviews


Like pokemon  M3llowz  5 star

Rip off of Pokémon?


Addicted games!!!! Love it!!! 😍😍😍😍  vonitz  5 star

I found this about 2 years ago and cant stop playing now. Like the different tournaments everyday/week/month so its not boring. Love getting the Gold star characters. Eventhough i cant pass many of the level (L40+) but there are other levels you can still play everyday.

Michael Sante

Literally Unplayable  Michael Sante  2 star

After the recent update, I have been unable to play the game as I am sent to the update screen but am given no prompt to update. This is a shame because I really enjoyed playing this game but now I have no ability to do so. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did not work to no avail. Please fix this.


Amazing Game  Bluhblauh  4 star

A really great and fun game. The main issue is it can be difficult for new players to get into


Great game!  bobliness  5 star

Most enduring and engrossing phone game I've found. Does not cause frustration, doesn't care if connection drops out. Very generous with in game currency. Highly recommend.


One of my favourites  Tommehz  5 star

Among all the hero collectors there are, I find FE heroes to be one of the better ones with a nice aesthetic, cute/kawaii art style and intuitive UI. Gameplay is fun and brings a familiar feel to previous FE titles.


perfect!  永无止境的明天  5 star



Orbs  😼😸🤝😸😿😼👍  4 star

I really enjoy playing this game as i love anime and I love strategy rpgs, however I noticed that gaining orbs was difficult. Once you’ve been playing the game for a while it becomes extremely difficult to gain orbs and your only option is to buy them - which is expensive. Nintendo if you want people to fully enjoy what this game has to offer then you should consider making it easier to obtain orbs, making gameplay more fun for all players. Thanks ✌️


Yea  habib6969  4 star



Literally somewhat enjoyable  Lil_Quinn  1 star

I just love this game and all with the characters but c’mon I just hate the orb system in this game. It takes so long just to grind 20 orbs to summon. And with 3.00 % for a 5 star? Please it took me like 20 mins to get 20 only to get like a bunch of 4 stars and 3’s! Just freakin make a thing we’re you can grind orbs easier because trust me after you finish the story mode on normal, hard and lunatic. It’ll be very hard to grind more orbs, so like make it so you can keep grinding unlimited orbs or something!

The Best Jimbo

Amazing Game  The Best Jimbo  5 star

This is the only mobile game i play. It’s amazing all aspects but, the RNG needs some work though


Cool  bbbjgcffhjjg  5 star

Great game


Awesome  SSFlame7361  5 star



Loading  Playchris  1 star

When I start the app it immediately just takes me out and I can never play the game if this would not happen I think it’d be an incredible game. Please help I have the latest iOS so I don’t know what the issue is


F2P Only  Ma6icM4n8  2 star

As long as you don't spend money on it, it can be a decent enough time waster. There's not much to get invested in here, though. Only enter if you already like Fire Emblem, because if you don't there's nothing here for you.


This game is on a bad trend  Jettzcatz  1 star

While this game had a very good start and I’ve been enjoying it, there were a series of terrible changes pulled out by the dev team which made the game looking really bad. - Constant powercreeping: say you payed for a character and four months later it’s been powercrept, want to stay competitive? Please continue to spend your hard earned money - Boring content, either too grindy or too hard simply because they put huge stats on enemy and make infinite reinforcement. Come on, could you at least try to look a little smarter? Anyway, do not spend any money in this game they’re totally not worth it. Devs should learn how to respect players and make the game fun, instead of desperately squeezing money.

JSJ 11

Fe fan  JSJ 11  5 star

Love it !!! This game is addicting and fun


Lazy iPhone X Support  bill123422  1 star

Please actually make use of the additional screen real estate on iPhone X rather than padding it with grey bars. Not sure why Apple approved this as “iPhone X support.”


Amazing Unqiue!  TheAyteYo  5 star

I love how this game has its own art style for each character and personalities; it’s just so neat and unique!

Even Stork

Playin for a while...  Even Stork  3 star

To be honest, I believe this is one of the better mobile games out on the market. I’ve been playing every day, logging in for TWO YEARS... from launch to now. But at this point it feels repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game. But they reveal more units over and over, each getting stronger than the last, and as someone who has paid for orbs for a specific character and then they get a better version a few months later... kinda gets under the nerves. You are constantly pining for that new unit in order to contend with the “meta”. I dunno, to be honest, this has just gotten old on me, as I got hector, and Ike, and Ike’s versions have only gotten better after the first. Then Second. Overall a good game nonetheless. I just feel like I will waste my money if I try for more. Because overall there is a power creep in this game. And people may deny, but it’s really undeniable. It also makes it hard to summon for your specific unit, it really all comes down to luck. Because you can spend a load and not even get the unit you want. O well, still gonna play every now and then, but not like I have previously.


Doesn’t work  Csgxvhdf  1 star

Continuously crashes


Wonderful game  jamesngregson  5 star

Really like to play this. It’s much better to play than a mainline FE game when you have no time. Takes around two minutes per stage, versus the exorbitant amounts of time actual stages in FE games take. Orbs are really expensive, but luckily they’re very easy to get for free.

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