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What is openadsb app? If you love tracking aircraft using dump1090, tar1090 or Virtual Radar Server then you'll love OpenADSB. OpenADSB is a full featured high performance aircraft tracker display app that connects to a variety of backend air traffic sources. Enjoy OpenADSB's smooth native iOS experience instead of using the web interface.

You purchasing a general purpose air traffic display app that connects to a variety of servers types. New traffic sources can be added under Settings (gear button) - Track Source. As a convenience, OpenADSB comes preconfigured to use ADS-B Exchange, a non-profit crowdsourced dump1090 data source. Air traffic from ADS-B Exchange is the sole responsibility of, LLC. Frequent users are encouraged to support ADS-B Exchange through donations (

• Connects to dump1090, tar1090 and Virtual Radar Server.
• Comes preconfigured using ADS-B Exchange ( Note that OpenADSB is not affiliated with, LLC
• Smoothly displays thousands of aircraft
• Shows aircraft history trails
• Various aircraft and history trail color schemes and optional legend
• Fully configurable filtering, display only the aircrafts you want to see
• Configurable military, VFR and emergency highlights
• Long-press on an aircraft to perform a browser search engine search of its callsign and registration
• Tap on an aircraft to show more details
• Details are fully configurable and includes callsign, registration, ICAO hex code, altitude, speed, vertical speed, heading, aircraft type, squawk code, MLAT, latitude/longitude and more
• Display values in imperial or metric units
• Bookmark up to 3 favorite locations
• Mail track details feature, send an email containing an aircraft's details along with a map snapshot, fully configurable
• Optimized data fetching logic minimizes network, battery usage and server load
• Highly configurable
• Supports Dark Mode on iOS 13
• Supports Split View, Slide Over and multitasking on iPad
• Keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards

Limitations and Disclaimer
OpenADSB is a general air traffic visualizer for Virtual Radar Server and dump1090 data sources. OpenADSB is not affiliated with, LLC. As a convenience, OpenADSB comes preconfigured using as the default data source. Air traffic data, its accuracy, and its validity, is the sole responsibility of the data provider. OpenADSB is for entertainment use only, and not for operational, flight, navigation, traffic avoidance or any mission critical use.

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Find this site the customer service details of OpenADSB. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

OpenADSB Customer Service, Editor Notes:

OpenADSB Version 1.6.1010 May 2021

• Bug fixes..

OpenADSB Version 1.6.929 March 2021

• Bug fixes..

OpenADSB Version 1.6.820 December 2020

• Bug fixes..

OpenADSB Comments & Reviews 2022

- Don’t trust this app if you are a pilot!

(UPDATE... but read below the dots for my original review) Wonderful app but not a substitute for some pilots and in some circumstances. Sometime in 2018 or early 2019, military aircraft were granted permission to turn off their ADS-B equipment and go “invisible” if they first notified the FAA. So, problems some of us are having keeping tabs on military traffic (please read below why it’s important to me) the “problems” we suspect we are having with this app might be totally related to this “going invisible” of military traffic and NOT THE FAULT OF THE APP. ................................................................................. I have a private airstrip on my ranch in a rural area, a few miles from an MOA. I had been using this app to check military flights before I took off, but now, the app FREQUENTLY doesn’t show military flights near me, but shows military air traffic 50 miles away and across the USA. When at my ranch, I can see and hear C-130s, Jayhawks, T6-Texan trainers at odd times, but the app frequently will not show no military traffic near my private airstrip (far away from radio contact with FAA controllers when on the ground and not airborne) but the app does show military flights 50 miles away and more. I’m in the middle of nowhere and when military flights DO appear on the app, it is VERY HELPFUL but when they don’t show up near me, it’s Russian Roulette getting airborne and at altitude to contact FAA.

- Excellent

Wow, I’m surprised at the critical nature of some of these reviews. For safety’s sake, I hope pilots are using approved ATC and GPS tools and not relying on apps to build a VFR plan. For the aviation enthusiast you’ll find a lot of tools to filter and drill down on the type of traffic you are seeking and provides a trove of data. For commercial flights I’ve found routing pairs to be incorrect at times (e.g. listing a flights inbound routing when it’s flying in the reverse direction), but those curious can look it up. The color-coded altitude markings are helpful without the need to display another label that uses valuable screen space. I’ve tried to filter commercial flights by using dump1090 filters of A2,A3,A4,A5, which comes close but you'll see see private Gulfstream’s and the like. Perhaps the Dev can advise on a better method of doing this. Because of the filtering options alone this app should be in every enthusiasts toolbox. I don’t remember if this is a paid app, but the cost is nominal and worth it if so. I’ve not had Issues with the app crashing as others mentioned. One enhancement that would be helpful (but likely laborious for the Dev) is to vary the icons according to AC size.

- Great app! A suggestion for that fifth star...

Happy to pay $10 for something that’s not bloated with lord knows what and does exactly what it is supposed to. And I appreciate the how configurable everything is. One thing I’ve noted is that other apps (FlightAware) or websites (ADSBExchange) use a variety of icons to represent the types of aircraft. This really helps with finding things at a glance. Is that something that could be added in the future? Or perhaps I’m missing a setting somewhere. Thanks in advance for any help!

- Glad to see it

Nice app. It would be nice if the plane colors for altitudes were the same as tar1090 and had finer graduation. Every plane below 5000’ the same color doesn’t tell much. I do like the legend, something tar1090 lacks. Update. Playing with it more, I find a lot of customization in the settings. I like it better then the browser based version. I feed ADSB Exchange. It’s a valuable tool during fire season and this app does what is needed. Update v2 The more I use it the better I like it. Wish there was a PC version. It’s very configurable to your desires when you dig into the settings. There are a LOT of features buried so maybe I’m missing some. Here’s my “wish list”: Missing adjustable range rings. 5 mile minimum for first ring would be handy. How about a track highlights for Fire Fighting - 1255 Squawk Just figured out setting location bookmarks. Great work. A location marker and range rings as if it were gps location. Editing labels would be the cherry on the sundae. Selection Properties - Bearing from location? Could be combined with Distance? Finer color definition of altitudes below 5000’ Thanks for your hard efforts. One of the best values I’ve found in any similar apps. Head and shoulders above all! Great work. Don

- Great app to track all sorts of different aircraft!

I am no longer able to filter military and interesting aircraft. Before, they where illuminated by a orange or blue circle around the aircraft on the map, but now they appear just as any other aircraft. I tried restarting my device and deleting and redownloading the app but nothing seems to work. I’ve talked to other users of the app and learned they are having the same problem. Update: Was fixed a couple days after this review. App is back to running flawlessly!

- Love it!! Best and smoothest Flight tracker App

I have a ton of Flight tracker apps on my iPhone but this one takes the win. Very smooth, customizable and accurate! Plus it gives a ton of info for not having a monthly subscription! Not a complaint but the Only thing I would like to see in a future update. Have different icons for the aircraft being tracked. Example, I use your website still sometimes and I like how the KC-135 I’m tracking, the icon is a KC-135. Helps when looking for something quickly!

- Great adsb app - looking forward for updated features

as a adsb receiver feeder to a few of the popular aircraft tracker sites, it’s great to see all my data and others unblocked and viewable as it should be from airwaves. There are a few updates needed like added filters for operator name not just 3 letter codes... and more filters or combination of filters like browser version VRS supports. Great app, look forward to future enhancements

- Just recently purchased.

Saw someone mention in the comments on social media about this app. Pretty impressed. For 10$ I can see everything I need to for my area and more. It catches so much for than flightradar etc because it’s ADS-b monitoring. Would recommend anyone who’s looking to make the swap from those apps. I just wish there was a search feature added, or one that was easily accessible.

- Great for a more advanced UI, Filters

A nice upgrade from FR24, for most things at least. Love the ability to filter military flights, as well as see details on “blocked” flights that were censored on competitors. Only downside is the photos. The app only displays a single photo of the aircraft, and redirects to another app to expand it.

- Love this app over ADS-B exchange

I’m a military buff/photographer only w/a very rare civilian airline shots. This app is so easy to filter to military and find it a cleaner image on the screen. My only wish would be an addition to filter out certain aircraft like the BE-20 which fill the list often. I recommend this app to all my military photogs.

- It does work well

I posted a negative review under the name Mr Tabor earlier this week. The problem was me not the app. I figured it out and it’s on my end not the developer so I’m correcting my review to give it 5 stars and I apologize for all the inconvenience I caused everyone. So end of story, thank you everyone out their. That’s it nothing more to say here.

- Better than website but missing a feature

This app is so much better than the tar1090 website, but the website has a leg up on the app. The icons on the website reflect that of the aircraft. A 747 on the site has the four engines. A c17 looks like a c17. Would be cool if the app did the same. But great product. Love it.

- Nice app, tracking single plane would be great

App works nicely. It would be great if there was an option to follow a single plane, with auto-panning maps and keeping it centered.

- Great App for enthusiasts

The only item missing for me is the aircraft icons. On the website the icons resemble the aircraft type, this app just has the same icon for all and it’s not as easy to find what you are looking for.

- Great for dump1090 users

I have a receive station set up at home with dump1090. Unfortunately the web interface is not very mobile-friendly. This app is excellent for checking on what's flying around me without pulling out a laptop.

- Accurate, fast, easy

This application works extremely well and the information is only 2-3 seconds behind what you see above you. Easy to use and it works great. I highly recommend it.

- Don’t recommend it

I bought the app because i wanted to see military, turns out not a great idea on spending $10 on it, i get to see military, but no pictures, it doesn’t show the name of airlines, it doesn’t show your current location, and all the aircraft look the same on the map, i cam from flightradar24, and now i’m going back

- Hard interface

I got this app to track commercial and military planes. They all show up as different colors and I just want to be able to find out the age of the aircraft and the airline with out having to randomly pick a plane I do not recommend this app because of the hard to understand interface and it just looks cluttered and confusing Please fix this!

- Crashes

Until this afternoon this app ran great, but now it started crashing 5 seconds after opening it. I updated the app to no avail.

- Fast and useful!

I use this app to quickly ID planes that are around me and for general plane spotting. Well done and very easy to use, plus it is fast to get planes on the map when it starts up.

- Works, but not like the website

Icons for specific aircraft would be helpful, as well as the link to the aircrafts planespotter page. It’s nice to look in my area and see what type of aircraft are flying without having to tap on them.

- Open ADSB works

One thing to pay for an app. Another thing to see if it really works after your money is gone. This one does exactly what it says. It works. It is not overburdened and opens quickly and produces data almost immediately. Nice that when reporting a bug or suggestion the developer answers your mail within hours. And comes back to you with an update. Keep it up

- So far it’s great!

Just wish it had a dark mode as I often use this most at night outside or in bed.

- Broken

No longer works on both my iPad and iPhone. Needs to be fixed. Crashes when opening.

- Needs proper icons!

A Piper Cub, Bell Jet Ranger, and a B767 all look identical in this app ✈️. It REALLY needs individual icons so you know what you're looking at on the screen. Please implement this feature that so many reviewers request.

- Great app

Much more settings than in flightradar24 and similar apps that censor information.

- Not good

I’m sorry to say but my map isn’t showing any planes on it at all no matter what I do, so I hope you can solve this problem because it is really irritating.

- Great App

Great useful application. The only thing I’d love if added were aircraft icons that resemble the type That was flying similar to Flightradar24

- Frustrating

Frustrating, I turn on military, and everything dissapears. , does this setting only show military, or military and? Just a question

- Works with iOS now

Nice program.

- Great

Shows all ADS-b data as it comes from the air.

- Save your money

This app shows just a few military aircraft around the world, when another site shows so many military aircraft you can’t count them.. waste of money

- Best ADSB APP!

Works great! Allows for multiple sources, virtual radar, pi variants and such. By far the best app for connecting to a virtual radar device!

- Good

This app is good! But all of a sudden it got rid of the ADSB Vrs! What happened?

- Not Worth the Price

I wish there was an easy way to test an app for 24 hours or so and then quickly and easily delete it and get a refund. I would have taken the refund within the first hour. This uses data from, which should have been my clue. You can simply go to that Web site and use it directly, which will most likely give you everything you want and need. This app has a few specialized features, and, truthfully, $9.99 isn't much money, so you can get it if you want. However, I just want to track a few planes that I know and the base Web site is simpler and quicker to get that data---a waste of my money.

- Not worth the cost

It rarely shows military and never show small aircraft. Flightradar was just as good an free. I would not recommend this to others

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- Good App in need of a refresh

This App provides a good representation of the data sourced from ADS-B Exchange. It has been reliable in its performance with few bugs to speak of. The customising and filtering options are great, but some of the “Selection Properties “ fields (Operator) are blank for many Airlines. The “Track Overrides” option enables the User to fill the gaps and correct information through creating and hosting a JSON file. That is not a path I went down. In the meantime, ADS-B Exchange has sourced the Operator details for most Australian and North American registered aircraft. I hope that information can be included in a future update. The presentation is in need of a refresh (different aircraft type icons, map options…) to ensure the App takes priority over the website alternative. Overall, a solid App - 3 & 1/2 Stars.

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- Works as intended

Simpler alternative to FR24 and FA.

- Problem

I have paid for the app but I can’t see any aircraft, I was just wondering what the problem could be?

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Andrew Leyden

@BurpsTweet @flightradar24 I use OpenADSB as it seems to have better military coverage.

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The applications OpenADSB was published in the category Travel on 2018-01-20 and was developed by Steve Kuo [Developer ID: 1178703538]. This application file size is 22.38 MB. OpenADSB - Travel app posted on 2021-05-10 current version is 1.6.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.stevefrog.tracker