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OBD Fusion [Travel] App Description & Overview

OBD Fusion is an app for your car that allows you to read OBD2 vehicle data directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can clear your check engine light, create customized dashboards, read diagnostic trouble codes, estimate fuel economy, and much more! OBD Fusion is also available for Apple Watch!

Is your check engine light on? Do you want to monitor fuel economy and usage in your vehicle? Do you want cool looking virtual dashboards on your iPhone or iPad? If so, then OBD Fusion is the app for you! OBD Fusion is used by professional mechanics, do-it-yourself mechanics, and vehicle owners who want to monitor their vehicle and daily driving habits. Drive smarter, improve your fuel economy, and keep your engine healthy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a Wi-Fi ELM327 compatible adapter, Veepeak BLE/BLE+ 4.0 adapter, Carista BLE adapter, OBDLink MX+, Tonwon BLE adapter, LELink BLE adapter, Viecar BLE adapter, Lonauto adapter, Vgate iCar Bluetooth 4.0, BAST BLE adapter, Kiwi 3 or 4, or compatible ELM327 Bluetooth LE adapter to use this app. OBD Fusion is not compatible with generic ELM Bluetooth scan tools. Checkout additional adapters here: https://www.obdsoftware.net/software/obdfusion

OBD Fusion supports all OBD2 and EOBD vehicles sold worldwide. If you're not sure whether your vehicle is OBD2 or EOBD compliant, see this page for more information: https://www.obdsoftware.net/support/knowledge-base/how-do-i-know-whether-my-vehicle-is-obd-ii-compliant/. OBD Fusion can also connect to some JOBD vehicles through advanced configuration in the app. Please contact us for more details.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not required to have OBD2 diagnostics since they are emissions exempt. If you are interested in using OBD Fusion on an EV, contact us first to inquire about support.

OBD Fusion is brought to you by OCTech, LLC, the makers of TouchScan and OBDwiz. Now you can get the same great features for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!

OBD Fusion has a ton of features including:
- Read and clear emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes and your Check Engine Light (MIL)

- With our optional enhanced diagnostic add-ons, you can read and clear enhanced diagnostic trouble codes and fault lights on other modules such as ABS, SRS, etc. An enhanced diagnostic add-on is required for this functionality.
- Real-time dashboard display with fully customizable gauges
- Performance calculations for 1/4 mile and 0-60 mph track times
- Fuel economy MPG (US and UK), l/100km or km/l calculation
- Full diagnostic report that can be stored and emailed
- Real-time graphing of multiple signals
- Multiple trip meters

- Log data to CSV file and email CSV files
- Create custom enhanced PIDs
- Includes some built-in enhanced PIDs for Ford and GM vehicles
- Display Boost pressure in real-time
- Display Engine Horsepower and Torque
- Display calculated Air-to-fuel ratio
- Display battery voltage

- Read freeze frame data

- Fully customizable units including English, Imperial, and Metric units

- Real-time graphing
- Over 150 supported PIDs

- Displays vehicle information including VIN and calibration ID

- Emissions readiness for each US state
- Find out if your car will pass emissions inspection
- Oxygen Sensor Results (Mode $05)

- On-board Monitoring Tests (Mode $06)

- In-performance Tracking Counters (Mode $09)

- GPS tracking - plot vehicle parameters on a map in real-time
- Integrated iCloud and Dropbox functionality
- Available in English, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek
- Manufacturer specific Enhanced Diagnostics are available for certain vehicles through In-App purchases.

** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

OBD Fusion for Apple Watch includes the following features:
- View statistics about your last trip
- View quick information about your vehicle
- See where you parked your car on the map
- Set parking meter time and easily check the time remaining on the parking meter

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OBD Fusion Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• A preference was added to specify how gauges are laid out in landscape mode. The preference can be found on the Settings > Preferences > General page and is named 'Reposition Gauges in Landscape View'. If you notice an adverse change in layout in this version, please try disabling this preference. This preference is enabled by default to provide the layout behavior prior to version 5.18. • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

OBD Fusion Comments & Reviews

- Amazing App for Scan Tool

I purchased the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner and this app plus its add-on for my vehicle family. This app recommended the Veepeak scanner. Its site recommended this app. It sounded like the perfect combination for an app-based scan tool, so I got them both. I couldn't be more pleased! The scan tool, I think, is very good. It gathers the complete OBDII required data and, it appears, any extensions the vendor adds. This app is infinitely configurable. It appears to be able to collect the full OBDII set and any and all vendor extensions. However, they may require the purchase of add-ons within the app. There are two screens of "instruments" that come with the app. You can add more screens and instruments and fully customize them to display data the way you want to see it until you go blind. Looking into the settings, I can't imagine there's anything missed. I'll also add another plug for this scanner/software pair. I believe the Veepeak is the only one for iOS that doesn't connect using Wi-Fi. It connects via Bluetooth LE. Also, you don't pair it. OBDFusion connects with it directly. This makes setup very easy and, more important, it leaves your Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth untouched and available! Very nice.

- Good program, needs some work

This works well with my OBD2 dongle. The information seems accurate and helped me when buying a used car by showing me the error codes, which I showed the dealer. He then gave us a new battery based on the report with no change in the price of the car. There are a few annoyance. It does not connect with the Bluetooth with out some finagling. Once the phone is turned off, it loses the connection. The data does not seem to be saved. Once I use it on another car, the data for the first car is lost (or I can’t find it). It “forgets” vehicles so I have to to re-enter the information when I change cars. It would be nice to be able to download the information to a desktop for storage. Overall works well for diagnostic information but it would be nice to store each car’s information and be able to reference it later.

- Second impressions...

So I've edited my review an added 3 stars, and here is why: customer support and their ability to respond to reviews to address concerns, big plus here, it shows they are actively aware and engaged in making the app better. Second while you have to go through menus to activate them, there are additional PIDs for ford and gm. If those weren't available, this would of been a deal breaker for me. Third, the app is updated regularly and looks modern with digital readout gauges. Overall as long as it proves to be as accurate as dash command I'll make the switch. One thing I would like to see in the future is min max values on the digital read out gauges in addition to current values.

- Great, but I have a suggestion

Love this app, teamed up with a high end OBD reader, the average consumer gets a really high level of monitoring and diagnostic. I have worked in heavy diesel maintenance for a very long time, primarily on CAT mining equipment. This gives me the ability to track operating stats and track component degradation. One thing I’d love to see, setting log data for individual vehicles, say I have one vehicle, OBD reader can pick up some sensors, but another vehicle can monitor others. I’d love to be able to set specific logged data for individual vehicles. So I don’t have the wade through the mass data deleting the zero reading columns to get down to the useful information

- Great IOS App

This app helps me monitor my selected PIDS(engine sensors) that I can choose from many of my engine sensors. The app is very quick to detect my OBD connected to my Ford 2004, V 10, 6.8 L, Motor Home engine. It is very helpful to monitor my fuel usage, and gives me an optimum vehicle speed. The PIDS are easy to select, and you can set over all trip log engine data. All pages are easy to follow, menu selections. Creating, and moving engine sensors, and their design, color, and position, on the user designed Dashboards, are very easy. This IOS app is well worth the App Store price, and quickly pays for itself. I am very pleased with this extreme user friendly app. I highly recommend this app.

- Great app and great customer support

Bought this app skeptical of the price, but after purchasing i fell in love. I had a few things that i saw could be improved and contacted the support team, they pushed an update quickly fixing what I wanted. For example i have an ipad air 2 mounted in my 2015 mustang. it’s mounted in landscape mode and when i bought the app the menu bar was always out not allowing full screen dashboard/performance/etc. they pushed an update quickly after contacting them. they also added 2015+ vehicle add-ons which i needed. so THANK YOU guys for making your customers happy!

- Why pay twice?

Just used this app today, per the manufactures specs of my reader they recommend using this app. I was under the impression that I paid the 10 bucks and I would be good to go and be able to read all of my vehicle(s) usage. Well I was wrong. You pay the $10 to download the app just to be told you have to pay another $10 per vehicle. So if I wanted to read my wife’s car, my car, and truck. I would be all in with $40. I can understand paying a few bucks per vehicle, but let’s be real. The $10 upfront cost is not necessary to download the app. This type of app should be free and then pay for the in app purchases. This is why I gave the 1 star. The plus side is I am able to view every sensor once I pay the $10 per vehicle and see the vehicles codes. I would recommend to the app developers to make the app free, then have the consumer pay the $10. Very misleading.

- Reset engine light?

I paid for this after looking at a host of apps, looking for one thing. Read codes and reset the light if necessary. All of them display codes but resetting the engine light is elusive. Auto Doctor comes close but to add reset you have to subscribe. I am against recurring fees as much as possible. I finally found and paid the $10 for this app and am glad I did. Solid Support and no subscription fair pricing. Cheap insurance for an innocuous engine light when you want to be able to know if something real goes wrong. Plus there is a lot more.

- Killer App!

I own a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe and right my check engine light is on due to a fuel sensor needing replacement. The part is not that critical for me to replace at this time. I hate seeing the check engine light on whenever I drive my car. My girlfriend bought me the device that plugs into my car, I download this app and it is pretty amazing with all the diagnostic it provides for your car. The best thing is there’s a button that allows me to shut off the check engine light. Every couple of months I’ve used the product and it works within minutes. I love it!

- Logs MPH and GPS from Automatic Pro perfectly

I was looking for a way to log OBD-accurate speedometer and geolocation so I can correlate them with decibel measurements I'm taking with an external SPL meter. Since I already use an Automatic Pro, I wanted to find an app that would stream from it so I wouldn't lose the crash alert feature. After trying a few apps (Harry's Lap Timer was overkill for non-lap drives) I found this app absolutely wonderful to use!! The pairing was seamless, and the CSV data is clean and intuitive. Dashboard of gauges is very clean and definitely a plus. Would recommend to anyone using an Automatic Pro!

- Awesome app saved me 600 dollars within a week!

I bought this app with the veepeak OBD-2 reader. I just bought it because my lady is pregnant and I wanted to be able to diagnose my older vehicle just in case something happened. After going to a prego checkup, my truck went into “limp mode”. Thank God we made it home. I plugged in the reader, looked up the codes and YouTube/Google parts/how to. I called my dealer and he said the job and labor would have been estimated around 800 bucks! The part was 200 bucks and I replaced the throttle body and tps. Worked like a charm all codes gone! Thanks so much!

- Cleared my dashboard warning light.

I have a Ford pickup that misfired triggering an engine warning light. I purchased this app to go along with an Elm327 OBDII device. I was able to connect easily with the reader by WiFi, run the diagnostics, and see 4 warnings. The motor had misfired on 2 cylinders, which triggered the dashboard light. I used the app to clear the errors and turn off the dashboard warning. BUT, there were 2 “permanent” warnings that remained in the diagnostics. I disconnected the device, drive a few miles, reconnected, ran the diagnostics again and the permanent warnings were gone. I couldn’t be happier.

- Very impressed!

This app is a MUST HAVE for the EFI enthusiast! Read and clear codes, GPS map, my favorite part is the PID monitoring! As the owner of East Coast Fuel Injection and GM fuel injection specialist I highly recommend this app to everyone novice or expert. A note to the developer: when editing size and configuration of any gauge the curser gets stuck past the value to edit and will not back space. Which makes it hard to put the curser exactly after the last digit. Also I’d like to suggest double tap gauges to edit rather than hold. Thank you and Bravo to the development team!

- This app is great!

This is the first time I’ve ever voluntarily left a review. I have four free OBDII apps in my iPhone. They all sucked. I didn’t want to pay for an app but after reading at least a dozen reviews on this app and not finding one bad review I decided to buy it. Couldn’t be happier ! This app is excellent! It’s everything in I wanted to diagnose my truck. I like it so much I deleted all the other crappy apps in my phone. I gave it 5 stars and highly recommend this app to anyone who works on their own vehicles. Happy in Colorado! ( and not because of pot😂 )

- Customizable, Easy, Amazing!!

Not only is this app completely and FULLY customizable, it’s also easy to use! If you want basic gauges with your cars data use defaults provided, if you want to customize your live data gauges to your own style you can, even down to adjusting the color, size, depth, of a needle on a dial. Choose the right OBD2 reader and this app will be your best friend. I was able to see I had a vacuum leak based upon some readings. Thank you for a great app!! For reference I’m using a Kobra wireless obd2 reader, and I have a 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5TS, works great!

- Fantastic DIY Diagnostic Tool, especially for Drive Cycle confirmation for emissions test

This app, combined with the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth reader was awesome. I have two cars that were struggling with California’s obnoxious emissions testing. I did not want to pay hundreds of dollars on a professional scanner, but wanted to confirm the drive cycle was reset on both cars. This did the trick for $30 total ($10 app, $20 reader). I see a ton of other functionality that will come in handy. I had no connection problems with either a Volvo or Acura.

- Great app, have a question/request for logging

Hello, app is very good, offers almost all needed. I have problem logging, I want to manually create log when I press play. For example, I want to do log for only 3rd gear pull. Bug app does not have this feature it seems, it logs everything once you connect, so it is not easy to know when you logged something. Will there be feature to manually start and stop log so that file is saves once you press stop?

- Great app

Requires some skill to use and could use a few more preset gauges and dashboard styles. You also have to import several PIDs if you want more access to sensor data in GM vehicles. Over all great app. Lag is nonexistent using an lelink ble adapter and iPhone 5s displaying 4 or less gauges. You get more lag the more gauges you use at a time, could be the software, adapter or phone, not sure which. Would like to see a Pontiac specific addition, to access some more in depth features on the pcm.

- Great Tool

I have been using this with an “el cheapo” WiFi ODB II adapter on my iPhone for years now. Once every 6 months or so, my 2008 Audi Q7 gets the check engine warning light on. This tool tells me that it’s because of random cylinder miss fires, and I use the tool to reset the error codes. You can guess how much money I saved from not having to go to the Audi dealership to reset the warning light. Oh yeah, you can’t pass the state inspection if the check engine light is on either.

- Waste of money

This app was recommended by the Bluetooth OBD reader so I download it and paid for it not knowing the reader would work with several apps that actually work. This app absolutely terrible. I have no idea why there’s any positive reviews of it. First off connecting is a huge pain! Second of all once it reads codes it doesn’t save information after disconnecting so if you want to look at your phone once you’re in front of a computer there is no information you literally have to go back to your car reconnect yada yada yada it’s just horrible trust me I downloaded a free app and it works amazingly well. Do yourself a favor save the money do not download this horrible app!!!!

- Best of the Best

Apps are all great if they work. Some struggle to even get that far. Not with this app. Zero delay over Bluetooth with the Veepeak dongle; high level of gauge customization, gets deep into sensor data with direct and calculated readings like gal./hr., torque and hp and much more. But far and away the best part this app, is the support. Prompt email replies to questions, different options, helpful tweaks. Apps are great when they work... they’re even better when the developer stands behind it. 5 stars!

- Money Saver

Best app I’ve ever spent money on. I have newer vehicles and the cost of simple repair jobs at a dealership are nuts. Being able to pull a few codes and narrow down an issue to a single part is awesome. I’ve saved hundreds in the last year alone. O2 sensors, wheel speed sensors...you name it. Saved me a ton. I’ve also become everybody’s buddy when they throw a check engine light. Spend $40 on a decent dongle, and $10 on a advanced vehicle pack and your set. Just perfect app.

- Not so hot

I’m still trying to figure out how to save a diagnostic report to a file or in other words share the diagnostic data. Can someone clue me in on that? Getting it connected was not too bad, though. But my biggest complaint is that I can’t send the report to my mechanic via text or email. It just seems to disappear. If I’m wrong about this and it turns out to be easy I stand corrected. I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

- Random disconnect

So the app is pretty good a lot of different variations. For different types of vehicles. But if you plan on using the app to view real time driving like boost pressure or oxygen sensor reads. It will disconnect you from the app. And then I have to unplug my obd2 device and plug it back in to reconnect. If it’s a bug with the app could you look into it. Other wise it’s a great app. Can see my codes and read outs while it’s running so if a O2 Sensor is faulty you can see it. For a app you have to pay for though and for it dropping out while connected I’m giving it only 3 stars.

- Good with Room for Improvement

Overall decent and usable app but missing some features for the price. Most desirable listed first: 1. A way to move gauges between dashboards. 2. Better customization of gauges specifically the number of major and minor ticks marks. 4. Linear analog gauge styles. 5. A way to modify the units for the PIDs. 6. Add x10 and x100 to the multiplier. 7. A status led gauge for on and off values 8. A way to combine values from different PIDs with an equation. 9. A way to view/modify built in PID parameters. 10. A way to make only some of the PIDs update fast while others remain slow. Update: The refresh rate is too low, ~3 secs, to view anything but temperatures and the like. It has a fast polling mode but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. I do not have this issue with DashCmd so this app appears to be the problem and if it improves I’ll update this review.

- Nice Accessory To Have For Your Car

Works great with my 2013 Cadillac SRX. Fun and informative. Haven't really tried it as a heads up display yet but I think it would be fine if you invert the display and use some reflective film for the windshield. I did have a problem with it running the battery down when I forgot to unplug it when I didn't drive the car for a few weeks but that was my fault not the device. AAAAA+++++👍🏻.

- Can’t use on multiple cars

This app is good for grabbing codes, but all the rest is just gimmicks. It doesn’t save a drive history like it says and you can’t just plug it into different cars— say you your wife and two kids or whatever. Each time you put it into a different car it asks you to manually reset year, make, model , etc. it won’t let you just save profiles. Payed $10 for the app, then they wanted $10 due to my specific car. I’m not against the app, just warning others that it doesn’t do all that much.

- SUPER LAG again for some reason.

I’ve been using this App for about a year now, and it was perfect with the Carista LE BT device up until one of the latest updates that added all of these other new dongles that can now run from the app. I have had the random disconnect throughout the year but deff nothing to complaining about as it’s been few and far between. However, lately when I try to use this app with my iPhone6 the lag is so bad and slow the app is unusable. What can I do to get my gauges to function on time again? Please help me. Thanks!

- Possibly caused my car to stall

I used this app and an OBD reader for the first time. It seemed good. After using it, I drove the vehicle without the OBD reader plugged in and the car stalled as the vehicle was moving several times. The car started right back up though. This is the first one this has ever happened to me. I don’t know if it was the dongle or this app that might have messed with my ECU computer. Not going to be using it again though. Having the car completely die as you’re moving in traffic with no power steering is not fun.

- 1997 Mazda Miata obd2

This app works ok. It’s not bad, but could definitely be improved. particularly the powertrain module that I’ve paid for that it will not connect to. As well, there are some glitches when you swipe side to side trying to adjust things. Designing the dashboard is pretty fun but could use some more features and designs. Other than that just totally works with my BAFX products OBD2 diagnostic interface module.

- Its what you are looking for

I was looking for an app that connects to a low price, non-proprietary OBD dongle and this is it. Its a great app with customizable displays and also reads trouble codes. I was able to set up a dashboard that shows me the info that I want to see and thats what makes this app so great. Its similar to Torque Pro since Torque Pro is no longer supported on iOS. You won’t be sorry you got this app!

- How do people like this???

I’m at a total loss how this app gets the reviews it does. My only guess is a lot of people don’t know what they’re looking for. I’ve got a 2006 Ford F-250 with the 6.0 powerstroke. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a diesel period, it doesn’t show anything of any relevance to diesels. Purchased all the extras for my truck, still didn’t get what I wanted to see...even though in the description of ford extras it says I can see transmission temp...which I can’t. All in all, this app is total garbage. From the design, the effectiveness, and the support. I tried to use this app for almost 4 months, not like I just tried it and said “F it”. The customer service was extremely sub par. Any issues at all they just direct you to the same help document that’s in the app. Idiots. If you don’t know anything about internal combustion engines than this is the app for you. If you’re able to chew gum and walk at the same time, don’t waste your time or your money.

- Didn’t Connect

After purchasing a Bafx OBD 2 scanner the instructions recommended fusion OBD as the primary app to download. It’s a $9.99 app. I Connected to the WiFi and followed the instructions step by step. After trying to connect several times I decided to see if I received a faulty scanner and downloaded another app called Car Scanner. I connected to the WiFi and then it automatically connected to the car. I was able to check my codes and reset my check engine light. I’m not sure why it didn’t work. I would like to find out how to get my money back because this app didn’t work for me.

- CarPlay Please!

I have been using this app for a while now. I am quite impressed. I am hoping for a few feature requests. First, designing gauges a tedious process, though very versatile. If you add a way to set a style (colors, bezel settings, sizes) that can be applied to multiple gauges, that would make the process easier. Also, a more seamless auto-connect to OBDII would help. And last but not least - CarPlay support!!! I am enjoying it nonetheless - A very nice product.

- Great! Must have for the basic family handyman

While I admit I'm not a mechanic, I've taken some classes over the years, worked at a racetrack and I've worked on cars off and on my whole life(I could never afford to take my cars to a mechanic, so most basic stuff I had to learn) . This with a Bluetooth reader will save you hours of troubleshooting and tons of money. Well worth it.

- Great support

I very rarely write app reviews but I couldn’t resist this time. I ordered an ELM327 “Enhanced Version” and at first OBD Fusion did not support it. I emailed support and got a quick response asking for a few details on the adapter. About 2 hours later they responded again telling me the adapter should now be supported. I did the update and sure enough it works. $10 for the app and $10 for the adapter. What a deal.

- Very Nice

I had gotten an OBD2 reader to look at used cars. I was specifically looking at Priuses. OBD Fusion was far and away the most useful app when doing this for anything except detailed hybrid battery testing. It allowed me to see details about a Toyota that other apps did not, including some hybrid system info. It helped me avoid a car that I might have purchased without this app.

- So thankful.

I got a battery warning on my Prius and upon downloading this and pairing it with my WiFi OBDii I was able (with some Toyota add-ons $9.99) to diagnose the battery problems of my Prius. Instead of buying a whole new battery for $2000 I’m just paying for a few new cells at $40 each!! This app is a life saver, it wracked my brain a little at first but I’m saving BIG bucks because of it. Thank you OBDFusion!!!!!

- Price

The overall UI is outdated. But features is what makes the app worth it. I don’t like the fact that you got to pay $10 for each year of make and model of your vehicle. OBDLink gives you access to their whole list when you purchase the obd link MX+. This device cost twice as much as any other obd reader. I personally got the Veepeak and it works great as mentioned in other reviews. I would rather pay a one time $50 fee for example for obd fusion and gain access to the whole Toyota list per say. Until then my review stays at 3 stars.

- Can’t get Engine oil temp gauge to work

Hello I just received my Foseal OBDII blue tooth system and purchased your Software app and I also purchased your advanced add on feature. I have a 2005 Ford superduty with a 6.0 Diesel and am trying to view Engine oil temp. I now have the option to select the EOT gauge but the gauge doesn’t work. Do I have to add an equation or do something more to get it to work? Coolant temp gauge works fine. But not EOT gauge.

- major DIY'r

Unbelievably great app, let alone for free! Any single of the multiple tools included in this application are really cool. I would say overall this app is a better data logger, data monitor and gauge/indicator package then it is a diagnostic tool. As far as BMW diagnostics are concerned, it only gives you the generic errors with none of the proprietary insights that you get from BMW dealership level tools. But for 90% of the users it perfect. The performance screen is also really cool as well. I highly recommend taking advantage of the app's dropbox link so that you can download all the data at this application generates onto your PC for both current and historical analysis. Well done, and thanks a lot!

- A great buy for $10 bucks!

There is a it to be said about this app, in conjunction of buying a little blue tooth scanner too, gives you a lot . Being able to scan at my convenience. Being able to know when cool to go to emissions test place. Being able to clear codes with a touch of buttons like a shop, just nice!

- Great app. Needs more add-on

The app works great! Comes with great features out of the box. Easy and simple to use and the live data is accurate and quick! Only reason for 4 star rating is because you can only get advanced diagnostics through in-app purchase for certain manufacturers which I found through searching around on the internet. Other than that. Highly recommend the app!

- Excellent App

Been using this for about a month with my ‘11 Mini Cooper S in conjunction with a Bluetooth OBDII adapter. Most of the time I use it as extra gauges especially coolant and boost. It did help me diagnose my car when a coil decided it didn’t want to work anymore. I normally don’t buy apps but this one has already paid for itself

- Saved a lot of money and time

I was able to diagnose and repair a misaligned cam phaser on our 2012 Infiniti G37 thanks to the vehicle specific add-on support module, which displays the current cam phaser angle. What would have been about a $3000 repair, I was able to fix myself for less than $500. Dropping one star because I wish this app supported more vehicles (Mercedes-Benz for example), so that I could use it on my entire collection.

- Waste of money

I bought this app hoping it would clear my check engine light. When the car is running it tells me that I shouldn’t clear the codes while the car is running because it will most likely fail to clear them and that it may affect my car and that I can’t hold the developers liable if anything happens. When I turn off my car the app automatically removes the trouble codes and says that all monitors are ready so I don’t have an option to clear anything. How do I clear the trouble codes? So disappointing.

- Good for now

That’s my first time using this app and it works great but I noticed that there is no transmission monitoring or diagnostic ?? That would be important for me if it can be added in the future because I have a CVT on my maxima and we all know what reputation this transmission has. Even if I’m issue free for now with it, I would really like to have this option available in the app. Thank you, you did a great job.

- Works great!!! Only missing one thing

This app seems to work great and as advertised. I was a little disappointed I could read the oil pressure but I think that’s a limitation of the vehicle from what I read...nowadays I still feel an app is not 5 star unless it supports all devices. Yes you can get this in your Apple Watch but really? No. That’s lame...why not get it working on CarPlay? Then you don’t have to look at your phone to monitor real live diagnostics.

- Works Great

I have an older car with a bunch of miles on it and I use the app to understand what I need to do to keep my car healthy. I bought a new car and it has already helped me understand what is gong on with it. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to know what is going on under the hood.

- Not helped at all, waste of money.

I purchased this app along with one of the good obd2 device already suggested in this app. Also obd manufacturer suggests this app too. Never worked, either nothing found during the scans or O2 sensor error reported. No engine light was on but I kept getting o2 sensor error with this app and vedpeak obd2. I returned Bluetooth obd and purchased different one works with cable like old school devices and that device reported speed sensor error. Not only said speed sensor, it was reported as “rear left wheel speed sensor”. Trying to get my money back.

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- The App Needs a Little Better Instructions but Works Brilliantly Once Configured

At first I had some reservations on the App but once you know how to scale it’s gauges etc it works brilliantly connected to a Nissan NP300 Navara. It saves cluttering the dash with individual gauges. I use an old iPhone now just as a display for this App

- Could be best paid OBD app

Really like the user interface. Makes use of native iOS elements and views, including dark mode, and doesn't look like some kind of game. No trouble connecting to Kiwi 3. However, the Dashboard view lags a bit on iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 13.6). I am having an issue detecting my vehicle information (VIN, year, make, model) and my model is not listed in the app. I purchased the 2012 Nissan Enhanced Diagnostics upgrade but it would've been better to detect the vehicle information automatically and prompt me for the correct upgrade. I do not know if the in-app purchase is working or correct. The app seems to be North American-centric and does not include common Nissan models sold in Australia. I don't know if the in-app purchase was required to read this vehicle information.

- Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening

The best tool well done

- Astonishingly bad

Appalling connection issues with iPhone 8, For a 15 dollar initial cost and a lot of good reviews I had confidence in the money I spent that the product would just work. I spent our to only realise that 90% of all the other free apps connected within seconds. I am disgusted I payed money

- Needs New Enhanced Diagnostics

Hi this is a great app, I would love it if you can put an enhanced diagnostic PIDs in for Mitsubishi in the next update please that would be awesome and a T/M Temperature gauge display too. Thanks.

- Limited bod devices

You can't find out until after you buy it that it only works with some devices. Great after spending $15

- Does not work!!

Your app as recommended by Car Scanner does not work. It will not connect to the OBD2 adapter. Have checked all the steps and recommended instructions but it will still not work. PLEASE PROVIDE A REFUND!!

- Waste of money

Terrible app doesn’t even work and no refunds . Do your self a favour and avoid at all costs . If you can’t supply a refund hen you should be aloud on the App Store .

- Don’t work

Doesn’t work on my iPhone. Says it does but doesn’t. Plenty of free apps that do tho. Don’t get this app

- perfect good

guys this app. perfect good im using for longtime...👍🏼awesome

- Won’t connect

Won’t connect via wifi

- Jacksam132

Doesn’t work I want my money back

- Fusion

Trying to figure out how to get transmission temperature is like looking for hens teeth. Rubbish

- Great app

I'm new to this whole OBD checker thing but it works great and gives me all the info needed I bought mainly to see what EGR valve is doing. But found it gives info on everything even fuel economy very handy when your car doesn't have the inbuilt dash interface for all this type of info. I'm glad I spent the money and bought something that really works. I also bought an icar wireless transmitter for iPhone it connects to the app seamlessly.

- Excellent app

This is a great app very easy to use and gives lots of helpful information would highly recommend it to anyone who has some idea on fixing cars makes life a lot easier

- A good start

A nice piece of software as a starting point. Needs the wi-fi connection stabilised so it doesn't disconnect if you switch to another app. The keep screen on function is broken. Help system needs refinement/simplification. And PLEASE lose that horrible orange in the displays, or enable colour customisation! But otherwise very useful and a great start, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next upgrade.

- Works great with Mazda 6 mps

Love this app, works so wellwith my mazda 6 mps. I have also emailed the development staff about updates and have had very prompt and efficient service and updates were relevant to what i suggested!!! Great app and great develipment team!!!!

- Excellent product, provides all information required

This app is fantastic gives real time read outs and information on your edu.

- great app

hi loving this app the only one i have ever got to work with, also hoping they will do an update that lets you reset SERVICE LIGHT that would be very handy. thank you and looking forward to it 😊

- Fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic app! Needs a few very very minor additions to make it complete- 1) the ability to flip the display, to allow the iPad to sit on the dashboard of the car and project the dashboards within the app onto the windscreen like a HUD? 2) the ability to set unit of measure specific to the gauge, not just the app overall (boost in PSI for example and speed in km/h. Other than that, absolutely fantastic work!

- Very good app

Been using this app for about a week. Very impressed. Works with the eBay sourced Wifi adapters. Definitely worth the asking price.

- Works as intended

Fantastic support from the debs in fixing a problem that was 100% mine and not their app related.

- Very useful

This is a great app. I used three similar apps and this is the best.

- Waste of Money

The app won't connect with the OBD2 device. However, there are free apps that do connect and work well. Try "Dash Command" or "Saving Fuel". They work fine. Kind of ironic that the paid app is the one that won't work while free apps do. I had triple checked the compatibility (as advised by manufacturer) of the OBD2 device and the app (as advised by software developers) before purchasing. So nearly $150 later I find the software and device won't communicate and you can appreciate my frustration.

- Car module

Still learning on how to drive the app. The more I use it the more I like it.

- Obd2

Excellent app! Cant wait for some updates!!

- Obd2

Works well, easy to use.

- OBD2

Does what it's supposed to. Works with eBay ELM327 wifi

- Landcruiser vdj79r

Works well in my cruiser ute, even displays boost.

- Custom PID's!

First iOS app I've found that does custom PID's. Not as pretty as Dash command but custom PID's is a big win for me

- Too slow

Refresh rate on dashboard too slow

- Fake application

A fake application that is not connected to the OBD2

- Just awesome.

Get yourself a cheap wifi module off ebay ( $20AUS ) and then buy this app ($15AUD) and you have an accurate app that can not only give you live timings and data, but tell you the exact manufactuer codes and assist with clearing and error logging. Simply amazing app. For those in the know, i am using it with my BMW E39 1997 540i and it reads it fine.


Good app, works great, needs to do more tho but great as a basic scanner.

- Steve

Perfect, works as advertised. Very clever.... Good work.

- Great app at a reasonable price

I bought a low cost ELM type adaptor before checking what software I could use. Free apps all want an expensive WiFi adapter. This app is reasonably priced and works well with the ELM generic I have. After upgrading from iPhone 4s to 6, deleting then reinstalling the app, it works, and now connects to an Opel Astra 2003 it could not read a year ago. Supports 12 protocols. I was able to read the error. Look up the meaning on the net to find the fault, reset the code and record some trip data to prove it was fixed. A very useful tool for home mechanic. I need to learn how to use the advanced feature to send codes

- Not diagnosing DTC codes

Connected with wifi obd2 Veepeak .showing no DTC codes at all in Audi A6 while connected .Not working with Audi.Wasted money.

- Great App

This app functions well with a Australian 2007 VE SV6 Commodore using a (Ebay) ELM327 OBD2 Wireless device. The app has a lot of information and responds well to real time data from the car. A report can be sent after the trip via email if you wish. Over all the app is easy to use. I could not get maps to work at the start, fix I recommend is that before you use this app make sure you disable the gateway on the ELM327 device you use under wifi settings just list ip and subnet otherwise you will not get internet on a internet enabled iPad. Once this was done maps functioned. Worth the $10.49 I Paid for it. Hope this helps cheers

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- Best one out there

It detect automatically the vehecule and goes right in the profile of the car was saved before. It doesn't force you to create a profile for each car you want to diagnose which save time if you want to help a friend. The codes and cars are recently updated and the app provide recommendations while using the diagnostic functions. It also have nice perfs dashboards which come handy if you do racing.

- Service tech.

A very helpful tool for all levels of diagnosing intermittent issues and code clearing , I am very pleased !

- Impressed

Works great so far on all my iOS devices

- Ok

It’s an okay application for the price, if it was cheaper it would be great. Nothing special about it just a normal OBDll Scanner tool.

- No Oil Pressure Gauge???

I can’t believe there’s no oil pressure gauge, am I missing something? Trying to read on a 2016 Dodge Charger but there’s no PID to set up an oil pressure gauge

- Needs moee time into this app

You should improve this app a bit there is steps that dont know where to get the info from and has nothing more to download for lancer

- No hyundai

No hyundai

- Not for EVs?

Couldn’t find anything to say it didn’t work with EVs and from what I can see after buying it that it does not have EV as an option for fuel type.

- Not great

Does not show Subaru coolant temperature.

- No EV Support?

Next to no diagnostics if you have a BEV that I could find.

- Good app!

I’ve used this a lot and I love how powerful this app is compared to others I’ve tried... I just wish it supported advanced Honda codes!

- 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD

Having a turbo diesel, which I use to tow Regularly, I’m interested in ATF temp, which this does not have. It doesn’t have oil pressure either from what I can tell. Limited in my opinion.

- Horrible Connection Issue!

Reached out to support and received a few emails back then no response and no fix for my connection issue. Emailed back again with no response! App runs fine on the Map and Performance options, will stay connected with no issue. The dashboard option will only keep a connection for the most 4-5 mins now and then lose connection. I WANT A REFUND! DONT BUY!!!!!

- Obd

Worked great the first time now only half the gauges work. Horsepower and torque suddenly doesn’t work. Both iPad and iPhone *UPDATE* Got gauges working.

- Great app with tons of features

Great app that is way easier to use than any other iOS OBD app that allows generic OBD adapters. My only wish for this app is that the developers add the advanced PIDs for GM vehicles. On my Nissan I bought and have access to all the advanced PIDs including ABS, timing, and TPMS. I would really like to access these PIDs on my GM, and would happily pay for the add-on.

- Keeps loosing connection

The app is always loosing its connection with obd port. For now it is not worth the money.

- Do not purchase

Connectivity is terrible, help guide isn’t user friendly.

- Works great

This device has saved me time and money buy being able to quickly diagnose most issues with my three vehicles. Would highly recommend as it is easy to use and set up. Thanks!!

- Disappointed

I spent $15.81and it does not work on Veepeak iOS, total rip off give me my money back.

- Al

Very good app and helpful

- Unbelievable

You gotta try it to fully appreciate it. And yes, easy to rest CEL (check engine light).

- Pretty Good

Takes a lot of customizing to make it look good. Then saving and management of the custom configuration is not very good. After a phone upgrade I lost all of my in app purchases and this affected all my screens.

- More performance

I would have liked 0 to 60 logging

- Great tool

Had this a couple of years now. Helps with diagnostics pre garage visit. Works with all the cars and trucks I have. One thing to be aware of is that if you leave it connected, the garage will need to unplug it for their own diagnostic system, and I’ve had my device “disappear” and had to “request” it be returned in quite strong terms. I also use it to modify my driving to gain more km/l. Great device.

- .

More GM pids please! I own 07 classic body duramax and injector balance doesn’t work and is the main reason I wanted this app

- CarPlay not supported

This is a great app for your car, but a big drawback is it does support CarPlay!

- Solid app

Works well for what I needed it (monitoring and logging sensor readings) It could use a little more sophistication like e.g. allowing saving different graph configurations, auto saving graphs after disconnecting, graphing saved logs, etc.

- Good but NEEDS TRANS TEMP readout

Good app but why no option to display transmission temperature? One of the most important read outs on a vehicle especially when towing. Please add to the app ASAP. Until then only 3 stars.

- Not working!

No longer works with Veepeak vp01 on iPhone, wasted a lot of time trying to get it to just connect with no success. Did everything recommend by the instruction. Wasted money on a app and product that is no longer compatible.

- Great Tool

I have had my OBDII reader I sitting in my garage for about 1-2 years, never really setting it up until today. I downloaded this app based on a quick google search of best apps for my reader. This app did not disappoint! It works great, with no issues. Highly configurable, I am currently using just for data viewing, not repairs at this point (no codes present), however based on the ease of use for data viewing I am very optimistic that it will work when I need to do some diagnostics work.

- wow

dropped money into this app because it was recommended to be the best on ios. but getting it connected to my obd scanner is very flimsy. it will connect for literally 5sec and then disconnect. Ive been through every tutorial and walkthrough online (including fusion's "instructions") and it still wont stay connected. 2 stars because the app does look nice when u can see it work and it did connect even if it was for a sec. would very much like a refund please.

- Perfect, but needs improvements in live graphs

This is a feature-rich app without a competitor for sure. The only drawback that can be addressed easily is in live graphs. The graphs are somehow laggy and there is a delay.

- Not compatible with ios 12

Just bought this app and Bluetooth won’t connect. Says not supported I’m using iPhone XR latest iOS installed. How do I get a refund

- Subaru Impreza 2013 - It doesn’t work

Just bought it as manufacturer of my (Veepeak VP01)obd reader suggests to use. I was connected to this obd reader by wifi but OBD Fusion couldn’t connect. Wish i had trial at least until it connects to it and recognize my car before i am forced to buy. Not much, $15 but still a waste

- It is great for a vehicle owner

My car is a Mercedes Benz GLK 250, 2014 BlueTec. It works perfectly. Read most of standard information you need as a car owner to understand what is the problem. You can reset it if the problem has been solved. I am really happy with this purchase!

- Works great with Evo X MR

Would be a 5 star app if it supported the MRs transmission ECU info. Fast polling is a must if you want just a few ms response lag between your OBD2 reader and Iphone/tablet.

- Way easier to use and read than a bulky dedicated ODBII device

Amazing product!!! I had a misfire occurring in my F150. It was able to diagnose (misfire in cylinder 3) it and I was able to able remedy the situation (change plugs and spark boots). Truck runs like new again! Was able to clear the check engine light codes after repair. Paired it with the Trekpow OBD2 Bluetooth adaptor ($29.99 Amazon), a match made in heaven

- Works well, drains battery and overheats phone.

Very good app but needs improvement. Phone battery will drop even when the phone is plugged in and charging. Also overheats phone if used for an hour or longer, phone will slow down and dim screen to prevent overheating. App should be able to run for extended time period to log trip info and diagnostics.

- Perfect

Could use better instructions

- It’s a gift at $13.95

Works with my TONWON for iOS obd plug in its easy to use. Take my advise go to YouTube and look up OBD 4 everyone.ca and watch this guys post’s Buy this App.

- Très satisfait

La connexion avec mon Veepeak wifi obd2 scanner s’est fait pratiquement automatiquement et tout va très bien. Les display sont facilement paramétrables. Il ne manque que les "enhanced diagnostics" de Hyundai. Il est vrai qu’au coup d’œil, DashCommand semble plus attirant et marque donc un point. Mais le mises à jour de DashCommand semblent énormément moins nombreuses que celles pour OBD Fusion et pour le même prix.

- Easy

Connected in a snap to my Panlong scanner. CIL reset took 3 mins and saved me almost $100 on first use. Has tons of functions I’ve yet to explore, but if your looking to see engine diagnostics and trouble codes, this is a great app.

- Great!!!!!!


- Slow, buggy

Very slow app, very disgraceful degradation ( when can not detect network, for example, the page would just freeze!) bad design, too many options for conversion, I only gave 2 because it can probably detect the error code somehow

- Great app !


- Goals met

Works as expected, requires some tuning but can be done

- Didn't work with veepeak

This was the recommended app from veepeak. Tried it with different vehicles none of them worked. The irony is it worked with some of the free apps

- One of the best OBD2 apps

For Ford vehicle this app works well with in app purchased of enhanced PIDs. Monitoring of dozens of parameters including real time tire pressure and even an ambient light sensor is available. This is a very good app for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda and Toyota thanks for availability of the manufacturer enhanced codes through in app purchase for $14. Solid app, I'm a satisfied customer! Wish the enhanced codes for other brands were available.

- Yeh

ਰੀਅਲੀ ਗੁੱਡ ਐਪ

- Pretty good! But can improve.

Been using this for a while. It works great with my tundra. Would be even better if it was apple CarPlay. Please integrate that so I can have my gauges on my dash.

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OBD Fusion 5.20.1 Screenshots & Images

OBD Fusion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images
OBD Fusion iphone images

OBD Fusion (Version 5.20.1) Install & Download

The applications OBD Fusion was published in the category Travel on 2013-06-02 and was developed by OCTech, LLC [Developer ID: 650684935]. This application file size is 137.4 MB. OBD Fusion - Travel app posted on 2021-09-30 current version is 5.20.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.obdsoftware.obdfusion