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App Name Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight
Category Travel
Updated 29 November 2023, Wednesday
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Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight Comments & Reviews 2023

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Star ratings are completely made up! Don’t believe anything Priceline says!. We paid one of their Express Deals for a 2 1/2 star hotel. We got an absolute dump that wreaks of cigarette smoke, is filthy dirty, disgusting! Whole second floor room wiggles when my husband shook his foot up and down. Bed linens are dirty, bathroom has what looks like blood on the cabinets. I’m itching all over & have bites on my back. I’m not sure it’s due to mold or bug bites! Priceline stands behind their 2 1/2 star review for this hotel even though its 1 1/2 on Yelp. It’s super gross. The ceilings even in the halls show water damage. The emergency lights look like they've had a leak above as well. The ac unit makes all kinds of dying moaning noises all night. The bed feels like we’re lying on the floor. The floor is so gross that we won’t take off our shoes! I showered with flip flops on because everything is so gross. There’s hair on everything. Doesn’t look like this room has been cleaned out between guests. Pubic hair on bed sheets. The “breakfast” consists of breakfast bars & tiny muffins thrown in a basket. There’s never anyone manning the front desk. Priceline will do nothing about it. They keep saying that their standards are more strict than others & it’s a 2 1/2 star hotel. That’s absolutely bogus. Obviously this is an issue with Priceline because they’ve got a very detailed canned response for it! Don’t trust Priceline’s star ratings!

Horrible Customer Service. I have used Priceline regularly for the last few years, booking hotel rooms through them several times a month. When there are no issues, they’re great, but the times there are issues make it unbearable. I booked a hotel using the app based on it being in a specific location, and being able to get a suite with a kitchenette at a great price. Once I received the confirmation, I realized that the hotel was located approx 20 miles away from where they showed on the map, and I had a reservation for a standard room. I was told by hotel employees that they had contacted Priceline several times regarding the incorrect information, but they had made no effort to change it. So after my family drove nearly an hour out of our way to stay in a room smaller than I had intended, I let customer service know about the incorrect information and requested a refund based on it. After a few communications with different CS reps, they have yet to acknowledge that the information was inaccurate, accept responsibility, compensate me for my inconvenience or correct the info on their site. They are intentionally deceiving their customers. Priceline’s entire purpose is to curate travel information to simplify the process for users. If I have to use other sites and apps to verify that their info is correct before using them, then they are useless to me.

Finding a room while road-tripping could be easier. For the past 3 months I’ve been technically a vagabond while trying to find a replacement home after I sold my house. Since I’m never sure where the road will lead me or where the next deal on a home might be, I haven’t been able to really plan in advance to make reservations at a hotel ahead of time. That’s where Priceline comes in handy. I can stop for a break while driving go on their app and they show me all the available hotels in the surrounding area Im in. And since Im traveling with my cats, Im also able to filter hotels that only allow pets. But I have come up on a problem with that. 2 of the hotels which flatly stated they were ‘Pet Friendly’ refused to allow my cats to stay. Saying it was because of allergens. I know as many people allergic to dogs as they are with cats. But that’s not the point which is: these hotels need to state ‘Dog Friendly’ not ‘Pet Friendly’ since that is false advertising and Priceline needs to address that with these hotels. Other than that I’ve been quite pleased with all my booking on Priceline.

Disgruntled Priceline VIP Customer. I have been a Priceline VIP customer for years. Never again. Anyone reading this review please do not buy the "priceline express deals". Biggest rip off that Priceline pulls on their customers. I had 2 separate prepaid car reservations that were the worst experience ever. I prepaid both rates and each time the rental car was not even available at the time of the reservation. My most recent trip to Chicago I spent 4 hours waiting for my prepaid full size car reservation. Reservation was for 12pm and I got the car at 4pm. Priceline refuses to accept any and all responsibility and will always blame the carrier or airline even if the issue is on Priceline's end. If you prepaid for an express deal, good luck if you have any issues whatsoever with the trip as Priceline does not back or guarantee anything on their end and will disclaim any responsibility when seeking even the most modest remedy such as a voucher to rebook a prepaid rate elsewhere. I opened 3 travel incidents on all 3 of my last trips and all were unresolved and met with the response: "I am sorry, but the reservation you have is unchangeable and there is nothing we can do." No matter the circumstances or even case of severe injury or hospitalization of immediate family member. Worst travel service I have ever used with regard to customer care and resolution.

Buyer Beware, False Advertising. I have used Priceline three times for travel and what they promise on their website/app compared to what you get can be quite misleading. If you want a hotel and don’t care about the room or quality, then Priceline could work for you. If you want any sort of choice in what kind of room you are given, then stay away from Priceline. They have rigid policies and customer service talks right past you. My last trip I booked a nice room for a good price. When I got my receipt, it said that I booked a different lower quality room. I had pictures ready to show them that I had been falsely advertised. I was on the phone for 3 hours talking to two representatives who all told me that they could not help in any way over and over again. I asked to talk to the manager and they said they will call me (which never happened). I even had proof for Priceline’s price match and they wouldn’t even consider it. Super frustrating. The gist is if you want just a place to stay and don’t care about quality, then book through Priceline. If you care at all about the quality of room you are getting, book directly through the hotel. It will save you time and frustration. I’m deleting this app after this review so I’m never misled like this again.

Usually cheaper to cut out the middle man. The first time that I used Priceline, I showed up to the hotel to discover that they did not have my room available. The computer system that they use doesn’t work well with that of the hotels so I was informed. Thankfully, the AMAZING people at the hotel (Red Lion Seaside) hooked me up with a better room and gave me a huge discount for the inconvenience of Priceline’s folly. They also informed me that they could give me a better deal than Priceline almost every time. So I took their advice the next time I took a trip. I checked the price that Priceline offered, and then checked with the hotel itself. Sure enough, going through the hotel itself I saved around $75, sometimes more. So I have started using Priceline just to find the hotels, then I book through the hotels themselves. Works great! More often than not, you can get a better deal through the hotels themselves. The only exception I have found is their price buster deals. But I always double check through the hotel before buying. Credit cards give the least hassle. Debit cards have funds held for awhile before getting squared away so just be aware of that. Also, any cancellations, Priceline takes their sweet time returning your money. But please, don’t take my word for it. Go check out a “deal” with Priceline and then check the price through the hotel and see what you find. I’d say you’ll thank me, but how in the world would you get ahold of me to do that?! ;)

Once again Priceline. helps make my traveling easier and less expensive.. Maybe I should have given 4 stars for helping me find a good low priced hotel in Amsterdam because when I first started searching I found it very hard to sort through all the hotel choices and all the many locations and areas of the big complex city. Priceline gave me so many choices it was a bit overwhelming, and their map feature didn’t work very nicely or easily on my iPad. If you wanted to zoom out a little, suddenly you would have a map of all of Europe! So it took me some time to first figure out where roughly I wanted to be, and then used Google maps to see how far walking distances were to the train station and to museums or parks I wanted to see. But once I did that, Priceline helped me find a hotel with a nice big room with a big sliding door to a sunny patio balcony overlooking nice trees. Getting my second unexpected night here was very fast with Priceline and at same great deal as first night. Highly recommend PL to friends, and like any website you get better with it the more times you use it and know how to better use it.

Refund. I book a plane ticket for both me and my son last year on the 23 of December.. Our flight was cancelled due to weather , was approved a refund, since last year they’ve been giving me the run around sending be to the Airlines I booked with and my bank for my refund the whole time they have my check.. Had me to file a dispute and all. It took for American Airlines to tell me how and where they received my money and me relating that’s message to them so unprofessional.. yet after I disclosed this information still going through the run around first they find nothing of the sort, wait a couple days which I shouldn’t have because they been received my check account team just holding on to it.. I call back tell them the same story they contact the account team they’re excuse this time is it was an error refunding back yo my bank… For 2 going on 3 months I’ve been waiting for a refund from you guys just for you to tell me that, and for me to have to wait on a check? This is ridiculous I would NEVER book anything through Priceline ever again.. Customer Service we’re rude, and upset because of my case when it should be me being rude and obnoxious about my refund I was supposed to receive last year! I don’t recommend these people to anyone!‼️

Hotel booking. I have been customer of priceline for couple years now and so far i had have not problem until this past april i went to vegas nevada and booked a room for 2 nights at hotel circus circus, it turns out that when i arrived to check in the person who helped me at check in at the hotel could not find my reservation with either my name or my partner’s so that day the hotel was very busy and since we could not find other hotel we ended up staying in the car sleeping and when i called priceline letting them know same day i did not use the service but the hotel comfirmed that we did use the service now priceline is giving the hotel for granted and they do not want to return my money for a service i did not use and they know because according to their system all calls are madr to them are recorded the person from priceline that i talked to that day told me that they were gonna cancel my reservation and they were gonna return my money or relocated me in other hotel but they did nothing and i have call the hotel to see if they can return my money but the hotel says that priceline has my money not them and i call priceline and they say the hotel has my money so i do not recommend this app or website to book your trip i will uninstall this app acter am done with this review.

PLATINUM MEMBER CANCELLING ALL FUTURE BUSINESS WITH PRICELINE. I had the worst experience with Priceline on Oct 7, 2021 so bad that I will be canceling my Priceline card and never doing business with them again. I happen to be a PLATINUM member, but they aren’t even willing to refund me my money (during Christmas time that I need for my children) after I was forced to stay at a hotel that was unsafe and dirty with roaches on the bed and toliet, drug dealers, gun shots, people overdosed in the hallway, and my door lock was even broken. As soon as the sun came up (because I didn’t have enough money to pay for another room that night because Priceline refused to help me and refund me any money that night) An extremely understanding nice lady (Trish) said she would refund my money with no problem and then Priceline refunded my money in seconds even though they had told me MULTIPLE times that there was no way it would even be possible for them to do that, BUT I just looked on my statement and they only refunded one night so now I have a past due balance PLUS a late fee of a place I never wanted to stay at in the first place. As a platinum member I would have thought they would be happy to help me with this issue especially during Christmas time, but no they refused so I will be cancelling my Priceline card and never giving them another dime because they are greedy crooks who only care about money and not their customers.

Horrible at helping their customers. I was on my way to louisiana and booked a hotel on their behalf. Min after I called to hotel to make sure the amenities where available and open. They were not. After that called Priceline to cancel and request a refund. They did not help me get my refund minutes after I had booked and they stated that hotel policy stated that they could only request refund 24 hrs before the reservation. What rule right because I had just booked it and had booked it for the same day. How can they say it’s 24 hrs before your check in time if I had just reserved a hr before getting there and then pay for something that has no amenities available. I had pictures, call logs, text, from where I had went to the actual hotel to proof to them that the pool was not in service and after talking to the owner he refused as well to even give me a partial refund. Be careful with everything they promote online and what you reserve with this company because if you don’t read and verify directly with the hotel you will end up screwed with your money. Had never been more disappointed with Priceline sad they wouldn’t even fight for their customers even when they know and in their system they have all the notes of how many times I called how many times they called the hotel and how many times the hotel owner stated he never received a call from any agent from Priceline. They are a joke. Nothing else to say but I’m disgusted with this company.

Functional app but customer support behind the app is bad. The app has always worked fine for me, prices are consistently the best and the areas serviced are really good. Being that this is what Priceline advertises as their specialty, I believe this should be expected. However, the customer support behind the app is terrible. I made a reservation but a few hours after I made the reservation, my wife decided to make a change to our itinerary. I got back on the app, selected cancel and canceled the trip. It was well within Priceline's advertised 24 hour free cancellation period. I rebooked my trip with the changes my wife wanted. Keep in mind I did not get an immediate refund for the cancellation I made. I didn't expect to get an immediate refund but I did expect to get one at some point. 20 days after I made the cancellation I called Priceline and after waiting on hold for more than 2 hours, I was told that they would NOT honor their own policy and I would not be receiving a refund. Granted I cannot afford to be out the $2,300 dollars I spent so I will have to pursue this issue further. It's really unfortunate as I have booked over 100 different accommodations through Priceline.

Americas best value inn.... not. If it was possible to give no stars, I would. We needed a pet friendly hotel to stay while traveling, thought it would have been a decent place since their name is “America’s Best Value Inn” and it cost $66 plus $10 for having a cat. If we wanted to sleep with bugs and dirt, we would of just slept outdoors. There was a hole in the bathroom wall with a fly strip hanging above it.. to catch what bugs that came from the hole. 🤢 a dime and nickel fell out of our towels that were not clean. Every lamp looked like someone had gotten into a fight with it. I Wore white socks while I was there and left with brown. The box springs were stained with puke, blood and/or urine and so were the chairs. The paint on the walls were covering something that seeped through so you could still see, Like there had been blood splattered everywhere. We had a 5 year with us and did not plan on smoking in the room but the woman at the front desk made us get a smoking room anyway in fear that they would charge us for smoking in the room when we weren’t. Also got weird vibes during our stay, pretty sure our room was haunted or something.

Can’t ever change your email…. This may be my last time using Priceline. I’ve tried a few times this year to change my email address to one I have access to and Priceline doesn’t allow the user to edit their own email at all. I’ve tried multiple times through the app, desktop, customer service chat, and by calling customer service. You can edit/change your password displayed right below your email address, but not the email address itself. Customer service isn’t even aware of the issue at first, because they always make an attempt to try and change it on their end and then end up telling me I’ll have to do it on my end because they aren’t able to make the change (even though my reason for calling was to have them change my email for me because I am unable to). This time they said the only thing I could do to be able to use a different email would be to create a new account; however, this means you will lose all accumulated points/rewards/trips/etc. because they will not transfer (I had to ask before exercising that option and making a mistake). This makes no sense and is unfair to the customer. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you can’t change your email no matter what, by any means. This is all completely unacceptable. This is a basic feature to have. Who designed this app?

Needs improvement in customer service and app development. I am writing this because last night I made a mistake of booking a reservation that would’ve happened Thursday the 24th to Friday the 25th when I meant to book the reservation for June 25 to June 26. First off, the website only allows you to do a bundle package (hotel+car or plane). That should be available on the app. Also when calling customer service all I wanted to do was keep my rental car and change the dates so all I would have to do is pick up the car today and a hotel would be set. Instead I’m talking with this woman who has a noisy background, she cancels everything. I have to re-reserve the hotel and rental car because I was trying to get a 40% discount bundle package that was not made available on the app. I’m not completely trying to throw her under the bus she did get the cancellation fees waived however when I try to ask more questions she was very unpleasant and it made me feel like I had to do everything on my own. Now I have to attempt to get a rental car which is like pulling teeth right now, find a hotel and all I’m doing is trying to make a pleasant experience for my daughter who I want to take because she wants to go to a nice swap meet.

Requested refund. I had a flight scheduled to leave Memphis going to San Angelo, Texas on May 13, 2022. The flight was scheduled to leave at 7;20am Due to Maintenance problems/oil leak it did not go out as planned. I was going to my grandsons graduation and there was not a flight that I could get that would get me there in time. I have been requesting a refund since the day of the graduation through the customer care chat, the airlines and Priceline. I have been told to call back, some one will contact me and you need to call before 5pm. It has been over two weeks! The airline said they forwarded my refund to Priceline. Today Priceline said I was a no show. Nope, I was there when they started moving the flight times and finally when we were told and it would not fly. We were given a phone number to see if we could book another flight to get to our destination. There was not a flight that we could get there before the 7:30pm graduation. We left the airport around 10am I am sure there is record of us going through security and picking up a hard copy ticket at the AmericanAirlines ticket counter. Tell me why I can’t get a refund after emails , chats and phone calls over almost three weeks!!

Awful customer service. I booked a car rental through Priceline with one of their “express deals”. I found out that I would no longer be able to make the trip and immediately gave Priceline a call (within a day of making the reservation). They would not budge on their underhanded no refund/cancellation policy so I offered to call the car rental company on their behalf. The rental company associate said it would not be a problem to cancel but that I would have to do it through priceline since thats where i made the reservation. I go back to priceline and communicate this with them. They say they are still not able to cancel the trip and that they emailed the rental company as it is out of their hands to cancel the reservation (even though I just confirmed it was okay with them!) and I will have a resolution to my issue five days AFTER the car drop off date at which point I may or may not receive a refund. I was literally able to ask the rental company about the cancellation within 15 minutes. Makes absolutely no sense. I spoke to one Priceline customer service rep and their supervisor and both just gave me the runaround. Awful experience. Use their website to price match with other vendors to avoid this headache.

False advertising. On the app for a hotel in Hawaii there were different prices for “mountain/city view”, “city/partial ocean view” and a higher price for “ocean view”. When I checked in I was given a room with a view of other hotels and a partial view of the ocean. What I paid for was the higher price for the ocean view. According to the hotel the only actual ocean view rooms are suites and the rest are partial view. All I asked from Priceline was to refund the difference in cost between the partial view and the ocean view. Priceline says it’s the hotels problem, the hotel says what Priceline sold me does not exist and they gave me what they could without having to pay even more for a suite. I don’t hold the hotel responsible for what Priceline advertised in error. I was put on hold for an hour when I asked to speak to a supervisor. The agent would pick up the phone then put it back on hold. After an hour of patiently waiting the agent hung up. I also tried through the chat. And was told again that it is the hotels problem. I have paid for something that does not exist and no one will assist me. Not a good way to treat a long time customer.

10 year user never returning. I’ve been loyal to only using Priceline for 10 years and was relatively pleased with everything from prices, locations, and support up until recently. I booked a stay at a Hilton in New Orleans, which did not have any advertisement on whether they allowed pets or not. Note we booked this hotel 1 hour before we arrived at the hotel, as it was a spontaneous trip. Upon arrival to the hotel, with my small dog, the clerk told me they did not allow pets in the building at all. I explained to her that there was no specification on Priceline about not allowing pets. She told me it’s their policy. So next I asked her if a refund, or maybe a voucher to another sister hotel would be available. She told me I had to take it up with Priceline. I then called Priceline and explains the situation, the operator insisted that it was an issue that hotel would need to resolve, back again to the clerk who insisted it was Priceline. At this point I went ahead and just booked another hotel to make sure my family had a place to sleep that night, surely I would be able to be refunded having paid for another hotel. Next, I get Priceline on the phone this time with an alleged ‘supervisor’ who tells me they have a no refund policy and that I would be in no show status and not refunded my payment for the initial booking, even after thanking me for booking a again with them. Where has customer service gone in this day in age ?

You don’t always get what you pay for with Priceline!. How disappointing. I’ve been very dissatisfied using Priceline recently for the following reasons: 1. They keep allowing my flight details to be changed in major ways without notifying or compensating me, and then blaming it on the airlines and saying there’s nothing they can do about it. For example, I’ve had a flight canceled, flight times totally changed for two other flights and now, a whole leg got added to one of my flights, doubling my overall travel time for what was supposed to be a non-stop flight while I’m traveling with my special needs child during the holidays. 2. They keep promising me discounts in the app and when I go to use the codes to book my hotels, they don’t apply the discount at check out and are refusing to add a credit when I contact them about the issue. 3. I had some major issues in a hotel they booked me in, and they never provided the discount or credit they promised me (we’re talking a supposed 4+ star resort where housekeeping didn’t come clean the room for days, even after multiple requests and a hotel Manager intervention, the room literally had mold and pieces falling apart in it).

Beware of the Express Deal. These Express deals are a scam! I was shown three hotels on an Express deal and I wrote them down and looked up each to see where they were located. I was needing to stay in a very specific area. All three hotels were in the area I was looking for so I went ahead and booked it. As soon as I got the confirmation it showed a different hotel quite a ways from the three that were shown. I immediately called the customer support line and it referred me to use their text service for shorter wait time . After texting back and forth with a useless text bit, I was eventually connected with a live person who informed me that I needed to call the customer service number. I called and was immediately told there is nothing they can do. I asked for a supervisor and was told no one can help me. Beware of the Express deal scam. You are not guaranteed to get the hotels they say u will and you will be stuck with whatever they decide you should stay in and save your time and not call customer service because they are unable to help. I should’ve read these reviews before doing the Express deal as there are lots of complaints around the express deal.

Easy Interface - Great Prices - Great Customer Service. I can’t say enough good about PriceLine and the App. I have used the service numerous times, so my review is based on all of these experiences. I alway check other sources for deals and I always find the best deals on PriceLine. I have used it for business and personal vacations. But what made me actually write this review rather then just rate the app, was my recent experience with their customer service. In a rush to get a reservation done while sick and mildly medicated, I accidentally made the reservation for the wrong dates. I needed it for a week later. Once I realized my mistake, I called PriceLine directly from the app. The service rep (wish I could remember his name) was professional and friendly. He contacted the hotel for me and confirmed that they could cancel the reservation for me (it was a special deal that was supposed to be non-refundable). I received the cancellation notice seconds after getting off the phone. PriceLine went the extra mile for me, and that is why I am writing this review and gave them 5 stars. Thanks again PriceLine.

Bad business. So on a Saturday I had a reservation for a rental truck with enterprise through Priceline I had private previously bought the insurance for $91 for the week through Priceline third-party on the second on that Saturday I had to cancel both the insurance and the car I was told it after they receive confirmation that I did not pick up the car they would issue a refund that was on the second here it is the sixth and the refund has not gotten to my bank I called Priceline they told me oh they didn’t cancel that like they did the reservation it’s going to be more days before we can get that money to your bank I told them no I need to talk to a supervisor I need my money now because it came out of my account now they got a supervisor on theLine she wanted to argue with me about the fact that they were not going to give me my money back and I said you need to it’s not my problem it’s your mistake it’s been four days since I was supposed to have it and it was just now caught by me that you did not even refund me the money I will never do business with them again and I hope nobody else will either it’s something like this happens in a time like this is right now what else will they do to the customer horrible bad business practices

It’s On The Line. I heard about Priceline years ago, you know, the commercials, the Star-something, Sci-Fi show guy? But my first actual use was through a friend that had VIP, when we were trying to save money, for my plane ticket from OK to OH. Through his referral, I obtained my own VIP status, without a purchase, which I thought was pretty snazzy. I didn’t really use it again until two weeks ago, six months after the initial fact, because I ended up on the road frequently, and needed a hotel nearly nightly, and as far as competitively, I found Priceline to basically offer the similar locations, prices, and such - but since I had already had VIP, I was sticking with Priceline. My only real gripe, which actually, is a significant one, is that I’ve needed to contact support several times now, facing booking issues, and as it were, the app is seemingly stubborn, limited, and reluctant, to get the AI to switch the help line to a real person, as it is set to a typical three selection answer, but if you stay persistent with it, then it gradually gives in, and gets a live rep. Now I actually have a phone number to call directly, which last night, I found to be rather quick getting one, however, the AI had me repeating my number at least six times.

DO NOT USE PRICELINE. I am also a VIP do not use them there are so many cancellations and problems with the airlines right now they will do nothing they will not refund any of your money they’re not a bargain go directly with whatever provider or provider you’re getting the service with You will not be able to get a hold of anybody there is 0000 customer service I will never use them again they’re a bunch of thieves They’ll tell you to go ahead and pay for trip protection or trip insurance it’s cheaper for you just to go through The company you are getting a product from The reason I gave them five stars is so people would read this they are a five star terrible company don’t expect any help or any money back ever even with trip protection they make an impossible On another terrible note I used Fox rental car is where this all started and there was no employees so they closed up two hours early that night no way to get a refund no way to get to another rental car agency

CARELESS customer support after I’ve used this app 500+ times. My Valentine’s Day was completely ruined because I was given hotel that was overbooked and eventually three long hours later after being on hold with customer service in the freezing cold in Michigan, I was relocated to a much further 30 minute away hotel and was not even able to check in until almost 9 at night so it was a complete waste of money and time, not to mention it was Valentine’s Day so my poor girlfriend had the worst time. And I was told I would be refunded the price of the hotel for the inconvenience and now Priceline is trying to tell me they’re only giving me $18 for the inconvenience so I basically wasted my money on a hotel in the first place in the $18 didn’t even cover the gas drive to the second hotel. I have used priceline at least 500 times in the past 3-4 years and this will be my LAST because I cannot believe this is how they treat their VIP platinum members just seemingly not to care at all that my night and my money was wasted I will be booking directly through hotel websites from now on horrible app I will not recommend to anybody. If you’ve read this far.. I just know they generally have the best deals but if they book you a hotel that’s already fully booked you’re basically screwed and out of your money so it’s not worth the risk.

Not to be trusted and does not honor sales. When you purchase something online or by phone you have a trust that the purchase for good and services will be honored by the company taking your money. And when a company dishonors that trust by taking your money but then not providing the services or goods promised, most people would consider it fraud. Priceline took payment for airline tickets and then refused to refund that payment when the flights were cancelled. Seems like an easy response by a respectable company to send the money back, especially since it was no fault of the customer that the service wasn’t provided, but Priceline has chosen to keep the money. They claim it’s because of the Coronavirus and a lack of employees to provide the refund. There are literally tens of millions of newly unemployed people that could be accomplishing the job Priceline refuses to complete. You can use this app and pray things go well and you are provided the service you’ve paid for, but know that when things don’t go right, and sometimes they don’t, Priceline will not respect you and honor the trust you’ve placed in them by sending them your money. You’ll be gambling your money on a company with no honor. Priceline has since asked to “revisit my case for review,” standard response to make it look like it cares. I HAVE CALLED DOZENS OF TIMES TO REVISIT MY CASE! The only thing Priceline should be reviewing, is how it treats customers. Refund the money you owe.

Solid App. This review is for the app itself, and it’s based on using it frequently for hotel and car rental searches and purchases. I’ve also been largely satisfied with Priceline overall, though I sort of miss the bidding game that has been supplanted by their current model. App works and is much easier to use than the one from Hotwire (their main competitor for my travel spending). Search results load quicker, search parameters are saved so you don’t need to re-enter them, app rarely crashes or freezes, filter is intuitive and useful. The “total price” slider on the room selection page is a helpful way to get an accurate price comparison. Navigation could be improved a bit. There is no “back” button to bring you back to the search results once you’ve tapped on a hotel. However, tapping on the top left corner does this (there is a teeny little dot on my iPhone 13 Pro screen where the button should be).

I wish I could give Priceline 0 Stars. I do not even know where to begin when discussing and expressing the sign I can’t amount of issues I have had with Priceline when booking my vacation. A week before our departure I got a message saying our hotel could no longer accommodate our stay and to contact customer service. Frantically panicking because of the short time we called and ended up being transferred to a horrible hotel, in a horrible part of Miami Beach. It separated us from friends and family who has come along on the vacation with us. When we arrived at the hotel it was awful. We tried getting a hold of Priceline to see if we could switch after calling several of the hotels that we where told by the hotel team “weren’t available”. I have spent the first day of my vacation walking in and out of hotels asking for prices for a week nights of stays. Attempting to get my refund that several customer service employees claimed to have done but never followed through with their actions. After speaking to a supervisor several frustrated phone calls and wasted vacation minutes later we get told that the money should appear in about 10 days. So all our vacation plans no longer are happening and they have ruined our vacation. A vacation we worked very hard to earn and go on. Ruined and I am so frustrated and upset with our the whole thing has been handled. Do not waste your time because you will legit be wasting your hard earned cash and vacation……..

Pretty good but room for improvement. I have used this app a bit and mostly everything is great. The only problem I have had though was that when you filter for hotels that are pet friendly you shouldn’t get to the hotel and have to beg for them to let you stay. I took my dog on a road trip and the first stop was after 15 hours of driving. We were exhausted and ready to go to bed, but when we got there we had to beg them to let us stay which thankfully they made an exception since I was able to show them where the listing showed them as pet friendly. That was stressful, but I was willing to let it go and call it a fluke until it happened again the next evening on the next hotel stop. Fortunately the lady at the front desk also took pity on us and allowed us to stay, but we have to sneak her in and out to use the bathroom and leave the hotel so the other people who work here won’t know she’s here so again very stressful. Please make sure that if you are assigning a hotel to someone looking for pet friendly that it actually is pet friendly

Horrible Customer Service. I’ve gotten a great hotel on this app, but every other hotel I’ve gotten has sucked. Don’t do the express deals if you’re going to use the app at all, they’re never what they say they are. Even the guest scores are unreliable because somehow it shows they rated it well when the review they’ve given is something along the lines of “horrible customer service” “my car was broken into” “bed bugs”. When I tried to contact Priceline about a problem with my card, they insisted that the hotel would accept a card with any name on it for incidentals. The card I booked the room with had been stolen and they were saying that I wouldn’t have to show them that card, or even a card with my name on it, just any card, even after telling them that I have seen many reviews in which people were turned away for just accidentally leaving out their middle initial for the reservation, they just repeated that any card would be fine. I then asked if I could be refunded the money I bought the hotel room with so I could put it onto another card I could show the hotel, they copy and pasted the hotels refund and cancellation policy and ended the chat.

Ripped off on hotel bid. Bid on a 3 star minimum hotel in Orlando, placed a $275 bid and was placed in a Holiday Inn that was seedy, dirty, old and outdated. The room was dirty, body hair in the bathtub, stains throughout the rooms carpet, mold in the shower/tub gout and the hair dryer was broken. I emailed Priceline immediately when we got in the room, they didn't reply until a few days later. They replied that the hotel gave us free breakfast so that was the compensation accepted for the dissatisfaction for the room. The hotel text me asking if we were happy and I told her we weren't and explained the problems in the room, she text that she couldn't refund some of the room charge because we booked through a third party/Priceline so all she could offer is a free meal which we didn't use because it was a breakfast buffet at TGIF, gross. We spent with tax and fees over $300 for one night in a maybe 1 Star Holiday Inn when we were "guaranteed" a 3 star minimum room before bidding. For that money we could have stayed at a nice Disney resort which was the level we were expecting because of the 3 star minimum we paid for. Customer service was not willing to do anything to make this right so we will never be using Priceline again and will continue to tell everyone we can about how we got ripped off by Priceline.

Customer service is a joke. I need to cancel a last minute trip and couldn’t get any on the phone. They push you to the text option which is automated for the first half. After finally getting someone I was told they couldn’t even help and “escalated” my request and some one would get back to in 3-5 days. Well after the reservation. I tried 3 different occasions to try to cancel this before The trip date each time being met with “we have escalated your request and someone will get back to in 3-5 days. The trip date came and went and NOW 13 days after the 3-5 day line someone got back with me “we are not able to obtain an authorization to issue a refund. The reservation remains non-refundable” I needed to Give the 48 hours which I did and have the Priceline text messages. Since no one at customer service can do anything I was penalized. Never again will I use Priceline. Not to mention after this fiasco I could have book the hotel direct 10% cheaper. Price line is a joke and doesn’t stand behind anything. It was their own incompetence that caused me to miss the refund date. Update The developers ask for a private message with the trip details. The same details I gave them 3 times in the chat, the same details I emailed twice about. Don’t waste your time with Priceline. Most hotels will give you 10% better of the cheapest price you find. Use Priceline to find your cheapest price and then call the hotel. The hotels cancellation policies are way better anyway.

Do Not Book With Priceline!. Used Priceline to book a 2 night stay in Florida… when I arrived the hotel said they had no reservation and there was nothing they could do. I tried to contact Priceline via chat and they were not available but sent me a phone number yo call. I called the number and it again said no one was available and I should contact the booking hotel directly… again not helpful since I was in their lobby and they had no reservation on file. Priceline never got back to me and we had to drive around and find another hotel last minute. When I tried to call to get a refund and did finally get someone on the phone now they are telling me that the hotel has me down as a “No Show”… neither Priceline or the hotel will take responsibility for this even when I asked them to check the security footage. I guess the hotel can just say anyone was a “no show”, then they get your money and the money of the person who actually got to stay in the hotel for the night. Priceline is taking no responsibility for this as the booking agent… book at your own risk because the customer service rep was atrocious and now I am out 2 nights worth of $$$ with no refund!

Crooks. I booked a room through Priceline for a room with two queens, when I arrived, there was only one bed. When I spoke to the hotel, they had no other rooms available. They found a bed from a room they were renovating. We had to help carry beds, move furniture, assemble the bed, and we were given pillows with no pillow cases and disgusting stains. Both beds were side by side because the room was so small. The hotel was also understaffed, so we were told that towels and toiletries would be on the cart at the end of the hall. For around $120 for a single night this was by far, my worst experience booking a hotel with Priceline. When contacting customer service, Priceline said I’m not eligible for a refund because we used the room and I didn’t notify the hotel that I would be arriving after check-in time. There were no other hotels/rooms available in my price range that night as there was an event in town, so I had to use the room… as I traveled in from out of state. I also didn’t see anything about needing to notify the hotel that I would be arriving after the 3:00PM check-in time so I could have access to a room that I literally PAID for. ABSOLUTE SHAM.

Been using Priceline for years. Here is why I am giving them 5 stars, first their app is incredibly easy to navigate. Next their prices are always one of the cheapest you will find. (I am a platinum member so that’s helps) If you find it cheaper they will price match plus 10%. Third you can use Priceline as a gauge for what hotels, rental cars, and flights are going for and use that as a base to hunt for deals. The reality is that companies are starting to bring their prices down to these levels with membership incentives and things like that. For example if I go on and see a price here for a Marriott hotel I can then go to the Marriott app and look and see if there are any specials going on to make them cheaper and if not most hotels will price match plus 10-20% more off. Yes I wish priceine allowed you to earn points or give more away but the reality is all those things get rolled into the price anyways so the more they give away the more they charge. Nothing in this life is free and avoid the clap. That’s good advice!!!

Horrible Experience. Decided to do a last minute trip pressed for time so I booked through the book again feature. Our previous stay was really great. My fault was I didn’t double check Priceline’s confirmation email. The room type from my last booking was different from this reservation. My family arrived after the check in time. We called customer service and the wait time was 45 minutes so we finally got connected and were told it was too late to cancel our reservation. The priceline rep said she would modify the room type so I could get in a room that could accommodate my family. We waited and no change was made. I called again this time the wait was now an hour. The hotel said that the rate would still be the same. Unfortunately the change was never done. When I finally get a 2nd rep an hour later she tells me that it can’t be done and my reservation could not be canceled because it was now to late. The hotel took care of us but moving forward I will use other travel apps to book our Disney trip.

They are good at finding hotel but what they are bad at is refund. I am a VIP gold member in Priceline (whatever that means but I guess It means I use it alot). But this has not happened to me not just once but twice. I got charged by Priceline for a hotel on May but for whatever reason the hotel told me and said the payment through Priceline didn’t went through so they charged me again. (Thats all good I understand that) But when I called the Priceline 3 days after and I said both Priceline and hotel have charged me for the same day so I want Priceline or the hotel to refund on the charge they said they had to confirm with the hotel (that’s understandable too) and the representative of the Priceline said we will make sure with the hotel and send a reimbursement email to your email in 3/5 business days but NO they didn’t. So I called again in 5 days and same response but again NO email (but yes they do make me wait again to confirm with the hotel) After 12 days I called Priceline again and this time they said to email Priceline with my bank statements where it says both parties have charged. And they said it will take 5business days to receive a email back. Its been 2 week still No email.

Taxes and fees are too high. I recently rented a room at a hotel and when I checked in the lady there told me I had a $24 credit on my room. Turns out the hotels aren’t charging taxes and fees so there are no taxes and as for the fees, I understand you’ve got employees to pay but it’s been a recession and your fees keep going up. Why bother using this service when your taxes and fees add up to customers paying more theu Priceline than straight through the rewards app of said hotel because with anything they add for taxes, you still end up paying less most times that getting a special rate via Priceline. And when does one get anything above a 17-18% discount and if the rate is the same through the hotel itself as my gold status VIP rate after 18% is taken off then I pay over $30 for taxes and fees, how am I gaining anything at all by using this service? Last year I did get rooms cheaper than going through the hotels themselves but not this year. Perfect example today Hampton inn shows at my discounted VIP special rate as $137 and when I go into my Hilton honors app it costs the same with a $1 difference. Had I wanted to drive 20 miles to the town I’m in then I’d have booked through Hilton honors and gotten rewards points instead of getting it here. I hate how much prices are rising just because some other countries are at war which has nothing to do with me or anybody in my family or friends circle. So there’s my review. Please make note of this if you’re looking for a hotel.

Happy but frustrated!,. I appreciate that I can get better deals the more I use this site. I also, in the past, have appreciated their assistance with some not so pleasant hotel experiences - AFTER I was already checked into the hotel. However I am NOT impressed with the experience I’ve had when I needed assistance with hotel reservations recently! Twice in the recent months I’ve had unfortunate & unforeseen situations arise in which I’ve not been able to get to my reserved hotel room. In fact I was even unable to get to the city/town or even within a hundred miles of said town. However Priceline would not even consider refunding my money & informed me that I would need to take it up with the hotel - which of course informed me that their hands were tied as they were to be paid by Priceline. I in turn checked again with Priceline who continued to say they were not responsible. Similar case with a rental car that had been erroneously entered into the system - in fact 2 rental cars. One with the wrong email, therefore I didn’t know I actually had a car & scrambled to find another for almost twice the price. The second had the incorrect name spelling and the wrong pick up date again causing a price increase of 50%. Priceline stating that they were unable to help in any way, despite my “Gold” status & my husband’s “platinum” status. I guess having a good record and a high booking amount doesn’t truly mean much to them.

Never Use Priceline!!!. Made an error on the date for a hotel stay. Called Priceline 2 minutes afterwards. This led to three weeks of broken promises and lies. First it was “reservation not refundable unless hotel agrees to cancellation/refund.” I called the hotel and they were completely fine with cancelling it. They even said they refunded the amount they received from Priceline back to the virtual credit card they use for payment. Priceline says they called the hotel and the hotel declined the refund. Hotel says they’ve never once talked to Priceline. Then they start the neverending circle of “your case has been escalated and you will receive a response in 3-5 business days.” Four times I was told this, and four times I was never contacted. They’re just blowing smoke at you. Later, an agent said they called the hotel and confirmed that the reservation could be cancelled, but that didn’t stop them from continuing to refuse my refund. Now they start blaming “contractual agreements with their partners” and that nobody at Priceline can override their policy on this. Never another penny, Priceline! They would be better off just firing everyone and not answering messages or picking up the phone. It would be less frustrating.

DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!!!. I’ve used Priceline for at least 10+ years. Mostly for hotel stays and some flights. I have to admit if you don’t read the fine print and understand that your reservation is FINAL and there are NO CHANGES or NO REFUNDS the experience can be frustrating. If you’re the type of person who needs the security of being able to change your reservation, DON’T USE PRICELINE, but if you do your do diligence and research where you are going you can find some awesome deals through Priceline! Just the other day I found a great deal on a hotel with wonderful river views! It was located right on the Rouge River in the state of Oregon, USA. I Googled a couple of different hotels in the area that had popped up on Priceline. I also looked up their exact location on Google maps. In addition to that I read their descriptions and reviews on Priceline AND the hotels own website. Being I was booking the room for a friend’s anniversary gift, I did end up calling the hotel and booking directly through them. They even honored the Priceline deal! If it hadn’t been for Priceline, I would not have ever known about the beautiful RIVERSIDE INN in Grants Pass, Oregon!

NEVER USE PRICELINE. They don’t even deserve the 1 star that I had to give to write the review. I had been using them for a month straight every night until 1 night I had made my reservation close to midnight right before I got there. It somehow got switched to the following day and they wouldn’t check me in until 3 pm. 15 hours later!! I had used all the money I had left on that reservation. So I guess they expected me to sit there and stare at the empty motel and room that I had already paid for until 3pm. A few weeks ago a hotel cancelled my reservation last minute and they were able to switch me to another hotel but fixing the date a few hours was out of the question. Finally after a round with the 3rd representative they gave me “Great news!” They decided to overlook the cancellation policy and give me a full refund that I should see in 7-10 business days. Yay me! I get to sleep a night In my car in the hotel parking lot! *BAD BUSINESS* They lost a customer that spent at least $60 a day for the last month and a half and ANYONE AND EVERYONE that I come into contact with.

Robbing customers of money reporting to Better Business Bureau. I saw a room that showed a NONSMOKING ROOM WITH A HOT TUB INSIDE, well it was my best friend’s birthday and I got us a room only to see the room was filled with smoke, burn holes literally EVERYWHERE the sheets, pillow bead spread, and there was no hot tub it had been removed but it sure didn’t say it on the online app I used well I’m on disability and my money is like anyone else you didn’t provide a service or a room I should say., but it’s not okay to take my money after it took me three hours to reach someone to tell them I could not sleep in this smoke and alcohol ridden room that was filthy so they said if I brought my key to the office and checked out they would refund my money and they could let someone else that is a smoker stay there, well a month later they still haven’t refunded my money after 12 calls saying it takes time we are refunding your money well this was June 24, 2021 and today is October 9, 2021 and I received an email they are not giving me my money back even though I did not stay there in fact I called the manager and they said someone else ended up staying in the room so they got paid twice and I think it’s so wrong! It ruined my friends 50th birthday too. I left the room as it was found I only used the phone and it was making me nauseous tbe few hours I was calling Priceline, Priceline is at fault because they are the ones that promised if I left I would get my money reimbursed!

***BEWARE***DO NOT USE PRICELINE***. My wife and I booked a pet friendly hotel on Priceline because we were traveling with our dog. However, when we arrived at the hotel we were informed that the entire hotel was not pet friendly, just several rooms, none of which were available. Priceline had failed to integrate this nuance into its booking algorithm, so at 6:00PM on a Friday night in a high-traffic city, I had to find a new place for me and my pregnant wife to stay. We ended up having to book an extremely expensive hotel room as a result. When I contacted Priceline about this, their customer service department gaslit me and asserted that it was not their fault and that they can’t control how hotels book people. By this same logic, Priceline would never be responsible for any booking issues, so it’s obviously nonsense. I was ultimately promised that my ticket would escalate and that I’d receive a call back, but here we are weeks later, and no call. I learned my lesson and called the rest of the hotels that we had booked through Priceline, and several of them would not have had rooms for us if I didn’t clarify that we needed a pet friendly room. This could not have been a worse experience for me, and especially as a loyal Priceline customer for years, I am beyond horrified at how poorly they handled this situation. Any reasonable company would just apologize and reimburse us, but somehow Priceline has lost its way. Please don’t support this organization.

Thieves. I have been a loyal customer sense 2010, recommending their services to my friends and family. Over the past two years that has all changed . This is the 3rd time priceline has taken my money without giving me a service, leaving me with nothing. Priceline has pretty much screwed me over for lack of better words. On more than one occasion Priceline has had deals on there website and app that are not actually available, yet they they have charged my card leaving me with nothing now I have to wait 8-15 business days for my refund to be processed. Not only have they blamed me for not using a credit card next they blame the bank and I will be seeing my money back to me in enough time when all reality they need to take responsibility and update her apps they don’t have offers that are outdated. Not only will they Blame you for using a debit card but they will also blame your bank or the hotel before even beginning to take responsibility. When ever I have called there costumer service, they just blame blame blame, and do nothing to fix the situation or make it better, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THERE CLIENTS. It’s not my fault I used a debit card it’s not my banks fault for having to refund MY MONEY it’s Priceline’s fault for having a deal that is outdated and still taking my money..I’ve given priceline so many chances but this is the last straw and stay away from Priceline. They have lost a loyal customer.

Trip to Europe. Would like to leave 0 stars! Trying to resume travel despite COVID and looked forward to a great spain and Lisbon trip. First leg was fine. Noticed early in the trip that the flight from Portugal to home was no longer showing up in the Delta app. Tried to call delta about the missing flight and of course, they told me to contact Priceline because that was who I had booked it through. I tried repeatedly to call or message with a Priceline rep. But was never able to get anyone to help me resolve even whether there was an issue or how to fix it. Called a dozen times and was passed from rep to rep only to be hung up on bu the 2nd or 3rd rep each time. Each person I spoke with, I had to reexplain who i was, all of my travel info and what the problem was. No one could/would help me. I and my family were stranded in Portugal with no help from the company I had booked flights with. Ultimately, I had to re purchase all new tickets on my own through a foreign country to get home. It took days and an additional thousands of dollars. Lesson learned!!!!! Never ever use or trust Priceline! They will not help you or make things right by you! They do not care about their customers. The END!

Worse experience. If I could I would give no stars for the budget location I got my rental from. I booked my car rental in November! I have called and talked twice to different customer service representative and they assured me I would have a car big enough for what I requested and reserved. Today was the day to pick up my rental. I go all the way there and then once I get there I am told they have to cancel my reservation since they don’t have the supply. Would of be been nice to know ahead of time so I could plan accordingly. But no they said they could do it. I want for the other driver to show up and in the mean time have them help the person behind me and noticed they got a car for the size we requested. We then had to wait for the other car to be turned back in. And wait two hours. Yes they gave us two cars but we reserved the one for the space and now don’t have that at all for a 12 hour drive. Very dissatisfied and disappointed in this experience. The office person did nothing wrong as she just got there for her shift but the ones that cancelled the reservation couldn’t even stay there to talk to us. Instead they leave a young lady by herself to deal with and that’s unprofessional in my book. Once we return our car we will not be returning to this location. Extremely dissatisfied.

Don’t stand behind their service.. I have used Priceline for years and all over the world. I use to be pretty happy with their service and trusted their company and ratings. I recently rented a 3 star hotel in Alabama. The hotel was rundown, the customer service was terrible and the shower in my room didn’t even work. I tried to tell someone at the hotel about the shower but there was no one at the desk. I waited 15 mins. There was only a sign that said they were gone. This is was at 10 am and their check time is 11 am. I called the hotel and Priceline about the situation seeking a refund, since a shower is a basic necessity at a 3 star hotel. The hotel lied and acted like there was no sign, even though the sign was a hard sign with a base, which means they use it all the time. Then they lied and said the shower wasn’t broken. It was a simple shower easy to figure out. It just didn’t work. Then Priceline said if the hotel wouldn’t refund me they wouldn’t. Even though my card is charged by Priceline not the hotel. Basically they are saying we will do nothing to protect our customers or stand by our service. I was saddened that after years of being a loyal customer with no complaints that they could do nothing for me. I don’t know that I can trust Priceline anymore.

Nightmare and heartbreak. I wanted to plan a dream vacation to Cabo for my 50th birthday and my mother’s 75th birthday. Same money for a very long time and wanted nothing but the best on our girls trip. I was confused on how to book on line so I called. The person that help me arranged everything for us. Plane tickets round trip, Resor at playa grande Los Cabo’s and private transportation to and from airport. Everything sounded perfect. I asked to make sure I was ok to travel since I only had a passport card and a resident card. He checked and said everything was fine I didn’t need anything else. I paid everything.I trusted the Priceline employee. Then the nightmare. Come to find out a week before the trip. I find out we both needed a passport. The Priceline guy lied to us. I was able to figure out getting a passport for my mom. But it was impossible for me to get one tried canceling the but everything was nonrefundable, the money I had saved for years for such a special birthday for the both of us was lost. I tried calling Priceline, and they only blamed it on the hotel, and never took in consideration that the person that I lied to me was a priceline employee. No one took responsibility. I ended up losing all my money I had saved for years and they ruined my 50th birthday and my mom’s birthday as well. What a shame such a big company cannot take responsibility for their own employees, and not training.

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Yep. I'm making all our employees use this. It's easy and will save us thousands a year.

Good. :)

Works well for common destinations. Not so good for anything less common

Impossible to change the currency from USD. Which makes it useless

Great. Get it

Easy and fast good deals. A+

Rubbish. Took my credit card information and advised me the booking didn't work...

Too hard. I tried to use this app but it is annoying. It shows hotels as available and then lets you put in all your details and then rejects it. When you’d search again the hotel shows available again....I tried 5 times. With flights, I booked a flight and it won’t allow me to put in a frequent flyer takes you through the seat selection guide and then you can’t select any open seats. Also in order for me to check in I have to call the airline as the record locator does not work. I travel A LOT and this was just a waste of my time.

USD dollars. Useless when in US dollars when travelling in Australia.

Accommodation and car rental. Have booked both accomodation and car rental through Priceline, both experiences have been fabulous, any little issues we have had have been rectified very quickly. Prices have been incredible. Will continue to book all future trips through Priceline

I general... Normally Priceline is fantastic and I recommend it to all my friends and work colleagues.. some independent properties are rated four star but by international standard are 2-3 star.. one property rated as 4 star served breakfast with plastic cutlery? I’m not sure whether Priceline uses International rating scheme or they’re own. But in general do luv Priceline.

Dodgy app. Very dodgy app;( showing you very cheap price but take double money from your account

lol. epic

Great deals. Always have the best prices for hotels. Always find the hotel I’m looking for at a great discounted price. Thankyou for your help

Great app for finding good hotel deals. Travelling across the US this was the perfect app the find last minute bookings at great prices

Wrong Country. Fantastic concept but it's a shame it's only open to people with a residence in the USA or Canada. Could you please add Australia? I found this out when entering credit card details.

Don’t use. As a hotel owner my recommendation is that you do not use this app. Priceline, Agoda operate unethically.

Hotels only for iPad 3. Only works for hotels. Go to website for full functionality.

USA only. No hotels for little old Oz! I think would actually be a very good app once they get more product worldwide.

Wish I could give it a negative star rating. The app is buggy and caused me to book wrong dates. Don't risk having to deal with priceline's complete lack of customer service.

Useful. Useful

Absolutely fantastic. No problems at all. Really handy when traveling. Easy to use. One of the best apps out there for travelers to the USA/Canada.

Misleading & poor communication. I booked a large SUV Range Rover Sports or similar and when I call the car rental Company I was told that I’m booked in for Toyota prado or similar so I called Priceline and they said they are both large SUV’s but how about one is worth 50k and the one I booked is worth 100k so they mislead people so they can book through them and then you you get a cheaper car when you arrive at your destination for the same price.

Dry. Okay It was pretty boring

Flic282. Love this app.

Review. I liked it

Good but could improve. App is good but is only in U.S. Dollars. Simple improvements like currency selections could help.

Priceline. Best app on my iPhone

Dissatisfied & Misled. This App is difficult to use and browse with. I booked 5 rooms, was given a price - no where stating the price was not inclusive of taxes!!! Processed and the amount charged was $50 more per room, then to be charged $5 exchange rate fees on top of that!!! I have tried to cancel my booking to be told it’s not with Priceline but another “partner” Agoda!! To contact them, to which cancelling I’m now only getting a refund for the original amount I thought I was paying not all the other fees and taxes and exchange rate fees. Dodgy!!!!!!! I’m contacting ACCC - Australian Consumer watchdog to report this underhanded and misleading practice and will be warning all the people I know on how information regarding this site is not transparent - yes I have read t&c and it no where states all the extra charges for people outside the US or in the case of a refund having to go through other “partners” Disgusted purchaser !!!!!!!!!

Why is this a secret?. Very impressed by the deals found on Priceline absolute best accommodation app on the App Store, will be recommending it to my family and friends!!!

Woo. Woo

Worst service I have ever seen. This stupid thing assume that I have booked or anything else I need to talk to a real person but you CANNOT pass this robot very sub standard and annoying I am going to book somewhere else terrible and not it appears that all nicknames are take, this is even more hopeless that what I thought

Meh. The start bit was cool.

Miss. The best and affordable hotels.

Great app and great deals. I so much enjoyed using this app. Great deals and existing way to book through the "name your own price" I even got a refund using the price match guaranteed

Dishonesty. What they mention and what you get are different story. DELETED X

Great. Really enjoyed using this.

Great but buggy. Great concept an was able to get some great prices but the app is very buggy. Sometimes I could not get past the initial here box. Looking forward to the next version.


Top. Flights would be nice. Otherwise spot on...

Handy app. Prety good for a last minute booking

Viet. Good

Great. What I was looking for

Always use Priceline!. Love this app

Hotel. The App does not allow low bidding prices for Name Your Own Price - the minimum allowed for my booking was $99. I was successful at this price however it was at least $20 per night more expensive than available on hotel website. The app should allow a user to make a bid of any price

Airfare. Very affordable with good deals

Statement of use of Priceline products. I would like to be able to have a statement of my Use of Priceline products If there is a way how can I get access to download My 3 months of hotels And flights in USA ?

Great. Great app and surprisingly easy to use

Cheap flights. Paid 2760 for flights from Australia to US - every other site was 4K minimum. East to use and best flights online

Does not include price with taxes. Does not include price with taxes until the very end and works out more expensive than other hotel web sites. Only works out in US dollars which is of no use to me. I will be deleting this app.

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Can’t see prices in CDN. Only shows USD prices. Checked on their website on my computer and it’s the same thing.

Payment. Priceline is a crook when it comes to payment the prices changes as you progress in setting up the room and final payment for instance I started at $59 for one night and the final payment was $160 us and it was supposed to cd currencies and the I couldn’t cancel to get my money back I’m living in Canada renting a hotel in Canada and paying in U.S. currencies

Unable to solve the issue with the rental car agency. After the rental car office changed the agreement, I reported that and the customer service was unable to provide any solutions for me .

Price Currency. The fails to give options to change price currency, in particular CAD.

Thieves. Do do not use priceline they’re ripping off 2,693.94’ they didn’t do their job I cancelled my hotel they didn’t send an email to confirm the cancellation. No they’re blaming the hotel. The hotel is blaming them know I’m the one that stuck in limbo with out my money Priceline took my money and refused to give me back.

Charging more than what they says. On priceline they showed me hotel room for 112$ but they made transaction of 154$ without notifying me. I called several time to priceline and they keep on saying they are still working on it. I asked them to cancel my reservation and they said it is non refundable. Still waiting and waiting. They says if you find cheaper deals they will refund rest of your money. Everywhere else price is lot more cheaper than what they have charged me. Also they are not able to do anything about it

Priceline. I think it’s great, I’m able to go on trips with ease

Best hotel deals on cheap price. Best and cheap deals always on priceline

They don't give you what they advertise. I am super disappointed with my experience with Priceline. I booked a room that said in the title "Breakfast Included Adults Only". When I arrived, the hotel said that wasn't true and the breakfast was not included. Also, on the description of the room it says that there are amenities such as bathrobe, slippers, toothpaste and sponge. There wasn't any of these things. I contacted customer support and said they couldn't do anything to resolve this issue. Do not book with Priceline!

Very satisfied. I’ve been a vip member for a few years now the deals are great however just keep in mind you will have to convert the prices from American to Canadian as it is an American app and all the prices are actually American

US dollar only. I wish it is in local currency

Currency is USD. Limited options.. I want to love this app but there’s no way I can find to search for groups of more than two. Also it’s frustrating to see USD when this is in the Canadian App Store, with no option to change.

V.P. Would be nice if app had same choice functions as website. Selection for # of guests would be more convenient selection choice as well as stay dates and location

The mobile system of booking hotel really really really need to improve!!!. We want to book a hotel close to Vancouver international airport for at least 10 times. Actually we filled all the correct information, but the mobile hotel booing system always pop out the red column all the times. We really lack of confidence to book hotel from Priceline. We really want your company to fix that serious problems as soon as possible.

Priceline. Awesome, fast, 0 issues

Glitchy terrible design. Why am I obligated to use 1 currency, I don’t understand usd as I’m always making purchases in CAD or other local currencies

Easy. I love the app!

Love it!. The one tap add to apple wallet is worth it alone.

0 star if possible. Tried to cancel a flight and called many times across one month, always said that they need to confirm with the airline but never confirmed. Customer service is very much a fraud, asked to escalate if the call receiver cannot get into contact with the airline but was refused to be escalated. Apparently no escalation policy at all and only the call center person to try to fool you so that you cannot cancel.

Fraud while booking room choices. They did a fraud of 1000$ extra while doing booking And sent me wrong confirmation for wrong room Wasted two days of my vacation and said sorry at the end as*hls. I was a vip gold customer and they don’t care. I wish i can sue them.

Do not use. Bugs for hotel extend stay. App allowed for duplicate booking for sane hotel on same night when you press extend stay. Priceline would not correct or compensate me for their app issue. NOT HAPPY. I’m done with Priceline after this experience

Good deals. The website gave good deals but it was difficult to find the 2 room option. Eventually I figured it out.

Excellent app. Best prices in hotels!!!

Bad customer service. I booked through Priceline and when asking for help to make a minor change to reservation dates coming up in weeks. Priceline said I had booked with and I can only contact Booking by phone to make a change. Ridiculous.

Worst customer service and ethics. I have been a customer for Priceline for more than 6 years ! Recently they screwed me over by giving wrong information. I had to travel on a 10november , but I got sick and when I realized I couldn’t travel I contacted the customer service to see what could be done ! The agent told me that could cancel my reservation as a 1 time thing because I was down with flu ! So I informed my friends the me same and they did not travel too thinking the reservation was cancelled ! Now Priceline is avoiding my call and email saying they won’t refund anything as the reservation is not cancelled ! They are also not stating the call that happened on November 9th though the initial representative mentioned it that we were promised it ! Priceline expects me to have risked my health and the health of others and travel to the hotel and stay there despite me being in a state where I couldn’t travel ! Most unethical way of dealing with this scenario

Horrible experience with Priceline. Tonight, I tried to book an express deal, 5 days so a good amount. Transaction goes through but then I get a notification that the offer is not available anymore and it’s cancelled. But the hold is there on my card. Try another Express deal, same result and another large hold on my card. Ended with with over a 1000$ hold but no reservation. Called customer service and they offered to book an hotel that I could pay on site, for a much higher fees, and told me it would take a few days for the hold to be lifted. Been using Priceline for over 10 years, well it was the last time!

Needs to add diff currencies. Like the look of the app as I’m always looking for a deal , however the currency is stuck to USD and can’t manipulate it to the one I want . Please add this in future updates

Excellent services. Price line is the cheapest site out there. The best service and the absolute best cancellation options. Thank you.

Excellent. Excellent service for everything

Reservation not honored, app is likely not updated. Tried to reserve through app, got Sheraton, next day it was cancelled for no reason, so I tried to reserve again and, surprise! It’s the Sheraton again!! This obviously tells me that the app is not updated.

Not best price match guarantee. Extremely bad customer service. has better price with free cancellation but priceline agent refused to best price guarantee. Would not recommend this to anyone specifically do not reserve through express desl, its a ripoff

Better to use website. App not available option to search room with 2 beds. App default search results are always 1 bed per room.

Fraudulent. Booked a hotel through Priceline and they charged me an estimated “tax” fee of almost $200 for various hotel taxes. The hotel charged me an urban tax fee upon checkout and informed me this is always charged directly to the individual and not through third party bookings. They provided me an invoice. When I called Priceline to ask what the “additional tax” they included in the booking, they could not provide me any details on this. The hotel confirmed no additional taxes were charged to the third party site. Priceline did not pay the hotel taxes as mentioned in their policy and pocketed it. They would not provide me with an invoice and said it was unavailable. Be aware that there are additional fees when booking through Priceline and the extremely high taxes they charge you don’t actually go towards hotel taxes. Will never book through Priceline again. Horrible experience.

Currencies, please!. App is useless to me if I can’t select a local currency.

Worst experience I have ever had travelling. They did a mistake for our reservation at a hotel. We had to spend the night outside because they gave us a place so unhealthy to replace the original one. There was even blud in cemen on the bes. They couldn’t care less. Horrible costumer service. No compensation. They don’t even honour their booking policy and they leave you with your problem in a city you dont know. Please. For your safety. Do NOT book there. Would give -1 star tbh

Only United States ????. I have used your website and setup my account fully. But it doesn’t seem to transfer information to the app. In renting a car it works until you fill out the information. It does not transfer from the APP AND YOU CAN FILL OUT THE DETAIL BUT IT WILL NOT LET YIU SELECT OTHER THAN INITED STATES AS AN ADDRESS. on the website it works

Lies, Deception, and Zero Customer Service. Booked a Hotel, ended up in a Motel. They would not refund after they were contacted about it. Said they couldn’t guarantee which room we got. I don’t mind a different room, just the difference between a hotel and a motel are huge. Pictures showed a nice carpeted room, this room had scuffed up laminate floors. Would be a great room for someone working in town, not a family of 4. Will never use Priceline again

Good App. Good app! Only wish I could convert to Canadian Dollarama as well! Other than that it’s great !

Priceline app. It is very easy to navigate this site, so far I am very happy with my results

No other currency. Hey devs, if you are reading this add other currencies to applications just like it shows on website. Thanks

Scam app do not use. Unwilling to change any booking details although website states free cancellation. Terrible customer support.. still waiting on my refund ….

Poor service. Booked a car with ADVANTAGE RENT A CAR . I was at the airport pickup spot for 90 minutes then called Priceline to understand what’s up . The agent on the phone literally told me they can’t help and it’s the advantage guys that I needed to call . She then asked me if I had a pen and paper . Like , how the heaven would I carry those while just coming off an airplane. She offered to transfer my call to advantage but ended up disconnecting the call in me . I had somewhere to be at the time and due to their unprofessional, insensitive and poor service , I got late . I am disappointed at their service . FYI , their customer support line was very busy with long wait time .

Disappointed. Been a old customer over 20 bookings Had a booking today and was misinformed by a Priceline agent and made a booking First I got send around by the agents to different companies Then once I finally got to a supervisor they reazlied I was misinformed and still didn’t help waste of money not booking again

Price difference of $300, scam?. I got a ticket with Priceline around $1900. First, it took a while for them to process my request. When they confirmed, I was asked to confirm my credit card via identifying a small transaction to my account. I confirmed my credit card. Their email said that after this confirmation we will sent you your e-ticket. I did not hear back from them in a few hours. As I kept waiting the whole day, their agent called me after a few hours and said that you have to pay around $2200 to get this ticket. I waited for them the whole day just to hear that they will be charging me 300 hundred extra, despite the fact that they agreed to give me the ticket on around 1900 initially. It not only wasted my whole day, but I also missed other flights that I kept as second and third options. As a student, $300 is a big deal for me. I said I am not taking the flight with you. Fortunately on another site, I booked another ticket on around $1700 with just 2 hours lay over (unlike Priceline’s 16 hours). My ticket was confirmed within a few minutes on the same price they showed on their website. I would never ever use this site for anything. They rip you off! I wish I could have looked at their reviews before making a deal with them! But those who have not been tricked, please avoid them.

More currency support. Website allows to display price in many currencies, but app only USD. Would be great if they updated.

Only 1 country in the world and only 1 currency too. I am Canadian and I would like to buy in Canadian dollar but the mobile app doesn’t allow it. Sad, very sad.

Money waste. Booked a flight with 24 hour free cancellation but still charged me 100$ Cheap class act from these guys Don’t book with them please

Priceline beats Hotwire by @ least 10% usually. I love Priceline it is fat better then Hotwire,, Expedia or any other travel app/site I’ve tried out. Make sure u sign up for the biggest discounts

Does not allow the prices to be quoted in Canadian. I don’t understand why there is not a link to switch the prices from American to Canadian. Especially since I am a Canadian buying Canadian hotels in this app.

Currency. I love when it’s in Cdn dollars but most of the time the price is US.

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Just an awful experience.. This was my second time using Priceline... Words cannot express how absolutely awful my experience with “Priceline Express Deals” was. There is no extent that I will not go to to ensure that myself, my friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors never use this app to book a hotel. I accidentally booked the wrong date for a wedding stay and booked a hotel for the same night instead of several weeks out. Luckily, I caught the mistake immediately, so I figured I would contact customer service. Here’s where it got interesting. What would normally be an immediate change to the date was met with the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was on the other side of the country. There was no way for me to check in. Priceline did not do a single thing to remedy the situation and neither did the hotel. “I’m sorry sir you just spent $200 on a hotel you won’t be using, we hope you enjoy the wedding!” Never have I ever used a service that would willingly take money without rendering any services or at least trying to support the customer on common ground. To all you potential customers beware.

Awful service!. I’m so disappointed with Priceline right now. We booked 5 Round Trip flights to Vegas for my son’s 21st Birthday. I paid for these months ago. I logged into the app yesterday and noticed our itinerary has changed. They have us scheduled to come back the next morning. This means we would have to get two more hotel rooms for an extra night. Then after paying extra, we can’t do anything because our new flight is at 6:00 am. When I called customer service there’s a recording that tells me to refer to the website then the call disconnects. I can text customer service through the App then they tell me to call customer service again. Finally I called Alaska Airlines directly. They were wonderful . I gave them my confirmation number and she changed our return flight for me. But I have no verification from Priceline. I’ve checked my emails and checked the app. My next trip I’ll have to book somewhere else.

Too good to be true. Starting off I had almost a perfect experience . Until I find out that my last day staying here wasn’t covered under the dates of the hotel. So I guess Priceline thought I was suppose to sleep in my car or on the street . Everything else checked out on the correct dates flight and car rental . But not the hotel … for some reason it was a day off. I seen the date but I thought it ment sleeping over night that night and checking out the day after . I was charged they’re highest rate for the night . So on top of paying for the package I had pay 4 times the amount vs the rate I paid for a night . Customer service .. called them and they couldn’t help at alllll. Asked them for at least a bit of a discount to help out the situation and they didn’t seem to care . So maybe I was suppose to sleep in the street or in my car for 2 days .. So that really ruined my hole experience . Other than that my trip was great and expensive now . Never offered any help just pointed the obvious because that’s what you want to hear when these situations arise .

Horrible Service, Deceitful practices!. I bought a first class plane ticket, my credit card was charged and my flight status was booked. A month later (3 days to departure) the airline informa me that Priceline has cancelled my reservation and if I show up at the airport they won’t let me board. Called Priceline 13 times, I kept getting transferred and then their reps would just hang up on me while I waited. Then someone told me it was fixed, but on the return leg of my round trip, the airline tells me I was downgraded from first class to economy and made me pay for my bag. Again called Priceline and had to pay long distance rate and after 14 minutes on the phone the incompetent rep could not help me, I chose to pay for the bag so that I wouldn’t miss my flight because I had to show up for work the next day. Now I am giving Priceline another show, I tried booking a flight twice, the app gave me an error “unable to book but here are other amazing deals.” It didn’t book my trip (my flight does not show up in the My Trips section of the app) however I have two $1,200 charges on my credit card. Now I have to waste another 3 hours of being transferred with a dozen Priceline reps until someone is able to help me.

Nightmare. Oh if I could only give this app zero stars. I had a terrible experience attempting to book my honeymoon, of all things, through the Priceline app. I was told time and time again the flight I chose was unavailable and sent back to choose another flight, when in actuality Priceline was attempting to charge my credit card. I received no confirmations, no emails telling me there was a problem, and I never even reached the final step of booking. It wasn’t until my credit card company contacted me that I was notified of any attempted card activity. Priceline customer service insisted that the generic error for the app is “flight unavailable, choose another.” That alert was completely false in my case. I was assured all of the attempted charges would be wiped clean, but Priceline customer service said they could send no kind of email to confirm this information. I am incredibly disappointed and sad, because what should have been a joyous celebration booking a trip turned into a catastrophe. I have emailed Priceline once again to explain the entire situation and hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else in the future.

Policy more important than customer wellbeing. When I chose the Pricebreaker deal, the displayed hotel was a Comfort Inn on Hospitality. I already hated the area but am familiar enough to navigate my way around the worst parts of the block. When they sent the confirmation, it showed a Best Western on ninth St in Colton, CA. I grew up there and know the area like the back of my hand— it is not safe. Colton has a crime rate above 333%. In 2020 alone there were 370 cases of grand theft auto, 10 reported rapes, 6 homicides, 837 counts of larceny... the list goes on. They refuse to so much as move my reservation in spite of the statistics shared, and in spite of my pleading to just change it. They gave me a scripted speech that basically said “too bad, so sad... blah blah blah policy.” They will not deviate from the script. I asked them what would happen if I said I had COVID, I learned even COVID won’t trump the policy. Even shadier is the lack of contact information for corporate headquarters. There is no one to speak to beyond a call center supervisor. I have disputed the charge, and will never use Priceline again. I have also submitted my complaint to the BBB and will continue to do so with each interaction. The reps are kind but their hands are tied, I understand that but this is not Best Practice.

Getting better. I've been using Priceline for 15 years. Express Deals are a great way to get into a moderate to fairly high end hotel for great prices! I had 1 issue a few months ago. I had driven with moving truck to move my daughter into her apartment. I was focused on moving her and didn't make hotel reservation for me. Finally, at 11:50 pm, I'm making reservation from my phone. By the time all was confirmed, it was after midnight and the reservation had automatically changed from the Friday night I existed in to Saturday night with no way to change it back. Done deal. I was exhausted from moving all day. I spent an hour and a half on the phone to the Philippines finally getting refunded but no place to stay Friday night. That sucked, but the hotel front desk gal (who got a raving review) offered me a blanket and pillow to stay on a couch in the lobby!! Beware scheduling a reservation around the midnight hour!

App woes. Chose to use PL due to name recognition although other discount sites were priced about the same. Round trip Delta to destination Spirit from destination. The app failed to reserve our seats on delta and we assigned the last four seats on the back row. While in route the app does not indicate boarding gate, but emails changes which for this trip changed twice. Atlanta airport is spread out, and we just happened to check departures and noticed 30 minutes before boarding that our gate had moved from A19 to F9. No email from PL...... until we were boarding. Day before returning we received an email to check in on Spirit Air tried several times to check in, but never received confirmation. While checking in we noticed that if you wait until your flight Spirit will charge extra for checked luggage which is $40 per bag(x3), then we were charged $16 per seat (x 4). As of two hours after “checking in” still had not received our boarding passes and seat confirmations. Flying Delta, Southwest or United would have cost about the same plus the apps for delta and United seem to work very welll. Do not trust the PL app if you do not fly regularly.

Priceline will take your money and cancel your trip months later. I have been charged for a non refundable non amendable trip however Priceline cancelled my reservation on me months later just two weeks before my wife’s birthday trip out of the country. We have non refundable plane tickets, friends locked into the hotel we are supposed to be at. The hotel is available with our same room on their agoda partner site they said they book through RIGHT NOW. I’m looking at it and their highest support says it isn’t there and tries to blame the hotel for cancelling. I have contacted the hotel multiple times and they have assured me had a valid reservation for quite a while until Priceline has now cancelled it. Just weeks before we would now be paying GREATY more to just rebook somewhere else. I am out thousands of dollars with multiple situations I am looking at by doing nothing wrong on my end at all. Besides this wife Christmas and birthday gift gone and friends stranded at a hotel to celebrate her where she now won’t be thanks to Priceline yet no support person says they have the ability to help only refund my great rate they advertised and charged me for months ago.

Cancellation. I love you using Priceline. Because in the return the more I use this app the better to discount. But I do like to complain about the cancellation situation. Hi Boat a three day vacation with baymont of Wyndham. I had a personal issue go on with a family member before I even checked in, actually the day of check-in. The manager of the Baymont was kind enough to cancel the reservation. I spoke with Terrence on Priceline‘s side and I was unable cancel the first day because it wasn’t a 24hr notice. The other 2 days I would be able to cancel with full refund. I still haven’t received the refund. I am a gold member/on my way to be in a platinum member I have used this app so many times you would think I had a courtesy and being loyal to this company it would be a no-brainer to get a refund back no I have to jump through hoops and hopefully they reimburse me. It’s a great app when you’re booking and you get a discount but when you try to cancel get refunds or anything like that forget about it! Thanks, Bryan

Hotel super 8 by Wyndham oceanfront in Virginia Beach Virginia. Dot promote this type of hotel you guys charge way too much for the conditions of this hotel it is disgusting how dirty holes in the walls bathroom dirty shower curtain dirty sooo nasty very bad and they never change sheets never clean never give you more clean towels the customer service is horrible Jessica as a employee is bad very bad Monica too oh the manger Many is the worse one he give you bad attitude bad looks not friendly with customers this hotel is a mess don’t ever stay here people I will never book at this hotel in my life again and I already told my friends and family not to do it too. I have pictures I took pictures of everything I asked the manager Many to give me a different room and he said he can’t and turned his back on me. Horrible disgusting nasty bad service bad and rude employees. I will never again book through Priceline i called corporate from hotel they told me they can’t refund my money cuz I did the booking through priceline they told me to talk to Priceline that they were supposed to take care of my refund I mentioned Priceline about this incident and they never called me emailed or texted me nothing.

So grateful. We travel so much for work and we don’t like to add that cost to our customers, so with this app and your vip specials we have been able to keep our prices down for our clients but stay in hotels that we never thought would be in our price budget!! Thank You to all who work at Priceline and search out these deals we appreciate you!! Also have to thank you as we had a family emergency and did not realize it was non-refundable and your staff first off was so genuine in ask if we were ok and cared how our family was doing with the situation then was able to refund us do to the situation even with us understanding it was non-refundable. Actually made me cry that you cared that much and made my husband believe there are companies as big as yours that believes like we do people over profit!! Thank you again and god bless!!

Fake Reservations (Negative 5 Stars). I was traveling from San Fransisco to NY and missed my connection flight to NC. I was able to get a different flight into another NC airport so I went on Priceline to rent a car so I could drive to my final destination. I received confirmation of my car, the details of the car as well as an itinerary of pick up / drop off times and locations. As I was boarding my flight to NC I received a call from the rental agency saying they didn’t have a car nor did they ever have one available. I contacted Priceline customer service numerous times that day and continue to do so since. I can’t get a hold of anyone that can explain why I was lied to and given false information. Instead, they have blamed me by saying “it looks like I cancelled that reservation”. To be clear, Priceline had to cancel it so I could get the money back for a car they “reserved” for me that never existed. Absolutely horrible customer service and business model. I begged that they help me find another car but was told they couldn’t, leaving me stranded at an airport 2 1/2 hours from my home.

A good app, but sometimes frustrating.. I have booked many rooms with Priceline all around Florida and Tennessee. Most of the time I am satisfied with the hotel, but three times now when I have arrived at the hotel they have either canceled my room or told me to give them 20 extra dollars because Priceline did not provide enough money for them. They do not tell me about this problem until I show up and I’m tired hot and grumpy and I have to spend an hour to three hours on the phone with Priceline trying to figure this situation out so I don’t have to pay extra for the room that I’ve already paid for it. The people that are doing customer service for priceline Try to call the hotel, one time and then tell me that they are unable to help me and that I need to allow 3 to 5business days for the situation to be worked out. Makes no sense at all because by that time I might have Had to have paid for the room. They do not offer me help Besides paying for myself, which is not fair.

Never again. I have been a Priceline customer for 20 years. I’ve had their credit card for at least 15 of those years. I am in the middle of a horrible experience at a hotel, so I called Priceline customer service for some resolution. I am going to write a longer, more specific review, but until then I want to warn anyone else against using Priceline. Tomorrow, I am going to cut up their credit card and I will never use it again. I have used it to book rooms all over the United States and Europe, resulting in charges measured in tens of thousands of dollars. Priceline is not just losing a long time customer, they have incensed me to go on a campaign to make sure that no one else has to go through their pitiful, demeaning, insulting customer service process. Because I have used them exclusively with the exception of perhaps one or two times in the past couple of decades, I don’t know what alternate service to recommend. However, I will find another and will not look back at Priceline other than to warn other people, and that I am going to do to the best of my ability.

Disappointed EX-customer. Absolutely despicable experience! Reserved a hotel room through Priceline after using the service many times, in fact I’m supposed to be a VIP member I use it so much… NEVER again! Buyer beware! When they said no cancellation/no refunds, they mean it! Even if the accommodation is deplorable! I’m so disappointed first that the properties are misrepresented on the Priceline service, and second that Priceline does not value my business enough to make the situation right. Be aware that if you reserve a hotel through Priceline that it “does not guarantee parking accommodations will be available”. Not even parking that you can pay for! It is absolutely unreasonable to expect that you will have to park more than half a mile away and tote your family and belongings over half a mile from where you park. Not to mention, phone lines at the hotel were impossible to get through, and the condition of the hotel is very run down and not what is represented in the online photos. I may be out $150 for a room we couldn’t use, but Priceline will be out of any future business from me or my family!

Former Green Beret, 3 Tours Vietnam. I booked my flight accidentally hitting the book flight key and then realized it was for the wrong month. Contacted Priceline and they were happy to assist me in calling both Frontier and Spirit Airlines and cancelling both round trip tickets while I was on hold. I was sweating it out but they came through for me cancelling both non-refundable tickets. I book through Priceline all the time and get the greatest deals after searching for a couple of days for flights that fit not only my budget, but also the times I want to go, plus non-stop. Furthermore, I just booked a full size vehicle through the express deal for the price of a compact. I checked out all other sites before and Priceline is the most reasonably priced, courteous customer care professionals, and most helpful of all the other sites. If you do go through Priceline, and listen to me, you’ll save time & money! “I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!”

No Protection Against Bedbugs!!. My husband and I booked a hotel through Priceline so that we could attend my nephews graduation. When we arrived to the hotel, we found bedbugs on our room(some alive/ some dead). We notified the hotel staff and they refused to refund our money because we booked through Priceline. When I was waiting in the parking lot, another woman approached me and let me know that she had just found live bedbugs in her room and advised me not to stay. We knew it was not an isolated event. So, we called Priceline. They informed us that because the hotel management denied that they had bedbugs and they were not there to check that they could not refund our money ( it was a multi-night stay) I asked if they had any customer protections within their contact for live infestations and they said that they could not refund our money because the management denied the problem. We travel frequently (my husband is a pilot) and we will never use Priceline again. Thankfully, we found another hotel (not through Priceline) and they gave us a discount for our troubles. Priceline works for the hotels - not for the customers!!!

Solid App. This review is for the app itself, and it’s based on using it frequently for hotel and car rental searches and purchases. I’ve also been largely satisfied with Priceline overall, though I sort of miss the bidding game that has been supplanted by their current model. App works and is much easier to use than the one from Hotwire (their main competitor for my travel spending). Search results load quicker, search parameters are saved so you don’t need to re-enter them, app rarely crashes or freezes, filter is intuitive and useful. The “total price” slider on the room selection page is a helpful way to get an accurate price comparison. Navigation could be improved a bit. There is no “back” button to bring you back to the search results once you’ve tapped on a hotel. However, tapping on the top left corner does this (there is a teeny little dot on my iPhone 13 Pro screen where the button should be).

Awesome prices and great customer service. I booked a 9 day 8 night trip for a great price by mistake and found an even better price on the 8 day 7 night trip that I needed. The app warned me about double booking and let me cancel the first leg of the flight during the free 24-hour cancellation period and then when I went to cancel the second leg of the trip the app froze. I called customer service who verified that the second half was cancelled and refunded. When I inquired about the second reservation, he transferred me to sales. As I was explaining my situation to the salesperson, the app started working again and I excused myself and booked the second flight on the app. Fantastic prices and great customer service. My round trip was under $150 from the Midwest to Vegas, Wednesday to Wednesday booked more than 5 months before the travel date. Excellent!

Such a rip off!. I wouldn’t even give them 1 star! I never review anything, but after booking with Priceline for my first time I would defiantly not recommend them to ANYONE! I booked one of their “Pricebreakers” where it gives you 3 hotels, but doesn’t show which one you get until after you book. I knew I would most likely get the cheapest one which was no big deal because the price it gives was the price that hotel would cost on their website. So I booked it. Of course that is the room I got. We’ll come to find out, if I book directly through that hotel I could save $20 a night! So I called Priceline because it clearly states on their site that there is a “price match guarantee” NOPE! They do not price match UNLESS you are a VIP member and my “member status” was not granted until after I booked! Such a joke! I would have even been happy if they would have switched me to a different hotel that would have costed me an extra $20 a day to stay at! I do not recommend booking with them and I will defiantly never be a customer again! I was looking forward to a great experience with them!

Always double check your reservation name !!. I made a reservation for the first night on a Saturday because I didn’t know for sure if I was wanting to travel for two days . So I made my first reservation for a Saturday and then later decided to leave earlier and made a reservation for the Friday before . So I get to the hotel and the next morning on Saturday , I take my key down to the front desk and the clerk tells me I don’t have a reservation for Saturday just Friday . I then go back to my room and call Priceline to find out they had my reservation as My first name two times even though I was making the reservation on my app and it is already put in as my full name ! So I get told my first reservation was a no show because the name was Melissa Melissa ! I made the reservation through my app with all of my info already put in . Needless to say I did not get a refund for $134 because of their mix up and the hotels policy ! Even though you have all of your information on the app it doesn’t mean it is going through that way I suppose or someone is changing it and the days . Always recheck

Priceline Customer Service FAILURE. This by far has been the worst experience I have ever had with Priceline or any other travel site. I booked a room for a one night stay at La Quinta Inn, Columbus TX. Arrived at the hotel on 3/22, they did not have the room I booked available. They “found” a room for me which was there W/C accessible room. I went to the room. There was no bathtub (wheelchair accessible) but there was also no TV and the bathroom was dirty. Needless to say I didn’t stay. Booked another room 10 minutes later through Priceline at Holiday Inn and it was great. I paid for both reservations through Affirm. Problem has been getting Priceline to remove the charges for the LaQuinta Inn, which as of today 4/20, I am still paying for. I have emailed and texted several times, I have called and waited on hold for 1:23 before being disconnected and I have called and waited 4 times for them to call me back. NOTHING has happened. As I write this review I have been on the phone (after waiting 52 min for a return call) 43 minutes with no resolution. There is a language barrier with everyone I have spoke with and they all say the same line of sh*t. I WILL NEVER USE PRICELINE AGAIN! HUGE FAILURE AND NO RESOLUTION A MONTH LATER.

Express Deal Disaster/Avis ATL. Very bad experience with renting a car through the “express deal” which wasn’t express at all! The system selected Avis as the provider and it was a complete and utter inconvenience! The line was 2 miles long! I had an appointment to make of which I flew in from NYC for. I called Priceline and asked if I could cancel the reservation and book another one through them with another rental provider. I explained my situation and how important it was and they said that they could NOT cancel it because the deal I chose had no cancellation. So basically, it was either stay in line and miss my appointment, or go to another counter and take the loss with the express deal that I could not cancel. Let’s just say that I made my appointment and loss almost 60 bucks. That was my 2nd experience with Avis and they both were absolutely horrible. Not only do they pick your car for you, but they are slower than time itself. I NEVER want to see that counter again. Priceline was very unreasonable in this situation being that I only wanted to cancel...only to rebook through them. Instead they just took my money and said “your loss”. Not cool at all.

Don’t waste your money or stress, this company is bogus.. I booked several times through them, and twice now they have failed to complete my reservations, I just had to pay twice at the same hotel, luckily the front desk ladies were nice enough to match the price, Priceline constantly gave me the run around after wasting an hour and a half, I finally just said enough, I’ll let my bank deal with you jokers, not worth the time or effort, if you find a good deal online 9 times out of 10, show the hotel they will match it or come close. Delete this app. To the developer who responded... It wasn’t a rejection, your systems failed to correctly place me even after I paid, front desk said there was a woman waiting in her car all night because of the same issue, take better care of people that’s all I can say pal, I don’t use fakebook or any social media, so I will respectfully decline...on a side note, when I disputed the charge through my bank(since your people gave me the run around) my claims department said they get more disputes from Priceline than she has ever seen, so I’m sure you are well aware of your shortcomings, I have nothing left to say on the matter, good day.

Scam. The actual worst. Zero stars.. Two hours on the online chat. Never got connected to a real person. Just left waiting and then was disconnected because the system was overloaded. Called them and got an automated message about how they couldn’t help anyone whose reservation was more than seven days out and then it hung up. I was contacting customer support because they changed my flights to more than double the travel time by adding a stop to each (previously non-stop…I paid a significant amount extra for that) and changed one flight from leaving at 8:39am to leaving at 6:45am. I would have to pay $130 in combined fees, between the airline and Priceline, AND the difference in ticket price, to fix any of this. They also downgraded me from a free carry-on for each flight to a personal item only. Didn’t even know they could do that, but looked it up and it turns out the baggage allowance is “not guaranteed.” What the……….. Response to Priceline’s response: Yes it does “sound right.” You refused to do anything & the flight got pushed even earlier, to 5:30am now, and arriving even later, getting us dangerously close to missing the wedding rehearsal.

Seralago Hotel Trip booked through Priceline. I called Priceline 4 times to talk with them about a refund to my stay at the Seralago Hotel. I was assured that as long as my hotel would be okay with issuing me a refund, that Priceline would confirm it and take care of it. I checked into my hotel on the January 19th and was originally supposed to be there until January 25th. I checked out early due to my car getting out of the shop a week early. Priceline customer support was unhelpful and did not follow through on independently checking with the hotel even after numerous calls and saying they would once I was escalated up. I talked with the hotel itself and figured it out on their end with their accountant. Priceline told me nothing could be done and that they had checked with their affiliate and that I had indeed stayed the whole time. When I pressed further and alerted them to the fact that I had been refunded resort fees and had indeed checked out and had gas receipts in different states to prove it, it was ignored and told there was nothing to be done. I’m extremely unhappy with how I was treated and pushed aside.

Worst Travel App Ever!!!. I should have read the reviews first!! First time using Priceline and I got ripped off!! I booked a stay on my Birthday 2 beds 2nights 2 guest. When all was said and done. I drove to the hotel and realized that Priceline book me for two rooms 1 night. I called them and I was told by the 1st agent that I was going to get a refund. Called again (No Refund) 2nd agent was telling me that they have to discuss with the hotel manager and that never happened. Called again and was told to call back in a couple of days. Called again 4th agent just hung up on me. So another words they ripped me off and just charged my credit card for an extra room NOBODY stayed in!! I was told they do this often and just want to make their commission$$. By the way.. the accent (Indian) gets worse and worse as I kept going through customer service agents to where I couldn’t understand them and nothing got resolved because we couldn’t communicate, like at all. I was like you know what, enough with all this.I Called my bank and they are going to resolve this for me. DO NOT USE PRICELINE!! Huge Scam to Rip you off!!

Error messages. Booked a car rental through Priceline app. When I booked, I received an error message as the last step. To my stupidity I assumed an error message at the last step means the booking didn’t go through. Actually it did! Twice! After receiving two error messages I booked directly through the car rental agency for a cheaper rate! So when I showed up to pick up the car they said I had three rentals! Now I’m try to get a refund and the app I book it through, Priceline say I need to go to the source. The car rental says I need to go to Priceline! Both customer service centers are terrible, they must be under staffed! Both companies probably got free money from the government too! Terrible customer service and terrible app! My name is taken on the review which is weird! They probably have way more bad reviews then shown because they make it hard to leave a review. Update: Got a message from the developer of the app. Asking me to call a phone number, this is the same number I’ve called many times and it routes me to SIxt not Priceline. Another example of how terrible this has been. They don’t accept responsibility of their own app!

Am in a Love/Hate relationship with Priceline. I have been a loyal Priceline user for well over 10 years. I probably book from 50 - 75 rooms per year and every time I book, I fear that something about my trip might change. Priceline is super inflexible. Actually, they are kind of Bi-polar with a heavy bent toward inflexibility. On a rare occasion, I have been able to reschedule a room, or cancel a trip that has been changed, but for the most part, if something changes about your trip, just plan on no refund, no changes. It’s kind of like playing Russian roulette, but with four bullets in the gun. The other thing is that their prices used to beat anyone on the internet, and the bidding process worked wonderfully to get the best rate available. Recently, not so much. Prices are pretty much in line with almost every other company out there. So, if you like gambling with your money or if you are 100% sure nothing will change about your trip, then I would still use Priceline. But if there is even a small chance something might change, I would recommend someone else.

priceline will not correct mistakes made by their app. I tried to book a room in Brooklyn NY using the iPhone app. n the middle of booking the app returned and error message saying the transaction did not go through & telling me to try again. I was still on the last booking screen eater co firming m credit card info. I hit “enter” again in the app tool and got a confirmation that my reservation was completed! yay!! a few seconds later i got back to back alerts that my credit card had been charged for a priceline booking 2 times, exact same amts. I returned to the Priceline app and sure enough I saw two separate booking for the hotel. The booking was duplicated by the tool which I did not intend. After speaking to 3 people at Priceline they refused to correct their app mistake claiming all non refundable bookings are just that, non refundable! even though it was a system error created by their mobile app! ridiculous and totally disappointing. will never book through them again. buyer beware!!!!!!

Worst experience to fix their own mistakes.. This is by far the worst app to book your hotel room, I work as a mobile technician and I stay 330 days per year at hotels in different cities across the country, first, their customer service through the phone tell you to wait a brief moment and let you waiting for 1/2 to 1 hr, al os every time that I made reservations for more than one room and paid ahead for both of them, just to arrive at the hotel and find out that only one room went through and that the other was on hold? ( Again on customer awful service) then, after their usually hour of waiting on hold, they ofter me to re book at another cheaper or far hotel because they couldn't get second room, then don't charge for it, or don't let the reservation go through in the first place. They said that refund me the money on Denver and Baltimore and I'm still waiting for it. Thank you but no thank you.

Priceline working with scammers and call them business partners. Think double before start using Priceline, booked with them thru years and never had issues, but how I see things changed . Did a reservation thru Priceline, for a rental car at O’hare airport, company that is called Routes, with insane requirements to rent the car and without possibility to cancel the reservation. What torn me from them was deductible of 3500$ to use they insurance that cost $40+ for 1 day. Traveling for work for at least 10 years and never saw such kind of requirements and deductibles to rent a car. Looked shady for me and decided to don’t check my lack with them. Contacted Priceline, to let them know about the situation , thinking that they don’t know what Routes are doing and to see if it’s possible to do something about it. No luck ,they have a agreement with they scam business partners and they don’t care. Then I checked the reviews for Routes on Google and figured out there is at list 20 one star reviews with Priceline mentioned there. Good luck Priceline in the future doing business that way with such kind of partners.

I was a VIP for years but NEVER AGAIN. I have used Priceline for years, and while the service has never been great, they used to at least care somewhat, and you could expect to get a room accurate to the listing. However, both the customer service and listings themselves have taken a complete nose dive in quality. I recently booked a room through a listing, stating it would be in one area, and the room itself was in a completely different part of the city, around half an hour away from where the listing was. I called, they verified what I had paid for and…. Told me that since I was informed that I couldn’t cancel or be refunded, and when I pointed out the listing and what I got where completely different, they said that there’s no guarantee that I would get what the listing said, and also informed me, again, that I had been informed that I could not cancel or be refunded in anyway. So if you’re okay with potentially getting a room in a completely different location, I would still say try a different service first, because the customer service is appalling.

Very misleading. Priceline used to be a great place to get great deals until recently. The Express Deals they offer seem to be a decent deal until you select one. First off, the hotels that they say are comparable to the one you’ll be getting are actually nothing like the one you receive. I booked a 3 Star express deal that they said would be comparable to a Marriot, Hilton or Hyatt and instead got a motel that I wouldn’t even rate over 2 stars. In addition to that, when I checked in, I was told I must pay an additional $34. Priceline had informed me at the bottom of the booking conditions in tiny print that there would in fact be a mandatory fee I would have to pay. My problem with this is why did they have to put it all the way at the bottom like they were hiding it and not put it some where people could actually see it right away so you know the true cost of what your paying for. When looking at reviews for this hotel, no one had anything nice to say about it except that it was close to Universal. How it’s a 3 Star hotel is mystery to me. When calling customer service, they were unhelpful and made me even angrier.

Worst app ever and hasn’t changed in years..... Whenever you have stayed at a hotel, the app gives you deals to stay again and again, but it doesn’t let you do anything but accept whatever room they may have available for that deal and not any other room! “Room is guaranteed to accommodate 2 adults”. Ummm? So what about families? And WHY CAN’T I BOOK A DIFFERENT ROOM?! If you select the ‘choose’ button it takes you straight to a check out screen... great... I want to pick my room!! I need it to fit 5 and a lot of rooms don’t do that. I’m not just going to book. So I have to go to your website or better yet... NOT YOU. To book the room I want. Been like this for years... no one else complained?! I doubt it. Now your app is deleted, thank you for wasting my time yet again. Like the last time I paid for a whirlpool sweet and you just told the hotel I paid for a king and had to pay the hotel more money when I got there for it when I already paid you an extra fee over the regular king room for it. Sounds like it not uncommon and you are another apathetic business out there just waiting to scam others out of their money.

The best service EVER !!!. So I tried to book with Kayak , I tried to book my flight with TripAdvisor, and a couple others. Those two gave me the biggest runaround. TripAdvisor especially. They called me after I tried to book and said there wasn’t any flights at that price but could put me on a spirit air flight for the same price. Now I’m an American Airlines guy myself , or if flying over seas like this time , I will fly Japan Airlines or Korean Air. I said no thank you , stick that spirit air and I hung up. One last try , just one last try. I downloaded Priceline App and booked my flight in under ten minutes with no hassles and the price was like a hundred dollars cheaper. Same schedule and same airlines from TripAdvisor. Oh yeah and the guy from TripAdvisor told me in order to fly American Airlines it would cost over twelve hundred dollars. Nope , it was around a hundred dollars cheaper. Priceline flights ... Best Service EVER !!! Thank you Priceline. My flight to the Philippines is all because of you.

Some Bugs to Fix. Their customer service is less than helpful. -I booked a hotel using the Name Your Price feature in the app for what I thought was the following night because we were driving home from our trip the next day. It charges your card right away, so I assumed everything was alright. After hours of driving we got to our hotel (that I thought I booked for that night) and the less-than-friendly front desk attendant said our reservation was for the previous night. I double-checked my app, and sure enough, it was booked for the previous night. I was sure I entered the correct dates when I booked. I think there was a glitch in their app. When I called Priceline to see about a refund, they were sympathetic and said they thought it was funny that the app let me book the room after midnight. When the customer rep tried to call the hotel, the hotel wouldn’t answer. Priceline wouldn’t give me even a partial refund. How often does this happen? How much money is this company making off their app glitches? I wouldn’t use this app. I guess the old adage of talking to a person is best in this situation and I think that’s what I’ll be doing in the future.

I can’t believe it. I have used Priceline for many years to book any travel related accommodations. I have booked hotels stays, and air travel; never had an issue. Earlier this year before COVID-19 ruined our lives I had booked 2 plane tickets and now I will not be using them because I cannot travel and I have lost my job so I really need my full refund back and they just keep telling me due to airline policy they can only offer me a travel credit. Sadly I need bills to pay and I cannot pay them with travel credit! I have been trying to get a refund on this for over a month and nothing. I get toss around like a ping pong ball, call here call there let me transfer you. I understand that in “normal” times a credit is fine but we are in a world pandemic you would think they would be more helpful. So sad that after using Priceline for over 5 plus years I will never use them again.

Expecting better CS. I’ve used Priceline now for months for little trips as my current work required me to travel a bit. I’ve had no issue for months and it was a good way to find cheap and reliable hotels. My issue stems from the first and only time I’ve had a problem. My plans change sporadically with no warning not something within their or mine control. But I would not be able to make my reservation to be transparent this change had hours before my reservation so I know not much can be done all the time. But to not provide me any type of assistance, accommodation, or service when I’ve been told I’m a “vip” for Priceline. It makes it both a shallow and truly a lack or worth to even have such title. I do not judge a service only by its consistency but by its ability to demonstrate help in special circumstances when the norm is not applicable. To summarize it offers cheap and fast booking for hotels but in this market that is not hard to find with the surplus of travel apps, website, and agencies I do hope the Customer Service part of Priceline continues to grow to better support customers in the future. As I will not be one of them.

Thieves! Terrible Customer Care. I have used Priceline (VIP)for all of my booking needs for years, however my most recent hotel stay needed to be changed and after 2 hours of chatting and talking to customer service representatives their response was “I’m sorry your reservation is not able to be canceled or changed. We cannot help you. I’m sorry, we cannot help you. It’s in the contract.” They are dishonest and will not help you when you need it. I highly recommend calling the hotel or car service directly to book because they will stand behind their reservation service. Priceline does not even even attempt to solve your problems and because they are a third party, the businesses will refer you back to Priceline who will do NOTHING but tell you that it’s in fine print of the contract that they cannot change anything. It’s a complete waste of time and money!! They will take your money and blame the hotel instead for everything. I will never use them again! Too bad to see a reputable company lose so many customers to bad customer service and policies. Stay away from them unless you want to be disappointed in your travels!!

Please stay away from Priceline. Unlike some of the larger players in this feild Priceline has extremely shady operations. My experience with them was horrible to say the least. Typical cheap fraudulent practices you would not expect to happen in the US but in some other parts of the world. - the car that I booked and confirmed on Priceline and paid for was not even there with the car rental company (Foxcar) , the rep at the front desk had no reservations in informing me that this is common practice with Priceline. The booking amount then went up 3x cause I had to choose either to take a premium car that was the only thing available (you think?) or to go hunting for another rental in another lot. Priceline subsequently sent me a note saying that I need to resolve this with the rental company despite the fact that I had a Priceline agent on the phone with me when this happened and o was told any difference in rate will be refunded. This is a common racket it seems in sone tourist destinations. Stay away and use the rental company directly. The cheap offerings on the Priceline site are little more than bait.

Flights -5; Hotels- 4 and Car Rentals - 1; CS- 1 in Car Rental Issues. I use often. Majority of the hotels have been great. Flights have been great! Car rentals have been several issues! In July 2017 car rental issue, I booked a car for Atlanta to pick up after my flight. The car rental place double booked cars out & there was no car... was on the phone with Priceline for over 3 hours of them trying to locate a rental car, why so long you ask - they kept putting me on hold for over 45 minutes at a time then switch me to different CS people. I was supposed to have been at my destination at 10:00pm and finally out of airport rentals at 10:30pm they placed in a 5x’s the amount I had originally booked a car for! They never reimbursed as they promised! I had a 3 hour drive to my destination, NO Priceline CS failed hugely! In May 2017, car rental issues in McAlester, OK. Car Rental issues in August 2016 in McAlester, OK. I don’t advise renting a car from Priceline.

Don’t use Priceline! They are a fraud!. I was using the app and it has a glitch. I selected the correct days at a hotel that I was already staying at. We wanted to extend the stay one extra day. I went through the process and selected the same hotel. Everything processed and a confirmation was sent. When I reviewed the confirmation it had the wrong date. The date booked was the same day that I was booking it instead of the next day. Also, I was booking this at 8 pm at the hotel. I called customer support instantly. They said they have to talk to the revenue manager at the hotel. Then I talked to the hotel and they said good luck Priceline screws everyone over period. I spent that evening and the entire next day trying to get it fixed. After hours and hours of frustration and talking to customer service that can barely speak English they said TOO BAD! Hmmm. So they are telling me because there is a glitch on their end that it is my problem. They said it was my fault because I used their website. This is unacceptable. After read all of the negative reviews I wish I read before use long this incompetent service that will rip you off. It was total BS! Do not use this app or website!

Worst costumer service. Update: I had a rental car with them too. While reserving the rental I paid the full amount of rental, when returning I got charged $272 more including CFC and car dropping different from pick up. On my reservation it did not mentioned anything on that they are a rip off. Called them for a solutions no caring at all. Can’t wait to see them off the business So in the last 10 days I had multiple businesses with Priceline. The advertisement matched the services. I paid and I received what I paid for no problem! But tonight I paid for a hotel that was advertised with free breakfast and the hotel said they don’t offer breakfast! I understand sometimes an app fails to list info correct but I when human fails to correct their mistakes, that’s alarming. And Priceline was telling me I should contact their sister company to fix this. Dude I paid you and you need to fix this. Ngl I called their sister company too nothing got fixed. I’m gonna pass on this but I won’t use Priceline. What if there was a major issue! Their last message is “I know some things happen beyond our control”

Long time customer. I have been a loyal customer and user of Priceline before there was ever a smart phone or an app and it was really only ‘name your own price.’ The service has always been fantastic and the hotels, cars, and flights we have reserved have been exactly as described and always discounted lower than any price I could find online. I trust the company and app fully that they will stay true to the business model: connect me to unused rooms/seats/cars for less money. Yes, this has restrictions, including no cancellation, but that is the model and when I need to be able to cancel or I have no flexibility in dates or times, I use other traditional services. I have used customer service on several occasions and have always received prompt, friendly, knowledgeable service, although we have been through the growing pains with them becoming a large corporate entity and noted that customer service is not as nimble as they once were. The app is easy to use and works flawlessly.

WARNING! Absolute horrible Customer Service!! Do NOT use them!. WARNING! I never take much time to write a lengthy review but after having to deal with this shady company and everything they’ve put me through.. I am NOT happy! I had to cancel my Hawaii Vacation due to the pandemic. I cancelled with enough time. While I finally got through to someone to help me and reimburse me for hotel and car, NO ONE could seem to offer any information regarding the airline fare. Representative after representative continued to transfer me, leave me on hold for over an hour to later just hang up my calls, it has been a total nightmare dealing with them. After pleading, to get some sort or resolution the airline kindly insured me that as apologetic as they were they could NOT reimburse me or give me flight credit because I purchased my flight through a third party and they stated that Priceline should not be giving me the run around rather than trying to make things right... I will NEVER use Priceline again to book a vacation And I am insuring that I let everyone know especially on the travel pages in order to avoid such a headache!! Priceline you need to make this right!!!!

Do Not Book With Priceline!. Used Priceline to book a 2 night stay in Florida… when I arrived the hotel said they had no reservation and there was nothing they could do. I tried to contact Priceline via chat and they were not available but sent me a phone number yo call. I called the number and it again said no one was available and I should contact the booking hotel directly… again not helpful since I was in their lobby and they had no reservation on file. Priceline never got back to me and we had to drive around and find another hotel last minute. When I tried to call to get a refund and did finally get someone on the phone now they are telling me that the hotel has me down as a “No Show”… neither Priceline or the hotel will take responsibility for this even when I asked them to check the security footage. I guess the hotel can just say anyone was a “no show”, then they get your money and the money of the person who actually got to stay in the hotel for the night. Priceline is taking no responsibility for this as the booking agent… book at your own risk because the customer service rep was atrocious and now I am out 2 nights worth of $$$ with no refund!

Don’t ever buy a ticket through Priceline. I got a trip cancelation and contacted the airlines directly for a refund. The airlines approved the refund and sent me an email said that the refund has been sent to Priceline and I have to contact them to get it. Priceline refused to issue me the refund even though they received it in full from the airlines . I asked to be transferred to the supervisor, I’m still waiting fir their call back. The other issue is I booked another flight and payed more for the main cabin then I found out they booked me a basic for the price if main cabin. I’ve been calling them fir three days they put me on hold then after 1 hour they disconnect the call. They are irresponsible, ignorant and steal your money . Don’t ever trust Priceline for your travel need . If there is another word to describe how bad they are I would use it. Even 1 star is too much for them. I wonder how they are still in business?

WARNING TO CUSTOMERS!!. This service is a huge rip off they steal your money they make it nonrefundable they lie they don’t give you any information about anything that you need to know. They double booked me for two separate hotels on the same night and still charge me $125 for a hotel that I did not stay in for a night all because they booked it never told me never made me aware in any place not a text message not an email not anywhere on their stupid app no point did they ever let me know there was another booking not even the hotel was aware of this second booking, they never had meEven in the system according to the hotel Priceline never at any point made me aware of this second hotel booking so I never got $125 refunded because of their policy which is ridiculous so buyer beware you better watch your bank account because that’s the only time you’ll ever know you were charge for something that you didn’t use until it’s nonrefundable zero stars if I could I would sue them if I could just for the horrible horrible customer service and the ridiculousness of their policies and practices.!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 25.6.1
Play Store com.priceline.negotiator
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight was published in the category Travel on 27 October 2009, Tuesday and was developed by [Developer ID: 336382001]. This program file size is 106.49 MB. This app has been rated by 933,320 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight - Travel app posted on 29 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 25.6.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.priceline.negotiator. Languages supported by the app:

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Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are always working towards getting you the best prices! To improve your booking experience, we've made the following changes: - Find flights more easily with our new checkout experience! We've added haptics feedback and you can now use Apple Pay or Affirm to book. - Let us help you find your next trip with enhanced hotel search and recommendations for nearby travel destinations. - We've fixed bugs and made changes aimed at enhancing the overall performance of the app.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Priceline - Hotel, Car, Flight. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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