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What is southwest airlines app? Book a flight in just a few easy steps
Check in, change or cancel your flights. Plus, add extras like EarlyBird Check-In®.

Super-Fast Shopping & Booking
Book a trip in just a few quick taps. Use Face ID® to make booking even faster! You can also store your credit cards.

Everything you need to Travel
Get the information you need right at your fingertips on the home screen - gate information, boarding position, flight status, and more.

Boarding Pass on the Go
Get mobile boarding passes for all passengers on your trip 24 hours in advance. Southwest passes have rich color and bold font, which makes seeing your Gate and Boarding Position very clear. Find the details you need quickly: Flight Number, Confirmation Number, Boarding Time, Tier Status, and TSA Pre-Check. Don’t forget to add your Mobile Boarding Passes to Apple Wallet!

Apple Pay®
Apple Pay® is now available as a payment option in the iOS app! This is an additional option to our other available payment methods - PayPal® or Credit/Debit Cards.

Travel Funds
You can now use flight credits, Southwest LUV Vouchers, and gift cards when changing your flight in the app. Your unused Southwest® flight credit(s) will show in ‘My Account’, within ‘travel funds’ section.

Inflight Entertainment
Use the app to take you to our Inflight Entertainment Portal1 where you can watch free live TV2, listen to free music from iHeartRadio2, access free on-demand TV episodes, and view free movies.

1Available only on WiFi-enabled aircraft. Limited time offer. Where available. 2Due to licensing restrictions, on WiFi-enabled international flights free live TV and iHeartRadio may not be available for the full duration of flight.

Live Chat
Contact our Customer Representatives through Live Chat by scrolling down to Contact Us in the navigation drawer and then tap on “Chat.”

Airport Pickup and Drop-off
Thanks to our partnership with Lyft®, you can now use the app to help you request a Lyft®! You’ll know key information like estimated time of arrival and estimated price before booking. More of a rental car person? You can do that in the app, too.

Cars, Hotels, and Vacations
Use our app to quickly book all of your travel needs.

Earn Rewards when you Travel
Sign up for Rapid Rewards® and earn points on your flights. Did you forget to add your Rapid Rewards® number during booking? – No worries, add it after booking your flight and earn points. You can then use those points to purchase more flights!

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App Name Southwest Airlines
Category Travel
Updated 20 July 2023, Thursday
File Size 131.29 MB

Southwest Airlines Comments & Reviews 2023

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A great suggestion from my Sis. While planning for this trip to see my Sis in Washington, I must have looked on every site and looked up every travel carrier there is. A very slow and tedious process. I was so done and about to give up because I could not find what I wanted which was a cheap trip from Seattle, WA to Long Beach, Ca where I live. I did not want to be anywhere near LAX’s chaos, I just wanted to get home quickly. My Sis suggested Southwest which I was surprised that I hadn’t checked out. Booked me a trip just like! THEN - my hubby told of a time conflict he had - he had to be back in LBG on Monday. No problem, I thought, I’ll just talk to a rep to get the date changed. And I did talked to the rep and she assured me of the change. I printed out the tickets, didn’t look at the dates and left. (My bad) It wasn’t until I got ready to check in for the flight that I started having problems. Called a rep and guess what- no dates had been changed. Had to cancel so many things - horrible! The rep I talked to was so nice -LIZ - which why the rating is as it is but that rep bought it down. You only had ONE job...

South west experience. After being restricted from travel for over a year it was refreshing to hear the upbeat help when calling into southwest for help with my companion ticket. Employees who were proud of Southwest 50 years in business and thru the covin pandemic that they did not lay off employees. This did not stop at the phone call. when arriving at the airport I was not familiar with the smart phone check in. I question another southwest employee regarding the lack of our TSA Pre check on the screen, she was happy to show us that it was there on another screen that we were not aware of. Upon boarding the plane the crew chief and the pilot had a very good entertaining dialogue that exhibited a up beat and positive attitude that is hard to believe after a year of uncertainty. Upon arriving at Ft Lauderdale the pilot came out and thanked everyone for flying Southwest. From my first time flying in over a year I must say you are doing something correct and it is showing in your Employees. Russell Wantz

Southwest employees. I was not accustomed to flying when I first boarded your airline in 2017 I think it was. And I need assistance to and from the gate. I was helped and treated so respectfully by the airline except for one person who helped me with the wheelchair in the airport at Chicago O’hare. He didn’t want to spend his time pushing me and he made it quite clear. He was very rude to me. I have since flown into Midway as suggested by a friend. He said they were much better there and that is true. I was treated very nice every time I have been through there. I love flying Southwest. Everyone is so courteous and helpful to me. Believe me it really makes a difference how you are treated. The first experience almost made me just stay home forever rather than ask for help. But my friend encouraged me to try Midway and I’m glad I did. My friends live in Monee, Illinois and I was able to attend ones’s wedding and about to go to another friends wedding. I love Southwest Airlines and the free two bags is a huge perk. Thank you all for making this airline the best!!!

A bit confused. Awaiting the boarding of my most recent flight. I was so happy that I was able to get such an early boarding spot, but then watched as around 15 people boarded when pre-boarding was called. These were not individuals with obvious health challenges, in fact quite a few were together and as they stood and waited beside me, we joking at how they asked and were given pre-boarding. I fully understand that not all health issues are obvious, but then they are joking about how they got it, and then what really troubled me, is that the gate person boarded them before at least four individuals who were in wheel chairs. Customers who walked on board, were boarded before individuals who were in wheel chairs and probably needed the front seats more. This ain’t the first time I’ve actually been sitting and speaking with individuals who have been given pre-boarding, when they had no medical condition. It’s just frustrating, that things are not being handled fairly for everyone.

Not accurate reservation info. I had made a round trip coast to coast reservation. A confirmed email was sent with the right itinerary but when I logged into my SW app account it showed a different return itinerary that was clearly incorrect. Had to call SW to make sure my trip was correct before I flew. Had to be on hold for 15 min before I could talk to someone. Very inconvenient and didn’t want to have problems if stuck in another state halfway through my trip. Also paid for Early Bird check in and although I got A39 boarding for the initial 1.5 hr part of my trip, the second part and longest 3.5 hr ride, had to change planes and boarding was a B04. Personally for that Early Bird check in money you should get A boarding assignments even if you have to change planes. I have gotten better boarding assignments when checking in on my own and didn’t have to pay a fee. I do always travel with SW and enjoy the airline but have had problems with their online app more then once. I have flown other airlines and they have always changed my seat assignments which is absolutely a “no no” to me, since when I booked they give you a choice to pick from available seats and not always the seats that we were changed to my family was not able to sit together.

Total disrespect for paying customers. If I pay extra for early checkin I expect to board before 6 year olds. If two announcements are made to not store coats in overhead or put both your carry-ons in overhead until boarding is complete I expect the flight attendants to do their jobs during boarding and shut people down who do it. Even just supporting me when I point it out and move the coats so I can stow a roller board would be appreciated. Instead they shrug their shoulders. Ridiculous. What constitutes a disability for this airline seems to be the personal decision that one is entitled to board early. Is all of Phoenix disabled? If you need more time to board you need more time to deplane. These people should sit themselves down after the plane lands so those of us who wait our turn can get off first. How do these people reconcile their right to board early for free when they don’t check their roller bags and manage to get them up and down without difficulty? I will never fly on this airline again if I have another choice. You have completely lost sight of why you became popular with people who are frequent flyers. Paying for early checkin should not be “got lucky”. Families should wait until ALL people who paid early have boarded.

Good app overall, enhancements needed. The app is great if you’re booking your standard one way or roundtrip fares. It would be nice if you could book multiple destinations and legs of a trip within one booking in the app the way you can on the website. Also, it would be great if you could purchase inflight wifi from the app since our credit card and info is already attached there. Currently, you go through the website and browser. Also, if southwest could figure out a sign-in situation for the wifi to use on more than one device you own, that would be great. I had to pay $8 twice because I purchased the wifi on my phone first and then realized I needed to get work done on my laptop but could not use the same connection on more than one device. I believe Delta has figured it out, but it would be a great enhancement so I’m not double-paying or have to change my phone plan to use that as a hotspot for my laptop. If we’ve paid for wifi, it’s fair to be able to use it on multiple devices you own through some sign-on feature.

Outstanding reservation individual. Margot in your Bozeman gate agent was absolutely a lifesaver. Although we had to rebook to another flights April 4 to April 5 as it was totally my fault. At some point in time in early December I must have mistakenly pressed the spam button and any correspondence from Southwest Airlines went into my Spam file. I therefore never received the flight change Southwest sent to me. We arrived at the Bozeman airport for the 10:40 am April 4th flight Denver then on to IND. Margot told us we were scheduled on the 5:55am flight which obviously had departed. I thought she was giving us an April Fools Day (late) joke! No joke! Although my husband and I now have plans disrupted as we are going to our grandsons wedding in Indianapolis, Margot was a breath of fresh air and rebooked us for April 5 at 5:55am. Unfortunately I had to spend another $160 to get us the Early Bird “A” seats as we lost those due to my error! My husband has trouble walking so we need to take care of him! There are gate agents and there are gate agents…Margot is definitely a Southwest Airlines asset and should be commended for great attitude and outstanding customer service! Thank you again Southwest! Thomas and June Russell

Southwest Airlines. Having spent many years traveling both domestic and international, I decided many years ago to use Southwest exclusively for my domestic flights. It is the only airline that hasn’t stopped allowing luggage to be included in their airfares, also taking your animal with you is also less expensive. Even though I have a hard time justifying the cost being charged as they must be in approved carry on and be under the seat, they are still the best alternative. I have never had a bad experience with any of the flight personnel, most are super friendly and accommodating, as long as we as passengers behave with respect and courtesy. Planes are generally clean and as comfortable as possible, even though the bottom line people keep trying to get as many passengers as possible on a flight. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion and gratitude for the people who have served me.

Everything is a hassle. I bought a ticket that says they would auto check in for me 24 hours ahead and got an email confirmation that I was checked in. I was assigned an A number, and downloaded my boarding passes to my phone for my flight as well as my connecting flight. When I went to check in my bag, the attendant scolded me that I had not printed a bag tag and told me “look at everyone else they have tags on their bags“ and I offered to leave the line and go to the kiosk and print it. She printed it for me and told me I should’ve already printed it. On my incoming trip, they printed your bag tag when you brought your bag to the counter. My bag left and I went to the gate with boarding pass in hand, but they would not let me board and said I hadn’t checked in. Too bad for me (and rude). I had to go to the attendant and could no longer board with the A’s despite paying for business class. She printed me a boarding pass and scolded me “don’t get stressed out, everyone’s getting there at the same.” That’s 3 rude Southwest employees within 30 minutes. You’d think they would be trained that sometimes traveling is stressful for customers, and being unkind doesn’t help. I was so scared I wouldn’t get home that I was in tears by the time I boarded. My connecting flight was announced it would board in 5 minutes and we all got up. Five minutes later we were told it was delayed over 2 hours and sat back down. These things happen, but there’s no need to be unkind to customers.

Cancellation without reason.... We are recently out of state on a brief getaway. With extremely busy schedules, we can’t afford to miss scheduled appointments for work. Our flight that was scheduled to return us home today was cancelled last evening without a reason why. We have been trying for over twelve hours to get a new flight with Southwest and unable to get answers to questions we have. We understand inconveniences happen and that some of this is out of anyone’s control, but it’s common courtesy to explain what the issues are at hand. If you have to be on hold for 112 minutes it seems there should be another means of communicating. If there aren’t enough physical bodies to respond then other options should be available. This is my first real disappointing scenario with Southwest, but one that we feel a response is needed. The weather couldn’t have been an issue unless prematurely decided on.

Flight prices. Flight prices are no cheaper than other airlines at this time for many flights. On another subject...I called twice on Wednesday night, March 30. The first call informed me I would have a 60+ minutes wait & offered a callback without losing my place in line. As promised I received a callback but the automated callback kept repeating the same info even though I pressed the number 1 each time I was instructed to. Then it eventually disconnected my callback. I called SW again and was told I would have a 30+ minutes wait and again offered a callback without losing my place in line. Well...once again, as promised, I received a callback with the same automated messaging and the exact same thing occurred. My response was not acknowledged and the call was disconnected again. Poor customer service for the first time ever by SW and before the pandemic I was a frequent flyer. I hope this improves.

Why I Prefer Southwest. My job requires that do a lot of traveling, the majority by air. Southwest makes flying easy for me. The Mobile App is quick and easy to use. If I need to change a flight, that is so easy and I really appreciate no change fee! I don’t have that with other airlines! The No Baggage Fee is the reason I started with SW, but the convenience of flying with them has kept me as a customer. I love the no hassle boarding and open seating policy. If they flew more routes to the Northeast, I would never fly any other airline. But the real reason I am a true SW Flier is their employees. Whether it’s the Sky Cap, the Counter Agents, the Flight Attendants, or the lady in the Lost Baggage Office (yes, it does happen) I have found all SW employees to go above and beyond what I experience on other airlines. They seem to really enjoy their job. And for the pilots (of which I’m a member of the club and tend to grade landings) you are the best! Keep doing what you are doing and I’m a Southwest customer for life!

Need more validation. Originally had trip dates of 15-24 Oct. I decided to change, but ONLY the departure date. In the process I must have changed also the return flight (although when prompted I only checked the departure flight box). I called reservations right away. Seconds after I got the confirmation and noticed the wrong dates. I got absolutely nowhere with your person. He could not or would not help me at all. I think if you make it to where the customer has to check a ‘box’ conforming the dates are correct or show the new dates in big bold letters - that will go along way to help us avoid mistakes. Anyway, he quoted me another $242 to get the dates I wanted after having just paid $35 minutes earlier. Of course I declined and went in the app again and found the same dates I asked him for, but for only $41. In the end this whole ordeal cost me about 1 hour of my time and a total of $76 ($35 the first change and the addition $41 for the second change all within minutes of each other). The person I spoke to was definitely not helpful. He kept saying he understood, but didn’t offer any good solutions. I rather he helped me and not tell me he understood. Thanks for letting me comment. Abe Vega

Best service for average flyer. I have flown Southwest for years and their service has improved steadily. Their personnel are friendlier, polite, and go the extra mile to accommodate their passengers’ normal requests and needs. Their prices are reasonable and the no change fees are wonderful. I also love the 2-bag limit at no extra charge. Seating is easy with their no assigned seats by their first-come, first serve check in policy with the choice to purchase the Early Bird option. Their vacation packages are a good value, also. It’s really not complicated to book flights and earn points with their Rapid Rewards program. However, since the pandemic, they’ve lost personnel so getting customer service via phone involves a much longer wait. I hope they restore their 24-hour phone service as it used to be. They’re truly helpful with their special needs passengers, too, from the check in all the way to boarding. I plan on continuing to fly Southwest in my travels. Vicki Payne

Flight Delays and Rebookings. My family and I were scheduled to fly out of Baltimore on Wednesday January 5, 2022 at 2:20pm heading to New Orleans to attend an event on Thursday at 7pm. My flight was initially rebooked to Thursday, January 6 at 8:30am with a different connection city. That flight was then delayed until 9:45am, then rebooked to a different 8:30am flight with a new connection that had me arrive in New Orleans by way of Austin, TX at 5:00pm. Upon arriving in Austin i was greeted with two more texts delaying the flight out of Austin by an additional 2 hours with a new arrival time of 7:06pm. The flight was then delayed further to 6pm and subsequently 7:30pm arriving in New Orleans at 9:15pm. I had to scramble a book my family on a different airline at additional cost to arrive in New Orleans on time. I initially spoke to an agent who attempted to tell me that there were weather issues in Baltimore (which there were not) and other cities which caused delays throughout the system and there was nothing he could do. After two more delays i called back and waited in queue for over 30 minutes and did not speak with anyone. What was supposed to be a two day trip for my family will end up being a trip of less than 24 hours if i cannot manage to change the return flight.

Account Retrieval. I love SWA and the app is great. My only bit of criticism is the ability retrieve a forgotten password/username. I am just now getting back into traveling and haven’t flown SWA since before the pandemic. Needless to say, I had forgotten both my user name, pass word and Rapid rewards number. It appeared you needed to RR# for pretty much everything and had I had it to begin with this process would have been easier. My email address was and old work email so my verification process was limited. With out the RR# I couldn’t even get to my security questions. My only suggestion is have the ability to set up a phone verification by voice or text. My email has changed but I have had my mobile number for 20+ years. It would have simplified the process. I even tried setting up a new account but couldn’t because my email had already been used and luckily when I restarted traveling my email from 3 years ago still works now with Hyatt so I got lucky and was able to authenticate myself. The process was a little cumbersome;however, with that said, I appreciate the security of my account. Just a friendly observation but overall I will fly SWA as much as possible. My hotel is the host hotel for the crews in When they overnight in tulsa and I love working with Aaron Karen’s and Sonya. They are fair and decent people and so are the crews that they represent. Keep up the great work!!!

Desiree Guerra. I am beyond disappointed. I called day before yesterday to change my flight because I was concerned about the weather. I specifically asked the customer service representative if my early bird would transfer. She kept me on hold for 10 minutes then told me that she had to do some investigating and it did transfer. Even sent me a second email showing me it transferred. When I checked in this morning to my surprise I did not get early bird. So I call and the next customer service rep I talked to gave me the run around and basically the first customer service rep had lied to me!! So after paying an additional $126 to change my flight I now how no eRly bird that I paid for and was told did transfer. Then I was told to call another customer service number to address this issue and I was on the phone waiting for someone for 30 minutes!!! If I had known Southwest was going to be so cavalier about taking care of their customers after the money has been spent I would have never given them my business. Just a suggestion, pay the extra for a more professional airline. It’s worth it!!

No need to call “Customer Support” for this need.. Needed to change a ticket; departure airport and date. I initially called Customer Support. There was a wait period and the system offered a call back. Since I was on my landline with the information needed on my mobile device. I contemplated waiting for the call back but while looking at the mobile I saw that I could possibly do the changes (modify) myself. I declined the call back and proceeded to MODIFY my flight requirements. The process was GREAT including paying the delta of the fare with my card that was on file. Additionally I could have paid with other options such as Apple Pay and Paypal. In this case the need for human intervention was not needed. However there have been times that is has been needed. So Southwest please do not eliminate your human access/contact for your customers even as AI becomes more prevalent. This will be a major differentiator for your airline. As a cost of doing business. Your overall profits will be rewarded. In summary- instead of waiting 16 mins for a call back. I was able to handle my business with Southwest in under 5 minutes. Again the process was Great!!

Ease of changing flight. Hi. My daughter was at work when she realized her mistake of ticket dates. She called me with her flight number and asked me to change it because she was so worried tickets will be sold for the weekend she really wanted. There was a real sense of urgency and I have never done this before, so I was kind of nervous. I have to say it was a lot easier to do, than I thought it would be. I appreciate that. I was very disheartened to see the difference in ticket prices. She was so happy to get to come home for $147. The price what kind of shocking to me, but I guess that’s what we get for our mistakes. Also, I think the policy stinks when it comes to being in this frequent flyer club. I bought several tickets for my daughters, but I don’t get the points when I pay for someone else to fly. I feel I should get the points, whether I’m paying for my own ticket or for either of my daughters. I would’ve had a lot of miles by now, but I didn’t realize I wasn’t collecting them when paying for others to fly. Just my two cents. Thank you. Christine Griffin

Love SouthWest. I travel for my Company and have the choice of airlines. My choice is Southwest. One great example of WHY: on February 17 on flight 5, I was waiting to call for boarding. I was sitting at the end of a row of seats - one empty seat in between myself and an elderly couple. Here comes the captain (Captain Mark) - got his name when he announced it after we boarded - and sat down with the couple to speak with them to explain that it was not normal to have to change planes but he assured them they would get to their destination on time. I was listening as it was so touching - the man was so grateful that the captain took the time to come talk to them as his wife had a doctor appt and could not miss it! He even took the time to pull up the layout of the airport destination on his iPad so they would know where to go. (Made my eyes leak 🤗). The Flight Attendants have a tough job on every flight keeping everyone happy and safe. Kudos to all of you! Love the positive energy and sense of humor. Respectfully,

Sales Trap. My daughter purchased us tickets as a surprise to visit her. We wanted to return in an earlier flight so we logged into my husband’s SW account to change out flight. The system allowed me to go through the entire process, until the end where it showed a message that we did not have enough points for the change BUT we could purchase additional points to complete the transaction. So, we purchased additional points, went back into the system to make the change and at the very last step, we got a message that we could not make the change since the tickets were purchased on our daughter’s account. We called and verified that, yup, this was true. We asked the agent to void the transaction that we had just done purchasing the extra points, since those were useless now, she refused! I messaged SW with the same request, they refused! If the system was not going to allow us to make the change under our account, we should have received that message early in while trying to make the change! Instead, we were prompted to purchase additional points and THEN told we couldn’t make the change! Unethical sales tactic!!!!

Horrible experience. The customer service was very rude. I have been on a plane over 10 times and Ive always had great friendly/funny Pilots, flight attendants, anybody working on the plane that Ive encountered customer service with. And to me thats one of the most important things. They were EXTREMELY rude while I started to feel sick on the plane which has never happened to me before I always have great flights with no problems, but usually I fly through Delta. I will NEVER fly with Southwest again because of how rude the workers were to not even just me. They were also super slow on getting our drinks out and no snacks were offered, which I thought all airlines offered snacks. And when I was using the bathroom I had forgotten to lock the door, one of the ladys working knocks and then OPENS the door to tell me I need to lock it. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of going to the bathroom I was just about to wash my hands...I didnt notice if maybe the door was slightly open and she saw that I wasnt going to the bathroom so she opened it..but either way I thought it was rude of her to just open the bathroom door knowing I was in there. I didnt happen to catch the girls name that I had bad experiences with but she had short blonde hair, slightly bigger.

Great. Hello This is the first time I have used online boarding passes. So far this has been great. It is a shame that I cannot use my drink coupon on this flight. Considering I have purchased it in my flight pricing. I think they could use anti viral spray to sterilize the drink cans if anyone worries about this sham going on. Hopefully everything will go according to plan? This is the first time I’ve flown in over five years. The enforcement of rules that aren’t law has prevented me from being comfortable spending my hard earned cash with companies that blindly follow communist agendas. But, that is for another topic another day. I am looking forward to my trip and seeing my family. Southwest prices are fair and I love! That this company has gone against the trend of charging for bags that are normally expected for a trip. I know some people try to be cheap and take advantage of companies by over stuffing their carry-ons. It’s not right. That’s why I have chosen Southwest to be my favorite airline. Because they are helping the American people make more things possible by not being greedy with charges. Thank you for being the best. I am a Texan also. Thank GOD!!

Difficult to Book Two people using travel funds. I tried to book a trip for my wife and myself at the same time (2 travelers). When it got to the payment portion I tried to use travel funds from another trip that was cancelled during COVID last year. We had booked that other trip together (2 travelers) and consequently we both had the same confirmation number. I was able to only apply the funds from my half of that other flight, but when I tried to add the funds from my wife’s half of that trip using the same confirmation number but with her name, the app wouldn’t allow it and said that confirmation number and those funds (for my half only) had already been applied. I eventually had to cancel the reservation, go back into the app and book my flight separately, then book my wife’s flight separately before I could apply the travel funds. Not a very user-friendly app, especially when you have to go back and re-enter ALL of the passenger info again. I’m not impressed with the app!

Delayed notifications and higher prices. Always thought this was a fine app. Nice to have everything in one place. But here’s what to know... flights are cheaper on the website. Even as I type that I don’t even believe it would be true, but yesterday the same exact flight in the app was $536 total for two people, but on the website it was $386. I was in the middle of checkout in the app when I thought maybe there was a flight leaving a little later. So I searched in a web browser and the same exact flight I was about to purchase, came up but for nearly $100 cheaper per person! I really didn’t believe it. I quit the app, reloaded the website in a private tab... re-did the search on both places and again: same exact flight was almost $100 more in the app than on the website. Not all the flights were priced differently (in fact, only 1 other in my quick search), but needless to say I bought the flight on the web instead of the app. Also, it’s currently 11am and I just got a notification from the app about my flight which landed 3 hours ago. Soooo, don’t rely on the app for timely notifications or best prices.

Mobile Boarding Passed with Multiple Travelers. Recently we purchased tickets to flight to California for a family trip. We had one reservation but 5 travelers total. When we tried to check in outside the 24hr window, the app gave some odd error message stating that this reservation was not eligible for check in, which is not true... we were outside the check in window, but we were eligible for check in. Once inside the window we were able to check in, but we were not able to download the mobile boarding passes. Instead we were directed on the app to go to kiosk and print them. In doing web search on SWAs website about multiple boarding passes with one reservation it apparently is doable, but when I called customer service to inquire they state that it’s not which is it? We recently flew with American Airlines and I was able to do this with their app. We simply checked in, downloaded the boarding passes and airdropped them to my family. Since SWA prides itself on its innovative and progressive approaches, I wonder why they can’t get with the times and fix this seemingly simple issue. As a long time customer, and someone with a large family, traveling can be a hassle, so if SWA can make our lives easier by fixing this we ALL would be much appreciative!!

Beware Southwest Voucher. I received a Southwest 100 voucher from Southwest after spending several hours delayed in the airport. I was pleasantly surprised until a attempted to use it but needed to cancel due to family emergency. What they FAILED to tell me is the voucher number changed to the flight I cancelled thus when I attempted to use it utilizing the voucher number it wouldn’t let me. I attempted to call southwest but this was during the hurricane emergency and several of their customer service locations were not available. I certainly understood that so I went ahead and scheduled my flight WITHOUT the voucher credit. Finally I got ahold of someone who said they could extend for another year because of my trouble and they could see where I had flown again with the voucher but they encouraged me to wait a couple of more months to call and extend since they could only do it once. I did so but the person I got said no. I explained to numerous phone calls and what I had been told but again was said no and no dialogue had been entered into my record. Be careful with your voucher IF you receive one. Southwest does not have the customer service it use to have.

So convenient and reasonably priced!. I can always find the flight I need with Southwest Airlines! Many times I can get a direct flight, too. I fly about six, round trip flights, per year and Southwest has never failed me. Whenever I need customer support, I can always reach a live person who never transfers me all around, but helps me through the whole process. The flight attendants are personable, but professional. They have no problem holding passengers accountable for procedures and expectations. The pilots do a great job greeting the passengers and get us to our destinations as quickly as they can. I have the southwest Chase Visa, so many of my flights are booked with points. It gives me real peace of mind knowing I can cancel or change my flights with ease. I can do everything with the Southwest app which is on my phone. If every enterprise could operate as efficiently as Southwest the world would be a much happier place.

Perfect Model. I love the business model of Southwest. People are treated equally based upon needed. There is no classism built into the business model of Southwest. Those with greatest needs are serviced first and then everyone else has an equal chance to sit anywhere in the cabin of the plane they choose. No curtains being pulled to divide customers based upon class. I love this! At the most, you can pay up to $50 to improve your number in line for entering the plane. This fee is not so high that only a few can afford it and it’s the max fee, your fee could be as low as $15. The pilots and flight attendants are friendly and seem to enjoy their job. They deal with passengers who out of compliance with federal regulations (such as being on a phone call after the door has closed when pushing away from the gate) in a friendly and gentle manner. If there is a Southwest flight available for my trip, I will always choose Southwest over any other airline available. Thank you, Southwest. We see the efforts your company is making to do good business. You’ve earned a loyal customer in me!

Southwest my Goto Airline. Southwest is my Goto Airline! Southwest (SW) has been my Goto airlines for the past 14 years since my oldest daughter starting traveling for Debate competitions and my other children followed. SW’s customer service has always been on point, helpful, and quick service-faster than most. They are a passenger friendly service with luggage + carryon, airfare + exchanges! They still put the passenger/customer needs a part of the equation when you are PLANNING a trip! Keyword here “planning.” Most of us don’t always know what outcomes of our trips may be. Take a college student athlete graduating.. that student could have a date for you, so you purchase the tickets in advance in order to get the best pricing. Four weeks later the college changes the date of graduation, and you are left with only 2-3 wks before the new graduation date, having to change all your plans! SW, has always helped us with unexpected changes w/o penalizing with outrageous fees for things we couldn’t prevent or needed to change. Thanks Southwest for being our No.1, Goto Airline Service. I am grateful for all your service. I am grateful you service the needs of your customers where possible and being there to help. Denise

Management failure with billions in federal support. Having to rebook and takes several days vacation more just to get home would have been completely avoidable had SWA invested the billions it received in federal pandemic funds to modernize crew scheduling and internal systems to avoid the near-complete shutdown of its schedule this month. SWA also imposes turnaround times for aircraft and crews that cannot pass a stress test and leaves tens of thousands of customers stranded—not due to weather, but due to cost-cutting “efficiency” measures. Not pleased. Lost confidence I once had in SWA over other major air carriers. My family is now four days behind schedule and worried that we’ll either be canceled again on Thursday in the last hour while waiting in line at the airport or left stranded without our bags at our connection point hundreds of miles from where we sit now and where we live. We now lack confidence in SWA. FYI, when we rebooked with the desk agent at 04:30 on Monday, the first thing she said as we wondered when we would fly from Portland Int’l to San Diego was not that SWA would get us home, but that we would be better off driving the 1,200 miles to get there than wait for our flight arrangements to be made. She was only trying to give dependable advice and that is sad.

Be careful repricing existing reservations when your flight price has gone down. I love SW in general, but recently when there was a fare sale, I thought I’d check to see if my current reservations had gone down in price/points. I checked a round trip flight with the same days and times and saw that it would save me 5406 points. Great. So I went to “manage my reservations”, brought up my reservation, clicked change, and it indicated that the same days and times would only reduce my total points used by 1544 points! That’s messed up. To get the 5406 points savings, I had to create a whole new reservation and then cancel my original reservation. Of course, that only works if you have enough points to do the new booking (I was too afraid to cancel the original before booking the new cheaper flight in case it would somehow sell out in the few minutes while I did the rebooking). I called SW about this to report the discrepancy and have them just make the change properly to my original flight, but the wait was 60 minutes, so I did the rebooking method (sale ends today and I didn’t want to miss it or have it sell out while on hold), but stayed on hold to report the problem. When the rep came on, she said it should have showed the same price/point reduction with both methods - but it didn’t! Always check!

I love Southwest. I love coz they are affordable. The only negative I always encountered there every time I used this airlines is their Staff/Crew on the Counter. Rude and They don’t have proper management what they’re doing. As long as they can take all their passengers in the Aircraft that it. Lacking of Customer service Care, they do not know how to alleviate the concerns or issues of their customers. It’s was my first time with them. My last trip their was I missed my flight with them not only once but twice same day and time. Coz the instructions of the Crew in the counter was not directed to my question. She just said catch the next flight and she didn’t told me that I have to update my flight ticket. coz she seem so busy on the computer etc. Anyway it was terrible and horrible experienced if I remembered those. All the Staff in the terminal counter of SW are lacking of proper training. Inside the aircraft it different they’re Friendly and Professional crew.

Dr Sue E Pressman. SWA is always my first airline of choice. The customer service is the highest, in my opinion, in the airline industry. I once lost my wallet on the flight. Not only did they find it and contact me, but it was sent to the headquarters and mailed back to me with everything in tact!!! Including all the money!! Southwest Rocks!!! Please; never go out of business!!! In contrast, I once left my beautiful leather jacket on a Delta flight. The plane was still at the gate and when I realized, almost immediately, that I had left the jacket in the overhead bin, I reported it to the gate attendant. I got no help and never got the jacket back. One other time with Delta, I had to check my bag at the gate because the overhead bins were full. That had valuable personal items in the bag. The bag was stollen, no ID put into the computer and I never got it back. For at least 5 years I have put Delta airlines out of business, in my mind. Again...Southwest is the B E S T!!! Every other airline and many other industries can learn a lot by paying attention to the SWA business model. Dr. Sue Pressman Licensed Professional Counselor Certified Career Counselor Board Certified Coach

Kicked off plane. I am unbelievably just made by the way I was treated by Southwest Airlines. My mask slipped on my nose because I have a very small face. Stewardess did ask me to put it up and I did. I had my mask on the entire flight except when I was eating.I deep boarded the plane and our connection and then go back on the plane. It was very hot and I was having a hard time breathing. I asked for some water and they told me they were not serving any beverages on the flight. I was having a really hard time so my friend asked the flight attendant again for some water. They did bring it over and I drank it and I put my mask back up. Then I was approached by someone who works for Southwest and asked me if I was having a hard time breathing. I told her I got some water and I was OK. Then another Southwest employee asked me to get off the plane. They kicked me off the flight with nothing. An airport in a city I know nothing about. I had to tell them I had medication on my checked bag and they finally got my bag off the plane. I went down to baggage claim and had to ask a cab driver where I should go. I’m at the Holiday Inn express now and I’m waiting for my flight for the morning. Thank you Southwest for ruining my vacation and I will never fly your airline again.

Cluster. Prior to this trip Southwest was my go to airline. However after this trip it may be a long time for them to regain my trust. It took 18 hours to fly from San Antonio to Las Vegas. Which included loosing my luggage until the last night of my stay. I had my tablet in my bag so I showed the baggage folks where my bag was but they said it will come in the next day. I called the next day and talked to corporate and they gave me the number of the airport. I called that number it went to voicemail and said it was full then routed me to another number where it just hung up. So for two full days my bag sat at the airport but no effort to call or deliver my bag. Finally I ubered to the airport to get my bag before the wedding but at the same time they finally sent the bag to the hotel with no notification. So more wasted money on Uber for a unnecessary trip. Not to mention having to buy a shirt to be able to attend the rehearsal dinner. I have not talked to southwest about this other than the baggage team but will do so.

Southwest Cares. I made a reservation for my 50th class reunion for the end of September from Tampa to Baltimore. In the meantime, I had monitored the health of my sister-in-law who had early onset dementia and was not doing well. I changed the flight first to the 13th. Then I changed it to the 3rd as she was getting worse. Finally, on the 26th of August I was informed he had a few days left so I looked at the schedule and decided the 27th would have cost me too much to fly so I called to schedule for the 28th. I called as I also had to change the destination to Philly instead of Baltimore. When I told the gentleman on the phone the situation, he asked me if I wanted to fly the next day and I told him I would love to but could not afford the expensive flights. He said hold on a minute and came back and said he arranged for me to go the next day at no extra charge. I couldn’t believe it and was in tears. Because of him and Southwest caring, I made it in time to see my sister-in-law before she passed.

Will never fly SW again. First, we had a flight canceled on our departure which delayed our arrival to our vacation destination by one day resulting in significant cost to our family… extra hotel night and food with no assistance or reimbursement provided by SW. We were told it was canceled due to weather which must be questioned because other flights still left Denver and our luggage made it to our destination before we did. We were told there were no other flights available that night so how did our luggage beat us to SLC? Then our return flights were again cancelled and we received no reimbursement for two extra nights in a hotel, food and losing a day of work for two of us and a day of college for our son. Again, we were told it was due to weather which has to be questioned again because SW was still flying east bound. In the future we will pay more to fly another airline and avoid SW. Our money will not go to an airline that makes promises of services/flights and then when canceled calls it “weather” in order to avoid reimbursing their customers. SW advertises a “fun” flying experience. This has been our first and last experience with your airline. All our friends, colleagues, and social media contacts will be told of our horrible experience with SW.

Quick and convenient flight checks credited me over 12,000 pts!!. Having quick access to me booked flights and updates saved me over 12,000 rewards pts as I was reviewing my holiday travel plans. While checking a booked FLT from 2 months ago, I investigated any options to change my FLT time on that date. In doing so I noticed my EXISTING reservation had the lower fare tier open up (which was not the case when I booked) …I was able to change my tier with a touch of my screen and keep my same FLT while getting over 12,000 reward points credited to my account. I am an A List Member because I choose SWA over any other company for my travels and those of my family’s. I HAVE FOUND THAT They are the most CONSISTENT airlines on EVERY LEVEL..customer service extraordinaire, flight times without major disruptions and 24 Hr live Customer service agents at the ready…kind and helpful. Sticking with a proven airlines company who’s decisions from STEM to STERN have been A+. Wise leadership and forethought purchasing/locking in 2yr ADVANCE fuel prices during fuel cost hikes lead to them providing a level of security for offering fairly priced fare costs.

And you wonder why people get upset. I have flown for your airline for 20 years and never had an experience like this. First your airline boarding person decided to early board with no notice or change to your app boarding time. When I showed up on time almost the whole plane was already boarded at 10:25. I then questioned him and he told me to calm down and he had no idea what the policy was. I told him I had A boarding and when your app took time to download the boarding pass (due to it doing one at a time and I was with my family) he was an absolute jerk and said well it is not ready and let others go who were the last stragglers of C boarding. He did this two other times as I was waiting for your app to download my children’s boarding pass. I said to him “you are now being a jerk” to which he said well it wasn't going fast enough. I told him this is your app and how you have people board. He did not care and said oh well. Absolute horrible service! Your flight attendants on the plane did a fine job of helping me after this occurred and calmed me down. Due to this I had to split my family. And get jammed in the back.

Southwest love. Southwest has always been really good to my family. We are a family of 8. 2 adults and 6 kids. Always super stressful traveling with so many kids and the people at southwest have always been good to my family. But now most of my kids are grown and I’m divorced now. But southwest is still the same caring people they have always been over the years. Thank you I will always fly with southwest. And one other time I can really think of is when my father pasted in 2012. I had to fly there on a days notice and then when flying back home with my fathers remains the TSA staff was very respectful when it came time to pass through security. They had the utmost respect for my fathers ashes. Then I get to the gate and I was stopped by one of the southwest employees and I was told I would be boarding early because I had my fathers remains and they made sure that I had a place to put my father next to me while we flew home. So for the long review but it’s 100% true. Thank you for helping others.

Problems with booking. I was disappointed with booking a flight. I am planning a trip to Chicago, and there was an option to sign up for a credit card and receive $200 dollars credit on the flight that I was booking. So I applied and qualified for the chase credit card. I went through the entire booking process and when I got to the last step there was an error that said that the phone number I entered was in the incorrect format. I tried like 20 times, and know that I put the phone number in correctly, there’s no other way to put it in. I kept getting the error and eventually the offer had expired 15 minutes later. I am very frustrated that this happened. The next morning I called SWA, and the representative told me that there was nothing they could do about it. She told me that I could call chase and try to figure it out with them. After I called chase, the representative told me that I would have to call SWA and they could help me figure it out. Sadly there was no resolution. I applied for the credit card to gain some points on future flights and I can’t even use the incentive that they promoted on the bottom of the screen. My credit card doesn’t even arrive until a month after I get back from my trip. Please fix this problem so another person doesn’t get as upset as I am right now.

❤️. I love flying Southwest. I usually am one of the first to board and I prefer a seat in the back. However, my biggest complaint, is when there are delays. The delay is not the problem so much. But, when I have a connecting flight, and now only have a short window to get to my next flight, perhaps the airlines should consider letting connecting flights people off first. My last flight I paid extra for early boarding. My flight was so delayed that I made sure to sit in the closest seat near the front. Even so, by the time I got off, I was literally running to the opposite end of the airport to get my connection. The plane had already started boarding when I got there. What’s worse, the flight attendants knew I had a connecting flight which started boarding before the door opened on the flight I was currently on. Perhaps, when delays happen, it would be polite to let people who have connections get off first. Especially when the connecting flights are that close to leaving. Delays are going to happen, I’m good with that, but show some appreciation to those of us who have connection and a short window to get to them. ❤️

Try something new…... It would be great if you could make the extra charges to be in section A, especially section A 1-15, count as 1st class and have no middle seat. It’s not fair that some obese person on standby gets to encroach their fat arms and buttocks on my space when I’ve paid $100 more than they did just to get a window seat. The crippled should need a plaquard to be boarded first BY THEMSELVES as well. They have to do that for a parking space……I’ve been on way too many SW flights where those jerks are no longer crippled upon destination and can pull bags of the carousel like professionals. If I could fly more comfortably on a nonstop flight from STL to MCO with a different airline, I would. I make this trip as often as I can to see relatives and with the Mickey Mouse factor in Florida, and all the unruly brat children on flights to and from STL, the flights are less than comfortable if I don’t upgrade on SW. it’s a shame.

Return flight cancelled. My family and I have been a loyal customers of Southwest for many years. We have been consistently very satisfied with the product and the service we have experienced and always encourage people in our social circle, family and friends to fly Southwest Airlines. Although, as of today, I am not able to have that same feeling and energy as I once had. The failure to properly plan and prepare for the necessary level of Human Resources/staffing needed to service your valued customers/passengers is extremely disappointing. Aside from the inevitable disruption of trip planning, and the resulting anxiety, there of, I personally have losses of wages/income. I realize that things happen and some situations are out of your control. Such as extreme weather conditions leading to irregular operations and travel disruptions. I also understand and appreciate that you’re doing your best to put things back on track. However, I believe that most of your valued customers/passengers would greatly appreciate some form of restitution or compensation from Southwest Airlines to soften the impact of their experience and salvage their remaining loyalty and faith in Southwest Airlines. I thank you for this opportunity share and hope that this is helpful. Sincerely, John F King II “GO SOUTHWEST!!✈️

Expensive for earlier flight. I LOVE flying SouthWest. Easy ap, quick flight to the beach from Nashville, and I enjoy the jokester flight attendants. (Love that part!!) I did make a mistake and booked our vacation to end by flying home on Fathers day. My ex-husband has been a great sport and hasn’t given me too much grief, but I know he’s bummed. I just logged on to see there is a flight that will get us home at 9am instead of 9pm. I’ve coordinated with his wife and we will surprise him with his sons being home to spend the special day together. On the flip side, my mistake is costing me roughly $500. :x I realllllllllllllllllly wish there was a “one time waive of fee for being mindless and not thinking of others” perk so I wouldn’t have been charged so much money for a flight that clearly had the open space.....but in the end, it was in fact MY error. And it will not stop me from continuing to fly SW or promoting the airline. I’m just salty for having to take responsibility for my own actions. Lol

Southwest PUNISHES us for their delays. First off they delay our flight which in turn makes us miss our connecting flight. Which that isn’t even the main issue. We are told we have to recheck our bags for the new flight they assigned us because now we have to stay over night in the Denver airport because there are no more flights going out until morning. So we go get our bags from the terminal to then have to go back to the counter to recheck them back in and they tell us sorry you can only check your bags in 4 hours prior to departure. Well no one told us that when they told us we had to jump through all these hoops, so we leave our son back at the gate with all of our stuff because we didn’t want to have to take it all back through security AGAIN. Only to find out now we have to sit here for 3 hours with him by himself at the gate because they won’t let us check our bags in early. Their customer service and relations are HORRIBLE! How is it our fault that they delayed our flight and then won’t just forward our bag to the destination, then they won’t check them in early….. WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

App is great. Airline not what it used to be.. For many, many years this was my go to airline. Circa summer 2018 it became very unreliable (I take the same trip several times a year). My trips always include a layover and it’s been YEARS since I’ve been through all four flight segments w/ out a delay. The boarding system is a pain. No matter how diligent I am at checking in exactly 24 hrs prior to flight I still get stuck in end of A or B group and much worse than this is being stuck w/ a middle seat because 1st flight gets delayed to the point you cannot make it to the gate for 2nd flight until boarding is either over or almost over. I will give them props for holding connecting flights so as to not strand me and others but ideally wouldn’t have so many delays to begin with. Back in the 90’s and early turn of the century they were a clean, mean machine when it came to reliability. And, unless you’re taking a short flight (which I believe they still excel at) their prices are no longer competitive. And my biggest beef w/ this airline is sitting at the gate w/ no AC running so you melt & feel miserable. Then in air it’s frigid to the point you cannot get comfortable no matter what. This last one is what had really driven me away from this airline. I cannot stand being stuck on a plane that cannot regulate its cabin temp. No one wants this. Hoping they turn around and become as great as they once were.

The Airline That’s Family. Everyone in my life knows how much I gush about SW. It’s been there to support me and my family needs for the last 12 years when traveling back in forth internationally to extended family and for vacation as my own family (and our baggage needs) grow. Every aspect of life has an off day. But for SW, in 16 years, I’ve experienced very few of those off days. I have a special SW story that I tell—when my son was about 5 he had a backpack that was decorated with a bunch of wings he had collected from another airline that we were loyal to for my son’s early years. On boarding a SW flight one day with his backpack decorated with the other airline wings, the SW flight attendant said hello to my son, asked about the wings and asked which airline he preferred. He explained that he loved SW but not their wings because they were press-on not pin. Two weeks later we got a huge delivery at home. It was a SW backpack FULL of various SW paraphernalia for my son. That’s love, that’s heart, that’s family, that’s a relationship for a lifetime. Love what you do SW. You may not be perfect—nothing in life is—but you are MY AIRLINE!!

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Too easy. App is easy to navigate, find information and make changes to reservations. Flawless.

Totally Screwed. As an international traveller I could now not recommend SW airlines after a Shambolic travel experience. I am arriving 5 days late at my destination with no evidence of concern by the airline. Their disruption management is less than useful and the overall performance reminded me of travel in China 30 years ago. Totally screwed up!

Great App. Needs updating to show connecting flights and details

RicnRus. Very easy to navigate and user friendly.

App keep on crashing. Great!!! I'll be using Southwest for the first time in the next 24hrs and the app keeps crashing and reporting errors...

Travel from Syd to Oakland CA. Easy to check in on mobile phone from Sydney airport before flight depart for LA.

Great system. What a pleasure to find a company that is so easy and accommodating to its customers

Southwest Airlines 5 Star. Being an overseas traveler I always book Southwest for our flights Great airline great service

Awesome app. Quick and easy to follow 😊👍 recommended

Simply the BEST !. I am not American, but I am here 4 months a year, and I only fly Southwest in USA !

Awesome app. Easiest and awesome app to navigate ❤️

From Australia. Hi I think you’re web site is great to use and very easy, the only one thing I find hard is trying to get to use my previous credits online,I find I need to call an operator to get them back and calling from Australia makes it hard. I really like the fact I can change my flights right up to the last 10 minutes before my flights. Your baggage allowance is really good compared with United and American Airlines only giving us 1 bag each, nothing else I can say except a great Airline and excellent value for money. Thanks Mal BT South Australia

Disappointing massive disruptions no online bot to speak to. There is no only bot or representative

Used to be good.... This was a good app. I could even access it from outside the US. But now whenever I try to type in a destination, it comes up with "Sorry we are having trouble accessing this content. Please check your connection and try again", and no cities come up when I type. My connection is fine and even though I am outside the country I was able to access it just fine before. Ugh. It's really really annoying.

Love southwest. The apps great. Flights have been good and includes baggage. Very happy

Make sure you pack clothes in your hand luggage. Waited 3 days for our bags to arrive in Jamaica. No update or communication from Southwest. I had AirTags in my suit case to see that they were left behind in fort Lauderdale. Even when they arrived in Jamaica the ground staff told me they weren’t expected for another 2 hours. Bags sitting in airport for 2 hours and still haven’t been transported to our hotel. Worst experience ever, rude staff with no empathy.

How Airline Apps Should Be!. The Southwest app is fantastic, I love it. It's attractive to look at, easy to use, well laid out, has lots of functions and is free! Great job guys!

Mrs Debbie. Debbie, call center at 5:30am EST June 16, 2020 Debbie brought a smile to my face, God Bless Her

How can I retrieve my boarding pass?. I checked in via a laptop and can’t seem to retrieve my boarding pass to the mobile app.

Checkin. Like any other airline, Southwest need to permit checkins for all the passengers who are on the same ticket with same reference number. This will save quite a bit of time for travellers by avoiding multiple logins and increases the efficiency. Airline also will benefit by improved image which will result in increased sales.

Genders.... When signing up there is no “non-binary” or “other” selection for gender In my case I am not either of those (I identify as male) but you may want to change that as it is discriminatory

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Easy to use. Super easy to navigate. App is reliable. 10/10 would recommend.

Not happy. Not letting us board our plane when it is literally right there at the gate. Really southwest???

Confusing. Can’t access mobile boarding passes

Love Southwest. I always fly Southwest…..the ability to change flights with no fee is a real bonus… Carolyn

First Timer. First time using South West, their booking website was so user friendly! Awesome

Just LUV It ❤️❤️. You guys follow what you preach - your Luv ticker symbol is very apt to what you do with every check in 👍👍👍 - 3 Cheers to you all !!

Awesome app.. Easy to change flights ….

Best airline ever. Had to change 3 times my flight, no additional fees! This airline should be the standard to all airlines!!!

Great care.. Southwest is so friendly with great customer service.

Awesome experience with Southwest!. Transparent, no fee for changes, two bags free …. what else you need! Super excited to take my first Southwest flight! Thanks Southwest!

Known traveler number. Why can’t I include my known traveler number when I check in with your app? Such a pain and not obvious if it’s possible.

Checking in. I thought this app would have been easy for me to check in but it wouldn’t let me. Said I had to go to the Southwest counter or something like that. Had to go to the website. Wasted precious time checking in.

The Best Airline. Southwest makes everything from booking, checking in to boarding so easy and efficient. We LOVE southwest!!!

Awesome app and airline. It has been so easy using the app to find out information and to check in Southwest is the only way to fly

Karen. Easy and efficient to use.

Best app. Best app to use for booking

Great service. Since they updated their flight credits to never expire, it’s honestly the first carrier I will look to to book a flight from now on. The app is fantastic and very easy to use.

👍. Wonderful, friendly, and great prices! Love Southwest!! We don’t get to fly too often but we always book Southwest!

SW saved my bacon again.. My recent trip to New Orleans found me a little tardy arriving at the airport. The SW Skycap couldn’t put my luggage through so I went inside to the desk. They put a late check in label on my checked bag. Of course it showed up on final arrival even after a plane change. Solid #2 was when Norwegian cruise lines arrived 2 hours late in port, threatening my outbound flight. Norwegian kept me on the boat for 2 extra hours for no reason, so now I had to get to the airport 25 minutes away by taxi. Arriving at the SW gate I thought my plane was gone, missed my flight, had to stay overnight & find & buy another flight. Instead, my SW flight had been delayed, I waited an hour or so & everything worked out. SouthWest Airlines us my #1 choice for air travel. They get it done!

Enjoyed check in. Love using the Web site and App Check in was a breeze. AC could take a few lessons.

Smooth. It is so complex to book and check in. I love the reminders to check in and it’s so easy to download the passes into my wallet.

Booking. Just like to say as. Canadian who now flys out of Buffalo NY it’s a pleasure to use the Southwest Airlines app to book flights, it’s so easy and hassle free. I will recommend to all my friends and family. Bill Campbell

Booking Flights. Mobile app not compatible for booking flights on iPhones ... A list flyer and am debating switching my go to airline due to this inconvenience. Only negative

Maw flyyt. BLI wa-OAK ca so eeeezi to navigate the syyte

Check In. Download Southwest app great idea , Love to book flight with Southwest best services , great agents

Best Airline ever !!. Love Southwest they are the best!!

Pleasant and helpful. Well organized, pleasant and helpful! Two free check in bags is such a treat. Always fly with Southwest if possible.

Best airline ever. Best fares Most free bags Most flexibility Won’t fly any other airlines to Ft Lauderdale Fly around ten flights a year

App difficult to navigate. If you are not a member ( just a guess), it is particularly difficult to create a mobile pass.

SW you’re the greatest!. I’m a senior and have always felt secure flying SW. Thank you SOUTHWEST

Not user friendly. Can’t find boarding pass

App works okay. Pretty quick and effective !

Booking. We have always had a good experience booking online with Southwest. Tell our friends you have the best airline! Find placing the date into the attestation for very confusing to complete, otherwise LOVE Southwest!

Memory. The app doesn’t remember the confirmation number.

Upgrade regret. Hello I had paid for upgrade and had not received any benefits no onboard drinks or preferred seating, nothing, as an extra for the additional $190 . I want to know what I received for this? Sincerely

Southwest tech knows. What a great app. Just started using it and the security is high and everything works as intended. Fields are intuitive and well thought out.

App easy to use and helpful. I have found this app easy to navigate and has been helpful to me while travelling. I like the mobile boarding passes and I also like the checkin process.

No electronic boarding passes. Southwest is one of the only airlines that doesn’t provide electronic boarding passes using the app.

Amazing service.. I have flown Southwest over the previous years, but not in the last 7. Our trip from Spokane to Kauai recently however, showed how far this airline has come. We travelled with a 1 yr old as well. The service we received was amazing. The leg room, excellent. Friendly and happy employees. This airline puts Canadian airlines to shame (we’re Canadians that live near the border). I will make the drive to Spokane and fly Southwest any time it works to avoid using a Canadian airline. And the price! Not even comparable. Thank you for having great customer service in a time where sadly, such is rare.

Check in. The process for checking in is quick and efficient

So easy with SouthWest. This airline is so awesome, funny and relaxing…

Canadian credit card doesn’t work and can put in postal code.. Canadian credit card doesn’t work and can put in postal code.

Top Ranked. First time traveller. User friendly App that works with out any glitches.

So easy!. I travel out of Buffalo and exclusive to Southwest!!! I live in Toronto. Travelling out of YYZ is a challenging experience. I also travel with my Dog and they make it easy!!! Southwest all the way I say!

5 Stars All the Way. Love the Southwest experience. Have never had a bad experience yet. Right from start to finish it’s the best bang for your buck. Reliable, convenient, people oriented, great service. Thanks for all that you do!

Great. Great app easy to use. Happy customer! ❤️

App only in English. The SouthWest app seems to be available only in English. Tourists speaking other languages have difficulty using the app. It is easy to program the app in popular languages but your staff has not done this yet. For this reason I can only give 3 stars.

Great prices. Looked on other flight search apps then found this one right on southwest app. Cheapest snd a nonstop

Boarding pass. Should be able to get e boarding pass

Early Bird CheckIn. Love the Early Bird CheckIn feature! No more scrambling to find a computer and login 24 hours before a flight to get boarding passes. It’s automatic and I login when it’s convenient for me. Not too expensive and the best part is you always get Group A boarding!

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Best app I’ve used!. Never have issues logging in and using this is a breeze! It’s not slow like a lot of apps with constant buffering etc and I love how fast it connects and every change made doesn’t slow it down. I and love how it keeps all my flight info conveniently located in a press of one button! I can see my upcoming trips and any future ones I’ve booked. All my trips I’ve easily booked on this app since I’ve had it.... going on a couple years. The convince of changing or canceling flights is as easy as booking! Also tells you how many rewards points you have and the option to use it or not when booking. The only down fall is I cannot yet book international flights and I can’t have access to any refunds owed to me by changing flights when I should be able to see what dollar amount I can use when re booking my next flight! All in all it’s my favorite app to use next to Hotwire!

Frequent Flier/E-boarding. I fly SWA quite frequently primarily between Tampa International Airport and Bradley International Airport (Connecticut) where I rent a car and continue along with the business at hand. I have flown with hard copy boarding passes and have used e-boarding passes. I love the idea that I can use my cell phone to manage boarding passes for myself and anyone flying with me. This is a HUGE convenience when traveling with mobility impaired individuals or when you have to carry additional carryons for medical equipment. The one downfall is if you have to request pre-boarding for any reason your mobile app won’t show it and you will still be forced to show the hardcopy boarding passes for you and your parties. I wish the app would allow for the e-boarding pass to reflect a pre-board status. I also love that the app is relatively easy to navigate and shows real time flight details for your flight.

We Love Southwest. My husband and I are lifetime travelers on multiple carriers and have travelled on Southwest Airlines for 40 +years. Has been the easiest most reliable company for us as we always know we can expect high standards and never are disappointed. They always get us there safely first and foremost and on time! This past summer we had the experience of traveling on a low fare European carrier and had the complete opposite travel experience. It further highlights what separates the great carriers from all the rest. We knew how GREAT of an airline Southwest was before we our travels overseas and know even better firsthand how fortunate we are to have this great airline that works hard to make all our vacation plans as well as business trips happen safely and with a “ heart “ in all that they do. They truly are the one large corporation that still really cares about its customers. Thank you Southwest!

Love Southwest BUT. Love southwest. I personally have never had any issues with them in all the years I have been flying. I never use another airline unless someone else has made provision for the trip and decided to fly a different airline or if I’m going someplace southwest doesn’t fly into. The only hiccup I have with them is the last time I purchased a flight for my daughter from ATL to STL her bag full of her work tools vanished. Never to be seen again and she had a thousand+ dollars worth of equipment and products in the bag. They compensated her but it was nowhere near what she lost. But I will give them a pass because this is the first time it has happened to me and my family members to where the baggage was not recovered. That’s why they still get 5 stars. Let’s hope and pray it never happens again!

Some things I wish I could do. With string enough internet, updates are timely and booking is a clear process; the app has never failed me! But there are two things that would make it more convenient. 1. A Check In button below the next upcoming flight. If my confirmation number and travel information is in Trips, why do I still have to go to Check In and enter my confirmation and name? As someone who tries to wake up 24 hours before my flight in a panic to check in, this would be really nice. Unless they’re doing this on purpose. 2. I’d like to be able to keep travel funds in a place attached to my account then deduct from them when I book instead of constantly having to enter them as a payment option. I can save credit card info so why not travel funds? Simple shopping platforms apply credit saved to purchases and note the difference of values. This should be for browser and app options. I can also see this inconvenience as purposeful if they want folks to forget they have travel funds.

Southwest PUNISHES us for their delays. First off they delay our flight which in turn makes us miss our connecting flight. Which that isn’t even the main issue. We are told we have to recheck our bags for the new flight they assigned us because now we have to stay over night in the Denver airport because there are no more flights going out until morning. So we go get our bags from the terminal to then have to go back to the counter to recheck them back in and they tell us sorry you can only check your bags in 4 hours prior to departure. Well no one told us that when they told us we had to jump through all these hoops, so we leave our son back at the gate with all of our stuff because we didn’t want to have to take it all back through security AGAIN. Only to find out now we have to sit here for 3 hours with him by himself at the gate because they won’t let us check our bags in early. Their customer service and relations are HORRIBLE! How is it our fault that they delayed our flight and then won’t just forward our bag to the destination, then they won’t check them in early….. WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Doesn’t provide important info. Terrible UX.. If I’m logged in and click on flight status, I still need to type in a flight # or search by departing airport, etc. How about defaulting to showing me MY next flight? Isn’t there a pretty good chance that would be the info most people are after? I used the app to check into my flight and still had to get a boarding pass printed at the counter. And after checking in on the app if I wanted to view details of my flight A) had to enter the confirmation # again (which required me to go to my email to copy and back to the app to paste) and my first and last name (again, I’m LOGGED IN) at which point I have to “check in” again. And B) it shows my departure time for the first and second flight but no details on where my layover is and for how long (unless I do the math—adding the duration of flight 1 to the departure time and account for time zones except I can’t see where the layover is to know what time zone). Is it possible there is something broken? There can’t be this many people who fly and love Southwest if they are using this worthless app. It’s a seriously frustrating experience.

Terrible airline. First and last time booking with Southwest Airlines. They have been nothing but terrible. Flights canceled due to weather I can understand that it happens but what they put us through over canceled flight never rebooked us like I was told it would do if it was canceled then rebooked us to an airline over 4 hrs away. Also couldn’t rebook online cause it was showing an error to call customer service by the time I got through no flights available. After all that booked us again a different route flights canceled none weather related and no other options to get my military son home Christmas. I asked well can he just keep his last flight I’ll see if someone can drive him to catch it and she said no unfortunately if we do that he won’t be showing up for his second flight so he would be a no show so he can’t fly with the last flight. He can’t get to the second flight it’s to far away to drive the last one it a lot closer and then was put on hold and disconnected now on hold again for over an hr. Y’all aren’t doing it right at Southwest at all not at all!

luv luv luv. Everything about the flight attendants, the pilots, the airport, call center, gate agents, runway and luggage handlers (even in the cold, wind, rain, snow or some places the heat and sun too. You are such a customer oriented and friendly company that when you have an issue (and I mean I made a mistake which I totally own but you didn’t make me :-))you get to talk to a super friendly and helpful PERSON when you call. So win win and win You have overly earned an also continue to impress a current companion pass and A list member. For this and the many many other times you go above and beyond not because I think you have to, not because how I perceive what people think, but because I get the FEELING and see from the luv you give how much you care. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes and in front, without each other it’s just a broken heart and where’s the Luv in that?

The APP is just OK - It could be better. The APP does not keep detailed itinerary receipts. As I travel for work, I have to save my itineraries separately in an email folder. This is inconvenient, especially when trying to gather receipts during crunch time, at month end. As all of my other travel APPs store this information, the technology shouldn’t be too difficult to add this feature. The second issue is that personal and work credit card information is stored on the APP. However, when (on one occasion) I changed a flight that was charged to the personal card, the APP charged the change fee to my work card. This caused problems with my employer. The SWA “executive office” was apathetic. A charge made on one credit card should not be automatically switched to another card when changes are made. This may have been a glitch, but it was NOT resolved satisfactorily.

Pleasure Doing Business. I have been flying Southwest whenever possible since the days of the wooden boarding passes on the west coast. I rarely find the level of service and attention that I get on SW along with the competitive rates, flexible change policies and most important, two free bags. Don’t get me wrong they do encounter reliability and schedule challenges lately like the rest of the airlines but even when that happens they try to accommodate your needs as closely to your original scheduled travel as possible. They take ownership for their stumble and they apologize and do their best to fix it. I will continue to use them until they prove me wrong. They deserve my business and loyalty and seem to battle other carriers for it. That is something you don’t find anymore , especially with big businesses and corporations. Keep it up southwest! I appreciate your effort… JTA

Thank you Southwest. On October 2, 2013 my life changed forever. Via Southwest, I was returning home to BWI from Albuquerque New Mexico from a work conference. When the plane landed the attendant announced over the loudspeaker for passengers to remain seated until Brenda Bush could Debark first. You can imagine the thoughts going through my head at that time. For some unknown reason I had decided to sit in the very first row. The attendant helped me get all of my luggage and belongings. I was shocked to see two uniformed people at the door of the plane. They were there to tell me that my husband had passed away. Apparently, my family members did not want me to open social media and find out in that manner. My friend was to pick me up at the baggage claim. The men took me down there in a wheelchair because I was in shock. They stayed with me until I got my bag and wheeled me to my friends car. I thought that I’d never be able to fly again. But I have managed to put my fear into my faith and I thoroughly enjoy flying Southwest. I’ve turned my grief into travel. I always tell my friends to get the rapid rewards card and fly Southwest. Currently I’m working towards becoming an A-list member. That’s my goal! Life is short! Enjoy this world! Thank you for your customer service!

Flights from Chicago to Phoenix. I’ve flown with Southwest a few times & I was pleasantly pleased. The Flight Attendees were very kind to my very talkative grandson. They not only kept him amused, but kept the hot chocolate coming, even a package to go upon leaving the flight. He still raves, saying those were my friends. He says ,”they really cared about me Ms.T, they really did. I am now & always looking for senior discounts & or just discounted flights period from Chicago to Glendale via Phoenix Airport and there are never any listed. Saddens me that all other destinations have discounts. So I am wondering what’s the reasoning differences. When I fly from Chicago to Glendale via Phoenix Airport, those flights are always filled, as on my return flights also from Phoenix. I plan on flying to Glendale sometime after the middle of February from Chicago’s Midway Airport to Phoenix Airport to reach my destination of Glendale Arizona. Thanks in advance for taking time to read. Virginia Taylor again Thanks You ....

Customer Service. I have never had better customer service than Southwest Airlines. My wife was off with a friend to California when her friend developed a serious health condition. Her friend was from Nashville and she wanted to escort her home as the doctors said she should not fly alone. She initially called customer service and was told she would have to purchase an additional ticket for the leg fromCalifornia to Nashville. When I heard this I called customer service and got a retired military guy in San Antonio. He simply said “Hold my beer and watch this”!!!! I wish to this day I had gotten his name. He booked my wife and her friend to Nashville at no charge, had a wheelchair waiting at both airports and escorts. He then booked my wife home same day later flight after she handed her friend off to family in Nashville. NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I only hope that the retired soldier reads this and understands that I truly appreciate his kindness and for all of his help.

Customer Service. On Friday, March 23, 2018, customer service rep #40 (Josh) in Oklahoma City was absolutely amazing & a tremendous blessing to our family. A family member has terminal cancer & is required to travel to Houston M D Anderson hospital on a regular basis. The hospital changed the schedule in March on short notice. The fare change cost was $600 & my family could not afford it. Our family member was in great distress when the customer service rep they spoke with was of NO help, they thought they would have to drive or miss an important appointment ( they are in no condition to drive the 9 hour trip). I called after learning of the situation & Josh saved the day! The stress of the disease is more than enough to handle, the financial burden it brings can destroy the last thread of hope. I want to commend Josh for understanding the situation & assisting us in removing both mental & financial stress. The 1st was unkind & uncaring. It’s people like Josh that keep us loyal Southwest customers!

Why can my companion not check in?. I chose southwest because it was a direct flight but I have been very disappointed in the experience. We were delayed over an hour on the way to Jamaica to wait for passengers whose flights were delayed into Orlando. Then on the flight all passengers were given a free drink because of the delay, which if fine with me, but I should have gotten a second one because I paid for one buying a “business ticket “… which I have to say is not like business class on any other airline. I also did not appreciate all the “handicap “ people boarding before the “business class “. I’m 69 years old and most of those people were younger and more mobile than me. I paid to get on early and get a choice seat….they scammed the system and got on before me. If I had an assigned seat, I would not mind them doing that and getting away with it, but not assigning seats ahead rewards this behavior. I was not a fan of Southwest because of this and probably will not become one in the future

Southwest Air Lines App. The app needs much more user friendly attention. It needs to address Lost Luggage, Missing luggage items, WiFi, & traveler’s flight opinions. If a traveler loss luggage or items missing from there luggage there should be a short cut(icon) to help you address this issue(s). WiFi should be added to app. Some travelers did not know that they should have downloaded a separate app before boarding. Not all airline use the same WiFi systems, this would save travelers time. Giving Southwest Air Line travelers a voice is empowering! The app should have a spot for everyone’s opinions. This would be the most useful system for Southwest learn exactly what needs to be addressed. The Rapid Rewards number should be woven into the app to help users & Southwest Air Lines reduce the users form information entering. Seating Up grades should also have an icon. If seating upgrade is not possible on the app, it should address you to see or call a Southwest Representative. In all this would reduce Southwest Air Lines work load and save travelers standing in line.

Customer Service. I am not one to write reviews but I wanted to take a moment to say heart felt Thank You to the Southwest Gate Agents and Customer Service. From the start of my flight the gate agents have been so helpful as this was not a planned trip. This was last minute to see Mom who passed a little after I landed on Ontario. They me with my boarding as I was as flustered and recently had major shoulder surgery and have trouble managing luggage. Their kindness helped make the trip a little more bearable. Customer Service who has helped me with my flight to get back home after multiple cancellations. Their patience and kindness as well helped make things more bearable. I am booked to head home 3/28 and hope to be home soon barring any unforeseen circumstances. With all that is going on with virus Thank You does not seem to be enough for the kindness and help given by your employees. Thank You Southwest!

Terrible communication. Nyc travel nightmare: We arrive at airport 3:15, our flight scheduled for 4:25. Our flight continues to get delayed, and the flight attendant says it will likely get cancelled due to understaffing. We get in line to speak with an agent at 9:00. At 11:00 they officially cancel the flight at 11:30 we finally get to desk and try to reschedule flight. They have no availability on any flights going to New York the next day, earliest would be Tuesday afternoon. We opt to go to DC and take the train to NYC. They tell us to go to baggage claim to get our luggage since we changed final designation. Six other flights were also canceled. At 2:45, after we already waited for 3 hours, they come out and tell us that there are too many bags and that they are not unloading. All bags will go to their original final destination. A fight almost breaks out with all the disgruntled passengers and the Southwest baggage staff. We then go back to check in for our 5:00 flight to DC and have to wait for TSA to open at 3:15. The desk agents were very nice and helpful but no one seemed to have to correct information

Saving places without paying for early bird. When I began using Southwest, and learning your boarding system, I was faced with an unpleasant confrontation. I generally will pay $25 to get the early bird boarding, so that I can get a seat near the front. On 70% of the flights, when I start to sit down, the man (usually) says he is saving them for his family. The family who did not pay for early bird seating. flight attendants within earshot have been no help. The last like this happened to a questioned him. It is an unfair practice and forces me, a single traveler to sit further in the back. If the person is not there, the seat is free. I would think that you have had some disagreements among travelers due to your practice of allowing people to save seats. I have spoken to single women traveling on Southwest and they have a greed that it has happened to them many times. Please state verbally and in writing that there is no saving us seats. It seems quite simple measure that would fit well with your policy of first come first serve.

Getting a boarding pass got worse. I’ve flown SW for many years and enjoyed how easy it makes things like check-in, etc. I just updated my app and find the changes to check-in very frustrating and, frankly, elitist. It used to be that I could check in for all parties on a single confirmation number, then print out each person’s ticket to bring to the airport. This was helpful when traveling with children who can’t reasonably be expected to manage their own boarding pass. Now, apparently, the only way to get a boarding pass is to save it to Apple Wallet (which I don’t use) and all boarding passes are saved to the same wallet. Since I don’t use Wallet, I don’t know how to distribute multiple passes to the various passengers. And what about people who don’t have reliable phones? Whose phone screens are damaged so the pass can’t be scanned at the gate? Why not just let people get their passes by email either on the app or via the website? Isn’t an app supposed to make things easier, not harder? This “upgrade” fails that basic test.

App is limiting.... You can’t look up or book international flights using the app; you need to use the desktop site. It is annoying that you can’t switch between dollars and points while looking up flights; you need to start a new search if you want to view dollars instead of points and vice versa, even when it’s the same flight search. Southwest, can you please have your webmaster add that feature? Thank you! Also, we should be able to revise our travel companions and make account changes using the app (and website) instead of having to call. Southwest is always my first choice when flying! I use the app when possible but find it necessary to use the desktop site or call when the app doesn’t facilitate, and why provide an app for your customers if it is less convenient and not equal to what you can accomplish on the desktop site? I know these are first-world problems, but I’m just sayin. I love Southwest. Amazing customer service, great policies, and they get me where I need to be (with very reasonable prices). Yay!

Reservations. Reservations made through other agencies other than Southwest, don’t get atomically linked to you southwest travel rewards account, if you didn’t provide the rewards number initially. I will to be able to look up my reservation in the app and have the app link that external reservation to my rewards number. Also to store it, as previous trips. The reason I say this, is because I made reserved a flight through my employer, I was able to check in in the app, but the reservation was not automatically saved as a previous trip. Nor did I get credit for the miles traveled. I did not provided my travel rewards number when the reservation was done. But I feel that since I was able to check in via the app, that the reservation would should had been saved automatically as one of my previous trips.

Boarding Pass BS. Boarding passes should be distributed when you purchase your ticket. First people that purchase their tickets should get the best boarding tickets. It is such a POOR AND RIDICULOUS ask of Customers to have them sign in and get a boarding pass exactly 24 hours before their flight to get a good seat. The customer service has really fallen in the last 5 to 10 years. My loyalty is long gone. It seems now this airline it’s being run by a bunch of monkeys. I give them an F on customer service. Here is another good example, about six months ago I was boarding a flight out of John Wayne airport in orange county. The boarding gate boxes in front of each line stayed on A throughout the duration of boarding. I was confused so I asked the gate agent what letter they were boarding, a, B, or C because nobody was updating the boxes. She laughed and just told me that she was too tired. So because she’s tired 360 passengers are not able to line up correctly without this visual cue tired also in the evening?! I’m tired too....of your poor customer service. B-bye.

What is wrong with your app?. Are you aware that when you try to book a flight whether it is round-trip or one way, is soon as you put in the date, There is no area to click “done “for the flights to come up on those days. Instead the only option you have is to hit the back button which takes you right back to the current day You are in and then you have to search for the flights and scroll forward through all the dates to get to the ones you are specifically looking for. It is the most frustrating thing using this app. How come all other airlines have it correct with the done button after you plug in your dates. Nobody should have to scroll all the way through ahead to find their dates because your app let you click on future dates that you’re looking for tickets, but then doesn’t upload with those dates. Can you fix this fast?

Wanna Getaway. I’ve been flying Southwest for years and airline travel has gotten more and more like a bus in the air. However Southwest has not cheaped out by nickel and diming passengers by charging for baggage. However the last few times I’ve flown, even beverages were not available because of turbulence. The WiFi also hasn’t been available but they charge for it anyway, so not a huge loss. Maybe on a longer flight it’d be more of a deficit. The rates are competitive and you get a good deal by not having to go to a third party booking site. For some reason the Southwest app doesn’t work at times for iPhones. I had to reset my password numerous times and still couldn’t log in. Only after I called a rep, did she ask me if I had an iPhone and if so they have problems with it for some reason. Southwest is still my go to airline for North America. It beats many airlines by just being more accommodating to passengers.

Canceled and delayed flights. Our flight was delayed 4 hours on the way to Las Vegas on 8/7 forcing us to find alternate transportation to our hotel because Hertz was closed upon our late arrival. ($100) Paid for transportation back to airport next day to retrieve rental. ($35) Now our flight is canceled back to Buffalo from Phoenix with no additional flights out today and we need to stay an additional night at our hotel (2 rooms for our family- higher price because we had previously booked in April) and pay an additional day for rental car, dog sitter, long term parking and meals. (Total $900) My son is missing work, We also are unable to board in A to keep our children together. praying we get home tomorrow for work on Monday. The 5 $100 LUV vouchers from the initial delay doesn’t come close to the inconvenience and monetary costs we have incurred. VERY disappointed in Southwest.

Frequent flier. While I LOVE to fly Southwest Airlines, I don’t love the app because it doesn’t allow you to use credit points for previously canceled purchases. Also, with my last two attempts to book and purchase flights, the app added $20+ onto my purchase. Is that a standard charge now or a glitch in the app? What I also do not like about the app is it doesn’t allow you to make requests for wheelchair assistance within the app. If that were available it would be awesome! Lastly, the app doesn’t allow you the option to pay between either PayPal or other credit card(s). In other words, if I decide to pay with my credit card now but on my next purchase the PayPal option is no longer available. How do I get this option back? While the app is great for straight forward transactions, I feel having these other options would greatly enhance the app experience.

Not as Good as the Website. Reasonable to navigate, but some functions are hard to find. It seems my flight is easy to find, but I cannot directly check in my companion fare person by direct link. The checking in the underage kids linked to my reservation requires me to exit app and check them in separate. The web page makes this simpler by at least showing their reservation numbers, but the app only shows the companion after some searching. And the dogs? Why can they not be checked in online? Just like a TSA document, flier status, etc, why can I not post their medical certificate and until it expires (assuming it’s not renewed), check them in online? You already charge me $95 each way for each 4# dog, take away my right to bring a carry on (22#), and then make me see an agent to add what extra review? Try to be a leader - change the process now, do not wait until “the industry” makes the move. Serve your customer needs first where it is a reasonable request.

Love Southwest. You guys are the best! I fly anywhere from 1–6 times a year with you guys and I never have any issues. I fly another airline with my daughter and there’s always an issue from flight times changed to overbooking. She just had a broken plane issue a couple weeks ago and was stranded and had to stay overnight and take a different route, she was late to a birthday party. Other airlines charge so much for baggage! I love 2 free checked bags, it allows me to bring what I need and not worry abbot having something on my trip. I just changed my flight day for free! That is awesome. I’ll never fly a different airline except when we go to Helena, MT. You guys don’t fly there, sure wish you did. We go 2-3 times a year and have to take that other airline😔. Thanks Southwest for all you do and actually making it fun and hassle free to fly. ✈️

My ONLY airline!. From my business trips as a paralegal in the 1990s and 2000s to my retirement fun trips 2005 to now, Southwest is my only airline choice. NEVER a lost bag, NEVER a rude or incompetent Southwest employee. The open seating concept seems flawlessly smooth and efficient. Planes fly on time, and when there is a delay, such as 3 hr of being snowed in during a blizzard in El Paso on a Houston to Albuquerque flight AFTER airport concessions closed at 9:00 pm or so; Southwest employees kept us amused with games and prizes - I won a leather SW paperweight - and brought us water and snacks while regularly updating the storm’s status. Luckily the weather briefly cleared for takeoff and we headed toward ABQ, but knowing that airport also may close down and we might land in Vegas. We made it safely to ABQ just before they closed the airport for weather. Southwest CARES about the safety and comfort of their passengers. That’s why Southwest is MY airline! Nancy L Turner, Rockport, TX.

Southwest is the best airline. Once I “discovered” Southwest I’ve never looked back. I am from time to time forced to fly one of the other airlines but that just serves to remind me of how much I appreciate Southwest. The best feature: no change fees!!!! None! Try changing your flight on those other guys. Ha! $200 please! Southwest has been extremely flexible and they actually work with you. Customer service is excellent, the flight attendants are great and they get you to where you need to be. Plus their rewards program is not just a carrot on a stick like the other airlines, a moderate flyer like myself can actually achieve status. Sure there are no business class seats and if that’s your thing then go for it with those other guys. And good luck getting upgraded, maybe on a flight to nowhereville. I’m happy with the real benefits that save me money and the services I get with Southwest.

Companion boarding pass. Remarkably, a couple of weeks after I left the review below, and gave a one-star rating to the app because of it, I got an email informing me that the app has been updated to address this limitation. Now, up to 8 people in a reservation recorded can check in and see their boarding passes on a single mobile phone/device. That’s amazing responsiveness, and I have adjusted my original star rating from one star to five stars ! I do not like that you require my traveling companion to download the Southwest mobile app, in order to see her mobile boarding pass. It would be preferable to allow me to see both my boarding pass, as well as my traveling companion’s boarding pass (who was booked in the same reservation record) on the Southwest mobile app on my phone. Instead, I can only see mine on my phone, and she was forced to download and setup the app on her phone in order to see her mobile boarding pass on her phone.

High regards for Southwest. Recently traveled to Las Vegas and has an awesome experience to and from. I am obese and always sorry someone will complain who may sit next to me. During my departure I had this wonderful man from the airlines come up and asked me very discreetly if I’d be more comfortable with 2 seats. I responded it be nice but I can’t afford another seat. He told me he would take care of it. He brought me my boarding pass and an extra one to put in empty seat next to me. I sincerely thanked him. They allowed me to pre board as I am older and slower. When I returned I was automatically given same treatment. I hear horror stories about how some obese ppl are treated on airlines. In my opinion Southwest treated me with the upmost compassion and dignity from that first gentleman I encountered to the flight attendants. I’ll always fly Southwest. Bless Southwest and their employees for doing the right thing.

RN. Southwest is the number one airline! Their customer service is second to none! When l had a very rare occurrence of any rudeness Southwest had been right on it! I love the fact that you have the autonomy of sitting where you want and 2 bags are free as well as no change fees for switching flights! I love them and happy to see they are expanding! My dream is to get a part time job with Southwest when l am done with nursing since l am a former Air Operations Specialist in the ISAF! My dream is to work weekends at DSM or MSP second choice! I love Southwest and when l fly where my company gets the tickets l demand Southwest! When l worked in Bangor, Maine where Southwest doesn’t fly, l had to get my own flight and fly to Portland, Maine and drive to Bangor myself in the blowing snow! That’s dedication! Love you Southwest! As an RN l helped with medical emergencies on flights at least 4 times as well! Sincerely, Norma Jean Klein

Best Airline of All Time. Long story short, was late for a flight. I rushed to the airport only to find out that I left my passport at home (was traveling international to the Carribean). Now I’m thinking I need to buy another flight that can hopefully get to the location of my destination flight. I call Southwest, 113 minute wait time (it is 4:45am EST) and while on wait they tell me to check out flight change options online or via mobile app. I easily find this option on the mobile app, and I change my reservation to a flight 2 hours later, and am expecting to pay the price. Instead, I change my flight, 30 minutes before departure FOR FREE. No other airline could ever dream of doing that for its customers, nonetheless online. With how easy this was, this is the standard that Southwest has. Southwest is the best airline company hands down.

Worst treatment ever!!!. Never have I ever been so poorly treated by Southwest Airlines. My husband and myself were suppose to leave Las Vegas headed back to Indianapolis on Monday Nov,1st at 6am. Instead we got a late email at 7pm October 30, informing us that are flight is cancelled and we won’t be able to fly out until the next day at 9:40 with a layover. Southwest refused to accommodate us with a hotel, food nor a different flight to a city close to indianapolis. We had just found out we lost our grandmother and couldn’t get home. Instead they offered a 100 love flight voucher as if that would cover another night at the Aria or food and drinks for another full day stay. We had to miss an extra day of work and had to pay an extra day of child care because we had no other way of getting to our children. No way of getting to our family when they needed us the most. Southwest left us with no options and they didn’t care. The service coordinators were unhelpful( Mary- Phoenix14 ) I’ve never been so poorly treated in my life. I’d never recommend anyone to fly them ever again. You all should be a ashamed of yourselves. 28YA9W

Don’t Use App for Check-In. The last few times I’ve used this app for check in, I have had less than stellar, or responsive results. I’ll hover by my phone waiting for the minute to turn and then refresh the screen waiting for check-in to start. The minute turns, I refresh the screen and...”see agent at gate”. I go back to the home screen again, attempt to see there details of my trip and see the check in button and...”see agent at gate” comes up yet again. It’s not until the third time and about a minute of screen refreshing later that the check in button pops up along with a “C” or high “B” at best group boarding pass. I thought this was a one time fluke, but I’ve tried checking in over WiFi and over the network, and have had the same results twice in a row. I assume the experience must be better over a computer, so I’d heavily recommend using that if you don’t want a C boarding pass for trying to check in the first second you can. Otherwise, the app works fine, but since Southwest is open seating, check in responsiveness has an immense impact on the experience.

Margie Parish. I LOVE SOUTHWEST. The past two flights your personnel has been especially amazing! From the outside check in hutch I greatly prefer, to having to use a wheelchair my first time ever after my 70th birthday people were so very very kind! On both trips Flight Attendants personally pushed my wheelchair to get me assistance to get to the next gate on time when there were tight turnaround times. They went totally out of their way with kindness, so I didn't fe like an 'old shoe'!! Their kindness and genuine care left my dignity in tact and It was 100 percent above and beyond the call of duty. I only wish they could know what a true blessing they were.....angels of mercy and care! I always try to fly Southwest and highly encourage others to as well, and will continue to appreciate such care especially during these trying COVID times!!! My sincerest appreciation for your whole Teams diligence and kind service! GIGI ❣️

Southwest Airlines. Having spent many years traveling both domestic and international, I decided many years ago to use Southwest exclusively for my domestic flights. It is the only airline that hasn’t stopped allowing luggage to be included in their airfares, also taking your animal with you is also less expensive. Even though I have a hard time justifying the cost being charged as they must be in approved carry on and be under the seat, they are still the best alternative. I have never had a bad experience with any of the flight personnel, most are super friendly and accommodating, as long as we as passengers behave with respect and courtesy. Planes are generally clean and as comfortable as possible, even though the bottom line people keep trying to get as many passengers as possible on a flight. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion and gratitude for the people who have served me.

Check In. I would have given this app 5 stars if it wasn’t for the check in feature glitch. The check in feature has repeatedly given me multiple error messages when trying to check in 24 hours prior to several of my flights. For example, this morning I tried to check in for my upcoming flight, but I was delayed due to a glitch in the app. My flight is at 6 am tomorrow, so I hit the check in feature on my app right when the phone turned 6 am, and followed the prompts to check in. The app gave me the error message that it was unable to check me in and to contact a gate agent. I exited the app multiple times and went through the process again and again, until it finally allowed me to check in. This is not a one off either and seems to happen every time I try to check in for my flights and I end up with a late boarding pass. Other than this annoying feature, the app is great for making reservations, but this is a pretty big deal considering that the seats are selected based on your position in line.

Southwest app is useless. It makes no sense that you cannot change your flight reservations on the app. Instead you get an error message saying that you have to call them??? Other airline apps that I’ve used allow you to make changes through the app without any calls. Chat option is useless—no live person—-None! I attempted to call them numerous times and never got a callback and was told there was up to 120 minute wait times. After having my flight canceled three times I was unable to get a hold of anyone. And the phone number that pops up on the app is not even a mobile friendly tap to call number???? This is the 21st century and you can’t tap a phone number? Who designed this app? Also I had three flights booked with South West and they all show up in a random order. A 1-6-22 flight shows up first but the 1-5-22 pops up later. Also confirmation flight reservation numbers I received through email do not even show up in the app. You have to manually input your confirmation number in the app. Makes no sense. I hope someone from South West reads these reviews and improves their App.

Amazing, just one thing…. Ok, so Southwest is amazing. I love flying with them and when I got their app I was very impressed. Some cool things about Southwest that I like is that they have free movies and it shows you every flight that their is. I love that this app makes it so easy to do things. Just one things though…. when I got the app, I was in the airport about to board my flight. And when I did I connected to their internet.(before the flight) and the entire flight I could not watch any movie even when I was flying. I am not sure why this wasn’t working and it is very frustrating when you have such a good app like this. But over all I really like this app and love flying with Southwest. Some other cool things as you can have one free baggage and they have free snacks on the flight. So if you were to choose and flight then I hope you choose Southwest!

My favorite airline with a great app. This app is so easy to use! It’s so clear and quick that it fits the Southwest culture. Southwest is my favorite airline. I travel at between 6-8 times a year for various reasons and I always try to fly Southwest! Once I was traveling with my elderly mother when our cruise ship captain told us we would be more than 24 hours delayed to get to our port. Everyone around us was gasping because they would miss their flights and some were remarking about the hassle of rebooking. I quietly took out my phone and rebooked our return flight on the Southwest App. Quick. Easy. We had to change it again twice for the same trip. Quick. Easy. It made a potentially very stressful time into a super easy thing. I told mom, “I LOVE Southwest.” I hope you all never change!! Btw I do not work for this airline and am not related to anyone who works for the it.

Love SWA!. My husband, our dog Maggie and I fly SWA monthly. Every trip proves that SWA employees, understand the importance of their customers to their business and the bottom line. They are dedicated to excellence in service and customer satisfaction. They live their love for SWA everyday. We see it, feel their genuine enthusiasm and dedication. Southwest is Truly the best airline ever! Southwest proves the importance of giving their employees ownership in the company’s success, in that the good they do for their customers, feeds the bottom line for the company, which guarantees their ability to provide for their families, and their future. Years ago there was and still is an airline whose employees were also dedicated to their company and service, I was one of the those who loved my company, customers and the joy of serving others. VTPattSouthwest employees are not in it to get only what’s good for them, they are there because they want to be, and want the company to succeed. In my day everyone pitched in to keep the flights on time and customers happy, Southwest maintains that energy, and it shows! We love Southwest and it’s grand and generous Employees! Thank you for proving to America, that Enterprise, self sacrifice and dedication to the goal of prosperity is good for the big guys, little guys and everyone in between! God bless you SWA, we appreciate you! Virginia

Early bird status. Paid extra money for my wife and I to take a trip to Fort Myers Florida. The day we left Ohio we knew there was a storm coming and we were glad we would be leaving before the storm hit. Well, left engine would not start and we were 3 hours late leaving Columbus. Got to Nashville where we were to transfer and of course missed our connecting flight! They put us on a flight back to Chicago, into the storm, where our next departure was delayed and we were among the last 3 people to board the plane!! Today I check in for the flight back to Columbus and after we paid for earlybird seating we are B6 and B7. So much for the extra money we paid!! No offer from Southwest to refund anything. Second time we have been in B. In case you don’t know all the family’s also board ahead of B section after A! My last time paying for earlybird and probably last flying with Southwest. Ps. I was a Southwest member!!!

Abuse at check in. Did you ever notice how many people pre board from Buffalo to any where? I’m a business person who flys a lot. There are too many people who FAKE they need extra help . It’s a joke among the business flyers when we line up on how many people FAKE they need assistance. But as soon as we land these are the same people who are standing up first and walking out of the plane. Why pay more for business select when you can fake that you need assistance. In fact there are two specific types of people who always claim they need assistance, the lazy ones who won’t get up early to check it and the ones who know all they have to do is pretend they need assistance. On other airlines you come in on a wheelchair you leave on a wheelchair after the plane is empty. Wake up Southwest the abuse is obvious and you are going to lose a very good Southwest traveler soon.

My go-to airline. I am the poster girl for Southwest Airlines :-).I fly around the country a couple times a month. Southwest makes my airport travel pretty-much stress-free. All of their “transparency” policies make it easy to have flexible plans and make changes as life things come up. My check-in time at the airport is literally 20 minutes door to gate because their computers are very person friendly and somebody is always there to help and receive your checked luggage quickly. If I have a problem and I need to speak to a human by phone, it is not usually a long waiting queue and they just fix it without sweating policies this or that. I live in Florida ( think hurricanes...). and they cut that stress way back by announcing early on that you can change your flight at no cost- no nailbiting until the last minute as other airlines wait and ponder. This airline is truly a”luv”.

Good except usability for a couple of things. When I am logged in and looking at an upcoming flight, it is not clear whether I am checked-in or not. If a person in the traveling party is not checked in, there should be an option to check in next to the flight and person displayed. If a person is checked in, there should be an option to view the boarding pass. I am a parent traveling with my 4-year old, I bought the tickets but I cannot view and save my child’s boarding pass unless I sign out of my account and sign in with hers, and have to create an account for my child if she doesn’t have one already. That is not a good user experience and has no security advantage. If an adult buys tickets for him/herself and others on the same flight, especially minors, and even more so young children, the buying adult should be able to see and save the boarding passes for all the people traveling with him/her whom he/she bought tickets for.

Copy Rapid Rewards number. Hey Southwest, your app is great! However, I have one request…. When I am on the plane and log into A-list preferred to use free WiFi, I have to enter my rapid rewards number. I go to the app to get the number and then press and hold to copy the number from my profile. But instead of copying the number, it copies the text RR# xxxxxxxxxx. Then when I paste it into your web site I have to go in and backspace to remove the “RR#” in the front of my number. Please make it easier for us and make the RR# a label and not part of the text field that holds the number…. It’s such an easy fix that your developer can do in less than a sprint (it’s probably a 5 point agile story). Please get this in the backlog and I look forward to you saving time and keystrokes for all of your A-List members.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 10.7.2
Play Store com.southwest.iphoneprod
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application Southwest Airlines was published in the category Travel on 18 December 2009, Friday and was developed by Southwest Airlines Co. [Developer ID: 334693128]. This program file size is 131.29 MB. This app has been rated by 5,888,635 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Southwest Airlines - Travel app posted on 20 July 2023, Thursday current version is 10.7.2 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.southwest.iphoneprod. Languages supported by the app:

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