US Public Lands

US Public Lands [Travel] App Description & Overview

The US Federal Governments owns nearly 650 million acres of land - almost 30 percent of the land area of the United States.

These are lands that are held for all Americans.

US Public Lands allows you to quickly retrieve the boundaries of these properties without carrying physical maps, books, or digging deep online.

Included in the app are on-device (fully works offline), individually selectable & beautifully colored map layers for most of the properties administered by the federal government:

- Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
- US Forest Service (FS)
- National Park Service (NPS)
- Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE)
- US Fish & Wildlife Service
- Bureau of Reclamation
- Tennessee Valley Authority
- Department of Defense (military bases & installations)
- Other (National Laboratories, Test Sites, etc...)

Key Benefits & Features

- Know which US agency owns and operates the land you're on or are heading to. Use the "Layers" icon to select which agencies you want displayed to create your own custom map. (Hint, the toggles are color coded to the color each layer is displayed in.)

- Links are provided to each agency's website within the app, so that you can further your research as to what land use rules apply for each public land type - such as permits, fees, activities allowed, and limits of stay.

- Map layers are stored on device - no internet connection required.

- Be sure to turn on the 'Basic' base map to see the US Public Land labels for each land area. This base map layer is also stored entirely on your device, and can be utilized if you do not have an internet connection or would like to conserve bandwidth.

- If you have an internet connection (or have cached them before going out of signal), you can utilize the built in Apple Maps and satellite view maps as the base layer underneath the public land overlays.

- A boondocker's assistant - While US Public Lands is not specifically a camp site locator and does not have a database of specific sites, by turning on the satellite view map, you can better scout out trails, roads and signs of dispersed camping locations within the boundaries of the public land resources.

- Quickly toggle between 'Show' and 'Hide' via the "Map" icon to more clearly see satellite images below.

- If you have GPS access on your device, click the 'Locate Me' icon to show your present location - know what type of land you're on right now!

- Built in search tool locates anything on device maps supports (requires internet access) - including cities, states, zip codes, addresses and points of interest. A pin is dropped at the search location.

Thank you to the Protected Area Database (PAD-US) of the U.S. Geological Survey for providing the public domain raw map data that we’ve been able to utilize to create this interactive overlayable mapping & navigation tool. We will update our maps in the future to stay in sync with improvements to this data set.

Please note, the USGS PAD-US database contains the “most up-to-date aggregation of Federal lands and waters” available, but this database is still evolving and some locations may not be listed and others may not have precisely accurate boundaries. Resolution across the nation may vary. And always remember - there may be private unmapped inholdings within any public lands - so always pay attention to local signage, indications, and information.

The US Public Lands app should only be used as an overview, and you should always confirm more precise details by consulting local field offices, administration websites, and other resources. Do not solely rely on this app for determining if you are on public or private land.

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US Public Lands Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This is the first update to US Public Lands in over four years, and the changes are huge! + Much more detailed & updated maps! (Read below for an explanation) + Full support for all the latest devices and screen sizes, including the iPhone X and iPad Pro. + Support for iPad split-screen multi-tasking. You can now use our app ‘Coverage?’ and US Public Lands to scout out remote boondocking spots and potential cellular coverage simultaneously! The original version of US Public Lands was based on the National Atlas of the United States of America, but this public domain data set was shortly thereafter discontinued and was no longer being updated. The new app has migrated to instead rely on the completely new Protected Area Database (PAD-US 2.0) of the U.S. Geological Survey for the public domain raw map data that we’ve been able to convert to create this interactive overlayable mapping & navigation tool. The PAD-US database is an active and evolving project - which means that we’ll be able to more frequently update this app with future enhancements and improvements. Please note, the USGS PAD-US database contains the “most up-to-date aggregation of Federal lands and waters” available, but this database is still evolving and some locations may not be listed and others may not have precisely accurate boundaries. We’ve in particular noticed some military bases that were charted in the old National Atlas which have not yet been added to the new database, and there are a few other minor omissions too. But overall the detail available in the new maps is VASTLY improved over the old. So while the original data set could be counted on to be no more accurate than 1-square mile of resolution, the data in the new release will vary in resolution across the nation (often much higher, but not always). But even with the more detailed maps: always remember, there may be private unmapped inholdings within any public lands - so always pay attention to local signage, indications, and information. Do not solely rely on this app for determining if you are on public or private land.

US Public Lands Comments & Reviews

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- Great for finding public lands

This is a great app for finding public lands but isn't quite as accurate as high dollar apps like Hunt. It's a great quick reference and is super helpful when roaming around the country looking for little pockets to boondock.

- A tad more useful

I am upping my review to 2 stars mainly due to fact that if you are in the boonies, at least you would click the 'basic' map and 'locate' and you may know if you are trespassing or not. The good: - it keeps you 'legal' as much as possible; if in doubt, better backtrack thou - low cost for doing above Still bad: - I think it uses Apple maps which is inferior to Google in showing all the tiny roads (off roads - even though I found many Google tiny roads that were gone when checking them on location but still showing on maps - not this app problem to fix). - you need to download google offline maps, then toggle between this app and google maps to navigate the maze of off roads when off grid - still misses large areas that are accessible to public but again, not big deal since there are so many public lands in western states Ideally when in the boonies and no coverage, satellite view is critical if you want to change locations if one proves inaccessible. Being able to download ahead of time the sat view and terrain view from google then lay over the ownership map, would make this app worth a lot. I would pay easily 50$ for one stop shop. Other apps that do that are pricey and require subscription etc. Again, great idea, I hope the developers improve it.

- Brilliant app!

The info you get from the government sites on where exactly blm starts or even where blm land is located is very hard to pinpoint. This app allows you to search by name and while not accurate to exact boundaries is more accurate than the blm website. The maps there are very hard to read while this one is overlaid on actual maps so you can figure out directions and get where you want to go. I like that it also covers other government land for you to stay on. This app is a must have if you love camping off the beaten track.

- It does what it says it does

My husband and I love 4-wheeling out to the middle of nowhere and staying a few days. Many times we’ve wondered if we were on BLM land or not. Now we know. I love that it shows your gps location on the map in conjunction with the colored map overlays. (Although I don’t believe it shows the coordinates.) If you’re looking for a basic app that shows if you’re on public land or not, then this is the app for you. If you need something that shows campgrounds and has all the frills, then look elsewhere.

- Love the New Update

With this new update any review more then 6 months old may not tell the whole story. With the new update to fully use the features you need cell service. But being able to have three different view. With satellite view you can see if there are other campers there. Then turn on the overlay to see who is the land manager. Great tool.

- Lacking major areas

Initially I had some I hopes for this app, but after a few minutes of looking, I'm not too impressed. For example, it has large areas of state forest land in the Oregon coast range shown correctly, but then north of Highway 26, where there are thousands of acres of continuous forest land, none of it is shown. Also, there are no Indian reservation boundaries, which should be easy to add onto the app and would be very helpful to have visible. I much prefer a Gaia GPS with a pro subscription, which has a Public Lands overlay that is much more comprehensive.

- Should do more

Seems that you can only drop pins after you search for a city or place, not wherever you want such as a great camping spot you’ve found, and then the only way to back out of a search is to clear the pins? There should be a way to switch to Apple or Google maps and carry your location with you. Not detailed enough. Lots of BLM spots we’ve found are not marked as BLM. Kind of a shame as this app could be so much better.

- Useless for drycamping

Great idea, but it is useless to find drycamp spots. - only works when you have cell coverage so you better search and screenshot all the areas you want to go to since if it happens your first drycamp location is not what you thought, it will be the end of your drycamping adventure - zooming in is not working properly to the details you would need to be able to actually figure out what is private or not (i.e. is this side of gravel road private or public?) - missing big areas of private lands (i.e. about 20mil acres out of about 45mil of WA state are public, if you look at this app is way less than that shown)...not as important as the other features but still Great idea but unless they make it work with offline downloads so you could use your gps, it renders it almost useless.

- Great app.

Seems most of the folks writing negative reviews did not read the limitations of the app. If you know what you are buying, I think you will find this is an awesome app. It's not going to find a 100 acre parcel and says that up front. A square mile is 640 acres which is the stated accuracy.

- Awesome

When was the last time you bought a paper map from the BLM office? And then how long did you use it? This app is SO much better and allows you to see where you are on the maps combined with satellite images. Thanks for building great tools.

- Appreciated simplicity

I use more detailed apps like Gaia GPS with premium layers to do deep investigation. But this app is great to have un the toolbox for its shear simplicity. Great for quick regional overviews to gather a sense of where to more granularly investigate. Thanks for making great use of these datasets, and implementing them in a clean and elegant way. Looks great on ipad.

- Good but could be better

I like the satellite map with the color-coded overlay. You can see streets and figure out how to get places. But there's no measurement bar to indicate how large you've made the map or how far a place is from the highway. And as others have noted, small campgrounds or BLM dispersed camping areas don't show up. I can find these on free camping apps but not on this map.

- Very helpful

It does does what it says it will do. I’m a boondocker and this helps me determine if I’m on federal land and what agency owns it. Used in conjunction with a camping app such as UC, you’ll be all set to head out into the wide open spaces.

- New version of Publlic Lands

Love the new app and detailed data

- Great App!

This is an excellent app that makes our life so much easier. The developers have really improved it over the years.

- So inaccurate it’s basically worthless.

Less than two minutes into comparing the maps on this app to actual BLM maps it’s strikingly inaccurate! Hikers and hunters beware, this app could easily put you on private land. One look at neighborhoods in my area and it shows BLM and Forest Service land where there’s entire neighborhoods of private property with .5 to 40+ acre parcels. I want my money back.

- Worth it

Totally worth it however I'm disappointed that it doesn't show private lands. I bought it for camping/hunting/off-roading it would be also nice to be able to use as a turn by turn navigation with the iPhone.


The idea is great BUT the maps they have based the app on (newest versions as I just downloaded yesterday) is useless. When you look at the map in detail WHOLE TOWNS, STREETS are shown as US Forest where as there are miles and miles private land whihc is not shown. Consider that you are parked in the parking lot of a supermarket in a rural town and it shows you as being on US Forest land. That is USELESS

- Waste of $3

If you travel the country and you're looking for a better app I suggest "the ultimate US public campground". Unlike this worthless app it gives you coordinates and helpful information. This app simply shows what land is for public use. This would be helpful if I didn't know about the other aforementioned app. I wish I could get a refund.

- Disappointing

I purchased this app hoping to make sure I don’t intrude on private property near the winnemucca area . Not sure how I’m supposed to do that with areas of maps that look like a checkered board. Even if I zoom in, the checkers don’t become defined areas. Wish I could post a picture of what it looks like. Terrible. Waste of money

- I love this app!

I use Public Lands all the time. We are full time RV’ers and we use the app to find or confirm public land boondocking sites. Highly recommended.

- An essential for camping!

This app alone is worth buying a smartphone for. You won't need to wonder where it's legal to camp. This app will tell you.

- Not useful

I got this app hoping it would show me where I could legally camp and where I could not. The “forest” overlay covered vast areas indiscriminately, including swathes of private land and even a small town (Nederland, CO). As of writing this in October 2020, this app is absolutely useless. I recommend using official US National Forest “motor vehicle use” maps instead.

- Great app!

Great App, does what it says it does. Very helpful. Would love to be able to "drop a pin" or similar, and get gps coordinates.

- Best App for RVers

We use this app all the time for finding beautiful boondocking spots on public land. The new version with the overlay is amazing

- Yeah... NOT SO MUCH

So i uploaded all 3 and my first Acquaintance with this app shows the”general” area however there are no difinitve markers to help me deal with the boundreys... its ALL VAUGE! Hope it gets better, be sure to read the reviews... IM JUST SAYIN!

- Great app

We use this all the time when looking for Boondocking opportunities. Love it

- Don’t expect support...

The map is functional but very basic. In Arizona we have a particular type of public land called State Trust land where the rules are very different. I was hoping this would help me differentiate the land types in Arizona, but it shows all state trust land as National Forest. I contacted the developers about this and gave them a link to a GIS showing much more detailed land types in Arizona including state trust land. Got a 1-line response saying “The app name and description is very clear on what is included.”

- Not what I expected

This doesn't really tell me anything about where I can camp. Just boundries of Government land. I guess I expected too much or misread the description.

- Worthless

Save yourself the $2.99 and find alternative tools. This app is not intuitive or detailed enough to be of any value. Feel like I just gave $3 for a color coded map that actually already exists on line for free.

- Great app

This app is great for figuring out what public land you are on for camping etc.

- Worth the money.

Just remember, camp real close to the highway,much safer.

- Disappointed

I was disappointed to find that this app does not show real boundary lines. Not helpful at all to be able to tell if you’re actually trespassing on private land.

- What?

I paid for this? How is this useful? No resolution worth using on these maps. Download Avenza and use the MVU maps from BLM for real, up to date info about where we can and cannot go and dry camp...for free.

- Great!!!

Just told me i spent night on someone's private land! Whoops...

- Not very accurate

The BLM parcels are not very accurate when compared to a actual map from the BLM. Small BLM parcels are missing. BLM parcels and private lands within the boundaries of CA State Parks are not shown.

- Not useful

This should be a free app-- many gps apps have this same info combined with more helpful features.

- Nice update!

This is a nice update to an already cool app.

- helpful app

only 4 stars because you will need to cross reference with google maps, but it's a really useful app for those who want to explore and camp in beautiful spots for free

- Public lands

Works great

- Wish I could get my money back

Not accurate at all. Does not show private land within public lands.

- Worthless. Don’t waste your $

Wow, I feel bamboozled. This app shows swaths of BLM land... etc... but you can’t zoom in and see any detail. Like the highway or street, kind of critical. Boooooo.

- Good resource


- Not happy with my purchase at all...

This app is nothing like I hoped it would be. I wish I could get my money back.

- Crap

Just wasted $3. Doesn't have any information. Little blobs of color and a satellite option. Whoppie

- Worst app ever and absolutely useless!

This app is a complete fraud. Nothing on this should be called an app. I want my money back!!!

- Terrible maps

Areas are blurred so you have no idea where public land boundaries are, good luck explaining that to the rangers out west on blm lands!

- Terrible App

I own 100 acres of rural property in Idaho that is bordered by BLM land on two sides. Neither section, or any other BLM land near this location shows up on this app.

- Inaccurate

Very inaccurate. Excludes private land inholdings, as well as isolated pieces of public land. You could get in a lot of trouble hunting or camping while relying on this app.

- Thank you


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- Useless

Totally useless... far better apps out there...

- Totalement inutile

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John Pettus

...this is a system of incentives. We adjust the incentives if we apply a cost to being selfish. That can be a few for using public grazing lands, or - in a social context - we can ostracize people who selfishly party while the rest of us try to contain COVID. (Cont.)

Dan Ritzman

@RepDebHaaland New leadership at @Interior giving voice to Indigenous people, ending fossil fuel leasing on public lands, and launching the US towards a goal of protecting 30% of our lands and waters.

US Department of the Interior

If you love the color blue, @CraterLakeNPS is the #nationalpark for you! Thank you for another year of celebrating public lands with us! #Top10of2020 Pic by Kimberly Hilsee () #Oregon


Why does @WildHorseEdu have enthusiastic followers? WHE is gold standard for protecting wild horses, public lands. Its brilliant leader, Leigh, generously shares her work with us. Being informed translates to effective advocacy. Love being part of this & w other fantastic humans.

WildEarth Guardians

Thank you for defending wildlife and public lands with us in 2020! There’s still time to DOUBLE your gift for the Wild, but you have to make your donation before the clock strikes midnight. See what we accomplished together and make your donation here:


Despite the challenges 2020 threw at us so much to be grateful for including all of our public lands #HAPPYNEWYEAR2021

Nature For All

We are proud to have found new and safe ways this year to provide services to our community that protect our public lands, connect us to nature, and create the new leadership we need for a more just and equitable region. Thank you for your support!

Environment America

Passing the #GreatAmericanOutdoorsAct was a win for 2020, but there’s a lot of work still to do. We’ll be lobbying for resolutions that call for the conservation of 30% of US lands and water by 2030, among other public lands protection efforts. #30by30

Lindsey Coyle🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈

Yes... I have screen shots and downloaded PDFs from gov. site and they are omitting what they don't want us to pay attention to. Thet updated the public lands act and the process for dealing with proceeds from land sales. They are not being honest, Imagine that🙄 #abpoli

Cibola NF&Grasslands

This year, Americans sought out their national forests and grasslands in tremendous numbers, finding relief in the great outdoors, and showing us once again how public lands unite our nation. ...

Wyoming Outdoor Council

Thank you from all of us at the Wyoming Outdoor Council for sustaining us through a difficult year and remaining committed to protecting Wyoming’s public lands 🏕, wildlife 🦌, clean air 💨, and clean water 💧. We’ll see you in 2021!

Dariel Garner

"The US Department of the Interior's new four-year strategic plan calls for maximizing fossil fuel extraction from public lands " This headline could be in my new book #RootsOfResistance. If you want to stop the plunder monkeys learn how here...

Tony Dutzik

@FrontierGroupUS Wrapping up my annual list of top posts by my @FrontierGroupUS colleagues: @HorroxJ reminded us that the resources we need to address our biggest problems are often right at our fingertips. A good message to carry into 2021. Happy New Year!

The Trust for Public Land

Only hours left to have your tax-deductible donation matched to help us create more community parks and public lands for people to enjoy. Learn how:


Your backing makes it possible for us to continue to fight for California's forest ecosystems—on private lands as well as public. #Stand4Forests

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US Public Lands iphone images
US Public Lands iphone images
US Public Lands iphone images

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The applications US Public Lands was published in the category Travel on 2014-04-11 and was developed by Two Steps Beyond [Developer ID: 371852083]. This application file size is 175.93 MB. US Public Lands - Travel app posted on 2019-07-08 current version is 2019.7 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.twostepsbeyond.public-lands

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