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What is roadside america app? App includes 1 region you choose from 7 oddity-rich U.S./Canada regions. Purchase more ($1.99/region) or all remaining regions ($6.99 more). The roadside attraction gurus at Roadside America have spent decades exploring the weird, amusing wonders on America’s highways. The app puts that expertise at your fingertips for your own adventures. Roadside America's fun stories, unique photos, and tipster reports guide you to less traveled places just off the next exit.

App includes your choice of one permanent U.S./Canada region (see region states list below*). Optional in-app purchases require sign-up for a Roadside America account to unlock more or all regions ("All Access").

• Car & Driver: "All the Route 66–type classics, from neon signs to 25-foot-tall muffler men." • Popular Science: “This Holy Grail of road-trip apps has all the features you could want from a directory of the country’s quirkiest and most eclectic attractions.” • Thrillist: "An absolute must for fans of animatronic roadside dinosaurs and kitschy rest stops."

- "World’s Largest" and smallest sights
- Strange museums, graves, statues, Muffler Men
- Bizarre architecture, obscure history
- Route 66 sights, tourist traps, odd theme parks
- Mystery spots, gravity hills, caves, unnatural wonders


- Check map for nearby oddities, drop a pin revealing what's ahead.
- Add Start and End city to reveal a string of possibilities along the route.
- Search by attraction name, address, or browse by city.
- Explore 70+ themes: Atomic, Music, Celebrities, Tech, Crime, more!


- Read amusing stories by Roadside America authors, and useful eyewitness tips by travelers.
- View photos, maps and directions, addresses, hours. Call attractions.
- Help investigate "research" attraction targets we think have potential!
- Filter Editors' Ratings to focus on must-sees in your vicinity.


- Send attraction location to Maps or other popular routing apps
- Mark Saves and Been Theres to view on a list/map. Or filter-hide to only see the unexplored!
- Export/Import your Saves and Been Theres to a 2nd device
- Submit Tips and your photos on oddball and unique discoveries to our editors for possible inclusion.


FAQs (inc. how to Restore regions for new/reset device):

For region activation issues, please contact us via app: More, Feedback or the website


When first launching app, select your one permanent region (see included states, below). You can later make in-app purchases to permanently unlock more regions. All Access unlocks all remaining regions. Register a Roadside America user account for purchased region access recovery (Restore) on new/reset/2nd devices.

- NORTHEAST: Delaware, DC, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia
- SOUTHEAST: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
- MIDWEST: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin
- SOUTHWEST: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah
- NORTHWEST: Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming
- CALIFORNIA: California, Alaska, Hawaii
- CANADA: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Québec, Saskatchewan, Yukon

Family Share works for basic app; additional region access requires separate accounts and in-app purchases by each user.

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How to contact Roadside America (This Exit LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Roadside America. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Roadside America Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Roadside America Version 2.416 August 2022

- Bug fixes and improvements - Account deletion option added.

Roadside America Comments & Reviews 2022

- Most fun app on my phone!

If you love driving around and randomly stopping to see some odd monument to something long forgotten or museum full of things you never dreamed you’d care about, this is the app for you! Remember the great molasses flood of Boston? Ever seen 2 thousand arrowheads in one place? My partner and I are crazy for the hilariously written factoids and have gone on little adventures trying to find some of the destinations on this map. I used to try and find these things on my own, but it’s so much easier and fun with this little tool. I bought their book in the 90’s and I’m so excited that technology has managed to find its way to put that big book in my pocket. If you are on your way to Niagara Falls, why not stop at the Jello Museum? Headed to Harrisburg? Stop in at Mr. Ed’s Elephant museum. It’s obviously great for children, but I don’t have any and it’s my favorite thing to do when I have time off! There’s a small fee to unlock all the USA, but it’s totally worth it if you travel. Last weekend I learned all about Lizzie Borden and saw her spooky grave. I never would have done that if it weren’t for these kooky authors and their fabulous app! Thanks for the weird memories!

- Worth it, even if only enjoyed from my armchair

I had a little trouble figuring out how access the app at first and can understand why some frustrated users gave it less than a 5-star rating. THEN I read the FAQs and more of the directions and found the app works just as advertised. Gee, imagine that. I am now traveling the entire country from my armchair, delighted with the many quirky sights, roadside parks, museums & oddities. If I never leave home again the reasonable cost was worth it to me (and I have limited resources). From now on, every future trip will start with a review of potential places and sights to see along the way (or even out of the way). Thanks Roadside America.

- This app has made my life better

I have used this app for years, i was just singing its praises to a friend and stated “the quality of my life is better because of roadside America.” It crossed my mind that posting a review is probably in order because I’ve had such a wonderful experience with it so far. It makes trips more fun and you discover so many hidden gems that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. I recommend it to anyone moving to a new area or those would love to road trip around. Pay the full price to open up all of the US, it’s worth it, you never know where your going to end up.

- I loooove this app

Help find interesting things to do when just entering a town and have time to waste. Also to find historical spots that you would never think to search for. Plus weird and cool things too. My kids always calls this my adventure I take them on. Especially now that they are getting their drivers licenses and needs hours behind the wheel. I look for something and not tell them then once we get to the spot they will say, “really mom?” Or “wow, now this is cool!”. We have tons of fun with this app.

- Frustrating

Purchased the app once I received email to confirm wouldn’t allow access states I had to register. Tried to register again,said account was already active. Had to delete app and start over. Once I finally was able to access app tried to unlock all. Will not allow me to tells me I have to purchase the unlocked version which I have. Still will not allow me to access everything. Waste of money and time.

- Helpful and Remarkable!

Easy to search for neat places, things to do and oddities off the beaten paths of our country! You just search on a town, city or area and nearby points of interest pop up. You get mileage to it, ratings like “not worth the bother” or “don’t miss this” as well as 1,2,3 4, & 5 signs (5 signs is worth the stop). It is reasonably priced $6.99 to unlock all areas of the country. You won’t be disappointed!

- A road trip necessity

I love this app. I took a 3 1/2 week road trip to drive from the East Coast to the west and found amazing things along the way. I used the app on a 2 1/2 week trip from the West Coast to the east later and also enjoyed finding interesting places. I shared it with the fellow I met recently And he got a great deal of pleasure of looking at the towns he knows in finding the interesting and weird places near his familiar sites. Keep up the good work

- My go to app for road trips

How can you not love the tacky American experience. It’s really what defines us- America is just young to have a lot of impressive historical attraction, so we make up for it in muffler men, giant oxen and monuments to the obscure. This app is your guide book to navigate through the clever and silly to find the down right strangest. It’s easy to use and well thought out. Good job.

- Account required for additional regions

First off this is a really cool App. I really want to give it five stars. But sadly I can’t. I am located right between two regions and want to buy access to another region. However instead of a standard in-app purchase, setting up a separate account is required. This makes little sense - I’d like to just buy this as an in-app purchase but for whatever puzzling reason the developers won’t allow this. I understand a sign-up if, say, the region access was free, but with paid content this doesn’t make much sense to me.

- Great app, but no family sharing all access

This app is very fun. We are looking forward to using it on our next big road-trip. Be aware if you use family sharing, though. While the basic app with one region activated can be family shared, the premium all access mode can only be used with one Apple ID. (And a shout out to their great customer service! Very responsive!)

- All Access

I’ve been using the Roadside America App for years now and love it. If you road trip regularly, the all access package for the whole US is worth it! It’s so fun to pull up the map and see the pins of what’s near me. Love the feature that lets me pull up the directions in Apple or Google Maps. Happy travels!

- Get it and love it

Love this! I love that it takes you to the off the wall places, not your standard touristy places. We are on the road a lot and we have seen a lot of things/places that we otherwise would have missed. The app is easy to use and is always the first thing that I consult when we go to a new city/town.

- Fun app for travelers!

I love this app! I find interesting places to visit during our road trips using this app. I understand that subscription for all access have been eliminated, if this is true then I’m so lucky to have purchased all regions before it stopped. Thank you for making our road trips fun!

- The most fun I’ve had with an app

I’ve used this app on several trips and it’s lead to some kitchy fun adventures throughout the states! I’ve visited a hole made entirely of paper, a surgical science museum and an abandoned tv walk of fame. I’ve recommended this app by word of mouth and now I’m recommending where it counts on iTunes. Worth the price for the endless adventures it inspires.

- Love this ap

My husband and I have used the website for the last couple of years. We love the ap because it lets us preplan stops along our journey. Our friends are always amazed at the quirky little places we find on our trips. The stops really help break up long drives.

- Amazing!

When you consider that this app is constantly being updated, the $6.99 to unlock everything is very reasonable. We enjoy finding unique and quirky things, so this app has been a fabulous resource. Keep up the good work!

- Useful

Great app to use when on a road trip with “nothing to do” - we like the oddities for sure! Would give 5 stars if all locations listed a physical address and a simple link to google maps for directions. Not all do, they just have directions turn here, turn there, etc... other than that great app for road trips!

- Perfect

If you're the kind of person who likes to stop and look at interesting stuff during long road trips, this is THE app for you. It's well worth the value, and has such a huge library of roadside attractions and other cool things to see along the way.

- Nationwide fun!

I used the free section for several years, then started traveling around the country. I bought the rest of the national sections. They are as odd, offbeat and fun as the northeast. I don’t get to use RoadsideAmerica as often as I’d like, but I like it as often as I use it.

- Dosappo

I paid for this app and choose Southwest. It showed me nothing but a map. I registered... it redirected me to email. After doing all this I get back to same place. It shows me southwest map lit. That is all. If I choose another area it wants me to pay more. I have not yet saw what I paid for first time. I've messed with this awhile and I do not understand all the places you refer people to learn how to work a simple map. Please give me my money back and I'll just use my map and search from google. A waste of time,

- A Travelers Necessity

If you like discovering off the beaten path travel oddities, this is the app for you. I’ve used this app for several years now and am always finding bits of nostalgia in our travels. Great app to share with our kids when we travel and explore new places.

- A must have while on the road.

A must have, if you are into weird quirky things, but don’t have the time to wander, this is the app for you. A great list of roadside attractions and how to find them. I use it constantly. GET IT!

- All Access Is Worth It

Pay the extra money for the all access unlock if you travel the country, or would like to one day. Well worth the money. Lots of cool things to see when you use the app to find them.

- Hard to navigate

Would be so much better if it gave you directions or distance to a plotted route... constantly looking up locations on a map to see if they are behind us or not. “Directions not available” which means I have to constantly replay my location!!!

- Roadside America is like the Milky Way

This app reminds me of the first time I really saw the Milky Way. I gasped 😳. When I then tried with my binoculars,the black empty spaces filled up with stars! This app gives me sort of the same feeling. This app fills in all the “dark” spaces. This app took a lot of time and work.

- Love this app!

This app is SO much fun! No matter where I am in the country I’m always accessing the app because I love finding weird things and odd places. We’ve had some of the most fun experiences finding places shown in the app. Highly recommended!!!


My family loves this app and we get a kick out of so many of the fun, quirky, weird, & entertaining places we’ve visited! Any time we travel I am looking for amusing little side trips near our destinations. It’s been worth the small amount the app costs!

- Exciting Find!

What an exciting find! We love to travel and always dislike missing cool stuff. I first looked in the area around my home. I’ve lived here all my life and did not know these fascinating things were here! Oh the adventures we will have...!

- Fun on the road or whenever

Need a scavenger hunt, looking for something to do at home or while killing time till your flight home, interested in the offbeat? This app is for you. Enjoy.

- Fun and easy to navigate

Who knew there was so much to see on a road trip! It’s been fun stopping off and seeing some interesting things! I see there is nothing flagged near me and I know of a few secrets so I’ll submit them as tips!

- Joe O'Grady

When ever out traveling on my Harley, I make it a point to Check my app, roadside America. I would hate to miss something, from cool little places to big attraction. I use the app to get to know America, love it & I live it!!! After covering the US, might hit Europe on the Harley. Joe O'Grady

- Never miss a giant pistachio

We use this app before and on every trip we take. It never fails to lead us to great photo opps, some are breathtaking and some are just plain stupid silly. We wouldn’t be without it.

- Great App

Traveling local or long distance? The Roadside America app will help you find interesting, weird and/or unique things to see. From a piece of the Berlin Wall to the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, you will find these and a whole lot more with this app.

- Travel Enhancer

The app is easy to use and provides useful information with tips and directions. Travel on road trips is more interesting with Roadside America. The map view is a great help.

- Road trip fun

You never know what fun will be at the next highway exit or along the road. This app made a long drive a little longer but much more fun! Giant Transformers, VW bug spiders, who knows what you will find!

- Awesome road trip helper

Love to use this to find weird little spots to check out. I’ve used it a lot and it’s been fun. this. Exactly what I was hoping it would do. Makes for a fun trip

- Superior to the website

You can use the Roadside America website for free, but the website’s user interface and usability is so terrible that the app—which is vastly more user friendly—is money well spent and better facilitates spontaneity.

- The best Roadside Attraction app on the web

This is by far the best Roadside Attraction app anywhere. It includes 1000s of fun sites, with ratings, directions, photos and even allows input and updates from users. The site team is always updating with new places. Another great function is the ability to use the geo-locator that will bring up fun and quirky attractions near your location. Get the app, get a camera and get ready to see the FUN side of America.

- Don’t leave without it

This is so much fun for adults and kids alike. Huge fans of finding “local” places & sites that locals don’t know about. ;)

- I plan vacations

I use this app to plan vacation road trips. It is a really fun to plan short day trips and multi day trips with the attractions this app offers. Easy to use, informative, a must for every day tripper.

- Why didn’t I know about this????

Wishing I had known about this years ago. We love to Road Trip and find goofy things. This has been great.

- Makes a trip

We never road trip without this app. Makes travel so much fun. I can turn a 3 hour trip into a 6 hour trip 😂

- Love this app but wish it had social features!

I’d love the ability to write logs for roadside stops and add pictures to the logs! Would also love to be able to follow my friends and see their feeds :)

- My favorite travel app

We have traveled to 49 states and cross-crossed the county a few times. No app has consistently proved more worthwhile tips than this one. It makes our travels much more fun and memorable.

- Love this app

I love to drive and stop in attractions such fun or bizarre, talk with locals about unique places in their cities. This app turned all my travels longer but I’m making friends wherever I go.

- Don't Leave Home Without It

As a longtime user of the website, I was thrilled to discover the app. Roadside aficionados unite! I've recommended this to many friends. Thanks to the developers!

- We’ve checked out so many attractions thanks to this app!

Amazingly helpful. So much info with intuitive interface.

- IPhone 11 Pro Got too Hot with This App

It is the only app I’ve run where I noticed the phone getting immediately hot. Very hot. It needs to be updated for ios13 and the new generation of devices. It’s otherwise a good app for the information. The interface is definitely outdated looking.

- I love this app!

My wife and I keep it on when traveling. It’s not uncommon for us to detour to see some fantastic or weird posting from the app. We are addicted!

- Awesome!!!

This app is great!! No matter where we drive, there are cool things to see and places to visit. We have used it in 30 states and counting!! It’s a MUST HAVE for any USA road trip.

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- Great Program

We did a trip from Ontario to British Columbia through the United States on the way there and through Canada on the way back. This app provided us the opportunity to see many unique and interesting attractions it made our trip much more memorable. We were also able to submit a number of interesting sites for others to see. This app was totally worth the price. I look forward to using it again on our next trip. M. Ashman

- $$$

It’s one thing to charge someone for your app and another to charge them even more to unlock the content within the app they just purchased. Either charge one price for the app or make the app free and give very basic content with the in app purchase unlocking more features.

- If you love the journey not just the destination you'll love this app.

Love this app! We took a road trip to Casper Wyoming from Canada this summer. We're the kind of people that love the journey not just the destination. This app lead us to all sorts of interesting places we would never have known about. 30-foot neon cowboy? Check. A huge replica of Medusa made out of hay? Check. A life-sized tyrannosaur lit from within? Check. We had so much fun checking out crazy stuff. The reviews from travelers about each site were handy, too. You get a better sense of whether or not you'd like to drive 30 miles out of you way to visit a mile long pit of poisonous water. (BTW, you do want to stop there because it's absolutely beautiful.)

- The Costing seems like a ripoff. Disappointing

I have been waiting for this app to come out for months. I am a big fan of Roadside America. When I saw it was available at last here in Canada I jumpped on it. The App itself is just fine, wonderful in fact. It gives all the quarky Roadside info I have come to love from the site at my fingertips. It will be great for trips! Recommended. However, the costing is a ripoff! And I urge Roadside America to rethink this in the up dates and opt to reward its fans instead of gouging them. The $3 you pay up front only buys you one of 5 regions of the USA. you only get the info for the region you pay for. You can ad regions later if you want, at another cost. I would have gladly paid one, one time fee for this, even as high as $10 or more. I have paid that much for apps before if I really like it and know I will use it all the time. But the kicker here is, even if you by all access to to all of the USA you have to renew it every year. So every year I pay another $5?!?! So I have to pay for this app every year? I have never heard of such a thing. Who do you think you are, the NY Times? In fact I have NY Times app, and IT WAS FREE! When I buy a travel book, do I have to go back and buy it again every year? This would have been a 5 out of 5 if it wasnt for the costing. This is no way to grow your biz. I would be surprised if anyone out side of die hard core RSA fans bought into this. If you had made it one time fee of 5-10 bucks, all access, you might have brought in more new fans that way. But your current costing scam is a turn off. Rethink this in the next up date of the app, and all will be forgiven and I will gladly write another review, that one would be 5 out of 5! Fans will get this app. They will love it. They should also let RSA know how they feel about the costing scheme. (maybe its jst me?). Newbies may feel ripped off however. PS I have been thinking about it and here is a suggestion. I would pay $15 or so (the cost of a travel book) to have total access forever to this app. Also, if memebers could load up there own pictures to the site and ad reviews that would be cool too.

- Don't Leave Home Without It

"Roadside America," along with their companion app "Roadside Presidents," are the two most indispensable travel apps in my collection. The content is incredible and it can even be used - to a limited degree - offline.

- Great for road trips!

Just did a road trip from Ottawa, Ontario to Corpus Christi, Texas with two teenagers. This app brought us a lot of laughs and directed us to seeing things we enjoyed and would have missed otherwise.

- Awesome site

I just bought this app a few days ago. It is a little more expensive than I was told but around $10.00 still makes it a great app. I have NOT gone anywhere yet but have been able to plan out my entire summer using this map and finding what looks like great places to visit along the way. Sometimes trips can seem long but just stopping for a few minutes (or days) can help make the trip not seem so long... Plus the bonus is, you now how something new to talk about. I will review this again at the end of summer and let you know where we stopped and how great it was.

- Roadside America

Excellent suggestions for unique sites to see that you probably won't find in most travel guides. Wish it was more up to date but with more people adding tips and photos, Roadside America will only grow and expand.

- More fun than games, these places are real!

I'm really glad I got this, and the "everything on it" all-region expansion. I'm already finding places nearby I hope to visit, like the Sparks electrical museum in Bellingham, Washington, and others I know of that I'll propose they add, like the water cistern It's a walk through to the weirdest parts of real life.

- Another way to ask for more money

I probably would have known if I had read more but when I bought it I though I would have the entire US but no, for $2,99 (CDN), I had to chose for only one section of the map. It's very disappointing but I learned my lesson. If you have money to spare… it might be a good thing. If you don't, forget about it!

- Crashed

Had this app for all of an hour and it crashed. Want my money back. :(

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Roadside America 2.4 Screenshots & Images

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Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
Roadside America iphone images
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Roadside America (Version 2.4) Install & Download

The applications Roadside America was published in the category Travel on 2009-12-31 and was developed by This Exit LLC [Developer ID: 329905849]. This application file size is 7.89 MB. Roadside America - Travel app posted on 2022-08-16 current version is 2.4 and works well on IOS 12.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thisexitllc.roadsideamerica