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What is veo app? Veo makes your daily commute easier and faster. Download the app, grab a Veo e-scooter, bike, or e-bike and just enjoy the ride.

Step 1: Find the closest e-scooter, bike, or e-bike.
Step 2: Scan to unlock! Scan the QR code (or enter the scooter's or bike’s ID number) to unlock it. Enjoy your ride!
Step 3: Park in a designated parking zone (shown in the app) when done. To finish your ride and stop the fare, just tap the "End Ride" button in the app or push down the lever on the bike lock. We do the rest!

Questions about Veo? Send an email to or visit our website,, to see all the places you can Veo today!

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App Name Veo
Category Travel
Updated 18 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 149.09 MB

Veo Comments & Reviews 2024

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Rip off—do not use!. I was in Santa Monica and saw Veo bikes and scooters. I downloaded the app, but needed to add $10 just to get it activated. (There was no place just to add a few bucks at the beginning of service.) So I did and tried to activate a bike located on the app’s map. Says it’s “under maintenance” and to try another. The green light was on, nothing appeared wrong with it. So I get another one in the map and walk to it—electric bike does not work, even after pedaling to get it going. Fine. Third attempt, scan the scooter and it’s also under maintenance. By the time I was done I was already more than halfway where I wanted to be—but I went by foot! Waste of $10. I’d like a refund.

Most frustrating rip-off ever. Don’t do it. Don’t get the app. Dont step on the scooter. Just walk, bike, or take an Uber/Lyft. This app is so incredibly frustrating, buggy, and unreliable. So are the scooters. They overcharged me, I called, they said it would be refunded, it was and then another random change appeared a week later, I had to call again, and they said that charge would be refunded… but at this point, who knows. I wish I hadn’t given them my credit card info. Also, THERE IS NO ASSISTANCE IF YOUR SCOOTER CRAPS OUT ON YOU. The app will continue to charge you by the minute until you park it in a designated area. I was scootering with my brother and despite it saying it had full charge, it crapped out 2 miles into our ride. These scooters are heavy and have a lot of resistance if they’re not powered. We took turns pushing the POC 2 miles back to a designated parking place. Not how we planned to spend our visit to St Pete’s from CO.

Ripped me off. I rode a scooter on the same track I have written it every day for the past month, and all of a sudden stopped working. I tried to Park it where I normally do, were there were seven other scooters already parked, and it said I was in a no ride zone. So IWent to the next parking location, same thing. I tried four total and still no parking, it has been 20 minutes of just racking up my bill, I’m late to a meeting, and just want to Park it so I can get to my car. Currently walking almost a mile to my nearest location. Dragging the scooter as the Excelerator still does not work. I even called customer service, and they said that it was my fault that I was in a no ride zone and can’t Parkette, but there are tons of other scooters here, and I’ve parked here many times before. Very frustrated. Update: just got off the phone again. Second lady ended it for me and took off the minutes of my walking around, cutting my bill back. It took 2 phone calls and 5 parking locations but I finally can get where I need to go. 2nd lady couldn’t have been any nicer. Updating from 1 to 3 stars solely because of her

Bikes and customer service are excellent. I’ve tried Veo, LINK, Lime, Wheels, Ofo, Spin… pretty much all the bike/scooter companies that have come to Seattle. Veo *by far* has the best-maintained bikes and most reliable app. When I have reported issues, I always get prompt, excellent customer service. With the larger wheels, Veo bikes are much safer than the many stand-up scooters around the area (I broke an ankle which I hit a small pothole riding one of the stand-up scooters). I’ve also found that Veo bikes are the only ones with enough power to go up Queen Anne hill. I really hope Veo will bring bikes to Fort Collins, CO in the future!

So many glitches. This service has been consistently sketchy since I started riding it a few months ago. Half the time the scoots won’t unlock. Occasionally it’ll say it’s unlocked and charge me the unlock fee but not actually be unlocked. And just now, I was riding for less than 2 minutes when it just ended my ride — I was on the street, what if I had been in an intersection? I could’ve been struck by a vehicle. I tried to restart the ride and it said I had insufficient funds — which is fine, I’m happy to add more but it should tell me that before I even start a ride. It’s unsafe to just stop a ride mid way (less than 2 mins in!). I’m over this product.

Group ride is a fraud. We rented in Santa Monica, one a sit down, one a stand up. We turned down a street, the stand up said “you are entering a no ride zone” then it shut down. The sit down still worked, so we tried to end the trip but the app wouldn’t let us because we were in an unauthorized area. Not knowing where the approved area was, I pushed the unit to where others were parked, the app would still not end, despite others zooming by me, meanwhile they continued to charge me. Fortunately I did not have auto recharge on, so then both times out. When I called for a refund, the customer service person did give a refund for the unit that stopped working, but not the other one. Customer service said I was not telling the truth on multiple occasions during a very tense call. If you must use Veo, I suggest you do not use the Group ride feature.

Charged $80 and didn’t get to ride. Veo implemented a “no park zone” recently in my area, and it ruined the whole riding experience. The “no park zone” was not implemented correctly at all. 2 scooters lost GPS tracking randomly so we couldn’t end the ride while time ticked away and charged us. The trail was full of people who were manually pushing their scooters, stranded, and/or trying to switch out broken scooters for other scooters. The scooters stop accelerating mid-ride, if they managed to work at all, huge safety issue as it activates the brakes and almost caused a crash and injury in our group. I used to love riding around the trail system but last night was awful, and a lot of money wasted in the attempts to get the scooters working in my group. Huge disappointment as we planned to enjoy the entire evening on the scooters.

Here but not in a helpful way. While there are many scooters and bikes all over campus there are rarely any that work. I was told to download this app because it’s an easy way to ride around campus, but I can spend five minutes scanning the QR codes and find nothing. Meanwhile I could have walked to where I needed to be. The bikes are also the worst things. While they have a basket and cup holder you’ll spend all your energy tryna to get that thing moving even slightly. And if you’re ever trying to report a problem forget it. The problem center is no help, it asks dumb questions and when things you might have already tried, like unlocking the vehicle, doesn’t work it just gives up and tells you to contact a human support. And if you do 60% of the time they won’t get back to you. I’m writing this review while walking because like always none of the scooters are working.

Non-functional app, unhelpful support.. Attempted to use this app to rent a scooter/bike while in town for a football game. Successfully set up an account and deposited money, but the app wouldn’t allow me to unlock any vehicles (tried 6-7 different ones). During the unlock process, the cable locks would never function (no blue light after pressing button). After ~3 separate failed unlocks, I started just receiving a generic “something is wrong but we don’t know what” error. I gave up after spending 20-30min in the rain with no success. When I requested a refund I was told that “the user agreement states deposits are non-refundable”, unfortunately I guess there’s no provider agreement that forces them to provide a service after taking your money. After an explanation, my CC company gladly credited my account and will be handling the dispute. 1 star rating because 0 isn’t an option.

Santa Monica, California. DO NOT GET THIS IN SANTA MONICA UNLESS YOU PLAN TO BIKE JUST A FEW BLOCKS IN SANTA MONICA. It is not worth getting if you plan to ride it in Santa Monica and Venice beach. The area you are allowed to ride is really small. Once you get into Venice beach, it is a “no bike lane zone” on Veo’s app which means, your bike will no longer let you ride and will lock. Once it locks, it’s almost impossible to push the bike back to the bike zone that is allowed. You will not get a refund on your ride and any additional funds you have on the app can not be transferred back to your credit card. But one good thing was their customer service person on the phone was nice and helpful. I recommend getting the city bikes called Metro Bikes, cheaper and no zone restrictions!

Rip off. They found a way to make certain spots off limits going into the metro north station,, it’s understandable,busy area ,,, but to make it hard for someone to log out so it charges by min .it took me like 4/5$ dollars until I get it to log out so I can take a photo . I understand companies are new an trying to make money but to rob an steal an find a way to penalize people for making a mistake,taking there money will definitely make people reconsider,I can’t see them sticking around to long a good idea for the community but if another company comes an do the right thing , they will lose out

No ride zone paradox. Utterly useless. Legit most illogical and insufferable price of equipment I’ve ever experienced. I picked it up and started a ride. When I started the ride, th me scooter wouldn’t move because apparently I picked it up in a no ride zone. How did I pick it up in a no ride zone?!? Someone had to put it there. The result was I couldn’t ride the scooter. And yup you guessed it; I couldn’t end the ride either. Why? Because I was in a no ride zone. Some way, some how, I was being penalized for innocently starting a ride in a no ride so. The best part was that I had to manually push the scooter a mile into a ride zone to end this terrible experience and end the ride so I’d stop being charged.

Downhill App. I loved the app when it first came out and have used it pretty frequently since but they’ve consistently had more problems the last few months. The biggest is their new vehicles with the new locks that don’t have a button are birtuslly impossible to use. Unless it was left unlocked by the previous rider, they simply do not unlock. Not before a ride or after you start the meter. There’s no Hutton to switch the Bluetooth on the lock so there’s literally nothing to do. And you can’t report broken vehicles unless you can start and pay for the ride, or report vehicles kept locked up by other users.

Love VeoRide but bad customer service. I’ve tried emailing, calling at all different times, and messaging them through their app and received no response. I only use veoride every now and then to get around my campus. So when I got a notification that I was charged $50 for a subscriptions service I was shocked. I don’t remember accepting this, maybe I accidentally did. But I do not need this and won’t even be on campus to use this over the summer. It also overdrew my bank account. Which I have handled but it is a little ridiculous they do not give refunds especially when I haven’t even used the money. I’ve emailed them twice, I’ve called and never even heard the phone ring, and I’ve messaged them and still haven’t heard a response. Thought I loved this and now will delete and tell people on campus to not get this app because you might waste your money. Wish there was better customer service. App and their bikes are good but if something accidentally happens and they have your card information, you’re screwed.

FORT WAYNE Save your Money!!. My first experience was great, as soon as I was able to find a scooter. So I tell a friend that it’s fun, and we find him a scooter, only it only had 33% battery left. His scooter would only work at half speed, and eventually not at all, so he got off and walk to another one. Me walking beside him so I wouldn’t be rude just riding also didn’t want to park it it took an hour to find plus I didn’t want to have to pay another unlock fee. So I’m paying to walk beside a scooter and come upon a scooter with a 100% battery. My friend unlocks this scooter for another dollar only to find the brake lever damaged and affecting the entire operating system of the scooter. So he had to end that ride, then we walk another 5 blocks to find one, this one at 39% and is giving him constant gps errors and not functioning correctly. By this time he’s outta money and 2 miles from home. All the while he’s I’m sitting there with a scooter not being able to see how much it’s costing me to watch my friend have the worst time trying to ride one of your scooters. MAKE A CURRENT RIDE COST TICKER ON YOUR APP!! It can’t be that hard. It’s a calculator!! Seriously FORT WAYNE SAVE YOUR CASH!!

Great experience and fun!!. I have been a micromobility user and fan for a while and I noticed that VEO is keeping update their vehicles and adding on user friendly and safety features on their vehicle. I’ve been a customer for multiple providers and I tends to ride whichever is closer to find. But honestly I will always choose Veo when possible. Their product appears to be young and energetic. App is easy to use and their customer support team is fantastic as responding to my suggestions. Keep the great work!

Broken scooters really drag down the experience. I’m a college student and these are all over campus, and they’re super convenient. However, it’s very possible to get a scooter that doesn’t want to accelerate regardless of how charged it is, no matter how much you push off. Most riders won’t report broken scooters (myself included) when they’re only taking one to save time; reporting a broken scooter wastes time. I’d just add a prompt for rides that last less than 80 ish seconds along the lines of “hey that ride was fast, was your scooter experiencing issues?” to expedite the process of scooters being repaired faster The only other major complaint is there’s no way to tell a ride is under maintenance until you try to unlock it, which again, these save time so anything that makes users waste time feels incredibly bad Otherwise they’re pretty fun, convenient, and inexpensive

Spin Scooters!. I would recommend using Spin over Veo. I looked for over an hour and a half to locate a scooter. If they’re are over 100 scorers it shouldn’t be that hard to find one. I got in contact with customer service and he said by the time I got to a scooter it could’ve been taken. So your telling me the hour and a half I took to find a singular scooter it was taken although there are hundreds and I did not see any person riding a Veo scooter? A deposit is needed in order to ride the scooter. I thought I found it, but it was a Spin scooter. I deposited the $10 and now I’m being told it can’t be refunded. I asked if that’s stated within the app, I was told yes, went to see if it is and it’s not stated ANYWHERE within the app. Spin is more effective when it comes to finding a scooter especially in the Rhode Island area. The apps itself does not give you a exact location of a scooter.

Glitchy and will overcharge you or auto shut off scooter. Wanted to ride a couple scooters in Santa Monica with my GF, she encountered a glitchy scooter that kept losing power or shutting off. I added $10 initially as a deposit, but we rode past that $ amount so it shut off the scooters and then Auto charged me for the remaining amount. Why even do a deposit if your going to auto charge for the balance after the ride??? Seems like a scheme to get more money from people. After it shut off we tried to activate them again on the app but it wouldn’t let me add hers since I had already added her on a previous ride. I did another $20 deposit for mine and at the end of the ride my total for everything was about $35 but they charged me $49. And there is also a $15 remaining balance on my Veo account that I will probably never use. Does this make sense to anyone else? Their payment system Seems like a scam!! Just charge me for the ride and don’t do balance, credits or money in your “Veo account”. Ruined what was supposed to be a fun experience for me

STOLE MONEY WITH NO REFUND!!!. I went on a family vacation, we decided to try the scooters out because they looked like a lot of fun. However we just saw people riding them while driving by, so we did research to find them, we found the app and I started playing around with it. At the vacation home, I was trying to figure out how it worked and how we paid and everything and it ended up taking a $10 charge out without me realizing. After we got to the scooters someone else used their app as a group ride instead. I never used my app to scan the scooters. I got home, 15 hours away from where we rode the scooters, and realized my bank charged me a fee, and I got confused because I never scanned a scooter. I tried emailing customer support, there was no help, just get told the balance is non refundable but I could transfer it. There was no sympathy from the customer service, considering I live hundreds of miles away from the nearest VEO location. And now my bank account is in the negative:)). DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON IT, THEY ARE WAYYY TOO EXPENSIVE ANYWAY!!!!

May charge you and not work. It’s happened to me too many times, i got to start my ride the app starts my timer. The THING DOESN'T MOVE, I end my ride, no matter how quick it charges me almost 2 dollars, then i tell it that I couldn’t start my ride, and it does nothing no refund, no anything, I've lost like 50 bucks this way. And its just rinse and repeat and there is never a guarantee weather you will get your ride or ripped off 2 dollars multiple times in the same attempts, I once tried 3 times! With 3 different scooters i had to walk to. And it happened all three times, i ended up walking and lost 6 dollars. That day. So there is no guarantee it will work but there is a guarantee itll charge you.

Scammers!!. Only put $10 as replenish amount as you will never get this back and it will continue to replenish each time it goes low. If you cancel or delete your account this money in your account goes away. Veo keeps this money or you can transfer the money to someone. If you use this app in a location during vacation but they don’t have Veo by your home you will be robbed of money by them. If you click on $100 replenish and are on a long vacation you will lose $100 when you go home and cancel your account. It’s robbery. Bird their competitor only charges you once for the cost of that ride and that’s it, no replenishment. Don’t let Veo steal from you!!

Not Worth!!!!!. It was my first time, at first but then 40 min in they stopped working for no reason. They had battery left and we still had an hour and 20 min left. It wouldn’t cancel the ride at all. So we had to walk the bikes all over trying to cancel them and we were in parking zones. After 10 min of trying costumer service we come to find out they shut them all off at 7 pm. 7 PM!! Like bruh why. There was no warning or any sign that it was shutting off. It just randomly stopped. They canceled our ride and we couldn’t get our ride back. NOT WORTH. If ur thinking about it trust me just ride bikes these things are junk maybe in 10 years they’ll be something similar to this that actually works but for now nah!

Do NOT get this app for college. App is difficult to use, the app makes you deposit large amounts instead of just connecting your card to the account like other apps such as spin do. I decided to get the app and ride a scooter to class because I was late; it immediately stopped working the moment I got to campus and I had to now lug a not working scooter to the nearest parking zone all while I was being charged; customer service is rude and unhelpful and the scooters are mediocre at best. Overall 0/10 the point of these scooters are to get to class/work on time but everything but utter wilderness is off ride limits and they will overcharge for their own apps mistakes. If you NEED to get a scooter app just get spin or lime scooters; at least you can ride those while your being over charged.

Super inconvenient and borderline theft. Found the scooters next to Long beach figure i’d drive one next to the beach. As soon as I reach the beach, the scooter turns off. The app does not warn me that this is a “no scooter” zone (it would probably say it on the terms and service but they wouldn’t tell you). I had to literally walk it for like half a mile outside of that no scooter zone for it to register that i left. All that extra time was charged. In addition, you can’t just park it in a safe place on the road next to other e-bikes and scooters. You need to find a permitted parking area on the app and the app is unresponsive, it doesn’t tell you which direction is which so that took me 10 minutes. I ended up getting charged a huge amount just for walking my scooter and finding parking. Just go with any other service if you can.

Pay more, get less. At twice the price of Lime with half the features, introducing Veoride! Features include GPS locations that are never accurate, short battery lives, and malfunctioning scooters. Meanwhile, you'll pay double the monthly cost of Lime! Don't forget they want you to prepay into a wallet, with a minimum contribution of $5. Because pay-for-what-you-get is so 2019. You know those "grocery stores" in college towns that charge $3 for a cup of ramen and $8 for a roll of toilet paper, with a minimum credit card purchase of $10? Veoride is the college corner market scam-equivalent of scooters. If you're reading this, Lime, please come back to Charlottesville. We didn't know much worse it could get til you were gone.

No ride zone doesn’t work. Was going to give 1 star but customer service was swift and nice and kindly refunded my deposit, so I upped it to 3. I tried 3 different Veo bikes, all of which were parked in “no ride” zones and therefore wouldn’t start when I tried to ride. Of course, I didn’t find this out until I clicked “start this ride” and was then being charged. I would think that if they have the technology to tell you where the bikes are parked, and the technology to identify “no ride” zones, then they should have the technology to let you know that you can’t ride the bike you are about to get on. Epic fail IMO.

No refunds for unused funds. Me and my friends loaded our Veo accounts with a few extra $$$ to make sure the ride doesn’t stop like it did when the funds ran out. Well apparently all the extra dollars we had left after the ride are non refundable. Since we come from a place where Veo doesn’t operate we will never use it again so the unused money will be lost. This is a huge issue and essentially a robbery. You can’t pay exactly for your ride since you need to have extra money on your account to make sure you make it to the proper parking location. I guess it does say that somewhere in the fine print but this is my first time running into such an issue while renting bikes/scooters.

Won’t use again. Least favorite app I’ve used. Scooters were comfortable with the seat, but everything else was frustrating. You pay a deposit instead of just paying for a ride (so any leftovers they’re keeping), it’s constantly telling you you’re in a no ride zone so the scooter just shuts down, and similar issues trying to find a place to leave it (which then you’re having to walk it because it shut down AND it’s adding to your paid time). We went maybe 1.5mi and each paid almost $10. Not worth it at all and very annoying

Misleading customer service rep. Feel like I had a misleading customer service rep after calling ahead and noting that we would be riding on a trail and where we’d be ending to see if this was going to be feasible and that I wouldn’t be charged for a no-park or no-ride zone and the customer service rep just mentioned about a different section of town were there would be no ride zones and to be mindful of that —- not mentioning at all that the trail halfway in would be a no ride zone ! So we had to walk the remaining trip and still charged over $14. What a rip off. Take the bus and you will actually get to your destination faster. Veo only cares about $$ and not happy customers enjoying a share ride experience!

Great app but serious issues. I was in Santa Monica beach riding one of the bikes when it died. I tried to end the ride, but it wouldn’t let me end it while it wasn’t in a parking zone. I was also paying for a ride for both myself and my fiancé, and you can’t end just one ride at a time, so I wound up paying at least 25 extra bucks since it was racking up a double bill while I was just looking for a place to park it. Not to mention the pedals on those bikes could be made for toddlers, so attempting to pedal to the next parking zone was miserable. I found multiple spots where there were more Veo bikes, so I tried to end my rides just to switch onto a bike that wasn’t dead, but we weren’t in parking zones, so I couldn’t; even though we were next to parked bikes. Eventually, my ride just ended on its own once I ran out of money—even though I wasn’t in a parking zone. The whole ordeal was super frustrating. The Veo bikes are fun, but they’re not worth the trouble.

St. Petersburg / worked well. Used this for a weekend in St. Petersburg. Plenty of parking areas around. Ride is smooth & quickly got the hang of it. Reasonable price and quicker than walking. Very pleased we found these & would use them again if back in the area. Be aware the scooter sounds when started & done but isn’t very loud. The app is nice but could be nicer. Adding the ability to map our trip in the app would be great. We were juggling between Google maps & the map in the app to find the closest parking near our location.

Scam, horrible customer service. I took a 5 minute ride, locked to a bike rack, took a picture, and exited the app. Apparently it glitched and did not end the ride properly. I got no notice that it wasn’t ended properly, and the 1.5 mile ride was recorded as lasting over 3 hours. I was charged over $100 for a ride that is typically $4-5. When I reached out to customer service, I was told by multiple representatives that it was my fault for not receiving the trip summary and they would not adjust the total. I’ve never in my life had such bad customer service. Absolutely not worth the risk of being scammed by this company. Would give one star if I could.

Veo causes the bike/scooter to stop in the middle of the road. Writing this review to get Veo to fix an egregious safety design flaw. I have configured my account to auto reload from Apple Pay. Twice now, I have been on a Veo ride, on a busy city street (once at night), and the bike suddenly stops applying any acceleration and rolls to a stop. No discernible warning on the bike. It just stops accelerating. Then I get a text message saying that Veo has failed to process my autoreload. This is absurd and dangerous behavior. Veo fails to do its job to process my money (after I’ve literally clicked the “take my money” button), and then Veo puts me in danger by bringing the bike to a stop on a street surrounded by other cyclists and vehicles. Keep in mind this happens about two minutes into a five minute ride. It’s not like I’m on an hours long joyride. Veo, if you cannot reliably process a transaction, just let me complete the ride and then charge me. Otherwise this feature will get someone hurt or killed over a $5 charge.

Poorly maintained vehicles.. When VEO arrived in my area they serviced the cycles much better than they do now. The cycles were upright on the sidewalk. Now the cycles can be found laying all over the neighborhood. Are the kickstands working as the fleet gets older? From the rides that I have taken I can tell the cycles are not maintained well. Maybe it was never about maintenance and just that the fleet was new arrival. We have never had more than one or two scooters appear in this area. If you want a scooter you have to ride Lime or Bird. Both of which made a fly-by-night appearance. It was nice to have an option to VEO that routinely charges you for vehicles that do not travel anywhere. Then you have to ask for your money back. Can’t tell you the number of times the throttle was broken and I got charged when gos cannot show a vehicle moving anywhere. VEO declined quickly. It shows no improvement. If they have not added the dark mode to the app that it had before I doubt their small Ui improvements are going to be large enough to make a positive difference. I am still waiting to get my credits when parking in a “lucky” zone. That does not seem to happen unless you mention it. In the spirit of ending on a good note,I have gotten my money back for unjust charges.

First time renting a bike. Would’ve been 5 stars but I was in the right location and the bike wouldn’t let me end my trip. I rode all the way up the street thinking it was the right place it wasn’t. I tried customer service and was unable to get anyone just got a voicemail saying they’re unable to take my call. I ran in to someone else who I saw entering the park as I was exiting while trying to find a drop off location and they told me they dropped their bike off in the EXACT spot I was at to begin with that the bike wouldn’t let me end my trip at. So I had to ride all the way back to where I was. Wasted almost 10 mins.

Takes your money. So Veo will take money from your account when you have gone over the money you have deposited, which is fine, but they take way more than they are supposed to. They took 10 extra dollars for going about 50 cents over. This was the second time as well (I didn’t notice the first time), So they’ve taken like $20 without me noticing. They also charge for the time it takes to submit a photo and sometimes it takes a long time, and I’ll have to walk back and close and open the app and take another one. It’s better to just buy your own scooter if you are going to use it even if it’s just once a week. Since I’ve probably spent enough to buy my own and I only use it when I’m in a rush

Scam. You charge by minute. Here is your scam - your vehicles can’t climb a standard city road in the Berkeley. The vehicle slows down - adds time, you make more money. The vehicle stops and the rider is forced to push the vehicle to a safe spot to park and end the ride - more time, more money for you. While the rider is left frustrated and stuck in the middle of the journey. At the least - you must warn the customer that your vehicles work only on flat roads. I weigh 150 lbs. Your vehicle didn’t even go a mile in the 15 minutes that you charged me for. I could have walked the distance in the same time. I want a refund on my one and only trip - immediately. I shall not be recommending you to anyone until you fix both your pricing and vehicles. You make it hard to report the problem - as you ask for the vehicle number which you don’t provide in the trip history. Micro-mobility is a crucial piece of the puzzle in addressing urban transportation needs. We don’t need scammers such as you in this important space.

DO NOT USE THIS. MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING A RIDE There is a HUGE catch with these bikes. There are mandatory parking zones for these bikes that can be MILES from where you want to go. You CANNOT end your ride until you are in one of these zones. So i go for a 1.6 mile bike ride back to my car dealer to pick up my car, and find out the nearest zone is more than 2 miles away, FARTHER than the ride itself. I leave the bike by the curb to retrieve my car, and while doing so, call customer service to explain the situation. She as much said too bad, the clock is still running, thanks for your money, you’re not getting any kind of refund, and oh, put the bike back where it goes. So im forced to shove this thing in the back seat of my prius with both side doors open as i drive 40 mph under freeway overpasses. Worth mentioning this thing weighs probably 80 lbs. The bike itself was fine, brakes were a bit worn, but fine. My problem is with the company. The city forced them to make these parking zones, and they know how unappealing that is to the consumer, so what’s their solution. Don’t mention it. Put it in fine print in the terms and conditions and then blame the consumer for negligence. Ha. Truly embarrassing. Companies like this will never thrive. Anyways. Give your money to companies that don’t operate in the shadows.

NOT WORTH IT. Save your money trying to use this piece of garbage and get yourself a scooter instead. I used this app to help me get to work faster, instead I am wasting my money everytime to find out the scooter is not working. I’m NJ area some users know how to hack the scooters by unplugging the cables making them bricked. I tried reporting it and getting my money back because the app won’t show anything until you unlock the scooter. I recently got myself a brand new scooter and with higher velocity. Trust me, is best to buy your own UPDATE: I deleted my account because they still overcharged me after I ended the ride. How is it possible from a 5min ride THAT I ended charges me over $15 dollars?? I emailed the complain and they are wordless, they won’t give me my money back saying that I didn’t finish the ride

Gps System. I think this app is overall good. I think the 1 and 2 stars reviews are over exaggerating. However, a really huge improvement on this app would be adding a gps system. If you have somewhere you want to go but you don’t know how to get there you would most likely use Maps or Google Maps to get there. The problem is, Google Maps may say to take a certain route and when you arrive, you find out you can’t pass there because its a no go zone on the Veo app. (Which happened to me) Veo should give you a personal gps route avoiding the no go zones and the slow zones if possible. In addition it would be great if they could add a phone stand on the scooters making using a gps system far more easier.

Good, until it’s not…. This idea is great and I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it’s worked great. Until that wasn’t the case. I use this to go up a hill which leaves pretty me sweaty and tired even before getting to work, so this was a blessing. The problem, and it’s not a big one until it happens to you, is that it doesn’t tell you when you click on it through the app when the bike is defective UNTIL you unlock it, and it also applies the first minute. Which means that I just lost over 1 dollar if it happens, it’s annoying if it happens once, it’s a problem if it happens twice, and it’s something that has happened to me three times in a row on different occasions. The app has the ability to unlock the ride but not to tell you when it is defective which is something that the bike itself can do, so I don’t understand why that’s a thing unless the company is just so hungry for money that the app will tell you the location, the battery and more info on the bike live, except when it’s defective. If this is not fixed I’m more than willing to go back to walking up that hill and saving money that way rather than investing it on a ride without even knowing if I’ll be able to use the ride that I paid for beforehand in the first place and definitely won’t be recommending this to anyone else. Have a good day.

Terrible experience. I have been using this app for about a month and a half, it is very flawed and unreliable. I have been charged extra on rides I could not take due to mechanical issues. I have had several problems with the ebikes in specific that you are not able to lock or unlock them to use and was being charged. Then to top off these issues the customer service department is not always available or able to get back with you in a timely manner. I’m am appalled that this company is still operational knowing that their customers are being taken advantage of. They definitely need to take a lot of their bikes and scooters off of the street for maintenance and create a better system to make sure they are not stealing people’s money!

I love the bikes but….. The customer service is so poor I am in shock!! I spoke with Tynesha who has done nothing for me and was rude. I called because I having payment issues with Veo and Apple Pay. I repeatedly told her that I took a certain card off Apple Pay and the Veo app. However she insisted that that was the default payment on the app. I started to get frustrated and she told me to calm down and speak like a professional. I’m the client!!!!!! I never yelled at her, she was not understanding what I was saying and instead went on telling me about the specifics of Apple Pay. This has never happened to me before. I’ve spent a lot of money with Veo and am disappointed in your customer service. The person sounded like they didn’t even understand technology themselves. She was so rude!!!! Customers get frustrated all the time but it’s your job as a PROFESSIONAL to deescalate I never raised my voice to this person never cursed.

Rip off and scooter didn’t work!. App took forever to scan my drivers license- and wouldn’t scan my husband’s at all. When I finally got mine going it worked for about two minutes then it just stopped working. The throttle didn’t do anything. Meanwhile the meter was still going. I tried to park it in a designated area and it just kept saying it wasn’t in the right area so it wouldn’t let me end my ride. So I pushed a very heavy scooter back to the spot I picked it up at, still wouldn’t let me stop it. Tried everything. Finally about 15 minutes later it let us end the ride. They refunded the charge (minus fees, of course!) but only because it was my first ride. NOT because the scooter was malfunctioning. The scooter is still on the corner…waiting for the next sucker. They aren’t even doing anything about it. Horrible app, horrible experience, horrible customer service. Use Lime bikes or scooters instead.

ABSOLUTE RIP OFF AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I live on a college campus where there are many veos to ride. On Sunday Night, I had family in town and I got them all to download the app. Before you can ride, you are FORCED to pay at least $10. Because there were 3 of us trying to ride, I put THIRTY dollars into the app just for none of the Veos to move or be able to ride. After calling customer service MULTIPLE times and the call “failing”, I have yet to get a refund and each person I’ve been on the phone with has either hung up and never called back and/or been very rude and not helpful at all. Do NOT purchase with them unless you know for a fact you can ride!

These Scooters are Convenient but There’s Two Issues. 1. Some Veo scooters for some reason are half the speed of the other scooters at full throttle even if they are at full or near full charge. 2. After you submit the photo to lock the scooter and end the ride, sometimes, the app will load for a whole minute or two and in that time your account will still be charged even though you aren’t riding the scooter. I do believe that this is just some type of way to get those few extra cents out of our accounts because other apps that rely on Wifi work just fine on my phone so it can’t be a data or Wifi issue.

Exhausting Customer Service Experience, Frequently Inoperable Bikes. I have used Veo bikes almost exclusively over Bird and Lime for some time now. What used to be a great experience has become sub-par. Throttle and gear mechanisms are frequently broken or spotty. The process for reporting issues is cumbersome and time-consuming, and customer service fought me each step of the way when I asked for a $7 Veo credit for an inoperable ride, requiring me to send multiple emails and ultimately denying my simple request. Additionally, their ideas and requirements regarding how I should have made the report were unrealistic and unreasonable for the information I was relaying. I will be using a different service now, even though these had been my favorite bikes in town.

Great premise, poor execution!. KU campus has these bikes, which is a neat sign at getting students to bike rather than have to walk long distances or pollute. But then, it would be a dream if these bikes were feasible. Sometimes, drivers will yell at you because you are giving the proper hand signals - and they don’t understand them - or you’re using the road instead of the sidewalk - bikes ARE vehicles. But more disheartening is the bike’s themselves. The headlights hardly work, regardless if you take them out at night or try to press the button below the light. Even .50$ sounds a lot compared to walking, and I’d only take biking if neither walking or buses are feasible. Not only is the environment not happy towards using bikes but these bikes aren’t as effective as I’d wished they would be. And why should students paying thousands have to rent these bikes?

What’s the point if they’re all in terrible shape?. Veo is in my home city and my car is currently being repaired. To get around I love having this option but today when trying to leave the repair facility my car is located it took me trying 4 different scooters and walking multiple blocks just to find one that would accelerate, the brakes worked, wouldn’t stop on me in the middle of the ride and end my ride for “maintenance purposes” etc. I could have walked the entire distance in the time it took me to actually reach my destination running through multiple scooters just to get there. If you aren’t going to maintain the quality and infrastructure for these scooters, please come scrape all of their busted broken and sketchy rides off of our sidewalks because they’re serving the purpose of an eye sore only at this point.

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Must have american number. Doesnt work for tourists without american number - dumb

Only US citizens can use. I wanted to use Veo, downloaded app but couldn’t proceed as it only accepts US phone numbers. Ridiculous!

Unethical practise can’t withdraw your money back. Unethical practices implemented by certain apps can prevent you from withdrawing your money. These practices may include deceptive terms and conditions, hidden fees, unauthorized access to your financial accounts, or deliberate obstacles that make it difficult for users to access their funds.

Doesn’t accept overseas numbers. Why put these in tourist areas and only accept US numbers…

Only US numbers. Have to have a US number so tourist from other countries can’t use. How stupid.

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Payment options not flexible. I was visiting Santa Monica for a few days and they charged me a deposit instead of the actual cost of my trip. I didn’t get to use the rest of my balance and I requested a refund but they refused.

Can’t read my document. How to loose conversion so easily… tried 3 documents and not working …

Canadians Can’t even sign up. Won’t verify Canadian ID. When I click help it just goes in circles

Cannot verify. The document reader doesn’t work nor does it instruct you what documents are accepted

App refuses to connect to the internet. I’m now walking home because the app won’t connect to the internet regardless of the fact IM ON WORKING WIFI WRITING THIS REVIEW

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Rides should be available 24/7 in NYC. I rented a ride 2 times and it was a fun easy experience however after a certain time of the night I couldn’t start a new ride. The app should state the earliest & the latest time you can rent a ride in each city & state. What’s the point of having the rides in NY if a ride can’t be rented 24/7. We are the city that never sleeps so it would be convenient for those who work late nights and just wanna get home without a uber or waiting for public transport

Veo Scooter. It was a fun ride, but I think it would’ve been a lot more fun if I was able to get a Veo with a seat. The 1 that was near by my house someone had popped the chain off of it and the next closest wasn’t in the spot it showed on the map so I’m assuming the people in that location put it on their porch or in their driveway. It’s ashamed that to this day some adults don’t Know how to share, especially things that aren’t theirs to be selfish with.

Availability Of Electric Bikes & Turn Signals. This is the best idea since city electric scooters came out. I used to sit on my water cooler on a regular electric scooter to sit down. problem is the availability of scooters around the city. Im in the heart of D.C. on Hst and there are only a few electric bikes. My other problem is, If we can’t ride on sidewalks shouldn’t there be turn signals on electric bikes?. Other Than That I Love It, I Love when people stare at me riding fast😊

Horrible App. Horrible experience. There’s a lot of time the bike is broke to the point the ride couldn’t even start but the company still charge me money. Also, there’s a lot of time the bike has issues such as break is broken and control is broke but the company never took that serious. This morning I started to ride a scooter it almost killed me. The bike couldn’t be stopped and it was flipped in the middle of the cross road. And i ride within a minute but app still charged me 2 dollars within one minute and less than 0.1 mile. Good luck for those try to use app. Wish you safe.

Highly unsatisfactory. I’ve tried multiple times to get permission to even use the app, the ID verification failed on me once and permanently locked me out of the account and when I requested support they lied and told me my ID registered only to find my self to still be locked out of services. I live in a area that where the public transportation can be un reliable at times and this is the next best thing but then this service isn’t much help either. Would not recommend any service like these as they can be very un reliable when you need them. Use them at your own risk and when you are not pressed for time

Low powered scooters and annoying interface. My community has Spin and Veo scooters. I usually take the Spin ones but they are sometimes in short supply, while there are always Veos around. Now I know why. The Spin scooters zip up the steep hills in Providence. The Veo did not make it; I ended up having to push it. And it was so underpowered that my ride ended up being much longer than usual, hence more expensive. And the app made me page through multiple reminders before it would unlock the scooter — all time that I was charged for.

Spent 20 min trying to end my ride. I was not in a red zone or anything and I could not end my ride no matter how many times i pulled the lever. So then I kept trying to submit an issue for my ride and the app would crash every time I’d try to take a video. Haven’t gotten any refund either Im not gonna use veo if I’m trying to get to class and theres a chance I need to spend 20 minutes figuring out how to end my ride. There should be some way to manually end the ride through customer service if the bike is not working.

No ride zone. When me and my friend tried to ride a couple of scooters, we were immediately stopped. All of the bike path was a no ride zone, we even tried to ride them and thought we could take the scooters to another stop we saw. It wouldn’t let us park the scooters or cancel them, by the way there were other Veo scooters parked. We walked around twenty minutes, pushing the scooters, to find a ride zone to park them. We even had to lift them up a couple of stairs just to park them. Unpleasant experience and parking zone for scooter should be moved.

This VEO scooter. I work for transit at RTS in operations and I seen the scooters next to the station. I said to myself a couple days ago I’m going to rent one, when I need to. I had an hour break I had enough time to eat but I missed my bus to get back to the transit center. So I said I’m jumping on the scooter so that way I can make it back to work on time to relief my colleague. It worked out beautifully tonight. The scooter is awesome. Thank you VEO!!!!

Do not get or use this unless you’re rich. If I could give it zero stars, I would. This app is a good idea but the execution (or lack there of) is nothing more than a money stealing mess of an app. I called numerous times because I was being charged for a bike that I had already locked and the ride ended. The system does not seem to know where the bike is and both times I had to carry the locked bike back to the place I got it. I rode the bike Thursday and a gave it another shot Saturday. Both days I had the same issue and did not get a response until Monday around the same time both of my rides were on the other days.

The service is great, when will it back. I’m a student living in Champaign Urbana and VEO is super useful in this area! I deduct one start cause it’s lily toe costly but the service was really great. When I was charged wrongly because of a broken bike they always sent me the money back the second day. I miss is a lot. I feel sad when they say it’s not market season. Please come back.

Not a way home!. I work downtown and live near downtown. Thought I could avoid parking fees by riding a scooter. I didn’t realize you could only ride downtown and when I got close to home the scooter turned off so I parked and tried to end the ride. I couldn’t end the ride due to being near the service boundary and had to push the thing like 5 minutes before it would go again. Then had to ride an additional distance backtracking before it would end the ride. Ended up paying double what I could’ve paid to park in a parking garage.

ID Requirement. I downloaded the app at home and went through what I thought was the entire startup process, but when my girlfriend and I arrived at the scooters the app asked for a picture of our ID’s. My girlfriend and I couldn’t ride as both of our ID pics came back with an error of not being over 18. I called and the persons said to email pictures of our ID’s with the phone numbers linked to the accounts. We didn’t do that as Razor acknowledged our ages (28 and 25) right away. If you are going to scan someone’s ID you should be able to figure out their age right away.

Holding money hostage. I used the app and 1 scooter once. It worked fine. There were no other options in the city I was in for a week. I no longer need it and there are don’t operate where I live. This company will not give my the money they are holding hostage in my wallet claiming that they “don’t give refund.” It isn’t a refund. It’s my money. I have sent multiple emails and they just give the same copy and paste response. I will continue to send emails. It would be cheaper for them to stop holding my money hostage than to co to us having employees respond to my emails. DO NOT USE!!!!!

Walking would have been less frustrating. First bike I tried didn’t work, and it cost me over 3 dollars for a bike that wouldn’t unlock. The maintenance on the bikes also blows. Most of them only have one working break, so good luck stopping. The app is less than clear on how to end your ride. If your walk off before ending your ride, you have to go all the way back to your ride to lock it. There is no remote lock for ending the ride, even though it’s obvious that the bikes come with the tech to remote lock. The the last straw for me was, almost a week after I go out for a ride I get a sketchy text saying I parked illegally. They attach a picture of one of the bikes I used that SOMEONE ELSE knocked over. Now they threading to charge me saying I’m responsible for a bike I haven’t seen in a WEEK. It got expensive fast, the quality was low, and the experience was frustrating.

I need a refund. I have talked to customer service several times and ppl need to check their accounts. Kids are looking for scooters that are still running even tho u shut it off sometimes it’s still going it’s a glitch and it ran all my momey out a few times n I’m being called a liar pretty much saying my kids are sneaking riding them smh! My son just showed me his scooter shut off but can still ride it so I’m assuming the money will come off his account cuz he was the last one to actually put his info in on it n ride if that makes sense!

This App is Terrible. There’s so many things wrong with this app. When you try to park a bike in a Forced Parking Area, it says you aren’t in the area so you have to unlock it and move the bike a couple feet (either luckily once or you have to do it multiple times) and then it’ll finally lock. Sometimes the bike is locked but it tells you it is still unlocked and keeps telling you to lock the bike even thought it is already locked. Due to that issue, you may get overcharged for this utterly bug of a system that is absolutely terrible. I am disappointed my university switched to this stupid system.

Left Stranded Trying To Park…. In A Designated Spot!. I used to ride these a lot but now I might not consider it anymore. I had to travel around, going far from where I need to get to just to park, then once getting to that parking spot, it wasn’t recognizing it as it wasn’t tracking my location correctly! Luckily the support was quick to help and shave off the minutes I had to travel around to try and figure out what was going on, even though that was valuable lab time and my bank was being drained too!

Unsafe. Not going to lie if you care about your life I would not use this app. It’s so difficult to tell if a vehicle is safe or not without activating it first which requires you to spend money and if it doesn’t work or is unsafe the you’d have to jump through hoops to get your money back and let customer service know of the issue. Waste of time and money and I know of many accidents happening due to the unsafe conditions of these scooters they don’t even get checked. No wonder they are trashed all over the city.

Charged three time SCAMMERS!!. I put $20 on while visiting California, used them once, had it die on me midway and it died in a no ride zone so I had to walk it back with locked wheels to a place to park it, then since it had died in a no ride zone it said it couldn’t end the ride since I was “in a no ride zone still” had to email and have them end the ride, didn’t use them again throughout the trip and got home and saw they charged me $50 for a $7 ride >:(((( emailed them and will hopefully get a refund but I mean even if I get the refund that’s a huge flaw and just bonkers

Don’t waste your time or money. Experience was terrible with this scooter. I charged $5 to start and when I wanted to end my first trip, I went over the amount I had put in there originally by like $0.45 and I tried to pay just that and the app kept giving me an error message. The only way to pay for what I owed was to recharge $5 at the time. There is not an easy way to check how much money you’re spending or anything. I kept having to stop my ride and start it to check my balance so I wouldn’t keep going over. Worst scooter experience ever overall.

Don’t buy the membership. I ride a lot on my campus, so I decided to buy the unlimited rides membership and after 2 days of having it, it stopped working. It kept telling me to ADD money to my veo app, even though I was already paying for the membership. I tried to fix it but no matter what it just kept saying “insufficient funds” even though I had an active membership for my account. So I ended up paying $10 for an “unlimited” membership and then added $10 so I could ride where I needed to go.

Veo ride. Although veo ride is fun and convenient depending on where you’re headed!!! The system overcharges. If you’re ride was $12 they will take $20 dollars from you and WILL NOT REFUND! I think it’s unprofessional to allow people’s account to basically overdraft without proper time management with the amount of money that was deposited into the veo ride in the first place, and to think it’s okay to charge another $10 after a person exceeds their ride with no permission while ride isn’t on auto deposit is wrong!!!!!

Long Beach, other scooters are better!. I’ve finally decided to try this after seeing their hub close to Long Beach Marina. I own a Segway-Ninebot scooter. And been using Bird and Lime if I don’t have my scooter with me to work. This will be the first and last time I will use this scooter. Waste of $10 (no wonder why there’s not a lot of people using this scooter. It’s parked all the time) Defeat the purpose of mobility, affordability for students and people who don’t drive cars. Pros: Availability, pneumatic tires. Cons: Slower than 15mph Brakes are likely gonna kill you, Most expensive than the rest, $10 deposit to unlock No promos for new user.

Bike riding service that wont let you ride bikes. Texas A&M campus- tried 50 bikes today, only one that worked was a single gear pedal bike that lost itself when I tried to end the ride. I was standing in a clump of 20-30 other veo bikes, which the map showed to be an acceptable parking are, but it would not let me end the ride because I was not in a parking area 😑. Ride ended up twice as long and twice as expensive because it took so long to park. There’s no point to have hundreds of bikes if 1/50+ charged and available bikes actually works. Yikes.

Stealing rides. There’s no way to pause your rides. I think the app does lock the scooter/bike when your phone is detected to be far away, but there has been times where I walk away and come back to someone taking away the ride I paid for because I was coming back and my phone was close enough to the vehicle to start up again. There are other companies/apps that allowed me to pause my rides until I un-paused it on my phone, but my campus doesn’t use that company anymore. I don’t understand why VEO doesn’t do the same.

Zero Stars. If you enjoy throwing money away and being spoken to disrespectfully by customer service staff, you’ll love this app. I rode a scooter with steering & acceleration issues out of necessity, then was unable to park in the only designated parking area due to a road closure; customer service sent me half of my ride cost back as in-app credit and told me they didn’t have control over city events, so tough luck. I couldn’t believe how rude that person was, and with such a bad attitude. I don’t want app credit, I want a refund because I’d rather walk miles than deal with this scam of a company.

Terrible Scooters. I have ridden with Veo 4 times and customer service refunded me 3 times. There is a slow zone between my home and downtown where my ride is especially slow. A heavier friend and I rented a pair and his Scooter went at least twice as fast as mine. Yes, I checked cell phone reception and I had more bars. Their customer team claims no 2 scooters are the same and I believe that is the problem. Their scooters are in desperate need of repair. I would love to give more than one star but the state of their substandard product renders an excellent customer service team superfluous.

Who works here?. I’ve been trying to lock my VeoRide for 40 mins, called their customer support 5 times and email them for the 10th time since I’m using this app. Before the extra $10 that was added to your account when your credit runs out wasn’t bad bc I could block my card and the ride will stop. When this happened for the 6th time and I missed my job interview today it was enough. I’m still waiting for someone to reply to my email or contact me in order to fix this. Currently my VeoRide is sitting at 58 mins and I’m still waiting for them to contact me :)

Super sketchy. The scooters are great but suddenly they stopped accepting my Apple Pay, didn’t say why, but that I should call my bank. So I did and the bank was like, transactions approved on our end, you gotta talk to them. So I called up Veo and apparently my account had been locked for 24 hrs because I tried too many times? And they couldn’t unlock it because apparently no one has the power to do it. And my trip is over tomorrow anyway, what a bust, super disappointed, I was stranded and had to walk back.

5 stars real review. I personally think Veo is the #1 scooter company because their support team has been responsive, helpful, and very timely. All problems have been solved with their support email very quickly and I appreciate it. Thank you to everyone at Veo. This is a real review from a real rider!! They make my transportation life easier and I’m reducing my eco footprint everyday! Join Veo!

VEO is unprofessional. I downloaded the app because the only bikes nearby were from this “business”. I scanned my bike and proceeded to the restaurant I was going to. After a few seconds I realized there was no brakes. No brakes. I had to jump off the bike and manually slow to stop. I reported it and they gave half my money back. Because I rode it a mile they wouldn’t fully refund me. I had to pay a 10$ deposit. No refund. I don’t really give a rats bum about the money. Just the principle of it all that this “company“ refuses to take responsibility and comp me 5$ for a ride. Super lame, I’m deleting the app and sharing with everyone that VEO is bad with customer relations. Be better.

Great transportation but horrible service. I unlocked a bike for only a few minutes and the lock was broken so I couldn’t actually lock it. I tried contacting VeoRide multiple times but no answer and the app said I was using the bike for hours!! I issued multiple reports but was still unable to lock. It seems as though veoride cares more about the profit than actually making things easier for their consumers. Sometimes bikes are unable to be locked and we shouldn’t be charged for YOUR mistakes.

SCOOTER DID NOT WORK— NO REFUND. I rented my first Veo scooter after depositing money into their wallet as required, and it did not work at all. After unsuccessfully searching for the phone number all through the app, or any option to contact customer service, I eventually googled the customer service number and called. I spoke with “Dan” in customer service, who wouldn’t give me his last name. He was the rep that answered the phone, and when he refused to refund my deposit for the non-working scooter, I asked to speak with his supervisor, and he insisted that he was the manager of the department. The first guy to answer the phone is the manager?? Right. So now I’ve had to call my bank to get my money refunded.

Scam-ish. Used it while on vacation in California, it charged me more than I was using so I have a “balance” of $8. Of course, this service is not available back home in my city / state so now I just have a balance of $8 that I can’t use or get refunded. Called their customer service to explain I can’t use it where I live, and they advised “policy” states that deposit is not refundable. At least it’s only $8, but stay away unless you are ok with the company charging more than they need to charge for a certain ride, and no option for a refund of unused funds.

not worth your money. Charged without authorization. They have the information to your card; will not let you make an account without it. Fined 2x, $25 each. By this standard, could they not take money from my account randomly under the premise of a fine? The first time I was told I parked next to the rack instead of “in” it. Understandable- I was careful never to do it ever again. This fine was reversed. The second time I was told the “orange wire” did not wrap around the rack. Not to mention I didn’t know this, but what is the purpose in this unnecessary, mindless rule? I’d estimate 80-85% of campus bikes don’t have the wire wrapped around the rack. Would it stop anyone from stealing it? No- it’s the actual lock that does that, not a useless string. This rules accomplishes absolutely nothing besides cater to bureaucracy: doing senseless tasks because someone somewhere decided it had to be a rule. Had a better experience with ofo.

No, go zones. The system should be able to recognize when somebody is on the street. It was very inconvenient and I had to walk four blocks because there was a Knogo zone and it was a public street they should be taken care of because if there’s an emergency or an urgency or bad weather we’re stuck.

Scanning ID doesn’t work. After trying 8 times to scan the back of my Florida Driver’s license, I gave up. The app scanned the front just fine. That’s where the birthdate is located. However, the app instructed me to flip the ID and scan the back. No matter how I positioned the ID or how close or how far away my phone camera was the app just kept telling me to try again. After many attempts I determined that after it says try again one must start with the front of the ID. Total failure. Therefore I cannot rent a VEO scooter in downtown St Petersburg. Maybe that’s why I rarely see anyone using the scooters downtown.

Used it today. Not happy. This is my first time using Veo. I apparently went through a no ride zone. I ended up emailing asking what happened to the scooter. To their credit they emailed back right away. They explained that it's a no ride zone and mentioned that the map would be grayed out in no ride zones. Ok, no problem. But when I checked the map every street was gray. I had no way of telling where these zones were and as a result I had to push the scooter a long way multiple times. I think I spent more time pushing it than riding it.

App clunky and rude customer service. Parked the scooter in a Veo only park area and the app wouldn’t recognize it as a designated park zone, even though it was where I picked up the scooter, there were other scooters, and it was labeled for Veos only. I had to submit multiple requests to customer service to end mg ride. After a bit of back and forth, they partially refunded me. While I really don’t mind paying a few bucks, it was such a hassle and I’m surprised they didn’t refund the entire ride. Customer service was not very friendly or helpful.

“No drive” and “no park” money grab. At Venice beach trying to move along boardwalk 1 mile and after renting two vehicles we learned the entire stretch of pedestrian and bike lanes were “no ride” zones. Insane because both areas are full of scooters, bikes, and motorcycles. Could not ride and could not park. Ended up walking scooter a ways to try to find a go zone and then giving up and walking it back to get it BACK to its original destination. Paid almost $20 to waste 30 mins and start at our original destination. Didn’t get to do the Santa Monica pier Ferris wheel because we were so disgusted. Shameful!

Needs more parking locations. The app functions well, but I won’t end up using the service again, as there are not enough parking locations in my area. The closest parking location is 1/2 mile from my home, and the transportation center I would go to only has one parking spot, clear on the opposite side I approach from and several blocks away. The seems like it could be good, but the value just doesn’t exist for me. I most likely won’t use this service again.

Garbage. Not sure how this app has 4.8 stars. The entire experience was unsatisfactory from begging to end. The app loves to say “it looks like your device is experiencing issues” meanwhile I have full network connectivity on a brand new phone. Ending the ride was the worst part. I was charged a total of $23 for a 15 minute ride because the app wouldn’t connect and let me end the ride. The customer support is a joke as well and wants you to leave a voicemail because they are experiencing “high call volumes” which is a huge shocker honestly. I’d rather put a fire out with my face than ever use this app again. Do better.

Unrecommended App and Service. Only did 4 Rides and this is the most Unrecommended app and service, their troubleshooting is terrible and your unable to speak to a supervisor concerning anything. It could be me but it also seems like In most African American areas your not allowed to ride in, not at all cool with that, it sends a very bad message. #BLM I will be posting experiences on my BLOG!

VeoRide. The veoride scooter has the best performance over all, compared to all the other brands I have ridden in Chicago. The only two problems I experienced were that the brake for the rear tire did not work at all and the battery life seamed to go slightly quicker than some of the other brands that I tried. Over all this scooter is awesome. I highly recommend taking it for a cruise.

Crappy rideshare. Called them to ask closet location to drop bike good. Rep was quick to say that if I leave it out of their zone they will charge me a variety of fines. Didn't answer my question so I had to reframe question as they obviously do not speak English lol. Asked them where may I bring bike to be back in zone? They reply that I rode bike out of their authorized area. Still didn't answer my question but oh well. I brought bike back to an NYC designated ebike Zone. My advice before you ride- look at their zone map and if you can't find a convenient route don't rent this bike. Good for a five minute joyride but never to get you from point A to point B.

Busted bikes, app, and customer service.. Veo is falling apart. I’ve loved using them, but the app suddenly changed where the bikes work in my neighborhood and when I tried to start one it wouldn’t start, then it wouldn’t let me park because I’m in a no ride zone (which has never been a no ride zone), and I had to walk the bike for 3/4 of a mile before it let me park it finally. And to top it off, customer service refuses to acknowledge that this isn’t just a charge to be erased but a credit that needs to be given for having to spend extra time and effort to move their bike for them. Sorry, Veo, what happened to you?

couldn’t shut off scooter. the app robbed me of $45. i deposited $5 for 20 minutes. I kept my phone in my pocket and didn’t switch out of the app. when i turned on my phone after about 30-45 mins, the app was frozen for a while, until it returned to the startup screen. when i went to park the scooter, i couldn’t turn the scooter off. i thought it was weird that the scooter was still running even after 20 minutes, but i didn’t worry about it taking money out of my account because i only deposited $5. my friends’ scooters shut off fine, mine didn’t. good concept though.

Great scooter, but…….. Very reliable transportation to and from work, or running errands, etc! Solid acceleration and fair price so far! It just needs a bigger frame and a bigger motor. Currently limited to 16mph top speed and it would be ideal if it could get up to 20mph! Overall, I would still recommend this to anyone that is either sick of pedaling a standard bicycle, in need of a local traveling vehicle or just wants to see what e-bikes are all about!

Scam. Spend 10+ minutes trying to end your ride in a designated parking zone, don’t worry. Support will give you a measly 2 dollars in credits. Also if you pay with Apple Pay, you won’t be able to change which card you use. Minimum balance reload is 10. You’re forced to load your balance before riding and they have one of my debit cards saved even though it doesn’t show in my wallet. My payment setting is Apple Pay. Highly recommend against using this shady app. I’m not even able to reload my balance

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.4.1
Play Store com.pgt.veoride
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Veo was published in the category Travel on 21 October 2017, Saturday and was developed by VEORIDE INC [Developer ID: 1279820695]. This program file size is 149.09 MB. This app has been rated by 69,990 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Veo - Travel app posted on 18 April 2024, Thursday current version is 4.4.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.pgt.veoride. Languages supported by the app:

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- Fix vehicle unlock checklist screen ui abnormal bug. - Sub service area border line color follows backend configuration. - Fix some legacy bugs.

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