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What is jackpot magic slots™ & casino app? The legendary Buffalo Gold Stampede is now in Jackpot Magic Slots! Come take a spin today!

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

Do you love playing virtual slots? Are you looking for 100+ big win mobile virtual slot machine games that you can play anywhere? Download Jackpot Magic Slots to enjoy free social casino-style slot games, virtual 777 reel slots, exciting virtual SCATTER slots, virtual progressive JACKPOT slots and virtual slots TOURNAMENTS for FREE! With new games added every month and over 16 BILLION in virtual chips rewards daily, there’s something magical for everyone playing free social style casino-style games at Jackpot Magic Slots!

***ALL new players receive a welcome offer of 100,000 FREE BONUS VIRTUAL CHIPS in the Jackpot Magic Slots FREE social casino-style game***

Why Jackpot Magic Slots™?
- Play the best mobile virtual slot games like Raging Reels, Big Fortune Valley, & Jackpot City
- Enjoy virtual 777 reel slots, virtual scatter slots, virtual progressive jackpot slots and bonus games that give you more ways to win
- Have fun playing free social casino-style slot games like Bison Blitz, Aztec Gold & Lightning Wheel
- Love bonus games with your slots?? Each virtual slot machine comes with a BONUS GAME FEATURE – like Ultra coins, FREE SPINS, Hold and Spin and more
- We add new slot-style games twice a month
- Go VIP! Gain access to premium virtual slots and tournaments with VIP status.

Win rewards and prizes!
- Win one of 35,000 virtual jackpot rewards EVERY DAY!
- Join a club to complete DAILY CHALLENGES. WIN MORE virtual chips and REWARDS, send virtual gifts, compete in club tournaments and chat with friends
- Play LIVE mobile tournaments with and against your friends! Play daily FREE and VIP tournaments that offer bonus rewards to winners
- Daily Spins – Spin the wheel every day to receive FREE VIRTUAL CHIPS
- Bonus Games! Each mobile virtual slot machine comes with a BONUS GAME FEATURE – like Ultra virtual coins, FREE SPINS, Hold and Spin and more

Daily Tournaments
At Jackpot Magic Slots™, we’re ALL about social play! Join daily tournaments to play against friends or compete with rivals. Create virtual private tables to chat with your pals or join a public tourney to meet new friends. Create your very own custom AVATAR to make an even BIGGER impression.

Join a Club!
Clubs are a great way to play with friends, meet new ones, chat, share, and compete as a team. All Club members will earn extra virtual rewards each time your Club completes a Daily Challenge. Don’t just play alongside your friends…play WITH them!

***Welcome Offer***
New players receive 100,000 FREE BONUS VIRTUAL CHIPS to play with.

Jackpot Magic Slots™ brings you exciting social casino-style games & virtual slot fun so you can take your mobile slots excitement with you! Enjoy lucky spins and big wins – it’s free virtual slot-style action at your fingertips! Download today to make a splash and enjoy the thrill and excitement of huge virtual REWARDS, and jackpots, FREE daily games, BONUS mobile slots and much, much more.

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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Version 14.1.218 April 2022

We are excited to announce the legendary Buffalo Gold Stampede has arrived in Jackpot Magic Slots! • New slot machine launches: Dynamite Jackpots, Ten Spin Tada, Buffalo Gold Stampede, and Thunder Bear Billions! • New Treasures Season: Cosmic Constellations - earn limited edition collectibles to keep forever! • New Missions: Chance!, Make-a-Scene, Design Time!, Puzzle Pursuit • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Version 13.4.202 March 2022

• New slot machine launches: Jackpot Dragons, Dynamite Jackpots, and Carnival Wheel Blast! • New Treasures Season: Slice of Life: 70’s ending soon! • New Missions: Design Time, To the Moon, Saga Adventures, and Crown Rush! • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Version 13.3.410 December 2021

• New slot machine launches: Ribbiting Riches, Winner’s Wonderland, Jackpot Holiday, Holiday Blast, The Nutcracker Holiday, and Raging Reels New Year’s Remix • New Treasures Season: Slice of Life: 70’s • New Missions: Crown Rush, Reindeer Rendezvous, Winter Fortunes, Christmas Cookie Cook-Off, and Xmas Ventures • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great compared to other slots!

I have tried out basically EVERY slot game in the last 5 years. None are great considering they’re preying on gamblers and looking for easy money. They all want you to convert your REAL cash into gaming “cash”. Big Fish is the BEST for not doing that. Although, it wants your REAL money, it doesn’t overload you with Ads or try and take your for a ride. Most slot games let you win early before watching you lose constantly. Big Fish seems to have a fair ratio of wins to loses at random and especially how you play the slots. There is a level of strategy to not blowing all your in game currency. This is the ONLY slot game that will offer that. Ads are never forced, but if you want the extra funds they’re available. They’re not pushy and offer a great variety of games that change constantly. Many slot games will let you win while bombarding you with ads and “please rate us” while letting you win. This game is just all around the best slot game out there! Paying money won’t get you much, but collecting you bonuses will offer a very fair, real feel to slot winnings. My biggest(and only) problem with the game is wanting you to open your piggy bank for real money that keeps increasing instead of staying the original $1.99, which is fair for 7-15 million in chips. Now it’s up to $9.99 for the same 7-12 million. I would have continued to pay the $1.99 periodically(since it’s NOT REAL MONEY)

- Lots of fun and very addictive!

I go back and forth between Jackpot City and Big Fish. They are almost identical. I wish JPC had gold coins that you could trade for chips like Big Fish does. Yes, I agree that at times, it seems as if the winnings slow down but that’s kind of to be expected. The more you spin, you rise in level. Every time you hit a new level, there are rewards. I don’t have a lot of disposable income so I rarely buy chips. When I get low, I watch some ads, get free chips, bet low for a while, build up my chips, eventually level up, get more chips, bet a little higher, maybe win a jackpot or two, play it down and start the cycle over. I figure if I have enough chips to bet low I’m still playing. It’s not real money, people! Just because you lose it doesn’t mean you’re broke “in real life”. Wait a while, there will be free chips available and start playing again. I suggest joining a club. Unless you plan on buying a lot of chips and being super competitive I would join more of a social club. Try to fund at least every other day or so. I will admit all the “thumbs up or liking” gets annoying when I’m trying to play. Sometimes I feel like chatting and sometimes my mind is in other places. All in all, it’s fun, it’s a free download, you win, you lose and if you don’t like it, no one is making you play. I give it 5 Thumbs up! I would have rated 5 stars but there’s always room for improvements!

- Excellent game and extremely fun to play.

The graphics are top of the line and game play is state of the art. Games are always being added, updated and forever entertaining. By far this is the Best Casino game available on the internet without question! If you have not downloaded and played then I would highly recommend you do so immediately. You will have excellent internet Casino game playing excitement. Quality is not just in the game but also relies on excellent Support staff (though seldom required) who respond in a timely manner and are true professionals who care and always assist. I would recommend this game by Big Fish to everyone who likes Casino action wether it be relaxed playing or hair raising and thrilling action playing. Developers at Big Fish have went far above all other internet Casino competitors to implement this fun, interactive and entertaining game! Game issues frequent free coins does not over charge for purchases. Download play and see for yourself.

- Going DOWN hill

I gave you 2 stars ONLY because I enjoy my team. You reeled us in with big jackpots until we hit about level 80 and start buying coin packages. After that, you tighten up the wins. Even the “complimentary bonus vaults” are slimming up. But MOST of all is because of the glitches in the games and prizes. Today I was notified I won 3 colossal chests and when I went to open them, they mysteriously disappeared. A couple of weeks ago, I won a 300,000,000 jackpot (after buying coins) and then, poof, those were gone. I sent an email to support and was replied to by a rude auto-bot that someone apologized for but when I replied, you guys wanted before an after screen shots, time of day, codes and all sorts of stuff. I don’t look at the clock when I win a big jackpot!! You even tried to blame it on my internet speed!! WTH?? BF, you need to come on. I am NOT the only one complaining. You think the new in app purchase gaming law in going to hurt, keep not paying out when those of us that enjoy our teams and purchase coin packages QUIT purchasing. After the law passes, and it will, you will have to move to monthly “tier” memberships. How many people do you think will be on board after all of the above?? And for those reading this, no, I do not have a problem gambling. I don’t t even go to casinos. I enjoy my team and competing with others. I purchase coin packages because I was having fun and relaxing while playing a mindless game.

- Horrible Horrible Horrible

I would give them a negative score if I could. Jackpot Magic Slots is a waste of time! They state the further you advance in levels the more difficult it becomes to win. Who in their right mind goes to play slots for the challenge. I surly do not! I play slots to win money or to hit a jackpot. If they are trying to mimic slots, which they are not, then the level of difficulty would be the same at all levels. There is nothing random about a game when it is programmed before you even make a bet. These games are preprogrammed before you even make a bet. These games are preprogrammed so you win less often, the amount you win per winning spin becomes less as you progress, and the further you progress in levels the harder it becomes period. Also, don’t be duped into thinking that you have won when the payout is less than your original bet. You only WIN if you get back more than what you originally bet at the beginning of each spin. Say you bet 100K and spin, after the spin is over the slot says you have won 25K. This is totally wrong; You actually lost 75K. You only win if you get back more than you bid at the start of each spin. Don’t give these crooks money thinking that you are going to win. If you give them money do so because you leisurely enjoy playing slot games to pass time, but if you expect to win something without having to pay any money out of your own pocket then you will be sadly disappointed.


Sadly disappointed….I loved this app. This app isn’t what it used to be with all the wonderful reviews. They do not care if you buy coins to play, you get nothing special for buying. Actually you lose even faster. If you contact them, they give you the same prescriptive answers, then they cut your winning off or delete your account. Played for 5/6 years, the same players always have over multi billions coins to play and if they lose them, watch and about less than a day they have them back. So, the “Odds” are not the same. My current account has never been over a billion yet…90% of the time it’s under 5m to broke. It used to be fun and I guess they just got greedy. I’ve wasted wayyyyyy to much money trying to win big and they honestly could care less. I have begged them to make it easier to win. Yet it again is the same players that do. My advise is to RUN…don’t get caught up in the trap, unless you have lots of money to tier up to the top (several thousands dollars) just to play fake coins. The social side of the app isn’t as bad…but you have to watch out for people just wanting you to boost them or a hook up. There are a few good people on there, that is there for the same reason you are. So….Sadly that is my experience with this app. I’m finally done with it! Good luck if you do start playing!

- Trash

Complete trash. I understand the need to pay bills with an app this big, but the amount of wins vs. losses is pathetic. If you’re looking for a casino game to dink around in and not win anything (albeit fake chips) then you have found the game for you! If you are wanting something that you can enjoy playing, I’ve found watching paint dry is WAY MORE ENTERTAINING. If you purchase fake chips with real money, you “might” win. It’s not completely guaranteed. The “tournaments” aren’t random. The wins aren’t random. If you aren’t in the winning algorithm, you are simply just wasting your time away. The games themselves are fun, entertaining, inventive and the graphics are great. The concept that you can rank up and enjoy your “friends” is a joke. People with multi hundred millions or billions typically ruin scatter pots, some people bully, most are creepers posting graphic pics on their profiles. More often than not, you are squatting in a scatter room waiting for other people to feed you chips because you don’t want to spend your real money. I may be the exception but my kids needs are a tad more important than a corporations profits. At least make it attainable to have fun. Winning once every other month for a grand total of 40 minutes in a 24-hour period is absurd. Shame on you. Shame on your app. Shame on your programmers and shame on your ethics.

- Been a gamer

I have played this games for a while. The graphics were awesome and they were fun for most slots. As I kept playing, I won a lot in the beginning but as the times go by, it is getting harder and harder to win big money. I won maybe 3 jackpots since I installed the app. Not winning is starting to get less and less fun. I am beginning to think Big Fish is getting stingy. I am starting to feel like quitting this game but I am in a club and I don’t want to abandon my team just yet. Come on, Big Fish! Edit: I got a nice gift from Big Fish, 10,000,000 coins. Thanks! Edit 2: I left this game a year ago (2019) for personal reasons. I came back nearly a month ago. I won a lot of coins but I started to lose coins. I have not win any big coins and have spent lot of money buying coins (Big mistake on my part). However, I noticed the loss of my winnings was AFTER I JOINED A CLUB. Since pandemic started and lot of people are out of jobs, buying coins are SO EXPENSIVE! All games from App Store including this app should give everyone a break from spending money for coins!! Please! Give all gamers a break! Just for a while!

- Addictive game at first

I am giving 4 stars because when I first started playing I would win large amounts quite regularly. Since COVID-19 hit the world Big Fish went and made it harder to win even the betting amount. I personally played more when on Lockdown. I feel this game used the virus to make money. I have never nor will I ever give “real money” to a game that I won’t actually win and receive “play” money. People that complain they spend their hard earned real money for coins on a game that tells you this is for “entertainment purposes only” should not complain they keep losing it. It’s common sense really. I do wish they would give more scatters, bonus spins more frequently, basically any slot game that says what you can get, you can be more generous. This is a terrible time right now and be thoughtful to others while they play this game for an hour or so as to not think of “am I safe, are my kids going to be fine?, will I get my job back? Etc. etc. Thank you for listening and please I ask, loosen the tight purse strings for us.

- Negative Rating Should Be Possible.

Honestly, this is a joke. The only reason that I keep this app is because my club is awesome and I love the people in it, however... I can’t even meet my weekly crown goal in my club because I can’t ever get any luck. The slots are entirely too tight, and the higher level you achieve, the worse your luck gets. The daily spins are pathetic, and even though I used to hit 3.5 million on them all the time, after I hit level 200.. I’m lucky if I get 500,000. I’ve tried spending real money on FAKE currency, I’ve tried emptying my piggy bank, I’ve tried playing different slots... I don’t know what else to do. It’s pathetic that a big “company” like Big Fish prey on people who just like to play a game and enjoy themselves, but it’s impossible to do that either because they take you for everything you have. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. My entire club and I have found another casino app that is so much more fun and better paying, so it won’t be long until they lose a lot more “customers”, because we’re telling everybody that we get into a room with about it, and gained about 100,000 new players in our new app. You better loosen up a bit, BF. You’re making way too many people angry with your BS. 🤷🏻‍♀️

- rigged!

I have been playing this app for 2 years now, when I first joined in June 2017 I was able to level up quickly and won some decent chips! Joined a few clubs but I quickly noticed how much drama came with joining a club! Some Leaders are selfish and expect you to bring enough crowns to move up brackets, but I would fund more then them and my crowns per wk were higher too! So I quickly decided to not be apart of clubs! After the fact I’ve noticed this game isn’t paying out enough for me to play! And I have spent money to get vip and I hardly ever have the chips to play the vip games! This game is so rigged I know billionaires that hardly lose! So bf can say all day that odds are the same but it’s not true! They cater to billionaires and people with high tiers! Also if you report a problem sometimes you’ll get a response but the response is usually a help article and trust me I’ve read them all! So be aware before downloading may seem great at first but you truly lose more and more as you level up more! Expect of course if you tier 13-15 and it’s so hard to get vip points unless you purchase a ton! They only give you 75 vip points every level up! It would take years to get to tier 15! What a joke you are bf!


I’ve had this game for quite a while and I’m pretty hooked. I’m reviewing it today because I just had an issue that caused me to contact support. YES...I just got GREAT responses from Duane M in the support department for helping me with a game that is FREE and that I have NEVER SPENT A CENT TO PLAY. They have lots of systems to get free coins. I just like collecting coins and getting bonuses. I live in a gambling state and I never gamble real money so I’m certainly not interested in spending real money to buy coins to gamble away. There are many many games in this group. I only play Jackpot City. It has a fair win ratio. I bet low. I keep advancing in levels...each level increases bonuses and now and then I increase tiers. I’ve never had to buy coins. And yet they STILL responded to an issue for me. There is a daily return bonus and friend bonus and daily spin bonus and every 30 minute bonus and every 4 hour bonus and every 11 hour bonus. If you open them all it’s a lot of free coins to play every day. I’m getting close to 2 billion coins. You can join clubs and get really involved and buy coins or you can do like me and just let it run on auto play and let your balance increase. But I recommend only bidding very low on auto! So I don’t understand how anyone could complain about this group of games. Seem fun and fair to me!

- Honest review please read

I used Big fish for 3 years as they went thru law suits and change of owners . But I have to now delete this app . If you don’t buy chips and spend money - you. Will not win, it’s sad you can’t win just to spin but like any other app there goal is to have you spend money . There are so many free apps that are fun and you can spin and win and Big Fish app. Is not the one . I see all these fake reviews on here / I had don’t it for 3 years. I know players and they are leaving . Again remember you. Will not be able to win (fake money ). You will lose fast and be out of chips and then ??? They start pushing adds to you. Buy. Chips. Spend money . I’m leaving. It is no longer fun - they monitor your photos I put up one of me in my back yard and they blocked it /. They read your messages to other players / it’s pathetic. Just pathetic. . I hope you read this and if you join then you will agree and you will see . Good luck. But you don’t need luck you need money to win . The are not monitored and it’s set up for you to lose . I speak the truth. . You will remember this. And delete the app just as I have. . Namaste.


This is A very fun app. I am on a fixed income I buy a few chips and I find this app very rewarding. I’m not saying I win all the time sometimes I lose lol ITS CALLED GAMBLING LOL I Play daily I enjoy chatting with new people from all the world I enjoy the grafics the games are incredible easy to learn it’s really sad when I hear people complain about the game!!! No one is forcing you to play or buy I have met some very nice people and some rude ones too if you have a “problem “ with anyone you can report them. Some people use it as a dating site and that’s on them lol it’s a fun easy game and I love it!!!!!! So if you don’t like it ....leave... again no one forced you to play or buy . There are games on here that fit anyone’s likes so far I’ve not run across a game I didn’t like keep up the terrific work big Fish and jackpot city I LOVE you both

- Big fish is a scam!

This app is a total scam, not worth the one star I had to give. The odds are manipulated so that you rarely win (and even if you do it triggers zeros until you are back to zero). Don’t ever waste money on this app or big fish casino. After reading the reviews there is no way this is a 4+ star app yet they have 4+ stars. That in itself shows that there is manipulation to make them look good. I’ve had big fish casino app for almost 6 years and at tier 8 (before I finally realized its just a scam) jackpot magic for about 2 years, and my advice, DON’T even download these big fish apps. They give new meaning to the word frustration. If you post your experiences with big fish on Facebook page they block you. If you say anything negative about them in chat, they block your in-game chat. They want all positive from you but give you all negative. This is suppose to be a game for fun, not a real casino. Casinos have regulations where game apps do not. (I had a BFC rep tell me they are not regulated). Credit card companies should not allow in-app purchases for these gambling apps that are not regulated and doesn’t have to follow any rules.

- Love your generosity jackpot city

Now all I get are zeros after zeros cannot reach one billion. Until the zeros stop the app is not used to play but for friendship I have been a family member of BF now for four years now and became a new member of jackpot city and have to say to all that jpc is very generous with there daily freebies and all the gifts they offer. I come on daily and each time there is another nice gift for free. The chips they offer is a lot. No one should complain about anything. The only thing I would like to share to BF is please turn my win button on for a while so I can play with my friends longer. Also that's another big thing that is great we can make friends from people all around the world. Last night the table I met five new friends each of us was from a complete different country. And all of us were in different time zones which we all laughed at how we all are addicted and have fallen asleep playing or staying up a whole day a night. That's why it's nice to build up our chips with wins so we can chat and play with great friends around the world. Ty BF keep up our freebies and intensives.

- Awesome 👏 Games

I love playing this app with different games!! It's still awesome!! I love the Vaults of rewards!! It's all very good 😊!! It is getting more awesome each week! The club is still working out along with the VIP program!! The doubling of the level up is awesome 👏 Keep up the good work!! I still love the games and rewards!! Woohoo!! There's a new VIP program added and I love it 😍 Awesome 👏 I love playing the different games!! Have joined a club and reap the benefits!! Woohoo!! Plus extra bonuses!! Awesome 👏 This is an Awesome 👏 App with different types of games. It has very good and rewarding bonuses!! I just love playing them!! I just started playing these games and as of now, it's fun. I love the winnings!! After playing for awhile, this game is addicting as the other game. The winnings are okay; could be better since this a high betting game. Fantastic game!! I just love playing with the different rewards!! It is so much fun!! Awesome Games!! I play both bf games and this one ☝️ is Awesome 👏!! Awesome 👏 Game I love ❤️ the bonuses and level up bonus. My favorite game is Diamond 💎 🔥. I have won the jackpot at least 4 different times!! Still AWESOME 👏 AWESOME 👏!! Just received a new substantial bonus from playing!! It makes you feel very good about playing!! Keep up the good 😊 work!! Just Awesome 👏 App!! I just love ❤️ it!!

- Great game.... but....

I really want to love this game. I believe in spending a little money in games that I enjoy. I’ve bought chips in this game a few times and ever since I’ve done that I literally never win. Before I bought chips I could at least win enough to play for awhile. Now I can’t even play for a decent amount of time before I’m out. I like the different games but it doesn’t matter the variety if you never have the chip count to enjoy them. I’ve heard from members of my club that if you buy chips it screws you. So that you have to buy more. I know people win cause I see their insane amount of chips. But it’s not fun when you play five minutes and run out of chips so quick. The games are fun. I like that they add new slots. I wish I could win more to stay in more. Give it a shot and see if things work better for you!

- Not fun anymore

This game used to be fun after all it’s just a game. You won some and you lost some but since Aristocat bought it, it has completely gone down hill. You just lose lose and lose. No more winning. They just want you to buy buy buy and even when you buy you lose it all right away. Maintenance is always happening. You get kicked out of rooms and lose chips. You can’t get on the app and collect bonuses. It just is horrible now. You play games to get away from every day stress but when you are stressing more when playing a game it is time to move on. Uninstalling this app today. Just not worth it anymore. I have tried to hang in there. Had this app from the beginning so for years now I played. This new company that bought it is greedy and selfish. Find a different game app to play.

- Why not the rest of us???

Why does BF pick who will and who won’t win? While playing you look at other players profiles and they have millions yet some of us have only a couple hundred thousand. The others keep winning and the rest of us keep loosing. We can’t win enough to keep playing. You have to spend money to get on higher tiers and that’s money some of us do not have. BF why not give us broke players some good wins. We can’t bet with higher bets because we don’t have it to bet with. Give us players some wins so we can continue to play and stay in our clubs to spin and fund and continue to play. This review is exactly right. You can’t win in either casino, they have clubs but you can’t stay in them because you don’t have the chips to fund or to spin with and the leaders kick you out. It’s really discouraging to play in a BF Casino. Playing on BF is useless, you win nothing anymore. It would be nice to win and have fun like we use to. The reviews before this one are exactly right so why should we stay and even try. It’s not worth even trying.

- My favorite game ever.

I have played many types of games but eventually get bored with them. I had played about 5 slots games when I first started this one and after a few weeks I deleted all the games off of my phone. I have joined a club and that gives you more coins to play with. You will win big and then not so big but the balance works perfectly to keep me addicted. I have enjoyed having other club members to cheer me on and I have recently become a co-leader. Now I get to cheer people on and we get to celebrate moving up levels. We are there for each other when we don’t win as well. Overall, after this game I don’t have the time nor want to waste my time with another game. Hope you enjoy this game as much as I do and good luck. 🍀

- Aristocrat just wants your $$

There is NO REGULATION on how online casinos operate & game owner Aristocrat is the GREEDIEST & worst of the worst! They give you some free coins - but THEY DON’T LET YOU WIN ANYTHING! Then it takes millions of spins to “level up” to get more coins but YOU LOSE it all in less than 5 minutes! They constantly spam players to then BUY more fake coins to keep playing & it doesn’t come cheap. Many players are racking up thousands of $$$ in credit card charges just to play but even if you buy – YOU STILL LOSE! It's common to spin more than 300 times & WIN NOTHING! One would think they wouldn't be so stingey with FAKE coin wins but they are! Tournaments are RIGGED! Player profiles are so MANIPULATED & many times JACKPOTS AREN’T EVEN TURNED ON or ACCESSIBLE so players are SPINNING FOR NOTHING! Dishonest you say? - YOU BET!! (And they refuse to divulge their odds!) They also pressure you to join clubs but it’s because club members HAVE TO CONSTANTLY BUY coins to fund the clubs. All this company cares about is forcing players to PAY-TO-PLAY!! Don't let them SWINDLE you & don't believe FAKE positive reviews!! It's a RIP-OFF!

- GodsBlrssings

It all began in 1980 that was the first time I played this game and I played other times to never wins thing but I said we were very blessed and we were able to keep going years passed and when my youngest was killed he was twenty he was loved by people old young and he stilled helped others by his donations he help over fifty people but the story doesn’t end there. I was very blessed and what had happened to my son and so much more to me is another story and would take a lot of time to tell . Were very very happy three wonderful children a great husband oh yes time continued on I have four beautiful grand children and my youngest granddaughter who is thirteen was just chosen for the US Soccer that will take money. And we have never won anything and after 55 wonderful years with the same husband who passed away 6 Jan 2017 he was my everything he looked after me now I must do things. I always said moneys not everything but it helps and now I have to help my beautiful daughter she gave up work for six mounts to look after me now she owes money and I must try to help her. Regards and Gods Blessings Veronica T Perkins

- Poor returns, especially after maintenance

Each time the BF games , especially BF Casino and Jackpot City, are down for maintenance, the payouts drop, regardless to whether you are using bonus points or making purchases. The Tier information is in no reflective of the statistics of wins, spins or percentages of payout. The bonus points paid each half hour have dropped considerably. Continuing to play is difficult and I continue because of my club and my commitment to my team members. What use to be fun and a joy has become a trial. I guess I will soon have to decide if continuing in BF games is worth the effort. Failure is difficult to take on an ongoing basis although no one can be successful all of the time. I wish all well and some measure of success, but players need to be observant of what is happening as they play.

- Great (without Reels)

Core games in this app are great and very addicting. Playing with teams makes it even more fun. Then they introduced two daily “reels” tournaments. The idea is great but they weighted reels to heavily and for a team to be competitive then all team members must play reels at every opportunity (every day at 3 and 9 pm CST). Of course, If these times don’t correlate with your schedule (like you have a job), you and your team will suffer. Maybe a better approach would be to have flexible time ranges to complete each session. That, or lower the weighting of this tournament so it doesn’t dominate team results. Personally, I’d like to see developers do both. I ended up dropping my team because Reels tournament play times were so inflexible and participation was so important. Please make this a more friendly game for people with jobs and inflexible schedules!!!


DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!! I’ve wasted sooooo much time in this game for years. The most chips I’ve ever had were 2.5 billion and it took it back immediately. I’ve only ever spent $1.99 and that was way too much to give to these scammers. Their customer service is terrible unless you are high enough VIP, if you don’t buy they don’t even answer your emails! The odds are terrible. The only reason people still play this game is for the social aspect. I wish I could give this app negative stars!!!! They don’t care to even try to throw in some wins. It’s just all about making money to them!!! I feel sorry for the people that spend their money on this game! It’s a SCAM!

- Ugh

I love/hate this game. I love it because it can be addicting and I have unexpectedly met some incredible people on here who are now friends for life. I hate it because you never win any more. And on the chance you hit a big win, you lose it with in seconds. Leveling up is impossible unless you are just starting or you play non stop all day everyday. At this point it’s a joke. “VIP” is a waste of money if you buy it you never have enough money to play in the VIP slots. And if you don’t pay for it it take forever to get there. There are times when I have 1000$ and you can’t play anything. Other people have billions but I have never made that much money on this game. I’m disappointed to say the least and if it was for the people I have met I would delete it and play the other slot games out there. If you like losing all the time then this is a game for you

- You never win

As soon as you buy chips, they lower your odds. They tell you this is not the case but, like all multi million dollar companies, they lie. It’s obvious the app can read how many chips you have, and they turn off your wins when you get low, hoping to get you to spend money. If you only want to bet 2k per spin then have fun, but if you actually want to win big and help your club advance, you have to spend hundreds of dollars PER DAY. Jackpots only happen about twice a year. Once again, the wealthy win and the rest of us lose. The only positive thing I have to say about this game is the customer support team. They are extremely helpful and understanding.

- Love both jackpot magic and big fish

if you check in every day you get bonuses. I often do that and don’t pay. Once in big fish i won $450 mil but gifted a lot away. I dont need high dollars to have fun the thrill is in the games. Unlike other casino games I like the little games within games. Some share jackpots with the players. Some you are getting scatters. Its stress free. I have tried others and then my coins are gone and screens way too busy. That is not distressing for me. The only other game I play is candy crush. I have not bought anything on any game ever. If you don’t have patience for casino games them maybe you need to pic a drawing app or something else?

- Not even fun anymore

I have been on this app since it’s inception and it used to be okay, but not great. I recently got a new phone and went from two phones to one; when I got the new phone and did a help ticket to get my chips, gold bars and tickets (on the older app) transferred to the new phone, they wouldn’t transfer any of it and I lost millions. I’ll admit that I’ve never purchased many chips, but used to purchase occasionally. Now, it will be a cold day in hell before I buy any more chips. The slots have been set to virtually never pay out and jackpot payouts are nonexistent. I guess BF thinks if you run out of chips you’ll buy, and that might work for some people. In my case, when they cause me to lose 28mil in about 1/2 hour, as I just now did, I just put it down and read a book. Will probably delete all BF apps in the near future-not worth the frustration. Never winning is just not fun!

- Tightest slots you will ever play.

Everything about this game has been nerfed into oblivion. Bet high and you lose 100% guaranteed. Chests are now impossible, I used to get 5-10 chests a session, now 0 every time. They award the basic Large Chest even when you are betting HUGE. It’s mostly just cosmetics, how greedy can you get? Big Fish is greedy beyond belief. I feel sorry for anyone who has ever paid a penny of real money to play this scam. Edit: I just tried the app again after a few months and I am dropping my rating to 1 star. The spins and chests are so nerfed you are guaranteed to lose everything, then they demand you pay real money which you will also lose immediately. Never pay this scam a penny. Big Fish’s shadiness and greed is the reason there’s a class action lawsuit filed against them. These apps are a racket to scam the vulnerable, usually elderly people.

- Sissy

So far having a great time. I like just the slot games. I don't play the others. Thanks for the freebies. Thanks for the entertainment. Happy Valentines everyone!! Keep playing and remember its a game. Not worth getting upset over. Play or don't play. You do have a choice. The customer service at Big Fish is fast and takes good care of me if I have a problem. Hey Ryan!! I love this game as you can see. I'm always broke but keep going cause of the great freebies. Love y'all. Love from Texas. Tomorrow I will be 74. I am bedridden most of the time. Your games keep my mind stronger and keeps me from driving my husband crazy. Thanks for the memories. Happy 4th of July. Enjoying being at home with my Big Fish. Hi BF. Hope your days are bright and your nights are peaceful. Well I have been enjoying the games. It helps me to stay calm. Thanks for the many jackpots. Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving. I love this game. Keeps me from going crazy in my old age. Lol Hope you had a good Easter holiday. I was home I love Big Fish games games. Always have had nice people to work with if I had a problem.

- Jackpot City

I've been playing Big FISH Casino for a few years and am in love with the games. I downloaded Jackpot City of seeing it on Big FISH after a few weeks and regret waiting so long. It's Big FISH Casino slots only. I go from Big FISH to Jackpot City all day long!!! Friendly atmosphere great freebie and love the games. Great bonuses and freebies!! For those who want to meet people from all over the world or just enjoy playing the slots, Jackpot City or Big Fish Casino have the best slots!! Believe me I spend an afternoon downloading and playing casino and slot games but in the end I've deleted all but these two. They are just the best available!!! Love the games and all the free promotions!!! HAPPY SPINNING!!

- Not all your winnings count!

At first the game is fun. Building up your money from playing the slots and collecting your bonus is great. The tournaments are just not the best. I have noticed this twice now while playing in the tournaments. Both times I have played in the top 5 winnings tournaments, and I had noticed that if I do not win at least a couple million on a spin, it does not count. Even if it does count it’s not added correctly. I had over 10.4 million in winnings and had won another 600,000 in coins and it added as if I only won another 100,000. I’m all for competitive tournaments but for the love of all things holy, every win no matter how much should count! I would love to give a better review but because of this now I’m feeling like I’ve been had and seriously questioning if this app is even worth it anymore.

- Can't win

These guys tighten the slots up much you can't win but once a week if that, and one time I was in a slot room playing to try n win 15 billion jackpot then the whole slot game crashed shutdown and came back up in about 10 minutes and the jackpot was reset to 7 million that's not right, that's cheating us all and there is a hacker going around stealing people's coins, and some ppl are being double charged on their cc when they buy coins. Coins are to high priced only the rich can afford, if they dropped the price in half they would make 3 times what they make now at the high prices. You buy 3 million coins and they are gone in 15 minutes or less, they don't want you to win too much, cause they want you to buy buy buy. I would buy more often if they would lower the price, if it were not for all the friends I found on here I would have been gone a long time ago lol

- Here to have fun

For the last year or so Playing on this app just is Not fun… Every new game is set up as a trap to loose coins. The bet levels are too high min bet 375k next bet 1.5m then 6.25m that bet table is aim of 50mil lose every time. Before I play I have to except the fact that I will loose 100m just too try it. No Fun! The only reason I stay here on this app is because of my team. I get it if I win too much that’s worse than loosing no fun to win all the time but we should be able to play knowing that we have a 50/50 chance of just breaking even As it is now I spin every day 24 7 and in might have 1 day every 2weeks when it is fun. Please make a team room option available an lighten up on the censorship

- Jackpot Magic Slots

Games used to be fun and exciting but they keep tightening them up so you rarely ever win if at all. Cheap on giving coins and if you buy it’s not ever going to be good. It’s a big money grab here and losing is the name of the game. They generate tons of cash from players and give nada! Daily spins, rarely will you ever get the highest payout. They short your coins short your club if you join one and all around a scam. Keep your money at home play a couple spins and go elsewhere if you want to win anything. I learned a little too late so they made a ton of money from me, meanwhile they always kept me broke. No fun in pulling in nothing but zeros! Play Slots Pharoahs, never spent a dime and can win big payouts. Much more fun of an app.

- Fun but you lose quickly!

I love slot games and I’ve played many from the App Store but BIG FISH is kind of a rip sometimes. They develop reels that “build up” money or items but half the time you don’t have enough coins to keep spinning so you lose out on what you would have won. Maybe I’m just unlucky at computerized games but heck, I feel like if you’re going to bet big you should win more than a quarter of your bet back. When you are betting 125k-1M per spin, you should get more than 25k back... just my opinion. It takes too long to level up once you get to the higher numbers and I end up losing more than I win. The games are designed to make you spend your own money! It’s supposed to be for entertainment purposes but it’s not fun to spend your own money and lose it within a few minutes.

- Used to be a fun game!

For the 6th time now I’ve lost out on winning a tournament because your app doesn’t work right! Why have the Scavenger Hunt tournaments when the Hunt item quits totaling in the last 10 minutes causing the top 20 players to lose their placement? I should’ve won 58 mil but won nothing!!! That’s freakin ridiculous! Especially considering the amount of my own money I’ve spent to play the game! This has been going on for months now! I send an email to support every time! Why hasn’t it been fixed yet?? I’m about done with this app! I would like my account credited this time! I’m still waiting on 50 mil from the last time it happened!

- One star for slot graphics. Negative four for the odds.

Polite customer service; however the company as a whole is purely out for money. The odds are so terrible that you can anticipate spending a year and thousands of real dollars to possibly hit one good day. So yes, it’s definitely a pay to play app. They don’t aim at customer satisfaction or entertainment. It’s all money based and it’s noted that they are not familiar with a maturer audience. Their packages don’t compare to competitors; as they offer so few chips for such high dollar purchases; just to take them all away within minutes, If not seconds. Great slots; unrealistic and extremely disappointing odds. When you’re hitting, you may by the grace of god hit hard. Then they have you on a no hit list and that lasts a majority of your time on the app. And do not ever call them out on social media or the app itself. They have zero tolerance for full disclosure. I recommend playing myVEGAS or other apps that will at least give you real perks and better packages (if even needed)

- Too greedy!

They let you win 5m then take 4m before you can even win your bet back. They are too greedy with any and all huge jackpots! I would pay the money for coins if I could get a jackpot of more than 10m every 10,000,000 spins!! They will never give it to you, your chances are 1 in a trillion and if you do win, you will lose it all in a day!!!! But I won’t spend a dime because every single game is too tight and I have never won one grand or major jackpot! They just want your money and don’t think about the fact that if you win a lot it would be more fun and we might just pay to continue to keep playing there game! Too greedy and they don’t care and their responses are all the same...just like an automated computer!! This game used to be fun over a year ago, but now it’s not. Play a different slot game, there are too many better ones to choose from!

- Reels So Tight

Because I have vested my time into this game, I continue to play this game at level 230+. The higher your level, the Daily Reel gives you the minimum. Every 5 or 6 days , you may get the max. When you get the maximum amount of coins along with the bonuses collected for the day, they go so fast when playing the minimum or bump up the next amount. These games have the potential because they draw you in with their graphics and life-like slots, but the reels are so tight: I just bet all my coins and call it a day until the next day. I haven’t deleted this game for good because it was going well then they got stingy and tight! Eventually, I will.

- Jackpot Magic Slots

This game gets ZERO stars. Why? I’ve played here unfortunately for almost 2 years. When u first join it’s all fun till u move up in levels & betting. You will find yourself betting higher which trust me equals losing more. You also join a club, which is fine but again bet more lose more. You will go broke then buy chips. I’ve blown over $2000 REAL dollars with purchase. Just like at a real casino but online, the lights & sounds get you caught up into action. Believe me, you are better off going to Las Vegas (a real casino) because you at least have a chance to win money. Here you throw it away.

- Gone downhill fast....your updates stink!!

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, PLEASE READ!!!! I’m not even sure that this review will even count. I read the reviews recently because I have done nothing but lose for the past month. The reviews with complaints are at 5 stars??? How??? I have met some incredible people on here and it’s the ONLY thing that keeps me playing. We had a good club that was high in the brackets. And then after the update....nothing. We went down 2 brackets and we are currently at LAST place. The freebies are gone. The same people win the contests over and over (Check the FB page....the BOOMS win every time.) I’d delete, but I’ve made some really great friends. So...I’m staying. They say customer service response is fast....yeah....the automated response is. If you hear back at all....it’s sorry, here’s some free coins you can lose fast. Don’t waste money or time on this. I’m just staying for the friends. 1. Don’t pay for coins 2. Be ready to join a club. If you are in a competitive club....be prepared to go up against social and casual clubs. It’s like competing against insanely rich people who just get together and talk. 3. You won’t win 4. You won’t get good satisfying answers from customer service Oh. And look up the lawsuit 😣

- Each update ruins game more

I have been playing Jackpot Magic since it was new. At first, you won lots and leveled up quickly. Now it takes days to level up and they took away the double level up bonus. It amazes me how tight these slots have become. You can't win anymore. Win a couple of coins, lose millions. When you spin 25 zeros in a row, something is wrong. They had 3 updates in the past couple of days. Each update progressively made the game worse. So many complaints from "old timers". It will be a miracle if this game survives. The developers respond to Facebook posts with "we can't help you here, but contact customer service". When you contact CS...you receive an automated email with "helpful hints". They do not address your issue personally. It takes multiple emails replies and weeks to get a response from them. I used to love this game. It is a great social outlet and I have made many new friends. But the developers are slowly killing this game. Don't get started. They draw you in and then slam the door. I wish I could give it more stars but don't waste your time. IF and WHEN they improve the odds, then I would say download it. Check out their FaceBook page. So many unhappy users.

- Fun at first, then it’s just sad....

Like others say, when you first start you usually win often. Big and small wins, it’s exciting. Then ( for me) after a few months you just DONT win. For example, before, I got 8 free spins and won a BILLION “dollars” WOAH, how fun!!!! Since then, I pretty much haven’t won anything. Yesterday I got 16 free spins and won $125k (with the same bet amount as the billion win) Like, what??? You can join clubs and play “challenges” but if you like to WIN, you’re way better off playing another app. Like, ANY other. What is the point of making it more difficult to win the longer you play? People play the games for excitement & watching your coin total go from a billion to pretty much zero is LAME. Play this game until you get a big win & then delete because you hit your win quota and this game will never be fun again. For real.

- Loved playing...at first

I really enjoyed this game at first. Understanding it’s not real money. However after winning big a couple of times and joining a club I decided to buy chips to have more perks. This is when it all went down hill. After buying some chips it seems impossible to win big before you’re back to zero. Before purchasing chips I could play for longer periods of time but now I quickly deplete my chips before I can even begin to enjoy myself. Hope they decide to check the algorithms to make play just as fair as before purchasing chips.

- Used to Be Fun!

This “used to be,” but lately all anyone can do is lose! I’m losing club members not to another club, but because they are LEAVING BF altogether! You can buy and buy and buy even more with no chance of it even helping you to be able to keep playing since they take it away very quickly! This game is going downhill very fast and BF REALLY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before this game ends up like Huuuge Casino when there was a Mass Exodus from Huuuge! Huuuge became too greedy and people left as a result so continue playing around with your “customers” (bc if they are PAYING MONEY, then THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE-CUSTOMERS) and STOP BEING SO GREEDY! We could care less about new games if we cannot even win...or have enough chips to even try/play these new games! I’ve had dry spells before but dry spells that last OVER A MONTH? That’s when we KNOW BF has tampered with the game and made it extremely difficult to win! I left Huuuge before and took A LOT OF PLAYERS WITH ME. It looks like that may be the road we are going down again with Jackpot Magic. If things continue the way they have been going lately, I will leave my Tier 9 profile and cut my losses bc I refuse to keep giving them money if I can never win anymore!

- Fun

This game is really fun I read some reviews and don’t understand why some people talk bad about it if your not GREEDY playing slots can be very fun and just sit down, relax and just let time pass by and I also like the fact that you don’t have to waste actual money like going to a casino I mean it would be nice to actually win real money but looking at the out come of playing slots you’ll be in the hole rather than being up so in my opinion this game is fun and I have the patience for it but I guess some people aren’t this game gets a 5/5 keep doing your thing Developers 👍🏽😁

- Great games but Indecent Exposures by members

The games in Jackpot Magic Slots are fun to play! It’s unfortunate that some members abuse this by placing Indecent Pictures of their private parts so that everyone can see them! Since according to Big Fish, age minimum limit starts at 12 years of age, I know for a fact There was a 10 year old playing in FB...regardless... these young lives do not need to see penises while they are playing. This should be forbidden! I had this happen to me and on top of this, I was approached several times by male members who exposed themselves by pictures to my msg mail. I had to threaten them to contact BF. Not sure BF would do anything about it!

TransferWise 💸

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- Hmm where to start????

This game was a 5 Star game and I would still consider it that if Big Fish weren't full of broken promises and rigged games. Lately the game has had more maintenance than an old woman's broken hip! Only difference is! The old women's hip gets fixed faster oh and if it wasn't broken they wouldn't try to fix it! I think that explains it ALL!!! I have met the most amazing people on here but if things aren't fixed then I guess I will have to say goodbye to them.

- Love this game I'm editing this a little

I play both the big fish slots I used to love the early version of BF but that game has gone abit off This game is fun you bet big which gives you a bit of a thrill but it is fair But like all of these games beware of addiction they have changed a few games and I don't like the new version of them

- Carolyn Enfield

I am contacting you jackpot magic on here because I have been stopped from being able to contact you and you have also stopped me from commenting on your face book page . All I want from you is my $31 dollars back that I spent 10 minutes ago for over 19 million coins . I played big fortune valley slot you took 18 million with no pays what so ever got to just over a 1 million credits and finally got the feature and won 700k chips all of this on a 250k bet and now I have zilch all lost under 10 minutes . I can I assure you this will be the last time I purchase anything from you . Thankyou

- Team clubs

Wtg Bfc or jpm !! Bonza !! We are enjoying the club teams !! U need a great team ! That doesn't kick u !! My team are fantastic !! Great bonus's better than Bfc game !! Yes play Jpm !! Join a team !! Makes the game so enjoyable !! U get to talk to friends all around the world !! I'm from Australia !! Friends everywhere '!! Gl Wtg join us !! Hot Fun Club !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀💋🔥🔥🔥

- Fully rigged

Never pays out and the one time it did I lost it all without getting paid out don’t download this game

- Review

It’s just every update now I can never win let alone play as when I do get up it’s gone within the first 5 mins and the game is meant to be fun and it’s not anymore and everyone is starting to also that and worse so sorry for the poor review but if it was like it was and fun it would be good I haven’t won’t in months and months I mean over even a bill let alone more for nearly a year

- Fantastic !!

Enjoying your games and I see you care for your players, don't change just keep doing what you are doing. Thank you 😊

- Best slots game on Apple

Interactive fun the free coins are constant the slots are large variety for all players Small bets to large Something for every one enjoy I love it

- Bf slots

Great great great best slot ever bf is fantastic Yes you gotta get this one spin and win . And make some world wide friends good for a chat don't sit and be lonely make some bf friends 👼🙋👍💪👏👏👏👏👏

- Enjoyment

I enjoy the games but it is frustrating that when you have millions in chips it runs out very quickly

- Slots

Just love this game. I play it every chance I get, download it you will love it very addictive set game out

- First time played

Hope to enjoy

- Gl to u all

Great 👍🏼 game, have made many friends though this app, enjoyed my short time I play.

- Great game if u like spending money

Great game if you like to lose and spend real money. Good for about 3 days

- Rigged

Worst game you'll ever play In your first 50 levels you'll win big, win jackpots and probably a comp or two, you will get lots of free coin and free spins in selected games, but be aware after level 50 you need deep pockets to play, even the 30 minute, 4 hourly and 11 hourly bonus coin don't help, even the daily wheel spin, FB freebie and email freebie are gone in a few spins AVOID THIS APP There are also lots of glitches and crashes (what they call upgrading the system) Don't download this app you'll regret it 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

- Best slot machine ever

The game is Great fun just need The chips to come easier

- What’s the point

The game is pointless no gold no tickets so what if you have chips you can’t share them

- Love the slots

Always enjoy these slots. Gives you great wins

- Enjoy

Great place to hang to play a free game. But please let some more wins out to play.

- Mega game ever

Love this app so much it has the best variety of slot games around

- Disappointing

Hi and ty for taking my money and run. Can’t win anything on this app waste of time and frustrating. I’m a Dailey player and can honestly say it’s just the way it is on this game. NO WINS WHATSOEVER. I’m sure you can make it more fun (wins) so someone can actually enjoy playing. But "...............

- Good slots

Very decent slots to play excellent. Just abit more wins will fabulous nice

- Love game

Love the game but winning is hard work now

- Game

I liking this so far

- Lose Lose Lose

The only positive about this app is the customer service otherwise it’s rubbish...

- Sparse wins and a load of dissatisfaction.

Sparse wins and a load of dissatisfaction. You never win anything good. Takes years and poor entertainment value.

- Sick game

Lots of fun, can’t complain

- Best games club

Of all goo pay outs great frends

- Keeps me going

Good games

- Rigged app

Rigged in scatter rooms to make you spin faster so you don’t get free chips to play, really is a pathetic disgusting app, should be banned! Run by thieving scum!! Age rating should be 18+ due to gambling and purchases. ACCC will be notified.

- Slots

Great games. Great friends good slots and great jackpots as well. And freebies. 🙂🙂

- Fun, fun, fun

Love Jackpot Magic.. My go-to slot machines.. Love the graphics and bonuses..

- 777 slots

Fantastic game I’m addicted !!

- Rigged

Absolute joke of a game 85 billion chips used for one jackpot?? And it’s called jackpot magic?? Lol never buying again because it’s rigged, same people winning obviously employees of aristocrat!

- Rigged scam

Bunch of thieves, rigged games, disconnected all the time, bots to wreck your game when having a good run. Absolute garbage app!! Shut them Down!

- Sky wheel

You can guarantee when it spins it’s going to stop on the lowest. Won’t be playing this game anymore.

- Won’t landscape

This game may be great but it won’t landscape on my iPad Pro. Not interested in playing in portrait.

- Garry

Great game love playing all the different sluts.

- Which slots


- No fun

So far in makers favour you have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend to get ahead

- Sam Walther

jackpot magic

- Review

Bfc pretty fun if you can get a win once a month

- Awsomeeee

Top games

- Review

Good fun

- Where’s wins

Never hardly win

- Horrible app

Odds are never in the players favour.

- Zero wins

I’m over the constant zeros in every game

- Dot

Great game

- Review

Not to bad

- Disappointing

Poor returns

Payoneer 💰

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- Upgraded IPad

How do I transfer my game without losing my credits or level?

- So addictive..

in a fun healthy happy way!! enjoy freebies, like the bonus coins and free spins, keeps me coming back for more playtime!!

- No,

Bad, not worth to spend $1 for those ppl, not fun anymore.

- Great game

Love it!!

- Fun

Enjoy playing, large variety of slots

- Freezes

Lately the app seems to be slow and it freezes up a lot. I’ve had to restart my iPhone 8 several times trying to play.

- Major disappointment

You hardly ever win. And you spend an amazing amount of real money for very very very little coins. There are never and flash deals worth the money you actually. And your broke more then you win. The game is only worth about 10 minuets of play time before your broke again. Greedy game with very little rewards

- Fun and good

So far great and fun playing lots of winnings

- You can have good and bad days..

No way of winning! Had 100M and lost it in 1hr, for the most part you can play for 2hr then you can watch 30sec for 25k witch will last 5mins no bull..

- Jackpot Magic Slots

The best slots app excellent non-stop fun. Feels like the real thing and to meet great people to make friends

- Addictive

Saves me lots of money not going to the casino. I get my fix with the jackpot casino

- Can’t wait to win

Play this daily, tough to win something. Always takes the chips away spin after spin. Getting bored of this, spending less and less time trying.

- This app

Have been playin since day one of app I believe .. it seems to have gotten very tuff to win .. really tuff .. it’s a great game but many changes have made it very frustrating at times . Adds that pop up while u spin to level on auto .. time you out .. not fun .. and many rich poachers clubs full of nothing but poachers .. Carolina possums Roll tide spinners.. Urban Kara .. plz focus on that BF . Thnx Jointz

- Worthless App

Constant crashing, poor infrastructure to the point they can’t load a game without tanking everyone, they can’t even roll out a feature fairly. Four profiles and only one got lucky list…a 75% failure. Their ad on the App Store shows you can win gold…guess what…no gold can be won in Jackpot Magic Slots. False advertising! Run fast from this app folks.

- Tons of pop ups freezing me out all week - fix plz!

So all 3 of my devices - all new and rebooted - all freezing me out constantly. The incessant number of pop ups these days is uncalled for and ruining gaming. As a regular player since day one - I’ve had so many accounts but never hav I been constantly froze out like the past couple weeks. Yes I’ve deleted & reinstalled. Nothing. I’ve missed so many team RRs since this started too. Not impressed.

- Fckk you big fish

Profit driven and sick with greed Taking advantage of the weakness of the people .. you are disgusting big fish … your going down and you did it to yourselves f this game

- Scam!

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to be told you will NOT get VIP spins back. Tier 13,14 was promised by my VIP Manager I would get them. They let him go - changed new owners & staff. Still spent a lot of money hoping this app would honour there word! They lied & scammed me out of so much money. They don’t appreciate you & they money you supported them after years. They allow people to hack the game & pick and choose who gets what. Paying real money for fake chips it’s absolutely disgraceful for app to take advantage of people like this. They don’t answers to your concerns or help you. I’m so disappointed & disgusted of what they have done. It’s truly stealing from people by them saying “ keep buying and we will give you your vip rewards back. As well they emotional abuse you. Have many emails of this. A multi billion dollar company going around treating kind people like this…. Absolutely disgusting!

- No wins

I don’t know what’s going on but can’t win anything

- BigFish

Need more wins and/or jackpots !!

- Corrupted scam app

Bunch of crooks running this scam app , bunch of criminals 👎👎 Don’t ever spend a penny on this crap app absolutely the most disgusting app on entire market 🤮🤮🤮

- Just move on

This app is not happy until it takes all your gold, tickets, chips and leaves you feeling frustrated ...all they want is your money, don’t waste your memory or battery power on this one. They are as greedy as greedy comes.

- Chris

Honestly used to be such a fun game the last six months everything changedII played this game for last 10 years but the last six months honestly every player is complaining there’s no winning you don’t last more than 10 minutes in the game come on big fish I’m really sorry saying that but it’s the truth and you know that

- Review

Can never win barely a mega, always struggling to win enough to play other games. The chests are small and takes you forever to fulfill them. You’re not very nice to those that have been playing for years.

- Don’t bother

App was good years ago…. Not anymore!


Absolutely disgusting organization! Modern day criminals is what Aristocrat are. What a disgrace! Hope to see this company involved in another class action lawsuit cuz that’s what they deserve. DON’T EVER BUY from any game these criminals own!!

- Lose

Terrible game never ever win

- Been playing this game for over 10 years

I’ve spent many hours winding down my days with this game for the past 10 years and it’s been entertaining and at times quite the rollercoaster! I’ve had a few big wins however they’ve seemed to be less as the years go on but I still play as it’s the one game I enjoy zoning out with. The real bummer as of late is the email freebies not working! When I click onto it instead of it going straight to the game to collect the freebies it takes me to the apple store Big Fish Casino app. Bizarre! I’ve tried pressing open in the apple store app thinking maybe it’ll process the freebies but it doesn’t. Hoping it’ll be cleared up soon..considering the amount of money I’ve spent on this app the first 7 years..I could use these freebies as of late! :)

- This app is a winner!!!!

Big shoutout to Big Fish Games for keeping the excitement alive with Jackpot Magic Slots!! I've been playing these slots for over 4 years now and I keep reeling in the big jackpots regularly!! It never gets boring cuz it seems like new games are introduced 2 or 3 times a month!! And with all the new slots comes lots of new and bigger payouts!! And to all the disgruntled players who cry about never winning, well that's cuz they are losers in everything they do anyways!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BF!!

- Badapp

Horrible app. Bonuses are so low. They only want you to buy chips and can’t even get any decent wins when you purchase.

- Always same song

Win big at the start, loose everything couple of days after. Graphics are good, but after many years playing on it they have lost me now.

- Review

Great game, it’s very fun and it’s like actually playing a slot machine. Which is better because it’s free and I don’t think it’ll cause a bad addiction like real bets and losses.

- Waste of time & energy

Don’t install it don’t play it don’t pay real money for something fake they make money from every time you spin. Zero star

- Chill out

No fun never winning chill out

- Terrible

Spend loads of money on fake coins and barely ever win. Do yourself a favour do not download this app it’s all about the money!!

- Games are a big joke.

If you are a Canadian big fish will not let you win.They want you to buy there chips for there law suit.So don’t down load this game it is a joke.If you are a million or billionaire you win all the time and if you live in the U.S. you win all the time what a joke.

- Pathetic

This game used to be fun. You win a bit, then you lose a bit, but then you win a bit again. I get the fact that you are not always going to win. But when you have a game where you can spin ten times before getting a hit of less than your bet, or you spend millions trying to fill up a bingo card where you might get a third of what you put into it, or the reels that are supposed to have stitches that you never get....or what about the big prize in Patty’s Pasterrie....the bonbon....I haven’t seen that in years. You really think that most people are going to buy coin packages when they know that they are just going to lose it? I realize that real life slots are not geared toward winning either, but these are supposed to be games for a bit of relaxation not aggravation. It’s not like I don’t realize that I’m not going win every spin, but when you spend a couple hundred million on a game and don’t get any stickies or bonuses or whatever, you really think people are going to keep playing it? This isn’t real life. I’m not losing my mortgage money on the slots, I just want to have some fun. And continually losing is not fun.

- Fun

Great fun , especially if you win. Lol

- Be nice to win

It would be nice to win instead of buying and donating all the time

- Have fun peeps

Hi guys have fun!

- Love

Love the games love playing but u lose faster then u win. Poor stay poor Richer gets richer. Jackpot needs to spread the wins to all.

- Mrs Bull

Love the games Always try to support the players especially new users Always positive with the games when playing I want to know what happened to my fav games. HEIST. It reminded me of TV shows from the 70 & 80’s It was on of my fav No. Overall. Love the choice. And the games. Thank you

- My comment

The worst app I ever seen I benn a member over 3 years they keep make me to spend lots of money they control the all games they make you win if you purchase and buy coin from their account if you don’t purchase they gonna keep make you lose very bad experience thanks god I got ride of this stupid app

- F 22 friend code 81620152

Add me as a friend and shoot me a message!💋❤️🍒

- Jackpot Magic App

Sad to say this I used to love this app but after 2 years of social playing in a club with a great group of people I’ve watched this app fall from what it used to be In the beginning this app gave lots of wins and clubs were full never saw an empty slot at any time of the day Now Most clubs struggle to get members because slots have tightened so much for any kind of win that players quit shortly after downloading this app simply because we are broke, The constant flashing to buy chips is very intrusive , It appears if you don’t buy then your set on constant lose and only able to play for a few mins a day. Their Facebook page gives you free daily chips of 375k but that only lasts a few mins Seems quite unfair considering the app says free to play, I don’t understand how they say it has 16.5k players when most of the slots are empty now Perhaps they are not deleting the players that have quit and removed the app and gone somewhere else This app really needs an overhaul and bring back the enjoyment of battling it out with other clubs for top spot instead of clubs folding and leaving

- Don’t Bother

It’s a very expensive game to play. You’ll have to constantly buy coins to continue playing. Not worth it.

- Selfish game for big fish

It’s a fun game but very very very greedy game, does not pay as much as it could. It’s a game of chance but the chances of winning are extremely small. Takes the fun out of playing

- Vicmyster

Lower the price of your chips than I will buy..try $1 for every million it is not fun betting low and odds of winning never happen. I buy once a year to say thanks $30 for under 5 minutes not worth it and seeing how you never win I’m losing interest In This game along with others

- Disappointed

Advertising big wins. Not true. Gives you a bit then takes it all back. Always wants to sell you coins but never gives you anything for nothing.

- Rivals games need a refresh!

Our club gathers to chat, cheer and commiserate for Rivals. Unfortunately we do a lot of commiserating. Lightning Wheel is terrible. If you get the wheel the least they could do is allow you to win one of the jackpots. It’s not like BF would be out anything. This is not real money we are talking here. Other games are stale too. Baseball for instance. Give us some fresh games to chat over BF!

- Abus

Ca serait plus le fun si ce jeux n abusait pas en ne nous laissant presque jamais gagner....Jamais on a vraiment le temps de jouer....cet app est horrible pour ce qui est d avoir la chance de jouer plus de 5 min avant de toujours tout perdre cest tres frustrant

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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino 14.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone images
Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone images
Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone images
Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone images
Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino iphone images

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino (Version 14.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino was published in the category Games on 2016-07-15 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 133.12 MB. Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino - Games app posted on 2022-04-18 current version is 14.1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.jackpotcityslotsf2pios