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What is vocabulary - learn words daily app? Ready to elevate your word power?
The key to successfully expanding your vocabulary is learning new words in a way that stimulates your attention. Studies show that the most effective way of learning new words is with an app specifically designed for it.
With the Vocabulary app, you can:

- *Learn new words with minimal time investment, simply scrolling through your phone*
- *Choose your own level of difficulty, based on your current English language mastery*
- *Select Vocabulary categories that best suit your needs and interests*
- *Speak and write more concisely and confidently, with the right word at your fingertips*
- *Meet your linguistic goals at your own pace*
- *Customize its features and make the app work for you*

The Vocabulary app will convert learning and retaining new words into a fun, efficient activity that will “wow” your friends and co-workers.

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Terms of use:

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App Name Vocabulary - Learn words daily
Category Education
Updated 11 October 2023, Wednesday
File Size 189.71 MB

Vocabulary - Learn words daily Comments & Reviews 2023

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So far so good!!. Today is my first day using the app so I cannot rate it a five just yet. One thing I noticed right from the start is that if I have it set to 10 reminders per day, it would notify me with 10 NEW words. Like another review, I agree that there should be a function that would allow me to set reminders of the same words at various times throughout the day. Also would be great if I can create flash cards with my saved words to quiz myself.

Great app. No complaints except…. This is an excellent app (or should I say venerable?) I love it because of its simplicity - easy to use - and amazing content. However, there is something I noticed. Recently I’ve been learning Italian and wanted to change my language on the app to Italian. In order to do this, I have to change my overall language - which was kind of upsetting. $20 a year doesn’t seem too bad for membership, but it’s honestly annoying how many features are blocked. I won’t take off a star for this issue because I know you need to make money somehow, but it can get frustrating to see so many things encouraging membership. That’s all! This is a terrific app but there’s a few things I noticed that are annoying.

Great App. This app has been my consolation after the divorce. It has been the only thing separating me from a bridge, if you know what I mean. The words, they give me hope. They inspire me to live. Ever since I stopped living at my house (to avoid the memories) and moved into the library, I knew I could just read books, but the words on the phone make my head hurt less. I am becoming evicted from my house, but it doesn’t matter to me. If I go to jail for living in a public library, so be it. I need the words. They are an addiction to me, not as bad as my terrible weed addiction, but still harmful. I need the words, I need the words, I NEED THE WORDS.

Neat idea but not comprehensive. I was super excited about this but, after having the premium version for a few months, regret the purchase. I already know many of the words at the advanced level, and the lack of an internal dictionary within the app means that I can’t use the app to look up words I don’t know. I love that you can add your own words, but wish there was a faster way to do that than typing in the correct spelling and definition yourself. The widget and notifications are helpful, but I noticed the words repeating after just a few months. I also wish there was a way to pick a background and a font for the widget independently of each other. This app was fun while it lasted but ultimately not worth the price tag—especially when Merriam Webster offers a better version of a similar thing at a fraction of the price.

Wow! Amazing App. I absolutely love everything Monkey Taps published. This app is immaculate! The words are interesting and geared towards challenging the user’s vocabulary. The themes are beautiful and there’s one for every aesthetic! Also, there are so many categories and making your own “mix” is really fun. Finally, the widget system is so helpful and really makes my home screen look a lot better! You can customize widgets by changing the theme, size, categories, and times changed in the widget. Amazing app, would highly recommend!

Could use a higher level. This is a really nice app. I’ve just used it for a few days. I very much approve of the words. They are all very useful words that are well worth knowing. I use them all the time. Which is the only problem. I have it set to Advanced, but so far, I already know all these words. I did learn a nuance or two that I wasn’t aware of, but it would be more useful to be learning new words. And it is not as though I am an English professor. I have read many books that sent me to a dictionary at least once on every page.

LOVIN THIS APP!!. A fellow pupil is my F block sports and entertainment marketing class recommended this to me and I couldn’t be happier. I CANT STOP SCROLLING!! I can’t describe my agonizing addiction to this app in words, only sounds in which my family is beginning to get concerned for my mental health. MY LOVE FOR THESE WORDS IS INDESCRIBABLY POWERFUL. I genuinely think I’d end it all if I didn’t get the chance to use this app again. I’ve sent hundreds of messages to all of my friends telling them to get the vocabulary app…I got blocked. I’ve lost so many friends and family on this fierce journey but it’s all worth it once I get that notification of a new word bright and early at 3:00 am. If I am being honest I haven’t been sleeping at all because the adrenaline rush of an anticipated word shoots throughout my body HAHAHAHAHAHAH😳 thousands of hours of my life wasted on this app. I miss my family. I miss my house. I’m living under a bridge mindlessly scrolling until I pass out and I can’t take it anymore. Beware of this app, it will change you…❌

So Far So Good. So far this app is really good! I love that you can flip through and see all different kinds of words. This app definitely has five stars from me. I really liked that you could choose what kind of vocabulary level you were at so you didn’t get words that were too hard to understand. I also liked that you could allow notifications to send you a new word every day! This app is very good. I recommend it for anyone that is trying to learn new words or want to widen your vocabulary.

Ehhh. Let me start out by saying this is not meant to sound pretentious in the slightest, although it may seem that way. Opening the app I chose the most advanced vocabulary it would let me, as I am an avid reader and user of large vocabulary words. I’ve gotten some good ones, I’d say about 1/3 of the words I have never heard before. However, that leaves 2/3 of the words that I feel are pretty common and not in the slightest bit “advanced” such as “counteract”, “demure”, “deft”, “despondent”, and “acute” to name a few. That being said, I have gotten some nice words to add to my vocabulary from this app. Their definition of “advanced” is very subjective. Maybe at the beginning they could institute a vocabulary test that would more accurately gauge a users vocabulary.

Decent, but could be better. Starting off, I love this app. There’s not really any ads, but I am disappointed with almost all the themes being in a lockdown behind a paywall. -1 star for that, but I get they have to make money some shape or form. Also, sometimes they give out to much reminders. I once got 34 when I only requested 5. And this through 15:00-18:00. I had selected 15:50-17:35. -2 stars. It’s a great app, but don’t get it even if you want to learn new vocabulary. If you’re okay with ads and a paywall with decent features in a vocab app though, then this is probably for you. Know that this rating is kind of like 2 1/4. That’s it.

Not Reliable, Please Stay Away.. This app is untrustworthy. It will lead you to believe a word like “dither” is strictly a verb with only one definition. In truth, “dither” can be a noun and a verb. It also has a few definitions and uses. That is just one example. This problem persists throughout the app and its narrow representation of words. This app is a dangerously restricted depiction of the English language. If folks rely on this app alone, they will develop a prescriptive, rigid, and limited understanding of words. Please stay away from this app. Engage with more sources. Look for dictionary/vocabulary tools that define the full breadth of a word — i.e., all parts of speech and the various definitions of a word. This app isn’t worth it, even during the free three day trial.

Recommend to English speakers !. This app is remarkable to learn new words if you speak English, or learning English. The difficulty of understanding the words vary from the settings you first choose, which I really like. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new words, or learning English. Only issue what I found, is that the fonts are a bit tough to read at some points. Sometimes the letters are either too close, or the characters look a bit odd. I also found the pronunciations of the words are tedious to read as well. Other than that, this app is amazing!

Great App!. I actually have no lack of motivation to go on this app and learn new words. I like the simple GUI and how convenient it is. This is noting against the app but if you’re a native English speaker some of the words are ones that you’ve definitely already known. For example, I just got the words adhere and pathogen today but I do know that not everyone with this app has English as their first language and there are only a limited amount of words that are simple and useful.

Thumbs down. I’ve had this app for a long time, but I really dislike the fact that they’ve apparently removed the “thumbs down” option. I like building my own word lists and use the “heart” far more often, but there are words (we all have them) that are grating and that I would add to a list that I’d personally avoid using, just for fun. Once in awhile, too, a sentence example will pop up that’s a little dated (I wouldn’t go so far as to say “offensive”, but maybe a little “insensitive”)—those, too, would end up getting a thumbs down. It was all in good fun and was an easy way to differentiate words while building vocabulary. Now, only a heart is available. Puppies and sunshine and unicorns for all! It’s silly. I’m far from “get off my lawn; the way things used to be” guy, but come on: are we really so collectively delicate now that we can no longer handle even the mildest rebuke imaginable: a virtual dislike button?

Would Recommend if You’re a Knowledge Hungry Gryffin-Claw (Griffindor and Ravenclaw). Honestly I’m sure any type of person would enjoy this app. Kids, teens, and adults alike (It lets you pick your level of vocabulary to improve your experience). And it actually (mostly) gives words that you (again mostly) don’t know. But I would say it’s a bit annoying that it continues to ask me to get premium. Which is dumb because it’s really not worth your money. Which is why it’s stupid that someone would keep these features from you. What is even the point of preventing people from having the best experience with this app and improving their lives (at least al little) when know one’s gon’ waist their money in it anyways. It’s POINTLESS!!! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this app as I have.

Very Good Vocabulary, BUT…. I downloaded this vocabulary app back in 2020. You used to be able to access the different backgrounds without having a subscription. Why do I need to pay $19 a year just to access backgrounds that are photographs that look like Public Domain photos or Shuttershock photos? Now they’ve changed it where you can watch a thirty second ad, and then upload your own photo to use as background wallpaper for your words. I love the vocabulary words though.

Best app for writers. I just started using this app and it’s amazing! I especially like that you can organize the words that you like and there’s an endless amount of words to scroll through! Most of the other apps I downloaded similar to this one all required subscriptions but this app is top-notch for free. The widget setting is also very convenient and you can tell that the developers of the app actually designed the app to help others learn new words!

Sound problem?. Voice is still hard to hear after turning up “sounds” in the settings of the app, any suggestions? Also when I click “help” in settings, it just takes you to the Share screen. Still using the app tho, just don’t feel like going through the hassle of downloading apps to see which one works the best without paying for a trial. So I’m just sticking to this one now, for definitions. Also even tho it’s not a variety of backgrounds (not including paid membership) to choose from, it’s still a cool feature. Speaking in terms of, me just downloading the first app I see with the most downloads.

Well done. This is about as simple as an app can get. I know 80% of the words but rarely use them in conversation. It’s difficulty factor is perfect for most of us. It’s a good refresher. Occasionally I can pick up a new word or the definition of a word I know, but definition I don’t or an alternate definition. In my case I choose to look at three words a day. It’s not overwhelming or bothersome so I keep using it. I’d make one small change. I only look a the Notification. I would leave the definition off the Notification. If I need the definition I can open the app from the Notification. It would keep me honest.

On and Off Functionality. Overall I do enjoy the app. There are a few things that are a bit faulty- even with the paid subscription. I have found that if I don’t open the app it will stop sending me words even with notifications and banners on. Additionally, the same words keep coming up. Around 30 or so words have been used over the past month/and a half and keep repeating. I just updated the app (7/25) so I’m hoping for better functionality, new words, and better notification consistency.

this app is astonishing. i truly love this app- i literally just love words. simple as that. :’v i am constantly strolling through this app, adding word after word after word into my collections! i really hope to see quizzes available so the users can also test their knowledge on the vocabulary they desire to learn! (also, HOW do i work for this app- i just want to add so much more words available to other users! )

Could be more advanced.. I like the frequency and consistency of the app and the words it delivers, however, that being said I have been quite the loquacious individual since a young age, and have a significantly more diverse vocabulary than most. But the “Thesaurus” seems to have gone the way of the other “sauruses”, extinct. Diction as well as understanding and ability to communicate the information obtained, seem to be skills that are going away also. So keep it up, just up the content .

so cute!!!. i love this app so freaking much man!! i would have never knew these words existed without this app, but not just that, they’re not any words, they’re like unique and you wouldn’t find them if u searched up synonym for some word similar and that’s what i love is that their different and words that most people don’t use in their everyday lives. i’m just so happy i found this app and i’ve been telling my friends about it because OMG. i just love it🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

Download this app now. Better your life.. I believe that knowledge should be free. I absolutely love this app! I love learning new things especially when they’re completely free and help me better myself as a person. I do believe knowledge is power and being an entrepreneur myself I am very limited on where I spend my money. I absolutely love this app and appreciate the creators for giving other people the opportunity to better themselves and teach themselves. Thank you so much! I highly recommend this app.

Absolutely Amazing App. This app has completely grown my brain.I was falling back in my vocabulary grades and my parents started to notice,I didn’t want to fail them so I was looking at apps to improve my vocabulary because that’s were I needed the most improvement. I tried all sorts of apps but this is the only one that works for me ,I absolutely love the fact that I can study words that apply to my learning and the time that I receive them , not forgetting that I can also listen to the words because they are a little lengthy. My vocabulary grades went from the 70s to the 90s and I am so happy to make my family proud again .I would definitely recommend this app to anyone struggling in any area of school work. Thank you to the creators for making such a wonderful and helpful app.

Blah. Look, I enjoy words. The app is simple. Swipe up, swipe down. Change how the background looks. That’s really it. I don’t care about backgrounds. Is it functional? Does it help? Will it help improve my vocab? Is it worth paying for? My answer is: No. Save your money, better off just being disciplined everyday and picking up a dictionary. I would have enjoyed this app if half the buttons worked and if you had the option to hide the definitions. I am not sure how this has been rated so high. Just download the websters dictionary for crying out loud and you will be better off. At least you will get more options. I am canceling ASAP. Nothing personal. Congrats on being brave enough to have something out there, but this is not cutting it. At least for me.

Wrong pronunciations. For the price of this app, they could do better with the pronunciation of the words, namely, I would hear some words and obviously they sounded erroneous so I would plug in the word onto Google to hear the correct way it’s said. And I feel like that’s something that for a paid app they should be able to get rate quite easily. If I am to expand my vocabulary with this app, I need to know how to say the words that show up on the screen, otherwise, I’m just wasting time going between other platforms to find out its pronunciation. I hope they can fix this soon.

Not sure what word to use to describe this app. Great idea for an app. However, I believe the descriptions used for the words are not entirely accurate which reduces the need for me to use this app. So canceled my subscription. Update: was contacted by the developer which was cool. I would also like to add that perhaps the team could look to do less words per day though with richer, super realistic, contextual dialog used to describe the word. For example people might like something along the lines of: “Today’s word of the day is X. You can use this word instead of Y to be more descriptive and concise. Here is an example dialog to help understand…”

I love this app but..... I love this app because I've been wanting to expand my vocabulary and for the first time EVER I was so glad that an ad popped up because that is how I found the vocabulary app. However when I installed it in my iPad it doesn't let me change the app icon like it does on my phone and I wouldn't want to have to uninstall it from my iPad and then reinstall and have to lose all the words I already have saved. Is there any way where I can still change my app icon on my iPad without having to uninstall and lose all my words?

Too frequent. I love the words and the app is great. however, the notifications are too often and the words change far too frequently. I don’t know how many people learn a new word everyday and succeed at remembering it, but I am not one of them. It’s just unrealistic. Also, you have to watch a full 30 second ad video to unlock any of the these. So if you’re like me, where you see a theme and think it’s nice. Then later realize it’s not as nice and wish to switch... you’re stuck watching another ad, and then another. Not to mention there’s an ad on the Home Screen as well.

Wants me to subscribe for a monthly/yearly fee. Downloaded this and then started a setup process once you open it. Asks about how many times a day you want to see notifications, what your vocabulary level is, etc. All questions I’m okay with until about ten questions in I get a screen that is talking about the subscription. $30 a year, but you can cancel at anytime, and you get a three day trial. Only option I saw was to continue, which I’d assume would mean accepting the subscription. I’m all for learning new vocabulary, but I’m sure there are better options out there that aren’t charging you money. I’d even understand a free app that has most functionality blocked until you subscribe. But making the app free to download, without making it clear it’s not useable without a subscription, seems wrong. At least let me test it out without subscribing, and a three day trial that I actively have to take steps to cancel doesn’t count. Immediately closed and uninstalled the app.

Great app, easy to use. It’s a fantastic app and I love how you can customise your experience. One suggestion if I may add - I have set up 5 new words a day from a mix of Noun, Verbs and Adjectives category. It would be great if I can get another customer feature where I can set my calendar for categories for example Mon for Nouns, Tue for Verbs, Wed for adjectives and I also get a reminder before I start getting the new words notification that ‘Today you will be learning Nouns’. That’s it. Thank you!

Can Live Without It. As a user of the vocabulary app, I was initially drawn in by the sleek and modern aesthetic of the interface. However, I was disappointed that the app was not entirely free and that advertisements and requests to purchase a subscription were a frequent distraction during my use. While I appreciated the various vocabulary-building exercises and word lists, the constant pop-ups urging me to purchase a premium subscription proved too distracting and detracted from my overall experience. Additionally, I found that much of the same information provided by the app was available for free on other websites and platforms. While the app is a useful tool for those looking to expand their vocabulary and learn new words, I ultimately decided to delete it in favor of other resources that offered similar benefits without the added distractions and pressure to purchase a subscription. Overall, I would recommend this app to those who are willing to pay for a more comprehensive experience, but caution that those seeking a completely free vocabulary-building tool may be better served elsewhere.

Good and Bad. I really love this app, and I’m learning so much. This app is super helpful because I’m going into middle school and I’m sure there gonna have words I don’t understand. So all these vocabulary words are, again helpful, but I do wish I could learn other words without having to pay. My parents won’t pay and I don’t have the money to pay. But you have a solution I’m sure, you did create the app right. So could you help my family out and get rid of the money part.

Learn Something New Everyday.. Though I’m no fan of the subscription model...I understand it and accept it as a former small business owner. That’s my gripe. My praise is a nice, functional app that does what it claims. Everyday (or multiple times a day), I have the opportunity to expand my vocabulary with words I may have heard in passing or read at one time...but now understand their meaning. I love to write articles for my blog...it’s critical to maintain a diverse vocabulary in order to keep my postings fresh and engaging. Thanks!

Could use improvements. I really like how there are groups and categories. Studies show that doing so improves memory of what you are attempting to memorize. I do not like though how there is a limited number of words within the category of emotions. I’m assuming it’s like that for all of the categories. I also don’t like how there is an option for favorite words. That will not help a person increase their vocabulary… It’s unnecessary. I’d recommend having the option of knowing versus not knowing the words and separating them in that manner versus separating the words by favorites.

Great App! But with some room for improvement. I got the subscription and think it’s worth it! I like how you can customize the background and font depending on the user’s mood and personality. However, my only grievance here is that I mainly use it to broaden my Spanish words, but the pronunciation doesn’t sound native, and if anything sounds more like Spanish words spoken with an American English accent. Think “taco” pronounced as “taecoe”. I think it is a valid cause for aversion. Because if the app were to offer foreign (non-English in this situation) language then it should also be accompanied with the accurate pronunciation. Maybe I’m just being picky but if you imagine a native speaker looking up words in their native language and seeing how it’s being represented, you’ll understand how the person might feel.

ohmygod. it has been YEARS since i have written a review. and oh my god, this is literally the PERFECT app, what??? its so cute and simple (in a good way) i love it so much. there’s not too many ads which i am undoubtedly happy about (and pretty sure like 90% of people here) PLUS the way you put the advertisements where you scrolled was actually so nice; it’s different from most apps that randomly have an ad pop out from no where OMFGKWGSKQBW RHANK YOU FOR MAKIJG THIS i

Great tool to improve your vocabulary.. In a world where you need to learn to choose your words wisely, it will be prudent to polish your vocabulary. I began to study a book on how to have good, productive conversation that people would want to hear what you have to say, I came across a section that taught how to polish your conversations by using the right words. The author advice to write words that one is not used to using. So I bagan to look for an app that would help me to learn in a simple practical manner. Since I spend most of the time on the phone communicating through texting I also got used to doing everything in it. Like reading and especially writing. So looking for apps I found this one and it has help me because it works like study cards. I memorize words that are commonly used by many people especially at the job, doing business in conversations except me. Awesome app.

Love it, and killer customer service!. I got this app about a week ago and loved it. It will give me random new words throughout the day that give me guidance and inspire me to write. They will have the word, with part of speech (noun, adj. etc), pronunciation and a sentence example. I made a mistake on my end where the sentences were no longer coming up. I reached out and in under an hour it was all taken care of. I never really cared about vocabulary but I’m actually really loving it. There are some cool words out there you can add to favorites and make different folders for alike words as well. Like I said, great app and even better customer service. Don’t hesitate to download and pay the 19$ a year.

It’s good. I like it, it does show me words that I don’t know and would like to use. I used to try and google definitions to find different words to help me expand my vocabulary but it always showed me ones I already knew. The only thing I wish this app had, especially since there is a price to keep it. Is some type of exercises for the words. Just reading the words alone and the definitions won’t be enough for me to remember it. I’m saving words I’d like to remember but it’s hard when there’s so many. And honestly who knows when I will go into the ones I’ve saved and drill over them until I remember them.

Great design, insufficient levels!. This app’s idea of what constitutes an advanced vocabulary is… well, not very advanced. If you're a voracious reader with a college degree and a good memory, you won’t ever see a word you don’t already know— most words I’ve seen thus far are ones I actually *use,* not even just ones I simply know. I wanted this app because I love words, but that fact seems to have put me outside the bounds of the target audience. Would be excellent for those with lower reading levels or who are prepping for the SAT, I just wish they had an option beyond advanced, or even an option like “weird words” or “out of print” that have words no longer in common parlance.

Great idea, but not fleshed out for Quality of Life. This app is good so far and the idea of it is quite good! This app could use some updates on quality of life and usefulness. Pros: 1. A really great idea to help expand vocabulary -It’s nice to scroll through list of words to see what you don’t know and to learn them -Getting notifications about words you may or may not know 2. The International Phonetic Alphabet is used for pronunciation 3. Lots of themes! Cons: 1. Getting sent words that are not for an advanced level, such as “acute,” “husband,” “ethereal,” etc. 2. No dictionary reference to easily see synonyms, antonyms, etc. or to search words 3. Hidden menu under the share button to add to certain lists, etc. 4. Having a favorite button and a dislike button are a little confusing 5. Could expand on themes more, like having a color picker for background and fonts and being able to choose from a list of fonts 6. Words are locked behind premium In conclusion, this app has a bit of ways to go, but is heading in a great direction; the developer responses are on almost all of the reviews and we’re seeing updates that are reflective of those reviews.

Way Beyond Expectations. This app makes it easy to learn new words. It has all sorts of additional helpful tools to do that, like a direct link to Google (though I do wish it was connected to Miriam-Webster because that dictionary offers comprehensive definition of the word, including its origins), so you can get a bigger definition. This is really important for me because I easily learn words if I know their origins. You can choose level of difficulty, which is perfect for me because I wanted advanced and other apps don’t have advanced. You can also add your own words. You can mark words as favorite so you can go over them again and again as a way to learn. The display is nice and clean — no clutter — so you can focus on the word. Anyway, I can go on and on about all I love about this app. This is what I’ve been looking for. I love learning words and this app has made me completely happy. Yes, happy.

Needs improvements. Beautiful app, great words! What I find frustrating is that when I get my notification for the word to learn, it disappears if I tap on it because when the app opens, it’s a different word there. This is especially irritating because I would want to check the pronunciation and save it to my list of words to review. But it’s gone. I also have the widget and that seems to work OK but even though I set the app up such that I only want to learn one new word a day, it the word shown keeps changing throughout the day. I would love if these were fixed!

Vocabulary app not really expanding my vocab. I used to have a vocab app that I loved and it has since disappeared. So I got this one, plunked down the $20 to subscribe and have it on the advanced setting. I would think at that price and level I wouldn’t be getting the word “ominous” as word of the day! That’s the word that finally made me say I’m giving this app a review. I do see it says ages 4+ so it could be a good app for children, or people who are learning English as a second language. I don’t consider myself well-read and at least 70% of these words are not new or interesting to me.

Great app, one suggestion. I really enjoy this app, it has a lot of great words that I’ve never seen before and the definitions and examples are clear and helpful. That said, rather than having multiple reminders every day of different words, I would greatly appreciate (presumably other people too) if there was functionality where it reminded you of the same word various times throughout the day to really imprint it in your brain. I would much prefer learning one word really well per day versus getting lots of reminders on different words throughout the day. I find myself paying less attention to the app for this reason.

If it's what you want. If it's what you want, it's good. I want something similar to what I had as a student in the 90's with unusual words we were unlikely to encounter or even use in conversation but sometimes knowing a word is enough to give context to an experience. Two come to mind because they've entered my lexicon to at least a small degree: Flews- dog lips. I see them as the ones on the sides with uneven edges Fire-fanged- overheating something in a microwave. I think we all agree it's different than overheating something any other way. Devs, oh talented devs- anyone can make a word a day app. It takes a special kind of developer to release a truly unique Word of the Day App. You can be that developer.

Good but not quite. I love the idea of learning a new word every morning. Just the definitions are too abbreviated. For instance, this morning the word “ameliorate” was defined as simply “to improve.” That is not enough of the correct definition to be able to use that word correctly. Granted, this app isn’t meant to supplant a legit dictionary. If you find a word you’re interested in, a trip to the Oxford or Webster should be your next action. But a definition shouldn’t be so abbreviated that it obfuscates the meaning. The app seems very well put together otherwise.

New update is GAME CHANGER. first time I’ve ever been compelled to write a review- I had this app for the past year, i enjoyed it but the words got relatively boring and really basic level stuff after not too long it seemed. The whole reason I got the app was to get notifications and widget to passively be shown high level words- with the new update there are tons of very interesting words many of which I have never heard. Love it

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Sexist as. loads of the examples for words are sexist towards women, like the vocab words are good, but the explanations for the words are often derogatory and sexist towards women and girls in really overt and also subtle ways. Rlly off putting ngl

Too many words = ironic right!. I just want one word a day so I can learn it / have the time to ingrain it into my memory? Every time I open my phone there is a new word. Can this be fixed?

Interesting. Interesting words.

Don’t subscribe, you can’t leave, they take your money.. Do not subscribe to this app, they say you get 3 days free and then you can leave but it doesn’t let you leave, it takes your money and you can’t get it back. DONT SUBSCRIBE AT ALL IT NOT GOOD EITHER, waste of money.

Great app. So far loving the app, love the concept and love that we can customise the widget, themes & colour scheme to our liking 🙂 Would be better if synonyms were included and an additional explanation for every word 💕

Simple and fit for use.. Lovely app.

Paid app. 3 day trial and then $30 a year? No thanks. Stop misleading people by advertising this as a free app and be up front with the cost.

Pretty good app. Overall, I do like the app. It’s very useful for expanding my vocabulary and I’ve used a few words I’ve learnt in my assignments. I do think it needs a little improvement though with the ranking of the words. I am on the intermediate level and I feel like some of the words are a bit beginner. Also, I have my notifications set to come through at 9am but they are a bit inconsistent.

Good. It is good. I would recommend this to people. Only prob is that there are too many words and is hard to remember them all. It doesn’t let you pick the difficulty of your words, unless you have premium. There are good definitions that are easy to understand and there are also comprehensive sentences.

Don’t block with ‘Go premium’ pop up window. The app works fine for few days after which it prompts to ‘go premium’ and does not allow to see any words until we go for it. This is so dumb. You cannot force ppl to use your app only when paid. I don’t need extra features and I am going with basic features which are more than enough for me. You blocking the screen with go premium pop up msg is so mean. 🙄😏 You are only forcing ppl to uninstall the app.

🙌. Just absolutely brilliant.

Love it. One thing I really like is that the vocab could be used for daily conversation. Some apps provides vocabs that are hard to use every day.

Not a free app. Sick of downloading apps stating they are free, only for them to come up with ‘3 days free and you have to sign up to a subscription to get them’ Don’t download this unless you want to pay for it..


Phonetic Spelling. Love the app. Can you add the phonetic spelling as well?

Great app. Love everything. The UI, the modern, the mindset and bunch of enriched vocabularies. It just too perfect for me. It would be great if you add common used terms and phrases feature. Keep doing great things. Love the app.

Feedback. Love the app, could improve if it also translates to other languages as well.

More features. I would love to have pictures to describe vocabulary such as vocabulary of food topic

app is goat. app is goat

Be ready to delete or pay. 3 days free use then $30 per year if you want to keep using the app, even if you only want the most basic functionality. Simple cash grab by the app makers and I deleted before I even used it as soon as I saw the app will be useless after 3 days.

Voice. Make the voice nice and smooth. Make an option of voices.

The best!. !!!

How to get rid of ads?. These ads just break the focus of learning the words. How do I buy it off? 1/5 stars for now. Uninstalling too

Soothingly Satisfied. This app gives you lots of great alternatives for everyday words. You can choose soothing backgrounds for FREE, great app

Great concept; bad update. Love the idea of the app but it has recently changed in an update (new interface and colours) and the definitions are very poor. They’re no longer dictionary sounding, but like an amateur has done it — like today’s: air sac (n): a tiny sac What’s a sac for people that don’t know??? Get whoever was doing it beforehand back or get someone better.

Its Great. I love this app. Its so great to learn more words that I didn’t even know existed. I think its great for any student who needs to learn more better vocabulary.

Advertised as free but still charged. CLEARLY advertised as free but you still get charged for this download. Go figure. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Best app I’ve ever had. I have fallen completely in love with this app. It is exactly what I need, and have wanted for years. The team who built it should be proud of their work. Use it every day.

Misogynistic examples. Whoever designed this likes to disparage women in their examples. Tedious. And not free either.

Goes Too Fast. Widget changes to a new word every time you open your phone and there’s no way to change it. I would like it to stay on one word for at least a few hours to get a chance to learn and use it before moving on to the next. I’m not able to learn anything this way, which is a shame because the widget would have been so helpful. If you’re able to fix this it would be awesome, I’d even like to start slow at one word a day.

Pronunciation would be nice. Would be good if they had pronunciation tips as well.

Small sound. The sound of the vocabulary pronunciation is so small that I hardly hear anything even after adjusting the volume of my iphone to the maximum. Please fix this. Thank you!

Missing pronouncistion. It is better to have word pronounced in different slang to improve fluent

Great app BUT.... Really enjoying the app. The reminder notifications preview the word and definition so I rarely even need to open the app itself. It would be really helpful however to have the Word classes (e.g noun, adjective etc.) included or even a sentence with use of the word to provide context.

really good but. really good but the pronunciations don’t work- they only play about half

Doesn’t have many words. Words are often repeated. This app doesn’t have much functionality for the price, don’t make the same mistake I did!

Not suitable for beginners. I’ve selected beginners level in this app, but the words comes daily are all new and haven’t heard before.

So cool. I love the words

Absolutely Amazing!. I love this app! Teaching me so many new words of higher vocabulary. You can put it on as a widget and just scroll away for hours learning new words! I 100% recommend and hope you get it! I do wish they added a little text of how to pronounce the words though. The apps great but I think just adding that little detail would make it perfect. 100% recommend :)

Poor definitions. Great idea for an app and very usable, but definitions are pretty second rate, and sometimes I really don’t think they are accurate. I’ve also noticed several examples that have a subtle misogynistic tone. Sadly quite disappointed with this app.

Imagine. It could be much better if it had the image related to the word in the background. For example, vocabulary such as food, trips where the image can be related to the word

Poorly made, not worth the $30. I got this app to help me increase my Spanish skills, but when you choose a different language, you no longer get definitions. It just says the word in Spanish and English. The voice over is also completely wrong pronouncing it incorrectly with an American accent every damn time. For example, todays word “mijo”, pronounced ‘mi-ho’, but the app pronounced it ‘mee-joe’. It’s completely useless, because pronunciation is so important in Spanish, as j is usually pronounced h and so on. Also there’s no option to edit the widget on my Home Screen to Spanish. I also can’t change the difficulty between the home and Lock Screen widgets, so I have to keep the difficulty at intermediate for my Spanish but in doing so I already know all of the English words. I would prefer Spanish on the home and Lock Screen or the ability to make the Lock Screen advanced English and keep the home screen as intermediate spanish. Shouldn’t be asking to much since I’m paying for premium right?

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.. 3 Day Free Trial, then necessary to subscribe, would have liked to have read that in the description prior to downloading..

A few suggestions. Hello, first I've got to say this is a great app and at least in Canadian dollars, it is not expensive -only $1.66/month. My suggestions are adding an example sentence at the end of a description and pronunciation in IPA. So, the users for academic reasons wouldn't have to play the recording in public and learners could get used to it. Lastly, can we get a mix of academic and general words together because we can't change from the settings and have to reset everything which I don't know how to. Also, editing widget doesn't work for me. Thank you.

Request. Can you guys add a quiz mode where the definition and context is covered and you have to guess the definition? I don’t think it would be too difficult, as you would just need to cover the text under the word current word and reveal it with a tap. Thanks.

The "advanced words" for the widget aren't advanced. I find that when I'm in my app I can find challenging words to learn but I don't want to go on the app. I downloaded this app for the widget but sadly the widget keeps showing me easy words that I know, that most people I've asked have known. This app is good if you're learning English but if you're a native speaker it's not challenging enough

Beginners. I took the very beginning stage and thought it would be easy to find out that my intellectual wasn’t as great as I thought.

it is free... you can get past the free trail screen btw its just a faint x u have to click, i actually rlly enjoy this app, but i keep having words ive already seen come up is there anyway to refresh the words? <3

Five star, genuine review. I learned an incredible amount of words! I have been weaving them into my novel. Thank you for the brilliant experience!

Great app for English learners. Been using it for a month and got no complaints

Vocabulary is awesome. Right away I’m learning new words rather old words I never knew the meaning to ! This is fabulous !

Smarty pants!. Just what I was looking for some challenging myself to learn new things!

Bad customer service. App is fine. Customer service is rude.

Money. I’d like more than 3 day free trial A week at least

Definitely a must download.. This app is wonderful for a variety of things from writing a resume to studying for a test or even if you’re just looking to expand your vocabulary from all different kinds of levels. You shouldn’t have to worry about ads there is a reasonable amount for a company to profit but also surprisingly there are very few unless you want a cool wallpaper for the app… 🤣🤣

Nice app. I like the layout and features in this app. I’m using the free version and it has helped me build a few extras words into my regular vocabulary. It would be nice to see an increase in words with positive meanings.

More examples please. Great app, but some words are missing examples. Other than this, it is a great app indeed.

I like this app. I love the app, gives u a good explanation of the word meaning. And I like using it to remind myself to expand my vocabulary. At least a word a day, it helps.

Too Simple. I know 98% of everything and I’m not very smart. But it’s true. It sure why?

Vocabulary. I think this app is good but I hate that to unlock all of the other features you have to pay. And I clicked beginner because I thought that it would be more advanced than it is. I also do not know how to change it from beginner to intermediate.

Perfect as it is!. Please don’t change the design to a busier format, you’ll reduce the effectiveness of the whole app as a learning tool!

Very good tool!. This app helps me learn more new words, fabulous!

Nicely developed. I like the simple, easy to use format. There are numerous unique words in the app - each with an informative, yet simple definition. I also enjoy the random word notifications (except, I can never memorize the words on a tight schedule when I only glance at the notification once.) I honestly thought I would use this app often, but the majority of it is not free and the aspects of it that are free do not really teach about grammar and parts of speech (which I was hoping to get from this app.) Overall, it is a very nice app - probably the best vocabulary app I’ve ever had - but it could be even better if there were more free options and tools for memorizing. Thank you!

Download now!. When I first got the app, I was a little disappointed. I’d get the same few words every other day and grew bored of the app. I never got around to deleting it, though. However, since the recent update, it’s been great. I have it as a widget and it’s a lot sleeker now than it was before. A lot more words, and new ones at that! I don't usually leave reviews but ive been thoroughly satisfied so i just had to.

Excellent App!!. Vocabulary, is an app to improve your English. It does not matter if you are a beginner, or fluent at English. Me personally, as a person who has mastered English, was stunned about how many words, I did not know. This app is a must-need for students in school.

Multi-language translation. It’s be much better if I can add my native language as part of the translation

words i love words. i love words

Needs more advanced words. I selected ‘advanced’ in the set-up portion of the app as my current vocabulary level, and still more than half the words shown, I already know. Otherwise good, concise, and well organized

Lina. Such a useful app I feel enlightened you should make a French version! 💗

Pronunciation. Great app, tells me tons of cool words but I just want ONE addition, ADD HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT!!! Then I would rate it 5 1/2 stars!

Very enjoyable. I put this app as a widget on my Home Screen and everyday I get to learn a new word without opening the app! Super cool way to expand your vocab.

need pictures and root of words. lack of picture explanation and root / origin, the whole content is monotonous, hard for brain to memorize.

Words. This app only sends you negative words. Waste of money.

Love this app!. A great tool for learning new words. It’s very customizable :)

bug fix ?. It doesn’t let me press on the app. When I press on it, it doesn’t open.

Expanding. I have been looking for an app to expand my vocabulary and learn new words. After many attempts to find what I was looking for and not a translation app, I found this one. Exactly what I was looking for and my goal is to learn a new word every day. I like the fact that you can listen to the word to be able to say it properly.

Not a free app. The developer should state upfront that this is not a free app.

Good app and widgets for free, wish there were more unique words. i love the layout of this app and all the widgets, plus the fact theres a free version, but i know a lot of the words it gives me. it would be nice if there was a “not interested” button or a category based on how common the words are (an “intermediate” section or something) as theres a lot of words i hear used every day, though theres also many i find that are new and interesting mixed among them so clearly theres a pretty large dictionary. definitely going to keep using it though!

Should not be a subscription. Would easily buy this if it was a one time price.

Good app, needs quizzes. To justify the price, I think interactive learning tools such as quizzes should be added.

"Free". "free" for 3 days it's not free

Great, but too expensive.. I love this app! But it needs to be cheaper.

N.Davison. This app is amazing. I recommend to anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary 👍🏻

Lost all progress; lost all my collections and words. Was loving the app but after not being on for a few days all my collections went missing. I was using the collections to keep track and review the words so this was very frustrating.

Would recommend!. This is one of my kind of app. I love all your applications! Thanks

Very good app. It would be helpful if the app had an example of the word used in a sentence. Otherwise, it’s pretty useful. I look at it everyday and try to use the word at least once in my day.

Amazing. Vocabulary is an amazing tool. You it increases your knowledge and helps you learn definitions and such. Great stuff!

Makes you pay before you even use the app. You can’t get past the “free trial” screen. Literal trash

Good app!. This app is amazing for learning new words! I wish I found this sooner now! An improvement I would make is a button that would say “I already knew this word” so it finds your exact vocabulary level instead of being categorized into the three basics

Some of the words don’t mean what the app says?. Loved the interface but found that some words considerably deviated from their true definition. The app says penurious is miserly or stingy, where it’s definition is extremely poor or—as a secondary meaning—parsimonious. Miserly or stingy, while similar in meaning, does not accurately define penurious. There are other examples that are more severe, but fact-checking would make this a better experience.

No test function. Since this is a paid app, there should be a feature to test new vocab as well.

3 day free trial and then pay to access. The words are great but I downloaded because the top review said it was free and it’s not anymore

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Why lie?. Downloaded the app assuming it would be like most other free apps and it would be free with limited functions. The app instead glued you fill out a weird questionnaire about your learning goals and vocabulary level, which I guess is fine, but then they want to charge you to use the app. Not to use the premium or the upgraded or the complete version, but the actual app. So, it’s not free, it’s set up so that people come into the app expecting something and you just didn’t need to do that, just make it a paid app. Just don’t even bother with the misleading next time

I’m enjoying the education. Honestly this is my latest favorite app! For days I’ve been not only learning new words for myself but I research the words origin and WOW!! That makes a huge difference in the English language! I’m Native American and it’s crazy how white man changed so many of our words. I like the original language to be honest. It’s beautiful!

Love it but…. I am really enjoying it, it just seems very expensive for what it is. How is it that I can pay for a streaming service (nebula, it’s a collection of educational YouTubers exclusive videos) and get a vpn for less than this. 20 dollars just seems like a lot, and I was not expecting to pay at all. But it is really helpful, and has improved my vocabulary tenfold

Well done. One suggestion.... This is a very nice app. Works as expected. One suggestion: if one wants to learn a word, it needs to be used, in a context, numerous times. Rather than get a few different new words each day, I’d like it to have an option to stick with one word throughout the reminders period, say three times throughout the day, rather than three different words each day. Maybe there’s a way to do this but I couldn’t find it.

Horribly intrusive video ads that try and trick you. I expected ads for being free, but despise apps that pop up 60 second videos with no less than 3 different buttons that do nothing that say “quit” so that people keep clicking trying to get out of the ad. So they get clicks for some scam they’re running. I’d happily pay a few bucks for an ad free version but it’s subscription only for the paid version, and I don’t know if it even gets rid of the ad. Also “advanced” mode is not “advanced” it rarely ever popped up a word I was not familiar with.

Love it!. I remember a very long, long time ago when I was in 7-8 grade, our two language arts teachers would make us study twelve new words out of the dictionary each week. We needed to know how to spell it and what its definition was by that Friday afternoon's written spelling test with just the definitions given to us verbally. I remember some of these words because of these two teachers caring to advance our vocabulary! I love this app!

In addition . . .. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this app & It's actually a daily routine for my partner and I to learn new words. My only recommendation is to please add a text-to-speech or a pronunciation example. Such as, apple would be (ah-puhl). I know It's a small thing but I think for many people like myself who don't know English or even Latin as their first language, this would be extremely beneficial. Thank you :) - Srividhya

Excellent but Flawed. I love this app very much because I learn at least one new word everyday; but it could use some updates. Firstly, the format for some words with larger sentences is really small, and you can’t even zoom in. Secondly, some pf the words in the intermediate category are what I don’t consider to be intermediate, but basic. Other than that it is all good. But I also don’t like how too many features— in my opinion, aren’t able to be utilized without a subscription. Thank you for reading. :)

For a paid app, it could be better. I bought a year subscription. I don’t seem to have the iMessage feature and the apps itself is a bit glitchy (I keep my iOS and apps updated). For example, my app will sometimes shut down completely when I like or save a word. It just ends the app process completely. For such a simple app, it’s strangely difficult to navigate the UI.

Straightforward. Nice and we’ll structured based of the few seconds it’s a extraordinary opportunity to learn words and hopefully sponge em up , and articulate them in a social setting if anything it pronounces them for you to help along if you get stumped or stuck on a difficult word And mind you I only have seconds using this app, so it’s not a thorough review.

Educational and fascinating. Everyday I find myself using this app. Over the course of time I found that it most certainly helped to expand my vocabulary! No matter the reason you are getting this app, it can help you. I would most certainly recommend using this to anyone. I love it

ADHD friendly. The app is amazing. Very much compatible with my ADHD brain, thus it is the only app I’ve been using everyday, unlike others which I would download and forget about for eternity. Although there is one disappointing matter that is about the voices. The voices are so mechanical that it affects the pronunciations. If you could use real people for the matter, personally, I would recommend this app instead of saying hello to others!

Why I gave it five stars 🌟. So, my mom said I should do the spelling bee and I was like I don’t know should I ? Then when I got home I opened up my tablet to see if I had any notifications. But to my surprise when I opened my tablet it showed me this app but I didn’t ask my guardian . But this app has helped me prepare for the spelling bee. 😊

Too easy to miss words. Hey I love this app! I love how many words I’ve been able to learn and assimilate into my daily use. And, so often when I go to save a word or hear how it’s pronounced the word will swipe up and disappear. And when I go to swipe up to see it, the word is replaced by a previously saved word. It’s so frustrating how easy it to do this. Again, I love this app and would love it if this was addressed so we can save and learn more words!:)

New to the app but it’s fantastic. Everything about it from the simplicity to my person favorite aspect, the widgets (really cool btw) makes this app an absolute 5-star in my opinion. Also, something that could add even more is a way to customize the time in between words on the widgets so they can stay longer to get a better grasp, but overall great work!

Too many words a day. This gives you at least 8 words per day and there is no option to adjust that. If you really want to improve your vocabulary you need time to practice or revisit the words. The words do not repeat either so the next day you will get another set of words. This app could benefit from a frequency setting. Especially since this is a paid for app.

Feeling Smarter Daily. I absolutely love this ap. I am a hair stylist /salon owner and have been for 17 years. I rarely get time to educate or read. This ap is definitely an all time favorite to keep my vocabulary and knowledge a bit crisp compared to what it currently is. I am a million percent happy and pleased. It gives me a great deal of word choices and honestly is right now my go to. XoXo

greatest of all apps for learning new vocabulary.. This is the best app for learning new words and to strengthen your vocabulary, to able to speak grandiloquently is one the most important skills for me to learn, even though I am using the free version yet this has helped me a lot to learn. I’m just considering to change to the version.

The Brains workout. Love this app. The first thing that pops up when I’m up and it’s the first thing I do before I check my mail or any other media. My favorite feature is that when you press on the icon to hear the pronunciation, it doesn’t take you to another window to then press the same Icon just to hear it.

Vocabulary. Enjoying this app, I love that it’s customizable with beginner-advanced levels, different themes/backgrounds, option to sound out the word and easy to save my “favorite” words. I’m definitely learning new vocabulary! I only wish it were a little less expensive.

Good for a short time. I liked this app for the first few days, when it was giving me “real” vocabulary words. But then it started giving me words that were frankly kind of silly. Here are some examples: baby formula, citrus tree, table cheese. (No I am not kidding.) The developers should stick to real vocabulary words that you might encounter in a work of literature or on a standardized test. I deleted the app because of the nonsense words.

One change would make 5 stars. I lovveee this app. The aesthetic, how easy it is, the examples of words, everything except for one thing- it’s not a word of the day. It gives like 7 different words throughout the day. Which makes it hard to even remember which words you’ve seen throughout the day! I so wish it just did one.

The contents are practical to daily life. This app teaches basic, daily, and useful words that we could use daily. If it can add the instruction of syllables to under the vocabulary like other dictionaries that would be wonderful. Because under some circumstances we, the users, are not really convenient to access the audio.

Nice, but could be better. It’s a very nice and helpful app in learning English words. It also provides examples to help students understand how to use the word correctly. The pronunciation is probably utilized Google Translate or some sort, so it has that robotic vibes. The negative aspect of this app: there is no control to change the pronunciation volume! Even you set your phone to the lowest volume, when you press the pronunciation button, it will blast off your eardrum! So don’t use it with your AirPod or headphone.

Vocabulary app not really expanding my vocab. I used to have a vocab app that I loved and it has since disappeared. So I got this one, plunked down the $20 to subscribe and have it on the advanced setting. I would think at that price and level I wouldn’t be getting the word “ominous” as word of the day! That’s the word that finally made me say I’m giving this app a review. I do see it says ages 4+ so it could be a good app for children, or people who are learning English as a second language. I don’t consider myself well-read and at least 70% of these words are not new or interesting to me.

If you’re a lover of words, try this app.. With most apps on my phone, I usually opt for the “do not allow notifications” setting, but with this app I enjoy them and would even recommend them! I love how you can “favorite” words/definitions as well as save them into various lists (such as a “want to learn” list).

Not enough words. I paid for this app and I’ve been using it for a year. It’s not really worth it. These words are repetitive and not worth it and it lacks of vocabularies as well. For instance, if you missed a notification and you possibly try to type the root of that word, it’s gone forever. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Never miss a new word to learn!. I love this app and I’m really brateful that I downloaded it. I read some of the other reviews and knew i had to try it out. I have it set on the random interval to deliver a new word that I may or may not know. It has helped me to believe that I am still learning and growing in some way and that I am not stagnant.

Addictive ! Causing or likely to cause someone to become addicted!. This app is so addictive! I've been using it for over a week and can't stop scrolling through the words and definitions! Powerful, thought provoking and intriguing. I plan to purchase the full service so I can continue building my vocabulary and use the words on a daily basis. Awesome - inspiring awe!

Suggestion for the “free” trial period:. I was disappointed that you are required to give your credit card for the “free” three day trial period. You won’t be charged the $19 annual fee for unlimited access if you cancel before the three day trial period ends. That’s gambling, no, yes? Yes. Why not trust me to use it with unlimited access for three days for free then YOU, app developers, prompt me to continue with unlimited access by paying the annual fee? If the app is “so great” then certainly I’m going to decide to pony up on that fourth day after the “truly free” three day trial period ends.

Love itttttt!!! I got a suggestion tho!. Ok, so this app is worth it. It has a wide variety of word to learn, you can customize it, and it’s overall really good!!! The thing is I feel like the app would be so much better if you added atleast some categories which aren’t for premium members. Like the ‘parts of speech’ categories.

Sexist and misogynist example sentences. example sentences are extremely sexist and bordering on misogyny. I suggest you use some men in your examples of unctuous, for example (greaseball males are not hard to find examples of). Almost every single example has something nasty or mean to say about a woman. I’ve subscribed for two weeks and most of the examples have something negative to say about women. I paid for the year subscription but will not be renewing. It’s frankly offensive and not in the least bit amusing. Will definitely not be recommending unless this changes remarkably.

Beautiful layout, easy navigation. Off the bat, the application offers various options to choose from for your Home Screen icon, app themes & font styles. My favorite addition is the option to share words you see in other areas and submit and file the word and it’s definition! Overall beautiful constructed app to learn new words!

Question about the ‘dislike’ feature. Hi, I’m loving the app but I have a question and thought I might post it here. I’m assuming the dislike feature is used to keep disliked words from coming up on my feed in the future (pls correct me if I’m wrong), then what do I do if I’ve accidentally disliked a word and want to undo the action to have it back on my feed?

I love this app. When my mind imagined an app that had simple yet challenging amounts of words consistently displayed for you, keeping your mind curious I was immediately drawn into ‘vocabulary’. I do believe the sleek and discreet structure of the app as a whole definitely plays a role in the “boon” (word I learned from the app meaning blessings;gifts) you receive from owning it.

At first I thought there was a payment needed. So initially the ads didn’t make it seem like there was a fee until I signed up and it implied there might be one. I left the app alone and come to find out it was free. Maybe it’s just me but, when I press the microphone button so it could say the word aloud, it was audible. Only when I have my AirPods in is when I can’t hear the word and it stops and start before it’s over.

Great way to learn “smart” words. I love the words that are given to us to learn. There’s also multiple categories of words to choose from anatomy to technology. The only ways I can think to improve this app better are to include pictures with the different words for visual learners and to have a quiz mode for every word we hearted.

One Star for Predatory Charges. The reason I’m giving it one star is because they employ a predatory pricing technique that automatically signs you up for the one year charge after the trial instead of the month by month charge. This is only done to get more money from the user; instead of being user friendly and having the month by month be default, they make the much more expensive 20$ yearly plan be default. And that’s it, that’s all this app is a trap to get people charged that 20$ yearly fee without them realizing it isn’t the 3$ monthly fee. 20$ for a simple vocabulary app, shame on the developers.

Free?. I’m not sure yet if what I’ve been experiencing is free or not. Based on the premium versions description it does appear to have the same features as I currently have access too. However, if the current app Ive been using for the past 2 days is free of charge then I’d say this is a great way to slowly expand your vocabulary

Don’t bother!. The free version is useless because you have no control of the categories or the words that pop up, and 95% of the words they throw at you are words that the majority of people don’t really use or need in there every day life. And believe me, I know it’s great to learn new words but I’m not going to use words that I could barely pronounce just to try and sound smart. There are many words that mean the exact same thing that we use every day. It’s done on purpose so that you will be forced to upgrade so you have more control. Sneaky and deceitful!

Revolutionary Vocabulary Learning App!. Long time haven’t encountered such a brilliant application which really comes handy for memorizing & reviewing new words for learners ( saw the fast results among my own students) and really appreciate that UI designer(s) of this app who was so brave to create an impressive application with a crystal-clear-like & simple User Interface. Thanks for your efforts

Mostly good, but could use a flash card system. The interface is clean and the selection of words is good. But some of the organization could use work, like being able to easily access your custom collections of words on the main screen. Also it really needs a flash card system to test your knowledge.

Sentence enhancers. This apps deliver an opportunity to expand your vocabulary with ease. I’ve always been someone who has been described as “well spoken” because tend to look up new words often. This simplifies the process by offering elevated but accessible alternatives to the mundane recycled rhetoric we seem to pass around these days.

Great!. I really like this app, lots of great new words to learn. There is one annoying problem with it though, some of the longer words are repaginated and split into 2 lines of text. It really makes no sense as in some cases an eight letter word can be split over 2 lines and in other cases a 12 letter word will fit on one line. It's almost as though the font size is changing randomly.

Update Notification Layout. After upgrading to iOS 15, I’m having trouble reading the words from notifications. The app name is now in bold letters, which takes away the focus from the actual word. Please update it asap. Regarding your response: A lot of social media apps don’t show the app name in notifications. You could also scrap the title “Vocabulary” from your notifications and highlight the actual word.

Like it, but…. I am a teacher. English is my second language and would love to have the chance of making up my own sentence once I have read the word listen to the pronunciation and read the given example. I would love to be able to record an audio example of mine or at least type one. It is an integral part of learning anything much more a language. Good job for the current features, though.

Abusive Invasive Ads but Well Curated Words We Actually Use. I’ve used many vocabulary apps. 99% of them are not useful. They generally present words that are rarely used in spoken or written English. This app introduces us to words we actually use. Feedback: The font in example sentences is way too small. I can barely make it out against the very busy background image. Please increase the font size and consider using a black 20% layer in between the background image and the text. More feedback: Your free version broaches abusive with the number and invasiveness of ads.

Becoming less and less of a fan. I liked this app at first. I liked learning new words to add to my vernacular. However, here lately I’ve noticed something because I’m a patterns guy and notice things that repeat in a sequence. I’ve noticed the same group of words will pop up as a word of the day or whenever the schedule of notifications pops up and it’s the same group of words. The same group will pop up in the same order every day of every week for however long I’ve had the app. Not sure why it does that but not a fan of it.

Excellent app, could be improved. I am absolutely enamored with this app. The design and feel of the app is executed excellently. However, I think a few things can be improved. All of the text to speech voices sound terrible and quite outdated compared to other modern text to speech voices. Additionally, I found the fullscreen ads to be disruptive and would much prefer having a higher frequency of ads in between words.

great app, one issue. I love the customization of this app! However, when I click the pronunciation sound icon, the volume always defaults to a very low one, even when my phone is at full volume. For some reason, the volume goes down when it is used... it may be a bug?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.19.0
Play Store com.MonkeyTaps.Vocabulary
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Vocabulary - Learn words daily was published in the category Education on 19 February 2016, Friday and was developed by Monkey Taps [Developer ID: 1450092715]. This program file size is 189.71 MB. This app has been rated by 90,890 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Vocabulary - Learn words daily - Education app posted on 11 October 2023, Wednesday current version is 5.19.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.MonkeyTaps.Vocabulary. Languages supported by the app:

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- New themes and tons of words! - Other fixes and improvements. Love the app? Tell us in the reviews section! We read it all. Have a happy day!

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