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What is i am - daily affirmations app? How many negative thoughts have been endlessly repeating in your mind? Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns. Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions. Choose from many daily intentions and set reminders to be delivered throughout the day.

Positive affirmations not only do they help make major shifts in your mindset they also serve as prompts and daily reminders on what you are truly capable of, making sure you have an amazing day, everyday.

An affirmation is a simple but powerful statement that helps to strengthen the connection between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind.
The more you strengthen this connection the more resilient you will be when difficult or challenging circumstances.

As Buddha wisely said: you become what you believe.

And the best way strengthen your resilience is to practice affirmations every single day.
There are so many benefits of using affirmations as part of your daily morning routine:
- They help increase your awareness of your thoughts and words making it easier to recognize the negative + self-doubt thought patterns holding you back.
- Affirmations define your focus. When you focus your energy on the things you want: achieving your goals, the positive, uplifting + good you are creating an abundance mindset and strengthening your resolve to make it happen.
- They open you up to possibility. Too often we get stuck in the ‘impossible’ mindset, but affirmations flip this on it’s head. When you begin to positively affirm what is actually possible, a whole world of opportunity opens up to you.

To have access to the "I am Premium" content and functionality, you can choose between a lifetime, monthly and yearly auto-renewable subscription. This is a recurring transaction that will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your subscription. Renewals will be charged the same cost within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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App Name I am - Daily Affirmations
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 19 May 2023, Friday
File Size 349.97 MB

I am - Daily Affirmations Comments & Reviews 2023

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Really Needed This!. I don’t normally write reviews, but thought it was important to share mine in case it helps someone else. This app has helped me so much with my thoughts. It has made me aware of how negatively I think and has helped me turn those thoughts around. At first, I didn’t think it would help me and honestly don’t know how this app happened upon my phone in the first place. But I find myself being more positive and gracious with myself. I look forward to the notifications and try to apply them to my life when they come. Sometimes they hit at just the right time. This is definitely a great tool to make one more mindful and facilitate self love as well as a connectedness to others. Thank you.

Toxic positivity galore. Anyone who says this app isn’t littered with toxic positivity (and ableist prompts) sadly is unable to recognize it when they see them. I constantly get prompts that start with “I choose __” (like I choose to be happy, I choose to be calm, etc). Apparently my depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be cured by just choosing something else! Who knew! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I could remember where I was saving all the screenshots of the bad ones bc there’s also been ones along the lines of “my body is healthy” or “I will exercise everyday” and the like. Uh, I’m disabled with multiple chronic illnesses. My body is not healthy, nor will I perform to the extent it thinks I should. The app was somewhat okay when I first got it a year or so ago, but it’s just getting worse and worse, and sends the same prompts with slightly different wording all the time. It also doesn’t seem to learn to stop sending similarly-themed ones you don’t like after lots of downvoting either (otherwise I would’ve stopped getting a ton of the toxic positivity and ableist ones). So do yourself a favor. If you have chronic illnesses or mental health disorders, you’re probs going to want to steer clear of this app so you don’t get triggered or irritated just about every time the notification pops up. I’m glad I finally deleted this app so I won’t have to see the nonsense anymore.

Amazing app!. This is sends small, short, and sweet inspirational notes. I swear they help right at the moment I start to fall apart, my phone pings and this pulls me back up. All things we hear, see, and speak aloud work with belief, love, and faith. This app reminds me at good and bad times of my worth and gives me motivation to keep moving at times I will read each out loud to myself and go through flipping like flash cards until I read enough to uplift my spirit. Thank you for creating such a simple easy and time saving cure to rough times and power to the good times. :-) I appreciate the little things like this all day. We live in a chaotic world, constantly on phones and computers these are one of a kind notifications.

I love this app!. I’ve had this app for about two months. Some days I pay more or less attention to the messages I receive. But the funny thing is that it has a sort of intuition …As if the random affirmations are attuned to certain moments where I’m having difficulty and it sends me the exact message I need at that moment. I’ve kept it on random selection this whole time. I haven’t used the function of specific types of affirmation. Maybe I will go there next but I’m really enjoying the random selection so I’m going to stick with it. I recommend this app to support anyone who believes in the power of affirmations and the power of shifting your mental state to bring in more joy and ease. It works!

Needs Sync. First, I love this app. With that said, however, it’s had a few glitches. I am a premium subscriber, and about a year and a half ago I opened the app and ALL of my personalized affirmations were gone, along with all of my favorites. I was told there was no way to recover my data. So I went through the process of re-adding some of my affirmations. When I got my iPad last summer, I added more on there, because it’s easier to type there. However, there’s no sync feature so all the affirmations I added (over 500) on my iPad aren’t available on my iPhone! I’ve sent several requests for this feature, but all I ever see in the updates is ‘new affirmations and themes added’, which is fine for people who use those, but I consider device syncing to be a core feature. I am considering letting my subscription expire because this has been bothering me for way too long, and I keep getting ‘we’ll work on it’ or ‘we’ll consider adding this in a future update’ from customer support.

Unable to pay, I’m a minor.. I really hate to be literally one of the very few people to have negative review on this, especially when this is app specifically for good intentions and has made people satisfied.., I was really looking forward to this, really; and I don’t want this to come off as a personal issue but your app is eligible for kids including ages of even 10 or preteens, I’m a struggling middle schooler who doesn’t have access to purchase the trial.. I was not expecting one as i considered this a very simple side app, I became more excited by the huge amount of good reviews, made for people and others of all kinds to support their needs and problems, but it just really sucked to see another therapeutic app that’s asking for money that I’m unable to give because I’m still just a kid, That sounded like a pity- I’m sorry, it was only my opinion considering it’s a very good, but.. thanks I suppose

Best App ever bought!. This app is amazing. It was only around $20 and let me tell you, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent… I mean on anything… including my favorite out of jeans, haha. It lights my spirit up and reminds me when I’m feeling down, that I am worthy, and my stress and anxiety is all temporary. I also love how you can set a timer for 1 minute 5 minutes etc, and for that whole time, different affirmations will come up, and I silently mediate on them. It brings me out of whatever head space that I need to get out of, or just when I need a little pick me up, to remind myself that I am beautiful, I am worth it, I and strong, and I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I’ve made it through worse times and I’ll make it through whatever comes my way! Thank you to the developers of this wonderful, beautiful app!!!! It’s changed my life.

Maybe I’m just tired. I used to enjoy this app. I was able to create a few of my own positive affirmations that several people enjoyed. I decided to ditch the IPhone for a while and went back to my beloved Galaxy and forgot about the app. Long story short, I have returned to the sheep herding IPhone but also rediscovered I AM … now I can’t create anything. I have watched enough ad videos for a lifetime membership at this point however I will not pay. Mental Awareness Month and I am struggling with every aspect of my life. My depression and anxiety are at an all time high and I’m not new at this game (I’m 51 so I know a thing or two). I know one of my greatest stressors is due to my illness and inability to work. Can I justify paying for an app to help me when I can’t figure out how I was able to before I had to pay? Sure I can, but not while looking at my daughter’s shoes and knowing my priority is to help her depression and anxiety by helping her not worry about shoes … so that both of us and hopefully neither of us fall into the abyss of suicidal ideation. I will miss this app, but it won’t kill me. I’ll probably die tripping on a Lego.

Clinician Recommended. As a clinician that assist in the overcoming of trauma and various other mental health hurdles, I highly recommend this app. The fact that it helps myself and my clients isn’t what I want you to look at for this review. I want you to take this challenge! Download the app, set aside 5mins, and focus on your breathing. When you are nice and ready, start the practice affirmations (little play button on the bottom) and I want you to go through each one and own it; like for 5mins I want you to act as if every I am statement every positive affirmation came from you that part that wants to be whole and free. I mean I am not promising you that you will grow abs or win a million dollars. And if you don’t feel grounded and positive, then delete the app and be on your way. I mean it’s simply just taking time to show up for yourself. This app just makes it more convenient. So alright go ahead, take the challenge, and maybe just maybe you will be better for it. From your friendly neighborhood. LCPC.

It’s 𝑜𝑘.. This app is ok. It’s good, but there are some things that can be improved. For example, the affirmations. One of the affirmations said “I am a magnet for money.” Another said “I am sexy and attractive.” One said “I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.” Another said “I treat myself like I am my biggest fan.” Ok. First, what is up with the money stuff? This seems like a Buddhist app and if y’all are Buddhist you should believe in the Four Noble Truths. (They explain how wanting things like money leads to suffering.) Not very Buddhist of y’all to put those affirmations 🤨. Also, I know this is a positive affirmation app, but this is going a little too far. I am sexy and attractive? I treat myself like I am my biggest fan? This app is suppose to rise your self-esteem, but not make you too confident like you are the best person in the world! What about being humble and kind? Despite the bad things, though, it’s fine. The good affirmations are helping me feel better about myself and becomes better person. But you should really change those bad affirmations that I listed.

Too good to be true.. I saw an ad for this app and actually thought it would be really cool and helpful to have, imagining i'd look at my phone and every once in awhile i'd see a little note that gives positive remarks to me, lifting my spirits. It seems like the perfect app for people who are unhappy, however, there is one little problem. When you walk through the steps of setting up what your name is, what things you want to improve on, the user is then met with the final step... "oh yeah, you only have three days to use this for free, and then you have to pay". If this isn't the biggest slap in the face to people that are struggling, then I don't know what is. To the devs of this app, you are cruel. You are marketing people's sadness and making money off of us, and it is nothing short of disgusting. Humans are deserving of happiness without cost of anything, this app needs to be completely free, no strings attached. I knew this was too good to be true.

Life-changing. This app has been a godsend for me. I got really into affirmations a while back but struggled to come up with my own. I somehow found this app and decided to check it out, give it a try for a bit and see how I felt. I think within just one day having it on my phone I committed to keeping it forever and made it a widget. I love that I can customize the topics of the affirmations depending on what I need. I also love that I can schedule to receive them throughout the day. Between this and weekly therapy, I’ve noticed such a drastic change in my thoughts and self-talk. I’d been in therapy for a while before starting this app, and the app has really enhanced therapy for me. I recommend this app to people frequently and can’t say enough good about it!

So helpful. This app really helps me feel better about myself and about my anxiety. It’s very hard to deal with so much stress with only you telling yourself that everything‘s gonna be okay in the moment, so reading it from an app and hearing it in different ways you may not have thought of really helps. I love how this app sends you notifications because throughout the day I may not even realize that I am stressed, but reading one of the notifications makes me feel so much better. Give this app a try if you’re having a hard time with stress or being anxious or even if you would just like positive reminders throughout the day. Thanks for making this app!! They also have another app for quotes and a lot of them are very positive and uplifting too and the facts app always makes me laugh because they’re super funny fact sometimes. Once again thank you!

A little edge on your best life. I have tried several personal growth, meditation, and inspiration apps. This is by far the best and the only one that stuck with my for more than a week. I rarely pay for the years subscription for anything but this made a difference in my life and my days and the way that it customized to your needs like how many days you would like positive reminders or affirmation and at what points of the day you may need them most. The chime for the alert when a positive message comes in is like “calm technology” it’s a sweet peaceful chime that you learn to recognize and instead of being another overwhelming alert text or marketing thing you feel a sense of comfort and joy when that sound come it. It reminds you to be more present in the moment and your day. So many time a message came in with just the right thing that I needed to read at a moment I truly needed it. Even my daughter recognizes the positive sound and how it uplifts me to receive them. I highly recommend this to anyone but especially to those with any PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression. It makes a difference. At least it does for me.

A fantastic app!. I rarely leave reviews. I use tons of apps and like many apps but just don’t leave reviews. So why leave this review? This app is helping me so much, that I felt a bit guilty staying quiet about how healing, powerful, and transformative it is. This is a simple concept, brilliantly executed. You receive affirmations pushed to your device. You get to decide what topics you want to focus on, and there were way more topics than I imagined. Truly something for everyone! You also decide how often you receive the affirmations and can design widgets and watch faces as well - all customizable with many lovely backgrounds and fonts. Most important though are the affirmations and their health benefits. Some of the things we struggle with require a major mind shift. Getting positive reminders throughout the day helps shift negative patterns and helps build new mental habits. This app is helping me deal with anxiety, body image, self-care, and stress. Throughout the day I feel like I have more support on my healing journey because of this app. I can’t thank the developers enough for creating an app that genuinely brings more good into this world - by enabling the good within each of us to emerge with greater power and presence. Thank you so very much.

Positive reminders to help you get through the day!. I’ve only had this app for a day but I really enjoy it! I struggle with thinking negative, mood swings, and being irritable on a daily basis. I know that affirmations can be powerful tools to help this but I never really have time to listen to them in the morning (I’m a CNA and work 12 hour shifts in a busy urban hospital, so I like to get every last wink of sleep possible). I like this app because every time I open my phone there’s a positive and motivating affirmation to read quickly. I use the widgets on my Home Screen and I don’t even have to open the app! Plus they provide many different themes for free so it looks cute on my Home Screen. I elected the option so the affirmations change 8-10 times a day, so I’m not reading the same things over and over again. I hoping that seeing and reading these affirmations multiple times a day will help me be in a more positive mindset!

Great app but needs some improvement. This app is wonderful for frequent affirmations. My only issue with this app is the fact that they don’t save the affirmations they send to your notification. If you get a notification of an affirmation and press on it, it’ll take you to affirmation in the app, but if you save or double tap to heart the image the wrong way it’ll swipe (quite easily so this happens OFTEN) to the next affirmation and if you try to swipe back to the awesome affirmation you were just on and wanted to save, it’ll be long gone and forgotten. I hadn’t realized how aggravating/inconvenient this is at first but it gets old very quickly. Please for the love of affirmations, fix this. I’m very close to looking into another affirmations app because this is just that irritating. You’ve been warned.

More positive things happen in my life. At first when I added this app I felt cheesy and like these words wouldn’t make that big of a difference. I was so wrong. Only two weeks after having this app send me notifications and stay as a widget on my front screen I started believing the affirmations. I would be thinking something so negative and damaging every day and these affirmations keep fighting my negative thoughts and helping me break the cycle. The more I got interrupted with a positive thought, the more I questioned why I believed such horrible negative “truths” about myself and others and became more compassionate and loving to myself and those around me. I notice and am receptive to more positive things in life and as a result more positive things happen to me. This app is worth every penny. It is the reason I am less depressed and my brain is slowly shifting cognitively to be more positive...because why not? Why don’t we believe that we are worthy and beautiful and that life is beautiful? You can only enjoy life if you choose to enjoy what is in front of you and be thankful. I am so thankful for this app and for the creators. This is beautifully done and very effective. ❤️

Helpful :: advice :: review. I love this app, it’s been very very encouraging and helpful since the day I downloaded it. I love being able to set certain timeframes for different alerts & also that I can make a mix of all the things I prefer to see! But my one piece of advice and personal suggestion would be to have some more information on all the different definitions and some how givethe true purpose of the app.. cause I only seem to like it for the “affirmations” & I quote “inspiring quotes” or “motives” .... but I don’t have a full understanding of what I’m doing on the app. This is all new to me. But I’m trying to be more positive and believe in my self more , like have more self confidence. Which I do feel this app fulfills... but I feel like I need a better understanding of the entire thing as a whole, to be able to get the internal concept of using this app.

Good but not very efficient. I love this app cuz reading these affirmations is really helpful BUT sometimes I literally just stop getting affirmations for a few days in a row! After a few days I’m like wait where r the affirmations and I see the last one was on MONDAY. It’s Friday. What’s goin on mannnn? Also I don’t like how it doesn’t give you the option to change the amount of affirmations u’d like. I chose 10 but realized I’d prefer 15. Gonna have to delete the app and re download :/ That’s sooo weird. As soon as I opened the app it said if u don’t open the app for a few days, u’ll stop getting e affirmations. And it gave me the option to change the amount of times I receive them. Weird. Manifestation baby. But still kind of irritated that I can’t find the settings to change the type of affirmations and how often u get them by myself. Only when offered to. Ugh.

This was my go to until what I *hope* was just a glitch.. Very recently had a crisis which has made my chronic anxiety and depression a bit more beastly to wrangle. I made this app a widget on my home and lock screens which was making an exponential difference in my ability to cope day to day. After a particularly rough day I went to open my phone and the affirmation simply said “I am going to be sad and ache.” I had already been on the verge of ugly crying but this SENT ME right into a snotty bawling dramatic cry. 😂 Even after scrolling past this in the app it wouldn’t update the widget. The real issue is that after this I realized there’s really no way to report, contact, or notify app developers about problematic or potentially harmful “affirmations.” I hope to see that rectified because whether it’s a glitch or whoever writes the affirmations was having an off day- there needs to be a way to ensure user well being as this app does fringe on the realm of mental health.

Very uplifting. This inexpensive app has been a pleasant surprise. I thought I would use and see what was there, but my expectations weren’t high. As it turns out, I was very impressed. The app lets you select a topic that you want help with (e.g.: motivation, personal growth, body image, relationships, etc.) and then allows you to choose to receive multiple one or two sentence support messages between the hours that you designate (e.g.: I would like to receive three messages per hour between 10am and 6pm). You can save “favorites” and easily text or email a message you like to a friend or family member. The messages ARE very uplifting and cover a range of emotions related to the subject you select. All in all, it is a terrific app and I find myself looking forward to my next message.

Constant reminders needed. My cousin asked for my phone one day, and as I handed it to her, I said, “Don’t set no GPS up on there...I know how nosy you are”. I was teasing, but an applicable truth. See, I am going thru depression right now. Facing some long standing truths in an effort to save my children from my own childhood trauma. It’s a struggle worth seeing thru the storms, but sometimes I get super discouraged. My cousin, knowing how weak I feel and how my circumstances effect my outcome, is ACTUALLY nosy...AND LOVING and CARES, so she would very much GPS my phone, coming from that space. But about an hour after she had my phone, I got a very appropriate and reassuring message from “I am” and I just stared at it for a while. It brought me to tears once I realized how it got there. I’m managing my struggle right now. This app has given me certain constant reminders and reinforcements, that I may isolate from in the physical sense. I appreciate my cousin for downloading this app. I need it and she cares enough to make sure, I got it. Even in her own struggles, she can’t always be there for me, but she made sure she did what she could...and to know I mattered, really does matter to me. So “Thank you” to “I am” for being a positive piece to my process.

Good, but could be great.. I enjoy receiving the affirmations throughout the day. The only suggestion I would have is that the wording of some of the affirmations are negative in nature and can be improved ... such as “Anxiety will not beat me” (forgive me if that’s not the exact phrase, but you get the point) could be reworded more powerful such as “I am victorious over anxiety”. Early on in my journey with anxiety, I was told to use all positive words whenever possible and avoid using “not” “don’t” etc ... because your brain really processes the negative words so much faster than it does the positive words - it will have already processed “anxiety beat me” before the brain can put together that what you really want processed is “victory over anxiety”. Hope that makes sense!! Most of the affirmations in this app (I am using the free version) are good. Whenever I get one of those more negative-bent ones, I cringe a little.

One of the few apps I DONT REGRET buying for self-care and healthy mindset maintenance!👏🏽🙌🏽🏆. I very rarely set notifications on for any apps that I purchase, but I’m so happy that I did with this one. I was able to choose how many times a day I wanted reminders, which helped me to make sure I wasn’t being distracted at busy times in my day. The motivational quotes and affirmations are supportive and feel catered, even though they would be beneficial for ANYONE to hear. I bulk delete and unsubscribe from apps on the 15th of every month and there is NO WAY this one will ever be on the chopping block. Thank you to the team that provides business, operational and technical support for this app. You folks are doing an amazing job.

i suffer from daily anxiety and this apps THE BEST. hi guys ik u wont take the time to read this, but im hoping somebody does. For a long time i've struggled with adhd, and anxiety and sometimes its hard for me to function. over quarantine its gotten way worse, (im almost 16 now) and its ruining my life. when i tell you this app has helped me for the past few days calm down i mean it. it reminds me to have faith in god and the universe and to not let my anxiety control my life anymore. im a 15 year old scared of dying, and illness. its been like that since my cousin died when i was young. theres not a day that goes by where i dont worry that i wont make it to adulthood. but this app has helped me so much to calm down and stop anxiety attacks. PLEASE GET THIS YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

You Need I AM!. Each notification is timed perfectly- when I need it! In 2006 I got the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Since reading it and watching the movie I practice positive thinking and all it includes. I have a long list of I Am mantras that I say everyday all day, not to mention prayers and poems. After a number of things happening to me and my business during 2020 it was more of a challenge to stay upbeat. I relied on each tiny piece of positivity and some days it’s was truly hard to find. Someone mentioned I AM app on Tiktok and I am forever grateful. It definitely helps to bring your focus back to where it should be. Like my guardian angel dings the bell at the perfect time. I have it set for 15 times a day and it’s perfect for me. I also set up the widget. Fingers crossed I can buy the 1 year subscription soon 🧘🏼‍♀️😌

Subscription models ruin everything. I bought this app before it was a subscription model. I paid for it already. It wasn’t free. And slowly as they introduced subscription model, I lost features. Today, my custom picture of my cat that warms my heart was removed from the widget. Furthermore, when I go check the app, categories of affirmations I had access to before (self care and body positivity) are now locked behind a paywall. Not everyone can afford to subscribe to every service they need. I’m sick of subscription models. I cannot afford to use them. I’m done with this app. Also before you say “developing an app costs money” and blah blah blah. Yeah I know. But everything is subscription model now. Not everyone can afford to use this along with other services they need. And furthermore, I had already purchased this before it was a subscription. It’s unbelievable to have services I has been using taken away from me unless I pay more. So no. Sorry.

Need motivation? Right under your nose sweetie.. At first, I was looking into a specific app, but then I scrolled more to see more, and saw this! I loved it at first sight! I downloaded it, and customized the App icon. Then I did everything else, and got the hang of it. I then added the widgets!! Now, I have a matching wallpaper, with matching widgets that say motivational things!! This app is the best! It still is the best even WITHOUT the in-app purchases. For example, if you wanna change the background of the words, you choose, and then tap on whatever one you like, then it’ll offer you to buy the premium, or just watch ONE ad! This app is the best! I suggest it very much! Especially if you need help focusing on loving yourself/body, and other stuff!

Love this app. I definitely recommend this app! It has played a big factor in my motivation and healing. I love how the little reminders pop up on my phone throughout the day. They are always different too, and not cheesy like “live laugh love” or something lol. The funny thing is that they always seem to connect to how I’m feeling in the moment. For example: I have Covid rn and am feeling a little lazy/unmotivated because I can’t do anything, but I’m also too sick to. Quote I received this morning: There is a time to push myself and a time to rest. As in I need to let my body heal and understand I can’t do eveything I planned to do this week and that’s okay! Everyone needs some positivity in their life, especially with the state of the world around us. We need to be reminded that it will be okay and we will be okay!

The real reminders I need to tell myself. I love this app because in a world that can be so cruel and ugly, I can set myself reminders of positive sayings, thoughts, quotes, that keep my mind in check that I can be positive no matter what. Whatever else is going on, the most important thing is to remember to love and take care of myself, and just with the business and everyday tasks of life I can forget that. This app will let you just get a few reminders to a lot of reminders. I personally like a lot so I make sure I’m always getting those powerful positive messages that remind me I am an awesome person, even with things I need to work on. I have anxiety and some depression and this really helps me get through some of that as well! I just really think this app could help so many people because we tend to forget about ourselves and put our kids, significant others, family and friends first, but we can’t truly take care of our loved ones unless we take care of ourselves first.

Try it. I’ve tried several mood tracking apps over the years. I feel like they help in the beginning to identify what is happening, but over time it just felt like a regular reminder that I was down and at a certain point that stops being helpful. I’m not severely depressed - just another person struggling with the roller coaster of life over the last few years. We own a stressful business, separated from my wife, then later found out I had cancer. Therapy helps a bunch, but when my therapist took a break for maternity leave I was on my own and needed some help. I decided to try this app instead of another mood tracker, and I am so glad I did. I can customize the categories of affirmations I receive and how often they pop up. I can’t begin to describe how helpful it is to have some positive words show up on my Apple Watch just when I needed it. If I had one suggestion for the developers it would be to create a category specific to cancer patients. Most of the messages are great, but having incurable cancer means my health is literally failing so messages that remind me that I should be grateful for my health are not negative, but also not necessarily helpful. Otherwise this a great app. Very easy to set up and I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me so far…

Used to be great but GREEDINESS made me delete.. They’re going to type a generic “app costs money to make” response…Yeah we know! It’s not about that. It’s that you download based on something and they keep changing it until you lose all the features. Now there are barely ANY unlocked affirmations left. Why would I waste storage on that when I can pay for another app that’s actually honest and consistent doesn’t the start?…I used to love this app, especially the widget function UNTIL suddenly my “favorites” affirmations were no longer showing up on rotation. This had happened before so I assumed it was another tech glitch (you can set a customizable widget but are unable to actually set it to that. So you have to always keep the affirmations manually set to the type you want). However this time I realized it wasn’t showing my favorite affirmations (that I had spent months selecting) because all of them had been added to the “premium” locked categories. Before only a few categories were locked. Now ALL except 3 are available. That means unless you’re paying this app money every month, you’ve now lost access to all your previously curated affirmations. Once I figured that out, it was an easy decision to delete the widget *and* the app itself.

💫Wish I downloaded sooner🥰. This app has (for real) changed my life. LOVE LOVE the powerful, sweet and inspiring notifications! I’m not exaggerating when I say I look forward to seeing the notifications from this app more than a text from someone lol. This app is like the best friend/boyfriend/mom I’ve never had. My whole life I’ve been independent and sadly never had anyone to truly depend on or to lift me up, one way or another always been alone (single parent) this app….. Great way to start positive momentum in ANYONES life. This app uplifts me! As the days go on from using it, ive noticed a change within myself where If i hear my phone, i EXPECT a positive message which in turns.. changes my mood all together towards my day to day responsibilities. Wish I knew of this app sooner. I also enjoy spreading the love and sharing the quotes I get with people. Love that I can change the background too…For when My mood changes. To the creators: Thank you for making this app FREE AND READILY AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE WITH A CELLPHONE TO DOWNLOAD. MENTAL HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT AND BEING ABLE TO HAVE SUCH AN APP/REMINDERS FOR PEOPLE WHO CANT AFFORD TO ADD ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP TO THEIR MONTHLY EXPENSES… means the world!! THANK YOU!!!

Sometimes you just have to remember…. There are so many circumstances in life that leave you breathless: some good, some not so good. And when you find yourself in each you tend to forget who you truly are and what you have to offer to yourself and this world. That’s why I think this app is so incredibly important. When I’m having a not so good day it reminds me that “better days are coming!” And when I’m having a wonderful day it reminds me that “you deserve this wonderful day.” With each stroke you can stay positive and look at life differently. You might have stumbled upon this APP by accident but you will soon find out there are no accidents in this universe… only opportunities to grow! Download the app and #enjoy the reminders. You won’t regret it 💕🙏🏼✔️

Love This. I really love this app! It is perfect for what it is, sometimes you really need to hear affirmations! The phrasing is great, the affirmations are encouraging and helpful, and my favorite part is that you can control how many reminders you get and what time frame you receive them. This isn’t an app you have to open everyday but it makes a difference every single one. I look forward to the affirmations it sends me and it has helped me to build my self confidence. Very quickly becoming one of my favorites! The app isn’t annoying with reminders like others can be and you don’t have to pay for the good features it has, which makes it so much better. Really appreciate apps like these that help people feel better about themselves!

Best Friend Vibes. I had an old friend introduce this to me when I was struggling with yet another break up. I’ve had it well over a year. And it’s not always on my mind, to be honest. It sends me about 10 notifications a day. Sometimes it can be annoying, and I can change the settings. But sometimes I really am just having a bad day or a bad few months or just need some encouragement. They have so many different types of affirmations and different styles and backgrounds. I can’t tell you how many times some of these have been made to be my wallpaper. No matter what is happening in my life, this app makes me feel better or supports my already hyped up energy. I try to love myself always, and this app just backs me up. It’s almost better than a best friend 😂 never has anything bad to say and is always there for me throughout the day.

Healing Reminders. I think it’s amazing that there’s an app that can send you positive affirmations daily or however many times a day you desire. For my own use, I have the app send me one reminder daily at 9am, so I can use that affirmation throughout the day (focus of the day). The only issue I have is, say, if I open the app directly from my phone without clicking the notification with my daily affirmation, it displays a different affirmation altogether. So then instead of seeing the same one that I was notified about, I’ll see a new one. Perhaps I’m not navigating the app correctly, but when I flip up and down on the affirmations, I don’t see the one that I was notified with. I try to be intentional about clicking on the app aka avoiding it and just focusing on the alert notification, however, sometimes I forget, and then it’s kind of a bummer. On another positive note, I do really appreciate the wording of the affirmations being written in a positive context rather than a negative one.

Felecia’s view on this. I personally believe that everything you see , hear, read, watch, listen too. Everything you take in is what you will put out. So by these positive affirmations which is the only thing I allow to notify me on my phone , when they pop up. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Nothing changes over night, but I have been looking this stuff up and reading into it for a while. Positive affirmations can change the way you think. Even if you think you can’t, just continue reading them and hearing them for a month . Watch how your life can change. We all should strive to be more positive human beings. I know it can be hard, especially since I come from a very abusive and violent back ground. You can change your negative thinking habits. I challenge you to trying positive affirmations for a month and to also be monitoring your thoughts...also called mental chatter. Try to calm your mind and always be in the present moment , and if you’re going to have thoughts. Do your best to always make them positive. Positive affirmations is one of the ways to help with this. I also learn from our teacher Jesus Christ. A lot to learn from the good Book. The Holy Bible. Guys try it and see. I wish everyone to find their purpose in life and to be more loving and show more compassion towards one another. May God bless you all. Sending positive vibes!✝️🤍

My daily feel goods!. I have truly enjoyed this app. I found that I needed something like this in my life. I only have the free version, but it allows me to set how many messages/ affirmations I receive throughout the day. I also have it set at the top of my main/home screen so that I can read a positive thought anytime I choose. Having struggled with my health over the last few years and having two children with disabilities, this app gives me a break throughout the day to stop for a minute and reflect positively on myself and my life. Regardless of your faith, the messages you receive are inspiring and thought provoking. In today’s hectic life it is nice to be able to slow down, take a breath and read something inspiring and positive. I would highly recommend this app to anyone, even if you only set it to receive one message a day. It provides me with that little extra feel good each day.

EDITED 3/31 Yeah, but what if I’m happily married…. EDIT: The affirmations using my name is a great option…. If it was an option. It started to bother me and I couldn’t find a way to stop it unless I deleted my name. Now it asks my name every time it’s opened. Also, it turns off the video (and music, I think) every time I open it while doing something else. Despite these minor complaints, I changed my review to five stars because I still really like it and it doesn’t seem like a mental health cash grab. Old review: Really enjoying the app. Tell my husband that it’s like if you got notifications for GOOD things! Only complaint is there’s a lot of affirmations for finding love in ways that seem exclusively romantic. I thought I was opting out of them by my selection but they’re in “Hard Times” and “Stress and Anxiety.” Perhaps this could be fixed with each affirmation having a dislike or remove option instead of solely a ❤️.

Surprisingly Improves My Day. I’m in the midst of a divorce. The relationship has been both physically and emotionally emotionally abusive. I have been quite depressed and working hard to boost myself back up. I downloaded the app on a whim and I didn’t expect much. The Lock Screen notifications and widgets have truly lifted my day sometimes. I put a big widget on my main page of apps I thought the messages would be corny. However they have been uplifting in a way I didn’t expect. Seeing those positive statements after so many years of negative feedback is helping me. I read the messages that tell me I am worthy of happiness and peace and it nearly brings me to tears. I want to rate this app five stars. I’m only holding back because a lot of the affirmations were written by the same person and they didn’t have much depth. I also had a hard time figuring out the widgets. However the quality of the affirmations has improved. It is making me feel better and reclaim my value as a person. and

My Review 🤗. I love this app!!! I forgot how I came across this, but I am grateful that I did because it has been such as positive blessing in my life. It’s helping me in boosting my self-confidence, self- love, self- esteem, and helping me forgive myself and enjoy my life more. It truly is life changing and to get multiple positive message and affirmations on my phone really means a lot me to💜! This app is great for a lot of things reassurance, growth, and positivity, those three things for sure are the key elements shown in this app. I definitely recommend this to everyone because it is so positive and it helps with self-happiness and acceptance and I love that. Using this app has been such a wonderful treat on my mental and emotional health and wellness and I’m truly thankful for it. Whomever created and developed this app had positively pure and true intentions to myself themselves and others enjoy their positivity and grow within themselves. I actually give this app 10 stars 😂😂, but seriously using this app is so beneficial in a lot a ways I hope this app can be a blessing to you the way it is for me!!!! ENJOY 😊😊😊!!!

This app has changed me for the better. Let me preface by saying I never write reviews, or if I have, I’ve already forgotten about those apps. This app deserves one. I’ve had anxiety like symptoms for a while and only recently have I been seeing a therapist, which helps somewhat but it’s hard to remind yourself to change your way of thinking when the anxious feelings hit in the moment. This app has helped me so much. I set my number of reminders to 10 so I do get affirmations often which some may find annoying (but it’s a setting that can be changed). Quite a few times however, they’ve popped up right when I get triggered and help calm me down. Honestly would 10/10 recommend this to anyone with anxiety who needs help with more positive affirmations. I even told my therapist about it so she can share this!

Great tool for my self-love toolbox. I really love this app! It reminds me to take time for myself everyday. With each message that pops up, I am reminded to think about the good parts of myself. I am too often caught up in old tapes , hearing I am not good enough, not pretty enough, worthless, and at my core, unloveable. I Am, gives me a minute to breathe, and interrupt those negative thought patterns; to remember that I am valuable, I am whole just as I am, and I am worthy of love and belonging. What could be more important than remembering that we are all beautiful, worthy, valuable, and born with purpose? Download this app, use it consistently everyday for 90 days, and you will notice a change in your perspective and a transformation of who you think you are. ♥️

Great app even with the limited free version, except…. I would have rated this app 5 stars. Its limited unpaid version is decent and it is, for the most part, unobtrusive ad wise. However, today being Mother’s Day, insure why but I did not anticipate seeing an affirmation that started with Happy Mothers Day. I realize this is the norm but for this to be a mental health app in some regard, I thought developers would be able to anticipate some of us having this day be a sore spot. This is not a bash. Perhaps you could reword the affirmations as “On this Mothers Day”.. today is neither happy nor easy for many of us. If you do this for Father’s Day, perhaps think of rewording that that way as well. I’d love to see that change for those of us who struggle. Otherwise, I like what you’ve done. Thank you.

Love this app. To note, I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. This app as a widget on my phone can help change my thinking, ruminating, or negative thoughts without fail. The categories are perfection for individualizing but also the random helps to bring up new ideas you may not have thought of before. These tend to fit the exact circumstance you’re facing if needed. It helps to dig deeper within yourself and give yourself gratitude that can not only change your day but change your life. Of course the aesthetically please and non-glitchy app has backgrounds, fonts and ease in finding the affirmations extremely calming, inspiring despite it feeling so simple. It has changed my life, the way I am speaking or thinking of myself, and I do believe this App has true potential to rewire my brain and habits … not just each moment. But for a lifetime if I can continue this type of thinking. Thanks!!!! 🤍✌🏼

Positive mind. Usually with these types of apps I download them in hope that I can change myself for the better, but I eventually delete them. This app here is different, at first I would just say the affirmations but not believe them. Slowly as the days pass I noticed that my mindset started to change and that I believe what I am saying. I walk with such confidence knowing that I am beautiful, and that no matter what I always have to have myself first. I think what I like the most is that I can have it as a widget so whenever I’m on my Home Screen I can read them real quick and I am constantly changing my mindset and now the person I see in my mirror is a different but in a good way. She is radiating. I highly suggest this app and when you get it add it as a widget so you can read your affirmations readily available. Thank you creators!

I like it. I like this app, my friends and I share our affirmations a lot and it’s been good. And I’d pay for it too, but not twenty bucks. But if you continue to use the free version they bug you to keep reminders. I know it’s not a big deal but jeez “tap to continue getting reminders” is annoying and I don’t need it. I get those every other day, and when I open the app to favorite an affirmation I get twice as many. Twenty bucks is way too much to get that to stop - especially when the affirmations are often in categories that I don’t have selected. Maybe they’d stick to my topics if I paid for it but still, not worth 20 bucks. ******* Here’s an update to the first review. I finally paid for it so I could get better affirmations and stop getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications all the time. So the affirmations aren’t any better; they repeat the same ones just as much regardless of the categories I choose. Plus I’m still getting the “tap to keep getting reminders” notifications. The only thing different it seems is the wallpaper selection has improved. I’m not impressed.

Loved it until.... Downloaded this app to check it out and loved it. Paid for premium within like 5 minutes of getting it. Use it every day and it has made a huge positive impact on my life. Downloaded and paid for premium on each person in my house’s device as well. Then they started advertising in app. My problem, advertisements for other apps by this company have started popping into my feed. 1. This is something that you usually pay for the premium version to escape ads. 2. The very premise of the app and of affirmations is that what you see, and read (and then possibly say) effects you. Having ads for the developer’s other apps in the middle of an affirmation practice is wrong. I’ll be watching to see if this sticks around. I preferred this affirmations app for its clean and simple style both in looks and in use and the quality of its content. I’ve been using it several times a day and recommending to everyone. If updates remove the ads, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll find another program and replace it on our devices.

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Doesn’t send notifications anymore. I have been charged for the subscription and now it doesn’t send notifications anymore. For the cost of the subscription, it does not live up to expectation. Very disappointed that this app doesn’t send notifications like it is supposed to and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, I’m sure there’s plenty better functioning apps that are FREE and provide a better service.

Amazing wellbeing boosting app. This app is great for people who need more warmth in their lives and anybody else who wants a quote that will make you smile from cheek to cheek. I personally wish that we could get more out of the app without having to pay though maybe just more categories when you get the app first up without paying. All together a fell good app!😁

Fantastic app. I was looking for an easy way to set up my affirmations and found I Am. I love the reminders during the day and look forward to seeing them pop up. Well worth the $30 per annum.

Fantastic, but one big bug. This app is such a useful tool when trying to change your mindset. The only issue is that I will suddenly realise that the notifications have stopped working. Going back into the notifications section of the app seems to fix it for a day or two, but then I’ll realise I haven’t seen them again for a few days. Same happens with their other app, motivation (another wonderful app, were it to work reliably). Fix this and it is honestly a 5 star app worth every cent that I will happily repurchase year after year

Helps to control negative self talk. This app I have found so incredibly helpful. I suffer really bad anxiety, depression and have ptsd - with an inner voice that is so critical and harsh that puts myself down all the time. I have found “I AM” so far to be so extremely valuable, with reminders coming up on my screen or watch throughout the day, I am able to remind myself of who I really am and what I am capable of doing for myself. Very good app. Highly rated!

Delight. These pop up affirmations delight me when they show up on screen. They remind me to feel gratitude, hope, focus, joy. They also remind me of the importance of being present in the moment, to accept challenges as opportunities, and that it’s okay to be me.

I’ve just signed up. I am on day one of the free trial. This apps looks pretty good. My one concern is that I often do 70 affirmations for 7 days when I really want to manifest something, I am not sure that I have the option to write 70 affirmations in one day in this app. Tonight I will try it in the section that allows you to write your own affirmation…hopefully it will allow me to keep writing the affirmation 70 times each time as a new entry and just number them as I go. If it works I will definitely subscribe.

Simply the best!. I bought the paid version of this app and its honestly the best value for money app I've ever bought! It only makes tiny gestures but when I'm looking at my home screen, with email notifactions building and so many things asking for my attention, I love the widget I've set up to remind me of all the reasons not to stress too much or to believe in myself. Simply the best!

It’s alright, but I’d like more from a $30 pricetag. The app is pretty buggy. I often get the same affirmations pop up twice in a row, and sometimes they don’t come through at all - or two at once. It also disrupts audio playing from your device. It cuts out music for a few moments and then it starts playing again, all distorted and muffled until you exit the app. There’s no option to mark affirmations that aren’t relevant to you, only to ‘like’ them. There are categories, but I’d like to be able to further tailor the experience to my own personal circumstances periodically. Seems you can block individual words, but that’s a weird way to go about it. Someone had a good idea for this app but whoever actually built it was inexperienced, I think - or at least took shortcuts. And on top of that they double subscribed me - my subscriptions in the App Store show that there were two separate subscriptions applied. One for $30 and one for $23. Seems like a mistake, but a bad one…

Love this app!!!!. I love this app! Been going through a tough time, and it always seems to have the most relevant affirmation for me at the time I look at it! Definitely helps me keep my head above the water! Thank you for making this ❤️

Life changing app - literally. As I change my thinking and my life this little app is helping to keep me on track and nudging me into more positive ways of thinking about myself, my life, and getting through these hard times - I love it!

Best app. Never buy apps, I’m absolutely obsessed with the app I love that I can customise it to my personal preference then change it again and again when I feel like something different. I love seeing the wigget on my home page with new quotes and affirmations regularly. Really love this app.

Thank you. I found this app by complete accident and I’m so grateful I did I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and something I’m just not in the right headspace and this app really helps me it takes literally two seconds to look at the notification and you read and and I'm in a whole new headspace thank you I really appreciate this app and the people who made it

Great app to make our life happier 😊. It’s is really good to make a good habbit to growth the mindset and to shape our life better & better!!! I’m HAPPY with English language. But would you mind to make it with Vietnamese ? Because I’d like to share the app for my people there who need positive energy in life every single day 😇

Life changing app. This app is incredibly powerful, the content is beautiful and truly empowering. It has helped change and shift my self-talk towards being more positive. These daily affirmations will be a permanent feature in my life.

Daily affirmations. These daily messages are great reminders to help us through each day. Positive affirmations helps bring a positive mindset! I absolutely love this app, there are so many options depending on what your seeking, and you can personalise it to suit you. Highly recommend!! 🦋🌿

sync custom collections across devices pls!. Great app but would love the ability to sync custom affirmations and collections across devices within the same user account so that don’t have to add everything twice. Would be great to be able to type custom affirmations into my iPad and then sync them to my phone rather than having to thumb-type them onto my phone as well.

Love this app. This app has been so helpful and motivating for me. The affirmations are amazing and are so relevant because there is a huge variety you can choose from or filter through. Only had the app for a few days but it’s made a significant difference on how I feel, especially with the affirmations popping up as notifications. Such a great app ❤️

Great app, some bugs though. Love the app and use it daily. Have setup hourly reminder notifications however they seem to only show up when they want to and sometimes not at all. I’ve check the app settings and everything is correct, it just doesn’t action then notifications properly so a little disappointed.

Life saving app!!. I am is a fantastic app especially in these difficult times. I love the affirmations, the different styles and the fact that I can download and share a positive quote. You never know when you need to read an affirmation when life gets you down.

UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH. This app.. where to start, this app is *so amazing*, please install it if, at any time, you are going through tough times. This app helped me so much, there are so many widget colours/designs to choose from and it makes my day so much better seeing the motivational quotes there. Premium is completely unnecessary to get the most out of this app. I’ve tried so many different widgets apps and this is by FAR the best free one out there. Install it now, it costs nothing and is completely worth the storage everyone struggles for (this app barely takes up anything, possibly even nothing!) Thankyou for listening to me Ted Talk 💕✨🦕

Awesome app!. This app is incredible! I have had it for a few days now and al the reminders of how worthy I am are awesome, I have become a better person over the past few days. The app is free also which makes it better than other apps that charge you!

The best affirmation app there is.. I downloaded this app half expecting it to be the same generic affirmations that others have but I was wrong. This app is amazing. So amazing that I paid for it & I have NEVER paid for an app! There are so many different affirmations & after using it for a few weeks I still haven’t seen the same one twice. You can “favourite” ones that you like & I swear I have done that to nearly every single one. My best friend downloaded it & then bought it as well with no regrets.

Finally! An app that helps not harms. This is what apps should be like! I AM brings mindfulness into my day and periodically recalibrates my brain toward positive thoughts. Thanks you for building a tool that brings good into peoples lives, rather than one that tries to keep them on the end of a line and bleed money from them while their attention span or sleep quality declines. My life has changed since using affirmations every day and I am happy to pay your annual fee. May your business grow and bring us more life-changing apps that are a force for good.

I truly love this app.. I don’t journal or write out affirmations, I’m a more practical person with writing to-do lists etc. but this app. THIS APP. They never miss. The notifications they send genuinely reshape the way I think- it totally realigns my day when I see one pop up. I’ve actually set it up so I get 10 a day. Thank you to the people who made this. ❤️❤️❤️

Favourite app. I honestly never review apps, but I love this one. I love having the widget on my home screen to see uplifting affirmations through my day, they always seem to come at the right time. Definitely recommend

get this app!!. ok so I have only had this app for a few minutes and I already feel so much more better today I had a bad day and this app has made me feel so much better. if you have any insecurities or sadness, download this app!

Very good. I get notifications but I then have to open the app to read it. Is there a way for the affirmation to appear on my notification so I don’t have to open it every time? Otherwise it’s such a nice app! Very helpful thanks.

Beautiful. I love this app so much. So many categories to choose from, for whatever you need and want. I wish they could make it easier to change the backgrounds though, and choose two or more subjects to have on repeat for the day. ♥️ other than that, it’s perfect 🤩

Change your Mindset. I didn’t think that I would need this app. Turns out when at times I feel lost within myself the words lifts me up and picks me up again. Absolutely need it in my daily life. 💖 Its great seeing it on my iwatch.

Amazing!. This app has been the perfect little reminder of all things motivating and positive. I love that if you don’t want to pay you can still receive this affirmation a throughout the day.

It helps. This app has been better for my daily mental health than I anticipated. The gentle reminders remind me that I have a lot to live about myself. This has been very comforting during difficult times.

Pleasantly surprised. This app has saved many a days!. I don’t usually like any types of meditation or affirmation apps, but having this one in a widget is awesome, it’s a constant reminder to know my worth and it’s been great.

Life Saving. I have never written a review for an app- or anything else ever. Positive or negative I just take it on the chin. This app has been a godsend. Battling depression, Anxiety, stress, bad thoughts and the end to a relationship with love of my life because of these things- I was gone. This app isn’t the everything to fix everything. But it makes me smile and reflect 8-10 times a day when I get an alert . And that’s enough for me to make it through. If I can’t have girlfriends, can’t afford a consents therapist they’re just a little nugget of silver lining each day that can help u take each little step in being better to yourself, for yourself, etc before you look to complete another person. Yes I’m putting a lot on an app, but when it’s all you’ve got- you praise a good thing. Thank you for whoever created- whether it’s one of a kind or the same app we’ve seen 1000 times over/ I don’t care, it’s meant the world to me in a dark time. Couldn’t recommend enough

Best app!. This app is amazing! Just what I need to help me with my confidence etc. the motivational quotes are exactly on point and you can choose favourites and from different categories. I set them to pop up once an hour during my waking hours and feel so much happier and more positive as these quotes pop up regularly enough to catch any negative thoughts creeping in. This app is seriously like a supportive friend helping you through tough times! Love it!

Must have App. Everyone should have this app. Affirmations are so helpful during the day especially when you just need little bit nudge to keep moving forward 😊

Almost 5 stars. I love this app and would give 5 stars except that (as mentioned by a previous reviewer) the notifications will just randomly stop after a few days and I have to go back into the app in order to get them going again. This is frustrating and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Really fantastic app! I love it!. This app is really really good, I love seeing these affirmations pop up throughout the day. There’s never a time I don’t want to see them. They are welcomed reminders! Plus all the affirmations are really inspiring and feel relevant. I cannot recommend this enough. I may end up getting the premium version in the future I like it that much (oh yeh I’ve been using the free version and that alone is this good!) 10 out of 5 stars, you should download it now and unleash the power of positive thoughts and affirmations :)

LOVE IT.. Have been trying CBT and this has been instrumental in helping. One questions - I am child free, is there a way to remove the parenting affirmations? They seem to outweigh all the others and are totally irrelevant to me. Make me scrunch my nose a bit. Let me know :)

Notifications don’t work. So, I love this app! The quotes and affirmations are amazing and really uplifting. However if I don’t open the app every single day, it will not send me notifications even though they are turned on. This is really frustrating, especially if you have paid money for the app. I’d expect it to work and notifications are a very basic requirement. I still want to receive the affirmations if I don’t open the app every single morning.

I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Please use this app if you’re going through a hard time. Although this app cannot solve your issues , it relaxes you, relieves your stress/pain with some sentences which you read and you get a smile on your lips. I recommend this app to the max.

Amazing. I absolutely love I am. I can be feeling down from an issue and to my surprise an affirmation comes through about that issue. Which makes me feel amazing 💞 I wouldn’t be without it.

Not syncing. I added my own affirmations on iPhone with a hope that they would be synced to my Apple Watch but how weird it is that this doesn’t happen at all. The only way I could do is restarting my watch, it will then sync all my affirmations I added into “I am” on iPhone Looking forward to a support from this app’s developer!

Amazing. This app, in all its simplicity, has literally saved my life. Being suicidal and eighth on the edge, I saw the app on Instagram and downloaded it. It is beautiful. The quotes and affirmations, simple sentences and a reminder to be- just be. I have set mine to send notifications as often as possible (one every half hour), and have two widgets on my screen that have different words at any one time. The colours are gorgeous, the app is easy to customise with colours, notifications and affirmation groups (eg: work/career, faith, confidence, general, relationships etc). It’s been two days and it is the best thing I have downloaded EVER. I am using the free version, I may upgrade later to the premium version once I start getting things start to repeat. An absolute must have. Thank you to the creators- you literally saved my life.

The app keeps automatically closing. This is s as fantastic app I love the messages. But thd past couple of days the app will close on me when I press favourites button. It’s hard to read every time it does this

Oops. Used to love the notifications until suddenly they stopped. Checked the configuration and everything was good and yet.. no more notifications. I ended up deleting the app. I don’t want to enter the app to read a nice quote, what makes this app interesting and unique is the notifications and if that feature doesn’t work then the app it’s not worth keeping. Pity though, it was amazing when working!

Michelle Rose. This I am App has become part of my holistic approach towards healing from a major setback with Depression... As the message appears on my screen I read it quickly as many times before it disappears, each day I use my favourite one as my phone cover photo ... I’m really enjoying the positivity that comes from this fun app...

Good App But…. I love the app, but the only downfall is, I have already subscribed on my old phone and want to use the app on my new phone but It’s telling me to subscribe again. And I’m really not keen on paying for 2 subscriptions.

So Impressed!. Honestly I downloaded this at a really low moment and it lets you set it up (even without purchases) so you can have reminders about your chosen points of interest as often as you need. It’s genuinely been the support I didn’t know I needed and saved me in some really low moments. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Life changing. The I Am app gives you constant reminders throughout the day to be positive, to feel calm, to breathe. You can set it to ‘check in’ with affirmation as often as you like, they show up right when you need them.

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This app is worth the fee. You can customize everything in this app. You can even add your own language to ut

I’ll explain. This app is awesome. You can pay if you want but it’s also free. Every morning I love waking up to these quotes and it’s just so awesome. It’s really helped me through some hard times. The longer you have the app the more personal it gets. I really recommend ans wish you the best of luck in the future 🤍🫶🏻

Help. Please stop saying my name

You have to pay. They only give you 3 days free and then you have to pay 😪

Charged without permission.. Downloaded this ‘free’ app a couple days ago. I neither authorized or agreed to upgrade to premium and just woke up to an email receipt for an annual subscription charged to my credit card!!! I will be disputing this with paypal! Sneaky and shady!

No lifetime option?. Couldn’t find the lifetime premium option as advertised in in-app purchases. Subscriptions give me anxiety, so you lost a customer

Always the exact message I need. Thanks 😊. I enjoy this app tremendously. It makes me slow down reflect and always seems to have the right message for me.

Yup. Gang fr

Change your life. I wasn’t a big believer in affirmations before this. We are taught not to be so confident. But if you want to live a happier life, and have a toolkit to put a positive spin on any situation, get this app. It truly will change your life.

Notifications not coming through. It’s frustrating that the notifications seem to work intermittently. I paid for a service I’m not getting!

Love this app. I recommend this app to everyone who need inspiration. ❤️

Appréciation. Bonjour, c’est ma fille qui m’a fait connaître et installer votre application. Je suis d’abord très heureuse qu’elle l’utilise mais qu’elle me l’a fait connaître démontre le pouvoir de toute ces pensées et citation qui nous aide évidemment à voir et à changer nos façons de voir la vie qui est si difficile en ce moment pour tout le monde . Une seule pensée peut parfois et souvent m’aider à reconditionnement mon cerveau pour la positivité. Le cerveau est un muscle et ns devont l’entraîner . Aujourd’hui, on a vraiment besoin de spiritualité pour croire qu’il y a de l’espoir et que tout est possible s’y on s’aime assez et on y croit. Merci beaucoup ✨✨✨Mia

Great app. I love this app! Having the affirmations pop up on my screen throughout the day helps to balance any negative thoughts in my head.

Genius. This app is such a wonderful idea. It truly brings the thoughts back to a positive one and fights any anxiety or negative feelings that start to creep in. I love it

If you try it you pay for it!. Very disappointed, nowadays they say: Free Trial” but then it’s not evident how to unsubscribe 😏

What happened to.... I used to love this app and the daily affirmations but what happened to the pink background with the hearts And why did you add a pop up "share" screen?! It's so annoying that I'm considering a cancellation of my membership!! I love the daily affirmations but this is getting ridiculous ~ I'm a paying customer. You already have a share button so why did you add the pop up screen?! UGH 😳😳😳

Stopped sending notifications. This app has stopped sending notifications/affirmations.

1,000000 out of 5. It’s changed my life, it has helped me threw so many hard times and feelings

Love. A beautiful sacred owing to the world

App. This was supposed to be cancelled in January I don’t use it and never renewed it

♥️. J’adore cette app. Elle me donne de belles pensées positives pour ma journée.

Moments in my day that bring me grounding. A beautiful moment a few times a day, a reminder to live fully in the moment, breathe and feel

Not as good as it used to be. This used to be a great app. I downloaded it years ago. But over the years they continue to remove features and make them paid only. Most apps grandfather you in, so you don't LOSE aspects. Not this app. Now you only have access to a couple themes and a couple categories of affirmations. I refuse to pay for something that used to be free, so soon I will cancel it.

GET THE APP!!!. This app has helped so much with my mental health, and thought me how to love myself!! 😊

Bri. I love this app a lot. It’s kind of amazing how the ones I need always pop up when I need the most ♥️

want refund. this app sucks didn’t even want to pay for the 1 month prescription they just took it out of my account.😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬scum bags

Staying tuned in. This app has helped me remember to be intentional and tuned in to my inner plans, goals and focus

lovely. you have to pay $2 a month but it's so worth it. my mental health hasn't been great and i needed something to change my negative thinking into positive. i love it. highly recommend.

One repetitive affirmation due to bug. I liked this app when I first got it but there is this one affirmation about friends that is too long that it’s incomplete and ends with an ellipse and I get it every single day. I’m sick of getting this one affirmation everyday. I even tried reporting it and disliking it multiple times and updated the app but I still get it. Extremely frustrating.

Paid app not worth it. Notifications inconsistent. Paid for the premium version which cost nearly $30 CAD and the app stopped sending reminders. Not worth it all. Save yourself the money and make your own reminders/affirmations in the reminder app on your phone.

Helps. Thank you

this app was free a year ago. i’ve had this app for over a year and it’s gotten worse and worse and i’m not about to pay for this app. way to many ads i can’t look through without getting stopped by 5 ads

I need this to help me with my goals/dreams. Ensure this holds meaning as is attached- do the attaching now to help cook money apps for me today. I'm going to write very literal daily affirmations sometimes wise sometimes what I need. God bless Sebastian Bel

I am App. I subscribed to this app a couple of months ago. Just what the doctor ordered! The affirmations are always fitting for me at that particular moment; uncanny! I recommend this for anyone want to bring some positivity into their lives. There are many affirmation topics to choose from - completely customizable 💖

No device synchronization 👎. Been a subscriber for over a year and have created tons of entries. If you get a new mobile device, however, user-entered sayings are lost! This is a major problem, making an eventual device upgrade a sad one. Also, the latest app update has removed the line break (or “return key”) button. You can’t create paragraphs in your custom sayings anymore! Monkey Taps: less bells and whistles, more functionality. The price of your subscription isn’t cheap, and subscribers who add their own sayings obviously become tied to your app. But don’t tie us to our phone because we’d lose all our created sayings if we get a new phone/tablet! Surely, it can’t be hard to code iCloud backup into the app. I usually drive my phones into the ground (currently on a 6S+). If I won’t be able to sync my sayings to my next phone I’ll not be subscribing any longer.

Free trial. You charged my card for the year; I want to be reimbursed. I signed up for a 7 day free trial.

Tired of looking. This app looks pretty but where do I submit my sober date???


So supportive. It’s amazing how see your affirmations can shift your energy and your awareness.

Like it a lot. Hi, I like this game a lot. I use it everyday and it really puts me in a good and confident mood. The only problem is: why do we have to pay??? I mean, come on! These are just some positives thoughts on a virtual screen! Please! Be realistic and put it free or at least that you have to whack like 3 adds to unlock it or something. If making money is what you want, then make a better game because it’s not worth it! This is actually unfair! I mean I just want some positive thoughts in my life and you blow it making me pay for it! I mean come on! Please just pop us with annoying adds I don’t care! I just want to have the positive thoughts with the other things too!!! Please read this, and make it better

The app thinks positive for me. I am trying to overcome negative thinking. The app does the positive thinking for me. It’s teaching me to think positive and gives me the opportunity to add my own positive affirmations. Awesome.

Thank you!. My cousin showed me this app and it is really good! and I say again, thank you, it’s cheers me when I am sad and makes me more happier than I used to be

Not Worth the $$$. Just deleted the app. It’s only really good if you have everything unlocked but that’s behind a paywall. The “free today” section wasn’t even free so…glitchy and I’ve never been so harassed with pop ups and offers in my life. Deinfluencing this app.

What?. You have to pay for this app. Why am I going to pay to get random quotes sent me me?

It’s gotten worse. I was subscribed for about a year but the price has increased and the app stopped delivering me notifications, so i wasn’t even receiving the affirmations throughout the day. unsubscribed and am deleting the app.

Shorter affirmations please!. Great app, love having it on the widget as part of my phone’s Home Screen. My only issue is with all of the super long affirmations that kind of defy the purpose of having the app as a widget. The text becomes small and unreadable when it is an entire paragraph. That being said I like the short and sweet stuff.

Boring. Affirmations are too simplistic.

Good but not worth paying for. Loved this app and having affirmation widgets on my Home Screen until I woke up this morning and all of the themes I made were wiped because you have to pay to use themes now. I am not paying $4 a month for some words on my phone screen, be so serious I can barely afford groceries. Was nice while it lasted though!

It’s a 5 star app. How do I get the old font and pink color back?? The simplicity was nice please bring it back as the default.

Simple, repeatable, effective. Great value add to life

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Great App. I’ve been focusing a lot on self improvement over the past few years and I saw an ad for this app. I decided to download and get the free trial but I forgot to cancel it and I got it for a year. It didn’t cost that much though and everyday at a set time I get words of encouragement and positivity out of my phone. Coincidentally, a lot of the time the app sends me an affirmation about my current situation, and that just happened again when my mood was about to be ruined but it said something to make me reflect. I’m just grateful for this app and I encourage anyone who see’s this to try it out.

Grammar errors. I’m very new to affirmations and downloaded this app last weekend. I found many things to like—highly customizable and encouragement that mostly resonated. I was sure I’d found my new favorite app until the grammar errors started. I work as an editor so getting a sentence with a compound subject and singular verb or “everyday,” the adjective form, in the place of the noun form totally ripped me out of the happy/calm practice I’d been building. I tried getting past it, but then I started thinking, “If they got that wrong, maybe the rest of this is wrong.” So I canceled my subscription and deleted the app. It’s a real shame because these are simple errors, but they totally ruined the experience for me. If it weren’t for that, I’d have happily given a five-star review. Still would recommend for people less grammar-conscious.

Best App. I seriously love this all so much. At first I had the free trial and it had everything I wanted which was basic affirmations. Then I realized all the amazing perks you can get for only $20 a year, that’s literally dirt cheap for such an uplifting app. Think about it for only $20 a year you have so many affirmations and other tools to keep a happy mood all day. I have 40 notifications a day as well as the amazing widget and set up the personal affirmations. So now my mind is being filled with amazing affirmations all day with the style and color I prefer from the widget and the notifications. Best app love it so much thank you.

It’s the little things…. I downloaded this app when I started my healing journey. I really needed to slow down and have little moments of reflection throughout the day instead of being on auto pilot. I Am helps me do just that. It helps bring me back in the moment. Very glad I found it! —— Update about 6 months later: even though I have reminders set to go off throughout the day, they either come all at once or don’t come at all. I open the app in the mornings to swipe through some and almost every time I open it it says “new reminders scheduled.” I read about the 60 notification limit but definitely don’t have 60 scheduled every day. It worked perfectly until I started paying for it. I still enjoy it, just not as much as I used to.

My Spiritual Journey. I am writing this review in regards to why I have power on the daily basis. I feel as if this app is truly a guide to knowing and doing better in your life. I am so thankful that even tho I have not purchased the app I am able to still get daily reminders of what to work on and also what I am doing great with in life. In life we go on and on without any recognition of how hard we are working in life and it’s such a great feeling to even have an app tell me to keep going because I am almost there! Thank you everyone involved in creating this app ! Hope to work with you guys one day ! I’m an Artist MOANA TELA

Wow…. You would think that this is a great app and it is. Well, it used to be… I used to love this app because I had affirmation sent to me all day and then I also got to share my own. Now I have to pay if I want to write out my own affirmations. I’m in college, which I’m sure a lot of people are who use this app I know a lot of my friends do. The point I’m trying to make though is that I used to see affirmations about doing good in school and now I don’t anymore and I can’t even write them anymore without having to pay, which is absolutely ridiculous and kind of flabbergasting. This is supposed to be a positive app that helps you keep a positive mindset, but also helps you share a positive mindset. Now all you guys want is money like every other app honestly sickening.

Newest Update Made Widget Crash. I love this app, but the latest update made the widget crash on my phone. I’ve tried trouble shooting and the widget is still just black. So I did the last option, which was delete the app and redownload it. The only problem is that with the newest update and needing to redownloading the app it seems that I can no longer use the “Control Stress and Anxiety” affirmations for free (I had originally watched an ad to use those affirmations and unfortunately that’s no longer an option), now you have to spend money to unlock the option. Disappointing, as that was one I used all the time and it really helped when my OCD was triggered (unfortunately I’m on a very very tight budget and can’t afford to pay the 20$ right now, maybe someday in the future).

Exactly what everyone in this world needs!. I have never written a review for an app before! However, this app has been so amazing! I had to come write a review. I’ve told so many of my coworkers and patients within the last week from downloading it to download it themselves! This app and the notifications has been incredibly helpful throughout the day. There is so much stress going on around us but this app helps ease the heavy burdens and brings a sense of peace to my mind, body and soul. Our minds are so powerful. This app is a blessing. I can’t thank you creators enough for this app.

Excellent. I downloaded this because I’ve been feeling low and wanted to give this a chance. I went into it with low expectations. I have some notifications on and at first read a few and was just, not impressed. But to my surprise, I find myself really looking forward to reading them, I have even pulled the widget up right before a stressful meeting or presentation to re center myself. I’m even thinking about the messages throughout the day randomly and feel at peace. Honestly very impressed and I can say my expectation was completely off base. Thanks for this app!

Positive self talk. I don’t normally write reviews, even if I like something, but this app is changing my mindset and I feel such a positive shift happening in my self talk. I was able to tell a friend qualities that I like about myself (and actually mean it/feel it as a truth) for the first time in many years. I truly believe it’s because I have been reading these positive affirmations when my notifications come on my phone. They are always on key with what I needed to hear that day and to me has definitely been worth the $$. I’m slowly learning to love myself with the help of “I AM”.

Mental Health must have!. I’m an introvert and have been dealt some blows in my life in which required periods of recovery. During these post-traumatic times this app provided me a safe and essential way to receive the affection and affirmations that helped me get back on my feet (mentally, physically, and emotionally). I was able to reframe my own inner dialogue and build the trust and confidences with this app and as silly as that may sound, it is true. I’d recommend this to anyone at any age. I have changed the topic affirmations as I’ve developed and as my needs changed. I highly recommend this app!

Surprisingly happy with this app. I was skeptical when i first stumbled upon this app and read the description. I figured it was going to be some corny, generic, “positive thoughts” type of thing but it’s really not. I love the random notifications that seem to pop up right when I need some encouragement. I like this app so much, I even had a friend of mine download it and he loves it as well. I highly recommend everyone to at least give this app a shot, what’s the worst that could happen? Positive energy and affirmations are a real thing that can have a huge impact on every aspect of our life. Don’t just brush it under the rug or overlook it. The change it can have on your life is immeasurable!

Thankful for this app!. I’ve been in a rough spot in my life and having been trying to implement new things in my life to help live a natural healthy and happy life. But years of being brutal to myself has made it harder for me in the positive affirmations area which I really want to improve on and this app is everything. I have the notifications and I put a widget on my Home Screen as well so I’m always seeing the positive affirmations and taking a moment to read it repeat it and feel it and it’s been huge. I’ll definitely be keeping the app for a long time and I’ve already recommended it to a few people as well! Thank you

Thank you. Thank you so much for all the motivations and strengthening words you have written don for people. I enjoy the love you are sharing not just to people, but to the people who are struggling through whatever they are struggling with. The only thing I don’t like about this is that you have to pay for a membership, which is fine (by the way it is worth it.) I also thank the people who joined together to make this app. I personally think that you deserve the money you ask for in the membership. If you did not make this app I would be in my bed trying to make my own. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time bye!!!

Great App. In a day and age where our phones can be such a source of toxicity, having apps like this really helps redefine how you can use your phone for positivity and personal development. I love how this is synced with my Apple Watch too and I’m constantly getting “I Am” notifications throughout the day even when I need to walk away from my phone. So there’s always that presence of a positive message towards self. It’s really helping with my positive self talk. We are our biggest critic! Thank you to the app developers! And thank you to anyone reading. You are awesome!

Changing my mindset. I can’t even begin to say how much I love this app. I’ve passed it along to so many of my friends who also suffer from poor self worth. The notifications make such a big difference in how I live my life. Even when I’m mad about something, anything, it just takes that notification to just change my mood in that moment and then immediately change how I think about what I’m thinking about. I really recommend this app to anyone who wants to think more positive. It’s even helping me with my illustrations, when I don’t know what to draw I find one of my favorite quotes from here and draw inspiration from that. My only suggested edit is I wish I didn’t have to directly click on the app to turn on the notifications some days but it’s such a small thing for such a big payoff. Thank you to the creators, developers, and “I am” team. You’re doing such a great job and you’re making such an impact on perfect strangers. No other app on my phone has done this much for me. I appreciate you all quite a bit.

YES. i saw this on an ad on instagram and was like ooh i like it.. ill get it. and so i did. i messed around, and figured out how to use it. i love this app more then anything it makes me feel so happy and positive and grateful by only reading a few words. i pit on calming music and earbuds and open my “i am” app and just read and read and let all the positivity flow into my mind and body. it reminds me of how loved and healthy and great i am, and it built onto my self love and confidence. it literally has no like “you can only look at this if you sign up to pay 100 dollars a month for our app” or blah blah anything like that. it has bo twist its all just free positivity and love. and absolutely no judgment. i live and swear by this apl ❤️❤️❤️

Good idea. This app has a lot of potential, but lacks key features. It always refers to me in the third person which I find strange and annoying. It would be nice if it sensed when your heart rate was elevated and give you something positive to help calm you down. Or maybe use your watch or phone to help determine if you are exercising or in stress. When I’m working out something motivating would be awesome. When I’m stress something soothing and positive would help. Also, what is the point of liking the readings you like if they never show up again? If these things were different I would definitely consider subscribing. Until then, it’s really not worth subscribing

Life Changer. I can’t tell you how many times this app has calmed me down when I didn’t know I needed it. Redirected my thinking to staying on track with my goals. Made me aware of things I hadn’t thought of before. The list goes on. I’ve shared this app with my mom and she feels the exact same way as I do. I have a couple apps that are important to me to keep me on track and help me through things and this is DEFINITELY one I couldn’t go without. If you’re unsure about if this is a good app or not then let me assure you as someone who has BPD. Major Depression. Stress and Anxiety Disorder. This definitely is helpful to have in my mental health arsenal.

For $20, don’t harass me. I really liked this app, I loved the backgrounds, the ability to customize the genres of affirmations. And. One of the ways I liked to use it was just to read the affirmations as they’d pop up on my alerts and then go about my day. Maybe that’s not how the developers wanted me to use this as there was eventually an uptick in this alert I’d get “tap to keep receiving alerts.” I’m sorry. But, if I’m spending $20 on a subscription, I should keep receiving those alerts until I stop them myself. It’s a nice app. It’s harmed by what eventually feels really irritating about not being able to use it the way that I want to even though I’m paying for it. No thanks.

Overall helpful. As an individual trying to change my thoughts and learn to self validate, this app is really helpful. The reason I cannot leave a 5 star review is simply because I have experience with DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and some of these affirmations could dialectically be better. For example: “I am a work in progress, but I am proud of what I have become so far.” In DBT we learn to say AND instead of BUT. That is because when using BUT you take away from the whole saying and it’s not acknowledging that being a work in progress is in itself a success. It’s like saying, “I’m trying BUT I’m not good enough yet.” It feels more encouraging to say, “I am a work in progress AND I am proud of what I have become.” It feels more powerful saying it wholly.

Great app!. Thank you so much for making this app! This is giving me a lot of confidence since I broke my left arm. I looked at this app this morning and it gave me confidence for getting my cast directly on my arm and I was scared to see my real arm and I thought that the blade was going to hurt but it didn’t.Also, yesterday a kid at the park said ‘’ your in a cast you can’t do anything’’ but just now I looked at the app and I looked at the bottom right corner of the app and so I found the little person and then I saw a thing that said “write a review” so then I taped on it then I wrote this letter -Graycelynn Haltiwanger

Pretty cool. My friend made me download this as a joke but I actually kinda like it, the thing is some of the affirmations are super basic, like the I am enough one I told myself that everyday without the app; however, some of them are really good and really make me think for a second and appreciate myself and the people around me more. The only problem I really have is that I don’t think it listens to my preferences, I don’t have being thankful or loving my body affirmations on because I don’t feel like those are things I need to work on but I keep getting ones about moving my body and being grateful that’s it other than that it’s a pretty cool app

Helped my depression. I have been suffering from depression due to work-related stress and anxiety. Prior to using I Am, I felt like I was trapped in my downward spiral all the time and could not break out of the thought patterns and mentalities that don’t serve my happiness. However, ever since using the app, the simple daily quotes have significantly improved my outlook on the future and created the much needed simple pleasures and affirmation a in my life. It fixes my wandering mind on positive thoughts in times of confusion and self-doubt. I absolutely recommend it as the most worth $ spent on any app. The ROI is through the roof. Thank you I Am!

The power of positive suggestions. I have been going through a difficult time which is hard to admit. However these notifications have a literally changed my mindset the second I receive them. I’ve caught myself dwelling about something negative and then the next thing I know a positive message pops up on my watch that reminds me that everything is going to be OK, and I am enough. It truly has kept me more in the moment. Allowing myself to feel the negative feeling and let them go. I don’t know if who came up with wonderful app but it’s been a game charger for me. Thanks for reminding me, frequently, I deserve more and am on the right path to happiness.

Excellent Affirmations!. Trying to keep a log of positive affirmations has been so much easier since I’ve been using this app! I had been having difficulty thinking positive and the affirmations on this app have been helping me so much, and my happiness has been coming back all the more strong and positive because of my daily reminders through this app and keeping it’s widget on my Home Screen. The only thing that would make this better is if I could have it on my Lock Screen as well, maybe someday- I hope it’ll be possible.

I Am - 5 stars. I’m an anxiety-ridden person, I have depression, panic attacks. This app is exceptional. Within a week I paid for the pro version. But even without Pro… I’m on my phone a lot. A lot. And I have my I Am messages popping up often. I look to the top of my phone, read the message, and I feel calm, take a breath, feel like I Am going to conquer this debilitating stuff. I have a few medical procedures in the next month and I absolutely know I Am is going to help me. No, lol, I can’t hold my phone but the travel back and forth to hospitals is perhaps more anxiety provoking than the procedures!! Do this for yourself. Trust me, a complete stranger, cuz I know anxiety.

An amazing product. This app is amazing. It’s a simple concept and you may think (like I did) that you’re in a pretty good mood and positive attitude everyday so why pay for a reminder, but it’s sooo worth it. It’s like a little pick me up to bring you present throughout the day. The best part is it’s random (for me anyway) and more than once a day so whenever I happen to look at my phone, it’s like a warm hug or message from a loved one with positive vibes. It resets my framework and allows me to be in a happier, more present and focused state. Plus some of them have meditative music with the picture, so when I focus on the affirmation, it’s like a mini meditation session that’s grounding. Great app, thank you. ❤️

Two years of premium and still love this app. I’ve been using the premium app for two years now and I still use and love this app. What I like about this app: * Such a variety of affirmations. * Premium with no adds, not even for their other apps, allows this to be a safe haven of only positive affirmations. * Developer response is fast and helpful. I’ve needed help twice and both times was assisted very quickly. * Many features that I like: — choose your own background mix. — soothing sounds, if you want. — widgets. — notifications that show you an affirmation (this has been quite helpful in times I didn’t realize that I needed a positive affirmation) — chose your variety. — choose list of words that might be triggering for you to avoid. (I haven’t needed to use this but I can see it being helpful and I really like that it is there.) — use of your name is optional but is nice. Thanks to the developers! You probably don’t know but you’ve helped me through some difficult times! 💜💜

Passive Change. Download it, set it up to send you up to 10 affirmations during your chosen time window, turn off the automatic grouping in your notification settings, and you’re done. You can even turn off the sound if you hate notification alerts (I do). Positive affirmations will be on your screen whenever you go to unlock your phone. They take seconds to read and you don’t even have to open the app- you can just clear them from your notification screen. Perfect for developing a positive, more resilient mindset with little effort. Thank you for this beautiful app.

Positive mindset. I absolutely love how this app has taken all of the thoughts that roam around my head all day and turned them into something positive I can look at each time I open my phone. You can choose the categories that you most need to hear from, and then the app will have new quotes for you to read what you need to hear. I also appreciate that they created an apple watch face that goes along with the app, where you can again, choose what you want to read every time you look at your watch. This app has made a huge impact on my mental health thanks to the positive mindset and energy it provides.

Awesome, Empowering and Thoughtful App. This app is just awesome! It’ll make you feel confident and impact not only how you think about and love yourself but how you can do that for other people. It just feels great to see a statement like “I am worthy” during the day as a reminder that in this moment you have a purpose and you deserve just as much as you are willing to allow for yourself. I’ve needed this so much and it’s helped in every area of my life. I appreciate the functionality with being able to categorize, easily write my own affirmations and share with in other apps.

Self esteem MUST HAVE. I love this app. I have set reminders of my own on my phone and they go off and I’m like meh cause I knew what they said and so if they went off at an inconvenient time I would honestly ignore it. This app is amazing. You can have a widget on your Home Screen, as your watch screen, and have notifications sent to you at a frequency you choose. So when I first got it I had it up like 10-15 notifications a day. Then I slowly bumped it down. Then I was doing good I just utilized the widgets and took time daily to flip through a few. But here I am thankful for this app again because I need to turn the notifications on again to give myself a boost. I love this app.

Very sad - app is now locked behind a paywall. I use to love this app a lot - I’ve been using it for maybe 3 years now, but in the recent update EVERYTHING is locked behind a paywall except the “general” affirmation category :( you can’t even use wallpapers anymore without paying. Very disappointing, I had so many favorite affirmations saved and I can’t even use them anymore. Everything I loved that drew me to this app was taken away in the update, will most likely uninstall. It is also very disappointing that they took away the “addiction” and “depression + anxiety” categories unless you pay. Sad to think that people who might be really struggling had this taken away in the free version. This app use to appear genuine, but something about all of this in the new update does not sit right with me. TLDR: Unless you’re willing to pay a yearly subscription, the app is unfortunately not worth it anymore IMO.

Download ASAP!. This is my first VOLUNTARY review... For me this app is amazing! I’ve been using it for a week and the first two days I kept getting annoyed with all the dinging 😂 (I set mine every hour between 5am & 11pm), as the days go on I actually “wait” for the Affirmations! I wake up to motivating words and throughout my day it’s almost like a continuous high and no matter what comes my way I’m not thrown off by others negativity. I am an accountant that offers additional services including Consulting and I’ve already recommended this to 3 clients 1 of which can’t stop thanking me for the recommendation and for all who read this, there will be no other $12 investment better than I am app!!!

I kinda hate it. i mean, i love kind words quotes and stuff, but this is all about me. THE APP IS LITERALLY CALLED “I AM”. i think it would be great to include stuff about being kind to others and all that good stuff. This app is so self serving and selfish. ME ME ME ME. If we only focus on ourselves then how can we make a difference, if we only focus on ourselves we wont help others or care for others. people, dont focus on yourselves. Put others before yourselves. This app is selfish. this app is toxic. this app is a bad influence on our society. Dont get me wrong, self care isn’t selfish. yes, you should love yourself. but you shouldn’t be so consumed in you that you lose the real you. Focus on others, spread the love. “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 see? helping others is helping you. so go, make a difference :)

Loving the app. I just love the affirmations they help already of reminding me that I am strong, I am worthy, I am capable and I am enough and. That I went to church today and a lot had to do with helping our fellow man and being a pillar in the community as a leader of fellowship and maturity as an example to follow everyday and to praise our thankfulness and appreciation to ourselves in order to feel whole and holy at the same time. So that’s why with these quotes are making feel at ease with where I am in my life and my people and friends and most importantly family as well. Thank You.

Please look over. I know that making an app contains trying to get money but when I got ,I Am I realized premium has all the special features like moving back round and cool fonts and not all of it is premium but most of it is. It’s not that I hate it it is that it feels like I bought the app but I didn’t really buy the app. Premium never showed up in the add, so when you buy the app that’s when it hits you. I am not gonna go and say I got ripped off because I didn’t but what i did have to deal with was premium. Also I just wanted to say that I love that it’s not one of those apps that has to manny adds and I do appreciate that. Dear developer please write back, I saw how you did a great job with writing back to other users!

One thing I wish was different. Absolutely love this app and I recommend it to everyone I know including clients. The one issue I have is that you have to go into the app every few days to get new reminders. Women are tired, stressed, and beyond busy... we don’t have the time to remember to go into the app every few days to set new reminders for something that we’re paying for... if it was free I’d understand but I really don’t understand why this is a setting. The notification to go into the app gets overlooked with the insane amount of other notifications that we get on phones daily. Please fix this one issue! I know a number of women who cancelled their subscription because of it. Thank you!

Perfect nuggets of wisdoms to read. At first i didn't utilize this app to its full potential. It stayed an icon on my screen and i HAD to open it and then read it. No. Listen here to get the mind and mood changing benefits you will need to do the widgets or alerts/banners. I cannot explain it but as someone who suffers with anxiety and bipolar disorder…I have constant thoughts in my brain clouding it. This app makes it feel lighter and wiser. I feel like reading and thinking about the quote/affirmation gets me out of my overthinking catastrophizing thoughts. I always recommend this app to everyone. I have the paid option for $20 a year. You can change backgrounds and customize the fonts on it as well. Just beautiful. I don’t know if there was an option to use our own image as a background which would be amazing!!! I highly recommend the function to have the rotating backgrounds in the app to give visual changes. You can save them to app, your phone, and upload them to instagram directly as well.

The intention of this app is wonderful. While the intention of this app is wonderful, it does not consistently send you reminders or affirmations as I scheduled to receive them. In the very beginning it did and then one day it would, the next day it wouldn’t, and then maybe every several weeks one would come pop up until eventually they stopped. Honestly, I even forgot I paid for the subscription until the renewal just came in my email. On a positive note, I do believe daily affirmations are a beautifully positive way to change one’s thinking patterns and motivate and inspire one to manifest all of their dreams! This app, when working properly, would be a positive source to help with that.

So good for my mental health. I dont often write reviews but this app has been such a game changer for me. Daily reminders all day long to keep me centered. They are a gentle reminder that I am working on myself. Now with iOS 14 I added a pretty widget to my iPad home screen and now every day i see these and read them to myself. They are surprisingly comforting. And this free version is not annoying and works just fine. You can choose from a lot of really pretty themes from just watching a one time ad which i think is super reasonable. All in all love this app and would be so sad if they ever got rid of it.

It makes you pay for themes when it was free before. I’ve had this app since the end of 2021 and I needed to free up some space on my phone for something else so I went ahead and deleted it with the intention of redownloading later on. Previously you were able to choose a theme regardless of your subscription status, and I had it set to one that I’ve already gotten used to. Well when I went to redownload the app it makes you pay for the different themes which isn’t really worth it to buy it just for one theme and I just wish I didn’t have to pay for it- and personally i just don’t like looking at the default theme. I believe it also changes the cover of the app on your home screen so I was extra disappointed it doesn’t match the background of my phone anymore :(

No toxic positivity here. I used to scoff at the idea of affirmations. How cringe, right? Telling yourself you can do ~*anything*~ when you know your depression has had you bedridden for days. Yeah, not for me. Most affirmations I read before I am were so sickly sweet they bordered on delusional. Not true with this app. I am offers affirmations that are realistic, and that don’t dismiss the fact that life can be crummy sometimes. If you don’t like an affirmation, you can scroll to the next. If you do like it, you can save it. You don’t need premium access to benefit from the app. It even has a Home Screen widget! All in all it’s a great app, whether you’re an affirmations skeptic or devotee.

HELPED ME. This app couldn’t have come at a better time. I have post partum issues and the background font and the catagory is all customizable and the reminders can be up to as many as you want whatever time whatever day and whatever catagory and it doesn’t have to be set to one if you want one catagory to be form 8am to midnight and be on positive thinking then at like 2pm to 5pm can be faith etc and it can be whatever and the widget for the home screen cns be customized to whatever photo and once again whatever and how many catagory you want I love this app (the only thing I would want is a sunflower theme background)

Need to add easy “dislike” or “remove from feed” options. 1. an affirmation comes up that’s totally inappropriate, users should be able to remove it from their feed. Like one I saw today about “being humiliated” being good for you. This is way too general and in some - many - cases being humiliated isn’t what people need. 2. “Dislike” option isn’t available for past affirmations, but should be. 3. The automatic affirmations that pop up during day should have a choice as to their source: random or favorites 4. We should be able to report the occasional misspelling and other language errors that come up.

I love it, but…. I do love this app when the reminders function properly. I have had to uninstall/reinstall it multiple times. In my experience, It’s the only way to fix the issue. I open the app almost every day after I realize that my 10am reminder didn’t come through. So when the tech team tells me it stops sending reminders after 60 have been sent ( if you haven’t opened the app), that just doesn’t apply to me since I open it regularly. There is a bug somewhere in this app and I hope they find it. If I don’t get multiple reminders, I simply do not remember to use the app as intended. Such a bummer because I LOVE IT when it works.

It actually has helped me. I just have the regular free version. I added this app to help me to remember to be mindful, and I think that it has helped with that goal. It takes the effort out of finding little affirmations for yourself and the effort of finding time to actually look at and read those affirmations. I like that it also happens throughout the day where it sends you a noticfication. It is just kind of this random reminder to think about how I am feeling, and take a step back to determine what I want to think of instead of what k was thinking of. It works for me, I hope it helps you too

You shouldn’t have to pay for happiness. I am a huge fan for this app but shouldn’t have to pay for happiness maybe have a premium but not for everyone. Like say your feeling down and just want daily reminders that free but if you want everything else you have to pay. I’m 11 so I can’t pay for this and my parents won’t either and I have been feeling really down lately so I was so excited for this app but then I realized it cost money. So please take this rating for consideration. Anyone who reads this and is having the same struggle as me and can’t afford, just know someone loves you. Have a good day 😊.

Great app, but. I really enjoy this app. I believe in the power of words and that affirmations are truly helpful. And this app is great for popping up throughout the day to give me words I need to hear in that moment. It’s worth paying the yearly subscription for. However, on that note, I’m not giving 5 stars because I find it fairly annoying that I have to open the app at least once a day (not even acknowledge the notification) to keep the notifications popping up. I’m a busy mom and don’t always have time to be opening apps all day long, and I had hoped that me reading my banner notification would be enough. I am keeping the app because I love it. But tweaking that one thing would make this a 5-star review rather than 4.

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Language English
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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.59.1
Play Store com.MonkeyTaps.IAM
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

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The applications I am - Daily Affirmations was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-05-13 and was developed by Monkey Taps [Developer ID: 1450092715]. This program file size is 349.97 MB. This app has been rated by 471,404 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. I am - Daily Affirmations - Health & Fitness app posted on 2023-05-19 current version is 4.59.1 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.MonkeyTaps.IAM. Languages supported by the app:

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I am - Daily Affirmations App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New themes and tons of quotes! - Other fixes and improvements. Love the app? Tell us in the reviews section! We read it all. Have a happy day!

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