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The empire is no more. Peace has been shattered by the ambition and greed of Lords seeking power. The world has split into factions and Guilds, and Monsters and Darknests are appearing more and more frequently. A war is starting, and the time for powerful heroes has come...

Restore the balance of power by creating the biggest empire ever! Recruit warriors, soldiers, and heroes, forge alliances, conquer and expand your territory, win epic battles, and become the world's greatest warlord in this strategy RPG! A new world order is needed to re-establish peace!

Explore LORDS MOBILE and its exotic magical lands thrown into war and chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose your favorite battle hero, recruit combat troops, and fight and conquer fearlessly in a war of epic dimensions!

An Open-World RPG Multiplayer Game: Build and Conquer to Create a Mighty Empire
Explore, conquer, and clash in the arena with other players in this MMO game! Join a guild and play with millions of players in an open world, on mobile!

Defend your Territory
Secure your troops and heroes, survive against opponents, and defend your empire's castle at all costs. A perfect war strategy requires an invulnerable defense!

Find Friends
Fight and counterattack with your kingdom's army allies, and ride into war together as a guild against enemies in an endless fantasy MMORPG!

Rule as the Emperor
Claim the throne in a MMO battle royale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a conqueror be just or cruel?

Powerful Heroes
Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills for the battle arena! Let them lead, attack, and conquer enemy kingdoms, or group them into teams to complete an RPG-style campaign!

Master Your War Strategy
Plan your tactics for the clash! Plan your troop lineups, perfect your strategy, and counterattack! Discover the best strategies to defeat enemy warlords in this mobile RPG MMO!

Epic Multiplayer Battles: Different Types of Troops
Lead your warriors and soldiers as a king-emperor in these clan wars! Carefully choose your troop types before going into battle: infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege, or a mix!

Switch Kingdoms
Establish your empire on new lands by moving to any server you choose with a simple tap in this combat MMORPG!

Choose Your Battle Path: Fight or Trade
Create an economic empire based on trade, treasures, and alliances with friends, or become an offensive player and attack and conquer enemy kingdoms? Will you liberate prisoners of war? Or will your army and kingdom crumble to dust? This online multiplayer village builder game is all about planning your battle tactics and warfare strategy! No kingdom can stand in your way in this RPG!

Wage war with your allies in multiplayer RPG LORDS MOBILE. Attack and conquer enemy warlords' territories, plan your combat strategy with your hero, and build a great empire. Fight against enemies' legendary monsters, warriors, and soldiers! Achieve victory using different clash tactics!

Your kingdom awaits. Are you ready for the MMORPG showdown challenge?

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Lords Mobile: War Kingdom App Description & Overview

The applications Lords Mobile: War Kingdom was published in the category Games on 2016-03-31 and was developed by IGG.COM. The file size is 384.55 MB. The current version is 1.84 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Read about the hottest news from all Kingdoms in the [Kingdom Gazette]!
You can now also get rewarded for killing troops in the Royal Battleground!

# Added [Kingdom Gazette]: The Gazette (3rd chat channel) chronicles news and happenings in the Kingdoms!
# Added [Royal / Feudal Points]: Join the battle in K71: the Royal Battleground to earn points that can be exchanged for special items!
During the Battle Royal / Feudal War, earn Royal / Feudal Points by killing Tier 4 Troops in Royal / District Wonder battles (1 point per kill).
Royal / Feudal Points can be exchanged for items in the Royal / Feudal Treasury after the event has ended.
# New Research Tree: [Wonder Battles] (unlocked at Academy Lv 24)
# New Turf Quests: [Wonder Battles] related
# Emperor Equipment Update: Upgrade Emperor Equipment to Mythic with [Mythic Embers] (found in the Royal Treasury)
# New District Wonders: [Baron's Blade] and [Baron's Edge] (check in-game for more details)
# Updated Hero animations for Demon Slayer, Elementalist, Sea Squire, Soul Forger, and Ethereal Guide
# Various UI improvements

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Lords Mobile: War Kingdom Reviews


Mantnience  snuffulufagas  5 star

Please do more emergency mantniences because being a f2p player that’s only 12 it’s hard to obtain gems and get troops


Good Game, Poor Development  AverageGuy13  2 star

Great game, decent graphics, and lots of content. Ignoring the obvious pay to win scheme, the major flaw with this game is that it’s real time and even though the game offers the ability to push notifications to your phone it rarely works correctly. I often get the “shield expires in 10 min” notifications when I have more than a few hours of shield left. Notifications for being scouted or attacked almost never happen, and yes I’ve quadruple checked to make sure it’s enabled.


Pes hack verification 😂😂😂  ElAlaoui1  1 star

Pes 2018 hack verification 😂😂😂


Amazing game, Horrible customer service  Ypr!  5 star

I deeply enjoy the game and play 24/7 with my friends. It’s very addictive game play and I enjoy buying packs to progress in the game. However if customer service is needed it is very poor service and not helpful at all. I have lost my linkage to my account and IGG has barely helped to retrieve my account back to me currently waiting still as I have already been rallied and zeroed waiting for this process to complete. Thanks IGG for killing my game


Waste of time and money  JonAbt  1 star

I watch people spend hundreds of dollars in this game only to see it wasted over and over as the drop rates are never in your favor. The game is glitchy and customer support only supports the players that heavily support them. If you are a low paying like me or god forbid F2P player don’t expect any support. Make friends with the big spenders if you want to be heard Better yet, keep your money, spend it on something that will make your life actually better. Keep your time as well and spend it on family and friends. This game is not designed for entertainment it’s designed to get you invested so that you think it’s worth it to spend time and money on keeping pace in this virtual reality. If anyone came home and their kid said, “I spent $100 in a game and I got gems that helped people online not spend $....” then why do it yourself?


good  barry3344520  5 star



Scam Game/Boycott this game  Foreign91  1 star

THEY REMOVE ONE STAR REVIEWS ON PURPOSE!! THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU! This game is a scheme don’t play or even worst spend money on it. Both the staff have bots and allow certain players to get away with cheating. You are not meant to win just spend money for nothing. IT’S ALL ON YOUTUBE! THIS GAME HAS BEEN EXPOSED FOR NOT GIVING CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY PAID FOR!

blob 53

To be great at this game  blob 53  1 star

To be great at this game you pretty much have to spend your life savings this game is not really worth time and always has updates and the research it ridiculous game is bad and not exciting at all updates and errors a lot


It keeps crashing  RacingLife8c  1 star

Crashes a lot


Guild fest/maintenance  Pigp3n420  1 star

You are costing people 100’s of dollars and your answer is troop speed ups??? Get bent. What a terrible response. Give EVERYONE automatic 24 hour shields, with a backup shield and more gems. This isn’t fair.

Bill 104789

Bad  Bill 104789  2 star

I just have that gut feeling


Really good  dhsusvdixhsvsz  5 star

This is a really good game. Full of tactics and it is a lot of fun. Recommend it to everyone it’s the most fun, tactical game I’ve ever played


Not Trustworthy  Maziaxero  1 star

They are very shady and not trustworthy. I made an in-game purchase for $1.45 and they charged me for $17 instead.. the LiveChat Support is SOOO slow, useless and frustrating that you just give up. The operators at the LiveChat Support take maybe 8-15 mins to reply to your concerns or questions. Just be warned, they ask contradicting questions to waste time. They ask you questions related to their service but they never provide the information needed to answer that question~~ ~~For example, one of their security questions is the exact dd/mm/yy you created your game account. But your game account or their service does not provide you that information. When you ask them where in the game settings you can recover the day you created account and last logged out, they reply “we don’t provide that information”. They ask you a question about their service and don’t provide the answer in their service to answer the question. They waste time and steal money and information from you. Save yourself stress and play a game developed in a trusted European country with a legitimate website and recognised support team, (not some suspicion foreigner calling himself “Richard”) The game doesn’t care about bullying and religious terrorist threats. They don’t even care about racism. This company is very shady and not legitimate. They have no staff monitoring the game but when it comes to collecting your money they are very fast and responsive. This company is probably developed by the Nigerian Princes ;)

jam sandwhich

Supper game  jam sandwhich  5 star

Thank you for making this great game


Lots of fun  Butslayer89  5 star

Easy to pick up. Lots of fun.


Full of bullies with endless pockets.  rhi_10  1 star

Unless you have an endless pocket or you are Chinese (no racism intended) it is impossible to play and get anywhere. The kingdoms are ruled by Chinese who can spend thousands of dollars because it’s cheaper for them. The amount of bullying that goes in this game is ridiculous. IGG should be ashamed... but I guess while they are making money, they don’t care. I hope a similar game with tougher restrictions and cheaper packs is created by someone.


Solid game  DefectiveFilms  4 star

It’s a solid game all round and there’s no adds, but I was going to say that it needs an update to allow us to share stuff in our bag like relocation tokens and shields and stuff like that, some people join clans and we want them all close by to help out but they’ve used or didn’t get one to be able to jump over to the “hive” (as it’s called). I was hoping you’d be able to fix it so that would be able to happen


没有啥太多有用的更新  lige99999999  1 star



Super OH for AWESOME!!!  OneOfThemLords  5 star

The most addictive game ever!!! Love our guild and the support and rapport between the OVER-LORDS/LADIES!!! Never been so glued to a game in my entire life like this one!!! I've played for 24hrs straight non-stop and even took a day off from work just so I can upgrade my castle and might lol!!!

thise bloke

Good except for pay to win  thise bloke  4 star

The pay to win guys are a pain but the game itself is great. Wish IGG would intervene when troops and leaders are taken due to maintenance though.

QQ Kachoo

Not bad  QQ Kachoo  4 star

Very good game. Lots of events to keep you busy and the general building/fighting is a lot of fun. It definitely caters towards pay 2 play tho so if your not gonna dump money in then expect to either get rekt or make some strong friends.


Longer shelter and stacking shields  Agcgccg  2 star

I think it’s really unfair that you can’t stack the shields because a lot of people have like about 100 8-hours shields but only a few 24 hours or 3 days... you REALLY NEED TO CHANGE THAT. Also I think longer and bigger shelters are really needed right now because like I said if you can’t stack shields F2Ps like me will have a lot of trouble growing bigger because the shelter is WAY TOO SMALL and they come out after 12 hours, you might wanna change the maximum to 1day and the shelter to 1.5m troops... Well I wrote what I think will make this game better.


Not worth it  Mistrrob  1 star

You’ll spend money to get to a certain point to build your castle. Then ransoms come and tack and you are back at square one. You’ll never be able to get ahead. I’m sorry I wasted money on this game.

Dragon Slayer 102

Money paying jerks  Dragon Slayer 102  2 star

Keep in mind, I have nothing against the developers for this game. They are not the ones responsible for the real-life money paying jerks I have experienced in the past couple of months that I have played this game. I really like the graphics of the game but if there was a way to attack darknest independently, I would give this game another star. However, that’s not the reason why I quit the game. The real reason was, as I have stated before, the money paying, cyber bully, scumbags in this game. The developers are definitely not responsible for this kind of group that immediately destroys the fun of the game. I was with two guilds and even those two guilds were not immune to high ranking players who use a teleported and immediately teleport to the closest city only to destroy it with ease. At first I thought this game was going to be fun, but now thanks to the cash-paying jerks, I can’t play this game anymore. Thank you developers for your time in putting together this game and thank you if you have read the entirety of this review.

Anis Hodžić

I can’t sleep!!!  Anis Hodžić  5 star

I can not believe it. This is too cool


I Love this game!  Boman2000  5 star

Thanks for making such a great game very addictive can stop playing it.


It isn’t even a game  liin  1 star

It’s basically tap to upgrade but with many different stuff to tap to upgrade. That’s all. No strategy, no rhythm of timing, no gaming. I don’t get it. I don’t mind spending $5 to try something out and then buy it outright at $100 to play. I don’t believe in free games. Game designers’ work aren’t worthless. But this isn’t that. Content is designed to frustrate players with odd pacing so some people will CONSTANTLY pay real cash to be less frustrated by it. But an easier way is to not touch it, at all. The entire so called game can actually be text based, laid out in a spreadsheet, and still be playable. Since it’s just pumping up numbers, then wait for timer for those to happen. If you’re impatient, pay. That’s it, that’s all. Visuals are all fluff. And they are selling packages where maxing just ONE of many “DLC” characters will run to a total of 1k+? Which cost more than a Nintendo 3DS, Switch, plus a dozen of proper games, combined? For ONE Max character? It’s almost like this “game” is designed by psychologists and cons around addiction issues, and not by artists who understands player experience.


amazing game  muu76  4 star

Amazing game!

Axl Radleigh

Do not download!  Axl Radleigh  1 star

This game is a total waste of time, and not in the fun way. If you don’t plan on spending upwards of $1,000 on it then don’t even bother. It’s impossible for a newcomer to get anywhere. Constantly under attack by large guilds who like to pad their kill count by decimating low level players who can’t defend themselves. You spend more time burning than building. Save yourself a lot of time and just pass this up.


Come on guys  Torhuu1  1 star

Come on guys. This is decent game, but trying to make money crazy. Now All this Chinese companies making games for us and we play them, we pay to them. Think about it again. We got better things to do? Don’t we.


Bad  👅🖕🖕😸🎃  1 star

I loved this game but it doesn't let me use it anymore it says you switched accounts or something I deleted the game and got it again still doesn't work

rick mccalester

5 years later  rick mccalester  1 star

It took 5 years to download the data

just a person like u

Guilds  just a person like u  4 star

The guilds are incredible and my guild in particular is so great as it is an amazing community and concept may i suggest that you join us at the every one is welcome guild (eiw)


Great game and dept.  MrHotSauce007  5 star

It’s a really clever game it does require a lot of time but if you enjoy a challenge it’s worth it... the raiding system is excellent and the world map. The hero quests are excellent and enjoyable ... and when they have down time they give you stuff for the inconvenience:) all in all a great game for mobile :)


When can you change formation?  SuperBananaAud3  4 star

Hello I am a new player to Lords Mobile and I’ve been playing for a few minutes.The ads on YouTube show that you can change formation but right now I can’t.Do you have to play a certain time so you can change formation or something else? Thank you.


Worried about installing  supercb400  1 star

I haven't installed this app at this moment that I am typing, but from reading reviews on it I am not sure if I'm gonna download it.

its a bad game………

This game...  its a bad game………  5 star

It’s awesome there is Featured point that give you coins from this app for playing for 2 minutes so you can get money and stuff so this is support for how much they care about this game I have been playing for 1 year it’s awesome recommended to download if you like a protected safe game enjoy!

Elliemay Cullen

Love it!!  Elliemay Cullen  5 star

It's the best! It's fun it's addictive it's hard sometimes, but it's ok!! I recommend this to EVERYONE!!


You could end up spending thousands  Doni652  2 star

While the game looks and plays good, atlas the most powerful are the ones who spend the money. They give you a little to keep you ticking over, eventually you have to spend to buy few hero’s for +research and construction or to get to t4 troops faster once you reach c25. I’d stay well clear of this game only if your willing to spend

penisface mcgee

Twoti but it takes a month  penisface mcgee  5 star

Memeoulous do you think you’re tough

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