Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars [Games] App Description & Overview

Are you ready for a REAL fight?

The true Emperor has fallen. We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and assemble your army in this magical world! Fight and conquer to establish your empire!

[Game Features]:

● Build Your Own Kingdom
Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, level your Heroes, and lead your Kingdom well to prosper!

● Utilize Troop Formations
4 different troop types and 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your lineups, take advantage of the counter system, and pair your troops with the right Heroes! Perfect your strategy to defeat your enemies!

● Powerful Heroes Await
Create a strong team of 5 Heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign! Let them lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!

● Forge Alliances
Join a guild to fight alongside your allies! Ride into war together to conquer various exhilarating events: Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom battles, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions, and much more!

● Clash Online with Global Players
Brawl with millions of players from all over the world, and defeat those who stand in your way! Seize the throne and rule over all!

● Animated Battles
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! Watch as your Heroes unleash their skills and harness their mystical power!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lordsmobile/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/LordsMobile/

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.

Customer Service: ihelp.lordsmobile@igg.com

Subscription Details:

● Monthly subscription period
- Familiar Support (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get Familiar-related benefits.
- Turf Club (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get: Research Speed/Construction Speed/Player EXP Boost +25%, Auto-completes Admin Quests and Guild Quests and allows one-tap collection of rewards

● Weekly subscription period
- 7-Day Dash Bundle (US$1.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: Speed Up, Speed Up Training, and Resources.
- 7-Day Familiar Bundle (US$2.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: EXP Elixirs, EXP Potions, Speed Up Merging, Anima, and Fragments.

Please note:
● Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
● Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
● Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
● Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase

Terms of Service: https://www.igg.com/member/agreement.php

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Unveiling the [Sanctuary]! The Sanctuary takes in wounded troops that cannot enter the Infirmary. The Goddess will bless those with Devotion with the power to revive these poor souls! Introducing [Auto Use]! Automatically calculate and use multiple Speed Up or resource items to complete your projects! What a breeze! # New Building: Sanctuary (found besides the Transmutation Lab; does not require upgrades). The Sanctuary takes in wandering souls, those who have fallen in battle but cannot enter the Infirmary. However, souls lost in Wonder battles are not allowed in the Sanctuary. (See in-game for more details.) # New [Auto Use] feature for building upgrades, research, training troops, healing wounded troops, resource exchange, etc. Automatically calculate and use multiple Speed Up or resource items required for a project! # New [Bonus Displays]: Your bonuses will be displayed in building upgrades, research, training troops, Trap building/repair, Gear crafting, Pact/Skillstone merging, etc. # Optimized [Captured Leaders]: Leader boosts (includes Talents, Equipment, and Hero's Battle Skills) will remain active even when they are captured. Deployed boosts will remain inactive. # Made changes to allocated number of Newbie Relocators and their expiration date # Optimized Speed Up items obtained from Castle upgrades, Voyage Quests, transmuting Dark Essences # Optimized mail sending feature # Updated Building UI

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Comments & Reviews

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- Can’t get no Wheat

Such a great game I don’t know how to put into words how great it is except hourly upkeep I try to get strong and just got 1,000,000 might not to long ago and my army up to 27,000 but now I can’t progress because I can’t grow no wheat so plz remove The hourly upkeep.

- Good game

The is a really great game and lots of nice people are playing the game so come and play the game. But if you are reading this creators of the game make a 24 hour shelter selection because we kids have to go to school for more than 12 hours and there are adults playing the game so they can attack us and we can’t do anything since we are at school so please make a 24 hour shelter selection and thank you

- Fun if you have the money for it

If you don’t know, this is a play to win game completely!!! In order to dominate in a kingdom or in any event, you have to spend money. People with 200m+ usually spend around $2,000 total. This game will only be fun if you have lots of money to spend. To research t4 troops will take you over 5 years if you don’t spend money. This is an honest review, I’m 84.5m is might and this is an honest review Response to the Lords Mobile developer: yes, you CAN do monster hunting, gather resources; and participate in events however YOU WILL NOT EVER get nearly enough rewards nor resources to research t4 troops. I’ve probably spent over $1000 on this game. It’s great but the you guys cater to p2p players. We need better rewards. It’s pointless to play without throwing money into the game. Change that and I think this game is a 5 stars. Could be the number one strategy game if you made the necessary changes.

- A very cool addictive game

I like how old the game doesn't have that much adsBut I think the I think it's filled with too many game things I had to do you have money for and I'm just a kid and I don't really have that much so I mean less transactions but I actually like it

- Problemas de bots

Me parece una falta de respeto lo que igg permite que pase en el juego en este juego dejan que gente tramposa cree cuentas bots que las ponen a creser por si solas sin ningún esfuerzo pe parece que se perdió todo el todo el sentido de competencia con esto y deja ver lo que le importamos a igg los jugadores que de verdad respetamos las reglas y que le invertimos tiempo y dinero a este juego por la diversión y el problema no es de hace poco de de ya más de un año y igg no ha hecho nada y como es tan complicado contactarlos para que al final te digan que no pueden aver nada ma parece muy mal de parte de igg .

- Stole my money

I used to play this game for days. I was beyond addicted and I couldn’t stop, but one day I was logged out of my account and everything I had done or bought in the game was gone. I don’t want my account or money back, I just want to make sure this never happens again to anyone. Thank you

- Great game

Lords mobile is a great game but some of the levels are too hard to beat show how about making them a tiny tiny bit easier but the rest I love it is such a good game

- Dumb

So many dumb ads and the game is boring and nothing like the ads

- I love it

I love it it’s really fun, it’s really really fun but I just can’t find me 100 versus 100 PVP

- Lots to click on.

Lots to do and keep up with. I actually turned the notifications on so I can continue building my Turf. Guild members help almost instantly all the time.

- Lords mobile sponers MR BEAST and PrESTON

They sponsor mr beast and give him money to make his amazing videos

- This game is not like the commercial I saw this game is trash


- Good game

I started playing this game very recently. I don’t mind the pay to win so i decided to spend some money to get a head start. However pay to play is not necessary as you can do “most” things free. The gameplay mechanics are decent and the graphics are great for a mobile game. However, there are many different features that there is no tutorial for, so if you are a solo player it may be difficult learning them. Research and build times are pretty reasonable up to the highest levels. About 2 and a half weeks without spending money will put you in a great starting position if you are an everyday player. My rating is only three stars however, (would be 5). There is a later part of that game called the labyrinth which is very costly to participate in to begin with as it cost stars which are rarely gained from npc’s and expensive to purchase enough to make a difference. The game does however give you one free attempt per day and the rewards are not to be looked over. However, there is a special mode for this called elite, after speaking with support i have found there is only one way to obtain access to this elite mode. The access is granted by purchasing in game content at the price of $99.99. While the package does include other items, the access is all I want and there are no cheaper packs to obtain this access. Once a cheaper pack is introduced to the players not willing to spend 100$ on a mobile game i will up my star rating and edit my review. Otherwise i am very happy with the game as there are plenty of low reward functions to occupy my time. Overall a good game and i would recommend.

- Cool game

This a fun game to play i play this game almost 24/7 that’s how fun this game is

- In regards to bigotry

Shalom, to cut to the chase, this app allows antisemitism but not profanity. There is an actual guild named “[JEW]neanderthal”. This app deems such verbiage acceptable but does not allow for minor profanity that lacks offense in nature. In allowing such activity but not allowing full freedom of speech, they have chosen a side. Bigotry. Subjecting people and children to this aspect of society which we as a human race are trying so hard to vilify from existence, is immoral in all regards. TLDR: app entertains notions of bigotry but not free speech

- Your ads

I am rating it low so the developers hopefully will see it I love the game to death but what’s with the ads you guys make. Today I saw one and I was like the game isn’t even like that.

- العبه

العبه جدا جميله

- Bruh


- Lords mobile

The game is addictive and it is not your ordinary war game it is better because there is alot that u can do in the game

- Great Game Bad Strategy

This game is amazing in almost every way but one. Heroes, buildings, research, battles, guilds, riches, and so much more, but it all is deflated because you can’t win unless you pay big. I’m talking thousands, tens of thousands and I’m sure in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars for the big boys, if not more. I continue playing and help the big boys with resources as a t3 farmer. I accept my place. Not spending that much money.

- Good

Good game

- Rigged

If you don’t spend a ton on this game, there are a bunch of weird coincidences that set you back. Like you setting a 12 hour shelter with your leader only to lose him 6 hours later. If you’re not willing to pay $20/month (minimum) then I’d suggest something else.

- $$

Expensive and fun. My kind of game

- I feel like a King

I would like to say this is a great phone game and so far I am enjoying it

- The game

It is a good game they just need to make people level up faster because it takes time and I’m still trying to level for a level two monster. Creators of the game please make it easier to level up for the academy’s and monsters and all that.

- Great game so far but

I couldn’t get my sea squire or night raven

- Great game

Great action game, the graphics are also really good too, so I recommend this app for any action lovers out there, don’t listen to those haters. :)

- Malicious add game

This game is breaking the experience of actual games that provide real experience that quite honestly isnt crap. This is malware, not a game. Stop sending your crap adds to beter games you cant compete with.

- Too many sale screens

The game would be great if the game developers put way less promotional screens about buying resources. Every time I just boot up the game I immediately get a sale screen. This is my review until they fix it

- Don’t let your children play this

Younger people don’t always understand when real money is being spent. The silver lining to our awful experience is we have made it required to enter a password for all in app purchases and have severely restricted access to smart devices for our son

- 😻😻😻😻


- Don’t really like it....

The reason why I don’t like it is because it keeps on kicking me out like I don’t like it😡😱

- Game is not strategy

The game has no strategy.The only things that make you strong is being active on the game because of admin and Hilo’s quests and training troops but there’s no max amount of troops

- Little mights are hurting!

I have been playing Lords Mobile for about 4 years! I have noticed over time people are dropping out! This last month, just from my guild alone, 9 players dropped out because they were hit with four hundred million or more might players who wait and take advantage of the new players who are doing their best to build and grow with might! I asked them why are you quitting? Their answer, “This game use to be fun! Now it isn’t. You just keep repeating over and over the process of being hit and you build again and again!” They left for good! Two nights ago a friend did the same thing, left the game for good due to being hit by big might players. Why can’t Lords Mobile have kingdoms with a specific range of might for players. Then when they reach a certain limit they are bumped up to a higher kingdom! Let the big mights go after each other with similar might instead of waiting to pounce on the new people who are trying to grow! Please do something about this problem or you might start losing ratings and players, even more than you are now! No these are not alts leaving! Genuine new players! Patty F


This game is based in Singapore and is a total ripoff. Nothing works like you’d think it would and has been designed that way to separate you from your money. Unless you enjoy giving the Chinese even more of your hard earned money I’d stay away. Yes, you can play somewhat for free, but you won’t advance very far into the game. Then you’ll just become a farm for dummies that have dumped tons of money into the game. STAY AWAY ITS A BIG RIPOFF!

- Bs ads

The ads seen on FB do not represent the game. Seems to be a trend. This just another spend money and wait mid evil game.

- Hard one to rate

Ok for game play & things to do? A 5/5! Easily! Now if I’m do a rating as a whole on game play...Ftp vs ptw? And the players that play? A 2! Maybe 1.5 really! Sadly you have a lot of dbags playing this game that are prob 14-17! And all they want to do is zero players and use mommy and daddy’s cc! Now I know this is a war game but there’s no reason to ever zero someone & that just happened to me because I thought my shield was longer... so I’m pretty much done playing and that’s what happens! it just makes players quit and if you read reviews or look up reviews or videos...this game has been steadily dying over the last year or so because of douche bag players like that! I wish they would do with clash of clans dies when you are attacked once or so..basically a shield is thrown up for u! Now the money part of it? Ok there are too many delusional players playing this game read this very carefully! THERE IS NO WAY FTP HAS A FAIR CHANCE IN THIS GAME! YOU'RE SMOKING CRACK IF YOU THINK YOU DO! I’m a light spender and I don’t really even have a chance even before I got zero I was probably going to quit anyway! To many idiots(ftp) that they are going nowhere unless they start dropping money! Prob at least $200-$300 a month! To truly try & compete! No honestly if I had that kind of money I would spend it on this game because it is fun lots to do but I don’t! Haha Now they just introduce something where you can revive your killed soldiers so that does help I mean there is stipulations of course LOL but least you have a chance and that’s the only reason why I may stay! Anyway great game! $$$ to truly compete! And to many dbags playing! Haha This has been a JRock review! Update July 1st 2020....... OK for the idiots out there saying that this game is boring?! you’re not playing the right game then! This game is far from being boring.. God I can’t stand stupid just shoot off your mouth reviewer‘s and their stupid comments! Ok that vent over... I think this game is awesome lots to do, lots of stuff to entertain you...Sadly though...Man I just don’t have the kind of money I need to spend to be relevant in this game and a lot of games being 21 million power or might as I am...is great this game would be like having 100K in any other game if that makes sense? The amount of players who think that they can go somewhere playing free just cracks me up but sooner or later they hit that wall that major pay wall with ridiculous amount of time to finish construction or research or training your higher tier troops, unless you were willing to spend 2 to 3 years of 12-16 hours a day grinding to get where the money players are now and by then you’ll be obsolete anyway lol There is no chance and I’m just keeping it real! And whoever said the packs are expensive, no they’re not.. they actually have a decent amount of fairly cheap packs to keep you going but that’s the problem you really do need to buy the higher $$ packs to really make a difference.. although it is easy to get up to the higher VIP really quickly.. it’s easy to get gems! Now there is one option if you just wanna play for the Colosseum and I think I said this before and you have a little bit of money to spend, you could probably just pay..Maybe maxes out lore Weaver(not to $) for that and that’s what I’ve been thinking about doing because I do like the battling in the Colosseum.. but one of the biggest problems I find in this game is the maturity level... I think this game is made up of mostly 14 to 18-year-olds playing & all they wanna do is zero you..not realizing that all that does is set up for a dead server(And don’t let people fool you...this game has been slowly dying over the last couple years, it’s still popular but nowhere near as it was a couple years ago) there are a lot of dumb ass’s playing this game & your shield drops for more than an hour, you probably will be zeroed! happened to me three times.. now you can get all your troops back with the sanctuary thing that takes a little time but at least you can do that! But I’m telling you if you wanna play it and you don’t wanna spend money the first couple weeks are cool but you will have no chance to really compete if you want to battle out other players trust me on that there are a couple players and it’s well documented who has spent over $1 million on this game! Smh! Even if I had the money I would never spend that kind of money well not on this game anyway LOL but again I think it’s a wonderful game.. my alliance my leaders(R5 & R4’s) they all stink! they’re all bunch of idiots! I think they are all 20 years old or younger & all they do is threaten players all the time if they don’t do this or get this done ect..Oh & I have played over 60 these games and by far the worst alliance I think I’ve ever been in but they do get a lot of gifts LOL So I stay but I’m about done with this game I think I’ve gone as far as I’m willing to go because I’m not gonna drop anymore money on the game! Oh and again one last time, this game is far from boring! The couple reviewer‘s who have said this game is boring...They need to be smacked upside the head because they have a screw loose or something tisk tisk DravenRock aka JRock review!

- The best strategy game ever

I played this game for a long time in my old account, but stopped playing for a while and came back with a new account. The game got even better, it’s the best strategy game ever.

- Broken game play

Sell your account now. The developers have decided that rally traps and counters no longer work in the game. You can defend with a good comp of 12.5 mil troops and counter them and will still take heavy causalities. The idea behind this is so that no one can defend and that will make Everyone spend more money on the game to rebuild troops to a massive portion. Like 20 mill troops. Enjoy playing a unbalanced, forever changing for the worse, cheating game. Better get in with a igg titan and kiss butt.

- What’s the point

If you are an active player you can’t join an active alliance unless you are spending money to get stronger faster than the other players

- Aiden and xanman920

Battle their bass. Everyone should buy.👰🏻😻👰🏻👍👍👍👰🏻🤦🏻‍♀️👰🏻🤦🏻‍♀️👹👺🤡👿😈💩💀👻😹👾🧠💋💄 was a good one it was a good one ☝️ I was the et always a good night I was the first time there was the best fish q to be a better place if you wanna is time of the day you have the chance of to give this a five stars for this app and I would like it more people to try it out and if they were able to do the best it was a lot more fun than it is to

- Love it, hate it

Lords Mobile is one of the most addictive, fun games I’ve played in a long time. I’ve been playing since April, and I have 12 million strength and my castle is 24 (25 is max.). For all of the F2P/P2P complaints I think maybe the game economy has improved since it took me only a couple of months, a good guild, determination, and not more than $6 to get here... However, I do think that some research items are absurd. For instance, gear is one of the most critical parts of construction, research, etc... But, you have to pay just to get monster gear. There are very few or zero gear for F2P players in some areas. Additionally, innate talents and quick swap gear should be a feature of the game... not 6 months of research! I could understand having to pay gems to acquire sheets for tracking the talents and gear, but research just to make the stupid button do something?! That’s down-right ridiculous and shows an effort to make every last component of the game generate revenue. Come in IGG!! Overall, I do rate this game as my favorite, but I think more people would start playing and less people would abandon their turf, if the game didn’t feel like you have to put in your credit card number in just to log in...

- False Advertising

All I’m gonna say is false advertisement. The ads show how you can have your army in different formations and how cool it was. I had 2 hours on the game trying to find that stuff. It never happened. I guess that’s modern mobile games. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my lifetime! 👍🏻

- Costs way to much money

Everything costs money

- False advertising.

How are these games getting away with this? The game play in the advertisement is no where near the actual game play. As a mater of fact it’s a total my different game all together. Dishonest and deceitful.

- This game is one of the most pay to Win games I ever see

Say this game is pay to win bro it was so muck fun

- 5 Stars

It’s awesome I really enjoy this game!!!!

- Love this game, but.....

This game is incredibly immersive and user friendly, addicting, in a good way. Over the last 5-6 months it’s been such a great way to “escape” the stress of real life and a great way to chat with people from all over the world and all having a common goal: having fun in LM. Thank you so much for your updates too. One thing that I hear, within the game chat, from a great number of players is: guild fest comes around too often! It used to be once a month and fun. Now it’s twice a month and stale. It places most players in a negative mindset towards a big part of this game. It’s starting to feel like a job. Certainly a negative way to look at a game, but it’s come down to that. If guild fest is reduced to once a month, it gets 5 stars!

- Amazing

This is an amazing game I have played this for one hour so far and I am already addicted

- One of my favorite games

This game is my type of game because you upgrade things I like upgrading and battling I don’t like fantasy but i like this.

AirBNB 🎁

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- Ehhh

Not like the adds

- 10/10

It is a great game very fun

- Free Robux

I went to rblx.land and this was an offer for 100 robux!!

- Good game I like it

It’s a fun game

- If I could give a zero I would

Spent tons of money only to get harassed by a troll in game. Igg won’t do anything about it. Hundreds of people affected. Same canned customer service response given to everyone. They don’t care as long as they have taken your money. Don’t fall into this pit.

- Ok but ads are fake

This game is ok but the ads are fake

- I like it

LOVE IT SO MUCH even if it may be hard some times.

- Please..

would really apprecriate if we can give shields and relocators to our guild mates. hope you consider it for your next update 😇

- Ok yes


- Amazing

Best heros I join the best club in this game when I call help they help a lot

- Good.....

Ads are fake😑 good game but every time turn off I get attacked is very annoying

- Insane game

Wow this game is so fun I play it all night

- Ok

It’s a good game but one thing is annoying and doesn’t make any sense. The training for troops, when you get more barracks it should increase the amount of troops and it does but why does the time increase by same amount. If u have 4 then each one should take the same amount of time it would if there was one but the time multiplied too like ?????? They are all training at the same time they shouldn’t wait for one to be done and then start they all should be going at same time. That rule is very stupid

- No Scout or attack notifications

Game constantly malfunctions and fails to provide scout or attack notifications until AFTER you have been ZEROED. IGG constantly claims that everything is “functioning properly” despite the fact that the same thing has happened three times in a row, with each time verifying that all alerts are functioning properly both on my phone and my Apple Watch, yet I won’t get any notifications until after I am on fire and then magically it works. My Apple Watch has independent cell service and all three times this has happened I was in a strong cell reception area with Wifi reception as well, but magically I failed to receive any notifications. Bottom line is if you enjoy being lied too from Chinese company and can still afford spending thousands on a mobile game then give this a go.

- Crashing after new update

Keeps crashing after the new update. Also stop with the pop up of the gem store every time I open the app.

- Casinos

Casino ou Lords Mobile Dans un casino tu as des chances de gagner de l’argent Dans Lords Mobile tu gagne rien et ça te demande de payer comme un casino tous dans le jeux es fais pour payer si vous avez rien à faire avec votre argent installer Lords Mobile

- Ehh...

VERY FUN GAME! I love the battling, and all the cool features! But some issues... You shouldn’t be able to attack someone 7 TIMES IN A ROW IN ONE DAY LIKE SOMEONE DID TO ME, THEY PAYED TO WIN TOO! This game is Pay to win, one dollar can do a lot. Pay to win, way better people can attack you, but in general it’s fun.

- Much great game

Dis game de bomb heehee

- Cnro6og

Great game, a tad expensive to be strong. Wiz .... baby

- Pay to play

It’s not free, it’s not fun; it’s a smoking heap of garbage.

- Way better graphics

I I think is game would do really well if you could fight your friends not sure if you can yet but also way better graphics it would look amazing with it and it would get this game 5 stars you ask for feed back so I’m giving it a lot of games have fake ads but this? Some of them tho most are really good and well made please add better graphics it would be way better😀😣🤨😟😅😃

- Have fun

This game is supper fun

- Ads

The ads are fake, the game is not what the ads show. The ads show that u can make your own formation which is cool, but when u play the game SMH

- clocks

clocks clocks clocks. Click clocks to make more clocks. Then unlock clocks that upgrade your clocks

- Fun at first

The game is unbalanced. It’s pay to win and is full of bots...

- My Guild Board Doesn’t Update.

Hey I’m a Guild Leader in the game. People are complaining that my board is not pleasantly looking. And I checked it and it’s different from our stand point. My guild board doesn’t update any changes to it... I tried everything and it’s still the same......

- $$

J’adore. MIs en mode pay to play, sa coute une fortune !!!! En mode free to play, ça avance pas. Très très voir énormément lent

- Thanks développeur

It’s a best app ever verry verry thanks développeur for this application🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘 Donwlod this app for a big amusement...

- 🤬🤬

When will you realize THIS GAME IS BULLCRAP?!

- Worst

To remove account u have to email .... Good luck getting to remove the account

- Game not balanced

It sucks

- I love it

It is the best app I ever had🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- So fun

Even you tubers love it

- Good game

Nice more warrior

- Okay

It’s okay but what you see in the ads never happens in the real game

- Sucks was watching jontron downloaded through the link

And it dident give me it do appreciate you helping the pandemic

- It’s awsome

U guys are just mean to the game it’s fun

- Money pit

If you like wasting your hard earned money in this world on a complete waste of time aka this video game. Feel free to dump thousands in this game to be medium decent. The people who have maxed accounts have stated they have spent $500,000 USD to be the best. Game is trash.


Thanks for making the First bonus I already have it 😄

- Lord mobile

Super jeu en équipe

- My balls

My balls itch

- Confusing game

The game is very confusing there is so much going on your not sure what your supposed to do. 🙇🏾‍♂️🤔 Not at all what the ad showed when I download the game. 😤😠😡

- Locked out

Why is the game not letting us in? Players are going to lose items they paid for with their own money!!!! What is going on!!!!!!

- Reduce time for troops

Now I’m like many people who absolutely love this game but I have one problem with it and I think many people will agree. It takes way to long to make even one thousand troops. It takes hours to get just one thousand troops. So I think you should reduce the time for them. I have upgraded my manors I have gotten gear for reducing time I even got rid of all of my barracks but one and i make 1400 troops every ten hours. That is an insane amount of time. So please I beg you to just reduce the time by a few hours at the very least. I hope you read my review and if you do thank you for your time

- Way better than expected!

I probably enjoyed it more because of my starting bundle, but I still recommend the game, it’s great for burning time and chatting with other people! Would rate 5 star if was less pay to win, but still pretty good so far!

- No save

It made me restart the entire game!!!!

- Review

You have to have patience and you get bored very fast

- Awesome Game

I just downloaded this game for a giveaway but then I started playing this every day. I hooked hard

- Click bait

The game is not even close to the add this is stupid don’t download

- This game is horrible

Do not download this game. The only way to get ahead in this game is to pay a crap ton of money for gems and research. This is the perfect example of a pay to win game, the only kind of people who are gonna be on top are people who have a bunch of money to blow in an app, while everyone else who is trying to play the game fairly without paying anything won’t stand a chance against people who pay a lot of money and have the biggest armies. You want to make real money off of this developers? Don’t make the game free.

- Plz add this will make game better

U should add this thing if u get all of one type of event equipment u get a certain boost like if all frost dragon common=2.5% Uncommen=5% rare=10% epic=25%. Legendary=50% Boost on like attack or something usefull

- g


- Lords mobile

I love this game so much please add some updates

- False advertisement

Didn’t do it for me. I initially got the game after watching a commercial to only find out it’s just another construction game. UI is not clean. A lot of unnecessary things popping around on your screen

- Nice


- Great Game! But one problem

I have been playing lords mobile for a long time now and I love the game and would highly recommend it. It is really fun! But one problem is that if you want to get really good you have to spend thousands of dollars on a game! And if your Free to play like me you get destroyed by people that do spend a lot of money in the game and have like 3 billion might. I can understand IGG want to make a bit of money like any company. But couldn’t you make an event where for only 2 or 3 days where you could gift other people things like gems, guild coins and speed ups without spending hundreds of dollars until you can gift things. Myself and my guild have been talking with people and a lot of players agree it would make the game a whole lot better and possibly attracted more people. PS: F$F (My guild) is recruiting you! 😎

- It’s cool

I like it

- Fun and addicting little game

Fun game and whilst there is pay to winit doesn’t make a difference if you just wanna use what you earn. I wish they wouldn’t force the in app purchases so much however.

- good

good game, nice BGM

- Robux!

I’m only doing this to get robux I don’t know how to even play!

- Waste of time!

Downloading took way too long gave up before I could even start. Waste of time especially when there are other games out there. Don’t even bother. Fail!

- Da best game

I’ve played a variety of different games and this app is the best game I’ve playled out of all of them it’s number 1


Ye, ur quality is *, idk how u won ur players, scam?

- Lords mobile

this game is perfect

- This game is really fun

I highly recommend this game

- Straight up love it

Love it

- This game is amazing

Ima be honest with you at first i wanted to get the 10K from lachlan’s event you know because the virus money’s tough. I thought uhh here we go again another bad rpg game i gave it a solid hour because you never judge a book by its cover and it ended up as my second favourite game fortnite is number one sorry. Over all if you are bored during quarantine i defiantly recommend it and so do thousands of other people:)

- Seems good

I use to play this game years back and I would always played it but as time came I deleted it cause school and I had been introduce to new games which I fell in love with But I fell out of those games and I’m coming back to my child hood and won’t go playing till I’m number 1 Side note I’m not someone they paid to say this just love the game and also I’m not gonna spend money cause that ruins the fun learnt that the hard way heh

- Finding account

I tried to switch my accounts over but it gave me another beginner account and when I looked to see I still had my Sister Saber account I showed but apparently don’t exist. If you have anyway to get it back I’m all ears because I love the game but not enough to start from scratch.

- Pay to win

Their is to much paying

- Great game!

Seems pretty boring at first, but when you get into it it’s actually really fun and challenging I like how you can chat to people, that’s also a fun feature this game is very entertaining!

- RObux

Im using dis to get free rkbux sorry x

- Disappointment

Great game but poor maintenance! You could lose all you have over one night when they have an un-scheduled service! What a shame because the company doesn’t care anymore!

- This game has the potential to ruin your life

Lemme tell you the truth, lords mobile is addictive af. Do not play if you get addicted easily or have bad spending habits. You will dedicate a heap of time or money or both playing this game. I have literally lost 2 years and upward of 3k and I'm a low spender here! You play and stay for the people. I have met some of the best people ever and some of these people I might very well know forever. They become your best friends and your family. You will speak to them more than your friends and fam irl! You will hate IGG. Do not give them more money than you can afford. The game itself is not graphically or mechanically that good or exciting, but the psychology of it will pull you in and keep you spending. I hope not for your sake, but I've seen it too often. Take care and know if and when to pull the plug.

- Too good, never known any other game like this apart from the trash rise of kingdoms game

This game is probably one of my favourites, there are not a lot of games like this but if you see this review your in luck because if you go to unspeakable’s channel and search last to leave 50 million orbees and go down to the description there is a link and if you put in your igg Id in it you can have a chance of winning a bag of cash ($1000) an iPhone 11 and AirPod pros so if I were you do that and you can thank me never because you need to thank the people of the game

- Wow!

Back in the day when this was a old crappy game I played it for an hour and then deleted it. But now! Wow! So much progress! Well done!

- Addicting

Please bring Brave Trials back

- So addictive and pulls on your purse strings!

So I started this game to get the attention of my husband as it seemed to take up all his time! Little did I know I would fall into the abyss of the evil but beautifully amazing game myself! It’s so addictive it be warned you will be tempted to spend your hard earned money on gems to progress as it is kind of essential to get to where you want to be. Joining a guild is a must but beware some are better than others ( I’m currently in Family of Phoenix and they are amazing!!! ) Hit me up if you decide to play! LipBiter

- Worthless

T5 is bad enough but 90d protection? That will be the killer of this game. Congratulations igg you money grubbing dogs

- Pay to win

Completely pay to win after a certain point. Easy at the start, to trick you into getting hooked. Now that there are T5 troops its just going down the same path as Game of War and Mobile Strike. People are spending $50,000 and upwards to get to the top rankings and decimate everyone else. Avoid.

- Lords mobile

I’ve bin upgrading forever and every day I’m being attacked and been upgrading my towers and builds every day three stars

- Best game

This game is the best I don’t think any game is better then this game

- Your servers

Hi there, I’m a lords mobile player that loves the game but during kvk it gets really laggy and today that proved true, I was sitting in the wonder 3.2m troops in my base when someone sets a rally on me so I ported out of the wonder and “TRY” to shield but the game lags (the game some how knows the best time to make you lag) and I got 0’d all because your servers are full and lagging, it is very annoying and unfortunate please work towards fixing this or at lease making the game not as laggy during kvk

- Good game

This is a good game

- This is the best fighting in the war game I’ve ever played

Hi I have been playing this forever Thank you for making the game It’s the great pls make more stuff and yes it really is fun

- Ok

It’s ok

- Great game, but hopeless support

Have played this game for almost 2 years. Love the game and great game, but dealing with their help desk and support is putrid.

- Too much ads

The game is ok but the reason I will never play it again is because I have seen too many ads when I’m playing the game.

- You get bullied all the time

I don’t like bully or get bullied. In this game, except use a 4 hour shield or 8 hour shield, or hide your army in the cave, your castle just get ruined again and again everyday, and they will take all your gold. People come and kill my army that is only for digging resources. Tired of drama, spent $100 already, now I deleted this game so I don’t need to worry any more. I am level 20 and top is 25.

- Just had my friend leave me and this made me better

Th game that is incredible is this one I got it from ChrisMD the YouTuber and it looked sick so I tried it out of myself hope you have a good day peace!

- Good game

Enjoy it

- Horrible lag in the game

Even after the last 2 updates the game is seriously lagging and freezing constantly.

- Yeah

It’s aight

- Great!!

Very addictive game and the UI is just easy to control as well as easy to learn. Even if you are new to mobile games it is a breeze to understand how to play. Love every minute of it

- Pewdiepie comp

Good game but did anyone ever win the money from the Pewdiepie sponsorship??

- Good game

Good game, no ads no crashing it’s perfect

- Relaxing

Very addicting but fun and helps me when I’m bored. Also very relaxing

- Me beast

Downloaded the game coz mr beast told me to, loving playing the game so far!

- A good

This a good game if you like games like this


This game is SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! I love playing it because I always wake up to a new quest and all that. It’s the best

Payoneer 💰

Wondering how you could earn $25 by just signing up? Earn $25 for free by joining Payoneer. Sign Up!

- Hey

I love this game to the fullest, is the best mobile game ever :) Good job guys 👍

- Amazing

This is the most fun game EVER! I really enjoy that you can play with your friends and be in alliances. The events in the game like dragon arena are the coolest and they are also very fun. I TOTALLY recommend this game.

- Fun

Great game for rainy days

- Good

It was a best game I rated it a five out of five because Aiden was the best game where was so much stuff it’s a war award and then when I give you a free iPhone ex S and the PS4 Pro so you better download it right now and get it and play it

- So confusing!

Sorry, while I like some parts of the game... overall, in my opinion, this game is very confusing and is focused on In App purchase.

- Vlad

Is so good I love it

- Hey

Lords mobile people is iron stage take a long time to get to or no

- My progress

Your game reset my progress my name was bracer but i do not remember the numbers in my name. Please give me my progress back

- Great game ☺️😂😊

This is a really awesome game

- Slow going

I have been playing this game for four years. It’s perfect for addictive personalities. You have to throw THOUSANDS of dollars into the game to be average. I am a partial pay to play. And in 4 years I am barely 500million might. Once you finally get somewhere they add a new essential part to the game so the elite have something else to buy. This keeps you well behind. They have a ton of kingdoms that should be repurposed. Why keep adding and spreading out active players so every kingdom you migrate to has one giant guild and 100 tiny farm guilds. There should be kingdoms with caps on might for the not so mighty ppl to enjoy solo burning. Right now with the new t5 there is a surge of all t4 500million -1bill might players being rallied. Also there is essentially no solo burning left anymore, you have to rally to get kills and if you can’t get in a massive guild, too bad for you. If you are new and don’t have thousands of dollars to dump into this game a month. It is only a chat room where you get burned for resources and leader. Despite all that. This game has a great interface and awesome graphics. Also people make many friends through the chat if that’s your thing. It’s addictive for sure. Best of luck.

- Worst game

It is to hard and to complicated and what you showed in adds are FAKE and way different then the real game. I saw a add and it was getting food and hunting it and I liked it but this game is a fraud.

- Lords mobile just ok

Nothing to special a good game

- No customer support - allows player stalking and harassment

IGG cares nothing of its players and only care about the money they collect. Submission of issue tickets go unresolved. We are a family guild of 6 and have been stalked and harassed by another player for over 3 weeks. We submitted all the evidence to IGG who continue telling us the same canned lines over and over. They clearly care nothing of their own terms and agreement and have allowed this player to continue rally spamming us. Not only has this been allowed but their own notification system is useless and does not work to turn off these notifications. The messages are prefabricated and lead nowhere. How many screen shots and videos and in-game reports does it take to see this is a serious issue? Several of our players have stopped spending money on this game. Why should we spend any money on a game whose investors and creators care nothing but for the money they collect. It is really sad that they, IGG, has taken this stance and completely ignore over 600 players (6 guilds holding no less than 100 or 90 players) who have submitted screenshots of this abuse. Because this has been allowed to go unchecked there will also be people who just quit the game. No one should be subjected to tolerate this level of abuse. They have not made this a safe place.

- Fairly good game

Its gud i guess

- Terrible game

Do not waste your time with this game. You will be harassed with one or more people setting fake rallies and if you try to ask IGG support for help you will get prefabricated messages that lead nowhere for a meaningful action/response. Imagine being woken up during the night or while at work by your phone having message “rally on you”. I’m at over 100 of these in just two days and despite me complaining multiple times to IGG support and having literally dozens if not hundreds of other people complaining for past 2 plus weeks, IGG has done nothing even though I and others are being harassed. So in summary, if you enjoy being harassed constantly with no negative repercussions for the harasser then by all means download the game.

- IGG only cares about money

They make everything impossible to achieve without spending a ton of money. Then will have maintenances that last an unannounced amount of time. If you do not stay up into the wee hours of the night, hoping for the maintenance to end, you run the risk of losing everything you have built. They will not help you and just expect you to spend even more money. This game started out fun, but IGG has given up on the customer and only focuses on stuffing their pockets.

- To bad

It could have been a really good game, but the developers only care about one thing, you spending money. So if you not willing to spend money you will get hammered. It is still fun with a good guild. It had potential to be really good, but IGG instead went for the money grab.

- Wasting money game ,always ask to spend money

Better don’t try it ,you will regret

- The most perfect game I ever played


- Pay to win

Look at the top ranked players, that all have leaders that cost hundreds of dollars to buy and level up. You can’t hope to be the best without investing a ton of money. You also can’t participate in half of the functions unless you are in a guild and guilds demand that you play constantly so you don’t get attacked. It’s impossible to play this game solo or casually unless you want to spend tons of money on gems for longer lasting shields and don’t mind not being allowed to attack monsters, participate in events, and various other things reserved for guilds only. Play this game only if you intend on spending a lot of time and money and following the rules of a guild.

- pesimo!

Terrible! no se cumplen las reglas como lo dicen, según si compras un escudo de 24 horas no te pueden atacar! Y pues te encuentras con la sorpresa después de haberlo puesto que te atacan como si no tuvieras nada! En fin lastima!

- Request to add to the game

I’ve been playing this awesome game for a little over two months and have been hooked. I’d like two suggest adding two things! 1. Fishing for food and not just gathering wheat all the time. 2. Lake monsters would be awesome! Thank you

- ❤️

I love the game and hope it keeps on growing. I AM A HUGE FAN AND GIVE ALL THE SUPPORT IN THE WORLD TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

- Lord Mobile

I love the game a lot the only thing is it was a Little confusing at first.

- Escudo para gremio

Hola si es bueno pero me gustaría que pusieran un escudo para todo el gremio gracias

- Awesome game!


- I think is ok

I think that this game can be fun at some times it’s not always fun to play but I play it a lot

- Lords Ball

The game is great but they really needs to increase the number of balls in the ball zone for lords ball. I looked through the whole ball zone and couldn’t spot any balls that where just sitting there.

- How am I meant to pay for packs

This game is great and I love it but I don’t know how to pay for packs and other things any time I try to I am asked for my finger print and I provide it but then they start asking me for a password and I don’t know what the password is meant to be is it my credit card I’ve tried contacting live support but they were unable to help me what should I do

- cool

the oracle is thicc!!!!!

- Best game ever

I joined a guild and it was super fun

- Really fun

I love this game but I just wish the graphics were a little better and some levels easier I love but I got to admit clash of clans is a little bit funner that’s all and I bet no one will read this but whatever it’s still really fun

- support team unhelpful

the game is fun but one day i sheltered my troops and still got attacked!! i lost all my troops and leader which is impossible since i sheltered and i had to use a majority of my resources to fix the situation. ive been playing this game for a while now and have a routine in sheltering them so i know for a fact its not possible that i didnt shelter them. i also saw online that this had occurred to multiple people and that the support team wasnt helpful. i decided to still try to talk to them and the support team said i had not sheltered..?? they were extremely UNHELPFUL and they only repeated the same thing over and over and didnt seem to wanna help at all. they cant admit that clearly something happened that messed it up 🤷🏽‍♀️

- Lords

Great game.

- Dont buy into it

Game is fun, but heavily pay to win. If that was all then it would be fine, but IGG does nothing to ban 3rd party bot users. The bots will gather resources and deliver them directly to a player in violation of the games Terms of Service. IGG sometimes will ban the bot accounts but refuses almost unequivocally to ban or punish the person who benefited from the service. You can send a screen shot of a person in the middle of receiving these services and nothing will happen. The in game rumor is IGG has been selling the very bots they are banning so... play this dirty game at your own risk. There are a LOT of cheaters in it.

- Amazing app

Love the app so fun

- lqords mob

Cool game

- Don’t waste your time

Download this game expecting more but it was a huge disappointment. Gameplay and graphics are below average and no story.

- The garrison

It makes sense to have it like real life, but you should be able to take back a garrison when you send one. It’s like, I need it back to gather some materials. Or rally against the darknest. Please fix it because that’s the only thing that’s dragging the game down. Overall, 5 stars once it gets fixed.

- Awesome game!

If you don’t like it you should check your self anyway people out there this game is awesome!

- auto use

the auto use is the best! it helps me alot!

- Really disappointed

This is a stupid game I see the ads and when I installed it was totally deferent or actually stupid, don’t bother and download.

- pay to win game with blatant false advertising

I’ve played the game for a few years. You have 2 options when playing this game. Either pay massive amounts of money ($1000 USD) or more, or play for 5+ years to unlock anything close to useful. If you manage to survive that long you will certainly get destroyed by chinamen who either pay significantly less for pay to win boosts or are somehow getting them for free. if you accidentally doze off and your shield expires, which happens to the best of us you will be set back months of progress if you are a free to play account. Overall not worth the time or money unless you are an incel billionaire troll who gets off on screwing over the free to play peasants in the game.


Money doesn’t grow from trees these passes are very expensive and since corona virus came I can’t just throw money on a game you should do a sale or something it would really improve the game!

- Great game

I want it was fun games i’ve ever played as a mobile game pretty good one best one I’ve ever seen

- It really fun

It fun to play.

- This game is great.

I do think that a lot can be done with the game that might make the gameplay a little better. All negative things put aside about the game is that I think the developers have done an amazing job with this game. Also i love this game so much for mostly one reason it’s not pay to win! Most mobile games are pay to win and extremely hard if you just wanna enjoy the game without spending money.

- Incredible game

Let meStart by saying what an incredible game this is when I played I forget about all my troubles time that I just feel relaxed I have so much fun great people I will recommend a game to anyone, And as for the tech-support they are amazing they have helped me tremendously and anyone that doesn’t play this game it’s losing out

- Greatest!

Definitely happy with this game. I’m never one to keep a game on my phone due to me losing interest but I don’t think this is gonna be the case with this one! Thanks

- Why is my progress gone?

For the second time the game updated and lost all of my progress, I was really far in to. FIX THIS

- Wow

This game is really fun

- Cool but Pay to win

Its a really cool game but if you play in free to play you will never beat someone who paid

- Superior game

This game was crazy fun I play it whenever I can. I never thought I would like this but I did.

- Great game


- Great game

The game is so cool

- The ads are a bit much

The adds for this are a bit extra but over all it is a good game

- good


- Bad game misleading ads fake reviews

The ads are fake the developer responses are all copy and pasted and 90% of the good reviews are fake if you look through the good reviews all of them are a couple sentences long and alot are just copy paste of each other

- Decent


- Sh1t

False advertisement and the game is straight trash

- Stop giving me trash ADS

Dude.. if u at least make ur ads truthful then some ppl would GIVE UR GAME A GOOD REVIEW mostly every game LIKE FISHDOM AND FRIKIN LIKE GARDENHATCHING OR shi* probably you are the developers and is sad u can’t get REAL GOOD REVIEWS u probably also get BOTS to review, is really stupid that ur ads r gay and doo doo bet that if I made a game it would be better instead of those TRASH ADS IF U AT LEAST LISTEN make it a little truthful ALRIGHT? So some people MAY JUST MAY give you a REAL REVIEW INSTEAD OF THOSE TRASH BOTS. Part 2 of my review: I mean like I have played the game and it’s REALLY good and fun but like the ads though that’s the thing I hate at least like make 1 or 2 truthful ads then I would be happy, but please if that happens maybe just maybe some people will try your game the game is good I deleted it because I kept on losing (probably because I was a kid at that time and I didn’t wanna lose) but yeah.. so if the truthful ads come in I will give a 5 star rating and download it again and I promise just as long as I see ONE or TWO I will do it I just really hate the ads but thanks for responding I hope a REAL person will actually do it instead of the bots and I hope u actually read it thanks for reading it (if u aren’t a bot) thanks a lot :)

- Lords mobile

Great way to make new friends and addictive game.

- No title for this

It’s the only good idle pvp game I’ve seen in a while thanks 🙏🏻 creators for bringing me this game in the App Store 🏬 👌 👌 👌 top notch game

- Le service Lord Mobile est incompétent

Comme dis dans le titre le service est nul. En effet, même si j’adorais se jeu j’ai perdu mon compte car mon beau père a supprimé l’application par erreur j’ai essayer de faire un ticket pour ravoir mon compte et il ne sont pas foutu de me répondre c’est un robot qui me répond et il demande des informations que je ne connais pas comme la date de création de mon compte .... même avec des preuves comme mon ip etc il ne veule pas me redonner mon compte....

- Ads for game don’t reflect gameplay

The adds for this game have nothing to do with gameplay. It is a far cry from what the ad says it will be.



- Read this before you decide to play

Lords Mobile is a good game, but there’s many reasons why you won’t like this game. Here’s reasons why: 1) The game is way to competitive for those who start to play this game. You will be bullied, and completely take advantage of in this game 2) Mostly Asians are the ones who take over this game, and not many other race cannot compete against them. 3) If you are rich you will succeed, but if you are not you will lose everything you work hard for on this game. 4) Lords Mobile looting is absolutely terrible. Every Bundle is terrible price and also they will try to get you to buy more considering if you do not have the materials to upgrade the weapons gear, research, building, etc. This game is money hungry. 5) In the Labyrinth, or Kingdom Tycoon the chances of you winning it is 0. I been playing this game for two years, and not once have I ever win a jackpot. My ex has won three times ranged up to 1.6 million gems. This game is either rigged for those who are Asian or they know that you are a women. 6) Like I said about number 5 this game is rigged. 7) You won’t be able to get anything back when you get Zeroed. So whatever you pay you will lose it unless if it’s characters, or gears. So thanks in advanced for reading this, and please don’t waste your time on paying this game unless if you are rich. To Lords Mobile you guys need to fix your patches, and be fair. I paid way to much for this game to lose everything, to get terrible loot, to buy holy stars and not win once in the labyrinth, and allow bigger might guys in the same kingdom against people that are still small. Screw You lords mobile. You lost a good customer.

- Fun

This game is so fun

- Awesome game

Its an amazing game but can you please add a tier 5 troops

- Good, but gems?

It’s a good game except when it comes to gems... I have purchased gems and you can get some at a good price but I find out when I use them to speed things up and it costs ex (42) gems I would use them then my gems would go down like 200 gems even if I just use 20. There’s never a time when I use gems that my gems go down by 100.

- This game is fun

I know you probably will not read this all, I am a kid. You should add better graphics and for when we upgrade buildings the time should be a Little bit shorter.

- Hi SGR

Sugar Family!

- Fun for a while

As the title suggests, it was fun for a while. Attacking people getting everything leveled up. Now it just a cesspool of micro transactions and the need to spend money on everything.

- Expensive

This game is frustrating to play free and paying doesn’t really give advantage unless you spend thousands

- IGG is a joke

This game is a complete overpriced rip off. Save your time and money!

- Best game ever!! 😍😍

This is truly my favorite game!!

- Hi it’s neat.

5 stars

- Pay to win

This game is great and is really really fun but it can be very boring when almost every update your have to pay over 1000$ to get the good stuff wish they would add more f2p stuff

- For lords mobile

I love the games it is so exiting

- Amazing

Please don’t shut down. I really like the game. It’s very fun.

- Extremely unprofessional

I downloaded this app to get smurf berries on the app smurfs’ village. I downloaded and ran the app for thirty seconds (the assigned amount of time). And I didn’t receive any of my berries. #backcrack

- Credit card heroes only

The fact that the top page reviews are all two years old is telling. This game is horribly unbalanced and strongly favours big spenders.

- Game used to be fun but too much money grabs now

Was manageable for a while even as a mostly free to play player but this company is getting greedy and releasing troops and capabilities that no free to play player will ever be able to achieve. Completely understand it’s a business but would be nice if free to play would compete against only other free to play versus players who unlock the strongest tier of troops by spending thousands of dollars the same day they are released. I understand it’s a business but really doesn’t make me want to play anymore and I have been playing over 3 years.

- Bottomless pit

This game is a pitch black, bottomless hole for your money. If you can’t throw the money down the whole then this isn’t a game for you aka a 100% P2W game. Do not play.

- Steals money

Watch your credit card when you make in-game purchases. I just looked at my Apple statement and noticed the small purchases I made were multiplied almost every time. I’d buy a particular item for 2.79$ and it ends up as four to six times that totaling $11-15! I didn’t notice before, because I received only the item I intended to purchase. This has been happening for months. I’m really upset. Never happened on any other app.

- Pay to win

IGG is a bunch of filthy animals catering to the Pay to win guys, don’t recommend playing

- Good game, but lots of $$

Pretty good game but like many other games, the ppl who spend money are the ones who really get ahead.

- Lords mobile

Recommend if you like strategic games.

- Payant

Beaucoup trop de personnes dépenses des milliers de $ dans ce jeux. C’est un jeux très dispendieux. NE JAMAIS COMMENCER À JOUER!!!

- Nice and fun and play full

I like this game more then ROBLOX pls no one tell ROBLOX I like this game more pls and this game should be added to ROBLOX this game helps me do a lot no one pls don’t tell ROBLOX or builder man and d pls I will do anything think for it this game is the best I don’t ever seen a game like this be fore From Arush

- Just wow

False advertisement by far the game isn’t anything like they show and it’s just a rip off clash of clans

- Fun

Entertaining would recommend

- Amazing

It’s like an addiction I’m way to into it

- Terrible game, always has been, always will be.

Since this game was recommended by Apple I thought maybe it had improved since my prior review, so I redownloaded it to try it again. I can confirm, it is still as bad as ever. I have seen hundreds of different ads for this game and not one of them showcases the gameplay. Once you get into the game, it’s utterly pay to win, and people with more money can pay to move their castles next to yours, then train another army every minute to raid you again. Alternatively, trolls can attack with a single unit, which will disable every single one of your thousands of units, making them unable to defend you anymore. which requires you to enter the game, and start the slow and resource heavy healing process. It might not seem bad at first because this is less obvious at a low level, but eventually upgrading will take many months, if you even manage to build the resources up for it with people teleporting their whole castle next to you and attacking you. I despise whatever Apple employee decided to recommend everyone who looks at the App Store of this and remind me of this horrible game.

- Good game

Awesome game, nice backstory to.

- False advertising

Nothing like it advertisement

- Why the fake gameplay in ads????

I have played this game and your ads are fake. Why????? The game is nothing like the ads...lol

- So awesome

This game is so awesome I can’t stop playing thank you thank you


Это гавнище как пол года назад вылетало так и вылетает. Разрабы имбицилы.

- Trash

This game is so bad because you do one thing put more stuff and to many ads learn how to make a game

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- Great Game!!!!

This game is super fun, and also really easy to get the hang of. I definitely recommend installing this game, you won’t regret it!

- God god

It’s god but it can be stressy

- Get bullied

Can you download this game unless you want to get bullied and attacked. I’ve lost all my Gold so many times In one day I lost 5 million

- Brilliant game

AOV NOW RECRUITING 150m min might War guild Come join us.

- Terrible Customer Service!

Terrible is still a nice word to describe their customer service. I have been playing this game for 2 years. Spending money to get stronger then unfortunately My account got hacked and i was asked to send the purchase history. However the last receipt they asked was dated after my account got hacked so i can’t provide it to them. Then they said they need to have all those receipt or they can’t help me. After 8 months of trying to explain that how can i provide that receipt if it was made after my account got hacked. They just keep replying the same message without understanding what i’m explaining. All those times and money spent wasted because of their worst customer service.

- Adverts

Game is ok good time waster. However every single advert for this game is fake. not sure how the devs dont get sued for this by advertisement agencies. Very strange

- This game is my first game because I never had an divice 🇨🇮

My new device

- Can’t even be downloaded

This game is trash and need to be deleted from the store

- Money to burn?

Been playing this game for a few years. Started out fun busy quickly turned into a pay to play on a massive scale. Even if you buy something for £10 to boost your troops etc some one who’s spend £100’s can just demolish it in one hit rendering your purchase pointless. You can’t get the best troops or castle without paying something towards this game and it has such a big following from those willing to pay into the game it’s not possible to ever defend yourself. So after years of playing this game I’m finally out!

- I love Lords mobile

I love it I play all night and day

- Game is a lie

I have never played a game that differs so much from the advertisements. You expect a certain amount of embellishment in the ads but this the game advertised is completely different. If you download this expecting to be able to strategically place troops to stop incoming waves of attacks etc you will be disappointed. This is a base building game with mostly automatic battles that you have no direct control over other than to increase might and train better troops etc. Not the worst example tbh, would have been 3 stars if they weren’t playing with peoples emotions. They should have made the game shown in the ads tho that game looks awesome.

- Gay


- Avoid if you want a life

Maintenance ruins the game. You used to get great gifts for breaks in game. You get more gems from hitting level 2 monster than the cheap skate that igg has become.

- Great

I really like the game and it is so awesome

- Too expensive

Amazing game. Very addictive and strategically game. Been playing for over 3 years and invested over £2-3k however with 300M might, good gear and decent research, £3k invested and still can be easily burned by some rich guy with no life that invested thousands and thousands... you got no chance against these people. Sad. This made me give up on this game as i’m not rich. So my honest opinion is that this game is made for the rich. Poor people, avoid it before you spent a good amount of money and time and then realise it was just a waste because you can’t fight the rich

- Amazing game!!!

Love the game It is ment for people how like battle games so amizing great love it


I love this game From Alex

- Betts game ever

Get dis game

- What the hell

Will not let me get my account back will not download

- I don’t see no problems

I have been playing this game for a month now. I truly enjoy it, don’t get me wrong I have been burned multiple times and it’s very frustrating hahah . If you are looking for a fun game ..... this is the one

- To expensive

Way to expensive. Unless you have months to wait for upgrades then you’ll have to buy gems and it will cost hundreds. You can’t enjoy a game that cost to much money and have to wait months for upgrades before you can move on.

- Don’t play

If you value your time and your money don’t play. While it is free to play it will quickly devour your time and money.

- Very fun game

Love this app the game is very well made in the battles you’ve got to be able to win against your enemies and at the end sometimes you get a new heroes so you have a chance of winning the next battle I hope you like the game

- It good

It good

- best game ever

I been playing this for a month and it is best game ever it’s so straight forwards only is I knew my ID to my other account because I didn’t use to like it and it seems even better then I last played it only problem is that you can’t really get a friend into your kingdom and NO YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY I was playing it and I found something for 50p and hats all u kinda need to spend to get like 1m I’m all resources don’t hate this because you “have to spend money” you don’t u can choose to spend money for a lot of help but it’s fun either ways best game ever

- Worst Game in the world

This is just piece of junk the government will shut it down.

- Pay to win

I like the game I think it is great, but it is pay to win. I am in a kingdom with a big guild of pay to win players teleporting round and burning guilds. The food aspect of the game is also massively Brocken, and most players avoid it by only building 1 farm.the game needs a re-work all of the deals you can by for a fiver boosts you massively and people who don’t pay can’t do much.

- Amazing game!

This game is so good! I have been playing it for a month now and I’m already addicted to it, it’s so fun to play when I’m bored and I have nothing to do, I also play it mostly everyday! Great game I think if the reader has not already downloaded this game that they should definitely do it!

- Loving it

Trying to attack level 2 monster for a website to get points for something but I actually like it and will probably play it after

- Scammers don’t bother

This company are scammers they kill accounts so you have to buy more from them glitching and giving the same rubbish it wasn’t us Don’t even start this game it’s just a scam and not free at all

- This could’ve been better than three stars.

Higher level players literally rule Lords Mobile, As soon as your shield goes down, your dead. There is no passive mode which protects you as soon as you stop going PVPing for a few days, superior players can just loot you (raiding your castle) for as many times as they want without cool down or limit which is annoying because I lose a lot of my progress in terms of defence and army. Since players can raid you how many times, you can get constantly looted if your a noob which is a serious disadvantage because it makes the game much harder to progress. And the fact that grinding is too slow means that you have no way of defending yourself against other players since the upgrades for your army takes a long time and almost useless, it is also too slow for new players to create armies for themselves since you have to rely on speed ups and gems since it takes a long time to train soldiers compared to the tryhards who spend long enough in this game to spend upgrades quicker and build an army faster which is a serious disadvantage also to new players. Also gaining more shields means you have to spend more guild coins and too much gems to a point you are given too much pressure since it is hard to progress which does not help you at all. If there was some kind of passive mode which prevented players from attacking your castle when you did not do PVP for a certain of time or a game mechanic which limits the number of attacks to a specific castle then this game could’ve been much easier.

- Grrrrrrrrrrrrr


- The “giveaway”

Jontrons video mentions a $350 gift of some sort. After not receiving it I checked to resend (this was literally my only draw for the game) and it told me that the game was under maintenance. A pretty scummy move honestly.

- One of best games going

I’ve played this game before but started getting back into it and love this game to much now it’s just fun to play when getting bored so yea👍🏻👍🏻

- The second best game

I love this game but it is no yet better than Roblox I still like it ok it is one of my favourite game

- Nice game like VERY NICE GAME

The only reason I played this game was for reward’s in roblox but now.. NOW THIS IS AMAZING the game can get kind of confusing at some times but other than that ITS VERY GOOD also there’s a guy named (John) using bot hacks to get BILLIONS of food MAX level and Really good stuff that’s almost impossible to get.

- My feedback

To be honest this game is so good and very addictive.

- Good games

Your game is so so so good

- Best game I ever played

So good

- Best game ever

I only played for 5mins and already addicted 👍👍👍👍👍👍

- I love the game

Pls ad more fiches it would Make it better

- Spectacular

I’ve been playing it for hours in quarantine and it it is really fun 100% recommend

- 100% recommend!!!

This game is just sick, get it now if you wanna have a game to binge play!!!

- Good game

To many Gems needed.

- It’s good

If you like a fighting game this is for and if you like gathering stuff this is for you

- New player

Ok so far so good, this has a few nice extras over the other games of this type , speed ups, side games etc. So first impressions are it looks promising for the sort of game I can drop into once or twice a day and have a bit of fun. I’ll update my thoughts after a week as it’s less than 12 hours since download.

- This game is real good

As my advice you should get the game is real good as fast way to pass time if you are board and quite enjoyable

- Such a good game

This game is so good you can play any where because when you fight another army you don’t do anything and you can get on with your day

- Very satisfying

This game is so cool with all the different ways of fighting, upgrading and all the other fun things. Please download it beacause it’s fun and you won’t regret it.when your upgrading your stuff it is very satisfying 🤤

- Lost my progress and I can’t get it back

I was very far into the game then when I got a new IPad I got the game again but I don’t have my account and I have to start again. I’ve tried Game Center but that hasn’t done anything so can you help me get my account back since I got so far please

- Has potential

I think this game has a potential, but right now it just feels boring after a few minutes. It’s just the same thing over and over again. Train troops watch a battle you can barely control and do it again. And it’s false advertising. I saw this as a great game when I saw the ad. It was place down some towers and hope it beats the wave of enemies. Then put another few towers and hope. But no it’s this terrible game that I played a little bit but ditched.

- Pay to win

This game had me suckered for a while, you invest a lot of time and if you’re not on it at least every 8-12 hours then the hours upon hours that you have invested can be destroyed in seconds. This game is massively pay to win and unless you’ve paid - you will NOT win. To get anywhere close to being untouchable from the majority an absolute minimum of $1000 needs to be spent on this game, and it is with a 100% guarantee that you will be zeroed out if you’re even a minute outside of that 8-12 hour revisitation requirement to survive. Some heroes cost $11,000 to max (USD) and reaching max castle level is far more a punishment then it is a reward as the requirements for events grow significantly to the point where you can’t complete them without spending money. Save yourself a lot of time and stay right away from this game especially if micro transactions are your kind of thing because you WILL spend money on this game out of some psychological demand to protect the time you’ve invested. Some people have spent $50k-$100k+ on this game and unless you’re in the position where you can do that, you will NEVER come close to being safe. Uninstall the game and work on buying yourself a house. If you asked me in the first month I would’ve said this game is so thrilling but a few months later is when you realise how much of a trap this game is. Stay far away; you’ve been warned and you won’t be able to prove this review wrong, this game is for sociopaths who enjoy destroying the endless weeks people have spent trying to grow Not a free to win game in any sense of the word, IGG have carefully placed money traps at every way you turn

- Noice

Its nice because there is a free event. I even have a free skin call black crow it was really nice I hope you guys play this to. My user is Maglasang ;).

- Thanks for making this game!

Thank you so much for creating this game this game makes me get so hyped every time I play this game I love the fights and boss battles and destroying the bases and I like how this is not just like super easy and has some challenge in it because I like a minimal amount of challenge but not to much. So anyway what I’m trying to say is that I love this game and thanks for making it. From yours truly SkullExellExtrabyte :)

- Very good moblile game

It’s very good to pass the time and when you only have your phone of I pad and you homered

- Braille then fabulous

Ausome it is so BRILLENT

- Game rat hay rat ok

Lac qua

- Aiyfkvxj

Aptrkcxauo orwhj

- Game hay ok

Rat hay nhung lac

- Game hay lam

Rat ok

- Game rat hay


- Game hay lam

Rat hay

- Game hay

Game hay ok

- Game hay ok

Game hay

- Game rat hay

Game ok

- Game rat tot rat hay

Game okokok

- Game hay ok

Game hoi lac

- Game hay nhung mang lac qua

Game rat ok

- Game hay Nhung lac qua

Khong lac la ok

- Game is good

I like it

- Game ok

Rat ok

- Is very nice

I like it

- Is very nice

I like it

- Is very good

Is very fun

- Game hay

Rat hay

- Game hay lam

Rat hay

- Game is very good

I like it

- Game is fun

I like it

- Game rat ok rat hay

Game ok

- Game is great

Play is good

- Game is good

Play is fun

- Game is very fun

Thank you

- Game is very good


- Game is fun

Is good

- Game was fun

I like this

- Game is good

I like it

- Game So good

Game very good play

- Great

Nothing to say but great

- Addicting

How do I get in lazarbeam collaboration giveaway


This game is addictive and fun but try do no more click bait ads

- An Epic game

Started playing not to long ago and I am hooked. It has replaced all the other games I play on my phone. It is also worth buying the paid subscription. Shoutout to the developers. It is a great game.

- Hooked

Not gonna lie, I downloaded this game because of the free stuff they were giving away with lazarbeam, and yeah I really need a new phone, hope I win the iPhone 11. but I’m not kidding I’m kinda hooked now and a bit scared for my bank account, it is the first mobile game in about a year that I actually like, and that is interesting/addicting. Great job on the game and keep up the amazing advertising/free stuff

- Awesome game

I’ll be honest I only downloaded the game because a YouTube did a sponsorship with this game and they were doing a giveaway if I logged in once a day for 7 days now I genuinely like the game and play it


This is an awesome game it’s a fun and immersive experience with heaps to offer. I give it a YEET/10


Hi i really like your game it’s really fun I downloaded it today and I love it I downloaded it because lazarbeams prize thing with you and I got the game for the prizes not to play it but I decided to look at it and it’s AMZING but I don’t like games with like PS2 graphics so maybe you can do some updates but I love the game and i rated it a 5/5 already I wish it was 100/100 but love the game and I hope I win thanks for the game

- Addictive but to easy

It’s really weird you see all the ads saying it’s so addicting and it actually is but it needs to be a bit harder it’s so easy

- Lazarbeam

Thanks to Lazarbeam, I found a new game that I love❤️❤️❤️. This game is so addictive and I can't get enough of it!!

- Soooooo good

It’s just a great game in general. It’s like clash of clans mixed with super juice.BEST GAME EVER

- I'm only downloading this cuts of lazarbeam


- Very nice

It is highly addicting. It takes a while to understand the concept but when you get it it is awesome! I recommend it.

- Waiting too long

I wish the time were a but faster I hv to wait a whole day to train t3 😭

- To the manager

It’s a great game but it won’t download

- Best idle game I’ve ever played

Though the ads aren’t true the game is actually very fun to play I play this game every where.in the shower in bed any time and this game has amazing graphics and awesome free gifts

- Great game

Well structure and fun What I like most is the intercontinental multiplayer access

- Bad game

You are a cheat different advert different game so bad😒😩👺

- LOL this is amazing


- Senami

Pls I made a purchase which has been acknowledged but I haven’t gotten what I purchased kindly assist me here. Thank you

- Emrysokafor

Construction researching takes too much time

- Good


- Looks cool

My friend said I should play it

- My first time

It’s my first time playing this game and by the looks of it , it’s fun and action packed and I can’t wait to play this game

- Good game

Love this game , it’s interesting 👍

- Amazing

This game is badass...but I need cheat to perfect it...

- High star great job


- Not bad

Good to use

- Awesome

Such an awesome and addictive game love it 1000%

- Classic game😍😍

Dis game is great I can’t even stop play it

- Loving this game ✨

Loving this game ✨

- Best game

It is a good game but I don’t know how to control the people that are fighting

- Charge !!!!

Super addictive game...fun...interactive...addictive lol ...good job

- Great game

It’s a well thought out game with great playability. It’s highly addictive and fun filled.

- Amazingly Fun

This Game has literally topped my to do list everyday... Massive fun... Great concept

- Soul taker 0👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Have fun playing this game cause is so addictive I tell, bt play responsible...lol 😄😄😁😄😜

- Interesting and fun-packed game

This game kept me awake during the guild fest.

- Amazing

It is amazing I love it it is like a dream come true👍🤘☝️👌

- Hi

Nice game

- I love it

Is nice game

- 👌🏼👌🏼

I love it!🙌🏼

- Mmuaah!

Excellent game. I love you!!!

- Sam

Good game

- Great game


- Good

It's really nice

- Racheldiiva

This is unbelievable 👍🏻👍🏻😘

- Can't login

Cool game but couldn't log into my account for over a week and it's very annoying. Can something be done about it please.

- Lords mobile

Cool app

Lords Mobile Kingdom of wars gameplay

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars 2.24.1 Screenshots & Images

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars iphone images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ipad images
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (Version 2.24.1) Install & Download

The applications Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars was published in the category Games on 2016-03-31 and was developed by IGG.COM [Developer ID: 1303288190]. This application file size is 666.13 MB. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars - Games posted on 2020-06-12 current version is 2.24.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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