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Toca Life: School App Description & Overview

What is toca life: school app? Grab your backpack - it’s time for Toca Life: School! Teach a class, pick a locker and have a food fight in the cafeteria! With five locations and 34 characters, you can create your very own school adventures!

Thanks to the outpouring of ideas from kids all over the world we created Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City are our first apps in the series; now we’re excited to introduce Toca Life: School!

Toca Life: School has five unique locations for telling stories about life at school. Head out to the playground and coach a basketball team, conduct a science experiment in the classroom and jam with your band in the youth club! All characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be moved between locations.

Wear funny costumes and throw a party. Mix colorful liquids in the chem lab, climb a tree and play hide-and-seek. Looking for some after-school fun? The youth club is always open for fun activities like pool, ping-pong or playing instruments.

Use the in-app recording feature to record your story! Exclusive to the Toca Life series, the recording feature will help you share the stories you create. By recording sound and screen you’ll be able to save an up to two minutes long video to your camera roll!

- Five locations to explore: house, cafeteria, school building, youth club and playground
- 34 characters to play with and different outfits to wear
- Discover the school building with different themed lockers, a school office and a classroom that includes a lab for experiments!
- Set off the fire alarm sprinkles and use the fire extinguisher
- Learn to play the epic keytar and start a band in the youth club!
- Play sports or cheer on a game at the playground!
- Chew gum and throw stink bombs!
- Start a food fight in the cafeteria and clean it up afterward
- Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

“This game is the best game ever. But can you add a neighborhood and a school? If you guys add those two things, everybody will love Toca City! Thanks for being awesome!”
- Review, App Store

“I agree with the: School, Elevator and Trampoline (I like the school because well, duh it's a school!)...”
- Review, App Store

“I think you guys should do a Toca Life: School! I think it would be educational because you already have a town and and a city!...”
- Fan e-mail

“You should make a Toca Life School”
- Instagram comment

We received a ton of requests from you and decided to make a school for Toca Life! We want to keep hearing your thoughts so don’t be shy and keep on suggesting! What do you want to see next? Share your ideas by submitting your review on the App Store, or share it with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube!


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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App Name Toca Life: School
Category Education
Updated 13 March 2023, Monday
File Size 231.35 MB

Toca Life: School Comments & Reviews 2023

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Do u ever pay attention?. All of the Toca Boca games are awesome (but some are a little weird)! :) The problem is that I keep writing reviews on things that are great, things that might need a little work, and things that just need a few suggestions to make the game even better! But u guys never do anything, it seems. Sure, your probably busy making great new games, but it seems like u never read our reviews, and who knows, maybe a suggestion could make your game number one for a long time! Anyway, the games are amazing, but please just read our reviews so that you can make your games even better! (If you don't read this, Toca Boca, I CAN'T EVEN...)

Really good game, but..... I really love games like this, but there is one thing that just annoys me. It's that every time I open it, it tells me : pay me 5.99..... Why!? For what!? Ok, so the point is, I think that almost all of the Toca games cost money, and, you know, there are children playing these games (like me) which can't afford them. This is the reason I only have toca school and toca farm. Can't you make more FREE games that actually have a purpose for playing them like toca school? It has a free version of it..... so please!!!!! Have mercy!!!!

Ideas For This Game!. I love this game so much! I also have ideas for this game. One of them is you can add more stores! And you could add a clothing maker, so we can design our school uniforms and clothes! Even, when there was this store in toca city (the hair salon) can you add it here too? I have so much ideas to share! Thank you for making me smile and I hope you like what I said here! Thank! You!

Love it❤️. I love this app because it is such a experience if your 4 to 5 year old kid does not get this app they will not live there live it will keep them on the app for 2 or 3 hours please get this game. And in toca world if you get all the games like I did all of the toca life’s will go in toca world. Please get this game I am warning you if you don’t get this game you 4 to 5 year old kid will not live there lives.

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!. Always I love to a games, and this one (not surprising) is also awesome. I love role playing a school day and I can’t wait for tics life world so I can play this with all the other toca life games! But Toca, if your reading this 2 things 1st of all if you would please tell us when the release of toca life world will be! If you can’t couldn’t you of waited to tell us so we don’t get over excited and die of being in-patient! (Not that I’m saying I did not wanna know) but if it’s happening in a while then why tell us and make us wait for what seems like FOOORREEEEVVVER! still love you toca!

Great! But it could improve... I really like Toca life: school. There are a few things that bother me. One, if I want to have more than one big kid, I can't! The house should be bigger. There should be a couch and two bedrooms at least. Not that I want to be pushy. Secondly, I really wish that there were more lockers, backpacks, lunch boxes, desks, and more than one classroom. If the game is going to have 33 people (20 kids), they should all have a place to go to school. Lastly, why are the garage and house so far a part? They should be next to each other with something else where the garage is currently. I would appreciate you granting any of my wishes but I respect if you don't. 💜Thanks

Amazing. I think u already know this is a great game. I don't really know that personally. When my daughter asked for toca school I was like sure. Now I think she has about 10more it's an addiction for her. She loves to find secrets in every toca app or at least the new ones. I've been curious on what all the excitement is about so I've started playing.(don't tell my daughter but I have more toca apps than her) anyway great app and please make toca spy. I mean it's just an idea

I HAVE a AMAZING IDEA !!!!!. What about connecting the games altogether and every time you make a new game make a new character, lots of ideas like a mansion life game then we can make characters that look like us and we can look like we are living in our real lives like a police officer or teachers, but we could also live in a mansion with a fancy elevators and a pool but that’s only if we can get a mansion and maybe that could be free

Inappropriate videos with mean behavior!. The videos I watched had characters with mean behavior. And the pictures were weird and ugly with some people with such exposure to few (inappropriate for kids to see) parts of their body. And that youth club looks like a secret lair or a hideout for gangsters. Even the kids in the youth club dress like punks or beatniks. And the video game is mean. Most of the children look more like teenaged thugs. Such as boys with long hair like girls. And another thing about the videos: you could have better comedy for kids and you could give some more educational videos for them. That makes a whole lot more sense if you are making it "educational". I think I like Tinybop better. P.S.: sorry for yelling in my previous review, and I realized that a keytar is real.

Great game but a few ideas!. So this game is really super great! But I have a few ideas to make it better! 1. Maybe you could add another house, To give it the whole neighborhood feel, 2. Maybe you could make the wheel chairs portable because sometimes I wanna totally clean out the house and put in what I want, so it would be awesome If you could be able to movie it to like the storage area, 3. This is an idea for all your games, but maybe there could be a little clothing shop where you could create your own clothes and accessories. And 4. Is maybe you could add more classes to he school so you could move around a bit more it the school. I hope you take these ideas to heart! Thanks!

Great Game! (Idea). Great Game! I have an idea! The game can be called ❤️Toca Hair Salón Forever!❤️ It can be every single hair salon game in 1!!! (but not a bundle)Cut your own hair, And also wear clothes!! (and make them!) You can also make up your own hairstyles and save them! Another idea: Toca Ice Cream Shop!!!!!!! Made of 5 floors; 1:Where you buy the ice cream 2:Make your own ice cream 3:”Chill” out 4:Ice Cream Party! 5:Secret Location! Push all the 5 hidden buttons to get a secret Ice Cream Location!(Please make it free)Please make this game!

Amazing/suggestion. If you’re looking for game this is definitely the one it is so fun just like all Toca boca games are I’m also about to get the hospital one but I have a suggestion for another game and I know u get these a lot but I would like a Toca life space center I really like science and this would be so cool if you could do this I would definitely buy it also a Toca life court house because I really want to be a lawyer when I grow up so this would definitely be fun and enjoyable too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁

Ok. It’s a really great game, not as good as toca city, but good. I just wish there was a nurses office or an actual basketball or a teachers desk. Also more than 1 backpack. I love this game a lot but I mean really, a bright red ball for basketball? Come on! I also have an idea... a toca game where you can make movies with a director a camera guy and a red carpet and you can “win” trophies! I know it takes a while to make games like this so I don’t expect it to be made soon. But if you do make it plz make it FREE,!!!🐷🐷🐷🐼🐼🐼🦄🦄🦄 thanks 4 reading

MORE PEOPLE!!!!!. I love this game so much but it doesn't have enough people and if you do read this I would like it to be adults because there are barely any. This game is very fun and I would recommend it.👍🏻 But WARNING if you haven't gotten this game yet Basically all you do is people around feed them and put them to bed so if you like action don't get it And a couple ideas so you basically get all the toca life games and put them together so you have a hospital lots of houses a school a grocery store a offices etc. and whenever you make a new toca life game you can update it I just thought it more simple than the idea of moving everyone from game to game you could just put it all one one app Another idea is to get more rooms in houses and make it so they have more floors and instead of an elevator you should have stairs but kind of in the wall so when you tap on it you go up them to new rooms. I think you should have a mansion one Thank you for reading

Omg I love Toca Boca ❤️❤️❤️. I totally adore toca Boca. Only one thing. I want toca Boca life to be free!!!!!! Do you know how many more people would play your game and buy ur products if more people would play?!?!? Please make them free!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I need to add to that... The moment I had seen toca life farm was free I went crazy 😜 exited. I tried to download it and it wouldn't work. It says that I somehow deleted it at some point ( which I didn't) and it wouldn't let Me get the app. I tried to get it over and over and it keeper on saying "this app has been already downloaded and will be added at no additional charge." It did this last year and I tried it today and it still didn't work... :( >:( please get it to work. 😭😤😡

Great App!! I have some update ideas.... Toca apps are some of my favorite apps. I have all the toca lifes and a few other ones. Today i was playing toca vacation and it said that toca life HOSPITAL was coming out in 5 days!!! I was so excited. Awhile ago i had mentioned to create toca hospital so im very happy. THANKS TOCA CREATORS!!!😄 I was wondering about this app if you can add some new things like a new location and new characters. Maybe you can add more classrooms, a principals office, and a detention room. I would love it and it would make it much better. Since you guys took one of my ideas, im hoping you do this. Thank you again!!😊

Cool game. I like this game but it's so old compared to the other ones I wish you would make a huge update to it so it will be cool like the other ones it needs secrets!!! Also I want to say Toca life changed my life ever sense I was 8 and I played on my cousins tablet I played this game and now I am always waiting for I new app it gives my that special feeling like at night time on Christmas Eve when I can’t get to sleep waiting for presents in the morning!!! You guys are the best Thanks,😜

Love every toca life you make!!!!!!!!!. Okay, this is the first toca life game I got in my WHOLE LIFE, and I got it like, either one or two years ago. THIS GAME WAS THE BEST GAME EVEEEERRRR when I first got it!!! I played all night and day and I didn't want to go to bed AT ALL because I wanted to play it!!! But if I thought this game was really fun, look at toca boca now! I got toca pets and it was so fun!!! So, there are a few things I need to tell you toca boca lovers and toca makers, I need to ask you some things. First of all, toca boca lovers, if you don't know this you better hear this! They are going to make............. A TOCA LIFE AFTER SCHOOL IN THREE DAYS! I am so excited! Okay, toca boca makers, only three things to ask. #1. Can you make a toca life viral where you can make fake videos and OH MY GOSH I HAD THE GREATEST IDEA! You can have slime supplies so you could make slime videos! For example, you would have a gallon of glue or more, shaving cream, activator, and glitter, clay for butter slime, and a bowl and something to mix with. Then, when it's all mixed, you can tap the bowl and it would zoom in to the slime and you can poke it and spread it and make bubbles. #2. Toca life 80's! There could be neon decorations and stuff, like a jukebox for playing music. #3. Braces or retainers in the house in this game so when you put it in the persons mouth they can wear it. Sorry it was so long! Amazing game!😍😍😍 love you guys!

Internet connection. I like your games and all, but I found out that the apps recently stopped working without internet connection. I feel this is simply ridiculous, for there is nothing that makes it require internet and I know many people play these on the road. This is just annoying. They used to be able to work, internet or not. What happened? It's seriously getting on my nerves. Please fix this soon.

MORE TOCA BOCA PLZ!. I have some ideas that would be fun for a Toca Boca game. Maybe there could be a Toca Boca Carnival/Amusement Park, Toca Boca Waterpark, Toca Boca Mall, or maybe a Toca Boca Field trip where there is a small school building, a school bus, and a lot of different locations that would be fun for a field trip! My personal favorite would be Toca Boca Amusement Park/Waterpark. Thank you for reading this and please take my ideas into consideration!😁

DAYCARE FOR THE YOUNG ONES 👧🏼 👱🏼‍♀️😶😐😑😐😶😱. Hey I have a question, WHY DON'T THE YOUNGER KIDS GET SCHOOL????? I think it's unfair that the younger don't have school while the other kids do. So there should be a kids daycare with nice friendly staff and maybe add a animated swing (that only moves when sat on) so can you please at least try and if you do it might be a cool update that will give you a lot of money. But it's okay if you don't. But I must say that your games are awesome!!!!

One suggestion. Please add a nurses office. And toca, I love all of your toca life's. I've bought every single one. And I'm nine but, I still love every single one. When I grow up I want to be a surgeon. That makes toca life hospital my most favorite. Please, please, please make more. You guys are awesome. I love all the characters and how detailed the games are. And I'm also happy because on another toca life I rated "please make a toca hospital" and you did! Because you guys are so awesome, I support toca boca in every way.

Pretty good just some suggestions. Honestly it's a really good game but I think for the school there should be different levels like principles office and different classes you could go to. Also one thing you could add is different levels of living. Other than that it's great. (One more thing maybe kids could go to elementary,middle school, and high school possibly college*in different buildings maybe*)

An Idea (Customizing a Character). Your games are spectacular! Job well done! But I think you should add something else. I think for every Toca life game you should add another button at the bottom of the screen where you *make* characters. This button should allow you to choose if your character is an adult, teen, child, baby, creature, etc. Then you can design it by scrolling through options in the “customizing character” part, including picking its hair, clothes, facial features, etc. Well just an idea. Thank you!

Love it😋. I am really happy this is free because I don't like spending money on apps in general, although these are always worth it . I really like the idea of making food in these games so maybe you could do one where there are different restaurants that you could cook in, and people order things?? That would DEFINITELY be one of your coolest games(in my opinion)

Awesome. Great game! However, I felt like it was a little lack luster, I felt the same with the hospital, but you can see why in my hospital review. The cafeteria was definitely unique compared to other games, but i had some issues with it. First: the house. The house is okay. I don’t really like it though. It was not something I would expect to see from a Toca world game. Next: the school. The school is the main part of this game and frankly, I was disappointed. It was small and got boring after a few days. The youth club is very unique though so that is a plus. I also like the schoolyard and I think the gum and how the characters can blow a bubble is cute. The game was okay but, I expect better from Toca. Very disappointed.☹️

Love this. If you don’t have this well you should get every single one it may seem like a lot of money but it’s worth it to me sometimes after playing for a while my hands cramp up so I can’t play and I kinda get bored on all the Toca life apps could you make and app more exciting but I really love the apps!!!! Thanks so much for reading please make those improvements!!!!

NOT BAD NOT GOOD,ITS GREAT. This has to be the BEST game EVER the kids are cute making a mess is awesome and the part were you can write on the board! You can try to even learn in this game too! Nothing is better then playing as kids,teachers and everything else in the game! And even the game has a home with a cute little baby in it, and the baby’s bed is hanging! If this game could get any better I’ll take it. But for now this is the best! Not bad not good it’s great! 🙂

Fantastic game😃😃😃. I love this game but the hills next to the storage are bugging me maybe you could turn it into a museum or a field trip place that would be cool also the forest is a spot for more stuff like a summer school or camp ground or a after school job and it would be good if you could have other houses because then you can have sleepovers or play dates with friends for a new toca life you should do a cruise or a toca life where you can create the people the people who live there I am just throwing ideas out but this game is amazing I have all the toca life games and I find out I just love them even more

Toca Village. Hello, Toca Boca company, and everybody else reading this. I love all of your apps. I have a great idea for a new one! What about Toca Village? I’ve always wanted more than just 1 house in the game. And in the Village, there can be 4 houses, supermarket, doctor, and more! And, since there is so much stuff in it, you might want to make it 3.99. You don’t have to make it, I would buy it though! One more thing to add, it will be my favorite Toca game! I will be so happy if I come home from school one day, and there is: Toca Village, because I check everyday! That’s how much I love it! Anyways, thank you for your time, I hope you make it! 🙂🙂

Read this. Hi toca boca so I was only able to get this app because you made it free for a limited time. I suggest you make all your apps free. I’ve been eyeing toca city for years like, since I was 4. But I can’t really pay for games. When I played this I got bored with it really quickly and I think you can add way more. All your other apps look way more fun than this one so please please please make your apps free! Or at least make some free for a limited time like this one. So yeah that’s what I have to say. This app is great but gets boring so make your other apps free

the free game that’s always worth it😃😃😃. So far, I really like this game. It’s an awesome way to interact with things in the real world. But, I want to point out one thing. Most of your games I see on the App Store aren’t free, but I can tell they are good ideas. I just always wished all Toca Boca Life games could be free, but I do understand that Toca Boca is a popular company, So they need to make money to launch new ideas. I think they do that. Tell me if I’m wrong. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that maybe you could make some Toca Boca Life games free instead of making one free. But keep up the good work!

Glitches. My sister has been having a lot of glitches.☹️. She has been having so many glitches with the cafeteria. When she would get out of the cafeteria it would be fine when she comes back all of her food and supplies would scatter everywhere including the food. Please read this . Have a great Night/afternoon/morning P.S. the whole reason I’m doing this is to make her happy and she has a tablet/Fire

Please read this!. Hello, i have given this app a 4 star rating, it is one of my favorite apps and i love absolutely all of the games you provide us with (toca town, toca city, toca hospital, toca farm etc.) although i have one suggestion. you should defiantly combine all of these games into one! it would make it more fun to be able to travel from the hospital to a house and then to the mall! thank you for reading this

You literally want money. When I first saw this app I really wanted it . I begged my mom for this app. But then I played with it for a few days and got bored. So I think you ripped me off . Your rude person who made this app.,,,you are a weirdo with tons of distressed comments about your own business you are gonna turn poor!!!!! You really should think about be kind thecbeee

This game is ok. I really like role playing in games like Gacha studio and ROBLOX but I like the games you make like Toca boo and Toca life. But this game is a little boring. Because If you like role play like you want to stop going to school and want to go somewhere else maybe this game should have a update we’re there’s more places to go. Like a mall and super market because there’s nearly any food in the house and more people and baby’s.And that’s all I have to say.

Amazing but could use some work. First of all make another house and make it have two floors, second make the school have a second floor that has another bathroom and more classes and a janitors closet also a teachers lounge, third make a gym for a class, forth make the cafeteria have more tables and have the tables have seating charts, fifth I want to be able to go to the supermarket to get food and school supplies and clothes and for new hair colors and also I would like to go to a bus stop and have a bus area that you can have kids go on the bus and it won’t take them to the school (you did it for the toca stables right?) that’s all please make this happen 😁😍

Update please!!!!!. So I love y'all and I was wondering when the next update would be coming out because i got this game like a few months ago and my Toca World app updates every month or so but this one hasn't updated in months also I don't think you should only have something for youth what about toddlers and babies you should add the nursery.

I LOVE IT but a little concern with others. Ok the app is amazing! Even though it's an educational game it's a game that's actually both for all ages fun and i don't know how but it's claiming to be educational I totally recommend this but however I wish there were more free Toca life apps and I thought it would be cool to have a Toca life campsite there could be a nice fire cabins mountains and that stuff would be cool to see and it would just make my day if the creators actually got an idea for the camp I LOVE U TOCA LIFE

Hi Toca Boca, a few ideas.... Dear Toca Boca, I absolutely love your game. I think Toca School has lots of fun features, such as the food splatter, but needs some new locations. The mountain area could be used for another house, or a school activity like a field trip. I also wish there were the smartphones and more backpacks. Thank you, and I am exited for your new game! Sincerely, An Addicted Fan

Ideas and feedback. Hi Toca Boca creators! Me and my sister love the games! I do think this game was fantastic, but there would be more to it. Either way I love all the Toca Boca games and have one suggestion! What about Toca Boca Hollywood? You could have all the characters as different people when your famous! You can have all different Red carpet outfits, filming movies, stages, and more! This is just a suggestion but I wish to maybe see it soon! Thanks! Alex😘

Toca Boca Mansion. Sorry if this is too much but can you make toca boca mansion, it would be a dream come true!!! I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE TOCA BOCA, u are one of my first favorite apps AKA: Toca Boca and CoCo Play those are the only app companies that I love, I am obsessed with ur apps, thanks so much for making toca boca i wouldn't be myself without it, I would soooooooo sad, anywho, about toca mansion, i hope you guys make it because it is so important to me,well u don't have to if you don't want to, I understand if you don't want, this toca boca mansion idea was inspired by toca office because I made a family and the dad is in charge of the bank, and I thought why don't you make toca mansion, i have a few things u guys can add but it your choice Obviously, a mansion, a store, a school, science lab place, and secret thingy. Thnx so much for your time, have a good day or night❤️❤️❤️

4 world. Plz plz read this plz plz read this!!! So I wrote a review suggesting a zoo and other people also suggested one. So plz plz plz make a zoo and I also suggested Toca life: Fame!!!!!!!!! (Check the hospital reviews)So do both of those things or you get ONE star >:U JK! :3 great game!!!!! Bye!!!!!!! Plz plz consider!!!! p.s. big animals like horses and cows and maybe in the future llamas lions and lionesses and tigers and white tigers and white lions and lionesses and panthers and jaguars and snow leopards and etc. should be able to, for example, go to the aquarium! Other people agree. Read other Toca world reviews😸

Halloween. You should do a Halloween update to all the toca life games and a thanks giving and all the other holidays. It would be amazing and probably even make it more interesting and fun I love the apps but it would make them better. It would also be fun if you add new stuff to them every once in a while so it won’t be the same thing and make it boring. There’s a lot of stuff you could add to make them fun like the water fall with the unicorn and fairies you can add to make them very fun like even a way to get to an different world. Please do your games are amazing and this could make them better.

Suggestion and and some feed back. Hi, I am a consumer of Toca Boca apps in the past and I was impressed. So I kept buying them and I kept loving them. However, this one I’m not so impressed by. First of all, usually when I get a new Toca app I play on in for at least a week before I start to get bored with but, this one I was bored in under a day. Secondly, the school should be more than one level, there should be more to do on the playground, more to do at the youth club, and there should be more places to go in general. Lastly, I think there should be more kids and classroom, therefore more backpacks, desk space, lunchboxes,lunch trays and seating as well. That is why and how you should improve your app and now I will suggest a new idea. I thought that there could be a Toca Life beach. The buildings there would include: a beach condo, a beach cafe, the beach, and a ship to tour or go on and that would be two levels, and a lighthouse on an island. That is all I have to suggest thank you for your consideration.

Shining noodles the greatest🥡. Omg I love toca boca who else is ready for toca life pets!!?!? It’s gonna be so good it looks like the BEST toca Life game they are soooooooooooo much pets I’m so exited yayaya!!! I’m such a crazy pet person I love cats dogs and ferrets! Have I ever told you that I loved cats! There is even grumpy cat in this game!!!!! And a cat with a green and blue eye they are so much cats! Ok (=>.<=) I’m so very exited!,!,!,! !!!!!! Coming on dec 7 this Thursday thank you for listening toca. 👁❤️ toca boca !

LOVE IT!!. I love this game!! I love all the toca life games!! They are my favorite!! 😁 but I wanted to ask you one thing, could you maybe add in a school bus? Lots of my stories need a school bus but I just pretend that the storage room is a school bus. (But it doesn't work out to well) so I just would like to recommend adding a school bus. You don’t have to, it’s just a suggestion. Thank you!! Love you toca!!


Update idea!. Dear toca boca hello! It's me again! Toca gamer! I hope you've read my reviews on toca: life office and toca: life hospital, but today I have a idea for a update! So I was wondering if you all could put in a school bus to travel on like the bus in toca life stables,but put it in on a update for toca: life school! I would really like it if you all could do this. Because then the schoolers could take them extra clothes (because clothes don't fit in the backpack.) and other stuff! I don't know you all should just think about it because I think it's a good idea. Your friend and reviewer, Toca gamer.

Toca life world is the best game ever!!. I know a lot of people think it’s unreasonable that some of the extra buildings and or accessories cost money but I think it is worth the money. Only thing I would say tho, maybe the big pack and mega pack should be just a bit cheaper. But other that that, this is great!!

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I LOVE TOCA BOCA. I love this game is because I like that u can actually draw on the whiteboard and I love that part of the game so THANK U TOCA BOCA!

Amazing but....?. I love the game and all but I do wish for a massive 2 or 3 story manison because there is only small houses in all the toca town city school but I still would love the style that you have and if there where more then 2 bedrooms manely 3 or 4 rooms I hope for a car for each toca town city school so you can get from one place to another with the hole family or with the another characters and if in the small house it would be a bunk bed instead so when the small baby in the game grows up she has a place to sleep with her brother or sister and if you could remove the baby bed.👍🏽👻


I love this game but. Hey Toca Fans and toca dev’s the game was fun but it needs more games. 1.Can you make a game that has a spawn a object book like scribblenauts 2.In toca life city make create clothing and apartment’s 3.Make a create a character mode at the start make it with name age look and personality 4.make playable arcade games and make a arcade 5.make a story to it 6.Make quests 7.every update add new characters new creat a character mode Last and not least 8. Add new shops like a gaming store a furniture add money and jobs to earn money Best times in toca boca life Thank you :))())())( 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😋

Hi toca. I thought that this one of your life series was great. Can you make one which is like a house that you can design and make it suit your personality and you can make characters that look like you and design clothing and once you have there are all the usual characters and then there are all these shops like toy shops that have real life toys that actually exist and grocery shops and just any shop that you can think of. I would like to see more of rainbow clothing that the little girl had on.

Add some More. Umm I'm starting to like it but then THERE IS NO UPSTAIRS But when you look at the outside IT LOOKS LIKE IT HAS STAIRS And can you add MORE CLASSES I'm sorry for screaming but I really want these stuff added they are really good if you add them and + can you add more HOUSES PLEASE!! 🙂🙃 We need a neighbourhood! I really want you to add them its good but it needs those + the button for more people are getting me very bored because whenever I try to get an item it's next to the More people (if that's what is called 😐) and I keep on tapping on the More people you should move it up right because it's annoying to press now.... Thank you for reading this I hope you add more stuff thank you 😊 -Your Fan Of this Game (SweetGamer)

Hello toca Boca makers. Can you please make a toca Boca theme park or a sloth petting zoo or a sloth park me and my freind really want to see one that would be amazing and my dream Thanks and bye

Times out, doesn’t work!!!. We can’t even get into this game. My daughter used her birthday money to buy it an now can’t even use it!!! We have a BRAND NEW IPad there is NO reason why this wont work!

I actual enjoyed it. I got this game for my niece, and she's only four. She was interested for about five minutes and then wandered off. So.. I had go. I have to admit, even though this game is for young ages, I was playing it for hours and I still am. I never got bored of it :3 and I'm 12 lol. You should try it, whether it's for a young child, teenager or even maybe an adult, get it. It's really fun. No joke. Worth the money. One hung it percent

I LOVE THIS APP. OMG guys. I love this app and play it almost all the time. I can always think of something new to do with it and it’s so cool to use all the characters to make my story idea come to life. I love this app series! Keep being awesome Toca Boca!

A few more places maybe?. I honestly think that the app is pretty good. I’m just thinking, maybe add another place? Maybe a swimming pool where you could pretend that the people are learning to swim or just a fun swim around! Also other suggestions for the hills: a mall, a hair salon, grocery and stuff like that. That’s all and thanks Toca Boca AB!

I love it but please make all the games free. By Stella

I think. I think you should make a Toca zoo and for free And a Toca Life Hotel

Great. Can you please fix this glitch when I pressed the dogs in the house a few times they made a pop sound and can you please add a new place to visit

Ideas!!. Please add a teachers lounge and a bus stop. I really love your games but I think that a school game needs a bus stop and a teacher lounge.

Great. It's really good for young children to play with and even teenagers enjoy these games. I love that you can change the clothes and make sandwiches in the cafeteria. There are just a few bugs and suggestions I have, in the cafeteria it is really hard to get the strawberry flavour in a glass and when you take the creature out of the vending machine, if you put it in the toilet and flush it down it doesn't come back. Also you cannot put anything in the cupboards and fridge and it would be great to have another house and use the space on the map in the top right corner as well a somewhere else for after school. Over all I love these toca games and I hope for some new ones in the future.

Extension. I think it would be great if you extended the map and added a grocery store, a mall, more house and even maybe a pool for the characters can swim in. In the mall you can buy, shirts,shorts,jackets,pants,swimsuits and more Thanks if you read this

Toca. Toca school is my favourite but I hope to see an update soon

Make a update where you can make your own Toca life characters. It would be so cool if you could make your own Toca life characters with all different styles and looks you guys could make a game where you could make toca life characters and then transfer the toca life characters to the toca life games

I LO❤️E Toca Boca - Please read. Hay Toca Boca crew, I know, l know this seems like this is just another boring review but I was hopeing if you would consider some of my ideas for Toca life: School. 1. there could be more class rooms rather then having to classrooms in one and to make that work you could add a elevator with attest two levels. 2. There could be a teachers lounge were you could add a coffe dispenser and of course and couch. 3. There could also be a art room. 4. If the house could be a bit larger with a lounge room and a back yard. 5. Please would you be able to create atleast three more Carters including two parents and another baby! I hope you toke in some ideas, and I just want to let you know I love all your Toca life games.

LOVE THESE GAMES TO BITS BUT...... Hello! So I have to say I love your life games for so many reasons and have every single one! But here is what I wanted you to do.... please 🙀 (1) Add more houses and school areas in Toca Life School! (2) Have just more than one apartment in Toca Life City and make a lobby too, where the characters can sit,relax,watch tv and go to the apartments in the elavator. (3) Lastly, In Toca Life Stable you have houses for the characters.

New game idea. I think you guys should make an app called Toca life: World where you can travel the world and lots of different souvenirs. I think you should even able us to fly the plane and drive cars and there will be bus stops and stuff to go on. Most importantly I think you should make school where you can create assignments and home work that we can actually fill out. I really hope you guys make a game out of my ideas, I think it will be easier for us if you enable a button where we can travel from different games for example I’m in Toca city but I click the button and choose to go to Toca school ( this idea is from My Town). Overall I hope you use these ideas and read my quite long review. P.S. I have been playing your games since I was 5 now I’m 10

how do you…... how do you update?

Interesting. I don’t know what to say about your app so goodbye

Combine. Hey Toca Boca with your life Set u should put all the games into one big toca life town as a update. If u do this it would be good for all players so they can people from the school and Can go to the hospital or something like that

Thanks for making it free but.... I owned this game when it was new and costed six dollars. They wasted my money by deleting the game automatically and making me pay again. Today it's finally free so that's exciting but it keep resetting actions completed 10 mins and under ago by glitching the game out. I'm not mad but I'm just disappointed... Also I got it yesterday when it was free but today it's not so that's exciting! But I suggest making 1 toca life app free every Friday. It would boost sales

Great. This is a great game. It would be awesome to have a mall like toca city in there, so there are more options for clothes, food, pets. It would be better if the wheelchair could be moved from room to room instead of having one in each room. A park or camping ground for the kids to go on school camps would be great. Or a zoo for excursion, something like this would be amazing. Nothing goes in my fridge unfortunately. And of course the ability to go between the apps and have the options of all those characters would be amazing. This way you wouldn't need a shop in toca school as you could just go to toca city or town.

I lov these pass but. Hey toca boca this s an amazing app and there are lots of other toca life apps but they all cost money and yes I understand why but I think to give younger kids the opportunity to play apps like this but in different sceans my son loves this app but he wants to get the toca hospital but I’m not going to pay the amount that you want for it so please could you make some more of the apps free,thankyou

Super good bud. So I love this game and Toca life world but there’s like a bug I want to add the school world to my Toca life world but it’s not working when I want to update this game so can you fix that thank you

To much money!. Pease make toca life after school free for 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭 PS tell me if you say yes.

A brand new idea. I was thinking you guys should make an app where you add in, design, and create your own buildings. Like design the outside then add in furniture and accessories! You can call it Toca life: create. And then maybe you can upload it to Toca life: world but you are the only one who can. Please read this, I would love for you guys to make it. -Keira / Brekkie2

Love ur games. I love ur games especially the toca life games but in toca life school could u add a way to change the colours and maybe change the size of the texta on the white bord. Also i have a suggestion for an app like toca life: life where u can make an oc and u have goals and to complete the game u have to go through all of the stages of life and after u complete the game then u can play like u would normaly play and u could go to the different stages of life but have no goals what so ever as different rooms. Also i love how u have a sloth or a krump in almost every game. In toca life city u could add a library and in toca life hospital u could make a way to make the patients sick. Thank you for taking ur time to read my review i know its long and keep up the good work.

Toca school. Thanks

The teacher. The teachers arms go small whell he is holding things.

BEST APP EVER!!! ❤️❤️❤️. I love this app so so much!! It's really fun and great to learn but… I wish there was the ability to take the wheelchair with you and more places like another house or a shop or a place to get more clothes and food and another baby. Also it really would be great if you could switch between apps to toca town- toca city- toca school. I understand the way you make the food would be a bit difficult but it would be awesome if you could. I also understand that they take a lot of time and effort but I really appreciate that you do make these apps. Thankyou so so much xx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Read for advice😎!. I enjoyed this game ALOT! Toca Boca really did well creating this third edition to the Toca Life series. But the problem was it was... Just not as good as Toca Life: City 😁😓!!!! There was something that made this edition feel slightly limited 😬. What it needs is a library (with computers),a camp (in the empty field next to the house) a pool,(next to the extra AWESOME youth club) and what this place is missing is a general store (with food for the house,clothes,accessories,toys,video games ect) so if Toca Boca updated it like that it would be GREAT🎉👑! Meow😸

Love it but I am upset. This one is so good I have almost all of the apps and I am upset with Toca life school I keep giving my characters lots of homework to do and I would like it if you can add a library it would mean sooo much to me please please do it I would love it🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Awesome 👏 👍🏻🦄. I think it’s the best game ever because I play it everyday and do morning routines but I think we need a bit more selection of babies and babies clothing because there’s only the strawberry outfit and the nappy and the pjs. Also please add another place to explore because I spent almost five dollars on this game so make its worth it thanks. 👍🏻

Ahh sweet Toca.. "These games are meal and drink to me" - Uggjhfykhg Shakespeare. Just amazing. I love and have them all. Mwahahahahaha!

You might wanna know this. There’s a company copying toca called dr panda just saying

Make games free. Hi toca can u pls pls pls make some more of the toca Boca life games free such as the office pls

Won’t load. Hi! I’m stuck on a black screen and it will not change (It’s after the Toca thing happened) Don’t know if it’s a glitch or uh- But so far it’s bad since I’m stuck Please help

Toca life zoo!. Hi there I'm 10 and my sister is 8 and we absolutely adore your games especially this one but it would be amazing if you could make a game called toca life zoo that had animals like elephants and lions and giraffes and you could ride on camels and make the zoo animals escape and you have to try to get them back into their enclosure! And you could also have a gift shop where you could get little toys and figures of the animals and then take them bake to your house for display! So please mabey in the future or closer to now please please please please please please please please could you do this! 🐪🐫🐧🐘🐯🐅🐆🐗🐻🐺🐨🐵🐼🐍🐢🐸

One thing is wrong. I was playing and a pear glitched in a vending machine I could only see white dots and a tree thing at the top

Really fun!. I love your games! Fun and cool! Maybe you should add some secrets ! That would make it even better!

AMAZING GAME. This game is just amazing! I love all of the toca life's and when I hear the next one is coming out I get soooooo exited! I recently got your new toca life: Hospital. The reason I love this game is because.... 1. It has great graphics 2. You are able to change their clothes! 3. The game has great quality! But... all I think it need to make it a little more better than what it already is, is a few more updates like more areas to play such as... a second floor to the school, some more houses and maybe a pool! But this is still an amazing game!!! (From your fan Kayla)

I love it but..... I love the game it is very time consuming but i wish the little people would do some things because you have to move them everywhere aroud the whole map especially with big groups, and get more clothes options, and more areas to explore. But everything else is great! Very entertaining! 👍🏻 -Kitty meows

Great!!!!. Can u add another class room like an art room

Great Game!. This is a great game but could you please add a new place or two.

LOVE IT BUUUUUUT how do the stink bombs work???. LIKE SRSLY HOW DO DAY WORKK

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Make a new place pls!. I’m sorry but the games get boring after u play them a lot! So can u plsssssssssss make a new place? Like it can be another house or eny thing u like to make! Well bye

Books. For some reason you can’t put the books up they just lay there side ways and this is all the games please fix this and in your new game make it like Toca life super market with like food clothes toys and dressing rooms thank you

So GOOD. The app is actually kid friendly cause when it comes to the school you get to make all the fun you want to happen especially with the house I love all the Wacky tacky characters but it's a good review!!!!

FIX THIS BUG. Ok so, i had this app for about 2 years. I decided to download it on my new phone. I bought the school, but it didn’t show up. I gone to the shop and to see it needed to be updated. It said “Update Toca Life: School to add it to your world!” I gone to update it but it just said “open” and not “update” this is happening with office,pets,etc.

LOVE YOUR APPS !!!!. I love you apps and love this game . Can you please make more free games please?!!?!?!? If there were more free games i would get all of them. I beg you to make more free games!! I'm saying this one more time i love your games!! Thank you for making them!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love toca!. So I love toca but I feel like toca school maybe needs one more classroom. Also I and a few other people think you should make a toca summer camp!!! 😆😆😆 it would be great. Also I think you should add more girls with long hair. There’s not very many. But me and my sister love toca!!!

Very fun but.... This game, along with all the other toca life apps, is very fun but it isn't as exciting. In Toca Hospital, and Toca Stable, there are seceret lairs which makes the game more exciting. In the new update of Toca City, I was excited to find out what the prizes were in the Post Office! I was just really hoping that toca school would make something fun and exciting.😕

Request. This game is amazing! I was curious if you could add another bug fix update. I have a couple glitches when I play this game. But other than that, this game is super fun!!

Love it but I have a few suggestions for new games please read Toca please.. Please add a Toca world were we Can have all of the Toca nova games and different contents of the world only for 2.99 also a Toca life boats or water or aquatic or Toca life the golden age or Toca life 80s that would be cool and we would all like all your games if u add these or at least Toca life world for only 2.99.

Great game. So I was playing toca world and I wanted to update the school to my new I pad but when I tried it took me here and the game didn’t say update or anything so if you could tell me how to do that would be great. Sincerely Lexi

Weather weather. I want to change the the whether can you make an update for the the toca boca games so you can change the whether please.😀

I love pup cap!. You know that dog that is like a hat but is alive? He is so amazing and adorable that he reminds me of my own dog! And I couldn’t live without peek-a-boo so this is dedicated to all of the living things in our world. Thank you peek-a-boo for being there. Plus I love all of your games keep making them!sincerely your biggest fan.😺

Love the game! Just one thing.. So I love this game it’s very addicting to play and educational. But one thing is a glitch?? Just a question, I bought it and it wouldn’t let me add it to Toca Boca World and I want to. If you guys could maybe fix that it would be great!

Can you make it so you can make them naked again plz. I would love it if you made it so you can make the toca characters naked agen and make more blindings and have more class rooms and pods and what I mean by pods is like 3 class rooms stuck together and have A Chromebook thing more houses and a dorm area

Toca Movie Star. I love these games! I would also love if you could possibly create a Toca movie star! There could be a red carpet, celebrities, award shows, you could create a movie and watch other players movies, and much more! I hope you consider my idea and keep making games!

Pretty good!. I just got the game, and I really like it! There is a bad glitch where I can’t move. The players can, but I can’t look around the room! Other than that, characters are super cute! I would like it if you could, say, tap on a character twice or something, then you could see where the characters position was. If you can do that, thanks!!

I love it! 😍😍😍+ Ideas. A master piece! I wish maybe there was a hammock in the tree or something or maybe a couch loft bed! Maybe be able to go to the mountains? Maybe add some more updates that fix a few things otherwise I love the game! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Oh my word oh my word oh my word. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY I JUST PRE ORDERED THE NEW GAME TOCA LIFE AFTER SCHOOL LET ME JUST SAY I CANT WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP AND ALL THE TOCA LIFE APPS #soAmazing soooooooooo I think the playground and the school should be connected together so u can get from the school to the playground without having to go to the loading page Well anyways I ABSOLUTELY LOVE UR APPS AND CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT TOCA LIFE SFTER SCHOOL HOLDS IN STORE

Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. First of all I would like to say that I LOVE toca life I recommend this to anyone looking for a fun app. for a new toca life app I would want a skiing theme so there would be a ski lodge with a check in desk and a few rooms a hill to ski on and a nice restaurant to eat at after a long day of skiing. I thought that this would be a fun game in the toca life series👍

About Toca life: neighborhood…. Please, please, please, please, please make Toca life: neighborhood come out sooner! I know it takes a long time to make an app, but please try to make it come out sooner if you can. It looks soooooo fun and I really want to play it. Thanks!

I want a refund!. This game may be nice and all but my child has bought it accidentally, of course I don’t mind accidents but this game is very unnecessary in my iPhone and I may request an refund, I will write other reviews in your other games because my child also has bought things in other games . Thank you for your cooperation.

Ideas 💡. You should make a toca life ghost town, Hollywood, fantasy, Disney world, Zoo my favorites are... ghost town and fantasy what I mean what I mean by ghost town is something like garnet with ghosts and what I mean by fantasy ogres, dragons, princess, prince, castle enything fairy tale of course hope you do all 😇

Must have app! 😍. I love Toca life: school is one of my top 3 favorite Toca games! I love that you could change classes and ring the bell. I myself love to play this game. This is a weekend Game. In this app you could actually write on the board. (FUN!) Again, keep on making apps. I'm counting on you!

Toca please make a Toca life world 🌍. So here’s my idea. You can go to different games if you Own them. And you can customize your person. and for the buildings maybe a big grocery store, a pet store, hair salon park, food store, clothes store, and a movie theater maybe. And please add lots of pets! I absolutely love pets😍 thanks for reading love you Toca Boca!!!😍😍😍 #FROME A HUGE FAN😉😍

I love toca boca. I almost have all of the toca play thingys just need toca town and toca pets but I love this school one but there’s only one class and I wish u could have more classes and go to more places other than house, classroom,recess and the lunch room but otherwise 👁❤️toca

Toca. I love all the Toca life apps there so fun to play the only thing I would like to have in Toca is I would like to be able to join other players near by because me and my friend love to play Toca life next to each other but we would like to play in the same world

Good but I have a question. I am a person who lives in America. I’d really like to know when toca life world is coming out for us. If you could respond that would be nice. This is a well made game and I be toca life world is too! So please respond when toca life world will be in America. Thanks!

Please fix this!. So I really LOVE this game and all but I was role-playing and the sister is a cheerleader but there is only one uniform and when I put it in Toca life world it had no storage room and I needed to find the uniform and the the storage room now so please. Fix Toca life world and toca life school. Thank you. Good day or night.

Creators please read. It’s a good app, but when you chop the food is there anyway to change it back. Then once someone eats it it’s GONE. So I think that maybe when you close the tab it All resets or just food ideas. Same thing with other apps like Toca stables I think it would be really useful.

It’s perfect....but an addition could be..... Ok, first of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE TOCA BOCA! It always relaxes me since I have anxiety issues. I have only one teeny suggestion for this app. Add a school bus. I think that could be like with the seats and a driver and all that stuff. Anyways, thx for reading. Have a good day/night! 🤗

Love it but needs improvement. Hi my name is Shannel and I’m impressed by this game but I think that there should be more backpacks and lunch boxes and the woods area should be a baby’s secret school and the lake a fishing area. There can be more babies,cheer outfits,adults,and lockers. Thank you for reading this review.🦄😻😍

Great game but.... Hi toca a lot of people love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ your toca life. I asked around my work and a lot of the moms say their kids absolutely love toca life. But most of them aren't free and a lot of my friends don't like how you have to pay 💰 for the games so please take up my suggestion of making toca life games free

I love it but. I think every game like this in toca boca should have people next to each other irl join each other! I would love that and you guys are great at making these games! Can’t wait to play the new one (the skating one)

Suggestion. Make All the toca lifes free my friends have been saying that for weeks now because my friends don’t have money I Like the games of toca life but my friends really need it

Cheering animation and more. I think that there should be cheering animation when the characters have pompoms and their should be cheer outfits and teams and team games and team jerseys and the number of the soccer player is I am really hoping that this is in a future update If it happens I will play this game for hours

Awesome but a few suggestions. Ok I am sold with this app,BUT maybe you could make a toca life: Space where you would go in a rocket ship,spacewalk and go on the moon also there could be a secret lab (like the one in toca life: hospital) and also in hospital you should be able to have babies. But for this game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💗🎉🎊🎁

It’s good but there is some stuff. I downloaded this game and I thought it was going to be exactly like toca boca but when I realized that it doesn’t have the face expression like toca boca and there’s not that much stuff to do I feel like that you should add more places and add a thing were you can make your own characters and stuff

I got it for free but..... I got this app for free somehow and I accidentally deleted it. So when I went back to get it, I had to pay for it. Can I just get the new one for free because this was the newest one when I got it. So it seems a little unfair if I don't. But besides that, I LOVE IT

Suggestions?. I love this game. I love the whole toca series. I loved you pet idea but I have a suggestion. You should make a toca:creation. Where you can build your own house and characters. It would be really fun to be able to creat a character that had my apparel. I understand this app sugg is pretty big so if you don’t respond I understand. But please take me idea into consideration. (By the way I love the sloth bat)

I have some suggestions. I think you should have more classrooms and lockers. It would be nice because you could teach more than six students and having more classrooms you could have more students

Ideas. Hi I love toca game and I have a bunch of ideas like There should be a gym, more houses and a bus! I have a few game ideas too... Toca life spies; Toca life Hollywood; Toca life zoo; toca life high school: prom and school and stuff. I seriously love toca life games and I think you guys should make more.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Awesome Review:🌈🦄🐶😂👍👍👍. I love Toca Boca apps. I love the app update, too. Get the game. It's awesome. Lotta quality games. I have other Toca Boca apps, too. Also, I love the clothes they are making at target! I love the black and white striped with a Toca Boca 🍔 in the pocket. Great job! Another update in 2018, please.

Ok I guess. I love Toca boca go a games but this one wasn’t my favorite. I wish you could do more. There are not a lot of things to do in this app. I also have a couple ideas for you future games. Number one is for you to make a amusement park game where you can go and have roller coasters and hotels and stuff. Number 2 is to make a futuristic Toca boca game. Lastly neighborhood game. That is my feedback

New Games Please!❤️😍. I think many of this persons that play Toca Life want a new game that we can create our own character and that the characters we do can be in all ours Toca Life games😏♥️We also want a game named Toca Life: Zoo I want a game named Toca Life: Mall Please please please do this games🙏🏻😌💕 LOVE THIS GAMESSSSS💜💜

Toca...... This one was not needed to be 2.99 I was very disappointed by how little you could do in this game, especially since I saved up for this. I was expecting to find secrets but nothing, you can do better toca!! Listen to your customers they have very good ideas! Like one everyone wants TOCA TRAIN! where you can take characters to other toca life apps, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS

I love this app, but I have a few suggestions. I love this game soooooo much! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Although It’s good enough as it is, I would like to share a few suggestions of my own! 1-More classrooms! 2-More houses 3-A school auditorium 4-Nurses office 5-principal’s office 6-Shop/market 7-a campground or camp 8- a WORKING bus 9-more lunchboxes and backpacks 10-please update the play ground! 11-bullies? 12-a gym class 13-bigger cafeteria/more seating 14-a cheer-squad! 15-a separate boys and girls bathroom (for role playing and non inappropriate gameplay!) THATS IT! :D P.S. I’m not trying to hate on this game, it’s just my honest opinion. I think these suggestions would help the game not get boring too quickly!

Please read. Toca Life:School,is a fun app(even for an 11 year old).But I would like for the seasons to change (so they could use there winter coats).Thank you,I hope you take these things into consideration.

I need to help you!. I love your app! But I'll give you some of my ideas that you better do 1. Build a store of school(books,pencils,etc) 2. Build a Clothe's Store(clothes,pants,etc) I love you for using my ideas XOXO Your Fan❤️Sofía

Games won’t sync. I purchased these expansions for the main game for my daughter but none of them will load properly. When I load the in game store it says “update Toca school to continue” but the apps are fully updated, the game just sits there. My daughter enjoys these games and I appreciate having a safe option for her to play and make stories, but I would also appreciate if the apps I’ve paid for function.

Pls pls pls more homes and apps. Pls pls pls make toca life:zoo and museum and pls make a mansion here’s one last app suggestion toca life:rich were people are rich and can get clothes pls make it two players so you can play with two people at the same time I have play dates and my friend always wants to play with me so pls pls pls do it for five stars

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What do you think of the Toca Life: School app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Toca Boca AB and other users?

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Toca Life: School iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.7.1
Play Store com.tocaboca.tocaschool
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Toca Life: School (Versiyon 1.7.1) Install & Download

The application Toca Life: School was published in the category Education on 28 October 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This program file size is 231.35 MB. This app has been rated by 1,553 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Toca Life: School - Education app posted on 13 March 2023, Monday current version is 1.7.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocaschool. Languages supported by the app:

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Toca Life: School App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of Toca Life: School. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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