Burger – The Game

Burger – The Game [Games] App Description & Overview

Make the highest burger ever!
One-button-action at its finest.

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Throw a patty!
Throw another patty!
And another one!
Tons of unlockables!

» Even better than Pancake « – the developer

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+ small improvements

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- How do you turn off the music??

I tried to find the settings button but there isn’t one. The game is overall amazing I just wish I could take the music off to listen to my music.

- This game makes me want to break my phone

I love some of Kamibox’s games, but I don’t see why everyone is giving this 5 stars. This is so far from a relaxing game it’s crazy. The burger keeps getting stuck on the pan, killing my run and I can only get up to a 4 stack after playing for 20 minutes. Complete trash compared to other Kamibox games such as Okay?

- 1 thing

I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but sometimes the burger didn’t move on the pan so I had no other choice but to miss it

- Good game one request

This is a good game but the more expensive burgers should double the amount of the score of the burgers.good game overall.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ four stars.

- Huh?

I was playing my first round ever and it had my name!! How did that happen?? I looked through reviews and no one had said a thing... I found that kinda creepy but other then that this game is pretty fun. Nothing to special but fun. If you can get back to be and tell me why it had my name, please do, I am curious on how that happened.

- Changed my whole entire view on life

Once when I was a young boy my family told me I would be nothing in life but no. Once I downloaded this masterpiece I began to have faith. This game taught me important life lessons and got me through culinary school. After a week of culinary school they kicked me out only because I was that good. Now I own several food chains and the top seller is a car sandwich.

- wonderfully satisfying!!

I love this game so much!! it is one of the most satisfying games i have one my phone. 10/10 recommended

- Attention to detail

I noticed that if you hold your finger on the screen for long enough the food actually cooks.

- Best Game Ever

It is an awesome game

- Good game but...

random glitches in the middle of the game.

- Speechless🤐

All I have to say this is fun and HOW DO U KNOW MY NAME!!! When a patty falls it puts the bread on top and it says “Chez Rhys e” AND RHYS IS MY NAME!!! This is fun and the fact my name is in it is jaw dropping 🤯🤭🤐 Thanks for reading!(And mind blowing)

- Best game ever

This game is so great, highly recommend.

- Cool, but these colors...

The game is fun enough~ but the colors clash against each other and hurt my eyes. ie: the saturated red, purple, green Other than that, fun game.

- Great, but...

This game is really good, but just like Pancake-the game this game needs unlockable styles for the beef (meat.)If can make that possible I would love this game and give it a 5 star rating.

- Grate game

Thes game es vury cul and the game es funy and the slap sound wen the berger hits the bun es helarius.

- ladysparklez909 here

Hey! Let me introduce myself: My name’s Erin. I’m a 12-year-old girl. I love the graphics of this game! The controls are simple and easy to use. One glitch I’ve had so far: Sometimes my burger patty will stick to the middle of the pan. Please fix this. It makes it impossible to make a good flip in the center of my pan. Maybe add special holiday limited-time burgers? Don’t forget tofu! Yum! Also, please don’t be a burger flipper for a living. There is SO much better things to do with your life. If it makes you happy, fine, but you’re not going to get college education money out of that, aye? PLEASE do not. Thanks for your time. Keep up the good apps! -ladysparklez909

- Sorry!

Ok so the game was actually kinda fun... but I kept playing and it would take me to the App Store to a new game I should buy ( when u didn’t even tap anything)and I would exit out of the App Store (also close the tab) but then when I went back on burger it would take me to the App Store again !!!! And I couldn’t play at all!!! Please fix that!

- Luv it🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

🍔love this game, really fun and addicting. Suggestion- add a random mode so that each round you play it selects another patty material thing so like one round it’s the carrot and the next round it’s the chicken and the next round it’s something completely different.

- I love this game!

I’m becoming obsessed with this game and it’s easy to see why! But I have a few things. 1. Achievements would be fantastic 2. My burger keep getting stuck to my pan, making it impossible to flip anymore 3. Game modes would be amazing. I’m sure you can come up with something

- Awesome

I love this game but there’s needs to be some goals for the game there is no point to play it just takes up storage

- Great game except one thing

It’s a great game for when you’re waiting for an opponent or just bored, I especially love how there’s no ad pop-ups (really it’s amazing). The only thing that would make it better is the ability to turn the sound off so I can listen to music. Kinda getting tired of listening to the same thing over and over while trying to listen to something else...

- Get bacon instead

Get bacon- the game it’s the same thing but undated and actually changed levels so it have varieties

- meh

NOT EVEN as good as bacon so don’t get it twisted

- Incredible

Amazingly great

- Freezes

Game freezes when switching ads, turning off cell data and WiFi helps a little. Needs fixing

- 😁

I think you should add more character things.

- Probably the greatest app of all time.

Seriously. Good job Phillip!

- Turtles

I like turtles

- Good game

It’s pretty fun. It would be nice if new game modes/customizations could be added. And I like to listen to music and play this, but the in game sounds tend to be repetitive and annoying, is there a way to mute them?

- Awesome Game!

My parents rarely like the games I play. But my family LOVES this game! Absolutely addictive and fun to play. There are barely any ads which provides smooth gameplay. The graphics and simple and I just love the game.

- Not great

Game literally has massive frame rate drop constantly to load endless banner ads.

- Burger- Entertaining!

I found this game through an Apple App Story and was interested. I downloaded this game, tried it, and loved it! I eventually showed it to family members and now it’s become a competition on who can stack the most burgers! Truly a highly entertaining and cool game.


I love this game how funny it is I wish I could give this game 1000000000 stars One question though is it poop or meat? Lol

- How To Land The Patty

If you want the patty to land on the bun most of the time, hold on the screen and wait for the burger to come down, then let go and wait for the right end of the patty to reach the right end of the pan and flip. If that doesn’t help then idk what else will. Okay bye!!

- Ok but be careful where you click

The game is ok, but be careful where you click. The page that comes up first has an add at the bottom that says start. If you click on it the game does NOT start, the app opens a browser and takes you to a breaking news site. I understand this is add supported, but this app does it in what I think is a sneaky way.

- Love it! But...

I love this game! The only problem though, and this may or may not be the app developer’s fault but every time a booking.com ad appears, the game becomes significantly less responsive

- How do I use other things

How do I use the chicken rhino and Easter island head

- TRILLION STARS out of 5!!!!

ONE REQUEST!! I’ve only had this game for 3 days. I expected it to bore me, but NOOO. I played constantly throughout the day, enjoying the content. I extremely recommend this game. My request is to have achievements (such as “Flip 5” “Play 10 rounds” “Get 3 types of burgers” and so on.)These could be turned into stars, which you could spend to buy other things. Maybe special effects when you flip the burger, like a sparkling trail. Maybe the trades could buy you extra burger count (where you spend them to buy new burger types). Maybe the stars would get you a limited time offer burger type!! You could have new unlimited burger types every week, and maybe it could come with a matching trail. That would give us a goal, rather than saving up burgers for types that don’t give any sort of accomplishment. Thanks for reading my review if you did, and I hope these can be put into consideration! 😁

- Warning ⚠️ highly addicting ‼️

This game is the best‼️ I started playing it while at a resort and my sister said I was addicted and now she got it and found out how addicting it really is‼️ we have a contest to see if she can reach my high score (so far 23) and I really enjoy this game‼️ we both do‼️

- 😉

I have to admit it This game is fun! I’m not very good at it and it does get boring after a few minutes but I would recommend it to anyone who needs a quick something to do

- I love this game !

But I think there should be a way to close out while flipping the patties because the only way to get to the other screen is to complete a burger


Wow, awesome game By the way! It’s addicting, it’s fun, it’s hard! (Not to hard tho) but let me tell ya, this game is super fun! Recommending this game to all ages, also It doesn’t have a lot of adds, so that’s nice. Also vary entertaining. And the adds aren’t (foot note, AREN’T) questionable. It’s a really fun game! I totally recommend this game! Thanks for reading... recommend This game! I said that three times!

- Fun but odd

The different “”””foods” you can buy to put in sandwiches make no sense. Lipstick, wood, light bulbs, umbrellas, and even a triceratops.

- Why

I am very confident that this game is impossible, ok gonna cry now

- There are ads in this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against ads in a free game. There just isn’t any warning on the apps page that there are ads. Please update this! Otherwise, it’s a pretty good game.

- Love it

Love this game but how to you switch to the other options?

- Best game ever

OML this is the best game ever no adds!! This is a really good app.. good job you guys!

- eh

i really like the concept, but i cant seem to get the hang of it. no matter what, i can never get more than one patty on the bun. is it just me or is this game way too hard to master?

- Love it but.....

I love this game but the thing is that all u do is make some floppy anything burgers and i love that but u could add levels that would be cool you get to have levels to get to a height that the game says.

- Make vegan friendly

I enjoy this game however as a vegan I hate how you see animals cut up and put on a burger for food when we can live on a vegan diet. Please make a vegan option with vegan burgers. THANKS!!!

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- Ur Name in the game!

I got my name too... but its maybe a coincidence maybe not lolll but its pretty funny. My name is elias tho and its written "chez eliase"

- Original but...


- Creepy

This game had said my name at the top of the screen and it’s worrying me. My friend downloaded the game and did not get the same glitch.

- Easy to pick up

It’s a great game with simple graphics however kills your battery!!! Yikes! I also wanted to report a glitch... somebody needs to oil the pan!! My burger always gets tuck in the middle and I can’t get it on to my stack..... it’s frustrating so somebody get this pan some oil!!!

- Frog lite

I love this game. The music just went off. How do I get it back? Thx. 🎶

- Simple but eats battery

Simple, fun, great pick up and play and put down anytime. Huge problem though, it kills your battery at a ridiculously quick rate. Had to delete it because of this. Too bad.


AMAZING! Smooth graphics, no ads (that block the game) addicting, no lag, challenging, and has comedy!!! I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. keep up the good work! Also, super pumped for bacon - the game!

- Fun but a battery killer

Needs to be optimized. Just kills your battery. Otherwise a ton of fun.

- Lol

Every time I’m done flipping rises LiLlie,z and Lillie is my name and I never told the game my name?

- Great

I love the game!!! So simple yet so fun. The only thing I could suggest upgrading is that the patty will sometimes get stuck on the pan when you use the pan to quick. Other than that, very very impressed

- What the fok did I get myself into??

This is so weird!!!! The unlocks are kinda boring and there should be like mini games or something

- Meat always stuck on the pan and don’t slide down?




- Awesome!😎🍔

Very addicting, they should have an update!!!

- Burger, the game not free?

This game said nothing about costing to download. I checked my Account and found I was charged $11.24 with the tax. The description says nothing about a fee! I want my money back!

- Great App.

Please add dog as a meat option.

- Love it

Fantastic game 8 stars # addicted

- Fun

Fun and addicting, but the unlock for 2500 points is very dissapointing. It should do something special.

- NO ADS PLEASE!!!!!!!

Remove the ads please it effects my gaming

- Cool

Good game

- Remove ads

Great game but get rid of ads. They get in the way on where you tap

- If you're looking for....

If you're looking for a good game to play, that saves space, doesn't need wifi, and uses barely any battery usage, this is a great app. I've played this app throughout the day and I check back on my battery usage, only 2%! Great space saver, uses very little mb and it's nice to play on the road or whatever. Definitely recommend it, although it took me a while to get hang of it, I can't put my phone down now!

- Flippin firkin burgers

Flipping firkin burgurs

- huh.

i seriously don't understand this game

- This is 2015

Getting some lag on my 5S and we should be able to flip at least 2 burgers at once. Things should be better!

- mute

Mute button? Just like in the corner or something.....so I can listen to music and play at the same time without the sounds bugging me😆



- Amazing!

Best game! I love it so much! Lots of great themes and somewhat addicting ! Best game, and beat time!

- Too hard for Blubby

I got dis game bcuz I wanted to ha ve he fun but too har for Blubby

- Awesome

Amazing so fun

- Nice game

I think this ia a nice game for kids or when you are going to forget about your daily activities and jst enjoy present time. my only suggestion is the Burgerscan have different shapes to make it a little harder sometimes. but totally this game can make me laugh.

- Perfect

I adore this game. It's smooth and fast, simple but challenging. Haven't experienced any bugs, and is exactly what I wanted for a phone game. A quick fun experience whenever I have nothing to do. And it's free!

- fix the bugs

can't change the meat and the meat gets stuck on the pan

- Best. Game. Ever. Literally.

This game is my life now. Flipping burgers at McDonalds as my job wasn't fun until I got a new perspective on burger flippin' from this app. 10/10 would flip again.

- Makes me want to throw out

the meat look so freaking gross!! A umbrella meat?? r u kidding me The more u play u sicker u get


Damn fine burger flipping. Simple. Addicting. Beautiful. Make more games like this please!!! (I already have pancake)

- Amazing

Purely amazing

- Fun but confusing

Not sure how to really navigate through this game. Update?


Easy to pick up, hard to put down. This game is simplicity at its finest. The burger-flipping physics are magnificent, the unlockables are hilarious. The subtle humour in everything is amazing, from the hand to the unlockables to the score screen. I absolutely love this game, surpasses Pancake-The Game by a mile (mostly because I find pancake extremely difficult). Trust me, you'll get what I mean when you play the game. JUST GET IT NOW!

- This is by far the greatest game I have ever played.

Burger-The Game is a fantastic burger flipping simulator. This highly addictive masterpiece is one of the greatest games I have ever played. Please do yourself a favour and get this game. This game should cost money because of how good it is. I would recommend this game to anyone. This game is FLIPPIN' good. -Burgerman69

- 🤯

Wow 🤯 amazing and fun. So simple but 😀. 💗 the 🎮 in every way. Can’t beat any other games I have played or downloaded yet. BY FAR!!! LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH. Addicting and 😉 sorry I might be getting repetitive but everyone you have to get this. If not you are 😜 and not normal. Liv

- Great! 😍

I love this companies games they are so fun to play on a trip or somewhere where you don’t need Wifi. Overall love it and I highly recommend this game to everyone. Keep making more!

- Why can’t I mute the sounds!!

This game is fine but actually unplayable if I want to listen to a podcast while playing it because the sound will not stop. Add an option to mute all the sounds and I’ll be happy

- Beat my boyfriend w this game

My boyfriend wins at every game we play together but I took this one back from him. He got 7 but I was able to beat him with 14. It was ridiculous but lots of fun lol

- Lol

My high score was well I get up to 99 but my 100th fall off so I anly got 99 lol try to beat that

- Great little game

Would be even better if you could play it properly. I don’t mind ads, but with this game it seems to be that if the ad being shown features anything more than static images the entire game lags out to the point of being effectively unplayable.

- amazing

this game changed my life

- Great

So much fun would recommend

- Very nice

Very nice

- Super good

I don't get why but for some reason this game is just so much fun! Love it!

- Simple yet so fun!

Love this game,it's just so simple and yet so fun to have with☺️,my high score at the moment is 33 I wanna beat that score and go even higher😆

- Bamfazons Competition

I love this game. So comment your best scores. Mine is 18.

- Burger

Many will be flipped.

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- Boring + Ads = this review

Gets boring very quickly, but nice concept. It has ads you cannot get rid of with iap.

- Driving down i4 with my girlfriend

The patty physics are unrealistic and the game has very little content. Boardwalk burgers more like bored burgers because those burgers are not having any fun.

- It’s ok...

Neat concept, but that’s about all I can say. Not for me. His other game about typing is great. This falls short.

- Life

This changes my life a lot. Nothing can make me bored.

- Bland

A simple game for simple people.

- Ads

Could you guys I don’t know... block the porn ads? Smaller kids play this too.

- Awesome

The game is well organized! The menu thing at the end really tailored to my name which was nice!

- I’m in love

When I noticed this and saw that it didn’t have additional purchases I had to get it. Such a rare sight nowadays!! 😍❤️

- Amazingly addicting

I’m so sad I barely found out about this game but here I am playing it is so fun

- It’s a cute idea but gets boring fast

If you are looking for a game that you won’t get addicted to this is great but it just kinda gets like boring so it is better for if you wanna play for like five minutes

- Pointless, W.O.T.

This game is pretty much pointless. There is no objective, no options, etc. Its not amusing or entertaining. Even more, it feels unevenly calibrated. I’m guessing that’s so players always trying (and failing) to make a descent burger...which means you’ll spend more time playing, being served advertisements, and making money for the developers. In my opinion, this isn’t a game, but a Trojan Horse for ads.

- Good but...

Maybe make an infinite mode, where you can just keep flipping!!

- To slippery

It is a cool idea to play when you’re bored, but every time I land the burger, it just slides right off the bun

- Creepy

So I get this game and it’s quite fun-then after a round I see the chef name and it’s mine!!!! I did not do this at all and it really freaked me out so I deleted it.I would like to know how/why it did that,thx

- Absolute garbage

I hate this game because: 1) It’s boring 2) It’s too hard 3) You can’t even turn the crappy music off If I could rate it zero stars I would

- Boring

Littered with ads. How boring.

- Depressed

It’s too hard why?

- Was a good game until the intrusive banner adds.

I enjoyed this one but the banner adds for the other games by this developer and no option to hide or remove them is a dealbreaker.

- ehhh...

it is an okay app. but it get boring very quickly. and it wont stop bothering me about signing into game center. i DO NOT WANT to sign into game center!!!!! how many times do i have to tell you that?!?!?!?! im just glad it doesnt have any popup video-like ads cause those really bug me. its great to play when you have no internet nearby but not so much when there are other options. i like it a lot it just doesnt really hold my interest for long.

- Ehh

You’ll be questioning yourself and asking, are burgers really this slippery? you’re flipping really moist flappy floppy lines of ice. Really bad physics. But I mean for what it is you get what you pay for.

- Glitchy, Laggy, and Full of Ads

Pros: - Entertaining concept - Fun gameplay Cons: - No “remove ads” purchase - Ads can make game laggy and difficult - occasional bugs

- Such a fun game....

The burgers look like poop though! It’s so satisfying.

- Amazing

The best game I have ever played. It really entertains me at 3am

- Yaaay!

I love this game! Just add different types of burger that actually change the game style.

- This app helped me learn how to ride a bike

The games hidden message is just instructions on how to ride a bike

- No settings?????

Would be a great time waster but there is no way to turn the sound off, so it’s nearly impossible to listen to music while playing


This game is really fun, and when you mess up at a high score, it gets you really mad.But in a good and funny way. It’s an awesome game!

- Great game

Good game, I used to let my baby daughter play whenever she managed to wrest the phone away from my grasp. I cannot do this anymore because of the ad bar at the bottom. Please include an option to buy away the ad bars. Thank you.


This game cured my stage 4 brain cancer and made my dog immortal. In future updates I would suggest the ability to flip foot lettuce.

- AWSOME!!!!!!! But........

I love this game soooo much it is so fun and relaxing!!!!! I would give this five stars but sometimes the burger goes extremely slow and it’s super annoying. I will exit out of the app, turn my phone in and off and even restart my phone but it never does anything just after a half hour or so of not playing it changes back.


this is by far the greatest game ever made. I may have failed a few classes because of this game but it prepared my for my future career anyway: burger flipper.

- McDonalds kitchen simulator

The game is great by FPS is unstable on my iPhone SE which makes me sad

- Please update to iOS 11!

I NEED this game to work on iOS 11, I have to get a new phone soon but if burger doesn't work on iOS 11 I will lose all faith in humanity. This is the only good iPhone game, please just update it to work on 64bit devices, it can't be that hard right... right...? Seriously I need more burger please


Purely genius

- Great but a few things

How the heck does it know my name!? And why are half of the skins like never used in a burger? I still love this game tho

- I love it!!!!

This app is very fun a new update with new characters would be great!! It gets a little boring when you reach all the characters.

- Super Complex

The complexity of this game is a lot. I had to rethink my life and watch 3 documentaries then every single episode of PBS space-time just to under stand the flip part. The bread is even harder to grasp.

- Fun

I have this game on my phone now on my ipad and my friends downloaded and they love it .

- I love this game

I love this game and i enjoy playing it when im bored ..but i have an idea for the game ..it would be fun to combine more than one thing to the sandwich..for example ..you give us the ability to change the ingredients so we can make it colorful and fun..other than that its perfect ❤️❤️❤️

- New Update Suggestion?

This game deserved a five stars! I suggest updating this game and adding a few extra ingredients to completing a actual burger. For example, instead of just meat, add lettuce, add cheese, add tomatoes, etc. If you complete this idea, I shall rate five stars. Thank you.

- Strange

This game has no point and every round you get a different amount of burgers 🍔 it's weird.

- Fun!

I love this game, but I have one suggestion: change the rigidity of the patties depending on what the material is. That is, le Lumberjack's patty, being wood, should be completely rigid. Carrots, too, should be a bit less floppy. Just a thought.

- Awesome

This game is fun, pointless, frustrating and annoying but I love it.

- Meh

Good physics, but please have a "difficulty" level. I would like to be able to turn down the sensitivity!

- Just one thing

Can we not call all of the Le Beef Classic? How about when you get four or ten it says something different? Just a suggestion.

- Absolutely Wonderful

This game is a better first person shooter than COD,the graphics alone are better than the switch and it is a great time waster

- Volume!

Why can't I adjust the volume?!? Other than that, great game!

- Yes

Idk why this is fun. Burger physics 10/10 incredible

- Exceptional

This game is a excellent time passer when you have just a few minutes to spare, my only complaint is that sometimes the burger patty glitches inside the pan and it force closes the game, if problem is fixed the game would be a 5 star!!

- Stuipid waste of time game don't bother downloading

So boring and stupid why do they allow people to make stupid games like this on apps

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- game review

i think this game is amazing as some levels can be challenging (which is good) and also some level can be easy (which is also good) and i also love this game so much as it’s so addictive.

- very epic

this game is very fun and epic, ive recommended it to 108 friends because its that good- well... 2 group chats

- Background

I love the game but I would like it if there wasn't different backgrounds


This app is great!!! Me and my friends used to play this game competitively and it was fun. Good Fun!!

- alright

It was awesome but you know,I was really let down by the 2500 flips prize. it was really anti climactic

- Ok

Not as good as their other games of this type. The ‘bacon’ one is pure genius, with the minimalist masterpiece of the ‘pancake’ one in second place. This can’t live up to those. The burger always looks incomplete without it being topped off with some tomato relish and lettuce before the upper bun goes on, so it falls a bit flat straight away. There should be ‘bonus’ flips at random after three patties where you get to flip cheese or bacon instead, which count towards your stack but you don’t ‘die’ if they slip off. If it had that feature plus the relish and lettuce, then it would be a serious contender. The results would look appetising enough that some people would try to make the burger they created in the game. They could send photos in. That would differentiate it from their other games and raise it to another level.

- I can’t mute the app

Great game, a bit like the other ones. My only criticism is that you can’t mute the game, can you add this option.

- Awful

Omg this app is rubbush I’ve had enough of games like this make something new bacon is better get that everyone 🥓 not 🍔

- Amazing!

This game is a brilliant time killer. I love all of your games

- So addictive


We know you might not be thinking of Burger King right now. Well, guess what? You just lost the "Not Thinking of…

@pk_burger no you arent allowed to play the game you paid 60 dollars for play it tomorrow

@_blubbermouth_: @DragonessofArt [Groovy Burger joined the game] Hey! I be from South Australia and I just want to make people smile wi…

@DragonessofArt [Groovy Burger joined the game] Hey! I be from South Australia and I just want to make people smil…

@abovethebreak3 @kendylprovostjr @JakeInThePaint The older Mobley (Isaiah?) seemed like he got skinnier every game…

Let’s take this time to think about the great moments we had in the beginning of the year!!! Don’t worry my peeps t…

@editti22 @LightsCameraPod @nypost When you have all that &win 6 rings and those come by way of two 3peats and you…

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Burger – The Game 1.11 Screenshots & Images

Burger – The Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Burger – The Game iphone images
Burger – The Game iphone images
Burger – The Game iphone images
Burger – The Game ipad images
Burger – The Game ipad images
Burger – The Game ipad images
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Burger – The Game (Version 1.11) Install & Download

The applications Burger – The Game was published in the category Games on 2015-08-16 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 56.39 MB. Burger – The Game - Games posted on 2018-05-24 current version is 1.11 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Burger – The Game Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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