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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.1.36
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 754.09 MB
  • Developer: Image Line Software
  • Compatibility: IOS 8.0 or later.
App Ranking: 3.5
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FL Studio Mobile App Description & Overview

Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs. NOTE: There are two FL Mobile Apps in the store - 'FL Studio Mobile HD' and 'FL Studio Mobile'. These are identical. Two Apps exist for historical reasons. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS • High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats • Step sequencer for fast percussion programming • Configurable virtual piano-keyboard & Drum pads • MIDI controller support. Play instruments and link to knobs/sliders • MIDI file import/export (import entire MIDI files, export tracks) • Audio recording (with monitoring), track-length stem/wav import • Browse sample and presets with pitchable-preview • Pan, volume, release and attack time configurable per instrument • High quality audio engine (input/output latency depends on your device) • Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment • Effects include: Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays and Phaser to enhance your mix • Piano roll editor to enter notes & chords or to edit recorded performances • Intuitive screen layout configurable to work with all screen resolutions and sizes. • Save and load your songs, import/export to WAV, MP3 & MIDI • Audiobus support (input & output) • Audio recording, Instruments and Effects • Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations • Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App# MANUAL / SUPPORT / TRAINING / VIDEOS http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_help http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_videos WANT A TRIAL VERSION? Install FL Studio 12.4 for the PC and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, just inside FL Studio for Windows PC. Get it here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html TROUBLE-SHOOTING & ISSUES Please help us to help you! Register FL Studio Mobile and visit the support forum to report bugs and make feature requests: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flmobile_forum NOTES * "FL Studio" desktop PC version (sold separately) is installed, on average, over 30,000 times each DAY making it one of the world's most popular and exciting music production systems. You can download the demo version of the FL Studio Desktop PC version and use the FL plugin version of FL Studio Mobile. # See: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_plugin
WHAT'S NEW 3.1.36 * Audio Recording latency compensation (better alignment of audio to Playlist) * Custom DirectWave presets now save correctly * DirectWave loop stoppings early * Hidden track markers * Keyboard Labels (SETTINGS tab) * MiniSynth free Synth Expansion preset pack (pack folder in Preset Browser) * Redo button * Sample loading crashes * Selected track markers * Sustain Pedal support (CC 64) * Bugfixes and stability improvements FOR SUPPORT USE - http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flmobile_forum

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  • 1 Star Reviewers Can't Produce

    By Kenny123467333
    1st and for most, You can create custom 808s with mini synth ;) It has HUNDREDS of drum samples so you can always find a fresh kick or snare for your drums. I could go on and on. I use it daily.
  • Amazing, but with bugs

    By SciFi-Gamer3546
    there is certainly a big learning curve with this app. I had to watch many youtube tutorials. But it is still very awesome. Although there are a few bugs. For example, once I had a problem where an audio recording went blank. It hasn't happened again, but i don't want it to. So please fix the bugs and I will give 5 stars. FOR NEW PEOPLE: make sure to download an app called "audio copy" so you can export your songs to other apps.
  • My Review Was Removed

    By SpiritMonkee
    I'll let you judge as to why: The app developer misrepresented the app by listing features it does not have even as of this writing. (Interapp audio for instance is still a fantasy). I have a screen cap of the features list -it's there. It was just recently changed. Several glaring failures were in the release that should never have passed quality control (solo button function for instance). Sloppy activation and in-app purchase procedures and restoration. The app forces a recalibration of the audio latency every time you open a project and create an audio track. This requires the speaker to be active. If you happen to be using headphones you will be greeted with a high volume, ear splitting 10k tone. Latency is nearly 50ms on an iPad Air 2. I also pointed out that these errors in design are not because people aren't using the help file as the developer implies. There are serious complaints here from experienced users. The is a review. This is to help others in their purchase decisions and to avoid them wasting their money. These are not how-to questions. In my opinion the proper response from a developer who fails this badly on quality control is to apologize and fix the issues as soon as possible. Let's see if this gets censored. I'll save a copy. MY RESPONSE: My review WAS removed, I did not say by whom. I came here to edit the original review and it was GONE. If you had nothing to do with that, that's fine, but is is gone none the less. I can not copy and paste the link you posted so I haven't viewed it yet. I will have to type it in.
  • Bad

    By Gillyboi
    This remodel is the quickest way to lose loyal customers. This is trash. Features removed and the UI is completely switched around. Bad move. I hope one of the CEO's sees this comment .
  • Please revert.

    By Prunescape
    This used to be a great app. Everything was working perfectly fine. That is, until the most recent update. Now the app crashes every time I try to record something, and when it does it resets my progress since my last save. Deleting tracks is a pain, every time I make a new song I have to delete every single channel. Fix this, or at least give us a refund. This app has become a dissapointment.
  • Worst

    By Never again1
    App is terrible i need a refund yesterday!!!

    By Reviewing_Rater
    Saw the bad reviews and thought maybe I should still give it to a chance. I was so wrong. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I wanted to import sounds and not use the terrible stock kit but can't. Can't even add samples or music files from my phone. The whole layout is a mess so I can't create anything with in it. Wish I could give this app negative stars for misleading me into spending $15. Really need a refund.
  • Ok

    By Daveosbeatz
    Straight as I opened it and loaded Gms vst it's a demo ..so the couple things they give u it's would hurt them to give us something nice considering we paid for it.why is a demo even on there.smh same with the boxed version.every vest is a demo.
  • What happened?

    By yyyyouyyy
    I have used the software for 10 years going forward now, and this update has destroyed everything about the app that was useful and this is now the absolute worst software available now. Recording live audio sounds like a jack in the box jingle and trying to figure out the actual time of the song is impossible unless you have a stopwatch. I'm not sure what you were thinking with the update, honestly.
  • Crash and sound distort a lot on my iPad mini

    By Hashhakaj
    This app was super before it updated. Thankfully, I have own the older version on my iPod 4 and I fell this tiny device can make super tracks than on my giant home PC. Now, I own iPad mini and download it. It provides the latest version. The UI is great. Friendly to use. However, I noticed that the sound quality distorted a lot. I did modify the sitting and now it reduced the sound distortion. And the app crashed a lot. I don't know if developers didn't test it on iPad mini. I feel my improved device with this app is like running its PC version on Intel pentium 2
  • FLSM3 was a mistake

    By jeffloveswaffles
    This app used to be my favorite app. I'd use it literally every day. Now after the update, I don't even open it. FLSM2 was great. It definitely needed some polish, but everything was usable. Now the interface is so clunky that it's just not worth the effort. It's even a struggle just to change instruments. I even lost all of the instrument packs I had paid money for. The app won't let me restore previous purchases. There was a time when I'd highly recommend this app, even at the $20 price point, but those days are long past. I only keep this installed in hopes that I'll see one of the updates fixed what used to be my favorite app.

    By Angelmoshy36
    This app crashes a lot and does not save your projects