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Sharpen your sense of time! liveBPM is the tempo monitoring tool for drummers, bands and DJs. It detects music and beats via the microphone and continuously displays the current tempo in beats per minute (BPM). It is easy to use and delivers high-quality results while being energy efficient.

=== What users said about liveBPM ===

John Walden, freelance musician and music technology journalist at
"There are three obvious applications for the app. First, it would make a brilliant practice tool for a drummer, allowing them to monitor just how good they are at keeping a steady tempo without the aid of a click track to guide them. Second, sat beside your kit during a performance, it would allow you to judge just how well you are hitting the ideal tempo for each song in your set. It’s not just drummers that can benefit for liveBPM as the third use is in mapping the tempo – and any tempo changes – in commercial recordings. While this is useful for drummers, it is instructional for almost any musician."

"I used this at my last band practice and wasn't expecting it to work. I couldn't believe how quickly and accurately it started tracking the bpm, even despite the very loud volume of our music."

"I am a professional drummer and I have been looking for something like this for years! Unless your playing with backing tracks or recording, Playing with a Click is too Mechanical. This app allows the tempo to breathe, and its like a little angel on your shoulder telling you the band is speeding up or slowing down. It is totally worth the money."

Chris Walther:
"I have used this about five gigs now and have quit using my previous tempo meter. I used both for a few gigs to test the accuracy. Dead on. Thanks! Every drummer should use this."

"This has been very helpful for recording. thanks!"

=== Detailed Description ===

This is a tool designed for professional use:
- Well-tested beat detection engine guarantees trustworthiness
- Can handle most genres
- Produces results accurate to within 0.1 BPM under the following conditions:
-- The tempo is constant or almost constant
-- Strong impulses are defining the beat (drums, accentuated rhythm instruments like bass/guitar, etc.)

Further features:
- Tempo curve shows the development of tempo over time
- Multiple zoom modes to show last 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes
- Advanced audio spectrum analysis via FFT
- More accessible and usually more accurate than BPM counters that function through tapping
- Low battery drain thanks to high performance code and efficient algorithms

Using it as a musician:
- Use it as an objective tempo reference like a metronome
- It actually has several advantages over a metronome:
-- You are not tied to a click, giving you more flexibility
-- Helps you use tempo changes to enhance your musical expression
-- With blind tests, it can massively improve your timing confidence, which is especially important if you are in a tempo leading role (e.g. drummer)
- Discover how/whether your favorite artists use tempo changes
- Measure and improve your time-keeping skills
- Identify slowdowns and speedups while practicing your instrument
- Always be in control of the tempo during your live gigs and rehearsals

- Power Button: For freezing the tempo curve and minimizing battery drain
- Clear Button: Clears the tempo curve
- Slider: Adjusts the target tempo range (i.e. 80-160 BPM)
- Zoom Buttons: Switch between zoom modes for the tempo curve. (2-30 minutes)

- You can check and improve the detection by clapping loud to the beat. Also, results can be improved by plugging in a suitable external microphone.
- You can support my work by rating it on the App Store. If you have questions and/or suggestions, feel free to contact me via e-mail or facebook.

liveBPM - Beat Detector App Description & Overview

The applications liveBPM - Beat Detector was published in the category Music on 2012-08-31 and was developed by Daniel Bach. The file size is 860.00 kB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- added 64 bit support to improve performance on current hardware and to ensure compatibility for iOS 11
- fixed a bug where during startup, the audio output would move to the small speaker on the iPhone when not using line-out
- updated connection to iOS audio, using the native sampling rate of 48 kHz
- now using the measurement mode, minimizing the amount of system-supplied signal processing

Version 2.0 is work in progress, featuring a new improved beat detection engine. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in beta-testing (via facebook or dev.daniel.bach googlemail com).

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Decent, not very fast though  FearlessPandas  3 star

This seems like a decent tool for recording speed at lower tempos. However it only seems to effectively measure tempo ranges below roughly 200 bpm. I personally bought this to measure drum roll speed, but sub 200 bpm is way to slow to for any reasonable roll. So for what it can do it’s a fine app, just don’t expect to measure a 800 bpm roll on this with any real accuracy.


Stop the bpm questioning  NameNickPete  5 star

Not so many musicians have a perfect feel for tempo. “We” as base players and drummers are the guides. This app is a must have and it closes out the complaints from singers and other not perfect timers. I (the drummer) set the tempo for the band. Without the app I was not able to SHOW the factual tempo and that is where it gets annoying sometimes. Now the tempo played is not a “feeling” anymore but a fact. Made my live easier. And I can see when I screw up before anybody else 😉. And yes sometimes the singer of solo players want some freedoms, that’s fine too! We than can show them how much freedom we gave them.


Essential App  Raul8222  4 star

I use it all the time for mixing my records. It never fails! Giving it a 4 since it could have a better interface, perhaps some digital-looking font and a “night mode”.


Only 4/4 time...  TJKesteleyn  4 star

I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to any and all musicians!!! Sometimes I feel it’s more useful than a click track to be able to watch your tempo and adjust on the fly. It’s not a messy or difficult process like a click track can be. For me it was as simple as getting a phone mount and finding a spot for it on my drum kit. I use this app multiple times a week and I can say it’s well worth the money! Now to answer a few of the questions I had about this app.... It can detect a beat from any instrument, clapping, or pretty much any noise. It has about a 1-3 second delay on reading your tempo. If you have a simple 1-2-3-4 beat, it can easily read it and display your tempo. If you’re in a funky groove with lots of accents it may be a bit more delayed (based on my experience) Lastly, it only detects in a 4/4 time signature. Now this last one is my main issue with the app. I understand you can’t get an instant read on your tempo no matter what. And it’s very usable and helpful even with the slight delay. The main complaint I have is that there’s not a button or toggle switch to go from 4/4 to something like 3/4 or even 6/8. I would love for the developer to possibly add this feature. That being said, when you’re playing in 6/8 time (or anything but 4/4) you’ll still be given a tempo that is reliable and allows you to stay focused on keeping that same BPM in your music. What is frustrating is that if you’re learning a song that should be played at say 60bpm 6/8 timing. You CANT expect your app to tell you when you’re at 60bpm in 6/8... you’ll get something totally different! Since it is reading your beat based on 4/4 timing. Overall, I love the app and think the benefits far outweigh any and all negatives. It’s very manageable to get around these cons. It’s just not as easy and polished as it could be. Great app, I love it and thank you!!!!


I wish I could get a refund!  petesaguy  1 star

I bought this app thinking it would be more useful, faster to respond, and able to save tempos. It’s super slow to pick up tempos, and the tempo range slider switch serves little purpose that I can see. Another 4 bucks gone!


Perfect for vinyl DJs  patsbasoon  5 star

For true vinyl DJs this is an invaluable tool!! No foolish tapping required, just leave this app open and you have a live + accurate display of your current track’s bpm. Easily the best $4 I have spent on my music this year... Thank you Daniel !!


Awesome app  tak3000  4 star

I downloaded this app a few days ago and have been playing with it ever since. If there was some way to calculate the average tempo over what it recorded and displayed the lowest BPM/highest BPM over that period would be great. These numbers could be used for all sorts measurements making it easier to see improvement over time.


Can’t close app on iPhone X modified review  Rmckee22  5 star

Previously I stated you could not close the app on an iPhone X however as the developer pointed out if you do turn the phone sideways you can close it by swiping up. Thank you so much for the response this alleviated a very frustrating problem for this app.

lotus eater seattle

Useful app  lotus eater seattle  4 star

I have enjoyed using this app, and the developer was very responsive to a question I had.

308 Ruger

Didn’t work  308 Ruger  1 star

Ok for one thing I am almost certain that the readings were way way way way way off. Two it was so slow that it was always changing and I couldn’t hardly read it. Plse fix!!


Works as described  rockingod  5 star

Great drumming companion. Thanks


live bpm  magrec  5 star

great app.... simple an does what it says it does. reads the bpm of what ever it picks up through the mic. this has been very helpful for recording. thanks!










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