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A sound file manager with powerful import and export abilities. If you are using music-making apps, then this tool is a must-have!

Organize all your soundfiles and midifiles on your device. Record, trim, convert, normalize, transfer, export, import, zip, unzip. Create folders, rename and move files and folders around, put everything where you can find it.

Use it to transfer files between apps and between your device and computer. For example, transfer your new track from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library, then share it on your SoundCloud account, or transfer it into other apps. Or record your live-jam from other IAA or Audiobus apps.

You can record directly in the app, from microphone, external audio interfaces, Inter-App Audio, or other Audiobus compatible apps. Preview and play soundfiles with waveform display and looping, trim and normalize soundfiles, and convert to other file formats such as M4A AAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless), WAV, AIFF, CAF with options for bit rate or bit depth and sample rate.

• Organize audio and recordings in files and folders
• Record external input (such as microphone) directly in app
• Record the live output of other Audiobus-compatible apps
• Record Inter-App Audio node apps
• Plays and records in 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k and 8k sample rates
• Plays and records 16, 24 and 32 bit files
• AudioCopyPaste (General pasteboard, Retronyms ACP3)
• Import/Export through iOS Document Pickers like iCloud Drive
• AudioShare Document Picker extension allows direct access to your sound file library from within other apps
• Built-in Dropbox client
• Use "Open in" from other apps or to open a file in other apps
• WiFi Drive: transfer files from/to any computer on your local network
• Import songs from your on-device Music library
• Easy Import/Export from/to AudioShare-compatible apps
• Access files through iTunes File Sharing
• Playback of almost any kind of soundfile
• Add notes with the built-in text editor
• Trim, apply fade ins and fade outs
• Convert between sound file formats
• Normalize
• Share your sounds on your SoundCloud account
• Send your sounds by email

AudioShare App Description & Overview

The applications AudioShare was published in the category Music on 2012-07-24 and was developed by Kymatica AB. The file size is 19.34 MB. The current version is 2.7.8 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Fix Dropbox folder creation crash
• Updated AB3 SDK, fixes auto-monitoring issue when used in Audiobus
• Various minor fixes and tweaks

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AudioShare Reviews


Just like it says, it’s completely essential  Nogreatcrime  5 star

This app, along with Kymaticas AUM are completely essential tools. Really, on iOS there no apps that are more necessary for production. Regular updates and classy developer. Buy it.


Best utility app by far  Huzzah2000  5 star

If you use an iPad for audio, buy this. Nothing better, A++ app

Manu Houssaini

Excellent For InterApp Music Usage  Manu Houssaini  5 star

Perfect for music production. It has the necessary features you need to bring all the sections of music together, across different Apps. The tools are essential for any professional music producer.


Essential part of my music workflow  Dreinthehouse  5 star

This app is an essential part of my workflow! It gets my samples and or tunes where I need them ! No complaints , look forward to more features !


Exactly what it says .  fenneszfan  5 star

I buy great music apps all the time . This is a truely awesome easy to use and super versatile


This app is a must have  Dazz26  5 star

If you record audio with your iPhone or iPad. You need this app. Super simple to use, but very deep in what it offers. Whether you just want to capture a quick idea with a mic, move audio around between apps, import and export to the world, this app can do it. You won't regret it.

Aircraft moder

Totally Solid  Aircraft moder  5 star

Get it now. If you make music with an iPad and want to get stuff I or out of the iOS universe, you need this.


Indispensable  Emmguh  5 star

The snap to grid will change your life. It'll get Rebirth into Gadget, it'll make blocs play nice with your inspired, incoherent babbles.

iOS Simon

Brilliant audio app  iOS Simon  5 star

This is a great app - it does what it claims and the developer updates it a lot to add features and keep it working with each new iOS version Apple releases. If you do music on an iDevice you need this app.


A great audio manager and recorder. Very powerful!  engelberthumperdink  5 star

This app is much more powerful than it might look on a first inspection. The audio recording functionality is brilliant and it include handy tools like trim, fade and normalize. Very easy audio management too. 5/5


Best  Jbenzy  5 star

Use it for my music

My iPad is now my portable sample bank  5 star

What a great way to get my samples into my hardware samplers. It's so mobile and organized. I've got plenty of sounds to work with in my music making apps as well. So good. I would like to see some more options available front and center at all times however like looping, etc (like a DAW maybe?) but other than that it's perfect!


Awesome and always getting better  publicdoename  5 star

I love this app. Still my go to app for field recordings, as the end of my Audiobus chain, quick sound fixes and more. So many audio apps come and go but this has been here since I started making sound on an iPod touch 3. I feel safe continuing to use it because it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Dropbox support is a must have for me and this app has had it as far back as I can remember. Copy and paste a must as well. Easy to use and a must for iOS musicians. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks for all of your work!!!


Absolutely Necessary  Handlikeafiveleggedspider  5 star

With the ability to record and edit peices of audio and get them out of your phone, it's an indispensable tool.


A must for ios music producers  Teacee_90  5 star

I own audio copy and audiobus, now audio share which is a welcomed app to the arsenal of music production tools. You can organize your loops, samples, songs, drums ...etc. Just buy buy it you won't be sorry, it makes importing music files and sharing with multiple apps.


This really helps my workflow!  Electronisounds  5 star

I keep finding new ways to use AudioShare in my iOS music making. This is such a useful app - Thank you so much for what this has done for my iOS audio workflow 👍👍


Still love it, but can we get the HTTP downloads again?  fauxfreshness  5 star

As epic as ever, and the ALAC support is pretty interesting. But my question is if we can get the browser, or even a version of wget to download files directly inside like the old days. :-) I'm using FileBrowser right now to do it for stuff like free downloads from SoundCloud (it's how I check how much they trash a new upload from anything on my iOS devices) and was hoping the SDK/Apple AppStore policies might have changed to allow that again. I'm only asking on here as the dev is pretty quick, and others might still be wondering. Thanks.


Essential Audio App  Drelbs2345  5 star

If you do any audio work on your iOS device, you need this app. Integrates seemlessly with AUM, works great with AudioBus, a great catch-all recording/trimming/transferring app. Simple, but this is one of the most used apps on my device - it's on my home screen next to Beatmaker2, Gadget and AudioBus...

Harrison Floored

#1 Go to audio app  Harrison Floored  5 star

This is the best audio recording and playback app -- easy library management -- trim and fade, exports, etc. all simple and seamless. Coolest feature is playback with three IAA apps, also in record, so you can compress, eq and reverb live or recorded audio.


A must have app for any serious IOS musician!  Musikman4Christ  5 star

This app is my main hub for all my IOS recordings, samples, midi files and anything i want to send to other music apps. This is the standard in IOS period. Great humble and helpful dev too! Update 6/2017 Awesome dev updates the best and a must have app for any serious IOS musician! I highly recommend this app!!! MM4C


Utterly Essential  Richiehoop  5 star

This is a superb app from a brilliant and responsive developer. It's absolutely essential both as an inline recorder for iOS musicians and for easily transferring audio between apps. Highly functional and comprehensive.

Nick Createname

Quickly indispensable  Nick Createname  5 star

Between recording sketches via Audiobus, to Dropbox and Soundcloud integration, to multiple audio copy and pasting between apps, to dropping recordings to the cloud, an essential part of your toolset as a digital musician using iOS.

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