GoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky


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  • Current Version: 8.1
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  • Compatibility: IOS 8.0 or later.
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GoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky App Description & Overview

***** As seen in Apple's iPad 2 event ***** Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, comets, constellations, galaxies and more by simply pointing to the sky. Your personal telescope to the wonders in the night sky. Go outside and explore with GoSkyWatch Planetarium. ***** Featured on ABC's "The View" ***** Featured in "Wired" magazine One download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We don't think you should pay twice for the same app on a bigger screen. --- What People Are Saying "Powerful and easy to use, with excellent animation and the widest zoom range." — D.Schroeder, University professor "GoSkyWatch Planetarium should not be missed regardless of whether you are a casual or hard-core fan of astronomy." — AppAdvice "I have more than 10 astronomy apps on my iPhone and this is by far the best. Everything I need and easy to use." — Pat, iTunes reviewer --- What makes GoSkyWatch different to other apps? • Easy to use — No buttons to press or modes to select, just point to the sky to start exploring. • Designed specially for efficient outdoor use. • Touch free identification — Information pops up on screen as you move. Great for those cold nights with gloves on! • Popup images — No need to keep zooming in and out just to see what is out there. • Full 180 degree display — See at a glance what is in the sky and where without having to pan around. • Don't need to hold level — Displays the sky view and information at the correct orientation when held at any angle not just landscape or portrait. • Gyroscope compass auto calibration — No need to calibrate the gyroscope. Advanced adaptive algorithms for smooth and accurate positioning. • Planets shown with relative brightness to stars — No oversized graphics that prevent you from distinguishing a planet from surrounding stars. • Unique target identification — Touch drag scheme for greatest accuracy since your finger doesn't hide what you are trying to identify. • Minimal on screen text — Stars and planets easier to identify since they are not covered by text. Features: Identify • On screen object name, brightness and distance • Contains all stars visible to the naked eye • Light adjustment for viewing conditions • Red light mode for night vision • Touchless navigation even for the iPod touch without a compass. Find • Looking for a planet, star, comet, constellation or galaxy? Just use the finder and let the arrow guide the way • Search stars and DSOs sorted by name, distance or magnitude • Moon phase calendar • Sun rise/set times Explore • Day, sidereal and time lapse animation • Over 200 images of planets and deep sky objects • Messier and Caldwell catalogs with images • Actual image taken of the Milky Way • Below horizon display • Look back in time with the birthday star search. Find out how old you were for the star light seen. Learn • Constellation images, boundaries and patterns • Solar system, star, comet, DSO, constellation Wikipedia • Ian Ridpath's constellation StarTales • Interactive graphical ephemeris • Planet, star, constellation and DSO ephemeris data More • High performance graphics • Easy setup using auto location or built in city list • Location favorites * No internet connection required. Internet optionally used for auto location, viewing Wikipedia information and StarTales. Many more enhancements to come as free updates. * See web site for video demo
- iPad Pro support - iOS 9.1 updates - Time lapse control bug fix - Comet updates

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky app imageGoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky app imageGoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky app imageGoSkyWatch Planetarium - Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky app image

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  • GoSkyWatch

    By Billy's Bob
    Very clunky when it comes to north, east, south and west. Calibration does not stay on but for a half second, therefore north, south, east and west are off, sometimes by 180 degrees! It worked fine until I made upgrades.
  • Inspiring!

    By rockgennaro
    After showing my granddaughter Jupiter in the night sky with your app, she began to look for and find all of the plants in our solar system! She was giddy with enthusiasm. What I thought would be a nice 5 minute moment with my granddaughter quickly spiraled into a 20 minute, real time experience of our solar system! Priceless!
  • Fun and Educational!

    By RobMSF
    This is a great app! It can definitely teach you a lot about the night sky.
  • Very nice app for planets and star gazing

    By Chess player 2016
    Very nice app for planets and star gazing.
  • Awesome AP

    This is always entertaining to your party. I just wish I knew Greek names to star clusters.
  • Great to find stars

    By Dannymyrtlebeach
    It's a great look into the sky...when it works. Takes a few times to calibrate but when it does it is basically accurate. Can't look up Pleiades if you search for it
  • This App really turned me on to astronomy.

    By spinyriptide
    I love it. I play with the controls all the time, spin it through time, watch the constellations circle with the seasons and time of day, follow the Milky Way, learn a lot about the motions of the sky and Earth. And of course all that info about celestial bodies. Amazing filtering and modes. It's just fascinating and well worth the upgrade to track comets. Has a red light mode, but kinda impractical unless the whole device is in night mode. Apple only dims down. Still some white light. Dark sky parks are an issue in this case. I still hold this up to the sky outside and I'm fine. I wish the center ID hotspot was MOVEABLE -- that would be a huge UX improvement. I strain to rotate an ipad with screen rotation on trying to train things into the center. I wish the user view was more configurable so I can rest this on a table as if I were looking up at the sky. And better saved settings. Love it.
  • Superb

    By BugBitten
    The most functional star gazing app I've found. You'd expect a lot at this price and goskywatch delivers. If only learning were always this cool! User friendly yet with extensive customization available.
  • My Favorite App

    By Beeder Bider Bo
    This is such a handy, super cool app! I absolutely love the interface and how whatever I highlight is magnified and named onscreen. I had a problem and sent an email to the support team. I got an email back within an hour from Richard and it turned out I had caused the problem by having a magnet stuck to my phone. I've had this app for years and look forward to more years of use!
  • Issue with a great product

    By G7F5
    Motion control needs fixing. Has trouble aligning initially and or staying aligned.
  • The Best Map I have

    By 244 Jake
    /\ /__\ /____\. I love Space | |. During Moon shots | |. I worked for NASA | O |. at the Cape during | O |. Apollo 14, 15 & 16. | O | |__O__| /|||||||||||||||\ / |VVVVV| \ /__|.V.V.V.V.|__\ VVV VV V Many years Later I use to pilot my small 22 footer weekends yea, on GPS, but this brings me back in time. I also have the paid for version. With my GoSkyWatch, the always clear sky, with all the stars. I can travel. The best just keeps getting better!
  • Love the app!

    By Lady Little Wolf
    I don't use this app often but it's really reliable when I find I need it! Hope some of the little glitches can be easier in future updates