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- Most Trusted US Tide App since 2008
- 1/2 million tide predictions sent each month
- Optimized for iOS 7,8,9,10 Watch OS 2.0,3.0, iPhone 5, 6, 7, iPad 1,2

Tide Graph uses the harmonic predictions from thousands of US coastal stations and presents them in a fun and interactive graph. And now, in version 2.0 you also get an intuitive graph that shows sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase at a glance. Save recent locations, find locations using GPS location, and save graphs for later.

Tides have a great influence on the lives of boaters, fishermen, surfers, coastal communities, marine life, and vacationers just to name a few. Directly or indirectly, the great flow of our massive ocean bodies of water impact the daily lives of everyone on this planet.

The cyclical movement of the Earth's tides are caused by a combination of the gravitational forces of the sun and moon as well as the shape of the costal region. Unlike simple tide clocks that you can buy in novelty stores, more accurate tide predictions use special data gathered by instruments located at each tide station. The data from these measurements are used to determine the harmonic components which then feed into the mathematical algorithms which predict tides for the future. The end results are tested for accuracy and adjustments are made as necessary.

Tide Graph has US owned Tide Stations Only. An internet connection is required to get the latest tide graph. - See TideGraph.com for a complete list of stations.

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Tide Graph Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bug fixes. Recommended for all users.

Tide Graph Comments & Reviews

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- Missing one feature

Love this app. Ive enjoyed it for years. I take advantage of the low tide feature for metal detecting at the beach. Could be better if it offered a complication on the iWatch.

- Great Tool

I have been using this app for many years. It’s convenient and easy to see graphical depiction of what the tide level is and what it is going to be any time during the day. I surf everyday and this app is a real help in deciding where and when to go surf at the tide dependent areas near me.

- Easy, does what I need it to do

I use this to know when the best time is to launch my fishing kayak from my local beach. Simple and easy. Ignore the 1 star whiner from May 26th. If you want the data when you don't have internet, it's a small fee for the more than casual fisherman.

- Map of locations disappears

The map of the tide stations disappears when the cellular service is out of range. I used the app to travel by boat from the South Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands and when the cellular service was out of range, I would have to guess which tidal station to select.

- Network Error scam

Nice app. Worked well for years. Now that have implemented a pop up that claims there is a network arrow and offers a “solution” at your cost. A tide calculator that works in absence of an internet connection. I don’t need the upgrade. Stop lying that that the app is having network problems in an effort to get me to “upgrade”. Booooo! Awful tactic.

- Nicely done, a few issues though

I love how the data is presented... very useful. A few complaints / suggestions though... 1) Ditto the request to make the graph full-screen when the iPhone is rotated. 2) The network connectivity requirement could be a problem... if we're out of cell tower range, the app becomes useless. I realize that this app needs access to the network to obtain data needed for the more sophisticated calculations, but perhaps a "failsafe" mode could be implemented in the event of no network access, giving a more simplified calculation that could be made internally (like many GPS receivers do). If that is not feasible, another idea is to give the user the option to "pre-load" data for a certain area and timeframe. If I know I'll be cruising in a particular area for the next few weeks, but that I'll probably be out of network range during that time, I could specify that the next two weeks of data for all stations within a certain distance be preloaded and stored on the iPhone. 3) Minor UI niggle, related to the above. View tidal data for a particular station, then go into Airplane Mode to shutdown network access. Try to select a different station, and you get the message warning that there's no network access, asking if you want to "load the last tide plot", tap OK. You then get a display that shows the location you just picked, but with the tidal data for the previous location.

- Apple Watch Problem

On my apple watch, it works great the first time, then when I look again, it hangs up on "please wait, loading...REFRESH" beautiful app, but I would use it mos on the watch. Wish this could be fixed.

- Awesome app , accurate and easy to use

Accurate and easy to use .

- Love this app!

I’m a liveboard and tides are a daily consideration. Tide Graph does it all! And the price is right!

- Used to be OK...

... now it's a POS. I used the app for years. Free and did the job in a bare bones way. Suddenly they want an annual fee. This seems to be a growing a trend. I'm not buying it, there are better free apps still out there. Skip this greedware and move on.

- Flyfisherman

Excellant charts . Intuitive operation. Easily read at a glance. Perfect for fishing.

- Very helpful app

This is a clean, well-designed app, that will help me plan beach excursions throughout the year. The details view is especially informative. I have three suggestions for improvement: 1. Please make it easier to jump back to the current date after looking out to future or previous days. 2. The graphs are too small - please work on the interface to take maximal advantage of the screen display available. Borders of empty information do not enhance the data display. 3. Make the Deatils view opaque, instead of transparent, or give me the option to set it that way. When the background data leaks through, it distracts from the details.

- 2.4 better than ever!

This app replaces several other apps that I use to use because it has tide graphs, moon/sun info, monthly tide tables, and accurate predictions. Other tide apps have more locations but they are based on out of date data and I can't tell which ones are good and which are bogus. But, I wrote the author and he said that quality comes first. The automatic saving of tide graphs is another great feature because it means that I can use this later when I no longer have an internet connection. I just look ahead a few days and it saves the data for later! Very nice! The only thing I would suggest is that you somehow show how many days in the future I have saved so I can be sure I've got the data. Other than that, it's perfect. Great work! I'll look forward to more great updates!

- Quite good

This is a 5 star app. It's quite well designed, I like the way all info is brought together. I am a photographer, I like taking pics of wading birds in the early morning and late evening. This app tells me when to be at the beach & bayous. I've had it about a week, no crashes. I've seen in other reviews where some people ask for a way to save the information, for when they go beyond the reach of wi-fi. Just take a screenshot of the screen by pressing the iPhone's home button & power button simulaneously. Then view them later in iPhone's built in Photos app. The only suggestions I can think of for this app are to include a button which takes you back to the present day, and to show the days of the week along with the calendar date.

- Not bad but missing some stuff

Nice app with nice graphics. But it needs some work (some of this is mentioned in other reviews) 1) A "favorites" area to list multiple locations/tide stations 2) The "map" feature does not actually give you the location of the tide station (i.e. where the tides are measured) but only the general area. If you're trying to predict local tides from a distant station this can be misleading. 3) The has the ability to drag the cursor on the tide height vs. time chart. It's a nice feature, but it needs a button that will lock it back to the current time. 4) You should be able to change units to metric. 5) It'd be nice if the tide stations were optionally presented on a map that could be zoomed/panned similar to a Google Map, so you can see graphically which tide station you want. Otherwise you kind of need to know the area and the tide stations in advance. My 2 cents...

- Very Nice!

I have been using this app for a few weeks. Very nice. There are some small improvements that I would like to see. Most already mentioned, but I figure I will mention again in case Bryan is keeping a tally. - Needs either recent list or favorites list. This is very important to me as I visit about a dozen different locations often. Favorites would be best. - The graph could be much larger in portrait mode if all the extra blank border around the app was removed. Too much blank (wasted) space. - Have graph go to landscape mode when iPhone rotated. - A way to easily reset to the current day and time. That is it. Those 3 enhancements would make this the perfect tide app.

- Tide Graph

A solid performer for most coastal inhabitants' needs. While wishing we had connection to tide tables not accessible by Internet link and located on a computer off-site from our coastal location, my colleague and I wondered if we might find in the iTunes App Store something that could substitute for the non-accessible tables. We reviewed a number of App Store tide information systems and were intrigued by the Tide Graph program and the generally favorable reviews. Tide Graph provided precisely what we needed for a very minimum cost. Our location is Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet Alaska. The tables are accurate and reliable. Precisely the kind of App which makes the iPhone indispensible off the grid in Alaska.

- Nice tide App

Nice value. No problems finding closest tide station. Data has been accurate! Which is more than I can say about other apps I tried. I agree with the other comments re: favorites and GUI improvements. I would add two things: 1) two finger sliding to change time/date x-axis so that users are not forced to look at fixed start/end on a single day and 2) add ability to convert to different time/height units e.g. GMT/Zulu instead of local and meters instead of feet. These would make it more useful to scientists and foreign users.

- Informative and easy to use

I've had no problems with this app. I use it frequently to find out exactly when I have to get back to dock so I'm not stranded. It provides information on moon phase and even the rate at which the tide is moving in or out. Couple of changes I would like to see: when chosing another date, use a calendar format rather than just dates, so I don't have to figure out when the next Saturday is. Also, a quick listing of the highest and lowest tide values would be nice, rather than having to find it on the graph. Otherwise, great app for the money.

- Oregon Fisherman

This application is a great way to look at your real time tides where youngish instead of extrapolating your tides from the rivers mouth to where you are. I use my i phone 3G 2.1 with no major problems except occasionally having to wait a few seconds to a minute to get the point of interest changed. This is a i phone fart rather than a application problem . Relax and it will do it's job if you don't panic when it seems to freeze up. Switching to 3G helps speed the process up. Enjoy real time data on your favorite water and rip lips ....

- The best

I bought this app in its first release, simply on the basis of the graphics. I lived with the fact that I could only see a few hours into the future, and had to take a screenshot of the tide chart before I went to the beach and lost my wifi connecvtion. But with version 2.0 all these limitations are gone, and a whole lot more is added. This is a great example of a good app growing into a five-star app, thanks to a developer who won't stop tinkering until it's done right. Great job!

- Great app

This is a great simple app. I would like to see a couple additions. I would love to be able to see the graph take up the whole screen when I rotate the phone. I would also like to be able to scroll the graph from side to side to move the graph from day to day (not just move the pointer). It would also be nice to be able to reset the data to current info after you have moved the pointer on the graph. Worth the price as is.

- Good, useful app

This app is very useful whenever a person needs information about tides. I use it frequently. It is an important aid when sailing the inside passage in SE Alaska. Suggestion for improvement would be to add a place within the app to report any error. Also, the Anchor Point tide station in the Wrangell Narrows (south of Petersburg, Alaska) comes up with a label of "Anchor Point, Cook Inlet Alaska" which is another tide station in Alaska but it is hundreds of miles away. The label should be fixed.

- Tide graph 2.3

I've found Tide Graph to be well written and easy to use. It has a very nice feature set. I contacted the author about an issue I was having with displaying the map. He responded quickly, and resolved my issue. He is currently working on incorporating a suggestion I made. Talk about customer service! I would recommend this program to everyone. It's worth much more than the very reasonable price in the App Store. Thanks Bryan! Great software!

- Very cool

Simple and clear. My only suggestions are that it would be nice to be able see a graph of more than just one day at a time so you could more easily compare the lowest or highest tides in a given week or month, and it seems silly that you can't save current or future data because youre usually out of range when you'd want to check the tide. This app is easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do.

- Very handy

I do a lot of geocaching, and some of the caches are in tidal areas, so knowing when the tides will be high (or low) is important to avoid getting wet feet. Yes, I have a GPS that shows that info, but it's difficult to look up info for somewhere that you're not near. With Tide Graph, I can pick the area where we want to cache and know from home the height of the tides and plan to be there at that time. This app has made caching in tidal areas much easier for me.

- Excellent Data Interface!

I love this app, only thing I'd like to see is perhaps a "top 5" location option where you can quickly view information on multiple locations wihtout having to input the info in the settings menu. All areound great interface and readout, I like how you can quickly lookup the time and see wher teh tide will be both numerically and graphically. Great job and 2 bucks is a good price...well worth this app.

- Great..while it worked

I use to use this app everyday while going crabbing. I have a 2nd gen iPod and I think it's version 4.2.1 but I'm not sure. I love this app so much, but lately when I pull it up I can tell there's a new terms and conditions Thingy I have to agree to.. But before it is entirely readable, it crashes. Wonderful app. I just wish I stopped crashing. I works on a friends IPhone4 but not my iPod and I don't know why. Please fix. I really want this app to be 5 stars

- New version nice - but broke the distance/gps

I like everything about the new version, but at least on my 3gs - the distance to the station no longer works - well.... every station is exactly 0.0 miles which can be a pain if one is on a new body of water or a new area and wants to check the tide! Otherwise - great app - a necessity for any and all boaters!

- Server down

Having issues with the app today!!! But this is rare and usually don't experience problems with this app! Im a marine biologist and at the beach every single day. I love it I check the tide daily and on occasions several times a day!!! For todays issue Please figure out what's going on with this app and fix ASAP! Also if the range for Santa Barbara Ca can be extended to cover through Goleta that would be awesome!!!!

- App crashes on every action

I can't select a station - all it shows me is Long Beach California (about 2000 miles away from me!) I've tried twice and each time it dies. I think it has to do with trying to find the location, for if I say "yes" to using the location then the app crashes almost immediately. Once I turned that off, I was able to select a station near me but now it's hung on "loading" for now almost 5 minutes. No activity over the net according to my router (another big issue, what happens if I'm not on the net? No tides then?). Can't really say much more, the app just doesn't do anything.

- If you are looking for an application to monitor tide levels and moon phases, this is it

I've tried a bunch of different tide apps over the past two years, and this is by far the best one out there. I do a lot of night fishing where tide levels and moon phases play a big part in my success. This application is easy to use and accurate. Great Job!

- It only works in the US

I was very excited to use this app while diving in Thailand. Unfortunately after I bought and installed it I found that it only works in the US. Note to the creator of this app. After searching I found that it is stated on the second page of the iTunes store that it only works for the US. I and perhaps others would benefit if you put this information in a more conspicuous place. I am most disappointed because it looks like a great app that you have put quite a bit of thought and energy. I really wish I could use it.

- Solid

It seems accurate and the sun/moon rise/set (and lunar phase) info is a great bonus. If the makers want to take it a step further, they could add info about solar/lunar eclipses (I checked the dates of the next couple of lunar eclipses to see if this info was included). It has tidal predictions for my area up to the year 2037. I think this app is solid and well organized.

- Cool, but limited.

This would be one of my favorite apps, and I intended to replace the app Shralp Tides (free). I got this, and while it may be slightly more accurate, Shralp is way more convenient. Shralp can operate without an internet connection. I will rate this 5 stars if they add functionality like Shralp that will use math to predict tides when Internet is unavailable. I was mislead with the "algorithm" explanation at the beginning. I should have read more. It's not a bad app, but it is certainly not what I hoped for. iPod users beware, you can't use this on most beaches.

- Great product

I boat snorkel & dive almost every weekend with several friends. We plan our trips first by looking at the tides. We all use this app on our iPhones first and can plan days ahead for so many places! It's a great tool and fun if you are on the water or planning on it! I couldn't ask for more and it's only 99 cents!

- Excellent

This tide app is the best by far! I use it daily for my walks on the beach. I have found it very accurate; it has never let me down. I have a iPod Touch and this app does need a wireless connection but I get the results I need before I leave the house. Buy it; you'll be glad you did. Thank you for a great product!

- No crashes for me

Downloaded 11/23, haven't used it much but no crashes with changing location or anything else and seems very similar to same app on Palm. Only complaint (minor) is that I can't yet figure out how to get back to current time once I've changed time on graph.

- I love this app

I rarely rate apps but this one is so good and helpful that I want to recognize the developers for their great work! I use this app all the time and swear by it. We live on Puget Sound in Washington and our tidal swings are large. Having a reliable and accurate source for local tides I'd fantastic. I no longer use the printed tide tables

- Good app, does what it says

Good app, I use it to check the tide on the beach where I dog walk. 2.0 has a new feature that shows the position of the chosen tide data on Google maps. This is great because tides here (SF bay area) are really different on different beaches and points inside and outside the Golden Gate, so its great to see on the map the place where tide data is being reported.

- Nicely done and good off-line

This is a nice way to visualize tides at a glance. I use this with an iPod touch and have found the offline operation is excellent. When connected, just page through several days of tides and they all get cached for when you are out of wifi range. Makes a good companion to Navionics charts

- Great app

Downloaded this today. Had initial problems with it. Emailed Bryan and he got back to me in about 10 minutes, telling me he would look into it and get back to me. Which he did very quickly with the problem solved. So nice to have the tide info when I heading out on the boat. Thanks Bryan

- Runs well and looks great

Not sure why others are having problems, but I've got a 3G and am running the app on the slower network (no 3G signal here). Runs great and has many more ports and locations than the "tides" app. Just one request -a refresh function? Only way to do so is to quit and restart the app.

- Too slow

I've been using this app for a long time. In the past few months though it's gotten very slow - a long time between opening the app and displaying the chart. It seems it has to load something over the 'net and it's taking too long (slower when away from wi-fi). Used to be MUCH faster even on the older/slower phones.

- Minor bug

The graph doesn't take into account your timezone vs the timezone of the tide prediction. Display a graph and look where the marker is, then exit the app and change your timezone and look at the map again... The marker moves. Minor bug I found when I went to CA but forgot to change the timezone on my iPod from NY time. Other then that

- Use every day!

This app is great. Tides vary from 6 to 10 feet in my area. Use this constantly in my boat. Find a tide station that works for you (put a little effort in folks) and you will be pleased. I'm in the middle of no and where and it works fine.

- Great

Sweet app. Every bit of info I need for inshore fishing, sailing, or cruising the ICW. Funny, some folks complain about this app causing their iPhone to crash, others love this app. One guy wrote a review IN ALL CAPS blaming the programmer. Hmmm. Some iPhones crash and some iPhones don't. Could Apple be at fault here? Noooo... Apple products don't crash.

- Works state wide

I must have an updated version, it works from San Diego to Eureka California. I have had no problem reloading my new location and back again. Graphics are wonderful and you can get details by moving the little target along the tide graph. This app is great, AL.

- Great For Surfers

I use this app multiple times a day to help me chose when to paddle out. The interface is very simple to use and straight forward. So far it has been spot on. Thanks for keeping this app up-to-date. Keep up the great work!

- Not Accurate

This app has caused several issues. And ruined fishing trips. Where I fish the right tide is the difference between water or dry land. We have 6 foot tides here in SC. I like to hunt fish on the shallow flats poling around in my skiff. We schedule trips around the tide. And several tomes after a 2 hour drive. We show up to the complete opposite tide than what this app stated:( Literally cost us hundreds in fuel cost! Spend a few dollars and get a better rated app. It will save you money in the long run.

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- Does not work in australia! Should have been made clear in description.

Perhaps nowhere else besides US and Alaska. Pity.

- Downunder

Hey guys ! USA ain't the centre of the universe!

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- No Canadian content (or anything outside of the USA!)

The only information that seems to be available in this app is for the US only -please state this in the description - had I known that, I would not have purchased it. Otherwise, the interface is reasonably well done, hence the one star...it just does not meet the needs of a Canadian boater! Apple, where is your product testing at? You should have picked up on the fact that this app was solely US based! It should not be made available in the Canadian App Store!

- No content

Looks great but no brithish columbia content. Don't spend your money if you are in Canada

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- Great App

Great app!! Would like you to add the tide range for the day. You can figure it out from the high & low tides, but it would be much nicer if you just listed it (i.e. There is .7' of tide range today.) That way we can quickly look and see how much it is. Would greatly appreciate it. That to me would make it the best Tide App.

- Easy to use tides-at-a-glance

Nice, clean app. Does what it says. No bells & whistles. Particularly like large arrow that shows at a glance whether tide is rising or falling. Only improvement: would like to see printed on graph the heights of high and low tides without having to scroll across graph to find them. (took one star off for that)

- Tide graph working again

I have always liked "Tide Graph" and was bummed when it quit working. I bought "Hi Tide" and really missed being able to drag my finger to any time and get the height. Thanks so much for getting back online with my favorite tide chart!

- Great program!

Wonderful update, added everything on my wish list and more. Works just great on my iPod, and is a joy to use. (I did have to also buy Aye Tides, becauce it works without wifi. But when I am "connected," this app is the best.)

- Very nice app

I use it when preparing for a day of sailing to make sure I work around low tides. One way to improve it would be if it retained the last info downloaded so that if you go somewhere where there is no connectivity you could still use the info.

- Awesome

I think this app is awesome. The interface is clear and displays everything you need. I also like how it finds your location and matches it up with that areas particular condition. Highly recommended!

- Works for me!

I've had this app for ~7 years. I think it was the first app I've downloaded. I like that it's simple yet has everything I need. I use it for duck hunting, clamming, and fishing salmon, as well as general navigation on the Columbia River bar.

- Great tool

I like how you can easily get a summary or the tides for the day along with the sunrise and sunset. Graph also allows you the drag or click a specific point on the graph for a time for that tide which I haven't seen on another tide tool.

- Tide plus Daylight

Best tide app out there. Only thing missing is sunset/sunrise and Dawn/Dusk times (I know theres a graph). See "Sol: Daylight Clock" app. If Tide graph had this feature I could get rid of the other app on my iPhone. I don't know if there is room on the screen to fit this in. Otherwise, excellent program!

- Very useful

I have used tide graph ever since I bought my own boat. I still use it today. Some of my friends are professional charter fisherman who always use it to figure out which way the tide is going.

- Elegant

Works great and has a simple, clear interface. Easily locates stations, provides map link earth views of the area, starts from last used location. Will be very helpful when boating season starts again. Well done.

- good at first, but with the new update this is awesome

new update fixed the sunrise/set times, so now I am happy with it Great app for fishing since it shows you current moon phase with the tides, sun & moon positions. I use it a couple times a week, SO convenient!

- Great app!!!

This is excellent!! Very useful, well designed and works perfectly. I especially like the way you can slide your finger across the screen and show tide time and height at any point in time past present or future. Very cool!!!

- Does What it Claims

Terrific little app. I especially like the saved graph feature for off-line use. It doesn't have Point Pinos (Pacific Grove, California), but Monterey Harbor will do until Point Pinos gets added. A well-spent $1.99. Just buy it!

- Indispensable! iPhone and IPad

This app is the first thing I look at in the morning and I use it several times during the day. Accurate and easy to use even in foul weather.

- Easy and accurate

Very easy to use and my most used app. As a boater who has to travel 45 minutes down a river to get to the ocean, this app is used frequently and i'm very pleased with it

- Perfect! Thank you!

I live on the beach and this app is dead accurate. I know what time to watch the sunset nightly and I can plan on how much beach front I'll have in advance when guests come over. Easy to use and 10x better then NOAA free app.

- Good for surfing

Basically this is awesome for dialing in your surf spots. I like that you can see exact heights for precise times of day into the future. Useful and clean. Glad to see the update was free. Even better with version 2.0

- Chef

Love this app! Really handy for the weekend boater. I wish that you could store more than one location though so I could know the tides @ different landings (away from the tourists!) 10 outa 10

- Comes very close

Could use a monthly overview (graphic calendar) and a way to temporarily store the current date on the ipod so that you can also use it when there is no reception.

- Great app!

I initially had problems with it loading on my watch and had to delete and reload. But now it's working fine. I love that I can have it on my watch face!

- Very well done!

Good graphics, good information, and good integration with map to show exact location of data position. Will help choose better spot at the beach today!

- The best Tide App I have used.

I have used all the free apps and explored many of the paid apps. This is by far the best app I have seen. Simple interface, full featured and elegant. I highly recommend it.

- A delight to use!

The graphical interface is extremely easy to use. It offers all the data I want, presented very concisely. This app is a gem. Thank you!

- No current table on south shore long island

I bought this thing to get the current table for south shore Long Island. Unfortunately there is zero current tables here. I desperately needed Jones and Fire Island inlets. What a waste. There are plenty of free Tide apps that do more then this app. I'm quite disappointed and hope they rectify this and be honest with customers by saying they only offer a few current tables. Don't Buy App!!!!

- Lifesaver

Called sea-tow for a bunch of dumb teenagers that got stuck on a sandbar down in coconut point. It showed me the tide was gonna take till 3 am to get where it needed and let me give them gps coordinates. Very nice in all!

- Great Visuals,

This app has the best visual to quickly determine the current chosen tide. I wish that the Apple Watch visual has a more visible indicator of tide. Its pretty hard to see sometimes when you’re outside in bright sunlight.

- Newest version 5 stars

Very useful. Has everything you need. I can access tides when I'm in Baja, Mexico without having to connect to the internet.

- Not working correctly

It hangs, it wants to use my location but it searches then hangs forever till it crashes. I don't have problem with the price but getting sick and tired of paying for programs that don't work!!

- Use it daily

This is perfect for the iPhone. Perfect for my daily walks on the beach. And its always a great tool to know when to go out in the line-up...

- The APP I've been waiting for!

Exactly the tide app I've been looking for. My Transformation from the Treo650 is now complete. If you liked Tide Tool for the Palm platform, I believe you'll like this!

- Does what it says perfectly

I bought this a couple of months ago. Its always worked perfectly for me. Very pleased and well worth the price.

- No details on location

Please fix it, does not show details on location I am using this up for few years, was great but now needs an upgrade to work please make it to work again

- Best yet

The best tide app yet. Has it all. I like the feature that allows you to store multiple stations. The tide tables in this version is a great addition aswell as the map.

- Works Great

I live on a small island and use this app almost every day. The app works great, has never crashed on me and gives me the info I need.

- Great App

It works very well. I would love this, plus sunset and Moon set times. Right now I switch between three apps, it would be nice to have an all in one. Thanks

- Great Application

This program is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It works EXCEPTIONALLY well. Only thing that could make it better (though not necessarily any more useful) would be to add the moon phases on it. I RECOMMEND THIS APP!

- Every Day

Other than email and social, the only App I check every day. Great App, wouldn't change a thing.

- Simple, elegant and full featured!

This is a very practical, fast and easy to use app that does exactly what you expect it to do. Highly recommended!

- Nice App Very Helpfull & Fun

Easy to set up. Nice graphics. Does what it advertised. Great for every day use or vacations. If it was possable to have water temps you would know exactly to leave the house to catch your favorate fish, or go put your chair in that 85* surf.

- Needs Current information!!!!

great app, already worth the money, needs current information as well

- Best info, but display desperately needs update

Of all the tide apps that I have tried, this has the best selection of information available, especially the tide tables. But the display has not been updated to new screen sizes and has tons of wasted space. It's very frustrating.

- Great reference

Very easy to read. I use it before I surf almost every time to help predict how the waves will shape up for a given spot. It was worth the price to me.

- Perfect

Easy easy access to the tide tables. Graph makes sense of it all and it shows the moon cycles too. And it uses your location.

- Nice app

Does exactly what it claims to do. Very clear interface. Much easier than going to weather pages . Worth the money for beach dwellers.

- Outstanding! & keeps getting better.

If you need a tide chart this is it. Every time I think it's perfect it gets better.

- Super handy

Only thing I'd love to see is ability to save locations, otherwise great app. Ability to move through tide change & see flow rate is invaluable.

- vary usefull

I need to know what the tides are doing for my job this app tells you what the tides are doing how fast it's coming up and down. vary happy with it.

- Best Tide Chart for the Money

Excellent tide information presented in both chart and graph form. I always use it to plan my trips and it has never been wrong.

- Recommend

Bought instead of buying (and then losing) traditional paper tide table. Awesome! The graphic tide table is most helpful. Highly recommended.

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@blykmyk44 @strauss_matt @Yukoner3 I'm going to ask you one last time. If you are afraid to answer it then I guess you will twist and slither and try to throw something back at me: WHY DID THE TIDE TURN AT THE SAME TIME? Answer this and we can continue discussing variables impacting graph lines.


✅ Gred 1:1 ✅ Autolight Function ✅ Water Resist ✅ Diameter (37mm) ✅ Date,Day,Light berfungsi ✅ Alarm, Snooze ✅ Analog & Digital Function ✅ Mineral Glass ✅ Semua Jarum berfungsi ✅ Tide Graph (Jarum Kecik) ✅ Stopwatch ✅ World Time ✅ Steptracker Harga : RM155 FREE PS

Christine Padgham

@JohnSwinney, how on EARTH can you just be THIS wrong ALL THE TIME??? It's EMBARRASSING. My 7 year old (despite you stealing her education for 5 months) is more switched on than you. It really is painful. Rising tide, indeed. My graph, updated today. A monkey could do it.

Tide Graph 5.6 Screenshots & Images

Tide Graph iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tide Graph iphone images
Tide Graph iphone images
Tide Graph iphone images
Tide Graph iphone images
Tide Graph iphone images

Tide Graph (Version 5.6) Install & Download

The applications Tide Graph was published in the category Navigation on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Brainware LLC [Developer ID: 288420740]. This application file size is 28.46 MB. Tide Graph - Navigation app posted on 2020-11-01 current version is 5.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.brainware.tidegraph

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