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Oilist: the Artist in your pocket.
Make Fine Art based on your pictures!

"Oilist is an artist in your phone, one that you watch sketch, paint, and craft a unique version of a photo you’ve shot." - MacStories, May 2017

"App of the week: Oilist review - Hypnotic, engaging, with a longevity that escapes most filter apps, and with high-res output so you can use it to create real-world art." - Stuff Magazine, April 2017

Give Oilist an image, and it will automatically generate a genuine and unique work of art based on it. Painted for you in real time! Participate or spectate it's up to you, Oilist will delight! All saved at canvas-worthy 4k resolution.

Oilist comes with 48 infinitely customizable styles; from photo-realist to impressionist, to abstract. Every style except for our photo-realist style offers three different levels of abstraction.

Oilist is not a photo filter. Unlike most filter apps, Oilist will never generate the same results twice, and in fact, each brush stroke is unique. Instead of applying a fixed formula to an image as photo filters typically do, Oilist analyzes the supplied image using computer vision technology, then paints simulated paint particles that are applied using various brush strokes and techniques.

At any time​ during the painting process, 4k resolution images may be captured as often as desired.

When Oilist is painting, styles can be infinitely customized with 17 different presets (these were called Styles in previous versions of Oilist), 13 different painting moods, 15 different brushes, setting brush options such as the size and spacing, and by splashing paint with our exciting Chaos tool. Control paint gravity by tilting your device and brush angles by yawing (rotating) the device.

Obtain new and exciting results by alternating settings with new settings painted on top of the previous settings. For instance, first, paint a layer using the Warm mood followed by a layer using the Cool mood. The use of large brushes tend to create more abstract artwork, and smaller brushes work best for high definition detail.

Oilist will automatically provide smaller brush strokes and greater photo-realism to detected faces.

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Oilist App Description & Overview

The applications Oilist was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-04-20 and was developed by 3DTOPO Inc.. The file size is 128.26 MB. The current version is 2.0.5 and works well on 11.2 and high ios versions.

Resolves issue that could cause Out of Memory "crashes" (OOMs) on iPhone XS and XR models.

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Oilist Reviews


Amazing  crumscheidt  5 star

Refreshingly new take on mobile photo filters. I feel like I get a unique output ever time I use it. Much more comparable to the actual art process in painting and drawing. Highly recommend.


Dosnt work  Archtechguru  1 star

Dosnt work with photo library, keeps telling me I need to enable access that is already enabled.


Oilist  CatFightBlues  5 star

Really fun but it eats up your battery.


Fun app!!  rufusbean  5 star

Cool how you can make your pics into a piece of fine art! I can’t stop playing with it!!

Liliana Zagnoni:)

Amazing!  Liliana Zagnoni:)  5 star

Really easy to use and a lot of fun to see your photos transform into works of art😍!


A Million Ways to See  Bluffwalker  5 star

A bowl of fruit will never look the same after playing with Oilist. I love to arrange still life objects, take a photo, then watch the image evolve with this captivating app. It’s the best of the AI painters that I’ve used, allowing lots of user interaction and saving high resolution products.


Amazing App! Liked Version 1 better though!  Driftingfocus  4 star

I love this app, though I feel like the original version was better - it allowed for more control, a wider range of results, etc. Is there any way to bring some of that functionality back?

movie fun anywhere

Fantastic  movie fun anywhere  5 star

Loving this App...highest admiration

Teh best!

Art  Teh best!  5 star

Just like the masters

Natimus the Robot guy

Crashes before it saves  Natimus the Robot guy  1 star

So there’s an issue with this app. I am up to date on the latest iOS and the app still crashes. Every time I try to save a picture to my library it freezes up and crashes. Please, developers, fix this issue or I demand a refund.

Piano man '84

Fantastic...  Piano man '84  5 star

The beauty of this app compared to prisma is that this app doesn’t upload your images to their servers, thousands of miles away and violate your privacy by legally being able to own any photos you upload. I seriously love this app. Definitely worth purchasing.


20% better than free app Prisma  [email protected]@n  2 star

20% better than prisma, could do with basic improvements like marking snapshotted images with the settings used.


Wild happenings  Siwi6666  5 star

I'm playing with this app just an evening but it is already fun and expressive. Great creativity ability. I need to play more.


This is a wonderful app for digital art  Cloudydaypictures  5 star

To watch it render is a joy. Hoping for more styles in the future as the existing ones are so much fun.


Ignore last review  wadago  5 star

Apologies to app makers. Previous review meant for another app. Oilist works well and does what it claims. Existing photos able to be used and they look great. Highly recommend app.


Fantastic App!!  Gamersmother  5 star

This REALLY works. I have had wonderful times painting my photos and I am dazzled by the results. You are actually able to imitate the style of your favorite artist.

yodeling aodl

Beautiful images  yodeling aodl  5 star

The results are beautiful every time and the painting process is fun to watch. I really love playing with the different styles and seeing the results against the same base image.


Five Star All The Way. Except..  Mandy8092  5 star

Five star all the way! I have one complaint but that doesn't damage that Five. My one thing is.. can you add a skip button to most of the tools so they can go slower or faster to the feel that YOU are painting? All I gotta do is a drag and click of buttons and boom. Also, can you make yourself drag the brush in the way you want it or the way you want it to look? Thanks and please go on with this app! It's fantastic otherwise!

The Dark Yogi

[warning] ADDICTIVE!  The Dark Yogi  5 star

True to the nature of Art, it's impossible to duplicate one of your masterpieces. It's never done. You only stop working on it and get infatuated with something else. Endless variations, ever evolving, press the button and capture the moment. Best photo app I've seen in a looooong time. My meager instagram following thanks you, and I thank you.

Cursed is the worse

Amazing App 5Star  Cursed is the worse  5 star

I love this app! It's super easy to use. It's not a scam or a waste of money!! At first I thought it was going to be hard to use but it's super easy and it does ALL the work for you! If you don't mind I'm going to be posting a lot of these on my Instagram @sortartsy I would love to be sponsored by you possibly 🍃🌼


Fun!  Lora1701  5 star

I enjoyed playing with the paint in real-time and creating lots of versions of the image to choose from. The app is really well done, and the paint effects look awesome!


Spectacular results!  muzegit  5 star

This app allows you to create fantastic and unique digital art. Patience while the app continuously "paints" will result in spectacular results. The app also creates high resolution images so you can have prints made without fear of pixelation. I would love to see the ability to add a digital signature directly to my art but even without that feature I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys converting photos into fantabulous digital art. An absolute steal at $2.99, WORTH EVERY PENNY!


Relaxing and satisfying  Rockhound79  5 star

This app is pretty nice. The instructions are quite clear and it operates exactly as advertised. It only takes a moment to start taking shape. The longer you let it roll, the more detail and style it will incorporate. Mid-painting snapshots are a nice idea and linking to a printable canvas service is convenient. Worth the money if you're looking for an easy yet sophisticated oil painting processor.

Melinda Collins

Not Impressed  Melinda Collins  3 star

For the price I expected quicker application of image designs, not having to wait around. Played around for a little bit with various images with different styles and have decided it wasn't worth $2.99, but less than that.


Awful  7tdo12  5 star

This app doesn't work at all. All it does is has words pop up saying cleaning brushes ect. So I am not happy paid 3.99. I want my money back this app doesn't work. I think it's frozen up cause I can't get anything to work this app. Un installer. Very unhappy. I am disable so I want my apps to work cause I am on a fix income. Please give me my money back.

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