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This app only does one thing and that's to help you take better photos of the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights.

Here's the scenario - so you see the northern lights (!! - awesome for you, by the way), but you don't have a fancy digital camera with you. Thankfully, you have your trusty iPhone or iPad!

OK! Now what??

Do you know the tips and tricks to take photos of the northern lights ? Great, if you do! Enable manual mode; set the focus to infinity; change the temperature to a certain number; change the ISO between certain values; change the shutter speed to something else....wait what...?

Don't worry, this app does all of that for you so all you have to do is find those lights. ISO, shutter speed, long exposure mode, temperature, check check check. There are 3 presets that you can choose from based on the brightness of the aurora lights that you're seeing. Those don't work? Try out custom mode until you get that 'good-enough-for-me-to-show-to-my-friends' snap and take as many photos as you'd like!

Worth a shot ! (hah..a...was funny when this was typed...)

Northern Lights Photo Taker App Description & Overview

The applications Northern Lights Photo Taker was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-04-08 and was developed by Lazily Inspired. The file size is 15.10 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

Hi, everyone! Simon here. I'd like to personally thank you all for supporting this app; I apologize for the new iOS12 issue that prevented people from using the app. As always, if you have any feedback or problems, please contact me personally at [email protected] and I will respond to everything that is related to the app!

Here are some of the updates on the new update:

- Fixed a nasty bug with iOS12 that prevented people from using the app (so SO sorry about that)
- You can now take pictures with the volume up/down button (if you're iOS8 and up)

Thank you!

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Northern Lights Photo Taker Reviews

Dudah in Texas

Worked well in Norway  Dudah in Texas  5 star

Used every night we saw the Northern Lights in Norway- I got some great photos- a tripod would have made my shots better, but I am happy with what I got.


Highly recommend!!  Qtlicious44  5 star

I would highly recommend this app! It worked amazing with my iPhone! You will not be disappointed!!! My pictures came amazing!


Waste of $  fhhkfv  1 star

If you really thinking of having those green clear northern lights , you better download some pictures on google. Unless you have a professional camera , you are not getting any good quality picture. Don’t waste a dollar not your hope on this app


It crashes  tffejnkpiyeadgunbxtjnvdyjb  1 star

It crashes. I cannot open the app at all.


Worth it only if you don’t have a real camera  Chels223  3 star

Honestly, I do not think this app is worth downloading. I tried it out while capturing photos of the northern lights in Iceland recently. It’s slightly better than the normal iPhone camera (which was not picking up any green), but even with the app I could barely see what would be considered “northern lights”. If you don’t have a real camera and this is your last resort, it’s worth it to show the green lights exist, but the photos are not good quality.

Ziggy Overlord

You could get better pics without it  Ziggy Overlord  1 star

In Iceland right now and this app takes pics of just wide expanses of night sky. Nothing shows up. I have never been as disappointed as I have been with this app. The lights are beautiful, but this app will do nothing for your ability to capture them. You will still need a camera, tripod and skill.


Does not work  HsnadndnNzbbz  1 star

I am not able to allow this app to access the camera on my phone. The app does not even show up in my list of apps in my Settings. When I tried the “app support” option, the listed page no longer exists.


Won’t friggin work!  907gayle  1 star

IPhone XS OS 12.1 Paid for the download and the app will open but the camera will not take a photo!! What’s the use? Very DISSATISFIED


Horrible  kayhockey36  1 star

This app is horrible and isn’t even letting me take any pictures.


Doesn’t work  Rrrrrraaaannndy  1 star

Every time I go to the app it always says I need to accept the permissions and let my phone use the app but when I press the show me button it just takes me to my settings and the app doesn’t appear anywhere in my settings

Techno toot

Wow!  Techno toot  5 star

Arrived in Norway with little idea as to how to take a photo of the Northern Lights. Downloaded the app and hey presto, point and shoot, and some fabulous photos. There is even the ability to play with the settings so that you can discuss aperture and shutter speed settings with fellow photographers! Without the app it was not possible to get a decent photo of the lights. A fabulous app!


Don't waste your money!  Telerover  1 star

I downloaded the app and paid fir it. It doesn't work - all you gat are black photos even when in daylight. How on earth did apple let this rip off an app get published?


Don't bother  Redi6747  1 star

Don't waste $.99. The app is useless. The pic come pitch black. The technology is not possible yet to take still high exposure pics on mobile phones. Invest in DSLR camera or have your guide take your pics with his camera.


AMAZING  ReganNoelle  5 star

This app is incredible. No way I would've gotten any pictures of the northern lights without it. I don't know the first thing about "real" cameras, and just as the description says - this app does it all for you. Great work developers!


Worked perfectly!  LJT2000  5 star

Went to Iceland specifically to look for Northern Lights. First night that we saw them none of us had a camera that could capture the moment. Thankfully we saw them the second night as well but this time caught in pictures. Thank you app!!


Amazing!!  Obeezee  5 star

This app is totally worth the $0.99! I used it tonight to take photos of the Northern lights and the photos were spectacular!


Not worth a dollar  Fhxsfvvnffgbnkfdcyf)$35),6?  1 star

I tried to use this last night in Iceland. Unless the lights are bright enough (which apparently is rare) it won't pick up anything and will be black. I couldn't get it to work, so I used my own eyes to look, which was much more rewarding! Wouldn't pay for the app, any digital camera probably has enough settings to take better pictures.


It works!!!  Mysuru  5 star

Amazing; it's what you need to supplement the apple camera.


Above Expectation  Hetubrio  5 star

Excels far beyond what I would expect from a cell phone camera. Absolutely worth the dollar if you want to document the experience, don't even think twice. Don't expect print-quality sharpness, but this is the best you are going to get from your phone and will provide evidence of how spectacular the experience was to your friends back home.


Simple and easy  Fallov  5 star

Love how easy it is to use!

Biblical boy

W😍W  Biblical boy  5 star

Title says it all


Very cool  [email protected]  5 star

Great app!

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