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“The best email app for the iPhone.” - The Verge

Meet Outlook for iOS, the app that helps millions of users connect all their email accounts, calendars and files in one convenient spot. Newly redesigned, Outlook for iOS lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

See what matters most first with the Focused inbox that keeps the important messages on top. Switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your next meeting or share your availability with just a few taps. Or grab a document from your Files list and attach it to an email seamlessly.

With everything you need only a tap away, managing your busy days is now easier than ever.

Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


Here’s what you’ll love about Outlook for iOS:

Seamless inbox management

- A “Focused” inbox that displays your most important messages first. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
- Swipe gestures to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages.
- Smart filters to help you sort through your inbox.

Easy access to calendar and files

- Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others.
- View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone.

Work on the go

- Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email.
- Set your Out of Office messages directly from your iPhone or iPad.
- Multitask seamlessly on iPad with full Split View support in iOS 9.


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Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar App Description & Overview

The applications Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-29 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation. The file size is 172.32 MB. The current version is 2.26.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

All of our weekly updates include performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you.

Feel free to send us any comments or questions through our in-app support in Settings – we'd love to hear from you.

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Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar Reviews


Mobile mail done right  PixelSlayerSmurf  5 star

This should be the default mail client on all mobile devices


Cannot delete items in Files!  ABQMary  1 star

Very annoying that it is not possible to delete items in Files. This is a security risk and is taking up way too much room on my tablet. Needs to be fixed ASAP!


....guys this doesn't work  ipalazz  2 star

It doesn't search for names when I type them into the bar, or the results aren't even close to what I typed in, it's not receiving messages, and I just tried to send a message and it went somewhere out into cyberspace never to be seen again. Not in my sent folder. It's like I never even sent it. Oh yeah, this new update is *really great*


Great app  Billysv3257  5 star

Great app just one question. Can you set emails to send at certain times? If not that would be something to add into the app I'd love to have emails set to send and not have to actually send them just automatically send to the time set. Thanks


Hi all  zazo3x  4 star

Thanks ,, go forward


"Excellent and quite convenient app!!!"  Was-the-man  5 star

"It's the best e-mailing app from Microsoft because it's easy to use and operate.Five stars from me!"


Lit  Poopshookoo  5 star

It's lit


Feeling forced  psycosmyth  2 star

I have had quite a bit of trouble syncing with Outlook using my Mac, my Linux machines using Evolution or Thunderbird and now my iPhone is getting denied from syncing with iOS mail unless I jump through hoops. I am tired of Microsoft being as pushy as Apple. Stop pushing already.

Mountain top girl

Pretty good  Mountain top girl  4 star

Makes it much easier for me to stay in touch with the office while with my family.


Great  JOHSATAN  5 star

Its pretty accurate, I get all my student emails on time! I like the touch ID to get inside invox!

Raghu Maremanda

Works great !  Raghu Maremanda  5 star

One of the best app from Microsoft .

Lotso Huggins

Buggy  Lotso Huggins  1 star

This last update is really buggy. I can't delete emails and it appears to be marking some read emails as unread.


Great app for business email  Yeti77  5 star

Used a couple of products before this one. Best business email app, easy to navigate, works well.

Sascha Heller

Essential  Sascha Heller  5 star

The Outlook app has become my essential companion for efficiently managing my various e-mail accounts. The Focused Inbox is very helpful as is the ability to open addresses and URLs in the iPhone apps of your choosing. Also, the Calendar is very attractive.


Awesome App  Cajunbeauty4u  5 star

Great app so far. I've had it a while (a few yrs) and I did have a lot of issues with my mailboxes updating however I emailed them with my concern and within a few days a update was rolled out and all is well. With each update things keep getting better. If there is a issue, they actually listen!


Better than gmail  Linds1979  5 star

Easy to navigate and move emails to folders. Also easy to delete. Much quicker to go through mail than with gmail's app.


Needs Improvement  Rmotcy  2 star

Today my company decided to move away of an Exchange server using the iPhone native app in favor of Outlook so this is my first impression. The only Pro of Outlook app is the Focused folder. Other than that, the contacts are not being handled as it should with the native iPhone contacts. It is a one way only. I have not seen the notes yet, but overall the performance is not good. The thread view doesn't allow to mark a particular item on the thread as unread, at least is not intuitive. Changing from thread view to simple view took about 5 minutes. Will update after a week of usage.


Excellent  Rickaudiomusic  5 star



Extremely laggy  yapy05  1 star

I am using an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS. However, there is a considerable lag when receiving emails compared to the native mail app. It's ok if you don't mind waiting hours to receive your emails. I have deleted & reinstalled app but still the same.

{A Dangerous New You}

Unread Messages Badge???  {A Dangerous New You}  1 star

After today's update, suddenly I have 20 unread emails, except they are old and have already been read. I deleted this app, and I unfortunately will have to go back to the sh***y apple stock app, because this one is too slow on iPhone 6, and lags more than a snail. It's beautifully design but poorly executed in usability. Every tap is just slow slow slow. So disappointed in this app, as I read such good things about it. Would not recommend to people who do business/emails on their phone and have to access their email quickly throughout the day.

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