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OptumRx App Description & Overview

What is optumrx app? The OptumRx mobile app helps members manage pharmacy benefits without walking into a pharmacy. Compare drug prices, view all your medications, and transfer eligible medications to home delivery. Users can also refill their home delivery prescriptions, check order status, set up automatic refills, and more.
Other features include:
• View member ID card
• Resolve home delivery order holds
• Manage account information

Search, compare and save.
With our easy-to-use tools, you'll get the info you need to find the right drug and pricing options for you.

Send medications right to your home.
You may be eligible for the convenience of Home Delivery, avoiding trips to the pharmacy to pick up your medications.

Manage your Medicine Cabinet anywhere.
Easily manage your medications and orders on any device- whether at home or on the go.

Our Promises
There are some things in life we depend on. Medication is often one of them.
We promise to deliver simple ways to get the medication you need.

• Affordability
We help you find the medications you need at the lowest price available to you.

• Accessibility
Everything we do centers on getting you the medication you need, when you need it, your way.

• Advocacy
We'll be here to guide you any time you need us with compassionate care and a simple experience.

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App Name OptumRx
Category Medical
Updated 10 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 46.5 MB

OptumRx Comments & Reviews 2024

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Very handy just wish I could find the auto refill option. The app is very helpful except for finding the auto refill option. My wife and I have been using OptumRx for our maintenance medications for years. Today I look in our medicine cabinet and see she’s running low on two of her meds, I open the app and place the order for the two medications, I thought they were all on auto refill, I’ve called and had a representative help me verify this months ago I thought! Anyway the order is placed, then I try to find where to set the auto refill and I’m unable to find where to make that happen, I see the option to stop auto refill on the two that are set up, but I need to set up auto refill on the two I just did the refill on, can someone please help me get this done? Thanks, James Black for Shannon Black

Optum Rx Mail Order Pharmacy. Is a great way to avoid trips to drop off and pick up prescriptions and maintain authorize refills that my Doctors prescribe. They will also attempt to reach out to my Doctor when it's time to refill a prescription that doesn't have any refills left. The pharmacist can not fill a prescription without a doctor's order. And sometimes they need us to call our doctors to order more refills. And if our doctors don't supply the order then they are not able to fill it. But Optum Rx pharmacy keeps up with the time a refill is needed so that we don't run out of our maintenance medications, and that's a good thing. Local pharmacies don't. Most times they don't notify you when your prescriptions are ready for pick up. At least my doesn't. I have to call them to see if they have received an order from my doctors and when it will be ready for pick up. And even if the drug is an antibiotic or server pain medication I don't receive a call or text message to let me know that my prescription is ready. But using the mail order pharmacy is not a good choice for any prescriptions less than 3 months or 90 days. And my doctors usually will add 2 refills. So there you have it. Optum Rx is a very good choice for home delivery medications.

Login broken rendering app useless and suspicious reviews. Ever since iOS 12, the app has become unusable. I decided to wait 2-3 weeks after the system release, before writing this critical review; in fairness to the developer giving them time to fix the log-in issue. Apple gives developers ample time (usually about 6 months) with their beta program to fix any issues before the launch of a new operating system, so it’s pretty shameful if your app has major issues on release date. Considering this is an app that many people rely on for their health, it makes it all the more shameful. I have not been able to login to this app using the fingerprint scanner for weeks. It’s not a systemwide problem, as all my other apps with fingerprint security logins work fine. When the app works, it’s provides the pertinent information needed, however the user interface is not very intuitive, and sways away from most of Apple’s good practices design standards. It’s not accessible and does not take advantage of Apple’s system-wide text resizing, which is imperative for people with poor or low vision. We should expect more from a company which we choose to safeguard our health. I couldn’t help but notice recent extraordinary amount of 5-star, one-sentence, generic reviews. Appears very suspicious. It’s possible these reviews were written are by positive individuals with little to say, or maybe they are fake reviews paid for by the developer, however that would violate Apple’s rules.

Please do not use this service. When placing my order for my medication, I requested it to be expedite. I spoke with a representative on the phone who confirmed this type of shipment and then pre-authorized my credit card for the expedited shipping. When calling back two days later to inquire about my package, I was told it was not sent expedited. When asking if I can change it, I was told it was already sent to USPS and I would have to call them to expedite it. I wasn't able to intercept it because it was sent standard mail. My medication will now be coming late because of this error on OptumRx's part and this is my first order with you as I'm a new customer. I will not be continuing to use OptumRx and seriously hope you can implement some type of written confirmation when there is phone correspondence with your representatives because clearly they are incapable of following through with phone orders. My medical condition isn't life-threatening but for people who rely on their medication for survival, I would never recommend them using OptumRx for home delivery.

Download of new App. Any time I have a new app to learn it can be a challenge. I am happy to say I was able to complete my task without needing to call one of your very pleasant and efficient “team members” to fix my mistakes. The hardest part of learning a new app is “fear.” Prescriptions are serious business and the my life with cancer depends on them. I take pills twice a day and usually about 9 to 12 pills. It is a “love-hate” relationship but your staff has been very helpful over these past ten years plus so I don't resent having to take so many. Please let them know I appreciate what they are doing. From the order-fillers view, it may seem like an ordinary thing like ordering a Big Mac at MacDonald's. Please, take it from me, your job is critical. I forget to remember this and don’t say “Thank You” often enough with the appropriate fanfare to match my true feelings. Thank you. You play an important role in my life. Sincerely, Claudine Fall, Santa Clara, CA PS I am enjoying retirement. Plus, my pain and the cancers are getting under control. I'm actually doing VERY WELL.

Auto refill. I signed up for auto refill (or so I thought). I completely ran out of 2 of my medications. My Lovastatin & Amyltriptylin. When I checked on the “status” they hadn’t even shipped yet. Forcing me to get them filled locally. The reason I signed up for this service in the first place was for the convenience of not having to run around to different pharmacies to fill prescriptions, & for the $0 copay. I received 2 of my prescriptions, & the other 2 just ran out. When I filled them locally, I would get “reminder” texts saying I had a prescription that was close to running out & was due for a refill. I assumed with me filling out my prescriptions with you, I would get a similar service. However I received no texts, calls, etc., advising me to take an action to receive me medications. Do I have to review my account every other week to make sure they’ll be shipping when I’m due? Or will it ever be an “automatic “ renewal system?

Not worth the trouble. They are hard to deal with. I wanted them to correct the phone number and address of my doctor. The representative kept argued with me saying I was changing doctors I kept telling him I was not changing Doctors that my dr had changed offices. Then he told me the only way to do it was for them to fax my doctor and ask for a new script. And I would have to do that everytime a med needed refilled. So I talked to a supervisor who then went through each medication with me to make sure the right address and phone was on the file. 2 days later I get a call from you that they needed the new address and phone for the doctor before they could refill. I immediately called my insurance and canceled you guys as my pharmacy if you can’t do something simple as checking the file I don’t want you messing with my scripts. I won’t be referring anyone to you.

You really messed up. Your new update failed to include the “renew” bar for the iPhone app. As trying to renew a prescription, had to go thru multi screens to order. Then couldn’t find check orders & reordered same Drug 2X. I’ve loved this app for 5 yrs so please fix it. I went to my iPad app( don’t usually use it) and sure enough I noticed the blue RENEW bar right where it should be. Had to call Customer Service to correct my order. Just a note, I tried to take the voice survey but it doesn’t recognize my answers. No option to use #s instead of voice. I’ve noticed this on several surveys & it’s very frustrating. Looking forward to fix on both problems Update: back to great app that I’ve enjoyed!

Forced to enroll. So our we received a letter stating we had to use this mail order service or pay full price for our medications?? I enrolled only to find out that the pharmacy we currently use is allowing us to use a manufacture coupon to off set the cost of one very expensive medication to treat type two diabetes! OptiumRx had me send in the same coupon and then told me they could not apply it to our medication? So I paid out of pocket the ridiculous price and then when it came time to reorder the price was higher than the first time due to “new year” “new deductible”?? I called my physicians office and was told that the original pharmacy could fill this medication for free!! I called them and I ordered the medication and it cost nothing out of pocket!! IMO OptiumRx is a scam period! Also I ordered a second medication through them on the same day that was zero out of pocket and have yet to receive that medication that shipped out on Monday? It’s Friday and still no medication? I will call the local pharmacy today and have that filled as well I have been out of it since Sunday and thank god it is not a life or death medication for my health!!!

So far so good.... So far so good since I started using the app about 2 months or so... I’ve refilled a few prescriptions using the app and had to call them only once so far and that was the first time I used the app to refill and switch to home delivery at the same time for that same prescription, so that was completely understandable! And the rep was patient and understanding because I wasn’t 😂 and she made sure everything was taking care of in the most professional way before letting me go because I had no patience or tolerance at that moment! She collectively got answers from the pharmaceutical unit and I think we both learned a lot that day ☺️ I was totally the opposite person that first called then when I hung up! 😇 Keep up the great work OptumRx ✊🏾

Prices in app are inconsistent. The prices in the app are inconsistent and the app does not look at the renewals available. When I ordered Jublia 10% solution, the app did not recognize that I had 5 renewals remaining, so the app told me to call my doctor for a new prescription. When I ordered the drug, the price in the app was $183. By the time the app received my doctor’s prescription the price for the drug was $1,037, which coincidentally is the number on my house!!! Now when I log in there is a red exclamation mark at the top of the page and when I click on it I am told to approve the price of $1,037 but when on click on your orders the price is correct at $183 and the app tells me the order has been approved. Does that mean that it will be mailed to me this week. The customer reps can’t help. Maybe the developer can figure out the problem. Meanwhile I am going to ask my doctor to send a new prescription to Walgreens and I will NEVER use OptimumRX again!

Login constantly broken - still. The login for this crap program is always down and won’t let you use your fingerprint. Then when you manually enter you credentials, it tells you the password is wrong (even though I know for certain it wasn’t). After several attempts you get the joy of being locked out and have to make up a new password over and over. Lots of questionable reviews on here as well. I’m betting they are paid reviews because I can’t see anyone thinking the UI or the experience logging in could ever be a 5 star experience. Sad that a healthcare company can’t get their app right... Update- I was contacted saying it was a bug and it was fixed. Lies. Still won’t use my finger print and tells me my new password isn’t correct and will lock my account so I will get to create another new password. Just have a list ready because each time you log in you will need to come up w a new password. App developers here should be fired and replaced with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Poor Communication. I recently made an order for insulin as a Type 1 diabetic. Unknown to me, the order was cancelled the day after it was placed and I was not aware of this until my delivery date came and went. At that point, I logged onto the app and could not locate my order nor could I find the actual prescription in my list of medication. I then went onto their website where I was able to locate my order that had been cancelled the week before. I did not receive any call, message, email, nothing about this update. I called OptumRX and was able to speak with a rep before being placed on a 15-20 minute hold, after which, the call dropped so I had to go through that again. The reason the order had been cancelled was due to a problem with the prescription that was sent by my doctor so that is not the problem I have with OptumRX. The problem I have is with the fact no one even attempted to contact me. I was told I never received an order status update due to not “opting-in” for status updates. At no time during the ordering process was I given a choice to opt-in nor was I able to find anywhere in the app that allowed me to opt-in. I understand that some things are not life or death, but insulin for Type 1 diabetics is the definition of life or death.

Service. I absolutely love the online services and phone services with OptumRx. The reminders of when my medications are due for refill or renewal are essential to my staying on track. Most of my medications were filled via OptumRx, except two but now that I will be on those two long term, I am happy to say that ALL my medications come thru OptumRx. At my age it is of comfort to me that my medications no longer weigh on my mind due to the fact that OptumRx does all the thinking for me. One more thing, if for any reason I need to call them, I am greeted with professionalism, respect and a friendly voice who addresses any concern I may have. It’s a “win win” with this company.

Grateful on Thanksgiving. I want to take a minute to thank Optum and it’s team members for always being so open and pleasant. I’ve had some challenging health issues over the last several years but I can’t remember a time when I came away from a phone call without resolution. These are trying times and some people are having complicated issues when it comes to their healthcare and the cost of maintenance medications. I’ve never experienced any level of indifference in all the years I’ve been with OptumRx. There’s always a pleasant voice on the the phone when I’ve needed to call. There’s always a resolution and I’ve enjoyed the “off topic” conversations while my issue is being addressed. Thank you on Thanksgiving and always. Stay safe. Stay well.

Optum Rx App has made some great changes. When I had to start using optum mail order, the app was terrible. I had ( I don’t know about others) a terrible time logging in for any reason. I would always have to call in to reset the password or have someone unlock me or some other issue EVERY SINGLE TIME!! It didn’t matter if I took step by step notes and had them with my meds and followed them exactly. Ssooooo frustrating I didn’t want to use it at all. NOW - with the revamp and latest update - WONDERFUL!!! It actually works!!! I also like the features. It’s very helpful to all of us on a tight budget to see the prices at different locations in the area. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Good for the most part. Refills are generally easy. If you want your refill to fill automatically, you can set it that way or you can set it to fill when you choose. The default is auto fill so be aware. It will be that way when your doctor sends the script. If you need to print out receipts for housing at the end of the year, be aware this is not easy from the application especially if you have controlled substances. The application can’t separate those prescriptions out as you would have filled thoselocally and not through OptumRx. You can call & ask for a custom print out but allow for 30 or more days for that service as I have come to expect from several years of requests. Also, make sure that if you want your medication to be manual to change then as soon as your doctor posts a new or renewed script. Otherwise they will auto fill

Almost Useless. The app is almost as horrible as the website. Logging in and loading various pages can take forever as I’m stuck watching the spinning circle for 5+ minutes before I give up and try again another day just to have the same problems. The app says I have zero orders sometimes and that I have one order a few minutes later. Medications will be listed in an order then suddenly not listed anywhere; then given a delivery date, then go missing from my list again. Order tracking gives no valuable information. My very critical meds have been sitting states away for six days “pending acceptance”. I reached out to Optum through their online system. I received an email saying I had a document pending my review. I assume it’s a response to my message, but the app doesn’t list documents anywhere and the website shows I have no documents. I really regret attempting to move my prescriptions to this service. It’s caused more stress not knowing if my meds will show up in time and fighting to navigate a clunky, non-intuitive, unresponsive app. I’m sorely disappointed. There is really no excuse for such a poorly designed, amateurish app from such a large company.

Reordering prescriptions. Last week I called and had my husband’s prescriptions called into the Dr. I was assured by the representative that they would both be sent and then sent out to us. Today I call and one RX (Tramadol) is being currently processed but won’t be received here until 6-29! His RX is finished tomorrow 6-22. The other RX(Venaflaxine) they said the Dr denied to fill. This is a flat out lie as I had spoken to the Dr’s office and they said they never received the request from OptumRx for this prescription. My husband is out of this medication tomorrow also. I am very upset with this. I have been flat out lied to and told it was the Dr’s fault not yours. The Venaflaxine was also removed from his medication list by your company and removed from automatic refill. I now have to have this sent to a local pharmacy and pay out of pocket for it. Not acceptable at all!! I have asked that the Tramadol RX be expedited since we need it quickly. Let’s see if that happens, this will be the breaking point for me if it isn’t. Not impressed at all!!

Things I love and hate the most. I hadn’t used mail off in over 20 years. I love it now there’s an app and the ease of which you can transfer medication and OptumRx can get the medication from my doctor with a 90 day supply. I don’t even have to call anyone. I’ve been using Walgreens for the last 20 years and they have had an app for several years it’s been wonderful so I was happy to see OptumRx had one too. I love the text messages from beginning to process thru it being delivered. The only thing I hate is these notifications go to my husband and not to me, so if he forgets to tell me I have no idea what’s happening. That’s what I’ve tried changing but it doesn’t work. So help to fix this issue would be welcome.

Customer service. I have been calling for over a week now to make sure my medication should ship out in time. Everything single time I got a different answer and I mean every time. I have everything documented. I travel a lot so there are times I need to make sure things that are said a re true. I just started using you guys but if my medicine doesn’t get here tomorrow I will take this to every social network that is available. I was just told by a guy name mark and he took my credit card info and I paid the overnight shipping charge that my medication would be here tomorrow. This is after I was told it would be from some lady, so let’s see what happens. All I wanted was a straight answer and not once do I get the same answer. I have have heard bad reviews about you guys but this is very serious and you guys take it as a joke it seems. I will write another review tomorrow being how things go. Ken

Needs improvement. I have tried to be patient when using this app. I am not sure if it is the app or Optim itself. The problems I have experienced so far are as follows: Orders will generate and ship. I have auto refills turned off. I even removed my debit card information. So far I have had 3 orders generate and shipped. I have called and no one can explain why this is happening. The second problem I am experiencing is that I am showing pending refills being processed from last year and there is no way to clear these out. The last problem I experienced is when my doctor sent in a prescription. It was a narcotic. It showed up in the app. The next day it was removed. I called and asked what happened to my prescription. The person I spoke to said, the system shows no order. I called and verified with the doctor office it was sent. They confirmed that it was. I don’t what is going on with Optim and this app. I decided to have my prescription sent to my local pharmacy. Easier and less stressful.

App site review. I’ve tried to order for the first time three different times including one attempt performed by your customer service representative, each time I get a text message telling me my order is in process, later I check only to find that my order does not exist. Further you should have a cancel feature on the app in case a person makes a mistake and simply wants to start over. Issues have been resolved and I have determined that the problem was on the insurance companies end as they never updated my information to reflect that I no longer had my previous prescription insurance prior to going on Medicare. Now if I can fix the postal service

I hope this works.... I wish I could withhold rating Until I see if I receive my medication. I initially placed an order for one of my medications a few weeks ago. After I hadn’t received it and when I thought it be a timely manner I looked on the app and it said that the medication was processed, it was about midway through the checkmarks. Rather than call someone I assumed that the order would be processed and I would receive my medication. That was not the case. I ran out of my medication and have been without it for at least a week. Since it was a holiday weekend, I had to wait until this morning to call your company. I logged onto the app to get a contact number; Lo and behold there was no record of my order ever being placed. It was no longer midway through processing , not in my cart, it just was gone. I have now placed my order again and I’m going to see if I receive my medications. We just switched to OptumRx so I have to say that my overall feeling is not a positive one. I hope that changes.

Suggestions. I am grateful for OptumRx so that I am able to have all my prescriptions mostly for the narcotic ones because I can’t get them filled at Walgreens since the govt rules have changed & I am disabled and don’t have transportation that will take me to the DMV to obtain a state ID. I do wish that I could send my prescriptions in to the OptumRx in Jacksonville, FL since I live about an hour south in FL but I have to send my prescriptions to CA. This causes delays and sometimes my prescriptions get delayed & I go into withdrawals. Not a good thing. OptumRx used to send an email to send in your prescriptions & when they were received, I was notified by email. An email was sent for each step to allow you to know where & when your prescriptions are & likely to receive to make sure my husband (my fulltime caregiver) to sign for the prescriptions because of the nature of some of the prescriptions. If you read these, please let me know if I can send my prescriptions to Jacksonville instead of CA. Thank you for your time. Cordially, Ramona Henderson

Really easy to use and fast!. The app makes it really easy for me to refill and renew prescriptions. Best auto-refill program of any online by mail pharmacy. They do not overstock me like others have in the past. Great medication look up tool and pricing. I have just one issue that is thee only reason I haven’t given a 5 star rating. “Signature Required” on most medications - I’m a day sleeper - and many others work 8-5pm so this has caused delays to getting my medications at times. Even requiring me to contact my physician to request a 30 day refill - then the refuse to deliver until my local pharmacy 30 day refill is nearly used up. I do understand the reason for security and safety - just wish there was a work around. Like delivering to my local pharmacy, or other options. Still, all in all a great company & app. Fix the “Signature Required” problem and I’ll gladly up my rating to 5 stars. Thanks!

Very poor website. Update - believe it or not they actually made the website, and app less useful. Now the two pieces of software don’t even have the same info. On the website you can’t find what info you want. I wanted to look up one med I needed to refill. It only showed one of my meds, not all of them. It showed the order as ready to ship with a due date 3 months ago. The app showed all the meds and let me order the one I wanted, but I couldn’t sign on to it directly through the app. It kept telling me the name and password were not on file. It was the same one I used to sign on the the website with no problem. Luckily you could switch to the app from inside the website which is what I did. That link signed on just fine. As always OptumRx has the worst software, most buggy, next to useless stuff I’ve ever used, and I am no newbe to computers. Please, please put some effort into fixing your software so it is intuitive, user friendly, and consistent between platforms, please. I have no choice but to use your service so I am stuck with it and have to fiddle with it or call every time I try to place an order. Old review post - Even though they have updated and changed their website repeatedly it is still far less then perfect. Very slow to load, slow to update info and find searched items. Process is lacking. It is somewhat better with last update but still presents problem navigating the website.

Why. Why would you automatically put hold on a medicine included with new other meds without calling me. As a pharmacy you can clearly see I’ve been taking Adderall for 30 years obviously it’s imperative I take 60 mg per day. Because you put a hold on this drug I will run out after a couple days obviously it’s my problem. You’ve no idea the physical & mental harm caused me when even 1 day is missed. Aren’t you doctors who care about your patients. It would take same amount of time to call & discuss this matter as it took to put hold on 3 drugs when clearly I be been taking the one for 30 years. It’s a triplicate form I’m sure you’ve ways of looking up situations such as this. I do however appreciate you putting hold on the new expensive med(s) ordered at least I’m assuming this is reason For hold. But why wouldn’t you just put hold on the 2 meds I’ve never taken. This is truly unbelievable I can’t believe a live person should do such a thing. There are 3 meds I take that when missed for even a day causes me serious difficulty. A pharmacist should be aware of drug withdrawals

PA. Needed a PA for adderall I checked web site it stated being processed three days still no med I called after being on hold almost 20 minutes and was told I needed Prior authorization called PA department gave her information she asked for and by now my med was five days past due Optum reviewed PA and told me it was denied now seven days with no med spoke with my provider who cancelled the prescription and sent it to my local Pharmacy then I received a letter telling me I need to try another med again I called to cancel the med next day another letter telling me I need to contact my provider who needs to send additional info by this time I had gotten my med and was back on track and once again please cancel this med. if you have a controlled substance that you take daily you might to skip using Optum

I want to see the date eligible for a refill and I want to opt in to hassle free refills. I would like to see you the date each prescription is available for refill at the online OptumRX pharmacy. I have to call OptumRX and speak to an employee to find out that information (date a prescription is eligible for refill) or look on the prior medicine bottle. It should just be listed on the page where you refill each medication from. Right now on the app there is a box that is already checked that in enrolls you in to the no hassle refill service. Every time I refill a prescription I have to remember and go in and un-check the box if I would like to not be enrolled. It is a very big hassle to remember to uncheck the box every time I refill a prescription. I have forgotten it three times now and had to call customer service to cancel the hassle free refill service. I am going to stop using the app and start calling a actual employee every time I would like to refill a prescription because of this problem. It’s a game changer for me and I will stop using this app. You could fix this problem by having to check the box to opt into the hassle free refills instead of out of.

Terrible service. I called this evening regarding my ProAir order sent in by Dr today, depending where I looked I got several different prices. $85 for 2 inhalers, I wanted 1 since it's a new med & don't know if it works, the 1st girl I talked with told me $79 for 1. I asked her to cancel this med. I look in my UHC book & a tier 3 med is $45, so I call back talk to another young lady who was knowledgeable & was told yes 1 inhaler would be $45. Later I go back in & see the 1st girl had canceled both of my meds ordered by my Dr today. So I order a refill of cyclobenzaprine and at check out it shows I will have to pay $10 I know this med is tier 2 and I have $0 copay. It is unexceptable to have customer service people unable to give correct information or use the system. Very sad.

Not working. I normally read reviews before but I didn’t on this because it came recommended by my healthcare company. I will be uninstalling. The latest review was 1 year ago,negative,and no reviews any earlier. It freezes and I can not navigate through it. In the beginning it asks if I want to use face recognition but then says it can not use it at this time. As it started to go through the navigation and tour of the app it froze for a second time. I have no patience for an app at this time in technology that freezes when just trying to learn how to use it. I was looking forward to the mailing 3 month option. I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere

Convenient and problematic free.. I admire this company, they are the most efficient and people friendly company I have dealt with in the pharmaceutical industry. The customer service department is outstanding and they actually answer their phones an in a timely matter. It is just incredibly so!! OptimumRX is readily to assist and resolve any issues on hand. They are also very understanding, compassionate and competent. I had an emergency situation where I forgot to switch this particular medication to auto and I had almost ran out of it. The prescription is one that you have to take daily and I was in tears. The representative was so empathetic and concerned for me that she sent my prescription overnight via FedX. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this team and I do mean team they are cohesive and they all work together to meet my needs. Thank you OptimumRx!!!

Avoid this negligent app: they are paying for fake reviews. I would suggest OptumRx to anyone who wants to have their prescriptions sent to the wrong address, the wrong city even, and have zero opportunity to even SPEAK TO anyone from the company to fix it! Such fun! I called customer service and was hung up on twice before I started telling these people they were literally about to kill me by withholding my medications. I will also note that their WEBSITE AND APP ARE BROKEN. So awesome, giving people zero accessibility to their medications. Then of course the woman on the phone who I finally spoke to was rude and awful, and I had to fight to cancel my whole subscription and delete my account. The only reason I started up with this company was that they agreed to send all of my medications, but it soon became apparent they had outright lied about what they were able to send me. Totally misleading. And then of course they sent my meds to the entirely wrong city after swearing to me 5+ times it had been rectified and my correct address had been inputted. What an absolutely disgusting and disgraceful excuse for a pharmaceutical company. You people are going to get sued into the ground if you don’t shape up, mark my words. The irresponsibility with something as life-or-death important as medications, and the lack of accountability is ASTONISHING. SHAME.

Recent updates. I used to love this app however after recent updates I cannot find the information I need in the “drug pricing” option because my pharmacy no longer appears in the list of available pharmacies. It used to be the first one on the list. If I search the “find a pharmacy” option (which searches from my location) it finds my pharmacy which is identified with a red star and “my pharmacy“. So it is definitely in the OptumRx system. Please fix this so I can find the price of a drug at my pharmacy. Update Great customer service. Imagine my surprise to see an update that fixed this issue the very next day. I will gladly change my app rating. Thank you so much.

WORST. PHARMACY. ON. EARTH.. I am backed into the corner by my medical insurance financially (federal medical disability) and forced to use OptumRx, otherwise I have to pay copays at local retail pharmacies for my Rx’s... and let me tell you, after the decade or more of absolute abhorrent service, complete lack of knowledge, no care or drive to achieve one’s job or actually helping their consumers, they also have a non-functional app and technology that parallels all of these exact sentiments and more (that I don’t have the time, space nor the effort to go into)... I get an alert from their app to submit a prescription renewal — yet their app will not let me submit the renewal order!?! WTH?!! Of course, if you only knew the history of my decade long experience with OptumRx, you would know that this is precisely par for the course... This is how they do not function 24/7, 365 days a year... THEY. JUST. CANNOT. DO. IT... EVER. One of my wishes is that money weren’t so tight so that I could pull EVERY SINGLE ONE of my Rx’s from them and NEVER WORK WITH THEM AGAIN.

OptumRx and CVS are the WORST. I was in the middle of writing a review about the OptumRx App not allowing me to change my preferred pharmacy to anything other than CVS, no matter how I tried to change the advanced search preferences, when the APP booted me out, and also wouldn’t let me go in to complete the review. The prices from CVS and OptumRx are at least 3 times and often 10 times the prices for the SAME drugs/quantities as Rite Aid, Costco, ShopRite or Walgreens charges. I was trying to change my preferred retail pharmacy in their system to Rite Aid, but it would not allow me to do it. It also wouldn’t give me prices for 2 prescriptions I was refilling on generic drugs I’ve purchased from them for several years. OptumRx also refuses to accept any discount cards, and the CVS pharmacy has frequently refused to check the prices using the discount cards even when it’s a prescription I refill every month and remind them that the price with the “Good Pharmacy” discount card is at least $100 cheaper than with my medical Insurance card, ($156. vs. $43.). These are just a few of the many reasons I would NEVER recommend using OptumRx to anyone!

Horrible Mistake. The selling point for switching to Optumrx was that I would save some money and have the convenience of home delivery. I couldn’t really see a downside. So, I picked my two prescriptions and choose to transfer them over. They never filled. They kept canceling my orders without notification. I would look on the app and see that they were either canceled or non-existant. I had to keep calling to find out why. They kept contacting my doctor and I received emails saying that they were approved. I kept having to inform them that there is an existing prescription -one that was filled easily with Walgreens (the original ones I transferred in the app). They kept claiming that my two prescriptions duplicated each other, despite them being on the same script from the same doctor and having been previously filled. Again, they canceled my order without notice. Eventually, I ran out of medication and became incredibly sick. They told me that they would expedite it, but later canceled my order without explanation. After two rounds and weeks of fake expedited orders I decided to switch back to Walgreens. Save yourself some grief and avoid this app. A couple dollars saved isn’t worth dying over.

Disappointed. I’m rating them 3 stars because they deliver and have cheap prices. When I finally got in my work’s health plan I was told that I could only use two pharmacies, CVS or OptumRX. Neither of which I have ever used before and was bummed I couldn’t use my current pharmacy without having to pay a ton of money for my prescriptions. I figured OptumRX would be the best alternative and decided to go with it. However, this has not been an easy and smooth transition. My medication deliveries show up way too early or too late. I currently have three bottles of 90 day doses of the same medication, but don’t have any other medication that I need. I feel like I get more “your order has been cancelled” emails than any other email from them. I’ve switched most of my auto delivery options to OFF but still seem to get them delivered without me refilling them. I’ve spoken to managers who all say they’ll fix the problem, but nothing ever changes. The only reason why I’m keeping them is because it’s the most cost efficient for me.

The app on the mobile device. It is convenient however sometimes it’s very confusing I also think it should keep your first part of logging in permanent so that you don’t have to keep typing it and that you would only have to type in your password and then when you request medication if the doctor will not fill it by mail order then they should have the doctor notify the patient immediately and or have optimum RX notify the patient as well and then this way the patient can call the doctor and see about getting the medication that they need I hope that helps have a wonderful day plus it would be great if some medications you could just get immediately like if you go to the doctors and you’re sick and you need an antibiotic it will be great if your price and your terms would be honored at local pharmacies just my humble opinion but maybe it is and I’m on aware plus there isn’t a clear precise notification of just how many times patient may get this medication filled per month the quantity or if you put limitations and and then if there are limitations why are there limitations are they just your policy or are they a federal and state policy/law because if they are only your policy then in all actuality you are hindering the treatment process of every patient you deal with

Needs work. Apps are supposed to work so that common tasks don’t require talking with a human. Since starting with this mail order pharmacy in January, I’ve consistently had to call to complete a transaction. Specific complaints are: -When a doctor sends in a prescription, it’s not automatically filled. Nor is a notification sent asking if we’d like it filled. Normally I’d say it should be automatically filled, but not if you’re automatically filling the brand. -Some prescriptions show up in the app as brand with a price tag for the same. It doesn’t appear to be an error with the script. When I call and request generic, they are easily able to accommodate. So why doesn’t the app have an option to fill the generic? Again, I shouldn’t have to call for something my doctor wrote correctly. - The order status isn’t the most intuitive. I thought something had already shipped when it was still in process. -other orders have been a struggle and I’m not sure why. Multiple requests or calls to both the doctor and optim eventually got the order moving. I really hope this app can improve or we’ll have to go back to prior pharmacy.

User Unfriendly. While OptumRx as a provider of medication is a reliable source and I appreciate the delivery of my meds, this app is difficult to use. All OptumRx wants is for the user to sign up for automatic refills. Seeing your prescriptions and when they are due for refills was easy in the past. I’m having difficulty finding the information I need on this version. I wanted to refill one medication and found on my checkout that three medications were listed, one not ready for refill! I also deplore the fact that you can’t get a list of your orders for the year online when income tax time comes around. I have to call and ask them to send out a list. I have not even been able to print or save an order, being told to wait for a confirmation email. The email only gives you an order number and directs you back to the website. The app could be so much better.

Not happy and customer service doesn’t help. Doc sent in a new prescription a week later the order is listed as still in processing. I had to call them to find out why. Just to find out they wanted to verify the spelling of my name. Several days later the order is still processing. Servers phone calls later each person I spoke to had NO customer service skill what so ever when it came discussing matters over the phone. Then another issue, one item they didn’t have the other (which was more important) they did, but wanted to wait till the other was available, still not telling me anything. Although the prescriptions can be sent to your home, the length of time it take to process and ship (with the slowest shipping speeds available) is not worth the time and aggravation. I at this time DO NOT recommend this service to anyone. Only left one star because no stars wasn’t available.

Ok for mail order only. I’ve found that OptumRx is satisfactory for mail order only, for “maintenance” prescriptions that I don’t need immediately. As for medications needed immediately that have to be picked up at a local pharmacy (such as for a sudden illness, emergency or after a surgical procedure), OptumRx Rx is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. In my experience, they seem to deny most prescribed medications by default. I’ve spent HOURS going back and forth by phone arguing with them after having them deny a prescription ordered by my physician. This often occurs at my pharmacy and is usually embarrassing (discussing my personal medications on the phone in the presence of other patients/customers). Again, dealing with their mail order department is fine, but for prescriptions that you need to pick up in person at a local pharmacy OptumRx is awful to deal with.

OptumRx. In the past year or so, the union switched to this mail order drug company. Since then, I personally have had nothing but trouble getting prescriptions filled. I have gone without medication after simply giving up and I have purchased medication out of pocket just to not have to deal with this company. Every single prescription requires multiple phone calls and frequent delays and actually getting the medicine takes upwards of ten days. I also know of many other cases with similar difficulties with this particular company. I am presently organizing an action to leave this company for another (our union is over 100,000 strong). Understand this: the drug companies and so-called prescription plans are in bed together: they are not your friend. They do not care in the slightest about you. They only care about taking as much of your money as possible. The union likely switched as a cost-savings measure, but this is a clear example of getting what you pay for. Don’t sit back on this issue: call your union plan manager and let your voice be heard!

Feedback. Hello, This was my second time using OptumRx for my child prescription, and I’m very disappointed with the service here! I had called OptumRx two weeks ago to update the information on my account. The gentleman that I spoke to told me that my new address and payment information was updated. Then, after two weeks, I find out that they had the wrong address on file for my son‘s prescription. I had constantly called OptumRx for the status of my son’s prescription and every time that I called, it was a different story! I had literally called more than seven times in the past two weeks. First, OptumRx told me that they didn’t receive the prescription. Then, they told me that my insurance didn’t cover it. Afterwards, they told me the prescription was expired. Lastly, they told me that my prescription was sent out to the wrong address. I’m very disgusted with the service. I will never recommend this company to any of my friends or family. This was the most horrible experience I have ever encountered in my life in trying to get my child prescription filled! Thanks

Worst app I have ever used!. I’m pretty computer and electronic savvy but this app will make even Bill Gates feel computer-illiterate. The interface is not user-friendly whatsoever and the data is always inaccurate! I am a 37-yo helping out my retired parents so I signed them up for OptumRx so that they don’t have to travel to the pharmacy or pay out-of-pocket. From the get-go I have had the worst customer service over the phone which made me reconsider going back to retail pharmacy but for the sake of my parents I decided to battle thru the rudeness and inconsistencies along with the incompetence of some of their agents. When I finally succeeded in signing them up after months and way too many phone calls, I thought I can simply use this app and never have to speak to an agent ever again. But boy was I wrong! The app is so hard to navigate through and the information is not up-to-date therefore I am not able to make “quick and easy” refill requests which means having to call and speak with these “awesome agents” once again. Can someone please just update the darn app and make it easy for senior citizens and myself to use? Otherwise just decommission the OptumRx app and stop toying with your customers.

Mail reliable but app and online account services totally unreliable. OptumRX should fire their entire IT and Web/app development team from my years of experience with them. They made me feel personally targeted with how much they lost my personal information of medications and had to call them to correct errors on their app and web site. Worse, the people on the phone - although pleasant - didn’t have the ability to correct the mistakes in the software but could “see it”. Leading to multiple calls and follow up and then 6 or so months of the system working and then it failing again with an error with another medication(s). Right now as I type this my entire “medicine cabinet” is empty. That’s right. Not a single one of my medications on my end in the app or online sign in account shows up in my account. I can’t manage any of my meds right now and it has been over a week since I contacted them with this problem. A problem they told me many of us have and it had to do with the turnover of accounts with the New Year. What is most absurd is the in app click “if any information is wrong” freezes the app. You have to delet and do a fresh install. Does that seem odd to you? It does to me. Like the app development doesn’t want data traceable reports? What is this? Are they partying like it is 1999 in the IT department and it’s so backwards they have problems like Y2K? That’s how terrible they are and buyer beware.

OptumRx is the best!. I have switched to OptumRx about a year ago and I have never been happier. Not only does it save me a lot of money but it also saves me time and aggravation. I do not have to stop at the grocery store and wait in long lines to pick up my prescription or to drop it off. I know people are at the age where every minute is precious and long lines are a pain, especially with kids screaming or dinner waiting to be cooked or you’re just tired and achy. Well it is very nice to know that your prescriptions will be waiting for you in the mailbox when you get home. The OptumRx app allows you to re-order your prescriptions in seconds and to check on how many re-orders you have left or which ones need to be refilled with a doctors call. If you do not have time to call the doctor for a refill OptumRX will call the doctor for you and it is a whole lot easier to get hold of OptumRx at whatever time you want 24/7 than it is a doctors office from 9:00-5:00, right? Susan Churbuck A very satisfied OptumRx Subscriber

Very secure. If you like logging in and spending lots of time changing passwords and verification of identity, you will love this app. You will be able to spend more time trying to access the app then order your meds. True you could be sure to log on at least once every 2 weeks to avoid fingerprint access expiration or sign up for auto refill to avoid the issue but then you will have a stockpile of meds lying around for others to get into. Using this app will guarantee that you will meet new people by calling the support call center when your account gets locked out or you get sucked into the auto refill default option. For those suffering from loneliness, this could possibly curtail the need for the meds you will end up stockpiling by using this app. Kind of like the movie RED, except adding prescription drugs to the storyline. So download the app and prepare to medicate beyond your wildest dreams while you try to access the app to stop the auto refill feature.

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Totally Useless. Just like the website. Useless. Never provides accurate information. Data changes from minute to minute. New Rx submitted by physician on January 10, with 3 refills. Meds still not shipped 14 days later. Order cancelled and reinstated 4 times. Multiple emails and phone calls about “problems”. Website data does not match app data. Refills now showing “1” instead of “3” and never received anything yet. This company is a joke (I thought Express Scripts was bad, but compared to OptumRx they were great). DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING USING OPTUMRX MAIL ORDER! Doubt you will ever receive your order. Problems are so bad I am going to open a complaint with the DEA to find out what is happening to missing controlled substances that never get shipped but appear to have been deducted from inventory. Five hours of my time is worth much more than the $8 mail order “savings” over retail pharmacy!

I guess it is progress. Still cannot see total, just trust that Optum Rx will bill completely, especially since account and order history are not yet functional. Some commands appear to be dead-ends; must select between choices offered with no obvious way out if you don’t want any of these. Also, not fully implementing iOS conventions like removing a list item by dragging it left. When I did find how to remove an item from my cart was offered the choices No or Remove. Usually the choices are No or Yes, or Cancel or Remove. So a little quirky, have to step out of what is common and into their way of implementing things. Gets the job done but with some frustration and discomfort.

Great App. I never thought that I would be an App person, as managing things on my laptop always seemed better to me. However I now realize how beneficial the convenient Apps are, and I’m especially happy with the Optum Rx App! It’s laid out so well and is intuitive. Everything you need to know is right there in front of you. I’m not always in front of my laptop when I think about managing or ordering my medications, but this App solves that problem. I can check on things anytime because I always have my phone on me. Such peace of mind!

Unbelievably bad, with customer service to match. The app is difficult to navigate, as a rule. There is no contact email, and the chat is useless. This wouldn’t be too bad if the customer service representatives were good. If you have a problem, your only option is to call customer service and explain the problem to a minimum of 3 different people. I kid you not, I’ve had 2 different reps accidentally hang up on me because they didn’t know how to transfer calls. The last person you speak to will claim to have helped you, but more likely than not, a week later you’ll realize you still haven’t gotten your refund and you’ll need to talk to another 6 people. If I had any other option, I would not use this app or this company. As it is, I’d love to have somewhere to send emails so I don’t have to deal with a 2 hour phone call every time OptumRX makes a mistake.

So convenient!. I have had Optumrx as an option on my insurance for a very long time. I’ve never used it because I thought it’d be confusing to transfer all of my scripts from my local pharmacy & possibly run out in the meantime. Boy was I wrong!!! It was ridiculously easy & they even have an app so I no longer need to call to a pharmacy & go through an automated system- & I never had my script# when I did remember to reorder. All I have to do now is tap on the OptumRX app & check off the ones I need. I no longer need to wait in a line of sick people at the pharmacy!

Procedure confusing/Too much paper and postage. When i order online, i have twice received letters telling me to call you to affirm that i want the prescription filled. If i ordered it, yes, i want it filled. Doesn’t your call center system show i ordered online? Also, when i ordered a bunch of medications at once, i received a separate two-paged letter about each one. Why were those not batched and sent together? Also, when i received my meds there was an unconscionable amount of one-sided print-outs included in the envelope, which i just had to recycle on my end. Your practices seem at best, confusing, and at worst, wasteful. Please consider my comments. Later. Having a hard time turning OFF automatic refills for some drugs.

A great app. I was hesitant to try ordering through the app. Usually I call in when my doctor adds a new medication. This turned out to be LESS trouble than calling. The links were easy to find and transferring the new medications to home delivery was very fast and uncomplicated. Much faster than calling in. I also archived one medication. Also very easy. A great way to control my medication orders. Thanks to OptumRx, all my meds come without any copayment. Love that part in particular. Easily saves nearly a hundred dollars each month.

Improved app; could still use a few tweaks!!. It would be nice to know the price of the medication before and then when checking out!! I also would like to be able to select automatic refill on a couple of my medications- that option was not available! Also, when OptumRx sends an email telling me I need to refill/renew a prescription, they give the RX number NOT the name of the medication.....this is ridiculous!!!! While I am able to remember a couple of my credit card numbers, I do not have any of my Rx numbers memorized!!!

Deceptively difficult.... Under the guise of making your prescription life simple, this app does little more than read-assure you repeatedly - that you do NOT want to be a patient of automated medicine. 1) you CANNOT enter a new medical provider (doctor) even though you are under the care of that doctor; and 2) you cannot ask ( in any way) that refill request be directed to your new doctor instead of the doctor or his successor who originally prescribed the medication. THUS, the originating doctor (in my case, a successor who I did not choose) gets the refill request from Optom - which results in that doctor,s nurse calling me and telling me I have to come in for a fee-visit, er, check-up. No, no, I changed doctors months ago. Oh, !??! You did.

App is very unusable.. 1: If you can manage other family members prescriptions, you can’t do it in the app. This makes the app useless for me. 2: The place on the website where you choose other family members does the profile management in the app. It would also be nice to be consistent to be able to manage other family members, like the website. 3: You can’t use the app to call for support. It says call the number on the back of your card. It should just know the number to call. (Workaround you can have them call you.) 4: you can’t see you member card, both front and back. Then at least I could look up my number to call for support.

Very not user friendly. I have spent more time verifying my credentials over and over, thought the Health ID was supposed to make login easy WRONG. This is the worst app I have ever tried to use. They must never do any System integration testing. I have wasted more time trying to login. I was told today that TouchID Expired so login etc. IT was fine 2 weeks ago. What does it expire EVERY MONTH. And the packaging that FEDEX used is off the charts. I get 4.5 lbs of ice pack fertilizer that I don’t want for 2 oz of eye drops. The price was $60. Probably $20 in drugs snd $40 for delivery. Express Scripts sent same product in soft pkg via USPS I don’t remember any shipping charge. Is OptumRx just goosing up the price. AND of course I have to get rid of gel fertilizer. Get the Express Scripts developers to get you a professional interface. I’m done with this worthless app

Easy Peasy. This app makes reordering medications extremely easy and less frustrating. It also tracks all prescriptions one fills through your local pharmacy and gives one the option to transfer the script to the mail order system. My only frustration occurs when there is an issue with the order such as obtaining an updated script from a doctor or the bill is larger than it has been in the past and they need authorization to bill my card on file. The notification process for such hiccups is poor and results in unnecessary delays. Still, it is my preferred way of ordering my refills.

Changes thar I am dissaointed about. Previously we were able to transfer rx’s from a retail pharmacy to Optum Rx. This has not only been disappointing; but, inconvenient at the same time. I’ve been using the OPTUMRX for a minimum of four years now. I’d have to say thar almosr 50% of the time there USA problem using it. Customer service always says that tech is aware. My problem with that is that it can have been at least a year that I’ve had to call my order in as a result.... and the response is that it’s a new issue and tech is aware. Mail order is very convenient and beneficial to me as I wood imagine many others; but, if the app could work consistently, that would be amazing. Also being able to see retail rx’s again would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.

Misses insurance and bills $412. I have multiple insurances, and the company billed me $412 (on Saturday) for an Rx. This may not be a fault of the iPhone app, but of their mainframe system. Even though on Tuesday OptumRx credited my bank back the $412 (which is a lot of money), I ordered a new prescription on Wednesday and it asked for my “Outstanding balance” of $412. I called and the woman confirmed that I had the other insurance but “the computer did not“ use it for my new prescriptions. If I become senile or if it weren’t such a big amount being removed from my bank account, I would not have noticed it. I don’t know why optimum RX doesn’t have quality control when he puts out an order.

Terrible!. Both this app and the company are terrible to be honest. The app freezes frequently, the notifications for messages in the inbox never clears, and it has limited options you can access. Sometimes you have to order each prescription separately in order for it to accept it. After that you wait for about a week before you hear of ANY progress with it being filled. It will only charge when it has shipped, so a over $200 order you are stuck in limbo for 1-2 weeks. If you live paycheck to paycheck this is the WORST since I have to keep an eye on it in order to avoid overdrafts. If it takes ridiculously long to be “approved” then you end up running out and having to fill at a regular pharmacy. It may save money but in my opinion the hassle and frustration is NOT WORTH IT.

Disappointed. A slight discrepancy in a Rx submitted by my doctor prompted a “hold” on processing my order. I am disappointed that I learned this only by calling to request a 1-month rather than a 3-month supply. The customer service advocate said the Rx was for 536 tablets for a 3-month supply. It should have read 540 tablets because the Rx is for 6 tablets a day. Simple math and the doctor’s intention was obvious. The advocate said OptumRx would communicate with my doctor to correct the Rx and would call me when the prescription is corrected. I was worried I would not get a call and the order would go through for a 3-month supply which I cannot afford because I am in the “donut.” So I called the next day to enquire about the status of the order. The Rx was not corrected but the advocate I spoke to (different from the first call) said they could fix the Rx and process the order. So, my second disappointment is that the first advocate didn’t fix the Rx right off the bat. That forced me to worry about the order and feel I needed to call daily about the Rx. This and previous experiences lead me to suspect OptumRx does a lousy job training its advocates.

Problem with Losartan/hctz. I spoke to a “not so helpful” customer service rep on October 12th. I have gotten her before and she has never been able to resolve a problem. I think she’s been there over a year now. The reps should really be taught to know the medications and not attempt to resolve things they know nothing about. First she said the medication is not available and she’ll do an override so I can get it from another local pharmacy. Then she says you had one sent in September so not due til December. Which I never got if true. But I record online. Then she says you never received a prescription for this medicine from your doctor from us. Then she says you got an alternate book med from your doctor. I finally asked to talk to pharmacist who said they don’t have any losartan hctz because of recall. Instead of contacting ordering physician I had to ask him to send a message for alternate. Don’t know what’s happening with OptumRx. It was so much better before. Now because I’m out of the med completely I have to wait for this process to get moving. I especially need it after spending 20 mins plus trying to resolve a very simple issue. Ugh so annoying

Stealing my money. I have 90 day refills on my prescriptions. But OptumRX refills them every 72 days! This is not an interval that can be changed. In a year I’ll have paid for an extra 72 days of medicine I don’t need on every prescription I have. That’s nothing but a greedy ploy to get my money faster. Their phone operator says it’s to ensure I don’t run out. How dumb is that? They should refill it a month before I run out and then again IN 90 DAYS, one month before I run out. Their only solution is for me to go in and adjust the delivery date every time it refills. That completely defeats the ‘automatic’ part of their service, doesn’t it. Update: I just tried to change my processing dates and it won’t let me. That figures. What a ripoff.

Still adjusting to knew pharmacy.. Not easy to navigate the app. Have not found a way to view and print the history going back a year. Do not like that specific generic formulas/brands (that have worked in past) cannot be requested. Also cannot request certain scored generics that have been dispensed in past. When calling, wait times are long. It’s sometimes difficult to get a real explanation other than to be told try a retail pharmacy. Customer Service Employees and Pharmacists are professional and pleasant and as helpful as they can be.

Some issues. When I first downloaded this application and was able to login it showed me all the medications I currently take or have in the past which is great. But then when I tried to order any of them, I was able to put them in the cart but when I try to check out it would have to be put in my credit card number. I did that about 15 times over three days and it would not take my credit card. It’s very frustrating especially with some of my medications were running out. A few of those were going to be free. I waited a few days and try to again and it finally took my card and allowed me to order my pills.

Managing Someone Else’s Meds. I’m managing my father’s meds and Optum couldn’t make it easier. He was stopped on one med - I archived it. Two more were added and I worried myself about calling his doctor to have them added to his profile and auto home delivery - Optum presented them to me when I logged on and it’s all done without a single phone call. Calls should always been an option for folks who cannot manage on-line transactions - but this is a charm for those who can! Thank you OptumRx!

App needs work. Your new app has issues. It kept bouncing me out when I was entering my user name and password, but at least I was able to get in this time unlike the last time. Also, when you list my existing medications do so with the actual name of the medication as it was previously filled by Optum Rx on my most recent generic prescription refill, not a brand name. This makes it harder for me, your customer, to know what medication I’m ordering from you. I applaud you for attempting to improve your app, but please don’t make it worse.

Needs updating. Too many glitches and support does not respond quick enough. It is often impossible to track meds because the app shows occasionally that you have none. I’m not sure what is going on as no support responds. This has happened in the past and I had to call for updates. I don’t have that kind of time which is the point for having an app. When it was working it was not easy to navigate. Pertinent info wasn’t available anymore with the most recent update. Hated it. The past version allowed way more flexibility. Please update and program app to function properly ongoing. Or at least notify users of the app being down and alternate ways to retrieve information.

Handy. I find it very convenient to be able to pull up all my prescriptions at one glance. I like the refill reminders. I am on the road a lot and it is good to know when I can reorder. I prepare my medicine 2 weeks at a time. Sometimes I am gone fore a month. I can plan ahead and know that I will have enough to last my entire trip. If I don’t I can change the shipping address to my temporary address and then back to my home. I am very happy with the app. However nothing is perfect. I wish they would post the prescription correspondence from my Doctor. That way I know in advance if there is any misunderstanding on my part or the doctors part. Thank you, Chomp

Worked Well but a few tweeks still needed. Very easy to use app. Very easy to get a prescription transfered from Walgreens to Optum Rx. Very good out of pocket price. App would be even better if the following enhancements were made. (1) consider optomizing the app for use on an ipad.... for example, it only displays in portrait mode, making it difficut to type from my keyboard. A Landscape view would work much better. (2) I could not figure out how to remove an old address. I could easily add an address. But could not find a way to remove the 3 old addresses where I no long reside. Condisder adding this feature (or if this already exists, making it easier to find).

Customer service representative app. I had a terrible experience with the Customer service support team member on the phone. I wanted to remove a prescription that I never used and order my refills. Terrible Mistake. She not only kept asking for my information, she placed me in hold without my knowledge, coming back asking the same questions all over again. Then the call was disconnected. Never called back to say we were disconnected, after 10 minutes asking to confirm my information. Thank goodness for the app! Ordered my meds quickly.

Not reliable. The app sometimes doesn’t always have my meds listed. Horrible. Slow. And if my doctor puts in a renewal from his office this company has to call to confirm even though my doctors put in the refill through the computer. Then I get an email saying I must call my doctor and tell them to call OptimaRX. When I call them they claim they never got the fax. I see 4 different doctors and they all have the same problem. I have held back from filing a complaint with my pension benefits but if this company continues to send me an email to call my doctor because they aren’t responding. That to me sounds like some lazy person that rather send a form letter email then walk to the fax machine. Never had this problem with my other mail delivery pharmacy. So every time I receive one of those form letters I am going to send the state pension and benefits a complain.

From Good to Outstanding. The recent release of the app adding the next refill date absolutely made a usable app outstanding. Previously the only note was “not available for refill” which made the user assume there was a problem, or try to refill, or contact the Dr office for another prescription, etc., etc., etc.. Adding the date of next scheduled refill solved so many user problems, and probably calls to your help desk, as I made a couple as well. Thank you for a great app.

Terrible Prescription Mail Service. I have called OptumRx several times about prescriptions and tried using this app to refill my medications. These people argue with you and tell you that you have to wait 90 days to fill a prescription with a 90 day prescription. Anyone with common sense knows that if you wait 90 days before they refill your medication, you will be out when you receive your new medication by USPS mail. OptumRx is supervised by United Healthcare. United Healthcare told me that you can refill a regular med after 62 days and a narcotic, etc. after 68 days with Medicare. I plan on contacting an attorney to get this resolved after I file a complaint with the appropriate federal agency or agencies. This is the worst prescription coverage that I’ve ever had with Medicare using OptumRx and United Healthcare Medicare Insurance!!!

Worst Pharmacy to deal with!. I have called several times because of many errors with my prescriptions. People in other countries answer the phone and they don’t understand anything about medications! I know because I have spoken to many of they! I even talked to a woman that I could not hear because her rooster was crowing so loud. One man I spoke to, when I asked to speak to a supervisor, he started acting like I was speaking a foreign language and hung up on me. Then the last time I was sent a email to call them. I was told one of my medications was out of stock and would not be back in stock for a month. I was asked if I thought I could go a month without my medication until it was back in stock. REALLY? If I could do that maybe I could just stop taking all of them!!!!!! I’m seriously thinking about changing insurances so I don’t have to deal with OptumRx ever again!

Awful app. Much like the company for which its use is intended, this app is practically ineffectual. Just about everything one could instruct the app to perform requires follow-up with either Optum or a personal doctor. It’s akin to opening opening Russian stacking DescriptionMatryoshka dolls — you open one to get a final prize only to find another doll inside, ad infinitum. Not once have I used this app (in more than 18 months at the time of this writing) and had a seamless, uncomplicated experience. Its flaws are so prominent that I found it much easier and more effective to order some medications through my local pharmacy and then deleting them for fulfillment by Optum. If it is frustration and time-wasting you seek, then by all means download and begin using this app. Frankly, there are much better uses of time than dealing with the idiosyncrasies of an ineffective product such as this app, in my opinion.

No tech support. The reason I giving only three stars is that I am supposed to be notified via email when my prescriptions are due to be refilled. This scenario worked well until something changed this year. Now I get no refill emails at all or refill emails when prescriptions are not due. I called and complained about this a month ago and was turn over to tech. Dept. The man that I talked to assured me that the problem would be corrected and someone would call me in 7-10 business days to verify this . I’m still waiting for that call and luckily caught a med. that was getting low and reordered today. Not the kind of customer service I prefer !

Terrible Company and worse App. Every time I place an Rx order it shows me the details of my order and where in the process it is. It never fails that when it reaches their pharmacy the order tracking disappears. So, now I can’t track my order in any way. I give it a few days to see if I get it in the mail. It never comes. I’m forced to call them. Usually I talk to 2 or 3 different people who all give me different stories on where my meds are. Usually they end up saying they have no record of the order even though one other rep says they were shipped! My insurance forces me to use this company if I don’t want to pay full price, but this company is a JOKE! If I could give it zero stars, I’d still give it negative 5 stars!! I miss the good old fashion pharmacy.

Unbelievable. Both the company and the app are unbelievable. How are they still in business? How can you be so bad at such a simple task? I wouldn’t use you if it weren’t for the fact you’re financially punished for using a retail store. I guess if a person only had one med they take, you may be able to handle that. As a person who takes multiple meds, you simply can’t complete the task of getting medications to me. Your phone staff has always been courteous and after numerous phone calls, still can’t get it right. So, when your app asks for a rating...there you go. Until work decides to change, I am stuck with your inept service. So, if you excuse me, I have to call you and fix your screw-up...again P.S. You can tell a millennial designed the app...because it barely gets the job done.

This service does not always work. This app does not work. I placed my order a week ago, checked my order two days later and did not see my medications in my order. I called to speak to a rep who assured me that all my medications were being shipped out. I did not receive all of my meds. I placed another order for the med I didn’t receive, and once again, my order disappears and is not there. Then I receive a $50 charge, for what I don’t know. I’m already paying monthly for this service. This is probably my last year using this. I used to be happy with it, but not anymore.

The pharmacist voided two of my prescriptions that I ordered from an OptumRx Representative.. I have to spend at least 1-2 hours a day to make sure that the Pharmacist did not forget to approve my order. Yes, this did happen so due to his error I did not receive my medications for 3 days and went through terrible pain. Today I will spend another 1-3 hours, in total, to make sure the pharmacist approves the medications today. The OptumRx Application allowed me to order the two medications yesterday but the Pharmacist denied it. No one informed me of the cancellation because it was one day early. It takes 5 days mailing time after the OptumRx Pharmacist authorizes the medications- it takes 1 day for the pharmacist to complete the authorization. Essentially, it is a 6 working day run around with no follow up.

Needs improvement. I use my iPad and this app is only designed for iPhone, won't go to landscape view. Need to be able to delete old meds. I had a medication delivered that my doctor no longer wanted me to take, by the time I noticed it was out for delivery. No way to return it. For colonoscopy, I received 4 flush packages when only 1 is needed. Can't return those either. How does this save users money when there are so many mix ups? OptumRx won't let you use coupons to receive savings on meds that are better but aren't in your agreed company benefits, even if you can save money and get better non generic medication. There is no interest in the client getting better meds at a lower cost!

Very good but room to improve.. It always surprises me when an app that has access to lots of useful data doesn’t take advantage of it. In this case, the OptumRx App shows only minimal information about the Rx’s on file for the patient. For example, for each prescription there’s the Rx number, drug name, refills remaining, and days to next fill. All good. But the prescriber name and date last filled aren’t there. There’s also no way to mark a prescription as ‘archived’ when you are no longer taking the medication. It continues to show up as ready to be refilled. Minor points, yes, but why not be the best?

Incomplete and frustrating.. The app itself isn’t too bad for trying to get a refill taken care of; however, my app keeps telling me I have a balance to pay, and will only try to tack the balance on the end of a refill order. Unfortunately, I have no refills, so I cannot pay the balance through the app. I was referred by their tech-support to go to the website. The app is incomplete. If it forces you to pay a charge, it should allow you to be able to pay that charge through the app. Now I have to go to the website pay the bill, then try to go back to the app or use the website for a refill which means the app is useless.

Optum RX. It’s really easy to get around in your website and to place an order. Optum RX is very efficient. My orders always are promptly received. In a weather emergency it was wild around here and I hadn’t thought of my meds. Optum called their customers to remind them to order their meds that were due, because of the weather they were wanting to make sure everyone had their medications they would need for one week. I was surprised and thankful when they did this, but even more when I found out I had some that needed to be ordered. Thank you, Optum RX.

Great app. My experience with the service has been great so far. I’ve had a few hiccups here and there but nothing I can’t get over seeing that I don’t pay anything really for my medication out of pocket. I pay my premium and my medicine shows up at my door in a 90 day supply, how easy is that. I keep my drs appts on a regular basis and keep the OptumRx app on my phone check to see when my refills are due and with the click of a button a few days later I have them at my doorstep! Couldn’t ask for a better service.

Ok.......,. I just loaded the app and got my account all set up. After I placed my order for my prescriptions all I get is a spinning orange circle that never went away until I shut down the app. Since I can’t find any link for help I figured I’d post this to see if I can get anyone’s attention Well I just upgraded my review. Seems I didn’t have all my information input so it couldn’t do it’s thing properly! Once I got everything in order the app works! A classic case of user error. (Hey, I’ve never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed) Anyway, my apologies for the confusion and thanks for app.

Incorrect dosage. My insulin dosage is incorrect! It’s 65 mil of humalog 76/25 in the morning and 65 mil the evening my last prescription in November has this dosage as well as does the very first confirmation from you all. I never noticed that the packages had the incorrect dosage on it. I need this corrected as I’m having to skip dosages so it will last. I called two months ago and the gentleman said he would put a note for my doctor to be called for confirmation so it can be changed and that has not happened. Other than this issue I have been very happy with the service. Once the mistake corrected, I will be happy to give a five because other than this mishap, my experience has been a five

Terrible App. This is one of the worst healthcare apps I’ve ever used. It’s confusing, lacks intelligence and really creates more confusion than offering clear, concise information. I placed my first refill order and a few days later went to review the order status and the home page that shows refills available and orders in process stated I had 0 orders. I had to call the customer hotline to clear up the confusion. I told the advocate I thought the app sucked. She agreed with me and went on to state other customers felt the same way about the app and the website. For as much money as United Healthcare makes from the pharmaceutical companies, this app should work much better. They need to look at their competition to see how much better those apps perform. I now regret leaving my previous provider. Not only was their app better, their pricing was better. United Healthcare, make this app more comprehensive, intuitive and more productive for your users. You ought to be ashamed for publishing an Rx app that does not provide up to date info on orders, pricing and status and estimates on ship times. Open enrollment is only 9 months away.

Hassle. Your website is the most out of date for today’s world. For instance, I got a notice (reorder form) telling me that my medication was eligible for reorder after July 1. It took me two days to navigate the website to get to the new reorder page. Now my physician has to approve this again when she obviously already reviewed and approved it. And, that is a waste of her time and embarrassment to me. Make your website user friendly......and communicate with me. If an order is cancelled then tell me. And, when you send mail, cut down on the paper. I always get two or more sheets of paper with a tiny amount of information that could have been all one sheet, and you could always use email and save on postage. Don’t you have a cost analyst? An IT person?

New account. Since retiring and getting all new insurance and pharmacy benefits, it’s been very confusing getting it all set up. Optum RX is my new mail order pharmacy. I contacted them about how to get all my prescriptions transferred to them. They were most helpful. I gave them the names of all my prescriptions and dosages along with the prescribing physicians. They contacted all my physicians and within two days I’ve been notified all my prescriptions are on their way. Made it a much less difficult for me and much quicker than I expected. I look forward to a long relationship with my new pharmacy!

Delivery. They switched one of my medications from a three month supply to a one month supply because some people complained on Facebook that they were getting too much and taking too many so now people that actually need them I have to order them every month and I forget to re-order them every three weeks I do pick up some prescriptions at the pharmacy because they would be one by month and I am I can’t go without so the monthly delivery is awful at least if I get them at my local pharmacy they will text me when it’s time to re-order

This is even easier than calling in!. I have always been calling in my orders because I’ve tried to do it from the email notices I get in it just doesn’t work for me! But this was really easy! Thank you for making it so easy! It would be even easier if you had the refill dates listed on the others! That way I could possibly put orders together if timing works out to save us all time & shipping charges. I just received one in the mail a few day ago & now I have another needing refilled! This would also be helpful on hot days where they come at different times and all sit in my hot mailbox going bad!

Passwords. It’s extremely sad that a company doesn’t allow you to simply keep the same password when there is ZERO evidence of fraud. As an intelligent human being I can change my password as often as I would like. I don’t like being told I cannot use old passwords. I had Touch ID... why? So I didn’t have to remember the password. How many people have my finger print? Just me last I checked. So today I’m told login normal. No Touch ID and naturally I don’t remember my password so I must choose select password and then I’m told cannot use old passwords. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Now when I get home I’ll have to remember that my new password is ____. Extremely frustrating. Stupid system. And what’s worse if I want to simply use my local pharmacy to avoid all of the above I cannot as insurance prefers to pay for Optum RX. Truly unfair

Optum RX. Hello. Every time I order my pills there is always a problem. I am still waiting for my medications from a month ago. If your prescription is in a speciality drug you can’t expect your medication till two months later. I can’t believe this company is still open. I have to call when I need a refill due to they never do send them and no call is made to let me know that I need to call them before they will send the medication out to you. They let it sit there till you call and to see if my meds were shipped and they were sitting there. Two months later I received the meds. What is wrong with this company? How stupid is it to let meds sit there when I am waiting to get them. Please have a manager call me to go over what is happening with my medications.

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Current Version 4.34.0
Play Store com.optumhealth.mobile.OptumRX
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The application OptumRx was published in the category Medical on 28 January 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Optum Inc. [Developer ID: 1133706680]. This program file size is 46.5 MB. This app has been rated by 138,969 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. OptumRx - Medical app posted on 10 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 4.34.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.optumhealth.mobile.OptumRX. Languages supported by the app:

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OptumRx App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- We have improved accessibility throughout the app to better support our users - Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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