OMG. I Can Meditate ! Meditation & Mindfulness App

De-stress & sleep better in only 10 min with your personal meditation coach! By far the easiest way to learn how to meditate. Learn simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you bring more happiness, calm and peace of mind into your life.

Relax, reduce your stress, sleep better, sharpen your mind, and improve your relationships — in just 10 minutes a day!

This meditation app includes hundreds of daily meditations, and a wide variety of other guided meditations to help you deal with specific issues such as weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, work performance, trouble sleeping, etc. It even has a mindfulness program for kids.

Selected Best New App by Apple in 95 countries.

In Flight Meditation Program on Delta Airlines, British Airways and Air Canada.

"Life-changing and so simple even my 7–year-old daughter uses it! ...Highly Recommend. " In Style Magazine

"Super-easy guided meditations that even the most spirituality-averse person can get into." People Magazine

"For those busiest amongst us, this is a great app for you." Harper's Bazaar

"There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but this is one of our favorites." Goop

"Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive meditation app available in the App Store."

" A well thought-out app, fun but serious, playful and helpful.. and very appealing." Mindful .org

"Lynne Goldberg’s simple and clear teaching style has brought the joy of meditation to stressed-out business execs, soccer moms, 80-year-olds, kindergarteners and everyone in between."


• Hundreds of meditations to destress, relax, put yourself into a calm headspace and be happier.

• Daily Guided Meditations with your personal mindfulness coach — All you have to do is sit in a chair and breathe.

• Meditation Series on most common issues such as Stress, Sleep, and Feeling Happier.

• Special Meditations for whatever you’re dealing with in your life.— such as Attracting Abundance, Feeling Compassion, Finding Love, Dealing with Anxiety, even “My Boss is a Jerk"!

• Morning Meditations
Start your day with our alarm clock and a gentle wake-up meditation track.

• Sleep Meditations
Fall asleep easily with relaxing music and special meditations for a variety of sleeping disorders. Enjoy a deep sleep and wake up fully rested.

• On-the-Go Meditations
Ideal for stress and anxiety relief such as the Five-Minute Power Nap, the Two-Minute Stress Reliever and even a One-minute meditation. These short tracks focused on the breath will help you calm down and focus on positive thinking.

• Classic tracks
Loving kindness, body scan, healing, 5 minute, 10 minute, mindfulness meditations.

• Meditation in Motion Missions —Effective mindfulness exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques, that you can practice to bring the benefits of meditation into your daily life.

• Anytime, Anywhere!
Use the app on your phone, tablet or computer. Your progress is synced across all devices. Meditating has never been easier.

• Use the Free Version Forever or unlock all content with a Premium Membership!

• Apple Watch app that lets you track your heart rate while you meditate. This feature requires you to authorize Healthkit to share heart rate information with this app.

Whether you just want to feel more happy or relaxed, or you’re dealing with heavy stuff like stress, burnout, or insomnia, mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg shows you in 10 minutes a day how simple and life-changing mindfulness can be. Anyone can learn !

Please contact us at [email protected]

Monthly: US$ 12.5 per month & Yearly: US$ 89.95 automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off from the settings/iTunes& App store menu on your phone.
2 year: US$ 119.95 does not auto renew.

Prices in USD may vary due to exchange rates. Payment charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

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OMG. I Can Meditate ! Meditation & Mindfulness App App Description & Overview

The applications OMG. I Can Meditate ! Meditation & Mindfulness App was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-03-18 and was developed by OMG. I Can Meditate! Inc.. The file size is 79.97 MB. The current version is 2.2.6 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

New series: Meditation for Weight Loss to be added to existing Series ( Better Sleep, Stress Less, Feeling Happier, Relationship Harmony)
You can do these series and hundreds of other meditations before, after or in conjunction with the main program.

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OMG. I Can Meditate ! Meditation & Mindfulness App Reviews


Great  wsuofd  5 star

Love it

Tillie Marie

Helpful  Tillie Marie  5 star

I'm rather new to the practice of meditation and definitely need the guidance of an app. What have experienced with the free version has been very helpful.


I love this app!  MeSchooler  5 star

Never thought I could kill the brain chatter. Not only does this app work, the email meditation observations are great at making you feel like everyone has trouble just blocking everything out to be in a state of bliss! Try it!! You won't be disappointed!


OMG I can meditate  Tams123456789  5 star

I have been trying to meditate off and on for most of my life. For the first time, I can.


Best money spent EVER on an app  Nubreeze33  5 star

I encourage anyone downloading the free version to just sacrifice! It's more than worth it. It is like penicillin for your soul.


Supprts me in having a consistent Meditation practice!  Ness0204  5 star

I use this for meditating each morning and to help me get to sleep with the evening guided meditation. I pass out every time! I eventually just paid for the forever account! Totally worth it!


Changed my LIFE 🙏🏼  Blondie1268  5 star

This app is amazing ! BUT, you have to put the work into it and make the time for yourSELF. It's worth it, I promise. Stick with it, make it a priority and you will see and feel the changes in your life. Just BREATHE 🙏🏼


This app is incredible!  ABfrurstrastred  5 star

When I saw the ad for this on Facebook, I was intrigued. I already have the "Calm" app. on my iPhone, but after looking over all that it had to offer I realized it was more than any calming app. I have been able to find before. It has a personal guide that guides you through each meditation, and as well it offers literally 100's of different categories of daily struggles you may be facing right at your convenience to help you overcome and the guided gentle voice speaks to you and with these meditations you are able to release all negative thoughts, memories, and subconscious pain and suffering from your mind. Just by taking a few minutes a day in the privacy of your own home, or even during your busy day- just find somewhere quiet for 10 minutes, and select the title of what you are facing at that moment and push play- she will do the rest. You will NOT be disappointed! The only thing I wish they would fix- is I tried the alarm feature- To wake me up in the morning... I keep my phone on silent during the night- (too many emails & notifications) my iPhone alarm even when my phone is on silent mode- still comes on and is audible- this app.'s alarm DID NOT GO OFF TO WAKE ME UP! SO I ASSUME YOU MUST KEEP YOUR IPHONE OFF SILENT TO HAVR THE ALARM WORK!!! I was extremely disappointed in that!! The alarm has an amazing options to wake you in the morning- but I can't sleep at night if my phone is going off all night with notifications of emails from work! UGH!!


Very Happy  Cecifairydust1  4 star

Between this OMG Meditation app, and another one I use, I am finally able to be practicing mindlessness, gratitude, & relaxation. I never thought I would be able to finally embrace it and let go, but I have


Refund needed  Ms. CCO  1 star

I don't purchase this app but they charge my account just for inquiry the cost.


Easy to use  TofuHendrix  5 star

Very motivating app. I am actually using it which was not true of other apps. Lots of free content which I appreciate. Easy to navigate.

Uncle Dan 61

Love it  Uncle Dan 61  5 star

I am not a very relaxed individual. This meditation is really helping me out a lot! The more I use it the better response I get.


Meditation is amazing!!  ASThompson  5 star

I love the way she speaks and guides my thoughts. Love this app!!!


Good, but limited free material  Runandlisten  4 star

The first 7 days meditation is good and there are some--very limited--more focused or topical meditations. The pricing for additional access is way too high. Have pretty much exhausted the meditations accessible to me--I would consider signing up if the pricing was more reasonable.


THIS APP IS THE BEST!  alyssa_babe12  5 star

This app is the best because it really helps you meditating sleep been trying to get up in the morning. I love the sleeping thing I am out or asleep in less than five minutes to meditate in action actually helps you relax after a stressful day I would recommend getting this app.


Every night..,  Bbeevv  4 star

So far every night since I got this app I've used it and it really does help me sleep better. The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to look at it in the portrait mode rather than landscape and I don't particularly care to use the iPad that way.


Using for over a year!  RosaDee  5 star

I did the whole 12 weeks series and now I hand pick depending on what's going on in my life. I live the guidance and the silence.

MC 60

Mary  MC 60  5 star

I love this app ... the alarm is awesome


Excellent  greatlaughter  5 star

Best meditation app for me! I never thought I would be able to practice meditation but with this app, I can! This is better for rest, anxiety, other self-help practices than the hypnosis apps I've used. Plus, a simple 12 min meditation clears the mind midday with putting me to sleep. Love this app!


I get it now  Yogajoi  5 star

This app does a great explaining what meditation is and isn't and really helps you get it. Huge help to me. The guide voice is calming and soothing. Highly recommend!

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