DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

DSLR Camera for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage the complete app for Photo and Video with Manual Controls, Advanced Editor and 184 Professional Filters.
You can shoot and record with the full advantage of the camera on your device, for spectacular shots and videos even at night.

• Constantly updated since 2014 to ensure better performance

- Most downloaded app in 30 World Stores
- Selected like "App of the Day" in Many World Stores

Made with love in Sicily

The app is designed to be used by beginners and experts.

3 modes:
Auto Mode - for automatically perfect photos and videos

Manual Mode - modifies: Shutter Times, ISO Sensitivity, Manual Focus, Manual WB
P Mode - to shoot and record, choose perfect exposure quickly and easily

Then only one with Artificial Intelligence to predict the best filters for your photo

• Perfect shots and videos
DSLR Camera offers you the ability to capture and film your subjects, automatically with the ability of controlling manual function to control shooting time and ISO.
The controls are designed to be simple and complete

Shot beautiful photographs in RAW format for a Professional quality

• Predictive Filters
Thanks to the exclusive DSLR Camera algorithm the automatically select the filters most appropriate for your photo after every the shots

• Portrait Pro - Bokeh
Take photographs by adjusting the intensity of the blur and the depth at which the effect is applied.
Live during shooting to obtain bokeh effects

• Shot Preview
After the shot, DSLR Camera shows you your photo so that you can correct and personalize it directly and post it on social networks or share it

• AR Assistant
Use the augmented reality to study and choose the best point of view for your photo or video.
Use the tutorial to learn various photographic techniques

• Siri Shortcuts
Now you can control the app with voice commands
For example you can say "Hey Siri filter last shot" and Siri will automatically use a predictive filters to correct your photo

• Advanced Focus

Choose the focus to highlight the subject using Focus Macro to capture even minute details, Focus "Infinity" to perfectly define subjects that are far away.

• AFC - No more blurry photos

Hold down a point of the frame to track the subject you chose and DSLR Camera app will focus on what you have chosen.

• Face Tracking - Selfie and Perfect Portraits

Thanks to NEW FUNCTION, the faces in your photos will always be at the right brightness

• Selfie Comparison
Thanks to ML the app now evaluate face features in a picture to support you in selecting the best shot

• Advanced Editor

Edit easily all your photos thanks to the integrated editor.
 Photo Editor is fast and complete, allowing you to make your shot even better. You can adjust: Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Color Temperature, Saturation, Vividness, Structure, Sharpness, Photo Noise, and Vignette.
Complete with all the Tools to resize, crop, and adjust your photos.

• 184 Filters

Choose from 184 exclusive Photo Filters to make your photo unique.

• Cinematic Videos
Select recording quality and take videos in 4k, blocking auto exposure, for a cinematic result

• MultiCam
You will be able to take photos and record videos using two cameras simultaneously, to obtain unique and innovative results

• Drag and Drop
On iPad you can easily import images from other apps and open it on photo editor

• iMessage App
Shoot and apply stickers on your photos, and share them with you friends

• Apple Watch Remote
Control the DSLR Camera app functions from Apple Watch

DSLR Camera also offers: 3 Shots mode, Predictive Filters, AFC, RAW (DNG), Manual Controls, Photo Editor, 184 Photo Filters, 3D Touch Support, 4k Video, Manual Focus, Night Mode, Auto WB, Anti Shake, Timer (3-10-20s), Photos Effect, Tone Curves, Advanced Blur, Advanced Correction Tools, Text, Splash, Resize, Crop, Dual Camera Zoom, Digital Zoom, Selfie Flash.

Easy, Complete and Powerful !

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DSLR Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improved Hand timer + ProRAW support Now the app can take pictures in the new ProRAW format on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. • Major UI and UX update New button menu was added on the shooting screen. Now is much easier and more intuitive to use all the app features. The user interface is much more elegant and easier to use. • Improved Japanese translation - In the latest updates: + AR Portrait DSLR Camera can now take full advantage of the LiDAR sensor on mobile photography. The new feature is called AR Portrait using the data captured from LiDAR, now is possible to place easily the objects between the subject and the background, an operation that could require a lot of work in the past and different apps for the post-production to obtain a person segmentation. Place Texts and Stickers in your AR Portrait to obtain amazing and unique results. This feature is exclusive for iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro with LiDAR sensor Hand Timer Thanks to the new machine learning features, you can take a selfie without touching your iPhone. Show a number with your hand to tell your iPhone how many seconds to wait before taking the photo. Jump Shot Your iPhone automatically captures the best of your jumps. In jump mode, the app takes a burst of photos for each recognized jump and creates a timeline for you to choose the best shot. The function recognizes multiple jumps, bike jumps, skate jumps, and many other actions. Widgets DSLR Camera supports widgets. Add them to your home screen to get tips on how to edit your camera roll photos. Automatically, thanks to the app's exclusive algorithm AR Pose The unique “AR Assistant” feature has been updated to recommend the best photographic poses for your shots Look Filters A new collection of photo filters that will transfer nature's textures to your photo. This new category uses Machine Learning to apply unique effects to your images.

DSLR Camera Comments & Reviews

- Turn your phone into an amazing camera

I own a 6 (old) my camera was not taking good selfies. I researched and found this app. Read the reviews and compared. I am amazed at how beautiful the pictures came out. My budget is tight but this was the best purchase. It doesn’t slow me down. I can even take video with filters. My favorite is the predicative filters feature. It helps me decide the best filter or I can choose from many others. My selfies are not grainy and I love, love, love this app. I even use it to fix other photos. I highly recommend this app. 5 Stars

- Feature rich, but output resolution disappointing

After all the hype in the AppStore, I spent my $.99 and was pleasantly surprised to find such a feature rich app, both for taking photos, and editing images after the fact. While I take very few photos using an I-device, on my iPad and iPad Pro I edit “real” DSLR images usually in the 16-24mp range depending on which camera they come from. While I really like the feature set of this app, I was really disappointed to find the output resolution being throttled by the limits of the devices graphics processor, i.e., a maximum of 4096 px on either side yielding about a 11.2 mp for a rectangular aspect image. Downsampling a 24mp image to 11mp is a real disappointment from a printing perspective. It makes little difference for social media, e-mailing and web apps, but it defeats the purpose of having hi-res images for printing large size prints. Maybe in new devices, Apple has improved the on-board graphics engine, but since so many other excellent apps have worked there way around this hardware shortcoming, it seems like such a robust app as this deserves better.

- T. Adventures

I own an iPhone 11 and was excited to use this app. Unfortunately, as soon as I open the app, it crashes. Again and again. I can't even use this new app on my new phone. I saw the 5 star reviews and was all in. What disappointment... 3 hours later, I long-tap the app icon which reveals camera modes to choose from. I tap one of the modes, and yes! I'm in. It crashed multiple times in the beginning, but since I got into the app through the long-tap and it's still working, I will give it 4 stars for now because it works fast on my iPhone 11 my. I am excited to use the PIP function (I'm usually the one behind the camera). I will be back to re-rate after this pandemic (or maybe during...) Be safe out there everyone.

- Upsetting

I feel like I’ve wasted my money on an app that isn’t at peak functionality. I wanted a good DSLR app that allows me to take photos of the night sky, and the app describes itself to have the parameters necessary for me to do this on my phone, but it doesn’t. It always takes choppy pictures that just look like a light. The app also crashes a lot, and I have an iPhone 8 with a ton of storage, so it shouldn’t be crashing. Overall, I am upset with this app, and I feel as though my money has been wasted for me to take pictures only with peak light sourcing. The app is ONLY USEFUL if you have a good light source for your photos. Any other photo type looks poor, such as trying to take photos of the stars. Don’t spend your money when there are better apps for free :(

- Amazed

I’m not sure but i think I bought this app i’ve not used it a lot but since i own an iph 7 and a 6s their camera it’s a bit outdated but some pictures I’ve taken with this app look far better, i really have no idea if I bought this app or how much i paid but I’m more than happy with it! Much love for Sicilly and those who made this app , I’m not a photography guy but i like quality! Whoever takes time to read this review I’m sorry i’m not a review guy either 😏

- Doesn’t do what it tells

I am disappointed with this app because it doesn’t actually change the camera parameters with the manual changes in its settings. I would take a picture with say 30 ISO, and it would reset it to the value that it feels should be correct. I want control over the camera when it’s in manual mode and this app doesn’t provide me with those features! Useless

- I enjoy this app

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using this app for photography and videography; however, I’ve been encountering issues when I am recording videos. I have lost two footages that were an equivalent time of 30 mins and 50 mins. I have used this app multiple times for recording; but I have never encountered this certain issue. I am unsure as to why they aren’t save into my camera roll. I am a bit upset that the footages were not saved and they took a lot of time to record. Is there a solution to this?

- The very best photo app!

I have over a dozen photo apps and this is my go to one. I installed this several months ago and since then there have been several major updates at no charge! These were not big updates, these were new sophisticated free features that would normally be paid add on’s in other apps. My Nikon 3200 DSLR might die of neglect since I installed this app. Highly recommended!

- Must Have

This app is indescribably awesome. It’s literally a DSLR camera ported over to ur phone. As someone who has a hobby of photography and can’t afford to drop $500+ on a DSLR this app is insanely awesome. I’d only suggest getting this app if u want to bring ur photo hobby/small time career to the next level. Worth every bit of the 99¢ they charge... just watch out using the AR assistant, it’s kept making my app crash. But it’s such a small part of the app


No matter how hard they may try, the makers of this app cannot hide The fact that the developers here have a real love and appreciation for the beauty of photography. There are a plethora of different filters and modification options inside, many of which are completely free. This app is sure to keep the amateur and professional photographer alike intrigued for many hours.

- Crashes

I just purchased this app and wished I hadn’t. It has crashed multiple times in the five minutes I’ve been using it. I may not be using it correctly, or the AR assistant function is just useless. Does not lay flat on the screen. It’s at weird angles. The few pictures I was able to take with it before I got fed up with it crashing were ok. The add to Siri Shortcut constantly on and won’t go away. It is extremely distracting. I wished I hadn’t wasted the 0.99¢. Two star because it actually did recognize my cat. That’s the only reason. I’d like my 0.99¢ back.

- Love & recommend-finally! Lots of options to use

This is a great app to use for taking all your pictures for the editing options and without using cell storage space; while it has been an app I use a lot it is a bit more complicated, and not as easy or user friendly until you can take time to look at all the options and see what each does.

- I paid: and I want a choice

Though you turn off geolocation after the app is on your phone, upon installation the app forces you to approve logging location data in order to move forward and actually use the app. I’m paying for the app, and I would like the ability to steward my data in whatever way I see fit. You get 1 star because I don’t have an option to give 0. Until you provide me with proof or a means to delete and bypass that prompt and still successfully use the app for which I paid, it stays at 1 star.

- Works well

Takes great pics! Definitely needs an update so there is an option to hide some of the controls that are cluttering the screen. I like all the settings but there should be a way to access them from a menu, and it would increase useful subject viewing area.

- Simply the best. Period.

I’ve tried them all. Honestly, I’ve probably tried 50 photo apps. And as a full time professional photographer for over 20 years, I just want an app that gives me the tools I use on my pro DSLRs so I can create with my phone. Yes, I like the filters and all the little extras. But if you’re looking for the app that can basically do what your big cameras do, buy this app. There are a feels li’l tweaks that the developers could do to take it from 5 stars to 5.5. But as is, it’s wonderful. I’ll probably keep a few camera apps that have specialized functions, but THIS IS MY GO TO CAMERA APP. Hands down.

- It’s OK

Maybe I have too much on my phone for this to run smoothly. It takes about 30 seconds to open to a usable state. It takes about as long to change/toggle settings. It’s easy enough to use. I have no issues with the image quality or filters. I’m not sure how they qualify this as a DSLR without aperture control. Also, “burst mode” is more like “really delayed HDR”. When on, the camera takes 2 pictures about 5 seconds apart...

- Best camera app ever !

I have went through a ton of camera apps looking for something that would operate close to my DSLR camera and this one does. You can use straight auto mode but if you’re a Camera buff you’re going to love all of the settings you can manually adjust with this app.

- Easily Top 3

I don’t understand why this is not rated higher than Halide? Why is that hipster app always up top? I had Halide for 2 weeks then it was deleted. Waste of $ and space. This app and ProCamera are the only ones that I continue to use because they are very well designed and functionality is top notch.

- Great for me!

Personally, this is the best 99¢ I ever spent. Sometimes you just need to control the focus manually for that perfect picture, or mess with the shutter speed for videos of moving objects and such. I’m no professional photographer, but the upgrade from the Apple camera app to this one was absolutely worth every penny.

- Enjoy full feature smartphone app

Realizing your dealing with a smartphone this app does an outstanding job. All the controls you have with a regular DSLR. Does a nice job. The only issue I have found thus far is that there is no help, guide or instructions to assist you in learning the aspects of this app. All in all very pleased!

- Top of the line DSLR App for #PhotographicCreators

This Proven product is by its own design. It’s giving my vlogs a boost in quality and story telling when taking a picture. From an artistic perspective; you can see someone’s painted journey within a picture, by taking the best shots and capturing a historical moment. ***CAPTURE YOUR BEST SHOTS 📸📲 ***Then place them on your computer 💻 ***Or you may place them on your smaller personal computer device in the palm of your hand 🖐🏾📱 and make your creative magic manifest. 📺🧲 The World is Your Capturing moment....Invest in this wonderful app and begin your VLOGGERS VOYAGE. and MEDIA BROADCASTING JOURNEY TODAY!!

- Poor quality features and low autofocus performance.

I will give 2 stars for the intended effort. However, it’s features means to be for free. Low quality images, poor filtering processing, many filters that are useless and no real AI that support you in any sense. Also, AUTOFOCUS is one of the worst. Please spend a little bit more: I recommend better Hillide, Procam 6, ProCamera and Hydra. Do not buy it until it’s quality is improve and auto focus is proficient...

- Great

As a photographer i say its a great app needs a bit of editing options like the adobe lightroom app when u play with each color luma and sat and shift Retuch, liquify Filter intensity As a videographer it'll be more great to have more options in video mode like frame rates and shutter speed and an editore to slow that down for a slow motion ( if u shoot in 60fps at 120shutter and slow in 50%) Output in 4k Noise reduction Timeline editor Haha hope thats not too much for u Im looking for one app to keep me staying in one app and not jumping between 10 apps for each picture or video Overall ots a great app

- Great photos!

I thought I’d made a mistake in getting this app after taking some blurry images, and I wrong on that! The developer gave me some helpful information, and that made all the difference! Great app, great photos, great customer service.

- Fix please

Loved the app on my iPhone X but now that I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro it keeps crashing on me I’ve deleted the app and re-download it still has the same problem hope you can fix it soon

- Extraordinarily app

I had no idea what my phone was capable of until this app. The multi cam option is great for family videos and the predictive filters make it easy to edit photos. Well worth the price.

- Crashes! Not very well done app, not worth money

UPDATE: no support at all. Crashes and then crashes and then of coarse it crashes!!!! I’m using this app with iPhone 11 Pro Max with all updated software. I’ll give 1 stars for wishful thinking but the app has no support option. Does not respond to screen touch and randomly works. You can’t focus on camera one while using PIP function so you might show up clear using the front screen but the picture or video on camera two will be out of focus. Total useless! Very disappointed! Unless support contracts me and explain why it don’t work I want a refund. I really wish I could’ve tried before purchasing and I wish support options were integrated in the app like most other apps.

- Picture taker

Camera app is great. It works as it should. It’s awesome to have more control of my camera. I would definitely recommend this app; especially at the price, you can’t beat it.

- DSLR Camera is a mess

Downloaded app, it opened but said I needed to provided location access. I tried several times to do what the suggested but nothing worked. Finally, it said my hard drive didn’t have enough space. this is an iPad and doesn’t have a hard drive but the available storage is pretty high. I am deleting the app and just taking the loss of the cost to download. Save your money and go to another app. I was ripped off

- It’s good but the microphone for videos doesn’t work

Don’t get me wrong, this app takes amazing videos at night. But when I use it, nine times out of 10 there is no video audio. And if I record the video in portrait mode it comes out rotated 90°. Can you please fix that?

- Love it!

Takes great photos! Lets you make quick adjustments before losing a good shot! Try it out! You have nothing to lose!

- Meh!

No way to remove control panel providing more screen viewing, immediately jumps into editor after each picture with no option to turn off, frequent crashes, slightest tap/ swipe of screen switches to selfie very annoying if trying to zoom photo.

- So many cool features, but it always freezes on launch and isn’t really usable

All these features would be way cool if I could actually use the app. I’ve tried reinstalling and it still won’t work.

- Problems

Used this app to take some photos today for about 30 minutes. I guess I was supposed to save them all, individually, by hand before I shot the next pic, because they are GONE. (I especially mourn the loss of the best selfie I have ever taken.) I want to delete the app but I’m too afraid that I will discover some way to get my pictures back if I keep poking around.

- Pls move incessant siri button on front screen

Good photo app, and thank you for big button! but just wish you would give option to turn siri on or off on the main screen

- This is kind of infuriating

Every time I try to download this app, I get a notification saying I’ve already been charged for this app and will not be charged again, but I can’t seem to get the app to download, I’ve downloaded other apps so I don’t know what’s wrong

- Widget/Siri suggestion

I'd like to be able to tell Siri "Siri, take a picture with the ultra wide". Or, have a widget that you can flip to quickly open the camera to the specific lens. That would be wonderful. Thanks!

- Crashing when taking photo

Crashes every time I press the circle button to take a photo. iPhone 6s Plus iOS 13.3

- My go to photo app

I use this app quite often for my personal photos. As a pro photographer I appreciate the great design and all the options.

- Hello

This could be my new go to camera app but there is no mirror front camera option. Everything else for me is fine. I just want the front camera to capture me as I am.

- Great app❤️

This App really enhances my I phone 11 pro max. Can alternate between the different cameras. Has a lot of options. Wow! Just great photos folks. I also use it on my Apple 12.9 iPad pro LARRY B.

- Fabulous App

I do not write a lot of reviews, but I had to write this one to say this app is fabulous! It really makes the difference in snapping photos.

- Favorite camera app now!!!

Of all my camera apps this has become my all time favorite.... simple and intuitive!!! Try it!!! 😀

- Perfect videos

I have been trying to get the best pics and finally I ran about it in the apple store iPads. Best in my opinion. Go get it

- Terrible RAW Quality

This is a great app with nice manual controls. Only problem is that I purchased this app for the RAW option and unfortunately when it is turned on, it turns your photos into a terrible early 2000s gif quality file. What a shame. Also, what’s with the watermark? A paid app should not enforce a watermark over your photos. Tested on an iPhone 6s Plus 128GB

- DSLR camera not opening

I have had the DSLR camera for less than two weeks and as of today it will not open. I rebooted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled and it still will not open.

- Great Camera!

Def good app to use instead of basic camera that came on phone. A lot of great features

- UI elements are jarringly enormous

I wouldn’t mind getting to check out what appears to have a great feature set for a camera app, but a great deal of the UI elements are way too big. It’s unfortunate to have all of this screen real estate but 15% disappears just for a “PORTRAIT PRO” header. Just about everything could be shrunk, and some elements much more than others.

- Love this app but...

In the AR mode could you please add different fonts and graphics. Also the stars on the American flag are backwards. Apart from that, app works amazing.

- App crash

App is currently crashing when opened in my iPhone 11 As soon as it opens it shuts down back to home screen

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- No brainer purchase

Adds DSLR functionality to my camera hardware. Easy to use. Very cheap price. No surprise in-app purchases. Some useful extra features. Regular updates. No brainer purchase.

- Not Much in app

Using this app I’m keen on taking pictures and then checking what the camera settings reading , also the date, software and location. None of this shows up, so I’m not sure which app it was I’ve used for this picture, checking pictures later. I have apps to check all this. Would be a nice app with these especially the date and location. I’m still hoping your next update will have as I have already stated earlier, I would like to see, camera info and location.

- Good app, however Portrait Mode only takes selfies

It’s a very good app in general, only thing that’s a bit disappointing is the portrait mode automatically switches to front camera to take selfies and does not allow switching to the back camera, not sure if this is a bug?

- Wanted to email u but can’t find ur address

The update in Australia on my iPhone XS for DSLR app is crashing on opening it. It focuses on centre of screen and then crash

- Favourite camera app

This adds many more options to the normal camera, I love it, easy to use, took me a while to get used to it but it offers support and helps you through it. Love it 😍

- Good

I really wish they had the option of mirrorfront camera both for taking pictures and videos front cam.

- Fantastic

It’s the best app I have ever had I’m going pro

- Good design, but...

The missing aspect of this app is the metadata. This detail is important for it to move up into the arena of the “elite” camera apps. Having said that, it has enormous potential. Thank you.

- Review of app including recording

App crashed on me first time why !!! So annoying release a update to fix it!🤬 I been using the recording feature when it crashed!

- Crashing

Very unreliable keeps crashing I’m using IOS 13.1.2 on IPhone 11. I have uninstalled this app and reinstalled it but still keeps crashing. Please Fix I do like using this app when it’s not crashing.

- Don’t like the update editor

It degrades the photo while editing , the interface is too chunky , the way it blurs when you move the slides , and it’s too course in adjusting for detail while editing .

- Keeps crashing

It crashes when I adjust certain settings..

- Does not work on iPhone 12 Pro

Purchased the app. But as soon as I click the photo in auto and manual mode, the app crashes/ goes back in to the background. Dual camera shots work. Disappointed!

- The Best DSLR

Must have one❤️👌

- Less than ideal

Selecting RAW images results in a blurry mess of a photo, and for some reason selecting duo camera just results in it auto switching to the telephoto lens. Also did not see a night mode as advertised.

- Awesome app highly recommended

Hey guys, for all of you out here who need to record videos for a YouTube channel, this is definitely your go-to if you don’t have some expensive camera. The ISO feature makes the photos look dramatic and expressive, and the focusing function is amazing. Highly recommended 👍

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- Almost perfect

Please add speed priority mode where speed and exposure can be adjusted and the app automatically adjusts ISO. Conversely, please add ISO priority mode where ISO and exposure can be adjusted and the app automatically adjusts speed. Thanks

- Please it would be a great help

Your app is good and I personally love it but recently I accidentally deleted it and I reinstalled it, but when I try launching it- it doesn’t seem to open up please help me out here but I love the app. Thanks, Dilan 😊

- Pretty good

Pretty good app my only beef is that edited photos have a watermark and I paid. I think.

- App is real good actually

Great app!!!!

- Fix your text editor

Stupid keyboard stays up covering most of the screen so you can’t customize the font at all. Ongoing

- DSLR Camera

Love it. , Fantastic Photos Versatile

- Great app

I’m changing my review. It has been crashing for a while but it started working well. The function is very intuitive and outputs are in good quality. I have been using this to take photos of my rabbit and sceneries. So far, I’m very happy with the app.

- Well done.

I really am enjoying the app so far. Maybe you can help me though. I’ve purchased the b&w package. It shows up on my phone but not my linked iPad. Solutions? Thanks

- Great Camera

Very sharp pictures. Shows more detail.

- This sucks

Don’t like this app

- Decent

A bit laggy I feel, for $0.99 it’s good enough. Has basic settings like iso white balance manual focus. One thing that’s too bad is no aperture control during video.

- How Do Restore Purchase

Got This App,Can’t Remember If I Paid When Downloading Or Ur Was In App(Have Had Lot Of IPhone Problems/Replacements),Downloaded Pn New 11,How Do I Restore,Also Can You Add High Quality Green Screen Like Filming With All Settings Available Currently To Use With Green Screen,And Thanks Really Like To Finally Try This App Out

- Crazy Dude

Easy to use, lots of features, very good price. Can’t go wrong

- The app for camera geeks ( like me)

Really great range of very usable manual controls. Has the usual post-processing filters, etc., some of which are selectable immediately after shooting. The unobtrusive but functional controls are what I value though.

- DMan

As soon as I open this app it crashes. Reinstalled and it’s still the same brand new phone and this app is crap.

- Nice App

So simple and easy to use.

- Crashes upon trying to take any photo

Super frustrating. I used to love this app but now I can’t even use it. It crashes as soon as I attempt to take the photo. Deleted, reinstalled, rebooted iPhone, still doesn’t work. Now looking for a new app

- Crash crash crash

Crashes all day long.

- Almost totally unresponsive interface

I just got this app and am updated on iOS 13, but am super disappointed that I can’t use the app because the screen becomes totally unresponsive except to shift the preview scene as I move the phone and its camera. I can’t press any “buttons” on the screen, except after a long, long delay I can get the filters. I can’t snap a photo at all. It just doesn’t respond. Nor do any of the other settings respond to my touch. I’ve tried many times. I don’t have other apps running.

- Can not turn on again

After downloading it, it can not be turned on again

- Powerful tool

Features to price, there’s no better photo app that I’ve ever seen or used. Just the included filter pack alone is worth the cost. Great app, thank you!

- Amir

After the last update it keeps crashing please fix it

- Amazing

I thought at first I dident like the app then I saw the photos it could take and I love it !!!

- Very nice!

Simple familiar controls. Integrated editing. I like it!

- Impressive, great results

I d/l’d this app just to check it out, not expecting much. As soon as I opened it up I somehow knew this is the camera for me. The shooting screen is laid out simply and unobtrusively. This means you can set to ‘auto’ and concentrate on capturing the action or composition. One particular thing I like: I have multiple sclerosis so suffer tremendously from tremors. DSLR’s stabilization compensates beautifully. My second love here is the quality of night photography and low light situations. This will rekindle my joy of night photography which has had to be shelved since the days of film. My only misgiving with DSLR is the in-app filtering. I would certainly want to turn it off and have the exposure immediately saved, so I can continue shooting. I don’t see if I can do that. This is a wonderful app and I feel as comfortable using it as I did with my beloved Nikkormat FTn 35mm SLR. Needless to say, I bought this app.

- Terrible

Keeps crashing on iPhone X. Full of typos in the text. Lacks any kind feature. Asking for a refund.

- DSLR app

I really like it. Thanks

- DSLR app

An interesting app. I just started using it and I need to explore what it can do.

- Love the app but how to take portraits?

I'm a noob in photography so how do you take portraits with this app like the automatic portrait mode in the stock camera app?

- Not a big improvement

I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like a big improvement over the default camera app. If I want to take extraordinary shots, I might be better off with other camera apps that offer more than just ISO, shutter speed, and focus control. The filters are nice, but that’s not my cup of tea. If I’m after those filter effects, I’d go with Snapseed which is free. With this, I feel like I wanna get a refund. If it’s possible, that’s great. If not, oh well.

- J

Good quality photos I just wish the app could open faster.

- Excellent Camera

It’s a great camera, it’s my go to camera on my iPhone!

- Great!

Great photo app!

- Useful

Awesome! It works!

- Bad

Don't waste your money. This app is definitely not as advertised. Is an insult to the Apple camera.

- Impossible to download!!!

Impossible to download whatever by network or LTE. Please fix or refund. Thanks

- Won’t install

Using iPhone 8+, won’t install. Refund please!

- Thumbs way down

Thanks Apple for recommending this totally useless lag ridden camera app. It's like trying to stream HD on a 56k modem.

- Like it

If you like SLR, you may like it!

- Junk

Crashes every time. Garbage app. Please give me my $0.99 back just for the principal of it.

- Great start

Good controls. Clean. It would be nice to have some kind of histogram and a way to access the photos after you shoot them.

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adetunji emmanuel

@falzthebahdguy Bop Daddy i need a canon dslr camera 🙏

deepak munjal

@Canon_India Hi team I purchased a canon dslr 1300d sometime ago but till time I didn't receive any demo/training for how to use camera and its features pls help


Anyone got a good DSLR setup I can look into? I know I need the @elgato Cam Link, but what camera and lens you guys recommend?

Rin Oliver (they/them)

Is there a budget friendly dslr camera for taking pictures of birds??

so fucking tired

@the_gurl_kai @SeanAndTheSeans @ETHEREALPRONGS "the camera is bad" is also innacurate. If i were to spend $1300 on an android I'd have good ass camera quality too lmao My android rn i bought for $400 a year ago and the camera quality isn't bad???? Like it's fine??? If i wanted a dslr camera I'd buy a dslr camera lmfao


Are you already using a capture card with your streaming set up? Do you want to use a mirrorless or DSLR camera with your laptop or PC? Give this breakdown a watch and see how you can upgrade your #onlinecoaching service! #kipsonline #personaltrainer


@MaykoGames I also have the a5100 - I feel like I'm going to keep that camera for a long time. Until I upgrade to a DSLR or something.

ʙɪɢ ꜱᴜɢᴀʀ

I actually got myself a dslr camera, something I've been meaning to do for a few years now... Complete with a tripod and trigger, I deserve a gimball That's all


if you follow me elsewhere i’m so sorry this is repetitive but these are my first pictures on a dslr camera ahh

Gary Schwartz

If it is #snowing where you are then here are some tips for getting photos in the snow #snowphotography #photography #phototip #camera #DSLR #mirrorless

SA - Cameras and Photo



@EWFA_ @FI_InvestIndia Got my first 2MP digital camera early 2000 and film based cameras were rare later all of them replaced by powerful mobile phone cameras this decade. Only DSLR and professional cameras still hold relevance

Big Bill

and my adult friends who think they're too good for tik tok are on....instagram? where there's an ad every other post? and if you're not posting heavily edited shit with a DSLR camera you get no likes? ppl on tik tok make dances about childhood trauma on their main account! (4/?)

DSLR Camera 8.7 Screenshots & Images

DSLR Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images
DSLR Camera iphone images

DSLR Camera (Version 8.7) Install & Download

The applications DSLR Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-09-18 and was developed by Fulvio Scichilone [Developer ID: 577741913]. This application file size is 225.98 MB. DSLR Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-08-30 current version is 8.7 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fulvio.Reflex