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DSLR Camera for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage the complete app for Photo and Video with Manual Controls, Advanced Editor and 146 Professional Filters.
You can shoot and record with the full advantage of the camera on your device, for spectacular shots and videos even at night.

• Constantly updated since 2014 to ensure better performance

• No In-App Purchase!

- Most downloaded app in 20 World Stores
- Selected like App of the Day in Many World Stores

Made with love in Sicily

The app is designed to be used by beginners and experts.

3 modes:

"Auto Mode" for automatically perfect photos and videos

"P Mode" to shoot and record, choose perfect exposure quickly and easily
"Manual Mode" modifies: Shutter Times, ISO Sensitivity, Manual Focus, Manual WB.

Then only one with Artificial Intelligence to predict the best filters for your photo

• Perfect shots and videos
DSLR Camera offers you the ability to capture and film your subjects, automatically with the ability of controlling manual function to control shooting time and ISO.
The controls are designed to be simple and complete

Shot beautiful photographs in RAW format for a Professional quality

• Predictive Filters
Thanks to the exclusive DSLR Camera algorithm the automatically select the filters most appropriate for your photo after every the shots

• Portrait Pro - Bokeh
Take photographs by adjusting the intensity of the blur and the depth at which the effect is applied.
Live during shooting to obtain bokeh effects

• Shot Preview
After the shot, DSLR Camera shows you your photo so that you can correct and personalize it directly and post it on social networks or share it

• AR Assistant
Use the augmented reality to study and choose the best point of view for your photo or video.
Use the tutorial to learn various photographic techniques

• Siri Shortcuts
Now you can control the app with voice commands
For example you can say "Hey Siri filter last shot" and Siri will automatically use a predictive filters to correct your photo

• Advanced Focus

Choose the focus to highlight the subject using Focus Macro to capture even minute details, Focus "Infinity" to perfectly define subjects that are far away.

• AFC - No more blurry photos

The Continuous Auto Focus is a new function for iOS 11 DSLR Camera, hold down a point of the frame to track the subject you chose and DSLR Camera app will focus on what you have chosen.

• Face Tracking - Selfie and Perfect Portraits

Thanks to NEW FUNCTION, the faces in your photos will always be at the right brightness

• Advanced Editor

Edit easily all your photos thanks to the integrated editor.
 Photo Editor is fast and complete, allowing you to make your shot even better. You can adjust: Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Color Temperature, Saturation, Vividness, Structure, Sharpness, Photo Noise, and Vignette.
Complete with all the Tools to resize, crop, and adjust your photos.

• 146 Filters

Choose from 146 exclusive Photo Filters to make your photo unique.

• Cinematic Videos
Select recording quality and take videos in 4k, blocking auto exposure, for a cinematic result

• Dual Camera

Taking advantage of the dual lens, DSLR Camera guarantees you super-defined photos by combining the two shots and automatically selecting the best parts of the photo.

• Drag and Drop
On iPad you can easily import images from other apps and open it on photo editor

• iMessage App
Shoot and apply stickers on your photos, and share them with you friends

• Apple Watch Remote
Control the DSLR Camera app functions from Apple Watch

DSLR Camera also offers: 3 Shots mode, Predictive Filters, AFC, RAW (DNG), Manual Controls, Photo Editor, 146 Photo Filters, 3D Touch Support, 4k Video, Manual Focus, Night Mode, Auto WB, Anti Shake, Timer (3-10-20s), Photos Effect, Tone Curves, Advanced Blur, Advanced Correction Tools, Text, Splash, Resize, Crop, Dual Camera Zoom, Digital Zoom, Selfie Flash.

Easy, Complete and Powerful !

DSLR Camera App Description & Overview

The applications DSLR Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-09-18 and was developed by Fulvio Scichilone. The file size is 127.67 MB. The current version is 6.0.2 and works well on 12.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome to the version 6 of DSLR Camera with new "Portrait PRO" mode, new Interface and new Siri Shortcuts.
• Portrait Pro
Take photographs by adjusting the intensity of the blur and the depth at which the effect is applied, this function works live during shooting.
Like a Digital Aperture.
For device with Dual Camera and TrueDepth camera.
The app allows to adjust the amount of blur effect like a digital Aperture to generate a custom Bokeh result.
All adjustments can be made directly while shooting.
• New Interface
The interface of the camera roll has been completely redesigned to allow to access the functions of the app more easily.
Now you can activate the Predictive Filters also after the shot.
The app now is faster than before, you can open and edit directly the last photo on the camera roll in one touch.
All elements are balanced to emphasize photos and videos and make the UX elegant and easy to use.
• New Siri Shortcut
A new Siri shortcut is available to open directly the app with new Portrait Pro feature activated.

Thanks for use the App

Made with love in Sicily

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DSLR Camera Reviews


Great App  King_Hen  4 star

Great app, Amazing filters and features. Really helps to bring photos to life. Only drawback is that it shuts down sometimes.

American Islander

Poor quality features and low autofocus performance.  American Islander  2 star

I will give 2 stars for the intended effort. However, it’s features means to be for free. Low quality images, poor filtering processing, many filters that are useless and no real AI that support you in any sense. Also, AUTOFOCUS is one of the worst. Please spend a little bit more: I recommend better Hillide, Procam 6, ProCamera and Hydra. Do not buy it until it’s quality is improve and auto focus is proficient...


DSLR  Granji  1 star

I have tried every conceivable setting on this app with my iPhone 7+ trying auto, manual, and program, auto focus and manual focus and I can not get a sharp picture. I spent the best part of a day shooting a variety of subjects in a variety of lighting conditions and to trash them all.


My first choice  rbeadles  4 star

Love it except it doesn’t tag location info for some reason.

Disappointed Uverse Cust

New image bugs  Disappointed Uverse Cust  1 star

“Label button portrait” and “Label Button Manual” show on my main screen overlapping text. Also it just shows a black screen, no camera view. Also says no space even tho I have a huge empty memory. XS Max .Buggy. Currently not usable in any way, basic function is broken.


Loose the watermark  feloniouspunk70  2 star

Loose the watermark. I paid for this app, not a freebie. For that reason alone you get two stars. Fix it and I’ll up it. Pfft.

ScoreStreaks Gaming

Great but  ScoreStreaks Gaming  4 star

This is an awesome app loss a star because there is no way to know what the shutter speed is. Other than that best addition to my iPhone camera


Amazing Camera app.  TravPerk  5 star

I use this DSLR App to take photos and VSCO to edit. I love this camera it’s amazing!!


No aperture control  Niki-Fang  2 star

This is not a fully functional DSLR setting for the camera because there is no manual aperture control. That was a huge reason I wanted a dslr app and it’s not even an option here. Guess I will have to try a different one... disappointed.


Watch remote not working  tabaks  1 star

Watch remote not working.


Good design, but...  touchdown8  4 star

The missing aspect of this app is the metadata. This detail is important for it to move up into the arena of the “elite” camera apps. Having said that, it has enormous potential. Thank you.


Not Much in app  Ivor's  3 star

Using this app I’m keen on taking pictures and then checking what the camera settings reading , also the date, software and location. None of this shows up, so I’m not sure which app it was I’ve used for this picture, checking pictures later. I have apps to check all this. Would be a nice app with these especially the date and location. I’m still hoping your next update will have as I have already stated earlier, I would like to see, camera info and location.


Don’t like the update editor  Ferrit429  2 star

It degrades the photo while editing , the interface is too chunky , the way it blurs when you move the slides , and it’s too course in adjusting for detail while editing .

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