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Designed by a photographer for photographers, focused on RELIABILITY and PRECISION for digital and analog photography.

• Extended sensibility as low as -2/-4EV (dark scenes)

• Two different convenient interface designs.

• Incident and reflected light metering modes.

• Independent calibration for the two metering modes.

• Independent selection of aperture, speed, ISO and exposure compensation with 1/3 resolution. From 4 minutes to 1/8000 sec., aperture from 1.0 to 512 and iso from 3 to 6400.

• Automatic priority for aperture or speed. (Automatic Av and Tv modes).

• Automatic ISO or locked ISO options.

• Spot metering and zoomed camera view.

• Maximum aperture limited by the selected lens.

• Calculate the average of any number of measurements you want.

• Read the exposure data of any photo from the gallery.

• Calculate hyperfocal distance for 5 memorized lenses. Which also blocks maximum aperture.

• Memory for 5 lenses with maximum aperture, focal length and film/sensor size for calculating hyperfocal distance and aperture.

• Hyperfocal distance also for infrared light. (IR button)

• Exposure value EV on an analog scale or right up front.

• Two LED indicators show whether the measurement is unreliable due to lack of light in the scene, or if we have under 30% battery left.

• On 3.5 " displays preset lens buttons tilting the device or tapping at the bottom.

• Screen help available touching Lightmeter PRO

• Be advised that accurate incident light reading needs a diffuser attached to the front camera. Without the diffuser still can be used but think about it, it will be a reflected reading taken with the front camera.

I'm an independent photographer/designer/developer and am very grateful for your support. Trying to do the best lightmeter app ever, a lot more to come. You can ask for any improvement and I'll be happy to help. This app is constantly reviewed and improved because it is my tool, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me by email at [email protected]

Thank you!

David Quiles

myLightMeter PRO App Description & Overview

The applications myLightMeter PRO was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-12-14 and was developed by David Quiles. The file size is 32.01 MB. The current version is 1.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• iOS 11 ready
• A few bugs fixed
• New setting for the volume buttons.

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Great meter!  1000jakes  5 star

Works perfectly! Thanks


클래식 카메라에...  skyapplebug  5 star

클래식 카메라에 꼭 필요한 앱입니다!!! 완전 강추


Great for making use of old analog cameras.  matt_mobile  5 star

With this app I can stop wasting my Fuji Insta max shots no more problems.

Yuri Figueroa

Awesome app!  Yuri Figueroa  5 star

It does the trick for me!


I love it.  EpiGuitar  5 star

It is a very handy meter, accurate and easy to use. I usually leave my Gossen meter in the camera bag.

dammit I'm jimmy

Fabulous!  dammit I'm jimmy  5 star

Very good. Running an iPhone 6 and it’s superb. Recommended.


Great tool  jimh2  5 star

Love it


Never forget your meter  SNC1923  5 star

Always have it with me. Reflective and incident readings are spot-on accurate.

Gs daddy

Works great  Gs daddy  5 star

Very accurate and convenient for use with my rangefinder


Perfect companion to an analog photographer on the run  alejh  5 star

I compared readings of the incident classic meter with my Sekonic L 398 and it's pretty spot on. The only thing lacking is the 3 dimensional reading that you get from a lumisphere, so the app is better suited for individual readings on contrasted situations.


garbage app  @AustActuary  1 star

stay away

Jesse epic

One less thing to remember to bring  Jesse epic  5 star

This is such a great app. Handy and reliable. Love the vintage GUI. Easy to use.


A well-designed lightmeter app  nippyfoto  5 star

This app is the most efficient and easy to use light meter app. The perfect tool to use with my manual camera.


Works as Claimed  baxtus  5 star

A great accessory for tricky lighting situations.

Riff Chan

Perfect film camera companion  Riff Chan  5 star

I’ve been using this a couple time and find that it’s surprisingly accurate yet simple to use. Highly recommend to every film camera photographers :)


Accurate and easy to use  Flyboy2010  5 star

Well implemented app. Checked against my Weston light meter, and it seems to be really accurate. Easier to read and interpret too.


Classic design backed up by accuracy  PunkFunkDunk  5 star

A handy app to take readings when out and about with meterless vintage cameras. The Gossen-inspired UI works a treat.


Wasn't it suppose to give an average?  Aleloco83  4 star

I press The average button, then i take more than one light reading which should give The average between the previous readings and The last one every time i press hold and read the light....but it simply doesn't work :( Did anybody find out? A part of that works good


Excellent app  thegoodokter  4 star

I have an old western master and this is just like using the real thing. Well done!


Accurate  Chentiangemalc  4 star

Just missing f/1.7 for some reason, max aperture of my 40mm lens, otherwise works great

August vene

Truly, a tool with unending usefulness  August vene  5 star

Accurate, easy to use, not perfect, but you can definitely tell it was made by a photographer for photographers.


Please allow locked shutter and f-stop!  bizzzy  3 star

I bought this pro version to help figure out exposure for some quirky lomo film cameras I have. They typically have a single shutter speed and one or two available f-stop settings. I would love to be able to lock the f-stop and shutter to help determine which ISO film would work best in a particular environment.


Amazing  TWEETBOMB  5 star

I’ve been using this as my light meter for about 2 years now. Practically perfect in its accuracy; amazing and highly recommend!

Cali redhead

Very good  Cali redhead  5 star

Love it! Works super well. Keep up the great work!


Works great with Hasselblad  smash22toss  5 star

Great meter !!


Very accurate exposure meter  Justiceiro  5 star

I got this after my gossen luna pro failed, and I use it with a variety of lenses and film speeds. Exposure is always bang on. Extremely good value.

G. Asanti

Amazing!  G. Asanti  5 star

From velvia 50 to Delta 3200 this meter is accurate and easy to use. A bargain at 10X the price.


Great app  Apple_scruff  5 star

A very handy and convenient app. This is a great tool for traveling lite. Very accurate and with a cool retro look.

Sharam Sasson

Great App!  Sharam Sasson  5 star

Very well done


Accurate  xtam667  5 star

Within 1/3 stops to the Canon 1D X center-weighted.










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