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Are you in college, broke, and addicted to your phone? Pocket Points incentivizes you to put your phone away and stay focused with coupons at local merchants and big online brands. Get your school work done, pay attention in class, and be rewarded for it.

Earn points! Use our timer to track how long you’re not using your phone. For every minute you’re not using your phone, you’ll earn points. Get the most points you can and spend them on awesome student discounts. We’ll help you put your focus on your studies so you can be more productive and feel more accomplished.

Now take those points and shop on our marketplace of gifts and treat yourself to student coupons and discounts for food, apparel, accessories, and much more. Students get updates on new coupons. Never miss a good deal, because every penny counts. Students spend more money on food than anything else, so check out our food deals or suggest deals you want to see in your college town.

Save money at Lulus, Chick-fil-a, Papa John’s, Dutch Brothers, Chegg, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Some deals might not be available in your location.

The leaderboards and achievements for students who stay focused the most create a competitive atmosphere in class. Are you staying focused more? Find out how you rank against other students at your school and students across the nation. Save money, stay focused with Pocket Points.

> Timer: Stay focused and earn points
> Marketplace: Spend points on student coupons and rewards
> Leaderboard: See where you stack up on the leaderboard
> Achievements: Get achievements for hitting goals

Tweet us @PocketPoints or email us at [email protected] for suggestions or support.

Disclaimer: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Pocket Points: Student Rewards App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Points: Student Rewards was published in the category Productivity on 2014-09-09 and was developed by Pocket Points, Inc.. The file size is 121.02 MB. The current version is 5.0.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug Fixes

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The Truth...©

Needs work  The Truth...©  1 star

The "driving" option doesn't account for when you're not driving. Therefore you're punished for being a passenger in someone's car while you're on the phone

Can't watch videos

Keeps crashing  Can't watch videos  1 star

I haven’t been able to properly open the app in months


Deals?  Xmip003  3 star

The idea of the app is great, however, the only food place it gives me coupons for is Jersey Mike’s. The other place I can go to is Redbox. There is no variety of places to go to.


Teacher Rewards crash the app  Keji829  2 star

I love the idea and overall concept of this app. However, just as I was about to share this amazing app with my entire faculty, it turns out that when you try to use the teacher rewards function in the app, it crashes and doesn’t hope again. The only way to get the app back is to uninstall it and then reinstall it. I hope this glitch gets fixed soon as it is an awesome idea and would be great for our school.


yes  nehrdz  5 star



Compatibility problems!  spaceyplacey  2 star

I agree with other reviewers that a lot of the rewards are pretty subpar, especially the clothing ones. It would be cool if you could follow the trend of “safe to save” and release location specific rewards. Also, on the iPhone XR, if I’m listening to Spotify with my phone locked, or I have another app open with my phone locked then the app now considers me to be distracted driving, even though my phone is locked. Fix these things and we’re back to a 5-star app, otherwise, this app is soon to be deleted


LOVIN POCKET POINTS  baller010101  5 star

The only problem is the low amount of stores that they have but beggars can’t be choosers!!

salty boiii

Title as in my username? 🤷‍♂️ or title of review...  salty boiii  5 star

I love this app, I can earn coupons for not using my phone! I only give four starts because on the pictures before I downloaded the app it showed Chick-fil-a, but after I downloaded it I realized there wasn’t Chick-fil-a ☹️


Has potential...  Iheartquizlet  3 star

The idea of this app seems great, but I’ve have several issues when I start a goal, then I get an alert telling me my “phone was locked for 12 seconds” when I hadn’t used it at all. Confused... Also, it would be great if there were more free deals maybe??🤷🏻‍♀️


Awesome  murdaababychina  5 star

A great way to keep me off my phone


Not getting points  Bojo7771011  1 star

Sometimes when you do a 2 hour time limit you will not get points after it and that is really dumb after going 2 hours of not using your phone. Also you should make this iPad compatible


Better a few years ago  karik0  1 star

I first downloaded pocket points when I was going to college and it was a great way to keep you engaged in class and stay off your phone. The rewards were pretty good and you could get discounts you couldn’t find else where. I stopped using it after I graduated but then I saw they’ve made it for everyone, not just students. While the concept behind everything is positive (reducing phone time), in my opinion, the rewards are wack! They’re not even unique to pocket points. You spend your points on discounts that you can find by easily googling for coupons. Or they’ll even make you spend points on deals that exist alone without using pocket points. For example, they had a Stila Cosmetics bogo for eye liner but when you go to the Stila website, they have the same deal and I don’t have to trade pocket points for it. Idk maybe the food discounts are better, but the retail store discounts aren’t that great.


Deleting  Gatorgirl335  2 star

May as well delete pocket points, they removed the free chick fil a sandwiches and nuggets


Kaafi chakachaak app hai bhosdiwalo  Lordbera  5 star

Kya app hai bhailog, kya gazab app hai! Kati malamaal utility hai isme. Bas le lo tumlog bina zyada dimaag lagaye. Zindagi set ho jaani, main likh ke deta hoon! Tum karke to dekho yaar 😎


Constantly crashing on iPhone Xs Max  elizacis  5 star

My app keeps crashing after downloading it. Contacted support but haven’t gotten any response.


Can’t use  fhsiringbskg  1 star

Been re-downloading the app after each update for about a month. I still can’t open it without it crashing after putting in my confirmation code..


it’s ok  Alexxxxxxxssssssssss  3 star

the local rewards are pretty nice depending on where you are. I wish their were larger rewards you could earn instead of like 10% off coupons that barely cover shipping


Love the Concept  Big-house  5 star

I’m hardly on my phone like my friends and it’s nice to be rewarded for not having my face buried in a screen. I also love the driving feature. It rewards you for being safe. I do wish more restaurants would participate with good rewards but that’s not Pocket Points fault.


Would be better if there were actual rewards for your points, sort of scammy  qoconn  2 star

First off, I love the concept and the app functions well. I have no issues with the use or the app itself. I currently have 450 points to spend in app because I do use it and have hope for it to be better. My problem the rewards and the feedback. It’s a total rip off. For the majority of the rewards you can exchange your points for (usually minimum of 5pts per reward and goes up in increments of 5) are coupon codes taken straight from the website of the reward itself. An example would be the Panda Express reward for $3 off a $5 purchase. That would be an awesome useful incentive to get off my phone, EXCEPT THAT COUPON IS ALREADY FREE ON THE WEBSITE for Panda Express. And it’s a lot of the rewards. There is no point in using the app and earning points if they’re just going to scam them off of each user in return for an already free service. The rest of the rewards for clothing and such I’m guessing are either affiliate codes where the developer gets a commission for any sale made using the code or again codes that already are available for use. I didn’t bother checking. Feedback is also useless. I sent a message weeks ago and never got a response only to later get an automated response to a question I didn’t even ask. Oh well. TLDR I really like the idea but overall the app is a waste of time and in my eyes the team is acting a little sketchy.


Can’t even use the app  arianarhdz  1 star

Every time I open the app, it automatically closes it. Please fix this glitch ASAP. I can’t even have it open for 5 seconds because it’ll close itself.

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